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Program Transforms Lives

by Adrian Perez

Noel Rosas, Adrian Perez, Beverly Swanson “Recidivism” is a difficult word to pronounce, spell and, as correctional facilities have learned, to implement. As defined by Webster’s dictionary, recidivism is “a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially: relapse into criminal behavior.” According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) there are over 1,700 youth in correctional facilities across the state and over 2,000 on parole. A stark statistic, however, is that these youths face a 70 percent recidivism rate. As a Parole Officer for CDCR, Beverly Swanson worked with many incarcerated individuals, trying to help them refocus their lives and become productive citizens of society upon their release. Using her credentialed instructor and Theologian background, Beverly developed a curriculum designed to help those she worked with transform their mindset. But, to impact the high recidivism rate, the training and counseling needed to extend beyond what the CDCR

Beverly Swanson, Gary Stalick, Noel Rosas, Rick Bawcom

provided. Her drive to help these individuals led Beverly to retire from CDCR and founded the “Sister’s United, Inc.” The Sisters United, Inc., is a unique organization that specializes in intervening and helping individuals escape criminal behavior by providing programs and facilities designed to assist them in escaping the use of mind-altering drugs, alcoholism, self-abusive behavior and domestic violence. It also offers early intervention for teens experiencing an abusive home environment. Sisters United is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Corporation with a mission to uplift, empower, motivated, educate and transform the lives of those who have suffered traumatic experiences that have drastically altered their lives. They will be holding a public meeting Tuesday, February 9, 2010 in Elk Grove. In addition, Beverly will be speaking at the Women in Bizness Conference. For more information, write to: Sisters United, Inc., P.O. Box 583091, Elk Grove, CA 95758. Sisters United a not for profit organization that is here to guide

and help. If you want to know more you can email

Rick Bawcom, Amparo Diaz Aztiazarain

Sacramento Valley College Evolving in Tough Times

Dr. Harlyn Matson; Chairman, Epic Bible College - sharing his vision for the future EPIC Bible College (previously Trinity Life Bible College) announced their school expansion plans at a VIP reception, Thursday, Feb. 18th at Aura Restaurant in midtown. Students, faculty, and community business leaders spoke of the importance of the school and shared uplifting stories about their involvement with the college. “Our students are like family and they deserve the best education possible. Our expansion and development of the new Sacramento Valley campus will allow us to do just that,” said Dr. Ronald W. Harden DD, president and CEO of EPIC Bible College. “We are reaching out to the community in

Dr. Ardon Schmidt; Chairman, Epic Bible College, Rev. Ellington Porter, and Dr. Ron Harden; President/CEO, Epic Bible College Photos by Tia Gemmell, Riverview Media Photography

an effort to gain their support and aid in the acquisition of enough land and space to continue growing into the next decade,” stated Harden. The new campus center for EPIC Bible College will provide for large, state-ofthe-art classrooms, library, resource center, chapels and administrative and student services offices, thus allowing the college to continue its current programs and expand to include online, graduate and doctoral degree programs in the immediate future. Among the most respected higher education institutions in the region, the school ranks within the top 10 U.S. colleges of similar

Ron Jones; President, Crown Broadcasting International Network, Inc. & Dr. Ron Harden; President/CEO, Epic Bible College size and degree programs (Federal Government Ranking: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System-IPEDS). EPIC Bible College offers specific academic programs in education, music, psychology, counseling and Christian ministry. EPIC is currently located on a campus off of Hwy. 80 at 5225 Hillsdale Blvd., and is looking to expand into the Natomas area. To learn more about giving opportunities please email: by Christi Stevens

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By Jim Bellacera

Controlling Your Time with a Calendar Are you someone or do you know someone that is always in a hurry or seems to never have enough time in their day to get things done? These people deal with constant anxiety, making decisions that cause them to overreact to circumstances due to the lack of time to think things through. This often leads to feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, anger, and depression. It is typical for people to plan too much in a day. Sometimes it is because they keep putting things off until tomorrow and it becomes a snowball effect on their “to do list”. As a result at the end of the day they feel tired and dissatisfied with their lack of accomplishments. This can cause you to give up on your goals because you think there’s no way you can do it all. When this happens it can bring on a panic attack and cause them to lose control of their emotions and lose focus on their goals. By using a calendar for your daily goals it allows you to pace yourself and set time limits on certain things. It tells you when to stop and move on to the next item on your calendar. But when you don’t have a calendar to keep you on track with other priorities, you will spend more time than you should which causes you to feel hurried and pressured. Your calendar tells you it is time to move on. You have to learn to say no and not feel guilty. The best way to do this is to allow your calendar to be your boss.

Hot Flash

By Cindy Sample

The iPhone and the Baby Boomer Having dropped my cell so many times that the top and bottom halves were connected by a thread, I decided it was time to venture to the ATT store for whatever free phone they were offering. Whether it was my clueless expression or my fashionable accessorizing, the slick-haired, slick-tongued extremely young salesman (who looked more like a sales boy) pounced and immediately steered me to the iPhone section. Shaking my head, I say, “I’m a soon to be published mystery author. All I need is a basic phone. No bells and whistles.” “But don’t you want to read email on the go?” he replies. “I can tell you’re going to be a very successful author. You need to keep up with your fan mail.” I nod modestly. It would be kind of nice to check emails when I’m out and about. He points to a square that resembles a map. “This button is your GPS. You won’t have to worry about going to a book signing and getting lost.” I chuckle. It would be good if I didn’t get lost on the way to my book signings, wouldn’t it? He taps a button with the picture of a microphone. “See this tiny recorder? When you’re driving to your important engagements in your new career as a world famous author, you can record stuff on the road.” My eyes light up. Way cool. No more flashes of inspiration that disappear by the time I locate a pen and paper. He touches a button labeled IPOD. “You can download ITUNES to your phone. And since you’re old, you can turn up the speaker really really loud.” Okay, he didn’t exactly say that but it would come in handy if I wanted to practice ballroom dancing in between all of my many book signings. My head starts bobbing in anticipation of my “on the road” cha cha sessions. As I alternate between salivating over the phone and calculating if I can afford $199 for the invention of the decade, he throws in the piece de resistance. My IPSB (I PHONE sales boy) spreads his fingers across the small screen and what was previously teeny-weeny font has turned into gigantic letters. No reading glasses required. He had me at the 20-point font. Who knew that someday I’d be more excited about the size of my font than the size of…. Well, anything.

