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Volume 51 No.4

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Front Cover: Going over the Brecon Beacons on the Saturday rideout at the National Rally



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How I came to join the HOC How to... ride a fast superbike Restoration CB125T The futture looks bright It shouldn’t happen... but it did




77 WINTER 2013

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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! How To Begin?

I think the AGM is as good as any place. A good number attended to see what became the Graham Seymour show with our General Secretary deservedly walking away with Saddle Sore trophy, Chairman’s Challenge award and last but most importantly the Alan Augustine trophy supposedly for motorcyclist of the year and contribution to the club. Well not only did he run away with the rider competitions but he had spent a terrific amount of his own time helping me in sorting out legal and branch issues all over the country. His support to me especially has been terrific. We also acknowledged the efforts of others around the country for their support to their branches by way of thanks badges. Then of course we elected our new President Jude Browne from West London and Dave Andrews to Vice President from Oxford. Both have been around the club for many years and held positions of responsibility within the club. They should add nicely to our Executive team. There was also a proposal for a rule change that has been agreed in principle and will be voted formerly into place next AGM if the wording is accepted that was agreed by this meeting. This is shown elsewhere in the magazine and hopefully is self explanatory. The meeting concluded at 13.30 this being one of the shortest National AGM’s ever. Then came Christmas party time for HOC. Held at Stratford upon Avon organised by Sue and Dave White of Norfolk attended by members from all over the country. Posh frocks, DJs and Onesies!!!! A great party atmosphere enjoyed by all and next years being looked forward to that being hosted by Reading branch.


I visited the show on the Friday and was impressed by the array of new and modified machinery on display. Not all of it was my taste but clearly fashions are changing. The Honda stand(s) were packed with stuff to tantalise and eco bikes are obviously becoming necessary as well as stylish. I cant wait for my chance to test ride some of the machines on offer. Then of course was the star of the show - The HOC Stand. Rona it was great. The bikes on display were eye catching to say the least, the Regalia fresh and well priced and positioning of the stand was great for footfall. Welcome especially to those new members who joined at the show we hope you join in and get the real value of being a club member.

Honda UK

Thanks to Tom Hobbs for the passes to the NEC. We are meeting up with promotional staff at Honda in January to look at continued advertising and promotional ideas.


I spent two weeks at ‘’La Bigottierre’’ clearing the external jungle that had grown through the summer months I did not realise just how high nettles grew and then to have them reinforced with brambles. Glad I had spent some money on serious gardening tools. Taken the opportunity to meet my neighbours best of that is they have tractors with grass cutters etc. I am going back in February to crack on with creating a proper living space to occupy when doing future works.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

Club Phone Number The number to use, or give out, for the Club is

07982 419285 4


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young



President Jude Browne

Vice Presidents

Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull and Dave Andrews


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Classic Secretary

Chris Ward 16 Daleside Road, Epsom KT19 9SR ( 07827 393237 .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Advertising Manager Erica Gassor ( 07799 492 235 .

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator

Membership Secretary

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE .


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

28th February 2014 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area WINTER 2013



Pigeon Post Well I don’t know about you lot but I’ve had a fantastic year! Having managed to get to 18 HOC events this year I’ve been a fair way around the country and I dare say seen some of you in the process. As a consequence I managed to pip Big Steve from West York’s to the Saddle Sore and The Chairman’s challenge. Nothing like a bit of competition to spice things up! Anyone else up for it next year? It keeps Steve Davenport off the streets…………….. The AGM was a happy day for me. Apart from winning the above, I was also presented with the Alan Augustine trophy for services to the club. Looking at the names already on the shield, I am in esteemed company, and it was an honour to be chosen. Thank you to everybody for their support, especially my wife, who, admittedly treated like a princess and living in the lap of luxury, allows me to go off and play. Wish I’d borrowed a 400/4 for the Dave Barton memorial run now. I could have got the set! I don’t have anything too meaningful to say this issue. Other than to say, as I have many times before, that the Honda Owners Club is only there for one purpose, our leisure and enjoyment. Please remember that in your dealings at Branches around the country. It’s not life or death, it won’t pay the rent or put food on the table, and its run purely by

sits vac

volunteers who do it purely for fun. Taken in that spirit and a light heart, the club can be a means of escape from all the c**p that we have to deal with in our everyday lives. It is what you make it. Spent too much at the NEC as usual last week. Only I could spend more money on a “fully kitted” bike! Hey Ho. At least I’ll be up and rar’in to go next spring. If next year is going to be as good as this year has been I’ll be right chuffed. I hope you’ve all had an absolutely splendid Christmas and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

“Happy riding”

Graham Seymour General Secretary

Golden Wing News Editor

HOConsumer Editor

I’d like someone to compile news stories from the magazines, papers and internet. They don’t have to be Honda stories, just interesting.

I’d like someone to look after all the consumer stuff that comes into the magazine.

• Able to type and precis a story to around 150-200 words • Needs to be computer literate and be able to download images • Only 4 times a year

• Needs to read a press release and be able to distil it down to the relevant facts • No pay • Luckily it’s only 4 times a year • No need for design experience

• No need for design experience

• Must have a sense of humour

• Must have a sense of humour

• Must be a member of the HOC

• Must be a member of the HOC

• Must be able to meet deadlines

If you are interested, please contact Stritchy at 6



Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently, especially at Motorcycle Live at the NEC. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. As we move from Autumn into Winter, it is noticeable that there are fewer bikes out and about; I am guilty as 3 of my 4 are hibernating waiting for Spring.


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have had 1 Autumn magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.


As you know, at our AGM in 2012, increased rates were approved, so the rate is now £22 for Single membership and £27 for Joint. These rates were considered as extremely good value seeing what is available to you as an HOC member, a first class magazine and all the various activities which are organized for your benefit.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest. With the subscription rate increase, I am tying up the loose ends with some of you in applying the increase. There have been a few problems during the past year, trying to get our bank to get everything right!


With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.




Classic Honda Hi everyone and welcome to my first report as Classic Secretary. Dave Barton was a fountain of knowledge regarding the older Honda models and I can never amass the information that he knew but I will try my hardest to help out my fellow classic Honda enthusiasts.

To those of you that don’t know me personally I have been around Hondas for 40 years. Although I had been riding off road for a few years with friends on other makes of bikes my first contact with a Honda came at the age of 15. My dad bought me a Honda C100, 50cc step thru, only problem was he hadn’t realised it wasn’t classed as a moped and I couldn’t ride it at sixteen years old. Another moped was bought and the Honda became the subject of a complete restoration which hit the road when I was 17. And so became the start of my love affair with Honda Motorcycles. I have owned over 55 bikes since that first C100 with the majority of them being Hondas. I still own 11 bikes with 10 of them being Hondas. Most of my bikes are quite old with the newest excluding my 2011 Fireblade being a 1993 XR250. I love the Hondas of the 60s and 70s though and have just purchased a CB175 to restore. I will feature the progress of this restoration in future Golden Wings so watch this space. If any members have classic machines and would like them featured in future issues please drop me a line on along with a high resolution picture.

On 25th August 2013 a memorial event for the late Dave Barton was held at Loomies Café, West Meon, Hampshire. A book of condolences was made available for visitors to sign and bikers from all over the country including non-members of the HOC, came to pay their respects. Thanks to Chairman Dibble for organising and Loomies for allowing us to use their venue.

Remember if you have any questions about older bikes or require assistance registering a classic Honda get in touch with me on Let’s get those old Hondas running.

Chris Ward

Classic Secretary 8



facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page currently has over 1350 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Gloucestershire, Oxford, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, West London, Reading, Three Shires and Wiltshire pages to join.

The HOC is now also on Twitter #HOCgb (21st century or what!) However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 4900+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! WINTER 2013





Rona’s Regalia Report Well, who can believe it’s been a year since I took over the regalia!. We’ve had a brilliant year, with regalia gaining over £900 this year. A lot of that has been down to a massive reduction in courier costs, with so many Branches doing a fantastic job of passing along the regalia boxes to other branch events. So a huge thanks go to all the Branch Secretaries who did that for me. There have been a lot of wonderful events this year as well, so the brilliant volunteers at all those have sold loads too. I took over £160 at the AGM, which was fabulous. And we managed to get rid of a lot of the 50th Anniversary regalia there too. The last remnants will be going to the NEC with me and hopefully by the next time you hear from me, they will have all gone. Stritchy is doing a wonderful job of updating the shop on the website for me so that all the different lines, colours and sizes etc are on there. At time of reading this, we will have had the NEC show and if you came along, you will have seen all the amazing new lines that Ruth and myself have picked out for your delectation for 2013/2014. There are loads of new men’s and ladies tees/tops etc with brilliant new colours too. If anyone wants ANYTHING at all, either lines we don’t currently do, or another colour, then please ask. As long as we can do a per individual order, then you can have what you want if they do it! The 2 big new signings for 2013/2014, was the RepsolL 8GB Memory Sticks, which at £8.50 online and £7.00 at shows, is fantastic value and they are so cool and of course, the much anticipated and requested HOC Onesies… they are fab and at £36.99 are great value too. The price has come down from the last report I did, because we have managed to source a different fabric, so it has made them cheaper than previously stated. But they will look exactly like that one shown WINTER 2013

in my last report. We also now can get them in the opposite colourway… with the bulk being in red and the trim being in black. We have also, upon request, got in HOC Aprons, you will probably have seen them at the NEC. Keep a look out around May 2014 time for even more new lines being added to the growing family as well. Well I hope you are all loving the new lines and colours and again, please let me know if there’s anything else you would like… as you can see from the Onesies and Aprons… it pays to ask… we will usually get them if it is possible. So hope you all had a great time at the NEC and had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and here’s to many more exciting new things to wear and use from me at HOC REGALIA.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary

Clearance Items 2008 National Rally t-shirt £3 or 2 for £5

2007 and 2008 National Rally badges 50p each

Please call Rona on 07909 830236 or e-mail to find out what we have left


Members free Ads For sale Honda CBF1000T9 Parts

(88110MERR01) R/H Mirror - £15 (88120MERR01) L/H Mirror - £15 (64220MFAD20) R/H Top Fairing - £60 (08800MFA840) Lower Fairing Kit - £200 (08L51MFA87002) L/H Pannier - £150 (53180MZ1792) Clutch Lever - £15 All as new. Will deliver at cost or free local to SN7


Contact Bob Deane 01367 240898 or 07837765985 membership number 26640

e-mail you ad to or write to 38 Bower St, Bedford MK40 3RE

advertising in members free ads MEMBERS - free, must state your HOC Membership No. non members £22 1st insertion - free for 1 year (inc. free HOC membership)


2005 to 2009 model wanted, must be red colour. Best price paid for low mileage and top condition. Contact Paul Nicholls 01502 568843 membership number 33434

Members can also post adverts free on the HOC forum & Facebook page





AGM 2013 Sunday 20th October 2013

The 2013 AGM was again held in the National Motorcycle Museum, with free tea, coffee and bacon rolls before the meeting started. 2013 has been a very topsy turvy year for the HOC overall. Sadly we started with the loss of members that have regretfully passed away. Initially the loss of Bryan ‘Radar’ McKim, a Northants member well known amongst the club rally and show goers of the past decade. He will be missed by the Branch as a character of note. This was followed all too closely by the sad loss of our President Trevor Thompson, lifelong member, founder of the Birmingham Branch, National Chairman for 17 years and supporting oracle to many HOC staff. Then our Vice President Dave Barton who was known throughout the biking fraternity as ‘Honda Dave’ being our Classic Secretary and former General Secretary.

Their passing is all too sad and has been marked by various tributes and at the AGM the books of condolence were passed on to the families of Trevor and Dave. Elections were held for the vacant posts of President, Vice President, Display Materials Co-ordinator and Classic Secretary. President - Jude Browne Vice President - Dave Andrews Display Materials - Steve Davenport Classic Secretary - Chris Ward All were voted in unanimously.

AWARDS 2013 Chairman’s Challenge Graham Seymour Thanks Badges Clive and Ursula Gamble - Members of the West Yorkshire Branch who steadfastly support all events and assist Steve and Marie. Dave Andrews - For his dedicated help and support at the Oxford Branch including some years as branch secretary himself and now supporting Erica in her role. Maria Crump - For her unwavering support for Steve and the West Yorkshire Branch including the times when Steve was set to give up and she told him otherwise. Brian Flynn - For always being there (wanted or not) at events and assisting with setting up, dismantling and transport of display materials and generally ‘lending a hand where needed’.

Alan Augustine Trophy For outstanding contribution to the club. Graham Seymour - For going above and beyond what is expected of the General Secretary role and specially for the support rendered to the Chairman and the Club throughout the year.

Clive and Ursula Gamble

Full minutes of the AGM can be downloaded from the HOC website at 14 GOLDEN WING


Saddle Sore 2014 Competition Rules • The Saddle Sore Competition is open to all paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club (GB), attending an eligible event on a motorcycle or scooter. • The competition is also open to pillions, who can enter in their own right. • All events attended must be identified by an entry in the Event Log and signed by the event organiser or co-ordinator. • On attending an event, there is no requirement for a competitor to remain for the full duration of the event. • Completed event logs must be received by the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator, by midnight on 30th September 2014 - any entries received after this time will not be valid. • The winner will be member scoring the most points in each category. In the event of a draw, the prize for that category will be shared.

• Mileage will be calculated, by the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator, from the entrants home post code to the post code of the event. It is therefore essential that the event post code is added on the Event Log. Entries without either of these post codes will not be calculated. • Qualifying events are advertised in Golden Wing and on the HOC web site. • The decision of the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator is final in all matters regarding the competition.

Points will be awarded as follows: Engine size 500cc and under 110 points per event and 1 point per mile Engine size over 500cc 100 points per event and 1 point per mile

The competition Entry Form can be downloaded at or by sending a stamped self addressed envelope to Steve at the address below. Entries must be sent to: Stephen Davenport, Saddle Sore 2014, 27 Welbeck Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 9PD or e-mail:

Entries must be received no later than Monday 30th September 2014

2013 winners Rider Award

Winner Graham Seymour

Pillion Award

Winner Maria Crump 2nd Gerald Gassor

2nd Steve Crump

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for taking part



How I came to join the HOC



Stuart Downie, North Downs Branch Chairman

have a confession to make, I’m not a dyed in the wool biker, not even a petrol head. Let me explain. In my youth, which seems eons ago but was only the mid-1950s, I threw off parental control by joining a cycling club. I progressed to motorised transport by purchasing, heaven help me, a Vespa 150cc scooter, I then joined the Vespa Club of Great Britain, where I met my wife to be. Later I moved up a notch to a BSA 175cc Bantam which started when it felt like it, which wasn’t very often, so I moved on to a Matchless 500cc twin which was fine, but if you parked it on its side stand, and it rained, water went into the magneto and it wouldn’t start.

By this time I was courting so, for my love’s comfort, I fitted a sidecar which kept it upright and cured the water problem. This was fine until we married and our first child was on the way, and the sidecar became a bit cramped, so the bike had to go and I progressed to a Mini and that was the end of my motorcycling career until the police, in their wisdom, sent me to the police driving school at Hendon to learn how to ride properly, it was only on the Velocette noddy bikes but the basics of road craft were hammered home and they have stuck to the present day, to which I will move on. In 2010 my wife suffered a heart attack so we sold our tandem, yes I was still cycling and we bought ourselves a Honda ST1100 Pan European which kept us on two wheels until she died. Now, at last, we come to the HOC. One evening I was sitting at home wondering what to do with the rest of my life, and I thought, ‘why not join a motorcycle club.’ I trawled Google and found the North Downs Branch of the Honda Owner’s Club. It was a fairly new branch and they met not too far from me, so one evening in late 2012 I took myself off to Capel to meet them. I was made most welcome, whether this was because of my natural charm and good looks or the fact that it was a fairly new branch and was short of members, I don’t know, but the fact remains that I was immediately accepted. It has been a most enjoyable year with some good rideouts in all weathers and where promotion has come very quickly, I was voted Branch Chairman at this year’s AGM, probably because there were no other takers.

All I will add is that, if you own a Honda, you could do a lot worse than join the Honda Owner’s Club North Downs Branch, where you can be assured of a warm welcome. 16 GOLDEN WING


How to really ride any kind of bike

by Ben Miller, VisorDown

From street bikes to two-strokes, 600cc sportsbikes to supermotos, different bikes require different techniques. Whatever you ride, get the best from your bike with the help of the finest riders on the planet.

