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Reports from Bedfordshire,Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Eastern, NESS, Lakes & Coast, Northumberland, Northants, Milton Keynes, South Wales, Solent, West London, Wilts.

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CHAIRMAN DIBBLE RATTLE’ S ON! from Andy “Dibble” Young - Club Chairman

THE NATIONAL RALLY This was a well organised venue, and the run out was across some charming Cornish and Devonish scenery. Well done to the organisers for the event. I have; as always; had a few complaints about the rally one of which I believe is being referred to in a separate article in the magazine. Another was questioning where all the games and the camaraderie were? The comment being, "can we be more private in our evening entertainment, keeping the socialising to HOC and not all comers in a large bar". Well if all goes well some of this will be addressed in this coming years National Rally. It will hopefully be in the Lake District, organised by a long term member of the HOC. The date is to be the weekend of the 17th- 20th of September, so mark it in your diaries now. If you want anything to be included let us know, and then perhaps we can have a National Rally where no one moans to me about it afterwards. I appreciate the hard work that goes into organising any rally and I feel that sometimes people forget this and are quick to criticise, but do not tell us what they what or offer to help with it in the first place.

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The meeting in the year when you all have your chance to voice your opinions and make your vote count. This year there were items to discuss which if they had gone through would have changed drastically the way we recruit, and the strength of the club. Some 40 or so of you turned up and the majority voted to keep the club as it is. I would say at this point it would have been nice to see a few more of you as WINTER 2003

again 1% of the membership are doing all the deciding. I regret that as a result of the vote on his proposal, Pete Goodger decided that he would resign from the honary post of President. We would like to say thanks to you Pete, as one of our founder members for your long and faithful service to the club and hope that you will stay with the HOC as a member. This of course means that we now have to select someone to fulfil the role of President, and I am leaving that to you, the members, to choose. We currently have 4 Vice Presidents, and already one of those has been nominated by several different people. However, there may be others who you feel more deserving of the title. Other than that we reported on another reasonably successful year and the elected committee stayed the same for the 20032004 year ahead.

THE NEC SHOW Here I will just say thanks to all those who helped on the stand and welcome to all those of you who joined at the show. There will I hope be another small article on this event elsewhere in the magazine. That's about it for now except to wish you all well over the festive season and hope for another HOC event packed 2004. “Ride on but most of all ride safe”

Dibble 1

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The National Executive and Management Committee would like to wish all members a

President Awaiting Appointment

Vice Presidents Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Trevor Thompson Graham Gull

Chairman Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants. NN16 9H ( 01536 412086 .

General Secretary (

Elaine Hall Station House, Challow Station Faringdon, Oxon SN7 8NT 01367 710566 .

Membership Secretary Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road Ware SG12 7BE .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator John Churchill 78 Queen Margaret’s Road Coventry CV4 8FW ( 024 7667 0999 .

Display Materials Co-ordinator (

Chris Wright 16 Auckland Road Mexborough S64 0AN 01709 582740 .

Regalia Co-ordinator Justin Goddard, 19 Linkfield Avenue, Mountsorrel, Leicester, LE12 7DH ( 0116 230 3277 .

Treasurer Debbie Millard 20 Tilden Close High Halden, Ashford, Kent TN26 3LR ( 01233 850114 .

Public Relations Officer Mark Clargo 9 Hendred Way Abingdon Oxon OX14 2RN ( 01235 200266 .

BMF Liaison Officer Jim Peel-Cross 15 Hill View Caravan Park Oare, Marlborough SN8 4JF ( 01672 564680

Classic Secretary Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton Southampton. S040 3HA 2


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g ng, H

ary Station 8NT


-ordinator Road W

ordinator N

ator , 12 7DH

TN26 3LR

fficer 2RN

icer Park 8 4JF

ry otton HA

At this time last year I was sat here wondering how I was going to fill the 60 pages that was the winter issue 2002. This year, we have a bumper issue which runs to a one off 84 pages, and I am truly sorry to those who’s contributions have not made it, they will definitely be in the Spring issue. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all those who have sent in articles and reports this year, please, keep them coming. One of the questions I am most asked is “why is the magazine late”. We state that it will be published by the end of March, June, September and December, but often we are one or two weeks outside of this. I will admit, in some instances this is because I have decided to do something else rather than sit down in front of the computer. For instance, earlier today I should have been typing this, but decided to attend the Solent branch Christmas run, delivering Christmas presents to old folks homes in the area. However, more often than not, the reason for the delay is due to late receipt of items from regular contributors and in particular, reports from branch secretaries (with a few exceptions, who are always on time). I explained at the AGM why the deadlines are so important, but thought it may be useful to reiterate here. The company who prints the magazine does us a favour. The Managing Director, being a Fireblade rider himself, has agreed to print our magazine in full colour, but for the price of black and white. In exchange, we agree that they can fit the printing in around their existing jobs, and will allow them plenty of time. In practice, this involves us agreeing a date by which they will have the final copy, normally about ten days after the copy deadline we set. If we miss this "window", we have to wait until another one presents itself, and hence publication is delayed. If reports are received even a few days late, this makes it almost impossible to hit the window. There have been various suggestions as to how we can encourage secretaries in this, including naming and shaming, and leaving blank pages where their report should have been. I do not feel either of these solutions is appropriate, especially in light of the time, dedication and commitment that the secretaries already devote to their office. However, I am aware that the most active branches in the HOC are those which always have a report in Golden Wing, and I feel there is no coincidence in this. WINTER 2003

I do have a suggestion for those who find it hard to put pen to paper, and know what to write. S e n d photos! Not only does a picture tell far more, but it means you have to write less. On a separate note, later in this issue you will come across a request from Dibble for ideas surrounding our presentation at the various shows, particularly the NEC. If you do have an idea or suggestion, please let us know. The NEC in particular, not only affords us the opportunity to attract new members, but also to talk to others with a view to enhancing the benefits members receive. This year has been no different, and from the viewpoint of increased membership benefits, has been a great success. In addition to a number of new discount suppliers we now have arrangements with a number of insurers, including Carole Nash and Footman James, to provide not only discounts, but possible commissions to the club. One particular arrangement worth mentioning is an arrangement with Blakemores Solicitors for the provision of free Legal Expenses cover for members. We are putting the final details in place, and hope to have the scheme up and running in the new year. Essentially, the legal expenses insurance which is often added to insurance policies at the cost of £15 to £25, will be able to be applied for free of charge through the HOC. This is not a single policy which covers all members, but an individual policy for each member who applies. This benefit alone makes our membership fee extremely good value. All that remains is for me to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a dry and sunny 2004. Keep it Tidy

Tim The front cover this month is one of my own pics, taken at the National Rally in September. 3

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Something to Say - Say it here

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN The following is a copy of an e-mail sent to mainly Northampton branch members on the “Buzz Line”, and cc’d to me by the author. I was a little perplexed by the method of distribution, as I feel such comments should be either private, or intended for publication to the membership as a whole. Whilst I appreciate that part of the reply was in response to another contributors comment, distribution to a limited audience, when the subject is not of a parochial nature, is in danger of promoting cliquiness, and that is perhaps the worst thing a club can be accused of. As the e-mail was obviously not intended to be private, I have, after consulting with others, taken the decision to publish it. Ed So what is the point of rules if not only to be broken,that does appear to be why we have them. A lot of time and life has gone by since my attempt to change things in order for the ordinary member to have their say/ vote, in how the club is run. It is unfortunate that members such as myself can not for varying circumstance attend the AGM. Without digging back I can not remember the full extent of proposals made at that time, but I know there were checked and put forward in compliance with club rules. Anyway to the point, by Stritchys comments (and as you may quite rightly point out I was not at the AGM and should attend if I'm that bothered blah blah blah) "an amendment made to the rules" One can only guess that a change was made on the day of the AGM, with regards to those wishing to stand for election to committee. In doing so not having to show there intent to the rest of the club via the magazine. My question is was this proposal by Graham given on the day as it sounds, or with due notice as Mr Goodyear's proposal. If Graham's proposal to a resolution was given on the day and accepted which it evidently was ( I stand to be corrected on that ) then why should any member bother taking an interest in the finer workings of the club or obey the rules. I would like to make one thing clear, I have every respect for Graham and all the hard work he puts in and long may he continue. If Graham's proposal was given in due notice


then why was it not published in the Golden Wing along with Mr Goodyear's. With regard to Mr Goodyear's proposal I understand and sympathize with his sentiment we do seem to be just A.N. Other bike club but I would of voted against it, if I could of attended or had a proxy vote. To my final point, Tim's open discussion of Goodyear's proposal in the magazine was down right unprofessional. It is not Tim's place to (other than at AGM) comment regardless of how he qualifies it in his editorial, Yes Tim it was very "inappropriate" for you to present a contrasting view. The AGM was and as club rules stand is the only forum for discussion of proposed resolutions. Where other than at the AGM was Goodyear's platform to reply. No good in the next issue after the fact. very brest regards, The one and only

Professional Agitator ( A.K.A. Jethro) I have replied to Jethro through the same channels as his e-mail. However, he raises a number of points which I would like to clarify. Firstly, the proposal put forward by Graham Gull, the Membership Secretary was not a proposal as such. My understanding is that some years ago, Jethro put forward a proposal to bring in a minimum period of time between the receipt of a nomination for election to the Executive, and the AGM, with details of the applicant and his or her manifesto being advertised in Golden Wing. The proposal was made for good reasons, and as I understand it, in an attempt to prevent the membership being forced to accept a "late entrant" who was then elected by supporters who had been bussed into the AGM for the purpose, when the membership at large had no knowledge of the nomination. However, my understanding is that the Management Committee did not ratify the proposal, and since then, there has been confusion as to the exact rule which applied. Unfortunately, we are no longer in the position of having a number of nominations for positions on the Executive, and the last four positions have been filled by arm twisting as opposed to election.


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 5

It therefore seemed inappropriate that we should be advertising in Golden Wing for a Treasurer and Regalia Co-ordinator, when, if we had received nominations, we would have had to break our own rules to elect them. With the inception of both the Monthly Mail Out, and the soon to be revamped website, it was felt a much shorter time period was appropriate. My understanding is that Graham's suggestion was simply a means to clarify the situation under the scrutiny of the AGM. As far as Jethro's comments concerning my column are concerned, I am sorry that he feels these were unprofessional and inappropriate. My comments were made for three reasons: Firstly, Pete did not just make his resolution, but stated his case for it in the resolution, and I still believe it was right to give an alternative view. Secondly, Pete was in the unique position of being President of the HOC, and it may have been misconstrued that in the absence of an alternative view, the resolution had the support of the Executive, which it did not. Thirdly, and in my view most importantly, I had been informed of Pete's intention to resign if the proposal was not accepted, and this is something which we all wished to avoid. It is incorrect to assume that Pete did not have an opportunity for reply, as a complete copy of my column was made available at the management meeting prior to the deadline for the magazine and this was read out to Pete and the meeting. The contents of my column were discussed with both the Chairman and Dave Barton, and were known to Pete a good while before publication. At the meeting, Pete was given a further opportunity to withdraw the proposal. I make no apologies for using my column to try and avoid the resignation of a President who enjoys the friendship and respect of many members. Ed

......FURTHER RESERVATIONS Dear Ed Just a few lines to say how saddened I was to leave the AGM in the knowledge that we had just witnessed the enforced resignation of our President Pete Goodger. It was obvious from the outset that this proposal was likely to be defeated but not (initially) that Pete would resign as a result of it & I am very sorry that he did. Along with one or two other 'old timers' I abstained from voting as I did not want to be a part of the process that would result in his (or anyone else's) departure but I do understand his sentiments for putting forward the proposal in the first place & I cannot WINTER 2003

say I completely disagree with him. I believe as we grow older we all hanker for the glory days of the past when our way of life was so different (& to us who can remember) more pleasurable than it is now, but the enthusiasm for the brand has been replaced by the enthusiasm for the social club. This is evident from many of the attendees at the national rally who brought their entire family to the event, an aspect I personally do not wish to participate in after early evening as I would prefer it then to be an adult event, but then I don't have the problem of what to do with the kids anymore. Chris called for a more camping style rally (like the old days), but many now prefer hard accommodation. In short, we cannot ever please everybody. The sad thing was that whichever way the vote went, there were members who threatened to resign if it didn't go their way. Will we ever all pull together? I doubt it. Has compromise disappeared from our agenda? I suspect so. What I would say is that it does seem odd that we are called the Honda Owners Club when ownership of a Honda is not a requirement. What does NOT seem odd (to me anyway) is that Honda UK are reluctant to support a club that actively supports its major competitors. One other minor aspect Tim that I was not particularly comfortable with, was that you took the opportunity in your editorial to express your personal opinion on the proposal when the same opportunity was not extended to anyone else who may have had an alternative view. Unless I missed it, the first I became aware of the proposal was when I read it in the Autumn Golden Wing. However, that said, the die is now cast & there is no going back on the vote, but I would say to Pete, "if you are reading this & can see your way to come back to the fold, I for one would be delighted & I am sure you will get a very warm welcome from the majority of the membership".

Roy Edwards.

18538 (that's not my date of birth by the way)!! Roy, thanks for your letter. As far as I am aware, Pete remains a life member of the club, and has certainly been involved in Solent branch meetings since the AGM. It is always difficult to dissagree with someone who is so respected, but the result of the vote was conclusive. There were no votes in favour, and of the abstentions, at least two spoke against the resolution in the meeting. It would have been ideal to have the resolutionin the Summer Golden Wing, but it had simply not been made at the time. Ed 5

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 6



Dear Committee Firstly, let me thank you all for being such a helpful team. You are doing a really superb job under sometimes very trying and thankless conditions. Right, that's the creeping over, now down to the nitty gritty. Please place the enclosed advert in the wanted section, Wanted - Workshop Manual for CBX550FD 1986 - Done..Ed Secondly, the proposed resolution by Peter Goodger should be a strong and right decision. The HOC is and always has been for Honda owners only. I first joined the HOC in 1963 with a C50. I still have the original membership badge and a yellow silk Honda scarf. My wife and I are still in possession of three Hondas after a lifelong following of Honda Motorcycles. Personally I would have nothing else, so my wife and I sincerely hope the proposal succeeds. We are hoping to attend the AGM but as we are both bus/coach drivers with anti-social shifts and hours, it is difficult to guarantee time off. Your four day weekend socials are a real problem as in our job weekends don't exist. But we will manage a few sometimes. My third and final point. There are many owners clubs around the country, but unfortunately, nothing close to us. Meets and ride-outs are usually done by ourselves and friends. We see a number of groups riding past our house as we live on a main East-West route from M6 to A500 Whichurch - Ellesmere Whittington - Wales. Possibly, some of these parties riding past are HOC's, maybe they could pick us up en route and take us on their ride outs! Just dreaming !! Perhaps you could put this request in the magazine. Kettle is always on and a good workshop/tools are available if anyone is stuck out this way in trouble. Again, thank you for your good work, and see you at the NEC

Andy, Firstly apologies from myself and our chairman Jeff Childs but neither of us will be able to attend the AGM at Mallory Park this Sunday, I'm still in plaster after my not so recent operation and Jeff is away. Secondly, I know that you do not accept proxy votes but I felt I had to write regarding the Resolution by Peter Goodger. The matter was discussed at our recent club meeting and the view of the whole branch is that we hope that this proposal is defeated. Our branch is for persons who like to ride motorbikes, to us it is not important what you ride. We feel it would be a great shame if people had to be turned away from the club just because they didn't currently own a Honda.

