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The Heritage Museum of Orange County is known to be surrounded by nature areas all around the property. Orange High Key Club has organized an event to volunteer here because the museum was in need of major maintenance. On a Saturday morning (June 8th), they were set out to pull out a great number of weeds next to the side of a trailer and to also paint over a side of a trailer. Although there were only 6 members present, this group was able to accomplish vigorous tasks in a matter of a few hours. The most difficult part of this event was weeding because the plants were very harmful to the hands and a couple of plants were difficult to weed out. Painting the side of the trailer was enjoyable to each of the present members. Although we were a complete mess with paint all over ourselves, it was an enjoyable experience to remember. Orange High Key Club hopes to volunteer at this historical museum once again.

!"#$"%#&'()*+$ Two 4east clubs (Orange & Foothill) take on projects at two beautiful museums!

-Tiffany Ngo, Orange High School

I turn off my laptop and close it. It’s 10:45. I’m late… I’m late! Sunday mornings are easy, light, and too lazy, but for a Key Clubber, they’re perfect days to go do service. “Dad! I need to do my Key Club Event!” My dad grumbles and gets off the couch. “Where do I have to take you?” he inquires. “Bower’s Museum,” I reply. When I get to the Bower’s Kidseum, where I’ll be helping kids and their tired parents, it’s like I enter a new world where kids can seek amusement and fun and where their parents can seek relief from their heavy work days and tiring toils with their kids. I walk up the stairs and meet Orange Key Clubbers and quickly make friends with them- something intrinsic to the Key Club universe. Upstairs, we get to work: snipping away at cardstock and long pieces of blank construction paper. We cut and trace butterflies and make “scrolls” interminably as painful blisters pop up on our skin. And all of this we do in the name of community service. Because, though the work we do can be painful and tedious, seeing kids smiling with their parents and making crafts of their own- exploring new realms and kingdoms all with just one piece of cardstock and construction paper- makes it the greatest sense of satisfaction one can get. “Awesome!” a kid might say after making a craft. “Awesome!” I say when I finish my job and get to see a child and his parent soar into a new realm with the help of a butterfly and “popsicle stick- construction paper” scroll. - Serena Ly, Foothill High School


From Member to Officer: Transitioning Secondary Boards Following the heartfelt goodbyes and celebrations that accompanied the retirement of 2012-2013 Key Club board members and the installation of new boards at each level of Key Club—District to Region to Division to Club—Key Clubbers could look forward to one of the most important aspects of the post-DCON season: With summer coming around the corner, Key Club members will have had the opportunity to participate and run in club level elections, and soon enough, will get to welcome a fresh infusion of Goldfishes (or insert preferred mascot of choice) to the Key Club ohana, ready to serve. By no means does service end with DCON. In April, Key Clubbers were reminded of this at the March of Dimes April DCM.On the same day, Key Clubbers were also reminded that there is plenty to celebrate of a year of their service and dedication to Key Club at the Divisional Banquet hosted at Taco Bell Headquarters.

Beckman’s New President, Briang Ng, leads a key club meeting

!"#$!%&'()*)+' Beckman’s Kevin Chu deliberates about the transition between being a member and an officer.

In the meantime, many clubs will have elected to hold secondary board elections to fulfill roles not officially sanctioned as officer positions but in order to supplement their primary board and expand opportunities for member involvement. The transition from Key Club member to Key Club member on board (even if it’s secondary board) is a testament to the importance of the member as an individual unit swimming in a larger wave of service. There is simply no one who is “just” a member. The opportunities that come with opening positions for such a secondary board are myriad in the sense that broadening the club-level electoral process allows the club to be more inclusive of its members at the board level, adding a whole new dimension to member involvement. Some examples of potential secondary board positions include but are not necessarily limited to that of grade-level representatives or project chairs responsible for connecting their club to events and planning for events. From the perspective of a recentlyelected officer on secondary board, an additional election process will allow members to explore themselves and their commitment to Key Club through running for secondary board if they did not have the opportunity to run for official primary board positions. My involvement in secondary board has unquestionably enabled me to develop a deeper appreciation of the Key dclub ohana. This is but one step in my Key Club journey, and will be so for many other Key Clubbers looking to be more involved in our ohana. - Kevin Chu Beckman High School

!"#$%&'$()% Division 4 East goes to Huntington Beach for a beach clean-up and get a special visit from UCI Circle K!

Division 4 East Ltg, Alyssa Nguyen leads a DCM.

Angelina Chanthanouvong, Circle K Membership Development & Education Chairs at UC Irvine, was one of the guest who came to talk about the harms and effects of bullying. Besides bringing enlightenment about a very serious issue, UCI circle K also brought undeniable energy and enthusiasm while performing their many chants.

For the May DCM, we had a beach clean-up at Huntington Beach. The clean up last for around three hours, after those three hours the meeting finally began. At the DCM we talked about the Beach Boomba, the officer training day, and other upcoming events. After talking about events, we chose which schools will host which monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s DCM. We had chosen to host the December DCM since it was kind of a tradition for Canyon Key club to host it. Then, members of UCI Circle K came to practice their presentation on bullying to us as it was made to be presented to an elementary audience. When UCI Circle K came, it amazed me at how many different chants they had and how much spirit they had. After seeing all this, it made me think back to why I joined key club. I wanted to join key club because it was a club that did community service that had fun while doing the service. - Kevin Le, Canyon High School


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!""#$%&'($)"*$+,-,.,&/$0"12"(.3,4$5"167 Like a good neighbor, the Divisional Leadership Team is there. That’s right, if you ever have a problem, a question, or just need a shoulder to cry on don’t worry, just call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. Doesn’t matter when there’s trouble, just call my name, Division Leadership Team (I hope you sang that in your head a little). Okay, so that didn’t work as well as I’d hope, but seriously, if you need ANYTHING email one of us. So what’s the stich?

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Goldfish News: June 2013  
Goldfish News: June 2013  

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