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Front Cover: Bikes leaving West Yourkire’s 2nd Eva Eee by Gum Rally on the Saturday ride-out.



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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Honda UK Hope you all enjoyed my write up from the test ride on the CB125F. It was a great day out and a chance for me to meet up with David Rogers and Nick Campolucci the top man at Honda Europe and our PR Club liaison. They are both riders and both took part in riding the 125. I have since kept in contact and we will be getting further test ride opportunities. I have already requested launch info for the all new Africa Twin.

Stuff! I am writing this with the IOM TT underway. I have been watching the lead up TV programmes about Guy Martin, Joey and Robert Dunlop and of course the McGuinness. Their dedication and their ups and downs make for good TV build up for the TT. Some may be surprised to know that Joey Dunlop was a member of the Club being the dedicated Honda man.

Joey Dunlop who was a member of the HOC

I hope you all get to enjoy your riding as much as these guys did and do. As a result of someone actually reading the Pigeon Post and Kicking Back someone has actually written to me and made a proposal for someone to receive a Thanks Badge at the AGM. I get all sorts of emails on this from Branch Secretaries but not so often from 4


‘ordinary’ members. Can I actively encourage all of you that if you feel someone deserves recognition of their work for the Club then please let me know. Hopefully by the time you read this we will have had a successful Classic Show and several rallies will have been and gone. This of course means the Club is being active and there is still a lot more to come this summer. Just a quick reminder you are not tied to what your local branch are doing as a member you can take part in any HOC event just get in touch with the organiser to find out when and where to be for any event on our website diary or in the Golden Wing diary.

France As I write this we are still waiting on house sale to complete in England but by the time you read this I hope that is ancient history. This is getting more than a little frustrating. However here is my latest Honda for use in France.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


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Andy ‘Dibble’ Young La Bigotierre, Fougerolles-du-Plessis 53190, France ( 07982 419285 .

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John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

31st August 2015 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area




Pigeon Post For those of you that actually read this column, breaking news! I had another puncture last week…………… is this a conspiracy or what! It may not be relevant but I’m running OE Pirelli Scorpions’ at the moment, soon to be changed to Bridgestone’s! On the plus side I’m now on first name terms with everyone in the bike shop.

Sad news from Somerset. After 2 years of largely sitting in a pub on his own, Jim Berry has thrown in the towel as far as the branch meetings are concerned. I can only thank Jim for perseverance beyond the call of duty and am pleased to say that he continues to be branch rep on the faint chance that a small spark may catch light. He is of course still enjoying his membership of the club by attending events with other branches and rallies. It’s a shame, but we can only try to lay these things on, if you guys don’t want to turn up don’t complain when it’s gone. I gather Phil Baker is having the same problem stirring up interest in Teesside, so it’s a National problem. I’ve said it often before so at the risk of sounding like a worn out record,

please encourage your branch officials and give them a bit of support. You’d be amazed at how much more enthusiasm they will find if they think their efforts are appreciated. As I sit here writing this with a gale blowing outside I’m mindful that I’ve had a new bike for 2 weeks and only done 100 miles on it due to pressures of family and work etc. 400 more to do before the next fortnight is up and it’s due its first service. I know where I’ll be this weekend J Might see you out there. Cheers

Graham Seymour General Secretary

Honda Owners Club

Annual General Meeting I hereby give notice that the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Honda Owners Club (GB) will be held on Sunday 25th October 2015 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull B92 0EJ Commencing at 11am Tea, coffee and breakfast rolls will be available between 10 and 11am. Special guest speaker is Graeme Hay, Government Relations Executive at the BMF. 6



Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all of you who have joined the club recently, especially those of you who joined at the various events and shows which the club has attended, including the new venture by MCN at Peterborough taking over the traditional slot occupied by the BMF show. As you can see the club, as usual has a packed diary of events, both local and national and hope you will be able to participate in some, to get the best out of your membership.


Also welcome to those of who get membership by using our Classic Dating service to register an old Honda. As I say in my welcome letter, you will be most welcome at any HOC event or meeting, even if you have a modern bike which is not a Honda (shame on you!) I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and even if you have not yet attended branch meetings I know you will receive a warm welcome.


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.


With the cost of postage, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on-line banking you can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

MOVING HOUSE? Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.







Rona’s Regalia Report Ruth has organised getting some new lines for the spring. They are a mens and ladies short sleeved shirt and they are on the website now. I’m going to try and get lots of new items this year as well, but hopefully all stuff that we can get on a per order basis, so we’re not forking out for loads of stock. The PayPal orders are still coming in, so that’s good. As usual, let me know if you have any ideas for stuff we can sell. I’m on the case for the braces and belts and socks ideas suggested at the AGM, so will let you know as soon as they are finalised.

We are going to be stopping the printed tees as soon as they are all gone, as the embroidered ones are the only ones selling really at the mo…we occasionally sell the printed at the NEC, but not much... so we may have a push on those to try and get rid of them. We’ve only had a couple of shows so far this year, so not much to report on that score. And that’s it from me.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary

Summer Specials Available for a limited time only

Ladies Cap Sleeve Shirt Lady-fit Strap Tee


Straps and neckline with self-fabric binding. Shaped side seams. A feminime fit. 100% cotton. Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Colours: white, black, red, sky blue, yellow



Stylish yoke design. Darts on bust front hem and back panel for fitted shape. 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 Colours: white, black, light blue

Short Sleeve Shirt


Contemporary, tailored cut with modern stiffened, semi-cutaway boned collar. Double turn back hem on sleeves. 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL Colours: white, black, light blue



Dave’s Motorcycle Problem Page

Oxford Branch’s own resident Motorcycle Engineer Dave Thomas will try and answer your motorcycle headaches

Feeling sticky

Not very illuminating

Dear Dave, I have a CBR600 I recently had a front tyre fitted by one of these ride in places. Whilst they were fitting the tyre the guy said that my brake pads were really low and did I want him to fit new ones. Obviously I said yes and 20 minutes later the whole job was done.

Hi Dave, My son has a 2003 Honda CG125 which he has had for about 6 months. The front headlamp went on it so I removed the headlamp and replaced the bulb but it still does not work.

I noticed when I wheeled the bike around the bike was hard to push. The guy told me that it would be alright after a few miles and the pads would “BED IN”. After a few runs the problem is no better and when I stop after a ride the front disc seem really hot. Mr Patrick Stuck

This is a classic case of someone doing half a job. Brake callipers need regular attention. This should be done as a minimum each service and every brake pad change. The metal pistons on the calliper get corroded with the road salt they need cleaning regularly with a good brake cleaner then the component parts need greasing with different types of grease. I suspect that when you had the new pads fitted they just removed the old pads pushed the pistons back in (taking all the crap with it inside the calliper) no grease was used and what has happened is the rubber seals around the pistons have got caught on the piston and caused the brake to seize on. This will not free on its own and if left could cause lasting damage to the disc and maybe lock up altogether causing an accident. You need a full brake strip and new seals. Parts about £80 to £100 + 2 hours labour.

Mr John Bright

Depending on whether you have any light at all, i.e. dipped or main beam it could be a number of things. Assuming the rear light is OK, then it could be a broken wire or connector in the headlamp, or possibly a bad earth wire or maybe the switch. I would start by checking the wires inside the headlamp especially the ones at the back of the bulb in the connector. This should give you the colours of the wires, live is normally blue and black is earth the others will be the switch wires. If the wires all look OK then trace the colours back as far as you can go in the headlamp making sure all the little ‘bullet’ connectors are pushed in tight. Failing this you need to take it in to get the wiring tested with a volt meter.

Dave Thomas has been working on and involved in bikes for over 35 years and won Honda’s prestigious Apprentice of the Year twice. Find out more about him at

If you have a question for Dave’s Motorcycle Problem Page, please e-mail



racing report IF

Change of fortunes

motorbikes were racehorses there would be a dope test in the Moto GP at this moment in time! There has been such an amazing change of fortune for Jorge Lorenzo and his Yamaha over recent races. Lorenzo himself says he, Rossi and Marquez have the talent but circumstances have to be right to win. But following a mediocre season last year and a poor start to 2015, you do wonder what ‘circumstances’ make the difference. Is it a good contract? Rossi has been visibly getting a better performance from his machine each outing over the latter races of the 2014 season and early this year and his place in the championship confirms that. Marquez is lagging behind this season but there is still a long way to go and both he and Honda will be determined to catch up. Neither can Dovi, who is consistently improving on the Ducati, be written off in the championship. As the bikes are developed to go faster each season the race for the manufacturer’s title gets more and more intense. Similarly in the other championships, lap times are decreasing and the competition is keener. As BSB stalwart Chis Walker commented, his lap times are improving over last year but he cannot achieve the finishing positions he did last year as the race leaders are performing so much faster in 2015.

Who will take the crown this year? We will have to wait and see but we are bound to have some exciting racing in the meantime.

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent



BMF Update by

Graeme Hay, BMF Government Relations Executive

What the BMF is working on right now There is nothing like an anniversary to focus your thoughts on your role. I have really enjoyed my first year representing your interests with the BMF: I continue to think that it is the best job in the world and I look forward to really cracking on in the next year. It occurred to me that to focus my attentions I ought to have a few key objective areas to focus my efforts and, as you pay for it, it seems only fair to tell you what these are.

Mainstreaming Motorcycling This includes areas such as: • To have motorcycling designed into road schemes from the start. • To have motorcycling included in all national and local authority transport policies as an environmental and congestion beating solution for all. • To have the increased use of motorcycles included in all national road safety policies. • Rider Training • To work with the DVSA, Training organisations and the DfT to revise the CBT content. • To work to a review of the present rider licence access, which reflects the real needs of machines and riders of differing engine power outputs. • To work with road safety experts, training bodies, engineers and Government agencies to make the present number of rider deaths and serious injuries the highest that it will ever be as we head into the future.

Putting The Smile Back To work with the MCIA, BMF Affiliated clubs to show the wider world the fun, friendship and joy the motorcycling has to offer. 12 GOLDEN WING

To support LARA and the TRF in protecting our access to un-paved roads through enhancing the reputation of the legitimate use of this access to the health benefits available in the great outdoors. If there is anything that you don’t like, then please let me know.

Council Meetings How you can get involved with the BMF and do something REAL for your local area? BMF Council meetings are crucial events and really need to be attended so that we can all understand both what is going on and learn and agree what should be going on. I have, as yet failed to attend any. This is as a result of a number of unavoidable commitments in my family life of which the management team are aware. It is my intention to attend as many of these events as I can and I encourage you to support these and especially your regional meetings. There is much for the BMF to develop in its regions and whilst this is all good, there is capacity for even more. The Management Team and I are keen to support regional meetings and regional activities. If you are a regular reader you will know of my enthusiasm for local engagement by the BMF with local councils.


Triumph in Scotland The BMF have won a great victory for motorcyclists in Scotland over the issue of crossing the new Queensferry Bridge. The BMF became aware last year that the new Queensferry crossing, along with the existing Forth Bridge are to be accessible only by motorway. This meant that riders of motorcycles who had not yet passed their test would be excluded from using these important crossing points and would face a return journey of more than forty miles to use the next available bridge across the Forth at Kincardine. Although mopeds up to 50cc

would be able to cross, along with cyclists and pedestrians this still seemed wrong. The BMF Government Relations officer, Graeme Hay wrote to the Minister for Transport and the Islands pointing out this seeming anomaly and raising concerns that the situation could be socially detrimental to many, especially young people from Fife seeking education, work and cultural opportunities in Edinburgh.

National Road Safety Council

20mph limits in urban and rural residential areas: an introduction to RoSPA As the BMF represents motorcyclists on the RoSPA National Road Safety Council I attend every meeting. The range of topics the meetings encompass is considerable but it is clear that the voice of motorcycling is increasingly being heard. RoSPA has a loud voice and has a long history of supporting safe riding. I thought that I ought to give you an example, once in a while, of some of the things we look at. RoSPA is presently overhauling its guidance to roads authorities

on the implementation of 20mph zones and speed limits. This guidance will be referred to by many council officers in the coming years and as a respected and independent body RoSPA guidance is heeded. It is an unfortunate truth the 20mph speed limits are being put forward in urban and village areas as some sort of panacea for all that is wrong on the roads. I hate to burst the myth, but they are not!

Autonomous vehicles - friend or foe? Driverless cars might seem like a utopian solution for some commuters, but to those on two and three wheels, it’s a massive concern There has been so much in the media over the past nine months about automated or self-driving cars. Internationally the biggest names like Google have been keen to demonstrate their view of a future of robot vehicles trundling about. Scares the hell out of me; how about you? As the massive PR onslaught has calmed I thought that it may be time to offer you another view; a more realistic view, I hope and one rather richer in encouragement than panic-mongering.


Now, to get the negative bit out of the way first. In Greenwich, Milton Keynes, Coventry and Bristol limited trials are under way of some pretty sad looking carriages, which move at a truly pedestrian pace mostly on footways. I’ve seen them at work and they are no problem to anyone, once parts of the Highways Act of 1835 have been repealed to allow the passage of carriages on footway areas.


The real story is the progressive introduction of driver assistance devices as car manufacturers develop their new products to keep up with the ever-moving NCAP safety standards. It began with anti-lock

brakes more than 20 years ago and electronic braking assistance of a decade ago was followed seven years ago with electronic stability control becoming a requirement on all new cars in Europe.


BMF demands common sense and safety from council During the spring I have continued to try to communicate with Salford City Council on the issue of the Zicla-Zirco Armadillo devices which have been bought from the Cycle Hoop Company for use in a number of locations in Salford. As someone with more than 20 years’ service in a Local Authority I was saddened to see that in mid-March, I had still to receive any response to my letters or my attempts to register a complaint on the council’s website. I contacted the Local Government Ombudsman office in Coventry for advice and this seemed to do the trick. I received an acknowledgement within a few days and a letter of response a week later. The Ombudsman service has power - be in no doubt about that. The response that I received was interesting in that it revealed a considerable gap in knowledge in the understanding of

the needs and concerns of motorcyclists. In explaining the use of these devices I was informed that “Cyclists and Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users…”. Interesting when we reflect on the DfT figures which indicate annual cyclist road deaths at around 110, pedestrians are substantially less and motorcyclists at around 350 to 380.

DO YOUR BIT Taking forward concerns that you have locally and nationally is a very important aspect of keeping our means of transport, hobby and way of life alive. Each of the Directors of the BMF lives and breathes this, but you too can do your bit. If you have a problem, a concern or would just like to know more about what is going on locally, please see if you can

contact a local group - your BMF Regional Chairman should be able to direct you. If you are already in a group and need advice on a specific issue or concern, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. On the national and international level we are working for you

Don’t expect to win every aspect of every issue, every time. We do most of our riding on public roads or in other public places, which we share with everyone else. Sometimes it is better to take what you can get and try to stay on good terms with those in positions of power or influence: that way you can always go back for the rest later.

To join the BMF as an individual, telephone on 0116 279 5112 or join on line at it couldn’t be easier! 14 GOLDEN WING




Wiltshire Spring Rally 2015 by

Simon Plummer, Wiltshire Branch

Over the last few years the Wiltshire branch have always put on a great rally, and this year was no exception. It was an overcast Friday morning of the spring bank holiday weekend when the Wilts branch met at the Bruce Arms pub in Easton Royal near Pewsey. By midday gazebos had been erected, tents put up and banners put out, chef Wayne had arrived and was busy assembling his weekend kitchen complete with barbecue and Claire had arrived with loads of sarnies for the hungry workers, before long we had a steady stream of members arriving from all over ready to have a fun filled weekend. Thankfully the weather held up and by Friday evening we had taken up a large amount of the camping field and there were tents (and the ever increasing campervans) everywhere, Wayne had prepared a one pot wonder of pork and chorizo casserole which was consumed with gusto by many hungry HOCers. Before long most people had found the bar and had beer in hand and after a welcome speech from Claire the games room became the place to be with the table football and pool table being the most popular entertainment.

Saturday morning started overcast but dry, slowly but surely bleary eyed people started emerging from tents and were drawn to the tea urn like moths to a flame, and as usual hoots of laughter could soon be heard across the campsite, Wayne appeared from across the field and was soon opening tins of beans and packets of bacon, within minutes the food tent was a hive of activity as Wayne, Linda, Chris, Pete and Ange swung into action like a well oiled machine and it wasn’t long before a crowd had assembled for a full English breakfast, Wiltshire style.