By Kay Burton

Two Little Butterfly Dog Ken & Carol Shively, residents of Gold River, are the owners of Toulouse, 6 months and Matisse, 10 years, both Papillon’s named after the french impression artist, Toulouse La Treco. These beautiful little dogs are called the “Butterfly Dog’s” because of their fringed ears that resemble a butterfly’s outspread wings. The coats are sable & white with some black markings. The Papillon is one of the oldest Toulouse, on left, Matisse, on right purebred toy dogs. The Papillon appears in paintings in Italy as far back as the 15th century. In France the court ladies and royal children were frequently painted with a Toy Spaniel pet, as the breed was then known. Toulouse, pictured on the left is a 6 pound young puppy; he is very playful, loves attention and has a lovely correct coat. He has a little toy, his baby; if he can’t get to his “baby” he gives a little growl. Toulouse is very lovable and has won the hearts of his owners and his big brother Matisse. Matisse is 10 lbs and is a beautiful Papillion. He is very mellow, friendly and outgoing. He loves little children, when he sees one he will bow down very low to greet them. Matisse has attended obedience and agility classes. Matisse is also very clever, he has his family trained to get up when he barks repeatedly, they think he wants to go out but instead he leads them to where the cookies are kept. This breed is ideal for service as Hearing Dogs for the deaf and hearing impaired as well as therapy dogs (visiting hospitals and nursing homes.) They can also be A Seizure Alert Dog, one who alerts his owner to impending crises, and responds in a trained way. It is said the Papillon is a big dog in a little dog’s body. They can do virtually all that a larger dog can do, but with less effort, upkeep, and space requirements. Truly, they’re unique beauty goes far beyond their “butterfly” ears.

Biz Idea for Kids

By Sarah Cook

Babies mean Big Business for Biz Kids Parents are always looking for great baby-sitters. If you enjoy being around kids, entertaining them and yes – cleaning up after them, then you should consider baby-sitting. Be sure to check your state regulations regarding the minimum age requirement as many require you to be at least 12 years old. If you want to be a top-requested baby sitter you may consider taking CPR classes as well as preparing your own bag of activities to bring with you when you go to baby-sit. Some of the things that you can put in your baby-sitting bag are: crayons and coloring books, sidewalk chalk, paper for origami, a children’s song book, flash cards and anything else the kids have a special interest in. Be sure whatever you bring is safe for kids. To get started make flyers or business cards announcing your baby-sitting business. Be sure to include your available times and your per-child or per hour rate. You may find that families will like you so much they will even give you bonuses! Before you baby-sit for any family make sure you have met them with your parents and that you are comfortable with the kids. Always make sure that your safety is first! Do you want to see more business ideas for kids? You can share business ideas for kids too. Email: grcommunitynews@

Wear Art! Exhibition FREE at Sacramento’s Central Library

A collection of unique jewelry, created by Northern California artists, is on view through April 11, on the first floor of the Central Library, 828 I Street, Sacramento. The Wear Art! Exhibition features one-of-a-kind pieces with many points of view, a wide viaiety of materials, and influences from around the world. “Individual pursuit of personal adornment is universal. Throughout the centuries people, of all societies, have adorned themselves in some form or fashion. Since prehistoric times, jewelry has held a power for people. It speaks to us, reminds us of something or someone special. Jewelry can celebrate an occasion, a change, a state of mind,” said Gloria Burt, exhibition curator. Admission to the exhibition is free and may be viewed during the Central Library’s open hours which are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Sunday, 12 noon to 5 p.m. For details, call the Sacramento Public Library at (196) 264-2920.

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March Events at David Girard Vineyards • Wine-Down with Dane Drewis 3/5 5:30-8PM • Girls Night Out 3/12 6-9PM • Basics in Flavor Pairing Class 3/20 1PM For More Details Contact: 530-295-1833 or

The UPS Store—Gold River Located in the Village Marketplace Shopping Center Your Holiday Return Headquarters Drop-off your Prepaid UPS & USPS return packages and receive discount coupons for return visits. UPS tracking, store info and discount coupons are available at our website : 11230 Gold Express Dr., #310 (916) 852-6390 Phone—(916) 852-0641 Fax

“When you’re nice to people, they want to be nice back to you.” Jack Canfield: American motivational speaker and author “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” Anatole France

Pacific Rim Street Fest Coming May 23, 2010. Old Sacramento & Westfield Downtown Plaza

Page 4 – Community Newspaper – March 2010


Investment Real Estate Group

By Brett Owens

By David Granzella

What you can do for real estate investment success in 2010?

Should You Support Users for Free?

