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Front Cover: members leaving Eyemouth on one of the National Rally ride-outs in Scotland

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31 WINTER 2012




Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Hello

Seasons greetings. I am writing this just after receiving my fantastic autumn edition of Golden Wing. Unsure quite when you will be reading this. It is always my aim to try and write so that whenever you read the column it is still relevant and timely. So rather than just saying ‘’you’ve all done very well’’ I want to think about future as well as past events with the club. By the time you read this I will certainly have left work and if it is after the 12th of January I will be a pensioner. What does this mean in real terms regarding the club? Well I will have more free time to attend events that in the past I had to check work shift patterns and book leave for. Now it is only Mrs Young that I have to book time off from and I am assured she will probably be more than grateful to have me out from under her feet when I am not working. Of course it also means DIY galore finally getting ‘’Round tuit’’ at home. I will also finally be finishing off the HOC history project that I started in 2010 but along with the difficulty in accumulating any sort of archive material I also experienced a few technical difficulties with computer and scanner equipment but thanks to various members assistance these can now be got on with. On a more personal note I will be going shopping - that is for my home abroad. As many already know it has been my goal to move abroad in retirement and that still stands. The next twelve months will establish exactly where and when the move occurs. That will leave the decision to be made as to whether the National Chairman of the HOC can remain so whilst living abroad. That will be down to the membership to decide.


Talking of decisions this years AGM was well attended and main subject of debate was the club’s funding. We are not broke but we are in the position of tightening belts. Also it was agreed at the meeting that we are to raise the fee for membership of the HOC. So please look at the minutes and speak with your branch secretaries if you are unsure what the new rates are. Graham will I am sure let you know exactly when your renewals are due and what the price is. What I will stress is that it is in your interest to sign up for direct debit for the best deal overall. This move will realise an extra £4000 per year to invest in keeping the club active. We are also trimming our presence at shows by sticking to using the kit we have rather than hiring large marquees etc. So at the BMF show we will be in the 4


club area and will not have the cafe facility we have run for years. We will however have some regalia, some bikes and plenty of chatter. I am organising this year’s club stand and will require some help and some bikes. Preference on the restricted number of passes will be given to those who can be there for the whole weekend upto and including 5pm on the Sunday. The NEC show just past was again largely financed by the sale of discounted tickets to members. Whilst this offer continues to be offered we will utilise it subject to the rest of the show aspects being of value to us. As ever the show was a tribute to the organisers from our team. Additionally there were some tickets put up for grabs by auction the winner being Trevor Lloyd from West Midlands. Our thanks go to Honda UK for giving us those tickets the funds raised went to our charity fund which we are continuing to run until the end of our financial year. Hopefully by then NABB will be getting a very generous cheques from us.


The summer ended with a brilliant National Rally in Scotland and I do hope we get back up there again soon. 2013 will be in South Wales its all arranged as to venue and the bookings are filling fast so get yours to Donna as soon as possible. I want to get to as many as possible this year but will also say I have already planned a biking trip away from mid July to second weekend of August so will not be attending any at that time.

2013 Chairman’s Challenge

The competition will start again in March and will again be visiting a combination of eating places and spots of some sort of interest to most. We will be heading west first that is all I am saying for now. Anyway Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to seeing many of you through the year.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


To be kept further up-to-date, e-mail me on


Honda Owners Club

Annual General Meeting I hereby give notice that the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Honda Owners Club (GB) will be held on Sunday 20th October 2013 in the Premier Suite, National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull B92 0EJ Commencing at 11am Tea, coffee and breakfast rolls will be available between 10 and 11am. There is a very good restaurant in the museum or you can bring your own lunch for after the AGM.

All nominations for committee posts, or resolutions to be considered, must be made in writing to the General Secretary at least 30 days before the AGM. Nominations for committee positions must include a proposer and seconder - all of whom must be fully paid up members of the HOC at the time of the AGM.

Andy Young

Honda Owners Club (GB) Chairman


Trevor Thompson

Vice Presidents

Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3HA .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Sue Beck 28 Vivian Road, Wellingborough NN8 1JJ ( 07863 599 992 .

Advertising Manager

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 492 235 .

Membership Secretary

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .


Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator BMF Liaison Officer

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Membership Matters These rates were considered as extremely good value seeing what is available to you as an HOC member, a first class magazine and all the various activities which are organized for your benefit.

Direct Debit Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest. I am in the process of advising all members who currently pay by Direct Debit, confirmation of the amount you will pay at your next renewal.

WELCOME Welcome to all new members who have joined the club especially at Motorcycle Live at the NEC. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome.

MOVING? Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an E Mail). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

Renewing Your Subscription With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if you have on-line banking you can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.

Subscription Rates As you will read elsewhere, at our AGM, increased rates were approved, so the rate is now £22 for Single membership and £27 for Joint.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.

Thanks 6



Pigeon Post I promise not to mention the weather… Sorry I missed recent issues, but then again I don’t suppose you are! Hands up anybody who noticed. I’ve been managing to get around to a few branch and national events this year, thanks partly to the chairman’s challenge, a good excuse to get out on the bike and meet friends. Norfolk branches excellent open day at Lings Honda gave me the opportunity to test two of the newest bikes on the market back to back, the Crosstourer and the Triumph Explorer. I may have to have both as I can’t make up my mind! Thanks to Sue and Dave White for presenting me with that expensive dilemma! The Sunday lunch by Reading Branch was another notable event, held in a shady forest glade on a glorious day. Perhaps we should have combined it with an archery session! (See previous Beds branch write up). Having said that you can’t beat the excitement of seeing your tent being blown over the fence or the marquee roof supports starting to bend at the Solent rally in June. Oh what fun we have! Once again we have enjoyed a well-attended, successful National rally, our first over the border in Scotland at Eyemouth. Being blown over the Fourth Bridge as Jax and I headed North after the rally was one of life’s enriching experiences!! I am pleased to see that there is positive news around the branches with The Gloucester Branch reinventing itself at a new venue, and

a new branch being launched in Nottingham, both in September. My thanks to Nigel Fuller and Ian Nie at Gloucester and Debbie Reynolds at Nottingham for their efforts thus far. I am sure that we all wish them success with these ventures. There are also changes in Devon with Steve Letheren stepping down after a number of years at the helm. Thanks to Steve and to Ian Wickham who has stepped into his shoes. Don’t forget that I am here to support all the branch organisers and secretaries in their efforts in any way that I can. You only have to call! The AGM was well attended and you all decided to put up with me (along with the rest of the committee) for another year. Thanks for that……….. It’s good to see members participating in the running of the club. Don’t forget, once you’ve paid that membership fee it is your club and you are entitled to a say in its running and future. There, I didn’t mention the weather once. Did I? May Santa bring you that new bike and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Happy riding Graham Seymour General Secretary

Your stories needed! Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, why not tell everyone about it?

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2







Rona’s Regalia Report Well hello all. For those of you that weren’t aware, Jennie has resigned from the post of Regalia Secretary and I have been voted in to replace her. Most of you know me already, but if not, my name is Rona, I’ve been with the club for 10 years now, I organise (along with the help of Alan Sharkey) the NEC stand every year and I used to run the Chester Branch before Gary took over. So hopefully I have enough experience to do you and the club proud in my new role. As I’ve only been in the role for a month now, not much has happened really. We obviously have the NEC coming up which will give us a huge opportunity to sell a lot of goodies. Although by time of print, that event has probably been and gone, so I will let you know all about it in the next issue. We are looking at doing a new line in the way of a fleece scarf, hopefully before xmas, so you can get them as pressies for your loved ones or friends. But again due to print times for this, they may well already be on the website and will be in the next mag, so please get ordering.

If any branches have an event and need a box of stuff to sell, please let me know ASAP as unlike Jennie, I can’t get to all these events in person, so I will need time to get them delivered to you. Or alternatively if you only need a few items, I can always bring them to a Management meeting with me. I’m usually on the bike, so it would have to only be what I can fit in the back box and/or tank bag. Again on that note, if you have a member that would like something I have in stock and would like to save on postage, then just get the details and bring the money to the meeting for them and I can give it to you to take back with you. Please make sure I have enough notice on that too. Although if I don’t have anything else to bring, I will bring a few bits with me anyway to sell at the meetings. Sorry it’s a short one, but like I said I’ve only been at this a very short time and nothing to tell yet really, but keep on buying and have a fab xmas and new year.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary

e c n a r a e Cl Items We have a lot of stock of 50th Anniversary items and also 2007 & 2008 National Rally stock left, so please grab them while you can, as once they’re gone, they’re gone. The 2008 Weymouth Rally t-shirts are £3 each or 2 for £5, 2007 & 2008 Rally lapel badges are 50p so feel free to e-mail me to ask about them. WINTER 2012

2008 National Rally t-shirt £3 or 2 for £5 2008 National Rally badge 50p

2007 National Rally badge 50p



AGM 2012 Sunday 20th October 2012

The 2012 AGM was again held in the National Motorcycle Museum, with free tea, coffee and bacon rolls before the meeting started. Jennie Clarke stepped down as Regalia Secretary - there was a vote and Rona Bell was elected to the position. All other Executive Committee members were voted back into their existing positions.

Most importantly it was agreed: • that membership fees would increase by £2, to be reviewed in 3 years time • that NABB would continue as the Club’s nominated charity until the end of the financial year (31 July 2013)

Jennie received flowers as thanks for her work at regalia

If you’d like to read the full minutes of the AGM, you can download a pdf from the HOC website at

AWARDS 2012 Saddle Sore Shield Rider Award winner - Erica Gassor Pillion Award winner - Gerald Gassor

Richard Edelston Trophy for 400/4’s Held at the Air Ambulance charity day in Northamptonshire - Martin Armstrong

Certificate of Appreciation New award for those that have already received Thanks Badges. Bit like a KBE really! Chris & Marion Ward of the North Downs Branch for always being there representing the club in all weathers. Jude Browne & Jon Stone for their efforts at the West London Branch and at National level over their 30 years with the club. Graham Gull our membership secretary since 1969 and a regular at show stands representing the club.

Alan Augustine Trophy For outstanding contribution to the club. Graham Gull in recognition of his past and continuing contribution to the club at every level.

Chairman’s Challenge With a 100% attendance record and a determination to prevent a BMW rider from winning - Martin Armstrong

Thanks Badges Roy & Lesley Chettleburgh for their support of Norfolk Branch and charity work. Rob Mills also from the Norfolk Branch in recognition of his efforts in setting up the branch. Dave Cave for his support at the Northants & MK Branch. Paul Mabbutt for his support at the Northants & MK Branch. 10 GOLDEN WING


Saddle Sore 2013 Competition Rules • The Saddle Sore Competition is open to all paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club (GB), attending an eligible event on a motorcycle or scooter. • The competition is also open to pillions, who can enter in their own right. • All events attended must be identified by an entry in the Event Log and signed by the event organiser or co-ordinator. • On attending an event, there is no requirement for a competitor to remain for the full duration of the event. • Completed event logs must be received by the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator, by midnight on 30th September 2013 - any entries received after this time will not be valid. • The winner will be member scoring the most points in each category. In the event of a draw, the prize for that category will be shared.

• Mileage will be calculated, by the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator, from the entrants home post code to the post code of the event. It is therefore essential that the event post code is added on the Event Log. Entries without either of these post codes will not be calculated. • Qualifying events are advertised in Golden Wing and on the HOC web site. • The decision of the Saddle Sore Co-ordinator is final in all matters regarding the competition.

Points will be awarded as follows: Engine size 500cc and under 110 points per event and 1 point per mile Engine size over 500cc 100 points per event and 1 point per mile

The competition Entry Form can be downloaded at or by sending a stamped self addressed envelope to Steve at the address below. Entries must be sent to: Stephen Davenport, Saddle Sore 2013, 27 Welbeck Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 9PD or e-mail:

Entries must be received no later than Monday 30th September 2013

2012 winners Rider Award

Winner Erica Gassor

Pillion Award

Winner Gerald Gassor

2nd Pam Irving

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for taking part



Ann Levis 1955-2013 It is with great sadness that I have to report that Ann passed away at 6 o’clock on Tuesday 1st January. We have all been shocked at how quickly her illness developed and overcame her. For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her, Ann was a valued member of the club, attending meetings regularly and coming along on the holidays and weekends. She was a kind and loving person with a delightful sense of humour and was always full of fun. Our thoughts are with Steve at this very sad time.


South Wales Branch Scretary

D. Owen Installations Installers of replacement UPVC Windows, Doors, Porches, Conservatories plus Fascia, Soffit, Cladding, Guttering and Tiled Canopy Roofs. • We are based in Wolverhampton • Work is undertaken within a 100 mile radius • All work is guaranteed • We have been trading since 1989

• We are HOC members and offer 15% discount to fellow members

54 Rookery Road Lanesfield Wolverhampton West Midlands WV4 6NP

For a free no obligation quote please contact Dave Owen tel: 01902 12 GOLDEN WING

662763 Mobile: 07973 204275 WINTER 2012

Ride To The Wall 2012 by Garry

(Goldy) Goldingay, Northants & MK Branch

Now in its 5th year, the annual RTTW to the National Memorial Arboretum has raised over £150,000 to support the ‘upkeep’ of a truly wonderful site, The Wall lists over 16,000 names of those that have lost their lives serving their country since WWII, unfortunately that list grows ever longer. A good turnout looked on the cards as most members met at the Northants services on the M1, myself and Sharon had positioned ourselves on the bridge over the M6 at Junc 1 so we could video the procession. Shortly after 9am we spotted the “bike convoy” in the distance, what a fantastic sight that was to see several hundred bikes many flying flags of remembrance, union flags, military flags from all arms, RTTW flags etc., and the list goes on. Once the procession had past we jumped onto the “old banger” and caught up with the main group. The ride to the Arboretum was and is a spectacle not to be missed, as far as the eye could see you had bikes in front and behind you, flags everywhere, once again the Marshalls did an excellent job, even Wabbit couldn’t have gone wrong, honest! After we’d all arrived we went and had a warm up brew and butty, after light refreshments we did manage a brief look around the 150 acre site, which you really do need a full day for. We gathered at 2pm for the “words of remembrance” from Martin Dickinson (founder of RTTW) and Major General Kirkland (patron of the charity) it was then the turn of Michael Brotherton or the “Mad Bish” as WINTER 2012

he is known, with a joke thrown in to start us off and gain our attention he then read of the losses endured during the Falklands campaign, this set your train of thoughts before the “Last Post” was played and the minutes silence thereafter, 15,000 people were there, bikers and “civvys” but there was silence, total silence, no birdsong, just silence, our thoughts engrossed with a mixture of the great ride out we’d just experienced, the huge turnout of bikers, and being again with your HOC friends, and thoughts also on the somberside as to why we were there, to remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice... We will remember them

3 Wise Monkeys GOLDEN WING 13

Buying Your t r e Exp e Bike Gear c i v d A by Rona Bell, Regalia Secretary

I got to thinking a while ago about buying the right bike gear for the job and although a lot of bikers have bought a lot of kit over the years, from speaking to them during the course of the day it has come to my attention that, generally, people know very little about what they need to look out for or have perhaps picked up bad habits over the years. Either way, they can end up wearing the wrong things or sizes to be totally safe out there on the big wide super highways. So I thought I’d do a series of articles from head to toe and give you as much advice as I can based on my experience working for one of the UK’s largest clothing and riding kit retailers.

Part 4: Boots & Gloves Trying to find the right boots and gloves for you can be a minefield. There are so many different types, shapes, sizes, colours etc to choose from, and so many different sized and shaped hands and feet to fit into them. My best suggestion as with helmets, is to try on as many as you can till one feels right. You will know when you find it. But boots and gloves can do all sorts of different jobs too, so where do you start???

Lets start with gloves Unlike a few other bits of your kit, like lids and textiles, 1 pair of gloves will not see you all year round unfortunately. They just don’t exist. You will have to compromise at some point if you only have 1 pair. You’ll either be too hot in summer, or too cold in winter or too wet all year. So if you’re anything like me living in this stupid weather country of ours, you will have 3 pairs of gloves. I have a full blown vented non waterproof set for that one really hot dry summers day. I have 1 pair of waterproof leather lightweight summer gloves, for those more likely wet hot summer days, and 1 pair of full blown fur lined thick winter ones, which I 14 GOLDEN WING

Waterproof summer gloves

Waterproof winter gloves

can wear my silk inner liners on underneath for added warmth. So it can get very expensive with gloves as you can see. In all I think my 3 pairs have cost me in excess of £230. Not cheap this biking lark is it, but when it comes to bike gear, I am a brand name whore I’m afraid, and will only have certain labels and that unfortunately costs, but my kit usually lasts me 5 years, so all of a sudden it’s not so expensive really, more like an investment. And you can’t really put a price on your safety now can you. So you have full summer gloves, armoured or not, and the same for winter and waterproof summer ones. Some people don’t like armoured gloves as they WINTER 2012

don’t feel comfy and can dig in, but myself personally, I would not have anything without armour in it. When I say armoured, I mean the knuckle armour like you get on race gloves. But because we’re all different, people always struggle to get gloves to fit properly. They’re either too tight round the palm, or too short in the fingers etc. Most clothing of any sort gets bigger in every way as the sizes go up, gloves are no exception. The bigger the palm, the longer the fingers, so if you have big hands but short fingers, you are going to find it hard getting a pair of gloves to

Vented summer gloves

whatever kit you choose - make sure they’re comfortable!

fit. But just keep trying, they will be out there somewhere. The Italian labels such as Dianese, Alpinestars etc, will always be small sizes in all their kit, so always look to go up a size in those anyway. But whatever size you go for, make sure you don’t get a bunch up of material between your thumb and fingers on the palm. This can cause blisters and a lot of discomfort when your using the grips, especially your throttle hand. Again there are race gloves, touring gloves, cruiser gloves, so get what will suit your needs best.

Boots Pretty much the same thing goes for boots as it does with gloves. Although unlike gloves, one pair does the job all year round. They are all different, do different jobs and will protect you in different ways. But always wear a pair that have at least got ankle protection. Race boots like my Sidi Vertigo’s are designed for the track, they have every reinforcement needed to protect you from a spill. Touring boots like the Daytona range, have no where near as much protection, but then they’re designed to be comfy for doing thousands of miles in and then having a nice stroll round in when you get somewhere, but if you’re lucky like me and your race boots are mega comfy anyway, then you get the best of both worlds. But of course race boots would look stupid on a Harley ( sorry to swear peeps) or an Adventure style bike like the new Crosstourer. So it’s


all important to get a boot that will look the part on your chosen steed and be practical for what you want out of it. And that goes for all your kit really. It must look the business and be safe and practical for your particular needs.

Waterproof race boots

Waterproof shorter touring

Non-waterproof off road


To summarise this series of articles... All the advice I have given over this series goes for Pillions as well as Riders. There is nothing more annoying and sickening to me than hearing some guy coming into the shop saying he wants the cheapest helmet we do cause she doesn’t go on very often. They need shooting. My hubby had a spill as he was coming to pick me up one night from work because a stupid cow pulled out on him from a side road in a car… he was only a mile away from our house!!! So you think just cause she’s not going on it much that you will never crash in that time, and she doesn’t need protecting as much as you doesn’t she!! Well you’re a really wonderful boyfriend/husband then aren’t you. Don’t love her much do you. So while you’re wearing your £500 Arai, and your £600 Alpinestar leathers, and £200 Sidi boots etc, she’s in a £40 Takai and an old leather jacket that she has in the wardrobe and a pair of jeans and fashion boots. Good man!!! Wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend that’s for damn sure.

If anyone would like any more advice, I will always try to help in any way I can, so feel free to email me on anytime and I’ll try to answer your questions. Have fun and stay safe out there


There is always a market for second hand bike gear, lids included (even if I wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole), so if she doesn’t like it, you can always flog it on ebay and get some money back, but at least she’s safe while she is on the bike.

So in essence, what it all boils down to is this... Get your kit to fit! Do not mistake bagginess and comfort for good safe riding, yes it needs to be comfy, you don’t want anything distracting you from riding the bike, but safety HAS to come first. So make sure it is all snug AND comfy then you can get on with the pleasure and fun that is biking, safe in the knowledge that if some stupid SMIDSY does pull out on you, that you have the best kit on to be able to help you get up and walk away.