By 9am our rideout co-ordinator Steve had arrived and after a detailed briefing, 28 bikes left the camp site on their way to Old Sarum for the first stop of the day‌ and coffee! Suitably caked and caffeined up, they set off again for the second leg, heading down behind the old castle, up Woodford valley, snaky hill and over to Wilton, passing along nicely for the 10 minute stop and observation of the Fovant 16 GOLDEN WING


in the branch and of course the famous Lardie cake for the Guy Martin Big Brew in aid of spinal research.

military cap badges carved into the hill after the first world war. Then it was onto our lunch time stop at The George, Longbridge Deverill where they were treated by a show from the local Morris dancers, a certain member even joined in!. After lunch it was quite a speedy run though the Wiltshire countryside and back to camp in time for more tea and a selection of fantastic cakes all homemade by Marion and the girls

After a few hours of chill out time (and much snoozing in tents) it was barbeque time and once again Wayne did a fantastic job serving delicious burgers, sausages, and pasta salad‌ all followed by Angies famous boozy trifles, once we were all stuffed it was party time in the pub with our live band Too Old To Die Young, and with everyone festooned with glow sticks we danced the night away.

During the bands interval we had our raffle with all proceeds going to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, including the bands fee as they decided to donate it all to the charity‌ top blokes or what! SUMMER 2015


We had excellent raffle prizes this year, many signed by riders thanks to Robin stalking the Castle Combe pits. Sunday morning was a slow easy start to the day with people emerging like moles from their tents blinking their eyes and complaining about sore heads, but once again the magical smell of bacon wafting across the field soon had them alert (sort of) and eagerly awaiting Waynes breakfast, the weather had turned and spots of rain were beginning to fall, much chattering was had whether the rideout would take place and it was decided to delay it for a short time.

to up root the gazebos, kitchen and all, and re locate to the calmer less windy side of the field by the hedge. Sunday evening soon came around and we were all back into the pub for our now traditional Sunday night quiz with Claire asking some wicked questions ranging from general knowledge to TV to music, with the winning team taking away the magnificent silencer trophy, needless to say there was much witty banter and barracking going on. Sadly Monday came around far too soon, and guess what‌ we all sat and ate our breakfast in the glorious sunshine with not a breath of wind, and inevitably, slowly tents began to be come down and be packed away, but at least it was dry.

By about 11am the rain had stopped and a respectable number of riders left the campsite hoping not to get too wet, some of us decided to stay in the pub and watch the MotoGP and it was during the race that we all noticed the heavens had decided to open and what followed can only described as a monsoon, a certain person (Chris) who was silly enough to leave his tent open had to start bailing out.

By early afternoon the rideout had returned from their ride to the bluebell woods and amazingly reported very little rain‌ lucky or what, the campsite however was not fairing so well, as the famous Wiltshire wind was making an appearance and it was all hands on deck 18 GOLDEN WING

One by one people began to say their goodbyes to old and new friends and promised to meet up again soon, and they will, as they always do, because this is the HOC and this weekend is what being in the club is all about. SUMMER 2015

Doble’s Blade Day by

Steve Hill, West London Chairman

Paul Doble invited the HOC to have a display at his Blade Day, on May 31st and kindly also supplied a gazebo for our use. West London and North Downs met the many visitors who came along on the day. The weather was spot on, even though it rained at times, it was warm! Out of the blue, an old West London member from the 1980’s came and said hello. John (grandad) still rides a FireBlade.


Summer 2015 FINAL.indd 19


03/08/2015 18:09:41

The Vultus is OK by

Paul Hibberd, Eastern Branch

You may recall “The Vultus Has Arrived” (Vol.32 No.3) when I took delivery of my NM4 (NC750J) last summer. So where are we now - 3,300 miles of enjoyable, comfortable rides in the 10 months since Honda UK delivered the initial batch of 25 to dealerships.

I’d ordered mine with the fully fixed pannier accessories which Honda UK had quoted a 20 week delivery to the UK. I’m pleased to say this was reduced to about 15 weeks so from mid November, I’ve been riding the ‘full dress’ version. I wonder if anyone else has gone for the panniers option? Before the end of the year I’d asked my local dealer to order the touring screen which only took two weeks to arrive, so things are getting better. But there’s nothing else that’s ‘bike specific’ to the Vultus on the accessory list. I’ve got it all. Early this year my dealer offered regular customers a fixed price deal to supply and fit one of the aftermarket heated grip kits so I took advantage of the offer. It took them five hours to wire them up on the Vultus. They won’t make that mistake again! Admittedly, I’d asked them to connect to an ignition circuit as I intended to fit a pair of LED hand guards that I’d not got round to fitting to the previous bike, the DN01. The idea being to connect the LED cables to one of the heated grip cable junctions somewhere down around the headstock. It’s all finished now and Ben at Pyramid Plastics was able to find an ‘extenda fenda’ from stock that mates up with the NM4 mudguard profile, and supply an adjustable screen extender that matches the size and shape of the touring screen. 20 GOLDEN WING

Riding along with LED handguards, LED headlight and a pair of amber position lights blazing away, they are going to have to be really dopey car drivers not to see me coming! The disadvantage is that when I get to bike nights, shows or just busy car parks, they can see me coming! By the time I’ve stopped and got my helmet off, I’m sometimes surrounded! At bike nights, it’s gratifying to hear all the positive comments about the style of the Vultus. Obviously there are still those who “wouldn’t be seen dead on a big scooter” and nobody’s said to me that they would ring their local dealer and order one. So the relative exclusivity is maintained. Most of the resulting discussions are about the unique styling and the features relating to the Japanese comic/animated film cult that it’s based on. I barely get the chance to escape and have a look at other riders’ bikes. There’s always the subjective queries - What’s it like to ride? How comfortable is it? The second is easier to answer. The last day trip behind HOC Eastern Secretary John Hewson was through the Yorkshire Dales and up to the Pennine Way at Tan Hill Inn in glorious weather and with fabulous views for miles. There must have been about 20 miles of un-kerbed roads no wider than my driveway! I have a flip-up helmet that I was able to leave up and only used the visor when in danger of being blinded SUMMER 2015

by flies. After 320 miles, I just put the bike away and started cooking. It’s that good! There are issues - the panniers are a ‘permanent’ installation although I could convert back to the original narrow rear. This makes wheel cleaning and chain oiling very frustrating as there’s only a side stand available. Bike manufacturers all have extensive accessory lists from quickshifters to low seats or heated grips to touring screens, but when it comes to the important job of lubricating chains, they all leave it to the aftermarket suppliers. I haven’t yet worked out where I could fit a reservoir for a chain oiler. It may have to go inside a receptacle, probably one of the front ‘glove’ compartments to allow topping-up. I still think the panniered Vultus is a great bike for the sort of riding I’m doing even though it is definitely a ‘style’ exercise rather than a practical proposition. I can fill a pannier with a pair of waterproofs and just about get an empty helmet bag in the other one. It was difficult enough fixing a tail pack to the un-panniered option but now with the wide panniers fitted ……………?!! With several days in Scotland planned with fellow HOC Eastern members, and any other holidays in the future, what’s the

The complete ‘Judge Dredd’ look


solution? A 2010 VFR1200 of course. So I’m in the process of ‘stretching’ the shed a bit to get both bikes in. I really do enjoy the dual clutch transmission and both bikes are equipped with DCT. I’m a pensioner so I can justify the lazy approach. Whether it’s crawling around in traffic in towns or out on the open road, I can concentrate on the important stuff - the traffic all around me or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The DCT handles everything, including the narrow uphill hairpins on the Tan Hill Inn trip where the bike was travelling at less than walking pace! If you haven’t tried DCT, I seriously recommend that you take any opportunity to see how smoothly it does everything you need from a gearbox. Think about it, it can’t be much different from the latest F1 racing cars except that even the paddles are optional with the DCT. I will still be doing the short runs and bike nights etc. on the Vultus, yes I will, but in three days from writing this, I’ll have the choice of 54bhp or 160bhp. I wonder how tempting that’s going to be? I’ll let you know - next year!

Machine gun fitting areas Honda think of everything!




e, but there may be rooms All the caravans have gon for vans. Please call or e-mail available in members’ cara available. tly ren cur is tion oda omm details of what acc

superheroes @

national rally SUMMER 2015


East Midlands Branch

Holiday to Northern Spain 30th May - 9th June



Two bikes set out from the Cherry Tree services on the A38 and headed south to pick up Kim and Tony at Cherwell Valley services on the M40, then three bikes went onward to Okehampton where we met up with the other three at the Travelodge. Next day we headed down to Plymouth for the ferry taking us across the Bay of Biscay and onto Santander. Setting off from Santander ferry port in the rain we made good progress until we reached Laredo (5km from our final destination). Having made the wrong decision at a junction (un-signposted), we were in the process of turning round to correct the mistake, when Tony’s bike cut out and wouldn’t start. Despite the efforts of the staff at a small café (El Tunel), who procured some jump leads for us, the bike (although jump started once) cut out and refused to go any further.

Eventually, owner contacted and keys obtained, Helen, Trevor, Kim and Tony all arrived and we settled down to the essentials... finding our way to the supermarket in the village (by way of the bar of course). That night, we decided to find out what the local restaurant was like and treat them to our company. The restaurant (El Roble) was very quiet and the owner offered us the Menu del Dia (Menu of the Day), it was 3 courses with wine and water included for 10€. After some tricky translation the food was ordered and 2 bottles of wine arrived. The food was excellent and when the 2 bottles of wine had gone, more were ordered. At the end of the meal the bill arrived, 112€, 10 three course meals, 5 bottles of wine, 2 glasses of coke and 3 coffees!!! What a bargain.

Soup glorious soup – all for Graham

With Tony’s bike still in the workshop on Tuesday Dennis and Roger (the only 2 bikes with spare pillion seats) offered Tony and Kim a lift, A pensive moment from so we all rode south through Kim on the way there the mountains turning north Tony and Kim with hearts for the small resort of Noja. in their boots were left with The weather had taken a turn Trevor and Helen to call out the recovery services while the rest of us pushed on to the accommodation – now an hour late. When we arrived the owner had left thinking that we were not turning up. SUMMER 2015

for the better and all was well with the world. The scenery was lovely and after a brief break for lunch we strolled around the coastal path where the sea was pounding against the rocks producing some spectacular plumes of water.


Wednesday was a full day riding with the first leg taking us west and south along the Autopista taking us across bridges and through tunnels that were quite a feat of engineering and onto Reinosa where we stopped for coffee and cake. Taking in the views at Noja The second leg took us further south and then west Arriving into Riaño, the scenery was breath taking, the lake across the smaller local roads was so still that it acted as a mirror reflecting the mountains and through picturesque above. villages like Aguilar de After parking up, we all stripped down to shorts and T shirts Campoó. as the heat of the day was starting to get a bit much in full bike gear.

Castle on the hill at Aguilar de Campoo

The mirror lake at Riaño

There was so little traffic The bikes taken from the church above until we were stuck behind an overloaded timber wagon A walk into the village, where we stopped for lunch in the that looked as if it was going square, it was so peaceful and the views were stunning. to shed its load at any time. Two bikes got past without incident, but the third, ridden by Dennis, had a log land in front of his bike which he managed to avoid, but as Trevor followed his bike caught the log and flicked it back into Roger’s shin.

The East Mids mob in the square for lunch 26 GOLDEN WING


All Hairpinned out!!

The third leg took us back north up into the Picos National Park and over the mountains. The hairpin bends went on and on and on, up and up, then over the top and down and down testing the riders to the limit. We rode through the Desfiladero de las Hermidas, a famous biking road in Northern Spain and finally popped out in Unquera, where we stopped for yet more coffee and cake. Can you see a pattern forming here? At Unquera Tony finally got the call to say that his bike was fixed and he could pick it up, so we made a slight detour (well not so slight after Trevor’s Sat Nav tried to take us down one way streets) to the bike shop who were still open at 7.30pm. A second night at the local restaurant was just as good as the first, the owner had even managed to create a menu translated into English. Thursday was a rest day off the bikes as we had spent so many hours on them the previous day. A walk to the On the cliff edge local secluded beach, which was more of a hike than a walk, but well worth it for the views as you got to the top and looked over the edge. SUMMER 2015


Mist Rolling over the mountains

Later on a walk into the village to top up the essential supplies and pay a visit to the local bar in the square at which we were fast becoming regulars. Friday was back to the bike shop to get a new brake lever for Tony’s bike and then up into the mountains again with more hairpins rising up into the clouds where the temperature dropped quite a lot. Passing through many tiny villages where they still use wooden carts to transport freshly cut hay and hand tools that looked as if they belonged in a museum. A quick stop for coffee and cake at the beginning of the reservoir (Embalse del Ebro), we found ourselves at a KTM Adventure centre (quite by accident) where they hired out the bikes and had different courses that you could take. As we rode off to do a circuit of the reservoir, calling in to see the roman ruins at 28 GOLDEN WING

Retortillo, we saw the mist rolling down the mountains and into the reservoir on the far side. As we rode around the southern edge the mist started to draw in on us and we ended up at the end of the reservoir at a café completely missing the ruins in the mist. The decision was taken to ride back along the Autopista as we thought that it would be safer given the weather conditions. Saturday came and the weather worsened, rain, rain, rain with mist, mist mist, not a good day for riding. After a couple of games of Tri-ominoes we decided that was nothing left to do but visit the local bar (AGAIN!!). Waiting for the local supermarket to open so that we could stock up and have a tapas night back at the villa, we realised by 6pm that it was not going to open and so had to cheat and buy tapas from the bar and take it home.

And of course it wouldn’t be a branch holiday without some fooling around.

Roger being posed by Graham

The weather cleared on Sunday morning so we set off towards the south again, this time veering east and then north for Castro Urdiales, more scenic riding and plenty of bends later, we arrived at the fishing port where the Gothic-style parish church of Santa María de la Asunción, dates from the Middle Ages. SUMMER 2015

Church of Santa Mar铆a de la Asunci贸n

After a good day out and some more good roads we got taxis and went into Laredo for a meal in the evening. Of course Graham had to order the biggest ice cream that they did!!

Stripping off at Castro Urdiales

What a Whopper!!

Monday morning and that inevitable moment came, time to pack up and start the journey home.

Almost over, packing up to leave the villa SUMMER 2015



Maria Crump

Well after lots of planning and sorting out the day had arrived to go set up for the 2nd Eva Eee by Gum Rally.

We had an early start to get the car loaded with all the rally stuff, we got there about 10.30am and got to work, Pete, Cath, Nij & Denise joined us and we had soon got everything done. And not forgetting the prize giving of ??? you guessed it... good old Yorkshire tea and pudding mix hahaha

People started to arrive and sign in and by late afternoon the field was starting to look like a rally field the Fish & Chip orders were coming in and it wasn’t long before we were sitting down to a nice meal. Friday night was chill out night with a few games, a quiz and just a good old chinwag and some beer of course. 30 GOLDEN WING

Saturday morning saw lots of sun but also it was quite windy but we still set off on the ride with 19 bikes for our ride round the dales and this year you could see the dales (no rain) first stop in Kettlewell and then onto the Manor cafĂŠ at Leyburn for dinner, After we had all had a good feed we set off to Masham and over the moors where it was very windy on the tops but still the sun was shining and we stopped in Pateley bridge for a bit to regroup after which we all set off back to the camp site. SUMMER 2015

Massive thanks are to go to Branch members for every effort they put into the weekend and a big thanks to David for sorting the pie and peas out for us. Everyone did their fair share at the weekend from booking-in to serving meals and making sure everyone got a warm inviting welcome.

Now Saturday night was back to 80s night and a few got dressed up with leg warmers and neon beads and tutu’s Clive wore a Fonz t-shirt heyyyy

Music and beer flowed all night with a few sing a longs (mostly out of tune) and guessing of songs and years they were in the charts but a laugh was had by all so were some unusual dance moves. Nij had made a curry and some member’s from the Northern Cross had come along to show support and eat the curry of course.

A fantastic night was had and I must say a great big thank you to all who travelled up to join us, the furthest travelled being 179.5 miles. This was awarded with a fantastic trophy supplied by Phil a member of our Branch and went to Dave Andrews. Best Bike Trophy went to John Measures. And most attended went to the fantastic Birmingham Branch who were absolutely one hundred per cent up for everything all weekend.

My personal thanks go to… Cath n Pockets Clive N Ursulla Nij n Denise David & Richard and of course my super husband Stevie A lot of preparation with ride outs and flyers and the steady running of things was put into the rally and just one more time… THANKS GUYS

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to SUMMER 2015




How to really ride any kind of bike

by Ben Miller, VisorDown

From street bikes to two-strokes, 600cc sportsbikes to supermotos, different bikes require different techniques. Whatever you ride, get the best from your bike with the help of the finest riders on the planet.

