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Local 13 Year-Old Beats the Recession Blues turning his love of computers into CA$H

Jacob Cook of Sacramento, CA makes $20 or more per hour fixing computers all over the world. For his local business he often makes house calls to clients who are having issues with viruses, disk fragmentation, software installation, networking and more. For his national and international clients, Jacob uses a computer-sharing program to log on to his client’s computer to fix the issues remotely from his bedroom. He has helped clients in Russia, Australia, Japan, as well as across the US. In the 7 months since his business officially started Jake hasn’t had a problem he couldn’t fix. Jacob has his own YouTube channel

where he makes FREE tutorials on a range of tech related issues – Recently he was approached by YouTube to become a partner which will open up a source of passive income for him – on-line advertising. Cooks love of business and making money started when he was really young and stems from the fact that his mom has had her own business for his entire life. Both of his parents have always taught him he could have anything he wanted in life as long as he was willing to work for it or could find the way to make the money. Jacob began by doing chores around the house

Jacob Cook

Jacob getting his first computer

and selling on e-Bay. His parents encouraged him by helping him to buy his first laptop, funding classes in video production and game design, as helping him get started in social media and introducing him to several clients. The money isn’t all for him though, he donates 10% to his church and does a lot of work pro-bono for people who can’t afford his services. You can contact Jacob through Many kids want to start a business; if you want to know more email this newspaper and we’ll send you a link to get more information.

Jacob working on messed up computer

“The Heart of the Community”

With the hustle and bustle of the season it’s hard to focus on anything but the usual. With the economy struggling it’s been hard to get in the holiday spirit. For me that changed with just one phone call. It reminded me what was important. Scott Angry, 41, was in a motorcycle accident in ‘96 causing traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for three months. He was told he would never be more than a vegetable. He was trying to find a way from Scott’s Valley to Sacramento because he was a “man on a mission” and wanted to give back to those less fortunate than himself no matter what it took. He had tried to get a ride several times from friends but during the holiday season they were all too busy. So he climbed on a bus as far as he could and then started hitching a ride until he got there. What could have been so important that a wheelchair bound guy decided to just “DO IT”?? I was never so inspired as I witnessed him with two hugs

jars on his lap totaling 17. 8 pounds of soda can tabs for those at the Ronald McDonald house. He figured he would have to just do it on his own no matter what it took...& with his brother Twitch Angry, and mother Marilynn Angry by his side he finally accomplished it!!! When does one have the time to do something for someone else? Anytime! Even the smallest gesture of kindness is welcomed, even a smile or a hello. For all of us it should be about getting back to the basics & making more of the new year. Finding ways to give back should be the norm and not the exception. One doesn’t have to go to the lengths that Scott did to do this but I for one know that those at the Ronald McDonald House appreciated his efforts and that they were one step closer to helping others through efforts like his. By Cyndie French

2 big jars of pull tabs

Twitch, Scott, and Marilynn Angry

Scott Angry with 2 big jars of pull tabs from soda cans

Page 2 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

American Presidents And Their Dogs

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A total of twenty-five American presidents have owned dogs as their pets. An abbreviated list and details of these dogs, their breeds, some anecdotes and their names follow. George W. Bush’s dogs included a Scottish terrier named Barney and an English Springer Spaniel named Spot. Spot was named after Scott Fletcher, a former Texas Rangers baseball player. President Bush’s dog Spot is the only dog to live in the White House during two administrations. Bill Clinton owned a chocolate Lab named Buddy. George H. Bush owned a Springer Spaniel called Millie and her puppy named Ranger. “Millie”, the Springer Spaniel, has been the subject of a book that has sold more copies that the autobiography of George Bush himself. Ronald Reagan owned two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Rex and a Bouvier des Flandres called Lucky. Jimmy Carter gave a mongrel named grits to his daughter named Amy as a gift. Gerald Ford owned a Golden Retriever called Liberty who gave birth to nine puppies at the White House. Richard Nixon owned four dogs. Spaniel Checkers, Irish Setter King Timahoe, Terrier Pasha and Poodle Vicky. When President Nixon entered the White House a member of his staff gave him the Irish setter, King Timahoe, which he named for the Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog little village in Ireland where his mother’s ancestor came from. Lyndon B. Johnson owned several dogs. Mongrel Yuki, five Beagles called Beagle, Little Beagle, Him and Her and *********** J. Edgar and a white Collie named Blanco. As President, Kay Burton is a longtime columnist Lyndon Johnson received Blanco, the white Collie as a gift. and supporter of the SSPCA and other LBJ always shook hands with the dog whenever he left or rescue groups. To share your family returned to the White House. pet story with our readers, email: John F. Kennedy owned the following dogs: Welsh Terrier Charlie and Pushinka, German Shepherd Clipper, Irish Cocker *********** Spaniel Shannon, Irish Wolfhound Wolf, Terriers White Tips, Blackie and Streaker. The Prime Minister of Ireland gave JFK the Irish cocker spaniel, Shannon. Dwight D. Eisenhower owned a Weimaraner named Heidi. A Portuguese water dog named Bo is the current canine resident in the White House. Bo was a gift from the late Ted Kennedy. to be continued……

30 Minutes from Gold River

Special Events in January Complimentary Wine Tasting Thursday - Sunday 11-5PM

Public Events:

WOW – Monthly classes: Wells On Wine Series begins! First Class – January 23- Wine 101 and into the Rhone January 30 & 31st Bring out the Barrel – Barrel tasting & More! Contact the winery for details or check out our website for more details! 530-295-1833 or

How to Get Business The Codfish lays 10,000 eggs, the homely hen but one. The codfish says not a word to tell what she has done. The hen cackles and struts about to say what she has done. The fish we care naught about, while the homely hen we prize. Which only goes to emphasize THAT IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE. Call 224-6624 to get information.

