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The art of foretelling has been practiced by many different cultures and civilizations over time. Each culture has made its own contributions to the art of forecasting the future. The roots of this ancient tradition stretch back into the mists of time, into ancient Greece, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Africa, Rome, China and India.

Fortune tellers receive their information in many different ways. Some just “know” things intuitively while others may “see” images or “feel” things. Many will use what are known as ‘Spirit Guides’ which are angels or spiritual entities they can communicate with who provide them with information + answers to questions. Some will also use tools such as crystals or tarot cards to channel info.

While there are many different ways a fortune teller or psychic can receive their information, they all share 1 thing in common. Their abilities all stem from a special gift that can not be detected by the five senses.

Your palm is your personality. Palmists have different versions of the types of hands. # The little finger - Mercury reveals health + professional ability. #. The ring finger - Apollo  shows fame + fourune. # The middle finger - Saturn indicates distinction + excellence. #   The index finger - Jupiter  symbolises ambition + self esteem. #  The thumb - shows power +


The nails show the state of health + personality of a person. In ancient scriptures, it is claimed that the planets influence filter through the nails. Vibrations from the atmosphere are absorbed through them.


past, present, + future mingle, and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.” ©Anais Nin

F o r t u n e

T o l d Š 2012

I m a g e s B y \Talia Arochas N a i l s B y \Nail Tite H a i r B y \ Chanelle C. W a r d r o b e B y \NINO*BRAND F a b r i c s B y \ CaraWhy T a l e n t B y \ Bridgette A. >> HTTP://NAILTITESITE.SWRV.BIZ [ Handmade In Philadelphia ]

NAILTITESITE.SWRV.BIZ NAILTITE@SWRV.BIZ @NAILTITE Custom Nails, Style + Art Culture 24/7-Worldwide

Nail Tite | Fortunes Told Lookbook 2012  

2012 Nail Art + Custom Manicure Lookbook by Nail Tite inspired By Fortune Telling & Cosmic Imagery.

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