Min 10% discount for HOC members 20% discount on Brittany Ferries All rooms en-suite with full facilities Full English breakfast available Evening meals available (by arrangement) TV room with English Sky TV Free Wi Fi access Laundry room Secure parking Lockable garage parking for TWO large bikes Contact us for more details

5, Place du Centre, 22110 Glomel, France 0033 (0)2 96 29 88 44



The BikerTidy Storage Range Never throw your bike gear around the house again. Heavy duty hangers, quality product, made to last. Made in the UK

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In the smaller capacity engine range, both the best-selling C B F12 5 a n d P C X12 5 are still available at 0% APR, over a period of 24 months and with just £99 deposit and monthly payments of just over £100. If your New Year’s resolution is to do more with your free time, then commuting on two-wheels is the ideal way to gain precious minutes, plus save precious pounds. The critically acclaimed Crosstourer adventure machine is now available with 4.9% APR representative PCP finance, over a period of 37 months.

What’s more, it comes with a £500 deposit contribution to get you started. If you’re the impatient type and are keen to go sun chasing, the Crosstourer is the ideal machine on which to ride off into the sunset, in search of new horizons across the continent.

With the ease, convenience, practicality and excitement offered by scooters and motorcycles, coupled with Honda’s great finance offers to make buying a Honda even more affordable, now is a the perfect time to get on to two-wheels with Honda and get 2013 off to a great start.

Honda (UK) Apprentice Graduation Day Celebrates Class of 2012 Seventy apprentice graduates from Honda (UK)’s Car, Motorcycle and Power Equipment business areas took to the stage in December to receive certificates confirming their successful completion of Honda’s acclaimed UK apprenticeship programme. The Class of 2012 were awarded their scrolls by Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director of Honda (UK) at the Honda Institute, in Slough. Special awards were presented to apprentices who have excelled in their field over the year: • Cars - Joshua Claridge (21), Newbury Honda • Motorcycles - Nathan Searle (20), Bransons Motorcycles • Power Equipment - Vince Thorpe (22), ATVs ‘R’ Us • Parts Operations - John Murdoch (19), Phoenix Honda

Dave Hodgetts commented, “As some of the bestprepared apprentices of any industry in the UK these young people have a very bright future. They have worked tremendously hard, showing commitment, passion and dedication. These qualities, along with the technical skills that they have developed during their training, mean that each has given themselves every chance to succeed in their future careers.”


l to r: Gordon Shedden (Honda Racing BTCC Champion), John Murdoch (Parts), Nathan Searle (Motorcycles), Joshua Claridge (Cars), Vince Thorpe (PE), Dave Hodgetts (Managing Director)

Honda (UK)’s apprenticeship programme consistently scores above the national average for completion rates. The programme takes place over two years for Lawn and Garden and Parts Operations and three years for Car and Motorcycle/ATV. During this time apprentices are employed by their local Honda dealership and attend block training at the Honda Institute working on products within one of the four divisions.


Honda’s New and Updated Bikes for 2013 CB500X, CB500F and CBR500R


Three new middleweight machines powered by a brand new parallel twin engine, that each offer fun handling, accessible all-round ability and economical running costs. The high-revving 35kW engine offers an engaging power delivery. All have ABS as standard. The fully-faired CBR500R takes strong design cues from the CBR1000RR Fireblade, and provides an excellent first big sports bike experience. It will also appeal to experienced riders looking for a great alternative to larger sports bikes. The naked CB500F, with design inspired by the CB1000R, makes an ideal first full-size motorcycle - and with its high build quality, affordable price point and low running costs will also make a great long-term partner. The third of the trio, the CB500X, is the latest addition to Honda’s range of adventure motorcycles. Physically taller, with longer travel suspension, a little more wheelbase and bigger fuel tank than its siblings and Crosstourer styling.

Is a new 50cc scooter designed to attract young newcomers to 2 wheeled transport with its combination of fuel economy, Honda build quality, security provided by Honda’s Combined Braking System and stylish, aggressive looks. The machine is available in Pearl White, Grey Metallic and a Repsol colour scheme.

NSS300 Forza

Special Edition Crosstourer

The NSS300 Forza is a new high specification, mid-size sporty sit-in scooter, powered by an engine that delivers long-range commuting performance with a compact chassis that offers storage for two full-faced helmets.

CBR600RR For 2013, Honda’s Supersports jewel has been significantly upgraded, with a new-look face, MotoGP-inspired bodywork and aerodynamics. Handling has been further improved with the addition of 41mm Showa Big Piston Forks, refined rear suspension and new 12-spoke wheels, whilst remapped fuel injection and air intake control settings make for even better throttle response. The 2013 CBR600RR is available in a new Repsol colour scheme.


CB1100 Is an exquisitely engineered mix of classic and naked styling that offers thoroughly modern and engaging performance with a timeless design. The CB1100 is powered by an air-cooled, in-line four and now makes its long-awaited European debut after quickly gaining a loyal fan base in both Japan and Australia.

CRF450 Rally Honda’s new challenger for the Dakar Rally. The first factorybacked Honda machine to enter the Dakar rally since 1989 is based on Honda’s production endure machine the CRF450X. New graphics and a matt black look, including front forks, fender and tail section. Offered with the option of Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission technology.

CBR1000RR Fireblade 2013 colours: a new version of the popular Tricolour colour scheme, plus an all-new MotoGP inspired Repsol Honda colour.

CB600F & CB1000R Matt white versions for two models built in Honda’s Atessa factory: the ever-popular CB600F Hornet and the CB1000R naked.


Good finish for HRC in Dakar Rally The complete TEAM HRC celebrated the arrival on the podium of Helder Rodrigues, Javier Pizzolito and Johnny Campbell, who finished respectively 7th, 8th and 40th in the overall classification of the Dakar Rally. A huge crowd gathered in Plaza de la Constitucion in front of Santiago’s Palacio de la Moneda to celebrate the arrival of the protagonists of the 2013 Dakar. All in all 124 bikes, 26 quads, 89 cars and 60 trucks for a total of 299 vehicles, out of the 449 that were at the starting blocks in Lima, made it to the finish and they paraded this morning for the final picture on the podium. Tough and unpredictable till the very end, this year’s Dakar was a great success in terms of the number of competitors and spectators. The President of Chile, Sebastiàn Piñera, personally welcomed the champions as the Dakar finished for the first time in the Chilean capital. A huge crowd gathered in Plaza de la Constitucion in front of Santiago’s Palacio de la Moneda to celebrate the arrival of the protagonists of the 2013 Dakar. “I’m very proud of this team”, said Tetsuo Suzuki, President Honda Racing Corporation, “all three riders completed the whole rally and everybody worked so hard to get the best possible result. Dakar has a special

fascination as it is the toughest rally in the world and requires machine reliability, strong riders and strategic team work. This year’s results are promising and we will continue to work on the development of the CRF450 Rally to return stronger next year. “My thoughts also go out to all the Honda fans around the world who have supported TEAM HRC in their Dakar debut with a new team after 24 years. They have followed Helder’s, Javier’s and Johnny’s amazing rides throughout 14 stages and 8,420 kilometres from Lima to Santiago. We are very motivated and we will be back to try and win next year.”

Not available in the UK... Honda USA released details of a new 2013 Gold Wing model, but it’s not what anyone would have expected. The 2013 Gold Wing F6B and 2013 Gold Wing F6B Deluxe are stripped down versions of the full-dress machine that has been a favourite of touring riders for almost four decades. The $19,999 F6B features a shorty windscreen, a shaved trunk area and a gunfighter-style seat for a decidedly bad-ass look. Then, Honda blackedout all the usually shiny bits to really give the new machine a tough presence. This sure isn’t your dad’s ‘Wing. Honda’s new Gold Wing bagger has the same engine, but the trimmed down F6B sheds 62lbs over its full-dressed counterpart, tripping the scales at a claimed 842lbs. Although the F6B looks devoid of the creature comforts that you’d expect on a Gold Wing, there is plenty of luxury under the meaner and leaner exterior. This includes a premium audio system that is MP3 or i-Pod compatible


and linked to a multi-information screen that displays music information, clock, air temperature and odo/ trip meters. The lockable, waterproof saddlebags have enough storage for a weekend trip on the open road, and a glovebox adds convenience. The $20,999 Deluxe version adds a passenger backrest, centre stand, selfcancelling turn signals and heated grips. Having seen this bike in person last Thursday at a special unveiling at the Honda Museum, I would have to add that photos can’t do the Gold Wing F6B justice. Of all the new machines Honda has released this year, this one may be the one that makes the most waves. Expect to see a whole new breed of ‘Wingers to grow from the introduction of the F6B. nicked From


Dave Thorpe Honda Off-Road Centre Honda (UK) is pleased to announce a new experience offering in the world of off-road, the Dave Thorpe Honda Off-Road Centre. Officially supported by Honda (UK) and managed by four times Motocross World Champion and Buildbase Honda Team Manager, Dave Thorpe - with the help of British Motocross Championship contender, Stephen Sword as Head Coach - the new off-road experience centre will be open for business from early 2013 and offers a purpose built training and experience facility in the stunning South Wales countryside, just 18 miles from Cardiff. The Dave Thorpe Honda OffRoad Centre offers expert tuition in Motocross and Enduro, with individual experience days and taster days incorporating both of the above disciplines (plus a Trials section) available. Groups of all ages and abilities are catered for and all have the chance to ride Honda’s full range of off-road bikes, including the CRF250R and CRF450X and CRF250L. What’s more, because the centre is situated on private land, there’s no need to have a motorcycle license to ride! Dave Thorpe says, “We are really excited about this new venture and with the support of Honda (UK) we can offer the chance to all types of people, from all walks of life, to get

MSX125 Monkey Bike

into off-road. The centre will cater for a range of abilities, whether that is an expert looking to sharpen up on their technique or a beginner interested in trying off-road for the first time. Honda makes the best offroad bikes in the business and the beautiful South Wales countryside is the perfect location to really put them through their paces, with expert tuition and instruction on hand.” Bookings are already being taken for February 2013, so book now. For more information, visit: email: or call: 07734 943798 / 01884 266443. You can also register on the website to become a VIP, receive the latest deals and be in with the chance of winning 4 x Maxxis British Championship tickets to a round of your choice in 2013! For further up-to-the-minute news and inside information, ‘like’ davethorpehondaoffroad on Facebook.

The MSX125 (“Mini Street X-treme 125”) carries on the tradition of the original, small-wheeled leisure motorcycle, defined by Honda in 1963 with the iconic Monkey, and continued with the Dax and Ape. Manufactured in Thailand, the MSX125 is small enough to be supremely manageable yet has a fully-fledged feel thanks to a selection of standard sized motorcycle parts. The MSX125 is powered by a well-proven and efficient 125cc fuel-injected 4-stroke engine, which has been refined for even greater economy and smoother torque and power delivery, and also features a four-speed gearbox and clutch. Complementing the power train is a compact chassis that features a sturdy steel frame, inverted front forks, monoshock rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) and lightweight 12-inch wheels sporting wide, low profile tyres.

The MSX125 is due on sale in the UK in late spring 2013.

Wait for it... wait for it! Honda is developing a new super sports motorcycle which will feature technologies derived from Honda’s MotoGP machines. This bike will seek to deliver the same passion and excitement that the RC30 (VFR750R) super sports bike created when first introduced in 1987.

Watch this space! WINTER 2012


Honda Ron Haslam Race School Returns to Donington Park The officially supported Honda Ron Haslam Race School is to return to Donington Park for the start of the 2013 season and will continue to offer riding experience to riders of all ages and abilities. After three highly successful years at the prestigious Silverstone race circuit in Northamptonshire, the Honda Ron Haslam Race School will return to its former home of Donington Park in Derbyshire, a circuit with which the school has great affinity, having run there for 13 years previously, up until 2009. After undergoing significant revisions in recent years, Donington Park is back on the map, once again hosting high-profile major international motorcycle meetings such as World Superbikes and British Superbikes. Despite revisions to the facilities, the track layout has remained largely unchanged, with the fast and flowing circuit still considered one of the best motorcycle circuits in the UK, and the entire world; with sections such as the legendary Craner Curves, etched into racing memory. The school will continue to offer expert tuition and ontrack training to the highest standard, with courses that cater for every level of experience. A new fleet of 2013 machines will grace the school’s new home, with the newfor-2013 CBR600RR, CB500F and CBR500R - alongside the iconic Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade - all available on selected course packages.

Steve Martindale, General Manager of Honda (UK) Motorcycles: “We are delighted that the Honda Ron Haslam Race School will return to Donington Park after three prosperous years at Silverstone. We are keen to offer our customers the chance to ride another of the country’s most iconic and exciting circuits - aboard Honda machinery - and are very pleased that the school’s new home will provide this opportunity perfectly. I would also just like to thank Silverstone circuit for their fantastic support over the last few years. It has been a great home for the school but we just felt like the time was right for a change.” The school opening for business from the 10 April 2013 and with courses running right through the summer, up until 9 October. For more information on the type of courses and dates available, visit or call 01332 883323.

Honda Signs MoU for Market Introduction of Fuel Cell Vehicles Honda has, along with Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with organisations from the Nordic Countries, to support the market introduction of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure between 2014 and 2017, further highlighting Honda’s commitment to fuel cell electric vehicles as the ultimate zero emission technology. This collaboration follows an announcement by Honda’s CEO, Takanobu Ito, of the company’s development of an all-new fuel cell electric vehicle for Japan, the U.S. and Europe, to be launched from 2015, which will showcase further technological advancements and cost reductions. It comes off the back of a month-long and high profile Europe Hydrogen Vehicle Road Tour, which toured the UK with an event at the UK’s first public-access hydrogen refuelling station based at Honda UK Manufacturing in Swindon. Honda has been engaged in fuel cell Research & Development since the mid 1980s and has been at the forefront of the industry in both R&D and sales of this technology. The MoU seeks to generate further dialogue, accelerating the market introduction of FCEVs. 22 GOLDEN WING

Commenting on Honda’s involvement in this project, Ken Kier, Executive Vice President, Honda Motor Europe said, “In 2002 Honda became the world’s first carmaker to put a fuel cell car on the road with regular customers, delivering the Honda FCX Clarity to fleet users in the United States and Japan. We want to continue to lead the way for fuel cell technology across the world including Europe. This MoU signifies that commitment.”

For further information about Honda’s FCX Clarity and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle technology please visit WINTER 2012

If you haven’t taken a look recently please go to and see what we have to offer. We try to keep the site up-to-date with news from the Branches and around the world, Honda press releases, racing reports and anything else that may be of interest.

Branch finder Those of you who are new to the Club (and old members too) who haven’t yet got along to your local Branch, you may be interested in the Branches pages There is a very useful page called Branch Finder which shows a map of all the Branch locations. Supplied by Google, there is the facility to get a route from your home to the meeting place, simply by entering your post code.

membership renewal Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Go to www. and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy Club regalia.

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The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! WINTER 2012


Wherever you’re going make Footman James your 1st destination Footman James is one of the leading specialist insurance brokers for classic vehicle owners, collectors and professionals. Dedicated to finding our best policy for you and your classic. Policies include:

• Specialist Rates for Honda Owners Club members • 24 hour Breakdown Recovery in the UK & Europe • Personal Accident Cover • Motor Legal Expenses • Agreed Value, Limited Mileage options If you insure your classic motorcycle with us, we can also cover your modern vehicles too.*

We share your passion. Insurance for owners, collectors & professionals

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mediation 24 GOLDEN WING Footman James is a trading name of Aon UK Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in respect of insurance WINTER 2012 activities only. Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded for your protection. FP7288.05.12 *subject to eligibility criteria

Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here

club ideas

typeface colour

I’d just like to say I found the AGM yesterday very interesting and as a fairly new member I have now gained more understanding of how the Club operates. I have some suggestions for the club, which came to mind after listening to some of the problems the club is facing. First, on recruiting new members, I’ve a couple of suggestions: 1. Could you have some sort of flyer and ask various bike schools to advertise the club, as when I done my direct access 5 to 6 years ago, I cant remember any clubs advertising for members. This I think would be good idea, as there are a lot of people doing rider training, but are not part of the biking world. 2. If someone can introduce a friend to the club, say within 3 months of signing up, they then receive a refund of 30% on their membership fee. 3. As a truck driver ,I know there are a lot of drivers who also ride bikes, I don’t know if you are aware, but there is a free paper called the Truck Stop News, which is at most truck stops. It is I think printed by the Daily Star, so as it is free they probably rely on advertising only, so it might be worth costing this to see if you can get additional members, by placing a advert in the paper. On advertising in the Golden Wing, I think Erica said that only 2 insurance companies advertise, Footman James and Bikesure. Is it not possible to get more companies to advertise? Hope these suggestions help and thanks to all of you for running such a good club, I imagine its a thankless task sometimes but it is appreciated. Looking forward to next year where I hope to become more involved. Steve Miller, by email

Got my first copy of the HOC magazine (Autumn 2012) this week, and it looks packed with lots of useful and entertaining content. The problem is that I am struggling to read the text, which is quite small- no problems with that per se, but the font colour seems to be grey or a shade like that, and I’m struggling with that lack of standout from the page. It my be in black but the font may be the culprit in being quite thin looking. Either way I am struggling, which is taking the pleasure out of reading it.if you look at page 27, some of the text in the first column and leading to the second column is nicely dark and is easily readable. Am I alone in finding this hard to read? Martin Clowes, by e-mail

Membership No. 32456

Thanks for your thoughts Steve, no-one has a monopoly on good ideas so it’s always good to hear from a member. I will pass on your suggestions. Glad you found the AGM interesting.

Membership No.33128

I’m sorry if this is spoiling your enjoyment of the magazine. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Please let me know - contact details at the bottom of the page.

Credit where it’s due I have been working on my Pan, getting her ready for the 2013 season. There’s lots to be done to bring her up to scratch! One of the main items was the rear shock, which after 70,000 miles was knackered. After lots of swearing the bottom bolt finally came out - it was well and truly chewed by then. Being a Sunday and wanting to take the bike out the next Friday, I looked for my nearest dealer open that day. Grantham Honda answered the phone and explaining my dilema, got to work. They called back when they promised and got me my part by midweek. It was refreshing to get proper 5ê customer service - thanks guys. Stritchy Membership No.14808

Please let the Club know of good service that you receive.

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE WINTER 2012


It’s all a load of Baltics pt2 by Mike


I have known Robin for many years and we are both members of another bike club (the MZ Riders Club). He is also a very experienced continental tourer. We started planning this trip many months ago and originally it was to be a jaunt to Norway to meet up with an old friend of mine. However it turned out that this friend would not be at home when we planned to get there so the trip evolved, as plans do. Quite early on we set 3 objectives for the trip. 1 ride across the bridge over the Baltic that joins Denmark with Sweden, 2 visit Tallinn in Estonia and 3 visit Peenemunde the WW2 German rocket research base. Only the ferry out to Holland and back again were fixed dates. The bikes used were, Robin, BMW F800GS and me, Honda Deauville NT700VA

Day 7 - near Turku to Campsite Aleksandri Kulalistemja, Pämu, Estonia We were up early, again. We were heading for Helsinki and the ferry to Tallinn. We would like to have seen more of Finland but the stay on Kökar put pay to that but the stay was worth it. We headed for the nearest petrol station which had a card payment machine to control the petrol pump. This was when we found out that our cards weren’t acceptable in the automatic pumps so we had to find a petrol station that was open so that we could pay at the till. We used the same cards and they were acceptable in shop. 26 GOLDEN WING

We took the motorway to make best time and I used the satnav to guide us into the ferry terminal. As we arrived there was a queue already forming for the next crossing. The booth opened and I made enquiries as to whether we could pay there and board the ferry. We could, so we saddled up and rode to the booth and paid our money and showed our passports, etc.. The ferry arrived shortly after and we were boarded within the hour. There were loads of bikes on the boat and we got chatting to some of the guys. Turns out they were a load of taxi drivers from a bit further north who all rode bikes and were off to Estonia for a long weekend away. WINTER 2012

The crossing was something like 4 hours. The boat was not only a ferry but had an entertainment deck like a cruise ship. As it crossed from one country to another it also had a large duty free section. On arriving at Tallinn I was one of the first off and got through the port gates and pulled over to wait for Robin. All the other bikes went past but no sign of the BMW. I eventually spotted him pushing the bike. Even though I had seen it start it had stalled at one point and refused to start again. The battery was completely flat. Robin’s turn to call for breakdown assistance. His call didn’t go a smooth as mine and the result was we spent the afternoon sat in glorious sunshine slowly baking in the Tallinn sunshine. Not something we had planned. So the only photo I have of Tallinn is a shot of the bikes parked in front of the ferry port gates. Objective 2 had been obtained but not the way we would have liked. The breakdown truck eventually arrived and the BMW was loaded on to it. We made our way across town to the BMW dealer who diagnosed a collapsed battery. They said that they could get one either the next day or the day after. No good to us as we were now behind time. Robin persuaded them to let him have the battery off the demonstrator and he would pay for a new battery for that. Deal done. It was now gone 6pm. We headed out of town and south looking for a campsite. Very few and far between in Estonia. Eventually we stopped

Aleksandri Kulalistemja pub WINTER 2012

and I did a search of the satnav database and located several possibilities. The first place didn’t exist but about half a mile away was another. This turned out to be a pub with chalets and some green areas for tents. It was also the destination of all those bikes we saw on the ferry. After arranging camping and then seeing the area allocated we elected to rent a cabin for the night expecting it to be a very noisy and boisterous evening. After showering and changing we headed for the bar to get a meal. It was a great place and was obviously a biker’s bar. I think the giveaway was the Royal Enfield Bullet on display in the middle of the floor and all the bike related decorations around the place. We had a very good meal at a very good price and retired reasonably early. The riotous behaviour we were expecting didn’t materialise and it was exceptionally quiet all night and so we had a comfortable night’s sleep.