Successful Thinker Meetup: January 9, 2010, El Dorado Hills; Holiday Inn, 4360 Town Center Blvd. 7PM You’re invited to the kick off of your business networking. There’s no cost to come and visit. It’s about developing relationships, through face to face interactions. Successful Thinkers enables you to fully experience and implement a well-rounded approach to promoting yourself and your business! Inspirational speakers and great networking! Founder Jim Bellacera will also be featured.

Testing for Census Jobs Will Be Held in Rancho Cordova

The Census Bureau is looking for several hundred qualified applicants in the Rancho Cordova area to work with them in the spring of 2010. All potential Census employees are required to take and pass a half hour Census test. Testing for part-time temporary staff positions for the upcoming U.S. Census will be held at a number of locations within Rancho Cordova, including the Folsom Cordova Unified School District’s Adult Education Center on Gadsten Way, Rancho Cordova City Hall on Prospect Park Drive, and the Sacramento Works One Stop on Old Placerville Road. Testing will be held throughout January and into early spring. Available staff positions will include Census takers and employees for Census offices and Questionnaire Assistance Centers. Field pay will start at $15/hour. Benefits include flexible hours and paid training. Most positions require a valid driver’s license and use of a vehicle. It’s also a plus if candidates speak another language such as Spanish or Russian in addition to English. To sign up for a test, candidates should contact the Elk Grove Census Office by calling 1-866-861-2010 or (916) 509-3760.  More information can also be found at the Census job website:  A practice test is available online at pdf/practice_test.pdf Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a count of the American population that determines representation in government and distribution of federal funds to communities for roads, parks, housing, schools, and public safety. The City of Rancho Cordova is playing a key part in the upcoming Census with Council Member Dan skoglund chairing the local committee.

Green Energy 

By Geof Lambert

Tesla All Electric Sports Car Still Humming Tesla Motors the world’s first all electric high performance sports car company still continues to be humming along. It got off to a bit of a bumpy start, but now seems to have recieved financial backing and appears to be in a good position for 2010. Tesla is a Silicon Valley based company that makes all electric Geof Lambert sports cars using lithium-ion batteries (EVs). It is currently *********** the only car maker building Geof Lambert is an executive and selling highway-capable search consultant and an active EVs in serial production member of the Internet Society (as opposed to prototype or working to increase use and evaluation fleet production) understanding of the New Internet. in North America or Europe. He is the founder of In mid-2009, Tesla was *********** producing about 25 cars per week consisting mostly of custom-ordered vehicles manufactured to owners’ specifications. The Tesla Roadster, the company’s first vehicle, is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production EV with a range greater than 200 miles (320 km) per charge. The base model accelerates 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and, according to Tesla Motor’s environmental analysis, is twice as energy-efficient as the Toyota Prius. The company had delivered more than 700 Roadsters to customers in the United States and Europe as of September 2009. You can see one in action at

Page 3 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Within the Mind of a Millionaire

By Jim Ballacera

Taking Ownership of Your Life Until you take ownership of your life you are where you are going to be for the rest of your life. In most cases all you have to do is look at the past to determine your future. If you aren’t willing to make changes, your future may just be a reflection of your past. Often times in life one will end up where they are based on circumstances rather than planning. In order to take ownership of your life you have to determine Jim Bellacera certain things about yourself so you can see what areas in your life need to change. This will allow you to start a new chapter in life that you define and not be a victim of your circumstances. When negative thinking is constant it taints or foreshadows what you say to yourself as well as to others and eventually you have willed negative results into your life. It is amazing how our subconscious mind will direct the results in our lives.   Your brain is like a sponge; whatever is absorbed is what comes out when put under pressure. Negative thinking can lead to depression and or anxiety. It can cause overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair. Positive thinking will lead to hope, fulfillment, satisfaction, and a joyful spirit even in the midst of challenging times. Empowerment comes from the acceptance of who you are along with self control and strong desire. Stop trying to play it safe. Stop taking the path of least resistance in your life. Don’t be like a little creek that flows always following the path of least resistance. When an engineer designs a plan for a river to flow in a different direction he has new trenches and tunnels built to force and control the river to flow where he wants it to go. You need to do the same with your life by becoming the engineer of your own future and creating a new direction for your life.   In order to re-engineer your life you need to start working with the most important component, you. Always remember, When you give other people power over you, you rob yourself of the power to make your own changes.   This is your own personal proclamation. Your mission statement incorporates your core values, your true loves, desires, and your ambition for all aspects of your life. You have to acknowledge what you stand for in order to know what to fight for.

Page 4 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Visit Folsom History Museum

Welcome to the Folsom History Museum Web Site. The Museum is operated by the Folsom Historical Society, located in historic downtown Folsom. It is the home to a wonderful collection of artifacts and treasures that chronicle the settlement and development of the Folsom area. You’ll see fascinating and educational exhibits throughout the year along with special events highlighting

the Gold Rush era and Folsom’s history. The goal of the Folsom Historical Society is to preserve our past. The Folsom History Museum archives exist to collect, preserve, and make available historical records and documents for public research. The Museum’s collection illustrates various aspects of Folsom’s rich history. The Folsom Historical Society

Museum Entry from Sutter Street

Exhibits inside. was founded in 1960 to preserve powerhouse, andlater efforts at the history of Folsom and to gold mining. reconstruct the Wells Fargo & Hours: Tuesday through Company assay office and bank Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Palmer & Day Building) that Days and times subject to change now serves as the Folsom History without notification. Admission: Museum. $4 for adults. $2 for youth. The History Museum focuses Children under 12 are FREE. on exhibits about Folsom’s native Parking: parking available in people, the discovery of gold and front and across the street from the formation of mining camps, the Museum. Address: 823 Sutter ethnic groups who contributed St., Folsom, CA, 95630. 916-985to this area, the formation of 2707--Easy access from Light the town, railroad, prison, Rail and Bike Trail.