It never felt right to me to charge support for a product that’s supposed to work “out of the box”. Nor to anyone on our team.  And really, when we launched, our potential problem of “going broke on support” hinged on us actually having product traction – so that’d be a good thing!  Let’s get the product out there, and worry about the support economics later. So we advertised free email support with the purchase of a license.  In practice, though, not only did we gladly accept support phone calls, but we’d often call people back after receiving a support email, because it’s usually easier to speak live with someone.  That’s always a fun thing to do, because people just about fall out of their chairs when we call!  The bar on software support is SO low, that it’s not all that hard to step over :) A few months after launch, we formalized the phone support, got an 1-800 number, and tossed it up prominently on our website.  A funny thing happened then—the number of phone calls we received actually dropped. We recently started giving free licenses to students – which in theory, would further complicate our support.  How can you support free users without any funding!  Thus far, not a problem at all.  Every student we hook up with a free license is about as nice as could be.  Sure it takes me a few seconds to ping them back with a license code, but then again, I’m not a programmer, so it’s not like I’d be doing something more productive with my time anyway. Overall our early results on the “Great Free Support Experiment” have been very promising.  Our support time continues to trend gently down as our user base grows.  And to be honest, we try to look at support as a marketing function as well.  I always found it ironic that vendors who won’t accept inbound calls from users often have a telemarketing arm pounding the phones for new business in the next room!

1. Develop a plan with specific achievable and measurable goals. 2. Monitor Daily-Weekly tasks to identify any needed revisions to your plan 3. Identify your market and your process to acquire property and wealth, and or cash flow. 4. Develop your team. Successful investors have a team. Remain current in essential real estate investment techniques, strategies, and industry analysis. As a result of the above steps, and continued education a foundation to make CALCULATED investment decisions will be developed, and you’ll work toward wealth and cash flow. The capstone of success is not merely monetary, but relationships fortified by honesty, integrity, consistency and hard work. In other words, “suit up - show up- be honest.” You’re welcome to visit an investment club. You’ll meet others with your similar interest. On March 18, veteran real estate investor Bruce Norris will examine The Seven Pieces of a Great Real Estate Investor. Holiday Inn on Date Avenue off Madison, 6:30pm. You can show up or call David Granzella at 916-791-8322.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill: Was a British statesman, author, and soldier

One Million Girl Scout Cookies Distributed in Two Days

Girl Scout Mega Drop Events that happened in Modesto and Sacramento two weekends ago, mark the start of the Girl Scout Cookie site sales, which means you can now buy Girl Scout Cookies in front of local retail stores such as Quick Quack Car Wash and Raley’s. “We had 32 tractor trailers filled with Girl Scout Cookies that were

dispersed to local Girl Scout troops. We had 1,200 pick ups and filled approximately 2,000 cars with Girl Scout Cookies,” said Helen Whitelaw, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Director of Sales. These Mega Drop Events are used to distribute the bulk of Girl Scout Cookies to volunteers who organize the pick up and ensure there will be enough boxes

for all girls in her service area for the entire 2010 cookie season. “I love selling Girl Scout Cookies because it makes me feel proud that I can set a goal for myself and reach that goal by the end of the cookie season,” said a Girl Scout at the Sacramento Mega Drop event. The last day to buy Girl Scout Cookies for 2010 is March 14.

Girl Scouts and parents hard at work distributing hundreds and hundreds of boxes of cookies

Now that Girl Scouts everywhere have cookies in hand look for them in your community and buy your annual Thin Mint or Carmel deLite indulgence. Money earned from selling Girl Scout Cookies help support Girl Scout programs that build girls of courage, confidence and character.

Page 5 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

Bee Helping

By Rachel Ricchiuto, 4H Clover Club Member Honey bees contribute over $44 billon a year with their pollinating services for US crop industries. Honey bees have a huge importance in the world. Every third bite on your plate is a result of their primary role as pollinators; they are the most important group of pollinators on earth. Helping bees through their problem of colony collapse disorder or CCD in which worker bees from a beehive abruptly disappear is a little price to pay for all they do for us. Even though you cannot have a beehive in Gold River you can still BEE helping. Two Carolyn Ricchiuto & Honey Bee simple things you can do to help honey bees are planting flowering plants and buying honey from local beekeepers. Plant plants such as lavender, rosemary, fruit trees and flowers that you would enjoy. Chances are if you like a flowering plant bees will too as there are only a handful of plants that bees don’t like. Bees go over a 2 mile radius away from their hive to find food so chances are you have bees visiting your backyard. In residential areas there are about 5 houses on every acre so one colony of bees visits thousands of backyards. You can also buy honey from local beekeepers instead of commercial farms. Generally commercial bees are not as healthy because their hives are usually placed by big fields of crops so they only have access to one or two sources of protein. It would be like a human living on peanut butter and bread. Bees need a wide variety of pollen sources to produce a hormone to sterilize the food fed to larva bees thus protecting the next generation of bees. We buy our honey from a local beekeeper hobbyist who has 2 active beehives. We also get honey from the Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies store. Remember to ‘BEE helping’ by planting flowering plants and buy your honey from local beekeepers.

Know Your Housing Rights I remember when going to a “short sale” was a shopping trip to Mervyns and the start of summer.... but my how things have changed. Who would believe that practically the whole nation is upside down on their homes and that it’s a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. So what are the options for a distressed homeowner? Well, like I tell all my clients, “You do have options”... and then I lay it out. The truth is there are only two outcomes, saving the home and letting go. But the thing is you don’t have to be a victim or feel helpless with either scenario. The best thing to do is assess your situation. Can you save your home? There are several ways, repay the delinquent amount, ask for a forbearance (for=forward + bear=carry) agreement, or modification (modify=change in rate, terms, balance). If that doesn’t work then you just have to “let go”. And that can be through foreclosure, deed in lieu of


In your small or home based businesss A new E-book by Home Based Entrepreneur columnist La Ronda Bowen Introductory price, ONLY $23.00, Until March 23, 2010 A sneak peek at what’s inside: Is it possible to keep your life while building a business? Find out in: Succeed What are the growth industries for the next several years? Check: Growth Thinking about going in business with your best friend? Better read: the Unexpected NO RISK, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or YOUR MONEY BACK. NO QUESTIONS. NO HASSLE. The E-book equivalent to 23 hours of expert guidance on the most commonly asked questions can be yours for only $23.00. Act before March 23 2010 for this low introductory price. Order at:


Peggy Boling My office has moved.