How to master a two-stroke By Niall Mackenzie

A top-flight 500 rider in the sport’s hairiest years, he reckons the bikes were pussycats. Kinda… “In 1986 I was riding a 250 in the British championship and a 500 in the world championship,” remembers Niall Mackenzie, who grew up on LC and TZ Yamaha strokers. “In a lot of ways the 500s were easier to ride than the 250s. The powerband was wider. Hondas were revving to 14,000rpm or more in 1988 and 1989. You’d get smooth power from 9000rpm and really strong power from 10,000rpm to the rev limit, but the transition from 8 to 10,000rpm was pretty smooth. There was always a bit of a delay on the two-strokes though - you’d open the throttle and there’d be a moment before anything happened.” Much has been made of how easy today’s four-stroke GP bikes are to ride, how you and I could ride one to the shops. Surely a 500 could sort men from boys before the end of pit lane? “Anyone could ride a 500 to Tesco, they are really easy to ride,” counters Mackenzie. “Finding the limit, that was tricky. A lot of that was down to the tyres and a lack of grip. That’s why the Americans ruled 500s in that era. A lot of them came from dirt track backgrounds, which is all about sussing out when the rear tyre is going to let go. It was trickier for the Europeans. “Mick Doohan said everything changed in the mid-90s with the move to unleaded fuel. Riders like Max Biaggi came in, guys who couldn’t slide like the Americans, but they could carry corner speed with more confidence. In the 1980s powerbands just got narrower and narrower. The bikes got faster but they also got trickier to ride. There was a period in the late-1980s when everyone was getting beaten up after highsiding all over the place - the likes of Gardner, Rainey and Schwantz were all wrecking themselves. “But while racing a 500 was tricky, it was really satisfying when it all came together. I got SUMMER 2015

a pole at Suzuka and my first rostrum was at the Salzburgring in Austria. That was my first memory of riding a 500 and thinking ‘I can do this’. Then of course at the next race I crashed and broke my ankle - back to square one.” • Give yourself a pat on the back. “Two-strokes are the best for learning to ride. If you can learn feel and throttle control on a two-stroke then jumping on a four-stroke’s easy. If you start off on a four-stroke you never learn those skills to the same degree.” • Get your engine set-up correctly. “If you’ve got a two-stroke that’s not carbureting properly you’re never going to enjoy riding it. Check the carbs, the air cleaner and the reeds if you’ve got them.” • “In racing you keep your head buried in the screen,” says Mackenzie. “You need to constantly monitor the rev counter to learn where the power is, where it isn’t and when you need to be changing gear.” • Consider keeping a hand over the clutch lever. “You can hear and feel an engine seizing. Often it just drops silent - either whip the clutch in or curl yourself up into a ball.” Article stolen from GOLDEN WING 33

How Motorcycle Riding Improves Physical Health This is dedicated to every rider who’s sick to death of those “motorcycles are so dangerous” conversations, to every mother who’s convinced her son or daughter is insane for riding, and for anyone who needs a really good excuse to go out and buy a bike.

The bottom line is that riding a motorcycle is a form of low-impact exercise that improves muscle tone, can assist with weight loss, and has a multitude of health benefits. These health benefits include but are not limited to: • Healthier, stronger knees and thighs: A well- • Improved neck strength: Wearing a helmet especially if you don’t have a windshield known orthopaedic surgeon once told me to shelter you from the wind, requires that motorcycle riders have fewer knee significant strength. I’m happy to say I was problems because riding a bike strengthens able to reverse whiplash simply by riding my key muscles used to hold the knee in place. bike and wearing a helmet. Strengthening Riding a motorcycle may reverse knee my neck muscles served to pull my neck pain and problems and can most definitely vertebrae back into alignment and back into prevent them. the proper curvature. That is a therapy I can • Improved core strength: Again, all of the live with! activities involved in steering a bike, moving

it at slow speeds, etc., serve to strengthen • Mental outlook: Motorcycle riders usually report returning from a ride feeling energised muscles in the abdomen. It’s more fun that and happy. Riding a motorcycle has a situps! wonderful way of releasing endorphins that • Increased insulin sensitivity: Because riding a serve to boost mood and improve outlook. motorcycle is a low-impact form of exercise, Also provides valuable sun exposure, known people who ride have improved insulin to increase Vitamin D levels which are sensitivity for up to eight hours after a ride. known to be powerful mood enhancers. Improved insulin sensitivity has a profound impact on weight loss, because insulin is a fat storage hormone. The improved insulin sensitivity is also of great importance to anyone with Type 2 diabetes.

• Calorie burning: Riding a bike burns calories. Getting everything ready for a ride takes time and burns calories, but there’s more… it requires effort while riding to maintain balance, shift, brake, control the clutch, battle headwinds, etc., and that’s AFTER you burn calories backing the bike out of the garage! Riding into a headwind burns a significant amount of calories as your body tenses muscles to fight the wind and stay on the bike. The physical effort exerted while turning, especially at higher speeds, can be significant.

Riding a motorcycle has definite health advantages, both physical and emotional As always, ride smart. Get thoroughly trained before starting to ride and then take time to practice on back roads before hitting main roads. Take your time and don’t try to beat lights or get in front of slow drivers. As always, NEVER drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even one beer can affect reaction time enough to impair shifting, clutch operation and turning ability. Just don’t do it.

Article stolen from 34 GOLDEN WING


facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page has over 2700 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Bristol, Chester, Dorset, Gloucs, Jersey, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Three Shires, West London and Wiltshire pages to join.

#HOCgb now has over 940 followers on Twitter. However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for HOC Tweet and like the page. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 5790+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! SUMMER 2015


MCN Festival of Motorcycles by

Erica Gassor, Oxford Branch Secretar

It was all a bit last minute, but the MCN organisers offered stand space to the HOC at their May Festival of Motorcycling which, although it concentrated on classic bikes, speedway and motorcycle trialling, had excellent pre-coverage in their newspaper. So we decided to go along and see what could be prepared in the short space of five weeks to the event. Brian Flynn stepped forward to be ‘a man with a van’ and with loads of help from Ruth everything was collated together to ensure we had a large and professional display. After a general appeal other help joined the list and on the Friday afternoon Brian, John Measures, Graham Gull, Debbie and Mike from Nottingham and I arrived to get everything set up and not forgetting our ‘bacon buttie’ queen Annie who slaved over a hot 36 GOLDEN WING

albeit small - gas ring all weekend providing hot drinks and butties. By 7pm the gazebos and most other parts of the stand were set up, with tents at the rear of the gazebos for those who were staying ‘on guard’ by the display. I toddled back to the local Holiday Inn Express (which was very nice and clean with helpful staff) to join Gerald and prepare for the next day.


Saturday dawned dry and breezy and reinforcements soon arrived in the form of Pete with his lovely yellow 400/4, Rob with his patriotic red/white/blue VFR1000R, Bill with his beautiful Bird (no not Julie this time, his Blackbird), Paul with his ‘nearly black’ 2008 Pan, Graham returned riding his lovely 1998 Blade and Kim & Tony arrived on their CBF1000 to match John’s which had been sat quietly in the gazebo since Friday afternoon. Then up came Brian on his Rune - gosh what a huge machine which took up loads of space and did look so good. At first the foot-fall was slow but throughout the day it increased and memberships for the HOC were taken. There was some muttering from the punters about the cost of getting into the event (£19 in advance and £25 on the day). Agreed most of the major manufacturers were there, including Honda and there was a classic bike display in the main hall but the rest of the Show was made up of trade stands, ice cream, burger and coffee vans. The SUMMER 2015

punters drifted away by 5pm and the Show closed at 6pm. Sunday started with another bright and breezy day and Phil joined us with his CB750 which again added to the interest and talking points of the stand. The foot-fall was less than on Saturday but by the end of the day we had a total of 19 extra members for the HOC and loads of folk had shown interest and taken details of the Club. The whole weekend was one of fun and laughter with a good atmosphere and banter prevailing throughout

The HOC campers said that there was very little going on in the evening and no entertainment as was usual with the show that was held in previous years at the Show ground. By 4pm on Sunday it had died and everyone kicked in to breakdown the stand and pack away in our stalwart Brian’s van. It as agreed that, although the Show was not bursting at the seams with visitors, it had been a great opportunity to promote the HOC, at very

little cost, as a large and professional club and the MCN club organiser was impressed and congratulated HOC on how well the stand was presented. The mix of bikes was excellent and the very unusual Rune created a great deal of interest . Unofficially and unbeknown to the MCN the highlight of the Show was Pete’s elderly father arriving on his ‘Harley look alike’ mobility scooter. Photographed by almost everyone and the feature of the Ace Café stand it certainly caused a stir (shame it wasn’t a Honda or we would have had him on the stand permanently!). The weather was generally kind over the weekend and infact it was commented that certain of the stand staff had become so sunburnt that they only needed a number on their head to resemble a pool ball! Well done and many thanks must be given to all those involved who worked so hard to ensure the Show was a success for the HOC.




Nottingham Branch

CHARITY CYCLE RIDE 12th - 18th September 2015

As winter turns to spring intrepid Branch members Debbie and Mark Reynolds will be getting their lycra on and doing some serious training in preparation for the charity cycle ride from Nottingham to the 2015 HOC National Rally in Skipsea. Debbie and Mark will be cycling through the glorious counties of Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and finally West Yorkshire. They will be stopping overnight in each of the counties above so if

any local HOC members can support them by offering a bed for the night then that would be a great help, we have already received support from Erica Gassor at the Oxford Branch and Dave & Sue White at the Norfolk Branch, so a big thank you to them.

The cycle challenge is in aid of the Headway charity, a charity close to the heart of many HOC members. A webpage has been set up and you can make a much appreciated donation at: If you would like to know more about our big cycle challenge then check out the Virgin Money page or visit the Nottingham Branch website. If you can support us by offering a comfy bed for the night then please contact either Debbie or Mark on the details below: E-mail: Telephone: 07773 020286

This is a great opportunity for HOC (GB) to raise much needed funds for a great charity, Headway, so get involved and organise your own events, have some fun and make your donations SUMMER 2015


Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here Nothing suits I first joined the original HOC in 1964, I still have the yellow Honda scarf and the joining badge for Honda in Japanese. Our last bikes were CBF 1000, 600, 500. The two small ones being 11 yrs old and being our holiday bikes as we do enjoy the scenery and taking photos of where we have been, therefore we have not required big, fast powerful machines. We decided therefore this year to upgrade our bikes to look forward to another 10 years of holidays, the car NEVER goes on holidays, only the bikes. Huge problem, we looked at what Honda had to offer in our range! CB500 & CB650 streetfighter style, NC700 with plastic tank that a full helmet will not fit in, VFR800 sports which I find most uncomfortable on my wrists after about an hour of riding, Adventure bikes with the beaks and tall, wife’s legs are too short for these, then we go to the big chunky bikes 1000cc and up. We would have liked Honda to come up with a CB/CBF 650 or 750 touring style, but to no avail.

So the sad news is, that we kept the CBF600S, which is my bike for work and social, but we traded the CBF500 & 1000 to purchase a Suzuki, yes you got it right, Suzuki GSX650F & SFV650 Gladius, fitted with Givi racks for our original boxes that make them perfect for our holiday plans. Also sit up and comfortable with good tank range. We found that the Honda dealers we spoke to were disappointed with the Honda range this year, but that is life and our biking life must go on. Best wishes to you all at HOC and carry on with the good work even if we now feel like traitors to the cause.

Les & Olwen Jones, by e-mail membership no. 26598

It’s a great shame that Honda don’t make something to suit you both, but such is life. The important thing is that you have found a bike that does. As long as you enjoy your membership of the HOC, it doesn’t matter what you ride.

Unforgettable In the Spring Golden Wing, on page 88, there is a picture ‘John and Pam receiving thier Thanks Badges’. Apart from the spillchucker not working, Pam has a certificate but I do not. I understand at the AGM there was one with the wrong name. Also reading my letter in Kicking Back, I see that my membership number is 125 instead of 123. I wonder if I am the forgotten man! I am glad that Jude has become President and not Chairman in view of all the 40 GOLDEN WING

discussions we had at the meetings in the 80s & 90s, whether it should be Chairman, Chairwoman, Chairperson, Chair etc.

John Hancock, by letter membership no. 123

I know that your ‘Thanks Badges’ where well deserved and I’m sure that the certificate is on its way. Hey, nothings infallible, let alone me and errors will happen. I’m impressed that you read every word! SUMMER 2015

‘twer grand! So many thanks to Steve, Maria and all of the West York’s Branch who put the effort in and made the ‘Eee Bye Gum Rally’ absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed the weekend, a fantastic ride out in the Dales and the first time I’ve seen a waterfall going backwards. Looking forward to going large at the National Rally in September and seeing you all there, if not before. Great chill out weekend with great people, many thanks.

Thanks for the letter John, I know that Steve and Maria will be delighted to read your praise. I was there as well and wholeheartedly agree with the comments, it were brilliant! It makes a huge difference to the organisers of HOC events to hear from the people who take part - it makes it all worthwhile. So please feel free to send your letters to Golden Wing - contact details are at the bottom of the page.

John Awty, by e-mail

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to Kicking Back, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE



Had an accident?

Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 44 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll ! 42 GOLDEN WING


Nottingham Branch Join Easter Egg Run by

Rob & Karen Shaw, Nottingham Branch

We had dare to hope that the weather forecast we’d been hearing all week would be one of those they got wrong but you can tell before you even get out of bed when it’s raining, the world has a muted squishy sound and that was the sound outside our house at 8am on Sunday 29th March. Undeterred we set off for the 9am rendezvous at The Vale carpark, to meet up with Andy Smith & Wade Adams, the others from our branch who had decided to brave it. A bit of rain wasn’t going to put us off! However, when we arrived at the Forest Recreation ground it was soon apparent that the rain had put a lot of other people off compared to last year. I have to say I was surprised by how many die-hard riders had turned out, still ready to do battle with the British weather and deliver those eggs no matter what and perhaps even more admirable were those people along the route who had come out to stand in the cold and wet and wave us on from under their umbrellas! This year the route had to follow a detour as Redhill was closed for roadworks, so we all turned up Thackeray’s Lane and on towards Mapperley. Just after we re-joined the usual route, near the Lakeside Restaurant, we came across a motorist who had lost his load of metal

cladding - it was strewn all over the road and a real hazard. We were really glad that none of the riders had been caught by it! When we arrived at the Mansfield Fire Station we were greeted with a lovely hot cup of tea & chocolate biscuits, which were very welcome. The mountain of eggs was good to see and it was really nice that a man called Martin had donated 300 eggs and had come to help out as a thank you, because 30 years ago he had been the grateful recipient of an egg from the Nottingham Easter Egg Run. Just as the steam had stopped coming off us and we were beginning to dry out a bit, it was time to go & yes you’ve guessed it, it was still chucking it down only now the wind had picked up too! Oh well, it was for a very good cause and it did test out our waterproofs! I don’t doubt for a minute that we’ll be there to do it again next year!

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to SUMMER 2015


My CBF by

Steve Churchill, Wiltshire Branch

Six years, sixteen thousand miles and now a troublesome shoulder and so it’s a sad farewell to the VFR800V-Tec. It’s been a great bike, but further chants are the subject matter for another day… It was a ride-out to a never-visited-before dealer that lit the fuse. In fact, I had long yearned for a Gold Wing and since this dealer had one or two the “let’s have a look” visit turned into a test ride or three of various bikes and ended with the choice made, partex agreed and so the CBF1000GT came into my life. From the off, the reports I’d read are true. I felt as if I had ridden hundreds of miles already on it and it fitted like a glove. Compared to some, the look is bland but I rate ride first and looks second so it scored well. The 120 mile trip back home with the wife as pillion confirmed that the shoulder was happy with the choice. Now coming up to the first service at 650 miles, I am well pleased with how I’m adapting to it. The engine is a de-tuned Fireblade unit and therefore totally different to 44 GOLDEN WING

the V-Tec; far less snatch to the throttle, much higher revs and returning 51 mpg. The riding position is upright with arms almost straight. Dials are easy to see and read with large digital speedo on the left, central rev counter, and fuel and trip meters to the right. Switchgear is typical Honda, firm and positive. The short screen does a good job at moving most of the oncoming air around and over the rider. I’m yet to understand some of the readings on the right (average mpg etc) but am working on it! The pillion position is lower than the VFR - I’m told it’s easier to get up, and less buffeting at speed! So that’s the ride sorted, now to address the appearance. It has already been treated to an impromptu visit to the ‘beautician’ for a makeover! I mailed Pro-Bolt to enquire about some ‘bling’ to be told that it’s a bike they SUMMER 2015

wanted to measure up for addition to their range, so a day out at their place in Tewksbury was arranged and the red foundation now has some very tasty gold highlights. Pro-Bolt were brilliant from start to finish. I supplied the bike for them to size up and photograph and in return received a discount on all the parts fitted. Big thanks to Louisa and team. If you’ve not tried them, do so! There’s a new website on the way and their parts look superb on the bike. Once the service is completed it’s two weeks of local pottering and then we’re off to Mugello in Italy for the Moto GP (arranged through MCI Tours). The round trip will be about 2,200 miles, so a real chance for us to bond with the new machine.