Chautauqua Playhouse

To Open Maternal Instincts

Chautauqua Playhouse announces the opening of MATERNAL INSTINCTS by local playwright Dave Williams, opening on January 15, 2010 at the Playhouse. The show will run on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm through February 21. All performances will be held at the Chautauqua Playhouse, 5325 Engle Road in the La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael. Admission is $17 general and $15 students, seniors, children and SARTA members. From Sacramento radio and theater veteran, Dave Williams, this is an awardwinning comedy about four generations

of mothers and daughters with a genetic penchant for deceit, misdirection and fierce loving loyalty. The family that frays together stays together! The production is directed by Paul Fearn and features Boots Martin, Shaleen Schmutzer, Maggie Adair Upton, Carissa Meagher and Simon Hunt. Set design is by Rodger Hoopman. Costumes are by Eileen Beaver. For tickets and additional information call the theatre at (916) 489-7529 (PLAY). Information and tickets are also available through the Chautauqua Playhouse website: www.

(L) Carissa Meagher, Shaleen Schmutzer, Maggie Adair Upton


In your small or home based businesss A new E-book by Home Based Entrepreneur columnist La Ronda Bowen Introductory price, ONLY $23.00, Until March 23, 2010

(Clockwise from upper left) Simon Hunt, Shaleen Schmutzer, Maggie Adair Upton, Carissa Meagher

A sneak peek at what’s inside: Is it possible to keep your life while building a business? Find out in: Succeed What are the growth industries for the next several years? Check: Growth Thinking about going in business with your best friend? Better read: the Unexpected NO RISK, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or YOUR MONEY BACK. NO QUESTIONS. NO HASSLE. The E-book equivalent to 23 hours of expert guidance on the most commonly asked questions can be yours for only $23.00. Act before March 23 2010 for this low introductory price. Order at:

Page 5 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Business Community

Home Based Entrepreneurs Ready for an Uptick in the New Year Many entrepreneurs who have managed to survive the last few years of slow and no-growth are *********** wondering whether it is too soon to start preparing for La Ronda Bowen is economic improvement. While there is no “one size an award-winning fits all” answer, there are steps you can take now to writer, speaker, be ready when the change does come. Review your and management consultant with over business plan to see if you are prepared to handle a 5% 20 years experience. to 15% increase in business during 2010. Dust off your She has served at the networking skills and seek opportunities to meet new executive level in both potential clients and possible collaborators. Investigate public and private ways to connect with the growing sustainable business enterprises. sectors and see where you might find a niche. Consider *********** talking to your bank or local economic development, or small business administration to get a good sense of what might happen if you needed a line of credit or other project/equipment funding. Go on-line and browse your city council meeting agendas to see what is new in your city and where you might fill a need. If you can hone your skills or develop a few new ones, find a class and get in it. Look at new cell phone technology to help promote your services. Now is the perfect time to look at your business with fresh eyes. Happy New Year.

The UPS Store—Gold River Located in the Village Marketplace Shopping Center Your Holiday Return Headquarters Drop-off your Prepaid UPS & USPS return packages and receive discount coupons for return visits. UPS tracking, store info and discount coupons are available at our website : 11230 Gold Express Dr., #310 (916) 852-6390 Phone—(916) 852-0641 Fax


We welcome your questions and comments. Please e-mail them to: or visit our website at: http://www.bowenassoc. net and check the entrepreneur section. La Ronda answers all questions personally or in this column. “At the end of the day, there are four things about people that drive our economy. How many people there are, what age they are, what they are buying, and where they live or are moving.” — Harry S. Dent, Jr.: Economist, money manager, and author With all of the talk about the economy, it’s easy to forget that the economy isn’t a series of numbers and polls. Our economy isn’t even Wall Street. Our economy is us. You, me, your neighbors, your colleagues. And our lives don’t exist in a vacuum — they are ever-changing, and yes, even predictable. But only a handful of people have predicted correctly. Harry Dent is one of them.

Peggy Boling My office has moved.

I’m still here. . . For your convenience I am available to meet clients at my “New” Gold River or Fair Oaks office.

Serving Sacramento since 1989


DRE# 01043551

916-858-1234 #1 Sales Agent

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Gold River office

Find your new home online at:

Technology & Internet R2-D2 Statue: Insane Detail Saturday, December 05, 2009 Gentle Giant’s Star Wars R2-D2 Statue is amazing. Not only is it an accurate 1:6 scale representation of the droid, but it’s packed with extra accessories. There are slots for a lightsaber and scopes in his head. His torso has opening panels. There are removable arms. Truly, this is the best R2-D2 collectible ever.

New Tech Kites Pirate Ship

Batman Dark Night Wayne Tech Tri-Fire Blaster

Elenco Science Tech C2D Scope Computer required Magnify and display microscopic objects on your PC. View anything up close in the detachable handheld microscope mode. Use as a desktop C2D digital camera. Software Features Capture record print and store video images Supports Microsoft video for Windows Supports Microsoft Netmeeting Supports AVI (audio video interface) file format. Includes: C2D digital microscope C2D digital camera C2D camera stand USB cable (5 ft.) C2D computer software (CD-rom) C2D handheld microscope (6) Prepard slides (7) Dissecting tools Instruction manual Color filters. Ages 10 & up.