Yours faithfully,

Les & Olwen Jones Membership No 26598 Les & Olwen, on behalf of the committe, thank you for your kind words, and I am please to insert your request and advert. I would mention however, that the HOC has not always been for Honda owners only. The rule, as it has been and remains, is that membership is open to those who own, or have owned a motorcycle powered by a Honda engine. Ed



Paul Evans

Secretary, South Wales Branch

AND FURTHER.... Tim, I have to totally agree with your comments on page 3, Golden Wing Autumn 2003. In the English Lake District, choice of bikes is firstly dictated by dealer availability. Until 2 years ago, the only dealer within 30 miles was Shepherd's, who sold Kawasaki's We now also have Lancaster Honda, so the choice is slightly greater, Preston, Blackpool or Carlisle are the nearest other centres for dealers, but all over 50 miles away (Barrow is the end of 30 mile cul de sac, so Crooks Suzuki is a distant option also). Remember, I am a "Cheque Book Mechanic" so ease of access to the dealer is very important. The point is, we need the members, not to worry about what they ride. Another point is, Who will police it? If I organise a run out, (which I do almost weekly) the last thing I worry about is what make of bike is being ridden. Rider ability to keep up with the pace, ride safely and most of all enjoy is far more important. the camaraderie we all enjoy is great too. If you ride a modern bike, you will swap and change between the marques, this is good competition. Next year see a real battle for the top, Honda are leading the way with the new Fireblade, but the R1 and ZX10 will be hot on its heels. WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 7

The proposal I believe is aimed more at the classic side of the HOC. Great, no problem with classic bikes, but I have neither the time nor inclination to be involved with them. If mine gets a clean, it must be it's birthday! To polish is not a pastime I enjoy. But is that how you enjoy your motorcycling, great - so be it! Sorry, I can't be two places at once at 11.00am on Sunday, I have tried to re-organise my diary, but it can't be done. 1.00pm may be possibility, but I don't want to arrive to an empty room! Hope to see you all soon

Peter A. Steen Member No 6600 AND TO CONCLUDE.... THIS ‘N THAT Dear Tim Thanks for all the hard work that you and your contributors put in to making the Golden Wing such a good read. It helps to keep me in touch with the goings on in Blighty. I have been a Honda owner and enthusiast off and on since I bought my first Honda Benly Super Sport more years ago than I care to remember, when they first went on sale in the UK, handled, if I remember rightly, by the same concessionaires as Maico scooters. The big Maico scooter was also a machine to be remembered, what ever happened to them? Other scooters have only just caught up in terms of performance and handling, but that’s another story. This year, after 30,000 miles in 5 very enjoyable years, I have finally had to say goodbye to my much loved but slightly unreliable VFR800. Mechanical problems with my right wrist mean I need a machine with a more relaxed riding position that puts less weight on the dodgy joint. Looking through the Honda stable gave really only two or three possibilities. The Varadero was quickly discounted, lacks performance, weather proofing and it vibrates, at least the one I tried did. The Pan European? I hear you say. Too heavy, too expensive and as my friend has found, horribly unstable at speed. I don’t feel old enough for a Wing, although I was surprised by the performance, but rumours of cracking frames place a big question mark over it’s durability. Perhaps in a few years time. I even tried the 900 Hornet. Why don’t Honda make a light performance tourer to match the Yamaha FJR1300? Super smooth 4 cylinder


engine, great performance, reasonable handling and weather proofing plus shaft drive in a relatively light package. Two thousand miles touring Austria and Switzerland this year have proved it to be pretty good. Shame really, the Blackbird with added shaft drive would make the ideal basis for a real performance tourer to compete with Yamaha and I for one would be very interested, so come on Honda, there is a gap in your line up that needs filling. The foregoing brings me to the resolution proposed by Peter Goodger. Although currently I no longer own a Honda motorcycle, (only a generator and a mower) I do not want to lose contact with the marque. It seems terribly negative to me that former Honda owners should be prevented from joining the club, after all when they see the enthusiasm and effort that goes into making it such a good club might they not want to get back onto a Honda? Surely people who are Honda enthusiasts whether former owners or prospective owners in the future should be welcomed? I know that despite having left the Honda fold I can remain a member, but that is not the point, I think Mr Goodger’s proposal is shortsighted, and just plain wrong. The two articles on France were interesting. I can find no internet link to or lemaizeay, is the address wrong? Can I suggest to Nigel Bane and his pals that next time they visit France the get a “Gites de France” guide. Lots of Chambres d’Hote (bed and breakfast) accommodation in genuine French style surroundings at reasonable prices. The Logis de France guide is also useful. Campanile, Comfort, F1 etc are clean and comfortable but totally lacking character. OK in an emergency but you could be anywhere in the world. Yours sincerely

Keith Howlett Membership No:25048

Keith, thanks for your letter. The details of your Gite are contained later in this issue. Trips to the continent do seem to becoming ever more popular in the summer, and as others will confirm, is one of the most frequently discussed subjects with potential members at the various shows we attend. Organisers, if you are planning a trip, please let us know well in advance. There are many menbers who may not attend branch meetings, but would be very interested in joining in with excursions from their area. Thanks..Ed


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 8

NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! Dear Sir, Where has all the good rallies gone? Yes, I’m referring to the National Rally in Cornwall. Where has all the fun and games, the camaraderie, etc gone to. This year’s rally was more like a children’s tea party! So come on you committee members, pull your finger out and let the good rallies roll again.

Well that's it; hope you pass this on to Keith, and any other members that might have similar problems! Keep up the good work!!!

Dave Walker Member No 17711

B. Johnson Oxford

Those who devote time and energy into organising events should at the least be entitled to constructive criticism. An instruction to "pull their fingers out" is hardly that. I can only re-iterate the Chairman's invitation; come along to the next Management Meeting, where suggestions and offers of assistance will always be welcomed. . Ed

SILVER WING NIGGLES Hi, My name is Dave Walker, HOC Oxford branch member. I have just read with interest a letter from Keith White about his problem with his leg, and consequent gear change problems. Well, I have the same trouble with my gear change on my CBR 1000FL.I am an amputee (lower left leg, below knee) having lost my leg in a bike accident a few years ago (that will teach me to ride a Kawasaki!!!!). I thought I would never be able to ride again, until I found a device called a Klicktronic. It's an electric gear changer, operated by a simple push button set up on the handlebar. It has changed my life so much, I can't praise it enough. If you would like to pass on the companies details to Keith, please do so. They have a web site too, so if he's on line he can check it out! The web address is: Their address is: 56, Barton Road, Thurston, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, IP31 3PD. Tel.07766 708653 or 07766 708564.

Dear Ed Would you pass this on to Keith White? When filling the tank look down the filler hole and you will see a smaller opening about 2-3 inches in this will just accommodate a lead free petrol pump nozzle - once the nozzle is located in this second hole you can fill up with no 'flash backs'. Shame it is not mentioned in the handbook.

David Barker Member No. 27257 p.s At least the valve on the wing is more accessible than the Pan (ST1300). Thanks chaps...Ed



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GOOD SERVICE & DISCOUNTS Hello again! I have had recent dealings with a company called Forest Edge Retail. They sell mostly Oxford stuff. A set of throw-over panniers I bought for the run to Bude had a fault, so I sent them back, getting replacements within days. They put a flyer in asking to pass there name around, as they are a young company. I emailed them back, telling them about our magazine, asking if they would give us a discount. Today they replied yes, and asked me to pass on there details to you, so I am doing so!! Thanks

Dave Walker Member No 17711 Details are: Simon Hall Tel: 01530 838887

THREE CHEERS FOR THREE SHIRES Dear Editor I would like to thank the Honda Owners Club in general and the Three Shires Branch in particular for a great year of biking. Recognising myself and bike in photos in Golden Wing was a bonus, so I would like to share some experiences from my first year with a big bike. (Well it is big for me!) In October 2002 I bought a Honda CB500S and shortly after, by chance, found the HOC website, which told me that the local branch met in a pub a few miles away. We went round on the next Monday and by the end of the evening had been invited on the Sunday Cheese Run. Perhaps I should add that my experience of bikes was limited to a Honda 50, for getting to work, in the 1970s, and six months on a Suzuki 125 just prior to getting the Honda. I was apprehensive about riding in a group, getting lost, keeping everyone waiting and being a female infiltrating the world of macho men in leathers. However, Kev and Kate welcomed us at their house with coffee, and the system for group riding was explained. It was a fine late autumn day, and WINTER 2003

I was glad I was not the only one concerned about the wet leaves and overflowing streams on the Via Gellia, out of Matlock Bath. After visiting the excellent cheese shop in Hartington I managed to squeeze one small piece of cheese into the storage space under my seat. We joined the S'No Rally for the Saturday run to the Major Oak and then the evening meal at the pub. Chris of the Wiltshire Wing greeted us with the words "So you're the learners, then." I am happy to say that I am still learning - how to ride faster, smoother, longer‌. I loved sitting behind Chris at the traffic lights listening to the boom of his base!! Following the Honda rider in front on a Sunday run has often helped. Like when I chased Val and Roger on the way home from Telford. I overtook more vehicles in one day than I had in the whole of my previous riding and found that my bike would do 70. I had to keep up as I hadn't a clue where I was. The first few times an approaching rider nodded to me left me in giggles of surprise. The Egg Run meant riding very slowly through Sheffield, with over a hundred and seventy bikes, then, after traffic lights, being encouraged by a police outrider to go over the speed limit to catch up with the tail of the leading group. The Three Shires Branch had a novice run round Lincolnshire, with the biggest turnout of any Sunday. We covered a lot of ground at a leisurely pace, with time to think about the right gear for the bend, etc and time to ask questions of the more experienced riders. After all, some have been riding for more years than I have months. Having camped for many years with a threewheeler DRK kit car (two wheels at the front, motorbike taxation, use helmet or seat belt) we found we could get almost as much gear in two sets of panniers for camping weekends. To my surprise the extra weight of the panniers did not seem to make any difference, and on the first trip I kept feeling to make sure they were still there. Camping at Stilling fleet meant we could have a good ride round the moors and coast of North Yorkshire - and I could face the challenge of roads that go up and down at the same time as round bends. We joined several other runs, arranged by different people in the club, in all types of weather, so thanks go to the organisers. I survived freezing on the way to Squire's CafÊ, crossing a large sloping cattle grid in the wet somewhere on the Yorks/Lancs border, and a two inch long screw discovered in my back tyre at Devil's Bridge. 9

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 10

The biggest challenge of the year was riding onto the ferry at Portsmouth in late September. I left a big gap before following the rider in front over the uneven ramp onto the boat, and then I followed the other bikes onto the upper car deck... Copying those in front, I ducked as I reached the top, as the roof looked far too low to ride under. A complete illusion. After that, riding on the wrong side of the road and taking half an hour to extricate money for Spanish motorway tolls was a breeze. We didn't have long enough to explore the Pyrenees, just managing one small diversion on the way back to the ferry at Bilbao. Our map was out of date as the winding road to Pamplona had been straightened by the construction of several tunnels. These were a disorientating experience as the lights seem to strobe and everything looked the same. I had covered nine hundred miles in one week and survived. Perhaps I have earned myself a modest pair of leathers for next summer to replace the well used textile gear. Best Wishes

Maureen Jackson Member Number 27540 Maureen, Thank you so much for your letter. It is always gratifying to hear of someone who joins us and then makes the most of it. Your letter serves as a timely reminder of just how much the HOC has to offer, if we just make the effort to take part. I hope you will enjoy the coming years as much as the last......Ed

BALLISTIC OR NOT ? Dear Editor In response to the letter from S.Davies (Autumn 2003 issue), while I tend to agree that Honda does seem to focus on Ballistic Missiles on two wheels (as does most of the Motor Cycle Media) there are still some current Honda Models that fit the bill. The CB500 (soon to be CBF500) a general purpose all round bike good for cruising round the country lanes within legal limits (and get 60mpg plus in the process) and okay for a more spirited ride when you fancy it (I know as I have owned one for 5 yrs). 10

Or there is the CB1300 (that's on my shopping list-one day).

Tim Mitchell From speaking with Honda UK at the NEC this year, it would appear that they are going to be placing much more focus on the smaller models in the range. This is not surprising when you consider that the market as a whole is shrinking, and insurance considerations make the top of the range supersports almost irrelevant to new comers to biking.

GOOD FUN AT THE NEC Dear Tim, After a good many years in the West London Branch, and much pestering by our Club Secretary, Steve, my husband and I finally relented (albeit after a few beers) and agreed to "do our bit" for the club and help out on the HOC stand at the NEC Birmingham for a weekend. We arrived with some trepidation, not previously having met anybody that we were to be "working" with and wondering what on earth was expected of us. We were both pleasantly surprised - we meet loads of like-minded people (both existing members and interested punters), had a good giggle, and there was also ample opportunity to take time out and go and look around the show for ourselves. We'll definitely volunteer for this, or any similar event, again. So if you're a member that is happy to let everyone else get on with it, take a deep breath and put your name forward - give it a go, you might just actually enjoy yourself! Cheers

Sue Hill, West London Branch

AND AGAIN... Hi Andy, Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterday, we both enjoyed chatting to prospective and actual Honda Owner's Club Members. WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 11

We seemed to be busy most of the day and we seemed to sell quite a few memberships. Was good fun, great team on the stand, had some laughs and even got a bit of time to look round and drool over the new bikes! Thanks once again

Erica and Gerald Gassor (Cannot someone start a branch in Sussex, North Wales and Northern Ireland - I wouldn't mind moving to North Wales or Sussex but wouldn't volunteer for NI !!!!) Sue & Erica, thanks for your letters. There is more talk of the NEC later in this issue, but it appears you have both discovered just how enjoyable (but hard work, all the same) manning the stand at a show can be.

WHOOPS ! APOLOGIES Looking through my autumn edition of Golden Wing I was reading on page 55 from Paul and Lyda Adams regarding their breaks in France. They say if you want further info email them. Are you running a competition to find their email address in the mag? Only joking, but they wont get any enquiries as it is not there. Great mag, Great club. P.S Don't know my membership number.

Geoff O'Brien

SLIPPING PILLIONS ? We are recent converts to the ST 1300 Pan (previously had a Blackbird) and are delighted with it. However my wife complained that she kept slipping around on the pillion seat. We both wear textile bike gear. We had a three-week trip to Spain planned in June and a week before we left we saw the AST Triboseat advertised in one of the bike magazines.. This is a non-slip webbing seat cover designed to fit over your pillion seat like an ironing board cover. It is available for virtually all makes of bikes. It fitted on easily, although we also used some industrial staples underneath the seat to ensure a better fit. We have now ridden about 3500 miles since fitting and my wife has stayed well and truly glued in her seat! For anybody experiencing "sliding pillion syndrome" on their Pan (or any other bike for that matter) then this is the answer. It's cheap, easy to fit and very, very effective. The Triboseat costs ÂŁ19.99 including p&p and ours was delivered the next day. AST can be contacted on: Tel: 01825 712447 or by email on

Peter Abbott Member No 26192

Membership No 26658 Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I did in fact have several calls asking for contact details. The e-mail address for Paul and Lynda is :

Kicking Back Letters for the next issue need to arrive by 1st March 2004. E-mail to or post to: Golden Wing, Unit 5b Kemps Quay Industrial Park Southampton. SO18 1BZ Remember to include your Membership No. WINTER 2003

NATIONAL RALLY Dear Tim, I'd just like to how much I enjoyed the National Rally at Widemouth Bay. My friends and I particularly enjoyed the rideout. We all commented on how well organised it was, with excellent marshalling from the hardworked men (& women) in orange bibs. Yours,

Wynn Dupp Membership No 99101 (Wales)


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 12


Devon and Somerset H.O.C. Weekend St Ives Cornwall 30th April, 1st, 2nd and 3rd May 2004 BOOKING FORM Name: ____________________ Address: ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Price ÂŁ60 for chalet that sleeps up to 6 Please make cheques payable to: John Fowler Holidays Send to : Jill Moore, 31 Willshere Road, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 8EL No later than February 20th 2004


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 13




General Secretary - Elaine Hall Well, everything changes and nothing changes. It was good to see so many of you at the recent AGM I'm sure others far more qualified than me will say many good things about Pete Goodger within the covers of this

successful it would become. Perhaps outgrowing Pete's own dream and now taking on a life of its own. Like a parent having to let their child fly the nest maybe Pete feels now is the time to let go. Pete, thank you. Looking back we've had a good year, finished off with a great NEC Show where we attracted over 300 new members. Well done and thank you to all of you who have given of your time and effort to help make this club as successful as it is today.

magazine.. However, I would just like to thank Pete very much for starting the Honda Owners Club, a club I'm proud to be a part of. I'm sure Pete and the others, who were there at the beginning, had no idea how large and

Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you all




Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 14

CAPTION COMPETITION IMPORTANT NOTICE As you will notice later in this issue, we have had some recent difficulties with the supply of club regalia. Unfortunately, this means that those who have won prizes in previous Caption Competitions may still be waiting to receive them. Please accept our apologies, and if you are still awaiting a prize, please let me know by e-mail to, and I will do my utmost to expidite matters. If you do not have e-mail, please call me on 023 8022 6045.

This issue, the photo has been supplied by Alan Deighton (27451). It depicts his Grandson Oliver George Nobbs astride his Pan ST1100. Alan has suggested a suitable caption could be “you will keep it for me Grandad won’t you”.....what others can you come up with? Entries by post or e-mail to the address below, to arrive no later than 1st March 2004.

