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James Haywood We are facing the most concerted attack on higher education, probably in the history of university education in the UK. Therefore having a strong, democratic union, that will stand up to Senior Management, and to the Government, to protect student rights, has never been more important. This year I have been Campaigns and Communications O cer for the Students’ Union and just some of the successes I have achieved include: *Saving the on-campus Nursery from management attempts to close it; *Mobilising hundreds of students to the huge anti-fees protests; *Launching the regular “Leopard” newspaper; *Organising a one hundred strong march to Lewisham to condemn the local council cuts; *Gained local, national and international media attention to our anti-fees campaign at Goldsmiths; *Led the way nationally in campaigning against the draconian immigration rules for international students; *Regular anti-racist events including Love Goldsmiths Hate Racism; *Organising our third Goldsmiths visit to Palestine; *Hosting academics from Gaza and forging strong links with the Student Council there. I am proud of our strong ght in opposition to the rise in fees and cuts to education. Unlike other unions, we have been unafraid to take mass, radical action to challenge the Government policies and been an integral part of the biggest student movement in Britain for a generation. If elected, these are some of the key policies I will work for: Direct Democracy There is a democratic de cit in our union. I want students deciding and running campaigns, events and music nights at Goldsmiths. We also need to empower our part-time o cers. I want to see these o cers sitting on college committees, taking on tasks and campaigns decided on by students. We are going to face some di cult decisions at Goldsmiths, which for me highlights the crucial importance of being as democratic as possible. Fees and Cuts We lost the vote on fees, but almost brought the Coalition down and the ght is not over, I will continue to mobilise and campaign against fees. Since management intends on raising fees, there is simply no excuse to see the quality of our education, the services provided, or the courses available, to be cut. The Nursery was a perfect example of this – equal opportunities being cowardly thrown down the drain for a quick cut. Equally, the Nursery campaign I led proved how we can resist and win. Anti-Racism Shamefully, racism, Islamophobia, sexism and homophobia are still a part of daily life in this country; and campuses are not immune. Therefore I will continue to celebrate our wonderful diversity and challenge the fascists like the BNP and EDL who want to physically annihilate that diversity. Most importantly – our campus must be a safe space for everyone. International students Some of the most draconian legislation on immigration is being pushed through by the government, from scrapping post-study work visas to a cap on student numbers. I will continue to challenge the government policies whilst working with the College to provide as much help as possible for current, and potential, students from abroad. What makes education in the Internationalism Finally – I want to continue our international solidarity work. No matter how bad things get here in the UK, we must never forget how our fellow students su er far worse. I want us to continue our solidarity with Palestinian students facing the most di cult of circumstances in the military occupation of their country. I want us to continue to show support to people ghting students from London who showed him such fantastic solidarity while he was locked away in Robben Island. Let’s keep up this So why me? I’ve proved this year how passionate and dedicated I am to the student cause. Everything I promised in my last manifesto I have delivered. I’m not in this for prestige or a job, I’m in this because we face massive challenges ahead and I believe I have the leadership and motivation to help us in this struggle. I’ve ended every manifesto I’ve written for a Goldsmiths election with this quote, which I think is more relevant now than ever. It is from my all time hero, Malcolm X: “If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.”

Marc McCormick Hello, I’m Marc, currently a third year Politics Student coming to the end of my degree. I have already got a taste of what the and really commit myself fully to our great Union. Before I became involved, Goldsmiths had no maps around campus and no poppies in our shop. By highlighting these issues in my previous election campaign they were highlighted on the agenda at Goldsmiths and have since been achieved. I’m now on target to have all my previous pledges met. If elected by you I plan to:

We are clearly in tough times and things are going to get harder before they get better. However, I plan to face and ght these cuts head on and limit any changes the College has in mind. Limit any changes the College may stealth into our course. Limit any changes the College may make in reducing contact with lecturers. Goldsmiths on the Campaign front is already a force to be reckoned with and I do not want this image to be tarnished. Therefore, if elected I would promote that any actions that the Union does take is peaceful protest and direct not violent action that grabs the attention of newspapers and belittles the cause. Thank you very much for reading my manifesto and hopefully voting for me. Marc McCormick #1 for President

Simon Richardson As a fellow student, I appreciate that many of us are apathetic about voting in this election. That’s why I am the perfect candidate for union president, I have listened to students, and know from personal experience what matters to Goldsmiths students, and it is you who I am standing for. anything of that nature occurred again, that the rest of the student union appreciated the importance of condemning such actions, and seek to reinstate normality A.S.A.P, for whilst the majority of students believe in the reason for such action, the majority are against disruptive actions like this being under taken in their names. If elected I would operate an open door policy, aimed at all Goldsmiths students. I will never forget that I represent YOU, the average Goldsmiths student. Therefore I want the student union to tackle issues you actually care about. I’m con dent that not all Goldsmiths students hold issues such as Palestine/Gaza as a key issue. I consider after conversing with students that a boycott of Israel’ would be useful, not just for a balanced political student union, but also to ensure that students from an Israeli/Jewish background feel less isolated within the Goldsmiths community. I would of course rally against recent cuts to higher education; I strongly disagree with any unreasonable increases to student street can undo’. This attitude is frankly insulting to the intellect of Goldsmiths students and is a blatant attempt to undermine students trust in parliamentary democracy. I feel actively encouraging students away from involving themselves in our country’s democratic system, and calling them to violence is unacceptable, therefore if the paper does not change its stance its presence at Goldsmiths should be reduced. On a lighter note I would push for the introduction of at least one real ale pump at the Stretch. Many more young people are enjoying ale now, and I believe that the students would enjoy and appreciate this move, further if we where to support a local brewery it would help the local community. Also I would continue the trend of the library extending its opening times to twenty-four hours at peak times. With a realistic look into the possibility of keeping the library open for twenty-four hours on a more permanent basis. Furthermore I want more money and greater autonomy for the societies, i’d also like to see more societies be set up and a more relaxed attitude regarding the rules of creating these societies.In closing I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, and I’d like to thank you for taking an interest in the elections here at Goldsmiths and I hope you partake in the elections.

Robert Searle Why should I elect ROBERT SEARLE for PRESIDENT?

