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l & T V


This is our standard approach to promotions with film and video. This is structured to give you the flexibility for cross-platform applications, ie TV, website, social networking. This can be altered to meet your requirements and budget. All videos are created from concept to application.

Film promotion & TVC package We understand that within this medium narrative and story-telling provides an emotional connection between the audience and your business. This video can be a combination of conceptual narrative based elements and inter- views with key personnel in your business. This is to communicate the heart of your business, what you are about and your unique selling points. The final product can be placed on your home page for maximum exposure as the first point of contact. 2-3 minute promo | $3000-$5000

TVC / web advert re-edit This is where you get value for your money. From your 2-3 minute film we shape 2 or 3 TV spot sized promos based around the narrative concept we have created. These could be used for TV or web advertising. Each narrative will promote a unique aspect of your business that you wish to communicate. Additional $500


M o t i o n G r a p h i c

Motion & Infographic This is a punchy visually attractive video created to advertise specific products or information relevant to your business. Ie, products, sales, statistics & processes. Infographics in particular have been used heavily online by businesses to communicate traditionally dull content in an interesting way. This includes sound track, fx and voiceover. Prices vary depending on job complexities and animation requirements. If its simple its cheaper if its not, its not. 0-30 sec $500 - $1000 30 - 60 sec $900 - $1500 1 - 2 mins $1000 - $2000

Visual Video Loop This can be used in your place of business to enhance visual branding. This can be used in conjunction with imagery from current marketing campaigns. This is ideal for product launches and events. 10 - 20 sec $200


I d e n t i t y & Branding

We understand that the updating of signage and even sometimes logo can be very effective when launching a new campaign. This can be as drastic as a complete rebranding of your business or simply a revamping of logo design and signage. This can be incorporated into the branding of a new product or campaign. Prices include extensive research and marketing into product and competition. Company Identity & Branding $1500 - $2500* Depending upon the depth of rebranding.

Product Identity & Branding $800 - $1500* Depending upon the depth of rebranding.

Logo Design $800 - $1500* Depending upon job requirements.

*Prices are subject to licencing restrictions of specific job requirements. Short term, ongoing and perpetual licensing options are negotiable.

G r a p h i c D e s i g n Print/web image design This can be applied to any print or online product. i.e business cards, flyers, brochures, newspaper ads, magazine inserts, web banners and many more... Because design for individual print and web projects can vary so much from job to job, we require job specifics to work up an appropriate quote.


O n l i n e

If you need more than simply revamping your website visuals we work with our website guy to create a fresh site based on content management systems. Due to the heavy reliance on web content in contemporary marketing, content management systems are the obvious choice.

Website design Prices vary depending upon job requirements and complexities. Our Base package starts at $3000 for a finished website. This is for construction only- website hosting and domain name are separate costs. Base Package $3000

Cross-Platform Packaging Upon further discussion we can provide a service to manage your online presence. This can involve creating you tube, vimeo and additional sites for your video con- tent and deciding the best method for each item. In this day and age we understand how you use and manage your creative or promotional content online can have a big impact.

These prices are simply a gauge for you to begin approaching your project and help define your budget. Jobs would need to be considered on individual specifics and requirements, as tasks can vary a great deal. We are a friendly business and welcome your correspondence. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiry.

GoldSky Creative withholds the rights to change and amend the prices outlined in this book without any communication.


Contact: 0405491105

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