I’ve not yet tested out the headlights, and yes, they look rather small. One stays on as a dipped beam running light, the other lights up to add full beam. Fingers crossed they’ll be okay. It cost an extra £80 to insure compared to the VFR, and included Sat Nav (Tom Tom) and centre stand. I’ll be adding a tank cover and rear hugger before the trip, then it’s all set to enjoy the summer and clock up some miles.

From the off... it fitted like a glove

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If you are proud of your bike, no matter it’s age or condition, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!



Honda News Honda receives winning honours in the Auto Trader Bike Awards Honda (UK) is celebrating success after two of its models - the CBR500R and the NC750X – received winning honours in the 2014 Auto Trader Bike Awards. The fully faired twin-cylinder CBR500R, which is aimed at riders looking to move up from a 125cc machine or those holding an A2 licence, was named as the best bike in the A2 category, while the adventure-styled NC750X all-rounder was awarded Best Commuter. Jon Quirk, Editor-in-Chief of Auto Trader Bikes explains: “When we were discussing (the A2) category, there really was only one manufacturer in contention. Honda has three excellent bikes in this field - the CB500F, the CB500X and the CBR500R, but we found that the fully-faired, sports-orientated CBR500R was our best all-rounder.” Auto Trader praises the CBR500R as being “the complete package… affordable, really versatile, an effortless entry-level bike, a great commuter and you can still have fun with it at the weekend.” The NC750X was named outright winner in the Best Commuter category for its practicality, ease of use and economy. Quirk applauds the model for offering “the refinement of a big bike, the practicality of a tourer and the economy and ease of use of a twist-and-go maxi scooter, thanks to that brilliant dual-clutch gearbox.”

Both models are available now through Honda dealers nationwide. The CBR500R ABS is priced at £5,499 OTR and can be purchased on a three-year finance deal, which includes a free Super Sports Pack until 31 December 2014. The NC750X is priced at £6,299. “We’re really pleased to receive two Auto Trader Awards and for both models to receive such high praise for their key features,” said Nick Campolucci, Head of Motorcycles at Honda UK. “This is the third award that the CBR500R has received this year, as it was also named the ‘Best Sub-500cc Motorcycle’ by Motorcycle News and the ‘Best A2 Bike’ by Visordown.”

Honda (UK) signs female rider for premier motorcycle racing championship Honda (UK) has signed the fastest female on two-wheels to compete for its official team in the British Superbike Championship. Cheshire-based rider Jenny Tinmouth will be the only woman to race in the series in 2015, joining fellow riders Jason O’Halloran and Dan Linfoot on the three-strong Honda Racing squad. Nick Campolucci, Head of Motorcycles at Honda (UK), sees the addition to the squad as a natural progression for both Jenny and Honda Racing: “There’ll be a focus on Jenny because she’s a female racer, of course. After all, she’s the first and only woman rider to compete in British Superbikes. But she’s a proven competitor and current Isle of Man TT lap record holder. Jenny joins the team on merit and we are very pleased that we have the opportunity to work with her.” 46 GOLDEN WING


Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L confirmed for 2015

Honda is delighted to announce the return of one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names - the Africa Twin. Having clearly shown the direction of its development and intent with the reveal of the True Adventure prototype at EICMA in 2014. Nick Campolucci, Head of Honda Motorcycles, Honda (UK) commented “We look forward to seeing the Africa Twin here in the UK, the return of this iconic name is already causing quite a stir and we’re looking forward to the excitement it will bring when it arrives in UK showrooms next year.” Some motorcycles encapsulate perfectly what an adventure motorcycle is all about. The original XRV650 Africa Twin - which debuted in 1988, after the first 3 out of 4 consecutive wins at the Paris-Dakar - was one such machine. Its go-anywhere ability, rugged durability, easy-handling agility and allday comfort made it the perfect partner with which to explore. And it helped to define a motorcycling segment that has now grown into one of the most popular worldwide. The new Africa Twin remains true to all the attributes and abilities of the XRV650 and its successor the XRV750, while adding the benefits of everything Honda has learnt on and off-road over the last decade, including Team HRC’s return to the Dakar in 2013. The Africa Twin will feature the option Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology, which remains unique to Honda in motorcycling. This latest evolution of DCT has been specifically developed and programmed to provide the off-road ability with which the Africa Twin is synonymous. The all-new CRF1000L Africa Twin is set to redefine expectations of just what a large-capacity adventure motorcycle can and should be capable of, both on and off-road, and opens an entirely new chapter in Honda’s illustrious history of dual-purpose motorcycles made for true adventure.

UK’s first specialist motorcycle fleet dealer network

Honda (UK) has become the first manufacturer in the country to introduce a specialist motorcycle fleet dealer network, aiming to grow the corporate market and provide the best in support and advice to business customers. Six existing dealers have been officially recognised as the first fleet specialists with the award of a ‘Honda Corporate’ plaque. Those in the network are looking to prospect leads and promote the merits of motorcycling to their local business market, supported by the new Honda Contract Hire product - which the group’s customers have exclusive access to. The move aims to increase sales of motorcycles to the corporate sector by offering specialist knowledge and a professional service; and by emphasising the many benefits of doing business on two-wheels. • Low CO2 - helping meet emissions targets • High fuel economy - keeping fuel costs down • Increased productivity - beating congestion • Fleet savings - including purchase and lease costs, road tax, parking and congestion charge • High residuals - capitalising on high demand for used models created by strong export market • Honda reliability - minimising fleet downtime from being off the road • Honda professionalism - specialist support through some of the best-trained people in the industry Nick Campolucci, Head of Motorcycles for Honda (UK) comments: “There are so many compelling benefits to doing business on two wheels, presenting a real opportunity for the UK market. Couple these with Honda’s incredible reputation for reliability and a network made up of some of the best-trained people in the industry and we have quite a proposition. Formalising our fleet offering in this way gives us a real focus on giving the specialist advice and support that the corporate customer needs and deserves.” The six Honda dealers making up the new fleet network are: Doble Motorcycles - Coulsdon, Surrey Chiswick Honda - Chiswick, West London Brindley Honda - Wolverhampton Lings Honda - Harleston, Norfolk Smith’s Honda - Chester Wheels Honda - Peterborough





Dangerous helmet warning by

Tom Rayner, VisorDown

Man sentenced for selling potentially lethal counterfeit helmets online Bikers are warned to check their helmets after a man was sentenced for selling ‘potentially lethal’ Chinese motorcycle helmets online.

Shocking photos released by Trading Standards show the damage incurred by the counterfeit lids after they failed safety tests. Any biker in an accident wearing these helmets would have received an impact ‘six times more forceful’ than permitted by law, Trading Standards officers reported. The helmets were supposed to undergo five impact test but were already destroyed after the second, by which time they would be passing G-forces of 1,000 to the wearer (the legal limit is 275 G). The red and black lids were branded Jiekai JK1000 and were found to buckle when squeezed by hand. The chin straps could also be ripped off.

A Trading Standards officer described them to Visordown as ‘next to useless’ and ‘potentially lethal’. The helmets all bore an authentic-looking hologram safety sticker that could easily fool an untrained eye. The dangerous helmets were discovered during a raid of a warehouse belonging to Moortaza Walji from Peterborough. Walji was selling the lids through his own trading name Bargain World UK Ltd as well as a number of other retailers. At Peterborough Crown Court he pleaded guilty to 15 charges including the sale of unsafe motorcycle helmets. He received a six-month suspended sentence and 180 hours’ community service. He must also pay costs of £13,000. Trading Standards has contacted around 30 customers to make them aware.

All of the counterfeit helmets will now be destroyed. Judging from the one in our picture, it won’t be difficult.

Article stolen from dangerous-helmet-warning/26665.html SUMMER 2015


Test ride by Chris Ward, North Downs Secretary

The Honda MSX125 was introduced to the UK market in Spring 2013 although it had been marketed in the far east prior to this known as the Honda Grom. The bike is manufactured in Thailand along with other small Hondas specifically designed for the Asian market. The first thing that strikes you about the MSX is the quality of the design. Upside down forks, cast alloy wheels, hi level exhaust and front and rear disc brakes indicate this bike was not built to a budget. The four speed 124cc engine is not a new design, with its roots traceable all the way back to the 50cc OHC cub engine of the mid-sixties. Refined with fuel injection and electric starting the engine is very smooth and remarkably torquey for such a small capacity unit. The test bike was supplied in a beautiful blue colour with gold wheels very reminiscent of style fitted to my Fireblade.

The MSX125 is very light and easy to manoeuvre and coupled to a short wheelbase has a very good turning circle. The riding position is very good and quite comfortable for such a diminutive machine but due to the short wheelbase and small wheels the bike the bike can feel a little twitchy at first but you soon get used to it and it doesn’t cause any problems. The bike accelerates well and doesn’t get left behind at the traffic light grand prix. First gear is fairly tall which helps prevent the front wheel from lifting too easily and the subsequent gears are well spaced. Once on the open road the bike performs well and happily cruises along at 50MPH with more in reserve if needed. A 5.5 litre fuel tank should give a range of around 120 miles between fill ups. The brakes are positive and have no problem in pulling the bike up safely, the twin piston Nissin caliper front brake being more than up to the job.

The Upside Forks and Disc Brake The Rear End

Honda MSX125 Engine 50 GOLDEN WING


At the rear end a monoshock controls the box section swing arm with braking provided by a single piston caliper disc. A chain guard and combined hugger will help keep the back end clean. The styling of the bike takes its cues from the CB1000R and is currently available in a choice of red, white, black and yellow colours, the blue model tested being a 2014 colour. The headlight features a multi reflector design and both front indicators remain on all the time as running lights.

A quick look on the Internet shows a huge amount of aftermarket parts available for the MSX125 including engines conversions up to 210cc offering 90MPH performance. The bike already has a cult following in the Far East and many riders are customising their steeds in the UK now. This bike would appear to have a good future ahead of it.

The MSX125 Headlamp

The MSX125 is a fun bike to ride and is available to those with a provisional driving licence. It should be cheap to insure and run with a very economical engine. The bike will certainly appeal to the younger generation that are new to motorcycling and also to those that need to commute into busy towns. The bike is very manoeuvrable and small however the riding position is not at all cramped and hour long rides should be present no problem at all to the rider.

Many thanks to Richard and his team at Tippetts Honda, Surbiton, for the loan of the test bike





Prescott Hill Climb by

Claire Robins, Wiltshire Branch Chairperson

Chilly start to the day. Met up with Ian and Sue at Sainsbury’s in Swindon, then onto The Air Balloon in Gloucester to meet up with Steve and his son ‘Tom’ who is a member of our Somerset branch. Nice to have you with us Tom. Spent a couple of hours on the stand along with Ian, Steve and Gloucester’s chairman Jon Arscott and one of their members Chris Hearn. Lots of interest, lots of information given out, hoards of people around, although I think a lot of them were looking for ‘Foggy’ on the stand next door! And there’s me thinking it was our wit and charm! lol The sun stayed shining and there were some spectacular sights going up the hill... especially the Jet Turbine bike! The engine in that costs £50,000!!! Such a bizarre sound coming from a bike!

Lets hope for sunshine again next year! Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to SUMMER 2015



Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs

07534 537086

At last, a real alternative to main dealer servicing and repairs at a price you can afford! 1 Factory trained Honda Technician 5 to Master level. 6 2 Menu price servicing which is far more comprehensive than 7 Honda’s schedule. 8 3 Collection and delivery service which is free within a 15 mile 9 radius of Devizes in Wiltshire. 4 MOT bay *NEW*

Free valet with every full service. Engine, electrical and fuel injection diagnostics. Tyre supply and fitting service. Genuine Honda parts supplied and fitted. 10% discount to fellow HOC members (excludes MOTs and tyres).

Try the new benchmark in motorcycle maintenance 54 GOLDEN WING


Honda Owners Club

Christmas Weekend 2015 Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November 2015

Orton Hall Hotel

The Village, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 7DN • All in the Great Room and Conservatory • • Friday night Hot/Cold Buffet • • Saturday night Christmas Party Menu, Aperitif, poppers & crackers with a disco to dance the night away • • Dress to impress! • • Full weekend only £275 per couple including B&B • • Saturday night only £158 per couple including B&B •

For further information and to book, please contact Roger & Nina e-mail


This event is for paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club only


2015 USA West Coast HOC Tour Roland Murphy, North London Branch

Planning for this tour

When I was doing Route 66 a couple of years ago I mentioned to the other HOC members on the ride that I would like to come back to the States in a couple of years time and ride around the west coast/mid west. I was surprised how many people said they wanted to join me. We even had a couple, Geoff and Noelene, from Australia on Route 66 with us that said they would join us. So upon getting back to the UK I started to plan the tour for 2015, this included the dates, flights, motorcycle hire, the route, things to see on route and hotels. Come the time for the tour to happen I unfortunately couldn’t go due to ill health. Other members on the tour stepped up to the mark and took it in turns to lead the tour each day. So, many thanks to those that helped in that respect.

Day 1. Fly to the USA Everyone on the trip, apart from Mick, Geoff and Noelene, meet up at London Heathrow before boarding the plane. Mick was already in Canada visiting family and was going to meet up with everyone in LA. Geoff and Noelene are from Australia and would also be meeting the others in LA. The flight across the pond went smoothly. Everyone then meet up at the hotel in LA. An evening was spent together discussing the route starting tomorrow. Time for bed soon arrived and everyone retired for the night.

On the ride were; Dave & Margaret Taylor, Mick Kelsey, Steve Armstrong, Ken & Brenda Reynolds, Debbie & Roger Reddick, Adrian & Rebecca Glossop, Steve Cooper and Geoff & Noelene Howe (from Oz). Ken dropped me a few lines at the end of most days to help file this report. He then padded out the story upon his return.

Thanks for that Ken. Please enjoy their story. There was loads of traffic in LA which slowed us down quite a bit. We also experienced loads of traffic along the coast road, the Pacific Highway. Seemed like everyone like driving along the coast road, can’t blame them it is a wonderful road. The traffic was again heavy through Malibu. When we got to Santa Barbara we stopped for a snack and a drink, this was around 4pm. We then continued the journey over the mountains to Santa Maria and our hotel for the night.

Day 2. Los Angeles to Santa Maria This morning we picked the bikes up from EagleRiders. It took a couple of hours to get the paperwork sorted and we could set off on the tour around midday. It was a lovely sunny hot day. A great day for riding a bike. 56 GOLDEN WING


Day 4. San Jose to Sacramento Another hot day. Today the trip would take us to the Golden Gate bridge where we would stop for a drink and to take some photos. We saw Alcatraz out in the bay. San Francisco is a lovely busy place. Time came for us to continue to our next hotel, which is in Sacramento.

Day 3. Santa Maria to San Jose We set off this morning at 9am for the journey up the Pacific Highway. Again it was a lovely hot day. We stopped at Morro Bay for a coffee/ snack and petrol before hitting Highway 1. The road hugged the coastline and you were always in sight of the Pacific. We stopped at Monterey and went onto the pier for lunch. We ended up getting to our hotel in San Jose at 7.30pm.

Day 5. Sacramento to Bakersfield We left Sacramento and had a great ride down H49 running parallel with Yesimiti. We went up and over the mountains before getting the freeway to Bakersfield. Some really lovely twisty roads up in them mountains. Another long day in the saddle, but well worth it.

Day 6. Bakersfield to Las Vegas We left Bakersfield and joined H178 taking us again up and through a mountain range towards Death Valley. We stray off the planned route and along the way the road changed to gravel for about a mile. This made for very slow riding on the bike. Went into Death Valley along H190, through Furnace Creek and H127/H178 and then out towards Las Vegas. Arrived Las Vegas 7.30pm another long day in the saddle but no sore bums on the Wing. Definitely worth driving through Death Valley, it’s 100ft below sea level.



A day off in Vegas Tomorrow. Going to Red Rock Canyon, it’s only 1/2 hour ride away.

Day 7. Free day in Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon today, only 1/2 hour away. Not everyone went on this ride today. Some of the others just wandered around Las Vegas or stayed by the pool.

Day 9. Page to Chilne Another hot day. Today’s ride takes us through Monument Valley. More great scenery.

