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Summer 2014

Volume 52 No.2

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Volume 52 No.2

Front Cover: Jersey Branch on the Holiday for Heros charity ride out. That’s Dave and his daughter on the new CTX.

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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Damned Well Done

Yep we got special mention taking third place in the club stands at the recent BMF show Peterborough. A Great display of bikes on the stand staffed by very friendly group of faces old and new. Welcome to those who joined at the show and since. We got to use our new display kit and very good it was too. This will initially be kept for events of National nature with the perfectly serviceable older covers being those for use at local level.

Honda UK

At the time of writing this I am not sure who my contact point is at Honda as Tom Hobbs has been promoted to Honda Europe responsibility. When I have update I will let you know. Other than that our dealings with Honda continue nicely.

Summer Coming/Here

This of course is the busiest time of the calendar with rallies, runs and many social gatherings revolved around bikes. I unfortunately cannot be at too many of them. However we have had three rounds of the Chairman’s Challenge already and there are four more in the near future upon my return from France. Then I intend on having a couple late on before the AGM in October.

discounted coffees and meal voucher. I am pleased to say that OK have an even better deal going now and all you need to do is go on their website and ask to join the OK Rocks club. You get an email which when presented at the next OK Diner you visit is exchanged for a proper members card. That meal and all subsequent bills that you have are subject to a 15% discount. Bargain and nice food too.


No pictures this time but thanks again Mark for last editions star role. I am actually writing this whilst sitting in my local bar ‘’The Red Lion’’ in Dessertines. This time I am over for six weeks and attempting to get the smallest part of our home ready for occupation. In anticipation I am saying thanks to Steve Hill who came over and plastered for me. A skill I certainly do not have. I also now have about a third of an acre of prepared allotment space so started growing my own veg already. I do not speak French and my immediate neighbours speak little or no English but I have found they are extremely friendly and will assist wherever possible. I have had men on tractors to prepare the ground, cut the grass and offer drinking sessions which apparently it is the aim to get very tipsy and talk ‘’Franglais’’ very poorly. The wildlife at La Bigottiere is also very diverse and I am watching a family of baby owls being taught to fly at present from our walnut tree. Today I nearly trod on a grass snake that was slipping across my front door step…. I am not sure who was most surprised.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

Three years ago when I started this event we used the OK Diners as the basis for the runs. Some made it to all and qualified for the



Andy ‘Dibble’ Young



Honda Owners Club

Annual General Meeting I hereby give notice that the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Honda Owners Club (GB) will be held on Sunday 19th October 2014 in the Compton Suite, National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull B92 0EJ Commencing at 11am Tea, coffee and breakfast rolls will be available between 10 and 11am. There is a very good restaurant in the museum or you can bring your own lunch for after the AGM.

Andy Young

Honda Owners Club (GB) Chairman

Nominations for elected posts and proposals for ‘Any Other Business’ must be received by the General Secretary no later than Thursday 18th September 2014 and must include a proposer and seconder - all of whom must be fully paid up members of the HOC at the time of the AGM.

Proposal for amendment to HOC Rules & Constitution “When a member jeopardises the interests of The Honda Owners Club (the “Club”) by breaking a law, violating a club rule or behaving in a manner unbecoming a member, the Chairman (General Secretary) should act promptly and appropriately because failure to do so may create liability for the club. Any action by the “Relevant Member” on or outside club activities, which is injurious to the character, interests or good order of the Club, is open to disciplinary action. If such a complaint is brought to the attention of the Chairman or the General Secretary, the Chairman (General Secretary) shall within 10 days of receiving the notification, inform the Relevant Member in writing of the nature of the alleged complaint and that an investigation is being undertaken. An acknowledgment will also be sent to the complainant. The Chairman (General Secretary) should as soon as reasonably practicable, set up a committee (the “Investigation Committee”) of not less than three Executive Committee members to investigate the complaint. The Chairman (General Secretary) has the right to suspend the Relevant Member pending the outcome of the investigation for a period not exceeding 6 months. The Investigation Committee will: • Interview the Relevant Member and witnesses, such interviews to be recorded in writing, signed and dated by the person carrying out the interview. Collate relevant information and carry out such further investigations that are deemed appropriate. • Prepare a written report and review this with the Chairman (General Secretary). The Chairman (General Secretary) will determine if further action is required. • If no further action is deemed necessary, the Relevant Member will be notified as will the complainant. • If further action is required, the Chairman (General Secretary) will convene a meeting of the Management Committee as soon as practically possible. The relevant Member will be invited to attend the meeting. • The Management Committee will review the matter and determine what action, if any, is necessary. Such sanctions may include the immediate expulsion of the Relevant Member from the Club.”

If you would like a copy of the 2013 AGM Minutes, please e-mail the General Secretary for an electronic copy or send a stamped self addressed A5 envelope to ‘Graham Seymour, AGM Minutes, 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick MK45 1RB’. SUMMER 2014



Miracle birth

Birth combi

The Rotary Club of Bourne has bought a unique vehicle to help women in labour in East Africa, one of over thirty funded by UK clubs. The e-ranger motorcycle combinations are used in Uganda to transport women in labour to the nearest medical facility, when they previously had to walk for up to three hours. Rutland & Stamford Mercury, 10th May

Old break An 87 year old motorcyclist was airlifted to hospital after being hit by a car in Blackrod, Greater Manchester. The man was left with a broken right leg, but his condition was not thought to be life-threatening. The Bolton News, 30th May

Xiao Zhao has been called a miracle baby after he survived being born amid a motorbike crash. The infant’s father and pregnant mother were driving to a hospital in Xiamen, China, when their bike was struck by a truck. Several witnesses to the accident said the collision catapulted the baby from his mother’s womb and onto the road. Authorities arrived to find both of Zhao’s parents deceased and the newborn 9lb baby 3 metres away, supporting claims that he was ejected from his mother during impact., 25th March

Last stand A man who claimed riding a BMW K1100RS gave him a permanent erection has had his claim tossed out of court. Henry Wolf, from California, sought compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and ‘general damages’ from BMW and seat-maker Corbin-Pacific. Visordown News, 19th March

Starting young A three-year-old girl was caught by police riding a motorbike on a road in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, as her 22-year-old father instructed her nearby. Police said that the girl “did not possess a valid driving licence” and added the bike was not suited to riding on the road. Apparently, the father did not realise that a bad accident would have happened if the girl had just given it a little bit more throttle. The Independent, 11th March

Age no barrier Daniel and Ann Adams, 76 and 74 respectively, still get the same buzz from going out on their 1927 Raleigh as they did in their teenage years. The West Dereham couple have been married for 53 years and enjoy heading out on runs with the King’s Lynn Vintage Bike Club with their youngest son Jason, 40, who joins them on his restored Rudge. Mrs Adams said: “It still gives you a buzz - even at my age. It is a nice hobby as we meet interesting people.” Lynn News, 30th March

Seen a little story? Send it to Terry If it made you smile or frown, share it with the Club!

News snips from around the world 6



News snips from around the world Vietnamese bikes Carry...

Final journey

Chicken recall

Pics by Hans Kemp from

A firm which offers the ultimate final tribute to motorcycle enthusiasts has celebrated 12 years of business by taking a look back on helping people tailor funerals to their unique tastes. Motorcycle Funerals Limited has handled more than 2,500 funerals across the country since it began and offers a range of motorbikes with sidecars including a classic style Triumph, a Suzuki Hayabusa and Harley-Davidson. Readers may recognise the Harley-Davidson as it recently appeared on ITV soap Emmerdale for the funeral of Alan Turner. The Burton Mail, 27th April

Honda Japan will recall a total of 40,672 units of two motorcycle models commonly used for mail delivery in Japan over concerns about potential brake malfunction. The recall of 110MD and 50MD Super Cub motorcycles followed reports of malfunctions in brake parts meant that meant brake cables may detach from their brake pedals, leading to failure of the front brake. Manufacturing News, 27th Feb

Introducing Terry Fearn I’m a retired teacher living in Ramsgate, Kent. I bought my first new Honda, an S90, in 1965, and my current baby is a DN-01, NSA700. Last year my partner Jackie and I rode US Route 66 to celebrate my 50 years in the saddle. On the way, we met a few HOC members and joined up!

Terry Fearn News Editor




Pigeon Post Further to my missive in the spring edition I am sure that you will be pleased to know that the wheel for the Blackbird turned up a month earlier than expected and it is now MOT’d and back on the road. I took it out in anger for the first time in 7 months to recce the route for our Beds rally ride-out and now I am whole again. The CBF seems to have been cured with a replacement alternator, so be warned, if you have this issue don’t waste time having the alternator rewound, just get it replaced or you’ll run up a bigger bill in replacement batteries and voltage regulators.

We’ve had a right mixed bag at the rallies so far this year. Wilts was cold enough to freeze the nuts off a brass monkey during the night but we enjoyed dry weather and sunshine for the ride-outs. We were burned to a crisp at the BMF and then drowned at the Bedfordshire rally! I just hope big Steve has a better grip on things for the Eee by Gum next weekend. By the time you read this we’ll know!

Glyn Davies

In the spring edition we published a picture of Glyn without his knowledge and permission that has caused him upset. We would like to publicly apologise to Glyn for doing so in addition to the personal apology he has already received. We hope that we can now put this behind us. There will be a review at the next management meeting of what criteria, morally as well as legally; we wish to apply as conditions of publication in future. I will also be seeking the death sentence for anybody even saying… F&cebo$k… Did I ever mention how much I loathe that particular medium?

Deep breath and moving on……

As I alluded to in the spring edition, we now have a branch on Jersey. David Eccles, the branch organiser, is whipping up a storm and managed to assemble 10 bikes for a ride-out last month. Not bad for a start on a small Island! Lakes and Coast are having a restructuring with Peter taking the North of the Lake District and Victoria the South in a drive to get more local members involved in the branch. If you live in the area they will be contacting you. Please give them a call. Well I’m off to the Pyrenees next weekend and won’t be back until the Solent rally so bye for now.

Graham Seymour General Secretary

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

31st August 2014 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area




Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently, including those at the BMF Show and other shows which the club has attended during the Spring. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. Now that the better weather is here, I hope that you will be able to get out with some of the many runs, rallies etc. being organised. Don’t forget they are for your benefit, so get out there and have some fun!


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have had just one Spring magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address (luckily I had an Email address, so was able to send the magazine to the new address), so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.


With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.




President Jude Browne

Vice Presidents

Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull and Dave Andrews


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Membership Secretary

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE .

Classic Secretary

Chris Ward 16 Daleside Road, Epsom KT19 9SR ( 07827 393237 .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Advertising Manager Erica Gassor ( 07799 492 235 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer


Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5NN ( 07437 202832 .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Accident Legal Advisor

Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE . Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .


John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call


facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page currently has over 1500 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Jersey, Oxford, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, West London, Reading, Three Shires and Wiltshire pages to join.

The HOC is now also on Twitter #HOCgb (21st century or what!) However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 5000+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! SUMMER 2014


Hi everyone and welcome to the Summer 2014 Classic Report. It is still very busy with many enquiries coming in regarding the registration of older machines. I have been experiencing some e-mail problems so apologies to those that have been having difficulties contacting me. Also due to the nature of my work I am unable to take mobile calls during working hours. Our featured bike this issue belongs to Norfolk Branch member Rob Mills standard specification. Then followed a set of Continental tyres which improved the handling some more although in comparison with a Fireblade the bike was shows its age and 80’s technology. The front forks have been re-sealed, and a bicycle pump used to get 3psi to assist with the three way rebound damping and they also have TRAC anti-dive fitted. The rear shock also has three way damping depending on rider, pillion, and road type, Rob bought the bike in Brighton in and is also air assisted up to 43psi, but 2005, It is an Italian model 1985 Honda is normally set at 30psi. The rear Showa VF1000R(F), and was first registered shock absorber has recently been replaced in the UK in 1997. Rob wasn’t too keen and a new (in 1985) swinging arm too, on his early rides in Norfolk, finding the the task taking a couple of days, including bike quite twitchy, but the more he rode fabricating a cradle for the frame tubes to it the more he got used to it and began to enjoy it. The first things changed were the sit on. Invariably lots of little things came in for attention whilst all the fairings were original front brake pipes, from rubber off including some out-of-the-way cleaning. to braided, which improved the braking Currently a new speedo cable is to be fitted and “feel” and the oil and filter which is to replace the ageing, but useable original. still regularly replaced. The bike arrived The handling was really transformed with non-standard silencers, so a complete when a set of Michelins 120/80v16 and exhaust system from the US courtesy of 140/80v17 were recently fitted, courtesy ebay came next. The silencers had some of some very good service from Laura and gravel rash but luckily a colleague in a Mark of Lings of Harleston. Now at last the local engineering company re-skinned bike doesn’t shake when going over tarmac them with stainless steel and they still joint lines and feels much more planted look good today. A little repainting of and steady, it’s a revelation. The bike the front mudguard and mirrors was carried out, a quantity of stickers removed doesn’t tend to go too far nowadays, it’s been to a couple of Northants Branch Air and at last the bike was now back to 12 GOLDEN WING


Ambulance days and it went to Boughton House for the HOC 50th Anniversary Show. It has also visited Honda Racing at Louth where I’m sure it attracted some interest. Rob reckons it can return about 30-35 mpg on a mixed road run which isn’t too bad really with four carbs sucking away and the five-gallon tank giving a reasonable range. Rob likes to ride around the Norfolk coastline or wherever he wants to go or it wants to take him, just enjoying the ride. The bike has now covered 44,265 kms (27,504 miles), so that big torquey 998 V-4 is just about run in really. It usually gets a little attention when parked and Rob is pleased to talk about it too. A quick update on my CB175 restoration reveals that it is coming on albeit a bit slowly. The front forks have been rebuilt with new stanchions and are now fitted to the frame with new steering head bearings. The wheels have been rebuilt with stainless steel rims and spokes and fitted with new Dunlop K82 tyres. Quite a few new parts have been sourced including the switch gear, levers and handlebar grips. Mudguards are on the shopping list as will be new silencers. The engine hasn’t been touched yet and that may well turn into a winter job

The older bikers tend to say “You don’t see many of them nowadays” while the younger one usually ask what it is. The ComStar wheels are always a hit with everyone. A Few Specs:

Engine - Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder. Transmission - 5 Speed / chain Max power - 130 bhp / 94.8 kW at 10500 rpm Top speed - 150mph (claimed). If anybody would like their classic featured in Golden Wing, please contact me.