Royal Enfield in on display in the pub

Day 8 - Campsite Aleksandri Kulalistemja to somewhere near to Olecko, Poland We were up at 4am and were on the road by 5am, heading south to Latvia and Lithuania. Near each border crossing the roads were not very good and for mile after mile there were “tram tracks” where all the lorries had been running in the same groove. We headed for Riga in Latvia and had intended taking a look at the old town but the signage off the main road was not good and we missed it. Never mind, next time. GOLDEN WING 27

Day 9 - somewhere near to Olecko to Leba, Poland

Leaving Estonia

Welcome to Latvia

As there is a little bit of Russia between Lithuania and Poland and we didn’t have any visas and didn’t want to risk trying to cross the border so we headed for Kaunas in Lithuania. From there we headed for Marijampole and then crossed into Poland heading for Suwalki, where we turned west. On the way south through Lithuania we spotted an airfield that had a load of old MiG fighters on display. We found our way out to the display and took a load of photos. The airfield buildings are being converted into a hotel. In Poland we turned our attentions to finding a campsite. We spotted a sign and followed it down a side road. We ended up on a cobbled road that then ran into a gravel road and then back to tarmac. We eventually found the hotel that was offering camping. June is at the very start of the holiday season in Poland so the hotel was not really ready to receive campers but they allowed us to pitch our tents on the children’s play area, which turned out to be rather pleasant. Later in the evening the local tractor was employed to cut the 2 foot high grass that covered the camping field. We were entertained by a Stork following the tractor looking for food. 28 GOLDEN WING

Up early again for the haul to Leba. Leba is a coastal holiday resort, probably the equivalent to Barry Island or Scarborough. We were going to meet up with members of the Polish MZ Club as they were having a bit of a rally there. First off we headed for Gdansk along some really nice biking roads. Only as we got to Gdansk did the traffic get heavy. The motorway took us through the middle of the city and out to the suburbs. The weather was very hot and we baked whilst we negotiated the myriad of traffic lights. At one point the traffic came to a complete standstill in the inside lane as a couple of motorists had an altercation. I thought the guy in front had just stopped in the road because he had spotted a pretty girl. After what appeared to be hours we eventually arrived at the campsite in Leba but failed to find any MZ Club members there. After pitching the tents Robin made a phone call to the Chairman of the UK MZ Club and was told that the guys we were looking for were camped on a site just up the road. We decided to walk there and find them. This we did and then spent a pleasant couple of hours having food in a local restaurant with them. After eating, Robin and I explored the town looking for a tacky sticker along the lines of “I’ve been to Leba”. However the Poles don’t know what stickers are so we failed in that particular mission. Back at the campsite the MZ guys paid us a visit to check the bikes over.

The Polish town of Leba WINTER 2012

Day 10 - Leba to Waren, near Neubrandenburg, Germany

Day 11 - Waren to Sint Maartenszee, Holland

Today we were heading for Peenemunde so we more or less followed the coast. We crossed the ship canal at Pomorska (which was free) and headed into Germany. This is the former East Germany and the town we went through had a sort of wild west frontier town feel about it. There were cobbled streets as well.

As it is difficult to cross Europe from West to East without going miles out of your way we decided that apart from first thing in the morning we would use the motorways. The route took us toward Hamburg and then to Bremen. From there to Oldenburg and Groningen. When we were near Hamburg we passed through a terrific thunder storm and we saw some mighty lightening flashes. We crossed the Ajsluitdijk and headed back to the site where we started. My satnav was having a bit of a fit as a lot of the roads were newer than the database and so we found ourselves, not for the first time, apparently going across fields. Moral, don’t trust your satnav. A walk down the road after tea to a little café for an ice cream set us up for the night.

Doodle bug at Peenemunde

We arrived at Peenemunde early afternoon. The visitor centre was very interesting. To think that without the work that went on here during the war we may never have sent men to the moon when we did as this was the birthplace of modern rocketry. We would have liked to have spent more time in the museum but we still had a way to go before setting up camp again. Objective 3 had now been achieved. On the bikes again and we headed south toward Neubrandenburg. There were loads of Trabants running about the place and I spotted about half a dozen or so parked in a field next to a garage. All painted up in bright colours. Apparently there is quite a market for these old communist era vehicles. The campsite at Waren was next to a big lake and was very pleasant. As payment for showers was via a credit card type card we made use of them and then went and paid our fees before the office closed for the night as we would be off site before they opened again in the morning.

Day 12 - Sint Maartenszee to home The ferry was not leaving until 2:30pm so we had a leisurely breakfast and dried all the dew off the tents before packing everything away. It was mainly motorway down to the ferry terminal so I led using the satnav to guide us in. This was OK but we ended up at the freight terminal rather than the car terminal. Luckily Robin knew the way having been here several times before. We topped up the petrol tanks as we didn’t want to stop too early once we got off the ferry. We were in plenty of time for this one and boarded with ease. Had a pleasant, if expensive, meal on board and settled down to try and get a bit of sleep. Not difficult in my case. After docking and disembarking it was a blast down the A120/A12/M25 and M4. A top up at Reading and home sweet home. It is after midnight when I crawl into bed. I am tired and aching but very happy. Robin, and I have just completed a 3387 mile road trip around the Baltic in 12 days!

My photos can be viewed at WINTER 2012


2012 Silverstone BSB by Sue

Beck, Northants & MK Branch Secretary

The weekend of 28th to 30th September saw the British Superbikes return to Silverstone. In excess of 50 tickets were sold to HOC members. The weather forecast chilly but dry. Someone had a bright idea that camping would be fun! Friday 28th a large group met up and descended on Silverstone, first on the agenda was erect the tents on the Dadford Road Campsite. High winds made this a tad difficult but the gang erecting (all being a few screws loose) soon turned this into a fun thing to do. Tents erected, hot drinks consumed then over to the track for more erections. With our usual military precision everything was soon done and dusted. An hour or so spent watching some practise laps then 10 of us back to our weekend homes for some nice hot Chilli, thanks Kelly. One or four beers and some friendly banter rounded off Friday night. Into our tents, by heck it was cold that night, I was so glad I had my onesie on. Saturday morning at Sparrow fart o’clock we was up, breakfasted and ready to the onslaught. The lads had already gone over to the track for briefing for the parade laps. By the time us ladies got to the track we found more members already waiting for us. A steady stream of bikers turned up during the next hour or so. Our stand looked amazing with so many bikes parked either side of the Gazebos. We had an excellent spot on the upper APM overlooking Wellington Straight.

We had a steady stream of visitors, some old friends, some new friends. Several of the team “had a go” with Craig Jones.

Dan had a go...

Dave had a go...

We had a great spot and Paul had a go on his own bike



More time on the stand doing what we do then it was time for the Parade laps. A large collection of bikes wait in the holding area then the gates open and off they go. For a few it was like old times but for the majority it was their first time on a race track. From the huge smiles they all seemed to enjoy this.

Kelly and Sharon learning

Dan and Whitey on track

Vic and Pam Winging their way round

Paul and Garry on track

During the course of the afternoon Kelly and Sharon had a go on the 1st ride scooters.

We signed up new members, watched some bikes bombing round the track and had a laugh. Home time, Chicken Stew with Dumplings, more drinkies, tons of giggles then sleep time.

Happy campers

Up early again Sunday and over to the track, more bikes there today. Chatting to potential new members, chatting to old time members, in general doing what we do best. At lunchtime the campers went back to disassemble the tents. Then back over to Silverstone for the rest of the day. The usual gang, again with military precision packed everything away. My car was loaded up, the back end looked a little low, only a Honda could carry all that weight and off we went homewards. Many thanks go to Minty and Dennis for riding home with Dan and Kelly for following me to make sure I got home safe and also for Minty and Dennis helping Dan pack everything away in the garage.

Will we do it again? You bet your ass we will!



Serious Injury Claims I helped to set up Barratts Motorcycle Solicitors in 2008 so that I could provide the best possible claims service to bikers who had been injured in accidents. I chose to set up in conjunction with Barratt Goff & Tomlinson who were already recognised by the guides to the legal profession as being the top firm in the Midlands for handling major compensation claims; they already had a national reputation for acting for bikers who had suffered very serious injuries, particularly spinal cord injury, brain damage, amputation and brachial plexus injuries. My previous articles in the Golden Wing have concentrated upon particular legal issues e.g. filtering, and the need to appoint specialist solicitors rather than just accepting those given to you by your legal expense insurers (or more likely those who have purchased your case from legal expense insurers). This article is a bit different as I have asked my colleague, David Tomlinson, to talk about serious injury claims. David Tomlinson writes: I was one of the founding partners of Barratt Goff & Tomlinson and we now have a team of seven highly experienced solicitors, who specialise in personal injury and clinical negligence claims, particularly those involving injuries of the utmost severity. Our experience is recognised by others in the profession and for the past 21 years we have been recommended as the top firm carrying out this type of work by the Legal 500 and Chambers Directories (these directories are not fee paying and are based upon recommendations made by other lawyers and experts). What is that we do that is different to other firms? Well, firstly we fight for the best possible, speedy settlement. Secondly, we strive to put the client first and do everything in our power to help rebuild their lives that have often been devastated by serious, life changing injuries. As soon as we are contacted by a potential client (or more often by their family if the injury is very severe) 32 GOLDEN WING

we feel that it is important to see the client and their family at the hospital or rehabilitation unit as soon as possible rather than sit at our desk and ask them to complete endless forms. Liaison with the client, their family and the hospital staff is of paramount importance as our aim is to take an active part in the client’s rehabilitation and eventual discharge from hospital. Many of our clients spend the first 6 months or so following their accident in a specialist hospital or rehabilitation unit. During that time we will work with the insurers to obtain substantial interim payments to cover not only our clients loss of earnings, expenses etc., but substantial funding is required to enable us to set up a complete regime of care and support ready for the client once discharge takes place. We will usually appoint an experienced case manager and we will work alongside her in making sure that our client is discharged to specially adapted accommodation (sometimes alterations to their existing WINTER 2012

home or often the purchase and adaptation of a bungalow) and that a full nursing and care regime is in place and necessary therapies are available to help the client continue with rehabilitation following discharge. We also help to put in place the necessary equipment that the client may need such as wheelchairs, hoists, physiotherapy equipment and an appropriate, accessible vehicle. Once our client is home there will be an initial period whilst they get used to their new circumstances. The next phase of the process which involves intensive therapies and as the client recovers we also look, in appropriate cases, to help with potential return to work or study. During this period many of our clients are also encouraged to help maximise their recovery through sport and activities. Most of our biker clients seem to gravitate towards motor sports or getting back on to two wheels (sometimes with special adaptations to bikes etc.). Many clients take part in a huge variety of sporting and leisure activities. We take an active role in helping out some of the leading charities in the country who specialise in disability sports. Some of our clients have progressed to international level and we have had clients representing the GB Paralympics team in wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, equestrian events and swimming. We are immensely proud of the achievements of all of our clients but are particularly proud of one of our clients who managed to obtain gold, silver and bronze medals in the London 2012 Paralympics. Once our clients medical condition starts to stabilise we can plan their likely future and with the help of various experts it is possible to predict the extra costs and expenses that will be incurred in order to care for their needs for the rest of their lives. At that stage

we are able to move towards either a negotiated settlement of the claim or a trial. We continue to play a key role in our clients lives after their cases have settled as are solicitors are appointed Deputies by the Court of Protection on behalf of those clients who are not able to manage their own affairs due to lack of mental capacity after an accident. At Barratt Goff & Tomlinson we like to think that we go the extra mile to help our clients. We recognise that they have been injured as a result of the fault of someone else, their lives have been changed forever and, importantly, they only get one go at claiming compensation. We like to look after our clients from day one but we recognise that many clients and their families are initially happy to go along with whatever solicitor has been given to them by their legal expense insurers or have been recommended to them by a friend. Unfortunately, not all solicitors are equal and cases involving injuries of the utmost severity have to be handled differently. A lot of our major cases are transferred to us several months or even several years after the accident as the client and their family recognises that their case has not progressed properly and they have not been given all of the support that they need in relation to interim payments etc. We are always happy to try and pick up the pieces and we will provide a free, initial consultation to anyone who has been involved in a serious accident and who is not satisfied with their current solicitors. All of our clients who have suffered serious injuries, without exception, would want to turn back the clock. Unfortunately, that cannot happen but with the right specialist solicitor involved it is possible to improve the quality of life of somebody who has been severely injured beyond all recognition.

As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 40 years and a lawyer for over 30 years), I also donate £100 to the HOC for each case I take on from the member, their family or friend that is recommended to me by a HOC member. This is paid by my firm and not out of the individual’s compensation. My contact numbers are 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065. These are linked to my mobile, so I can be contacted out of office hours (subject to not being on the bike!). My e-mail is and website is My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section. WINTER 2012




Racing Report Holidays?

Some of us (sad really) may recall a couple of years ago the Honda car ad using The Vampires song ‘Holiday’ as the background and it came to mind when penning this article. It is the time of year when we start to think about where we are going to go during the forthcoming year and with World Superbikes having again made the decision that the July round will be held at the new Moscow Raceway there is yet another holiday option to consider. Situated 60 miles from Moscow the Raceway was opened in July 2012 and is the first international racetrack in Russia. A total of 1,495 miles from Calais, you could travel through France, Germany, Poland and Belarus, it would make a fascinating touring holiday with exciting racing at the end of the outward journey, cheering our British lads.

If you are keener on the MotoGP racing, and the Moto 2 and 3 ensure that the whole day is filled with exciting competition, the calendar has been increased to 19 races this year (2 to be confirmed - possibly Argentina and Texas?), again 9 venues are within biking distance - although Valencia in November may not be ideal on the bike – unless you have already done the journey and can prove otherwise! We also have a great selection of Brits fighting for points and aiming towards the Championship at all levels. Will 2013 be Cal Crutchlow’s year, how will Bradley Smith fare, or is Dani Pedrosa set to win the crown? On another note, for those who always put Silverstone in their calendar, the 2013 Moto GP has been moved to 1st September.

“now is the time for us racing enthusiasts to plan our holiday” Jonathan Rae has confirmed he is staying with Honda, having spent all his seven professional years with the Ten Kate Honda team (to be renamed the Pata Honda team in 2013 - after the Italian snack company who are sponsoring them - it will still be run by Ten Kate) and of course in 2013 Jonathan will be joined by Leon Haslam as he returns to the Honda fold after a three year break. (piccie of Jonathan Rae and Leon Haslam?) Of the 14 planned WSB rounds, 9 are within riding distance with a choice of France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic. So maybe now is the time for us racing enthusiasts to plan our holiday, taking in some of the further destinations?


Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez a great team

Coverage on the television is excellent, in fact you could spend all day watching the racing, commentary and chat, but to actually go to the race, feel the atmosphere, hear the noise and smell the rubber is irreplaceable! Good holiday planning!

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent GOLDEN WING 35

e d a l B ‘ Flashing



Guess I’ll continue riding, cleaning and keeping my CBR900RR-P tidy Here’s my close to standard, first generation, 1993 CBR900RR-P FireBlade which I purchased in December 2007. Recorded mileage is now over 36,000 miles of which I’ve ridden over 10,000 of those miles. For a 20 year old motorcycle, it’s still fun to ride. Styling is definitive of the era it is was made and I don’t think it looks out of place today. I had the motorcycle dyno tested in June 2008. Maximum power was 115.7bhp with a maximum torque of 65.51ft/lb which compares well to Honda’s claimed figures. Mileage does not appear to be a great issue with these models with dealers selling models with over 75,000 recorded miles. I’ve heard reliable stores of models covering 150,000+ miles. Rider and passenger seat foam is much thicker on the early FireBlades. I have completed an 800+ mile 2 day round trip to Cornwall and back without problem. The wider fairing compared to modern sports bikes, good fuel economy (60+mpg) / tank range and thick seat foam make this FireBlade quite suitable for long distance travelling. I’ve completed virtually all routine servicing requirements myself. The full 32,000 mile service did not reveal any problems. Getting dyno tested

Julian Webb • Lives in Surrey • First bike was an ‘old’ XL185S • I have owned 19 motorcycles to date. Deciding what motorcycle number 20 should be is proving difficult • Mileage on motorcycles I’ve bought have varied from 100 miles on a Honda MTX80 to 166,500, yes one hundred and sixty six thousand on a BMW K75RS. • Joined HOC in 2010 • Membership no: 31877

The bike’s the star Your bike could be featured in Golden Wing

If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!



Classic Corner We have seen the Honda motorcycles that made the ‘Bench Marks’ of the Honda range. The CB750 Four which proved to be a machine that concurred the world in 1969. Then the Double Over Head Cam CB750F and CB900F in the mid seventies. The CB900F was enlarged to 1100cc giving us the CB1100F. This machine gave Ron Haslam and Honda Britain the Superbike Championships. Honda then seemed to slow down with a new model range. I thought at the time that Honda seemed to be spreading their wings by improving and increasing the car market range. The other Japanese manufacturers were producing new models to improve their ranges and take owners away from Honda. Then, in 1991, the new ‘Fireblade’ arrived to out perform every other motorcycle from the wheels up. The concept of having large heavy performance machines was gone forever. The new concept gave you a smaller, lighter, more powerful bike with far better handling and braking than any other motorcycle available at the time. So the ‘Fireblade’ made the same impact as the CB750 had in 1969.