RESOLVED. entirety of the elected term. Goldsmiths student’s union to be able to COMPETE with universities far bigger than itself. What will ROBERT SEARLE achieve as PRESIDENT? working closely with Steve Baker, the deputy chief executive to implement a comprehensive online system whereby students can check up on the progress of student union sta , and hold them accountable for their actions. This system will include sabbatical sta as well as all other paid full time sta .

also host better events. Goldsmiths Television as well as design material for the student’s union. Wednesday afternoons free.

the opportunity to reach their full potential. students are informed well before they arrive that they might have to make alternative housing arrangements – and I will force the college to provide comprehensive housing help.

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Sarah Finney

to me for one to one advice and further information about anything to do with your welfare or diversity during your time at Goldsmiths, be that however long. Finding it hard? Getting stressed? Don’t know who to talk to? Got a problem? Come to me. I won’t be able to o er trained advice or support but I can represent your interests and campaign for changes in student support at Goldsmiths, or simply point you in the right direction. 2. F

ollowing on from that, I would try to increase awareness of equal opportunities policy and student support services, lobbying on your behalf for services funded indirectly by your tuition fees and making sure you know what is available to you at any stage of your time at Goldsmiths. I love it. It lacks the campus community of other, bigger universities due to its London location and everyones’ achingly cool disparate lives. It seems to take the best part of three years to nally feel at home and part of the of any sexuality or culture. I would create events which bring together departments, for example: more drama, art, music and literature by students for students outside of their own departments. We have a lot to celebrate and it could forge links between disciplines aswell as making the most of the diversity which is a great facet to Goldsmiths – the opportunity to explore di erent worldviews, cultures and ideas. features live music, poetry and DJs – a fusion of new ideas and creativity with a good old-fashioned shindig at the SU, again focusing on showcasing your talents, forging links and celebrating diversity. students. If you’ve got an idea of something you want to do, regardless of whether you’re in a society or not, then I union, and I would always keep that in mind.

A bit about me: Goldsmiths Christian Union over the best part of two years and enjoyed trying to forge friendships with di erent faith groups and societies at Goldsmiths, as well as helping to lead Tea and Toast at Club Sandwich. I also started a clubnight on Old Street, Shoreditch called HOWL as a forum for new music, poetry and DJs from Goldsmiths and beyond, and am currently in the third year of the BA English course. If you see me around uni, come over and say hello.

Steven Howe Two and a half years ago I burst into my Halls of Residence communal kitchen and asked a room of twenty freshers: “Anyone want to come to the pub and watch the football?” The response- twenty blank faces. At the time I was shocked; not one person was keen on watching a football match. This is the beauty of Goldsmiths. There are students and sta here who have constantly challenged my perceptions of the world, of how society ought to work. Just when I think I have it all sorted in my head, someone else will come along and share their unique experience that throws everything up in the air. There are, of course, those who like football, as I soon discovered. I knew I wasn’t alone. This is the challenge of Goldsmiths- we must make sure no student ever feels isolated from their University. breakfast club, for those with home commitments. helping international students who struggle with academic work or conversation. students who want to get involved on or o -campus.

quick and easy access to water. Alongside these points, I will uphold the continuing work of the Union in campaigns such as zero tolerance on discrimination, Helping and representing others is important to me, and I have done this around the globe. In the past I have been a poverty. I have also served Goldsmiths by being a committed member of the men’s 1st football team, sports editor for the Leopard and a Departmental Student Co-ordinator for English and Comparative Literature, a position in which I have already Vote Steve Howe for Welfare and Diversity O cer and I’ll ensure no problem is too small, no issue too trivial. There are so many voices to be heard; there are those who can teach us the importance of Black History Month, those who juggle education with childcare, those who require help with dyslexia, those who confront our views on sexuality, and an ongoing list that this

from Goldsmiths saying: “I was included”.

Manoj Kerai

Psychology, Vegetarian and Vegan and Hindu societies, Captain of Volleyball, Student Activities and Services O cer, Peer Counsellor Coordinator, Active campaigner against the EDL, BNP and cuts to HE. Due to limited manifesto my pledges are brief, for more information on any point feel free to check out the Facebook page online or speak to me in person. International Students: A guide to help students understand British slang, culture and norms to overcome language barriers and guides including simple things like look on the right side of the road when crossing, etc. Student Sta interviews via skype to provide job opportunities for international students. More welcome events for the students who start in January. Creation of more societies to cater for more student groups. Liberation and Access: Continue to defend communities and students from discrimination especially from sources such as the EDL, BNP. Monthly forum with liberation and access groups to encourage participation and provide support. Diversity in Union Events, not all students want to get drunk all the time therefore more than just club sandwich. Multi-faith and Cultural calendar to be implemented fully after pilot year, celebrate diversity and cultures through more thought provoking events as well as fun celebrations such as themed sandwiches. Student Parents: Ensure and ght for childcare provision on campus. Monthly Forum to discuss and attempt to resolve needs of student parents. Monthly museum trips planned for student parents and their children to encourage more integration within university life. Accommodation: Continue to encourage improvement of facilities in halls, and put a cap on halls rent. Introduce a Landlords Blacklist to help alert our students of poor landlords. Student Wellbeing: Anti Bullying scheme put into place to reduce and help students cope with bullying. Reduce library closure during Easter and Christmas holidays. Continue the expansion of the safety night bus to provide a more regular service. London Living Wage for Student Sta . Another advice worker on campus to help cope with amounts of problems students face. Welfare Centre: A place where students can collect information on all physical and psychological problems they may encounter which are detrimental to their well being. Includes a space to talk con dentially and stress release equipment. Engagement: Continue development of sports and societies and Goldsmiths and encourage more participation from people who normally do not get involved. More fundraising opportunities and a new stage space purpose built for student and commercial use. Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto

Jack Perry As a Students Union we must protect, inform and expand the rights of students. By working with the local community and the wider student movement we can attempt to secure the future of essential welfare services such as women’s centres, disability bene ts and childcare that students may need. To continue the diversity that Goldsmiths is so proud of, our Union needs to help societies and sports teams recruit more active members. It is through such groups that we have sustained the diversity within our Union. Our Union has to be a safe space for ALL students, regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexuality. By working alongside the other elected Sabbatical O cers and the elected Liberation O cers I guarantee a safe space for all students in which everyone can enjoy a co ee, a game of pool or a night out. If elected I pledge to: - Coordinate the running of the Student Union Advice Service - Run housing and recruitment fairs for students - Campaign for improvement and refurbishment of Halls of Residence and for cheaper Halls of Residence - Work with local sexual health and mental health groups to promote these issues - Set up and coordinate Welfare and Diversity weeks to promote Welfare and Diversity issues - Work with Liberation O cers and Anti-Fascist groups to strengthen their campaigns - Help students apply for scholarships, bursaries and nancial support - Continue the Nursery Campaign and help Parent Students nd additional childcare support if needed - Maintain the Safety Night Bus scheme to assist students in the evenings - Advertise our Union’s role as a Hate Crime Reporting Unit - Ensure that International Students have better access to College email and VLE before arriving so they can interact with each other and their families upon arrival at Goldsmiths. Experience:

- LGBT O cer 2010-2011 - Trained as a Hate Crime Reporter for Goldsmiths SU’s Hate Crime Reporting Unit - Attended NUS LGBT Campaign Activist Training Day Vote Jack #1 for Welfare and Diversity

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Laura Hartley

ELECT LAURA HARTLEY FOR CAMPAIGNS OFFICER It is more important than ever to have a strong, experienced and politically active Campaigns O cer who will ght for students’ rights. What I’ve done: Four years of campaigning at Goldsmiths, including the following: Goldsmiths against cuts/Goldsmiths Fights Back, Save the Nursery, Students Not Suspects, LGBTQ Awareness and Anti-Homophobia, No Platform for Fascists, Palestine Twinning

What I will do: Fight the cuts and increased tuition fees In the wake of the ConDem government’s recent policy decisions regarding fees and cuts in Higher Education, Goldsmiths faces an uncertain future. But the cuts do not just e ect future university students, they have a far heavier impact on the most disadvantaged people in our society. We need to ght these cuts on every level, from our campus to our local community; through links with local schools to trade unions and on a national level through mass actions. For diversity - against discrimination Goldsmiths’ diversity is one of the reasons I came to this university. Our university is brilliant because it is diverse – I will ght all kinds of discrimination, including gender, sexuality, disability, race, ethnicity, religion and class. I will continue the No Platform for Fascists Policy, and will set up an Anti-bullying campaign. Fighting for Students’ Rights Fighting PBSI and supporting international students by: - Safety Nightbus

- Nursery campaign

Ethics and environment – - London living wage -

Boycott campaigns

- Stand in solidarity with all groups ghting oppression, from the local to the national, to the international level. What you can do:

Vote Laura Hartley #1 for Campaigns O cer

Samson Osun Samson Osun for Campaigns O cer About Me: Hi Goldsmiths Students, My name is Samson Osun. I am a current student at Goldsmiths University studying politics with Economics and I am running to be your Campaigns O cer. I am also currently serving as Vice-President for the ACS and brought events such as the Great Debate and How to get a First Class degree to the University this year. I am fascinated with current a airs particularly politics and social policy. This passion has seen me get involved in various political activity, such as being a young advisor for the Local Government and years on’ and working for crime prevention lobby organisations such as the Peace Alliance. I also currently do work with a social led enterprise Elevation Networks. Why am running: I believe that this is great platform whereby I can bring to the forefront issues that a ect us as students collectively. The organisations I have worked with and currently do, I can o er a lot to our Students Union. With the raising of tuition fee’s soaring, the radical and severe cuts that will be sweeping all humanities and arts Universities there is no greater time than now to campaign for Justice to prevail in these times. Justice includes: Equal Employability exam period continues. What I am going to do In terms of increasing employability chances I will Regularly hold networking events in conjunction with Elevation Networks. Elevation Networks is a student led organisation with expert knowledge on employment and creates networking platforms that propel young people into their future careers whether your career is working for Greenpeace, Youth Justice Board or as a budding charity/social entrepreneur. We seek to make students more employable as well as to encourage led women in leadership campaign that seeks to further raise the aspirations and achievements of women and encourage greater diversity within the workplace. In terms of cuts to our University I intend to create a network of Student Union contacts not only to demonstrate but also meetings that will produce concrete alternatives to MPs. In terms of library services Given the fact that tuition fees have gone up improved and more student friendly services should be at hand coursework and exam periods.

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d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l L Go 11 E 20

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Sabina Adatia

University nowadays is an everlasting struggle, what with increasing tuition fees, fewer sponsors for post grad studies and higher grade requirements. My key priority as an education o cer would be to make sure this struggle worth the while of the students who are lucky enough to get into university and ensure that they experience only the very best. I would be the voice that represents all the academic needs of the students, and in particular will focus on the following: make changes to ensure that each and every student has access to a broad range of library resources as well as making sure that adequate study space and computers are available. create a comfortable learning environment, in which students can gain the most out of what they are being taught. increase employability and it will be one of my key goals to make sure that this is carried forward in each of the departments to make students time here worth their while after they graduate and they aren’t just left in a dead end. I will help to create opportunities where students have the chance to develop several transferable skills from placements, voluntary work opportunities and work experience that will aid them in future jobs once they have graduated. And nally prioritises spending, especially with reduced budgets, will be of huge importance to students. If the university cares as much about students as it says, it will spend money on us and this is what I will push for. These are some of the key changes that I would ght for, whilst continuing to ght the battle with higher education cuts. With my compassion and commitment I believe I will be able to deliver the results that will help you as the students. Having had 2 years of experience of working with students within the university and outside, I have up to date knowledge about what exactly the needs are of students today and with my determination I believe I can drive to achieve these changes that will immensely bene t your academic experience here at Goldsmiths. Also, being a Psychology DSC, student representative, active member of the dance club and founder and president of the South Asian Society I have been able to learn about the way in which Goldsmiths as an institution works and with this knowledge I will be able to push for only the best outcomes for its students. So vote for me and I promise to be your student voice and represent your academic needs and rights with success.

Francesca Bancarino

As the context of higher education is dramatically recon gured around us, throwing into doubt all the old certainties, the time is right for an Education O cer with a proven track-record of supporting and empowering her fellow students. Within Goldsmiths I have fought for signi cant changes which will greatly improve the lives of students such as the creation refurbishment of Dean House, housing fairs with College commitment to supporting students with private housing and second hand books. I have experience at successfully representing students through appeals, complaints and hearings and am committed to supporting students. If re-elected, I pledge to;


Lobby College for another advice worker in the Union as appeals and complaints to do with courses and classi cations are rising steadily year by year, and the College advisors cannot assist with academic issues.


