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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Happy New Year!!!!!

Well I have to start with something even if it is more than a tad late, or I assume it is, if the publishing of Golden Wing is as history shows... late. In the second ever edition of Golden Wing the editor apologised for the lateness. Every editor since has made the same apology. Still compare what you get now with what was then.

Golden Wing Edition No 2

Well done Stritchy it is a brilliant magazine.


Rona what a great effort and thanks Allan for booking the stand next to Honda. Honda what a great stand to be next to. Welcome to those that have joined us at the show or since. You will not regret becoming part of the oldest, biggest Japanese motorcycle club in Britain.

us to think outside the box as to the types of events we attend to promote the HOC and Biking in general. The more potential to grab currently non biking people the more likely we are to get support from Honda in promotional goods and supplies.


Hopefully all the branches are getting diaries of events and runs planned now and sending them in to Stritchy for the website and magazine. I hope to see some branches making a mark this year for all the right reasons. West Mids should be visited by all you that were enquiring at the NEC we are assured they are still running and it would be nice to you all out and about. Jersey seems to be very active and I will be visiting during 2015 from my home in France. Notts are kicking the show year off with the Newark classic show and later in the year Debbie and he husband are cycling to the National rally in Yorkshire via a very strange route raising money for Headway charity. Northants branch celebrate being 20 years old as an official branch of the HOC. The picture below shows the HOC in the early days starting out on a run from Goole. It only goes to show that you do not have to have loads in the group to have fun out and about on your bikes. Some of these members are still active in the club.

Honda UK

Erica and I are liaising with personnel at Honda to establish longer term working relationships. As we said at the AGM they are concentrating on getting new riders onto bikes and riders back onto bikes. This will require 4


Goole 1961 (Courtesy of Dave Ayesthorpe)



Yes the Peterborough show has gone from its usual slot in May. MCN have blagged that one and depending on what they offer us will dictate whether we go there or not. However the BMF are still alive and looking to go back to their roots in club activity, rallies and shows. Smaller yes, but probably more rewarding, watch out for further news from them.


E September 2014 H March 2014


Not there yet just waiting on house sale to complete in England then it’s over the channel I will be. Here are a few pictures to show some of the changes so far.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe” Toilet

Lounge March 2014

E September 2014 H September 2013


E September 2014

To be kept further up-to-date, e-mail me on


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young




Pigeon Post Firstly I must apologise for missing my contribution to the last couple of Golden Wings. It’s been both a busy year attending club events and work has been mad for months. As a result both my reporting and the garden have been sadly neglected. If Dibble mentions how nice it is to be retired once more there will be a death in the family………… This year has seen one new branch and the embryo of another. On the flip side we seem to have lost all contact with the West Mids branch. If you are reading this and can throw any light on the current position of the branch, please do get in touch with me and let me know. Graham Gull tells us that renewals are up bit but new members are down for the year. On the one hand the good news is that the two balance so we have the same membership and we are holding on to existing members so we are obviously doing something right. Conversely we are not attracting new people. If you know fellow bikers who are looking for something more from their hobby, please introduce them to your branch. New people, new ideas, fresh feedback etc. etc. With both the membership of bike clubs falling and the decimation of the numbers coming into motorcycling due to the draconian test requirements we need all the help we can get. One milestone this year that I cannot pass by is the 20th anniversary of the Solent rally. This is achievement in itself but add to that the fact that the same rally organisers have been arranging it for all of those 20 years is extraordinary. At its peak there would be 80 tents in the New Forest with the inhabitants being fed and watered throughout the weekend by the toiling members of the Solent branch, marshalled by Barbara and Alan Peace for all that time. In addition to the weekend Barbara

and Alan would spend several days loading all the cooking equipment, chairs, tables, food and the marquee into a borrowed horsebox and then several days unloading it all again after the event. If we could bottle that enthusiasm we would have 100,000 members! These days the event has moved and is smaller but judging by the hog roast they served up at this year’s rally, they are far from losing their touch. I’ve just got back from the HOC Christmas Party weekend at Cricklade, near Swindon. Great venue, great party and well organised. Thank you Ian and Angie Wright for all the hard work. Now depending on Stritchy and the printers this could either be my last reminder of 2014 or my first of 2015 that myself and indeed all of the members of the executive committee are here to help. There is no Ivory tower and we walk amongst you every day. (Ok, Ok, so I wash my hands afterwards. What can I say) If you have any branch issues that you could do with help and advice on, or just want to know that you have support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. In the meantime I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a prosperous New Year. Happy Easter! Cheers Graham Seymour General Secretary

M O V ING HOUSE ? W e ’d h a t e t o l o s e y o u Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail




Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently, including those at Motorcycle Live at the NEC. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. At least we had a decent September and October and hopefully some of you were able to get out and about on two wheels. Now that winter has arrived I know that a lot of you have laid up your bikes for the duration, but there are some hardy souls (including myself) who ride all year, but not when there is ice or snow around.


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (you can write or send an e-mail). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have had three Autumn magazines returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address.

sits vac


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.


With the cost of postage, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

Golden Wing News Editor

Gossip Columnist

I’d like someone to compile news stories from the magazines, papers and internet. They don’t have to be Honda stories, just interesting.

Social media (typically Facebook) has lots of little stories about HOC members. Things such as engagements, new purchases and funny events - but nothing nasty or salacious!

• Able to type and precis a story to around 50-80 words • Needs to be computer literate and be able to download images • Only 4 times a year • No need for design experience • Must have a sense of humour • Must be a member of the HOC

• Must be on ALL HOC social media • You will be completely anonymous • Luckily it’s only 4 times a year • No need for design experience • Must have a sense of humour • Must be a member of the HOC

If you are interested, please contact Stritchy at WINTER 2014



President Jude Browne

Vice Presidents

Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull and Dave Andrews


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

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Chris Ward 16 Daleside Road, Epsom KT19 9SR ( 07827 393237 .

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Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Advertising Manager Erica Gassor ( 07799 492 235 .

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator

Membership Secretary

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE .


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

28th February 2015 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area 8



facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page has over 2050 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Chester, Dorset, Gloucs, Jersey, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Three Shires, West London and Wiltshire pages to join.

#HOCgb now has over 830 followers on Twitter. However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 5600+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! WINTER 2014





Rona’s Regalia Report Well after a hectic year, we’ve calmed down a bit on the Regalia front for a while. At the time of writing this, I’m just recovering from a fantastic 10 days working at the NEC bike show, with loads of great company. So I want to thank all the staff for all the laughs, company and all your hard work. You guys were all legends. We had a good year, but nowhere near the success of last year unfortunately. But there was a lot of paypal orders around the time of the show, so that might’ve been a lot to do with the show as well. My bike had a spot on the stand along with Dibble’s and Dilligaf racing bike too, so thank you to you both for the loan of your babies. They certainly drew the crowds. As did Ruth sporting a Onesie on the last day lol. We introduced 2 new items at the NEC… by popular demand… BOTTLE OPENERS!!!


Fridge Magnet £3.99

Keyring £2.99

We have a fridge magnet version which not only does normal bottles, but also does twist tops as well and a smaller keyring version. So no excuses for not opening those bottles at all the Rallies next year now. Although knowing you lot… you’d just use your teeth anyway heehee . Here’s to a great 2015 at all the shows and events and lets hope you all enjoy all the new things I have planned.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary


Ace could close The iconic Ace Café could fall victim to closure if Brent police enforce the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act. The cafè’s future is shrouded in doubt following stunts being performed by scooters, motorbikes and cars outside the venue and nearby. Owner, Mark Wilsmore, has tried to put a halt to the offending behavior by putting up posters to his customers, ‘The future of the café is in your hands.’ It would be a great shame if Ace Café were to be closed, as it represents a rich section of motorcycle history, dating back as far as the 1930s. Motorbike Times, 4th August 2014

Litter Vigilante! Did you catch the video clip that shows a woman

collecting litter that drivers have thrown from their cars, catching up with the culprit on her motorbike and throwing it back in their faces - literally? At one point, she catches up to a man driving a 4-by-4 outside McDonald’s and demands for him to roll down his windows before throwing the brown bag - and the unfinished milkshake inside it - all over his seats, his dashboard and his clothes. Awesome Lady! 16th September 2014

Safety First! These sobering statistics from Western Australia reminded of the old adage that “there are &old bikers and bold bikers, but there are no old, bold bikers”! A spate of avoidable motorcycle crashes on West Australian roads has contributed to a surge in traffic fatalities, new figures show. Of the 39 deaths, 26 were found to be the fault of the motorbike rider, while just 13 were caused by the driver of another vehicle. Speed and reckless behaviour was a factor in 22 of the crashes, while carelessness

and inattention accounted for seven and alcohol was a factor in four of the fatalities. The West Australian; 23rd Nov 2014

Warm for Bikes Warm summer weather has helped motorcycle sales in the UK soar. The biggest gain in sales was for naked bikes like the Honda CB650F, which went up by 36% in August compared to 2013. As the shift away from sports bikes continues, sales of larger, more comfortable touring machines were up by 12.5% year-on-year last month and custom motorcycles rose by 11.8%. Honda enjoyed the most sales of any motorcycle company, with 1,134 bikes sold in the UK in August. 29th Oct 2014

Seen a little story? Send it to Terry If it made you smile or frown, share it with the Club!

News snips from around the world 12 GOLDEN WING


News snips from around the world The Turbanator Avtar Singh Mauni, 60, from Patiala, India, knows exactly what it’s like to not just ride a bike for the hell of it, not just for a need for speed, but because he is unable to fit into a car owing to the size of his huge turban. In fact, Avtar’s turban is so huge it looks set to enable him to see his way into the Guinness Book of Records. Weighing in at just over seven stone (think riding around with MotoGP’s Valentino Rossi on your head), the turban - when unravelled - stretches to 645 metres and takes six hours to wrap around his head!

More than 80 volunteers turned out to clean the stretch of canal in Warwick, an event organised by the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) with support of the Canal and River Trust (CRT). The predominant items retrieved from the canal were bicycles and shopping trolleys, but also included three motorcycles! Leamington Spa Courier 4th November 2014

At a stretch? Seven persons were seriously injured after the motorcycles they were riding collided in Zamboanga City in the Phillipines. A police officer later identified the two drivers and five pillion passengers of the two Honda bikes involved, all of whom were taken to hospital with leg, body and head injuries. Zamboanga Today, 22nd Nov 2014

Motorbike Times, 1st Sept 2014

Brough Record A NEW world auction record could be set when a motorbike made in Nottingham is expected to fetch around £300,000 at auction by Bonhams. The Brough Superior SS100 ‘Alpine Grand Sports’ model – pictured above– was built in Nottingham in 1929 and is similar to the SS100 Lawrence of Arabia was riding when he had his fatal crash in 1935.

into the drink Tons of metal and the odd motorbike, were recently dredged out of the Grand Union Canal.


Nottingham Post, 19th Nov 2014

Thanks Terry News Editor, Terry Fearn, has decided to give up the job. We offer our thanks to him for getting the feature going. So now we need a new News Editor! If you think you can do it, please read the advert on page 7 and contact Stritchy.

Terry Fearn


Dave’s Motorcycle Problem Page

Oxford Branch’s own resident Motorcycle Engineer Dave Thomas will try and answer your motorcycle headaches

Unhappy Chain

Intermit tent Indicators

I have done about 12,000 miles on my CB500 (1999) and lately have found that the drive chain needs adjusting nearly every week! How can I tell when it needs replacing and how much would it cost?

The left indicators on my CB600 Hornet have developed a fault since I dropped by bike in the car park the other day. I have replaced both the bulbs but they only flash intermittently.

Dear Ron, it’s done about the mileage that it could want replacing and frequent adjusting can be a sign. It does depend though on how you ride and look after your chain though.

Dear Phill, there could be two possible causes. Firstly when the bike fell over it could have loosened a connection in the headlamp or faring. The most common is a bad earth lead. You need to trace both the wires from the left indicators back and front and make sure there are no breaks in the wires and the connections are tight. Next you need to locate the flasher relay unit. This is a black box either under the seat near to the battery, or under one of the side panels.

Ron Leg

A sure sign of when the chain is past it’s best, is how well it holds onto the rear sprocket. With the chain correctly adjusted try and pull the chain back of the rear sprocket. If you can pull it and expose the teeth of the rear sprocket at all then is worn to excess. Also if you rotate the rear wheel backwards and you hear excess noise (clicking) from the chain this means the teeth on the rear sprocket are ‘hooked’. Normally you should replace both the front and rear sprockets as well as the chain when they are worn. Chains vary in quality and type. On average, for your bike, a good chain would be £40 - £60 pounds. The sprockets depending on pattern or genuine parts would be another £35 - £55. Labour should be no more than 2 hours. Total around £150.00 average.

Phill Over

Once located if you can swap the wires over from the left side of the bike to the right, then try the indicators. If right indicators fail to work then it is a problem with the unit and not the left indicators. A genuine flasher unit would be around £30 - £40. The main cost would be the labour for finding the fault rather than the parts Dave Thomas has been working on and involved in bikes for over 35 years and won Honda’s prestigious Apprentice of the Year twice. Find out more about him at

If you have a question for Dave’s Motorcycle Problem Page, please e-mail



Racing Report BRIT WATCHING 2015

Scott Redding, the young 21 year old from Quedgeley in Gloucester, has already made a name for himself as the youngest rider in the history of Grand Prix racing to ever win a race, snatching Marco Melandri’s ten year old title in 2008 when he won the British 125cc Grand Prix at Donington Park, aged just 15 years and 170 days. In 2015 we see Scott returning to his former team Marc VDS, riding a factory-spec Honda RC213V, after spending 2014 in MotoGP with the Go and Fun Gresini team. During 2014 Scott showed a consistent performance, completing all but one race and finishing 12th in the championship - can he improve on this in 2015? Scott has ridden a Honda previous showing excellent form in 2012/2013 with Kalex Honda in Moto2 but MotoGP and MotoGP bikes are a very different ball game. However, with a good solid ‘rookie’ performance in 2014, we could see good things this year for the young Gloucestershire man.