“In 1991 the ‘Fireblade’ arrived, out performing every other motorcycle”

The 1996 918cc was a stunner 38 GOLDEN WING


The 1992 893cc Fireblade

To achieve the ultimate riding experience and allow the rider to be in total control. Everything needed to be designed and tested to it’s limits. Then changed and redesigned and tested again. Everything needed to be designed to give pure perfection to the riders responses. This machine needed to respond to the riders every need. Giving an instant response to the performance challenge of the open road. This was the ambition that meant a return to basics, and to produce a new set of design ideals. The resulting CBR900RR was a bold and light weight performance machine.

from the progressive super sport performance. The Fireblade fulfils all these requirements with powerful determination. The CBR900RR has the power to weight ratio that leaves all the competition standing. The all new engine has D.O.H.C, 16 valve in four cylinder four stroke. It is water cooled with a bore and stroke of 70mm x 58mm giving a displacement 893cc. Producing 124bhp of usable power at it’s best. Newly designed straight induction ports on the induction system increase the response of better usable power. Combined with new slanted carburettors and oversize 7.2 air cleaners. Which result in the rider receiving maximum power output and an eagerness to respond to your command. Engine and handling

have always been superb

The 2002 954cc Fireblade

The main frame is made from light alloy injected moulding. Weighing in at just 10.5kg. The seat sub frame, swinging arm, front forks and muffler were all made from aluminium. Weight saving on every component without losing any strength, including the engine and fairing etc giving the machine a total weight of 185kg. Which is lighter than any machine sold by anyone else in the same class. Never before had a high performance motorcycle, had such manoeuvrability combined with such an exhilarating response. The objective was to achieve the optimum balance between straight line speed, cornering and braking. A very difficult combination if you don’t want to sacrifice the breath taking excitement available WINTER 2012

Considerable time was used to produce and perfect the front forks to give outstanding stability and performance. Made in aluminium to keep the weight down the extruded bottom case sliders guaranties great strength and rigidity. The rear swinging arm is a light weight ‘Yagura’ cross braised design. Fitted with Honda’s unique Pro-Link rear suspension system. Add the state of the art Civ-111 valve system and dampers each having a separate reservoir tank. Having the CBR900RR respond to your every command. Honda gave the tyre specification to manufacturers and it was Bridgestone that produced the ‘Battlax’ Tyres specifically for the Fireblade. These tyres have the same compound as those used as racing slicks, giving stable grip and traction which is demanded by the Fireblade and it’s rider. So the Blade has cut a path for everyone to follow and at the time there was not a machine that would compare with the phenomenal performance that put it on top of the premier league. GOLDEN WING 39

Enjoy your Classic ride

We all hope that we nave not changed over the years, but this young lady has matured to remain on top. She has lost weight, become smaller with increased engine size and performance. So you must remember never to cross swords with a ‘Flreblade’ as she will always win.

Dave Barton

Classic Secretary 40 GOLDEN WING


Natonal rally 2013

WINTER 2012 WNTER 2012




The Club’s Charity The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes is the umbrella organisation for regional groups such as: Cornwall Freewheelers - Cornwall, Devon Freewheelers - Devon, Freewheelers EVS - Bristol, Bath, Somerset, parts of Wiltshire, Midland Freewheelers - West Midlands, ScotsERVS - the greater Glasgow area, Blood Bikes Scotland - primarily Lothian, Borders & Fife, SERV - Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Northamptonshire, London, Oxfordshire South Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk,

Severn Freewheelers - Gloucestershire, and

Herefordshire, Worcestershire, parts of Wiltshire

Whiteknights - North & West Yorkshire, Cleveland (Teeside).

▪ They are all run by volunteers who provide an

emergency ‘out of hours’ service transporting blood, platelets, samples, vaccines, drugs, X-rays, donor breast milk and any other urgently need medical items - FREE OF Charge to the NHS.

▪ They receive no government funding and rely on

donations from the public to survive. The volunteers also get no payment for their time or costs.

▪ They save the NHS thousands of pounds every year, allowing that money to be used where it is needed most - the patients.

▪ They are on-call from 7pm to 8am weekdays and 24 hour cover at weekends and bank holidays.

▪ The volunteers are fully trained to the highest

standards to ensure the safety of both rider and consignment.

▪ Without NABB members, hospitals

would have to pay for a taxi or courier, or even take an ambulance out of service for 3-4 hours! This is why the Honda Owners Club is raising money for the NABB until 31st July 2013 please give generously!



Honda Owners Club

Christmas Dinner Dance by


Ian (Worzel) Wright, Reading Branch

fter weeks of eagerly awaiting, the weekend of the HOC Christmas Party being held this year at Sedgebrook Hall just north of Northampton finally arrived. Jennie Clarke had stepped up to the fore, taking on the whole organising and what a weekend was in store for us all... Members from all over the country started to arrive from mid afternoon on the Friday, with Steve & Hazel Bevell From the Rabble branch being some of the first to arrive, being found in the bar area sampling the drinks! All through the afternoon more and more members arrived, with the lounge area by the bar becoming the gathering place of friends old, and also new. One member did have his own mini adventure finding his way to the hotel using his sat nav on route from collecting Vicky from the train station in Northampton centre, apparently the woman inside the sat nav decided not to speak to him


anymore, going totally quiet. Of course, when the member made contact via mobile to the hotel, we all in the normal course of the HOC, were as helpful as always by shouting out a fair bit of “guidance and instructions� to Bryan, who was now becoming very quickly known as TomTom Flynn. Oddly enough, he went as quiet on his phone as his sat nav had to him, whilst everyone at the hotel was virtually crying with laughter. Friday evening was an informal get together, with a buffet meal, with us having our own room and bar, away from other hotel guests - they must have heard about us - with folks all intermingling between the various branches. The buffet was laid and what a surprise, we were all just expecting the usual sausage on sticks etc, but were treated to a wonderful hot buffet, with rice, jacket potatoes, trout, and loads of other tasty dishes , all presented beautifully. The well WINTER 2012

meant banter between the different branches and members carried on, well after the food had been finished and people found there way back to the bar area. Here, pool matches and foosball on a proper old style table started to take place, with much laughter and smiling faces being seen. Saturday saw breakfast in the restaurant, with most of the members coming down all around the same time, and again the breakfast buffet was superb, and the banter started again! Everyone was free to do their own thing durring the day on Saturday, with some of the blokes being found following behind their partners in the clothes shops at Sixfields... Ah we all know who really is the boss! The hotel had a swimming pool, spa bath and sauna, of which many people made great use of on Saturday afternoon, with the Sauna being very very hot, the spa bath being nice and warm, with the blokes making the usual mandatory jokes about obviously eating far too many baked beans for breakfast. The swimming pool was allegedly heated to 30 degrees, but once in the water, we weren’t sure if that was fareighnheight or centigrade, but it was a good excuse to go back into the spa bath. Saturday evening was the main Christmas meal, everyone gathering in the bar area, with all of the ladies in lovely frocks and the blokes all suited and booted. You would never have believed that it was full of greasy, rough and tough hairy bikers... Everyone left the Lounge to make their way outside to the grand Front doors to the old manor part of the hotel, where we were treated to a Red Carpet and candle light entrance, for pre-dinner drinks in the manor house. Here, the ladies had their photos taken on the grand curved staircase, polishing the handrail in the process, as some tried to slide down the staircase... The blokes had their turn next at posing up the stairs and for once were nearly quite well behaved! Everyone then made their way to the main function room, where the tables were all layed out wonderfully around the dance floor, with the names of each table being a famous bike racer. Each tables was decorated with balloons, streamers and crackers, along with a little box containing, yes, those wonderful long balloons that once blown up and let go, make that screaming noise flying all

The Honda Owners Club has something very very special and should be so proud of its friendships between all of the members and branches WINTER 2012


over the place. Battle was commenced between the Rabble and Norfolk branch tables. The three course meal that was served was absolutely fantastic, being wonderfully served by the staff, with everyone leaving clear plates. Once the food was finished, unexpected gift bags were brought out and given to each and everyone, and contained a fantastic assortment of gifts inside, like mini road atlases, bike wash kits, key straps, and chocs. The look of sheer delight on everyone’s faces was just amazing. It was then time for some swaying of the hips as it was disco time, with some doing a lot of hip swaying indeed - Angie from the Reading Rabble certainly gave here new hip a thorough testing. Some interesting “Dad Dancing” was also evident too, you know who ;) One branch had enough of the frocks and suits, disappearing to return in various styles of Onesies Pajamas, dragons, cats and alsorts! The dancing went on until midnight, where sadly time was called on a marvellous evening. Sunday saw the buffet breakfast again, with most being up bright and breezy. The staff had the wonderful idea to rearrange the tables into large ones,so we could all be that bit more together. The banter started early, with people reminding each other of the night before fun, helping them to realise why the were so aching and sore. After breakfast, some made their ways home, but 15 big kids walked down the hill to the Northampton & Lamport Steam Railway, where we were all booked in on the 11am Santa Special. In normal British Railways fashion, the timetable went out of the window very quickly, with the 11am departure looking more like an 11.40 one. Jennie and Bryan were a bit later than everyone else getting to the station, and arrived just as the carriages were being shunted out of the station. Worzel just couldn’t help winding up Jennie she had missed the train being late and that we’d all had a lovely trip, and see her at the next do! Poor Jennies face was a picture, and TomTom Flynn thought is was a great wind-up, evening the score up a tad! 46 GOLDEN WING


The 15 kids all got onto the carriage of the Steam Train - it became apparent very quickly that Jennie had never been on a steam train before got very excited to say the least.... WHOOO WHOOO There was a couple of families on board with their well behaved children....and us lot of big un-behaved adults (word used very lightly), then the railway staff foolishly gave us all Sherry!!!!!! After a couple of journeys up and down the line, with lots of WHOOO WHOOO’s when we went over or under bridges, it was time to get off the train, when Jennie then asked if she could pull the Drivers Whistle...... You can just imagine the comments flying about over that one! Anyway, the engine driver was very accommodating and allowed Jennie onto the footplate of the engine to pull the whistle - four times,and not short blasts either! Was probably heard in Northampton centre. It was a wonderful end to what had been an amazing weekend of nothing but sheer enjoyment and so much laughter and happiness, being with a great bunch of guys and girls that seems just like one great big family.


Thanks must go to the staff at Sedgefield Hall, who for the whole weekend, went above and beyond the call of duty to make our stay at the hotel the best possible, to Ray and the volunteers at the Northampton & Lamport Railway, for making our morning with them being so fun and putting up with our laughter. And finally, I am sure that I speak on behalf of all those present, a massive thanks to Jennie Clarke for all of her hard work in organising the weekend from start to finish, putting on a weekend for her fellow HOC’ers that no one will ever forget. Well done girl! GOLDEN WING 47

Hi Honda crew! I’m James ‘Gill’ Gill, the (relatively) new editor of the BMF’s Motorcycle Rider magazine. Thanks for having us in the pages of your magazine! 2012 was a busy year for us at the BMF and 2013 looks to continue the pattern. Safe riding,


2013 Dates for BMF Shows Announced Ticket price reductions and new arenas! Preparations are now well underway for the 2013 BMF Show season with new innovations, held or reduced ticket prices and offering even more trade and club stands. Better value to any motorcyclists attending any shows.

Motorcycle Rider website launch has just launched as the central resource for lots of activism news, BMF news and other motorcycle news.

To be launched at the May Show, The Mulberry Group are introducing two new areas: The Classic & Vintage area and the Adventure and Overland Touring area. Bands and arena acts are currently being booked and will be announced via the shows website BMF Show Dates BMF Show - May 17-19 Kelso Bikefest - July 5-7 BMF Tailend - September 13-15 48 GOLDEN WING


Type Approval Regulation approved This is the big news of the moment. The Type Approval Regulation has been approved by the European Parliament by a huge majority (643 in favour, 16 against). There’s lots of ambiguous, confusing misinformation out there, but we at the BMF aim to break it down into sensible English for people. So, for all UK motorcyclists this will mean: • Bikes over 47bhp exempt from EU anti-tampering controls • Bikes under 125cc exempt from compulsory ABS (although they will require combined brakes instead) • No 100bhp limit option for member states • Compulsory CO2/fuel consumption measurement and publication • Standardised On-Board Diagnostics so that any garage can interpret the fault codes • Compulsory publication of repair and maintenance information so that you can have your bike repaired and serviced anywhere you like • Bikes will catch up to the emissions standards of cars, guaranteed for 35,000km

The BMF’s Government Relations Executive, Chris Hodder said: “Although far from ideal, this legislation shows exactly why organisations such as the BMF and FEMA exist. After several years of hard work discussing with the relevant institutions and putting our views across, we believe this is the best deal that was available and we’ve worked solidly to get it. This legislation may have some things we don’t like in it, but it will have some long term benefits for motorcyclists, especially in terms of cleaner bikes that are cheaper to run.” We will be keeping a wary eye on the delegated acts which will result from this legislation. It’s not all over yet!

Changes to the licence affecting new and young riders The Third European Union Driving License Directive came into force on January 19 2013 and one of the effects it has on UK riders is changes in licensing for novice riders of all ages. It’s been a long time coming, but the latest European Driving License Directive took effect early in the New Year after many years of complicated negotiations, campaigning and lobbying. The BMF has been right at the heart of this important issue ever since the beginning and one of the issues we have focused on is what the Directive means for novice riders. The law was previously governed by the earlier Second Driving License Directive, also known by the catchy title of 91/439/ EC. This was repealed as of January 19 2013 and the Third Driving License Directive (or 2006/126/EC) took its place instead. The biggest difference between these two Directives is the introduction of staged access at the European level, and this will mean that there will be changes at UK level. Read the full report and breakdown in the current issue of Rider magazine - you can buy a single issue online or join the BMF to receive your quarterly copy and help protect riders’ rights.

Who are the BMF? Almost all of you reading this will be affiliate members of the BMF through your HOC membership and many of you will be full members. But what is the BMF? We are the UK’s largest riders’ rights organization, we are a member of many Government advisory groups, we also represented in Europe. We are a well-respected and powerful lobby group and includes a National Rider Training network. And as you may know, we are also the organisers of Europe’s largest outdoor motorcycle show ‘The BMF Show’.


So why become a full member? There are many benefits to becoming a member, but the most important is to be a part of the organisation that is fighting for your rights as a motorcyclist - fighting battles in government, protecting your right to ride! As well as that you get a quarterly 76-page magazine, discounted BMF show tickets in advance and you also get money off many services, tours and holidays! You can join us and read more at: GOLDEN WING 49

The HOC has featured recently in Motorcycle Rider, the BMF’s magazine Affiliated clubs

british motorcyclists federation

PART OF A MOTORCYCLE CLUB? HERE’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOUR CLUB AFFILIATES WITH THE BMF: If you're part of a motorcycle club that isn't part of the BMF, you're missing out on a world of support! THE BMF: YOUR VOICE At the BMF, we provide motorcyclists – no matter what they ride – a voice through specialist lobbyists and a network of volunteers across the UK. Currently approximately 350 clubs make up the bulk of the total membership of 80,000. This makes the BMF a powerful voice in campaigning to safeguard the rights of motorcyclists. INSURANCE Affiliated clubs enjoy two kinds of insurance through the BMF, provided as part of their affiliation. There is public liability to protect the club from claims arising from its activities affecting members of the public, and employers’ liability to cover the active members of the club while carrying out their duties for the club. Both of these are essential if your club organises rallies, charitable events and the like. Even with the best planning sometimes there are things that go wrong, and we’re here to help! A PODIUM Additionally, at all the BMF shows, exhibitor space is available to all affiliate clubs, free of charge. Here, clubs can add to the fun of the event and meet potential new members.

The clubs also get a say in BMF affairs. Local clubs, e.g. clubs with a membership drawn from a limited area, can send delegates to the appropriate Annual Regional Meeting to discuss regional issues and vote for the Regional Chairman and Councillors. National and OneMake clubs have a separate forum that elects its own Chairman and Councillors, but all club members will be welcome to participate in their local BMF activities. FOR YOUR MEMBERS And of course, all members receive affiliate membership too, which means that they are entitled to a range of benefits. As a club, this can be a huge help if, for example, you want to arrange a club ride or tour. Everyone who's part of your club also gets in on some superb discounts for travel and accommodation, not to mention bike insurance, products and accessories. It could be the best thing you do for your club, so don't miss out. Contact the membership office on 0116 279 5112.

Join the club

54 summer 2012 | Motorcycle Rider



ow! Affiliate n .uk co f. m b rider@

RAISING, FROM RALLY RIDE-OUTS TO CHARITY FUND GET ERS THE HONDA OWNERS CLUB HELPS MEMB THE MOST OUT OF THEIR MACHINES The Honda Owners Club (HOC) is run by the member, for the member and is open to anyone who owns or has owned a Honda-powered motorcycle. A social organisation, the club runs year-round events including camping and B&B weekends, day rides, UK and European holidays, rallies, charity events, barbecues and parties. “It’s all about bringing together people who love biking and have the get-up-and-go to make the most of their machines,” explains Graham Seymour, General Secretary. “The HOC is a great way to meet other Honda owners who are only too willing to share their experiences and knowledge. And it’s fun… you get to meet some great people and make friends from all over the country.” The club was founded in 1961 by enthusiasts Pete Goodger and Mike Evans when new Japanese motorcycles were being imported to the UK and were slated by the press. Peter recalls the HOC’s first meeting in south London with about eight people, but times have changed; today the club has a membership of over 2,500 people spread across the UK. The HOC takes pride in its affiliation

to the BMF, which began over 50 years ago. This year, to show its support for the work done by the BMF in the interest of bikers, the HOC is raising money for the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes, a volunteer organisation that delivers blood and emergency supplies to hospitals. One of the members was recently featured in the Honda minidocumentary, delivering blood on his ST1300. 2


Affiliated clubs



1 1, 4 National Rally 11: pictures of the ride-outs from the Club's 50th Anniversary National Rally last year, held at Billing Aquadrome with over

350 members. 2, 3 HOC Show 11 – Boughton House: taken at the Club's 50th Anniversary

Show last year. 5 National Rally 11 – fancy dress party: fantastic party on Saturday night



You can keep up to date with the latest Honda news and activities in your area and find out more about the HOC’s history at You can also gain access to exclusive regalia and much more! Single membership to the HOC costs £20 while joint membership with a friend, relative or partner is just £25. Joining can be done safely through the HOC’s secure website and gives you news, offers and half a century of Honda lovers’ knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Members also receive Golden Wing, the club’s quarterly magazine, which is always packed with articles and stories of interest. With local branches all over the country there is always something going on, so join the HOC and get the most from your Honda. Go to to find out more or join the chat on Facebook, Twitter (@HOCgb) or the Club Forum at Contact Stritchy at for more information

>> summer 2012 | Motorcycle Rider 55

Reproduced by permission of Motorcycle Rider, the BMF magazine



Achtung, Baby! by Donna

Richards, South Wales Branch Secretary

This year, the South Wales Branch holiday was organised by Terry and Lyn and what an excellent job they made of it. Four bikes and 4 couples set off to bike through France, Belgium and Luxembourg to Germany. Before we left, Terry provided us all with information about where we were going, suggested routes for rideouts when we were there and all the documents we would need. He and Lyn had obviously put in a lot of time and effort on this project. On the first day, we set off down to the Channel Tunnel and crossed to Calais. For a change, this year, instead of staying in one of the chain of hotels near Cité Europe, we stayed in a friendly typically French hotel in the middle of Calais. It had loads of character and although it looked a bit dodgy on the outside, the inside was clean and welcoming. There were signs everywhere, telling us that it was under refurbishment. It looked a bit tired in places. I think the refurb had been going on a long time, but I loved the typical Frenchness (if that’s a word) of it. Some of the ensuites had lovely Victorian style roll top baths, but they must have been about 3 feet 6 inches tall. I had a heck of a struggle getting in and poor Ann, who is only small, couldn’t get out. We had an image of her scrambling to get out, like a spider trapped in there! 52 GOLDEN WING

A little bit of a mishap in Calais, when Steve’s bike fell over in the carpark of the hotel. Luckily, noone was hurt and there were only a few scratches on the bike. It’ll take quite a bit of polishing when he gets home.

“I’m ready for my close-up”

From Calais, we went down to Haybes, a very pretty little town on the banks of the river Meuse. It was another typically French hotel and was delightful. We had a lovely meal and passed a pleasant evening. The next day we left for Emmelshausen. We travelled on through Belgium, but seemed to be going round in circles in Luxembourg. Eventually, we stopped and discovered the problem. Terry, who was leading, had not loaded the Luxembourg maps onto his SatNav, so it didn’t know where to take him. Problem easily solved. Gareth led for the WINTER 2012

On our second day in Germany, we decided to get a boat at Boppard and travel at a leisurely pace to Koblenz. That was our first mistake. The boat was due in at 12.50, but at 12.48, Lyn and Ann decided to go to the toilet. Unfortunately, we saw the boat come in and we watched it leave. Without us! Never mind, our tickets were good for the next day and as it turned out, the weather was fantastic. We managed to have a good laugh about it later. So instead of going to Koblenz, we went on a train journey to Sankt Goar, a little further along the Rhine. Another pretty little village and I think it’s just as well we didn’t get to Koblenz that day because we were all a little too tired to enjoy it fully!

Sleep tight!