How to ride a fast sportsbike By Nicky Hayden

Feeling unequal to the task of hustling 180bhp? Worried about highsiding on the High Street? Let Nicky Hayden talk you through the black art of riding very, very fast. Uniquely placed to offer advice on riding the most powerful bikes on the planet, Kentuckian MotoGP ace Nicky Hayden is a glutton for horsepower. “Peak power or midrange? I prefer more power everywhere,” confesses the American, “horsepower is my friend.” Having smoked the supremely powerful 990cc RC211V Grand Prix bike to the 2006 MotoGP world championship, Nicky struggled on Honda’s less spectacular 800 before signing to ride the most brutal GP bike of the modern era, Ducati’s thorny Desmosedici. Of the myriad skills required to tame a really fast bike, Nicky’s clear on the most crucial. “Throttle control is very important.” he says. “It’s important in the dry but in the rain and when the tyres go off it’s everything. I guess mine comes from dirt track racing.” Nicky was a top-level dirt tracker long before he was a road racer. “To work on it you need to focus on what you’re doing with the throttle. Then you can try to get a feel for it.” What speeds up must slow down and Hayden insists speed on a really fast sports bike is as much about a confident braking technique as it is peachy corner exits. “The secret is to ease the brakes on, not just grab them - ease them on and then pull very, very hard,” he says. “If you just grab them the rear wheel will come off the ground. It’s also important to learn to brake deep into turns. Trail braking is one of the skills that separates great riders from good ones. I use a lot of rear brake; to

slow down, to stop wheelspin and to load the bike and keep it more stable in transitions and over crests,” (dragging the rear brake will stop a powerful bike lifting its front wheel over bumps and humpback bridges) “but the truth is I rely on the rear brake too much. The reason I use such a big rear disc” (at Repsol Honda Nicky’s rear brake disc was far meatier than team-mate Danny Pedrosa’s) “is not so much for power but to keep it from over-heating.” • Steering isn’t just about the handlebars “I put a lot of weight through the footpegs and squeeze hard on the gas tank to help steer the bike.” says Hayden. • Focus on throttle control Play with gear choice and the speed with which you bring the power in on the way out of corners. Develop a feel for how much throttle you can use. • Gears Use gears that are sure to give you a swift and accurate throttle response. • Practice braking No sudden grabbing, just a gentle initial squeeze building to proper effort at the lever. • Be aware! Never let your awareness drop behind the speed of the bike. “The real challenge with powerful bikes comes from things happening a lot quicker. Those straightaways are a lot shorter and braking more critical when you’ve got a lot of horsepower.” says Hayden.

Next issue: How to master a tourer or cruiser WINTER 2013

Article stolen from GOLDEN WING 17

Honda News Double win at the MCN Awards Honda scooped 2 awards at the MCN Awards 2013 for the CBR500R, awarded ‘Best Sub-500’, while the retro-styled CB1100 collected the prize for ‘Best Retro Bike’. The CBR500R is the bike of choice for those looking for a machine capable of delivering an engaging ride while also returning solid efficiency figures and low running costs - and all for an OTR price of just over £5,000. The retro CB1100’s exquisite engineering harks back to the Honda CBs of old, with an aircooled inline 4-cylinder engine providing the character beneath the beautifully styled exterior.

“Honda’s family of 500s burst on to the market, enjoying rampant success in 2013” said MCN. “Not only is the CB1100 a new bike from the ground up, but the Japanese have done what so few others have dared to try - shunning the easy route of producing a Euro3compliant water-cooled motor in favour of a more authentic aircooled unit.”

Honda’s ‘Road to Dakar’ Comic

Honda has added to its Dakar site ‘The Road to Dakar’ an entertaining fictional manga (Japanese comic) narrative of Honda’s return to Dakar Rally competition, based on actual occurrences. Go to

Honda Ready for 2014 Arenacross Challenge Honda hit the ground running in the 2014 Arenacross UK Championship with a strong defence of the Pro Class Championship in which they dominated in 2013. Reigning Champion Adam Chatfield returns to the Honda team to defend his title aboard the CRF450R. He is joined by new boy Elliott Banks-Browne, who will also be banging bars with crowd favourite Brad Anderson and Italian former European AX Champion, Angelo Pelligrini, riding the red machines. Runner-up last year, Nev Bradshaw will also be joining the party to make an ultrastrong Honda line-up on track. 18 GOLDEN WING

Off track, Honda is now the series partner and as part of this exciting partnership, the live audience at each Arenacross event will get the chance to win a CRF125F. For more information go to

Honda Racing BSB Team Outlines 2014 Plans Honda confirms it will not compete with an official team in the 2014 British Superbike Championship, instead using the year out as a development year to re-focus efforts around future racing activity in both domestic and world championship. With the title sponsorship agreement with Samsung Mobile coming to end and number one rider and reigning British Superbike Champion, Alex Lowes seeking success on the world stage, the decision has been taken to restructure and re-group, with a view to a planned full-time return to British Superbikes in 2015. The team will continue the development of the Fireblade in 2014 and it is planned to make several guest rider ‘wild card’ appearances throughout the course of the season. The majority of the team’s technical staff will transfer over to freshly revised Endurance World Championship race team, as Honda steps up efforts for further success on the world stage, in support of its racing projects in MotoGP, World Superbikes and on the roads at events such as the Isle of Man TT and North West 200. Nick Campolucci, Head of Motorcycles, Honda (UK) “This is not a decision we have taken lightly and it was not our preferred option but we feel that given the cumulative circumstances, it is the best course of action for us at this time. Honda goes racing to win. Unless we have the right elements in place to achieve the success on track we know we are capable of, our preferred option is to re-evaluate and re-structure for a stronger and more aligned effort.” WINTER 2013

Racing Report Pondering…

Writing this in the early winter months, the outwardly quiet time in the bike racing World, there is so much work going on behind the scenes. Bike development and testing to the enth degree, final discussions on any still unsigned contracts and plans made for the ensuing season. A lot of changes were made and long standing relationships severed at the end of the 2013 season - perhaps most surprisingly Valentino Rossi and Jerry Burgess but the lesson to be learnt for all in the racing World is that nothing is certain. The saying ‘nothing as constant as change’ is very applicable with lots of questions waiting to be answered. Will Marc Marquez hold onto his Championship crown for a 2nd year or will Yamaha’s 2014 bike give Jorgo Lorenzo the edge or Valentino Rossi’s new ideas result in his resurgence or is there another champion waiting in the wings? Can Cal Crutchlow succeed where Rossi failed. The 2014 season will certainly be an interesting one.


Hopefully the changes in the WSB set up will increase its popularity again, back to the heady popular days when Foggy was leading the championship with his winning ways. Let’s hope that once again the Brits will triumph great to have a British champion this year in Tom Sykes. Well done Tom! The final showdown in the BSB - although in some ways seems unfair - it always makes the final races interesting and it is always a keen competition to see who qualifies. With the 2013 Champion Alex Lowes moving to Moto GP, does this leave the field clear once again for Shakey? Will the new Kawasaki team of James Ellison and Chris Walker make their mark? Only time will tell. Keep an eye on the internet and press and let’s see what transpires!

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent



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Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here

Garage problem

In Defence of VFR1200

I recently joined the HOC after purchasing my new Honda. I received a Footman James leaflet with my welcome pack kindly send by Graham Gull. Now let me tell you that when I purchased my new bike I was already insured with Footman James and I phoned them at the time to inform them of the switch over to a new motorbike. I was duly informed that as the new motorbike, a Honda CBF 600, is not garaged they could not insure my it and that Footman James under new insurance policies rules of theirs they would not insure motorbikes which are not garaged. I explained that I do not have a garage, the motorbike would be parked on private property and as I have an existing policy surely there must be some sort of solution as I already have purchased the new bike. After a lengthy discussion with the lady in “customer services” and being put on hold for quite some time, theyn came back and told me that, for an additional premium charge of £69, they would make an exception this time as I am “existing” business, but would not be able to offer me a renewal unless I have a garage. I have been with Footman James for years and never had to make an insurance claim with them but as I do not own or have a garage and I do not plan to build one either, I guess I will have to take my business elsewhere when it comes to renewal time. I did ask the question “why?” but no explanation was given. Surely, Footman James must have hundreds if not thousands of motorcyclists insured with them who will not be able to renew their policy with them due to not having a garage? Honda owners be aware! Arie, by e-mail

After owning my VFR800 for 10 years I made the difficult decision to replace it and I ordered a VFR1200 auto in red, my favourite colour. They also gave me heated grips and main stand, not to mention the full luggage already on offer. When I picked up my new bike I was like a child in a sweet shop, all the gear change options were tried. This was my first shaft drive as well, I do not miss adjusting the chain. As with my old bike I use it to commute to work every day and in all weathers. We had planned a trip to the Somme in 2012 and my wife said lets take the bike, we were booked to travel from Newhaven to Dieppe and then a B&B. The trip went very well and we ended up not wearing all the clothes we took as the luggage was spacious and the bike was like... a Honda, Great! When we stopped anywhere we managed to store our helmet, gloves and tank bag inside the luggage. On our return trip the ferry at Dieppe broke down so we were told to head for Calais and cross there. It was 10 pm and we used A and B roads then the motorway, the bike was fully loaded, two up and very stable at 85-90 mph. I have had the bike up to 148 mph indicated on the speedo with no luggage and it was very stable. Like many others think the tank is small compared to other bike in this class, but this bike is great, two years down the road and I still cannot always decide what gear mode to ride in. I have fitted the Honda extras like higher screen and the fairing deflectors, it has a 12v socket under the seat which I fitted myself. Kevin Brown, by e-mail

Member No: 33680

Membership No: 32669

I was in the same boat when the renewal came in for my ‘97 Pan. I’m sure that they must have lost lots of business because of their new rules.

The VFR12 does illicit strong opinions from owners. The important thing is that the bike suits you and your riding style.

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE WINTER 2013


Restoration CB125T by

Andy Smith, Events Coordinator Nottingham Branch

Maybe I am naive but I thought that as all the parts are numbered, that it would be a simple job of just bolting them together. No... nothing is simple in this life. The first bit was easy up on the bench with the frame a bit of polish on the black bits and Bob was almost my uncle. The taper roller bearings went in easy enough no problems there. With my new drill in hand I drill the two 1mm holes for the name plate, lovely tool, two holes and no broken drills or scratches to the frame. One rivet lightly tapped in and where is the second one? Somewhere on the floor!! Its 1mm in diameter and about four mm long what are the chances of finding it? Found it straightaway my luck must be changing. With the frame upside down the centre stand goes in along with the shiny footrest mountings followed by the swinging arm and suspension units now I have something to admire. With a suitable piece of packing in place the centre stand is folded and the frame sits nicely flat on the bench ready for the air box. The box is new but the paint was scratched so I had it powder coated with the frame. At the time I didn’t notice was that the mounting points had been bent during the 30 odd years that it had been sat on a parts shelf, so they had to be bent back. This done and the air intake rubbers on it was fitted. Next to go on was the yokes and the front forks. Now I can stand it on the floor. As I was a bit late in taking the wheels to be built I am still waiting for them so I have to resort to my trusted front wheel substitute. Simply a few bits of wood forming a triangle through which I fit the axle and the bike stands on its own two feet. My attention turns to the engine surely a matter of simply fitting the parts together? No not as simple as that. With the bearings in the freezer I cook each of the vertically split crankcase halves at 100 degrees for an hour as per the workshop manual and with a piece 22 GOLDEN WING

of wood to protect the kitchen work surface the bearings are slipped into place. Please do not do this at home unless like me you are single, the risks of divorce are increased significantly if you do, you have been warned. Crank in place with the retaining bolts located in place and the gear train fitted along with the change mechanism the cases were joined. I always use a bit of gasket cement just to help things along. The gears were a bit stiff but hey they are new parts so on went the external gear change mechanism. Gears will now not turn **** o sugar. Cases apart and the workshop manual opened up, working methodically, I found that the first gear was the wrong way around on the shaft, so much easier to see the exploded diagrams in the manual than the parts book. Also I WINTER 2013

noticed that the cam chain adjuster should have been fitted to the crankshaft retainer. I am so used to the four cylinder machines that I never even gave it a thought that it should have been fitted at this point and not dropped in later prior to fitting the head. Moral of the story read your manual. With the oil pump fitted, clutch in place and covers on the gears change and turn a treat in every gear. I have used stainless screws externally and spent hours grinding the lettering off and polishing the heads but they do look a treat like this, mental note for the future must do this on future restoration projects. Try as I might I just could not get all three of the oil scraper rings into their little groove at the same time, after some time trying I gave up, I picked up the first abandoned piston only to find the rings had dropped into place ok that will do and duly fitted it to the con rod. As the oil scraper rings were now damaged beyond repair, I made a start on the head while I waited for a set of rings from e-bay. Valves lapped in nicely and the valves fitted the head was placed to one side. Whilst at work I pondered the problem of the rings and came to the conclusion that as it was snowing and it was cold in the workshop could it be that the groove was too small due to the temperature. It was. With the second piston in the warm the rings fitted a treat. It was at this point that I became angry with myself I had assembled the head and not even noticed I didn’t have any valve guide seals, should have known better. A few days later David Silver had come up trumps and they dropped through my letter box.

My attention turns to the engine surely a matter of simply fitting the parts together? Now with no cylinders available I had as one of my first purchases obtained a pattern set. BIG MISTAKE. For those of you not familiar with the engine, three of the eight engine stud holes are used as oil ways for the head and so should be a larger diameter than the rest, not in my head. These three oil ways should have recesses machined in the cylinders for oil seals, not in my cylinder. Four of the studs should have recesses machined in which to fit dowel pins, again not in my cylinder. Teddy bear out the window, a long way out the window and is now floating down the River Trent heading for the North Sea. However I am getting better I have noticed that the two O-rings that fit under the cylinders are missing along with the oil seals that I don’t have recesses for. Well I can order these while I take the cylinders to SEP at Kegworth to machine the cylinders.

As for the cost so far just don’t ask. Well if you really insist but first sit down------£4,443.32. What have I got for this? A frame standing on some wood and half an engine. And for the nerdy a total of 214 pieces. Is it really worth it? answers on a selfaddressed envelope please? Cheers





ails of what Please call or e-mail for det ilable and ava accommodation is currently omes. torh mo prices for camping and e gone, but Nearly all the caravans hav the private more may be available from . owners on site



That Was The Year That Was Are you a person whose glass is half empty or half full? Well. It’s been an interesting year with some highs and some lows and in law, there has been a lot of lows. Lord Jackson prepared a report to bring a massive change to the “Compensation Culture” which according to the Government and insurers had got out of hand. It was reported that here in the UK, we have the weakest necks in Europe and this was costing the motorist up to £90 on each policy to pay for this so called compensation explosion. So to combat this, the Government under the Justice Minister, Lord Grayling, got rid of referral fees; dramatically reduced solicitor costs in claims under £25,000 and allowed commercial enterprises to operate legal services. Now I have previously summarised how these changes have affected individuals who have been injured in a road traffic accident and wish to seek compensation for their injury and financial loss. So I will not bore you rigid by repeating these save to say that ABS in the legal sense does not refer to Anti-Lock Braking Systems but Alternative Business Structures or in other words a licence for commercial companies to print money by getting rid of the middle man (referral payments) and operating their own legal claims services. Have we seen a reduction of £90 in our insurance premiums... No? Well then, keep an eye on the profits now being made by the major insurers and perhaps you can see where the money is going. You may also find that when instructing a large claims company, the accents of the person representing you

will change as offices are moved abroad to reduce costs and maximise profits. From my own point of view, due to the reduction in solicitor costs in cases under £25,000, this resulted in my being made redundant. However, I was immediately able to secure a consultancy position with a fantastic London firm who only retain long standing senior lawyers whose focus is on giving their clients a quality service, not how much profit they can make out of each case. So, although this was a tremendous shock having never been made redundant in my 43 years in full time employment, it was the push that I needed to be able to work to the ideals that I think are important. What has made the transition worthwhile is the brilliant support that I have received from all my biker friends. So thanks from me (and my Bank Manager!). From a biking point of view, it has been an exceptional year with good weather, loads of ride outs and excellent rallies. Not to mention the invasion of Germany led by Stritchy and Ruth, which resulted in being visited by a group of local Biker Cops but that’s another story and what happens in Germany, stays in Germany. So, is my glass half empty or half full? Definitely half full. Whilst not everything has been plain sailing, it has been a memorable year with lots of laughs and good times. Roll on 2014.