The rear wheel fitted

Remember, if you have any questions about older bikes or require assistance registering a classic Honda, get in touch with me on Let’s get those old Hondas running!

Chris Ward

The front fork assembly SUMMER 2014

Classic Secretary GOLDEN WING 13



Rona’s Regalia Report Not much to report really this time. The many shows and events that have already taken place this year, have reaped a great influx of pennies to the Regalia coffers. A huge thank you to all of the members at all these events for their hard work in selling all those goodies. Loads more shows and events to be hosted this year, so lots more chance to sell more of these wonderful things we sell. The paypal orders on the other hand, have really dropped off. Not sure if that’s due to the shows doing so well, or if there’s any technical issues with the ordering online. But obviously we have the service there, so please use it. If there are any problems, or if there’s ever anything specific you would like, then please let me know and I will do my best to sort out anything you need. For example, Roland


from the North London Branch is having a big road trip to the States again next year, and wants special HOC tees done for the occasion… not a problem! If anyone needs anything done like that, please let me know in plenty of time, and I will get you a price and we’ll take it from there. There are new items imminent as well, which I hope you really like when they arrive. And as usual, if you have any ideas please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Keep up the good work at the shows etc and keep buying all those lovely HOC goodies and showing off our amazingly wonderful club!

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary




Liverpool couple ride 340 miles for Blind Veterans UK A motorbike-mad married couple from Liverpool rode over 300 miles to raise money for blind military veterans. Alan and Anne-Marie were given a tour of the site by blind veteran Billy Baxter, himself a legend in the biking community. Blinded as a result of a rare virus contracted while exhuming a mass grave in Bosnia, Billy went on to break the world record for fastest blind motorcyclist clocking in at 164.87mph.

Bootle residents Alan and Anne-Marie Munro did the Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss, a 340-mile cross-country motorcycle ride to raise money for Blind Veterans UK, the national charity for vision-impaired ex-Service men and women. Alan, himself a veteran who served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) from 1973 to 1978 and the Territorial Army until 1999, said that the couple had been inspired to join the ride after visiting Blind Veterans UK’s centre in Llandudno, North Wales. Alan says: “We’ve been supporters of Blind Veterans UK for a while, but we went down to their centre in Llandudno for an open day last year with a group of bikers. We got to see first-hand how the charity helps veterans to cope with their sight loss - everything from being able to cook blind to use a computer.”

The couple completed the 340-mile route on Saturday 26 July on their Goldwing Trike and have raised over £640 for the charity. You can still donate on their page www.justgiving. com/Alan-Munro2 Find out more about Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s) bikeride

“These are people who’ve served our country... they deserve the absolute best support when they need it.” SUMMER 2014


East Midlands Branch Holiday to Scotland 9th – 16th May



Events started to unfold before anyone set off. On the night before the trip started, Phil loaded the bike, started it to return to garage to notice a definite miss fire from the usual sweet running motor. A few phone calls, mild panic and some help with diagnosis from the pub regulars across the road and club members put it down to a dodgy plug, HT lead, winter fuel or injector. With Les and Di travelling solo, Graham lead the main group from Donnington services (7 bikes). For Phil and Delice the day started with a trip to a dealer to investigate the spluttering Pan, accompanied by Alan for moral support. The group reunited at Scotch Corner, more fuel, coffee and food, the Pan still struggling at low speed, after another couple of stops everyone arrived at the travel lodge in Dumbarton, a little damp but all together to be met by Les and Di.

pub, Phil, Delice, Les, Di, Graham J and Roger went for a forest walk into Drumnadrochit (4.5miles) while Dave, Barbara, Graham and Karen went up to Inverness for more food stocks. The evening’s entertainment was a game of guess who I am, where we all had a famous character stuck to our foreheads and had to ask questions with yes / no answer to work out who we were.

Bikers by the Loch

With the worst of the rains falling overnight it started to brighten up as we headed for a quick stop at the inn on the loch hotel at Inverbeg for a quick photo on the side of Loch Lomond at the spot Delice and Phil renewed their marriage vows a few years ago. Onward to Inveraray for a coffee and up to Oban to be greeted by another downpour. But everyone made it to the Torcroft Lodges in one piece. With everyone unpacked and settled in the four lodges, Graham and Karen went for provisions while most of the others ordered food from the local take away. A rest day for most (enforced for those without two working wheels), John, Dennis and Dave chilled and ended up in the local SUMMER 2014

Guess Who – I bet it’s Graham

This ended up with giving clues when someone was struggling, which Graham took to another level when he started dressing up as the character in question. We did set him up as Roger had to guess “the naked chef” to which he duly obliged by entering the room with a towel wrapped around his vital parts while holding some kitchen utensils. Suffice to say a good night was had by all. Early start for Phil up to a bike dealer near Inverness, rear wheel in Dave’s car boot with Graham in the back seat thinking at times we were all on the back of Dave’s bike rather than in his car. Think he misses the bike but not sure they do a steeling wheel to handlebar conversion. GOLDEN WING 19

Fort Augustus

Tyre replaced and back on the bike, we all headed off to Fort Augustus, with a plan to ride back up the other side of Loch Ness and end up looking for dolphins at Nairn. John, Dave and Dennis were already at the first stop when we arrived and they then headed up to Inverness where John later found his bike have been knocked over, details were left with a lot of scratches to the fairings and exhaust. The Loch Ness plan went slightly wrong when Graham’s group went down to Spean Bridge and lost Les and Di on the way. Directions and fuel management went adrift for Graham and we ended up limping into Aviemore ski centre for fuel followed by haggis and chips and a ride up to the base centre of the resort.

Les and Di stuck to the plan and ended up at Nairn alone, returning to base to give graham grief later on. We all took some blame and enjoyed a night of snacks and a quiz on Scotland which Barbara, Dave, Mark and John won. Other entertainment included Barbara getting merry on the non alcoholic punch (which contained alcohol)… Waking up to a fine day the whole group saddled up for a ride to Skye. Beautiful scenery, winding through the mountain ranges stopping at Eilean Donan castle for coffee, we arrived at Portree on Skye for a welcome wander round, fish & chips and ice cream while resting. Continuing to circumnavigate the island, as the sun lowered gave us some great sights as we made our way round the undulating single track road. After re-fuelling, we headed back to base in various groups as the sun went down.

Alan Roger Phil and Graham fooling around at Eilean Donan castle

Aviemore 20 GOLDEN WING

A few different trips planned for today. Some went off to Tain for a visit to the Glenmorangie Distillery (including a wee dram). Graham had his tyre replaced and headed off with a few others up to Nairn and beyond for a bit of dolphin watching. Another day of good roads, great scenery and decent weather. With Dennis and John making the 300 mile round trip to John O’Groats, they made it back just in time for the evening outing into Inverness. A great evening was had by all with a meal at the Mustard Seed restaurant, SUMMER 2014

excellent food, and on to Hootenanny for some more drinks and music to finish the night off before returning on the bus to base.

Meal at Mustard Seed Restaurant - a bit civilised for once

Another dry day greeted the group as the owners of the lodges, Simon and Lucy lead a small group over to Applecross, to sample some fine food at its famous Inn and take in views of Skye. The Applecross group arrived back early evening after a torturous journey back with high winds, mist and heavy rain. With John and Dennis returning from the pub that evening, now regulars enjoying a lift back from the owners, we surprised Dennis with an unexpected birthday cake, foiling his attempt to keep the occasion a secret.



Leaving the lodges we headed down to Glasgow for an overnight stop and completed the homeward journey the following day. A great week of good company, probably better than expected weather, beautiful location and spectacular scenery everywhere we went, once again Graham and Karen excelling in their efforts to organise a memorable trip for the club. Can’t wait till next years event!


Ariel’s all new Ace motorcycle uses VFR1200 engine

Ariel Motor Company announce the launch of the latest addition to the Ariel family - the Ace builds on the long standing relationship between Ariel and Honda, that began with the Ariel Atom. The new motorcycle features a Honda 1237cc V4 engine and drive system combining the best high and low volume engineering, materials and production values together with a bespoke build system that has never been seen before on a production motorcycle. The Ace represents the first new motorcycle from Ariel for over 50 years and builds on a history that began in 1870 making revolutionary bicycles and patenting the spoked wheel. More recently known for the iconic Atom, Ariel were famous throughout the last century for innovative motorcycles such as the 4 cylinder Ariel Square 4 and the 2 stroke, pressed steel frame Ariel Arrow. The new Ace reinforces Ariel’s tradition, both old and new, of all that’s best in British innovation, performance, quality and craftsmanship. 22 GOLDEN WING

The new bike will be made in low volume by Ariel at their factory near Crewkerne, Somerset in quantities of between 100 – 150 motorcycles per annum alongside the Atom sports car. Each Ace motorcycle will be handbuilt by one Ariel technician in an individual build bay allowing the customer to visit their bike in build. Said James ‘Reg’ Feiven, chief technician at Ariel and part of the Ace design team, “Nearly every Ariel employee holds a full motorcycle licence and we’re passionate about motorcycles in all their forms as well as quality. The only pressure we have when building any Ariel, is to make sure that it’s absolutely right. And one of the best rewards we have is seeing the smile on a customers’ face when they come to collect.” Prices for the Ace aim to start at £20,000, with a comprehensive option list to allow each bike to be tailored to order.


Specification Engine 76 degree 1237cc Unicam Honda V4 Bore 81mm x 60mm Throttle by wire Power 173 BHP @ 10,000 rpm Torque 131Nm @ 8750 rpm Gearbox 6 speed manual sequential or DCT switchable auto with sport and manual push button control Switchable traction control Fuel 14.1 to 21.3 litres dependent on spec Exhaust Stainless steel exhaust, option of silencers Chassis Anodised machined and welded aluminium frame. Adjustable rake angle 21.8o - 28.4o Suspension Front: Ariel Girder with TTX damper or Telescopic forks dependent on spec Rear: Pro link single sided swing arm Adjustable rebound and spring preload Braking Front: Twin 320mm floating discs with 6 piston radial callipers Rear: Single 276mm floating disc with 2 piston sliding calliper Electronic ABS front and rear Tyres Front: 120/70ZR17 Rear: 190/55ZR17 Instruments Digital LCD display with datalogging capability and gear indicator Lighting LED headlamp, LED brake/stop lamp, LED indicators Bodywork Composite and carbon fibre Seat Height 745mm to 825mm dependent on spec Wheelbase 1541mm to 1563mm dependent on spec Performance 0-60 mph - 3.4 seconds Top speed - 165mph

Ariel Motor Company Crewkerne, Somerset TA18 7NR Tel: 01460 78817 SUMMER 2014




How to really ride any kind of bike

by Ben Miller, VisorDown

From street bikes to two-strokes, 600cc sportsbikes to supermotos, different bikes require different techniques. Whatever you ride, get the best from your bike with the help of the finest riders on the planet.

How to master a big twin By Shane Byrne

Spectacularly fast on Ducati race bikes, British Superbike contender Byrne reckons getting the most out of a big V-twin is all about accuracy.

“Riding a twin like the Ducati is completely different to riding a four-cylinder superbike,” explains Byrne, who’s a three-time BSB Champion. “In terms of line and style a twin’s arguably more similar to a 600. You’re fastest with a smooth and precise riding style. If you make the apex nicely and get on the power perfectly the thing flows beautifully. You have to carry speed and momentum on a 600 and a big v-twin is best ridden in the same way.” Byrne is currently racing a four-cylinder Kawasaki; chalk to the Ducati’s cheese. “On something like a Fireblade, if you’re running a bit wide you can still make the apex by backing the thing in. Then you can just stand the bike up and come out sideways with the rear spinning. For that reason you could argue a four-cylinder bike’s more fun to ride than a v-twin, but ultimately it’s not about having fun, it’s about getting around the track as quickly as possible, and the Ducati was very good at that.” If the difference is that pronounced, should you use different lines on a twin-cylinder bike? “There is a difference in line,” explains Byrne. “If on the way out of a left-hander and into a right the v-twin uses say three-quarters of the width of the track, a four-cylinder bike will only need half of it. On the v-twin you have to run into the corner and make the most of the chassis by letting the bike run right out to the outside kerb. A more flowing, traditional 250 line works well.”