When we finally did get to Koblenz the next day, it was a lovely place, much bigger than I expected, with a mix of the old and new. The ride along the river was lovely too, with a variety of different German castles and vineyards to view along the way. The funniest thing of all happened when we got back to Boppard from Koblenz. We stopped for a meal and a drink at a very nice hotel right on the banks of the Rhine. It was lovely. We had timed it perfectly to get the last mountain train - 22.15 back to Emmelshausen. We went up to the station on time, the train came in on time, but the guard wouldn’t let us on, mumbling something in German that we later understood. The train pulled out and we waited and waited for it to come back, but it didn’t. Eventually, the signalmaster stuck his head out of his office and told us that there were no more trains. The 22.15 didn’t run on Wednesdays, only Fridays - oops! We decided to head for the taxi rank. However, Alun wasn’t going to give up without a fight. The last thing we heard as we made our way off the platform was him shouting, WINTER 2012

‘But I’ve got a return ticket!’ at the signal master. Highly amusing! We managed to get back in two taxis so everything turned out OK in the end. The day after, we got on the bikes and went off along the Rhine to Rudesheim, a wine making town. Up the hill from there was a huge monument to the unification of Germany. There was a wonderful view of the Rhine and some great photo opportunities.

What a view!

Tina, our landlady had told us about a church made from rock in the hillside, so we set off to try and find it. Do you think we could? No chance. At one point, I caught sight of a sign with a picture of what could have been a rock church on it, but Terry hadn’t seen it and we went past. Soon, he stopped and turned around to come back, but we missed it again. Eventually, we gave up on the rock church just something to come back for another time. Finally, it was time to head home and we stopped off at the same two hotels that we stayed in on the way there. Very nice. At Calais, on our last night, we went out for a meal to have a final chat and a laugh about our exploits. Unfortunately, Alun had been having a few tummy problems (I won’t go into too much detail!) and he and Sonya left the restaurant early, but I think you can see from the pic that a good time was had by all!

A good time was had by all

Thanks to Terry and Lyn for organising a lovely holiday. I bet you could do with another one now that it’s finished. There’s always the next one to look forward to! GOLDEN WING 53

Luxembourg part of the journey. We had a good laugh about it that night.

On the first day, Gareth and I went off to a market in the woods at Oberwesel, while the others went down to Boppard and explored. They took in a ride on the chairlift to the top of the mountain, where the views were excellent.

The gang at Haybes

When we arrived at Emmelshausen, we had a very warm welcome from Tina, our landlady at Kapell-Rinker Guesthouse. She is a bundle of energy and fun and she made us feel really welcome. That night, she made us a typical German meal, but no good for the health conscious or diet conscious. It had been a long time since I had that much salt in my food. The breakfasts she provided were excellent, but there was so much food. It was incredible. She kept complaining that we didn’t eat enough! There was a little railway station at Tina of Kapell-Rinker Emmelshausen. From there, the mountain train would take you down to Boppard, a pretty little village on the Rhine. The views from the train were breathtaking.

The view from the top... plus bike!

That night, we went to the ‘Kirmes’ festival, which is a festival of music and dance. We had a lovely evening. But the Germans seem to know only one dance step and they stuck to it all night.

Shall we dance!

Shouldn’t we be on that boat? 54 GOLDEN WING


European Virgin my first ride on the continent by Chris

Greenland, West Midland Branch

This is a summary of my first bike holiday abroad, where I travelled to Germany on an organised tour with my mate Maurice. The tour was organised by Dave Godson of Excel Motorcycle Tours. We stayed in Remagen by the Rhine, in the time there we had ride outs down the Mosel River then into the Eifel National Park and the N端rburgring, our other ride out was down the River Rhine with spectacular views of this great waterway. The tour was well organised and the other people on the tour were really good company. The overall mileage was 1500 miles with really good biking roads in Germany.



FIM Touring Rallies by Keith

Freak*, FIM UK Touring Representative


he steady increase in riders choosing to take their bike abroad for a holiday can be seen by the growth in the number of companies offering motorcycle based touring holidays. For many this can be an easy step in to riding abroad, with travel and hotel arrangements all looked after, easing the linguistic problems of dealing with those strange folk the other side of the channel.

Another option taken by 100 or more British riders each year is to take part in one of the FIM touring rallies. The FIM, the international governing body of motorcycling franchises two touring rallies every year, the “FIM Rally” and “Motocamp”, each being organised in a different country each year. This allows touring riders from many nations to tour to a different location each year whilst knowing that the event will follow a set format when they reach their destination with FIM representatives overseeing proceedings.

Modern touring machines may predominate at these events, but the attitude is very much anything goes; sports bikes, scooters and even classic bikes from the ‘60s and earlier are all seen regularly. There’s even a prize for the nation with the best turnout of the older machines. In recent years these events have taken riders to countries as diverse as Germany, Croatia, Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Estonia and the Czech Republic, quite a variety in directions to tour in whilst also giving the opportunity to visit the cities of Berlin, Prague, Athens and Tallinn, amongst others.

This year the events are: FIM Meritum Rendezvous Braunlingen, Germany 12th - 14th July The two rallies follow slightly different formats, with the FIM Rally catering for both campers and those who prefer to stay in a hotel, whilst the Motocamp, as the name suggests, is restricted to those who bring their own tent. Each event normally covers four days during which period participants stay on or near the rally site in accommodation arranged by the organisers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the rally fee as are a programme excursions and entertainment each evening. Main meals are normally taken at tables in a large hall, which is also used for the evening entertainment programme. Often the organisers will open facilities a day or two before the event officially starts, allowing riders to stay on site and explore the area before the rally gets underway.

On the edge of the Black Forest, East of Freiburg. The Meritum meeting is only open to holders of the FIM Meritum certificate; however Meritum holders are entitled to invite guests!

FIM Rally Epernay, France 18th - 20th July

(Camping opens on 15th July) In the champagne country in NE France, just south of Rheims and not too far from Calais.

FIM Motocamp Bredebro, Denmark 21st-24th August

(Camping opens on 19th August) In Southern Jutland, South of Esbjerg and not far north of the German border.

For more information and entry forms please contact: Keith Freak, Maltsters, South Tawton, Okehampton, Devon EX20 2LW

* I am a “Bureau Member” of the FIM Touring & Leisure Commission (that means I am one of the inner circle of senior members) which amongst other things oversees the FIM’s programme of touring events. I am also one of only two British holders of an FIM Touring Steward’s Licence (the other licence holder is Paula but she is not a member of the Commission). A stewards licence is required for those acting as senior officials at FIM Touring events and also for those acting as National Representatives for those taking part.



RIDE FOR THE ADVENTURE Morocco USA Route 66 USA Alaska Canada The Yukon Croatia Austria Czech Rep Germany Italy Spain Portugal Norway MotoGP Tours


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by Chris


The subject of my latest test ride is the Honda CBR250R which has been slotted in Honda’s Supersport segment between the learner legal CBR125 and the established CBR600R. The CBR250R is attractively styled, resembling its larger brothers however its mechanical specification is more closely linked to its smaller sibling. The CBR250R is powered by a single cylinder, fuel injected 249cc engine, which features 4 valves, liquid cooling and a six speed gearbox. The chassis comprises a diamond, twin spar steel frame with conventional 37mm front forks. Both front and rear alloy wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. The test model was fitted with optional ABS, which at only £150 extra seems a no brainer.

The engine fired up on the button and soon settled down to a nice smooth tick over. The gearbox was very positive and the six speeds suitably spaced with top ideal for cruising. Once out on my usual test ride route the bike happily cruised at 70mph on the A3 dual carriageway and had more in reserve if required. The riding position was very comfortable, much more upright than the Fireblade or CBR600RR and combined with the fairing made cruising stress free. The brakes performed faultlessly with no signs of fading although the bike was not ridden that hard.

The CBR250R that I tested



The C-ABS brakes are well worth the money

Fairing makes cruising easy

It handled very well and changed direction easily Even though the bike lacked fully adjustable suspension it handled very well and changed direction easily. Road holding on the standard tyres felt good although as the roads became a little damp towards the end of the ride and a little more caution was exercised. The mirrors also worked well, giving a good view of the road behind with minimal vibration. The CBR250R also features a hugger combined with the chain guard which should help to keep the rear end clean. Storage space under the rear set was limited although Honda optionally offer a U Lock which is suitable to be stored there alongside the tool kit. The easy to read dash featured an analogue rev counter and digital speedo along with the customary warning lights. The CBR250R would seem to be an ideal bike for someone who commutes during the week but also likes to get out on longer rides at the weekend. The 13 litre fuel tank and excellent economy should offer a useful range of over 150 miles which, combined with low road fund licence and reasonably price insurance should make the CBR250R fairly cheap to run. The 2013 model is available in three colours, black, white with red and blue flashes and a Repsol, race replica type scheme.

Thanks to Richard at Tippets Honda, Surbiton, for the loan of the test bike


Combined Hugger and Chain Guard

Tools are stored under pillion seat

The dash is clear and easy to read


Could personal breathalysers be made compulsory in the UK? by Stuart


Online motoring resource Motortrades. have revealed increasing support for the UK to replicate France by introducing compulsory self-breathalyser tests, a new survey has revealed. Earlier this year, our mainland neighbours made it compulsory for every driver to carry a minimum of two personal breathalyser kits in their cars - even if they never consume alcohol. The theory behind the move is that if a driver has consumed alcohol, they can make sure they are not over the legal limit before starting the engine. Those who are discovered not carrying the kits with them while driving face a small fine. French officials hope that the 4,000 road deaths of last year will be reduced to below 3,000 this.

There is NO safe limit when driving with alcohol

Back in Blighty pro self-testing campaigners argue that if the same simple system were introduced here it too could save hundreds of lives. In fact Motortrades own research revealed that nine out of ten councillors would be in favour of the idea. But Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Head of Road Safety Kevin Clinton differs: “We don’t think it would be a good idea because we’re not convinced that these kits are useful. Our main concern is that they may encourage some drivers to try to drink up to the limit and drive instead of avoiding drinking at all, when they know they’re going to be driving.” 60 GOLDEN WING AUTUMN 2012

Mr. Clinton continued “We don’t think they would help people to avoid drink driving because there’s a danger it would have the opposite effect. We’re also not convinced about how reliable or accurate the readings are. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk my driving license on a three quid blow-in-the bag device.” While disposable breathalyser tests are very cheap, they can also be inaccurate and pale in comparison with those used by police forces. Ultimately, there is no safe limit when driving with alcohol in the system. Mr Clinton described how if personal breathalysers were made compulsory, he feared that police resources dedicated to tackling drink driving directly could be diverted and instead used on making sure drivers have these kits - resulting in a waste of time, money and lives. RoSPA might support the introduction of breathalysers if it can be proven the law works in France where drunk driving is in fact a larger problem. He added: “I’d be surprised if it had anything like that effect but I suspect it would also take much longer than a year to be sure about what is happening and why. At the moment we don’t think there’s any evidence to suggest that these kits are a good way of preventing drinking and driving.” THREE POSSIBLE STEPS TO TACKLE DRINK DRIVING IN THE UK Step One

Reduce drink-driving limit to 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood which is the same as Europe - 30mg less than the current limit in the UK Step Two Give police powers to carry out random breath tests Step Three Increase levels of education and publicity about drink-driving offers users a wealth of motoring related information and contacts including new and used vehicles, vehicle servicing, crash repair, customisation, legal services and much more.



Honda Contact Centre: 0845 200 8000

Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to CBR1000RR/C-ABS and CBR600RR/C-ABS ordered new from 01 January and registered on or before 31 March 2013. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY. Promoter: Honda (UK) Motorcycles, 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.



Remembrance Sunday at Duxford by

Garry (Goldy) Goldingay, Northants & MK Branch

Lots of Branches got together

It was a very cold and frosty morning that greeted the HOC’ers, but nothing was going to dampen the enthusiasm shown for the ride-out to Duxford on Remembrance Day, we rode to Overstone Manor ‘rather gingerly’ especially on the shaded parts of the road to meet up with our fellow branch members, most of us looking like ‘mascots’ for a Michelin Tyres get together, and of course Sharon (the mad one) wearing the largest poppy which she could find on the back of her flezzy.

Northants meeting at Overstone Manor 62 GOLDEN WING

After fingers and toes were reasonably thawed out we rode to Thrapston services to meet up with several others who had been patiently waiting for our arrival, we were late, which meant we were going to be pushed to arrive at Duxford in time for the photo shoot. We pushed on hard and fast as the weather brightened and the sun shone through, it was turning out to be a rather cool but glorious day for the ride. When we arrived I received a few comments on our speed from those at the back (I was run leader on my flag flying 900 Bol D’Or) but luckily I may have got away with it as I explained that I may have got slightly mixed up due to the cold as my speedo’s in kilometers… cough cough. WINTER 2012

There were hundreds of bikes

The cold was soon forgotten

All that was forgotten quickly as a hot drink and something to eat was definitely on most peoples list of priorities, with toes and ends of fingers warmed up we assembled near the runway where “Boom” a field gun broke through our chatter and echoed the start of silence, there is something rather beautiful about silence, it clears the mind and gives us a chance to think on all those that have lost their lives serving to ensure the freedom of our Country, and all too quickly “Boom” that somber silence was broken.

Afterwards many of us split into various groups to view the amazing array of machinery exhibited in the hangers and workshops around Duxford, you have to say it is one amazing place to visit, steeped in history of our forefathers struggle to keep our little island free from tyranny and all too often a hideous reminder of the huge amount of lives lost, it is and will remain a very special place to attend a Remembrance service.

Thumbs up

There’s something for everyone

An opportunity to meet with friends

There’s lots to see and talk about WINTER 2012

It was also a great boost to moral to see so many other HOC’ers from various Branches attending for Remembrance Day, well done to you all, I for one will remember the day forever, thank you. GOLDEN WING 63

National Rally Sept 2012, Eyemouth, Scotland by Anita

Radford, Northants & MK Branch

With only one week until the HOCNational Rally and the weather forecast was looking good! Thursday arrived, the bike is loaded up ready for early start Friday morning, awoke to the patter of rain and the heavens opened. After 120 miles we stopped at Wetherby Services where we met Jennie Clarke and after a warm drink and loo break we headed north for the remainder of the journey. The rain had stopped and the sun tried to shine through as we crossed the Scottish border the sun was big and bright. This glorious weather lasted the rest of the weekend. On arrival we were warmly greeted by Ruth and a band of HOC volunteers, Stritchy was down with a bug (or too much beer! lol) we were handed our regalia and info on the activities, which all looked very good. After a brew and some homemade cake we set off to our accommodation. A weekend of entertainment, good food, lots of beer and plenty of friendly faces. For Saturday morning there were a number of ride outs set up for different styles of riding, I must say the one we chose was a 120 mile round trip and the best we have ever been on, no one was left behind or lost!! We stopped at tour sites on the way i.e. Holy Island, Lindisfarne , Bamburgh Castle with fish and chips in Seahouses (yum yum). After a brilliant weekend we rode home on Monday in a pure downpour for 270 miles, but not to be down hearted - we have already booked for next years National Rally in Wales.



Our thanks to all the hardworking staff of the Eyemouth Holiday Park, the support and help of the Scotland and Northumbria Branches and most of all, the members - who made it another great rally! WINTER 2012



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


ur AGM passed in November with the present committee re-elected and a vote passed to release £100 from branch funds towards NABB, the national charity for the year. We will be meeting over the winter to schedule our runs list for 2013 which will be posted in the Spring Edition of the Golden Wing. It will of course appear before that on the HOC website diary page. One firm date that has been agreed is for the Clappers Rally, 24th - 27th May 2013 at The Cross Keys, Pulloxhill, Beds. As her Maj has given us our bank holiday back, it will be a three night rally again! Members from Beds Branch met up with North London Branch in October for a trip to the secret nuclear bunker at mxxxxxxxxxxxxa in Essex. Well worth the visit and nice to mix socially with another branch. Our now annual trip to Wales was to Tenby this year. We met up with members from South Wales branch on the border who then escorted us into bandit country on all the best roads. Gareth and Donna taking us all the way to Tenby and staying with us overnight at the Hotel for a very sociable evening. A good weekend of fantastic roads, food and drink with a few laughs thrown in. What more can you ask? Well that is apart from the parking!

The hotel car park as advertised over the road was secure. It was also a derelict/demolition site which did little to inspire confidence when we arrived! Having said that after a few beers we had forgotten all about the bikes and they were still there, untouched, in the morning so no problem!! We also attended the Memorial day on November 11th at Duxford. A cold, frosty start to the day turned into brilliant sunshine as we met up with members from numerous other HOC branches to pay our respects and have a free look around the museum. Several of us are attending the HOC Christmas dinner weekend in Northants, (next week at the time of writing) and we are looking forward to that. Combined with a trip to the motorcycle show that’ll be another weekend of bikes, booze and breakfasts then! Makes a change from the normal pole dancing joints… We have taken the decision this year to have the Branch Christmas do in January, probably at a local restaurant, so something to look forward to in the New Year. Mention of Christmas is my cue to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to meeting up with other branches in 2013.


• • • 66 GOLDEN WING


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


o what have we been up to? Well in the usual manner the weather wasn’t kind in the last part of the biking season - having said that Paul and I did go to Hunstanton for a ride, the following week we went again joined by Jim, Anita, Roger and Nina. In the usual manner the children in us played on the fair, Dodgems and Carousel to be exact. We spent ages (hours) in the arcade playing on the 2p slot machines coming out with key rings and toy cars all round. You should have seen the looks we got from other people when we won a prize - but who cares! The following week Paul and I joined Dave Furness for lunch in Morton-in-the-Marsh, it was lovely and we couldn’t believe we had actually done 3 weekends in a row on the bike!. Cambs HOC have held their AGM and all committee member positions remain the same. We had a good turn out and the mood was good with lots of ideas put out for next year. As I was allowed to submit my report late due to the AGM I will advise that Dave Furness, Paul and myself went to the NEC Bike Show and the HOC stand was busy and had lots of interest. We have the National Christmas dinner and our own Christmas dinner coming up so will report on those next time. So another year closes - we have lots of ideas for 2013 so watch this space. Speak soon and happy New Year.

love Kim xx

• • • WINTER 2012





CBR5 0F CB50




Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272


ere in Dorset things have been a little quiet of late, due to members going on holiday and work or family commitments. We are a few weeks away from the Christmas and New Year celebrations so we aim to plan quite a few events for next year. We have a Christmas Meal early December, so it will be nice to finish the year off with good food and great company. Looking ahead to next year I am planning to have speakers, some great ride-outs that were cancelled due to bad weather from 2012, so please keep an eye out on the diary page as they will be posted soon. We are having a Tenpin Bowling night in the early part of the New Year so expect some pictures in the next issue. We will be having a stand at the 33rd Carole Nash Classic Bike Show at Shepton Mallet in February, if anybody would like to come and help us at the show, even if it is just for a couple of hours it would be most appreciated, or if you would just like a cup of tea and a chat, you would be most welcome, I would love to see you. Well that is it for the time being so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us down in Dorset.



We have moved meeting place to The Bakers Arms, Dorchester Road, Lychett Minster, Poole BH16 6JF and now meet on the 1st Friday of the month from 7.30pm.

Please come along and say hello!

• • • WINTER 2012


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

World Superbikes Silverstone 3rd to 5th Friday 3rd August saw Steve & I meeting up with Roz and Trevor on the Silverstone Woodlands Campsite, followed on Saturday morning by Roger in his Camper van - later re-named the Glamper Van. The weather was a mixed bag with showers interrupting the racing from time to time, and even when the sun was out, there was a bitter cold wind blowing through the grandstands, but on the whole it was a good day’s racing.

What a time to have an off! Right on the chequered flag!

Dorset Rally

Between the showers the racing was close

And here’s Roger attempting to fend off the cold.

As our numbers gradually dwindled, there was finally just Steve and I going to the Dorset rally from our branch. The tent went up in the rain with a bit of help from one or two other rally goers and we finally got down to the serious business of getting over to the pub, where along with the oh so familiar faces, we met a new member from our area (Mark).

Go on Roger, give us a Smile!

Saturday evening, after we had barbecued and I had managed to re-decorate the inside of our tent with Couscous we wandered up to The Petrol Head Pub where there was a live band playing. Sunday was full of drama with the weather turning to thunderstorms with races being curtailed due to the weather conditions and accidents.

One of the New mixing with some of the Old... faces that is

There was a warm welcome awaiting us as usual, even when we won a breakfast pack in the meat raffle.