Bradley Smith and Cal Crutchlow


Scott Reading

Honda have excellent representation in the Moto GP in 2015, with Cal Crutchlow also riding in a factory-spec team, LCR Honda, and of course with Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa leading the pack. Let’s hope that 2015 is a good year for Cal and that we can see him regularly on the podium. Another Brit who consistently improves is the 24 year old Oxfordshire lad, Bradley Smith, who continues to race a Yamaha with the team Monster Tech 3. With 2015 being his third year in Moto GP it will be interesting to see how Bradley progresses following his consistent performance in 2014 giving him an overall finish position of 8th in the championship. It is good to see young British riders coming through the ranks to compete at the top level - others to watch are Danny Kent and John McPhee in Moto 3 and Sam Lowes and Gino Rea in Moto 2 as they fight to progress through the ranks to the ultimate racing goal. Let’s hope we hear the National anthem a good few times next season as we enjoy the thrills and spills of MotoGP racing!

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent


Motorcycle lobby by

Graeme Hay, BMF Government Relations Executive

Local works best Back in August I had the privilege of attending a meeting of the Bedfordshire Motorcycle Matters group. This group is similar to many groups around the country where representatives of rider groups meet with local authorities to discuss topics that are of concern or interest to motorcyclists in the area. The Bedford group is currently chaired, with great expertise, by Graham Seymour of the Honda Owners Club. The agenda for the day considered a wide variety of matters, including road safety, motorcyclist training, a local road layout and the future prospects for a long running annual motorcycle awareness day. As the meeting moved along, words were spoken, listened to, considered and agreement found in many areas. As with any group, no one gets every agreement perfectly matching

their desires or absolutely everything that they ever wanted, but what does result is most of what everyone wanted, tempered by the needs of others. These meetings take place three or four times each year, hosted by the council’s service provider, and form a very important place in effective lobby work for motorcyclists. I am indebted to Graham and the group for a textbook demonstration of how to get it right. There are many groups just like this around the UK. If you are interested in this sort of work and are not already involved, I would encourage you to give it a go. If there is no such group in your area, then why not consider forming one? Always remember - if you need any help or guidance, contacts or locations, just contact me and I will look for you. It’s part of my job.

Where to lobby Speaking of people going the distance, I hard to demonstrate to all levels of government was delighted, as we all were, to learn of the that electrically propelled motorcycles have joint success of Ken Glendinning of Region much to offer the economy, the people and 1 BMF and Steve Wykes of Edinburgh MAG the air quality issues of cities in the next 10in securing an 18 month trial of full bus lane 15 years. This would be the message – now access for motorcyclists. This has taken a we had to get it to the right ears. At the same decade to achieve and, as Edinburgh has an time I had been taking an interest in a group extensive network of bus lane routes, it is a huge called ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). This is a body that holds step forwards. The story in Glasgow is many seminars on Sometimes just shouting and matters very different. Nick being annoyed doesn’t quite do it transport around the UK. Tom Elliot of the BMF has received responses such as: “what’s the benefit and Nick joined and were soon on their way to to us?” and “why should we continue to give a seminar hosted by Glasgow city council, after access?” from the same officers, repeatedly. which they were able to have the ear of several This can be very disheartening, so I had been senior officers on the subject of bus lane access trying to find a way of gaining access to the and motorcycle parking – and, importantly, to higher levels of the city council with a message offer a vision of what motor and electric cycles to grab their attention. Looking through could contribute to the city economy as well as Glasgow city council’s existing transport plan, the air quality in the next few years. Now that it is quite clear that air quality and greenhouse we have two excellent BMF men on the inside gas reduction are really looming large on the we can begin to work for the right outcomes. list of concerns. The MCIA are working very 16 GOLDEN WING


Surface strife I read an e-petition in July, publicised in MCN, to ban surface dressing. As a very enthusiastic rider I know that it can be a real pain and sometimes a bit of a worry while this process is being done. I also know that most of the roads I really love riding - the B and C class roads and more interesting minor A class - are nearly all surfaced this way and that once it is older than two weeks it gives fantastic grip, especially in the wet, for many years. If it were banned, there is simply no way that any form of funding would support regular re-surfacing of the 186,000 miles of non-trunk road in the UK. I think there must be a better way than seeking an unrealistic ban time to look into it further. I talked to the Road Surface

Treatment Association (RSTA). This group represents the 45 or so major companies involved in supplying and applying surface dressings, coloured surfaces, thin layer asphalt and anti-skid surfaces. I spoke with the Chairman, Dr Howard Robinson, and asked about the problem of loose chippings after re-surfacing. WINTER 2014

It soon became quite clear that the major problems lie in malpractice. The RSTA produces codes of practice as well as running technical seminars which train specifiers, designers and Picture 1 crews in the best and safest way to do the work and how to look after it afterwards. They also work closely with the oil companies to develop and produce polymer modified bitumen to give a fast and strong stick of chipping and a service life of more than 10 years for the roads. In spite of these efforts there are some designers who do not use the design guides properly and some contractors who do not always follow these guidelines; the results are loads of loose chippings, sometimes for months after application, short road surface life and the dreaded shiny bits, so why does this happen? The most common cause is that the local authority did not specify the work properly or awarded the contract to a firm thin on real expertise in its application or aftercare requirements. (Pic 1). It is easy to oversimplify this subject and believe that only smooth black asphalt is the

perfect surface. Just remember that it takes two to five months at least for the bitumen to wear off and reveal the stone: during that time you are riding on bitumen - that’s just thick oil. Not so good when damp. While this was all very interesting, where did it get us? Well, it turns out that the RSTA holds seminars for its member companies and the BMF has been invited to address this group at their most significant seminar in November. The purpose is to communicate the views and concerns of BMF members for discussion. In this way we will work to further improve the processes, warning signs, aftercare and also (I hope) influence the designs to stop the practice of ending high-friction surfaces part way around bends and raise awareness of the sensitivity of bikes to even the smallest level differences along the road surface. I don’t know what you think, but I prefer this to simply clicking on an e-petition.


The right people

Helmets off

I mentioned earlier a group called ITS. I attended a meeting with TfL to look at the work that they had commissioned TRL to do looking at a number of retro-fit devices for lorries to alert drivers to the presence of a vulnerable road user either immediately in front of the cab or on the nearside of the cab. The TRL had done their usual job of hiring a variety of lorries, fitting each with the different devices and testing the effectiveness of each on cyclists and pedestrians. The results are being returned to the manufacturers and there is no doubt that a standard for performance will result.

Taking yourelmets off when buying petrol is an old chestnut, but it irritates the socks off most of us when it happens. The message is often delivered in a blunt, tactless way over a poor public address system to a busy forecourt and supported by an increasingly absurd list of reasons why we should have to do this: “It’s the law… it’s for elf ‘n’ safety, mate… terrorism…” and the most extraordinary one that I ever heard: “the credit crunch”. So what’s to be done? What’s the real truth and who would know? I have made contact with Phil Monger, the Technical Director of the Petrol Retailers Association. At this stage may I offer you the encouragement of knowing that he is as frustrated as us at the endless local ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ that some create on this topic. I shall be presenting our case to the PRA at a meeting around the time that you see this and I look forward to agreeing a balanced and sensible way forward for all of us.

Do your bit Oh, did I not mention motorcyclists? No - and neither did the TfL officers who commissioned the research or the TRL guys who tested it. While there are far fewer experienced motorcyclists than cyclists silly enough to filter up the nearside of an eight-wheeled tipper lorry, there are many of our less experienced riders who may try it (in my teens I was that rider, I did it and I have the scars to prove it). The fact remains that motorcyclists are one of the three vulnerable road user groups and such testing needs to include us. I am indebted to Steve Norris, who led the meeting, for joining me in driving this message home to the officers from TfL. This is one that our new vehicle and type approvals expert, Ted Foremen, will be looking into. The expertise that Ted holds puts him beyond a representative lobbyist and into the bracket of a recognised expert, who probably knows more about it than many of those presenting such work.

Taking forward concerns that you have locally and nationally is a very important aspect of keeping our means of transport, hobby and way of life alive. Each of the Directors of the BMF lives and breathes this, but you too can do your bit. If you have a problem, a concern or would just like to know more about what is going on locally, please see if you can contact a local group - your BMF Regional Chairman should be able to direct you. If you are already in a group and need advice on a specific issue or concern, just let me know and I will see what I can do. On the national and international level we are working for you, of course. Don’t expect to win every aspect of every issue, every time. We do most of our riding on public roads or in other public places, which we share with everyone else. Sometimes it is better to take what you can get and try to stay on good terms with those in positions of power or influence: that way you can always go back for the rest later.

To join the BMF as an individual, telephone on 0116 279 5112 or join on line at it couldn’t be easier! 18 GOLDEN WING


In my last column for this magazine I mentioned that 15 MPs had joined MAG as individual members. That number has now risen to 35 and includes a recent Transport Minister in the form of Mike Penning MP now Minister of State for Justice. MAG is already planning its campaign to run up to General Election 2015. Our intention is to ensure that every candidate in that election knows about MAG and understands that motorcycling has an articulate voice that is every bit as legitimate as that of any other lobby.

We are all aware that the average age of bikers has risen steadily and that the biking generation of today is the generation that runs the country. While we may bemoan the lack of youngsters taking to two wheels, the other side of the coin is that as a minority politicians cannot comfortably talk down to us as they may have felt they once could to the teenage rebels who populated MAG’s ranks at the time of our formation 40 years ago. Transport has climbed the political agenda in that time, driven by issues of resource depletion and environment that are only going to rise in terms of global importance. This offers us more opportunities than threats if we play the green card skillfully. MAG has the arguments and the messengers to field them in the heart of the political community. By great good fortune both of our front line agents live within walking distance of The Palace of Westminster which means that MAG’s expenses for travelling to London meetings are nil. Notwithstanding this economy and many others that we’ve made, the shortfall in our event income means MAG has got to come up with more money making schemes to balance the books.

That ageing biker factor is hitting attendance at our big outdoor events and reflects the reluctance of the over fifties to duck into tents at the end of an evening, however good it’s been. We’re working on more business deals and a closer liaison with the motorcycle industry that we think will help. The simplest and most reliable route to financial stability however must come from the motorcycle community finally deciding to support us. MAG has around 60,000 affiliate members many of whom believe they have made a commitment via their club’s affiliation. The reality is that affiliate membership is a means of establishing links with a large number of riders; it doesn’t make a significant material contribution to financing our political programme which is where we focus our resources.

We offer a £5 discount to affiliate members who wish to upgrade to full membership for what will amount to less than less than a tankful of fuel and I invite you all to take advantage of that. MAG has had a roller coaster ride over the last forty years to this point where I feel we’ve been handed the key to the door of political credibility that will enable us to protect biking from the detractors of the nanny state. My hope is that at long long last, motorcyclists who truly enjoy and care about the spirit of riding will make the tiny commitment that will give us a fighting chance. Ian Mutch is a former ships officer and later motorcycle courier. He is President of MAG of which he was a founder member and has written five books, mostly on motorcycle travel

To join MAG on-line please go to WINTER 2014




North London Toy run by

Roland Murphy, North London Branch Secretary

On Sunday 14th December the NLHOC went on it’s 2014 Xmas Toy Run to Hargrave House in Chelmsford, delivering toys and happiness to the residents. I couldn’t go on my bike as I’m still recovering from my Operation. So Marian drew the short straw and drove me there in her car. The other members rode from the club in Epping Forest and we met up with them when they arrived at

Hargrave House. We then set the toys out on a table. The children were then bought into the room and their faces lit up when they saw the toys we had bought for them. They each had an Xmas stocking, which was filled, with little goodies.

The boxed games were for the house so that each of the children will get to play with them. We also gave them a £50 Argos voucher so that they could buy some games for their PC. One of the staff mentioned that it is nice of us to give the children toys for Xmas, as they don’t get any presents from anyone else. I told them it was a small gesture on our part but well worth it to see the smiles on the kids faces.

I want to thank all the NLHOC members for giving money to a worthy cause.



AGM 2014 Sunday 19th October 2014

The 2014 AGM was again held in the National Motorcycle Museum, with free tea, coffee and bacon rolls before the meeting started. Well done to Pete Dawson who shaved off a years growth of beard and raised £130 for the Air Ambulance and NABB.

Lembit Öpik of MAG was a very entertaining guest speaker.

AWARDS 2014 2014 National Rally Branch Attendance Northants Branch Chairman’s Challenge Winner - Tony Pegg Richard Edelsten Trophy For the best Honda 400/4. Due to there being no classic show this year the trophy was not awarded.

Thanks Badges

Judy Mellor - (accepted in her absence by Alan Sharkey) Judy had been a treasurer and events manager for Manchester Branch and it was her hard work that had made for the success of many of their past events. John Hancock - (accepted in his absence by Barbara Peace) John is a long standing and mischievous member of Solent Branch, he has supported the branch since its beginnings. Pam Irvine - (accepted in her absence by Barbara Peace) Pam has been a great supporter of the Solent Branch and huge supporter for branch rally. Terry & Lynn Lloyd - (accepted in their absence by Mike Jeffs) for their loyal and unrelenting service to the South Wales Branch. Stu & Sharon Peile - for picking up the Northants Branch after a difficult period and promoting the club at MotoGP and BSB Silverstone.

Certificate of Appreciation Andy & Ruth Stryczko - because they’ve had every other award the club can give them and their contribution to the club continues on… and on… and on…

Allan Augustine Trophy

For outstanding contribution to the club. Simon Plummer & Angie McDonald (accepted in their absence by Ian Hammond) for always being there in the background, lending assistance at shows and rallies and photographing anything that moves!