Has advanced traction control fundamentally changed a superbike racer’s job? “While traction control can really help, it can also hinder you,” says Byrne. “I roll into the last turn at the Portimao circuit in Portugal in third gear at 100mph+ and I’m at pretty much full throttle and full lean, banging fourth and just praying that a fuse doesn’t pop. If it did the accident would be enormous. But if the electronics held me back that much in some of the second gear corners elsewhere on the circuit I’d never be driving forwards.” • “Use your feet to help you change direction by putting your weight through the footpegs,” explains Byrne. “I had to get inserts for my boots because I was coming in with holes in them.” • Ride arcing, graceful lines that let you hold high corner speeds. Use the full width of tarmac available to you. • Don’t get lazy: “Everybody a v-twin’s got loads of torque but I still rev it like I would any other engine, it’s just that it doesn’t rev quite so high,” explains Byrne.

Next issue: How to really ride a street bike SUMMER 2014

Article stolen from GOLDEN WING 25

The Bedford ‘Turbo’ roundabout: The facts, simply... by

Graeme Hay, BMF Government Relations Executive

I am guessing that some readers may have heard of this project and some may even know of the BMF¹s involvement. It has been a matter with a successful outcome for motorcyclists, but the nature of the BMF¹s involvement remains as much a mystery to many, as do the technical details of this junction in the fair town of Bedford. I became involved in the matter before I took up my place and I spent half a day going in the BMF. I was at the May BMF show walking around with through them, listing questions Anna Zee when we were approached by Dr Leon Mannings and making notes. Drawings of MAG. Dr Mannings was keen to speak with us about this of this kind have been my junction to enlist the career for 25 years support of the BMF in or more and I could Rest assured, as soon as it is opposing the design. see many things that built, I shall be on my bike to Anna and I listened as were sound, but a Bedford to ride it for myself Dr Mannings explained couple that I was the proposals for concerned about. I raised plastic kerbs dividing lanes on a roundabout in the spoke at length on several town. As you may imagine we were deeply concerned, but occasions with the Project I declined to support anything without seeing the design for Engineer, who is a keen myself. When I started in my job one of the first things I did motorcyclist, and also with the was to contact officers at Bedford Borough Council to ask for cycling officer. In response some drawings and to have a discussion. I had the existing to our discussions I was sent layout and proposed design drawings later that afternoon a revised drawing the very next day, with the two areas of concern removed from the design. The concrete lane dividers were no more a part of the scheme and so I prepared a report, with recommendations for Anna Zee. I was then invited to discuss this with the head of vulnerable road users¹ safety from the Department for Transport and the matter was sent for a Ministerial decision the next Monday. 26 GOLDEN WING


I met with Dr Mannings at TfL offices and told him the good news. I explained that as he and his team had done work on the project they ought to claim the day. I was surprised when new concerns were expressed about lane widths within the roundabout. I explained that I had checked all of that and that all of the lanes were exceptionally wide, none being less than 4.4 metres. Now, lanes on a motorway are from 3.75 to 4.5 metres and so these at 4.4 metres to 6.0 metres wide are exceptionally generous. As a rider for 40 years and a Highways Engineer for 25, I can see no problem.

To join the BMF as an individual, telephone on 0116 279 5112 or join on line at it couldn’t be easier! SUMMER 2014




I write as the Farmyard Party team is already on site preparing for MAG’s biggest rally of the year. As always concerns about the weather dominate the thoughts of those of us who are concerned about the organisation’s future. In recent years The Farmyard has been hit by a succession of catastrophes on the weather front that has eaten into profits and threatened the financial security of the riders movement in the UK. While we urge all riders to support our events we recognise that all clubs have social calendars of their own and furthermore camping weekends are not everyone’s cup of tea. With the increasing age of motorcyclists these days it is obvious that MAG will have to put more effort into exploring residential options that offer greater protection from the weather. Holiday camps are an obvious option and since few could accommodate the kind of numbers that events like the Farmyard have attracted; they must increasingly become part of the mix. It may well be that MAG and its affiliate clubs can co-operate to mutual benefit and ensuring that a symbiotic relationship can be achieved between ourselves and the operators of holiday camps or similar venues. I throw this line out as a taster to anyone who thinks it viable or has contacts in this area of life. In the meantime of course MAG must strive to attract more members as a big membership offers the surest way of guaranteeing the financial stability that enables us to plan and carry out the campaigning which I sense will always be necessary. Most of you will probably know that MAG has recently taken on the services of former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik who has proved to be an extraordinary asset, demonstrating the level of energy and commitment that first propelled him into parliament. Whatever negative views the average person may have of politicians the fact is that the House of Commons is a very small club of members among a population of sixty something million people and you don’t get there by being lazy or stupid. One of the things I like most about Lembit is that he is a true libertarian and therefore

he gets what MAG is fundamentally about. At the end of the day, however you cut the figures, motorcycling is far more dangerous than its alternatives and in order to defend the use of motorcycles on public roads it is vital for MAG to defend the right of individuals to determine their own risk levels. This lies at the core of what MAG is all about. Obviously there are caveats to this general principle, the main one being that no one else is endangered by the exercise of our activity. It is ironic and disproportionate that in a world of mounting risk from catastrophic climate change, overpopulation, and the wars that could spring from the competition for resources, we in the pampered West are obsessing over such details as high visibility clothing, protective clothing and anti lock brakes. IT is as mad as Nero fiddling while Rome burned and part of MAG’s mission is to broaden the appeal of its message to bring some sense of proportion to the greater debate about human welfare. It is extraordinary that at such a time in the development of human civilization, the UN should be concerning itself with road safety when its real mission is to prevent war. This desertion of the real mission in favour of what is by comparison nit-picking betrays a helpless defeatism that seeks to find consolation in micro managing the lives of a small proportion of mankind. If there is one feature of MAG that makes me proud to be a MAG member, it is the rational promotion of proportion. As the Moody Blues sang, “It is all a question of balance”. Ian Mutch is a former ships officer and later motorcycle courier. He is President of MAG of which he was a founder member and has written five books, mostly on motorcycle travel

To join MAG on-line please go to SUMMER 2014


1st Eva Eee by Gum Rally Friday started off lovely the sun was cracking the flags and we were all looking forward to the weekend ahead of us. Our venue was fantastic with 24 hour toilets and showers and Free tea n coffee all weekend provided by the club and an amazing set of staff. Bob and Les took very good care of us all making sure if we needed anything all we need do was ask. Dawn was there on a morning to clean round after us. We got ourselves sorted and Cath and Pockets manned the signing in desk, booking people in and handing out the great goodie bags we had managed to put together, while me and Denise did the meeting and greeting and general running around. Bikes started to arrive and people got themselves sorted out putting tents up and getting the feel for the place finding out what’s where and such. Tea time soon came about and fish & chips were on the menu. Cath had taken orders for these too while Steve and Nij did the rounds making sure everybody was ok and got what they needed. We had our tea delivered from Mc-Nics in Shipley Ian very kindly after a late order ran around again and delivered yet more lovely fish n chips for us. Friday night in the bar included silly games and a quiz which 30 GOLDEN WING

went down much better than expected and everybody joined in. The games masters were Dave & Lisa and Adi & Sue and no better 4 people could of taken on this role (THEY’RE MAD) hahaha! Dave & Lisa were in charge of ‘Pin tail ont Whippet’ and Adi & Sue did the flat cap cone throw. What a laugh, O M G one man had a lot of difficulty with his aim and Lisa did remark that she hoped he was more accurate in the boudoir (say no more )! Up a bit down a bit… I’ll do it myself !!!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha. Loads of fun was had and the quiz was fantastic Stevie was the quiz master. And he did a great job of it keeping everybody amused and the prize for winning any game on the night… a box of Yorkshire tea hahahahaha Saturday morning saw me & Denise in the kitchen at daft o’clock serving up homemade Crumps crumpets with butter and jam to set the guys up before they set off on the ride out. The morning was glorious sunshine and blue clouds until the ride was to start. Then as people were getting togged up the rain started, lightly at first but then the Yorkshire SUMMER 2014

heavens opened (authentic or what!!!) Fantastic effort on those who did attend 20 bikes in total (good on ya )! First off on the run was the ride up to Masham which wasn’t too bad and the Yorkshire country side was great as always, once there we had a walk round and a drink before getting off to Tan Hill, again the ride up wasn’t too bad but just as we got there the rain came down and stayed with us to Hawes were we all had a taste of the cheese they sell and the visitor centre is worth a visit if your up there, after a coffee we set off back, as we went over the hill towards Kettlewell the mist came down and we could only see for about 30 feet or so but it didn’t last long, as we got nearer the camp site the rain got light and by the time we got back at 5pm it had stopped and half hour later the sun was out… never mind everybody said they enjoyed the ride out which was good so thanks for everyone who came out in the Good old Yorkshire weather… Thanks also to Clive, Dave and Nij & Denise at the back for helping with the ride out.

Thanks to all who supported our Rally weekend and made it such a roaring success and very enjoyable to be a part of Maria and Ursula went off on a mission up Shipley to get all we needed to feed the guys a good hearty meal on their very wet return. Bangers and mash were on the menu and jam roly poly and Ursula’s homemade apple crumble with custard. Mmmm yummy. Back at the club me & Ursula had a cuppa and a cake before taking on the potatoes bloody hell there were loads of them but Ursula cracked on while I did the gravy and crumbles. We put tea on and waited for people to return and in no time at all saw us tackling the mash, by god it was hard work so much so we enrolled Nij to help out it was doing our heads in. As things were ready to dish out all received good Yorkshire portions with lashings of onion SUMMER 2014


gravy. Then as soon as the dinners were dished we started on the two puddings. We worked really well together just like a welloiled team as they would say. We cleared round in the kitchen and everybody did us proud by bringing their own plates back so that was a massive help to us and I would like to say there wasn’t much waste at all (good sign that). Saturday night was disco time and it was great to see people had made an effort and got dressed up 70s style such fun haha. We had got some more prizes to give out and half way through the night. We chose our moment and started with the first trophy which was for Furthest Travelled. That went to Ian from Wiltshire who had racked up 234 miles to be with us at our first rally what a man. Then the next trophy went for Best Bike on the weekend this award went to Ruth and her VFR750, very tidy she is too. The final trophy was for Best Fancy Dress and that went to Kim & Tony. Can I just say that not only did people get trophy’s everybody got a box of good old never been seen before

(A-Hem) Yorkshire tea hahaha. Thanks to all who dressed up on the night you looked ace. The night was a good one and after loads more dancing and laughter we made our way off to bed. Sunday morning soon came round and Denise brought me a lovely cup a coffee before the mad rush for bacon butties. Again great teamwork was the key and we soon cracked on with the sarnies, Nij took payment for them and dished them out while keeping us informed of numbers and who wanted what and how it just worked perfect. We finished off our own sarnies and went back to packing up. All in all a great weekend was had by all and it went better than we could have imagined but with a fantastic club like ours it was always going to be a good do.

We also raised £260 for the Whiteknights Check out their web site to see the great work they do



Had an accident? Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 43 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll ! SUMMER 2014



Friday 28th ~ Sunday 30th November 2014

Come and join your fellow HOC’ers for a magical start to Christmas at the stunning Cricklade House, a country haven standing in over 30 acres of peaceful, secluded grounds on the edge of the Cotswolds. This special weekend will include 2 nights luxury accommodation with served full cooked breakfasts, a hot finger buffet on the Friday evening, culminating in an Evening Ball on Saturday where you can dress to impress. Make use of the swimming pool & spa, snooker room and conservatory or why not have a round of golf?

There’s a total of 40 rooms available - book early to avoid disappointment £255.00 per Double Room, £152.00 per Single Room including breakfasts & evening meals for two nights. For further information and to book, please contact Angie & Ian on or 01494 258904 Single night stay packages and Saturday Evening Ball only also available



Why….? by

Paul Mead, Northants Branch member

Hi my name is Paul and in the last couple of years my life has turned upside down and back again. I mean my wife and partner of 10 years decides that we have come to the end of the line and she wants me to leave her and my two children. For the first time in my life I am now living on my own…. WOW!! Meanwhile work is going tits up as First this was the Northants Honda Owners Club Northampton announce redundancies, so and what I would consider as being one the now I have lost my family and I am about to best things I have ever done. lose my job… I did ask if I could get a transfer I have made new friends and been able to to New York, but they said “NO” so I decided do things that are not work related, like ride to take a job with Stagecoach. outs, motorcycle shows, Hunstanton for chips I then decided it was time I started to live or ice-cream and now combine my love for life like I should have and stop letting things photography with my love for motorcycling. stop me! Now I go to the Wednesday HOC meet, This is when I spoke to my brother, Rob, Jack’s Hill on a Sunday which is normally and told him I was thinking about getting a followed by a ride-out. I have been to the Ace motorbike… well this triggered it all off. My Café, BMF, Ride of Respect, RTTW, you name brother decided that it the list just keeps Northants HOC... one of the he was not waiting growing. around, he did his CBT best things I have ever done So I’d like to thank and started looking for a bike. Not wanting to all the members of Northants HOC for making be left behind I put in for my CBT and we both me and my brother so welcome and a part of went shopping for a bike with the view that the HOC family. THANK YOU! we would ride a 125 for 12-18 months and To finish off I’d just like to say until you then do our full test. have ridden a bike I don’t think you will Right….. we got our 125’s which turn out truly understand... when riding your bike to be one of the worst bikes that I have ever any worries or problems disappear and you owned… then my brother told me that he become free. It’s the best way I have found to had done something. It turns out that he had clear my head and leave my troubles behind. purchased his CBR600FY. I was shocked to So be safe, ride safe……. say the least and he said he would take me Ride together, Die together, to the shop to show me his bike and also so Bad Boys for Life... I could have a look around for a bike myself. Which we did. We went into the shop, saw his bike and then started trying bikes for myself. This led to the purchase of my CBR600F6. So the good news was we both had big bikes but neither of us had the licenses to ride them… So thought best we go for our full entitlement (DAS) as soon as possible. So after doing our theory, mod 1 & mod 2 we got it! I then decided to join a group, something that did not involve my work and where I could Me, my brother, Kim, Sharon & Whitey meet new people and make new friends. Well SUMMER 2014


Supporting the Movement

With you every mile.