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING


What a surprise! Dave Andrews with his nose in the trough again

As we were still having to attend rallies in the car it was a bit difficult to join in with the ride-out, but I hear that it was a good one. More socialising in the pub on Saturday evening before the packing up and heading for home on Sunday.

Morecambe 14th to 16th September When Steve & I arrived at the hotel in Morecambe, several of the others were already ensconced in the local pub. There were just 2 more to wait for and then we’d be off for a meal. Roz (and her friend Dave) had sent a text to say that they were leaving hours ago so they should be here any minute. We waited ages, and after trying to contact them several times we moved on to the restaurant, where they eventually joined us. After breakfast on Saturday, the biker group who were going to be following the intrepid Thomas gathered together and set off along the seafront.

It’s a bit of a squeeze, they don’t make them like they used to

The riders had been quite a lengthy route around this part of the Lake district including the Hardknott Pass, which I believe is not for the feint hearted. As we all prepared to set off for the journey home the weather did it’s usual trick and down came the rain, in bucket loads.

Almost ready for the drenching

National Rally

Ready for the Lakeland ride

Les & Di and Steve & I set off in the car as we were going to meet up with them at Ravenglass. We made much slower progress due to the amount of traffic and had to take the most direct route. Once at Ravenglass and re-united with the bikers, we boarded the steam train to Dalegarth for Boot.

After what seemed to be an interminable amount of time we arrived at Eyemouth, the site was great and there was a warm welcome. Wristbands donned we set off to The Driftwood Bar for the evening to avail ourselves of the Buffet that had been provided and enjoy the evening’s entertainment. Saturday was a steady plodding day for us, we strolled into Eyemouth where we walked around the harbour and ended up watching people feeding the seals off the quayside.

• • • WINTER 2012


Such sad eyes, I wanted to take one home

Of course being the commercially minded folk that we are, we just had to contribute to the local economy and call into one of the Harbour pubs to take in the local atmosphere and try out the local brew.

Shaun was getting into the spirit of it too

As you can see Shaun was getting some practice in after previous threats from Dave Andrews. Back at the camp Shaun and the flock kept their promise and turned up en mass, taking Dave Andrews by surprise and catching him unawares. It worked so well that Dave surrendered to Shaun and so the battle was won before it had even started! And then we settled in and enjoyed the rest of the evening’s entertainment. Sheepish celebrations


• • •

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

20th February 2013 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area 72 GOLDEN WING


2013 Rally 5th – 7th July

Peak Gateway Leisure Club Osmaston, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1NA

BOOKING FORM Name: Address


Phone: £10 per pitch per night £8 if booked in advance Please make cheques payable to: HOC East Midlands Send to: Rita Woodcock, 39 Hindscarth Crescent, Derby, DE3 9NN. For further details email Or Phone: 01332 515767 WINTER 2012



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


artin Armstrong of the Eastern Branch has again won the Chairman’s Challenge. I hope in future years there is more support for this event from fellow HOC members. Thanks Andy for organising it. Not only did he win the Chairman’s Challenge, he also won the Edelsten trophy for the best 400 four. On the same weekend as the HOC National I attended the Squires Rally at Moniaive in Scotland with Martin H & Veronika. Good beer, good food and for a change good weather on the Saturday, allowing for a pleasant hike over the surrounding hills. On the first Saturday in October, Martin and I took part in the 5th Ride to the Wall (RTTW). The weather was good, sunny and dry, though not as hot as last year. This event continues to go from strength to strength with organisers estimating around 15,000 took part.

One competitor had ridden his Honda all the way from London and then took part in the races before riding home.

Ridden to race, took part, rode home

As the days get shorter and colder, now is the time to start planning next year’s motorcycling holidays. For me, this will probably involve taking part in the 68th FIM Rally which takes place at Epernay in France from 18th to 20th July 2013 and the 32nd FIM Motocamp, which for 2013 is to be held from 21st to 24th August at Bredebro in Denmark. Please page 56 for more information about FIM touring events.


Martin at the National Arbortetum

Martin and Lorrie joined nearly 30,000 other visitors at the Classic Mechanics Motorcycle show at the Stafford County Show ground. This year’s guest of honour was Graeme Crosby. On a gloriously sunny Sunday, on the 18th November, we went to the Sand races at Mablethorpe.

Martin & Lorrie try out a Pan at the NEC

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


all to arms in August. And with the departing of Vicky after a few years of being secretary the branch needed to regroup. With the assistance of Dibble and Graham Seymour we arranged to meet up in September and see what support was up and coming for strengthening the branch. When I stepped down a few years back, I strongly recommended that the branch should be run by a group rather than an individual. If any branch is having despondency in the ranks, then this is the way forward, even if it means closing down and starting again. That first meeting saw about 15 of us turn up. Some old members that had lapsed, as well as some new faces. A few members even sent apologies. I suggested that as long as there were a few of us willing to spread the work load, then we should give it a go. Five of us stuck our heads above the parapet. Myself, Nigel Fuller, Jo Hearn, Rob Cater and Darren Snape. We got together in October and discussed the way forward with me standing as branch chairman for the next two years. Nigel as Vice Chairmen, Jo as Secretary, Rob as ride out co-ordinator and Darren as event’s organiser. The next open meeting was set for November at a pub just outside Gloucester. As we all turned up we all noticed there was a problem. There were no lights on at the pub. It has since been established that Sid had left the building and a new landlord was being recruited. Advance party headed off to the old meeting place of six plus years ago. The Twigworth Arms, now known as the Oakwood attached to the Premier Inn on the A38. Rob stood guard to bring the late comers along. Slightly delayed, but the meeting got off to a good start with 12 or so members attending. We went through what the proposed committee had plans for and arranged for the next meeting in December to be an AGM to formerly vote in the new committee. The Oakwood came up trumps and offered us an area at the end of one of the restaurant rooms as a meeting area. The manager is very keen to get us on board so

we all agreed that we would give them the chance. Plus it offer breakfasts and coffee available on ride out days. (I feel the waistband tightening) Things on the cards are obviously ride outs, Inter branch events and meet ups, Weekends away and maybe a European trip, Guest speakers, Charity events and so on. The first ride out on a stunning winter Sunday morning saw 10 bikes with 12 people turn out. Rob Cater did the briefing and we got off to do the 50 miles using the drop off system that worked excellently to an airfield just outside Stratford on Avon for the obligatory cuppa and cake for me, and in most peoples cases the sausage bap or sandwich and in one person’s case a basket of Cheesy chips! Return to the Oakwood saw a few drop off as we passed their home towns and seven of us ended up having a coffee or a cider in my case as the sun started to drop and the temperature started to drop. Home to get the VFR scrubbed off, and a good first ride out of a revitalised branch. All we now need is the support of all those that sit on the side lines. I have always said that you get out what you put in so hopefully the next edition of Golden Wing will include some editorial from other branch members. Get in touch and get along and see us on the first Tuesday of each month.

Ian Nie

• • • WINTER 2012



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


here has 2012 gone? Looking back we seem to have done lots of rides and visited many places but time seems to have flashed by, even though the weather at times was awful many of us still managed to get out. Very few (read none) existing members have contacted me and as I do not have their email addresses they do not hear from me other than through Golden Wing, and rather sketchily, through our own web. Come along, please, get in touch and enjoy rides and friendship with us thoughout 2013 and beyond. Our earlier 2012 escapades have been recorded in previous Golden Wings so I will not repeat them as Stritchy wants less words and more photographs, but carrying on from the Autumn GW report we held an imprompto BBQ at Nigel’s place and raised £250 for our national charity the NABB/SERV. Thanks Nigel and to all who managed to come along, a sterling effort at short notice. We attended the ACE Cafe ‘Hornet Swarm’ event and were a little disappointed in this particular event, but then moved on to The London Motorcycle Museum and we all felt this was a well worthwhile visit. Recommended to all. The next week we travelled to Brooklands Museum and then I attended the HOC AGM. I again took advantage of the discounted entry into the National Motorcycle

Museum. There are so many bikes on show there is something ‘new’ to see at each visit. I stopped buying the brochure as I found I have three the same and an earlier edition very similar. They need to upgrade. We attend the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run each year but only two were able to attend this time. We met at Otford and were already soaked through, but we decided to continue. However, just passed Westerham we decided to give up. The roads were treacherous and we were feeling cold, wet and miserable. How did those real men and women in their 100 year old open vehicles cope? Obviously the’re more hardy than us, but at least we attempted it. For the second year running we attended the Chislehurst Rememberance Service with Royal British Legion and the Meridian Harley Owners Group, and other local groups. We followed this with a short ride to Paddock Wood due to my time constraints on the day, notwithstanding Les M had come up from New Romney and Mike O from Ashford. Their ride distances were three/four times mine, so we do have real men in the branch! In all there were seven from Kent who attended, many thanks to each of you. Some of us will be attending the NEC Motorcycle Live and I hope it lives up to expectations. On 7th December we have our Christmas meal at Tudor Rose,

Sittingbourne and I am pleased to welcome Bill and Julie from Suffolk along. Bill and Julie were instrumental in reforming the Kent Branch of HOC about five years ago, so without their imput we wouldn’t be here. Many thanks to John and Pauline for agreeing to put them up, and even their dogs are invited too. Hope they don’t eat rabbit! Our last event of the year will be a Toy Run to Fairlawn Children’s Home in Ashford. This will be our third Christmas attendance there and I hope it will be as successful as the previous two. We will follow this event with our traditional visit to the Blue & White Cafe along A20. Finally, the Meridian Harley Group have invited us to a Christmas Carol Service at St. Lukes on Bromley Common, Sunday 23rd December at 6pm. All are invited. Be brave and attend by bike and in bikers gear. The Archdeacon of Bromley is a Harley rider and is expected to be there. My thanks go especially to Pauline, for maintaining the website, and to Mike O, John A, Dave O and Robin H for leading rides and to all of you who have joined us on so many occasions during 2012 and before. Long may it continue. Let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.


• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


irst of all, many apologies for missing the deadline for the last magazine. I have no excuse (actually, I have loads, but I am sure you are not interested) but hopefully, it won’t happen again. And, on with the show! Firstly, I’d like to say “thank you” to everyone who happened to notice it was my 60th birthday at the AGM.

Ludlow. 15 bikes and 19 riders. The heavens opened half way down, but we still enjoyed the ride. The castle was great and the ride back even nicer.

Ludlow group pic

Beverley. Another large group of us met up and wandered over the Yorkshire Moors to Beverley. I’d just got my new bike with a new sat-nav (which didn’t work properly) so Malcolm led us there with very few wrong turnings and got his just reward.

Jennie’s cake

Jennie baked me a lovely cake and I was suitably embarrassed by the attention. The party the following weekend also went well. But you are not here to read about another old fogey reaching a milestone – you want to know what we have been up to regarding biking matters. Well, as it happens, lots and lots. So, a brief roundup of the rides and then a longer report on our weekend away. Over the summer months, in spite of the great British weather, we managed to get out to loads of rides. Rather than regurgitate what is already on our web site (, I’ll just point out some of the highlights.

Malcolm gets his reward

We all ended up having fish & chips at 8pm and going home in the dark, but it was a great day. Welsh Slate Mines. A smaller ride but no less eventful. It started when the leader was accused of riding like a brick wall (a bit slow) and that started a mad dash around the countryside. It was all going so well until Kevins immobiliser cut in going round a bend and he ended up going straight on.

• • • WINTER 2012


the way round). Keith turned up on a brand new Triumph Explorer which was nice. The roads were a bit greasy so we didn’t hurry – but the views were fantastic over the tops. Lunch at Settle and afternoon tea at Botany Bay (a bit of a disappointment as far as food was concerned) was followed by a mad dash home before darkness set in.

Kevin’s Pan in the ditch

The bike stayed upright as you can see but Kevin got a bit wet as he flew over the top and into the ditch. He was fine, but the bike needed TLC. Leyburn. This was another well attended ride. 17 bikers turned up and we set off after filling up. About 2 miles up the road, one bike came to a shuddering halt and we all waited for ages until it was realised that VFRs don’t run too well on diesel. Oops. Once that was sorted out, we headed for our food stop at Leyburn station.

Arriving at Leyburn

Here we realised we had lost one of our party but he was soon found. A nice lunch and a cracking ride home. Botany Bay. Our last big ride of the year was a bimble around the back roads of North Lancashire ending up at a shopping complex called Botany Bay (actually only about 15 miles from the start point in a straight line. We had 10 bikes and 1 pillion turn up for this and set off in good spirits after a McDonalds breakfast (possibly a mistake because my stomach was churning all

Tea at Botany Bay

The ride to note was our fantastic long weekend trip to PortPatrick, attended by 19 people. It seems that MANHOC likes Scotland. Contrary to popular speculation, the weather was actually quite nice so no waterproofs needed. We all met up at the M61 services which host an excellent Starbucks (for those who are into those things). First stop was the Rooster Café at Penrith. A good place to stop if you like large meals. Which is one thing that MANHOC members are united on. So, an hours relaxation in the sunshine seemed to be compulsory. Once on the move again, we carried on up the A6, routed around Carlisle and headed off to Gretna Green where Pete took over the lead and I ended up as back marker. Our next stop was to be David Coulthard’s museum. An interesting place and an interesting road getting there. It appears that the Scottish Highways Agency’s method of filling potholes is to dump a load of chippings in the hole and surroundings. That’s it. So, it looks OK but as you ride over it, the bike goes everywhere but where you intended. We arrived around 5pm to find that Paul & Jackie had got there before us. Not sure how that happened, but it was good to see them. We got parked up, checked in and, in the great MANHOC

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING


tradition, headed for the bar. But not the hotel bar (which was small and crowded) but the one across the road, which had outside seating. Did I mention the weather? It was still hot. Next thing was dinner (OK, tea for the Northern brigade, but dinner for those with breeding). Judy had organised it – so we all trooped back to our hotel where a long table had been set up for us. Food and drink were consumed and much merriment had all around. After that, more drinks and then bedtime Day 2. Breakfast was great. Lots of choice. But I wasn’t hungry, so just poached eggs for me. Once done, we planned our day. Pete had organised a run around the twisty roads in the locale, but there were some who didn’t want to do this.

Waiting to go

So, in the event, 12 people went off and 7 (including me) stayed behind to do their own thing. The ones who set off did so in the morning drizzle but I gather it all cleared up nicely for them. Personally, I had a great time walking around Portpatrick with Gary and Peter. The weather was a mixture of high sun and the occasional burst of rain. I got some great photos (another hobby of mine) and we even enjoyed the views from Peter’s castle (OK, a ruin that Peter had found earlier)

Peter’s castle

We all met up again at the pub across the road – and by 7pm were eating. Once again, food and drink freely available and really nice. Followed by the obligatory drink and bed. Day 3 – going home. Breakfast again. We all staggered down to the morning repast. This time, I had more to eat. Once done, we all assembled out and rode in formation to the petrol station. We did manage to lose some people for a while (in 7 miles????) but the radios and buddy system came to the rescue. Once filled up, we split into two groups – those who needed to get back and those who wanted a leisurely bimble around the Scottish roads. I was in the former group and led the party along the A75 back to Gretna. Now, when I said “It’s the A75 all the way”, I hadn’t taken into account the diversion that my sat-nav took me. But, as it turned out, we found a really nice café in the middle of a forest. So, an hours stop there (more tea, more pictures) and we headed back to Penrith and the Rooster (more food) before the zoom down the M6 and home.

Alan Sharkey

Eating at Portpatrick

• • • WINTER 2012




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


ust got back from our first quiz night and I believe a great success! Sixteen of us in all so we will definitely have another next year. Next month’s meet will be our Christmas party so I’m sure there will be more fun and games and if the camera isn’t put to good use, somebody will have two thick ears (and we all know who that will be!) On the technology front, I have finally found someone to Facetime with! Next step is Skype. John’s now worried, he thinks I’m getting an obsession with my iPad! One of the Dutch guys who stayed with us for the M.G.P turned out to be a really great guy, totally immersed in the bike world and a big Norton man, his collection includes a 1957 Manx, two Commando’s and several others. He has his own small bike business in Holland, having passed the much bigger shop on to his son when he retired!

Whilst he had been to the TT some years ago he’d never been to the Manx and was completely blown away by the whole Classic Bike scene here. We managed to get him and his friend signed up to marshal, introduced him to the chairman of the Manx Motorcycle Club (a friend of ours

called Harvey who’s in the BMW club), Tony East, secretary of the VMCC, who owns the museum in Kirk Michael, Bill Snelling, well known journalist and author, and I think the highlight of his stay, got him Sammy Millers autograph and a photo with him! I strongly suspect he and his wife (who happens to ride a Honda) will be back soon, as he wants to enter The Jurby Festival and ride his Manx on the track and also do the V.M.C.C. closed roads parade lap on a Commando.

Whist we were at Jurby, John came across a one hundred year old Triumph, never been restored, completely original and sporting a current U.K. tax disc! We saw it being ridden as well, quite amazing. Next spring we have decided to have our first fund raising outing, a peddalo relay race round Mooragh Park Lake in Ramsey has been suggested, I somehow feel it’s going to be a very wet outing, given the practice we’ve had this year, we should all be used to this. Unfortunately John & I missed the steam train workshop trip as we were at the National Rally in Eyemouth. Congratulations to all

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING


those involved, we did the Coast & Castle ride out, beautiful scenery on the way out and a good blast on the way back with fish & chips in the middle, who could ask for more! As it turned out, the only good day to ride the bikes during our whole trip. Back to the steam train day out, as the numbers were limited, our social secretary, Kim, will be organising another trip in the spring; as long as its not the weekend of the Thundersprint cos we’ve already booked our accommodation. We also missed the second bowling night and this time Kim & Ian’s sons went. They didn’t quite win this time, O.K. they lost, but everyone had such a laugh, which is after all why we do these things. Be safe, be happy, this is M.O.B. signing off

Karen, John, Kim, Ian and James

• • • WINTER 2012



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


iven our glorious summer here in East Anglia - must have blinked and missed it - we have been slightly limited in what we’ve been doing this last 3 months!! So overall not too much to report but we have managed the following:

Copdock Show

Just out of Whitby they turned into the town while Brian and Jenny quickly disappeared into the rain, gloom and murk. The next day after they had returned to Norfolk they saw many of the places they had gone through the day before were impassible with flooding - such as Morpeth.

As I am not too good at getting up in early hours of the morning, along with six other members Roy thought they would go to the Copdock show on Sunday instead of the Ace cafe run - a few members also did a run down to the Ace for BSA Day. As many members who have been to the show in the past will know that its a good one and this year was just as good as ever, loads of new and old bikes on display plus all the club stands, maybe we should think about one sometime. There were a lot of demonstrations during the day the best was the Lings Bolddog display team, heart in the mouth stuff!!!!!! In all it was a good day the weather was fine so that helped.

HOC National Rally in Scotland 20-24th September Was attended by Sue and Dave from the Branch. The rally itself was just by Berwick on the Scottish/ English border - what a stunning venue. There was so much to do and so many gorgeous places to ride to - they went to the Farne Islands by boat to learn about Grace Darling’s famous rescue of sailors. Bamburgh and Holy island were awesome and so historic. The trip down to Eyemouth Harbour where they were staying was lovely - seeing Eider Ducks and seals in the heart of the Harbour was unforgettable. The trip back through the eye of the storm was one of those rides that when you have survived it, makes you feel a real sense of achievement. They were joined by Brian and Jenny for the run to Whitby - horizontal rain over the Yorkshire Moors was only 1 of the memories!!!!!

October 7th Breakfast Meeting. The day for the October breakfast meet opened with usual Norfolk autumnal weather – cold and a wet mist which greatly reduced visibility. Nonethe-less 16 hardy souls converged upon Yaxham Waters café near Dereham for a hearty breakfast. Of particular note was Lionel who travelled from Great Yarmouth in the appalling conditions – a round trip of circa 80 miles - for a coffee! Respect is due. The sun started to burn of the mist and by 11.00 you could see the far side of the pond after which the café is named. This was considered sufficiently improved to demand a ride along the coast starting at Hunstanton. A quick scoot around Dereham then onto Fakenham and Hunstanton. Despite one or two damp patches the roads were clear, dry, empty and twisty. Excellent.