I’m still here. . . For your convenience I am available to meet clients at my “New” Gold River or Fair Oaks office.

Serving Sacramento since 1989


DRE# 01043551

Linda Hainsworth foreclosure, or short sale. Now here’s a word of caution... bankruptcy DOES NOT get rid of your mortgage. It only postpones the foreclosure process temporarily. In the words of my good friend and attorney... “It’s just a business decision.” And whatever you do get some advice about the tax consequences and legal ramifications. Find out about the IRS exemptions that may be available to you and above all remember you and your loved ones can survive this crisis and thrive... it’s all about attitude.

Melissa Medina, Linda Hainsworth, Dave Cox

Linda Hainsworth, Roger Neillo, Melissa Medina

916-858-1234 #1 Sales Agent

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Gold River office

Find your new home online at:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Was a French Jesuit, scientist, and philosopher Caught up in the rigors of everyday life, we aren’t quite cognizant of our abilities. Like most, we assume our legs are made to walk, our hands are made to grasp and use tools, and our brain is made to think—as if we are mechanical robots. But what if your mind had the power to change what happens in your life? What if your heart could help heal? How can we use our minds to help change things for the better? Then what’s a possible action to take? Any answer could lead to another possible thought from another person.

Page 6 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

Business and You

By Amparo Diaz Aztiazarain

Home Based Entrepreneurs

Twitter: The Now Media Network

Staying Focused Means Shutting Out the Noise

On any given day, Twitter registers over 30 million posts called tweets, these messages are limited to 180 characters, so it works like text-messaging. While large companies, like Whole Foods, have been successful at building a loyal following on Twitter, small businesses are figuring out how to do the same, so that they too can succeed in attracting customers. In Twitter you can connect to just about anyone-- from celebrities in the entertainment world, to product and service companies, to politicians, even the Pentagon is on Twitter. When NBC’s Ann Curry, for example, reported that a plane carrying Doctors Without Borders was unable to land in Port-au-Prince, Haiti the information was tweeted to the Pentagon by a blogger. And a short time later the blogger got a tweet back from the Pentagon confirming that the plane had landed safely--much to his amazement. Even non-profit organizations like the Red Cross is said to have raised 10 million for Haiti’s relief effort over a short time using Twitter. There are many success stories from small businesses too; the vast audience of 18 million monthly users can be narrowed down to your particular geolocation using filters, and key-word searches, making it easier for customers to find you. With such a large audience, however, the volume of information or tweets and the frequency becomes a sensitive issue. Living in real time, consumers are processing too much information from social media networks, so making your message useful to your customer is important. Consumers tend to follow their favorite brands expecting discount deals on their favorite products or services --that is one way people are tuning in and consuming content on Twitter. And small businesses too can be building a loyal following by providing the same deals in their local communities.

By: La Ronda Bowen

Legal Ease

By Michael L. Hanks

Q. Business is up but I’m still worried about the economy. R. Former president and military officer, the late Dwight D. Eisenhower, offered this advice over 50 years ago and it still applies, “We succeed only as we identify in life, or in war, or in anything else, a single overriding objective, and make all other considerations bend to that one objective.” Ignore the distractions and focus on continuing to grow your business in a way that is sustainable. You identified what you are doing right: minimizing waste, using your utility company to identify energy-cost savings, promoting your business by attending events, calling on public agencies, applying for awards and other recognition, writing and sending your own press releases to local papers, and networking with other small business owners to see how you can collaborate. I suggest you also check in with former clients and ask how else you might serve them. Further, the November elections mean more opportunities for meeting planners so visit the offices of area lobbyists, political parties, elected officials and candidates, business groups, Indian tribes, unions, hotels, and meeting facilities; offer your services there. Consider teaming up with one or two caterers and a videographer to provide a package deal. Keep your focus on building your business now and don’t waste any time with negative thoughts or people. We welcome your questions and comments. Please e-mail them to: or visit our website at: http://www.bowenassoc. net and check the entrepreneur section. La Ronda answers all questions personally or in this column.

Smart Government

Mortgage Walkaways A significant part of my time is spent counseling people with dramatically “upside down” mortgages. Whether to walk away from a mortgage in such a situation depends largely on whether you are able to lower your net housing cost by renting somewhere else. A house with no equity can be nothing more than an expensive rental. It takes between nine months and one year for the typical lender to complete the entire foreclosure and unlawful detainer process, during which time the non-paying mortgage debtor remains in the house, able to save a significant amount of cash which would otherwise go towards a mortgage which in fact affords no benefits on the upside down owner. Not a situation anyone wants, but there are certain realities which have to be considered. Consult an attorney before you make a final decision, but don’t refuse to think unconventionally when dealing with an unconventional market. 