✓ 30 years at the forefront of the classic vehicle movement

✓ Relationships with over 200 classic vehicle clubs

✓ Attend over 30 shows throughout the year

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Whilst watching the recent It does seem to take a special road racing, in between the sort of mentality to be a racer, Motor GP, WSB and BSB, I have whether circuit or road, and been mussing on how, whatever you need to have the courage the racing, it is so exciting and to challenge and charge to the absorbing! bike’s maximum ability. The close riding, scraping The two types of racing are paintwork and rubbing elbows very different and yet some riders in the circuit racing is heart easily make the transition. The stopping and not at all good for old(?) stalwart Michael Rutter for blood pressure levels! Whether one. The younger enthusiastic you are watching club racing, the Josh Brookes, who has taken main Moto GP, or the Moto 2 or so well to road racing this last Simon Andrews at the TT 3, the main WSB or BSB or the couple of years, and now young Superstock and Supersport, you will stand/sit in Danny Webb has got the bug and attended the TT admiration of the rider’s guts and determination to as a rookie in 2014. achieve the highest finish position they can. During So what is it that compels them to hurl down the 2014 history is once again being made with the road at amazing speeds amidst the bumps and young Honda rider, Marc Marquez breaking hazards? Listening to the interviews and the rider’s records and establishing a huge lead in the Moto comments, it seems to be the continuous adrenaline GP Championship and what battles there are in rush of the bends, humps and bumps as they race to every race to challenge his dominance! achieve the best times and fend off their rivals. Well The road racing is so different but again very done to the current Road Racing legends of John exciting. If you have never watched road racing, McGuiness, the Dunlop brothers, Bryan Anstey and either in person or on the television make sure you Guy Martin who, although have never made their do. The breath taking speed on ordinary roads with name on the circuits, have a place in the history of potholes, manhole covers and white lines and the road racing. daring overtakes are something to behold. The TT’s Sadly, as with all motorsport, the risks are high staggered start makes it quite complicated to know and we lost the young, enthusiastic and popular who is in the lead, unless you listen to Manx Radio Simon Andrews who, despite severe injuries from or are watching it on the TV, but it does make for prior accidents, always battled back to fitness so amazing riding at speed and battles between those that he could return to his passion of racing. Simon taking part. Several of the road races have group started his career riding a Honda and, in 2013, was starts where the battling through town streets and a popular member of the Honda TT Legends Team. villages becomes even more manic! To attend any Simon’s fun loving character of the races - and there are lots (the TT, Northwest will be greatly missed in the 200, Ulster GP, ManxTT, Southern Road Races to racing fraternity. mention a few) is amazing and an atmosphere The Stigette which has to be experienced. Racing Correspondent



Restoring my VT750 by

Simon Learman, Loughborough New Member

It started with “If you can get it off my drive you can have it for nothing”, one van, a bit of grunt, a can of instant air and I had in my possession a US Import 1983 Honda VT750C, it was first registered in the UK in 1993, so by my reckoning, it makes it 31 years old. It had stood for 7 years, when I got it, some bits weren’t attached and a couple were missing, the indicators were falling off, the rubber had perished. I bought a new battery and that’s where it got to, a forgotten project, due to work commitments I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with the Shadow in the garage.

Friends and family were against me having a bike again, but, I hunted down a local(ish) motorcycle engineer who agreed to get it running for me. 38 GOLDEN WING

That’s where it started, £1,500 to have it running and on the road. If only I had stopped there, but no, it became an intense need to have the monster restored to its original form. I christened it, “The Black Hole” why? Because you throw money at it and it disappears into a black hole! Get it? Martin of ME Motorcycles at Burton on Trent (www. persuaded or cajoled me into having a little restoration work done. The list goes like this... • Strip, clean and repaint the engine block • Frame powder coated black • All brushed aluminium - chromed • New paint job • Honda Transfers remade • Seat recovered • Engine covers - chromed • All stainless steel bolts fitted • New pipework made by Martin • Handmade stainless steel exhaust and custom chrome cans fitted (made by Martin) • Exhaust wrap (not in photos) left hand side exhaust • Custom fit indicators, front and rear • Original instruments fitted. SUMMER 2014

After a few “kisses on the inner thigh, the exhaust wrapping has gone some way to preventing me from having a well cooked leg, all part of the fun of riding. The bike is 90% original, I trawled the internet, eBay, Google and plenty of parts dealers both here and abroad to find bits for this bike. I’ve paid out a big chunk of money for a bike that has a book value of less than a grand, but what a bike to own, just over 22000 miles on the clock and when she runs, all people say to me is... “I thought it was a Harley, it sounds like a Harley” to which I say, “No, it’s not a Harley, it’s a Honda” and what a Honda it is!



Honda Owners Club

2014 NATIONAL Rally Friday 19th - Monday 22nd September

The 2014 Honda Owners Club National Rally is taking place on the south east coast of England, Marlie enjoys a countryside location yet is just a short drive from the beach. Because of the area’s close connection with the Royal Air Force and the Battle of Britain, the theme of this year’s rally is the 1940s. Friday

Booking in from 1pm with tea and coffee available. In the evening: meals are served from 6pm and a superb cabaret starts at 8.30pm.


During the day: choice of two rides, organised by Kent Branch. In the evening: 1940’s themed night with music and sing-alongs. Fancy dress is not compulsory, but why not get in the spirit and dress up! The party starts at 8pm and includes a free buffet. A disco will follow the entertainment for those that want to party on.


Daytime: There will be short rideout for those without a sore head. Otherwise it is chill out time and relax ready for the evening. In the evening: join in with the Pyjama / Onesie party (but this is not compulsory). There will be a general knowledge quiz and the usual trophies to hand out, along with a raffle in aid of Fairlawn Children’s Home in Ashford. Food will be available from 6pm.


Say our tearful goodbyes!

Full details will be in the Rally booklet that is sent prior to the event 40 GOLDEN WING


Rally Clothing Order There is a range of National Rally clothing to choose from:

Sweatshirt - £14.99 Polo Shirt - £12.99 T-shirt - £9.99 All clothing has the National Rally logo embroidered on the left breast. They’re only available in sky blue. Please state your chest (in inches or cm) or dress size when ordering - if in doubt, please ask

Orders for clothing MUST be received by

Sunday 31st August 2014

T-shirt image is for illustrative purposes only, colour and final design may vary.

Please order me: T-shirts: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity:

Name: Address: Post Code:

Polo shirts: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Sweatshirts: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity:

Tel No.: E-mail: Branch: Membership Number: TOTAL COST £

Please enter your chest (inches or cm) or dress size, so that the correct size can be ordered. Cheques made payable to “Honda Owners Club (GB)”

Either complete this Clothing Form and send it with payment to: HOC National Rally 2014, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE or purchase on-line at Questions? Contact Ruth on 077604 15347 or


clothing is ONLY available for collection at the national rally



Travels On My Big Red Bus by

Andy Kemp

Back in early March 2007, I was out riding my VFR800fiW, an excellent example of possibly the best bike ever made. Unfortunately an errant car driver turned it into scrap, but without injury to me. A replacement was needed quickly, but as anyone will tell you, insurers do not pay up with any speed. A trawl through the web sites turned up lots of top dollar 800`s, which were beyond my means at the time, but a local dealer had a p/x 750 for little money. When we went to see the bike it was sitting in the shade, a bit dusty and un cared for. It was a 91 VFR750FM, 11k miles, MOT`S, service history, sorns, and the reddest red bike I have ever seen. A test ride, haggle, and it was mine for ÂŁ1200. Work commitments restricted me to about 4000 miles that year but it showed that the bike was a good one. My ambition for 2008 was to see some more road racing. I had been to the Isle of Man for the Southern 100 and Manx GP, but I wanted to see racing in Ireland.


The first of the season was the Cookstown 100 in Northern Ireland, in late April, so I booked a ferry and accommodation. I was booked on the 8.15 am from Holyhead, so for a ride of 240 miles, I left home at 3 am. Heavy rain followed me all the way, but the old VFR coped without complaint. Surprisingly, I was the only rider on the ferry, although there were some racers vans. A smooth, fast crossing to Dublin, and out on to the lovely roads of Ireland, where rain, wind and hail found me then followed me north to Cookstown. In those conditions the seat of an old VFR is not a bad place to be, soft power, secure handling and a big comfy seat. My accommodation was the Fortview guest house, a working dairy farm just out of town and really very good. After settling in, I went


out to lube the bike chain/ have a smoke, when another bike, a 600 Fazer, pulled up. The rider of this bike turned out to a 77 year old ex racer from Manchester called Len Edwards who raced at Cookstown in 1956. The next day, Friday, was afternoon practice so in the morning I did a couple of laps of the track before heading into the Sperrin Mountains. Mist and rain shrouded the higher ground, but the roads on the scenic route were good for a gentle run. Several miles of narrow, winding, sometimes muddy and grassy roads took me near the top where the skies cleared to reveal spectacular views. With the roads drying in the warm sun, I make good progress back to the track for the practice sessions. The early afternoon practice was dry and spectacular, with bikes an arms length away, at 140 mph heading for a hairpin corner with road furniture all around it. Later in the session the skies opened, and despite rain bouncing to wheel spindle height some riders did not appear to slow down much. Race day started wet but I headed off to the track with Len, where we selected a spectating position at Gortin Corner, a 90 deg bend at the end of the start straight. The rain had stopped and the track was drying quickly as racing started. The racing was unbelievable, with incredible speed for the conditions. Between races, Len entertained everyone nearby recounting his 1956 race on a 150 Enfield, on which he came 4th but felt robbed by the handicap system in place at the time which he felt favoured local riders. In the main race Keith Amor on a CBR600 set several consecutive lap records and finished 3rd against mostly 1000cc bikes, a marvellous achievement. 16 races were run between 10am and 5 pm, the toilets were nearby and clean, food nearby and cheap, the spectators’ knowledgeable and friendly, best of all the racing was free. You don’t get that at Donnington. Early next morning after a hearty Irish farm breakfast, I headed for the ferry at Dublin in SUMMER 2014

warm sunshine. I had a fantastic ride down and a smooth crossing but the weather turned foul as soon as I hit the A55 and stayed that way for the ride home. I had an amazing 4 days of riding and racing covering about 1200 comfortable fun miles on the Big Red Bus, but it did need a good clean. A short time later, at Cassington Bike night I met up with my brother Tony, also a keen motorcyclist. He told me he had rented a cottage on the Isle of Man for the Southern 100 races the following week and that there was a room spare if I wanted it. Is the Pope a Catholic ? A pass out from the wife was obtained, holiday booked at work then the ferry, and we were on our way again. As soon as I opened the garage door on ferry day, heavy rain started to fall, but at least I got to do the one legged waterproof dance in private. After 180 miles of rain soaked M6 I joined the ferry queue, thankfully, the staff parked us under cover as there were not a large number of bikes. I met up with my brother, his wife and daughter at the cottage in Castletown that afternoon as they had gone by car. Tony has a Ducati Mulisrada and my niece Zoe has a Suzuki Burgman 400 which they trailered over. On non race days Tony, and me, went out riding the Island roads, particularly the TT course. After a couple of damp laps we stopped in Laxey for refreshment. On entering Browns Tea Rooms, we found the new owners tiling the floor and sort of closed but they paused in their labours to do coffee , biscuits and a good natter , top people. GOLDEN WING 43

The Southern 100 is one of racings best kept secrets and our cottage was only 500m away from the course. I could walk to the paddock area and mingle with the riders; even the top lads would have a chat. Sadly the weather caused problems all week. On Tuesday evening we went by car to watch practice in torrential rain and gales. Standing in full bike waterproofs with umbrellas we listened to Manx Radio commentary and heard “here at Cross Four Ways we have just had the first inside out umbrella” yes that was mine and practice was cancelled. When the racing did run, it was amazing. I watched mainly at Castletown Corner, a 90 deg right at a crossroad, normally traffic light controlled, where bikes are braking on the limit, only an arms length away. Michael Dunlop’s fishtail slides were really scary, and sidecars 3 abreast into the corner quite interesting. The main race was cut short due to a big crash and poor weather. Guy Martins TT gremlins struck again with a front puncture on the first lap of the main race which was won by Ian Lougher. Sadly I had to return to the real world next morning and arrived home after around trip of 1200 miles ready to do it all again. However,


it seems I am truly blessed by the Gods of Speed. Shortly after my return, my wife asked if I was still going to ”the Manx”. I had booked the time off work but had made no further plans due to my other trips. My wife, Carole, then started a search for accommodation, not easy so close to the event but she came up with a couple of gems, 2 nights at Ginger Hall Hotel and 3 nights in a Ramsey Homestay. My 2am ferry crossing from Heysham was not so appealing though. Once again on ferry day the weather was foul, rain fell all evening and as I wheeled out the Big Red Bus the wind picked up. Another 180 wet and windy miles saw me and many other hardy souls on the Ben Mcree in a force 9, wonderful. We docked at 6.30 am on a bright and breezy glorious Isle of Man morning so I whiled away a few hours before checking in to the Ginger Hall Hotel. On the Sunday afternoon of Manx Week, Castletown hosts the VMCC Manx Rally. The town square was filled with classics from flat tank veterans to Norton Rotaries and Honda 400/4`s. Away from the square bikes were parked everywhere and included a rare Honda 350/4 in mint condition. Bad weather affected the practice sessions and racing


all week, but when it went ahead it was as spectacular as ever. The delay to racing on the Wednesday was perfect for me as a condition of my “pass out” for the week was that I visit the Mann Cat Sanctuary. On a previous visit, Carole sponsored a down on its luck moggy and I had promised to renew the sponsorship. With the road closure delayed until 3.00pm I had time to visit the cats then ride the Laxey Road to Ramsey where I wanted to spectate. Thursday morning I rode down to Old Laxey to have a quiet coffee by the sea, only to find that it was the start point for the “Tin Bikes” rally. I spent a couple of hours sitting by the sea watching the vintage bikes line up and start their rally which would finish in Ramsey that afternoon. The line up included a CB250 and a couple of 400’s.Later on I saw the bikes reassemble at Ramsey where I had gone to watch the Ramsey Sprint on the seafront. The weather had been warm all day so the sprint action was good with bikes including road bikes ancient and modern and proper sprint bikes. Sadly I had to be on the return ferry early next day and my ride to Douglas from Ramsey was the only truly dry ride over the Mountain all week, made even more memorable by following a local VFR for the first few miles. An uneventful but dry for a change ride down the M6 saw me and the Big Red Bus arrive home having covered anther interesting and comfortable 1200 miles.