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING


Hunstanton greeted us with clear blue skies and fantastic visibility; the view across The Wash into Lincolnshire was very impressive, even revealing the wind turbines at Skegness. Hot chocolate and tea thawed out any cold. Back on the bikes we were off along the coast road in an easterly direction towards Cromer. Being out of the tourist season resulted in relatively little traffic enabling us to enjoy the roads and admire the enchanting scenery along this stretch of coastline. The sun threw a fantastic gold cast upon the sea, estuaries and marshes that really enhanced the colours in a way only possible during autumn. A further tea stop at Kelling. Sitting out in the glorious sunshine whilst filling our faces with heart attack food was more than we could have imagined when leaving our respective homes that morning. An excellent day’s riding and a very enjoyable extension to the monthly breakfast meeting.

Remembrance Day Rideout, Duxford, 11th November by Roy Wicks Sunday morning started cold and frosty, but four members with three bikes met up at Thickthorn Services for the Duxford Remembrance Day rideout. We were among the early arrivers but by the time we had taken off our helmets and stuff other bikers were pouring in, several of them were HOC members from other branches. After a little chat to some of them we made off to the burger van for a nice hot coffee as we all had cold fingers and toes. Next to the meeting point between hangars 2 and 3 for the group photo with the other HOC branches, about 20+ members turned up. The photo’s were taken, we had another chat then it was time to see the gunners fire the gun to signal the two minutes silence. After that our little group split up and went for a stroll to the Aerospace Hangar and had a look around. We then found some seats for the Remembrance Service which was very good and at the end wreaths were laid by different branches of the Services - one was laid by a 92 year old member of the paras who fought at Arnhem in Sept 1944. After the service we visited some more of the hangars then made our way back to the bikes.

HOC Christmas Dinner and Dance 30th November - 2nd December Four of us from the Branch attended this fabulous, fun weekend at the Country Club. It was lovely to meet up with old friends again and have such a great time. We went to the NEC Motorbike Show on the Saturday and popped in to the HOC stand. The venue was really buzzing and we soon started parting with our cash - buying all those “very useful” items that seem to jump out at you. Meeting John McGuiness was a highlight and after 4 hours we were entertained and spent out. The evening dinner and dance were great - a good meal, everyone dressed to impress as we were urged to and a fun disco. On the Sunday a number of us went on a steam train ride - having a most fun-filled morning!!! I don’t think the station people will forget us but for the BEST of reasons?? As you can see from the pictures, Norfolk Branch were DEFINATELY led astray by friends from A N Other Branch somewhere near Reading!!!!

So all that is left now is to wish everyone in HOC a VERY merry Christmas and great New Year and we are looking forwards to seeing you all in 2013. From everyone at Norfolk Branch - have a wonderful time.

Dave and Sue

• • • WINTER 2012


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


i everyone. The good weather in the South of England has allowed us to have an extended season of rides and events this year and we haven’t finished yet! On Sunday the 19th August the annual Capel Music Festival took place in the village and many Branch members turned up for an afternoon of music, food and drink. The Ace Café Brighton Burn Up took place on Sunday 9th September and once again the premier event pulled in thousands of bikers. The HOC gazebo was prominent on Brighton sea front and manned by Graham Gull, Steve Hill and several members of the branch. New members were signed up and regalia sold, so all in a pretty good day for the HOC.

Relaxing at Whiteways Café

I so enjoyed the recent test ride I carried out on the new Honda CRF250L that when I saw a clean used XR250 for sale I couldn’t resist it. Trails here I come. Unfortunately Marion and I were the only Branch members who ventured to Scotland for the National Rally, but it was worth it and we had a very enjoyable long weekend north of the border.

The HOC Gazebo at The Brighton Burn Up

The following Sunday 16th September we paid our second visit of the year to Haslemere Fire Station, this time for the Ride It Right safety event. Unfortunately the event wasn’t well attended but we did manage to talk to a few people about the HOC. After we had loaded up the car a few of us rode down to Whiteways Café on Bury Hill near Arundel for a cuppa to end a busy day.

Steve and Julian at Ride It Right

National Rally Fun

On Sunday 30th September our ride out took us to Adrenaline Motorcycles at Crawley. The on-site Jailhouse Café provided a really good breakfast and we will no doubt re-visit again soon. After looking at the many older bikes for sale we moved on to P&H Motorcycles on the other side of Crawley to look at some new bikes.

The Jailhouse Café at Adrenaline Motorcycles

• • • 84 GOLDEN WING


The annual Honda Hornet Swarm at The Ace Café took place on Sunday the 7th October. Once again the event was well supported with HOC members visiting from many branches. Thanks to Ian from Wiltshire and Steve from West London who helped man the stand on the day.

On Remembrance Sunday we rode up to The Imperial War Museum at Duxford for the memorial service. Although it was very cold when I left home the weather was fantastic for November and we had a great day out meeting up with lots of fellow HOC members and exploring the museum.

Ian, Steve and Glen at the Hornet Swarm

Mustang at Duxford

Sunday 14th October saw us in Brighton again, this time for the Brightona event. We stopped at Tiffany’s in Hove for breakfast before riding along the sea-front to Madeira Drive. The HOC did not have a presence at this event as the asking price was prohibitive. We did however have a good look around at all the bikes and trade stands. We rode back via Arundel and stopped off at Whiteways Café for refreshments. At the AGM in Birmingham it was great to see Marion receive a ‘Thank You Badge’ from the HOC in recognition of the work she puts in behind the scenes. She is always there at the events, selling membership, regalia and talking about the HOC to prospective members and doesn’t even ride a bike anymore.

On Sunday 18th November we met up with West London Branch and rode down to Portsdown Hill to visit the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson. Once again the weather was fantastic with hardly a cloud in the sky. Brunch was taken at Mick’s Monster Burgers on Portsdown Hill, one of the best fast food outlets in the south. The ride home soon became cold and dark just to remind us again it was November.

Portsdown Hill

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.

Chris Marion and Dibble

• • • WINTER 2012


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908

Ride Out to Walton On The Naze Sunday 2nd September Several of our members took themselves off to Walton on the Naze this day. The weather was kind to them and they found a nice place to have lunch. Jim came across Paul Barber who lives in Walton on the Naze. Everyone knows Paul as Denzil from “Only Fools And Horses”. Jim was beside himself for the rest of the day after meeting Paul. The others had to get in on the act though and have their picture taken with Paul. Then followed a lovely ride home.

North London with Denzil

Pease Pottage on the way to Brighton

We then went for a walk along the prom. We had some lunch at the Fish & Chip place beside the beach. Very nice it was to. We enjoyed sitting in the sun having a good old natter. We then walked back along the prom in the other direction. We took in all the stalls and listened to a few songs being played on the stage. It came for time for us to depart the scene and head for home. Again we stopped at Pease Pottage for refreshment and fuel. The ride home went very well with people peeling off where necessary for home. As you will see in the pictures the weather was hot and sunny.

Ace Café Brighton Burn Up 9th September Several of us had a nice run down to Brighton. John led us down there, stopping off at Pease Pottage Services for a quick drink. We got separated as we entered Brighton, but all managed to meet up along the prom by the HOC display. We spoke to Graham and Steve. This must be the first time that any of us had caught a sight of Grahams knees. Nice one Graham.

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING


Essex Air Ambulance run to Harwich Sunday 16th September

Several of us rode to Harwich today on the Essex Air Ambulance run. Once again the show was well attended by loads of people and the weather stayed dry for us all day. Once we arrived at Harwich we got a drink and listened to the music being played on the stage. Then came the customary walk around looking at the bikes. Quite amazing what bikes you see here. The Essex Air Ambulance (EAA) helicopter was there on the ground. Then the Essex Police helicopter flew in and landed beside the EAA helicopter. We then moved back to the arena and had something to eat and drink. This is always a well attended show. Another lovely day out on the bike with good roads, weather and good company.

Weekend ride to Belgium and France 22nd & 23rd September Several of us set off Saturday lunchtime for a weekend in Belgium and France. We had a good journey down to Folkestone and had lunch in the train terminal before we boarded the train for France and Belgium.

Outside the Bikers Loft

For the smokers in the group we stopped at the tobacco shop in Adinkerke, just across the border. From there we set off to the Bikers Loft just south of Ostend. After getting our rooms we sampled the beer in the bar before we had a lovely BBQ, cook your own meat. Jim decided to treat us to his pole dance routine, which impressed the Danes and the Germans there. We then settled in for the evening drinking and chatting the time away. The weather on Saturday, was excellent, dry and sunny. In the morning we had an all you can eat breakfast. You had to make it yourself. It was a lovely breakfast though. We then set off for France and this is when the weather changed. On route we stopped to don the wet gear.

Damage caused by the RAF bombing

We continued our way to the WW2 V1 and V2 rocket site called “Blockhaus d’ Eperlecques” near to Watten. On route there we had light rain. Whilst walking around the site we made use of the complimentary umbrellas. This site is quite remarkable. On one hand you marvel at the scale of the work the Germans put into building the place and their use of rockets, then you marvel at the way the RAF pounded the place to bits. The air raids by the RAF prevented the Germans from using the place. Once we had finished looking around we made our way into St Omer for lunch. We found a little restaurant in a side street, which looked quite nice. We were treated to the usual French treat of having to wait quite a while for our meals and then to find they cocked up what we had ordered

• • • WINTER 2012


Wet wether gear was needed

We rode off towards Boulogne Sur Mer. As we rode so the rain got heavier and heavier. When we got to Boulogne we decided not to stop here for coffee, but to ride on to the terminal at Calais where we could get something to eat and drink and dry out a bit The rest of the journey home was made in heavy rain. By the time we all got home I think we were all soaked through. Shame Sunday’s weather wasn’t like the day before. But, the weekend away was excellent. By going for 2 days it meant we didn’t have to get up on Sunday before the birds did. It is something we will certainly do again.

Carvery at Horseheath Sunday 14th October Today several of us had a great ride around the country lanes to Horseheath. We went to the “Old Red Lion” for a carvery lunch. We came here earlier in the year for the HOC Roast. Again we were not disappointed. The food was lovely and plenty of it. We sat in the garden after lunch having a drink and a chat. We then set off for home via more lovely country roads. The weather stayed dry for us with the odd bit of sunshine coming out to play. A great day with good company.

HOC AGM Sunday 21st October Several of us took ourselves off to the HOC AGM at the National Motorcycle Museum between Birmingham and Coventry. We had a nice ride up the motorway stopping off on route for a drink.

Upon arriving at the National Motorcycle Museum we tucked into the free bacon roll and coffee/tea. Yummy it was too. We then started the AGM. Very well presented by the HOC Committee. We then had a nice lunch before we continued with the AGM. Awards were then given out to individuals for their help in running the HOC in various way. Graham was quite chuffed (lol, if you know his background) when he got his award for all the work his has put in as Membership Secretary over a large number of years. Well done Graham and all the others who got an award this day. And a big well Graham with the shield done to all the other people who do things for the club behind the scenes. The day had to come to an end and the ride home was started. Another good day out with the gang and it was very nice to meet up with the people from the other branches of the HOC.

NLHOC AGM Thursday 25th October Well we come to our AGM and no surprises here; Graham remains the Branch Chairman and Branch Treasurer and I remain the Branch Secretary and Events/Run Organiser. I suspect a bit of a stitch up here by the members. I did announce some changes for the club in as much that I want the members to not just suggest where we can have a run out to, but they must in turn plan the route and lead it as well. I have started next years events list and we have on it loads of vacant Sunday’s which the members are to choose where we are going on those dates. We shall see how that turns out.

• • • 88 GOLDEN WING


Alan won the Winston Sim Shield award for work and assistance given to the NLHOC over the last year. Alan couldn’t be at the branch to receive the award due to the stroke he suffered in August. I therefore went to his home to present the award to him.

Been there, seen it... no longer a secret!

Alan getting his trophy from Roland

Well done Alan. We mapped out next year with suggestions of where we want to go and what we want to do. We have a number of trips abroad next year and loads of places to go to in this country. Should be a good year again next year. I then started to sell some of the Air Ambulance wristbands that the HOC and the AAA purchased. I secured 300 from Essex Air Ambulance. I shall be taking 1000 of the wristbands to the NEC show where Graham will sell them over the week he is there. Well done everyone for making the NLHOC what it is today.

The Nuclear Secret Bunker Sunday 28th October It was arranged for the Beds Branch to ride with us today to the Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon. We arranged to meet up at the Birchanger Services at 10am. Graham and Steve (sorry if I got his name wrong) meet up with us. We had a coffee before riding off to the Bunker. Not going to call it the secret nuclear bunker anymore as everyone knows about it. We arrived at the bunker and used the communication wands to work our way around the bunker.

You need a good 2 hours at least to get around the bunker, there is so much to be seen there. We had something to drink and eat after going around the bunker. There is a café on the exit of the bunker. We had a bit of a natter before we then set off for home. It was good meeting up with another Branch and it is something we agreed we would do more of in the future.

Fireworks NLHOC style Thursday 1st November We held our firework display in the garden of the Kings Oak. We had a good attendance again this year. Most members brought some fireworks along for the night. We assigned our chief firework lighters and sat back and watched the display. The displayed lasted for just under the hour and was as good as last year’s display. We had a complaint from a neighbour of the pub that the fireworks went on for well over an hour and were too loud. This isn’t true. They lasted for just under an hour. It was a good evening and I think the customers of the pub and the staff enjoyed the display. There were people on the common land across from the pub that had two separate displays going on at the same time. Seemed like everyone wanted to have fireworks this night. Until next year.


• • • WINTER 2012


Northants & MK

Secretary: Sue Beck - 07863 599992


s per usual we have been busy, busy, busy. Since the last magazine we have continues to meet every week at our posh new venue, The Oak Room at Overstone Manor. Now having on average 40 members turn up every week many of whom take advantage of the 2 for £10 deal and have their tea there. We managed the last few EORs without much in the way of wet stuff. The last EOR led by Paul (our Chairman) broke with tradition and ended back at the Manor. We had a weekend at Silverstone for the BSB, see seperate report. Saturday 6th October and a group of us took part in the RTTW, a seperate report on this is on page 13. Wednesday 10th October, we were once again graced by John Measures presence and his presentation “The end of the Compensation Culture as we know it ... or is it? “ Another good turnout for an informative evening, thank you John but mind that wire. Two weeks later on Wednesday 24th October our very own Phil Barberton gave us a talk on his Bikertidy products. Phil donated a bikertidy for our weekly raffle, Kelly and Minty were lucky enough to win this.

Phil demonstrating his Bikertidy products

A fairly large group had a ride out to Duxford for Remembrance Day, again there is a seperate report in this magazine on page 62.

In front of a Spitfire at Duxford

Wednesday 14th November and our Quiz and Chip night with yours truly as quizmistress. We were joined by 5 members from the Bedford Branch and 12 members of Tudor Rose Goldwings. Around 60 people in total enjoyed my fairly difficult questions but at least everyone now knows they must tittle their “i’s”. We have “an evening with the Susans” planned for December 12th followed one week later by the return of Keith and Tania with their “around the world on a CX500”. Our Chilly run will be on January 1st with our Branch Christmas Dinner on Friday 4th January. Keith and Tania return on 16th January with “our boat Merlin”. There is lots happening next year with guest speakers, shows, rides, holidays etc etc etc... 2013 will be very busy, but that’s how we like it. Ride safe,


• • • 90 GOLDEN WING


To celebrate Halloween we dressed the room up, we dressed ourselves up, Pam made a cake and we had a great laugh.

Prof and lit Garry’s ne tle w hair Some are scary enou gh without dr essing up!




Guess who

Tony and Kim

onster Honey M Our own

al Sue being norm

The Count and Skeletor

y Kelly and Mint

• • • WINTER 2012





Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286


ell it has been a very hectic and enjoyable few months since the new Nottingham Branch was launched. Although as yet we are a small band of bikers we are bonding well and are making use of the winter months while riding will be scarce to plan out our calendar for next year and look to arrange a myriad of social events and inter branch quizzes. As the winter weather approaches we have changed our venue, as the original venue would be dangerous and impassable in bad weather. Our new location is – The Vale Hotel Daybrook Nottingham NG5 6BP Meetings are every other Tuesday, from 7.30pm onwards. Other exciting news is that I have been busy designing our Nottingham branch website and with the help of Stritchy over the next month the final information will be added and our website will be launched. I hope that once it is online, you take the time to have a look, drop us a line and please do let me know your thoughts on its content. Regards,


There was a great turnout for the first meeting

• • • WINTER 2012



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


ere I am again writing the report. Unfortunately for the Oxford Branch members they voted me in again as Secretary at our AGM in November. All the existing committee were prepared to restand and we are all set for another fun, eventful year. As I write this our calendar of events and ride out’s is being completed - watch this space for more info! We hurtled into the Winter months with another fun filled time. We have had excellent presentations at our club nights from our pal Dave of MIS, Headway (the local Oxford Charity for those with brain damage) and Bridgestone Tyres, all giving fascinating insights - albeit on totally different subjects. Dave is a mine of information and always gives a very entertaining presentation. Bridgestone were fascinating talking about their racing tyre development and how they blend this into the range of road tyres they offer and Headway, the Chairman of which is also a biker, gave a heart rending insight into their work in the local area -

so much so they were unanimously voted as our Branch charity for 2013 at our AGM and members of the Branch have already actively started to support their activities. Must also mention our Fireworks and Fun night - ably prepared and presented by Mark, our Chairman, who ensured we had a display which brought forth a great number of ‘oooos’ and ‘aaaaahs’ from the assembled members - sweets to munch and a sandwiches and chip supper were also on offer to complete the evening.

Perhaps the highlight of our Branch events this Autumn was our second well attended Poker Run which attracted members from Bedford, Northants and Wilts - despite freezing fog in the morning - 27 attendees in all. Meeting at the H Cafe for hot drinks and breakfast we waited till the sun broke through to enjoy a brilliant day of riding twisty roads, viewing Cotswold villages and trying to solve a film related question at each stop. Prizes were donated by Bridgestone Tyres and Can-Klean (owned by our members Clive and Anne) and a total of £213 was put towards our total fund raising effort for the HOC National Charity NABB. Days out are always such fun and games and no, Ted, the door of that loo was not jammed.... just blame some of your mates for being unable to escape!

Poker Run - brrrrr cold start

Poker Run - warming up in the café

• • • 94 GOLDEN WING


Poker Run - getting ready to have lunch

Fifteen of us made the trip up to the National Rally - just pipping other branches at the post for the award for the most attendees at the rally. An excellent ride up, brilliant selection of rides on the Saturday (stunning area!) and lots of fun entertainment was enjoyed by all well done to the organizers and who made it so possible. The weather was a tad wet and windy (!!!) on the way home but we all returned safe and sound... ready to book and enjoy next year’s National in Wales!

Settled in now

Poker Run - fun in the sun!

Ted on the ride out

Evening fun

Waiting for food

Dancing the night away

Eyemouth is well worth a visit

Oxford recently joined the Wilts Branch for a return Quiz Night - an excellent night of fun and hospitality with our mates and we narrowly maintained our title with one of our teams winning the evening. Lots of us are now getting ready for our Christmas Dinner Dance, at which we will be having our final fund raising raffle for NABB - prizes donated by our members Jim and Sue from AFGK Kitchens which will be followed closely by our fun Festive Quiz night (what will Mary-Anne have in store for us this year!) Weekends away, event days, speakers, rides, shows are all being planned to ensure that 2013 is as eventful and enjoyable as 2012.


• • • WINTER 2012



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782


ell Reading Branch has had its AGM, this was a well-attended affair which concluded with the existing committee being re-elected for the coming year. As always cakes were on the table, for a few minutes anyway until Colleen and Angie started snorting!!! The accounts for the year showed to be very strong, in fact we were able to donate £1,000 to our chosen charity for last year - the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance. We were also able to donate £100 to NABB the HOC national charity. We were lucky to be visited by Alf Gasparro and Katie Whelpdale of the air ambulance to pick up the cheque and explain to us all how the money will help towards the great work that the air ambulance does.