Create Post-Graduate learning spaces within the College, as well as collaborative learning spaces whilst ensuring that Goldsmiths commits to upgrading the standard of the teaching facilities.


Secure more funding for the Library for essential resources such as books, ebooks, desks with power points, printers and more assistive learning technology.


Defend the quality of education and teaching at Goldsmiths through this di cult economic climate. This includes: standardised procedures across departments for issues such as extensions.


Ensure the smooth transition and implementation of recent policy changes through established relationships and experience such as the Employability Strategy, ensuring that departments share best practise across the College.


Streamline the current representational system by working closely with the Department Student Coordinators so that student views are more easily and rapidly fed into the College committee structures thus ensuring student led changes.

member of the Welfare Committee for NUS.

Carey Christian

VOTE CAREY Leading the Way to a Better Education We as a University face massive cuts in Education under the ConDem coalition policies. We, as family need to ght for More people are being denied the opportunity to access University, as places are being capped, fees are skyrocketing and the job market seems non-existent. Someone needs to ght these great injustices. My Goals student horizons. As well as developing the talent of every student at Goldsmiths. of Lewisham.

Student Parents.

Chris Costello

In my rst year I was student representative and for 2 years I have been both a Departmental student Co-ordinator and a PAL Mentor and it has become apparent what needs to change with regards to education at Goldsmiths. concept that is applied throughout the college. To make promises on changing di erent systems now is too risky but there is one thing I will promise, to ght for the educational needs of the students, regardless of level, year or age and to ght YOUR cases so you can have a much fuller experience of your education.

* To ght for the multiple layers of education. Education is di erent for every body and it is about time this was realised. The education system needs to change and it is only by recognising the di erent and diverse array of students that will initiate change. No more will I tolerate education as an umbrella term and I will ght for peoples di erent needs. Whether undergraduate or postgraduate, UK students or overseas students, a commuter from a home or to live in student accommodation and more importantly to recognise the di erent and diverse array of subjects in order to tailor to student needs on their courses. * To ght for e ciency and equality within di erent departments. I want to work alongside disability and to make this binary not so apparent so that everyone is equal in their learning. Lectures are to have a synopsis for students who cannot keep up before the lecture takes place, and to see what can be done about printing costs especially when there is a lot of material needed, I will ght for reading packs across the board. * To examine all departments at multiple angles to make them run more e ciently, whilst remembering their own unique with full time tables, children, or other commitments and to push for more tutorial time with di erent members of sta , and to improve working conditions as well as to see any other areas which will make student life easy and more e cient. * Mature students have a di erent experience of the education system here. I want to integrate them more greatly with both the education system and the social life, whether it be a co ee discussion in loafers or lectures and seminars during times when kids are at school, I want more mature students to feel actively involved. * I am one person, no one special, but I want to get your views across. I will take all opinions, no judgements made, and attempt to work with them and to do my best to implement what has been said. You are my peers and it is fair you have an education o cer who will listen to YOU and WORK FOR YOU and I believe I can do this. Therefore I want to increase communication levels by getting the students more involved and reducing this big gap between student and sta , I want relationships to improve between sta and students and I want to get YOU INVOLVED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Vote for me and vote for someone who will actively be working with the sta and students for the better, and for the future. The future is dark at the moment but I believe we can make it lighter before dawn.

Peter Hose

even better. You need to trust your SU, so good communication is vital. I’ll attend society meetings and student groups, so you feel Goldsmiths education news, and ask your opinion so I represent you properly at meetings. To properly assess your educational needs, a comprehensive report is needed. Using the Student Reps and questionnaires, we can determine which areas need improvement. This will ensure speci c degree concerns are also addressed.

The assessment rules are confusing. Most often, I know from personal experience, students with disabilities or medical conditions are a ected. I want a simple guideline, agreed by both the college and SU, issued to everyone. A clear procedure for students unable to be assessed due to: illness, disability or other mitigating circumstances.

Students, who fail to attend lectures or submit work, are asked to leave. But what can we expect from our lecturers? I’ve pledge, agreed by the college and SU, stating Goldsmiths teaching promises.

Your degree is the core to your Goldsmiths education, but societies are a brilliant way to learn new skills. I will ensure societies, which develop students beyond their degree, receive proper support- nancial or otherwise. I recognise that society involvement makes you more employable in the future.

d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d ELE l o G 11 20

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: n o i t i t s n o P tude ee S rust T

Arif Ali

Aims if I am elected: E ssentially the main and obvious aim is to overlook and manage the student union as e ciently as possible, in relation to its nancial, legal and social status. O ne of the ways to improve the nancial aspects of the student union as a whole, is I believe thinking of new ways to increase revenue and incomings whilst also at the same time bene ting students as well, which of course would be the number one priority. A nother aim is for me to be contactable to anyone who has a concern. Although I believe this is out of my job jurisdiction to an extent and that students should really contact their representatives for any issues they may have, I believe it just shows that they can trust and rely on the person essentially part of the team managing the student union and the students’ interests. With the combination of my previous experience in running a business, and my willing to resolve any issues and obstacles faced, I will bring my best to the position if elected.

Angela Batchelor


A TRUSTEE sets strategies for the future, and upholds the principles and ethos of the union. We have a radical, involved and pro-active union, and one that genuinely works to challenge the university on student issues. The board of trustees is there to oversee the budget, maintain the ethos of this progressive college, and to ensure that your union does the most for you as e ciently as it can. GOLDSMITHS UNION SHOULD BE maintaining its dynamic, student-driven, inclusive reputation. We need a Trustee Board which works for students and looks forward. STUDENT TRUSTEE 2010-11: Following last year’s elections I was co-opted on to the Trustee Board in March 2010. I have also been appointed to the Strategic Plan Steering Group, the Financial Committee and the Appointments Committee, and received Trusteeship training leading to a quali cation. I’M RE-RUNNING FOR TRUSTEE because I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the union and working with the Sabbatical team. I’ve learnt a lot, and improved in the role. I’ve found Trusteeship rewarding, interesting and a good way to get involved. THIS YEAR as part of the Trustee Board and its Sub-Committees we have begun redrafting the Union’s mission statement, overseen the rede nition of the sabbatical roles, responded to the college’s Blue Skies proposals to tackle cuts, chosen the Goldsmiths SU website service provider, scrutinised the union’s accounts, received sabbatical reports, and passed the budget. EXPERIENCE:

Over summer, I initiated a project to redecorate the Stretch. This involved ensuring we completed it in time for Freshers’ Week, managing and motivating volunteers, and doing it under budget. pressured the department to provide weekly optional seminars to give students choice, so they could take control of their learning. I’m good at working within a team, helping to run a business, and resolving di cult situations. I’ve been nominated for Part Time O cer of the Year in the upcoming Goldsmiths Student Awards. AS A TRUSTEE I will be determined, reliable, pro-active, responsible, passionate, and driven by a strong loyalty to Goldsmiths students.