Page 6 – Community Newspaper – January 2010


By Karri Grant

The Weather Outside is Frightful… With temperatures dropping and rain falling, you want to pack up last season’s clothes …STOP! On a responsible budget, purchasing a new winter wardrobe is just not possible. With a few style tricks and creative layering you’ll never need a warm-to-cold weather wardrobe again. Sweaters add instant comfort to every outfit. Try layering long sleeve jersey-knit tops under your summer/fall cardigans and short sleeved sweaters. Add a belt around your rib cage creating an hourglass figure to polish the look. Blazers are the most perfect creation; which I have a terrible love affair. Adding a blazer to seasonal clothes; sleeveless tops, dresses and skirts, provides Karri Grant endless possibilities. Pairing a denim jacket with a cocktail dress (minimizing it’s “dressiness”) is a great weekend look. Adding a satin trimmed blazer to standby jeans and t-shirts creates a look wearable for the office (add jewelry and heels to complete it). Boots; knee high, ankle, cowboy, can keep your toes dry and warm while you’re sporting the latest trends. Swap your peak-a-boo’s for a boot when wearing dresses or skirts (this is also a way to avoid wearing nylons or shave your legs - bonus). Try wearing riding or biker boots on the outside of your jeans for an updated equestrian or rocker look. Ankle boots with tights (stick with a similar color to keep it sophisticated) are trendy this year. Tights have had a bad rap; too tight, too itchy, too “What am I six?”. Not this year, tights are more comfortable and more wearable than ever before. Choose tights as the alternative to nylons; wearing colors/patterns that compliment your outfit, not compete. Adding a textured *********** tight can change the entire look, giving Karri Grant, a Stylist who specializes it depth and interest (branch out from the in Image & Wardrobe Consulting is standard opaque). And YES, today’s tights an industry expert educating on the are age appropriate for everyone - from value of confidently projecting the my daughter who’s 15 to my grandmother best impressions. who’s 80. Always remember, Looking Fabulous *********** is Never by Accident.

State Indian Museum State Historic Park The California State Indian Museum displays exhibits illustrating the cultures of the state’s first inhabitants. California’s prehistoric population, one of the largest and most diverse in the Western hemisphere, was made up of over 150 distinct tribal groups who spoke at least sixty-four different languages. California Indian population estimates, before the arrival of the first Europeans, were at least 500,000 people. California Indian cultural items in the museum include basketry, beadwork, clothing and exhibits about the ongoing traditions of various California Indian tribes.  Descendents of the first Californians, tens of thousands of them, still live in California and still cherish

and carry on their unique cultural heritage. Indigenous people have donated many photographs of family, friends and memorable times for use in the museum. A section of the museum features a hands-on area, where visitors can try their hand at using Indian tools, such as the pump drill, used for making holes in shell beads and other materials; the mortar and pestle and soap root brush, made from the soap root plant, all used for grinding acorns. The California State Indian Museum is located in the downtown area of Sacramento at 26th and K Streets. Open 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday.

Indian Gourds at Museum Store

Biz Idea for Kids

By Karri Grant

Cash for CRAFTS! Crafts are my daughter’s very favorite thing to

do so naturally that is what she does for her business called “Creating With CC”. You can start your own craft business by creating something you like: tiled mosaics or garden stones, handmade purses or aprons, scrap booking, cards and other paper crafts, knitting, beading jewelry, soap making, candle making, felt story boards, painting or even making pencil toppers. Remember to make what you like because then you will enjoy your work and you will be passionate about selling it! Before you can start making money you will need to spend some time planning and preparing your Sarah Cook business. 1. Determine the cost of the each craft item and be sure to calculate costs for delivering the item to the customer if you are shipping the product. *********** 2. Make some samples or prototypes. Ask friends and family Sarah Cook is a mom of 3 young Biz Kids which ones they like best as well as their ages 13, 10 and 6. She is the founder of the company, Raising Biz Kids and opinion on how to display the items. operates it alongside her successful skin 3. Decide how you will market your product. The options are endless. care and cosmetics company which You can make flyers, send e-mails, call she has grown for 16 years. To join Raising Biz Kids put this in your address friends and family, set up a website or bar: blog, use social media such as Twitter, app/?af=1112710 Facebook and even Youtube. Be sure to *********** also make business cards and include an incentive on the back for customers to order more. 4. Be sure to have a parent or guardian help you with any tax and legal advice that you will need as well as business forms such as sales receipts, order forms and craft fair booth contracts. These are just a few things that you will need to do to really grow your business. For more information on being successful as Biz Kid email grcommunitynews@

Sacramento’s Central Library

The Sacramento Public Library and the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) will present free monthly programs on a range of financial, health-related, and legal topics.  Take Charge California! @ Your Library presentations will be at 12 noon, on the first Wednesday of each month, in the West Meeting Room, at the Central Library, 828 I Street, Sacramento.

Reservations are not required, and light refreshments will be served. Other Take Charge California! @ Your Library programs scheduled at 12 noon, on the first Wednesdays, at the Central Library, are: February 3: Don’t Let Credit Card Debt Control You! March 3: Be Safe: Protect Your Private Information April 7: Facts about Funerals.

Page 7 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Photo Center Send us your photos!

Email to

Please include the photographer’s name, captions for photos, and event location.

Midtown Holiday Cheer

Folsom Theatre Opening

Cofee Shop Meeting

Page 8 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Successful Thinkers Meetup Rancho Cordova

Page 9 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Successful Thinkers Meetup Citrus Heights

Page 10 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Successful Thinkers Meetup Folsom

Page 11 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Successful Thinkers

By Darren Bocksnick

2010: A Success Odyssey

While the “Space Odyssey” films are widely recognized as some of the greatest films in history that celebrate the pinnacle of man’s achievements, warn of his over-reliance on technology and finally portray the wonder of discovery. Their futuristic setting, in this respect has modern, realworld implications. While trend-setters and analysts are quick to wipe their hands clean of 2009 with an air of good-ridding; they are uncertain about 2010 and just what the coming days have in store. Some paint a bleak picture; one of doom and foreboding as if the future had nothing of Darren Bocknick value to offer nor anything of merit to look forward to. To them, 2010 is set to be but a mere continuation of a dismal 2009, full of bail-outs, bankruptcies and the bottom dropping out of our economy. That’s “them” though and their tainted view of the future does not hold sway to the rest of us… nor does their world-view, often shaped by external influenceshave any bearing nor give a true picture of what lay ahead. Quite simply, we are and can create the success we seek with intention, determination and focused attention! There are those of us who have waved good-bye to our past, shaken hands with our present and have embraced our future with anticipation and hope! We look forward to the success odyssey (adventure) we are about to embark upon! It is this odyssey of success that will help us rediscover the wonders around us and the opportunities yet before us! Through harnessing the power of successful thinking and positive doing, we reel a powerful, progressive future back into our present and make it our reality! Make 2010 your odyssey; make contact with success and discover the wonders before you!