The diary again includes the Cock and Bull Rally, which hopefully will be as good or even better (if that is possible) than last years. The National Rally was attended by a number of Reading members, unfortunately the distance and people’s personal commitments reduced this year’s attendance, we will be back in force next year! It was good to attend the National AGM and meet up with friends from other Branches. November 11th was the day for Reading to meet up with many other Branches at Duxford. It was good to see old friends and look around a fantastic museum. It was such a poignant moment to hear the single gun fire to signal the start and finish of two minutes silence. We Will Remember Them

The Branch with the charity cheque

The Rabble at Duxford

The beginning of September saw the Rabble on the road to Sammy Miller’s, well eventually we got on the road after some fool (Bryan) actually tried to start his bike with the right key!!! Its funny how they don’t work properly when they have not been chipped correctly!! Mind you we did have to put the bike back together after Colin had insisted on taking it apart to find out why it wouldn’t start. Continuing the theme of the year a few of the guys trundled off to Wiltshire on the last trundle of the year. As always they had a warm welcome. Having established next year’s diary we intend to be on the road to other Branches with our trundles again, so watch out here we come!!

Once again Reading has a new home, after the less than warm welcome by the new management at our previous home we has now made The Royal British Legion at Arborfield our home. Hopefully we will settle here, initial indications are good. Please come and see us if you can, a warm welcome will always be given. Coming up we have the Toy Run and the Christmas bash, followed by a new and full year of Reading rideouts and events. Take care and best wishes for 2013 from all at Reading.


• • • 96 GOLDEN WING


• • • WINTER 2012


• • • 98 GOLDEN WING



Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


i from Solent, by the time you read this we will have had our Christmas dinner and our Christmas party at club house. We are also meeting on New Year’s Day for lunch. I will try and send pitchers for next magazine. We have booked the 19th Solent Rally for June 14th -16th New venue and set up. it will be at: The Bat and Ball Newpound Lane Wisborough Green West Sussex RH14 0EH the pub will do the food, but we will still do our BBQ ON Saturday. See booking form. Hope we all have good weather for all the rally’s next year and no one has to cancelled. Happy New Year to you all

Barbara • • •



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South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406

Well, it’s been a quiet few months for South Wales Branch. Due to poor weather and other commitments, we haven’t been able to get out and about very much. On the few occasions when we have, I have forgotten to take the camera. Hence the lack of photographs this time. Some of us attended the National AGM in October and as usual, it was lovely to catch up with members from other branches who have become really good friends over the past few years. On the same day, there was the annual ‘Hoggin’ the Bridge’ event, which was started by Some ‘Hardly’ riders quite a few years ago and is now attended by hundreds of riders from all over the country. The idea is to raise money for charity by asking riders for a donation to take part in riding over the Severn Bridge ‘en masse’. Some of our branch members went along to take part and enjoyed the event. The number of bikes taking part was phenomenal. Also, on one of the very few sunny days in October, we had a short rideout to Abergavenny where lots and Hoggin’ the Bridge lots of bikes congregate. It was lovely and sunny, but still quite cold, so a cup of hot chocolate from the Oasis Café in the Bus Station was exactly what was needed. Last Saturday, we had a social evening at the Spice Route in Cardiff Bay. Fourteen of our members had booked. It was an Indian buffet restaurant, with an excellent selection and really good value. A good time was had by all. A lot of our time has been spent over the last few months, getting the wheels in motion for the National Rally 2013, which is to be held in Trecco Bay, Porthcawl. It’s an excellent venue in a lovely holiday resort. Of course, we have some excellent biking roads in Wales and a warm welcome you will never forget. Should be a blast! Many thanks to Ruth, who has been handling all the caravan bookings and money. We appreciate it. We are looking forward to the bike show at the NEC next week. We always have a good time, so can’t wait. Of course, we also have our Branch Christmas Party coming up. We always have a good laugh when we get together. At the end of November, we’ve also got the National Christmas Weekend. I’m pleased to say that quite a few of our Branch are attending, so it should be a good one. Well, with all this going on, there’s no time to be out riding. Let’s hope we can get out and about soon. Take care.


• • • WINTER 2012


West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling What a fun day, the sun shone in August a rare treat which made a ride from West London along the back roads using the winding A413 to best effect.We went through Aylesbury and Buckingham and onto Brackley joining hundreds of other bikes heading for the parking field. £5.00 gave access to all events in the enclosure from trials riding, stunts and the Wall of Death. HOC Oxford’s Branch Stand was there along with many other clubs both new and vintage. The town centre of Brackley was turned into a mini circuit where bikes of all sorts from Honda sixes, BSA / Triumph Triples and a host of other bikes paraded at full rev’s on open mega pipes. The vast array of food available was a gastronomical delight, later in the afternoon a 5 minute shower occurred just to remind everybody that “I’m not far away” It was estimated that fourteen thousand people attended.

Annual Ace Café Rockers Reunion ride to Brighton Sea front Another dry day another great run, Thousands upon thousands of bikes, I had to park at the far end of Madeira Drive about 5 miles away (well it felt like it) the walk back to the HOC stand was a chance to visit all the many stalls and shows and just so we didn’t overheat a customary beer was used to glaze the throat. The Ace Café arranged a great show and many dressed for the 50s (before my time I was only a boy) (Yeah Mike.........;)) Why is it that fish & chips taste much better at the seaside? Another day over and finish with a stop off at Box Hill for coffee.

Ride It Right at Haslemere Fire Station/Hornet day at the Ace We had a joint stand with North Downs Branch at these events - as always Ride it Right was an interesting local event to attend especially for the newer riders as there is a wealth of good advice available. The Hornet day at the Ace was moderately well attended - I managed to have a look at screens as I would like something to deflect the wind a bit. Again Chris, Marion, Steve and Maureen organised the HOC stand.

Brightona was interesting - it was the first time I had been. Our ride there consisted of two groups - the fast dudes and the slower dudes... Still we all made it there and had a good time looking around the bike show/stalls/wall of death etc and listening to the live bands. I would deffo go again - worth a £5 contribution to charity!! And yes - more fish & chips!!!

HOC National Rally in Scotland

Mike at the National Rally

The 7am start for a non stop ride on the M25/ M1 for a meeting with Steve & Maureen at the Nottingham Service Station this was quite uneventful and about to change.

• • • 102 GOLDEN WING


After a coffee and a chat it started to rain not too heavy but persistent this lasted until our next stop just south of Scotch Corner. We arrived in good time for a brilliant two days of fun, good entertainment, well organised ride outs through breathtaking scenery, we did the Lochs ride on Saturday and on Sunday visited Holy Island, Lindisfarne Our ride was timed to suit the tide, it’s a very quaint village with a few shops and lots of history. A local drinking hole was found in the village for a swift bevy before returning to Eyemouth. Eating Cockles on Eyemouth harbour wall while watching the seals being fed with Herrings from the end of a long pole was quite entertaining Monday morning beckoned with the knowledge that high winds and lots of rain were forecast for the near 400 mile ride home. The forecasters were not wrong it lashed it down, hand driers are great for drying out neck buffs but hey ho we only caught pneumonia twice. At the M25 Steve and I parted to go our separate ways home I travelled west and got blinded by the strong low sun what a day what a weekend. Many thanks to Ruth & Andy for all their hard work

HOC West London AGM This year we decided to combine our Branch AGM and fireworks night. Tony volunteered to be our host and we had a fab time being used as target practise by a rogue firework before we retired slightly singed indoors to eat drink & have our AGM. The committee remains unchanged and in capable hands!! Thankyou to Tony for his hospitality - hope you have found where we put everything by now!!!

Portsdown Hill ride Our last run before the magazine deadline was a run to Portsdown Hill with North Downs to sample the culinary delights of Micks Monster Burgers and the edifying edifice which is Fort Nelson!! We had 14 bikes on this run and amazingly we all made it to Fareham to pick up a mate and then headed off to Portsdown Hill. It was then that we became separated and managed to arrive at Portsdown Hill from two different directions!! We met up with some other friends and Gosport & Fareham Bikers for chips and chat before travelling on to Fort Nelson for a mooch round. All in all a good day - it was good to have such a good turnout - bit like the old days!


Great day out with North Downs Branch John & Jude receive their Certificates of Appreciation from Mike

This was again held at the National Motorcycle Museum and was generally upbeat other than a long and protracted debate on the subs increase. Jon & Jude were given an award in recognition of their long term service to the Club. And yes the precipitation returned a lot on the way home!

Which brings me to the end of this report - all I have left to say is - have a fab Christmas and a safe and active New Year. If you’re in our area come along and join us for a pint at the Hawke or a rideout one Sunday. Or just keep informed of what’s happening by signing up to our Facebook page - West London Honda Owners Club.

Mike, Steve & Jude

• • • WINTER 2012


West Midlands Organisers: John & Jill - 07759 870874 & 01902 662763

By all accounts the August Bank hols weekend was a wash out, a few members tried to attendlocal shows only to find they had been cancelled due to poor weather and water logged ground without prior notice! However, Dave and I were lucky enough to be holidaying in a very sunny France and Chris was on this first bike touring hols in German (please see separate article). Tony & Debs led the September third Sunday of the month rideout to Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall in Llanchaeadr, they had their first pit stop at the Little Chef in Oswestry, then rode to the waterfall, returning home via Newtown and Clee Hills, with a final stop, so rumour has it for ice creams at Crossgates Café, thanks again to them for another beautiful sunny ride around Wales!

Penny & Trevor joined us for a very enjoyable, but eventful National Rally weekend, after boogying Friday night away on the dance floor, we chose Saturday’s leisurely rideout to Holy Island, Bamburgh Castle then fish & chips at Seahouses, the sun shone as we rode through the beautiful county of Northumberland, this was our first visit to this part of the country but it will definitely not be our last as the scenery is fantastic and the roads are made for biking!!

Waiting to go on the ride-out

Holy Island

Llanchaedr Waterfall

Bamburgh castle

• • • 104 GOLDEN WING


However after returning from the rideout “eagle eyed” Trevor noticed Dave had a rather large shiny object sticking in his rear tyre, the biker’s nightmare a puncture.

Trying to fix the puncture

They tried to fix it with a can of foam, but in the morning it was clear the puncture was too large, so after a quick phone call to Carole Nash, they despatched a very nice AA man who plugged the tyre as a temporary fix and gave us a list of Bike Shops in Newcastle to call & arrange a new tyre on the journey home. Sunday evening we took part in the quiz and were surprised at the extent of our general knowledge, a mispent youth left me knowing the ingredients to a Black Russian cocktail, however Trevor did feel under pressure as a driving instructor to come up with the correct answer for “at what age do you have to re apply for your UK driving licence” and he will never again forget he lives in the largest inland county - Shropshire! Monday morning we started our journey home, having sourced a new tyre at M & S Motorcycles in Newcastle, this was ready and waiting to be fitted when we arrived in a very heavy downpour of rain, the mechanic suggested we warm up at a local cafe while he fitted the tyre, where the “Geordie” hospitality was great and the 11 item breakfast and a cup of tea gave us change from a £5!!! The rest of the journey home was very wet; Trevor was completely soaked thru and created a lovely puddle when we stopped at the services for a warming hot chocolate!!

Trevor making puddles on the way home

On Saturday 6th October we took advantage of the sunny weather (as rideouts will be getting less now as autumn draws in!) to ride to Betws Y Coed in mid Wales. Tony & Debs, John, Chris & new member Maurice enjoyed a pleasant ride thru lovely scenery with lunch by the river taking in the last rays of autumn sunshine. We would all like to wish Maurice a warm welcome to the club and hope he will be able to join us on many more rideouts. John organised our first Branch weekend away to Blackpool for the illuminations, as Dave & I could not make the week end due to work commitments, here is John’s account of the weekend.......... The weekend of 13th Oct was our planned ride to Blackpool illuminations where we had rooms booked in the Parisienne Hotel North Shore. Miles & Julie accompanied Pat & myself on the way up

• • • WINTER 2012


on Friday as we simply couldn’t wait to get there to check out the “Boudoir Style” accommodation (budget not ooh la la) and see the delights of this famous seaside town. It was still as we had remembered it from childhood... showers with gale force winds... meaning the Tower was closed for safety reasons!!

Gale force Blackpool

On Saturday the weather improved so we headed for the Tower early enabling Miles to fulfil his dream of jumping up & down on the glass viewing platform at the top! This done, a happy Miles & Julie decided to visit the Tower dungeons while Pat & I chose the less scary Sea Life Centre!! Around lunchtime Chris, Maurice, Tony & Debs, Nigel & Helen, Paul & Sue arrived and once settled into their rooms went in search of fun passing numerous fish & chip shops, kiss me quick hats and rock stalls (i.e. same old tack!) eventually arriving at the Pleasure Beach after a long walk only to find it closed at 8pm!! Sadly our only alternative was the pub (honest) which everyone agreed on and a good time was had by all; it was great to do something together as a group. Cheers to the next time! J.T.

The gang enjoying the illuminations

On Remembrance Sunday we met in lovely sunny weather, our first stop, at Tim’s request was Mary Stevens Park where we joined the crowd to pay our respects and observe the customary two minutes silence, unfortunately Tim left his lights on so a quick bump start was required (John next time pls remember to let go!) before we headed off on our rideout to Stratford upon Avon (this has a very good biker’s only car park). Once there our first stop was the Baguette Barge for lunch & warming drink after which we spent a very pleasant afternoon visiting Shakespeare’s grave, strolling along the river and finished the day with a drink outside a Pub, coats off enjoying the sunshine, we could hardly believe it was November!

Winter sunshine in Stratford upon Avon

I think all members old and new will agreed that it has been a great year for the club, meetings are now regularly attended by our members and all are taking an active part in organising rideouts & events so we are all looking forward to 2013 when we are hoping to have our first branch holiday, lots more sunny rideouts and hopefully welcome more members to our expanding West Midlands’s Branch!! And finally... I would like to welcome one of mine and Dave’s mates for many years and a fellow biker, Dave Petford, to the HOC we didn’t know what to buy the person who has everything for their birthday so we decided to treat him to a year’s membership we hope he enjoys being a member of our Club! As always, until next time please keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down (preferable without a puncture!!)

Jill x

• • • 106 GOLDEN WING


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West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


’m sitting here righting this after our branch Christmas dinner so I’m a bit full of pudding…. Anyway since the last report we got to Rivington Barn on a very nice day, Steve, Maria, Dave, Lisa, Clive, Ursula, Ian, Shaun & Andrea made the trip, now I had done a route on the PC the night before on Google maps and when we got there what looked like a road wasn’t, it was a dirt track so after 200 yards off-roading we were there, it turned out to be a nice sunny day so we went onto Skipton on the way home for a brew… We had a long weekend at the Pickering War Weekend in the caravans, 6 of us went along and again had a great time Maria even got to try a German’s Helmet for size…!

Weapon in hand

German’s Helmet

If you haven’t been to this you must try to get there we watched battles and saw tanks and the people who put this on live the part they are very good at what they do it’s a must if you like that sort of thing, after we went to Pickering Showground we went to a small town called Levisham which is German occupied for the weekend and you even have to show your papers if you get off the train, they were firing guns and I found a rather big one so had to have a hold.

We had a run out to Masham with the other bike club were in, there’s 7 West Yorks members in the club so we have a few runs together, we were joined by Mick from Three Shires Branch and he came with us to Masham were he went off to the Manor Café at Layburn. The National Rally at Eyemouth went down great with loads of us from West Yorkshire going along losing the best attended branch by just 1…… it was a great turnout by the branch considering its 160 miles up there, the event was very well organised by Ruth & Stritchy and others so a great big WELL DONE to everybody who helped and we are already booked for next year….

• • • 108 GOLDEN WING


The trip home was a wet one we set off and within 5 miles it started to rain and didn’t stop all the way home but still a great weekend was had by all the members….

The Branch in Eyemouth

Me and Maria went to the NEC bike show and called in to see the HOC stand it was nice to catch up on some old friends and they were doing a great job and had signed on quite a few new members so good do all round, still trying to get Maria to let have the new CB1100 but I don’t want to lose the CB1000 so cant have everything….. Last thing on this report is the Christmas Party, 21 members again made it a good night with everyone having a good time, the Hitching Post where we meet did us proud yet again so a big thanks to them and the staff who were as always

very helpful, if you’re in our area call in to the Hitching Post for a carvery at only £3.99 Mon to Sat and £6 Sundays…. Have a look on our web site for details of how to get there…. Adrian & Dave won the quiz so well done to them, the beer and wine went down well as always I even gave everybody a Carole Nash Calendar from the bike show. Can I say a Big Thanks to everyone who came, without you there would not be a West Yorkshire Branch so give yourselves a big pat on the back and lets hope 2013 is a bit dryer so we can get out a bit more… That’s it, Hi to all who know me and Maria and we hope you all had a good Christmas and will have a very Happy new year, see ya all……

Steve & Maria

Christmas party at The Hitching Post

• • • WINTER 2012



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell time passes quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, as reviewing the details of what we managed to do over the last few months seems to contradict that the summer was one of the wettest on record. But in September we had a really good turnout for a rideout with more than 15 bikes and riders, with Ted and others from Oxford and a few from further a field that made the most of a dry and warm day in taking in some of the Cotswolds landscape which saw us travelling through Stow-on-the-Wold and then stopping for lunch at Wellsbourne airfield cafe, we then headed off to Broadway via Stratford-uponAvon, and a blast up Fish hill, and some decided to turn around and tackle it again, after which it was a stop for a tea break at Broadway Tower to take in the view , once all refreshed it was time to head home retracing the route back from Stow down to Swindon.

The bikes on Broadway

Now 3 of us managed to attend the National Rally in Scotland and had a great weekend, taking in some wonderful scenery, and good biking roads, and meeting up with others we don’t see very often, and again blessed with dry conditions on the Saturday and Sunday especially compared to the journeys of travelling up, which was taken at a leisurely pace over 2 days and then the torrential downpour on the Monday which saw 9 of us

agreeing to leave Eyemouth as a group, which certainly helped us get home safely and arriving back in the county to dry conditions that evening. We were certainly glad to have made it home, as the some of the roads we had travelled down were closed on the Tuesday due to flooding.

Wiltshire Willy & Calne Connie at the National

September saw us with a social night and we were joined by some of Reading who came down and swelled the numbers, and October saw the same with a handful of members turning up at the Red Lion on the regular Tuesday. The sun shone for most of the time when I went up for the day to support those who were manning a stand at the Hornet Day at the Ace Cafe, although it was certainly a cold crisp start, but it was a pleasant Sunday and with Chris and Marian from North Downs and Steve for West London and others who helped out we had a good day, and took note of a lot of owners who’s Hornets had been modified to their own taste, but I think I’ll keep mine as it is for the moment. Later in the month saw some enjoy the antics of Oxford’s Poker Run which was raising money for the club’s nominated charity of the Blood Bikers. On the 3rd November we duly held our own charity event. With the agreement of Blades in Swindon to erect one of the gazebos in front of the showroom and hold a raffle, as well as promote

• • • 110 GOLDEN WING


the club/branch, to raise money for the NABB, we certainly did well with some good prizes being donated with the star item being a HJC helmet from Blades themselves, the day was dry but very cold so how those MCN girls managed to cope is mystery, but at least them were happy to pose with us which helped get a picture on to their website. Now I’m pleased to say with gentle persuasion people were happy to donate a £1 for a ticket and which meant we had a total sum raised of £200 and so really felt that the effort by all was worth getting everything in place for and standing out in the chilly conditions, and so our thanks goes out to all who gave up their time for supporting this good cause.

we managed to eventually get through and complete by 10.30, and again Oxford had the winning team, so now its 2-0 and we shall look forward to next time which hopefully will be early in the new year.

Quiz night winners

Looking cold at the Branch charity event

Our last event was with 8 from Oxford coming to us at the Red Lion for our return match of a Quiz Night and with Glyn doing his Bamber Gasgione

So next in the diary is the Dinner Dance for some, our own Branch Christmas party and a variety of Toy Runs with the last one for us in Swindon which is organised by Pinkerton Bikers and is right on the 22nd December which hopefully will be fair day and not as treacherous as last year’s conditions on the roads. And so by the time you have read this we will have done a small get together for a new years meet and maybe bikes for the brave, and start to look forward to the spring.


Cotswold rideout

• • • WINTER 2012


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Golden Wing - Winter 2012  
Golden Wing - Winter 2012  

Quarterly magazine of the Honda Owners Club (GB), sent free to all members. Established in 1961, the Honda Owners Club (GB) is the oldest on...