Matt West Hi, I’m Matt West and I want to be your Student Trustee Student Trustee’s have a vital role to play within the Students Union. It is a role of immense responsibility, involved with the strategic planning, nancial management and legal aspects of the Students Union. I respect and relish this responsibility and will strive to secure our assets, both tangible and intangible, for the enjoyment of current and future students. Unfortunately we live in tough times. Higher education is at risk from a government that is destroying it at an alarming rate; slashing teaching budgets and transferring the cost onto those who can’t a ord it. Students Unions need to be there to ght these cuts and protect students rights every step of the way. For my part, as a Student Trustee, I would make sure there is the nancial support to campaigns against these drastic and damaging changes. As Trustee I will also ensure that diversity remains a part of the Unions long term future. We are lucky at Goldsmiths that we have a diverse and varied Student body; from international students to our large number of postgraduate and mature students, all of whom add to our unique and special community. Therefore a Union that is open and inclusive of all should never leave our minds as we plan for the future. As Trustee, I will ensure that we are more inclusive, more representative and ultimately more relevant to the students that make up our Union. I have been fortunate enough to have had many varied experiences within the Students Union. All of which give me the skills to be an excellent Student Trustee. As a Departmental Student Coordinator, I have been involved in talking to students in my department and feeding that back into the Department through Departmental board and Student/Sta Forum. As Campaigns Coordinator, I have seen rst hand the passion and power that students hold and the importance of that not only at Goldsmiths but nationally. Finally as Cricket Captain, my true love, I have seen the importance and bene ts varied activities can give to students. I will; -

Support all those things that make us Goldsmiths; Campaigns and Diversity Make Goldsmiths Student Union more relevant through student representation Ensure the Union’s future is an active and radical one

Vote Matt West #1 Student Trustee

d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l L Go 11 E 20

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Harry Hughes The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open ght, a ght that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes. In the earlier epochs of history, we nd almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. In ancient Rome we have patricians, knights, plebeians, slaves; in the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, journeymen, apprentices, serfs; in almost all of these classes, again, subordinate gradations. The modern bourgeois society that has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society has not done away with class antagonisms. It has but established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones. Our epoch, the epoch of the bourgeoisie, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simpli ed class antagonisms. Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other — Bourgeoisie and Proletariat. From the serfs of the Middle Ages sprang the chartered burghers of the earliest towns. From these burgesses the rst elements of the bourgeoisie were developed. The discovery of America, the rounding of the Cape, opened up fresh ground for the rising bourgeoisie. The East-Indian and Chinese markets, the colonisation of America, trade with the colonies, the increase in the means of exchange and in commodities generally, gave to commerce, to navigation, to industry, an impulse never before known, and thereby, to the revolutionary element in the tottering feudal society, a rapid development. The feudal system of industry, in which industrial production was monopolised by closed guilds, now no longer su ced for the growing wants of the new markets. The manufacturing system took its place. The guild-masters were pushed on one side by the manufacturing middle class; division of labour between the di erent corporate guilds vanished in the face of division of labour in each single workshop. Meantime the markets kept ever growing, the demand ever rising. Even manufacturer no longer su ced. Thereupon, steam and machinery revolutionised industrial production. The place of manufacture was taken by the giant, Modern Industry; the place of the industrial middle class by industrial millionaires, the leaders of the whole industrial armies, the modern bourgeois.

Tom Williams Hello, my name is Tom Williams and I am running for the position of Assembly Chair. I am a second year politics and economics student. I am the current Chair of the student assembly and have hugely enjoyed holding the position. This means I have an essential understanding of how the Union works. I have hugely enjoyed my time as Assembly Chair and while it has been successful I still feel there is a huge amount more to achieve. Functionally the student assembly has worked well this year, achieving notable successes including the changes made to the sabbatical positions. However the single biggest problem is the poor attendance of both student assembly members and general students. In this current climate of massive changes to the education system it is essential that the student voice is heard. Goldsmiths should and must do better in expressing this voice through the student assembly. This is why, if elected, I will make improving the attendance of the student assembly my priority. In order to achieve this goal I have four key election pledges that I believe will improve attendance: To increase the advertising for the student assembly in order to improve awareness. Both through general advertising and increased campus presence. To organize a student assembly social in order to create a cohesive group. To increase the awareness of the power and role that the student assembly holds in order to ensure the student body realises its importance. To give an increased voice to the members of the student populous who do turn up to the assembly meetings.

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Bishara Abdi

Throughout my time at goldsmiths so far I have noticed how the black and ethnic minorities at this university have a very predominant role with in the formation of societies. If elected:

Yomn Al-Kaisi Eastern roots, I understand exactly how it can feel to be persecuted for your ethnicity and background. Following problems at hand, I take it as personal mission to speak, campaign and take action against any forms of racism that face our communities today. With speeches being made by David Cameron saying “multiculturalism has failed� it has never been more important to defend the long rich history of multicultural diversity. Before coming to Goldsmiths, I was President of the Student Council at my school and Valedictorian, and hosted various events ranging from Breast Cancer Awareness to Arabic poetry competitions. Upon arriving at Goldsmiths, I was ecstatic at the diversity of opinions, beliefs, and multicultural backgrounds feeling instantly at home. As a result, I threw myself into the Student Union and became an active member of campaigns such as the Goldsmiths Palestine Campaign, and help organize various events such as the upcoming Multicultural Day. As a student of International studies within the Politics department, I feel that the outspoken and expressive nature of my study makes me a suitable candidate for Black and Minority Ethnic o cer at Goldsmiths. Studying colonial history, I understand that the history of racism is not only skin-deep, and takes a much more complex and detailed analysis. Having previously lived in Lebanon for 2 years, through turbulent political situations, I appreciate the importance of the ability to listen. Only through listening can we promote awareness and bring to light issues that are in need listen, I will make it my priority to listen and forward your concerns to the student assembly. With the promise of listening being key, if I am elected these will be my main policies: promote respect. by including cultural music and dance. Hate Racism to work on issues of racism, segregation, and discrimination. of that time.