1st Prize: An HOC Club Sweatshirt 2nd Prize: An HOC Club Polo Shirt 3rd Prize: An HOC Club T Shirt

“YOU CAN’T WIN IT IF YOU’RE NOT IN IT” If anyone is in possession of pictures which they feel will make a suitable Caption Competition, then please send them in to: Golden Wing, Unit 5b, Kemps Quay Industrial Estate, Quayside Road, Southampton. SO18 1BZ or e-mail me at (If sending pictures by e-mail, please send at 300 dpi or greater) 14


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 15


Reports from the Branches

BEDFORDSHIRE Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01438 749075 Hey ho! Another year nearly over, and all the good memories that go with it. Including the National Rally which lived up to all the usual expectations. Excellent site, good entertainment, and some cracking countryside to ride through. Many thanks to the organisers for their efforts. Unfortunately we had to give Solent their attendance trophy back which wasn't entirely unexpected, but with 32 there from Beds branch, we thought we might be in with a bit of a chance! Should have known better! Talking of Rallies, the Clappers rally is confirmed for 28th - 31st May 2004 at the usual venue. Advert and details to be sent out in the spring edition of Golden Wing. We hope to repeat last year's success and would like to see as many of you as possible. There's plenty of room! Due to the Honda day at the Ace we've run it over onto the bank holiday Monday. Bungee straps will be attached to Cooky's combine harvester so that we don't lose him again on the run to Stonebridge Park! One recent fine Autumn day saw over a dozen of our members take to an outdoor kart track for a morning's gentlemanly and

sporting, (yeah right), racing, well won by Colin. One interesting comment from the track organisers, and not the first time I've heard it when racing with other motorcyclists, was that they were impressed with our awareness of other people around us and the respect/room we gave each other. This apparently resulted in a much lower accident rate than usual. This despite Nigel's impression of a tumble drier when the red mist descended! We're now well into the party season with the Bonfire night do past, the Christmas dinner happening about now, and the New Year's eve party to look forward to. Looking forward now to planning next years ride outs and events. Who knows, our write up for the summer edition could be penned on the club trip to Ibiza, presently in the planning! In the meantime Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Beds branch. On yer bike


Branch Secretaries: The deadline for the next Golden Wing is; 1st March 2004. These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area WINTER 2003


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 16


Secretary: John Churchill - 024 7667 0999

Hi all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all branch members who have helped out with the branch runs, the camping weekend and the Stafford Show - you all know who you are, so give yourselves a pat on the back. By the time you read this, our AGM will have come and gone - I will let you know what was decided/voted on in the next mag. We will also have had our Christmas Meal. Pop along to the branch meeting and get a Branch Newsletter - some of next years events and run outs are already posted - we will, of course, post them in this mag as well. If you want to know in detail what we get up to check out our website - there is a link

on the HOC (GB) site. I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year and hope to see most of you during the HOC social year. TTFN



Secretary: Carol Austin - 0117 923 6675

Hello everyone, Latest news from Bristol is that we are still plagued by bad weather. The fish and chip run down to Blue Anchor was a wash out but at least the chips were good and the tea was hot. Our October trip round the Cotswolds was planned to take in some of the most scenic roads in the area. We got up to Stow in the Wold for lunch and we stayed they for the remainder of the day….they had a roaring log fire which was far more inviting than the thunder storm outside. Novembers trip was on the one and only day that we’ve had frost, no-one turned up (wimps!!!!). On the subject of no-one turning up,


monthly meetings and ride-outs are very poorly attended. Thanks to those who do turn up, but please remember that its up to the members to either use or lose their local branch. Ok, now I’ve had my moan, hopefully I’ll see some of you through the winter months, Cheers,



Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 17

CAMBRIDGE Secretary: Bill Brown - 01480 382295 Hi Folks, What a great year we have had weather wise. This is one year when you won't hear me complaining that it has rained too much. What a cracker it has been! I've certainly racked up the miles this year. Anyway, down to business. Our Tuesday night ride-outs have now finished for another year, and have been replaced by the meeting at the Mill, Hartford Marina. Historically, these are not well attended but they are useful as they let anyone catch up with any news if they missed the main meeting 2-weeks previous. Let's hope more members can make it to this meeting this year. There are still the Sunny Sunday Spins as an option for all those willing to brave the elements (and salt) during the winter months. 4 members of our branch (Roger, Graham, James and myself) spent time helping to man the HOC stand at the NEC along with members from other branches. I'll never get over what a brilliant way this is to recruit new members. If you have never tried it, you should give it a go next year. It really is great fun. The amount of recruits that sign up every year is just staggering. There were even people recruited on press day, 2 of those are from the Irish Republic. We don't have any branches there! Talk about hard sell! It was our branch AGM in November, and unlike last year we had a fantastic turnout. As usual we were inundated with nobody coming forward to stand for any of the committee places up for grabs. Looks like it will be the same old faces again. We have made a start on what we will be up to next year, so if anyone in our branch has anything they want to do, then let us know. Some ideas we have had so far include A WINTER 2003

trip round the Normandy beaches, thrashing Northants. Branch at bowling again (only kidding lads (not)) and off road again (we must be mad after last time).Unfortunately, no dates have been finalised so it won't be ready for this edition of the Diary Dates. What we did do, however, is manage to book our Christmas meal at the White Swan. In October Roger, Eric, Dave and I attended the club AGM. I was saddened to witness an end of an era as Pete Goodger resigned as President of the Honda Owners Club. Although I personally didn't agree with Pete's proposal, I certainly didn't think it was worth resigning over. Judging by the reaction in the room, nor did anyone else. I sincerely hope Pete does stay part of the club as he will be sadly missed otherwise. Safe riding


MOVING HOUSE? Remember to let us know Change of Address can be sent to: Graham Gull, Membership Secretary 61 Vicarage Road, Ware, SG12 7BE 17

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 18


Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306

I attended an open night at the UK Honda Racing HQ in Louth on 1st October. The tour through the workshops was very interesting with commentary given by technicians and riders. The facilities must be the envy of many other UK Superbike Teams; these include their own CNC milling machines to make components and a sophisticated dyno to optimise the ignition mapping for any given engine and track. It was good to meet Steve Plater and ask how he was after his previous weekend's medical scare, when he collapsed in his motor home due to a kidney stone and had to be rushed to hospital. He was very annoyed he had lost his third place in the British Superbike Championship. However he was more worried about the procedure he was shortly to undergo to remove the stone. Everyone on the tour was surprised at the cleanliness of the workshops; they were spotless. Dek, Mick and I went to the Classic Bike Show at Stafford in October. The display of bikes was impressive and brought back many happy motorcycling memories. It was

SP2 Engine 18

good to have a chat with the members manning the HOC stand located on the balcony overlooking the main hall. Where would the club be without the volunteers willing to organise events and man the stands. Eastern members went to the Motorcycle show at the NEC Birmingham; all were impressed with the new Triumph Rocket 3. While the display of bikes was good, it was felt the event was a rip off with high admission costs, car parking charges and extortionate food prices. I urge all Eastern members to try and make it to the club meetings over the next few months, to suggest runs and activities for next year. If you feel you would like the Eastern Branch to meet at additional/different locations let me know. Any branch is only as active as its members. Be careful out there. l

John Hewson

SP2 Frame WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 19

125 Racer from the 1960’s

Steve Plater at Honda HQ Louth Steve Platers’ bike

HOC Stand at the Stafford Classic Show

Main Hall at the Stafford Classic Show


Tinker Toy !!!



Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 20


Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306

We would like you to know that our branch is alive and kicking. Fortnightly ride outs took place for much of this year with several holiday/week end breaks. The main event was to France for 12 days during which we experienced scorching weather, not always pleasant A group went to Aberdare in Wales for a week-end to watch the racing in the park - an event everybody should experience at some time. A 350 mile breakfast run from Bury St Edmunds to Blythe took place in August. Breakfast was very reasonably priced at ÂŁ2.75 - but it cost ÂŁ30.00 in fuel for the trip! Instead of riding straight back to Bury, our leader decided that we should take the scenic route back home via Rutland Water and across the fens. The ladies in the group still have the bruises to prove that the fen roads are not smooth. Some members assisted the Goldwing Owners Club to marshal the charity ride for the Essex Air Ambulance. Culture bashing was the order of the day


(or in this case the week-end) for five of the members who went to Stratford Upon Avon. On the return journey they took in Warwick Castle and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Two members went to Scotland by car to do a recce for the holiday next year. Unfortunately the hotel did not meet the requirements of the group but alternative arrangements have been made. The fortnightly rides will continue throughout the year, weather permitting, the first one for 2004 will be Sunday 18th January. Week-ends to Yorkshire in May and Wales in July have already been planned for 2004, as well as a ten day holiday to Scotland in June. A possible week-end to Yorkshire in September to see the racing at Olivers Mount is also on the cards. Regards

Ann and John Williamson


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 21

LAKES & COAST Secretary: Mike Bell - 07952 777941

Mike: Well here we are again getting nearer Christmas, and that time of year where the weather turns nasty and the salt turns even nastier when it hits the chrome and any bear metal and turns it into a ginger over coat. Nothing has happened much, apart from Alistair's BBQ which was brilliant, fed and watered, we sat down and told of some very fascinating stories, bullsh*t or not , they were interesting and become more interesting as the alcohol started to take affect. At breakfast time we were greeted by a full English breakfast with all the trimmings, absolutely superb, after we finished and fumigated our tents, (that's what Bud Ice does to me anyway ) and then taken them down, we were supposed to go on a run out on one of Peters many routes, but Steve and I decided that the alcohol from previous night had diminished our eye sight and decided to go home through Coniston and Broughton, which nearly came to an abrupt end, I gave it the berries down a nice long straight which was not that long and did not see the 90 degree bend near the end, I could of gone on up a little track but there was a car coming the opposite direction and if I did go up the track I would of definitely hit it, I don't know who was scared out their wits, me or the other driver. Any way we got home safely and watched the GP's on Eurosport. Peter: As usual, I went out as I couldn't disappoint the others! Got as far as Hawes, before my eyes had enough! When you buy a new bike, it is amazing how long it takes to get it just right. First was her 600 miles service, so while she was being pampered, I went on the CB1300. I did not like it, much to the surprise


of everyone at Lancaster Honda. It was just too much like my Kawa ZX12R Heavy, etc Then she needed her rack fitting, so I took the CBR600RR out. What a toy, a baby blade in all but power. JUST what will the new blade be like next year? Awesome?, time will tell. Because I got back and she wasn't ready also took the SP2 out for a quick spin. What a tool, but at the end of the day of the four bikes I had ridden, the Blade still came out top. She has done over 3,500 miles now, not bad in just a few weeks, but then I do ride the bike. Why don't you come out and join me? She will never be the cleanest bike around (!) but spends as little time in the garage as possible. Why is it a she? Well she does as she is told, goes where she is told to, responds when asked with no questions, purrs like a pussy cat, sits well between the legs, and gently throbs away with you as you both enjoy a good ride. We have now "persuaded" Lancaster Honda to support us, as since they also own John Hall's in Blackpool, they will soon have a large area to cover. The first aim is to get more of us out on the road, and at different times of the week. More will follow soon. We have applied to change our name to HOC Lakes and Coast. Does anyone have any objections? Best wishes

Mike Bell & Peter Steen


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 22


Secretary: Barry Thompson - 0191 2377718

Hi everyone, As we come to the end of another summer (great one at that), we at Northumberland have had a good eight months, with about twenty two ride outs, some long some short and we have been lucky to have had some great weather on the majority of the runs. In July we had a long weekend at Spean Bridge near Fort William in Scotland, Which was just one mad party, especially with Steve, who's as mad as a box of frogs and yes there was plenty of ale consumed and lots of fun. Since September I have taken the roll of Secretary, this is all new to me, but I'm committed in taking the club forward with the help of the members. We are all looking forward to next year and making plans for social events.


So wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a drunken New year, all the best from us Geordies, Cheers

Baz Thompson


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 23

NORTHANTS Secretary: Brian Dunn - 01604 404706 The news here at Northants is that we are on the move, going back to our ancestral home at "The Old Red House" which is now known as "Henry's of Hannington", it's where this branch originally started to meet some years ago and we had to leave when it shut down. Now rebuilt and looking completely different (read clean ,tidy and decorated) we have decided to return, mainly because we have been offered the use of a room to ourselves, it's also an easy location to find for passing bikes, too good an offer to refuse, so from the 10th of December if you want to come and find us that's where we will be every Wednesday night, it's on the A43 half way between Northampton and Kettering, call in and say hello if you are passing. We are starting to put together our agenda for the 2004 , we will of course be continuing the ever popular Everyother runs on alternate Wednesdays throughout the summer, we have also penned in some weekend dates for some days out, hopefully we will be doing at least one Saturday or Sunday run every month from March 'til October, and with a bit off luck we will squeeze a few more in as and when things pop up. Also on the agenda is the annual

Branch holiday, 2004 will see the "van Brians" heading off to Flanders in late May to visit some of the WW1 sites, this follows the "O'Brians" trip to Eire in '02 and the "McBrians" run to Scotland of '03, the theme must go on‌‌if only to get a new sweatshirt every year. A belated and big thank you to the good folks that took the time and trouble to organise the National Rally, all those from Northants that attended had a very enjoyable time, nice accommodation and a very enjoyable run out, I seem to remember that the sun shone as well, nice, roll on the next one. Really not much more to add at the moment, hibernation mode is starting to kick in a bit at the moment, you know how it is, still as long as the roads remain ice free it gives us the opportunity to keep getting out on the bikes, so that just leaves me to wish everyone out there in Hondaland a very Happy and Prosperous New Year from everyone here at Northants, we look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Cheersmedears,


The Saddle Sore Shield is the main National Competition run by the club. Each year, there are hundreds of members who attend various HOC organised rallies, shows and events, and yet there are few who enter the competition. This year to make it easier, the centre pages of this issue feature a pull out Saddle Sore newsletter and entry form for 2004.



Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 24

MILTON KEYNES Secretary: Russ Goff - 07900 986912 We continue to meet at The Old Green Man in Little Brickhill. During the summer we went out for a ride on alternate Thursday evenings and went all over the place - can't be more specific as Russ was leading and as usual we went by the most unusual routes! Everyone is welcome to join in the rides or just pop along for a drink and a natter. With the gorgeous summer we've just had, we spent most Thursday evenings either riding or sitting in the pub garden enjoying the sunshine. In the winter months we meet on the 1st Thursday of the month, but will return to

weekly meetings in the Spring. Check-out our Yahoo site:

for more details and the diary. By the time you read this, we will have stuffed our faces royally at the Christmas Dinner. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to seeing you in 2004.



Secretary: Paul Evans -

After a wonderful long and dry summer it now seems that Winter has been here forever and we are still only in December, Summer 2004 seems a long way off. Because of the 'not so biker friendly' weather recently the club has recently had a Skittles evening at the Llantwit Fadre Sports and Social Club. Skittles, you would think would be a nice, peacefully, relaxing evening - not with our branch, there were skittles and bits of skittles flying everywhere. Twenty Two members attended the evening and thankfully every one escaped without injury. Our thanks to our Treasurer Mike Blewett for organising the evening. Talking about Summer, preparations are well under way for our French Tour 2004. The club has hired a converted Manor House in the village of Brizambourg, near to Cognac, France. The house can sleep up to 24

18 people and has its own outdoor swimming pool. So far 11 people have paid their deposits and personally speaking I can't wait. A week in the French sun riding Motorbikes Oh Bliss. Unfortunately at this stage in the year we have not got our acts together with regard Ride Outs dates for 2004 but hopefully this will be rectified in the near future. As the dates are arranged they will be published on our web site which can be accessed via the link on the main HOC Website or by contacting me . Please feel free to attend any of the rideouts or meetings, we're a friendly bunch really !!! Ride Safe

Paul Evans WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 25



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Secretaries: Tim Lee 023 8025 2113 Jackie Harris 023 9225 6571 Well, here we are again with the end of another year approaching, and a good many events already pencilled in the diary for 2004. As a branch we have remained strong with many events being well supported and a number of new faces now being seen on a regular basis. This year, for our Christmas Dinner/Party, we decided that rather than hire the function room of a pub, or go to a hotel as previously, we would hold the event at our regular meeting place at the rowing club. This has proved to be a very popular choice, with well over 40 members in attendance, including some who would not normally come. The caterers (which were recommended by the rowing club) did an excellent job, and we all enjoyed a meal which was both well cooked and hot when it arrived at the table, and served virtually simultaneously. Not for us the age old problem of table one being on their pudding as table four awaited their vegetables. The rest of the evening was taken up with the disco, and we all went away with "same again next year" uppermost in our minds. Once again, thanks go to Barbara for organising the event. The weekend prior, saw our annual Christmas "Old Folks" run to residential nursing homes in the area. The following words are taken from our local newsletter, the "Speakeasy" edited by Tom (Santa) Anderson; “After a last minute phone call from Lapland telling him that Rudolph had gone down with a seized big end, Tom Anderson agreed to lend Father Christmas his Storm for the annual Old Folk's Christmas Pressy Run. Sunshine and a good turnout of around 26

20 bikes greeted Santa, who arrived late but unflustered having encountered the 'Cashier from Hell' at a local Texaco garage (little tanks on them Storms meant that he couldn't make it from the North Pole on one tank full). The procession set off to be greeted by cheery smiles and many sloppy kisses at each of the three stops. Santa was warmly welcomed at each stop (a little too warmly sometimes, he told me) and mince pies and tea at the final stop was gratefully received. Santa made a secret getaway while Tom was scoffing pies, leaving him to take his bike back home with another fifteen hundred miles on the clock! (Moral - never lend your bike to a foreigner you never know where they will take it!!) Seriously though, if you wonder whether it is all worth it, I heard one of the staff tell me that it was the first time she had seen one lady smile since she had been there. Powerful medicine is Santa!!”