You can send a greeting card or a post card through the US Postal Service using your computer. I’ll show you how. Email Gary at:

Green Energy

Adrian Perez, Publisher Latino Journal; Ted Gaebler, City Manager Rancho Cordova

Adrian Perez, Ted Gaebler, & Gary Stalick at Rancho Cordova City office

By Geof Lambert

Comcast Advancing to the New Internet Comcast is looking for a few good men, and women. They are recruiting around the world people who are interested in helping them with their transition to the New Internet based on state-of-the-art technology called IPv6 (short for Internet Protocol Version 6). Comcast has been a leader in IPv6 development for many years. Their leadership continues with the recent announcement of a plan to conduct real, production-network trials of IPv6 technology this year. They are encouraging customers to sign up to volunteer to participate in one of their trials. The transition from the “old Internet” which we use today to the New Internet based on IPv6 technology is a necessity, as the available pool of IPv4 addresses the old one runs on will at some point be exhausted for all Internet users. These trials will help Comcast to identify and solve any areas of difficulty involved in the transition to the New Internet based on IPv6, and to determine what approach will be the easiest and most seamless to our customers. Comcast will continue to share what we learn with the Internet community, particularly with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), for the benefit of other users of the Internet. If this sounds exciting and you would like to be a part of history you can visit this website for more details:

Rancho Cordova is a new city located east of Sacramento, California. It too is impacted by a weakened economy. However, with a world-renowned government expert as City Manager, Rancho Cordova has an edge in keeping a solvent budget and still provide key government services to its residents. As co-author of two books, ““Reinventing Government” and “Positive Outcomes: Raising the Bar on Government Reinvention,” Ted Gaebler has the distinct experience to provide a “steady hand on the tiller” as Rancho Cordova develops and grows its economy. With 19 higher-learning campuses and hosting various major industries, like Hewlett Packard, AeroJet, and others, this new city is in a growth mode, unlike other cities similar in size that are experiencing budget catastrophes and shutting down essential services. “We (Rancho Cordova) have several advantages, one is we were able to start with a clean slate, and so we never had the situation where our (the City’s) appetite has gotten larger than our budget,” adds Gaebler. “The other advantage is having someone like me who has extensive experience in government.” Gaebler says that unlike Californians, people in other states and countries pay, percentage wise, more taxes to get better and more government services and keep their world-class status. However, not willing to pay for a higher quality of life requires downsizing, where especially those with the least, get hurt the most. “Different agencies, from the feds to the state, to local cities and counties, could focus more attention and effort on how to go about achieving a structural balance on their fiscal affairs,” says Gaebler in comparing the budget deficits among other government entities. “What we’re seeing is the periodic time when society has to rein in their spending because Californian’s have made a specific decision not to tax themselves to preserve their world-class position.” By Adrian Perez

Page 7 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

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Celebration of Epic Bible College

California Chamber of Commerce

Gary Stalick— ational affairs, rn te In P V g— Susanne Stirlin ity eNewspaper r ONE Commun ho ut A r/ he is bl Pu

Margaret Wong—McWong International Inc. is in the center at the CA Chamber Luncheon

Gary Stalick— Publisher/Autho r and Donald C Tong jp—Hon K g Kong Comm issioner for Eco nomic and Trade affa irs, USA

Page 8 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

Sisters United

Natomas Community Awards

Page 9 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

World Music—JoAnne Craig-Ferraz, Felipe Ferraz, and Marty Holland


Phot Tia Gemmell—

Melissa Medin

a and Linda Hai


Rancho Cordova City Meeting


ity Manager

d Garbler RC C

o Journal, Te n Perez—Latin

Rick Tripp—Developer,

Gary Stalick Publisher, Te

d Gaebler—City Manag


Sunday Morning friends Brewing Beer at The Original Home Brew Outlet on Auburn Blvd

Steve McCormick, Randall Rydell Russell, JJ Jackson, James Jackson

JJ pulling the bag of Hopps out of the mix, as Thirsty friends look on.

Derek’s Fundraiser

Successful Thinkers

Page 10 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

Tim Redman and Darlene Livingstone

Cyndie French on the right

Meeting with Roger Niello, Dave Cox, and Marilyn Erbes—Adminstrative Dir. With Dan Lungren

a , Melissa Medin

Melissa Medina, Linda Hainsworth, & Dave Cox

th, Roger Niello

Linda Hainswor

Gabriel Medina Setting up Campaign walk for Roger Dickinson

Jennifor Gordon reading Printed Gold River Community Newspaper

Melissa Medin a, Linda Hains worth, Marilyn Erbes , Gary Stalick

Volunteers for Roger Dickinson Campaign walk

Roger Dickinson and Gabriel Medina

Page 11 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

A New Neighbor in our Community

THERE’S A NEW NEIGHBOR in your neighborhood.

Tara Dietel, is your new Gold River State Farm Agent. Her team includes Frances & Marion. They have 30 years of State Farm experience and are dedicated to helping the Gold River community. She’s a qualified professional that cares about the community. Drop in and say hi to the new State Farm family in the neighborhood. One stop shop –Education –Claim Service –24/7 Customer Service – Stop in and say hi. They’re all very friendly. 11251 Coloma Rd, Ste. F, on the corner of Cemo Circle and Coloma Rd. in Gold River. You can call also 852-9491.

Now that I’m right here in your area, there’s no one better than a State Farm agent to serve your insurance needs. Call me today.

Tara Dietel, Agent Insurance Lic. #: OB73548 11251 Coloma Rd, Suite F Gold River, CA 95670 Bus: 916-852-9491

State Farm Insurance Companies • Home Offices: Bloomington, IL®

P02603 11/04

Tara Dietel

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We came to The Lodge for my wife. We stayed for both of us.

Ando in front of his Store Ando Margaryan Opened Designer Tailor. He worked for Nordstrom’s for over 14 years. He Designs and makes clothes. Customizing for men and women. Ando will do alterations with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You should visit his store. He’s at the corner of Hazel Av. And Madison Av. (In the Raley’s shopping Cntr. Next to Noah’s Bagels.) 5247 Hazel Avenue, Fair Oaks.