As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 43 years and a lawyer for over 30 years) I am happy to offer advice to members. My contact numbers are 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 and my e-mail is or 26 GOLDEN WING


Can I Change My Solicitor? I have been asked this question many times and thought that it would make an interesting topic to write about. The answer is YES and NO, a typical lawyers answer! Why do clients want to change their solicitor? There are a number of reasons but the main one is because they have lost confidence in the person representing them. This can come about because their case is moved from person to person; or the person dealing with the case is never available to speak to them; they leave messages but noone ever calls back; the case doesn’t seem to be moving; or the person dealing with the case doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. It is very difficult to know when your case is not being dealt with properly as quite possibly it is the first time that you have made a claim. Also, because you have appointed a solicitor, you believe they have the qualification and experience to deal with the case professionally. I have said many times that because a firm of solicitors are appointed to act for you, it doesn’t mean that a qualified solicitor is actually representing you. Not Happy? I get many calls from people who have reached the end of their tether and don’t know which way to turn. I take the time to go through the case with them and discuss the procedure that I would adopt. In some cases, it is merely a breakdown in communication but in the majority, the instinct of the client was correct and the claim was not being dealt properly. For example, I recently spoke to a person who was seriously injured two years before and the insurers had accepted liability. He was surviving on benefits being behind in his mortgage and household bills. His solicitor said the insurers had refused to give him an interim payment. There were other “Red Flags” that concerned me. I had the case transferred and advised the insurers that I wanted a sizeable interim payment or the next time I would ask would be before a judge. The payment was made within 2 weeks. Can I transfer my case? This is the difficult question yet simple to answer. In claims under £25,000 the solicitor will receive Fixed Costs, that is, a set amount for dealing with the case. Once you sign the Client Retainer, you are essentially stuck with them. Solicitors are very quick to sign you up and can even do this by return of e-mail. Although the case can be transferred, the previous solicitor

will say that the majority of the fixed costs have been spent and there is little or no costs left for the new solicitor. This would then result in the client having to stay with the old solicitor or pay the new solicitors costs out of his compensation. You will find that in most, if not all large solicitor firms will have their non-qualified staff dealing with claims under £25,000 due to the limited costs available. Those claims handlers will use computer case management systems and have upwards of 200 cases each to deal with. I take on cases under £25,000 and there are some other excellent qualified solicitors out there that do so as well. In claims above £25,000 solicitor costs are on a meter type system. That is, they get paid for the work they actually do and the costs they claim has to be justified. Similar to a taxi meter that clock up the amount of money spent depending how far you travel in the taxi. Transferring a claim is very simple and straightforward. The new solicitor requests the file giving an undertaking to seek recovery of the previous solicitor costs when the case is settled. However, a word of warning. If your accident is after 1st April 2013, solicitors can ask you to agree to them taking up to 25% of your compensation payment towards their costs. If you agree to this, that deduction remains enforceable. The new solicitor may also have the same agreement and you will end up losing a big chunk of your award. Considerations • Choose your legal representative yourself and do not accept the solicitor recommended by your insurers. • Make sure that the person handling your claim is in fact a qualified solicitor. • Make sure that your solicitor is not taking anything from your compensation payment. I have warned about the “You don’t pay us anything if you lose”. This means that you will pay if you win! • Don’t hesitate to question your solicitor if you are not happy and don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion if you are concerned about your present solicitors. You can always give me a call.

My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section. WINTER 2013


Had an accident? Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 43 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll ! 28 GOLDEN WING


It Shouldn’t Happen……... But It Did - Part 1 By

Debbie Reynolds, Nottingham Branch Secretary

As a motorist, or whilst riding your bike, you are always on the lookout for the usual idiot “That doesn’t see you!” Yeah right. You know that you have to have eyes in your rear and look as everyone on the road as a potential accident… but then it happens.

I found myself with such a situation at the end of July when riding home from work one night and was a mere 10 minutes from home. Through a 3rd party’s actions I subsequently found myself applying the brakes and coming off the bike. Thankfully I had a witness travelling behind me who called the police and paramedics and helped in moving the bike and also giving me his details should I need a statement (please ensure that at the time of an accident you get the witnesses’ details as they are very important should the 3rd party change their statement following the accident). As someone fortunate enough to have avoided accidents before, I would have relied on my insurance to pursue recovery of damages to my bike and also for claiming for my leathers etc. Thankfully I was able to contact John Measures. He has for many years given valuable advice and support in our Golden Wing magazines and certainly knows his stuff. After an initial discussion with John, I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He put me at ease in a very stressful situation and liaised with the 3rd parties insurers. He arranged for the collection of my bike the work to be undertaken and the return when it was fully restored. He also sorted out the physio sessions for my injuries. I would like to say that without Johns support I certainly would not have gone through this awful ordeal as smoothly as I have to date. I only hope that from this, anyone reading it will take my unfortunate accident and should they ever find themselves in a situation similar or any accident for that matter, they bear John in mind before they allow their insurers to sort things out. So please, please give John a call. It’s better to have a chat to him first as he will certainly be able to advise you. His details are always available from the Golden Wing magazine.

I was very impressed with John’s professionalism and knowledge

Watch out for part 2 on my accident update. Ride safe peeps.





The future looks bright A survey at Motorcycle Live in November predicts a better outlook for the coming year. Interest at the show is traditionally a barometer that predicts sales for the coming year. Intention to buy a bike seems to be high, with the exit poll showing this could be as many as nearly 50% of the 106,238 people that visited the show. New registrations for December 2013 were up 11.3% on the same time for 2012. This follows increases of 8% in September and 6.7% in October, compared to the same time the previous year. The motorcycle industry contributes £7.2 billion a year to the UK economy and directly employs 65,500 people, so an upturn for the market can only be good news. CEO of the MCIA, Steve Kenward, commented: “The motorcycle market in the UK has taken longer to pick up than the car market. The majority of our sales are to leisure customers and so upgrading the bike regularly became a casualty of reduced disposable income. It’s been a tough few years and those areas where there has been growth tended to be from new customers looking for more economical ways to commute.”

The motorcycle industry contributes

£7,200,000,000 a year to the UK economy and directly employs

65,500 people

Motorcycle Live 2014 will be held 22-30 November WINTER 2013

Representatives from Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and Harley-Davidson all commented. General Manager of Kawasaki, Howard Dale, explained: “The reception to the stand, new machines, Kawasaki riders and attractions was overwhelming. New models were a particular draw.” Yamaha’s General Manager for Sales and Marketing, Adam Kelley, agreed: “There was a real buzz at the show. The market is changing and we were particularly pleased by the interest level in many of our new models.”

The future is in the hands of our kids See page 38

Head of Honda Motorcycles UK, Nick Campolucci, seconded the survey’s results: “In a market which at present remains flat, Honda (UK) is seeing signs of improvement on the previous year. We are 3.9% up on sales volume (2013 vs. 2012) and 1% up on market share (up from 17.5% to 18.5% across all sectors, 2013 vs. 2012).” Harley-Davidson’s UK manager, David Hackshall, summarised: “We had an amazing response at Motorcycle Live with our best ever level of customer enquiries driven through the Harley-Davidson stand team. This gives us a very positive outlook for the coming year.”

Story stolen from GOLDEN WING 31

Germany On A Pan By

Rob & Sara Watters, Gloucs Branch members

There we were, it was the New Year and we were listening to the boys planning their summer holidays with their girlfriends. They are grown up, house trained and micro-chipped and clearly we were going to cramp their style. It was also the year of our 25th Wedding Anniversary and The Pillion was dropping hints about a holiday even I couldn’t miss. Then my cunning plan started to take fruition, we will do something different for our 25th and go touring. I had been drooling at a red ST1300 for several weeks at my local Honda dealership, a bike I had been working my way towards for several years, here was my chance! It was a win-win situation surely? I get the bike of my dreams and The Pillion gets to travel on the best touring bike money can buy across our favourite European country, Germany. It was going to test both the touring credentials of the Pan as well as me and The Pillion. We used the interweb to sort out accommodation; we went for anywhere that had secure parking for the bike but also serve as a base for our stopovers. We had a pannier each for our own clothes etc. and used the top box for more bulky items and a small Givi tank bag for the likes of our docs, passports and brew kit. We were keen to spend several days at each stop over and enjoy the tour rather than blast around the continent and visit 5 countries in as many days. We would stick to a routine of about 1½ hours between rest stops – for us, not the Pan. As it turned out this proved fortuitous as the temperatures, often 28 to 34 degrees, called on us taking on extra water to prevent dehydration. We had clearly pleased the Sun Gods because before we knew it we were enjoying the hottest summer for years and heading for the Euro Tunnel on our Pan full of excitement and trepidation. That was me, for The Pillion it was more like excitement and impending terror – The Pillion is claustrophobic you see and we were using the Tunnel for the first time. It was a very fast and convenient way to cross the channel, The Pillion coped fantastically well and she is still talking to me, through gritted teeth admittedly, so it can’t have been that bad! We planned our trip to include meeting up with some old friends in the north of Germany before then heading south to Cochem on the Mosel, just to enjoy the grape juice you understand, then onto Baden-Baden in the Black Forest – an 32 GOLDEN WING

2,500 miles in two weeks and the Pan was simply outstanding...


area renowned for the home of the cuckoo clock, girdle busting cakes and of course, the famous B500. From there we would then head for Calais with a final stop over in Valkenburg, in Holland. To save carrying cash about we loaded up a Euro Card which can be used just like any other visa/credit card - very handy to fuel stops, paying bills etc. From Calais we headed north through Belgium and Holland to take the opportunity to spend a couple of days with some old friends in Ahrensburg, just north of Hamburg. Our first stop over was in Essen, normally a quiet city in middle Germany where we planned to get a bite to eat and enjoy a couple cold beers. On this occasion there was a huge Gay Pride event in full swing, the party atmosphere was fantastic and a great way to start our tour In Germany. From Ahrensburg we nipped up to Boltenhagen, a lovely former East German coastal town on the Baltic coast. After a pleasant break we then headed south through the North German plains, through picturesque towns such as Celle. We stopped over in a small town called Iserlohn to break the journey to the Mosel but with hindsight we were a little over cautious as we could have made the Mosel quite easily. To get the most enjoyment of riding down the Mosel we reached Cochem via Koblenz, we joined the B416 that followed the river all the way to Cochem. Our base, the Altes Winzerhaus & Gastehaus is highly recommended and as it is perfectly situated on the banks of the river, had secure bike parking and the staff very friendly. The town centre was a 10 min stroll along the river bank. The town square was constantly full of bikes coming and going throughout the day. This was a common theme along the length of the Mosel, the town and village squares were full of bikes with the odd fellow Brit as well. We followed the Mosel down to the historical town of Trier and enjoyed it so much; we followed the same route back. The roads and views were just brilliant. There were hundreds of bikes on the road, along the route there were loads of Harley and Trike meets going on so we were a bit outnumbered on a Jap job. It was a perfect ride out and just what the holiday was all about. From Cochem, we took a quick spin over to Nurburgring, which was about 30 mins from the hotel. The road was cross country with nice views and the odd wild deer charging about. There was vintage/classic racing going on the Nurburgring but we had a nice time just wandering around the souvenir shops and watching all the cars and bikes driving by. Sadly, it was time to move on and head further south. WINTER 2013


Baden Baden is a beautiful and wealthy spa town on the door step of the Black Forest. We stayed on the outskirts in Hotel Altenburg and again safe parking and the staff were very friendly and efficient. We had read and heard of the B500 as one of the ‘must do’ biking roads. There was no question about the spectacular views and excellent roads but both I and The Pillion preferred the long sweeping bends of the Mosel Valley, nevertheless, it was still worth the effort. We were in the land of the Black Forest Gateaux and every time we pulled up for a brew at a café we were served a slice of gateau of door step proportions, it was a struggle but we persevered. We did stop quite a lot for coffee/tea and cake in this region, odd that! Our grand tour was coming to an end, from Baden Baden we headed back to Calais with a stopover at Hotel Scheepers in Valkenburg, The Netherlands. And the Pan? 2,500 miles in two weeks. Simply outstanding, he didn’t miss a beat with arm chair comfort and I was constantly getting around 320 miles out of full tank. If you are remotely contemplating getting a Pan then what are you waiting for, as a daily commute and as a tourer this wonderful machine will meet your needs and then some. He may not have all the latest gadgetry but he doesn’t need it, the Pan simply does everything it says on the tin without fuss or fanfare, I have been on bikes for the best part of 30 years and the Pan is the best bike I have ever owned. Would The Pillion do it again - yes she would! We are already looking to complete a similar trip around France.





Special edition features:

For 21 years Honda has evolved the Fireblade, focussing on exceptional performance and handling for everyone. As a testament to this central concept, ‘Total Control’, the CBR1000RR has become legendary with its victories in the World Super Bike championship and domination at the Isle of Man TT. Now, for the very first time, performance enthusiasts can own a track-focused, fully road-legal special edition Fireblade that not only looks special – it is special.

Factory-matched pistons and con-rods ensure optimum internal engine balance. Fully adjustable Öhlins inverted fork and rear shock specifically developed for the Fireblade SP.

Brembo mono block four-piston calipers with specially designed pistons and pads give consistent and linear feel when braking hard from high speed.

CBR1000RR Fireblade SP Call 0845 200 8000 or visit to find out more. WINTER 2013


National Rally 2013 By

Donna Richards, South Wales Branch Secretary

Unfortunately, we couldn’t arrange the weather, but no matter how bad the rain was on Friday and Sunday, it was fine, bright and sunny for the rideouts on Saturday. It was brilliant to have so many of the South Wales Branch together and the weekend would not have been a success without the supreme efforts of all those involved. Some of the costumes were fantastic and the DJ had a really tough job in picking a winner. Here’s a selection of some of the weird and wacky entrants. ‘We are gathered here today…’

The weekend went really well and feedback was excellent. The rideouts on Saturday were well appreciated. But how could anyone complain about the stunning views and roads. It was a really good day out. The food at Table Table in Pentrebach, was fine and they did their best to accommodate all of us.

you…’ ‘Nice to eat

‘Just chillin’’

Trecco Bay was certainly a place full of entertainment and fun and Saturday night, everyone did their own thing. There was plenty of entertainment in the bar and ‘Time out’ and it was nice to relax after the stress of leading the rideout. On Sunday, the heavens opened, but everyone had fun popping in and out of each other’s caravans and getting ready for the night ahead. What an incredible effort was made by all those involved. There were some really scary sights…Terry was the scariest thing I have ever seen. 36 GOLDEN WING

‘There’s no ‘a rm in it’

‘The Addams Family WINTER 2013


‘Mad DJ’


’s sister…’

these ant to meet ‘Wouldn’t w ght’ on a dark ni

‘When sh all we thre e meet ag ain…’

ll’ ‘Jester from He


Looking forward to next year’s rally. Should be a good one!

‘Careful or I’l l set my gnom e on you’

fore?’ t somewhere be ‘Haven’t we me

All in all, the weekend was a great success. It was nice to meet up with some old friends and it was even better to make some new ones. One thing is for sure, if it wasn’t for the support of members of the HOC (GB), it wouldn’t have been such an enjoyable weekend.

Sincere thanks go to the members of South Wales Branch who were fantastic all weekend and really made it go with swing. Thanks guys! GOLDEN WING 37

The NEC and Honda day out By

Mark and Karen, Norfolk Branch members

It was rather a cold and frosty morning with the added difficulty of waking up children at 6am for an early start as we knew the thought of not getting a slot on the Honda My First Licence stand would surely make the journey home an extra long one. Fortunately all were up and ship shape in good time so we were heading off at 6.45am the children were a hum of excitement in the back of the car, knowing the slots were a first come availability and always popular, the children were briskly marched the half mile to the centre and queuing commenced. As we approached the turnstiles a few fellow club members were spotted a few feet ahead in the shape of Dave, Tony and Rodger from our Norfolk Branch. My attention swayed to attracting their attention as we went through the turnstiles. Luckily Karen had the good sense to jump straight in the queue as I had lost sight of everyone. She pulled me into the queue as I wandered in that slightly slow turning fashion when lost in a crowd. Luckily as we came to the counter we snapped up slots at 3pm, the last two bar one from missing out on the main event for Luke and his cousin Matthew. With that done food was the next order of the day, as we sat down to eat Dave was spotted as reliable as ever always near a food outlet! After fuelling up a walk around began and the disbelief in the eyes of Luke aged 8 and Mathew aged 10 when I told them that they were allowed to sit on any bike 38 GOLDEN WING

they wanted was a picture, they continued to ask permission for the next few stands which made me smile and for the rest of the day sat on every bike present and some twice with a youthful exuberance that makes you feel younger than you really are and made the whole day just fly by. Before we knew it 3pm arrived and we signed in at the Honda desk and were offered some lovely cup cakes. Luke was kitted up for his first ever solo ride and came out with a grin under his crash helmet. The staff, who were brilliant, put him on to his bike led him through the controls then he was off like he had been riding since birth. The staff let go and he was on his own going round corners and the roundabout, stopping at junctions, watched by a very proud mum and dad. After several laps he rode back to the start, turned off the engine stop switch and walked back to the changing rooms with a swagger you can only get after your first solo ride. I cannot say how amazed myself and Karen were at an attraction so well organised, professionally managed and provided at no cost. Well done to Honda - an example to all and a GREAT experience for Luke our youngest Branch member and his cousin Matthew, who I am working on joining. WINTER 2013


Friday 28th ~ Sunday 30th November 2014

Come and join your fellow HOC’ers for a magical start to Christmas at the stunning Cricklade House, a country haven standing in over 30 acres of peaceful, secluded grounds on the edge of the Cotswolds. This special weekend will include 2 nights luxury accommodation with served full cooked breakfasts, a hot finger buffet on the Friday evening, culminating in an Evening Ball on Saturday where you can dress to impress. Make use of the swimming pool & spa, snooker room and conservatory or why not have a round of golf?