Tragically a number of riders were killed during the 2008 season, including Martin Finnegan at Tandagree, Robert Dunlop at NW200, and John Goodall at the Manx GP. These were some of the most experienced competitors on the roads and knew the dangers of their sport but it is still powerful ammunition for those wishing to ban the sport. To me road racing is one of the most spectacular racing events and I strongly recommend everyone to see it at least once before motorcycle racing is confined to the sterile world of circuit racing. For most of 2009 and 2010 I was on short time at work, so money for riding was tight The positive side of this was lots of time to ride, and even better my wife Carole became a keen pillion rider. As our combined weight is around 110kg the Big red bus performance was not impaired too much. 2011 saw us load up the old girl with a weeks worth of luggage for a 2 up trip to the IOM for the Southern 100. We did around 900 miles that week, and although the bike was still great at most things, it did exacerbate a tendon condition I was suffering from in my right hand. My Big Red Bus VFR now has over 25000 miles on its clock so it is nearly run in now. I do my own servicing and it still surprises me to take out a bolt from its dark insides and find the plating intact after 20 years. It still does over 140 mph, cruises at 100mph 2 up with luggage in comfort. I sometimes see debates on which is the best VFR, and smile with satisfaction because I know the answer. In December 2011, I had surgery on my hand to correct the tendons but this left me with little strength or feeling in my hand. I took the bike out several times but suffered discomfort and could not brake hard, so I reluctantly decided to change bikes. The bike I changed to is a Honda 650 Deauville, it has bar risers, a big comfy seat, so it is a reasonable compromise but it is not a bike I can look at and think “wow that looks good”.

But that is the start of another sorry saga. GOLDEN WING 45

Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here

happy member Thanks for posting out two recent ‘HOC email news’, both of which I did receive. Your efforts in trying to raise the profile of Lakes and Coast Branch are appreciated by us, but more of a lone rider I suppose, and that’s on a rare occasion when I get time and fair weather. My bike is a Honda 250NA Super Dream which I bought new in December 1979, I think it’s an early model because it has a kick starter which seemed to be deleted on later models. My average annual mileage now is 45 miles, which, after deducting a 30 mile round trip for the annual MOT test, gives you some indication of use. I still enjoy the bike through, it is nice to know that I still have it, and can still, (just about) ride it if I want to. The total mileage from new is currently 20,210. I use it more like a motored bicycle than a motorbike, just creeping quietly along local country back lanes at 20 miles an hour. I’m something of a dinosaur when it comes to technology, so I’m not ‘on line’ with the computer, nor do I have an email address

I’m afraid. You are excused from the hassle of ‘posting’ email news to me in future, I can catch up with what’s gone on in the magazine, if you get enough response to your efforts that is. I hope you do get something together, or we could be left with a quarterly blank page for Lakes and Coast again!

Tony Fielding, by e-mail (from L&C Sec)

Great to hear from a member who’s not on the internet but still gets the most he can from the Club. Peter and Victoria are doing a great job at the Lakes & Coast Branch and their Branch report can be found in this issue.

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE

Your stories needed!

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, why not tell everyone about it? Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2




Family search

I’d like to offer my congratulations to Jude Browne and Dave Andrews on their election as President and Vice President of the HOC. I was pleased to get a mention in Jude’s piece in the last magazine, but even more pleased that she mentioned ‘absent friends’ from times past, namely Trevor Thompson, Stan Inman and Dave Barton. I just wish there was a branch nearer to me that I could get to. But it’s great to get the Golden Wing so I can keep up-to-date.

Hello from Texas. I stumbled across your website by accident and just had to contact you all. I own 3 Hondas, a CB1100F, CB900F and CB900C, all of which I have fully restored. My grandfather, Harry Ackroyd, was from Bradford, Yorkshire, as well as his father, James Ackroyd. My grandfather emigrated to the states back when he was a young man. Unfortunately, since my father and grandfather are both deceased, I have no information on any possible relatives that might be in the UK. Could you please place an announcement in your club newsletter seeking any Ackroyd’s in the UK, especially the York area and Bradford in particular, that think they be a relative of mine, to please contact me? Thank you so much. By the way, I love your website, it appears that you have a great club going. Ride safely.

Dave Linden, by letter Membership No. 921

As one the Club’s longest serving members it is always great to hear from you Dave. His letter is a reminder that the HOC exists beyond the internet and good old fashioned letters are just as good as e-mails.

CB750 Search I am trying to locate the owner of a CB750 Four, GKN 115N. It is blue now, SORNed and believed to be in Kent. I was the first to own her and bought while working at Chisholm Brothers, Maidstone. I am coming up to my 60th birthday and it would hurt me to think it might be rotting away somewhere in a shed. I would love to buy her back and restore to her former glory can you and the club members help me out trying to find this guy? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ralph Wright, by e-mail

If anyone can help reunite with his bike, please contact him directly at rwmedway@

Harry Ackroyd, by e-,mail

Good luck with your search, it’s always nice to hear from the colonies (only joking!). If anyone knows of his family, please contact Harry at

BMF Show I really enjoyed the BMF, not a drop of rain all weekend, certainly makes a difference. I felt a bit sorry for the guys on the HOC stand. They were right on the periphery of the show ground, but they certainly worked hard to attract people in.

Robin Munro, by e-mail

Glad you found us Robin. We had a great time at the show and despite our position managed to sign-up double the number of new members that we did in 2013!

e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE SUMMER 2014




Five ‘Roar into Rugby’ Well it’s Sunday the 18th of May and 5 members of the Bristol HOC, Stu & Lesley, John & Maxine and Andy, meet up at the Bell Inn at Chipping Sodbury.

It was a beautiful morning the sun was out and the roads dry and inviting us to crack on, so we did with Stuart leading the way God help us (struggles to find his butt with both hands most of the time) the route took us up through Cirencester and off up following the Fosse Way to Rugby with the obligatory bog stops for Stuart and the coffee stops for Lesley on route. The first stop was at the Tesco’s in Stow on the Wold expecting to find it had a café for a brew but unfortunately no joy but Maxine did treat us all to a doughnut mmmmm. Thank you. So they headed off for the short spin to Moreton-in-Marsh where they stopped at a nice little tea room called Tilly’s Tea House and had the long awaited latte Lesley was gagging for. After the Brew they prepared to set off once again towards Rugby it was at this point Andy had to leave them and set off back home, leaving just the four to carry on the roads were busier than they had hoped for considering it was a Sunday morning but they still made good progress with no major mess ups on the way and arrived at Rugby


just in time for Lunch. They parked up in the town centre outside The Rugby Hotel, (which is where Stuart had been calling home for the last 3 months whilst working up there), so it was into the Hotel who kindly let them drop of all their kit and a spot of lunch was had (Stuart highly recommends the world burgers they do there mmmmm) very nice. Any way out into the town centre which was absolutely packed with bikes of all sorts to look at and some trade stands selling bits and bobs, considering this was the first event and the cracking weather it could be classed as a big success, at the bottom of the main street the main stage was set up and the various bands were up and rocking the town with some great tunes. After a wander round Lesley spotted the Costa and guess what yep another latte soon demolished and some iced coffees for John and Maxine nothing for Stuart as there aren’t enough bog stops on the way back for captain peanut bladder. It was time to head back and get suited and booted for the trip back coming back via the A46 to Evesham and onto the M5 and home. But a great day out and will be going again for next year’s event if the weather is good.


BMF Show 2014 by

Ruth Stryczko, Northants Branch member

Once again we had a very good pitch in Club Corner and a crack team of members put up the gazebos in the baking heat.

I arrived to see our new gazebo already in place along with the old ones re-dressed in their new covers. Very pleased to say they looked brilliant, giving us room for a dedicated membership and regalia area one end and a little kitchen/storage area at the other. In between there was a lovely area for the main display. We even had our own little camp site out back. So Saturday morning arrives along with the smell of cooking bacon and the arrival of many helpers (most likely sniffing out the bacon). Bikes parked out along front and a frenzy of activity inside getting the display of many photos together to help show just what the HOC is all about. It was the start of a very busy and warm day. Little Atlanta, our youngest helper, kept us smiling all day with her bubbly character and going round offering sweeties to all and even managed to sell some regalia too. The punters could just not resist her charm. We also managed to tempt some potential new members on to the stand with the offer of some lovely cakes made by Marion Ward.



Welcome to all the new members who joined at the show The Saturday rolled to a close with us already matching our membership uptake on last year. We doubled last year’s membership sign-ups by the end of the weekend! The evening was spent eating, drinking and making merry with great company. Sunday started a little misty but soon warmed up to be even hotter than the Saturday. Stritchy once again was on kitchen duties cooking breakfast for those that needed it in the morning and once the stand had had a few alterations done we were once again open for business. Sunday was a very busy day and big thanks to Ants who brought his beautiful Rune along, which helped to attract a lot of attention and head scratching. This along with the Chris Ward’s lovely 350 four and RC30 proved to make the stand very popular, making the Sunday even busier than the Saturday. It was a long weekend but there was time too for some to catch up on a bit of shut eye with a number of members caught snoozing. The whole weekend was excellent and was made even better by all those that helped on the stand and those that came to say hello.

A big THANK YOU to all that helped and displayed their lovely bikes on the stand.



Wiltshire Spring Rally by

Simon Plummer, Wiltshire Branch Webmaster

Well, that’s another Spring Rally over for another year. This years rally was bigger and better than before with brilliant weather to boot. Friday saw a steady stream of HOC members from up and down the country and by late afternoon the camping field was full of bikes, tents and happy campers all enjoying the sun of a beautiful spring evening in the lovely setting of the Bruce Arms at Easton Royal. Saturday saw a cold start with a frost but after breakfast and several cups of hot coffee, we were being led by Steve on the main rideout of the weekend, a massive 43 bikes took part in the 110 mile ride through some of Wiltshire’s finest roads. By late afternoon we were back at the site and enjoying lardie cake and cupcakes of all descriptions in the sun while raising money for spinal research through the Guy Martin Big Brew event.

After a few hours chill out and giant jenga tournament, barby king Wayne and his son Tom sparked up the barbecue and helped by the ladies of the branch, served us up a fine feast. Saturday night saw us all retire to the pub to be entertained by the brilliant Interlight and we rocked late into the night, before donning the onesies and serving up stacks of toast in the gazebo.

Wayne and Tom at the barbecue

Sunday morning saw the dawn of another fabulous sunny day and after breakfast 23 bikes once again were out on the smaller rideout of the weekend, while the rest had a relaxing chill out day in the sun. Once again Wayne, Tom and Linda were kind enough to Tea and cakes for the Big Brew



Huge Success for the WHOC Big Brew!

The night brought out the animals!

do the honours on the barby, then it was off to the pub for our now traditional quiz with quizmaster Glyn. All in all a fabulous rally once again and a brilliant start to the HOC rally season. Special thanks go to Ian, Glyn, Claire, Wayne, Tom, Linda, Maria, Elick, Angie, Robin, Lorraine and Steve Marion (for the lovely cakes) Matt and his staff (pub)… and of course ALL our friends in the HOC for supporting our rally again.

We’ve booked the pub again for next year, so put the date of 1st-4th May in your 2015 diary.


During the WHOC Spring Rally this year the Branch once again held the Guy Martin “Big Brew” event, it was held following the main rideout on the Saturday and loads of members stopped by the HOC marquee to enjoy a brew and delicious cakes all made by HOC members. An amazing £165.87 was raised for spinal research, the Wilts Branch would like to thank everyone for their kind donations over the weekend.




New motorcycle history display It includes riders from all eras and genres of motorcycling, from early Isle of Man TT winners to modern world champions and celebrity riders.

Barry Sheene topped the Motorcycle Icons poll

Murray Walker, Sammy Miller, Ralph Montagu & Becky Cook

A new display in the National Motor Museum, The Motorcycle Story, was opened in May by Lord Montagu, iconic motor racing commentator, Murray Walker, 11 times British Trials Champion, Sammy Miller and Britain’s most successful female motorcycle trials rider, Becky Cook. The Motorcycle Story The gallery includes some takes the visitor on a journey through motorcycling history and the human quest for freedom, individuality and the desire to win. For the first time, machines are displayed in their historical and cultural context; tying technological developments to changing trends in fashion, style and sport.

