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Variable Data Printing Services and You: A Story of Success Chances are if you have attended a direct marketing seminar or dealt with the marketing industry in some way, you have heard about variable data printing (VPD) services. The fancy title simply means printing companies will offer your business the opportunity and flexibility to adapt your print marketing materials when needed. This customization increases effectiveness for you and your consumer. But what makes variable data printing beneficial to your company? There are a number of benefits to using variable data printing, but we’re going to list the top four benefits that will help your business reach higher levels of success than you ever thought possible. 1. Faster Turnaround Times – Printing companies can offer your business faster turnaround times with variable data printing because of the digital technology and print on demand services at the heart of the VPD service. With a faster turnaround time, your advertising materials will be printed and in the mail quicker, making them more relevant to your consumers because of the short time between creation of the advertisement and delivery to the consumer. 2. Increased ROI (Return on Investment) – Because of the higher quality, faster turnaround time and personalized content available with variable data printing, the return on investment is much larger. When your business creates printed advertisements that are geared towards a more individualized marketing strategy the chances of connecting to the consumer is greater than ever, allowing for a higher conversion rate and success for the marketing campaign. 3. More Efficient Data Reporting – A skilled and professional printing company will be able to use the variable data printing services to give your business better data reporting on your advertising campaigns through personalized URLs (PURLs), distinctive codes/phone numbers and other tracking options that enable your business to know more than ever how effect your advertising campaigns are and what needs to be changed. 4. Market Testing Capabilities – Variable data printing allows your business the opportunity to test marketing campaigns and other printed materials in a smaller market, inexpensively, so that you can better adapt your marketing techniques for a more successful campaign. In the old days, market testing was expensive and less reliable, but in the world of variable data printing market testing is more effective and successful for the short term and long term goals of your business. Cerqa and You: A Story of Success Cerqa offers a full line of printing services such as variable data printing so that your business can flourish and succeed in the business world. With the use of Cerqa’s VPD services, your business can created one-to-one marketing materials with personalized messages, choose varying offers and price points, get personalized URLs (PURLs) as well as tailored images and artwork to make your marketing and advertising plans more effective than ever. With the help of personalization, faster

turnaround time and a bigger return on investment let Cerqa help you to make your business a success now and into the future.

Variable Data Printing Services And You - A Story Of Success  

Cerqa and You: A Story of Success Cerqa offers a full line of printing services such as variable data printing so that your bu...