There’s a total of 40 rooms available - book early to avoid disappointment £255.00 per Double Room, £152.00 per Single Room including breakfasts & evening meals for two nights. For further information and to book, please contact Angie & Ian on or 01494 258904 Single night stay packages and Saturday Evening Ball only also available



Poker Run

Saturday, 12 October 2013 By

Ken T-J, Oxford Branch member

I have only been an H.O.C. member for 6 weeks and Erica ‘told’ me to write this report! Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn a bright yellow HiViz jacket on my first run! So here goes... We all met at ‘H’s’, (formerly Fox’s Diner) to be off at 10am, after a good road and safety briefing by Ted G. First cards handed out. Second card was to be given at Abingdon Honda, one of the Blade Group Honda showrooms we would be visiting. A nice easy beginners route there, with little traffic. Tea/ coffee, if wanted, from their machine, but a bit too soon after H’s. Don’t think anyone purchased a motorcycle. Next stop to be Swindon Honda, for the second card, after twisty and occasionally mucky, but good back roads. Made a nice change from the usually packed A420, thanks to Teds’ planning. Lots of tea, coffee and bikkies. Very welcome after about 30 miles in the saddle. Nothing bought here either.


After half an hour or so, helmets on for a good run up to Stratford-upon-Avon via ‘The Bakers Arms’, at Broad Camden for a programmed lunch stop. Lovely place, took a bit of finding though, as I think it had been moved from one village to the next! But never mind as this just makes the day out more interesting. Best chips I’ve tasted from a pub and some excellent sandwiches too. Not the usual cheese, egg or ham fillings. Stayed longer than intended, but still the sun shone. Some good back roads and a bit of main stuff en route to S-upon-A. Not too easy finding the Blade Honda shop here, but all managed it. Some more refreshments and the raffle was held and the winner of the Honda T-shirt, donated by Stratford Blade Honda, was Steve Gilks.


The run to the ‘The Vines’ was quite good and over 40 miles, mostly on the A3400, until the Woodstock roundabout but we had a couple of problems. Firstly, Daves’ bike didn’t want to play anymore and gallant Terry stayed with him until the R. A. C. helped to sort the issue. Secondly, some of us found a different route from the Woodstock roundabout, back to The Vines. Still I think most made it to our new home were lots of quite delicious cakes and tea were waiting. Looks like a good venue with good m/c parking. Here the last card was handed out and the winning hands were announced. The winner was Mark Clargo’s son George, for an ‘Oxford’ security chain (kindly donated by Abingdon Honda) – an ideal prize as George has just passed his CBT! The ‘meal for two’ voucher, given by ‘The Vines’, our new home as of the 5th November, was won by another son, Harry Moody, who kindly gave it to dad, Steve Moody, the Oxford Branch’s TT man! Which was a very nice gesture. The day raised £200, making £600 this year for Oxford HOC’s 2013 charity, Headway Eighteen bikes with thirty two pairs of boots aboard and around 133 miles covered safely, with members of the following branches attending; Bedford, Reading, Wiltshire and Oxford. The rain finally came and heavy too for our departures home.

Can I say thank you to Erica and Ted for the organisation and everyone else for taking part. More enjoyable than spending a Saturday cutting lawns or decorating! WINTER 2013






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Viva la Valenica! By

Erica Gassor, Oxford Branch Secretary

Sitting on the plane for a two- hour flight from Stansted to Valencia I realised why I loved travelling abroad by bike - having had seemingly endless check in and security checks and now sitting, feeling like a canned sardine, on a claustrophobic aeroplane! Packing the top box and riding to the ferry or train and off the other side seemed a doddle.

Things improved greatly once we arrived at the NH Central hotel in Valencia. The Big Rock rep Tim (who was great and a source of all vital information) was there and it turned out to be the same hotel where all the BBC race commentary team and techies where staying. Our room was more like a suite and the hotel had a bar, restaurant, gym and swimming pool - spot on! Practice day and race day started early with our coach transport waiting at 7.30 am to take us to the circuit - parking a short walk from our allocated ‘yellow’ grandstand. We could see almost all the track but were not close enough to see the detail on the big screen and (I am ashamed to say) didn’t understand a word the Spanish commentators said - although their enthusiasm was hilariously infectious as were the Mexican waves on race day. And what racing we were treated to! The highs and lows and cut and thrust of racing where all there - champions like Espargaro out, barging and pushing, dicing and daring! With the correct result for keen Honda supporters, although not quite such good results as Brits (we know the Spanish National anthem off by heart now!). Delivered back to our hotel by our efficient coach driver, we had refreshing showers and then to eat - twice at the hotel and once at a very nice restaurant close by. The waiter’s energetic imitation of a swordfish will stick in my mind forever when I enquired what fish Gerald was eating! After two excellent days at the racing in 24 deg sunshine we spent a warm and sunny Monday on the Valencia sight seeing bus enjoying the architecture - old and very new together with the ice-cream and crepes!


We booked the trip through ToursRUs, who advertise in Golden Wing and who passed us onto Big Rock who I cannot speak too highly of, total helpfulness and efficiency from start to finish GOLDEN WING 43

tyred out at silverstone By


John Measures

ibble asked if I would go to the 11th and penultimate Round of the BSB at Silverstone as a guest of Pirelli on the Saturday and to enjoy the racing on Sunday. Beth also came along and was pretty excited as she had never been to a race track before. Perhaps I ought to let her out more often. We met Graham Seymour, Charlie Chimp and others at Jacks Hill Cafe and travelled to Silverstone from there. After saying our hello to Sharon and Stu of the Northants Branch, we walked over to the paddock where we found the Pirelli Hospitality unit. After being welcomed by a very charming Australian lady (Emma, the wife of Glen Richards), we were given an interesting presentation by their UK Product & Marketing Manager, Jim Worland . Jim told us that Pirelli was founded in 1872, producing its first motorcycle tyre in 1899 and is presently number 5 in the world of tyre revenue with a target of not necessarily being the biggest but the leader in high performance tyres. It has 34,000 employees and supplies tyres to 160 countries, half of those tyres are sold in Europe alone. It re-invests 3% of its revenue in R&D. Pirelli became the official tyre supplier to World Superbikes in 2004 and BSB from 2008. In the BSB, they supply tyres for the 200 riders across six classes for the three practices and one qualifying session together with the race itself. Silverstone has 7 left and 11 right corners with a track length of 3.66 miles requiring about 30 gear changes, with the superbikes reaching a speed of 183.3 mph. BSB riders get an allocation of 6 front, 9 rears for 3 practice sessions and one qualifying session. They can only use a maximum of 3 dry rears during qualifying. To accommodate this, Pirelli bring 4000 tyres and other equipment in 5 articulated lorries using the skills of 14 tyre fitters. Harley Stephens, their PR Co-ordinator, told us that this ensures a level playing field as all riders have the same choice of 44 GOLDEN WING

tyres. He also said that next year, Superbikes are moving from a 16.5” rim to a 17” rim. Jim then spoke about their new sports touring tyre, the Angel GT introduced this year to replace the Angel ST. Their development team was given a brief to develop the best touring tyre in its class for mileage, performance in both wet and dry conditions. The sports touring tyre market is hard fought with excellent products such as the Michelin Pilot Road 3 and many others to compete against. Pirelli, who have their DNA in sports performance tyres, therefore had their work cut out to achieve this. The tread pattern of the GT is similar to that of the ST but increases the foot print (contact patch on the road) by 10% on the front and 14% on the rear when the bike is upright giving the potential for better grip and more mileage. The central compound is 70% silica; a harder compound, for higher mileage, whereas the shoulders are 100% silica for better grip, especially in the wet. The front tyre is all one compound while the rear is two. With a progressive profile, the tyre also achieves an extra 5% maximum lean angle against the ST. It is also claimed that the tyre provides more linear wear performance rather than the characteristic drop compared to other tyres in its class. The tyre has been declared as giving the best mileage in the Sport Touring class by the independent Mottorad Test Centre. Jim closed by saying that they have developed a stable and positive handling tyre in both dry and wet conditions, giving a comfortable ride whilst returning high mileage. It has won the MCN 2013 Tyre Product of the year. The remainder of the day was spent by the track and wandering around the circuit. The weather was threatening and at one point, I thought Armageddon had arrived when a big black cloud went over. Unfortunately, Beth couldn’t join me on the Sunday as she had to visit her dad who was unwell, so she missed the excellent racing.


British Superbikes 2013 By

Ruth Stryczko, Northants Branch member

Back in October 2013 I helped out at the HOC Hub at the BSB Silverstone and what a fantastic weekend.

I knew it was going to be good when I heard that the Northants Branch Committee had managed to sell an amazing 95 tickets. The highest amount since the Northants Branch had become involved in the BSB at Silverstone. The two gazebos were set in place on the Friday so when I arrived on the Saturday all was ready and set to go. Shaz & Stu had got the supplies of coffee, tea, cakes and cookies (thanks Whitey). Saturday was a quiet day but was well attended especially for the parade lap. It was a little slow for some but at least they still got out onto the track Then came Sunday. By the time I got there numbers had already started to grow. It was so good to see so many of our members from all over the country, making this the best attended Silverstone by HOC members yet. All enjoyed the refreshments laid on, the excellent company and banter. I had so much fun I didn’t even get to see any racing. Megga big thanks to Stu, Shaz and all the Northants Branch members that organised and helped with this event. I’m really looking forward to the BSB and MotoGP in 2014. If there are any members out there from the Northants and surrounding areas who have not come along to see us yet, then please do. We meet every Wednesday at The George in Wilby.





The Ring of Red 2013 By Clare Rutland, West London Branch member

I first became aware of this event through another Honda Owners Club member via the club’s Facebook page.

Clare and her Shadow

The aim of ‘The Ring of Red’ was to turn Then the shout went up to get our bikes the outline of the M25 into a poppy, with ready. The USRs (Unity Support Riders), who riders wearing red. I then watched Facebook had the unenviable task of marshalling us, all with anticipation and a few weeks before the did a fantastic job of sending us out in small the event, it was revealed that we had a few groups onto the M25 so we didn’t disrupt the thousand bikers saying they were coming, so traffic flow too much and once we got out ‘The Ring of Red’ was definitely on! onto the motorway, I was touched by how So now, all I had to do was to find something many people were out on the bridges, waving red to wear. I found a tabard on eBay, which and displaying banners of support. was ideal for the occasion and I was good to We were told to try and keep to around 55 go, once I’d added a few extras! to 65 mph and above all, not to Over £6,500 And then arrived Remembrance disrupt the flow of traffic wherever raised for the Sunday, the day of the ride. It possible, as this was an act of Poppy Appeal was a cold, crisp, but very sunny remembrance and not a protest. morning, as I made my way over to Clackett Myself and the guys I was riding with went Lane Services (one of the many meeting north as far as J18 and then came off, as the points) to meet with fellow members. USRs were waving us past, so we thought ’The When I first arrived, there weren’t many Ring’ was complete. We then made our way bikes - only about 20, but within a very short to The Ace Café, where we met up with quite time there were, at a guess, several hundred a few fellow ’Ring of Red’ riders who had bikes collected in the Lorry Park. done various bits of the ride. The Police arrived to keep an eye on us, but It wasn’t until I’d got back home and they were also very friendly and supportive looked on Facebook that I discovered that and even used their sirens to sound the two we had completed ‘The Ring’. It was a little minutes silence. After which, we were treated thin in places but we did indeed do it! We to a fly-past by two Spitfires and a Hurricane! also managed to raise an awesome total It was an amazing and emotive sight, making of £6579.04, as well as one washer and a the hair on back of my neck my stand up! button, for the Royal British Legion! A fantastic way to commemorate and participate in Remembrance Sunday and I look forward to riding ‘The Ring of Red’ next year. This event was concieved and made possible by a remarkable lady called Julia Stevenson, along with her amazing team. She is also the co-founder of the ’Ride of Respect’. Julia Stevenson and members of her team


I look forward to seeing many of you there in 2014! GOLDEN WING 47

Your stories needed!

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, why not tell everyone about it? Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2



22nd Copdock Motorcycle Show Sunday 6th October by

Dave White, Norfolk Branch Secretary

Well what a WONDERFUL day we had for this superb event, 9 bikes with 15 people met up at Roy Humphrey’s on the A140 and Geoff and Pat led us through a lovely rural route that ran via the scenic countryside to the Suffolk Showground at Ipswich. The sun was SO bright we all found that some bends went from bright to dark so quickly that we almost lost sight of the bend itself as we went round it!!! As we got closer to the event we ran in to heavy car traffic which we were able to carefully filter through. The grounds were already busy when we got in but we soon parked up as the marshalling was just superb. After paying our entry monies - only £8 each - we were quickly to the loos and tea/coffee stations... and then into the show. We ensured we made our way to the C90 stall and said “Hi” to Jim... then on through other club stands and the exhibition bikes in the halls.


We passed Carl Fogarty who was on the Ducati stand having photos taken.

There were so many trade and other stands outside too - selling a huge variety of different bits and pieces including a really nice cake stall - the choccy cake with real raspberries was a joy to see AND eat!!!! We all went our own way round the show - which has grown into a huge event that spread and spread... and eventually after lunch, more drinks etc and a great deal of warm, sunny weather, made our separate ways home.



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


013 has been a busy year for many members of the Bedfordshire Branch with several attending most of the Branch rallies and three caravans worth at the National Rally in Porthcawl. We have also attended events at both Northants and Oxford B– ranches but despite all our efforts, didn’t manage to meet up with North London as planned. First resolution for the New Year! The popular and successful weekend trip to the Derwent Valley was well received and will not only be repeated in 2014 but is to be extended to a week! My weekend to Wales trip has turned into a lads weekend (well it was November and a bit cold for the girlies) and 5 of us enjoyed the Saturday gales but a dry and calm Sunday on the way back from Aberystwyth. Our Branch AGM was delayed whilst we waited the outcome of negotiations between our pub landlord at The Chequers and the brewery, which could have meant us changing venue. Luckily for us, Colin is staying for the moment, so the meeting is booked for 16th December. By the time you read this our committee will be well on the way to drawing up our list of events for 2014 in time for the spring issue of Golden Wing. I am in the process of agreeing the venue for the Clappers Rally for 2014. It should be in

the usual place on the second Bank Holiday in May. There should be an advert and a booking form in this edition of GW. Hope to see you there! The Beds Branch Christmas party is to be held fashionably late, in January, in the traditional Yuletide surroundings of an Indian Restaurant. If I don’t get what I want for Christmas it’ll be Reindeer Jalfrezi on the menu as well!! We are looking forward to another busy year and getting out and about to other branches for the ride, just because we can! Given that you will probably be reading this after Christmas it remains for us to hope that you had an excellent Christmas and that the alcohol poisoning is treatable. Happy New Year! All the best,


The bikes were parked on the other side of that wall..........