“Selling Your House in Economic Bad Times”

Due to stresses of income, cost of living, Wall Street, and Government we can feel unhappy about too many things. What’s more, the value of your home more than likely isn’t as high as it once was. Ugh! Although, now it’s time for you to move and sell your house. Where do you go and who do you trust to help you in this time of need to sell your house? There are many agents that have come and gone. Is there an agent that will take the time to discuss the truth about the real estate market, and share the true value of your home? You don’t want someone just telling you what you want to hear. You want your house priced to sell for the most money possible and to sell as quickly as possible. If you owe more on the loan than the value of the house, then you want someone that can feel your pain and take the right steps with the lender to work with you on selling your house. I’ll take the time to listen to you. I’ll give you the facts on the value of your home at the present time. I’ll take the time to walk you through the selling process. I will make the time for you. Give me (Gary Stalick) a call at 224-6624. SELLSMART PRO Real Estate.

Business And You

By Amparo Diaz Aztiazarain

Hello My Name is Opportunity

Successful entrepreneurs know that finding capital resources is essential to transforming their idea into reality. Many entrepreneurs, however, set out on their new ventures without considering the value of Emotional Capital. Securing your Emotional resource is just as important as securing the many other resources you will need as you begin to bring your idea to life. What is Emotional Capital? It is having a supportive environment - one where your entrepreneurial effort is encouraged and sustained over the long term. While most entrepreneurs receive an enthusiastic response at the beginning of their project, it is often short-lived when the reality of working long, hard hours, with little pay begins to place emotional burdens. At that juncture Amparo Diaz Aztiazarain it is essential to have the full commitment and perseverance from your support system. *********** Amparo Diaz is Vice-President Leaving the security of a steady of Marketing & Operations for paycheck for the risks of developing Renderline Productions, a full services your idea requires that you explain to production company for TV Lighting, your loved ones the entire process of Concert Touring and Corporate what you are about to undertake so that Events production services. Contact: they understand the ups and downs and allow you to get along with the work despite the emotional upsets. Securing *********** the support from all who influence you in your life will make it easier to achieve your dream and make the best of your potential opportunities.

Princess “PopStar” Winner from Gold River !!! A few years back one of our residents won the “Celebrity Idol” singing contest on the Mercury Celebrity Cruise Ship.  Now on the new Princess “Ruby” ship down in the caribbean recently, he won again! Yes once again it’s “Bill Husa” from Gold Spike Village.  Yes this is the same guy that won a seat a while back in a $4 Million dollar “Poker Tournament”.  Bill said he wishes he had won that.   lol   Keep singing away Bill and I hope you get lucky in Poker.     gs

Page 12 – Community Newspaper – January 2010

Hot Flash 

By Cindy Sample

My Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

Cindy Sample, Local Author


Cindy Sample is a published author and former CEO. Her goal is to help people embrace the humor in their lives. Email Cindy at I will not spend $100 in order to save $50. No

matter how great a shopping deal I can find, it is just not good arithmetic.


I will exercise every day. My exercise program will not consist of short jogs to and from the refrigerator. I will dance naked in the rain (just checking to see if anyone is paying attention) I will not wait until Dec 24 to mail out my Xmas cards I will clean out my garage (hmmm, I do believe I’ve seen that resolution before) 4.

By Brett Owens

The Sales Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new decade. With a glass of champagne resting by my keyboard, I’m putting my resolutions in print. It’s an intoxicating way to celebrate the advent of the New Year. 10. I will never use the words “I should have or I could have” again. Yes, I should have bought Bank of America stock at $3. But I didn’t. So be it.


I will get my column to my editor before the deadline (sorry boss)

I will not give my children unwanted advice (let’s see how long this one holds up) I will not only continue to encourage my friends to take yoga classes, which I think is wonderful for the body and the soul, but I’ll actually start taking them myself. I will strive to be a better person, to help others, to appreciate the many joys in life and to share them with others. My wish is that 2010 brings joy, peace, good health, prosperity, laughter and wonderful memories to all of you.

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Tis the season for giving! And what’s better than a gift? How about a gift that keeps on giving! Last month, we discussed sales tactics that you can, and should, employ in a recession. All of them are very “guerilla” in nature – they require more brains than cash, and they pack a heavy return on Brett Owens investment. One of the best things you can do in sales – heck, even in life – is to get up in front of a group of people, and give a talk. It positions you as a thought leader, and people immediately look up to you. But what if you can’t get in front of your target audience live? For example, my company sells a $99 product to professionals all over the US and around the world…it’s just not feasible for me to drive my old Honda Civic around the country to speak live in front of everyone! Well there’s a neat way you can position yourself as an expert and scale your efforts – via a webinar! Literally a seminar delivered via the web, a webinar is a presentation that is delivered to your *********** Brett Owens is a recovering audience as they tune in from the comfort wannapreneur, turned entrepreneur. of their home or work computers. He is the CEO and Co-Founder Webinars can be very powerful – of Chrometa, a Sacramento-based while not quite as powerful as a live software company that helps you keep presentation, they can come darn close…if track of your time automatically – done right! with no stopwatches or data entry. A couple of months ago, we hosted To see how Chrometa has leveraged a webinar featuring one of our users, an webinars in their sales efforts, please attorney. I interviewed him live, asking visit for some free him to share with the audience how examples. he uses Chrometa to track his billable *********** time. Meanwhile, he was doing a live demo from his desktop, showing the audience step-by-step, as he answered my questions. It was pretty cool! The best part? We recorded the session – the video replay is now hosted on our website, and we continue to use it as a key marketing tool. So not only did we deliver the webinar live to almost 200 people, but we’ve had over 500 prospective users view it since. Now that’s truly a sales gift that keeps on giving! So I’d urge you to consider adding webinars to your sales and marketing repertoire. They are powerful, scalable, and best yet, they can “live on” for some time as a member of your startup salesforce!