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d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l L Go 11 E 20

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: n o i s t n i g s i n o P ampanatio C rdi o o r e C fic Of

Soren Goard Six months have passed since the last student elections, but the fundamental issues, the issues I campaigned on in September, remain the same. How do we ght the cuts? This may be a political question but it relates directly to our students as union members at a bread and butter level; their quality of life, their access to services, to employment and, for their younger siblings, education. I think we need a ghting Student Union, one that is reacting to this attack with an awareness of its huge gravity; of the fact that the economic assault that is being implemented is many times worse than anything Thatcher ever did. That said, debate and argument are fundamental in any process the Union undertakes. Its crucial a campaigns co-ordination o cer ensures that those things are healthy, that people have every possibility to create campaigns and to run in elections. That said, by having anti-cuts candidates in Student Assembly, the Union has been capable of engaging actively in the anti-cuts movement in a really successful way. There have been mistakes and intense debates, but that can only be a positive thing if its learnt from.

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: n o i t i s s o P ampu er C ffic O

Siobhan Finnegan

Vote Siobhan Finnegan for Campus O cer Goldsmiths Students Union is here to ght for your rights. I am here to ght for your rights. If elected as campus o cer I will strive for the improvement of all student facilities on campus. Key areas of concern this year are; - The size and suitability of teaching spaces - The state of student halls - Access to departmental o ce hours.

In addition to this I will aim to work alongside the sabbatical o cers in the students union on other schemes such as; - The provision of gender neutral toilets in the RHB

- Supporting the No platform for fascists on campus - Provision of drinks testing kits in the student Union bar

I have sat on the student assembly all this academic year as PACE o cer and I believe it has given me the insight and skills needed to take on the role of Campus O cer. If elected as your Campus O cer I will strive to ght for the rights of all Goldsmiths students.

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U ’ s t n e d u t S s ONS h t i CTI m s d E l L o E G 11 20

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Millie Cartwright VOTE MILLIE CARTWRIGHT FOR ETHICS AND ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER The Role as Ethics and Environmental O cer: be compromised.

The Green League: initiative run by People and Planet, and gives a competitive edge for universities to constantly strive to do better, become do better and we can do better. We previously won silver in the NUS led Sound Impact award, and Lewisham Community Business Award for Environmental Excellence. We clearly have the capabilities and capacity to move up the league and I want to get us there. Things we should change: hallways, this should be commonplace everywhere. to be on premium paper. impact as much as we can. Current initiatives I support:

Vote for me: quickly and e ciently.

and dedicated.

Ahmad Kamel

and I have been part of the Student Assembly for both years, as the Sociology departmental representative in my rst and as the international Student o cer in my second. So I have had plenty of experience in the student assembly, enough time to know its strengths but also to be able to identify what needs improving on.

reporting site for hate crimes. Thanks to some excellent work by the Students assembly. However this has not been su ciently advertised and therefore it is not being used by many people, this is something I intend to work on if elected. The work carried out by the SU on the cuts has been admirable, but I feel we have not mobilized as much of the student body as possible to pressurize the government and I think this is largely due to a lack of coordination and communication. This is something else I attempt to x, by creating a space for dialogue between students and those that are meant to be representing them. I believe that this can be achieved by organizing regular casual open meetings besides the formal student assembly meetings, which would help the representatives form resolutions based more on public opinion hence increasing the degree of student body representation in the SU. I can go own forever about my speci c wants, but ultimately I am trying to get elected so as to represent you at the student assembly, not impose my opinions. So my main concern is how to make that more achievable. And I cannot think of any way to ll the gap between representative and represented better than constant communication. I understand that this is hard work but I take on that duty willingly, and I believe I have the experience and dedication to make that happen. I feel that representatives of the student assembly are not made accessible to the rest of the students. I will try to end this trend by setting up the aforementioned regular open meetings and making my contact details as available as possible. Vote for a more representative student assembly, Vote Ahmad Kamel.

Rasty Sherwani Vote Rasty Sherwani for Ethical and Environmental O cer -

We need an active, outspoken union. As ethical and environmental o cer, I will make sure that Goldsmiths reputation as a leader on ethical and environmental issues is protected from the savage cuts the government has announced. We will not compromise on the fair and ethical way we source our products and services. We will stand by our lectures in their ght for a fairer education system.

Living wage

Open the Union Goldsmiths has made headlines across the country for the lead it has taken on access to university for all people, regardless of background. We need to take these radical yearnings and turn them into practical results. That means opening up the Union to more direct, student participation. A union led by its students is a more open, accessible, and e ective union. Your environmental policies Goldsmiths already has a reputation as a leader on ethical and environmental issues. We need to take this further, so that Goldsmiths becomes the example other institutions can compare themselves to. To make this happen, I will hold meetings with all students interested to develop their ideas and proposals. I will leave no stone unturned, so whether you have ideas on how the university can be more energy e cient, or think having a roof garden on the RHB will help to teach the principles of sustainability and self-su ciency, I will listen and act. Aaaand…a bit about me I’m a 2nd year History and Politics student. One of the reasons I came here, and one of the reasons I’m most proud of the uni I go to is the lead we take on issues of fairness, justice and equality. If you vote for me, I will work tirelessly to make certain that we continue in this direction, and to make sure that the massive cuts to higher education do not stop us in our quest to make Union and the university a better place. Oh, and I’m a pretty nice guy, so feel free to send

Vote Rasty Sherwani for Ethical and Environmental O cer

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d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l L Go 11 E 20

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s t a o n P r

e s r t e t c In den Offi u t S

Kamran Abilov

I feel that I can make a valuable contribution to international students considering the fact that I faced almost the same problems which is facing every international student. I passed those hard ways consuming my own ability and network skills. Therefore, as a human beeing and your future prospectus International Students O cer I will at last attempt to prevent you to face the same problems, which I had last year. Studying already 2nd year at Goldsmiths and being the president of the Eastern European society have given me many ideas and communication skills which I will consume being your new International Students O cer. As I noted already, the problems which I had were the lack of places at Halls, not such a convenient student supporter o ce due to get the permission to talk to them relying on refusal letter from UK border agency and restricted hours on language o ce. international students but also of all students. Therefore, if elected I will raise everytime this question in the parliament. 2.