• • • 50 GOLDEN WING



14th Clappers Rally Friday 23rd – Monday 26th May 2013 @

'The Cross Keys' Pulloxhill Bedfordshire

Toilets/shower/marquee/pub grub/cooked breakfasts/ barbeque/superb camping field/ride-outs BOOKING FORM

Name (s) Address Postcode No. in Party Vehicle Registration No. H.O.C. Membership Number

Contact No. (4 max per booking) (Bike/Car /Camper etc....) (Branch)

Nights Req'd (£11 per pitch per night) FRI SAT SUN (please circle) = Breakfasts required (£6 per breakfast per person): Saturday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Sunday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Monday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Buffet Salad Required @ £2.50(for Sat night BBQ) 1 2 3 4 = Total


Please return booking form with payment & stamped addressed envelope to: Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road Flitwick Beds MK45 1RB Cheques payable to HOC Bedfordshire Branch, detailed map will be returned on receipt of booking. WINTER 2013



Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417


ell, Christmas has been and gone, so hope you had a good one (our Branch’s Christmas event report will be next time...). A Happy New Year to you all and hope you’ve survived the Winter unscathed too. In late August, we participated in the Dave Barton Memorial Run at Loomies Café. Matt & Penny, Stu & Lez and myself went along to pay our respects and sign the book of condolence. As Dave liked it, I took my CX500 (well, some do say they are ‘Classics’ now...). We had a bit of drizzle on the way, but it didn’t amount to much, so that by the time we got to Loomies, it was already drying out there. As we hadn’t stopped for a proper break on the way, Lez was now desperate for her caffeine fix, so we immediately dashed into the café for a coffee and lunch just as a large group of bikes turned up. Wise move, as we didn’t have to queue for ages, unlike them! After, we duly signed the book, then another coffee for Lez, did a bit of socialising, yet more coffee for Lez and then joined in the group photo, all except Stu, who had been sent inside to get yet another coffee for Lez! Seeing how many turned up on the day, Dave would have been pleased to have seen the numbers there. On the way home we stopped for a break (that’s a coffee and cake for Lez) in Marlborough.

Mid-September, Andy & Tracey organised a non-bike social event at short notice. In Bristol on one weekend lots of places that aren’t normally open to the public were opened up for a behind-the-scenes look and they chose Redcliffe Caves, in the middle of Bristol. It was only them and me who were able to get there and we went in to explore the rarelyvisited vast labyrinth of caves hollowed out of the sandstone beneath part of Bristol. Different and if we hadn’t all got torches, we’d probably still be in there!

Tracey + Andy in Redcliffe Caves

Stu & Lez, Matt & Penny at the Dave Barton Memorial Ride

The following day was the Classic Bike Japfest, courtesy of the VJMC, at the Haynes Museum. I’d entered my CX in the show and as the afternoon forecast was high winds and heavy rain, I went on my own! The morning

• • • 52 GOLDEN WING


was fine though! No official HOC presence at the show though; the organiser said he sent out an invitation to the HOC, but exactly who to, he couldn’t remember... Anyway, it was a packed show, visitors eventually turned up and it was all Jap bikes! Next year’s show is likely to be at Yeovilton Air Museum. The journey home was, er, rather wet, with the bikes accompanying me on the M5 having various electrical troubles on the way! Not my reliable Honda though!

Classic Bike Japfest

Several of us took advantage of Silverstone Circuit’s offer to the HOC of cheap tickets to the BSB in October. John & Maxine, Stu & Lez and myself decided to go and we made a two-day event of it. John found a nice little

B&B in a village not far from the circuit, so we all booked up for the Saturday night. The weather in the run up to the weekend had not been good, but thankfully the weekend was dry and pleasantly warm. As Saturday was mostly a practice day with just a few races later on, it was really quite quiet - Sunday was the big race day. The B&B was lovely – the accommodation and food was excellent, so we’d all go back there again – if we’re not beaten to it! Stu had fun entertaining the resident pooches – or was it the other way around? We got back nice and early for the racing on Sunday morning and what great a day it was! We stayed almost to the last race, but as a crash had delayed things, we decided to miss the last two, so as not to get home too late. At Burford we split up, I chose the Cotswolds route - interesting in the dark with one headlight failed... Don’t yet know what we’re doing this year, as nothing’s been planned at the time of writing (November). When we have something sorted it will be put in the Diary of Events on the website, so do have a look there some time. Ride safe now,


Silverstone BSB - John & Maxine, Stu & Lez

• • • WINTER 2013


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


nother year over and it has been a good one for Cambs HOC - well we think so anyway - we finished the year in good style with Roger and Nina Burgess, Paul and myself going the HOC national in Wales - what a weekend - we had all weather from sunshine to high winds and rain - we all went in the car to be honest but that doesn’t stop the fun when you are in the HOC is it just good to be together and have a catch up and a laugh and chat which is what we did.

The fancy dress party on the Sunday evening was hilarious and it was so good to see so many people making such an effort - everyone looked amazing! as you can see from the photo’s. A big thank you to Donna and Gareth for all the organising that went into it. Roger, Nina, Jim, Anita, Andy, Ann, Paul and myself went to the national HOC Christmas

party weekend at Stratford Upon Avon meeting up with Dave and Lisa from Bradford along with all the other HOC members from across the country - again a fabulous weekend of eating, drinking, socialising and being silly in onesies really. The accommodation and food was excellent and the venue was perfect, an idyllic setting - a BIG thank you to Dave and Sue from Norfolk who arranged it all - it was a very good weekend. Cambridge have held their AGM and all posts remain the same and we look forward to 2014 being hot and sunny so we can enjoy the biking again. So, the last 12 months has gone very quickly and thanks to the wonderful weather this year we have been out and about on the bikes quite a bit - a lot of it at short notice which is nice and good to see people enjoying the weather and biking again. It just leaves us to thank all the members of Cambs who turn up regularly and help support our Branch and for those who organised ride outs - it is what we make it. Wishing all HOC members a very Happy Christmas and New Year and see you all soon in 2014.

Love Paul and Kim xx

• • • 54 GOLDEN WING


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Impromptu BBQ Meeting

Earlier in the year when Steve had his operation, I was unable to get him to the Birch Tree for a meeting, so we decided to have an impromptu BBQ at home. It was a great meeting and here is some photographic evidence.

National Rally Weekend

September 13th - 16th After a horrendous journey to Porth Cawl we all eventually met up in the Entertainment venue in the evening. But what a change to the weather on Saturday, blue sky and sunshine (it was a bit breezy in places but who’s complaining). Just the weather to go for a walk along the sea front, browse in the little market and explore Porth Cawl, and for some of us to join in the ride-out, later meeting up again in the entertainment venue.

Porth Cawl across the bay

Sunday was a day for curling up inside the caravan and watching the rain lash down or for the brave ones (all wrapped up) venturing out to the bar to watch the racing. The climax of the weekend was the fancy dress party on Sunday night, what a great array of costumes.

Boogie on Down the Goth Way

And that drummer from the band (SEX) couldn’t half play.

The SEX Drummer

• • • WINTER 2013


Silverstone BSB

October 5th - 6th A great weekend of racing and loads of Hondas on the HOC stand, Steve & I had a new experience, we stayed in the Snooze Box inside the circuit, it’s basically compact accommodation built into what look like shipping containers. It may be compact, but there’s everything that you need.

Christmas Party at Ettington Chase

November 22nd – 24th It was a lovely venue located in a great area for taking a wander round on Saturday. We ventured up to Wellesbourne Airfield Market and parted with some hard earned cash before taking a drive into Stratford upon Avon for a look around the shops. Saturday was party night and in true HOC style we partied the night away.


Party night at Ettington Chase

Alex Lowes giving Shakey Byrne a run for his money

The folks from up North - Steve & Marie

The HOC stand at Silverstone

• • • 56 GOLDEN WING





Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


astern members have enjoyed riding there bikes in some great summer weather. In August I attended the FIM Motocamp at Bredebro in Denmark. This was one of the best Motocamps I’ve been on. It was a credit to the organising club and volunteers. On the way back from Harwich, on Bank Holiday Monday, I called in at the Fenman Motorcycle Show at Wimbotsham. It’s a great little show with some very interesting bikes on display.

At the end of August Martin Armstrong and I went to the FIM Mototour of Nations in Italy. We caught the Harwich to the Hook of Holland ferry and stopped at Heidelberg, then Berchtesgaden before riding over the Grossglockner pass and spending two nights in Villach. From there we visited the European Bike Week held at Faak am See. After leaving Villach we crossed into Slovenia over the Wurzen pass, before arriving at Udine in Italy, our first stop on the Mototour of Nations. This was the first time this event had been held. It was very well organised by Damiano Zamana and his team on behalf of the Italian Federation and FIM.

Martin & John setting off for the Mototour of Nations

The International Motorcycle Festival at Faak am See

• • • 58 GOLDEN SPRING 2013 WING


Paul & Martin at the RTTW

Martin at the top of the Stelvio Pass

We had two days of ride outs in the region enjoying the twisty roads between visiting museums and historical sites. All three hotels we stayed in were 4 Star. The final night stop was at the impressive Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace over looking the harbour at Trieste. Points are awarded based on distance travelled for each participant attending the event. Team FIM GB won the Mototour of Nations Trophy with Mototouring Club Wirral winning the club trophy. We returned via overnight stops at Cortina d’ Ampezzo and Bormio, then crossed the Stelvio pass on our way to a two night stop in Munich. In Munich we visited the 1972 Olympic site and the BMW museum. We rode in the pouring rain from Munich all the way to the Hook of Holland with just stops for fuel and food. For a two week tour we managed to cram a lot in. On the first Saturday in October Martin, Paul and I took part in the 6th Run to the Wall (RTTW). We joined the run at Woodhall services on the M1 and rode to the National Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire.

Martin, Lorrie, Graham and I went down to the Classic Mechanics Show at the Stafford show ground on the 20th October. There were a great variety of bikes on display. There are also ‘projects’ you think may have been discovered in a field by metal detectorists.

A classic Honda Super Sport at Stafford

On Sunday 10th November Martin and Graham had a run out to look at new bikes at Grantham Honda. Martin encountered some very slippery road conditions on the A46 at the start of the run. Lincolnshire Council hadn’t been out gritting. If any Honda Owners Club members feel like having a go at continental touring and would like to try out a FIM Touring event, you can find out more by going to the FIM Team GB website


• • • WINTER 2013


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


warm welcome from the Gloucester Branch. At our meeting in September, we welcomed Mike Edwards from the local branch of the Royal British legion Riders, who gave the group an interesting and informative talk about there organisation. Also in September, the Branch held thier camping weekend at The Lower Lode, Forthampton. This was to support the Air Ambulance. We welcomed members from other branches of HOC. The ride out, on the Saturday, saw nice day weather wise. We took in many winding roads on our way to British Camp, in the Malvern Hills.

The evening saw a female vocalist sing a good variety of songs, following which a late night playing pool followed. However all weekends have to end. In October, we welcomed Steve Bostock, from NGRoadracing to out meeting, who gave an interesting insight into the history of road racing and how it has progressed. So due to Steve’s generosity in giving out complimentary tickets to NGRoadracings, Thruxton meet in October, Chris and I set off for a day out, but this time we took the car!!!

Thruxton British camp

Following a stop for tea and cake, we made our way along more winding roads, to Strensham and the Air Ambulance base, were they were holding there annual open day. This gave us an opportunity to look around the helicopters and other exhibitors. A very good day out.

Needless to say we had a really good day; Chris even managed to bump into a work colleague who was racing. A must for next year - to attend a few more of NG’s events. The next day saw a group of us head for Weston Super Mare and beach racing. Something I’d always wanted to watch but had never, made it before.

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013

Weston Beach race

What started out as a dull day, turned into a very wet day, and yes this time we were on the bike! October also saw our website go live. Our November meeting saw Ian, give a talk on the benefits of Advanced riding, which is not just for the over 60’s with grey hair. Ian and Mike also endorsed the benefits of the bike safe courses as this promotes good road presentations, which can also promote better car driving.

In December we will be holding our AGM and having the Branch Christmas meal. By the time you read this Christmas and the New Year will have come and gone. So we would like to say safe biking and enjoy 2014. Our diary is starting to fill up with events already, so it could be a busy year. Don’t forget to check out our website, for updates of events


Air Ambulance open day

• • • WINTER 2013






Adventure rides don’t always turn out exactly how you planned. It’s not an adventure unless you discover a few new things along the way. Places you didn’t expect to find. Friends you didn’t know before. It’s about living in the moment, soaking up the memories and discovering the wonders the world has to offer. You’ve just got to get out there and experience them. The Now available with 0% finance, the Honda Adventure range allows you to discover.

To find your local Honda Dealer, simply call 0845 200 8000 or visit

Honda Adventure range

0% APR

Representative from only £75* a month

Terms and Conditions: PCP Terms and Conditions: New retail registrations from 02 January 2014 to 31 March 2014. Subject to model and colour availability. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Honda Aspirations (PCP): *£75 per month example shown based on CB500X at £5,299 total cash price (and total amount payable with 37 months 0% APR Representative (interest rate per annum 0% fixed) with £1081.36 (20%) deposit, Guaranteed Future Value / Optional Final Payment of £1,517.64, annual mileage of 8,000 and excess mileage charge: 2p per mile. You do not have to pay the Final Payment if you return the bike at the end of the agreement and you have paid all other amounts due, the vehicle is in good condition and has been serviced in accordance with the Honda service book and the maximum annual mileage has not been exceeded. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.




Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


verall we have had a very active year, attending two meetings each month plus thirty four ride outs. January through to August has already been reported upon but since September we have attended/visited the West Country for a long weekend organised by Pauline & John, France, again lead by Tony & Dawn, a New Romney feast at Les & Jill’s, Maldon, Solihull (agm), New Romney with Ruth and Strytchy to plan the 2014 Rally, Brighton (Veteran car run), Chislehurst Remembrance Run, Whitstable / Broadstairs, Rye / Hastings, and the NEC. Nobody has been able to attend all trips but several have attended most and it demonstrates how active we have been.

My special thanks to Mike O and John A for leading most of the rides in 2013 and to Pauline for her web work and for planning the longer breaks and Faversham Show (with John). I appeal again, anyone who wants to be involved but does not hear from me please drop me a line. We are a friendly crowd and you will be welcome at any event. Welcome to all new members of recent months. We look forward to our Christmas dinner this Friday at Tudor Rose and our Toy Run to Fairlawn Children’s Home on 15th. In 2014 we have a long week+ in Scotland in July and the National Rally at New Romney in September.

Mike G

• • • WINTER 2013


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


s the last report of the year, I thought we should include our excellent Christmas Party in the ramblings. But before that, I’d just like to say a few words about the rides we’ve done this year. The previous reports have gone off on a bit of a tangent, so you may have missed the fact that we have had some cracking rides in 2013. These include: • The early rides to Jodrell Bank and Glasson Dock

We have had a great deal of fun and racked up over 30,000 miles between us doing these runs. But enough of these. You can read all about them on our web site Onto the recent event - our Christmas party. As always, it’s an annual affair and attended by more and more people each year. This year was no exception and we had 45 people booked and ready to play. It was held at the Alma Lodge in Stockport - a venue I can thoroughly recommend for it’s good food, friendly staff and excellent accommodation.

Jodrell Bank

• The famous Pancake Run

Pancake run

• Longer rides to the Falconry centre at Lincoln, Goathland and Whitby

I arrived early to set up the computer and projector. We need this as I always do a slide show of the years pictures (which always provokes comments and ribaldry) and I then do presentations of “Honderable Mentions” to some of our members.

Nicola being brave at Woodside falconry

• A boys week up in Scotland.

All set up and ready to go

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013

In addition, I also played some videos of my rides in Spain, which went down well once I had speeded them up a bit (so it looked like I was a riding god). Everyone arrived soon after bringing with them the raffle prizes and we sat down to tuck into our Xmas dinner. The food was superb but soon eaten, followed by mince pies and coffee. Then it was my turn. The AGM was soon finished (we elect our members at the Xmas do - makes for a very friendly AGM) and then on to the awards.

Once I sat down the raffle draw took place. This went on for ages as we had around 100 prizes to give away.

Gary’s award

This went down very well this year and much merriment was had by all concerned and the onlookers.

Paul got excited winning the raffle

Everyone went off happy with their goodies and we finished off with more drinks and chatting until the small hours (about 3:30am, I think).