“I remember you from last’re the saucy one aren’t you” WINTER 2003

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Looking forward to 2004 sees the highlight of the Solent year being our 10th Anniversary New Forest Rally. In the last ten years, Barbara and the crew have worked hard to make sure that the New Forest Rally lives up to the reputation it has gained. Over the years, the branch has made it a priority to invest in the necessary equipment to ensure the success of the rally, and this year sees an "extension" to the marquee and additional catering equipment being added. For those who have yet to attend, the rally has a truly "traditional" feel. If you fancy sleeping under canvas, or in a caravan you have brought with you, do not want "organized" evening entertainment and are happy with BBQ's, socializing and silly


Keep it tidy



Why is there not a branch in Scotland? Where is the Sussex branch? Why do I have to go to Birmingham if I live in North Wales? Nothing in Norfolk? These are the most common phrases that make me wince every time we are at a show trying to promote membership to the Honda Owners Club. Everyone seems to think the club is a great idea and the best value for money to join at only the equivalent of ÂŁ1 a month to be part of the club. However we still don't seem to be able to get people to run the branches in certain areas. Some have tried and failed, perhaps due to being in the wrong location or on the wrong day of the week. Who knows the many and varied reasons for not being able to do what seems to happen successfully elsewhere. There is only one answer to the "no branch in my area situation" though, and that is for someone to come forward and be responsible for promotion in their area. It is not difficult after all. You need a venue a time and a date. The national club will post details of these to all members in that area and then it's up to those interested to get along to the first meeting. If there is interest enough, arrange a second meeting. Simple! WINTER 2003

games, then the entry form is to be found further on in this issue. This year, as an added incentive, the Motorcycle World Show at Beaulieu is being held on the same weekend. As it is situated only a few miles from the camp site, it offers an excellent opportunity, and will no doubt see a number of members visiting the HOC stand over the weekend. My New Years wish is for the weather to be as good as it was in the summer of 2003.


If you get as far as a third meeting then perhaps its time to think about a committee. The main need will be for a Branch Secretary, who will be the contact person for that area for members, and also the contact for the national management Committee. No one else can do it for you, if you want a branch in your area then you or your friends have to do something about it. Currently we need someone in Norwich area, and someone to take over from Carol for the Bristol branch as she is going abroad, and even I accept that running the branch from New Zealand could be a bit difficult. Likewise we need people in Sussex, Scotland perhaps two or three different areas, North Wales, Northern Ireland, Staffs and or Cheshire. There are those in Surrey who have said they will give it a go but we are waiting for details, this is also the situation in Worcester. The time to do these things is now so that come Spring the branches are running ready for an active summer. So, please will some of you just give this a bit more thought and take some positive steps towards making the HOC a truly national club with many branches covering the whole country.

Chairman 27

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Secretary: Steve Hill - 020 8291 5263

Hi people, Where has the year gone? No, we have not missed out, we have used every hour of it in one way or another, mostly biking and more biking. Summer has been good to us, so keep it up guys & girls. Some brief reflections on the year just passed. February: A sad and unwanted milestone in our branch history, let alone dear Olives', with the unexpected death of Tony Byrne, an active and devoted member. With his exracing drivers' knowledge and experience, he was always there to advise and assist his fellow members. Whatever the problem, "ask Tony" was the usual answer. Not having him round has dampened our spirits a bit. March: Runs to Box Hill and the Hogs Back were the order of the day, enjoyed by all who took part. April: The Box Hill 100 mile charity run enjoyable despite the weather. May: The Bedfordshire Rally saw me learning to play rounders. I met many new faces, what a super crew they are. This was followed by one of the highlights of our year in the Ace CafĂŠ Honda Day. Whilst being the only club to turn up, we packed the place with what must be one of the best supported National events for a long time. The day was made even more enjoyable by the friendly police, lovely coffee, and not least our new friends at Chiswick Honda. A great day was had by all. June: My favourite month featuring our visit to the TT. This was great stuff, with the usual glory, the bikes, the heroes, the speed and the singsounds of the bikes and the people all that and more that keeps you coming 28

back time and time again. Steve set up the HOC stand at Peel along with Honda UK, our gratitude to them for what was a great day. We had quite a few members from other branches with us, and before leaving, we went up to see the monument for Joe (yerman) on Snaefell. July: This month saw our branch hosting the HOC Modern & Classic Show. The concours went extremely well, with the location adding much to the event. Tilford Rural Life museum is set in beautiful rural surroundings and exhibits show both the machinery and the way of rural living in times past. With an open air restaurant featuring top class service and an excellent bar, the event saw between 50 and 70 bikes take part on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer. The results are shown elsewhere in the magazine, but the general feeling was "same again next year". Well done Steve and the Branch for making this happen. August: A run out to the Eden Project in the West Country was both fun and a worthwhile experience. We included Arun to Goonhilly Space Station and the lost gardens of Helligan. September: We returned to Devon for the National Rally, and although only a few branch members made the trip, it was an enjoyable weekend with an interesting run out on the Saturday. October: We attended the AGM as usual on our bikes. The meeting was a good one, although there was not much food available. Much to his surprise and delight, Steve was awarded the Alan Augustine trophy again for his contributions and efforts WINTER 2003

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The only problem was how to carry it home on the bike, so thanks to the knight in shining leathers for the cargo net. November: A run to Chislehurst Caves - a really good venue with a cafĂŠ and tours of the passageways carved by the Druids amongst others and inhabited by the local population during the Blitz. (They have several good web pages - search for Chislehurst Caves). Another treat came by way of Mike and Annie's firework display and food. The 22 of us who attended had a super time and would like to offer our thanks. The NEC Show saw a number of our branch members helping out on the stand, particularly Sue and Paul who enjoyed the 15th and 16th so much that they came back for more on the 22nd. I demonstrated my love of biking by going up and returning next day, and getting drenched in the process. December: Our normal branch meetings continue through the month, and of course there is our Christmas Dinner and general merriment


to be enjoyed. I have to say, that this is the longest magazine report I have ever done. It is aimed at the many members in the area who are yet to come along to a branch meeting. In November we had our Branch AGM where Jude stood down as PRO and we were joined on the Committee by Kris and Sue as PRO's and Chris Bradshaw as Runs Organiser. With their enthusiasm I am sure that 2004 will be an active and enjoyable year for all in West London Branch. Look out for a lively runs programme!!. So, come on down and join us if you live in our area. The Admiral Hawke is a small but very friendly pub with excellent food (As I'm sure that all at the AGM will vouch for after a sumptuous buffet!) Regards

Maureen Chairperson


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WILTSHIRE Secretary: Chris Cook - 01793 725385

September saw yet another successful Wilts camping weekend with me, Chris Cook taking no less than 14 bikes on the famous Wilts farm yard tour. On the Saturday, we took a trip to Avebury, ostensibly to show our fellow ralliers where the bikes all meet on a Wednesday night. Whilst there, we took the opportunity to visit the haunted house of Avebury. We continued our journey through various other locations, to arrive back at the campsite in time for some relaxation. Sufficiently relaxed, it was time for the free BBQ for the Wilts branch and guests. Sunday arrived all to soon, and it was time to pack up and wend our way homewards. A huge thank you to all who attended, from all of us at Wilts branch. Next up was our run to Tintagel on October the 5th, except that we re-routed it to Poole Quay via lots of dry country roads. On waking up, I looked out of my bedroom window and was somewhat surprised to see frost on the car and the garden, and was somewhat cold on my arrival at the Shambles car park in Devises. On the arrival of several others, we all voted that Danny would lead, and Mary would choose where we were to go, leaving Bob to follow with me bringing up the rear. We travelled through miles of country lanes to arrive at Poole for dinner, where I had a lovely roast beef.

Following dinner we decided on a stroll to look at the boats and pay a visit to the Lifeboat Museum. The day finished perfectly as we mounted our bikes and made our way back to Danny's for coffee & tea, passing Flakey & Jim Tans brother walking out of the bushes muttering that it was cold, and decided to tag along to Danny's for a drink and a warm. Suitable watered and warmed, we went our separate ways and made out way home. Bob Mary and Yours Truly made the most of some fast dry roads as we made our way back to Swindon & Cirencester. It is obviously getting colder as the numbers are dropping off. If you would like to join in with our antics, information can be found on our web page, or you can contact me or Bob, our runs co-ordinator for any last minute changes. Remember, all are welcome, and we are a generally active lot, visiting many different places throughout the year. Our regular meet is on the third Thursday of every month, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our Spring Bank Holiday Rally. All the best, and keep the tyres on the road and the muddy side up.

Chris Cook

Come and join th Rd., A338). At Bu Camping is availa Solo guitarist Sat

Please note on th

For further details

BOOKING FO Please detac

One person on

Two persons o

TOTAL amoun

Name: ........... Address: ....... ....................... ....................... Post Code: .... Telephone: H.O.C. Branch

I enclose cheq

Please return

September Rally Run, “The Lovers� photo supplied by Sandra Freund 30


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 31


Come and join the fun at the Bruces Arms, Easton Royal, Pewsey, Wilts (Just off the Marlborough to Salisbury Rd., A338). At Burbage take the B3087 and the Bruces Arms is on the right. Camping is available behind the pub with toilet facilities. Families welcome. Solo guitarist Saturday Evening Please note on the form the days you are camping, if staying less than 3 nights. For further details please contact:- Chris Cook, Tel: 01793 725385

BOOKING FORM Please detach or photocopy and forward with payment One person one tent,

one night two nights or three nights

£ 5.00 £10.00 £15.00

Two persons one tent,

one night two nights or three nights

£ 6.00 £12.00 £18.00

TOTAL amount payable


Tick Boxes


Name: ................................................................................................................ Address: ............................................................................................................ .......................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................... Post Code: ............................................... Telephone: ............................................... Bike Reg: .......................... H.O.C. Branch: ....................................................... I enclose cheque/postal order to the value of £....................made payable to ‘H.O.C. Wilts’ FINAL DATE FOR BOOKING:- 16th APRIL 2004 Please return this form with payment and SAE to :CHRIS COOK No.1 LOWER WIDHILL FARM COTTAGES BLUNSDON SWINDON SN26 8DB

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One of the advantages of the NEC Show this year was that it gave an opportunity to meet with those who offer services which can benefit HOC members. On such firm was Perception, providers of Legal Expenses insurance and a wholly owned subsidiary of Blakemores Solicitors. We are currently putting the final arrangement to a deal whereby Perception will provide their legal expenses policies free to members. For most of us this will mean a saving of between £15 and £25 each year. In addition, Blakemores have offered to write a series of articles for Golden Wing dealing with subjects which are likely to be of interest to members. Here is the first of these articles. Ed

THE MOTOR INSURERS BUREAU UNTRACED AND UNINSURED DRIVERS SCHEME Unless you have been more unlucky than most, you will not have heard of the Motor Insurer's Bureau. You almost certainly will not have noticed the introduction of the latest revision of the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) untraced driver's agreement, in force since 14 February 2003. However, with more and more uninsured motorists on the roads, and others unwilling to stop at the scene of an accident, now is a good time to brush up on your "rights". The MIB was established in 1946 and administers the "guarantee fund", through two agreements between the Bureau and the Secretary of State for Transport. The first, the uninsured driver's agreement, will compensate those involved in accidents involving an uninsured motorist. The second, the untraced driver's agreement, as its name suggests, will compensate those involved in hit-and-run type cases. Perhaps the most significant change with this revision is that the untraced driver's agreement has now been brought into line with the uninsured agreement, in that a claim may be made for damage to property. Not limited to the cost of the repairs or write-off value of the vehicle, the bureau has confirmed that it will also entertain claims for hire car charges. A £300 excess applies. One can imagine the scheme being abused who is to say that an anonymous lorry driver, and not a moment of carelessness on your part, caused the damage to your brand new bike? Before reaching for an application form, note the small print. To protect the bureau's position, the small print excludes payments in respect of property damage where there is not an 'identified vehicle' (as opposed to an identified driver). In 32

other words, there must be proof that a qualifying incident has taken place. An example of the provision in practice would be an accident involving a stolen vehicle - the thief may well attempt to abandon the vehicle following the accident, but the vehicle itself will be identified, even if the thief is not. The scheme has a number of other qualifying provisions. Most importantly, the police must be notified within five days in respect of property claims, and within 14 days in the case of injury claims. The applicant must produce satisfactory evidence of having reported to the police in the form of an acknowledgement showing the crime or incident number, and be able to demonstrate that he has co-operated with the police in respect of any investigations. An application under the untraced drivers agreement must be made in respect of an injury claim within three-years period but note that a property claim must be brought within nine months whether or not it forms part of a more substantial injury claim. Furthermore, there can be no claim after two years for property damage, or 15 years for injury, irrespective of whether the applicant may be reasonably expected to have been aware of the loss within that time. To the usual exclusions of the applicant being carried in a vehicle which he knew to be stolen, uninsured and so on, is added injury caused by or in the course of, an act of terrorism. A sign of the times, perhaps? Mark Kiteley is an assistant solicitor at Birmingham-based Blakemores Solicitors and is a member of the Law Society's personal injury panel. For Further Information on Pursuing a claim or Legal Advice In general please telephone 0870 169 7788 and Quote Your Owners Club membership number.


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25th - 27th JUNE 2004









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2003 started off on a high and low note for me. The high was the new STX 1300 Pan that would arrive for the 1st of March. The low was seeing it with a dent in the tank, parts not fitted and scratches. Still the bike shop did put it right, or at least some of it, but that's another story.

Easter came with the usual Egg collections and runs to deliver them around the Leicestershire Martyn let me have this photo taken when he did his bit.

The First Ride - Out to Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum Saturday 29th March was the first ride out of the new year and 10 bikes parked outside the Woodman Pub, Moira for Coffee & Bacon Cobs. After food and a chat we set off via the Royal, just to check, with Dave Bell leading. A cracking ride across the top of Leicestershire saw us join the A46 towards Newark & Lincoln. Willow & Jo-Jo joined us at the A46/A52 junction and Dangerous Brian met us at Daemon's, the coffee and breakfast stop.

For those that know Martyn, he has stood down as Chairman of the Branch this year and won't be doing much riding. I would like to thank Andy Young for the 'Friend of Honda' badge, he gave to Martyn for his service to HOC(GB), pulling our Branch up from 4 members to the present 60+ Nice photo lads, not to sure about the bloke in the middle though!!

Twelve bikes arrived just after 1 pm at the Heritage Centre, after an enjoyable ride. (For the keen eyed ones, yes there are 13 bikes lined up, some chap from Oxford arrived at the same time as us and thought he should park with the rest of us, mine is the second from the left. The highlight of the day was to see the Lancaster with all four engines opened up to full throttle. All had a brilliant day. Thanks Dave for a great start to the year. 34


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 35

RIDE OUT TO SOUTHEND ON SEA Sunday 20th April was an overcast morning that saw 4 bikes meet at The Royal for a quick burst down the A5 and A14 to Godmanchester, just outside Huntington, to join Willow & Jo-Jo. Quick Blurt, 80 miles in 82 minutes! Still we found Paul & Jo Aust where they said they would be, along with Dangerous Brian. The further south we went, the better the weather. By the time we arrived at Southend it was clear blue skies. Mr. Tibbles had changed hands to some "Honourable gentlemen" but the foot was great. We even sat out on the balcony to eat. A steady walk along the 2-mile pier got rid of that full up feeling. It also got rid of Jo-Jo's hat. "I told you to hold on to it you silly woman'. The Coast guard did put out a shipping warning, just in case!! Train ride back along the pier saw us all meet up at about 3.30pm for a steady ride back. Thanks Paul for a great ride. Oh, how many times did we go round that island!!!!

BRIXHAM WEEKEND Some of us thought that we would venture south for the May break, so we booked for the Devon & Somerset Rally at Brixham. We all arrived at the Caravan site safe, I won't say well as those that went will testify. I thought Wales last year was bad, but that was nothing compared with the wind that we all experienced on the Friday ride down. Friday night and food was the order of the evening. Dave & Wendy Bell and I had checked out several places to eat, so 7.30pm after Wendy had organised the Taxi's we hit Brixham. "Sorry Fully Booked" was the first reply when they saw 15 of us with hungry looks on our faces. "No chance for the next 3 nights". What were we going to do? "Try Tides, just up there", was a comment from a passer by. What had we got to loose. In we walked, "Can you look after us PLEASSSSSE!!!. Look after us, the boss and his staff pulled out all the stops. What a meal. We booked there and then for Saturday and Sunday nights. If you are ever down at Brixham, please call in at Tides on the quay front and let the staff know that you are from the Bikes that took over May bank holiday. You might be surprised. I won't go into full details of the meals over the weekend but it was better than great. Saturday was overcast and after the ride on Friday no one wanted to get on the bike so a boat trip to Torquay was taken instead. Sunday was better and Paul took us out onto Dartmoor for a great ride. Monday came around all to soon and it was back up to the midlands and home. The best day of the weekend.

Thanks to Sandie & Frank for booking the site, Paul Aust for the Ride out and Wendy Bell for organising the Taxis and food. A great weekend.