Sammy Miller on a 1958 Ariel HT5 Trials bike


of the earliest examples of motorcycles from the beginning of the 1900s which saw the rise of a new industry evolving from the bicycle craze of the 1890s. The display shows the development of the motorcycle as a workhorse, the important role it played during two World Wars and its popularity as a leisure activity during the 50s and 60s. Central to the display is the Motorcycle Icons Wall of Fame, a gallery featuring the top twenty riders as voted for by the public, from a shortlist of 48 motorcycling icons.

Over 7,000 votes were cast; both online and at motorcycling events across the South of England and the rider topping the poll was Barry Sheene, one of the best known and most popular riders in the history of motorcycle racing and winner of two World Championships. Other icons on the wall include Mike Hailwood, Carl Fogarty, John Surtees and Maria Costello. The Motorcycle Story is now open and can be seen as part of a visit to the whole Beaulieu attraction which includes the National Motor Museum, World of Top Gear, Beaulieu Abbey, Palace House and gardens.

Ace CafĂŠ Scene


Why the CX500 still strikes a chord by

Phil White, owner, White’s Bodyworks

Some things just strike a chord, don’t they? I’ve had a passion for refurbing, restoring, repairing and renovating bikes for longer than I could actually ride them. For the last twenty years or so it has been more than a passion: it has been my business. Over the years I’ve worked on so many bikes but, whilst I always aim for the perfect finish, some jobs just can’t help feeling more special than other. Recently an older customer came into my bodyshop with a rather battered Honda CX500. He explained that he was looking for a refurb because he had bought this as it was like the bike he had ridden in his younger days. What’s more he was after a very specific red paint job to transform this


black CX500 into the chariot of his youth. He’d even brought in photos of himself as a young man proudly posing with his bike. Before long we were waxing lyrical about the CX500 because it was my first bike too. Memories began to bubble to the surface for both of us and we chatted for far too long: the rest of the day vanished in delicious nostalgia rather than productive work. Here’s why I love the CX500. Today’s bikes may be dominated by the hard-hitting 1800cc cruisers and the powerful 150+hp sports bikes but there was a time when the middleweights ruled the road. During the 70’s the most hotly contested category lay here and it was the younger riders that at whom these bikes were aimed.


Launching the CX500 in 1978 Honda claimed it was “First into the Future” and it was a progressive claim for a strikingly futuristic bike. I just knew I had to have one. Honda’s lead bike in the middleweight class before had been the CB550 Four - a brilliant piece of engineering but one that did not any longer have cutting edge looks after nearly ten years on the market. Honda drafted in Shoichiro Irimajiri - the man who already had the Honda GL1000 in his portfolio and would later design the legendary six-cylinder CBX - and his team literally threw out the past and designed from a completely clean sheet. The result was something radically new and radically different: a water-cooled, shaft-driven V-twin. It is not so much that every facet of this bike was new. It is just that the components had never been placed together quite like this.

• Honda had certainly never produced a V-twin. • Water-cooling had been used – but not on a V-twin. • Shaft drive had only been used previously on the massive GL1000. • It was the first production bike fitted with tubeless tires. • Honda bravely ditched the popular overhead-cam engines and still effortlessly squeezed 48hp out of simple pushrods. This kept the engine height low and Irimajiri made the most of this. • He twisted the heads 22 degrees in and tucked the carbs out of the rider’s way. • This meant he could splay the exhaust pipes out to give the bike a real mean machine look. The styling on the bike was certainly radical. It is a tall bike with a short engine thanks to its upright forks. Its fuel tank tapers away at the front whilst a huge tail light emphasises its dramatically stepped seat. Most importantly, though, it was - and is - a dream to ride. An inspiration and an invitation!

White’s Bodyworks offer a 10% discount on all services to Honda Owners Club members SUMMER 2014


MotoGP Trip to Le Mans by

Claire Robins, Wiltshire Branch Treasurer

After a days work on Thursday 15th May, it was time to pack up and meet friends at Sutton Scotney services ready for the run down to Portsmouth for the overnight ferry. We’d already been told that our cabin had been cancelled as ferries had been swapped around... no problem... the play pen, after a few beers, was very comfy!

Sleeping in play area 58 GOLDEN WING

The ferry docked at Le Havre at 8am. Then it was time to head off to the most beautiful little harbour town of Honfleur for breakfast. This was made all the more beautiful by the sun shining down on us. It’s a regular stop every year and a welcome start to our break. After an hours leisurely breakfast, the 7 bikes headed off. There was Steve Gilkes and his son Gary on his Triumph Speed Triple, Andy Sammons on his VFR800 and I was on my Fireblade. The rest of the gang were all on different bikes. A VERY noisy Buell for Adam to enjoy at every underbridge in harmony with Dave’s equally noisy Aprilia RSV Mille, with John’s GXSR 750 and Frank’s VFR 1200 making sedate murmurs in comparison! We rode through some pretty bendy roads on the way to our F1 hotel in Alençon via Pont L’Eveque - Livarot - Gacé, stopping at Sees for a coffee break. SUMMER 2014

Honfleur for breakfast

Friday evening we went to the local ‘Camponile’ for our meal. The boys were disappointed that the waitress ‘Deborah’ wasn’t there...I didn’t mind too much! After coming home from the meal, we sat outside the hotel... drinking... laughing... catching up with friends that we haven’t seen since last year and mainly getting drunk! So Friday consisted of ferry, bikes, beer and food! Saturday morning saw us leaving for practise day at Le Mans. We had a wander round the stands and spent too much money! A good day with gorgeous weather and a good outcome. We stopped at a bar opposite the station when back in Alençon, the ‘Hotel De Normandie’ where we enjoyed an ice cold Amstell... boy did it taste nice... was only a ‘petite’ glass though so we stayed for another. The Amstell obviously had a weird effect on Frank as he had problems with his zip...


Saturday night we headed up to the new pizza place that has been built nearby. The pizza were gorgeous and the salads were huuuuge... definitely recommend. Back at the hotel... the vodka and Jagermeister came out! Needless to say, the two youngsters with us (I say young...27, 28) ended up pillioning on the back of Frank and Andy the following morning! Apparently there was a dancing bear at the hotel Saturday night... at least the French man there offered to dance like a bear for 20 euros and Dave’s wallet was 20 euros lighter the following day! We THINK this is what happened anyway! So here we are... Sunday and RACE DAY The sun was beating down and we had a brilliant 45 mile ride to the track with some gorgeous twisties and lovely road surfaces. We managed to park fairly close to the track. The boys collapsed in a heap on the pavement after getting of their pillion rides... not sure if that was the hangover or Andy and Franks riding...

Hundreds of bikes and lots of Thunderbirds... sorry I mean French Police. Well... have you SEEN their uniform! The atmosphere was buzzing.


The race was brilliant, and I expect a few Rossi fans were getting a little bit excited but Marquez did it again... I even bought a cap to celebrate... 30 euros!

We stopped at Hotel De Normandie again on the way home...had to make sure the beer was still as nice, so we had ‘Grande’ this time. We were all getting a little too cosy and when Andy suggested we stay there and have another, we decided we needed to get the bikes back to the hotel and continue there. Sunday nights meal was at a French brand Steakhouse on the motorway roundabout nearby. Much like our Beefeater and as lovely a meal as the previous night, albeit a little more expensive.


Monday morning came around far too quickly and it was time to pack up and leave the hotel by 10am. We stopped at Gacé for a sun drenched coffee break on route to the ferry. Then onto Honfleur again for a lazy 2 hour lunch and a walk round the harbour. No rush as ferry didn’t leave till 5pm (local time)

The ferry trip home was a short one... docked at 9.30pm (our time). Some of us managed to get a bit of shut eye...some of us had a few beers before the ferry sailed as they let us on early...ok ALL of us had a few beers... (I’m seeing a recurring pattern here).

We gathered together after disembarking and said our goodbyes - until next year when apparently we may be camping... bring on the sunshine again. This weekend could only have been made better if I had been able to take my friend ‘Wiltshire Willy’ along! But alas, it seems he has been ‘apenapped!’ Next time Wills x



Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs

07534 537086

At last, a real alternative to main dealer servicing and repairs at a price you can afford! 1 Factory trained Honda Technician 5 to Master level. 6 2 Menu price servicing which is far more comprehensive than 7 Honda’s schedule. 8 3 Collection and delivery service which is free within a 15 mile 9 radius of Devizes in Wiltshire. 4 MOT bay *NEW*

Free valet with every full service. Engine, electrical and fuel injection diagnostics. Tyre supply and fitting service. Genuine Honda parts supplied and fitted. 10% discount to fellow HOC members (excludes MOTs and tyres).

Try the new benchmark in motorcycle maintenance SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772 The Musgrave Arms, Apsley End Road, Shillington, Beds SG5 3LX. Every Wednesday from 8pm.

• • •

Birmingham Secretary: Nick Parton - 0121 603 8983

Plough and Harrow, Slade Road, Roughley, Sutton Coldfield B75 5PF. 2nd Tuesday of each month from 8pm

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


group from the Branch met up on the 18th June in the evening for a short ride to visit the Royston and District Motorcycle club’s annual bike show at Meldreth Manor. This show is held annually in the grounds of the manor which is now a school for children run by SCOPE. This originally started off as a local event to raise money for the school, but for our region is now a major event. What is interesting is that it starts at six and is over by nine and on the night there were 2000 plus bikes of all varieties turned up. The major dealers in the area now recognise the scale of the event and had stands there. We had a good couple of hours watching bikes coming and going and it was nice to

see everything from mopeds to Goldwings with home made trikes, sport bikes, trailies and classics. There was a section set aside for unusual and nicely restored bikes but the main feature of this event is meeting up with friends and wandering round the bike park viewing the huge variety of bikes and chatting to the owners. This year funds were raised for SCOPE and the air ambulance, and it is good to see such a huge turnout from the local biking community to support them.

Stephen Stackhouse

• • •




Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417


i again everybody! The first thing you’ll need to know is that we’ve moved our meeting place. We’d been meeting at the New Inn in Westerleigh for a few years, but we’ve decided on a change, and have relocated, all the way to Ye Olde Inne - about 100 yards over the road! Same time, same day. So if you turned up on a Tuesday and wondered where we all were, you went to the wrong place! Here’s a recap of what we did in the spring: Our first outing was on a lovely Sunday at the end of March, with John & Max, Stu & Lez, Matt and me. We headed over the Severn to the popular Steel Horse cafe near Abergavenny, via the Wye Valley. Well, it was very popular that day! While we were quickly served drinks and even found a table, we were warned it was an hour’s wait for even something as simple as a breakfast! No problem, there were loads of bikes to look at and people to chat to while we waited. After a couple of hours there, home via the ‘Road of Death’.

April’s National Bikesafe event was at Castle Combe racing circuit, fairly local to us. I went along with Matt, meeting up there with Stu later on. My VFR died the previous evening, cooking some electrics and the starter solenoid to a charred mess – b*gg*r! (turned out not too bad in the end, just expensive - I repaired it the following weekend), so for the day I was on the old CX again. The event was excellent - well-attended, with a very large proportion of the South West’s Police motorcycles and riders on site and on the local roads! There was a lot to see – traders, stunt rider, clubs stands, including an HOC one, naturally. Matt was the only one of us brave enough (erm no, we were just too tight-fisted!) to pre-book the assessed ride on the road with the police, plus the track experience afterwards – they passed him OK on the road, and he then enjoyed his time on the track so much he thought he’d squeeze in just one more lap! The marshals decided otherwise, and flagged him in, the spoilsports. Unfortunately the videos of him getting his knee down on his VFR don’t work on the printed page.............

Matt, VFR800, Castle Combe circuit

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING SUMMER 2014


At the early May Bank Holiday weekend, Stu & Lez and me joined in the Wiltshire Branch rally Saturday ride out, meeting them at their first refreshment stop at Lacock. Good job we got there in good time before the ride arrived, as it allowed Lez plenty of time for a few coffees, plus some cake, before the riders and pillions of 40 - odd bikes arrived to create a queue in the cafe! It was sunny, and the ride’s route was well planned and scenic too, with a lengthy lunch stop, ending up back at the rally site for tea (coffees for Lez), lardy cakes, a chat, more drinks and cakes, before we headed for home. In mid-May, Stu & Lez and John & Max and Andy went to the Rugby Bikefest, see Stu’s report with photos elsewhere.

Ride of Respect, at the airfield

Ride of Respect, Lez and Matt

On June 1st, Stu & Lez, Matt and I took part in the Royal British Legion’s Ride of Respect form Dalton Barracks to Carterton. After a week of dodgy weather, thankfully the Sunday was absolutely perfect. Meeting up with Wiltshire HOC members near Swindon, we then rode in a small convoy to the airfield start. I got the impression it was less well attended than in previous years, but there were still thousands of bikes and riders taking part. Whatever, it was all a great atmosphere - flag bedecked bikes, people cheering and waving at us all by the roadside in the villages en route, and the End of Ride event too, which rounded the whole day off nicely. That’s about it for now, hope to see you sometime at Ye Olde Inne.


Ride of Respect, meeting HOC members

• • • SUMMER 2014
















East Anglia’s PREMIER Motorcycle Dealer

CALL 01733 358555





Chester & District Secretary: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540

The Cheshire Cat, Whitchurch Road, Christleton, Chester CH3 6AE. Alternate Thursdays from 8.30pm.

• • •


Secretary: Ian Wickham - 01392 879445 The Seven Stars Inn, Alphington Road, Exeter EX2 8JD. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 7.30pm.

