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5 Factors Affecting Installation Cost of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be very expensive. Once you have bought your heat pump, the next big question is “how much is this heat pump installation going to cost? “ Many HVAC installation contractors hide the original cost, and surprise the customers at the end adding taxes, surcharges and others expenses. This sincerely affects the purchase decision of customers. In this article, you will come know about four major factors that affect the installation cost of a new heat pump in your home. You will learn about fair price ranges, cost estimation and finally how to save money on your heat pump installation.

Size of The Heat Pump Heat pumps comes in different “tonnage� unit, tonnage defines how much heat/cool air it can provide in an hour. Typically, residential heat pumps ranges between 1 to 5 tons. Tons are broken into BTU output which equals to 12, 000 unit to one ton of heat pump capacity.

Size of heat pump depends on the capacity and the size of the room. Choose heat pump properly, because incorrect size can lead to higher energy bills and frequent repairs.

SEER Rating Efficiency of heat pump is calculate on SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, this rating tells you how much cooling the unit provides compared to the amount of electricity it consumes.

It lies in between 13 to 27+ units depending upon the type of heat pump being purchased.

Current Ductwork Cost of your heat pump installation rises when the ductwork is not chosen correctly. Ductwork should have custom fabricated manual dampers at each tY junction for air balancing; it should have proper insulation at TY junction to reduce the chances of condensation and water leakage. Hire professional heat pump installers who can deal with the situation perfectly.

Project Difficulty Sometime heat pump installation seems to be difficult task due to in availability of resources, tools and many other external sources. This further leads to damage and repairs and cost more. Better opt for professional guidance and support service from professional installers.

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5 Factors Affecting Installation Cost of a Heat Pump  

5 Factors Affecting Installation Cost of a Heat Pump