RIDEOUT TO RHYL The first day of June, up early, the weather is true to the forecast and is bright and sunny, get the bike out, refuel and arrive at the rear of the "Royal" for an 8 AM. start. Nine bikes which included two prospective new members, Sandie on her SV 650 and Liv on his Blackbird. We had a good ride across country lanes to Alrewas and onto Rugeley, then up the Trent Valley, and across to Whitchurch. Here we stopped to refuel bodies and bikes. Leaving Whitchurch we venture into Wales on a mixture of roads, including twisting through wooded hillsides. We arrived on the Promenade at Rhyl just after midday. We made our way into the pedestrianised area of town to find somewhere to eat and drink, and found a place to eat 'alfresco', unfortunately the sun went behind a series of clouds and it got noticeably cooler. Afterwards we split up and had a look around, the sun shining with an occasional cloud in the sky. I stayed with the largest group and we walked along the prom, looking at how the sea front had changed, some buildings in a dilapidated state and others had been renovated. It was my first visit to Rhyl and I was not over impressed. We left Rhyl about three o'clock, following the same roads back as far as Whitchurch and another stop. We left the service area and followed the outward route for a short distance before turning east towards Stoke and the A50 and the return towards home. Everyone said they enjoyed the day out and the roads were good. But when you look around a seaside place like Rhyl, you can see how places in this country have become run down, with the unreliable weather and ease of travel abroad, people just do not visit them.

PUNT'S AHOY A vast ye land lubbers, splice the main brace and be ready the boarding party. That was the cry as we left the Royal Hotel bound for the West Indies, well, Cambridge actually. 15 bikes and 25 sea dogs set sail. Sunday 29th June was fine and bright and the trip down was very enjoyable. We arrived at Cambridge and after circumnavigating the barrier reef (a trip through bollards), we anchored. As always, food and drink was the first thing on the agenda and the group split up to explore the Island and meet the natives, agreeing to meet later back at the car park. continued on page 46....



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Saddle Sore 2004

Entry Form

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 40

Competition Rules The Saddle Sore Competition is open to all paid up members of the Honda Owners Club (GB) All events attended must be identified by an entry in the Event Log opposite and signed by the organiser or co-ordinator. On attending an event, there is no requirement for a competitor to remain for the full duration of the event. Completed event logs must be received by John Churchill by Midnight 30th September 2004 - all entries received after this time will not be valid. The winners will be member scoring the most points in each category. In the event that more than one member has the same points total, then the prize for that category will be shared in equal proportions between those scoring the same points. Points will be awarded as follows; 500cc and under - 110 points for every event attended and 1 point per mile Over 500cc - 100 points for every event attended and 1 point per mile. All events qualify except runs and ride outs. The decision of John Churchill, Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator, is final in all matters. Entries to: John Churchill 78 Queen Margarets Road Coventry CV4 8FW Tel: 024 7667 0999

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 41











Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 42



SADDLE SORE NEWS Well done to all those who entered in 2003 The winners were as follows; Up to 500cc - Pam Irving (Solent Branch) Over 500cc - Chris Cook (Wiltshire Branch) The prize is a cheque for ÂŁ150 each So, come along and have a go. The first event of the year is the G-Mex show. Either use this form, or e-mail me or contact me as follows; John Churchill 78 Queen Margarets Road Coventry CV4 8FW Tel: 024 7667 0999

Details of all


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 45


anti-social hours



Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 46

Beth and Lynn press-ganged this poor innocent young man in a straw boater offering him all sorts of treasures and adventure. The rest of us did not like the cut of his jib and told him to sling his hook. T h e majority of the group made their way to the punts. We lost Liv somewhere along the way together with several others including Captain Cooke, who was no doubt burying his treasure. Gary (Splish) also jumped ship having gone for a swim on the last outing. Two punts were chartered, skippered by Capt'n Dave "Blackbeard" Leake and Capt'n Frank "Ahab" Chetcuti. Lynn could not find her sea legs and her fingernails had to be surgically removed from the boat-deck when we returned to shore. The voyage was long and arduous. We encountered many unfriendly vessels along the way, repelling boarders and having to shiver our timbers on several occasions. There had been a mutiny on "Blackbeards" punt and Dangerous Brian took command. Mark "Spartacus" Lees, the galley slave, still dressed in his leathers, was on the oar. Life was tough under Blackbeard but Mark thought of another place to put his oar when Dangerous was at the tiller. Dangerous immediately put his punt into a zig-zag pattern believing that there were enemy U-Boats patrolling the area. Eventually, riddled with scurvy, we retuned to safety of the harbour. Having consumed copious amounts of fluids, we returned to the bikes and set sail, homeward bound. The day was a great and a wondrous adventure was had by all. No-one was made to walk the plank and all returned home safe. Thanks to Dave and Barbara for arranging the ride out.

EAST MIDLANDS SUMMER RALLY 2003 Friday 11th July dawned bright & sunny, We were waiting a phone call to say Dave Leake was on the way , he and Frank had to go to Tesco to do a bit more shopping for Le Chef Barbara then proceed to Rosliston to collect the Food Trailer, then onwards to Ashbourne. They 46

arrived about 12.30ish only to find Worzel waiting for them. The Marquee was up although not quite where we expected it to be, however after much a do we had electricity and set to trying to get organized in readiness. One by one people started arriving - Le Chef in her smashing new Camper soon set the food trailer ( as well as Frank & David) up ready for the evening supper, David set up the tea urn, Worzel put the direction signs out. Tom Cat & Queenie were ready pens in hand to mark off the bookings and alleviate our guests from hard earned cash. Frank & I started putting up the lighting - it was easy with the rope lights, but we had a strip light to hang in a very high roof, so Rambo piped up " I can shimmy up that pole, no trouble" so cable in hand he started, only to find it a little slippery, Norman kindly assisted by pushing him up from the behind, he then stood on Franks shoulders, Norman climbed on to a chair and then took over from Franks shoulders to push John up to the top, he carefully fed the cable over the top and shimmied somewhat undignifiedly down the pole to mother earth, we all stood and thought what a good job when David L walked in and said " No not that cable I need that for the Camper" and so the process happened again to remove the wrong cable and insert the correct one, then we had to balance John on Normans hands while Frank navigated a blind John to some holes in the pole where eventually he fixed the light - and what a good job was done by all. You know the joke "How m a n y men does it take to change a light bulb ?" Bikes started arriving thick and fast and t e n t s popped up everywhere, Le Chef and her two comis chefs David & Frank served Chicken Curry & Rice or Faggots and mushy peas to all - the biscuits & beers where starting to flow we had music & games supplied as usual by our lovely Alan Kyle. Friday night saw 26 tents I believe most of us were in the land of nod by about 12.30ish, when another happy camper arrived from Southend. WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:29 Page 47

Saturday 12th saw another super sunny morning, Le Chef & Co worked really hard and served 55 breakfasts, by this time we were all aware of the problem that had arisen regarding the Shower facilities but I am not going to bore you with that, lets just say we are looking for a new venue for next year, so while you guys are out there riding around please keep your eyes open and pick up and leaflets on what you think are nice sites, then we can all decide where we want to go ready for the coming year. Just after 11.00am the riders where ready to set of to a place chosen by Alan Kyle, Alan with Dave L as pillion yes I did say as pillion set off with Frank & I as tail end charlie we totalled 31 bikes with most of them 2 up - the ride was approximately 45 miles with some smashing roads, bends and scenery - with lots of visitors Alan had explained our buddy system and I have to say it worked perfectly, we lost no one, we arrived at Caldwell's Mill & Craft Centre in Rowsley which is near Matlock & Bakewell. Alan had warned them of our visit but the poor man did not know how many and when 31 bikes arrived he stood scratching his head as to where to put us all but we squeezed in, in every nook and cranny you could squeeze a bike and with 2 Gold Wings some of the crannys where caverns. The place was great a Vintage Flour Mill with tour and guide was really interesting, a cafÊ with home cooked meals for anyone that had room after the huge breakfast. A couple of craft shops one that I fell in love with was a Glass Studio I spoke to the artist who makes them, she uses 23 carat gold and silver fused in her designs they were beautiful and expensive - Frank is glad we were on the bike and I could not buy anything, but I may just have to go again. I went for a paddle in the river with the ducks it was so refreshing , Mick and David kept an eye on Steve Pugh (you know what he is like for water) as he sat dangling his booted feet over the river bank. We stopped here for about 1½hours, the time flew by. Dave Bell took lots of pictures as he does. We thanked them for their hospitality and went our merry way with Karen & Norman playing traffic wardens and stopping the traffic for the bikes to leave the car park unhindered. A lovely ride back to Ashbourne for everyone to go to the WINTER 2003

Supermarket to buy meat etc.. for the evening BBQ. Thanx Alan it was a Super ride out and nobody got lost. All back safely , change drink and unwind in the afternoon sun Perfek. But no rest for the wicked Alan soon set up some outdoor games, Worzel won the Welly Wanging with a real long throw that no one could get near to. Rambo won the Gorilla Bucket time trials in a speedy 4 seconds, don't ask me to write what that was all about but it was very difficult, then super time Le Chef had prepared Salad & Chips our Worzel had made a big BBQ with a hot plate which was used by all, the evening was still bright and warm as we stood eating watching the Hot Air Balloons rise over the horizon Alan had one last outside game, 4 couples had to take a very big balloon each - fill it with water carry it back across the field and tip it into a bucket for Alan to measure, it was funny watching the concentration on the faces as they approached the bucket, this was won by Nigel & Jackie who have since become new members, infact we have now got 4 new couples as member, all of them full of fun and wanting to get stuck in - great just what we want. When it started to get a bit fresh we all partook of more games in the marquee, games like 4 person skiing and a steady hand skill thing that caused a lot of laughter, Alan gave out prizes to those deserving participants. Then music and lots of biscuits and lots of laughter a good time was had by all. Sunday 13th saw another lovely morning what fine weather we had this year & last (can it hold) Le Chef and her assistants supplied another 50 odd Huge breakfasts to set the ground for another day, only now we had to start breaking everything down and cleaning up the Food trailer, People started to leave about 11.00am ish and frank & I were the last to leave at 1.30pm I would just like to say a big thank you to all the committee members that helped create this wonderful weekend and of course their other halves for their input and assistance. Next year we will be somewhere else so keep reading the newsletters for an update. 47

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FRENCH HOLIDAY - PART 1 10 am Friday 18th July saw 6 bikes and 10 excited people parked outside Rambo's House, ready for the off. Beth & Rambo , Caroline & Alan, Harry & Sharon (Friends of Rambo), John, Lewis, Wendy & myself. Dave Sansome came by to wave us off on our 2 day trip down to La Hallerie, Vautorte, in Southern Normandy. Our first stop was Ashford, Kent, ready for an early Chunnel crossing Saturday morning. As we pulled onto the train, Harry saw spots of oil below his engine. Checking the level everyone thought it was just a splash back from over filling, how wrong we were. Onto French soil and off along the N16. The weather was great, clear blue skies and a slight breeze. Every thing was just great. Then it happened. Just as I was entering a long tunnel, Rambo came shooting up, problem with Harry. As I was in the tunnel I could not stop. As soon as we cleared the tunnel we all pulled over, Harry and John Holtham were still on the other side of the tunnel. After about 45 minutes John Holtham appeared. Harry's oil drip had blown, all over his rear wheel. John explained that Harry wanted us to carry on. He (Harry) would get his bike sorted and join us later. It was not until Wednesday night that Harry rejoined us. Off we set again, an hour behind our planned time. The roads did help but the heat started to take its toll. It was nearly 8 pm when we pulled into La Hallerie. Trevor, the owner, who had come over to make sure everything was OK had the beer chilling in the fridge for about 4 hours and boy, was it welcome. The fridge and kitchen were stocked with food and drink so we quickly settled into our rooms, a quick shower and then food and more drink. Eight very tired people finally hit the sack and never heard a thing until the next morning. Sunday dawned very bright and dry. A slow restful day was had by all, just unwinding from the two previous days riding. The beer was cold and the wine fruity. We spent the day just taking in the scenery of La Hallerie and getting to know our hosts, Trevor and John. We learnt that the other


owner Steve was in hospital having just had a major operation. Even though we were about 100 yards from the main N12, Mayenne to Ernee road, we never heard any traffic, day or night. Although the adverts stated that there were 3 separate buildings available, due to the serious illness to Steve and health problems with John, La Maison Principle was the only available accommodation. This comprised of the ground floor with a large lounge and kitchen-diner. A central stair case lead up to the first floor with 2 double bedrooms, both en-suite. There was also a separate toilet and bath/shower room. A further stair case took you up the second floor where there were three double bedrooms, separate toilet and bath/shower/toilet room. John, who was in the process of selling it, occupied L'Etable. If anyone has ÂŁ89,000 to spare then it would be a bargain. La Cave was not quite ready for occupation but checking out what had been done, it was going to be a fabulous place, attached to the back of la Maison Principle. Sunday night Rambo did his thing on the BarB-Q and the ladies in the party produced a wonderful evening meal with help from all the men. Sitting outside around a large table until well past midnight was just great. Monday, T u e s d a y , Wednesday and Thursday, we were out every day. Not to far, just enough to enjoy the Normandy scenery and atmosphere. Towns, Villages, Chateaux's and a great Creperie at Chailland. For those that went, it was a holiday to remember. For those that did not, well, Rambo might book it next year, with not to much pressure, me thinks! For my part, I would like to thank all that went and especially Wendy who kept us on course with her navigation.


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RIDEOUT TO DIDCOT Having watched club members leave Rambo's for France the day before I was eager to get on two wheels myself. The forecast was a bright sunny day, with cloud and showers spreading from the west during the afternoon. I left home and headed for sunny Ashby. Eight o' clock came and with four bikes and five souls we decided to wait 10 minutes before leaving. Four bikes leave the Royal at about 8.15, Dave Bell leading, Paul and Karen next, then myself with the club chairman at the rear. The route is down the A444, A5 and the Fosse Way to Morton in the Marsh for our stop. After coffee in a pub we set off along the A44 toward Oxford passing through Chipping Norton and Woodstock until we reach A34 and turn right to the outskirts of Didcot, (well the best laid plans and all that), at this major Junction which is a roundabout under the A34, Dave entered the roundabout, Paul had to let a couple of cars go by before he entered I followed with Martin on my tail, Paul saw a flash of Yellow unexpectedly through the traffic leaving the roundabout and quickly changes lanes safely, I shoulder check to my left and follows him, looking in my mirror to see where Martin is, I see him waving "bye bye Tomcat," the flash of yellow Paul saw turned out to be a sports car. After a spin down a dual carriageway with no U turns, we turn round and meet up with Dave and Martin on the slip where we should have gone in the first place. We follow the A34 to Didcot and the Railway Museum. After parking and changing, we walk over a footbridge and along the side of the main rail line, through the station then onto the museum; we decide to eat in the cafeteria. I was served my food and Martin was served the remainder of the chips in the pan and given his meal, he said "what about the chips" the girl said "that's all we have left," Martin points out he is a big lad and 10 chips (yes 10 chips not a misprint) would not satisfy his hunger, Martin was saved by the arrival of some chips from the kitchen. We ate our meal Alfresco, as it was a nice sunny day. First area we visited was the history of the Great Western Railway, very interesting looking at the memorabilia from its inception up to its demise with the formation of British Rail. In this area Martin found Rambo hard at work. We moved on passed some old carriages and onto a station platform. Walking along next to the track toward some sheds, Martin noticed how crooked the line was, in the sheds we found old carriages awaiting restoration, some were early Victorian first class


carriages. We also found some old carriages from a 'Royal Train.' Next we visited the workshops and saw an engine under restoration that we had previously seen old photos of, and also information next to its wheels that had broken due to fatigue. This engine and tender has had ten years of work done on it, and still has about five or six years work before it will be running. After looking at other engines in various stages of repair we moved into another shed where they store the engines when they first arrive at the museum, and in the other half of the shed are restored engines, some of which the public are allowed to climb onto the foot plate. Martin climbed onto one and stood next to a sign about old relics, Dave Bell could not miss the opportunity. At the far end of this shed are kept the engines that are used on steam days, one of which was 'in steam', I think that's what they call it. We were now back next to the cafeteria and decided to have a drink before leaving for the journey home. The route home was back onto the A34 and A44 as far as Chipping Norton, then A3400 to Stratford. At Stratford I came to the front to show everybody where the new bike park is, this has some bays with ground anchors, (parking along the Waterside for Motorcycles is no longer allowed). After a drink by the side of the canal basin, we left Stratford for a refuel stop and the final leg of the journey home. After refuelling on the Warwick bypass Dave led off but missed the turn for the route home through Hatton, Balsall Common etc., as he had a long way to go to turn back, Martin decided to lead the way home. I had already said I would turn for home on my own near Meriden. Altogether it was a good day out for those that went to Didcot Railway Museum, and if club members are interested, we could consider going again on a Sunday, perhaps next year. Editors Note - I could not get the picture of Martyn any larger as it would fill the page, but the notice by his left hand said " THIS DISPLAY ITEM IS VERY OLD PLEASE TREAT IT WITH THE RESPECT IT DESERVES" Need I say anymore!!