Inconvenient o ce of student support almost made me to leave this country because of my visa refusal letter, if elected I promise you that consuming my own experience I will be a volunteer to help you and share with my own ideas and knowledge in order to help you.

my native friends I promise you to help you with proof reading, because that problem I am still facing.

Mohammed Kellow Dear students, a signi cant amount of students in diversities that we enjoy in our small community here at Goldsmiths. It is certainly more important and crucial to create that bond between us; the students, the sta , librarians, the Student Union and others in concern. This bondage can only be achieved by your endorsement to elect the rightful representative. As a rightful candidate I will strive to win this election for the sake of my fellow internationals. I want to enlarge the movement in goldsmiths and contribute more to the “students not suspects” campaign. One of the main things I want to ght for is the points based Immigration system change which permits students to study in the UK. This agenda awareness program can only be done by increasing the amount of meetings that have taken a back seat, momentarily because of the cuts. However now is time to bring this back to the forefront of the SU. Moreover there will be more events which will be set up to help International students become integrated. In the next academic year Freshers’ Fayre we will set up stalls by which you will receive a welcome pack and city of London tours. As an International Student myself, it is extremely expensive to live in London as a student without much help from anyone. Therefore we need to help each other out not only nancially but morally listening to each other’s challenges and giving advice from our experiences. Once I become elected I will strive to achieve the following: o Become your guide and assist you through all your challenges with regards to your studies to the Union and to guide o

I will help mediate meetings whereby international students can express their queries to the union and create mediums through which students can express their thoughts about variety of their worries.


Cultural acquaintance through which inter-cultural societies can make the most out of university life and during holidays I will help create events whereby students can socialise which Goldsmiths will become home away from home.

I have been engaged in extracurricular activities since my high school years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I fully believe that I am competent enough to help, guide and enlighten you during your stay at Goldsmiths. Wish you all the best in your academic journey. Yours faithfully, Mohammed K. Kellow

n o ni

U ’ s t n e d u t S s ONS h t i CTI m s d E l L o E G 11 20

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, y a G , r) n a i nde b s e e L g ( ans r Tr fice Of

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, l a xu

Joe Killin

While Goldsmiths is considered a radical and liberal university, it is a myth to think that it is completely free from discrimination. If elected I will continue to promote an absolute zero tolerance attitude toward any and all forms of homophobia, transphobia, and/or discrimination on campus. Trans Inclusion Goldsmiths has a great tradition of working hard for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual rights, campaigns and inclusion. Whilst I am I want to work to promote trans and gender non-normative awareness and acceptance around the campus for both students and sta . Q need a space to be heard and supported e ectively. If elected, I personally want to feel represented in the o cer position I am occupying and I want other Queer and/or Questioning students to feel represented too. As such, I will work to amend the title Gender Neutral bathrooms At present I am aware that there are many students who feel uncomfortable entering into bathroom spaces that are simply facilities entirely for fear for harassment, which can lead to serious health problems. These issues of bathroom usage e ect people on a wide-scale and are neither trivial nor fastidious and if elected I will work to ensure that gender neutral toilets are made available in as many buildings on the Goldsmiths campus as possible, allowing students and sta who may identify as gender non-normative, trans, genderqueer, or otherwise, to have reasonable access to safe bathroom facilities. “Be good, and if you can’t be good be careful� Promotion of sexual health and awareness is hugely important and plenty of work needs to go in to ensure that student stay aware and safe sexually. Sexual education for young LGBTQ people is limited and if elected I would like to see this change at Goldsmiths and advocate for more open discussion and workshops related to sexual health and awareness. Accessible and listen to students I want to be a fair and accurate representative for you. If elected I will do my damnest to be as open and accessible as possible to attend to any issues, questions, concerns or suggestions that you may want to bring to my attention. I intend to work closely with the fabulous LGBTQ Society and will attempt to create as many avenues to contact me as possible.

’ s t en

d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l L Go 11 E 20

n o i Un

: n o i t i s e o P atur nts M tude S f f O

r e ic

Katharina Herold Mature Students O cer „Whatever situation you’ve come from – work or unemployment, a break after education, raising a family, or keen for a change Regarding those di ernt backgrounds, that make us so valuable for the College´s community I want to ensure together with you other „Matures“ the best conditions possible for our time at Goldsmiths . In di erent aspects: If I am elected I would want ... 1. to care for nances: I want to support the SU´s „Fight the cuts“ campaign recating to the Browne Review and the onslaught on Higher Education. If the cuts do not concern your fees anymore, they will concern your childrens’. 2. to support Students with children: A reliable care for children is essential for focussing on your studies if you have family. I will –with your help- campaign against for a solution of Goldsmiths closed nursery. This is highly important simply because you have the right to a thought through child care support system.

work part-time alongside their studies . To enhance communication I would like to run a monthly session where to meet, to locate current problems and to discuss their possible solutions.

Getting a welcome week for mature students in MA programms. Pro t from networking , passing on career tipps from former experiences, meeting other students with family etc.; joint events with already existing groups and societies for Mature Students at Goldsmiths

your suggestions .I will then do my very best that they get represented fairly and faithfully at the Students Assembly, to make the changes needed and solve problems swiftly and thoroughly. Why you would want to vote for me:

Eric Vincent

education. In that time I have worked in project management in both the charity and public sectors. I am passionate about widening participation; I wouldn’t be here without it. Yet more still needs to be done by both the SU and University management to meet the needs of mature students. I have the skills, experience and passionate to address the issues and nd lasting solutions. What I stand for for students who may have child care and work commitments to get involved. One idea is to secure Wednesday afternoons a time for extra-curricular activity be found. I will organize monthly open meetings where students can raise their concerns in person mature students so we can all bene t from it students feel out of place at Goldsmiths. As an ex-soldier I have sometimes felt uncomfortable and while I believe in everyone’s right to protest I would also of have liked the SU to better articulate that its protests were against the war, not the service people who were sent allow students who have work and childcare commitments su cient time is needed to help students with research and essay. These things are a big challenge if you haven’t done them for many years rst language isn’t English

and a ordable child-care.