Eskaton Lodge Gold River Assisted Living & Memory Care 11390 Coloma Road Gold River, CA 95670 916-852-7900 License # 347001241

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What’s Cook’n With Mom Peanut Butter Pie

Mama’s Italian Wedding Soup

My husband really likes…no I take that back…LOVES peanut butter. In fact, Reese’s peanut butter cups are his favorite candy-minus the chocolate-I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

“This hearty soup was inspired by a soup I tasted at an Italian wedding. It is sure to please just about everyone! Serve hot with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.”

Ingredients: 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese 1cup peanut butter 1 (16 ounce) package frozen whipped topping, thawed 1 ½ cups confectioners sugar 1 cup milk 2 (9 inch) prepared graham cracker pie crusts Step 1: Combine cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar… Step 2: …and beat until creamy. Step 3: Add peanut butter and milk… Step 4: ...and beat until smooth. Step 5: Fold in whipped topping… Step 6: …until there are no more peanut butter streaks left. Step 7: Spoon into two 9 inch graham cracker pie shells. Step 8: OPTIONAL-Garnish with cocoa

Ingredients: 1 pound extra-lean ground beef 2 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup dried bread crumbs 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 1 teaspoon dried basil 3 tablespoons minced onion 2 1/2 quarts chicken broth 2 cups spinach - packed, rinsed and thinly sliced 1 cup seashell pasta 3/4 cup diced carrots Directions:In a medium bowl, combine the beef, egg, bread crumbs, cheese, basil and onion. Shape mixture into 3/4-inch balls and set aside. In a large stockpot heat chicken broth to boiling; stir in the spinach, pasta, carrot and meatballs. Return to boil; reduce heat to medium. Cook, stirring frequently, at a slow boil for 10 minutes or until pasta is al dente, and meatballs are no longer pink inside. Serve hot with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

S’more Brownies

Baked Brie


Brie wrapped in pastry and baked until it has thoroughly melted inside is one of the world’s easiest yet tastiest appetizers. In this recipe the brie is topped with raspberry jam, surrounded with pastry and drizzled with maple syrup. Can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

Crust: 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1 1/2 cups crushed graham cracker crumbs 2 tablespoons sugar Pinch fine salt Brownie: 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter 4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, chopped 1 cup packed light brown sugar 3/4 cup white sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon fine salt 4 large cold eggs 1 cup all-purpose flour Topping: 4 cups large marshmallows Directions: Position a rack in the lower third of the oven and heat oven to 325 degrees F. Line an 8 by-8 inch square baking pan with foil so it hangs over the edges by about 1 inch. For the crust: Lightly butter the foil with some of the melted butter. Stir the rest of the butter together with the crumbs, sugar, and salt in a medium bowl. Press the crumb mixture evenly over the bottom of the pan. Bake until golden brown, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, make the brownie. Put the butter and chocolate in a medium microwave safe bowl. Melt in the microwave on 75 percent power for 2 minutes. Stir, and microwave again until completely melted, about 2 minutes more. Alternatively, put the butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Bring a saucepan filled with 1 inch or so of water to a very slow simmer; set the bowl on the pan without touching the water. Stir occasionally until melted. Stir the light brown and white sugars, vanilla and salt into the melted chocolate. Add the eggs and beat vigorously to make a thick and glossy batter. Add the flour and stir until just incorporated. Pour batter into the prepared pan. Bake until the top is crispy and a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out mostly clean, with a few crumbs, about 40 to 45 minutes. Remove from the oven and carefully position a rack about 6 inches from the broiler and preheat on low. Layer marshmallows across the top and toast under the broiler until golden, (keep an eye on it, it can go quick), about 2 minutes. Cool on a rack, gently removing the brownies from the pan using the aluminum flaps. Carefully separate any marshmallow from the foil and fold away. Cut into 12 (2inch) squares.

“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson: Was an essayist, poet, philosopher Without first seeding the thought, the fruit of your labors doesn’t exist. Yet, we are an “action-oriented” society. What we do and where we go has become more important than what we think about. Therefore, we’re always going, always doing, and rarely stopping to think. To explore. To live. Yet, if we get back to a generation of thinkers, the fruit of our labor will be many times as magnificent.

Ingredients 1 large sheet of puff pastry dough or 1 tube of refrigerated crescent dinner rolls 1 round or wedge of Brie cheese (do not remove rind) Raspberry Jam, or other sweet jam Brown sugar 1/4 cup of maple syrup Method1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 2 On a stick-free cookie sheet, lay out the puff pastry or the crescent rolls flat; put brie round or wedge on top. 3 Spread jam on brie, fold dough over top, cutting off excess dough. Drizzle maple syrup and place a handful of brown sugar on top. 4 Bake at 350º for 25-30 minutes, pastry should be golden brown. Let cool for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with crackers and apple slices.

Ad Sales POSITION We have an opening for an Ad Sales representative for the Gold River Community Newspaper and ONE Community eNewspaper. The position is full or part-time, in a fun paced environment. You’re paid on results. We want an upbeat, detail-oriented person, preferably with sales or marketing experience. Please send your resume to: All resumes are confidential