Alan Rosie was quite tall in her high heels

• • • WINTER 2013




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


s I write this I am listening to Manx Radio interviewing Connor Cummins and John McGuiness live from the NEC bike show following the announcement that Connor is to ride for Honda in 2014. This is great news as Connor is a brilliant rider and we as an Island are extremely proud to have a Manxman on the Honda team! Well, what a busy summer we have all been having, made all the more enjoyable for the sun being out, some of the Branch holidays abroad sounded really good! John keeps telling me that we don’t need to do it because not only do we live abroad, we actually live on holiday! I think he’s taking his retirement too seriously so with that in mind I had to settle for going abroad to South Wales for the National Rally, which I have to say a big thank you to South Wales Branch for organising, it is always great to meet up with friends old and new. Manx Grand Prix, sorry, The Festival of Motorcycling, is now a distant blur, but we still have videos and photos on my iPad to look

Karen, John, Gerrard & Cocky with Norton

at on these dark cold nights, remembering what a great time was had by all. One of the highlights for us was a story that began last year with Dutch couple, Gerrard and Cocky, who stayed the full fortnight with us. Gerrard told us about his 1957 Manx Norton that he was trying to trace the history of.

Ernie Washer with the MGP trophy

On Wednesday of practice week they turned up on our doorstep, bursting with excitement as due to an article in the “Classic Racer” magazine, the man who rode the bike back in the fifties, and won the 1958 MGP senior race on it contacted him! It was a gentleman by the name of Ernie Washer and he had been invited to ride in a parade lap of past masters of the Manx. On hearing that, Gerrard dropped everything and booked the boats to bring the bike over for Ernie to ride. John got him an entry to the Jurby festival and Ernie did a few laps to make adjustments and get used to the bike again and he rode it on Wednesday of race week in the parade lap. Now you’ve probably worked out that Ernie is getting on a bit now, actually 82 at the

• • • 66 GOLDEN WING


James May on the Meccano outfit

time and the oldest rider out there, but you couldn’t tell looking at him and he lapped at over 60mph average on a bike he last rode in 1958! It sounded fabulous on its original open megaphone exhaust too! Whilst all this was going on, James May was on the Island filming one of his toy story programmes for a Christmas Special. This involved a sidecar outfit made entirely

of Meccano no less! (except the tyres and battery). The idea was to do a lap of the course on this contraption, it took him two days but it did make it eventually! We saw him riding it as we were on our way to the Ginger Hall pub for a meal with our Dutch friends, we overtook him, complete with police escort, near Kirk Michael and just before our meal arrived he passed the pub so we had to go outside and wave! As I write we are all looking forward to the Branch Christmas Dinner, at our new venue, the Highwayman pub in Peel on the 14th Dec. and then to next year and warmer weather! Lets hope Connor & John Mac do well as a team next year and get good results for Honda. Until then, this is M.O..B. signing off, be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim, Ian and James

John at Jurby with Ducati 160

• • • WINTER 2013



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


ell what a lovely time we had with the weather in East Anglia all year - well until the storm and tidal surge this last week. VERY great sympathy to our Honda Dealers Lings in Lowestoft who got flooded and lost 50 vehicles according to the local papers. We hope they get back up and running quickly. The next main event was the Honda Owners Club Dinner and Dance in Stratford. There were 6 members of the Branch who made it out of Norfolk to the Ettington Chase. The hotel was lovely and the food really nice. Friday night saw Jennie have a surprise 50th (SURELY we mean 21st) birthday surprise - a card signed by everyone and a lovely cake made by Angie and flowers from Sue and Happy Birthday sung by all were the highlights!!

On the Saturday we had a 50:50 split - the men went to the NEC for the Bike Show while the ladies went to Stratford for some culture oh and shopping!!! The NEC was not as busy as we were expecting which was nice. While we were there we met Mr T, Karen and their son and a nephew and then bumped into Mark and Josh so all in all a GREAT Branch turn-out. Josh kept smiling in a “get me one for Xmas.....” way with Mark who was unmoved by the whole thing. The Honda stand was VERY busy with the new models on display. We are having a Test Day at Lings in Harleston in July to see what the new bikes are like. We saw loads of famous bikers while we were there - Sam Lowes, Tom Sykes, Johnny Rea and Henry Cole to name but a few.

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING


The HOC stand was great as always and it was lovely to catch up with everyone there. The HOC Raffle raised over £300 for NABB and we must give really HUGE thanks to Mark at the Harleston Lings, Chris Ball, Penny Spinks and the Norwich Ski Slope as well as Gary and Chris at Sapphire where they are Chocolatiers and Angie from the Reading Rabble too for their prizes that they donated. If we have missed anyone out then GREAT apologies.....

After this the Branch has had a gentle run up to Christmas - we had a superb C J Ball night where we were treated to an AMAZING presentation about Mondo Sahara by Austin Vince. He is a VERY alive speaker and was totally complemented by the mince pies and mulled wine. Roger managed to win a brill trickle charger in the raffle too which was a bonus. If you ever want a great night out do go and see Austin’s talk.

The Branch has been invited to the Children’s Hospice Carol Service again - which is always a very moving one to go to. Our Branch voted to support Stepping Stones in 2014 - they are a Norwich-based charity who support and develop young adults with learning disabilities. Our final event of the year will be a Christmas 10-pin bowling with a meal in Norwich. We are looking forwards to a really good riding year in 2014 and to seeing many HOC friends and making new ones. We have an open invite to all HOC Branches for our Lings Testing Day on July - try all the models, have a BBQ lunch with nibbles etc and then a lovely Norfolk hilly ride-out through the mountains to the coast for an ice cream and ending up with a meal... what better way to spend a Summer day???!!! The Norfolk Branch wish all HOC members a very happy, healthy and fun-filled Christmas and New year.


• • • WINTER 2013


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


nce again, North Downs Branch were representing the HOC at The Chichester College Bike Show. We set off with Chris on his Fireblade and Stritchy on the VFR 750, followed by Marion and Ruth in the car with all the display gear. After last year’s show being rather sparse due to rain, we were hoping for better weather this year. We met with Graham Gull at the show site. Unfortunately the poor weather seemed to have put the punters off, but a number of North Downs branch arrived in a group, as did members of the Solent Branch. The rain started to come down during the afternoon which drew the show to a premature close.

favour, as the better weather saw more bikes arriving than last year. Again, Graham Gull joined us there as did Chairman Dibble, who signed up a new member. We actually signed up 9 new members on the day and sold about £90 of regalia. We also raised money by asking for donations for cupcakes.

Turbocharged CBX at The Ace

The HOC Stand at Chichester

Monkey Bikes ready for the off

Steve’s Hornet & Matt’s CB1000R

This year Honda Day at The Ace was moved to a slot in July, which worked well in our

We managed to pick a sunny day on the 13th July to host a Charity BBQ in our back garden. Once again North Downs Branch were joined by members of West London Branch. Chris cooked an excellent BBQ with Jacket Potatoes cooked indoors. We had a bucket to collect donations for the charity fund and were very pleased to receive approximately £70. Thank you to all who attended and donated.

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013

The following Saturday, 20th July, we rode down to Port Solent for the MAG Bike Show. Once again we enjoyed superb sunshine on the south coast. Bob doing his Slim Pickens impersonation at Port Solent

This year we went to The Crown for HOC Roast and were joined by members from West London Branch. We had a raffle to boost our charity fund where items of HOC regalia and other Honda related items were prizes. Having eaten, we all retired to the very sunny garden where we sat in the shade under the large gazebo. With so many events throughout the summer, there were few weekends available for rideouts and two that were scheduled were cancelled due to adverse conditions. However, a group met at Box Hill to ride to Hayling Island. A slight detour was made on the way to take in a hill climb event near Guildford, the group then continued to Hayling where they all partook in a brunch. Unfortunately, on the return journey the heavens broke and everyone retuned home rather wet.

The bikes outside the brunch stop

This year’s Branch AGM was held in November. Accounts were approved and we had a couple of members volunteering to look into organising some rideouts. Chris and Marion were voted for to continue as Secretary and Treasurer. For the first time the branch now have a Chairman with Stuart being voted in unanimously. On Sunday 10th November three of us rode up to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford for the Remembrance Day Service meeting up with other HOC members. Mike from West London led us back across country to end a great day out. Martyn and Stuart inspecting Concorde’s undercarriage

Chris and Marion drove to Stratford upon Avon for the HOC Christmas Party and were joined by Graham and Loraine on Saturday. It was another very successful weekend, well done and thanks to Sue and Dave White for organising the event.

Marion, Jax and Di at the HOC Christmas Party

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe. The group at Hayling Island ferry


• • • WINTER 2013


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


e have had a busy period leading up to this report. You will see from the stories and pictures we certainly get around. 1st Sept. Saw 4 of us ride up to Tipton to Mad O’Rourke’s Pie factory. We had heard of the pies they serve up there and thought it was time to go and taste them. We weren’t disappointed. They were the best pies we have tasted. Marian even thought her dessert was the best she has ever had.

8th Sept. 4 of us ride over to Brugge for the day. We stopped off in Adinkerke on route for coffee. Once we had parked up in the main square we decided a canal boat tour was called for before we had lunch. The boat ride took you around Brugge and you got to see parts of Brugge that you wouldn’t see on foot. The guide even showed us the smallest window in Brugge, see if you can spot it in the pictures (Clue, it’s above a bridge).

We then went and had lunch. Following lunch we went off and bought some chocolates for the better half’s back home, oh, and we had some as well. Time came to head off home. We had a good ride back to Calais. On the ferry we had a drink and something small to eat, too much chocolate earlier. Great day riding with good company. 13th Sept. 15 of us set off for a great weekend in South Wales for the HOC National Rally. This was the first National Rally many of us had been on. What a weekend it was too. The weather tried to put a damper on things and it some respects it did. Many people had soaking wet riding gear when they arrived there, but they all managed to get their gear almost dry for the ride out the next day. Everyone I spoke to had a great time and met many new friends in the HOC. I didn’t take my bike along; I took the car as I brought Alan and his wife and daughter along for the weekend. Alan is making progress following his stroke, but he surprised us all when he got up on the dance floor and started to strut his stuff. Go Alan Go. I think Dorrie was having kittens watching him.

Scores for Alan’s dancing “SEVEN”. A great weekend. Well done to everyone in the South Wales Branch for organising it all.

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING


22nd Sept. 6 of us took a nice country ride route to Finchingfield for lunch. We didn’t ride directly there, we went via the Silver Ball Café on the A10. Here we had coffee and a look at the bikes that assemble there on Sundays. At Finchingfield we had a lovely carvery lunch in the Tea Rooms there. On the ride back we stopped at Great Dunmow and bid farewell to everyone and then set off in different direction for home. A great days riding in lovely sunny weather and with great company.

29th Sept. 6 of us popped over to Burnham On Crouch for lunch. Michael Bonner joined us for the run today, was great seeing him again. We used the nice twisty country roads to get there. On route we stopped at Rose Café near to Chelmsford. Nice coffee here. We then made our way to Burnham. On the way into Burnham we saw a Police Office with a speed gun waiting just west of the Burnham bends. He was sneakily positioned so that you wouldn’t see him until you came round a slight bend in the road.

Once we parked up at Burnham we made our way to the Unique Café where we had lovely fish and chips. We had a good old natter over lunch. When we left Burnham we went out the same way we came in and saw that the Police Officer had a biker pulled over and was checking him out. Opp’s. Another good days riding with good company. 6th Oct. 7 of us went to the Copdock Motorcycle Show today. We met up in Brentwood and zipped up the A12 to Copdock. Graham led the run up there and back. The show was well attended and the stunt show was excellent. We had a good look around the stalls and tents. A few things were bought, but mainly we window shopped. On the way home I left the group and popped in to see my brother in Stoke By Nayland. Another great ride out to a good show. 27th Oct. 3 of us rode down to Folkestone for a plate of seafood and a coffee. Phil S led the run today.

We sat there for some time having a natter and watching the world walk by. We then rode off along the coast to Rye where we partook in the seaside tradition of having Fish & Chips and lovely they were to. We set off again following the coast road to Hastings before we headed north along the A21 for home. Good days riding with great company.

• • • WINTER 2013


3rd Nov. Phil S led us up to Felixstowe today. We rode up the A12 which wasn’t busy and made good time there. We went into the old town area and had a coffee at the Winkles At The Ferry café. Had a nice bit of cake with the coffee. Phil wasn’t happy with the size of his lemon drizzle cake compared to Grants piece of carrot cake. Phil then led us up to Aldeburgh for lunch. We parked up on the sea front by the old gaol. We then had a nice walk along the front and into town. We found a very nice fish & Chip restaurant. But now John was getting fed up with fish & chips. He said next week we would have something different to eat for lunch. Time came for us to set off for home. Phil led us back down the A12. As we were getting close to home so the sun started to set. A good day out with good friends.

10th Nov. Today we rode up to Duxford Airfield for the Remembrance Sunday Service. There were 10 of us on the ride up there. We stopped on route at Birchanger Services for coffee. We parked up at Duxford and made our way along the taxiway to the Control Tower. At 10:30am it had been arranged for other HOC Branches to meet up here for a group photo. A little while after 10:30 we took the group photo and as you will see there are 23 members in it.

We then waited for 11 o’clock to come round. The silence this year was going to be started and finished by sounding whistles. We did wonder where the field gun had gone. No one heard the first whistle go off. It soon become apparent that one had been sounded because the people nearest the entrance were seen to be standing still. Then you saw people along the route to where we were started to stand still one after the other. When the second whistle sounded you could only just hear it, some by me couldn’t hear it at all. It appeared that they had one person with a whistle by the entrance and you were supposed to hear this wherever you were standing around the airfield.

Next year they would be better to use Thunder Flashes at the start and end. They would be heard no matter where you were. We then had lunch in the café; no it wasn’t fish & chips.

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


We then headed off to the Air Space Hanger for the remembrance service. Very moving these Services. It was well attended. Following the Service we made our way back to the bikes. 8 of us then put red T shirts on over our riding gear. We were going to ride down the M11 and join in on the Ring of Red around the M25. When we joined the M25 there was a group of 9 bikes, wearing red, ahead of us. We closed the gap and joined the rear of them to make us a larger group. We saw a few riders riding in the other direction. Another full day with good company. 14th Nov. I had arranged for 10 of us to attend a Heart Start course at our Branch. Areyh who is one of our members is an instructor for this course and run it for us. It was a 2½ hour course. We all had a great time and for those of us who had done a first aid course this was a good refresher. During the course we also got taught how to use a defibrillator. There is more info about the course on our website. If you are thinking of running a similar course you can of course contact Areyh through me or arrange it through your local British Heart Foundation office.

17th Nov. Phil S had originally planned a run to Hurst Castle and the New Forest today, but we all decided at the meeting last Thursday that it was a run for the summer with longer daylight, so Roland suggested an

Essex country run to some of our usual haunts. In the end Phil couldn’t make it so it was just Roland, Mick K and myself who met at the Shell garage at Brentwood. I was planning to have a last ride of the year on my CBF1000, but although the weather was dry the roads were damp and a bit muddy so I opted for my Pan. I said it is only 10 minutes along the A12 to our first coffee stop at Rose’s café at Chelmsford, to which Roland said ‘not the way we’re going!’ We set off along some nice country lanes past Weald Park, Doddinghurst and Blackmore to Chelmsford, approaching Rose’s from the North. Almost as soon as we parked up Jim arrived on his immaculate Anniversary VFR. We thought he might turn up as he lives locally. After a coffee and a bacon roll we set off across country through Writtle, Leaden Roding and Great Dunmow to Finchingfield. Jim had to leave us here so didn’t join us for the carvery lunch at Bosworth’s café. Rita and her staff did us proud, insisting we had homemade apple pie for desert. It was time to move off again, so we headed towards Great Sampford, Radwinter and Saffron Walden. We then headed south through Newport and Stansted Mountfitchet. Although we had planned a final stop at Birchanger services at the M11 junction, decided we had had our fill at lunchtime, so split at the A120, myself west along the A120 and Roland and Mick east along the A120 to the M11 and home. Although a rather dark overcast November day for a run, still enjoyable. Upon arrival at home the odometer on Graham’s trusty Pan clicked over to 85,000, only 15,000 to go to the magic 100,000! On a separate note; I took over the Branch website about a month ago and have brought it up to date. You will find quite a few more photos and storylines on there. Until the next report ride safe out there.


• • • WINTER 2013



Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286

Charity Bike Ride To Skegness


ack in June 2013, Nottingham Branch member Matt Simons and a group of his work colleagues, twenty one of them in total, did a sponsored cycle ride for Hayward House, a specialist palliative care unit at the city hospital for cancer patients. The ride departed at 8.30 a.m. from their workplace at Southwell, Nottingham to Skegness a distance of roughly 75 miles. The riders took the back roads route and had one stop off in the village of Navenby at one third distance for refreshments and toilet break then set off again to their next stop off at Horncastle at two thirds distance.