Ian Hammond accepts the Alan Augustin Trophy on behalf of Plum & Angie

Full minutes of the AGM can be downloaded from the HOC website at 22 GOLDEN WING


Saddle Sore 2015 Competition Rules • The Saddle Sore Competition is open to all paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club (GB), attending an eligible event on a motorcycle or scooter. • The competition is also open to pillions, who can enter in their own right. • All events attended must be identified by an entry in the Event Log and signed by the event organiser or co-ordinator. • On attending an event, there is no requirement for a competitor to remain for the full duration of the event. • Completed event logs must be received by the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator, by midnight on 30th September 2015 - any entries received after this time will not be valid. • The winner will be member scoring the most points in each category. In the event of a draw, the prize for that category will be shared.

• Mileage will be calculated, by the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator, from the entrants home post code to the post code of the event. It is therefore essential that the event post code is added on the Event Log. Entries without either of these post codes will not be calculated. • Qualifying events are advertised in Golden Wing and on the HOC web site. • The decision of the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator is final in all matters regarding the competition.

Points will be awarded as follows: Engine size 500cc and under 110 points per event and 1 point per mile Engine size over 500cc 100 points per event and 1 point per mile

The competition Entry Form can be downloaded at or by sending a stamped self addressed envelope to Steve at the address below. Entries must be sent to: Stephen Davenport, Saddle Sore 2015, 27 Welbeck Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 9PD or e-mail:

Entries must be received no later than Monday 30th September 2015

2014 winners Rider Award Winner Tony Pegg

Pillion Award

Winner Kim Pegg 2nd Gerald Gassor

2nd Erica Gassor

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for taking part



HOC AGMs don’t need to be boring by

Alan Sharkey, Manchester Branch Chairman

But up till now, they have been. Are you shocked? Well, you haven’t attended many AGMs then. Each year we listen to the same type of reports - financial, membership, how the club is doing with MAG/BMF/Honda, what is happening to our display material, how much regalia we have sold, etc. Nothing really changes. OK - there is a slight variation on how well we are (or are not) doing with the finances - a slight variation on how many members we did (or did not) get last year and so on. But in general, it’s the same words, just moved around a little bit (something that Shakespeare was much better at doing than you or I). And each year the numbers of people who attend get less and less. Has no one ever wondered why? Well, I have and I think it’s because we can’t hold their attention and they say “AGM? No, I’ve got better things to do this year”. Why do I continue to attend? Because of the people. I like HOC and it is because of all my friends. HOC is a “social” club and that is why I participate. I can go riding at any time, anywhere; but it’s the people I meet who make the club for me. I want see more of them. I consider that the AGM is my main chance to catch up on old acquaintances, make new friends, find out what they have been up to and tell them what I’ve been up to. But each year, I see less and less of the people I know. OK, the argument may be that the AGM is the AGM and social events are something different. I beg to disagree. Why not combine the two. But we digress. I am trying to improve things, not just blather on about all the bad bits. So, I propose we change the format of the AGM to make it more interesting and to get more HOC people to attend. I do understand that the constitution says we have to have an AGM - but it doesn’t have to be mired in the 1960’s style of meeting. So, here are some suggestions to think about: 1. Prepare all the management reports as best you can beforehand and publish them to: a. Our web site for people to download and read in advance of the AGM. If you don’t have access to the web (or don’t want it), 24 GOLDEN WING

then I am sorry, but you are a real minority these days (my 87 year old mother uses the internet - why can’t you?). b. Printed copies for people who don’t have access to the web site - available at the AGM as we do now - but include all the reports (I noticed that this year not all the reports made it into print). If people don’t come to the AGM, then they won’t get a report. Why is that a problem? 2. The first part of the AGM is simple: Have people attending read the reports? Do they have any questions? Get all that out of the way as quickly as possible. This is the boring bit. Let’s not prolong the agony. 3. There are always additions to each report which don’t make it into print. Go through those - not quickly, because they will provoke discussion, but don’t allow the topic to stray. 4. Re-election of the committee. Get that out of the way quickly. It doesn’t normally take long and I see no reason why it should in future. 5. The next part is the awards. These are still an important part of HOC and we shouldn’t stop recognising the efforts that the members have put in to make the club what it is. But can we make it a bit of fun at the same time? Anyone who has attended the MANHOC Christmas dinner and seen our “Honderable Mentions” will understand what I mean - for those who haven’t been, I just add a few funny photos and display them on a projector. People seem to like that. Yes, it takes time, but if a job is worth doing, it’s worth extra effort. 6. Now we get to the extras. Below are some ideas to attract members: a. A guest speaker. This year we had Lembik Öpik - and what a star he turned out to be. More of that will be very welcome. b. Let’s do a quiz - same format as a pub quiz. Topics could be general knowledge, HOC stuff, biking in general - loads of different formats and hundreds of questions available on t’internet. Prizes could be funded from the raffle money (see below). WINTER 2014

c. Let’s have a raffle. 0.50p a ticket. Branches could pop along to their local Honda dealers and ask for something to give away at our AGM. Most dealers will have an Oxford lock or a pair of gloves or similar which they will donate to a good cause. Don’t make the prizes anything which people cannot take away on a bike so a paddock stand as a prize is probably not a good idea. 10-15 prizes are plenty. It doesn’t even need to be bike related as long as it’s something we think people will want. d. How about a short film. There’s loads of biking shows on the TV at the moment - the TT, Guy Martin doing his stuff, MotoGP summary shows etc. I’m sure we can download something - it only needs to be 15 minutes long.

e. I am sure there are plenty of other ideas open to discussion. So, in summary - do we want to continue with the AGM in its present format? Personally, I don’t, and I know that others agree with me. Are they/ we in a majority? I have no idea. But I could either shut up and go elsewhere or try to make the HOC a (in my opinion) better place. This is my attempt at the latter. I look forward to a lively and spirited discussion ready for next years AGM. If anyone wants to contact me - alan@, or any of the committee to discuss it further, please do so. Even if you are against this, we want to hear from you. If you support it, or have different ideas, we want to hear from you. If you say and do nothing, then that is what you will get.

Response from Andy Young, HOC Chairman My first response is that Alan’s article is OK. It may anger some, it may not, particularly the reference to those who do not have or want to use the internet. My opinion generally is that the meeting should be formal, as short as possible and open to all members regardless of their communications abilities that includes some who have difficulty reading and writing let alone using the internet. The format we use provides written and aural presentation of the reports and presentation is what is required for the rules of the club. The numbers attending are still higher now than they were when I took over as Chairman and the meetings shorter generally. It is a boring event as such presentations will be. We provide a free refreshment in a warm dry environment and people do go to sleep! We have the photos to prove it and that includes Alan in the past. We then end on the high note of rewards and presentations to winners.

The date should be fixed as being the Sunday the clocks go back as it is easy to remember that way and we have extra daylight for meeting following extra hour in bed. I suggest bringing forward the meeting by half an hour as it was evident the past two years that most get there early for the free grub and then we wait around to start. Discussion should be strictly limited to the content of the report and not drift off like it did this year to talk about a roundabout that many will never use in their lifetime. (I am proud that Graham did have influence in getting common sense result on the matter but it was not for our AGM). In this way we should finish by lunchtime, which is reasonable. If others wish to continue socialising they can for the remainder of the day until they wish to leave. As to guest speakers, if they are all as competent as Lembit was, then great. Carefully timed by him and managed Q&A.

What do you think? Is Alan right or wrong? Do you have suggestions to improve the AGM? Send your opinions to or write to the address on page 2. All letters will be published in the next issue - don’t forget, you must include your membership number. WINTER 2014




How to really ride any kind of bike

by Ben Miller, VisorDown

From street bikes to two-strokes, 600cc sportsbikes to supermotos, different bikes require different techniques. Whatever you ride, get the best from your bike with the help of the finest riders on the planet.

How to master a 600cc supersport bike By James Whitham

Following an early career dominated by big-bore superbikes, Whitham made the move to the World Supersport championship in 2000 and promptly won his first race. Despite the lower peak power figures, Whitham remains a massive fan of the 600cc class. “The answer is to get rid of the 1000 and change it for a 600. On a 1000 they’re not using any corner speed, then they’re opening it up and braking way too early because they’re shitting themselves. If you want a 1000, buy one, but on a 600 you have to ride it properly. Ride a 1000 hard on the road and you’ll either lose your licence or hit something hard.”

• Keep it neat. 600s are about corner speed and fast, flowing lines.

“I went from a 750 with 160bhp to a 600 with 130bhp and there was a big difference,” he says. “Generally the smaller the capacity the higher the revs and the harder you have to rev it to get the power. The other big difference was treaded tyres instead of slicks. This meant the bike punished you more for every little mistake. You had to be spot on with everything; carrying speed into, through and out of the corner. There’s more movement from the tyres and that too forces you to be accurate - you lose time with every little slide and every little mistake. On a more powerful superbike you can be a bit lazier.” If a 600’s harder to ride well, does that make it the more effective go-faster learning tool? “I do track instructing and you get lads on 1000s who want to be quicker,” says Whitham.

• Keep the wheels in line under braking by using the front brake almost exclusively. “Craig Jones used to back it on the back brake,” says Whitham. “I’m not sure why because you can’t turn-in until the back wheel’s come back in line. I think Craig just used to do it to look the part.” • Work the engine hard. Short-shift and you’re denying yourself power, useful engine braking and beautiful noise.

Next issue: How to really ride a Supermoto WINTER 2014

Article stolen from GOLDEN WING 27

Motorcycle Live 2014 by

Ruth Stryczko, Northants Branch

Would I do it again… you know what… I think I would! 28 GOLDEN WING


Wow what a week. My first ever time of doing the full week at the NEC, how does Rona do this every year! But I loved it. Met so many of our wonderful members as well as welcoming many new ones too including Lembit Öpik. Being positioned behind the Honda stand, all be it very noisy, was brilliant with access to coffee throughout the day, every day. Watching the Honda Team do thier morning exercise was very amusing and the dancers weren’t bad either. In fact the whole Dance and Drum group came round to see us and had a photo on our stand. Talking of photo’s on the stand we had numerous stars visit us including a very tired John McGuinness and a very chatty Jamie Whitham. Some days were quiet but every day was such good fun. Big thanks to all the guys throughout the week that helped man the stand and a special thank you to Rona Bell for looking after me all week.

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to WINTER 2014


Dinghy of the Road The Honda PCX125 by

Tony Eldridge, HOC Vice President

Having been a lifelong motorcyclist and owning a succession of Hondas since my first in 1963 I was never attracted to motor scooters which were once the preferred transport of Mods. The Scooter with its tiddley wheels and speed and handling hardly competed with race bred motorcycles. However, times change and with them have come serious traffic congestion in towns and problems with parking whether it be a car or a bulky motorcycle. For the past few years I had been considering whether or not to add a 125cc lightweight motorcycle to my fleet. It had to be a Honda and I was taken with the CBF125 that Honda has been punting out for ÂŁ2600. Light and nippy with a reputed fuel consumption of 160mpg it seemed just the jobby for town trips of a few miles. Why use a 700cc Deauville with all that bulk so delightful on the open (?) road simply to travel a mile or two in town when a small machine is more sensible. Having agreed with myself to purchase a CBF125, I was in my local Honda dealer (Johns of Romford) discussing a possible deal when it was casually mentioned that the twist and go scooters were very good these days. I had once borrowed a BMW C1 with a shed roof on one occasion and have to confess that 30 GOLDEN WING

it went OK despite all that lumber it carried overhead. At the NEC bike shows I had in fact cast a glance at scooters simply because they are better made these days and I thought that when I had reached the age of decrepitude I might even want to own one. However, fortunately I have yet to reach that stage in life but out of interest I did see what kind of scooter from Honda was priced the same as the CBF125 - just testing myself! And there was the PCX125 scooter that I remembered seeing at the NEC and thinking that it looked like an item of bathroom furniture. However, I thought I would give it a chance on financial grounds. And so I investigated this little machine and discovered that although it might be regarded sniffily in the UK as fodder for learners, in the WINTER 2014

country of its origin (Thailand) it was highly regarded as a status symbol. So I began to turn away from the CBF125 and seriously consider a PCX scooter, partly because the price was right and as I had never owned this type of bike, I thought it might be interesting.

Fortunately, the PCX had been upgraded for 2014/15 and the new version was not due into the UK until the Spring of this year. I decided that I would take a punt on the much improved PCX125 and registered my interest with Johns of Romford. In May I was advised that the new models had arrived and the price was only £99 more than the outgoing one. An order was placed immediately and as these little buzzers are only sold to order, I had to wait 6 weeks for mine to arrive. I ordered a white one, so as not to be totally unseen by other traffic when I ventured out on it. First impressions of the machine were highly satisfactory as it has very modern and sharp styling and Honda’s Thailand factory makes a very good job of screwing them together. The power unit is a single cylinder unit with CVT belt drive and a stop/start system in traffic for fuel economy. The starter and generator are rather like the old dynastarts of the 1950’s. All lighting is LED and a “glove box” in the dashboard is roomy and has a power point for charging mobile phones. The electronic instrumentation will tell you how many miles to a gallon you are getting (I have been getting 126mpg) and there is of course a large bin underneath the seat for carrying shopping etc.

So what’s the thing like to ride? Well, I zoomed home on mine without a hitch and found that it handled very much like a motorcycle, stopped superbly (linked brakes) and seemed almost vibrationless. It also accelerated very well considering it only has 11.5bhp to get it along and 50mph is comfortable out of town with a top puff said to be 65mph which is about average for 125cc machines. The lights are remarkable and the spec includes hazard warning flashers. In many ways it comes across as being a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle proper and very handy for what it is. What it lacks is the soul and character that makes a motorcycle so alluring. But most of the people who buy scooters have probably previously ridden a pedal cycle or simply wanted a set of wheels to get them from here to there. I wouldn’t wish to own a scooter any larger than the PCX as it is much more involving to ride a motorcycle which is very much an iron stallion. The scooter’s automatic transmission takes some getting used to especially in traffic until you get to know the little bike. However, it’s horses for courses as always and I can recommend a small scooter such as the PCX125 to any owner of a large motorcycle for local use.