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MATLOCK ILLUMINATIONS & VENETIAN EVENING Saturday 27th September was a good day for the weather at 6 pm we rode to the Royal to meet up with other hearty souls. 5 bikes and 8 members enjoyed a pleasant ride to Matlock uneventful until we reached the A6 Derby where we picked up a police escort complete with fire engines and ambulance. Not for any of us thankfully but we kept waiting for the next corner to see stationery traffic, however we kept going and came across nothing. At Cromford we turned into the car park to meet an attendant who thought he was going to park us on the grass amongst the cars, until I got off and explained we had rung and we wanted to park on the concrete he said no, I said yes - so we parked on the concrete then the bus driver did not know what to charge as it was ÂŁ2.00 per car so again we agreed 50p per person enough said. We took the bus to town it was heaving and strange to see so many people but no bikes in Matlock, we wandered a bit then asked a couple of the boys in blue where was the best place to see the fireworks, we had a nice cup of warm coffee and then made our way to the illuminations and fun fare, It is called Venetian evening as all the floats are made up on little boats and rowed up & down the river all illuminated and very nice to see. We had time to kill so went for a walk round the park looking at the lights and waterfalls, I have never seen that part of Matlock before it really is lovely, we also went mountaineering up a little track the view was good as we searched for a site to see the fireworks, some people went up a slope to the road Frank followed as he slipped around he said "come on this is OK" we all looked at each other rather sheepishly and decided to give it a try, I went up 3 or 4 steps and asked for help to get back down - it was very slippery and very steep a group decision was made Frank could go it alone, in the end he slipped rather speedily back down to join us and as old farts we stuck to the path and carried on down. At last we found a spot with a gap in the trees, with lots of ohh! & ahh! we watched for about 30 mins it was very good and worth the ride. The numbers in our hearty band may have been small but a very enjoyable evening was had by all, it was decided we would take the short walk back to the bikes rather than the bus as the queues were long, short walk my A- - it was never ending - it did seems short on the bus we were all glad to sit down when we did get there. Everyone said there 50

goodbyes and made there own way home, it was a lovely crisp evening but in usual HOCEM fashion we had some rain just not to spoil things.

WEEK END IN NORTH YORKSHIRE Well first of all let me say a BIG Thank You to Alan & Linda Kyle for organizing this super weekend, Being a Friday not everyone could travel up together in the afternoon so several small groups made there way up the A1. Frank & I met up with little Mick and set off about 4.30pm with strong winds and lots of heavy traffic - oh Joy - we arrived in Osmotherley at 7.45 giving us 15 mins to check in & change ready for the meal Alan had booked for us all. The group ate a hearty meal and drunk plenty of mead ( & beer etc).

In total we were 18 brave souls on 12 bikes and on a bright sunny (fresh) but dry Saturday we all set off lead by Alan & Linda and tail ended by Frank & myself on a journey down the A19 to Hartlepool, where we visited the Historic Quay and Ship Trincolmalee, now I am not one for Museums but I think I can speak for all when I say what a great place it was, we went on board and had a guided-detailed tour of this lovely ship, learning about its heritage and the life style of the poor s-ds that sailed on her, we where told so much I could go on for ever, but that would bore those that went and for those who did'nt I'm sure you will get the run down from someone who did. Some of us went inside a wax type museum again guided - it was like being inside a war ship seeing & hearing what a day was like in the life of the ships surgeon (not pleasant). We had coffee with a fur covered fish from the North Sea, and then had our ear drums destroyed by a Muzzle loader and a small Canon. WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 51

Deaf as posts and much later than planned we set of to Seaton Carew for a trip on the transporter bridge last seen in Arizona on Auf Weidesen Pet, but unfortunately it was closed so we could only look as we went passed.We had to cut this ride short as time was running out, we ended up in Helmsley just before 5.00pm and managed to get a snack and a coffee before the village closed. Then a ride back via Rievaulx Abbey - Old Byland - Hawnby & back to Osmotherley for wash change and another fab filled evening in The Queen Catherine Hotel with another good meal arranged. By about 11.00pm we all seemed to be fading fast I think it was all that fresh air, so one by one retired to our respective digs which by the way were all very nice. As we had breakfast the local bobby came in to our abode and informed us we should take care as" there were some silly people on them there roads on a Sunday," we assured him we all intended to return in one piece and would be careful. Sunday saw another bight sunny (fresh) but dry day, John & Beth had to return home as they are having the decorators in and needed to get things sorted for the Monday so joined by little Mick set of for home. The rest of us joined Alan in a tour of the Yorkshire Moors and Dales. So 10 bikes set of to North Alerton Alan in lead - Frank on tail we took in Moreton on Swale - Bedale & Leyburn - Langthwaite and on to Tan Hill where at the very top and the most remote of places is a pub called The Tan Hill Inn - some of you will remember seeing it in the Everest Double Glazing advert with Ted Moult. Smashing old place nice coffee - and lots of wooly backs around, David (Bailey) Bell took a group photo of us all which hopefully we will all get to see, then back on bikes down Buttertubs Pass, interesting we stopped and had a good look down some


very deep holes!, then onto Hawes - where we stopped for a bit of lunch - then onward bound to Aysgarth - Grassington - Pateley Bridge Knaresborough I have to say by now we did not know whether we were up hill or down dale we had seen so many hills - valleys - rivers waterfalls etc.. our bums where getting sore - so we stopped in Knaresborough and had refreshments by the river. Then onward to Wetherby - we picked up the A1,M1 and home. At this time of year we have been extremely lucky with the last weekend away for the club in 2003 - the weather could not have been better NO RAIN - we lost no one with the buddy system - and all came home safe and sound. PS: On Saturday night a surprise was install for our Wendy Bell as it was her --st birthday, which we all celebrated with a nice cake. Dave Bell was assigned the task of trying to cut one cake into 18 equal slices and by golly give that man a star, nice one mate.

CHANGE AT THE TOP At our Branch A.G.M. Martyn Hartshorne stood down as Chairman. He has been in the chair for the last 8 years and raised the Branch from 4 members to well over 70. To mark Martyn's stand down, the members presented him with a clock and also a 'Friend' badge from HOC(GB). This was the first, but no doubt not the last, to be presented by HOC(GB) The membership then voted for John Measures to take over the Chairmanship of the Branch. Well that is about it for the year, just the odd couple of Toy Runs to deal with and the bike should be put away until the new year. If next year is only half as good as this, it will be a great year of fun and adventures. Happy Xmas from all at the East Midlands Branch (HOC{GB})

Ian Cooke.


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YES it's Back The Oxford Rally 2004 at "The Cross Hands Inn" Salford Hill, on the A44, Nr Moreton in Marsh. Glos. Friday July 16th to Sunday 18th Camping, Small Tents: £6.00 per night, Large Tents : £7.00 per night Arrive Friday Night Set up and meet friends (and the Oxford Branch !! ) Saturday - Run out, Evening meal in the Pub and some Entertainment. Sun - Pack up and set off home. All bookings and money to be sent to: Betty McCulloch ( Secretary), 16 Kings Court, Burford Road, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3AX Tel : 01993 840 289 or e-mail:

SUNDAY 18TH JULY 2004 - 11AM - 4.30PM ALL BIKES WELCOME CONCOURSE & PRIZES FOR BEST HONDAS IN EACH CLASS; Up to 400cc, 500cc to 750cc, 800cc to 1000cc, above 1100cc & Modified (any cc) - all classes permit any age of bike CLUB/TRADE STANDS WELCOME Please contact Steve Hill - West London Branch Sec. for more info. Branches especially welcome !! If you know of any traders who would like to attend - please let Steve know. He would appreciate your help in any way - especially by just coming along !!



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An Independent View NATIONAL RALLY Me Ian & Tracy set off from Devises and travelled down the A361 through Taunton, Tiverton and onto the A3072 to Bude and thence to Widemouth Bay. We arrived and booked in and then went our separate ways, Tracy and Ian to their caravan & me to the camping field. At first sight, it looks as if the weekend is going to be an interesting one, with the tents being on a sharp slope. It was difficult to sleep, as you kept sliding out of the tent. As another camper said, it was like camping on the Cresta Run. On Saturday, we gathered for the run out, and after a photo session, we set off. One big concern I had was the fact that we were not using the "buddy" system, but had chosen the "boy racer" system instead. This is stupid and dangerous. When you marshals put on your yellow bibs on, it does not allow you to overtake on double white lines and ride dangerously and break the speed limits in towns and villages. I know you might be in a hurry to get to the next marker post but there are easier ways of doing this. Use the "buddy" system, it is known by most of the riders. We arrived at the pub for dinner, where seven of us left the group and went off on our own exploring Dartmoor, so I can't comment on any more of the run but I had seen enough to concern me. After a good explore of the moors, we went to Tintagal and then on to Boscastle which isa preety fishing village where we all had a meal. After, it was back to the camp site to get washed up and down to the bar for the entertainment. The comedian was excellent, and when the bar shut, I went to the Oxford caravan for a coffee, thanks Jim & Betty. Sunday morning arrived and I got up and left the tent to dry out. This time I went to one of the Solent caravans for tea and toast (thanks Barbara). If you are wondering why I was scrounging drinks, it was due to their being no facilities for the campers WINTER 2003


when the bar was shut. There we were, left out again, and it is us who keep the rallies going, even if we are called Neanderthal idiots. The tent dried, so I packed up and headed off home. Thanks Devon & Somerset, you tried hard but did not impress me, better luck to next years organisers.

THE FARMERS BASH (in conjunction with Three Shires branch) I arrived Friday afternoon in the car! Where's the bike I hear you thinking. I was working in Bury St Edmunds, so I was in the firm's car. I arrived at the site and set up the tent (yes, I still camped). I met up with everyone and strolled off down to the pub, well, that was after we demolished a large pot of chilli - on Saturday it had its revenge on most of us. At the pub we had a few drinks and a sing song accompanied by two guitars. The landlord didn't ban us, so we can't have been that bad. We eventually retired to bed, only to be back down the pub again for breakfast the next morning. The rest disappeared off on a run after breakfast, but I decided to stay behind and just chill. Later on Saturday, the members of Three Shires along with Jerry the farmer and his wife, decided to set up the BBQ and burn some meat. Jerry had a posh gas barbecue, but the rough old bikers made to with a coal one. This turned out to be quite an event, as Jan (I think that is the right name) surprised us all by bringing forth some culinary delights which no one new she had made. Thanks to Jerry & Jan for all you did for us all. After the food, we waddled to the pub for the nights entertainment. Sunday arrived with yet another trip to the pub for food, after which we packed up and made our way home. Many thanks to Jerry & Jan and the Three Shires gang.

Chris Cook 53

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 54

TOURING? Those of you who have done much touring in Europe will know that the flat planes of central Northern France are much the same and just as boring as the flatlands of Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Poland. The Alps of Switzerland, Italy and Austria are much the same. The forests of Hungary, Poland Slovakia and the Czech republic are indistinguishable. The roads are all much the same, each country has its own variation of good, bad and indifferent. So why bother touring if everything is much the same? Well, I just like riding my bike! I also enjoy the feeling of being semi-lost! Of peering at the map and trying to equate it with the strange names on the signpost. I like looking at a menu with complete incomprehension and indicating to a bemused none English speaking waitress that she should choose what I am going to eat - the effect of being not only completely illiterate but also deaf and dumb, seems to bring out the best in people! Fortunately the animal kingdom does have a common language sheep - Baa, Pigs - Oink, Beef - Moo's, and Chickens - Cluck, Cluck. Fish are a little more difficult, they just open and close their mouths whilst making a swimming motion with the hand! So once I have got the waitress going Baa, Oink, Moo, Cluck and silently opening and closing her mouth, I can usually give her a clue as to which direction my food should take. As to the method of cooking and 54

what form the vegetable should take, I have to indicate she should use her own discretion. Using this method I have never been disappointed - surprised, often - fortunately I do not mind what part of an animal I eat! The situation is similar when finding accommodation and dealing with hotels. Here I have an added benefit. Having seen my passport and DOB, they realise they are not only dealing with an illiterate, but and old one and he must be mad because he rides a big motorcycle, alone! If they should offer you a room above the first floor and they have no lift - a glazed look in the eye, a hand patting the heart and a shrug of the shoulders all indicate - I will not make it up the stairs. This immediately gets you a room on the ground or first floor, or someone to carry your panniers upstairs people are so kind!

Ferry to........somewhere !! WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 55

Word soon goes round among the hotel staff that they have this mad, illiterate, strange old Englishman on his last legs staying with them. If it is a village or small town, word soon spreads. The hotel staff are solicitous, people in the street smile and nod to you - people can be very nice! When buying a beer you put a pile of coins from three different countries on the counter, the barman carefully sort the pile out for you, carefully count out what they are taking and are very precise about giving you the exact change. Then they demonstrate how you should keep your different change in different pockets - something I always do, that is, until I forget! - people are so helpful! I like sitting in bars drinking the local wine or beer and just watching the interaction between people. Invariably, sooner or later someone will try to talk to you. They always want to know 'why are you there - alone. Where have you been, where are you going? With an aid of a pencil and a bar napkin, you start communicating in a series of simple drawings and body language - it is surprising just how profound a 'conversation' you can have in this simple way. I also enjoy it when I come across an English couple in some remote place. It seems that the men, especially those in their 50's have a yen for a motorcycle and the thought of going off on their own, leaving all the family and other responsibilities behind - even just for a couple of week - seems to have universal appeal. The more they enthuse about the possibilities the more the wife become agitated, The big question is 'how do you get away with it?' My usual answer is, that WINTER 2003

once you reach 50, you must surly have established a relationship of trust as a married couple, that would allow each spouse to have one month per year of the marriage, to do their own thing - within their economic means. The last time I had this conversation was in the middle of Slovakia, I left the couple discussing how each of them were going to spend their 30 days per year to do their own thing! I am not very interested in big cities, museums, art galleries, palaces or castles, I have already seen enough to last me the rest of my life. Give me a picturesque small town, a seat beside a river or lake, a bit of sunshine and cold beer and a strange menu. Then ride on interesting traffic free roads, to another such place and I am happy. That's why I do it! Barry Tinson Ani, Turkey


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 56


Reports From Shows

S o r r y about the late report I missplaced it. Firstly, I would like to thank all the West London branch members for all their help in running this event. Without your invaluable help this would not happen. This is our 2nd year at Tilford, which is a supern location for this type of event. The weather was great, nice blue sky, and warm. This year, we had also invited the Hogs Brewery to come and provide the beers. But, alas, only 52 bikes showed up this year, supposedly because the weather was "too warm"!!! Well, I am sorry chaps and lasses, but I don't have a dial to be able to dial in 70o with a nice cooling breeze. Are we really this fussy, I can understand some people not wanting to ride in the rain, but this is the first I have heard of not wanting to ride in the sun!! Those that did come had a nice relaxing day with a few beers and lots of talk about bikes and biking. Next year the judging will be in capacity groups - see advert earlier. The winners this year were as follows; 1970 - 1978 1st - Mike Garfoot, 1971 CB175 2nd - Dave Jupp, 1976 SS50 3rd - Bill Casling, 1978 CB400/4 1979 - 1987 1st - Richard Norris, 1980 CD200 2nd - Peter Casling, 1981 CX500B 3rd - Ken Dare, 1985 XBR500

First off, many thanks to Sarah Kell, for coming up with this Honda day at Chiswick on the back of the Ace CafĂŠ day. Sarah put a lot of time and effect into this, and I had about four or five meeting concerning this. I put forward the date, and chased some bike clubs up. I would also like to thank all the members for making time for this. We where asked if we could start setting up the stall about 7.30a.m. onwards. Alas, I missread the time on the clock and was waiting outside Chiswick at about 6.20a.m. The lorry tuned up about 7.15 a.m. with Sarah following about 7.30 a.m. As the day wore on Andy and Graham turned up as well a few from other branches. The weather was fine and warm for the time of year, and I think a good day was had by all who attended. This was our first event with Chiswick, one which I hope will lead to many more.

Steve Hill New Member

1988 - 2003 1st - Mick Pay, 2003 ST1100 2nd - Chris Dudman, 2003 VT125CY 3rd - Andy Young, 1989 VFR750 Richard Edelsten Trophy (Best CB400/4) Bill Casling,1978 CB400/E 56

The HOC Stand WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 57

This was again a well attended show with a great deal of effort put in on the part of the volunteers who manned the stand throughout the 10 days. The clubs thanks goes to all of you. We signed up 257 individual new members and 66 joint members which justifies being there in the first place and I welcome you all. In addition, we stuck up a number of worthwhile deals for the benefit of members. In addition to the arrangement with Perception, we negotiated a number of new discounts from suppliers. Not least of these are the arrangements we now have with the major insurers. In fact, some of these are so valuable that at one point we had two chaps almost run up to our stand and demand to join. Questions as to their eagerness elicited the information that they had been sent by one of the insurers - it appears the insurance savings they could make by being in our club made the membership fee look like small change. Please look in the HOConsumer section for the reference codes you will need to give when taking out insurance. Shows like this do not just happen, the organising of our stand started in June and was still being done up to the opening day. Getting the 40+ volunteers, the furniture the passes and the regalia all to the right places at the right time. The cost to the club is over £2500 which is why we need to justify even being there aside from the PR it creates. On the bright side the pictures show the fun the team had with the girls working on our stand and the visitors from others. The girls working for us were sponsored by Avonvale Honda and they handed out hundreds of flyers for both Avonvale

and the HOC. The bike we had was again from Avonvale the second year running. Next year we already have an offer of a classic racer from Beaulieu which we will hopefully match off with a modern bike showing the diversity of our clubs coverage. Every time we do a show we have ideas on how it could be done better and what the club needs to make its presentation more attractive. At this point I am asking for you the members to contact us either directly or through the magazine to tell us what you think should happen. Like, should we get our own glass counter and desk rather than hiring in the stuff. Is there a volunteer out there who has storage space for the furniture? Has someone got a van we can use rather than paying couriers to move stuff up and down the country? Should the club buy its own van? and is there somewhere to keep it? I have organised the last three NEC shows and I believe that perhaps some group perhaps the local branch might like to take it over in the future what do you the members want to happen? This show and the others such as GMex, BMF and Tilford are important features of the success of this club. Help us now to make the next season better still. Get your names in early if you can assist at any of the shows it makes the organisers job so much easier.