’ s nt

e d tu S s S h N t TIO i m s LEC d l Go 1 1 E 20

n o i Un

: n o i e t n i i s t o P alas ing P winn T Of

r e c fi

Jaswinder Blackwell Pal

As part of the Palestine Twinning Campaign over the past year, I have actively tried to widen awareness, both of the situation in Palestine and also of our actions at Goldsmiths. I went on the annual trip to the West Bank in Easter last year, an incredibly moving experience which drove me to become increasingly involved in the campaign, both here at Goldsmiths, and on a wider scale. The yearly trip organised by the Student Union is an incredibly important and eye opening opportunity which, as Twinning O cer, I would encourage as many students as possible to participate in. To ensure its accessibility I would encourage fundraising events to make the trip available to as wide a range of students as possible and raise funds that we can use to support them with the costs. As part of the campaign on campus, I have helped to put on successful meetings and debates on a range of topics surrounding the occupation. In the future I would want to encourage wide debate on issues such as the possibility of academic and cultural boycott of Israel, which is an e ective and achievable way contributing towards solidarity and international pressure. With the recent unrest taking place in the Arab world, freedom for Palestine is becoming an increasingly relevant and important issue. As Twinning O cer one of my main focus’s would be raising awareness of the occupation, it’s consequences and how students can get involved. We are lucky at Goldsmiths to have strong links with Palestinian universities, and I would want to develop and build on these by hosting more video conferences and links between Goldsmiths students and those in Palestine. Such direct communication with each other is a great way of learning about the reality of daily life for our fellow students and academics and should be encouraged as much as possible. I would ght to ensure the future of our Palestinian scholarships in the face of cuts, and work to help and support the students applying for them. Above all I would want to build our campaign at Goldsmiths so we have the power to show real solidarity with Palestine, encouraging our students to get involved with protest, boycott, debate and education so that we continue to support the ght for freedom.

d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l L Go 11 E 20

’ s t en

n o i Un

: n o i t i s s o P port S f f O

r e ic

Grace Godfrey and Patrick Donovan We are two second year captains, and sports play an important role in our daily lives. We recognise, through rst-hand How?

teams. Last year the Dance Team raised by far the most amount of money but were allocated less than their fair

some of the problems student athletes face, we intend to create a uni ed community within Goldsmiths, regardless of whether you’re on a sports team or not. To do this we suggest:

term, to recognise the achievements of student athletes and teams at Goldsmiths.

periods we will introduce alternative fun and games to relieve the stress and keep spirits high. Some of these will We know we are the best candidates for this position because we have experienced rst-hand the obstacles faced by athletes,

and Georgie Sidwick

Unity of competitive and noncompetitive sports is vital for the development and progression of Goldsmiths sports clubs. The following is how we believe to make the Union a more inclusive and supportive space. If elected we will campaign for:

their own teams this can be achieved with more active help from the student union to both netball and basketball hoops.

Combined experience:

Pratik Shah

Hey, my name is Pratik Shah and I am campaigning for the o ce of sports o cer. I am a rst year BA Economics politics and Public Policy student. Prior to me coming to goldsmiths I was residing in Kenya and was quite active in sport and swam on a national level. At goldsmiths I am currently a member of the rugby and athletics societies. I would describe myself as someone who can work in a group, listens to what people have to say, and easily approachable and sociable. My intentions are: I. Make sports accessible to everyone regardless of their ability, gender and race II. Expanding the sporting portfolio III. Hosting an open forum if elected – to see what everyone wants to do and taking that into consideration and implementing it IV. Support any sporting societies to be taken o from the ground, and ensuring that they should be able to compete with other universities V. Raise the pro le of sports at goldsmiths If elected I will strive to uphold the duties that are required and be there for anyone that requires my services. At the same time push to see that many people can be engaged in some sort of sporting activity. For me sports is important in our day to day lives and everyone knows this as it helps you keep t and healthy, but it also has other advantages as it changed communities and lives of many people around the world and is continuing to do so. It is also a great place to make new friends and develop skills outside the educational realms. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to approach me and I shall to the best of my ability answer them. Many thanks, Pratik Shah

Femke Fleur Ydema

Vote Fleur Ydema #1 for Sports O cer As a hockey player at Goldsmiths I have noticed that the quality of sports at our uni can really be improved. Therefore, as a Sports O cer, I would act as an intermediary between the sports manager and the sports captains in order to make communication about what needs changing run more smoothly. I will actively promote sports at Goldsmiths and I will be open to suggestions from every student. This way, I believe we can improve the quality of sports clubs at Goldsmiths. Speci c points I am planning on focusing on are: The current amount of sports o ered at Goldsmiths is quite limited and it would be good to see a rise in this. This website should supply students who want to play a speci c sport that is currently unavailable at Goldsmiths with the tools to meet other people who also want to play this sport, and potentially set up a new sports club. As a sports o cer I would nd it very important to check what’s going on inside the sports clubs. If I’m elected, the rst thing I will do is make sure everyone knows whom to contact about sports issues. I will ght the cuts at every level, speci cally to sports. I nd it very important that sports are available to every student and I will thus oppose any measure that will raise the annual fee.

n o ni

U ’ s t n e d u t S s ONS h t i CTI m s d E l L o E G 11 20

: n o i t i s s ’ o P omen er W ffic O

Tama White and Anna -Christine Rheingans We are standing for this position because we feel it is important for women’s voices to be heard, in the overwhelmingly male dominated realms of politics and academia, within a wider society where gender discrimination continues to a ect every aspect of our lives. If elected, we will: college, and to o er our friendly support and appropriate further information/action.

working with the Student Parent O cer to support the needs of student parents, the majority of whom are women.

sexual harassment.

’ s t en

n o i Un

d u t S s S h N t O i CTI m s d E l g L r o Go 11 E u. s s th : 20 i m o f ds l n o i r@g g e r u o r k o .shu hssu. m s r t i i o n m e F s d :d l l o i 6 g 0 . 4 w Ema 1 ww 2 9 : 6 b We 08 2 0 : Tel

Manifesto Booklet  

Goldsmiths Students' Union 2012 Election candidates manifesto booklet

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