Day 8. Las Vegas to Page Today would see us ride through Zion National Park taking in some lovely twisty roads and some great scenery. The ride was all the much better because the weather was brilliant again.



Day 10. Chinle to Flagstaff. We can’t complain about the weather, another scorcher. Today we pass through Winslow. Couldn’t resist standing on the corner. Roger found a slightly oversized guitar. I think Mick’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when his meal was served up.

We then headed off on H95 then H62 across the desert. Unfortunately there had been a motorcycle accident, nothing to do with us, which closed the road for a while. A helicopter took the rider to hospital and the road was reopened. A long journey on the 62 and 247 to get to the hotel. All arrived safely and somewhat tired. Went off for some food and a beer and to celebrate Adrian’s birthday before turning in for bed.

Day 11. Flagstaff to Kingman. Today we paid a visit to the Grand Canyon. It never stops taking your breath away when you see the size of it.

Day 12. Kingman to Victorville Group split into two, one going through Oatman and the other went straight to London Bridge. We drove over London Bridge and stopped for a coffee and some photos. It’s not quite what we expected to see. SUMMER 2015

Day 13. Victorville to LA Well last day on bikes. We were to leave Victorville and ride to Santa Monica Pier for some pictures before returning the bikes. Where has the time gone??? Expect final mileage to be around 2800. When we left Victorville the group got split up into 3 groups with us on our own. We pulled off I15 onto H178 and then turned onto the H2 (Angeles Crest Highway) heading for LA. Got part way along the route and found the road was closed so turned around and stopped at the Mountain Top Cafe to replan the route. Fortunately the cafe had WIFI and with the aid of Google Maps I was able to replan route to LA. After a coffee and light snack (eggs, potatoes, pancakes) we set off. Traffic was heavy on 210 due to an accident and was heavy also on the 405. Due to heavy traffic we decided not to got to Santa Monica Pier but to head towards Eaglerider to drop off the bike. We then headed back to the hotel. GOLDEN WING 59

Pictures are of Angeles Crest where we had to turn around. Steve C, Debs & Roger were the only ones who made it to Santa Monica Pier. The others in the group came straight to Eagleriders, arriving some time after I had arrived there.. Well the journey has ended now and the trusty stead did its job and did it well. Well that’s it, the trip completed without any major mishaps. We did almost 3000 on the Wing which performed well and the cruise control was a god send.

Day 14. Fly home We woke up and had a lazy breakfast. We then packed our cases and got ready to go to the airport. We have an evening flight back to the UK.

The flight went smoothly and when we got back to London Heathrow we said our goodbyes to everyone and headed off to our respective home.

I would to thank Roland for all the hard and long work he put into organising this trip. It had some hard riding/miles but well worth it. Thanks Ken for submitting your report on the holiday. Marian and I are just sorry we couldn’t make this trip, but we did say we would do it sometime in the future.

PS Next years trip will be northwards to ride the Scottish NC500, their version of Route 66.

Members’ stories always welcome Please share the biking experiences that you have had with the Honda Owners Club, in Golden Wing, for everyone to enjoy Send your text and pictures to or post it to the address on page 2 60 GOLDEN WING





Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


ur 16th Clappers rally went smoothly with only a little rain in the end though we did cancel the Sunday ride-out partly due to the threat. For the first time in living memory I returned with everyone I should have from the Saturday ride-out and only one bike dropped in the process, result! Our BBQ lived up to its reputation with club members making contributions to the salad and cakes and there was plenty for all. Attendance was disappointing given that the weather was not that bad but hey ho, you can’t make people come. Beds Branch has now gone international (and no, I don’t mean someone from Hertfordshire has joined) with our latest attendee in the form of Marcio from Portugal. Though I do believe we will have an international incident if anybody else asks if he is Spanish… we look forward to Marcio joining us out and about on his CBF. Club nights at The Cross Keys are well attended with many sampling the menu on a regular basis. Other than space, the place really does tick a lot of boxes. It’s just a pity that we can’t park the bikes out front. It might encourage a few more to ride up instead of driving and who knows, someone might see us and stop to see what it is all about.

You may recall that I mentioned that our Chairman, Ian Parris, had been given the all clear to ride again after problems with his knee. Well the knee is fine but if Ian didn’t have bad luck he’d have no luck at all. He’s currently suffering from kidney stones and a resultant infection and so is still off the bike unable to ride. Much safer for us we all agree but you have to give the old boy a little encouragement so get well soon mate and may your belly once again feel the support of a petrol tank… All the best


• • • 62 GOLDEN WING



Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417


i All, yes we’re still here, despite no report last time, so here’s a brief update of what we’ve been up to recently: In February, a few of us went along to the Bristol Classic Bike Show (actually in Shepton Mallet in Somerset...) to look at the old, and not so old bikes (and yes, there were some old Hondas here and there!), and meeting up for a chat with club members on the HOC stand. At least it was a nice day for a change, and neither wet or freezing like it so often is at that time of year! In April, a handful of us went to the Prescott Bike Festival – a much fuller event this year and well attended, with plenty of trade and club stands to look round, including the HOC’s Gloucestershire Branch. Quite a lot of interesting bikes riding the hill, even one powered by a helicopter’s gas turbine engine – it wasn’t very fast overall as it wasn’t really designed for taking those bends, but it sounded fantastic, issuing ‘Red Arrows’-style smoke at intervals too! Later that month was Oxford Branch’s Test Ride Day at Blade Abingdon. Several members had initially booked test rides, but in the event due to unforeseen circumstances only three Bristol members were able to get over there on the day. Bikes, bacon sarnies, cake and fun all round as usual, so it seems!

The early May Bank Holiday weekend was Wiltshire Branch’s Spring Rally. Last year some of us joined in the whole Saturday ride out. However, this year it was a bit further away, but Stu and Latte Lez still made the effort to go along, specifically to meet up with the ride’s lunch stop. Later in May, several of us participated in the Ride of Respect, this year back at what is now Royal Wootton Bassett. We got to the meeting site at Hullavington airfield for the 10:00 am departure, but there didn’t appear to be the huge numbers taking part as there had been in past years. Still, on the ride itself we were greeted with lots of members of the public at the roadside waving flags, clapping and waving. Great stuff! We’ve got a few things planned in the upcoming months (all been and gone by the time you read this), and hopefully the handful of new Bristol members will have joined us on some of them. Nobody in Bristol branch owns a camera or a phone that’s capable of taking photos, so this is all you’re getting, I’m afraid! Bye for now,


• • • SUMMER 2015


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


ell this year is flying by in the usual way and the season has started and we have had a few ride outs so far as well as the meetings in the usual manner. We meet first Tuesday and third Wednesday at The Mill at Hartford but this changes in the summer months to having a ride out on the first Tuesday, April was a wash out so we met at the Mill in the normal manner and again on the third Wednesday but the May bank holiday on the 4th May was a ride out and the weather was OK. Paul and I led the ride out to have a look at John Banks Honda in Bury St Edmunds but we were a little disappointed as there was no salesman around, the car showroom was fully functional but the bike showroom wasn’t so we only stayed for half hour or so then headed on to the next destination which was Chilford Hall Vineyard, we had been before a couple of years ago and to our surprise the lady recognised us, we stopped for a look round and a cup of coffee and piece of cake before making a purchase of wine (like you do). We then headed into Long Melford for a late lunch which was good before heading home – a good day out with 6 bikes, 7 of us going. The last May Day bank holiday was a little cooler but none the less 7 bikes again took the ride led by Stephen and Joyce Stackhouse meeting at Huntingdon Garden and Leisure before a meander through Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Herfordshire before ending up at Jordon’s Mill for a cup of tea and cake (we eat a lot of cake) we would have had lunch but is really busy so we just had a light refreshment and then a walk round

the gardens which included the vegetable patch and wild flower garden before heading home – another lovely day – do you find that you don’t actually have to do that much but just be with HOC friends enjoying the bikes, a gentle meander and each others company, well Cambs do, I’m sure you all do too. June brings a change again to the meetings as we like to make the most of the weather and light nights by having a ride out on the third Wednesday of the month too for June and July, June Wednesday is led by Paul and myself and the third Wednesday in July is the Meldreth Manor open bike night where we really just meet up at so fingers crossed for the weather for the next 2 months. The bookings for the Christmas Party are going well and if you haven’t already decided to join us then please do not think it is too late, it isn’t so please contact us and arrange deposit if you still wish to come, more the merrier and it promises to be a brilliant weekend or evening if you just come for the one night. Well Paul and I are off to the south of France again this year with friends from Cambs and Yorkshire so we are hoping the weather is kind for us, last year was just perfect, dry for the whole time from home and back again, can we even wish to hope for the same again? Lets hope so, will fill you in, in the next edition. Have a wonderful summer and catch up with you all soon Take care, ride safe

Paul and Kim xx

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING


Darlington & District Organiser: Phil Baker: 01325 382012 or 07745 544808


o here we are with the second report from the Darlington and District HOC. I am aware that people join clubs for different reasons and that applies to the HOC. Some just join because they have bought a Honda, others because they want a dating certificate, and hopefully others join because they want to be part of the wonderful social side of the club and take part in its activities and join other members out on rides. So, a few months ago I was persuaded to start up a branch here In the North East, I had a list of all the local members which number about thirty people, I emailed all the people on that list that had email addresses and asked them to get in touch even if it was to let me know that they were not interested. I had one reply from a chap who said that he was not interested in socialising and that was it, nobody else bothered to reply. So I ask here, if you want to be part of the local branch of this club in any shape or form, please contact me, join our facebook page or come down to The Model T pub and say hello. We are continuing to meet every Thursday evening at the Model T, some evenings eight or nine people turn up, other evenings Thelma and I sit there alone like a couple of Billy no mates feeling abandoned. However, most of our rides have been reasonably well attended, unfortunately quite a few of the riders are not actual members of the HOC (Yet) at the moment I am encouraging everyone to ride with us just to boost numbers and hopefully boost membership. Sunday 25th Jan. Stuart and I had a pleasant ride round the dales to Leyburn and Richmond. Sunday 8th March. Three of us had a ride up through Arkengarthdale to Reeth where

we stopped for a coffee and a bite then we ventured over the Stang and down into Barnard Castle. Stuarts Blackbird developed a radiator leak so he headed for home. We met a couple (Mother and son) in the café where we stopped for an ice cream and had a good chat, they have since been coming to the club and out on rides. Sunday 22nd March. Five of us left the club and rode through Weardale up to Heartside summit which is a popular bikers café mainly because of the fantastic roads up there and down the other side to the lakes. After eating at the café we blasted down to the lakes down the side of Ullswater to Windermere where we stopped for lunch . It was warm, pleasant days so we sat in the sun watching the world go by while we ate our chips. When we left there we returned home through Brough over the moors to Reeth then Richmond and home.

Monday 23rd March. I had to waste away four hours of my life attending a speed awareness course. I was not very cooperative and I think I kept the others amused with my comments. Before anyone starts lecturing me about speed etc, I was not speeding, I was set up Milord and it was in my car on the way to the bike show in Birmingham.

• • • SUMMER 2015


Sunday 29th March. It was a dull chilly day but three of us still enjoyed ourselves riding up to the Derwent reservoir stopping at a bikers café on the way. After that we came back over the moors enjoying the windy roads and spectacular views down into Stanhope in Weardale where we had lunch then back home via Teesdale. Sunday 5th April. Nine people on eight bikes went off through Richmond to the very popular Manor café at Bellerby near Leyburn in the Yorkshire dales then along Wensleydale to Hawes where we had lunch at the whistle stop café, it was buzzing there and you could not move for bikes. We left there and headed over the Buttertubs pass to Tan hill. After a stop there we headed back through Arkengathdale and cut off across the stang into Barnard Castle and then home by the back roads. Another brilliant ride over fantastic roads with amazing scenery.

Sunday 19th April. A new member, Tony joined me on his Goldwing for a short but pleasant ride through Richmond to the Manor café then back by Northallerton and Yarm. Thursday 23rd April. Kevin and Sarahe from the North London HOC rode up from Little Dunmow to spend the weekend with us, we all went down to the club that evening. The next day we set off for our caravan weekend in the lakes. We had a pleasant ride along the back roads of Wensleydale, stopping for lunch at Hawes then on to Flookburgh where we were staying. The caravan was ok and the entertainment in the evening was very good, the evenings were bitterly cold and each morning Kevin and Sarahe’s bikes were covered in frost (I had a bike cover on mine).

The weather was not promising on Saturday so we had a short ride to catch the Haverthwaite steam train to the bottom of Lake Windermere then a boat trip to Windermere itself where we had a wander round the shops, had a very nice meal and returned by the same route. The weather, although cold was not too bad. On the Sunday we had a ride round the lakes then went over the Hardknott Pass which is not for the faint hearted, believe me!. After that experience we stopped for a pleasant pub lunch then headed back to the caravan. On the Monday we parted company, Thelma and I back home by a scenic route and the others back down south. It was a brilliant weekend spent in stunning surroundings with wonderful company.

• • • 66 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2015

Sunday 10th May. Five of us lead by Paul headed off through Weardale turning off over the moors after Stanhope, Paul led us over some fantastic moorland roads stopping at a lovely café with a mill stream in Allendale. We ended up at Corbridge and returned by the A68 stopping at the A68 bikers café then home, it was a brilliant ride thanks to Pauls superior knowledge of the back roads.

Saturday 16th May. I joined in with The Teeside Bikers Air ambulance charity ride over Wensleydale area. Sunday 17th May. Two of us rode over to the Whistle stop café in Whitby via the Helmsley TT, which is a rather hairy ride hence the name TT. After something to eat I showed John round Whitby because he had never been there before. We returned by the coast road. Monday 18th May. Robb, John, Thelma and I decided to try the Crown and Anchor bike night at Redcar. The group was loud, the burgers dry and the weather damp. We probably won’t go again. Saturday 23rd May. Yet again, another fantastic ride lead by Paul. There was eight of us on seven bikes. The weather was warm and sunny and the roads and scenery to die for. We went through Northallerton , Skipton -on- Swale, Ripon, Ripley, stopping on the way for ice cream at a farm then to Brimham Rocks where we stopped to wander round the

stunning rock formations and for the younger ones to have a climb. After that we carried on through Pately bridge, Grassington where we stopped for lunch then home via Kettlewell, Leyburn, Richmond the back to Darlington by the back roads. Paul certainly knows his way around.

That brings us up to date. I tried to keep this short but it seems that we have done quite a lot since our first report. I hope that next time I will be able to report on more people joining us on a regular basis. So, people from the North East get in touch and help me get this branch going and turn it into a success story.


• • • SUMMER 2015



Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272


ello from sunny Dorset, we kick started our 2015 season with the AGM. Due to the sterling job done last year the re-elected members are Clive Godber (Chairman) Beverley Ralph (Secretary) and Keith Hopkins (Treasurer). A new role of ride out co-ordinator and media officer was created which I was voted in for. I hope you enjoy my first Branch report.

So for our next ride we ventured down to Loomies cafe. We met up with Claire Robins, from wilts, the brunch was very satisfying, the sun was shining and the roads were clear which made for a perfect ride. A real good turnout of all makes of bikes to drool over!

Loomies visit

Committee: l-r Jeremy, Bev, Clive & Keith

Clive led our ride to Mega motorcycles of Swindon. We picked up en-route members of Wilts and met up with Glos and Bristol H.O.C. Who joined us for a natter, browse around and a few bacon butties. The weather was glorious. It was fantastic to meet up with friends old and new.

Combined Branches at Mega Store

Well done Kirsty on achieving your A2 licence we all knew you could do it. There’s no stopping you now! Keith took the helm for Salisbury MAG Surprise Spring Show. After a quick ride we enjoyed walking around looking at the many bikes that turned up, admiring the personalised ones and helping Kirsty with ideas for her first large bike. No prizes for us this year but there’s always next, but we did enjoy a hot pork roll and a coffee, followed by an ice cream. Well it would be rude not to!

Salisbury MAG show

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2015

Members’ bikes at the Mega Store

Ride to Loomies

Loomies Brunch

Assemble for Mega Store ride

Ride to Loomies

Ride to Loomies

HOC members at Mega Store

Ride to Loomies


Jeremy welcoming Glos HOC

Three great rides so far this year and many more in the pipeline. By the time this edition has gone to print we will have met up with other Branches and thrashed them at skittles who am I kidding? Clive will be planning his famous BAR-B-QUE. Check out the Dorset HOC Facebook page and the HOC events diary on the web.

We are a very friendly group of people who just want to ride bikes, have a natter over a pint and welcome new members. Why not pop along to one of our bike nights well what else is there to do on a Friday night? Ride safe


• • • SUMMER 2015


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Improvised ride to Matlock Bath 29th March The original ride up into the peaks was severely modified when the weather got the better of us, so 2 bikes took an improvised ride to Matlock Bath, stopping at a café for a bite to eat and a coffee in the hope that the weather would abate.