Unfortunately one of the group had a fall off his bike coming into Horncastle leaving him grazed and bruised and with a smashed helmet therefore proving why cycle helmets should be worn. After a short break they all set off again on the last stretch to Skegness which thankfully passed without incident and arrived in Skegness at about 2.30 p.m. and was with friends and family. Once there they all took themselves off to the nearest watering hole for a well-deserved couple of pints while they swapped tales of what happened on the ride and compared sunburns.

Gimme a pint

Thanks Matt, a great achievement for you and all who completed the ride x

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013

Darley Moor Road Racing Ride-Out Written by Stephen Parker


aturday 20th July saw a nice day dawn for our Ride Out to attend the Darley Moor Motorcycle Road Racing near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. After picking up members en route from Nottingham to Derby 5 of us made the event. The racing was action packed with everything from Sidecar racing to even a kart Race. Everyone agreed it was a brilliant venue and not expensive to view some good racing at close hand. Many of the viewpoints were within 6 metres of the track, so no binoculars needed, and the smell of tortured engines and melting tyre rubber filled your nostrils along with the odd whiff of Castrol ‘R’ when the classic bikes had a ‘Thrash’ Purely to get rid of the oil and rubber smell you understand, we had to indulge in Fish, Chips, Peas and Pies washed down with ‘Tar’ tea and ‘Creosote’ coffee, wonderful! For the even more indulgent we tried the Ice Cream van out as well! It’s amazing how leathers shrink around the waist when you are not on the bike? Mmmm! We decided to call it a day around 5pm and head for home, slightly aching legs from walking the circuit perimeter and standing around all day, and thinking mmmm the sports bike crouch is more comfortable on the way back now the stomach is slightly more padded!


Grantham Honda - Open Day

fantastic ride-out to the open day. For a September morning the weather had remained good as the members met up for their ride-out. With 7 bikes 8 members attending the weather conditions were ideal for a smooth journey to Grantham. The members enjoyed a cuppa and a look around the bikes displayed. Steve Parker even managed to have a long chat with John McGuinness about his Classic reconstruction of the Agostini and Hailwood battle when they rode the respective MV and Honda bikes around the TT course. A really nice bloke and he could have chatted for hours.

• • • WINTER 2013


1 Year Celebration

Nottingham Branch celebrated their 1 year anniversary in September and celebrated with a slice of birthday cake and a drink. Thanks to all the members for their support throughout the year to make running the Branch an interesting and fun one.

Fuzzy Face Charity Drive From the HOC AGM on the 20th October 2013 I, Peter Terence Dawson (member of the Nottingham and Three Shires Branches) pledged not to shave until the following Annual General Meeting in 2014 at which time all moneys collected will be donated on behalf of the Honda Owners Club to The Air Ambulance and the National Association of Blood Bikes.

10 November 2013 all shaved and ready to grow Three weeks of growth and I am looking nice and scruffy,

the pictures say it all

As I write this, Autumn approaches again, but certainly can’t complain as what a wonderful summer! It’s certainly time to get out the thermals, get the lining back in the jacket for the Winter Ride Outs! Ride safe everyone,


The good news is the pledges received up to now amount to £150 so please keep them coming. All donations will be sent through the Honda Owners Club charity account. Money can be sent via Pay-Pal or at the next AGM. Updates will be found on Thanks for all the support Regards, Peter x

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013


Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


s I look out of the window whilst writing this I realise that winter has truly arrived with dark, windy evenings but we cannot complain – an excellent summer and autumn full of sunshine and warmth. Lots of fun activities kept us occupied over the long summer days and weekends just went too fast! The Autumn of course saw an great National Rally in Porthcawl – well done to all those who worked so hard to ensure we enjoyed ourselves..... which we did! Such a beautiful coastline with loads to see and do! We had some excellent ride outs with the Wednesday evening jaunt being very popular. Congratulation to Ted who always chooses such good roads to ride! A ride to Cadbury World was enjoyed by the choco-holics in the Branch but they didn’t bring back any pictures (probably too busy eating the goodies) and another group of HOC members rode to Mallory Park to support our very own racer Steve Moody (Dilligaf racing) on his quest to qualify for the Manx TT in 2014. An excellent day in the sunshine was enjoyed and Steve won his class in the first race and came 2nd in the class overall. We also had a very interesting presentation at our meeting in October by the Dilligaf team. Another excellent ride in the sunshine was to Sammy Miller’s – always worth a visit and lunch was very scrummy! We held our second Poker Run of the year in aid of Headway – see separate report by one of our newer members , Ken (sorry to land you with this Ken but you did an excellent job!) We were very sad to have to leave our home of eight years (Foxcombe Lodge) and look for a new venue due to the hotel being

sold for conversion into apartments. After a bit of searching we located The Vine at Cumnor and were immediately made to feel more than welcome by both the landlords and staff. Our first meeting was to join them on their annual firework display on the 5th of November with BBQ and live entertainment – quite a night and the place was packed! Our HOC Oxford AGM two weeks later was very well attended but not quite so crowded! At the AGM the existing committee stood for re election (in the absence of any other nominees!) with the exception of the Webmaster. Due to work commitments, Jim has had to stand to one side and Alan has taken over the web once again. Thanks to Jim for all his work and effort on behalf of Oxford and thanks to Alan for stepping back up for this role. Lots of rides, holidays, activities and speakers are being planned for 2014, along with looking for a venue for our Oxford Rally on the 25th,26th and 27th of July and we still have our fun Christmas Quiz and Christmas Medieval Meal at Warwick Castle to enjoy before the end of the year!


HOC Oxford supporting Steve Moody

• • • WINTER 2013



Secretary: Ren Blunden - 07513 005714


s usual, the Rabble have had a busy few months beginning with a visit to Naomi House to present the monies raised at our rally. The children liked having the bikes to play with, although I think the staff enjoyed it just as much

Taz drinks beer, Rabble style

Cheque Presentation

Next up was the eagerly awaited HOC National and what a weekend we all had! From start to finish it was fun and laughter (and alcohol) all the way. Taz gave us a demonstration on how to drink beer ‘proper like’, while Sydney Jarvis opted for a nice refreshing cup of tea. (We’re still working on his education.)

Not to be outdone, the ladies figured they could show the guys a thing or two and really upped the pace.

Laura and Vicki having a small sherry, NOT!

The Rabble at the Wadworth Brewery bar

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013

At the National Rally - definitely an improvement

As everyone knows, as a branch we’re all shy, retiring types and hardly ever dress up, but we decided to make an exception and quite possibly we were the only branch that actually looked better AFTER we had the make-up applied. The final ride out for September saw the Rabble, led by Steve Bevell head to the Wadworth Brewery for a guided tour and sampling session. (No surprises there then....) Sadly the trike decided to destroy its suspension en route but the remainder of the group soldiered on and a good time was had by all. October saw a few of us attend the National AGM, where we were proud to receive the ‘Best Turnout’ trophy for the second time.

As always a few hardy souls made the annual trip to RAF Duxford for the Remembrance Service and meet up with friends from other branches. Unusually, we didn’t lose anyone on the ride up there but managed to lose one IN the museum. Hopefully by the time you read this we will have found him, if not can you keep an eye out for a lost Rabbler next November.

Colin and Ian remembering air raids and rationing

Plans for our Cock & Bull Rally for 2014 are well underway, and we hope to see some of you there. In the meantime, keep safe. Bryan receiving the trophy


• • • WINTER 2013



Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


i there, here we are again. The weather is now getting colder so we are looking forward to the spring! 8 of us travelled to the National Rally and had a great time. The hardier members of the Branch have continued with the Wednesday evening runs, destinations nice warm hostelry and the Sunday run to Boxhill. Fun and games Halloween get together at Pam & Dave’s saw the build up to the festive season, with a group Xmas dinner, Xmas party at club house and New Years day lunch. No secret we like our grub! The Solent Rally is booked for June. Join us and enjoy a Hog Roast ‘with a twist’. Book early to avoid disappointment. A happy New Year to you all.

Please note: from 12th of February, we will meet at The Cob & Pen, 1 Wallington Shore Road, Fareham PO16 8SL


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Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


s many of you will know the Somerset Branch was re-launched in April this year with a new meeting place and on a different day, the details are under the branch directory. The sad news is the lack of response from the HOC members in the surrounding area. The first couple of meetings had visits from neighbouring branches providing some support, and after sending out snail mail to all the branch members asking for a response confirming receipt of the letters, I received just two responses. The first member informed me that due to his work commitments it would be very unlikely that he would be able to attend, which is very understandable, but thank for the courtesy of responding. The second contact was from a member who was about to go on holiday and could not attend the next meeting but would be there the month after, and true to his word, him, his partner, and various friends have turned up every month since, thank you Bill and Angie. Sadly though I have just been informed (November 2013) that due to financial constraints their membership will not be renewed, however I feel the lack of camaraderie from other branch members, which has meant the lack of events may have also influenced the decision. What does this mean for the Somerset Branch? well I will continue to be at the venue every third Tuesday for at least another six months, however if nobody else turns up is it worth my effort? I will also continue to be the contact for the Somerset Branch, passing out information as it comes to me, and in the future, if interest is shown, the Branch may flourish and I will endeavour to assist, however without members input it seems to be spiralling down, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Jim • • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch 84 GOLDEN WING


South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406


hristmas will soon be upon us and hasn’t it been a busy year. We haven’t been able to get on as many rideouts as we would have liked recently, but those we have had have been a lot of fun. Only one bike went to Scolton Manor at the end of September, but it was a beautiful day and it looked like Terry and Lyn had a grand day out anyway.

Terry enjoys his Sunday lunch

We had a really nice social evening in November at the Cinnamon Kitchen in Port Talbot. It was a lovely opportunity to unwind and enjoy a tasty curry. Of course, the big event of the season was the National Rally. There’s a full report elsewhere in this issue. All the best for now.


• • • WINTER 2013


Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 2817193 or 07796 843369


think we would all agree 2013 has been a good year for biking. The summer has been warm and dry for most parts, which has allowed us to get out on our bikes enjoying life and the freedom of the roads. This year has seen the Three Shires out, probably more times than we have been in a long time. Starting off with the ‘S No Rally in Feb, followed closely by the Egg Run for the Children’s Hospital raising another £5K for the charity. We’ve seen organized events across the sea – namely weekends away in “the land of clogs”, we have had camping weekends in Lincolnshire – a stag week end that saw the local youths entertaining us with their inability to hold their beer and giving us a demonstration in the art of pugilism (or was it just drunken fighting? ah the youth of today…).

We’ve been to Charity events such as RTTW (well some of us have… or was it just me?) but one of the best events we have had was not actually a biking event but a canoeing week end in Nottinghamshire. Thanks to Colin who organised for 12 of us to canoe up the Nottingham canal for about 5 miles, then canoe down the Trent back to where we were staying. A fantastic weekend, a day’s exhausting hard work, a few beers, good food, and good entertainment – and that night we all slept like the proverbial log. We’ve had wonderful rides through Derbyshire, finding roads that not a lot of us new about even though Derbyshire is on the doorstep! We’ve had rides to Donington and the British Superbikes, visits to Notts Branch’s excellent display at Newark

Nottingham Branch stand at Newark

Stag weekend - Brandy wharf at Mablethorpe

We’ve had breakfast runs where only 4 of us were able to actually get out of bed and ride out for breakfast, we have had regular ride outs on Monday evenings before our “official” meeting back at the Blacksmiths Arms. Cleethorpes breakfast run

and had ride outs organised by the 125cc riders in the branch which proved very popular. So as I said, a good year for us, and next year promises to be just as good if not, better. During 2014 we have the ‘S No Rally and Egg Run as usual and a trip over the Alps in early September as well as various rides to destination not visited before and the Monday night rides means this coming year, should be a good one… Can’t wait. Keep smilin’


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• WINTER 2013

7th to 9th March 2014 7th to 9th March 2014 7th March 2014 7thtoto9th9th March 2014

At the Blacksmiths Arms, Barbers Row, Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3 At the the Blacksmiths Arms, Barbers Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3 At Arms, Barbers Row,Row, Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3UA At theBlacksmiths Blacksmiths Arms, Barbers Row, Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3 Camping = £5/p/p/n (includes full english breakfast)

Camping = £5/p/p/n (includes full english breakfast) Camping = £5/p/p/n (includes full english breakfast)

Camping = £5/p/p/n (includes full english breakfast) Rally 'T' Shirts = £10.00ea (please advise size & qty on application) Rally Shirts = £10.00ea (please adviseadvise size &size qty on Rally'T''T' Shirts = £10.00ea (please & application) qty on application) Rally 'T' Shirts = £10.00ea (please advise size & qty on application) Food available on& Fri & Sat. Night Food available on Frion Sat.&Night Food available Fri Sat. Night Food available on Fri & Sat. Night LimitedSpace Space Campervan / Caravans if you and prefer and Hotel an IBIS Ho Limited forfor Campervan / Caravans on siteonif site you prefer an IBIS Limited Space for Campervan / Caravans on site if you prefer and IBIS Ho closelysituated situated (just off Junc 30next M1 to next to "Treble Bob"house). Publicanhouse). closely (just off Junc 30 M1 "Treble Bob" Public Limited Space for Campervan / Caravans on site if you prefer and an IBIS Ho closely situated (just off Junc 30 M1 next to "Treble Bob" Public house). closely situated (just off Junc 30 M1 next to "Treble Bob" Public house). Entertainment / Ride outs /outs Toilets provided. Entertainment / Ride / Toilets provided. Entertainment / Ride outs / Toilets provided. Application Details: Entertainment / Ride outs / Toilets provided. Application Details: Application Details: Name Name Application Details: Name Telephone No. e-mail Name Telephone No. e-mail Telephone No. e-mail Telephone No.

Bike Reg / Make & Model

e-mail Bike Reg / Make & Model Bike Reg / Make & Model Branch Bike Reg / Make & Model Branch Branch Branch T Shirt Qty


HOC No. HOC No. No. Size (SHOC M L XL XXL)

NOTE: IfTmore than 1 "T"Qty shirt is being ordered can you please supply the names of the recipient(s) and M size(s) Shirt Size (S L XL


T Shirt Qty Size (S M L XL XXL) NOTE: Please send Cheque made payable to "The Three Shires HOC" for full amount before 15th Feb 2014 to: IfTmore the recipient(s) andXXL) size(s) Shirtthan 1 "T" Qtyshirt is being ordered can you please supply the names ofSize (S M L XL NOTE: Stu & Lyn Kinder, 47 James Street, Stonegravels, Chesterfield S41 7JE

IfNOTE: more than 1 "T" shirt is being ordered can you please supply the names of the recipient(s) and size(s) send made payable toplease "The supply ThreetheShires for full amount before IfPlease more than 1 "T"Cheque shirt is being ordered can you names HOC" of the recipient(s) and size(s)

15th Feb 2014 to: Stu & Lyn Kinder, 47made James Street,toStonegravels, Chesterfield 7JE before 15th Feb 2014 to: Please send Cheque payable "The Three Shires HOC" for S41 full amount Stu & Lyn Kinder, 47made James Street,toStonegravels, Chesterfield 7JE before 15th Feb 2014 to: Please send Cheque payable "The Three Shires HOC" for S41 full amount Stu & Lyn Kinder, 47 James Street, Stonegravels, Chesterfield S41 7JE



West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


i all, well this year we have had some good weather so there’s a few ride outs to report as always thanks to everyone who supports the Branch. We are all looking forward to this year which is our 40th as the West Yorkshire Branch, so there will be runs and a rally and other stuff so keep an eye on the web site for details, it’s looking like the Rally will be later in the year but don’t miss this it will be a good one with all sorts planned so check out the flyer on the web site. There’s a 40th page now where all the details will be so please have a look STOP PRESS Rally 6th to 8th booking form next Golden Wing.

Cadwell Park August Bank Holiday

Some members joined me & Maria at the Cadwell Park round of the BSB championship,

we had a great weekend the weather was good apart from a downpour on the Sat night but the racing was fantastic with Honda’s Alex Lowes doing the double, as always everybody did there bit with the food and we were very well fed all weekend so thanks to everyone who came and made it a great weekend.

Hart side Café Ride Out 1st Sept

Well an early start saw Steve, Maria, Dave, Lisa, Adrian, Sue, Ian & Chris meet at the

Hitching Post before meeting Nij, Denise & Richard on the way, the run was well attended so first stop Devils Bridge for a Brew, on and past Ullswater to Hart side where it was very cold but the road up to it was worth the cold, after a cuppa we got off to the Hub in Alston which Richard had told us about and what a place its fantastic there’s all sorts inc cars, bikes, push bikes, kitchen stuff all from a bygone era so we all enjoyed that, if you can try to get there as its struggling a bit at the moment and its only £1.50 to get in….