Have a look at the PCX on YouTube and you may be as surprised as I was. They are truly the Dinghy’s of the road!

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to WINTER 2014


Supporting the Movement

With you every mile.

✓ 30 years at the forefront of the classic vehicle movement

✓ Relationships with over 200 classic vehicle clubs

✓ Attend over 30 shows throughout the year

Footman James is one of the leading specialist insurance brokers for classic bike owners and collectors. Call our friendly UK team for a quote today.

Footman James Policy Options** include:

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National Rally 2014 Great ride-outs organised by Kent Branch

Thanks to the generosity of the rally goers, Kent Branch raised an amazing £700 for the Fairlawn Children’s Respite Centre. In particular large amounts donated by two members, you know who you are... thanks. Our thanks also go to the staff of Marlie who worked like trojans all weekend and laid on a fantastic buffet for us.

But mostly, thank you to all the members who made this a memorable event! Gorgeous cakes by Marian Ward

A Spitfire buzzed the rally 34 GOLDEN WING


Settling in on Friday

Onesie party on Sunday



Saturday was 1940s night From: “Joh n To: “Honda Knowles” Ow ners Cl Sent: Su nd ay, Sept ub” em ber 21 Su bject: , 3:35 AM Tonight! What a wo nd best nigh erful audience t since the I st arte show in d this 1988! The hard wo room real rk in decorating ly help ed th that most as did th e e fact dressed up. The now park va n is ed on th e drive all ho me and we ar sa e forget th fe - but we will is night not in a hurr Thanks fr y! om John and all musician my s in the 1940s ba nd J





Friday 18 to Monday 20

national rally


superheroes @


Honda Museum Stolen from January edition of Honda’s

Dream Magazine

From the set of James Bond to the Bonhams auction room, meet the man turning the largest collection of motorcycles into a Honda enthusiast’s dream museum…

David Silver has the largest collection of Honda motorcycles outside Japan

An industrial estate in a small Suffolk coastal town might seem an unlikely location for the largest collection of Honda motorcycles outside Japan, but that’s exactly what’s taking shape at the Leiston base of well-known spares dealer David Silver. David, who started his eponymous business selling parts for classic Honda motorcycles back in 1986, has been assembling an extraordinary collection of bikes, trikes and associated memorabilia over the last decade or so - and now he’s building a museum so that he can share his passion with fellow Honda fans.


The first Honda engine When we pay a visit, the groundworks are well under way. Meanwhile the collection - approaching 200 bikes - is stashed away in a number of units around the site. As David opens one of the warehouse doors and flicks on the lights, row upon row of classic machines are revealed, handlebars and exhausts gleaming like lost treasure. It’s hard to know where to look first. Well, how about the first complete engine ever made by Honda, the Cub F, a tiny ‘clip on’ petrol motor that attached to the rear wheel of a bicycle to bring affordable transport to the masses in 1952. Or if you prefer something a bit sportier, here’s a gorgeous, baby-blue 1950s Honda Benly, one of the very first sports bikes produced

in Japan. It dates from a time when the Japanese manufacturers were making their name largely by copying British bikes; the Benly was pretty much a facsimile of a contemporary NSU, but undeniably pretty, and beautifully engineered of course.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity It’s just one of a group of eye-catching early-’50s Hondas in the collection, including an original Dream. “These are all extremely rare, no more than a handful of any of them left,” says David. “Very few people have ever seen these bikes - which is why they’re perfect for the museum.” Many of the bikes came from a dealer in Pennsylvania who started building a collection of his own in the 1970s. “Every time he took an interesting, low-mileage Honda in part exchange, he kept it back,” David tells us. “Over 40 years he built up a superb collection. “By chance I met him just at WINTER 2014

the time he was considering selling or breaking up the collection, so I was able to buy the whole lot. Many of these bikes have just a few hundred miles on the clock. And none of them have been restored - they’re all totally original.”

new CB400Fs to order - and ‘Captain Slow’ has become one of their best customers.

Bikes to Bonhams Equally arresting is a pretty little road-racer, the CB92 that made its debut on the Isle of Man circuit in the early ’60s. With its streamlined tank and tiny perspex fairing, this bike has a real cult following today. “It was the fastest 125 in its day and really opened people’s eyes to how fast a small-capacity bike could be” says David. Further on, he pulls back two dust-sheets to reveal a matching pair of monkey bikes from the early ‘60s. Innovative at the time, most later suffered the ignominy of being bolted onto fairground rides, but these days they’re seriously sought-after. “One sold recently at Bonhams for about £10,000. So now everyone’s very carefully unbolting them!” says David. “We got these two from a fairground owner. Parts are virtually non-existent - I’ve seen an ignition switch for sale for more than 500 Euros. A genuine seat is £1,000…”

Classics and best sellers Not everything here is a rarity - the museum will also celebrate Honda’s biggest sellers, from the Super Cub, the classic ‘step-through’ bike that would go on to become the world’s best-selling motorised vehicle on two wheels or four, to the iconic CB750 of the late ’60s and early ’70s, the world’s first ‘superbike’. Another building houses a long line of CB400 Fours from the mid-’70s, a model that has a special place in David’s affections - and in his business, too. An outof-the-blue phone call from Top Gear presenter and bike nut James May led to David supplying him with a completely rebuilt CB400F, which soon attracted much coverage in the bike media, including a cover story in Classic Bike magazine. David Thousand dollar tyres Silver Spares now builds asAnother oddball is the

US90 (also known as the ATC90) from the early ’70s, the world’s first all-terrain vehicle with its distinctive balloon tyres and oh-so-’70s orange paintwork that featured in the Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever. Apparently those tyres sell for around $1,000 each today. The US90 is sure to be one of the star attractions when the museum opens in late 2015 [the date will be announced on all the usual social media]. With around 200 bikes displayed over two storeys, along with period posters, sales brochures, accessories and other Honda memorabilia, it’s sure to become a Mecca for Honda fans. It’s an astonishing collection - and it’s still growing. “People are always giving us bikes,” says David, “especially now that word is getting around about the museum. Even when it’s open we’ll still be looking for more pieces.” And what’s the one bike he’d love to be able to add to the museum? “Honda made four CB750 prototypes - one of them sold at action recently for $148,000 - and one of them, the green bike, is still unaccounted for. It’s out there somewhere…”

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to WINTER 2014




My new bike by

Mike Jeffs, South Wales Secretary

It all started with an email to Thunder Road, Cwmbran asking if I could test ride an NC750X on the following Saturday. Within an hour Melanie Richards, the sales executive, replied asking me to fix a time for the pickup. I then negotiated an hour and a half test ride so that I could test bum suitability. I tend to do long trips and need a bike with a saddle that will sustain riding for an hour or so at a time and had the bike failed this test I wouldn’t have bought it.

When I arrived Melanie was very attentive (well I guess that the prospect of a sale does that). All the paperwork was sorted out and I was shown around the bike. A couple of the controls were in a different place to those on my Deauville. The bike was filled with petrol and I was on my way. I rode non-stop for the hour and half and was impressed by the bike and it passed the crucial test! On return we sat down and the part exchange offer was the figure I had in mind and as I liked the NC we started the paperwork there and then. I don’t mess about once I make my mind up. I was then passed onto Richard who went through all the purchase options and add-ons, etc. I went for heated grips and a taller screen. Within the hour everything was all sorted out and I was the owner of a brand new NC750X. Collection day for the new bike was set for just over a week later. Richard and Melanie couldn’t do enough for me. Part exchanging the Deauville was good as it saved me the hassle of having to get down to the shop to pick up the new bike, storing 2 bikes and dealing with numpties who just want to gawp and have a free ride. I know I got less for the Deauville than I could have, but in all honesty it had 65k miles on the clock with me having put on 50k of them! I have covered over 1000 miles in the first month. The first service has come and gone and I am still enjoying the bike. Fuel consumption is phenomenal with a high of 81mpg and a low of 75.7mpg.

Mike picking up his bike from Melanie

The only problem I have is that the trip mileage does not always update. Honda are aware of the issue and are working on a warranty fix, which may mean a replacement speedo head.

Thunder Road very kindly offer HOC members a discount Please contact; Melanie Richards, Sales Executive, Thunder Road Motorcycles, Cwmbran. Tel 01633 486343, e-mail

Got a story to tell? Please share the biking experiences that you have had with the Honda Owners Club, in Golden Wing, for everyone to enjoy Send your text and pictures to or post it to the address on page 2 WINTER 2014


The closing date of the vote was 13th August 2013 and to my surprise there was a 100% vote in favour. We decided to book a field at Grendon Lakes called Gerrards Ponds and hold it over the August bank holiday 22nd to 25th August 2014. I was at home one day when Sharon and I were discussing names for our Rally. Our eldest son Trevor was also present at the time. He suggested as the County emblem for Northamptonshire is the Tudor Rose why not call it “The Rosebowl Rally”. This is now how Northants Branch rallies will be known as The Rosebowl Rally.

Enjoying fish and chips on Friday night

Rose Bowl Rally by Stuart Piele, Northants Branch Secretary

In July 2013, after the annual HOC Roast which we had hosted, Shaz and I had members approaching us suggesting that the Northants Branch host a rally. I must admit was somewhat sceptical at first because I knew it was a first for Northants. I thought the fairest way of doing it was to put it out to Northants members via Facebook and for a vote to be held on our Branch forum. 42 GOLDEN WING

On the late morning of Friday I arrived at Grendon Lakes along with several other members. Chris Stocks had been able to arrange for a catering tent to be borrowed from the scouts. We had a hot water urn which Kim Pegg had kindly been able to borrow for hot water, so tea and coffee was on tap. Campers put a donation in the pot to go towards the scouts. I understand from Chris that they were more than happy, as we raised over £50 towards their funds. On the Friday night a Fish and Chip run was done which was well received by members.

Leaving on the Saturday ride WINTER 2014

On the Saturday, Garry (Chuffer) Goldingay led the rideout, which went through the roads of Northamptonshire and parts of Warwickshire to Tank And Firepower Show which was Dunchurch in Warwickshire. A discount entry fee of ÂŁ5 instead of ÂŁ8.50 had been arranged by Garry for HOC members. I understand that everyone who went enjoyed themselves.

At the show

A few months prior to the rally, the Branch Committee was approached by Garry asking if he and Sharon could have their wedding party/celebration with members of the HOC at the rally, where they would provide food and drink. The Northants Branch was more than happy to oblige, as were their bridesmaids myself and Stritchy! We both got some strange looks from other campers on the site as they drove past us whilst we were waiting to walk the wedding procession onto the field to receive their blessings from even stranger priests, Shaz and Ruth. I loved the hat Stritchy was wearing and Ruth appeared to be on the wine again. Shaz appeared to have a speech impediment and looked very attractive in her glasses.

I wish to say a big thank you to all the branch members who assisted during the weekend. Special mention to Chris for organising the tent from the Scouts, Roger for helping in erecting the tents and gazebos, thanks to Dibble for transporting the gazebos to the site, Kim Pegg for getting hold of the hot water urn and collecting the money for the rally from the campers. A big thank you to Sharon and Garry for putting on an excellent spread on the Sunday. As ever a big thank you to my Shaz for her support to the event. I would like to say a big thank you and help for the support of branch members outside of Northants for supporting our first rally.

A fantastic group WINTER 2014


Dilligaf’s 2014 season by

Elaine Heckford, Dilligaf Racing

What a year it has been Oxford Branch HOC member Steve Moody! After snapping up a 1999 Honda CBR600FX race bike for a bargain price of £800, Steve has been officially been crowned the 2014 EMRA Formula 600 Pre-injection champion. Steve achieved a 100% winning record this season, which has seen him come out on top in some close battles all year, to take 10 race wins out of 10.

The season had started off very dodgy with both ageing bike and rider very sick; Steve with a very dodgy tummy and the CBR with an even more dodgy ECU! Thankfully the team was able to raid Elaine’s CBR600 road bike for a wiring loom and ECU while waiting impatiently for a new ECU to arrive. The team was running off a fart and a prayer (literally) as the ageing duo (bike and rider) lined up for the first race of the season. With a deluge of HOC supporters cheering Steve on, he took his first pole and back to back race wins since the days when he had hair and the CBR was the ‘must have’ race bike to have! Steve’s success continued throughout the season as he continued his winning streak 44 GOLDEN WING

to his notch up more and more wins on his biking bedpost, cheered on by his ever loyal HOC supporters. Hopes of a wining the championship were almost shattered in round 4 as Steve high-sided on his triumph 675R, while competing in the Marine Fabrications Supersport championship in preparation for the Manx GP. Luckily Steve had a soft landing, his head, and after being lifted back on the CBR, he secured yet another victory.