Saturday was, as usual, taken up by a wander around the trade stands, checking out the stunt shows and using the children’s play areas as props for photos. And of course in the evening we had to do the fancy dress thing again, HOC East Midlands goes PUNK!!!!

Has it stopped? Maybe!

MCN live, Butlins, Skegness 17th - 20th April Ten of us made the trek to the MCN 60th anniversary weekend at Butlins Skegness. It was a great weekend and we all managed to survive the weekend, tired but intact. There were some really good bands on including Bon Giovi, Hells Bells, Lorraine Crosby, Dead Ringer for Meatloaf and even the original Dr Feelgood – how many of you can remember them? The downside was that the magnificent Steve Ferringo was unable to make his usual appearance.

Punk it up

Sunday was a chill day, after the late night partying. A stroll down to the beach to watch the all new sand racing event “SKEGMESS beach marathon”. Three bikes entered (125cc max), one team from MCN and the other two made up of the general public (3 riders per team), and of course there had to be some fancy dress involved. One team were the Dukes of Hazard and the other Deputy Dawg!!

MCN Team trail behind at Skegmess

2nd childhood or 3rd for some

There were also Stunt Squad Rage Buggies racing around the sand dunes.

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING


Bike4Life - 26th April Steve, Rita Andy & Karen took part in the Bike4Life ride from Meole Brace, Shrewsbury to RAF Cosford on Sunday. It was a brilliant day out, with great bands, plenty of other entertainment and a diverse range of bikes, of course the sunshine helped.

What a killer!!

Ride to Quatford Food Stop 17th May I grew up near Wolverhampton and for as long as I can remember Bridgnorth has been a gathering place for bikers. It’s a great place, but of course the reason is that pretty much all the roads going to Bridgnorth are fast, twisty, or both. Looking for a good route for a ride out, I saw that the café at Quatford now advertises itself as a biker’s café. When I was about six years old the café served the caravan site at the entrance to which it stands and I spent most of my weekend barrelling down the hill towards the café in the best cardboard boxes I could find. So, fifteen (plus!!) years later I decided to satisfy my curiosity to see how it has changed with a ride out down the best route I could put together. We met as usual at the Cherry Tree Farm services and after taking a ribbing over my hand written directions taped to my bike’s handlebars, “old tech sat nav” etc, we set off. The weather was decent (I usually pick the wettest weather for rides!) and we had six bikes, with Steve and Rita bringing up the rear, bit of a change of view for them.

Taking you, taking me

There was the usual array of emergency service bikes and riders, and it was all for a very worthy cause.

Quatford Food Stop

Where’s me bike?


I’d planned a circular route, heading out through Uttoxeter, Stafford, Newport and then down to the Kidderminster road for the last few miles into Bridgnorth. The ‘sat nav’ survived the first blast down the A50 and

• • • SUMMER 2015


didn’t blow away, so we got there together without any navigational ‘issues’ on the way. The car park for the café was packed with bikes and we had to split up to squeeze our bikes in. Les and Di met us there, and we caught up on news and put the world to rights over lunch before setting off back to Derby.

Les, Di and John tucking in

The return route took us towards Wolverhampton, then through Codsall up to Stafford. No directions needed this time as it’s my old stamping ground. We had to retrace our steps at Stafford due to a road closure and rode through Cannock Chaseup to Rugeley instead of the more direct route. The blanket 40 mph limit through the Chase gave plenty of opportunity to take in the views. From Rugeley we made our way past Blithfield Reservoir using B roads and lanes to take us back through Tutbury to Derby. A very enjoyable trip down Memory Lane and I won’t leave it as long before repeating it again.


Trip To D&K, Newcastle Under Lyme Sat May 23rd looked like being a nice day according to the weather forecast, well at least dry that is, there’s nothing I like more than having to clean the bike when I get back (hmmmmm). I rang Frank and Pete to see if they were interested in a trip to D&K in Newcastle under Lyme as Pete had obtained decent bits from there before at a reasonable price. Yes ok they said so met at my house and headed towards Stoke (good job that’s the direction we should have been going in) if there’s one thing I hate about roads it has to be the concrete slab type (just like being on the Bay of Biscay from one of my trips) must be one of the worst designs ever. Anyway got there intact and Frank gasped in surprise, Don’t know whether it was me offering to buy the coffees or the size of the showroom. I soon lost them as they went from row to row of bikes but they managed to find me in the clothing department, damn that reflective jacket. All sorts and sizes of bikes are on offer from new ones to bikes recovered from America which I’m glad to say provides me with a source of spares. All in all a good place to visit which I recommend, Good parts and bikes at a fair price too...

John Goodwin

• • •

Members’ stories always welcome Please share the biking experiences that you have had with the Honda Owners Club, in Golden Wing, for everyone to enjoy Send your text and pictures to or post it to the address on page 2




Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


n the 14th March, Alan, Martin & I took part in Paul’s Peak District Run. The weather remained dry but cool as we followed Paul through the stunning landscape.

Monsal Head on Paul’s Peak District Run

James Toseland signing autographs at the Three Shires Egg Run

Graham with his CBX

Paul with his Vultus

Monsal Head on Paul’s Peak District Run

As is now customary on Easter Sunday. Me, Martin, Paul and Alan rode to Sheffield to take part in the Three Shires Branch Easter Egg Run. Unfortunately, this year there wasn’t a ride in, just a meeting at Weston Park Sheffield. Despite this the attendance was good with James Toseland in attendance. Martin, Alan & Graham

• • • SUMMER 2015


On Easter Monday, 6th April, we visited the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway at Ludborough near Louth. This was followed by a ride down through the Lincolnshire Wolds to the Bubble Car Museum at Langrick near Boston.

We continue to go to the Lincolnshire Bike Nights when time allows. The bike night at Willingham Woods, held every Wednesday, is particularly well attended.

Lincolnshire Bike Night at the Rose & Crown

John, Martin & Paul play with some engines

Paul demonstrates how he would pray to the engine in his bubble car, to keep it going!

On Saturday 25th April we made our annual pilgrimage to the Stafford Classic Bike show. We continue to be amazed at the prices asked for classic motorcycles.

Main hall at Stafford Classic Bike Show

For the first time I attended the Prescott Bike Festival and Hill Climb held at the Bugatti Owners club site, north of Cheltenham. This is an excellent event at a great location.

The following day we took part in Mid-Lincs MAG’s big breakfast and St. George’s day run. This was a mystery run that started at Rachel’s Café near Hagworthingham and ended at Ollerton in Nottinghamshire. The people of Ollerton put on an excellent St. George’s day festival, with a band, Morris dancing and comedy street plays.

Waiting for the Hill Climb start

Mid-lincs MAG St. Georges day

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


It was the first Saturday in May, so it was the Wolds Motorcycle run, starting from Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage at East Kirkby. The run goes through the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds with a stop at the Green Man at Scamblesby before returning to the Aviation centre. Proceeds go to the aviation centre and the Lincs & Notts air ambulance.

Paul & Martin at the Tan Hill Inn Classic 750 four at the aviation heritage run

For the first time in a couple of years I organised a run to the Tan Hill Inn near Reeth in the North Yorkshire Dales on Saturday 23rd May. The run started from Barney’s Café in North Lincolnshire, after crossing the Humber Bridge we made our way to our coffee stop at Pateley Bridge, a distance of 91 miles. When Paul filled up his Vultus we found it was doing 89mpg. This was most impressive, as we had by this time only lost one minute on the Sat Nav estimated time of arrival. By the time we arrived back at Barney’s we had covered about 270miles, an excellent day’s riding.

On Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May, we went to East Kirkby aviation centre for the Italian, Buell and Vincent motorcycle festival combined with V.E. the commemoration airshow. This was an excellent day out with Paul’s Vultus receiving lots of attention.

Paul’s Vultus at East Kirkby Aviation Bike Fest

The Eastern Branch is very active. If you want to take part, please come along to The Black Bull Inn, 3 Wrawby Street, Brigg DN20 8JH on the 1st and 3rd Thursday.of the month, from 7.30pm. Aviation heritage run from East Kirkby


• • • SUMMER 2015



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


e have changed our Tudor Rose meeting nights from the first Wednesday to the first Monday of each month from June. We are continuing to hold our fish and chip runs on the third Wednesday until September and our third Monday meetings will recommence at the Tudor Rose wef Monday 19th October. Meeting nights are from 8pm and Fish & Chip runs leave at 6.30pm sharp from Maidstone Services. Since my last report we have had a busy time, which will become busier as the summer progresses. We have visited Rye, Brighton for the Sunbeam Pioneer Run, Fairlawn Children’s Home for our annual Easter Egg run, The Southend Shakedown Ace Café event then Whitstable and Ramsgate. Slight change of direction but we visited the 1st Steel Horse Custom Show in Luddesdown near Cobham then attended the May Day meet in Hastings which was very busy. I attended the Management meeting in Kettering then we attended Sittingbourne Speedway. We attended the Margate Meltdown Ace Café event which again was very busy. Our member Jill gave her other half a surprise 65th birthday party (regretfully only limited numbers could be invited). Our first mid week fish and chip run visited Sturry near Canterbury and I am told the heavens opened and that it was an extremely wet ride ( I was away and could not attend, fortunately!). We were to visit Herstmonceux Castle but because the weather forecast was so bad a few of us visited the biker cafe’s Newlands Corner near Guildford then Rykas near Dorking. The weather did not turn out too bad after all. We will reschedule this ride.

We are off on a long weekend to northwest Wales in mid-June and we are off for a days ride into France/Belgium in July. Check out the website for our diary of other rides and events. A big welcome to John and Joan who we hope will shortly join the club. They are already regular attendees at the meeting and have joined us on a few rides. John is IAM trained and a ‘retired’ Observer so will bring additional skills to the club if/when he joins. My thanks again to Mike O and to John A for leading many of our rides and to Pauline for the website. My thanks also to all of the members who help to make this club the success it has become. If members who do not hear from me want to know what we are doing please get in touch, my email address and telephone numbers are readily available within this magazine or visit our website.


• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


an you believe it’s already half way through the year, well in Manchester we have been busy so far. We had a very well attended show at Event City in March and over the two days we had a lot of laughs with some very enthusiastic visitors to our stand, hopefully this will turn into some enthusiastic new members for the branch. Our ride outs this year are proving very popular with the members. We have travelled some great biking roads, some new and some old favourites with more in store. We have decided to make some changes to our rides calendar and our Sore Ass competition. This will also be a dry run for planned changes to our rides calendar for 2016. The Sore Ass competition will now have several elements where points can be gained which will make it open to more people. Points can be gained on all stages of the days ride and to various groups with small awards for each category. It should make it a closer competition by the end of the year and it is all for a bit of fun, adding that extra interesting detail for the rides out, check out the web site for full details. Changes to our web site are aimed at making it more user friendly, attractive and informative. The Website now links more closely with our Facebook page which becomes more popular by the week. The ride calendar appears as events on Facebook so everyone can stay right up to date, this also gives us the opportunity to inform members of any last minute reminders or updates. One of the big advantages to this link is that now the ride reports can be done in real time with photos of the rides appearing as the day goes on. You might even want to follow and then meet up part way through the day. Plans for the rest of the year, well some are off to France and one who has recently come back

to our meetings is, as this is being written, riding up to Cape Nord, the most northerly point in Norway. He was looking forward to seeing the Northern Lights but I did not have the heart to tell him it’s the wrong time of year. A few of us will be taking part in the National Road Rally and if I can make a route work, we are hoping to get to the Honda Day at the Ace Café, providing it’s on the list of check points that is. By the next issue I hope to have details of a charity Poker Run I’m planning in aid of the Spinal Injuries Association for early 2016 and a big thank you to Ted German who has helped me out with advice on this. Anyway that’s enough for this issue catch you all in the autumn edition.


• • • SUMMER 2015




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


es we are still here, living in Paradise, but just sometimes life creeps up on us when we least expect it and before you know it we’ve missed something else we really wanted to do. I finally got back on the bike after an 18 months break because of my balance problems and yes, it really was just like riding a bike, I hadn’t forgotten what to do! First ride was with the VMCC on the Tribute to Geoff Duke lap, an absolute Legend so glad to have been able to participate. Unfortunately that was also my last ride for a couple of months as 4 days later I overbalanced off a kerb and now have a compound fracture of the wrist and my clutch hand is in plaster. Washing windows one handed is strange especially as I am left handed but hey ho such things are sent to try me. I just wish that they would try someone else for a change. I can’t believe how many people sent us photos of John and I participating in the tribute lap so we have enclosed one along with a picture of some of the crowd!

As we type this it is the start of TT practice week and with any luck we’ll be out marshalling in the evenings with Kevin, a HOC member from York who stays with us for the fortnight, Monday night was a washout but the weather is picking up now. Anyway, I’ve got rooms to prepare so I’ll pass you over to John to report on other events. Hi, John here, the monthly HOC meets seem to be going well, although we’ve missed a few with Karen’s health problems. The VMCC goes from strength to strength with new members joining regularly. We held another “track” day at Jurby last month and we have two more booked for later in the year. Looks like the BM is going to get some exercise again! We are booked for the National Rally this year so look out for the big van again, as we always try to fit family visits etc. as well when we come over. No time for any more now, looking forward to meeting you all again in September. Until next time, this is M.O.B. Signing off. Be safe, be happy,

Karen, John, Kim, Ian & James

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


ell what an interesting load of weather we have had since the last report........ today in Norfolk it is mostly raining but warm. Sort of sums up a lot of the Spring quarter really!! Anyway we have been busy as a Branch as usual. In March we had a BRILL brekkie meeting at The Kingfisher Cafe in Walcott - they do do a lovely breakfast and one of HOC’s younger members - Josh - works there so we always like to run up there to encourage him in his work serving food although he might not find us so helpful!! We had a Branch run to watch the annual Scooter Boys charity run at the end of March - unfortunately it was POURING all morning. They looked very bedraggled in their Crombies and suede shoes.... we were wet enough in our leathers!!! After watching them riding up and seeing some of the scooters we decided to run back to The Kingfisher to warm up over a nice full English breakfast.....again!!

In April we had a run to Bawdsy after ANOTHER nice brekkie - this time at Goodies on the A140 near Long Stratton. There might seem to be a recurring FOOD theme with our Branch!!!???!!! The weather was again drizzling but hey ho we made light work of that. Andy showed us his nice new shiny Thruxton which does sound VERY sweet - a classic British bike sound without the oil leaks!! The run was great and we had a stop for coffee and cake there before heading home in much drier weather.

Bawdsy seafront

Scooter Rally

May 3rd we met for brekkie at Yaxham Waters but as it was raining buckets we all went back to our homes rather than get soaked. The brekkie meets are really good social events anyway so the weather is never an issue. Our Branch supports Stepping Stones Charity in Norwich - a VERY forward-looking service for adults with learning disabilities. The guys there challenged us to a 10-pin Bowls match so on 14th of May we all meet at Norwich Riverside Hollywood Bowl. We had a brilliant evening - 32+ of us all taking over 4 lanes and having a great time. We have been booked for a return meeting next year. Cups were awarded as can be seen in the photos. We will be practicing in earnest for next year’s

• • • SUMMER 2015


match... We also welcomed a new member to the Branch on the night - Steve McKee from Downham Market. We look forward to seeing you very soon at Branch meetings and events Steve, along with your good lady.


Branch members went to the MCN Festival of Motorcycling show over the weekend - some to see what was there and others to exhibit and support the HOC Stand. We had a really good run up from Swaffham - no brekkie this time “sigh”. This was a nice show - not as much as would have been there with the BMF but a good first one for MCN. The flat racing was fun and Dave persuaded Sue to try the Crosstourer and HEY WE ARE NOW BUYING A BRAND NEW ONE from Lings at Harleston - WAHOOOO. The HOC stand was great and it was lovely to catch up with everyone there as always.

MCN Festival of Motorcycling

26th and 27th May was BSB Testing at Snetterton Circuit with free entry. Several members went over the 2 days. Sue and I had brekkie with Chris Walker - well we sat at the next table lol. The riders this year were VERY intensely involved in their times, performances and de-brief sessions. However we were still able to get some good snaps and chats and both days were fine, warm and sunny. JennyTinmouth looked really smooth and faster when she was riding which is great to see. It was also good to see Dan Linfoot back for Honda.

