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Introduce yourself to your neighbours Find out when your general waste and recycling collection days are. Make sure you have the correct containers for recycling Think about the positioning of your TV/Stereo (i.e. not against an adjoining wall to your neighbours) Complete your inventory and take photographs of everything. Be sure to give these to the landlord with the signed inventory Sign the electoral register so you can vote Register for household bills and take meter readings to give to the providers Remember to get contents insurance for all your belongings

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Goldsmiths has a small campus, but we can make a big impact on the surrounding neighbourhoods. When you move into your new home, you become a part of the local area, and it is important that you make the right impression with your neighbours. Here at Goldsmiths Students’ Union we are committed to developing a strong community spirit and a locality in which everyone is able to enjoy their home.


First of all, introduce yourself to your neighbours; make sure you know who they are and that they know who you are. Knowing your neighbours can have many benefits; they know the area and so can inform you on rubbish and recycling collections, tips on local gems such as restaurants and shops, and may also be able keep an eye on your property, particularly during the holidays. Making yourself known to your neighbours early on will help to create a positive lasting impression.

NOISE Noise is often the biggest cause of complaint from residents who live near students, and it is important that we all think about how our behaviour will affect our neighbours. Please be aware of those around you and ensure that your neighbours can enjoy their home and gardens without disturbance. Not all of your neighbours will be students, you may live next door to an older person, or they may have young children or work night shifts. Most people will have to be up early for work and will not appreciate hearing a heavy bass-line pumping out at all hours of the day and night! When introducing yourself to your neighbours make sure that they know they can come to you if they are being disturbed by the noise from your house. You could give them a mobile number for instance, so they can text you if the noise is keeping them awake at night. When you are setting out your room, think about where you are putting your TV or stereo and how this might affect your neighbours.Try to keep them away from adjoining walls, as the noise could be disturbing. Try to keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 7am and be considerate when you are returning home from a night out.The last thing your neighbours want to hear is loud voices or car doors slamming outside the front door at 3am!

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Every now and then you might want to have a party. Please be aware that if your party impacts negatively on the community around you, you may receive a complaint to the council, your landlord, or to the cuniversity. Please check the terms of your tenancy agreement as there may be a clause which states you are breaking the terms of your contract by having a party.

turning up. During the party be conscious of noise levels and in particular of any heavy bass. Ask guests to leave quietly, ensuring they do not leave any mess behind them. Have a proper clean up at the end of the night - remember you are responsible for any mess created by your guests, so please pick up any broken bottles, cigarette butts etc...

Before the party, tell your neighbours when you are planning to have one and what time you expect it to finish. Remember to give them plenty of notice. This does not mean it is okay to make excessive noise, but ensures your neighbours are aware that you may have more people than usual

If someone asks you to turn the music down, please respect their request. Bear in mind that if environmental health are called they have the right to seize equipment from your property.

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Volunteering can be a great way of getting to know your neighbourhood better, making new friends and creating a positive impact on your community. There are many different ways of getting involved, from a placement at a local group, to organising a clean up in your street, or even setting up your own project that fits a need in your community. Come and have a chat to the Volunteering and Community Engagement Coordinator in the Students’ Union and see how you can be a good neighbour.


Goldsmiths Students’ 2012-13


In an urban environment, foxes and other small mammals can be a huge pest. Missed waste collections can result in a build up of uncollected rubbish that will encourage foxes to rummage through your bin bags. For this reason it is important to make sure you know when the council collects rubbish and recycling from your area. Bins need to be placed on the street the night before collection day and moved back off the path once they have been collected. Please don’t leave your bins on the pavement any longer than this, as it can mean people with buggies and pushchairs and wheelchairs users will have access difficulties on your street. Your garden is often the first thing that people will see, so try and ensure you make a good impression. Keep it tidy, free from rubbish and, if you are lucky enough to have decent-sized garden, why not think about growing some vegetables, or planting some nice flowers. Remember that keeping your house and garden clean and tidy all year round will help to ensure that you get your deposit back at the end of the year.

New Cross Neighbours 2012-13


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Lewisham Council


Goldsmiths Students’ 2012-13

Lewisham Council

New Cross Neighbours 2012-13


Moving out Checklist • • • • • •

Plan ahead, start thinking about what you are not going to want and sell it or donate it to charity Pack as much as you can to take home/to your new house Make sure you leave your property in a good state, otherwise you could have money deducted from your deposit Ensure that rubbish and recycling is left out on the correct days Take the final meter readings and close your household bill accounts Tell the council you are moving and give them a forwarding address Goldsmiths Students’ Union Dixon Road New Cross London SE14 6NW

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Goldsmiths has a small campus, but we can make a big impact on the surrounding neighbourhoods. It is important that you make the right impr...

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