Coming Spring 2010 Mondavi Matinees Brahms-Ein Deutches Requiem, Op. 45 (German Requiem) Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 2PM

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Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra

Donald Kendrick, Music Director, Contact the SCOS: (916) 536- 9065

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What’s Cook’n With Mom

4 recipes courtesy of: Michelle James

Baked Sandwich

Spicy Black Bean Triangles

Ingredients: 2 Whole Wheat English muffins, split and toasted 1 avocado, mashed 1 cup alfalfa sprouts 1 small tomato, chopped 1 small red onion, chopped 4 tablespoons Ranch salad dressing 4 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds 1 cup shredded cheddar soy cheese


Directions: Preheat oven to broil Place each muffin face up on a cookie sheet. Spread each half with mashed avocado. Distributing ingredients evenly, cover each half with sprouts, tomatoes, onion, and sesame seeds. Place under broiler for about 2 minutes, then add dressing and soy cheese. Place back under broiler for another 3 minutes or until cheese softens.

2 Burgers Morningstar Farms Spice Black Bean Veggie Burgers, thawed & cut into small pieces ½ cup salsa (your favorite) ½ cup shredded cheddar Soy cheese ½ cup shredded Pepper Jack Soy cheese ½ cup corn 2 tsp taco seasoning 2 sliced avocados 10 Sundried Tomato tortillas 1 tbsp olive oil 2 ½ cups shredded cabbage 2 tbsp finely chopped red, yellow & orange peppers 6 oz Tofutti non-dairy sour cream Preparation: In medium bowl mix together Black bean pieces, salso, corn, soy cheeses and taco seasoning Use pizza cutter to cut tortillas into large triangles. Place 1 slice of avocado in center of each triangle then add about 2 tablespoons burger mixture. Fold corners of large triangles over filling, completely enclosing filling and making small triangles. Secure with toothpicks. Place on baking sheet, toothpick wide up. Brush with olive oil. Bake at 375 F for 10 minutes or until light brown on top. Arrange on top of shredded cabbage. Top with a spoon full of sour cream, then sprinkle with peppers. Serves 5

BBQ Stuffed Acorn Squash Ingredients: 3 acorn squash 1-28 ounce can vegetarian baked beans (drained not runny) 3 tbsp barbecue sauce 2 tbsp maple syrup 1 cup of shredded soy or veggie cheese

WOW Convention

Preparation: Wash and then cut each squash in half (vertical). Scrape out the seeds with a spoon and discard. Mix baked beans, maple syrup and barbecue sauce in small mixing bowl. Divide mixture evenly among squash halves. Place squash on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Sprinkle soy cheese to the top of each half. Then bake for another 20 minutes. Serves 6

Avocado Lettuce Wraps Ingredients: ½ cup Veganaise (low-cal dairy-free mayo) 2 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp chili powder 1 avocado chopped ¼ cup finely chopped red onion 1 cup grated carrot 10 cherry tomatoes, quartered 6 Veggie Bacon Strips, quartered ¼ cup chopped walnuts 12 small butterhead lettuce leaves Preparation: Combine Veganaise, lemon juice and chili powder. Stir in avocado, onion, carrot, tomatoes, veggie bacon strips and walnuts. Spoon ¼ cup salad into center of each lettuce leaf. Wrap leaf around salad. Secure with a toothpick. Serves 12

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Events By Tia

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Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

California Hall Of Fame Inductees December 1, 2009 The California Museum inducted thirteen people into the California Hall of fame. Governor Arnold Schwarzengger and First Lady Maria Shriver recognized the legendary Californians who have displayed a spirit of innovation and inspiration at the Red Carpet and Induction Ceremony.

Governor Arnold Schwarzengger

Governor Arnold Schwarzengger congratulates, film-maker, George Lucas.

George Lucas, Film-maker, Rafer Johnson, decathlete and California special Olympic founder, Joe Weider, body-building pioneer.

Kitty O’Neal, KFBK Radio personality interviewing Rafer Johnson

First Lady Maria Shriver

KCRA, Channel 3 Anchor, Edie Lambert interviews Author Danielle Steele

Gary Stalick, owner of Gold River Community Newspaper with Victoria Yeager and Air Force Test pilot, General Chuck Yeager.

Gary Stalick, entertainer Carol Burnett and Kitty O’Neal, KFBK.

The Collection at Town & Country Village Fundraiser, November 12, 2009

The Collection at Town & Country Village has proven to be a successful fundraiser for the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento; a success that seemingly grows with time. Underwritten by Donahue Schriber Realty Group and held annually at the Buonarroti Ristorante; this event is a spectacular way to give back and have fun with a night of friends, great food, fine wine, live jazz and a fabulous drawing and auction. 100% of the proceeds from this event directly benefits the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento.

Louette Duvall and Carole Collins

Danny Alcantaro, chef and co-owner of Buonarrti Restaurant with Marketing Consultant, Sally Rice, Eres-Rice Communications

Christine Endes, Executive Assistant, Children Receiving Home of Sacrameno David Ballard, CEO, Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento. Barbara McCarthy (Gold River) Lori VanHammersfeld, Nancy Strand.