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING


BSB Testing at Snetterton

There was a little matter of a certain Championship Football Play-off between Norwich and some team up north....which Norwich won to gain the last promotion slot to take them back to the Premiership. Our Branch was VERY ably represented by Tony and Penny who rode down for the match on their new CTX1300 bagger. This had been suitably decorated by Penny and she even added yellow and green to her bling!!!

May 31st saw us support another local charity - this time in Great Yarmouth where Centre 81 were trying out a new fund-raiser. This involves selling breakfasts to bikers and hey, we just could NOT miss out on the invite it would be VERY rude to NOT turn up lol. The weather was familiar - pouring again so the Branch appeared in cars - 100 miles in heavy rain is not that much fun!! Sadly this meant the planned run out afterwards to work off the food was cancelled. So as I write this just 90 days or 89 sleeps till the branch run to the Isle of Man for the Classic... seeing ALL the Facebook postings re the TT just makes us wish we had booked BOTH events!!! Can’t WAIT to ping the Crosstourer round the I-o-M circuit “to test it” later at the end of August.......The Lings Testing day on 1st August is looking as though it will be really busy and fun AND there is a beer festival for the Saturday evening - wow what MORE could we ask for. From June over the summer we are trying out Fish ‘n Chip runs on Branch nights - the first one in Eye, just over the border in to Suffolk. Here comes summer and even MORE biking fun!! Ride safe everyone and we look forward to seeing HOC friends at the various events in the summer.

Dave and Sue

• • • SUMMER 2015


Northants Secretary: Stu Peile - 07549 407048


s the winter was drawing to a close in March we still had a regular turn out of attendees at Branch meetings. The current venue where we meet at The George in Brixworth seems still to be popular with branch members Now the weather is getting warmer and with the lighter evenings we are now getting more attendees at the Branch and on rideouts. Speed Gaming Wednesday 5th March

During the early part of March we held an event called Speed Gaming (no it was not speed dating and select a set of motorcycle keys). each member bought in a game(s) and after a set time span moved on to the next game. Ruth bought many games in from her school but the favourite one was the Ice berg game where you had to use ice picks to break the ice. The winner was person who did sink the polar beer. Alot of fun was had by all reliving our childhood. First EveryOtherRun Wednesday 1st April On this date it was not an April fool but we held our first branch rideout of the year led by our branch chairperson Gordon. I understand there was over five motorcycles on it. The destination was the Buddies American Diner off the A45 near to Rushden. I understand one branch member ordered a pot of tea. When it arrived it only had Hot Water in the teapot. The waitress was rather red faced as had to

be called back to put a tea bag in. However I understand this did not spoil a good evening but it was quite fresh on the bike. EveryOtherRun Wednesday 15th April The second rideout of the year was led by Northants branch member Adrian who took us through some very scenic areas of the county of Northamptonshire along some very twisty good road. My highlight of the rideout was going through a gated road fortunately the gates were open. This road led through a small village Hamlet called Winwick the residents of a chocolate box white thatched cottage opened their front door to 18 motorcycles roaring past and gave a wave back. The rideout ended up at Red Lion, Thornby we all sat outside and the venue laid on some compliementary chips for all the members which went down well. I refrained as on a healthy diet but they looked very nice. EveryOtherRun Wednesday 29th April The third branch rideout was led by myself it departed from The George as normal. I had this notion of doing a kind of reminscent rideout of the different venues where Northants branch has held its branch meets. A total of eight bikes took part on the rideout. Fortunately the weather remained dry but it was rather chilly. The route took us through local road and villages. The rideout incorporated passing through several villages

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• SUMMER 2015

where the Northants branch had used the venue for a weekly meeting place. The venues included The George, Wilby, The 10 O’clock, Little Harrowden and The Old Red House on A43 where it all began. All of these pubs were still closed and boarded up. We ended back at The George, Brixworth where we met other members for a great evening full of banter and laughter. EveryOtherRun Wednesday 13th May

The fourth Northants branch rideout was led by Gordon. The weather was dry and we rode about 35 miles along the lovely roads of west and South Northamptonshire. At one point on the rideout in Daventry when it came to a roundabout we all witnessed Gordon riding in a circle looking for everyone and it was great rideout. We then re-grouped and ended up at the Royal Oak in Blisworth. This establishment is an old fashioned village pub small but did a good range of ales and very friendly staff. Breakfast Run to Jack’s Hill Café Sunday 24th May Members from the Northants branch met at their weekly Meeting place The George PH, Brixworth where departed on route for breakfast at Jack’s Hill Café, A5 Watling Street, Towcester. The run consisted of myself on my Honda Blackbird, Rob Mead on his new Honda Fireblade and Martin Teasdale on his Honda Blackbird. The run went through many

of the villages and back roads which led to the A5. A swift run along the A5 was enjoyed by all where we met up with other branch members for breakfast. Some of the members then continued along the A5 to Pottersbury for a cuppa at the Super Sausage Cafe which has designated bike parking. It was so good to see other members for breakfast. EveryOtherRun Wednesday 27th May The fifth Northants everyotherrun was led by myself as there was a space on this date so I stepped in. We left from The George, Brixworth then had a journey through some of the rural roads of Northamptonshire. We had about 12 bikes on this run and ended up at the Allseasons Cafe at Billing Garden Centre where on Wednesday nights in the summer they hold a bike night. Looked very nice cakes and great coffee. The owner Dave got chatting to him who is the owner of a 99 Fireblade. I said he would be welcome to join the HOC. The Northants Branch continues to go from strength to strength. If there are any new members who have joined recently or whom live on the borders of Northants please do come along to branch meets, you will be made welcome by everyone. If people wish to volunteer for a rideout whether it be a EveryOtherRun or rideout at weekends or anytime. It does not have to commence from The George in Brixworth. Where the rideout commences from is up to the run leader. The only stipulation is as long at the start is in Northamptonshire. Don’t forget the Northants 20th Anniversary Rosebowl Rally on Friday 28th August to Monday 31st August 2015 at Furnace Moorings, Wharf Farm, Furnace Lane, Nether Heyford, Northampton NN7 3JZ. Ride safe make progress,


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Rose Bowl Rally 28th to 31st August 2015

Furnace Moorings, Wharf Farm, Furnace Lane, Nether Heyford, Northampton NN7 3JZ In beautiful surroundings next to the Grand Union Canal and with a couple of local pubs near by. Finer details yet to be confirmed, but there will be excellent ride outs and lots of fun with a “Bring Your Own Meat” BBQ on the Saturday night for a party celebrating the Northants Branch’s 20th year.

Pitches are £10 per night or £15 per night with electrics

(please note we have a limited number of electrical pitches available which MUST be pre-booked)

Name Address

Post Code

Branch Email

Tel No

n Friday 28th August

@ £10 per pitch OR £15 with electrics £

n Saturday 29th August

@ £10 per pitch OR £15 with electrics £

n Sunday 30th August

@ £10 per pitch OR £15 with electrics £

Total amount payable at booking


Please forward this booking form to the Northants Branch Treasurer who will advise of electronic payment method: e-mail: Or send a cheque, payable to Northants HOC, with booking form to Northants HOC, 42 Stannard Way, Brixworth, Northampton NN6 9BT

North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908

We are still getting a regular attendance of 15-20 members at our weekly meetings and although Roland is one of our regular attendees, he is not yet back on 2 wheels, but is still able to encourage us to get out and about in his usual way! The big event of the Spring was the trip to the Western USA, which 4 of us together with members from other branches took part. As to various events and runs in the Spring, we have as usual been out and about. Easter Monday was the ACE Café ‘Southend Shakedown’ and although we did not have a stand this year, we had the usual run, going early and getting a good parking spot near the pier and spent the day watching the exotic machinery amongst the thousands of bikes making this annual pilgrimage. A short run to Chicksands on 12th April to visit ‘Ride Free’ a local show organised by Bedfordshire Council was an opportunity to annoy Beds Branch who had a stand there! On 26th April a run was planned to St Neots, but Steve, our runs organiser found he had a slow puncture and not long after setting out it got worse and went completely flat. After a temporary repair, and as we were not far from his home, went there so he could swop bikes to his KTM. As it was now getting late, we just went to Finchingfield for an enjoyable carvery lunch. Mike O’Sullivan had planned a ride to the Cotswolds, and so 8 of us set off on 3rd May for an enjoyable run ending up

at Stratford upon Avon and although the day started wet, it cleared to sunshine, but we suffered a short shower on the way back. Some of us were showing our bikes on the club stand at the MCN show at Peterborough during the weekend of 16/17 May, but the admission prices for normal entry were thought to be excessive, so a run was arranged to St Neots to make up for the one missed in April. On Bank Holiday Monday 25th May, was the ACE Café ‘Margate Meltdown’ and 10 of us had a quick run and parked in the centre of the town, once again admiring the some of the exotic bikes which appear at these events. After lunch at an eccentric café called ‘The Mad Hatter’, complete with the owner dressed to the part, we came back across country via Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone to avoid a boring motorway run. Coming up is our weekend on the Isle of Wight, a weekend in France and as usual participating in the ACU/BMF National Rally, all of which should have happened by the time you read this and also we will be attending other branch and national HOC events Steve, our events and ride outs organiser will often arrange an ad hoc ride out and circulate to all members on our Email list. Don’t forget we meet every week at the ‘Kings Oak’ in Epping Forest. Hope to see you there.


• • • SUMMER 2015



Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286


ell what can I say; it’s been an eventful few months for us all at the Nottingham Branch. In March we had our inter-branch bowling night and a fun filled night was had by all. Members of the Nottingham and Three Shires all met at the Mega Bowl in Mansfield on a cold Saturday night to have an evening of bowling, laughter and a mingle with fellow HOC members. Despite the somewhat long wait for our food we all still managed to keep the laughter going and battled through our 2 games to finally see who the winners were. Certificates were awarded to the first, second and third places and a special rusty balls certificate for the lowest score of the night. Well done to all for their discerning efforts and the participation of the bowling night. Here’s to the next one we can rearrange… Can’t wait!

As for some of our ride-outs, members took part in the Nottingham Easter Egg run from the Forest Recreation Ground and despite the wet weather, still took part for this very worthy cause. An article for this can be seen separately in this issue and was written by our members. In May we attended the MCN Bike festival in Peterborough on the 16th & 17th May and helped to man the HOC stand with Erica and the crew. Despite the weather being cold and a little wet on the Friday night, we were blessed with some really nice sunny weather on the Saturday and Sunday. It was unfortunate that the cold wind chilled us through at times and our jackets were on and off all day. Some of us certainly caught the sun and by the Sunday were suffering from some sunburn.

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It was unfortunate that I had very little voice over the weekend due to a sore throat and chest infection but I still managed to squeak out some chitchat to the visiting crowd popping in to our gazebo to see what we were all about. The hot tea and coffee warmed our bones in the early morning starts and the smell of bacon butties kept our bellies full during the day. A fantastic time was had by all and some wonderful people visited our stand over the weekend. We had a great selection of new members joining us over the weekend and we signed up 19 new members to boot. Well done everyone for their efforts and for Erica awesome enthusiasm.

Ollerton Chip Run Tuesday 21st April 2015 Rather than having a HOC meeting, the group thought it would be a good idea to dust the cobwebs off our trusty Hondas and take them for a gentle run out to get them ready for some summer riding! We met at our Nottingham HOC HQ meeting venue (The Vale Hotel, Daybrook, Nottingham) at 19.00 and left promptly at 19.15 to make the 32 mile round trip up the A614 Old Rufford Road to our destination. A steady 50mph road passing through Farnsfield and Bilsthorpe took us to the Big Fish Restaurant in Ollerton, a fully licensed family run restaurant.

We ate, drank, bantered and discussed future ride outs planned for the Branch for 2015. By the time we had finished eating we set off back home in the dark and eventually got back to The Vale around 21.15pm. It was not the most exciting or challenging ride out but it got everyone fired up and prompted discussions of where to go in the weeks and months to come. Watch this space for further details!

Written by Wade & Audrey Here’s to the next few months of ride-outs, social events and hopefully the warmer summer months. Ride safe peeps

Debbie xx

• • • SUMMER 2015



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235 So much going on in the Oxford Branch not quite sure where to start with this report! We have been out enjoying our bikes with an excellent ‘Hot Cross Bun’ ride out with a yummy finish at Clive an Ann’s place for the said buns, coffee and tea (thank you Clive and Ann). Several of our group took part in a great ‘Ride the County’ event in aid of the Air Ambulance and then we had not one but two ride out’s over the Bank Holiday weekend (Charlbury TT with lunch at The Diner and a ride to Rutland Water with a pre stop at a wonderful ice cream parlour in Market Harborough). Its not that all our rides involve food but looking at the pictures you would think so! Riding and eating do seem to go together so well! Some of the Branch enjoyed a Ron Haslam Track day where skills were honed and fun was had using Ron’s bikes and gear too so that you could push just that bit harder! Others are taking advanced riding days with Rapid Skills, spending a day listening to the tips and advice from Grade 1 Police Riders is an excellent way of ensuring your riding is kept to the highest level in a fun way (we are also very lucky to have Dave who is a Police Grade 1 Rider in our Branch who is providing us with assessed rides at one of our club nights!) A special ‘Biker Down’ First Aid course was held for our Branch and 12 members spent a fascinating evening listening to what you had to do when you came across an accident and the ‘why’ you had to notice and look for certain signs and injuries when you where first on the scene and what the impact of these were. An excellent course, run by Buckinghamshire Fire Service at no charge,

purely a donation to either the Air Ambulance or Firemen’s Benevolent fund. A lot was learnt amidst hilarious laughter whilst learning how to remove a biker’s helmet without taking their ears and nose with it! Resuscitation and finding a pulse also resulted in much chuckling. The excellent evening finished late after much knowledge had been gained. Several members of the Club made the journey up to Scarborough to Oliver’s Mount to watch our very own Steve Moody (Dilligaf) race (it was televised and our Steve got mentioned for his excellent results!) The B&B’s in Scarborough were really good as was the restaurant where we had our evening meals, which was just a short walk from the accommodation. It was a bit windy and wet but was much enjoyed – as was the visit to Holmfirth (home of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’) on the way home. Our meetings have been well attended, with interesting speakers. The guys from Merit Tyres Witney really did know their subject and came with lots of goodies and advice on the best tyres for our bikes, plus they give us a discount. Then we had our very own Terry Gilmour who gave us a fascinating lesson in how the clutch and gears work on our bikes - this was the second in Terry’s presentations both of which have been excellent. Lucky once again with the weather, we were joined by members from the Bristol Branch for our Abingdon Honda Test Ride Day. A great range of bikes to choose from and members spent all day trying out the different models and enjoying bacon butties, cake and tea/ coffee. Richie, a local Thames Valley Police Rider, led our ride outs and also gave tips on

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cornering and acceleration. A fun day was had by all. Many thanks to the Abingdon Honda staff for such an excellent day. With our charity Poker Run, trip to the Isle of Wight and Oxford Rally all coming along very soon, the Branch is looking forward to continuing with a busy and enjoyable summer!


• • • SUMMER 2015



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782


y “the Rabble’s” standards it’s been a relatively quiet period here at the Reading Branch. Our March ride out “Up the Downs” departed from the H Café and headed out to the Super Sausage Café at Potterspury (there’s a pattern developing here!) with ice cream along the way. Colin, Gavin, Martin, Ian and Nigel joined Worzel on the dry but chilly ride.

How to keep the Ride Out Leader happy!

Gavin & Colin discover there’s a reason it’s called the Super Sausage Café

The Rabble demand ice cream stops whatever the weather!

We held a bowling evening in March, fourteen of the “Rabble” made the annual trip to Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell to demonstrate their bowling skills, with many strikes and spares being scored. It was great fun for all and our Chairman Bryan “one eye” Moody took the singles prize by one point from Alan “Turkey” Sachse. The winners in the team event were delighted to go home with Easter Egg prizes.

Rabble Members Go Bowling

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• SUMMER 2015

Colin, Gavin and Misha on a cross country route to actually arrive at Cheddar Gorge, well done Nigel, a Rabble first!! There were of course the obligatory refreshment stops and ice creams, the great views and a chance meeting with four members from the South Wales Branch.

The Winner Collects His Prize

In April we had a ride out entitled “Must be Crackers” to Cheddar Gorge, this particular destination had caused us a number of problems over the years as we had failed to reach the Gorge on each attempt, hence the title. This year’s ride still didn’t quite go to plan, “Worzel” was to be our leader but on the morning in question the “Golden Goddess’ vintage battery refused to cooperate and Ian was unable to participate. However Nigel stepped in and took the lead with Martin,

Rabble Members Posing with Worzel’s Missed Ice Cream

At the time of writing our plans for the Cock & Bull Rally are coming together nicely and we’ve recently confirmed the return of our favourite band “Too Old to Die Young” as the live entertainment on the Saturday evening. We’re also looking forward to our French Trip in June which is always a great Rabble weekend.