Andy “Dibble” Young

L to R: Big Ed (Webmaster), Editor, Nicky, Membership Secretary, Chairman

Those helping on the stand have to make all sorts of sacrifices! WINTER 2003

The photo above is courtesy of; Neil Boyle, 40A Coleraine Rd, Blackheath, London, SE3 7PE. Further photos from the show can be seen on our own website, or on Neil’s at 57

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21-23 MAY 2004 Once again the Northants Branch will be co-ordinating the HOC marquee at this event. Preferably we want people who will be there on Saturday and Sunday (you will be expected to be there until the show closes on Sunday - no skiving off early!), but consideration will be given if you can only make one day. Help setting-up on Friday would also be greatly appreciated. We need all types of bike too. There is limited camping on-site and a party every evening! It's hard work, you will be expected to 'do your bit', but there is ample time to wander around the show. If you would like to help, please contact Brian (01604 404706) or Alternatively, fill in the on-line form in the Members Area of the HOC web site.

WANT A GENUINE WELCOME & HELP IN FINDING THE BEST ROADS ? Check into Granlea Guest House, Boat of Garten (Nr Aviemore)...

RUN BY A BIKER WHO HAS GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHLAND ROADS Contact: Jackie or Glen Smith Granlea Guest House Boat of Garten Inverness-shire, PH24 3BN Tel: 01479 - 831601 Email: 58


Ideal base for touring or stopover Ample dry secure parking Drying facilities if you’re soaked! Gut-busting breakfasts Village centre location 5 minute walk to pub and dining 5 comfortable bedrooms Awesome biking roads all directions 10% discount with HOC card

Web: WINTER 2003

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This issue, in a change from our normal report by Todd Edeker from across the pond, we have asked Graham Saunders, club member and international traveller, to give us a taster from one of his adventures. 30 days in the USA as part of Around the World in 90 Days, not quite in Phileas Fogg's league but not bad! To ride around the world is the ultimate high! So when the opportunity to join a group of like minded riders presented itself nothing was going to stop me. So there I was in New York in August in the heat with a bunch of men and women I had only met briefly in Birmingham a month earlier. Retrieving my Honda Blackbird from the shippers, and a brief pause at Ground Zero, a sight as stilling and chilling as the glaciers in British Columbia, I left New York behind. Making our way over Niagra Falls we rode beside the great lakes, across the Canadian Prairies through a freezing Calgary into the mountains. Banf National Park was my first experience of the Canadian Rockies and it won't be my last. Great road surfaces, sweeping bends flowing past miles of ever changing mountains, rivers and lakes. Petrol stops become obligatory as they were often 150 miles apart and even the 200 mile range on the Blackbird meant I couldn't miss one for the next. We rode in small groups of 3 or 4 brushing with the local police for various reasons though nothing serious. On our first leg to Alaska we averaged 550 miles a day. After leaving Anchorage in 58 hours my group rode 2560 miles, that includes sleeping time! The Cascade mountains and lakes by moonlight were unbelievably beautiful. The states flew by down to Gerlach in Nevada. (The place of Thrust's Supersonic car land speed record). After a party on the WINTER 2003

Playa, (the salt flats), under a beautiful full moon, the next morning we rode through Death Valley to Furnace Creek. Aptly named! A short ride to Las Vegas and a well earned afternoon off . Next day we headed to Big Bend National Park in Texas and a night camping with the scorpions and a party. Next onward through the Chisos mountains into Mexico across the Chihuahua Desert to Sierra Madre Occidental. A few days riding on some of the most fantastic roads of the whole trip winding through mountain passes and up on the escarpment above the clouds as we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn. Hot and sweaty but worth every knackering minute of it. Finally back to LA across the Sonora Desert at 114° F

Graham Saunders For more details and pictures of Graham’s adventures and tours, visit his websites at; and


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 60

FRIDAY A report from my eyes and ears at the National, on arriving on Friday morning at John Fowlers site it was quite evident that the caravan we had booked was not ready yet and funny and amusing as it was one by one as everyone arrived theirs was ready and I would think we were last to get ours. We set up our table beside reception so we could greet and meet people as they arrived, nearly everyone seemed to have a dry journey down although they were tired and hungry they had to wait at 6 pm for the restaurant to open. Carolyn (my other half) and Jill went off to do the shopping with Nigel. Les and I took control of selling the polo shirts and giving out badges and information, which I hope, was o.k. (A thank you to Rosie for the program and hank for the menus). , Also to jenny for the polo shirts and badges at Advantage Business Supplies. Everyone seemed to say they were comfortable and good value for money and a lot of people came back for a second one. Also thank you to Nigel for his work and making the directional boards etc. Once we had eaten our tea (chicken curry ‌very nice to) we went down to the club again to meet and say hello to everyone. There were a lot of familiar faces and the all seem pleased to be here at Widemouth Bay. We ran a quiz on Friday night, £1 per team with a holiday at first prize and cash prize for second and third, half the money raised went to Devon and air ambulance, a thank you also to those who put their winnings back in the collection pot. The holiday park was very busy and a big thank you to all the staff at John Fowler Holidays who basically let us do what we wanted to run the rally over the weekend. 60

Most of Devon and Somerset members were down at the bar and the liquid refreshment seems to be flowing well with lots of glassy eyes and grins.

SATURDAY - RUN DAY A bit nervous as due to unforeseen circumstances, the route was altered because I never got Rosies original route to practise on and with time running out I decided to continue with the one that they would do today. The first bad news was that we were three marshals short, which meant that some of them had to overtake the group to get to the front again. There were 54 bikes on the run, we copied Solent's marshalling from last year as it seem to work well, but we were hoping not to have marshals over take other riders. There are other H.O.C members who seem to think that the buddy drop off system is better, maybe this can be brought up at the a.g.m or other meetings to hopefully come to a agreement on which is best and safest to use, as I had a comment on bad riding from a member who did not like it and for that I apologise but cannot control how other bikers ride. I got plenty of thank you's for a good ride out which was scenic and at a pace that they were happy with. The only people I had to deal with were the very busy traffic in Tavistock but nobody got lost (and we all mad it through I think) and up to Bottle Neck inn and a rest and lunch stop. Some of the group went their own way after the lunch stop and I hope they enjoyed their rideouts to their destinations across Devon and Cornwall. We made our way back to Widemouth bay with plenty of time to have a rest and cup of tea before a few games on the grass behind the clubhouse. WINTER 2003

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 61

At this point I would like to thank everyone for their help on the run. We had a go at crash helmet throwing, sledge hammer holding and a couple of team games which I hope everyone enjoyed, including Allan for Solent who tried to throw the crash helmet through the wall and into the swimming pool on his first attempt and Tim for holding the sledge hammer the longest. Saturday night was draw night and we had some good prizes on offer including a holiday, DVD player, compact disc player and prizes donated by H.O.C and other club members. We sold more polo shirts that night as more and more people like them, we lost three shirts to bar staff and Freddy the fox but the deserved them for the help they gave us. The draw raised ÂŁ238 for charity with the total for the weekend about ÂŁ400. If you had gone to Brixham for our social weekend, you would have met Andy the welsh comedian who was so funny we asked if he could come down to Widemouth bay for our rally and john fowler holidays sorted it out and again he had us in stitches with tears of laughter for an hour and twenty minutes. After a good night myself I went to the caravan for holding the sledge hammer and my mate Tony told me that I bike had fallen against my car, being a joker that he is I told him were to go, but after seeing the security officer by my car I went and had a look to find a ladies v.f.r 800 had sunk in the tarmac on the centre stand and fell against the car dented it on the wing and the door with the mirror broke on the v.f.r. But it is only cosmetic damage and nobody was hurt and I hope it did not spoil the rally weekend for her.

SUNDAY The other news I got on that night was to watch my eldest daughter Teresa get proposed to by her boyfriend Andy to which she said yes, Carolyn and myself and all and Devon and Somerset wish the all the best in the future. Having a good night's sleep we took some bikers up to Atlantic village shopping centre where bargains were to be had. Coming back for a late lunch we put on the roast chicken for tea and had some games and pool and cards in the afternoon before our tea was ready. Going down the club on Sunday night there were still people asking for polo shirts so I was glad we had some spare. A big thank you to Les and Jill for continuing to sell them. After a month of so Ian Jefferson at regalia will have them to sell with children's sizes still available plus large and extra large plus some badges. They had a singing duo on Sunday night down the club but I think I was trying just to relax and chill out after the weekend. Once again I would like to thank everyone and Devon and Somerset H.O.C for all their help of which I could have not done it without and everyone else family and friends who helped get the rally ready and my wife Carolyn for being there for me when I needed her to talk about things. I hope you all had a safe journey and you have enjoyed the weekend and see you soon at one of our social weekends.

Steve Letheren WINTER 2003


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For a lot of members the highlight of the biking year is the summer trip to France. We know this, as more of you send in articles and photos on this than any other subject. Here is the report from Team Sparkle as promised last time. If you fancy a trip and don’t know who to go know what I am going to say......get to your local branch and find out what they are arranging.

TEAM SPARKLE VISITS NORMANDY - TOUR DE FRANCE 2 I should perhaps first explain a little of Team Sparkle. It is an independent group of like minded motorcyclists born some 16 years ago as a result of the idea for a get together weekend by one Tony Fagan. All in some way had a connection to Tony, either as friends, suppliers or as customers of his company based down in Somerset. Most of us met for the first time that June when we arrived up at Tony's home where we were treated to a handsome lunch prior to a ride -out in the afternoon. We were all accommodated in the local hostelry `The Devonshire Arms' and that evening enjoyed a splendid dinner together with numerous beverages including B52s to numerous to count. After a late breakfast on the Sunday we left for `Lyme Regis' and football on the beach followed by sandwiches and drinks in a bar on the beach prior to making our various ways home about mid-afternoon. So it has continued for the last 16 years. All visitors to Team Sparkle are supplied with Team Sparkle T shirts. I should add that the name Team Sparkle was born when on the first Sunday mornin; we came down to find it had rained heavily during the night and that a certain member was found polishing his Harley with Sparkle polish. Overseas tours first started about 6 years ago with a trip to Northern Spain, I unfortunately did not make that first one as I thought the (old) Triumph Bonneville I had at that time would perhaps not be up to it as far as the brakes were concerned on the mountain passes etc. I have, however, been on the other tours since to Sweden, France (La Rochelle), Norway, Spain and this year to Normandy. The members of Team Sparkle Europe are: Tony (VFR), Oscar & Kaye (Deauville) Nigel & June (Triumph 955i ) and myself Robin (VFR). I should add that none of w are youngsters with 62

ages from 50 up to myself at 66 and come from Somerset, Hertfordshire and Surrey. Having set the venue for this year as Normandy and the dates of 8th -19th June it was agreed that we would meet up at the Holiday Inn at Ashford on the Sunday evening prior to going across via the Tunnel on the Monday morning. It was also agreed that this year we would not try to cram in as many miles as possible but rather find a base for one or two nights so as to be able to explore the area. The first stop was to be Trouville, a very pleasant seaside town just to the west of Le Havre, between Honfleur and Deauville. All seemed to be going well until upon reaching the Tunnel friend Nigel said that my Givi rack was waving about a fair bit and upon examination it was found that it had completely snapped on one side. There was very little we could do except make temporary repairs with a couple of Allen Keys for support and many yards of Duct Tape. A repair which saw us safely through to Trouville.

Team leader “Tony”


Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 63

Tony, Oscar, Kaye, Nigel, June, Robin On route we passed over the `Pont de Normandy' which for those who have not experienced it is probably one of the steepest and highest bridges in the world. On this occasion it was a very pleasant warm sunny day although 1 well remember it from our previous visit as a most terrifying experience in torrential rain and a force 10 gale blowing. We had booked two nights at the Mecure Hotel in Trouville where with the help of the breakdown service tracked down the local Honda dealer and arranged for the Givi rack to be welded. Regrettably it only lasted about two days but with further temporary repairs and miles of Duct tape it saw me safely home although most of the luggage had to be transferred to the pillion seat. We found Trouville a very attractive town with a mutitude of restaurants Although being situated at the bottom of a rather steep hill it had recently experienced some very bad flooding and there was much clearing up going on in many of the local shops etc. We visited the local market and also nearby Deauville where a mini golf competition took place on the pitch & putt, won by June & Kaye. Our time was marred somewhat by Kaye & Oscars hotel room being broken into and most of their cash and a credit card stolen whilst we were out at dinner and visiting the local Casino - where I hasten to say we enjoyed a little good fortune. our next stay was arranged at The Omaha Beach Hotel (Mecure) which had its own splendid golf course and is strongly recommended for those who wish to combine a visit to Normandy with some golf. On route to the hotel we stopped for refreshment at the


memorial Pegasus bridge at Ranvile-Benouville which is dedicated to the 6th British Airborne Division who were the first liberators to arrive in Normandy on the night of 5th/6th June 1944. As we moved on into Normandy it was good to see so many British, American and Canadian flags in just about every town and village. from our base at Omaha we visited the various D Day beaches, saw the remains of the Mulberry harbours and also visited the 360 degree cinema for the film `The Price of Freedom' which was a silent film made up of shots taken during

the war and the present day. Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. A visit was also paid to the American cemetery at Colleville - St Laurent. It was a most moving sight and in a way seemed quite fitting that it was raining at the time of our visit. At one of the stones marked `known only to God' someone had laid a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Many of you will I am sure remember the scenes in the film `The Longest Day' where an American paratrooper Pvt John Steele of the 82nd Airborne Division came down on a church steeple and was left hanging there, after being shot in the foot on the way down, for two hours, before being cut down by the Germans and taken captive. Today a dummy paratrooper can be seen hanging from that same church steeple in `Saint Mere Englise'. Again the French, British, American and Canadian flags were flying all over the town.

The uses Oscar can find for Duck Tape 63

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 64

.Finally before leaving the area we visited Bayeux to see the famous tapestry. Not my personnel highlight, but never the less worth a visit. We had by this time decided to move away from the coast for a few days and with the help of the Michelin guide chose a Town `Bagnoles de Lorne' situated in the Normandy Pine Forests. Again with the help of the guide, we chose to stay at the `Nouvel Hotel'. Whilst being privately run it is part of the `Logis de France' consortium. It is run by a most charming couple who have owned it for 25 years, the husband also acts as the chef and it was here that we enjoyed the best meals of the whole tour, so much so that we decided to stay for 3 nights instead of the planned two. However, before reaching `Bagnoles de Lorne' we first had to tolerate torrential rain and thunderstorms and it was after a brief stop to hide from the rain and for some refreshment that I had the misfortune to drop the bike. The village we had chosen to stop at was situated on a steep hill with a narrow and very steeply cambered road with a cobbled gully running down the side. I should perhaps add that I am only 5' 6" and as I pulled away the engine cut out, I went to put my foot down but by the time it reached solid ground the bike was well past the point of no return. Fortunately, the only damage was a small scratch on the fairing. One problem, however, the bike just refused to start and it was soon evident that the battery which I guess is the original and 4 years old, had reached the end of its useful life but after a push start we were soon on our way again. The town of `Bagnoles de Lorne' is very pleasant indeed with a large park with a viewing point looking down onto the main town and a large lake. It has quite a number of shops and restaurants and we spent the whole of one Sunday exploring on foot. Over the following two days we made trips out exploring the local area and enjoying those beautiful, empty French roads. Apart from the bad weather on our way to `Bagnoles de Lorne' we enjoyed very warm, sunny weather the whole time and on one particular afternoon it reached some 32 degrees centigrade. From the pine forests we set off for `MontSaint-Michel' and after booking into


a hotel at the end of the causeway we set off to explore the island and the monastery which is thought to date back to the year 708. To reach the monastery you have to climb over 300 steps, several of which, are very, very steep. It is however very worthwhile with wonderful views from the top and if you feel so inclined, as we did, you can enjoy a guided tour around the monastery. Our resident tour guide Nigel informed us that the tide around the island came in at the speed of a galloping horse and being somewhat sceptical we decided to have dinner in one of the many restaurants before watching this so called spectacular sight, due at around 9.30 pm. Well I have to admit Nigel was right, one minute you are looking down upon clear sand then the tide starts to come and boy does it come. It really is quite an amazing sight and fully lives up to its reputation

The lake at Bagnoles de Lorne WINTER 2003

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By the following morning we had but just one night to go and before leaving home we had decided that this would be at `Dinard' a seaside town immediately west of St Marlo from where we would catch the ferry to Portsmouth. We enjoyed an enjoyable ride around the coast marred only by the battery playing up when we stopped for refreshment at a little bar on the coast and having to resort to a push start for the second and last time. We had booked a small hotel recommended to us which

Mont St Michel teacher known to friend Tony. It was a nine am sharp get away the following morning for St Malo and the end of a most enjoyable trip. The weather had been very kind to us all the way, apart from that one day and we had enjoyed the courtesy extended to us by the French wherever we went. As is well known the French roads are pure joy for motorcycling and the behaviour of car and lorry drivers in moving over to let you pass, particularly at roadwork's etc is exemplary. To those of you who may yet to sample a continental tour I say try it - you will not be disappointed I assure you.