The final round was an exciting finale. Once again Steve took pole and got off to a flying start wheelieing the 1999 pre-injection Honda CBF600 FX off the start line. In what was to be the most exciting race of the season, a fierce battle ensued with the 2013 champ with the lead swapping on each bend and every lap. On lap 6, Steve pulled a superb move at Edwina’s to take the lead, taking the win and the championship, stamping his authority on the series as the undefeated champion, maintaining his 100% winning record.

cheered on by his ever loyal HOC supporters To add to this success, Steve also competed in the Manx Grand Prix 2014. The MGP is held each year in August on the Isle on Man on the same 37.73 mile mountain circuit as the legendary TT races. Here amateur racers compete against themselves and others on the world’s most famous and dangerous race circuit. After a week of practice Steve was feeling confident as HOC supporters landed on the ferry armed with their WINTER 2014

Dilligaf team shirts! Steve was set to compete in both the Junior and Senior MPG races. In perfect race conditions, Steve on the number 72 Triumph 675R headed off down Bray Hill with supporters positioned in strategic points around the course to cheer on the marvellous Mr Moody. After a seamless pit stop and smooth race, Steve completed the 4 lap 150 mile race through towns, villages and over a mountain, in 1 hour 23 minutes and 39 seconds with a fastest lap speed of 110.105mph to finish 40th overall out of 90 riders off the grid, gaining him a prized silver replica trophy and achieving his ambition. The Senior Race was held on the following Friday where high winds and rain in the morning had caused a delay to the start of the race. Steve now riding with the number 45, once again set off down Bray Hill, with pit crew and supporters waiting at the grandstand for his ‘fly pass’. Steve passed the grandstand at the end of lap 1 with speeds of 148mph but he did not return for his pit stop on lap 2. A very worried Elaine went for news. She returned to very worried Dilligaf supporters to shout loudly, ‘its OK he’s blown the bike up’, to which they responded with even louder cheers. A very oily and disappointed Steve returned to the paddock on the back of HOC member Richard Harland’s ER6. Both Steve and Elaine would like to thank all those who have supported Dilligaf racing this season and those who came along to each race meeting and the Manx GP, especially Clive and Ann Latham and the loveable Erica!

How to become a racer by Dilligaf racer

Steve Moody

So what does it take to become a racer? A fast bike? Natural talent? Money? Time? Dedication? Hours of practice? Opportunities?

A mixture of all is needed but most importantly, support, as without the support of friends and family over the years, no matter how much of the above I had, I would never have reached my dream of racing at the Isle of Man.

So how do you get started? 1 Get a bike - Dilligaf bought the championship winning CBR for just £800! 2 Get on ‘track’ - track days are available all over the country ranging from as little as £80 3 Get an ACU licence - classroom training and rider assessment 4 Join a racing club - find your local club on the internet 5 Get racing! - first as a novice- entry fees start from around £140 6 Be warned! Even at club level be prepared to spend upwards of £3k per season. Do you want to know more? If so contact Steve

Race reports and more info about the team and Steve is on their website FaceBook Dilligaf Racer and Twitter @DilligafRacer Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to WINTER 2014


Had an accident? Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 43 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll ! 46 GOLDEN WING



BR NE AN W arlington CH istrict


If you live in the Darlington area and would like to meet up with fellow HOC members... now is your chance!

Phil Baker, ex North London member, is starting a new Branch in the area and would like to here from you. No matter what you ride, you will be very welcome to go along, chat about bikes, enjoy rides and have a great time.


Please contact: Phil Baker 4 Holyrood Avenue, Darlington, Co Durham DL3 8AZ, call him on 01325 382012 or 07745 544808 e-mail They meet every Thursday, from 7.30pm at The Model T, 135 Fulthorpe Avenue, Darlington, DL3 9XT



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


e have changed our meeting place on Wednesdays to the The Cross Keys, 13 High Street, Pulloxhill, though we are still looking for a venue that ticks all of the boxes. As the other branches will know this is not an easy task, fulfilling all the needs of a group of hungry motorcyclists for food, drink, parking and meeting space. Oh, and the wives have to approve as well :0) Steve and Julie are still receiving counselling after the last search for a branch home so it may be a while before the quest continues…. In fairness the current pub does at least have parking for the bikes right out front which in the better weather did encourage people to stand around and chat. However now that the weathers changed they’ve all gone back indoors. I even got moaned at for standing in the doorway and letting in a draft last week…. If only the ride outs were as well attended as club nights! Turnout on a Sunday morning has been poor throughout the summer despite a full programme and a number of people putting themselves out to arrange runs. Oddly the more expensive options, a week’s holiday in the Derwent Valley followed by another weekend in the same area and then my annual weekend run to Aberystwyth, were all well attended. The week-long trip

astonishingly so with over three quarters of the branch attending. Maybe I should just hand over the branch reins to Judith Chalmers or Thomas Cook? One sad piece of news at the branch is that our Chairman and trip organiser extraordinaire, Ian Parris, has to give up biking due to a severely dodgy knee. The last time I spoke to him both Pans were up for sale at very reasonable prices to HOC members. Though I have noticed him asking about smaller bike and scooters on the quiet. SSSShhhhhh, don’t tell the doc or the wife. On the plus side he has said he’ll carry on as Chairman and organise more trips and we gain a support vehicle for the luggage :0) Maybe when Steve has removed the reconstruction of the Somme battlefield he had created especially for the centenary in his front garden, we’ll all be able to get in the door for more bacon butties and plan next year’s diary. All the best


• • • 48 GOLDEN WING


• • • WINTER 2014


Birmingham Secretary: Nick Parton - 0121 603 8983

Plough and Harrow, Slade Road, Roughley, Sutton Coldfield B75 5PF. 2nd Tuesday of each month from 8pm

• • •


Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417 Ye Olde Inne, Westerleigh Road, Westerleigh, Bristol BS37 8QP. 1st Tuesday of the month from 8pm

• • •


Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883

Hartford Mill, Wyton, Hartford, Huntingdon PE28 2AA on 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 8pm

• • • 50 GOLDEN WING


Chester & District Secretary: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540

The Cheshire Cat, Whitchurch Road, Christleton, Chester CH3 6AE. Alternate Thursdays from 8.30pm.

• • •


Secretary: Ian Wickham - 01392 879445 The Seven Stars Inn, Alphington Road, Exeter EX2 8JD. 1st Tuesday of each month from 7.30pm.

• • •


Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272 The True Lovers Knot, Tarrant Keynston, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 9JG. 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 7.30pm.

• • • WINTER 2014


East Midlands Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

BBQ Meeting 14th September

As the weather was holding we decided to have a BBQ instead of the regular meeting, to discuss matters such as the branch holiday for next year.

We’ll meet again

Last of the Summer wine

National Rally 19th - 22nd September

John & Beth, Les & Di, John & Michelle, Roger and Steve & Rita all met up at New Romney for the National Rally, not our biggest turn out ever, but at least some of us made it. The journey down was an horrendous one for Steve and me, it took eight and a half hours on the bike, but on arrival we were greeted by the ever smiling Stritchy who handed us our goody bags for the weekend. There never was such a pleasing sight. Saturday was a day for wandering, so we just passed time by looking around the local area and sampling some of the local beers. Saturday night was 40’s night with so many people dressing up to reflect the theme. Girls from the land army, soldiers, sailors and even a contingent from overseas (Allo, Allo, Listen very carefully, I shall say zis only once). There was much frivolity and the entertainment was very fitting for the era.

Allo, Allo, listen very carefully I shall say zis only once

On Sunday we decided to take a trip on the steam train, just to stay in keeping with the theme.

A touch of nostalgia

• • • 52 GOLDEN WING


HOC Christmas Party - Cricklade 28th - 30th November Friday night was catch up night and a chance for a good old chin wag. After the buffet we all retired to the conservatory for drinks and more conversation. During the day on Saturday, Jennie, Ian, Steve and me went for a stroll around Cricklade and had a very interesting history lesson from the local Town Crier. Apparently Cricklade still has a Saxon style judicial system and governance.

Saturday night was party night. Best frocks at the ready and dancing shoes donned, old friends and new gathered to party the night away.

Dancing the night away

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

We walked through the town and as Cricklade is the first town on the river Thames we thought that we would take a look. It doesn’t look much like the river Thames that I have seen before, thought it was wider than that!

Steve, Marie, Chris & Pauline


The Thames, really!

• • • WINTER 2014



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


t the beginning of September I took part in the FIM Motocamp in Sabrosa, Northern Portugal. I thought last year’s Motocamp at Bredebro in Denmark was good. This year’s Motocamp, organised by Moto Club Porto, raised the bar again. Ride To The Wall

John on the FIM Motocamp, Portugal

Starting from RAF Conningsby on the 17th September; Martin Armstrong took part in the charity ride to Arnhem, in the Netherlands, to raise funds for the RAF Benevolent fund and Motorcycle Outreach. The destination was chosen to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden. On the first Saturday of October we took part in the Run To The Wall (RTTW). The annual pilgrimage starts from multiple points through out the UK and ends at the National Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire. I thought the poor weather would reduce the numbers attending, I was very wrong. The numbers were more than ever. Over 20,000 took part in this year’s RTTW.

A very wet start to the RTTW at Woodhall Services on the M1

We joined the Mid Lincs. MAG group on Sunday 12th October and took part in their annual Hedgehog run to the Lincolnshire Hedgehog Care centre at Authorpe near Louth. Then some of us went on to Mablethorpe to watch the sand racing.

MAG hedgehog run

Mablethorpe sand racing

• • • 54 GOLDEN WING


Graham, Martin, Lorrie & I went to the Classic Mechanics bike show at Stafford show ground on Sunday 19th October. This year the organisers had some of the bikes being ridden around the outside show ring. It was good to hear the bikes as well as seeing them.

We went to the Motorcycle Live Event at the NEC Birmingham. It was great to see all the manufacturers represented. The Honda Owners Club stand was excellent and a great credit to the club. The volunteers worked tirelessly to recruit new members.

The Classic Mechanics Show at Stafford

Lorrie & Martin at Motorcycle Live

Martin & Graham at Stafford The sign says it all

Paul has added panniers to his new Vultus.

The HOC stand at Motorcycle Live

If any Honda Owners club members feel like having a go at continental touring and would like to try out a FIM Touring event, you can find out more by going to the FIM Team GB website. ( The 2015 FIM Rally is at Vorden in the Netherlands. Paul’s Vultus with new panniers


• • • WINTER 2014


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jon Arscott - 01452 306889 or 07866 238330

There is not much news from the Gloucester branch this time I passed my CBT in August with the view to one day taking my test on a big bike Following that my husband had a motorcycle accident, so we have not been able to go out on any bike Hopefully we will be getting a new bike in the new year.

Also I am standing down from the job of branch secretary at our AGM. All correspondence will need to be sent to Jon Arscott as he is taking over, at present I have enjoyed my time as secretary and can say it is an experience everybody should try. are taking place.


• • •



Organiser: David Eccles - 07797 854967

The Watersplash Jersey, La Grande Route Des Mielles, St. Peter, Jersey JE3 7FN. Last Wednesday of the month from 6pm.

• • •

Got a story to tell? Please share the biking experiences that you have had with the Honda Owners Club, in Golden Wing, for everyone to enjoy Send your text and pictures to or post it to the address on page 2



Lakes & Coast


Organisers: Peter Steen - 01539 444059 & Victoria Parker - 07941 831379

reetings from Sunny Blackpool. After 7 months of not being part of the motorcycle scene due to personal reasons and being unable to move or ride my lovely Motorcycle Fred I am now back and Peter is having a well earned rest and leaving this article to me. I think we heard enough about the Lake District recently and my challenge is to make this 100% bike related and about the coast part of the Lakes and Coast Branch so here goes. I will start with a story of how impressed I am with Blackpool Honda. My bike was stood still under a Oxford all weather cover in my back yard from the end of may to mid October and even though I tried to start the bike a few times it hadn’t been started either so, after charging the battery for about 6 hours and it making no difference at all I decided I needed help so I gave Blackpool Honda a call after a short discussion they agreed to collect my bike they also agreed to a reasonable set price to get my bike started and would let me know if any work was needed and what it would cost before they did anything more which was very helpful as I was concerned about it being very expensive. The next day a very nice man arrived to collect my bike and after I moved the bike out of my yard he turned the engine kill switch off and proceeded to start the bike and after a little hesitation the bike started and then he said what is the bike going in for I said laughing in embarrassment to get it started after not being started for 5 months, at this point he managed to be very professional and not think I was a silly girl and said it was quite common for the engine kill switch to be the problem so much so when he collects bikes its the first thing he checks and doesn’t always take the bikes he arranged to take, he suggested that as it had been of the road it

was probably best he took the bike in to be checked and serviced but would get them to call me to confirm what to do which they did and I agreed to a full service at a set price and any parts needed would be extra which sounded great and to my luck no parts were needed and nothing more than the service was required. I am sharing this embarrassing story with you all to show how you can trust Blackpool Honda to treat you fairly and respectfully regardless of how little you know about bikes and not make you part with more money than is absolutely necessary for work that you don’t necessarily need. When I collected my bike from Blackpool Honda I was very nervous after not riding for so long but they advised me to ride around the car park a few times on my way out I got chatting to one of the sales guys Kevin MacGregor who introduced me to a Facebook group he is part of and promotes called North West UK motorcycles and bikers a social group for all bikers in area even if they are members of other clubs like HOC or MAG to which I have joined and so far it seems great and I hope to join in with some of there events as and when I can as they do have over a thousand members interested in doing ride outs and social activities every day of the week not just weekends which sounds great. I haven’t heard from any members in or around Blackpool yet so if your reading this get in touch we could meet up and go for a ride somewhere, probably best to wait till the spring when the daylight is longer and the weather is warmer but not essential, unless its pouring down with rain I will go for a ride. Well that’s all from me bye for now


• • • WINTER 2014



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


irstly, a big welcome to Dave and Mark who joined at the NEC and have since visited us at our branch meeting and joined us on a ride. I hope you enjoy the club. We continue to meet at the Tudor Rose, Borden near Sittingbourne on the first and third Wednesdays from 8.00 p.m. and we will be having our Christmas meal there on Friday 5 December.

Since my last report we have had the National Rally in New Romney and what a great time it was. Well done to Ruth and Stritchy who did most of the organising and I would like to thank Mike O and John A for leading the ride-outs and also James A and Dave O for tailing and Mike L for mid-man role. There were many other people who helped with the rally’s success and my thanks to all who were involved and helped put Kent on the HOC map. In October, Tony-B led an excellent trip to France. After an early start at the Channel tunnel, we enjoyed rides on a combination of A roads and motorway to allow enough time for a wander round the war museum and a look at a typical trench.