After this we had a nice ride down to Layburn and onto Kettlewell before heading home.

• • • 88 GOLDEN WING


2013 HOC National Rally

Another good one, well done to the South Wales Branch for putting the National on

route we picked up Nij & Denise in Haworth, I had picked a route to keep us away from the main roads and some nice ones as well… The Iron men were a bit deeper in the sand than 2 years ago and after a walk and dressing those up we got back to the bikes…

The ride home was again in the sun and after a stop at McDonalds on the A59 we all made our way home. we all enjoyed it, the ride out on the Sat was along some lovely roads and the Sunday night was one to remember, The accommodation was good as was the company, members Steve, Maria, Nij, Denise, Dave, Lisa, Adrian, Sue and Bri had a hoot, the Run went down well and turned Nij Tea Total for about 24 hrs, thanks for the members and friends for making it a good weekend.

Pickering War Weekend

Members had a great weekend at Pickering 40s do, there’s fantastic war re-enactments,

Iron Men of Gormley

Another good day of weather (getting used to this) we got to the Hitching Post on time to meet up with Dave, Lisa, Brian & Ian, on Vintage stalls selling allsorts, free bus into Pickering for even more stuff, loads get dressed up in 40s stuff and uniforms, we were there all weekend camping and had a great time, Steve, Maria, Pockets, Cath, Nij & Denise made it a good one, Clive & Ursula came over on the Sunday and we’ll be back next year, if you haven’t been put a date in your diary for next year..

• • • WINTER 2013



5 West Yorkshire members made the trip to the HOC AGM, Steve, Maria, Clive, Ursula & Richard tucked into the Bacon rolls and coffee before the meeting started, this year was a quick one, at the end Maria won best pillion on the saddle sore, I got 2nd place to Graham so well done to him “we’ll be back”.

I have to say we have enjoyed the branch rallies in 2013 and will be doing what we can in 2014… Clive & Ursula got there thanks badges for the years off support they have given the branch, I know there’s a few who help out and a big thanks goes out to them but I just felt they had always been there for the branch, Maria also got a Thanks Badge

also for the years she has supported me in everything I do for the branch and when times were hard it was her who said keep going it can only get better and it did so thanks to her…

Steve & Maria

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING


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Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ou’re be reading this with memories of a good summer of enjoying your bike, I know as quite a few of us have been making the most of it, and as such was especially pleased with the turn out on the last Sunday in August for the run down to Loomies Cafe in memory of Dave Barton. We were blessed with good weather in the afternoon after a damp start in the morning, which was great for riding on further down to the south coast and stopping at Portchester Castle for the usual ‘fuel’ stop, being this time ice creams before roaming the castle grounds. September saw us welcoming the Bridgestone rep Steve Watts to the Red Lion for our evening meet, he certainly knew his stuff and gave out some very useful advice, and as such we all learned a lot more about just how critical those black round things are, and how they cope so well with the condition of British roads. Before we knew it The National Rally loomed large the following weekend and quite a few of us made Porthcawl for those few days in Wales, where we were made most welcome by the hosts of Gareth and Donna and all the team of the South Wales branch who did a brilliant job. Now some made it by bike and

Christmas revellers

others used 4 wheels having seen the mixed forecast, although thankfully it was fairly dry and sunny (for Wales) on the Saturday and we enjoyed the rideouts on the day that saw us head for the mountains, including avoiding the kamikaze sheep. Nice to catch up with friends from other branches and have a good time when the sun shone at the right time, and when it didn’t just chilling, so can’t complain. In October our social evening meet saw our Chairman Glyn hosting a Quiz Night which saw some of Oxford branch’s members come over to take part, plus Bev from Dorset who made the long trip up for the event. It was a tight contest, but by a point Oxford had the winning team, so we need to do some more ‘homework’ come the return match in the new year. Oxford’s Poker Run that Ted had organised on the following Saturday was our rideout destination that weekend, and its always great to be involved with this as its certainly a great way to raise money and visit our local friendly Blade stores, which were some of the dealing points, and with a good turnout and fair weather it was enjoyed by all that participated. Some made the National AGM which was again at the National Motorcycle Museum, and those that went by car had the right idea as the journey home for those on bikes was a little damp to put it mildly. It was encouraging to hear the reports giving a positive message in that the club is seeing results from all the effort that is applied to promote this club, and to see those duly being awarded for the commitment. Severn Freewheeler’s Tony Wilkes was our speaker at our November meet on

• • • 92 GOLDEN WING

• WINTER 2013

Tuesday 12th which was well attended plus new member Kirk and Darren. Tony gave an excellent power point talk on the whole aspects of what these volunteer riders actually do and just how dedicated they are, and just how vital theirs services are considering how active they can be. He was certainly able to answer the questions of those that seemed particularly interested in the operation even considering it is all night work. So as detailed on the flyers he left for the Prescott Hill Festival which is their main fund raising event, it’s in the diary to go to next year. Unfortunately weather not so good the following Sunday so abandoned the rideout

as it was only down to an autojumble, but the route was going to be interesting so if pops up again we’ll use the route, although some weren’t to bothered because they were gearing up for the big dinner and dance and taking a trip to the Motorcycle Live on the show’s first Saturday. So next it’ll be our Christmas meal, and then a new years day meet and then its head long into 2014 which already has dates in the diary like being at Bikesafe again at the Castle Combe race circuit in April, our own Rally which is first May Bank Holiday as usual, plus much more, so its always busy busy.



Join us at the Bruce Arms SN9 5LR and their excellent campsite Tents at £4.00 per person a night Caravans/Motorhomes at £12.00 a night, including electric hook up Saturday night BBQ Hot dog/burger & Salad and dessert Breakfasts for £5.50 available at the Bruce Enjoy some great roads, the famous Wiltshire Lardie More details and a booking form are on our website or contact Ian Hammond on: tel: 07989 531121 or Claire Robins on:

• • • WINTER 2013


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Diary of events FEBRUARY 2014


Wiltshire chat with DILLIGAF Racing


Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout North Downs ride out to Littlehampton. Meet Rykas car park, Box Hill at 9.45am


Norfolk rideout South Wales ride to Builth / Abergavenny Wiltshire ride to Cheddar Gorge


34th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6QN


Oxford a BMF update from Anna Zee


Manchester run to Glasson Dock. Meet Haslingden at 11am Wiltshire run to the Bristol Classic Show


Wiltshire chat with the Wiltshire Air Ambulance


Chester & District run to Peak District Mining Museum Norfolk rideout


Oxford A Trip of a lifetime! Richard


South Wales Branch AGM. HOC members only - don’t forget your membership card


North London 1st quiz night and raffle


South Wales social evening


North Downs ride out to Goodwood and RAF Tangmere. Meet Rykas car park, Box Hill at 9.30am Reading ride-out to London. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 10.30am

22-23 South Wales weekend away Manchester Bike Show, EventCity, Manchester M41 7TB. Please come and visit the HOC stand, contact Manchester Branch if you’d like to help 23

APRIL 2014 6

Chester & District taking part in the Wirral Egg Run Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout Oxford ride to Prescott Bike Festival Wiltshire ride to Prescott Bike Festival Prescott Bike Festival, Prescott Hill, Cheltenham GL52 9RD. Please visit the HOC display, contact Gloucestershire Branch if you’d like to help


Wiltshire chat with the John Measures about legal issues


National Bikesafe, Castle Combe Race Circuit, Chippenham SN14 7EY. Please visit the HOC display, contact Wiltshire Branch if you’d like to help


Manchester run to Sleap airport & museum Wiltshire ride to Dorset

MARCH 2014 2

Chester & District taking part in the Manchester pancake run Manchester pancake run. Meet Haslingden at 11am Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout

Pioneer Run to Brighton, for pre-1915 machines


Oxford presentation by John Measures, Accident and Injury Solicitor


North Downs ride out to Berkshire Egg Run. Meet Admiral Hawke, Sunbury at 10am


Norfolk rideout Oxford ride to Chepstow Castle


South Wales ride to Coleford Festival Southend Shakedown, Southend seafront. Please visit the HOC display, contact North London Branch if you’d like to help

saddle sore event

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th Three Shires ‘S No Rally Blacksmiths Arms, Renishaw, Sheffield See page 87 for details 9

North Downs ride out to Classic Day at the Ace Café. Meet Rykas, Box Hill at 9.30am Oxford Mark’s mystery ride-out


Manchester run to Longnoor area. Meet Hyde at 10.30am Reading mystery ride-out. Leave 10.30am



Chester & District horse racing, Ripon Oxford Abingdon Honda test ride day


Manchester run to Squires Café. Meet M62 Birch Services E at 10am North Downs ride out to Wessons. Meet Rykas car park, Box Hill at 9.45am North London lunch at Burnham on Crouch Reading ride to Weymouth for ice cream. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross 10am Ride Free, Redborne Upper School, Flitwick MK45 2NU. Please come and visit the HOC stand, contact Bedfordshire Branch if you’d like to help

saddle sore event

Friday 23rd - Monday 26th Bedfordshire Clappers Rally The Cross Keys, Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire See page 51 for details 25

Chester & District Garyvant or some event North London run to Portsmouth


Reading Geoffs Gad-a-vanting. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 9am

30-1 South Wales Matlock weekend away

Bike 4 Life BikeFest, RAF Cosford Museum, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8UP

MAY 2014

JUNE 2014 1

saddle sore event

Friday 2nd - Monday 5th Wiltshire Spring Rally Bruce Arms, Easton Royal, Pewsey, Wilts See page 93 for details 2-5

North London Yorkshire weekend


Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout Oxford ride to RAF Museum, Hendon


Oxford Rapid Skills - chat with Gary

Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout Northants doing the Ride of Respect North London doing the Ride of Respect Reading taking part in the Ride of Respect Wiltshire taking part in the Ride of Respect

Ride of Respect, starting at RAF Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Register on the Royal British Legion website


Oxford update from MAG with Lembit Opik


North London 2nd quiz night and raffle saddle sore event

Friday 6th - Sunday 8th Eee by Gum Rally Esholt Sports Club, Esholt Lane, Esholt, Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire See page 90 for details

10-11 Thundersprint, Darley Moor Motor Sport Centre, Derbyshire DE6 2ET. Please visit the HOC display, contact Chester & District Branch if you’d like to help saddle sore event

Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th BMF Show East of England Showground, Peterborough. Please visit the award winning HOC display, contact Stritchy if you’d like to help 17

Oxford taking part in the Ride the County charity run


Norfolk rideout Oxford ride and BBQ at Pete & Jen’s South Wales ride to Treorchy / Weston Wiltshire ride to the BMF Show


Oxford the history of Honda


North London Isle of Wight weekend


Wiltshire members’ night at Blades, Swindon


Chester & District run to Foodstop Café Norfolk rideout North London run to pie factory at Tipton Oxford Spring Poker Run in aid of NABD South Wales mystery ride and picnic Wiltshire Fish Hill & Chips rideout


Oxford Summer Quiz by Ted


North London run to Meldreth Bike Show

Meldreth Manor Bike Show, Meldreth Manor School, Fenny Lane, Meldreth, Royston SG8 6LG

19-22 Reading does Ribbett

Events are organised and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - don’t miss out - visit your local Branch WINTER 2013


saddle sore event


Norfolk taking part in the HOC Roast, followed by 10-pin bowling Northants taking part in the HOC Roast North Downs taking part in the HOC Roast. Meet The Crown, at 12.30pm Oxford ride to Swanage Reading taking part in the HOC Roast Wiltshire taking part in the HOC Roast


North Downs ride out to Poole Quay Bike Night. Meet Rykas car park at 1.45pm

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd 20th Solent Rally Maynard’s Caravan & Camping Park, Arundel, West Sussex See page 83 for details 22

North London run to Hurst Castle Oxford ride to Santa Pod Retro Day South Wales rideout


North Downs ride out to Loomies. Meet Rykas car park, Box Hill at 9.45am North London BBQ South Wales ride to National Botanical Gardens

JULY 2014 1

Oxford Aunt Sally v Wiltshire Wiltshire Aunt Sally v Oxford saddle sore event

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th East Midlands Rally Peak Gateway Leisure Club, Derbyshire See page 57 for details 5-6

North London taking part in the National Road Rally


26-2 Bedfordshire Derwent Manor trip 2014 27

North London trip south of the Thames Reading ride to Haynes. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 9am South Wales Elan Valley picnic

AUGUST 2014 Norfolk Test Day at Lings (Harleston) followed by a meal at the Apollo South Wales barbecue

Honda Day, Ace Café, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD


BMF Kelso Bikefest, Border Union Showground, Kelso, Scotland

North London real ale weekend Reading Norfolk Nutters Weekend


Chester & District run to Shobdon Airfield Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout Oxford Three Cafés Ride


Oxford Best Bike Niight

Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout


Calne Bike Show, Calne town centre, Wiltshire. Please come and visit the HOC stand, contact Wiltshire Branch if you’d like to help


ACU National Road Rally


saddle sore event

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th Oxford Rally details to be confirmed

6-17 South Wales Branch holiday to France 12-13 North London weekend away in Belgium or France Powderham Classic Show, Powderham Castle, Kenton, Exeter, Devon EX6 8JQ. Please visit the HOC display, contact Devon Branch if you’d like to help 13

Wiltshire ride to New Forest and Mudeford Quay


Reading Thursday night trundle. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 7pm saddle sore event

Sunday 20th HOC Roast meet up with other members and enjoy a Sunday lunch together 98 GOLDEN WING

saddle sore event

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th 5th Reading Cock & Bull Rally Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane, Padworth, Reading 10

Wiltshire Branch AGM. Members only please - don’t forget your membership card

16-17 West Wales Motorcycle Show, The Showground Nantyci, Llysonnen Road, Dyfed SA33 5DR

Details of all events are on the HOC web site Don’t forget to also check Facebook, Twitter and the HOC Forum for updates WINTER 2013

Always contact the organising Branch before arranging to join a ride - just in case! 17


North Downs Branch BikeSafe, Leatherhead Norfolk rideout South Wales ride to West Wales Motorcycle Show Wiltshire ride to Brackley Brackley Festival of Motorcycling, Brackley, Northants. Please visit the HOC stand and say hello, contact Oxford Branch if you’d like to help

Friday 22nd - Monday 25th Northants Rose Bowl Rally Grendon Lakes, Grendon, Northants Reading Nigel’s trip. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 9am South Wales rideout


The 26th Fenman Classic Bike Show, Wimbotsham, Norfolk. 1 mile north of Downham Market, just off A10, postcode is PE34 3QH


MotoGP, Round 12, Silverstone, GB. Visit the HOC display and say hello, contact Norhants Branch if you’d like to help


Oxford bike mechanics with Terry


Chester & District run to Eden Camp history museum Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout North London lunch at Jack’s Hill Café South Wales rideout

Vintage Japanese Bike Day, Ace Café, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD 12-14 BMF Tail End, East of England Showground, Peterborough


Wiltshire ride to Somerset for some cider

Ace Café Brighton Burn Up, Madeira Drive, Brighton saddle sore event

Friday 19th - Monday 22nd HOC National Rally Marlie Holiday Park, New Romney, Kent. See page 25 for details 21

Norfolk rideout


North London 3rd quiz night and raffle


Reading Nigel’s trip. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 9am South Wales rideout

OCTOBER 2014 4

South Wales social evening


Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout British Superbike, Round 11, Silverstone. Please visit the HOC display, contact Northants Branch if you’d like to help

Reading Thursday night trundle. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 7pm saddle sore event



Hornet Day, Ace Café, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD


Oxford winter riding gear


Wiltshire quiz night


Norfolk rideout Wiltshire ride to Portland Bill and the Haynes Museum


North London Branch AGM. Members only please - don’t forget your membership card


Reading rideout. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 10am


South Wales social evening


Norfolk Breakfast and optional rideout


Oxford Branch AGM. Members only please - don’t forget your membership card


Norfolk Remembrance ride to Duxford North London Remembrance ride to Duxford


Chester & District run to Anderton Boat Lift


Norfolk rideout South Wales rideout

22-30 Motorcycle Live, NEC, Birmingham. Please visit the HOC stand, contact Regalia Secretary if you’d like to help 23

Reading Café Capers. Leave BP Station, Three Mile Cross at 11am South Wales rideout

Friday 28th - Sunday 30th HOC Christmas Weekend Cricklade Hotel & Country Club, Wiltshire. See page 39 for details


Golden Wing - Winter 2013  
Golden Wing - Winter 2013  

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