Mini Golf & Deauville proved to be almost on the sea front but as it had no garage we hired a suitable one at another hotel nearby which was fine except to reach it you had to ride a short distance the wrong way up a oneway street. The alternative was a tour around the town. In the event we enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon by the sea looking out into the bay at the various small islands before going for dinner at a new high class restaurant in the town. Here we enjoyed the company of a local school


Robin Simmons

Church at St Mere Englise


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September 17th, 18th & 19th HOSTED BY: LAKES & COAST HONDA OWNERS CLUB AT




Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 67

BOOKING FORM NATIONAL RALLY 2004 September 17th 18th & 19th September Lakeland Leisure Park, Flukburgh, Cumbria No £ 3 Star, 2 Bed, 6 Berth Caravan @ £145 each 3 Star, 3 Bed, 8 Berth Caravan @ £186 each Silver, 3 Bed, 6 Berth Caravan @ £198 each Gold, 3 Bed, 6 Berth Caravan @ £212 each Prices include linen & funwork passes Balance payable direct to British Holidays by 23rd July 2004 Rally T-Shirt - Please Specify Number and Size S................M..................L...................XL.............XXL............. Name Address

No in Party - Adults....Children..... Membership No......... Please make deposit cheques for £40 to: HONDA OWNERS CLUB(GB) and send to: Peter Steen, 3 Glebe Gardens, Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 3EU. Tel:07876 363168 E-mail

Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 68



KEY RING £2.50 68





Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 69

Following recent Management Committee meetings, we have decide to rationalise the stock of HOC regalia. In the main, this is to reduce the level of club funds tied up in maintaining stock levels of slow moving items. In addition, we have taken the opportunity to use a different supplier, offering both enhanced quality and the opportunity to order smaller quantities. The main clothing items will consist of sweatshirts, polo shirts and T shirts, as these have proved to be by far the most popular items. These are available in a full range of sizes and colours, and prices will be advertised in the next edition of Golden Wing. Further clothing items may be added in future, dependent on demand. Due to popular demand, we have taken the opportunity to return to the previous HOC logo as depicted on the Key Ring, Machine, Jacket & Lapel badges opposite. All insignia is stiched, even on T shirts.

Baseball Caps Another new little gem to add to our list. 100% cotton cap with Club logo. Colours: ROYAL BLUE/NAVY/RED/BLACK Size: One fits all Cost: £7.40

Neck-tectors Keep out those chills with our tasty new Neck-tector. Colours: BLACK Size: One size fits all! Cost: £7.40

Sweat Shirt New style polyester cotton sweatshirt, better fit - better quality. Colours: ROYAL BLUE/NAVY/RED/BLACK/FORESTS GREEN. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL Cost: £POA

Woolly Hats Nice new woolly hats to keep your head warm. Colours Black & Red only Cost: £8.90

Wallet Black, nylon wallet of good quality to keep coins, notes, credit cards, and all those precious things. Cost: £4.70

T-Shirts Cotton T-Shirts with new style embroidered logo on left breast. Colours: BLACK/RED/NAVY/WHITE/GREY Value at £POA

Polo Shirts Heavier weight polyester cotton polo shirt of excellent quality. Colours: ROYAL BLUE/NAVY/RED/BLACK/FOREST GREEN Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL Cost: £POA We are pleased to welcome our new Regalia Co-ordinator Justin Goddard to the post. As you will appreciate from the above, Justin is assuming this role at a time of significant change in the way we manage our regalia. We would be very much obliged if you would kindly bear with Justin as he settles into this position and establishes his processes. Please make sure you specify size and colour required clearly. State your membership number, no number, no goods!! Enclose a cheque or postal order made payable to Honda Owners Club GB - but no cash please. We will do our best to make sure you get your order quickly and efficiently. However, some items may be delayed - you will be informed if this is the case. Orders accepted subject to size, colour and availability. Postage and packaging is included in the cost of the irems ordered, but please include a telephone number in case of any queries and don't forget your address and post code. Allow 28 days for delivery. Send your orders to: Justin Goddard, 19 Linkfield Avenue, Mountsorrel, Leicester, LE12 7DH ( 0116 230 3277 . WINTER 2003


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News From Discount Suppliers

INSURANCE DISCOUNTS Over the last year or so, we have strived to obtain discounts which represent real value for money for HOC members. It is fair to say we probably now have a discout arrangement with most of the large insurance brokers. As a reminder, the codes below should be quoted when obtaining a quote from any of th following;

Motorcycle Direct - 0870 755 8150 give reference 2807 Carol Nash - 0800 083 4422 reference 1139 (includes free recovery and legal cover and green card for european cover up to 30 days). We will shortly have a reference code for Footman James. As well as their normal discounts, they are offering to pay the club a commission, variable on volume.

Dibble MOTO 46 Dear GoldenWing We are a mail order business that opened 4 months ago called Moto 46 selling low priced bike accessories such as Huggers, Undertrays, Solo Seat Cowls, Bellypans, Tank Shields etc. The parts are of the highest quality and we would be more than happy to give HOC members a 15% discount. If anybody would like a data sheet for the parts we offer for their bike then please ask them to e-mail us on hayleya, Would it also be possible to be featured in your members Discounts index as Lincolnshire doesn't seem to have anyone. Many thanks

Hayley Tonge

Moto 46 Corrie Cottage, Gainsborough Rd, Middle Rasen, Market Rasen, Lincs. LN8 3JU Tel 01673 844083 or 07810 794848 / 07985 156516 70


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HOC ONSUMER Compiled by Mark Clargo - HOConsumer Editor

A GUEST HOUSE RUN BY HONDA RIDERS We took over the Guest House in the year, and after some refurbishment, opened up in the Summer. The property is an Edwardian house with all the charm of an older property on an acre of land, suitably upgraded to suite modern-day needs and expectations. Next to the house is a massive garage to provide safe and dry storage. Located in a peacefull village within the Cairgorm National Park, 10 minutes from the hustle & bustle of Aveimore and 25 miles from Inverness. Surounded by woodland, with the attractions of RSPB Osprey Centre, a steam railway joining Aveimore, the Boat of Garten, river Spey fishing, and an 18 hole golf course (nicknamed the hiden jewel of the Highlands by many golfers) all within the village (see for more village attractions). The Guest House has been given a 3* rating by the Scottish Tourist Board, and accommodates up to 9 persons with 3 double (one with 4-poster bed) ensuite, 1 twin and 1 single rooms, all with TV/video and coffee facilities. As a regular tourer of the Highlands for many years, I have been able to develope a good knowlege of the roads in the north of Scotland, and am keen to pass this knowlege onto interested persons. This area is full of wonderfully scenic, unspoilt, and quiet roads (and little sign of the police!!). Get a good day's weather, and there is absolutely nothing to beat it. Can't wait till Summer again!! We really are Honda fanatics and I have an RC30, SP1 (in Colin Edwards colours and a Blackbird to my name. Regards





Golden Wing Winter 2003.qxd 17/01/2004 09:30 Page 72

A GITE FOR EASTER Dear Tim, after a 2 year delay getting to know my way round the planning laws and other problems, I will at last have my first Gite up and running for Easter. The Gite is a fully renovated fishing lodge on an island next to an ancient defunct mill surrounded by the river and the mill cut. The floor and sun deck are raised 1.2 metres above ground level to cope with the occasional flood!! It’s quite small but comfortable with two bedrooms, one double and the other with two single beds. There is a sitting area with satellite television partly walled off from the fully fitted kitchen diner, bathroom with shower over the bath. Full central heating is included as is all bedding. Outside is a large wooden sun deck overlooking the river and weir with table chairs and Bar B Q provided. There’s secure under cover parking for 2 bikes in the barn and a place to dry leathers. There is no entertainment on site other than fishing with a permit (the trout are delicious) and ball games in the grounds. Lots of places nearby to visit and typically French empty roads to enjoy in one of the sunniest places in France. The location is an easy 5 hour run from Caen ferry terminal, 6 hours from Cherbourg or 3.5 hours from St Malo making it a reasonable days run from Portsmouth. Prices are not yet finalised, but there will be a 10% discount for HOC members quoting their membership number. I will forward full details next year with an advert, in the meantime if anyone wants to know more, please telephone or Email and I will Email pictures of the not quite finished project. Keith Howlett Le Moulin de la Chauvalière 86190 Latillé Vienne FRANCE. Tel/Fax 0033 549 570 311 Email: Wendy House



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VALENTINO ROSSI'S MOTOGP TRAIL OF GLORY A new release from Duke Video charts the rise of Valentino Rossi, the man they call 'The Doctor', in what is seen as the dawn of a new age for grand prix motorcycling. Available on DVD and VHS, the film allows fans an insight into the world of Rossi. It includes shoots of his early childhood through archive family footage, including his days as champion cart-racer and his exploits on minibikes. It shows insight to his character off the track, messing with his mates and his relationship with his father, Graziano the ex-250GP racer from the late 70s early 80s. Rossi gives interviews during the film in Italian which is dubbed into English, but the voice-over comes across as rather dull, which we all know Valentino is not! The official TV feed material from Dorna TV (Eurosport) is utilised to chronicle his speedy rise up the ranks, and incorporates highlights from his debut at the age of 17 in the 125cc World Championships; his 125 title in 1997; his 250 title in 1999 when he was the sole Aprillia factory rider; his 500 title in 2001 on the Honda NSR, and the 2002 MotoGP, as well as up-to-date coverage of this year's championship of which he again regained the top crown. The film also highlights some of Rossi's spectacular crashes during his rise to stardom, with clips of his flamboyant style and celebrations. There is a section where Valentino takes us on a lap of Valencia on the Honda RC211V with on-bike cameras, talking the viewer through each corner and revealing exactly how he rides. The VHS is priced at ÂŁ12.99 and is 65 minutes long. The DVD is priced at ÂŁ16.99 and runs for approximately 85 minutes which includes a discussion between MCN editor Adam Duckworth and journalist Matt Burt. Both tiles are available from leading video outlets or direct from Duke Video: Tel. 01624 640000, Fax 01624 640001 or E-mail or visit online.

It costs nothing to promote your new product of service through HOConsumer. PLease send your press release and photo to: Mark Clargo, HOConsumer - Golden Wing, 9 Hendred Way, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 2RN or e-mail it to WINTER 2003


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M EMBERS F REE A DS Adverts must be received by the 1st March for inclusion in the Spring issue Write to: Golden Wing, Unit 5b, Kemps Quay Industrial Park, Quayside Road, Southampton SO18 1BZ

FOR SALE CB 750 F2 August 1996, Burgundy Red Metallic, 1100 miles Colour matched bikini fairing & bellypan, Rentec chrome engine bars, Chrome instrument bexels, Fender extender, mud flaps, Tank protector etc. £2750 Firm 01298 22144 (work) 01298 78125 (home) Gerry Camfield (14680) Derbyshire

VFR 800 Dec 1997 R Black, 5,000 miles 10 months MOT & Tax Tank cover & Baglux New Tyres First to see will buy £3,995 ono 01489 692095/07710 763623 Steve Hayward (27136) Hants

FJS 600 SILVERWING 2001 Super Scooter Blue, 6,500 miles, Taxed, FSH, 5 months warrantee, comfy tourer/commuter, quicker than you think £3,600 01767 262829/07776 427703 Tony Goldsmith(27902) Bedfordshire


Honda CB 900 F V.G.C. All original. 34,000 miles. Taxed. 12 months M.O.T. New rear tyre, new chain and sprockets. £1200 01992 572443 or 07799 Mark

CX 500 1980 Black, 78,000 miles, last used 12 months ago, garaged since. Tickman fairing, Motad exhaust, King & Queen seat, Carrier Owned since 1993, previously son-in-law’s bike. £350 ono 0161 962 1057 Roy Tomlinson (28080) Cheshire

PARTS CB 750 F2 1998 S Reg. 26,500 miles, metallic green Good condition, one careful owner, Low mileage on latest tyres, New brakes, new air filter, Dta Tag, Top Box, Engine Bars, Side Lights, Heated Grips, Cover, Manual, Spare chain & sprockets, Mudguard Extender. Bike currently on ice. £1,950 ovno 07773 630381/01344 445880 Simon Versluys (23464) Berks

400/4 1976 Taxed & MOT, mostly original condition £695 ono 01788 333643 Andy (21405) Warks

CBX 6 cyl SPARES Cylinder head with valves, springs & pushers. Damaged but could be used. £50 New cambox cover with gasket. New price £375 £100 Second hand H4 front light unit £15 New points cover £10 Honda accessory cockpit fairing with fittings, red £25 Buyer collects 01784 246299 Bill (16444) (Middx)


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ACCESSORIES FRANK THOMAS Leather jacket & jeans. Very heavy and excellent quality in the “Club Classic” style and in excellent condition. Jacket size is 44” chest and the jeans are 36” waist. Would suit someone up to six feet tall. Will sell separately if I can find a buyer for each simultaneously. £45 as a suit £25 each individually 01664 569212 e-mail Roy Edwards Northants 400F TYPE 1 FAIRING Complete with all fittings, handlebars, clips and frame etc. Unused £100 01204 495529 R. Gibson (15171) Bolton

LARGE SOFT TOURING PANNIERS Brand new, never used, black, carry handle, shower proof, excellent for touring as they hold a large capacity. Picture/info available on request. Bought for £40, for sale at; £15 ono 01283 760749/07739 104882 Timothy Leadbetter (28056) Derbyshire

VFR 800 FI Nonfango hard luggage 848 top box with back rest 2x840 side cases. Complete with full fitting kit for above. Will accept £200 01909 532202

VFR 750 FM 1991 Original Honda end can £15 Givi Wing Rack & three 45ltr panniers £250 Clymer Manual covers VFR700F 1986 - 1994 £12


07870 159777 or e mail: Allan Hollis Worcs

Alan Hefferon(26593) Worksop

GOLDWING GL1500 TRIKE Must be in excellent condition and totally reliable. 07941 349813 (Anytime) 01869 248420 (After 8.30pm) E-mail: Thomas Hunter (25889) Oxon



Rob Long, member 23255, has posed the followin question;

MEMBERS free all sections must state membership number

“Who owns the oldest Honda Motorcycle in the UK and is it on show?”


So, does anyone know the answer? We will let you know Rob WINTER 2003

FOR SALE (BIKES): £15 1st insertionsubsequent free (includes free membership) OTHER CATEGORIES: £3 per insertion


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Hi All, I thought I would put pen to paper briefly following on from discussions at the AGM. It would appear to someone reading Golden Wing, that there is not much happening in classic land in the HOC. In practice, this is very far from the truth, as demonstrated by the sizeable postbag I receive on all matters "classic". Most of these letters are calling upon me as the Classic Secretary to answer various queries. Nowadays, a lot of these queries are involved with providing evidence to assist members in proving the provenance of a certain machine or model in their dealings with the DVLA. As such, a lot of the information is both personal, and in some cases sensitive, and therefore not often suitable for publication in Golden Wing. I have however provided the Editor with a selection for letters for inclusion, WINTER 2003

but these have unfortunately had to be withheld from this issue due to lack of space. In addition to the wealth of records concerning various machines and models, I am also in possession of a great deal of data concerning part numbers for the classic models, including where the same part has been used on a different or later model under a different reference. As some of these records are no longer available to dealers and parts suppliers, I often find we can offer assistance to members when all other doors have closed. Having said that, it would be nice to see the Classic Section appear from time to time in the magazine, and therefore, if you have a mind to put pen to paper, I know the Editor will be glad to receive it. It would be great if someone came up with a photo of them riding their classic Honda, it might quite possible make the front cover - I did give the Editor a picture of yours truly doing just that, but he has used it for the "Classic Corner" logo instead. Cheers

Dave Barton


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Golden Wing - 2003 Winter  

The Honda Owners Club (GB) is open to any person who owns, or has owned, a Honda powered motorcycle. It doesn't matter if it's a grey, paral...

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