Christmas meal at Tudor Rose 2013

Kent HOC Wing Men at the National Rally

• • • 58 GOLDEN WING


There was a cafe on site where we had lunch and where the female pillions who were not interested in the museum stayed and enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine. France

On the train in the Tunnel

We had a great day’s ride to Pevensey, stopping at Battle on the way for coffee and on arrival at Pevensey we had a look round Gedge’s, the local Honda dealers. We then went for a customary fish ‘n’ chip lunch before heading to the beach for ice creams.

Posing at Battle

We did the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in early November, joining the vehicles en route to Brighton. Although the weather was atrocious, there was a good turnout of cars and spectators - mostly in good spirits, although some cars did inevitably break down. On arrival at Brighton, we had a wander around and an enjoyable lunch. Unfortunately for me on the way home - and at the point I branched off from the rest of

the group - my bike broke down due to being waterlogged. I got it going, but it broke down again so I had to call for assistance. On November 9th, we attended our annual Remembrance Day Parade at Chislehurst in the company of the Meridian Chapter of the Harley Owners Group. Following the Parade, we rode to Dungeness for Fish ‘n’ Chips. I visited the Classic Bike / Car Show at NEC then a couple of us did the NEC Live. Our last event in 2014 will be our annual Toy Run to Fairlawn Children’s Home where Ruth and Stritchy, who did so much to raise funds at the rally, are our Guests of Honour and will present the ‘giant’ cheque to Fairlawn, which we are following with a meal in a local pub. We have had another good year in 2014 and 2015 should be just as good. During the winter months we plan to do Bowling, Greyhound Racing and Speedway. Pauline and John have planned a trip to North Wales in June that a dozen of us have signed up to. This includes a Zip wire experience and the Snowdon Railway. Several of us were planning the IOM Classic (Manx) but the ferry costs etc. are somewhat more than we envisaged, so we have cancelled. We expect to join North London HOC on some of their early rides as we did this year (so Roland, get better soon). New members are always welcome to join us at any meetings and/or rides. In the meantime, happy and safe riding to everyone.

HOC group


• • • WINTER 2014


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


ello all from the Manchester Branch. As it’s the final report of the year (or the first report of the new year, depending on when you get the magazine), I thought it was time for a retrospective look at what we’ve got up to during the year and a quick look at next year.

Pancake tossing

Ellesmere starting

We started with a grey, but dry ride to Ellesmere port, followed by a grey and sunny ride to Glasson Dock.

Longnor ride soon followed and, while it started wet, it was lovely and sunny by the time we arrived. Sleap Airport (sunny again) followed that. And so on, throughout the year. I can’t remember any ride where I was miserable or wet (or both). We had great times on the day rides and a superb weekend away in the Cotswolds.

Relaxing in the Cotswolds

Glasson Dock – the end

That was soon followed by our sunny Pancake Day ride (are you beginning to see a picture here).

Our longest ride, 260 miles up to Hartside café and around the North Yorks moors, had 20 bikes and 5 pillions. I added up all the miles that our members did and it came to over 35,000 – think of the money the Treasury has from our enjoyment!!!

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2014

Our club nights continue to be well attended and we are getting new members turning up as they hear about how much fun it is to be in the club. But the highlight of the year wasn’t a ride at all – it was our annual Christmas dinner. This is always well attended and this year we had 35 people sitting down for food.

Julie winning the sore-ass pillion award

This was followed by a raffle and everyone went home with something. Next year we have a new Rides Coordinator – Gary Fisher – who has designed The room and mapped about 15 rides so far. Of course, the Pancake run is on (Feb 15th, I think) – and The entertainment (OK, me doing a short anyone from any branch is welcome to see speech and slide show) seemed to be well how good Norma’s cooking really is. Our received and I presented a few awards to the other rides go all over Northern England members. and, of course, everyone is encouraged to join is. I think that’s it for this year. We have one last short ride planned and then a break until the new year. Enjoy the riding – I know we do.

Alan Sharkey


• • • WINTER 2014




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


ell what a great summer we have endured over here in paradise! That is until practice week of Man Grand Prix (sorry “The festival of Motorcycling”) when the temperature plummeted and we all felt like it was October. Not to worry though as race week was OK and we were threatened with a late heat wave, and didn’t it turn out to be the best summer for years, lucky John has been everywhere on his bike because he can, unfortunately I still can’t ride or drive due to the Vertigo. After reading Andy’s article on his adventures on his Big Red Bus, page 42 of the summer edition I have to tell you that Len Edwards is alive and well and has stayed with us for the last 6 years during the MGP as his son, Dave, races his classic 250 Yamaha. Len can also be found in the paddock at the Southern 100 where Dave also races. He is now a sprightly 83 and a quarter, he tells me, and is full of interesting tales, always a pleasure to see him and we hope he’ll be back next year.

This should have been in the last magazine but we didn’t make the deadline as I had yet another fall at the end of August with a visit to A & E, not to be recommended! Not a lot to report on branch activities as we have missed a few of the regular meets but are looking forward to the Christmas meal next week, held this year at the famous Creg na Baa, should be interesting as we haven’t been there to eat before, Kim and Ian have though and say its good. Will report back in the next issue! I’ll pass you over to John now so he can tell you more about riding bikes!


Hi, the biggest VMCC event of the year, of course, takes place during MGP, the “Festival of Jurby” when it seems like every bike on the Island, local or visitor, descends on the airfield there. This year because of Karen’s balance problems, we went in the car so my Ducati wasn’t on display, still everyone’s seen it before. It is still running well and I did a full lap of the course on it one day, not quite as fast as Mike Hailwood, took about an hour, but was great fun! The photo’s of old Honda’s were taken at Jurby, as was the picture of Karen getting to grips with Sammy Miller, he comes over every year and rides one or two of his bikes, and like all the famous racers, there, just mingles with the crowd! The picture of me on the BMW being an old hooligan was taken at Jurby again, but this time during the second VMCC track day held at the end

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING


of November. Another great day with bright, dry but cold conditions and including getting there and back I managed to cover over 120 miles! I think I did about 45 laps, split between clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, well. it evens out the tyre wear! Causes more wear on the boot edges though! Just as MGP was being cleared away, Karen launched into her latest project, a fund raiser in aid of SSAFA, the oldest of the armed forces charities. She is a case worker for this charity which includes all branches of the forces. This was a concert night held in the Manx Legion Club with a Liverpool band called “The Sound” who play regularly at Ricky Tomlinson’s club, and was a great success! We managed to get sponsorship for the cost of the band from Poker Stars who were very helpful, and scrounged some great raffle prizes from lots of local businesses and raised nearly £900!! On the night it turned out she’d been organising a surprise birthday party for me as I turned 65 a week or so earlier, so with some of our friends from the Moddey Dhoo bike club, and two old biking friends of mine over for the weekend, it turned into a really great night!


Until next time, this is M.O.B. Signing off. Be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim, Ian & James

• • • WINTER 2014



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


ell since our last edition of golden Wing we seem to have been really busy in the Branch with lots of bits and pieces. We had a FABULOUS National Rally in Kent - SO many things to see and do that are just too numerous to list or describe. Branch membership has risen again and we have welcomed several new members to our meetings and rides this quarter of the year.

We then went to the Christmas Dinner/ Dance which was awesome - MANY MANY thanks to Worzel and Angie for organising such a treat. Malmsbury was such an awesome place to explore and the dinner and dance were just perfect - lovely food and brilliant company. The drinks were arranged beautifully as can be seen in the photo and we can’t wait for next year’s event.

Rob organised a really good, interesting run to the only complete World War 1 airfield in this country - RFC Stow Maries - a unique, genuine WW1 airfield. To keep with the authenticity theme most of us decided to start our day as an RFC pilot would; with a “full English”. Upon arrival, we parked as pre-arranged on hard standing in front of some original M/T buildings, proceeded to the museum to pay our entrance fee of £4 each then retired to the cafeteria for a cuppa whilst we waited for our host, Russell Savoury. Russell is the visionary behind this diverse Great War airfield facility and its remaining WW1 buildings, they are slowly being restored, there is also a wildlife haven which includes a conservation area for local flora and fauna, the whole site really is a little gem. Once refreshed, Russell gave us an introductory talk about the airfield itself and of the based squadrons who defended London from Zeppelin and Gotha bomber attacks at night. As he knew we were members of the HOC, he extended his chat to us by giving details of his long and varied motorsport career including test and development of Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda motorcycles. He proceeded to show a couple of short films detailing RFC Stow Maries, then one of his volunteers give us a very informative guided tour of the site, buildings, memorial, and hangar. Afterwards we had free time for a leisurely look around the museum and artefacts, following that we all gathered back in the hangar for the obligatory Norfolk Branch HOC “Squadron Photo” kindly taken by David of the Cambridge Branch who joined us on our tour, having seen it advertised on the Norfolk website. This short piece goes no way to do justice to RFC Stow Maries, please

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING


take a few moments to look at their website, RFC Stow Maries really is worth a visit.

We ended the year with a great 10-pin bowling night which was organised by Rob so well. We had a first game then a meal followed by another set - what do you call a bowls game??? It was a great laugh so many thanks Rob for this. Penny was interested in playing with Tony’s jumper - we all decided to build on the Christmas Jumper brekkie theme from the HOC dinner/dance so turned up in a variety of “interesting” seasonal jumpers etc!!!

Our 1st Sunday breakfast meetings are proving extremely popular - it is SUCH hard work researching good eating venues.....and the 3rd Sunday being an organised ride-out has worked very well this last year. This coming year we have a busy schedule and a great trip to the Isle of man in August/September for the Classic TT and Manx GP - BRING IT ON!!! Unfortunately our meeting place pub has shut while new owners are recruited - this is such a shame as the beer and food there plus live music has been we are hitting the road researching good pubs and venues.....which is such great fun!!! Norfolk Branch wishes everyone in HOC a really brilliant 2015 full of sunny days and great riding. We will see many HOC friends somewhere on a dry road with no potholes, gravel or other hazards soon.......we hope!!!!! Ride safe,

Dave and Sue

• • • WINTER 2014


North London Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


would like to start this report off with firstly thanking all the members of the North London Branch for looking after the shop whilst I was in and out of hospital. It is refreshing to know that people are willing to step up to the plate and make things continue to run when it is needed. I did start to think I might not be needed at the helm, but it was nice to hear people say “get well soon, we need you back in the club”. Nearly made me cry. All in all the runs continued and from what I was hearing the people on the ride outs enjoyed themselves. So I send a big thank you to all those that came forward and helped out in any way that they did. Well done. Secondly I would like to thank all HOC members for their good wishes, hospital visits and get well cards. I was truly humbled to get so many. Thank you one and all. Since the last report, which Graham submitted whilst I was in hospital, they have been very active and getting out and about. On September 7th members joined the Essex Air Ambulance run from Dunton to Harwich. This is a well attended event with hundreds of bikers from all different clubs joining in. It is nice when you ride into Harwich, as it seems the whole town turns out to watch you arrive. The bikes are parked up around the big green by the sea wall and then you spend the afternoon walking around the green checking out the stalls and the bikes there. On the 19th some of our members attended the HOC National Rally in Kent. Feedback I received was that they all enjoyed the weekend. Everyone was impressed with the effort taken for the fancy dress party. It was

nice to see so many people dressing up. They were very impressed with the organisation of the event and the campsite. So a big well done to the Kent Branch and other people involved with organising such a weekend. Well done. A ride out to Royston for lunch took place on the 28th. Following lunch the ride continued on to Grafham Water for tea and coffee. On the 5th October the branch rode to Copdock for the motorcycle show there. This is a well attended show with plenty to see there. A quick ride up the A12 soon got the gang there. The HOC AGM was held on the 19th and some of the members had a lovely ride to it. Whilst at the AGM Phil Baker, ex North London member, who had moved back to Darlington gave a little presentation on the forming of a new branch of the HOC, the Darlington Branch. The new branch is in its infancy and should start up soon. John Green, ex North London member, has also moved to Darlington and is assisting Phil to form the new branch, so looks like they already have a Chairman and Secretary. So if any of you know of any bikers living near to Darlington who are looking out to join a club please give them the heads up on this new branch. Phil can be contacted on 07745 544808. The North London AGM took place on the 23rd. I couldn’t attend this event as I was being looked after in hospital at the time. As we had lost our Chairman, John Green, due to his move to Darlington, Graham Gull was voted in as the Chairman and Treasurer. Steve Armstrong was voted in as our events and ride out organiser, which I shall help Steve with. And lastly I was voted in to remain as the Branch Secretary.

• • • 66 GOLDEN WING


We have started looking at next year’s activities already and hopefully will be able to display our calendar for next year soon. On the 26th there was a ride out to Burnham On Crouch for lunch. The route was via some lovely country roads. The Burnham bends are lovely to take if the is no car traffic in front of you. Just be careful because the Police love to go out there with their speed gun. The 9th of November saw the branch ride to Duxford for Remembrance Sunday. This is a great Service to attend as it is always well attended. This also gives us a chance to meet up with other HOC Branches that attend, always nice to catch up with friends from other branches. On the 16th there was a ride out to Wally’s Shed near to Sudbury. It was a lovely ride through the country roads there and back. A lovely lunch was had at Wally’s Shed. Nice food and at a good price.

23rd saw the NEC show. Graham again spent the whole week there helping to fly the HOC flag. Well done Graham and of course all you others who also helped out there. We had members of the NLHOC attend the show on various days. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and came away with some goodies. Steve and I have already started on next years calendar of ride outs/events. Hopefully you will see these appearing on the HOC website soon. I also hope to get back in the saddle early in the New Year, when I feel stronger. Until the next report we at North London would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ride safe.


• • •



Northants Secretary: Stu Peile - 07549 407048


he Northants branch continues to have a loyal following amongst the members who live within the county and other members who prefer to frequent our branch.