Rabble & South Wales Members’ Chance Meeting

• • • SUMMER 2015







Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


s you can see Solent Branch do ride motorcycles! We don`t spend all of our time eating, meeting and feasting in cafe`s (occasionally). The pictures you are looking at was our trip to Whiteways, West Sussex, our Wednesday night runs to somewhere nice, a trip to the Brighton Pioneer Run and also a trip to the Prescott Bike Festival, Cheltenham, Gloucester where Carl Fogarty was in attendance. Stuart met Carl and managed to get his autograph. Pictured in the photo`s in no particular order:- Bill, Geoff, Dave, Bob, Keith, Wendy, Stuart, Al, Pam and Dave. If any of you are in the Solent area please make contact and you could join in with one of our escapades!! Safe riding from Solent.


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Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


he last (current) regular monthly meeting has now taken place, and still no other attendees. I will continue to be the Branch point of contact, forwarding mail etc. from the centre, and if anybody wishes to organise an event in the area it would be appreciated if you could let me know. In addition, I will continue with the planned events, and anybody wishing to join me please make contact. The active member of the branch attended the Wiltshire Branch Rally for the early Spring Bank Holiday, and as per the norm, great fun was had by all, despite a bit of a downpour on the Sunday, and a heavy breeze. I will not go into too much detail, as Wiltshire will have details on their page The Ride of Respect has now been and gone, and I arrived at Hullavington Airfield on the Sunday morning without any other HOC members, however, I did meet with a number of HOC members from various branches, and in particular a large group from the Wilshire Branch. Again, the active member of the branch attended the Bedfordshire Branch (Clappers) Rally for the late Spring Bank Holiday, and again, great fun was had by all, despite the attendance being down. Again, I will not go into too much detail, as Bedfordshire will have details on their page During the next few months I will be attending a number of events, with details in the HOC e-newsletter, Golden Wing and Website events pages, so you will be welcome to join me, just drop me an email and I will arrange a rendezvous. Safe bike riding and keep the rubber side down.


• • • SUMMER 2015


South Wales Secretary: Mike Jeffs - 0292 0864202 or 07760 142152


really must keep notes as the year progresses so that I can remember what the branch does. Fortunately we have a Facebook page so I can refer back to it to jog my ailing memory. The March Branch meeting was taken up by a visit from the South Wales Air Ambulance. The 2 ladies who came along gave a very informative talk to us and explained what the service did and how they were funded. I think quite a few of us were shocked to find out that this vital service is totally funded by donations made by the public and has no government funding. As it happened we had asked them along so that we could present to them a cheque. This was duly handed over.

Terry Lloyd presents a cheque to the Air Ambulance

March 8th there was an unscheduled rideout. I decided that as I hadn’t been out for a while that a short run to Llangorse Lake would be in order. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind and only one other bike turned up. So Martyn Williams and I changed the destination and headed for Abergavenny. We left Cardiff and headed to Caerphilly

and then up to Crumlin and Pontypool before arriving at Abergavenny Bus Station. Usually there are hundreds of bikes there on a Sunday but on this day I don’t think we saw more than 8 bikes there at any one time all the time we were drinking tea just outside the café. We came home via Brecon and the Beacons. Again very few bikes about. A nice short ride that blew away the cobwebs. As if to thumb it’s nose the sun came out after we got home. I was unable to join the rideout on March 22nd but 4 bikes did turn out. It was Joy James’ birthday but somehow Phil got a day pass and joined the rideout. Martin Grey came all the way from Carmarthen to join the ride to the Owl’s Nest. Alan Harper takes up the story. We met at Asda with a new member arriving all the way from Carmarthen, nice to meet you Martin. Terry and Lyn, Phill and I set off. The sun came out as we entered the Beacons National Park, still a little sharp and the extra jumper helped. Lovely ride to the Owls Nest, we sat outside in the lovely sunshine had a good chin wag, when we left there was about 40 bikes there. We came home over the black mountains and down into Swansea, M4 to Port Talbot then on to the A48 back home, I turned left at Cowbridge , Terry lead today, very nice ride, thanks Terry. Hope you had a safe ride home to Carmarthen Martin. Easter Monday was the Colford Transport Festival. I am not sure how many members went on bikes and how many went by car. From what I gather all who went enjoyed themselves. I am afraid I was camping in Llandovery over Easter so wasn’t able to go. The 12th April was the Prescott Bike Festival. We had few takers for this ride but Alan

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Harper went along. He reported that the show was good and he and his mate had a great time and met a few celebs, including the HOC members manning the HOC stand. Alan has suggested that we make an effort next year to help man the stand. On the way home they spotted at least a half dozen cars on the hard shoulder sporting flat tyres, then it twigged that what they were hearing hitting the bike mudguards were nails. Luckily they escaped gathering their own punctures. The April branch meeting saw motorcycle PC Jeff Johnson attending. We had a very interesting session that covered everything from the riding gear he was wearing to the maintenance of his motorcycle. He also touched on road safety aspects and has promised to come back again and go into more detail regarding advanced riding techniques. Some photos were taken out in the car park afterwards but it was dark and flash and hi viz vests and bike decals do not make good photos. Alun Salisbury has mentioned that the Llangollen Bike Fest Saturday is to be held on 1st August. It has been proposed that we have a camping weekend up near there so that we can attend the festival and maybe tackle some of the lovely roads in the area. Watch this space as they say. On Sunday 19th April we had a rideout to Cheddar Gorge. The turnout wasn’t great. Terry and Lynne Lloyd and myself left Coryton just after 10 am and picked up Garry, a prospective new member, at the service station at Magor. We were originally going to cross the old Severn crossing and take the A403 down to Avonmouth but the old bridge was closed to east bound traffic. So Change of plan. We headed off over the second Severn crossing and followed the motorway down as far as Gordano service station. After leaving the motorway we took the lanes and eventually popped out onto the A38 at

Barrow Gurney. From there it was down past the airport and then a quick left down some more lanes to arrive at Cheddar village. After parking the bikes we strolled into the village and found a café to have lunch. Walking back to the bikes we bumped into some of the Reading Rabble and stopped for a chat. After collecting the bikes we headed up the Gorge. Nice road but due to the traffic it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. We made a quick stop at Chew Magna Lake and then dropped down into Bristol. We took the A4 to Avonmouth and then the A403 to Aust and crossed over the old bridge back to Wales. Garry dropped off at Caerwent, I stopped off in Newport and Terry and Lynne went home. A good day out. I covered about 125 miles.

South Wales Branch meet the Reading Rabble

Mark Pendlebury has finally bought a new bike. He has been threatening to do this for a while but he has finally done the deed. He has a very tidy looking Blackbird and appears to be enjoying every minute of it. Now that the summer is fast approaching we have a number of rideouts planned. Keep an eye on our website for the latest information. Remember branch meetings are held at Ponyclun Rugby Club on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. We aim to start proceedings at 7:30pm. Keep it tidy and keep it tight,


• • • SUMMER 2015


West London

Secretary: Sean Gilpin - 07905 629026


ello my name is Sean Gilpin and I was made Secretary of the West London Branch last November. Since joining the club my social life has changed beyond belief we have quite a few fantastic social events including going to see live bands and ride outs at the weekends. Sean Gilpin

We are a very friendly crowd and anyone is welcome to join us any Wednesday evening from 9pm (some evenings we will do an earlier meet time – see Facebook or our website for details) at the Admiral Hawke Pub, Green Street, Sunbury, Middlesex for a chin wag a soft drink- this is where we discuss our forthcoming events - look forward to seeing you there. So far this year we have been out on the bikes whenever time and the weather has permitted. The Thames Valley Vultures Easter Egg Run On the day the easter egg run was overcast but we still managed to have 6 bikes on the run. I was very relived that Chris Ward was around to lead the run as I was not sure of the route to Reading as it’s not the easy place to get around. The threat of rain didn’t seem to put anyone off and there was a large crowd at the meeting place. Strangely this year a few bikes fell over or riders just lost balance. One fell on Chris’s bike with him still on it. It didn’t seem to do much damage fortunately. Chris lead the ride back via some nice roads – many thanks Chris.

Porstmouth The Sunday that we spent down in Portsmouth was great. We met up with a former old time member of West London (Navy Andy) and a few other friends and enjoyed a lunch at Mick’s Monster Burger for some - more modest portions for others. After that we took a scenic ride through Pompey to the Historic Dockyards and spent an hour or two wandering around. We saw the outside of many historic boats - exhibitions of firearms and how life was in ‘the day’. It is somewhere I would like to go back to and actually go on the ships - maybe a long weekend!

Run to Goodwood More rain appeared for the run to Goodwood for a the Breakfast Club Supercar Sunday. The rain was heavy as we went on the M25 but after that it did improve. We then went via the A3 but the A286 to Goodwood is very twisty road. It was a car event showcasing the very

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• SUMMER 2015

best in supercars. The breakfast was good but quite expensive and the ride back was drier than on the way there!

Steve ventured up to the ex BMF show now known as the MCN Festival of motorcycling. He didn’t seem to think it was as good as the BMF – but I guess it is their first one... we shall see what happens next year. After that Julian organised a run to Portsmouth for fish and chips – I think the reason was to get some miles on Frodo the Bagger! It was a lovely ride down – and who says baggers can’t filter!


Wiltshire Rally Rain was forecast so we went prepared for the worst. After a dry ride down (well, Jon was in the car due to a hand injury) we arrived and set up camp - only to find that our airbed had sprung a leak. Chris & Marion came to the rescue with their spare airbed my heartfelt thanks to you both! After a meal in a nearby pub we returned to have a drink and chat & listen to the house band - ‘Too Old To Die Young’. A good evening with some nice folk and ales. The night was very wet to say the least and the tent was a tad soggy in the morning. Having had a tour of some bluebell woods we had a dampish ride home. All in all a lovely friendly trad rally.

Frodo is BIG!

The fish & chip stop in Portsmouth was great – good parking, easy to find and fab food. I can recommend Mother Kelly’s Fish & Chips wholeheartedly!

Mother Kell’ys

Well – we have plenty more runs planned and have decided to do some shorter mini runs for the busy people amongst us who can’t devote a whole day to ride. We are also thinking of introducing some earlier meetings once a month for those who fade out early! If you’re in our area - come and join us.

The West London Gang

• • • SUMMER 2015




West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


ell another Branch report comes, we have been getting ready for the 2nd Eva Eee by Gum Rally (more of that in this issue) and the National ride outs have been tried and stuff organised but we have still had a few trips out just to make sure there are no hic-ups along the way. A few members went to the World Super bikes at Donington Park and had a great weekend this marked a first for Tom Sykes who obtained a winning double on the weekend as well as having the fastest lap ever at Donington. We have had a National rally run try out and will be having a few more just because we can! Richard led a ride out to the Dutch Farm where we all had Dutch Pancakes and very nice they were too!

The Laurel & Hardy museum

Lakes weekend ride

Ride to the Dutch Farm

The Dutch pancakes were delicious

Members also had a weekend in the Lakes, we got to the Laurel & Hardy museum, had great weather and saw some great roads, Nij took us to Wasdale Head if you haven’t been then GO, the scenery is breath taking and the café we stayed at served freshly made food that was truly stunning… Maria books these weekends every year the last week in April and numbers keep growing so here’s to another great weekend next time around. That’s it lots more coming up so keep an eye on the web site and try to get along to a meeting we don’t bite and you might just enjoy it.

Steve & Maria

• • • SUMMER 2015



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell here will are heading into summer and already we have been places along with our regular member’s meet in the Red Lion at Avebury, and I can say with Colin Reeve coming down to the evening meet on March 12th we were certainly brought up to date with all his responsibilities as Swindon borough’s only motorcycle/transport liaison officer and gave us a few interesting statistics about a few relevant subjects. On the following Sunday the rideout saw 6 of us lead by Robin Williams take a decent trip out to Stratford upon Avon with first a stop at Wellsbourne airfield cafe, for an early lunch and on to Fish Hill, although we did take a slight detour without getting lost, but did finally and stop at Broadway tower for another comfort stop and a tea. After that with the weather starting to close in it was a good brisk pace home and so setting the standard for the next planned rides.

had his stand next to ours, we certainly found watching the variety of different machines both 2 and 3 and a few 4 wheels charging up the course quite a show. The members meet turned into a social that month as the speaker had to postpone till the autumn as so will get him in November talking his trip ‘down the silk road’. We had a great rideout on the 19th as when you know the roads you can certainly enjoy them a lot more, and thanks to Steve West who lead a small group of us over to our lunch stop at Chew Valley Lake, which is always a busy little cafe but with nice weather we’re were in any hurry. On the return leg the roads we travelled being dry and pretty empty we maintained a cracking pace, plus a quick tea stop at Nunney and a brief walk round the castle ruins, and then home with broken sunshine providing some warmth.

Chew Valley lake

Prescott Hill Climb

With April seeing some of us help out the Gloucester Branch who had a stand at the Prescott Hill Climb festival on Sunday 12th, we enjoyed the day apart from a little breakdown in communication in trying to get in with the passes promised and one happy member who had her picture taken with ‘Foggy’ who

The next big event for us saw host our branch rally as usual at the beginning of May over the bank holiday and we were blessed with fair weather for the main rideout on the Saturday with over 35 bikes taking to the road and enjoying some great Wiltshire countryside, and with positive compliments being made it was a success and a bigger report expands on the weekends activities is published separately.

• • • 102 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2015

Branch Spring Rally rideout

Ride Of Respect

After all the effort that so many members made we had just a social members meet to chat about the aftermath of the rally and take stock, which as beneficial as some were preparing for the big rideout on 17th being the Ride of Respect, which many had registered to attend and with it returning to Hullavington near Malmesbury it looked like being another good days ride, and so it turned out to be another successful event with dry conditions and all very happy with the arrangements of the group set up of not having to wait around too long, and with a good route without too many stops and finishing in Royal Wotton Bassett, all agreed it was a worthy cause and looked forward to next years. We’ll still be out and about and the next report will have details of us being hosted

by Blades at Swindon for a satellite meet on the evening of June 9th, fielding a team at Oxford’s quiz night, and having been up to the Brixworth ‘Classic’ show hosted by Northants branch or maybe if we’ve got free tickets down to Castle Combe race circuit for the weekend’s national classics racing. We also have had a busy July with being at the Bikesafe event back at Castle Combe circuit and enjoyed the Calne Bike day. All this and still fitting a few of our own rideouts, and so long as the weather is good as it has been to date it’s going to be an enjoyable summer for biking. All I have to do now is find time to clean the bike and keep it that way.


Wiltshire members at the Ride Of Respect

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HOConsumer How to restore the CX500 & CX650 Whether a CX500, luxurious Silver Wing, or CX650 Turbo, this book provides a step-by-step guide to full restoration. From dismantling, sourcing and restoring parts, to spray painting, decals and polishing. From the rebuild itself, to general maintenance and riding safety, this is the only restoration manual you’ll need. When Honda released the CX500, the sales brochure stated ‘First into the Future,’ and described the bike as a road sports V-twin. Honda’s first venture into the V-twin engine market, with water cooling and shaft drive, was certainly different from their previous twin- and four-cylinder models. Known for its good handling and fuel economy, the low maintenance Honda was comfortable, loved by tourers and couriers alike and developed a reputation for reliability. After thirty years, there’s now a resurgence of interest in the CX models, both from restorers and custom builders, with aftermarket café racer kits available, too. You’ll see that you don’t need expert knowledge or a fully fitted workshop for a restoration project. Packed full with photographs and detailed instructions, this book is your perfect guide, from start to finish.

Available in good bookshops and online from £35 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Growing up in the early 1970s, surrounded by Yamahas, Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis, Ricky Burns had no choice but to fall in love with motorcycles. Since those early days, he has oiled, maintained, fixed (and broken for parts) many fine specimens of now classic motorcycles.

However, nowadays, he tends to restore them, rather than break them. Having personally restored many classic motorcycles, from small Yamaha two-strokes, to large Honda Goldwings, he has now decided to share his restoration experiences with like-minded enthusiasts.

• Real-life restoration carried out by the author • Aimed at the beginner and seasoned restorer alike • Step-by-step guidance with hundreds of photographs • Dismantling, restoring, rebuilding and sourcing parts • Recommendations on repairs, renovations and parts • Special tools, their purchase, use and alternatives • Restoring mechanical parts such as engine, gearbox, brakes; also electrical system • Tackling bodywork: spray painting, polishing, seat recovering, decals, forks and tyres • How to save yourself time and money

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Golden Wing - Summer 2015  
Golden Wing - Summer 2015  

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