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By Karri Grant

Let’s Get Real Many clients have approached me and expressed their frustrations…“nothing fits their body” or that “they have an impossible shape”. Of course having seen nearly every body shape created, I have dressed variations of clients and I know this is just not the case. Their Real frustration is not understanding how to shop for their Real shape. Here is a brief crash course in shopping your shape. Hippy – this is not the worst thing that your mama gave you: 1) Choose broad necklines to balance your figure– cowl neck, boat neck, sweetheart 2) Bright colors on top. Dark colors on bottom. 3) Cinch the smallest part of your frame, your waist – side tie tops, belted jackets, wrap dresses Busty – many women say they’d love this problem until it’s theirs: 1) Everything begins with a good bra – get a bra fitting at least once a year 2) Avoid unwanted attention to the top half like heavy knits, bold patterns, thin material 3) Structured materials will help hold you in while keeping your feminine appeal Full Figure – FYI the average America women is a size 14: 1) Keeping your clothing fitted will look slimmer – as apposed to hiding under baggy clothes 2) Structured fabrics on the bottom. Light weight fabrics on the top. 3) Avoid all black; its not as slimming as you think – choose monochromatic or bright hues Hourglass Figure – be mind full of too much va va voom: 1) Long v-necked dresses, cardigans or jackets refine and polish your curves 2) Custom tailored clothing takes you from “good” to “great” 3) Layer on the accessories – emphasize your assets Petite Figure – if you are under 5’4” you must shop in the petites 1) Vertical accents and straight lines create the semblance of height 2) Avoid billowy fabrics or large patterns- they appear like you’re wearing your mom’s clothes 3) Heels, even lower kitten heels, with a platform provide inches Curve less Figure – 1) Adding layers creates curves – scarves, necklaces, camis 2) Play with fabrics like boucle, tweed, silk – they provide depth 3) Fake curves with ruffles, cinched waists, tiers

Hello Fashionistas! Having Fun Trading Clothes

Tired of putting beautiful clothes that are in great shape in the Good Will bag? Clothes you either never wore, don’t fit or can’t find a perfect match?  I am pleased to invite you to a cost effective way to reinvent your look - a Closet Swap Party! Purge your closet of those clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry you keep looking at, never wear, but just can’t part with. Bring them to the party and receive a “credit” for every item. Then “shop” for new items! It will be an afternoon of fabulous company, tasty food, great wine AND FREE SHOPPING!  Some Guidelines: 1) There is a 5 item minimum. No maximum, the more the better! 2) Items are to be in “new” or “like new” condition. All clothing must be on hangers and clean. 3) There will be two categories of items. “Quality” - under $80.00 @ time of purchase and “High” - over $80.00 @ time of purchase.  You will receive a tally of credits from your donated items to use towards your new items. It is not a true swap (ex. a “High” item for a “High” item); it’s a more of a real shopping experience. You can spend your credits any way you’d like!     All remaining “un-swapped” items will be donated to a nonprofit organization; therefore assisting others in reinventing a better life for themselves.    I am very excited to bring this concept, being done in bigger cities like San Francisco, New York and L.A., to Sacramento (we’ve not seen this happen here yet). I am offering my consulting assistance to everyone attending during this party...we don’t want more useless items ending up back in your!    Remember..looking fabulous is NEVER by accident!!            

April 24th 10am-1pm 11226 Gold Express Drive suite #203 $20.00 registration fee

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Events By Tia

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Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

SARTA Celebration Luncheon February 17 marked the 7th annual SARTA Tech Index Celebration Luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. Fifty top technology companies in the Sacramento region, who have earned a place on the SARTA Tech Index, were honored. Keynote speakers

Meg Arnold, CEO, SARTA

SARTA Staff: Alina Lujan, Office Manager; Laura Good, Director, Programs & Operations; J.D. Stack, Director, Program Development & Grants; Ingrid Rosten, Director, CleanStart; Meg Arnold, CEO

included new UC Davis Chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi and Kevin Surace, Chairman and CEO of Serious Materials and Inc Magazine’s 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year. Nearly 450 industry professionals attended this annual celebration of Sacramento’s growing technology

Keynote Speaker Linda P.B. Katehi, Chancellor, UC Davis

Michael Rizzo, Senior Vice President, Commercial and Emerging Business Banking, Five Star Bank.

sector. For a complete list of the 50 companies who comprise the SARTA Tech Index, visit

Keynote speaker Kevin Surace, Chairman and CEO, Serious Materials

Gary Stallick; Sylvie Magnus, Executive Search Consultant, Green Transition Program Director, WorldBridge Partners; Dave Sanders, Board Chair SARTA; Donna Chabrier, Business Development, SARTA

National Association of Women Business Owners National Association of Women Business Owners Sacramento Valley Chapter hosted their 3rd Annual Entrepreneur’s Edge Educational Symposium on

Wed. Feb. 10 at IKEA W. Sacramento. The goal of the symposium is to educate women looking to open their business and further educate current business owners. Griselda QuezadaChavez,Q&C Exim Rosanna Garcia, Garcia Realty Kammy Burleson, President Ynotweb Maxine Goulding, Vice President NAWBO Silicon Valley

Donna Springer, GoGetters Transport Sandra SwensonScott,Clear Vision Coaching Mary Griffin,Griffin & Associates Kimanh Davis, President Sunrise Technologies

Breakout sessions were followed by a panel of “Women that built their businesses from the ground up” while attendees enjoyed a wonderful dinner catered by IKEA!

Debi Hammond, CEO Merlot Marketing

Karen Arnold CEO Future Decisions and NAWBO Sacramento President Paula Lee, Executive Director, NAL Environmental testing & consulting

Page 15 – Community Newspaper – March 2010

Successful Thinkers

By Darren Bocksnick

Being POSitive Makes Success a POSsibility!