National Rally

Held on the 19th to 22nd September 2014 held at Marlie Holiday park, New Romney. This was another bumper, brilliant and fun packed rally. It was great once again for members of other branches to have a dam good laugh and party all weekend. The 40’s evening on the Saturday night was absolutely brilliant. It was so wonderful to see so many members of Northants branch at the National. I think it is working where Sharon and I have sold branch members the idea to go on the national because it an absolute must annual event in the HOC calendar. Our branch chairperson Gordon was the “Troops Entertainment Manager” for the evening (it was his birthday) he was dressed to match the part. Everyone looked brilliant in their 1940’s fancy dress. We will all do it again next year 18th to 21st September 2015 National Rally.

Everyother runs 24th September and 1st October 2014

The EOR on 24/09/14 was scheduled to be the last one of the year to Stibbington Diner as an annual memorial run to those members of Northants branch who are no longer with us but will always be in our thoughts and minds. Due to the amount of members who were unable to attend it it did go ahead but it was repeated on 01st October led by Kev. It was a good evening and will be repeated in 2015.

British Superbikes, Silverstone 3rd to 5th October 2014

As I mentioned last year this event would feature in the Annual HOC calendar and we repeated it again this year. We sold over 50+ tickets for the event. We had the clubs gazebos set up as a hub for members. In the normal HOC tradition we were serving Coffee and cakes from the HUB. Unfortunately due to the severe rain on 4th October there was no parade lap around the track. It was brilliant to see other HOC members who had made the trip up to Silverstone to see brilliant racing.

The HOC hospitality area at Silverstone

We had members from as far as Bristol branch and Wiltshire branch A big thank you to those members who purchased the tickets which helps support the event so we as a club can benefit from the preferential ticket rates offered by Silverstone. It was a shame that Honda UK were absent but hopefully in 2015 they will give Kawasaki and BMW a run for their money and may be bring the BSB Championship back to Honda for the season. The dates for BSB 2015 are 2nd to 5th October 2015. Put this date in your diaries.

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2014

HOC AGM 19th October 2014

The AGM was held again at the National Motorcycle Museum. As ever there was plenty lively debate about the club. It is the first AGM since I have been a member of the HOC (which is about 7 years) where members of the Northants branch got a mention and won several awards. A big thank you to the members of the branch who made the effort to go to the National Rally as the branch won “Best Branch Turnout Award”. It was an honour to receive this award on behalf of the members of Northants branch. Lets make sure we kept hold of the trophy. We must not forget Northants member Tony Pegg won the Saddle Sore award for clocking up the highest mileage by travelling to various club events across the country. We mustn’t forget Kim Pegg, Tony’s wife, for winning the Saddle Sore pillion award. It was a real honour to be at the AGM and see how branch members are placing Northants HOC on the map.

Motorcycle Live 2014

Another great show again. The HOC stand was very busy with new members signing up. Sharon and I attended the last weekend of the show it was very busy. It was great meeting all the motorcycle racers and journalists who are very approachable and down to earth, not the same which can be said for other sports of motor racing. I must say well done to my wife Sharon for signing up Lembit Öpik as member of the Honda Owners Club. It appears he has no cash on him and only uses American Express.

Stu & Shaz with Henry Cole

I think all the women of the HOC have all now calmed down after seeing the male dancers on the Honda stand.

Moving home... again

Tony getting his trophy from Lembit Öpik

It was brilliant to see the Communications director from MAG Lembit Öpik give a discussion about motorcycling. He will be visiting the branch on 04/02/15 date for your diary.

As you read this the HOC Curse fell on Northants branch after losing our venue at The George Wilby, we moved to Monk and Minstrel when we held our last meeting there on 20th November. We tried a couple of other venues but were not able to meet our needs or the car park was unsatisfactory. However as a branch we are hoping our new venue The George, Northampton Road, Brixworth NN6 9BU will stay open and hopefully be more permanent place for the branch to meet. Ride safe make progress


• • • WINTER 2014


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237

The Crown, 98 The Street, Capel, Surrey RH5 5JY. 1st and 3rd Thursday from 8pm.

• • •

Northumbria Secretary: Graeme Burrough - 07050 158 381

Seghill Rugby Club, Welfare Park, Seghill, Cramlington NE23 7EZ. Alternate Mondays from 7.30pm.

• • •

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!




Rose Bowl Rally 28th to 31st August 2015

Furnace Moorings, Wharf Farm, Furnace Lane, Nether Heyford, Northampton NN7 3JZ In beautiful surroundings next to the Grand Union Canal and with a couple of local pubs near by. Finer details yet to be confirmed, but there will be excellent ride outs and lots of fun with a “Bring Your Own Meat” BBQ on the Saturday night for a party celebrating the Northants Branch’s 20th year.

Pitches are £10 per night or £15 per night with electrics

(please note we have a limited number of electrical pitches available which MUST be pre-booked)

Name Address

Post Code

Branch Email

Tel No

n Friday 28th August

@ £10 per pitch OR £15 with electrics £

n Saturday 29th August

@ £10 per pitch OR £15 with electrics £

n Sunday 30th August

@ £10 per pitch OR £15 with electrics £

Total amount payable at booking


Please forward this booking form to the Northants Branch Treasurer who will advise of electronic payment method: e-mail: Or send a cheque, payable to Northants HOC, with booking form to Northants HOC, 47 Grangeway, Rushden, Northants NN10 9EZ




Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286

Well another year is coming to an end and our bikes are tucked up warm for the winter months. The Nottingham branch ventured down to Kent for the National Rally 2014 and what a fun filled weekend was had by all. The 1940’s theme was an awesome topic as it grabbed the enthusiasm of all who attended. The ration books were great and the Saturday night entertainment of the live 40’s band certainly went down a treat. Andy took along his Honda 125 and went on two of the ride-outs over the weekend. The weather stayed fair for their ride-outs and all who attended had an awesome time.

Andy’s 125 at the national rally

Andy at his ride-out brief

We also have a little mascot who attended the National Rally with us called blob and as you can see he was eager to join in on the ride-out preparation and also the 1940’s activities.

Blob at National Rally

Blob does 1940’s theme

1940s take

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2014

It was fantastic to see all getting into the 1940’s spirit and dressing up. What an awesome night to remember for all. Our branch AGM – saw a few changes to our committee members and another year ahead of us to plan some events, ride-outs and social events. New committee members include: Mark Reynolds – Branch Secretary and Wade Adams (appointed as Ride-out coordinator, after the AGM). All of our other posts remain the same. H.O.C AGM saw our Branch Treasurer Peter Dawson finally shave of his beard of that he has been growing since the H.O.C AGM 2013. Well done Peter for all you efforts to raise money for charity.




Trip to the NEC – Nottingham branch decided to hire a minibus and go see the H.O.C. stand at the NEC bike show and try to get some goodies at the same time. The Guys and Gals have done a fantastic job on the stand again this year and it looked fantastic.

Cheers Peeps

Debbie xx

• • • WINTER 2014



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


he Oxford Branch has continued with hijinks and fun into the Winter season. Our meetings at The Vine are well attended and we have had more interesting speakers. Paddy from ‘Overland Magazine’ came along and told us of his travels – a fascinating evening and such an excellent magazine, beautifully produced with lots of interesting articles. Our good friend and HOC member Dave gave us an excellent insight into advanced riding and brought us up to date on legislation changes. Last but by no means least, our very own Terry, who is a lecturer on mechanics at a local college, gave us a brilliant insight into how an engine works (wow – I respect my VFR even more now I know all the work it has to do every time I twist the throttle!) We had our Oxford AGM with the election of a new Ride Out Co-Ordinator, Clive Latham, as Ted German stood down after 4 excellent active years of co-ordinating all our capers! Well done and thanks Ted. Ted will still be doing one or two events so hasn’t ‘retired’ totally! We also have a new Treasurer, Mary-Anne Gilmer who has taken over the reigns from Tracy Clargo who has been handling our finances so efficiently for many years. Our sincere thanks go to Tracy for all her hard work and also to Mary-Anne and Clive for taking on the roles that had become vacant. Ride outs have been continuing – a great one to Kemble Airfield, via a whole variety of interesting roads and also a morning ride to Nelson’s Diner, near Newbury, for a delicious lunch (and maybe one or two of their yummy milkshakes!)

Another of the highlights this Autumn was our off road day. Six stalwart Oxford members enjoyed an adventurous day trialling off road riding near Melksham in Wiltshire - see ‘Mud and Blood’ for the full hilarious report! All arrived bright and early there was protective gear for those who had not brought their own and a bike familiarisation session around the car – including how to pick your bike up when you dropped it! (which everyone did except Steve Moody). Then it was off on tarmac, gravel tracks and through mud, over mounds and down slippery slopes. Lots of thrills and spills before a delicious lunch which was followed by more riding, slow practice and a little competition between the riders. All in all a great fun day, with only one or two who suffered aches and pains and strained ligaments, and everyone decided they would go back for another go! Well done to all. We are now getting ready for our Christmas get together and making lots of plans for 2015 to ensure we have a fun, active year enjoying our bikes once again! See everyone soon.


• • • 74 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2014

Cup of coffee

Time to relax

The gang

At Avebury

Having fun


Meeting at The Vine

That’s not a Honda!

Ready for off



That’s a bit dirty


Steve and Ivor

Poker Run - Oxford folk


This is fun

Up the hill

• • • WINTER 2014







Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782 Hello again from Reading Branch, you may have noticed that our Branch Report been missing from recent issues of Golden Wing but normal service has now been resumed!! We held our AGM back in August and I was lucky enough to be elected to the Branch Secretary post. Since then we’ve been busy with various rideouts involving our favourite activities of food and ice cream. “Worzel” our rideout coordinator knows how to keep the “Rabble” happy! Back at the end of August Nigel led a group of us to Sammy Miller’s Motorcycle Museum at Bashley in the New Forest, Worzel turned up with his MG “Montigue” but wasn’t allowed to join the ride as he had too many wheels. It was an interesting visit as it coincided with The Sammy Miller Run which involved around 100 classic bikes.

Sammy Miller muster

The Rabble having afternoon tea

In September a couple of the “senior” members took off for a few days to ride the North Atlantic Highway through Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Dave organised this trip and planned routes there and back avoiding the main roads which was quite an achievement. Due to the “age group” Dave included lots of regular “refreshment” stops including a Yoga Studio (I hadn’t seen that one coming!!). We were based in Porlock and enjoyed great weather and riding on fantastic but challenging roads. Late on Halloween evening a group of us braved the London traffic to visit the remembrance poppies at The Tower of London, “Worzel” guided us through some of the busiest traffic hotspots including: Knightsbridge, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and the Embankment, it had unintentionally become a sightseeing tour! As we arrived so late we were able to park near the Tower and there were no queues to view the poppies. The sight and atmosphere was stunning and thought provoking making the difficult journey very worthwhile.

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2014

Tower Poppies

The Rabble at the Tower of London

On a VERY wet Sunday morning in November the “Rabble” travelled to Naomi House & Jacksplace in Sutton Scotney to present our 2014 charity donation. We received a very warm welcome on this our second visit. A group of children and their carers came outside to the large covered reception area and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the bikes, it was a rewarding experience for all involved. Due to the generosity and hard work of club members we were able to present cheques to the value of £860.00

Ricky receiving the donation

The Rabble at Naomi House

Look forward to seeing some of you at next year’s events.


• • • WINTER 2014





Secretary: John Gorman

McDonald’s - A8 Showcase, Showcase Leisure Park, Coatbridge G69 7TX. Last Sunday of every month at 10.30am.

• • •

Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 2817193 or 07796 843369 The Blacksmiths Arms, Barbers Row, Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3UA. Every Monday from 8pm

• • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch WINTER 2014





Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


014 – A landmark year for Barbara and Alan. To mark 20 years of dedication and hard work Solent Branch presented them with an engraved plaque to mark the occasion. A big thank you to you both and here’s to the next 20 years! The National Rally this year was well attended by the Solent Branch. Never known to shy away from a spot of dressing up we came adorned in our 1940’s gear. We even brought our very own ‘Biggles’. His flying skills were somewhat erratic but what would you expect on a tank of alcohol! While some of us went on the Saturday ride out, others tried an alternative means of transport. A pleasant afternoon was spent ‘steaming’ through the countryside on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railway. Choo! Choo! Sunday night was onesie quiz night. Our team did not fare too well. I think we were still hung-over from the previous night’s antics – well that’s our excuse and we are sticking to it! A good time was had by all. Thanks Kent Branch for a great Rally! Must go now as the festive season is fast approaching and we need to prepare for our Branch Christmas celebrations. See you in the New Year!

Pat & Will

• • • WINTER 2014





Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


his winter edition of the Somerset Branch report provides the details of how the summer came and went. The Branch meeting nights are still being held on the third Tuesday of the month in The Nightjar, and it has been lonely with no other bikers turning up at all. As per my last report, I have arranged a number of events these being: Ride of Respect on 1 June Burnham Bike Knights on 15 July Nailsea International Bike Show on 2 August Bristol Bike Show on 16 August, RBLR Bike Show on 27 September Ride to the Wall 3-4 October Along with an invite to join me at the Oxford Rally.

Sadly, with the exception of a single member to the Burnham Bike Knights I have no takers at any of the arranged events, not even responses to my emails. I am going to continue to persevere with the branch meetings until April 2015 and if I still do not have any regular attendees then I shall sadly abandon the meetings, two years with very little attendance and I feel it is time to “Call Time”. I will however remain the branch focal point passing out information as it arrives, and greeting any new member (assuming they wish to be greeted). Safe bike riding and hopefully some of you will ride down to The Nightjar on the third Tuesday of the month.