Thank you Certificates from the Children’s Receiving Home, presented by Erika Peters, President of the Children Receiving Home Guild Board. Jeanne Ciolli, Donahue Schriber Regional Group Marketing Assistant Erika Peters, President of the Children Receiving Home Guild Board

We came to The Lodge for my wife. We stayed for both of us. Eskaton Lodge Gold River Assisted Living & Memory Care 11390 Coloma Road Gold River, CA 95670 916-852-7900

Audrey Yokota, Donahue Schriber Realty Group Director of Marketing

Henry Avila - Donahue Schriber Audrey Yokota, Donahue and Schriber David Ballard, CEO, Children’s Receving home of Sacramento

License # 347001241

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Looking for a Home Based Business?

Whether or not to start a home based business is probably one of the most important questions that you will ever have to answer. If you are even seriously pondering the question in the first place, then it probably means that there are circumstances in your life which are causing you to consider undertaking a venture which will have a significant and far reaching impact on your own life and on the lives of your immediate family members as well. Before you take a leap of faith into becoming a small business owner, there are a few areas of your life which will be impacted and which you should seriously consider before coming to any final decision as to whether or not a home based business is right for you. FINANCIAL—First will you start your home based business on a part time basis and keep your day job until you are making enough profit to enable you to quit and devote your full attention to your business? Or would you rather quit your day job now so you can devote your full time and energy to building your business? There are pros and cons to both approaches and only you can decide which one you will feel most comfortable with in the long run. If you have enough savings to meet your living expenses for a good six months to a year then it might be worthwhile to quit your day job to focus on growing your business. You’ll see results a lot faster and that will give you the momentum you need to keep going. Starting a home based business requires a lot of up front work and if you are doing it on a part time basis it is easier to get discouraged when the results don’t materialize as quickly as you had originally planned. On the other hand, having a full time income will enable you to spend more on your business without having to worry about meeting monthly living expenses. You will also have to set a start up budget for your business as well. Any home based business will require some start up costs, even if they are only minimal at first. PERSONAL—Most people who are interested in starting their own home based business cite personal reasons as one of their primary motivations. It seems that more and more people are getting fed up with corporate America these days and it’s no secret that the average workday continues to get longer and longer, lunch hours become nonexistent, and the financial security that once came with retirement is no longer a reality for most people. Not only does having your own home based business put you in charge of your own financial future, it also allows you to start spending real quality time with your family. Most people are so exhausted at the end of a typical workday that just getting through dinner without nodding off is a real challenge. With a home based business, you control the hours you work and you automatically add at least one or two additional hours to your day that you would otherwise spend commuting to and from work.

This is a Green way to work. Of course, getting your family adjusted to having you working from home may take some effort in the beginning. If you have very small children at home it can be a challenge to keep them out of your office (work area) while you are trying to get work done. If you are the primary caretaker, you will need to work in small spurts throughout the day while the kids are napping or watching a video and then put in a few hours after they go to bed for the night. Once they are in school, the routine becomes a lot easier because you can adjust your schedule around their school day and have most of your daily work completed by the time they get home form school. Life can sometimes be a series of tradeoffs, so spending all that quality time with your family also means that you’ll no longer have the social interaction that was once a part of your 9 to 5 routine. Now that you have a home based business, you will have to go out of your way to gain some of that same social interaction. Joining local small business organizations is a great way to make new friends, network and have your business become known in your local community. A lot of these organizations have weekly or monthly meetings with guest speakers at either a breakfast or after work social event. In any case, socializing will now become a great way to network and spread word of mouth about your new business venture. MOTIVATION-- You have to be motivated to start any home based business. This motivation is twofold. I am talking here about both the internal drive to take action and get your business off the ground, as well as the vision you have in your head of what your business will eventually look like once it is established and what it is you want to accomplish with your business. A home based business can bring many financial rewards, but a lot of people will get discouraged with the up front work that is required to get any business off the ground. The analogy of starting a home based business is like a rocket taking off. For those who are not NASA aficionados, a rocket apparently uses something like 80% of the energy that it will use during it’s entire mission just during those first few minutes of liftoff. That momentum then helps carry it throughout the rest of its journey. It’s a lot like that with a home based business. It takes a lot of up front energy, but one day you realize that the hardest part is over and you’ve created enough momentum to help make it easier from now on in. You have to have the motivation to get through those early days, otherwise you’ll never create the kind of momentum that you need to see yourself through. Having a good support group will help. Selling your own product is often thought of as the most lucrative way to make money. You can still make quite a bit of money by finding other people’s products. That means for every sale you make, you get

a commission. And you can also generate residual income for yourself by recruiting other people to become affiliates under you. But no matter which way you go, you have to like what you’re doing and what you’re promoting. Starting a home based business will not bring the financial rewards you are hoping for if you are not doing something that makes you feel energized, excited, challenged and, perhaps most importantly, that you are providing a worthwhile benefit to those people who are buying your product or service. Well, I certainly hope those few points have given you enough to ponder as you go through the process of deciding whether or not a home based business is right for you. There is no better way that I know of to take control of your own financial future. If you don’t take the bull by the horns and do it for yourself, nobody else will. But don’t forget to have fun along the way. Pick a home based business that you’ll look forward to tending to day in and day out and that benefits other people in some way, and I promise you that the financial rewards will follow…

Business opportunities are created when you have a product or service that fills a need in the market place. fills a huge need: American Greetings, a multi billion dollar greeting card company, conducted a study to find out the buying habits and needs of their consumers. They found that the average consumer buys 10 greeting cards per year but has a need for more than 70 greeting cards. The 2 primary reasons they don’t buy 70+ cards per year is due to 1) inconvenience, and 2) They forget. Obviously, has created solutions to those problems and built a distribution system that will educate people on how to use their system. You can be a part of that system, fill a consumer need and make big money. offers a ground floor In-Home Opportunity. You can make big money from your home by sending out cards and sharing this unique concept. This is what you can expect: • A unique concept that is in high demand with little competition. • The ability to sell greeting cards on demand for less than retail value. The average greeting card costs $3.00. The retail price for a preferred customer at is $0.98. You can purchase cards for as low as $0.62 each. • Added Value with no extra costs. Not only do you get a printed greeting card, you get it stuffed, stamped and sent in the mail for you. You also get an online contact manager and calendar reminder system that is included in the price of the card. • Offer Follow-up services to businesses. These services

include custom greeting cards, promotional postcards and pre-scheduled campaigns that businesses can send to prospects and customers. Front-end Compensation that delivers big commissions fast. Back-end compensation that delivers residual commissions long-term Your own internet website complete with shopping cart and credit card processing Strong support from a distribution network that benefits from helping you succeed. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