• • •


Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272 The True Lovers Knot, Tarrant Keynston, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 9JG. 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 7.30pm.

• • • SUMMER 2014


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Peak District Ride 6th April 2014

On the first Sunday of April a group of us from the East Midlands Branch bravely ignored the weather forecast for a ride around the Peak District. The morning of the ride was ominously cloudy, so fully ‘waterproofed’ we met at the start point for a leisurely 10:30 start. Phil must have been in the scouts as a lad because he and Delice came prepared, with two sets of waterproofs on each, they were taking no chances! Frank, Trevor and Roger came too. We left under a black cloud and were soon north of Derby on dual carriageway, at which point it was time to turn off and take the scenic route. We headed towards Wirksworth then cut across to the top end of Belper on my favourite ‘Sunday morning breakfast ride’ over the top of the moor to the east of Matlock, dropping in to Matlock on the A615. We then headed north on the A6 and rode past Chatsworth House, which gave Frank the opportunity to impress Roger with his speedway style cornering after coming across a wet manhole cover on a bend! Following this it was an uneventful run up to Grindleford for our first stop at the Station Café.

Fuel Stop

What time’s the next train?

Chip cobs and full English breakfasts all round tested the seams of our waterproofs as we set of on the return leg. It still wasn’t raining so we headed (as planned) across to Hathersage then turned south through Ashford in the Water to Bakewell then west to meet the A515 towards Ashbourne. The ‘fuel tank’ was starting to run low, so we stopped at Tissington for another café stop, it still wasn’t raining so we braved it and sat outside. The Dandelion and Burdock cake had to be tried and can be recommended.

Phil, Delice, Frank Roger & Trev Braving it!

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING


Fuelled up again, we rode through Ashbourne, where it did eventually rain, but only for a few minutes. Then back to Derby where the sun was by now shining, and off on our separate ways home. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the weather forecast…


Bike4Life 27th April

We met up with Ian at the Cherry Tree services and rode across to the starting point at Meole Brace, but not quite the route that we had intended to take, I missed a turning and so we got to the other side of Cannock Chase, just not at the point that we were supposed to be and so to get us back in the right direction we had to take the slightly more boring route along the A5. We arrived at the meeting point at about 10.00 am and the car park was already two thirds full.

Awesome Ride

I took about 30 minutes to ride down to RAF Cosford where we were able to stretch our legs and take a look around the stalls and sideshows. The highlight of the day for me was meeting 2 of the Emergency Bikers from the television programme, Forrest and Flymo the paramedics based in Birmingham. Boy oh Boy are they 2 tall guys.

Forrest & Flymo, What a catch Anyone For A Domino Rally?


After registration there was time for a wander around the bikes and a coffee and when the procession finally got underway it took quite a considerable amount of time to get out of the car park as 4,000 all funnelled through the entrance.

• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


n the 16th March we went for a run to the last Sand Race of the season at Mablethorpe. Lorrie particularly enjoyed riding out on her classic Honda 400x4 in the sunny spring weather.

me on my BMW GS1200. The speed was kept low due to Graham’s concerns about fuel consumption on the 6 cylinder CBX1000. We were all mightily impressed with the 90mpg achieved by Lorrie’s new bike.

Run to Rufforth auto jumble Mablethorpe sand racing

We joined the Mid Lincs. MAG group on the 30th March for a run out. The run started from the Black Bull in Horncastle and made its way on the minor roads to the award winning A1 Truck Stop Café at Colsterworth.

On Saturday 19th April I made it to the first of the Chairman’s challenges for 2014, at the Anglia Motel and Café near Holbeach on the A17 in Lincolnshire. Prospective member, Martin Holmes, lives less than 2 miles away and didn’t even get the engine on his Pan warmed up. We joined the Three Shires Branch for there annual Easter egg run to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital on the 20th April. The run was again led by the former World Super Bike champion James Toseland.

Mid Lincs. MAG run to Colesterworth

On the 5th of April Lorrie took her brand new Honda NC750 automatic for its first run. We started from Barney’s Café then went to the Rufforth Auto jumble near York, then on to the Squires Café at Sherburn in Elmet. We had an eclectic mix of bikes joining Lorrie on the run. Martin (Honda CBF1000), Graham (Honda CBX1000), Paul (Honda DN01) and

Finish of the Three Shires Egg Run at Sheffield

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING


On the first Saturday in May we took part in the annual Aviation Heritage Run around the Lincolnshire Wolds. Centred on the East Kirkby aviation museum, this is organised by the Skellingthorpe & District Motorcycle Club in aid of the Lincs.& Notts. Air ambulance.

James Toseland at the Three Shires Egg Run

East Kirkby Aviation Heritage Museum

Saturday 26th April found us on our annual trip to the Stafford Classic Bike Show.

We went to the BMF show in May and the weather was excellent for the first time in years. The show was improved over last year’s with more dealer/manufacturer input. The HOC stand was again one of the best club stands.

A classic racing Honda at Stafford

The following day we joined Mid Lincs. MAG on their St. George’s Day big breakfast run. The run started from the excellent Rachel’s Café on the A158, just east of the village of Hagworthingham, then meandered through the Lincolnshire Wolds, with a stop at the 13th Century Bolingbroke Castle, birthplace of Henry IV in 1367. The run ended at the Mablethorpe Bike Fest.

Spilsby Bike Night

Despite forecasts of thunderstorms the weather remained warm and sunny for Spilsby Bike Night on the 20th May. The whole of the village centre was given over to bikers, with a good to band entertain the crowds.

The band at Spilsby bike night Rachel’s Cafe the start of the MAG St. George’s Day run


• • • SUMMER 2014


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


nce again, a warm hello from the Gloucester Branch. It seems that at long last we have some sunshine, the weather improving and the days lengthing. Since the last publication, we have been able to get out and about a lot more. March saw some of the branch members, head out for the Classic Motorcycle Show.

I have been told that the weather was dry, that those that attended had plenty to see and do and the some nice country roads were travelled. I would also like to say, how nice it was to see Pete from the Bristol branch at our March meeting. Well April was next on the agenda, what a busy month that turned out to be, we were lucky enough to have a stand at Prescott Bike festival. Was the weather going to be nice, I can say that although the day was overcast the rain stayed away. As always at Prescott, there was plenty to see and do, some of our branch even ran the hill on their bikes. The electric motorcycles were a great hit with the grandchildren! There was a steady flow of visitors to the HOC stand, and was nice to see Andy, also

Erica just to name a few club members. We also had a representation from NABB, visit the stand who offered there thanks for all the donations made by the club to their charity, enabling them to continue with their good work. Off course the highlight of my day was having my picture taken with Richard Hammond, who visited the festival.

The next weekend saw Castle Coombe and bike safe, again a few of our members made their way down, again another nice day out. The next weekend was Easter, and as we were visiting our son and his wife, Dorset HOC members, we went along to the Dorset meeting, what a lovely, friendly group of people, they were very welcoming. The following weekend we made a visit to the Stafford Show, not a branch ride out this time, we went in the car, due to the weather being very changeable. This turned out to be a wise choice as we ended up coming home with a mini moto, so increasing the collection. That’s all my news for now. May is starting to be a warm month so here’s to more trips out. Ride safe.


• • • 72 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014



Organiser: David Eccles - 07797 854967

The Watersplash Jersey, La Grande Route Des Mielles, St. Peter, Jersey JE3 7FN. Last Wednesday of the month from 6pm.

• • •


Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775 The Tudor Rose, Chestnut Street, Borden, Sittingbourne ME9 8BT, 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 7.30pm.

• • •

Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435

The Bridgewater Hotel, 23 Barton Road, Worsley, Salford, Greater Manchester M28 2PD. Alternate Thursdays.

• • • SUMMER 2014


Lakes & Coast

Organisers: Peter Steen - 07786 478682 & Victoria Parker - 07941 831379


or those who haven’t heard already, we have a new Secretary, Victoria (Claire) Parker who was previously with the Gloucester Branch, so their loss, our gain. How about a inter-branch competition. We can meet here, who can match our location? Knott End of Sea (KEOS)

Bowness-on-Windermere Pier One

It has been decided between us that I will look after Cumbria and North Lancashire, and Victoria being on the opposite corner of the beautiful coast from Preston Marina, to Lytham St Annes, Blackpool, Fleetwood all the way to Knott-End-on-Sea. More urban than the Lakes but still very enjoyable scenery with lovely fresh sea air to invigorate and clear your lungs as well as plenty of places to stop for tea (or coffee) and cake, good fish and chips and all the fun of the fair. Peter wrote to all members, followed up by an email timed so both arrived the same day. Good response from the northern end, poor from the south, so please get in contact, if only to say no thanks. 1st trip for 2014 was meeting at Bowness Pier One, for a trip to the Old Filling Station Café in Keswick, only Andy turned up, but he enjoyed seeing the Lakes, especially the quiet side of Thirlmere and the dam. 2nd trip was to KEOS, six said they where coming, but an indifferent weather forecast saw only Peter meeting Rob at Milnthorpe. Knott End was quiet that night, but this how busy it can be.

Peter sent another email seeing that the weather would be good for tomorrow, but again only Andy turned so we went to the Appleby Horse Fair to show him just what Cumbria can offer. At Appleby Horse Fair the eye candy was so good, that I can’t publish any pictures in here for fear of…! Why do young girls wear a belt and not a skirt around the lower half? Funny how for a gypsy gathering, lots of young lads were driving around in 14 plate convertible Mercs Other events planned so watch your in-box for details, then to make sure everyone knows. we are having a trip on Saturday 2nd August meeting at Morrison’s Kendal (LA9 6DU) at 11.00am. A family day was planned for Sunday 13th July, at White Scar Caves, Ingleton more details in the next branch report. New Northern Girl from down South Victoria has joined Peter and together they are trying to breath new life into the Lakes and Coast Branch so please do get in touch if you are in the Lancashire, Cumbria area to arrange a meet up so that we can enjoy our bikes together.

Peter & Victoria

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299

As I write this I’ve just waved John and Kevin, a HOC member from York, off to marshal and am now sat here feeling very sorry for myself. I’ve had vertigo since the end of January and am unable to ride my bike or drive. I had consoled myself the fact that at least I could still wave a flag whilst marshalling. Until that is I lost my balance the other day falling over a bedside table and narrowly missing knocking myself out on a set of bunk beds. The upshot of all this has left me with a large gash on my right knee and a broken big toe, meaning I can’t wear jeans or body armour or suitable footwear in order to marshal. It’s a good job I live in paradise or I would be really depressed. April the 13th saw half the branch out on the first major ride out of the year, joining in with the VMCC. A total of 55 bikes of all makes and ages and the sunniest day we’d seen in ages! An American import Honda 450 was one of the bikes out for its first trip since arriving on the Island. While I’m on about the VMCC, on Easter Saturday they had hired Jurby race circuit for the day so we could have a “Test Day”, really a Track Day so any member could bring any 25 year old bike, road or race, taxed or not, for a play! So after a warming up ride up north, the BMW was converted to sport mode! (ie remove the panniers and put the steering damper on) and taken out for a gallop! We were divided into two groups, race bikes and road bikes and give ten minute sessions in turn. After a couple of laps behind a travelling marshal to show us the way round we were

off. By the end of the third session I was getting to 90 on the straight and scraping the edges of my boots on the bends, tremendous fun even on my old BM so I hope it will be repeated next year! All manner of different bikes were out on the track including this very tidy little 125 Honda.

The morning sessions were run anticlockwise but after the lunch break we were sent out clockwise. This meant a whole new learning curve but at least it balanced out the tyre wear! Talking of going round in circles, I was reading about the new branch in Jersey; and I thought we had problems! At least our circle is a bit bigger than yours Dave, and parts of it have no speed limit! The monthly meetings with the BMW club still seem to be going well, although we missed the last one as life was getting a bit hectic getting ready for TT, must try harder this month! So, until next time, this is M.O.B. signing off. Be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim and Ian

• • • SUMMER 2014



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


pril the 8th and 9th so the increasingly popular Snetterton BSB testing days with free entry. This is a great chance to see the stars without the huge crowds although on a sunny Easter Tuesday the place became very busy indeed. It is a great opportunity to get some snaps of the stars from really close up.

Jenny Tinmouth, Shakey Burn & Michael Dunlop at Snetterton

We had a LOVELY day on the 19th April - the Branch were invited to our local Ling’s CamRider launch - complete with HOG ROAST!!! What a surprise - food AGAIN mmmm. After watching the CamRider guys having great fun dummy-wrestling - the poor thing just would NOT sit on the motorbike as planned.....we were able to try out the tasty hog roast and generally socialise and natter about bikes, biking and the lovely weather. Lots of other bikers as well as Branch members turned up for the launch and CamRider got a good number signed up for CBTs and other tests on the day.

Our brekkie run on 20th April was a quiet affair with most members involved in Easter Sunday. However Posh Pigs in Beccles gave us just the start to the day that we needed and then we had a delightful run to the ancient Waxham Barn where we met a really nice couple of bikers from the Isle of Man. As I type this Sue and I realise just how much we should have returned to see this year’s TT racing after the fantastic time with Karen and John from the Manx Branch last year. However we ARE booked in with the Branch for the Manx GP in 2015 - HOORAY!! We next had a lovely Branch run on 4th May - after our brill brekkie at Yaxham Water near Swaffham we ran through to Earsham Hall near Bungay for their classic show - bikes, scooters, cars, buses, tractors etc. Unfortunately they still insisted the bikes parked on a grassy, steep, tussocky side of a hill again this year. However this did give Tony the opportunity to show us some Marquez-type moves on his VFR that were jaw-dropping to watch. Ice creams were found and the Branch just enjoyed chilling

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


with the sun, the show and sights. Once at home Dave ensured he cleaned every fly-spot of his Pan - something he is SO fastidious about... NOT... but the photo did give the Branch evidence that sometimes the bike IS washed and polished!