• • •

HOC Roast Sunday 19th July 2015

Ask your Branch Secretary about joining in with this year’s HOC Roast



South Wales Secretary: Mike Jeffs - 0292 0864202 or 07760 142152


orry for the missing report in the last issue. I did submit one on time when asked but it must have got mislaid, let’s hope this one makes it. The branch is still without an official chairperson but Alun Salisbury is doing a sterling job of chairing the branch meetings (that’s all the chairperson has to do anyway). The meetings are now gathering pace again and are turning out to be lively, entertaining events. We have now changed our meeting place to the Pontyclun Rugby Club but still meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm. All are welcome. By the time that you read this we will have started having guest speakers attending the odd meeting. We had hoped to get Blood Bikes along at the November meeting but the chap was unavailable that date so this has been held over until January (though at the time of writing this we are trying to entice him to come along to our December Christmas meeting).

Terry and Lynne Lloyd get their award

Myself and Alun attended the HOC AGM on behalf of the branch. I may be a bit sad but I found it quite interesting. After all the official business the awards were given out and I had the pleasure of collecting a thank you award on behalf of 2 of our members. The outgoing chairman and secretary (Gareth and Donna Richards) had nominated the couple for their commitment to the branch. I collected the award from Lembit Öpik, who I found to be an interesting chap. Afterwards Alun and I had a walk around the National Motorcycle Museum (Free entry for HOC members that day). Watch out for a rideout to the museum some time in 2015. At the end of September a number of us did a rideout that visited the graves of the only 2 Welsh soldiers to gain Victoria Crosses in the battle of Rorke’s Drift. We ended up having a late lunch in Hay-on-Wye and then stopped at the ice cream parlour in Brecon on the way home. This was my last rideout on the trusty Deauville. A few of us managed to attend the Ride to the Wall on October the 4th. We met up with the local Blood Bikes group on the way but got separated before getting to the Wall. It was a really wet day all the way up there but it dried up after lunch. The ride home was dry and very nice. This was only a few days after I had taken delivery of a new bike so that made the ride good. On November 1st we had a bowling evening. 16 members took part and we had a great time. Nobody was really interested in the score at the end of the day but we all had a great laugh. I think Terry Lloyd actually had the highest score but Alun Salisbury reckons that is because he didn’t play. Alun was in

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2014

attendance though. After the bowling we gathered in a secluded area of the bowling centre where I had the pleasure of presenting the above mentioned award to Terry and Lynne Lloyd. The branch thanks you for your continuing support. After that we retired across the road to have a bite to eat. This bit was totally unplanned but worked out well. By the time you read this Christmas and New Year will probably have come and gone and

may be a distant memory. We don’t normally have a branch meeting in December due to lots of thing happening but this year we are going to have an informal get together with a buffet. The branch Christmas Party will be a few days after. Hope that you all had a good Christmas and that Santa was kind to you. Ride safe



• • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch WINTER 2014


West London Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


his year we lost one of our long time members - Steve ‘Choochie’ Pinder. Steve had been a long time member of our branch for more than 30 years. He was a dedicated, natural biker and what can only be described as a ‘cheeky chappie’. He suffered two serious accidents in later life which left him disabled and unable to ride his beloved bikes - which saddened him greatly. He was supported in later life by his very close friend Richie Smith who fought his battles and took him to the TT for many years. He will be sadly missed at our weekly gatherings.

of planning - even if the weather was a tad gloomy. Kent Branch ably assisted by Ruth and Stritchy put on a damned fine show - with swing band on the Sat evening and a lovely buffet. Mike, Steve Jon and I enjoyed a pre– Sat evening walk and got lost - still we worked up a good appetite and had a story to tell! It was interesting to see the old Spitfires and other classic planes flying over all weekend - even managed to get a few Ok photos but could have done with zoom lens!

Moto GP Silverstone

A few weeks later we had a breakfast run to the Departure Lounge near Alton - we’ve been here once before and were impressed by the spacious café and good food - it’s a good run too. (Would make a good camping weekend as it has food/loos/big field next to it.)

A special thank you to Stu Peile for arranging the discounted tickets a great weekend was had by all, £70 Quid for 3 days entertaining racing and a Luffield Grandstand seat, fantastic. A few of us went to the Solent MCC Rally held in a fort in Portsmouth. The unusual venue made for an interesting weekend and with real ale at 2.50 a pint and red wine at £2.50 a half pint it was guaranteed to be a fab weekend and a guest appearance by the cake fairy made it even better!

Brighton Burn-up

After this we had our annual pilgrimage to the Ace Café Brighton Burn-up. This time we went straight from the Hawke down to Brighton - and managed to find somewhere to park amongst the thousands of bikes along Madeira Drive. Fish and chips were eaten and a few even went for ice cream. It was good to see all the bikes and scooters - sports and classic - rat and shiny shiny - mega cc and little putters!! All were there showing off their pride and joy.

National Rally

The National HOC Rally in Kent was a triumph

Breakfast Run


National AGM, Steve and I rode up in the dry for a change and claimed our Bacon Rolls (shame they don’t put any butter in the rolls) and coffee. Generally an upbeat report on the state of the club and activities, a few extra bob in the kitty helps. MAG’s Lembit Öpik gave us a great talk about himself being keen motorcyclist and how he is able to contact biker friendly MP’s also to get the MAG support and or opposition to British and European half-baked ideas that may affect motorcycling.


Fireworks Night party this year was held at Jude and Jon’s and about 15 members had a cup of hot soup before watching a riveting display of mega fireworks. After which we retired indoors to scoff baked potatoes and

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sausages and a rather nice lasagne (made by our new Secretary Sean) Maria made a Chicken Jalfrazi with special rice and we had a drink and a chinwag. Puddings courtesy of Pam and Al and Eileen.

Branch AGM

The following Wednesday we had our own branch AGM where Mike Fensome stood down as Chairman as he is moving out of the area (BOOOOOOO!!!) to Northampton Steve Hill was proposed as Chairman and Sean Gilpin was proposed as Secretary. This was carried in both cases - other committee members remain unchanged. Steve gave us a quick resume of his time as Secretary of West London when he had helped the club through its varied history. We are grateful to Steve for his input over many years and look forward to letting him have a well-earned rest as our figurehead!!

Rememberance Sunday

Sean and I left the Hawke for the Remembrance Day Service at 8.30am our Julian was still on “Summertime” time so he left later and joined us at Duxford We had fog to start with, I hate fog as you are forever wiping the visor, anyway the weather improved and Sean and I had a partially scenic ride along the A505 to Duxford where we met Chris Ward and others from North Downs.

NEC Motorcycle Live

Julian and I rode to the show, Jude, Jon and Steve went by car said they were buying stuff, “yeah right” it was too cold for them sissy riders I say (I have nothing to prove, Jude). Anyway the show was good lots of new bikes to look at and dream can I justify it “NO” so just keep looking. Kawasaki fired up their new Supercharged bike every now and then on open pipes, that was a conversation stopper, however, Honda put on a display of dancers and drummers and I believe the drums were even louder than the Kawasaki great display, well done Honda.

HOC Christmas Party

Jan and I (Sean) attended Honda Owners Club Christmas Party weekend event at Cricklade 28th November. Stayed at Cricklade Hotel, which was a great venue. The food was excellent with a good selection of wines and ales, a good time was had by all! Hotel also had swimming pool and spa pool, golf course and a Gym. The nearby village offered the opportunity for a stroll round the local shops, the locals were very welcoming. To cap it all the weather couldn’t have been better!

Branch Christmas Party

We decided to have a change this year and have just a Christmas meal out as in previous years the disco’s at the dinner/dances have been a bit dire! About 26 of us went to an Italian Restaurant near to where we meet. We had a lovely meal and chilled and chatted. All in all voted a great success. (No-one seemed to miss the disco too much). We had the worlds shortest raffle - just one prize - and raised over £100 for the Reading Toy Run. Thanks to Sean and Jan for buying the presents for the run.

Toy Run

The next day Sean, Jan, Sean’s mate John, Mike , Clare, Jon and I supported the Reading Toy Run - which was aiming to get into the Guinness Book Of Records as the largest toy run ever. It was an amazing event attended by over 1,700 bikes and 500 pillions. Bit of a chilly ride back but we all had a warm fuzzy glow - must have been the hot chocolate. Sean has been on this run for a few years now - I am glad he introduced us to it :) It was lovely to ride along closed roads lined with smiley happy people waving at us. Nice to see the Hells Angels/ bikers/learner bikers and scooters all rubbing shoulders and getting along fine.

Sean, Mike, Jude

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Saying goodbye to Steve Pinder Toy Run

National Rally

Departure Lounge breakfast run

HOC Xmas Party

Nat Rally - just a small ice cream

Motorcycle Live - Honda drummer

Solent MCC Rally

Xmas party

Sean our new Secretary

Paul Phillips rejoins HOC

Duxford Remembrance Ride

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West Midlands Contact: Trevor Lloyd - 07815 069796

Meets at The Plough, 154 Bridgnorth Rd, Wollaston, Stourbridge DY8 3PD on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 7pm. Everyone is welcome to go along and join in.

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Your stories needed!

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, or perhaps you have rebuilt your Honda and are justifyably proud, why not tell everyone about it? Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2



West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


ot a lot going on at the branch with the weather and various other stuff… we had a ride out to the Lakeland Motor Museum which is at the south end of Lake Windermere and is well worth a visit there’s lots of cars and bikes from all years so get along.

There was a good branch turn out for the National rally with 8 members making the trip, as always a great time was had by everyone, the rides were good as was the entertainment so a big thanks to everyone who organised it and don’t forget its up here this year, so we’re looking forward to that.

Lakeland run

Maria & me in Kent

Branch Xmas dinner

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Dave, Lisa, Ady & Sue had a blast at the HOC Christmas Party, they said it was a stunning place and a fantastic weekend.

Saturday night at the National rally

The Branch Christmas dinner was again well attended and went OK thanks to the Hitching post for looking after us all year with some great suppers. We also went on the Squires Toy Run to Masham which saw about 200 bikes brave the cold dry weather, all for a great cause and lots of toys and money was raised, there were some great bikes dressed up and there were prizes for the best this Goldwing Trike was pulling a trailer which must of taken hours to do but there were lots of others dressed so well done to everyone.

Ady & Sue

Toy Run

Dave & Lisa

That’s it sorry a bit short lets hope for lots more runs this year and not forgetting the 2nd Eva Eee by gum rally in June all details will be on our web site soon. Me & Maria hope everybody had a great Christmas and will have a fantastic 2015…. See ya soon….

Steve & Maria

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Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell again putting a report together certainly helps to remind us of what we’ve been up to and showing we haven’t been idle. We may have not had many rideouts, but have got involved with quite a few of the major social event. Thanks to Steve West who organized a rideout on the 7th September to the New Forest Arboretum and it was good turnout on a very nice sunny sunday, he took a leisurely route and headed for a late morning tea stop at Sammy Miller museum, where we ‘bumped’ into Mark Clargo and his family, and then onto Mudeford Quays for a ‘fish and chip’ lunch, and then once properly ‘fuelled’ and spending a few hours taking in the sea view headed back to Salisbury and another refreshment break at the Old Sarum airfield cafe where most indulged in having ice creams while we watched the sky divers taking off and landing.

Mudeford Quays

A rideout was agreed to be run on Sunday 14th September down to Weymouth to watch the beach race, again led by Steve West four brave souls went but were rewarded after the

murky journey with a good day perfect for the beach.

Weymouth beach races

On the following weekend at the National Rally held down in New Romney we had a very good time and certainly quite a few of us made the journey, and it was worthwhile as Kent branch laid on a packed weekend with a good variety of rideouts and great entertainment in the evenings and even the weather was kind to all. So we already have 2 caravans booked for next years’ knowing that the Yorkshire branch will be hosts and bound to do the club proud. On the Tuesday evening of October 14th being our member’s night we hosted a Quiz night and welcomed Erica with a team from Oxford who came over and with Glyn being quizmaster it was the usual successful affair and together with a buffet provided it was a tight contest with Oxford now having won (again), but we’ll just have to try harder when we visit them next year. The following Sunday 19th was the main AGM and for only I made it, which was just as well as very proud to be able to collect the major award of the Alan Augustine trophy on behalf of Angie and Simon for all their hard work and enthusiasm, which I was presented to me by Lempik Öpik who was the guest speaker talking about his role with MAG.

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On the first Saturday (22nd Nov.) of the Motorcycle Live show, Claire had kindly offered to use her minibus for a trip up to the NEC, so ten of us all met up at Angie and Simon’s and went up and enjoyed a good day, especially as with the discounted tickets and plus we obtained free parking . We caught up with Rona and the rest of the ‘crew’ on the HOC stand and chatted to the Steve from Dilligaf racing who had his bike on the stand, then stopped around at the Honda stand and some making their coffees last long enough to catch the show dancers. Yes it was busy being the first day, but it seemed that the there weren’t as many independent traders as in the past, but its always worth a visit to see new machinery you can dream of owning , and talking with some of the racing celebrities and having pictures to prove it. The National Christmas Dinner/Dance weekend was held on our doorstep at the Cricklade House Country Club at the end of November, which saw Robin & Lyn, Steve & Helen and myself enjoying a good weekend.

Ian & Angie from Reading certainly will receive a lot of thanks in putting a lot of effort into the organising and it was appreciated by all that attended, and the pictures that Chris Ward took will show everyone had a good time. Next dates in the diary will be our own branch Christmas Party which will have been held by the time you read this, and it looks like being good event considering those that have booked and will have travelled over from other branches. On the same Saturday morning if the weather is kind a few will join the local Harley owner club of Swindon called Pinkertons on the Christmas Toy Run up to the local hospital. So then we’ll move on to the usual New Year meet/rideout? and rush into 2015, with a diary to fill and with ideas already coming in it should be good with no one complaining there’s not enough to do. Just wrap up well for those chilly ones early in the season.


Wiltshire at Motorcycle Live

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Claire Robins: 07876 773830 - Ian Hammond: 07989 531121 WINTER 2014


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Golden Wing - Winter 2014  
Golden Wing - Winter 2014  

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