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Maisha Rahman Media Studies

Target Audience The target audience for our film would be an age range of 15-26, the age rating is 15+. We aim for an audience of this age range because some of the scenes in our film are too explicit and violent for a younger audience. The character in the film that are starred in it are of a young age, in the teen years, this will then attract attention from an audience of that age. This may be because the action taking place can be relatable and appeal to them as it can be familiarized with them or similar to their lifestyle. The film is for male and females, to ensure that there is no form of sexist view upon it, this is shown by, for example; in the opening sequence of our film it shows not your typical serotyped female and male. The male and females are not playing a typical role as they would in an action thriller film. By doing this it will definitely attract more attention which will mean wider more diverse audience. We hope to keep the audience interested and intrigued throughout our film. To ensure that this is the case, it is key for the opening sequence of our film to have a strong enigma to keep the viewers on edge which will make them want to see more of it.

Target audience By Maisha Rahman  
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