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GOLDFINGER the golden touch




17” Monitor Kit

Highest Quality.

The GoldfingerTM 17” monitor kit was designed to replace the WMS 550 CRT monitor. Our kit features

Extremely low prices.

a rapid-replacement system to replace an old CRT in about 15 minutes. It features a special bezel, mounting bracket, and customized cables. The monitor, including the bezel, is made from aluminum to reduce the weight on your machine’s door. As you may know, CRTs emit x-rays, a problem that increases as they age. Now you can own a bright, new, environmentally friendly monitor for the lowest price on the market.

Front of 17� Monitor

Back of 17� Monitor

17� Monitor Installed

17� Monitor Installed

How does GoldfingerTM make you money?

Surprisingly Affordable

We want you to succeed.

GoldfingerTM makes

reliable, and increases

you money by being

your customer’s

extremely affordable.

passion for gaming because of its bold,

We want you to

vibrant colors.

succeed in your business and we want

Please contact us to

you to make money.

see how surprisingly

That’s why we made

affordable a new flat

GoldfingerTM monitors

screen monitor can

so affordable.


For less than you might imagine, you can own an easy-to-install monitor that’s solid,

Easy to Install

Saving time means saving money.

The GoldfingerTM 17�

machine to update it.

monitor is easy to install.

And it also means less

Using our proprietary rapid-replacement

downtime for the machine itself.

system, your technician

Which means your

can replace your old

machines will be back

WMS 550 CRT monitor in

online much faster

about 15 minutes.

and making money

Our rapid-replacement system means you will spend less money per


GoldfingerTM 17” monitors are built to take tough environments. We know gaming is a tough business in more ways than one, and we know you

Rock-Solid Reliability

need a monitor that’s stable and reliable day after day. That’s why GoldfingerTM monitors are made from the highest quality materials and constructed with care and precision. Our attention to detail means your monitors will keep running without the need for time and labor consuming maintenance. GoldfingerTM monitors are built to last.

It can take tough environments.

GoldfingerTM 17” LCD monitors provide bright, bold and vibrant colors.

Keep your customers coming back.

The gaming environment grows increasingly competitive. Once your customers see a GoldfingerTM color-rich monitor at another shop, they’ll be expecting the same gaming excitement at your shop.

Bold Colors

To keep you ahead of the pack, we offer brand-new, beautiful monitors so you can replace all your outdated CRTs. To keep your customers happy and coming back, give us a call. Your investment in a new monitor will start paying off the day it’s installed.

What’s in the Box?

17� Touchscreen Monitor

5’ VGA Cable

110 – 220 AC to 12 DC Transformer Power Cable

Customized, Machine-Specific Touchscreen Cable

GoldfingerTM Stickers

Plus Customized, Door-Mount L-Bracket

Technical Specifications

LCD SCREEN Screen Diagonal Dimension: 17" Aspect Ratio: 4 by 3 Active Area: 14.5" x 10.75" (367mm x 273mm) Pixel size (Horizontal x Vertical): 0.255mm x 0.255mm Pixels (Horizontal x Vertical): 1,280 by 1,024 Optical Response Time: 5 milliseconds Contrast Ratio: 50,000 : 1 (Typical) Number of Colors: 16.7 million colors Power Consumption: less than 35 Watts

SIGNAL INPUT Video Input Options: VGA, CGA, DVI, & HDMI Touch Screen Input Options: RS232 & USB

TOUCHSCREEN Touchscreen Accuracy: less than 3 mm Touchscreen Life: at least 100 million inputs

POWER Power Supply Input: A/C 110-240 at 50-60 HZ Power Supply Output: D/C 12 V / 4A

OTHER Overall Dimensions: 18.7" x 12.5" x 2" (475mm x 318mm x 51mm) Unit Weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg) - with bezel

Contact Information

Call us today. We’ll make you real money.

(866) 367-5666

Patriot Gaming & Electronics Corporate Headquarters 217 N. Lindberg St. Griffith, IN 46319 USA

Tel: (866) 367-5666 Fax: (219) 922-6466

GOLDFINGER the golden touch


Goldfinger 17" Monitor Kit Patriot Gaming  

Goldfinger 17" Monitor Kit Patriot Gaming

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