The biggest challenge to any business is how do you sell the product and gain a customer and distribution base. This is where the rubber meets the road and most people fall short because they don’t have the contacts or the experience to get the job done. The send1cardaday. com opportunity is extremely unique because… …The product sells the product! The number one activity we train our business associates to do is to Why? Because the product is so unique that people you send cards to will call you and ask you how you did it. This alone, creates an opportunity to share what we have. It’s that simple, it works. In addition, send1cardaday. com uses the product to help its associates professionally contact their warm market with personalized postcards and greeting cards. You can make multiple lists of people and send them pre-scheduled campaigns on 4-color postcards and greeting cards. These cards are personalized with your name and their names on them. They are designed to get straight to the point. You found an incredible service on the internet that sends out printed greeting cards on demand; you will call them to show them how it works and set-up an account for them so they can send out cards. Now when you contact your people, there is nothing awkward about your call. You simply say, did you get my postcard, and then you sample them with the product. Set-up a sample account. You can put 1 to 10 greeting cards in their sample account, show them how to send out a card and then allow them to send additional cards, save contact names and review their own calendar with saved birthdays and special occasions. This works like magic. If a person or business takes the time to sample the system, they are sold almost every time. This is a fun and simple way for you to build a residual business. To learn more Call Gary Stalick now (916) 224-6624, or go to the webpage at

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Santa on YourCarpet Carpet! Free Phone Quote You Get theMade Mosta Mess Thorough Call (916) 224-6624 You Get the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever, or it’s FREE! S Carpet Cleaning Cleaning Ever, or it’s FREE! Do You Know These Secrets That Save You Time, Money, Frustration And Your Health?

We’ve all been brought up with the idea that every spring we should clean our homes from end to end and freshen up for our health. This might have come from the idea that in spring, things are fresh and new and cleaning the home will renew your feelings about yourself.

well with any home remedy. Sure you can dust and do the basic cleaning just fine. But drapes, fine rugs and upholstery often cannot be safely cleaned except by a professional. Let’s face it. If those puny little cleaning systems could even come close to the effectiveness of a trained professional using a $55,000.00 steam cleaning system, no one would pay the money for them. But There’s Still One Thing You Should Know . . .

1. Improve Your Health Without Diets Or Pills Pollens, mold, and mildew spores are dumped into the air at incredible intensity. Pollutants from car exhaust, burning fields, and cigarette smoke were also dumped into the stagnant air. All this gunk drifted into your home and when you closed the house up, where do you suppose it’s been ever since? It got trapped in your home. Thanks to today’s air tight, energy efficient homes, your family and guests have been breathing that recycled air-garbage.

I have seen many service personnel that my wife would not allow in our home. Good character and integrity have kept us in business for 21 plus years

2. Your Home Is Your Personal Breeding Ground For Invisible Critters And Varmints In addition to the air-garbage from outside, you have uncontrolled vermin inside. Too tiny to see, dust mites live in your carpet, upholstery, bedding and drapes by the millions. By now their dead bodies and dung are in your house by the billions. They live off your dead skin as do billions of bacteria in your home, including those that cause staph and strep infections. Ever wonder why so many people get strep as soon as it cools off outside? Now you know. Plus, fleas brought into your house last summer don’t die off like they do outside when it freezes. Bacteria and germs have been breeding in the warm fibers of your carpet. 3. Does Your Bedroom Smell Like A Gerbil? Here’s Why… Besides being Harmful to our health, all the germs, bacteria and critters that live off dead skin from us and our pets, stink. They eat skin and along with other excretions, put out tainted methane gas which smells bad. 4. Heavy Soil From Outside Sifts Deep Into Your Carpet Never To Be Seen Again Until the winter rains have washed the sand soil from the roads and sidewalks, heavy soils from outside are tracked onto your carpet, wiggle down deeper than your vacuum can reach and stay there, grinding your carpet down into worthless fibers. You’ll find them in your vacuum bag.

King and Prince of Clean, Gary and Steven Stalick

Cleaning now, will get rid of sandy soils before they do lots of damage or get too deep. 5. Finally – Someone Who Can Remove Those Ugly Black Lines By The Walls, or Crevice of Steps I’ve had new clients call us to evaluate some embarrassing black lines where the carpet meets the wall and at the edges of steps and jagged lines under curtains. They told me no carpet cleaner could get them out and in some cases they had tried up to five different firms. But the black remained. I inspected these lines and found the cause to be an air filtration problem. With extra effort and knowledge on our part, the ugly black lines can be removed. I told the client this and they were apprehensive. I also told them if it didn’t come clean as I described, they would not have to pay us. How’s that for confidence? Yes, we cleaned the ugly black lines. Yes, our clients were happy. 6. Do-It-Yourself Folks Get What They Paid For… …Nothing The problems I have described here can’t be fixed very

Choosing a company can be treacherous. I’ll tell you up front that my service is not for everybody, but here are some reasons to choose me: If all you want is a cheap, brush-the-dirt-off-the-surface cleaning, lots of companies can help you. Choose us when you want deep, thorough cleaning. We’ll give you the fluffiest, freshest, healthiest, longest lasting, clean carpets possible . . .

. . . Guaranteed!!!

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