Society has often attempted to decipher the definition of success and to interpret it as if it were some incalculable mathematical formula. For many, success is wealthy, becoming a person of influence or having control of one’s time and destiny. Yet, peculiarly, for those who have experienced success or who, in society’s eyes-personify and embody it often attribute less-than spectacular terms in describing what they did to achieve it. Terms such as “hard work” or “perseverance” or “determination” are typically associated with achieving success. Along these same lines, another term aptly describes a similar, yet often over-looked aspect of achieving success for oneself-being positive despite the setbacks and circumstances that often precede the success. Having a positive outlook is perhaps, the best fuel available for empowering someone to achieve success for his or herself. A POSitive attitude opens up a plethora of POSsibilities that would be nonexistent without it. Consider this: • A positive outlook will empower any environment and circumstance with supercharged energy! • A positive outlook will turn negative situations into fruitful, productive circumstances. • A positive outlook will change you and make you more focused and resolute in life. • A positive outlook open doors and opportunities that would not otherwise, be available. When those endeavoring to achieve success for themselves in either, personal goal setting or in business, go through struggle and hardship, their determination and perseverance will empower them for a time, but this only lasts for so long. It is one’s positive outlook however; that ultimately sustains him or her through the difficult times since it does what perhaps no other attribute can do-it changes the individual from the inside so that nothing on the outside affects them!

“Selling Your House?” Call Gary Now! 224-6624

LOW FEE/FULL SERVICE: • Multiple Listing • Internet Advertising • Lock box if desired • Designer sign acceptable to your area • FREE market analysis • FREE picture ad in Community Newspapers • Work to get you the best price • Protect you and your interest • Continual marketing to drive buyers to your home/neighborhood • Assist you in coordination of home inspector, pest inspector, engineers, appraisers, and other professionals

• Straight talk on your property (THE TRUTH) • Show your home pre-qualified buyers • Contract writing and explanations • Discuss how each offer will affect YOU • Prepare counter offer if necessary • Explain the process of a real estate transaction • Negotiate the purchase with buyers • Assist in getting loans for buyers • Set up and work through escrow process • Manager your transaction until you get your money

SELLSMART® Pro Real Estate

Gary Stalick selling the Sacramento Region one property at a time Real Estate Broker since 1979

SELLSMART® Pro Real Estate (916) 224-6624

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You Get the Most Thorough Carpet Free Phone Quote Call (916) 224-6624 Cleaning Ever, or it’s FREE! S Carpet Cleaning Do You Know These Secrets That Save You Time, Money, Frustration And Your Health? We’ve all been brought up with the idea that every spring we should clean our homes from end to end and freshen up for our health. This might have come from the idea that in spring, things are fresh and new and cleaning the home will renew your feelings about yourself.

well with any home remedy. Sure you can dust and do the basic cleaning just fine. But drapes, fine rugs and upholstery often cannot be safely cleaned except by a professional. Let’s face it. If those puny little cleaning systems could even come close to the effectiveness of a trained professional using a $55,000.00 steam cleaning system, no one would pay the money for them. But There’s Still One Thing You Should Know . . .

1. Improve Your Health Without Diets Or Pills Pollens, mold, and mildew spores are dumped into the air at incredible intensity. Pollutants from car exhaust, burning fields, and cigarette smoke were also dumped into the stagnant air. All this gunk drifted into your home and when you closed the house up, where do you suppose it’s been ever since? It got trapped in your home. Thanks to today’s air tight, energy efficient homes, your family and guests have been breathing that recycled air-garbage.

I have seen many service personnel that my wife would not allow in our home. Good character and integrity have kept us in business for 21 plus years

2. Your Home Is Your Personal Breeding Ground For Invisible Critters And Varmints In addition to the air-garbage from outside, you have uncontrolled vermin inside. Too tiny to see, dust mites live in your carpet, upholstery, bedding and drapes by the millions. By now their dead bodies and dung are in your house by the billions. They live off your dead skin as do billions of bacteria in your home, including those that cause staph and strep infections. Ever wonder why so many people get strep as soon as it cools off outside? Now you know. Plus, fleas brought into your house last summer don’t die off like they do outside when it freezes. Bacteria and germs have been breeding in the warm fibers of your carpet. 3. Does Your Bedroom Smell Like A Gerbil? Here’s Why… Besides being Harmful to our health, all the germs, bacteria and critters that live off dead skin from us and our pets, stink. They eat skin and along with other excretions, put out tainted methane gas which smells bad. 4. Heavy Soil From Outside Sifts Deep Into Your Carpet Never To Be Seen Again Until the winter rains have washed the sand soil from the roads and sidewalks, heavy soils from outside are tracked onto your carpet, wiggle down deeper than your vacuum can reach and stay there, grinding your carpet down into worthless fibers. You’ll find them in your vacuum bag.

King and Prince of Clean, Gary and Steven Stalick

Cleaning now, will get rid of sandy soils before they do lots of damage or get too deep. 5. Finally – Someone Who Can Remove Those Ugly Black Lines By The Walls, or Crevice of Steps I’ve had new clients call us to evaluate some embarrassing black lines where the carpet meets the wall and at the edges of steps and jagged lines under curtains. They told me no carpet cleaner could get them out and in some cases they had tried up to five different firms. But the black remained. I inspected these lines and found the cause to be an air filtration problem. With extra effort and knowledge on our part, the ugly black lines can be removed. I told the client this and they were apprehensive. I also told them if it didn’t come clean as I described, they would not have to pay us. How’s that for confidence? Yes, we cleaned the ugly black lines. Yes, our clients were happy. 6. Do-It-Yourself Folks Get What They Paid For… …Nothing The problems I have described here can’t be fixed very

Choosing a company can be treacherous. I’ll tell you up front that my service is not for everybody, but here are some reasons to choose me: If all you want is a cheap, brush-the-dirt-off-the-surface cleaning, lots of companies can help you. Choose us when you want deep, thorough cleaning. We’ll give you the fluffiest, freshest, healthiest, longest lasting, clean carpets possible . . .

. . . Guaranteed!!!

7 Days a Week. Satuday & Sunday OK

“YES...Clean & Dry Carpets” S Carpet Cleaning (916) 224-6624

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