The 11th May saw the East Anglia Children Hospice have their annual Ride for Life in Thetford Forest which our Branch helps out at as marshals. This year the weather was awful - rain and windy all day until about 2pm as can be seen in the photo but we had a great laugh all day. Over 700 people took part - aged from about 3 years old to in their 80s and 90s.

Finally this quarter on May 18th we had a fabulous Branch run from Swaffham to Goulceby in Lincolnshire. Mark found this brilliant pub - the Three Horseshoes - tucked away in the hills - something we don’t get too many of in Norfolk!! After Roger had decided to show us his skill at slow-speed maneuvers in the pub car park, we had a nice lunch there and then ran through to Lincoln where we watched the Peregrine Falcons circling and calling amongst the spires of the Minster. Which was stunning. Some people opted for tea and cakes, others for ice creams. Afterwards we had a really good run home on a really hot afternoon.

Lincoln run lunch at the Three Horseshoes

Lincoln run about to leave Swaffham

The Branch is having fun as always coupled with the odd snack or 2 en route and we have a busy schedule for the next quarter - including meeting up with Kim and Paul’s Cambridge Branch at Hunstanton for a chip run as well as the Reading Rabble, Cambridge, North London and Northants on 2nd August for our Lings Testing Day and BBQ. We hope you all have a great time in your branches and safe riding to everyone. Dave at the EACH Ride for Life

Dave and Sue

• • • SUMMER 2014


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


n Sunday 16th March a ride out to Littlehampton took place for the second time this year. Nine bikes met up at Rykas, Box Hill in glorious sunshine and headed for the coast. We stopped off at Whiteways café at the top of Bury Hill where we said goodbye to one member but picked up two more bikes! After a short comfort break we headed down to Littlehampton. Parking can be difficult and the traffic wardens show no mercy but we managed to fit all ten bikes in a space designed for around four. We enjoyed lunch on the sea front before heading back to Rykas and then home.

Parked up at Littlehampton

On Saturday 2nd April, Julian and I rode down to Castle Combe for the National Bikesafe Track Day Experience. Wiltshire Branch put on a good display on the HOC stand selling regalia and waving the flag. Honda UK were also present and it was the first time to view some of the new models.

The 2014 Honda CTX1300

The group at Whiteways Café

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING


The very next day the annual Pioneer Run from Epsom Downs to Brighton took place on the 13th April. We met up at Tattenham Corner to watch the pre 1915 bikes and cycle cars set off and were soon passing many of them en route. The weather was much better than last year’s freeze and thousands of bikes made their way to Brighton. We stopped off at for breakfast at Tiffany’s Café in Portslade, one of our common stopping locations, before heading in to Brighton. Unfortunately the gridlocked traffic got the better of us so we turned around and made our way back to Ryka’s for refreshments.

Party Animals at the Wiltshire Rally

The BMF Show took place at the East of England Showground on May 17th and 18th. Several members of the branch attended and Marion and I helped out on the HOC stand and brought along a few bikes for display.

Malcolm, Mike and Stuart back at Rykas

Our 27th April ride out took us down to Wessons Café at Horam in East Sussex by a nice twisty route through the countryside. Wessons is an excellent biker friendly venue. Spring bank holiday saw the traditional rally season opener organised by the Wiltshire Branch take place at the Bruce Arms, near Pewsey. Several branch members attended over the weekend and a great time was had by all. Well done to the Wiltshire Branch for a superb weekend.

CB350F and VFR400R on the HOC Stand

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.


Wiltshire Rally goers

• • • SUMMER 2014




Northumbria Secretary: Graeme Burrough - 07050 158 381

Seghill Rugby Club, Welfare Park, Seghill, Cramlington NE23 7EZ. Alternate Mondays from 7.30pm.

• • •


Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286

The Vale Hotel, 8-10 Mansfield Road, Daybrook, Nottingham NG5 6BP. On alternate Tuesdays from 7.30pm.

• • •

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!



North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


have changed the format of how I present to you how I tell you what we have done over the last few months. In fact I am doing what Stritchy has asked us to do; “More photos and less words”. So lets see how it turns out. I will list what we have done with a short description and then let you look at the pictures. Some of the events do not have pictures, but there are plenty of pictures for the rest of the events. 27th Feb. We had our 1st quiz night of the year. (No pics) 2nd Mar. We rode to St Neots for lunch, we rode via the Silver Ball café. (No pics) 9th Mar. Phil took us for a mystery ride; we ended up at the Brighton Marina. Phil led us on the ride today. We met up with some members of the Kent Branch.

16th Mar. Phil led us again, this time to Orford in Suffolk. Had a nice carvery near Ipswich on the way there.

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING


19th Mar. We rode up to meet the Cambridge Branch for the evening. It was great meeting up with the guys from the Camb’s branch.

20th Apr. We held our Easter Egg Run. These are all special needs children. I think we made their day.

30th Mar. We had a ride to Thaxted, St Neots & Grafham Water. We had a ride to Thaxted for a coffee, lunch at St Neots and then a ride to Grafham Water before we set off for home.

• • • SUMMER 2014


21st Apr. We had the club stand at the ACE Café Southend Shakedown. This was our first time holding a HOC stand at this show. It was a long day, but well worth it.

27th Apr. We rode out to the bike show at Ampthill. Another great little show and a chance to meet up with the Bed’s branch. We followed this up with a ride to Dunstable Downs.

4th May. We visited the Essex bike show at North Weald. Stephen led the ride today. A short ride of an hour and a half took place before arriving at North Weald.

• • • 84 GOLDEN WING


26th May. We joined the ACE Café run on the Margate Meltdown. (No pics) 31st May. We took part in a Biker Down course with the Herts Fire Brigade. A very well run course by the Herts Fire Brigade. If you get the chance find out if your local Fire Brigade runs one of these course and get yourselves booked on it, it’s free.

11th May. We rode to Clacton for lunch. (No pics) 18th May. We went to the BMF Show at Peterborough. We rode up via the Silver Ball café where we had coffee. Then off to the show. Well done to everyone in the HOC who helped run the HOC stand for the weekend.

1st Jun. We took part in the 2014 Ride of Respect. What a great day this is. We had a great run there, then got to meet some members from the other HOC Branches. On the Ride of Respect itself it was great to see all the people come out of their houses and cheers us along for supporting a great cause. So as you can see we have been very busy again. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until the next time.


• • • SUMMER 2014


Northants Secretary: Stu Peile - 07549 407048


he Northants Branch of the HOC continued having weekly club meetings in March 2014 with a regular steady stream of branch members attending. The number was quite high considering time of year normally in the region of 10 to 12 people. In February 2014 for the first time I understand possibly in the club’s history we offered heavily discounted tickets for Moto GP on 29-31st August. We ended up receiving orders in the region of over 40. We had to do this early due to deadlines imposed on us by Silverstone.

MCN Live Butlins Skegness 29th to 31st March 2014.

I had a knee injury so I was unable to take the Blackbird so Sharon and I went in the car. Another Northants branch member Joe Bell took his motorcycle to Butlins so we met him there. We all met up with another HOC

member Mark from South Wales branch. It was a great weekend where on the Saturday had a escorted ride out to Cadwell Park was laid on and if booked in advance could do two laps of the circuit. Both Joe and Mark said had a great time . On the Saturday afternoon there was a presentation by John McGuiness about the TT course which was very informative along with a question and answer part. It is unbelieveable how well McGuiness knows the circuit every bump and bit of tarmac. This sums up how down to earth motorcycle racers are and have a sense of humour. During this weekend due to my restricted mobility I hired a mobility scooter so I was able to get around the site along with my stick I felt very old. I saw people 20 to 30 years older than me walking faster than me. I can thoroughly recommend the MCN Live weekend we are booked up for 2015.

First Everyotherrun 2nd April 2014

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

On this date the branch commenced the annual Everyotherrun season where branch member Gordon led the first rideout . it was still quite chilly so a short ride was done to kick it all off.

Branch Meet at Jacks Hill Cafe 13th April 2014

Our chairperson Sharon organised to meet other branch members at Jacks Hill for breakfast. We had a fine turnout the weather was nice and we all enjoyed breakfast there.

Everyotherrun 16th April 2014

This rideout was led by Garry (Chuffer) members who were on it stated went down some good roads in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire . Sharon and joined branch members at the destination which was at The Boathouse, Braunston which is just in Northamptonshire near to Daventry. On the rideout was the regular three from Bedford branch Graham , Roger and Brian who were returning back to their own branch meeting place to finish off the evening.

BMF 17th to 18th May 2014

Many branch members attended the BMF and helped on the stand all weekend. A great time was had by all. I understand that many beers were drunk on the Friday and the Saturday night at the BMF by a few members. I wish to give a big thank you to Ruth and Stritchy for organising the event and sorting the logistics.

New branch venue

Hopefully as this article of Goldwing goes to press Northants branch will have a new venue for the branch to meet as the current licensees Graham and Pam were moving on from The George at Wilby which is currently closed...

Everyotherrun 30th April 2014

Due to the dates in April there was third Everyother run on 30th April which was led by Adrian and I understand enjoyed by many members who went on it. A grand total of 18 bikes were on the rideout. A warm welcome to two new members, Ray and Martin, who attended the branch for the first time. At the Branch AGM, held at our temporary meeting place on 25th June, the members decided to meet permanently at The Monk & Minstrel in Isham. Keep your eyes out for BSB tickets which will be going on sale very shortly at £20 for the weekend 3rd to 5th October 2014 at Silverstone. Make progress ride Safely.


• • • SUMMER 2014



Rose Bowl Rally Grendon Lakes, Main Road, Grendon, Northants NN7 1JW

Friday 22nd - Monday 25th August 2014

Come and join the Northants Branch for the first Rose Bowl Rally, at Grendon Lakes There is superbly brilliant scenery, on-site clubhouse and even paintballing! What better way to spend the August Bank Holiday than with all your HOC friends old and new?
 With our own allocated field for the weekend, fun and laughter is guaranteed. Pitch prices are from just £9 per night, so you are sure to have a fantastic time.

t Organised ride out for Saturday through the fabulous Northants countryside t Join in the “Silly Games” events on Sunday & Monday t Bacon baps available for breakfast t On-site tea & coffee facilities

Use the booking form opposite to reserve your place (There are limited electric hook-ups available so will be strictly first come first served) 88 GOLDEN WING





Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


he year continues to be filled with fun and activities; in fact it is difficult to fit everything in sometimes! Our meetings are always well attended and we have had excellent presentations from John Measures who is always fascinating and full of very useful information. We were very privileged to welcome Anna Zee from BMF to update us their activities our behalf. Rapid Skills, the local advanced riding training providers gave us a very entertaining evening and lots of tips on advanced riding. Grade one police riders who train the MCN staff – they certainly know their stuff! On a very different topic, Dave Thomas for MIS gave us a very interesting evening chatting about the history of Honda and the development of their range of machines. It is always so interesting to have the different speakers giving us insights into their professions and knowledge. Our ride out’s so far have been very exciting with Mark’s Mystery ‘water ride’ starting the season in fine style. Lots of flooded roads and two punctures to add to the fun and excitement. A day at the Prescott Hill Climb

followed and a fantastic day in the sunshine cheering our very own Steve Moody as he won both races at Mallory Park. Now firmly established as the series leader we are all looking forward to our visit to the Manx TT in August to see Steve race there. Another wet and fun ride took place to Chepstow Castle… as the photos show, lots of warm drinks in the dry were the order of the day! A very interesting ride and visit was made to the Hendon RAF Museum – so much to see and do and entrance is free! The weather became nice and sunny for the Air Ambulance Fund Raiser ‘Ride the County’ which was great fun and during which time we managed to visit seven of the local counties! On the same weekend we enjoyed a lovely sunny ride round the Cotswolds and then a great BBQ at Pete and Jen’s Our next escapade is our charity Poker Run in aid of the Royal British Legion riders and we also have our fun Test Ride Day at Abingdon Honda. Will tell you more in the next issue of Golden Wing.


Marks Mystery Ride out - Gather round

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

Bikes at Peartree

Pete Jen Terry Mary-Anne

the hairpin

our chairman leader and instigator

the racer

bikes at hendon

the gang John and Carol Chepstow wet wet wet


at the pub!

ooops a few floods


at the BBQ

oops one of the closed roads

• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782 Arborfield Royal British Legion Club, Eversley Road, Arborfield, Reading RG2 9PR. 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 7.30pm.

• • •


Secretary: John Gorman

McDonald’s - A8 Showcase, Showcase Leisure Park, Coatbridge G69 7TX. Last Sunday of every month at 10.30am.

• • •

Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 2817193 or 07796 843369 The Blacksmiths Arms, Barbers Row, Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3UA. Every Monday from 8pm

• • • 92 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014


Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


s I write this in mid May the Solent ride-out season is well underway with the monthly Sunday ride and the traditional alternate Wednesday evening run to “somewhere nice”. The latter I note: In 4 out of 5 evenings has been to a pub - well they do serve nice coffee. Our first Sunday outing was back in March when we went up to Rykas Café at Boxhill, which all southern bikers will be familiar with and which is a popular venue at any time of year. Luckily we had Bob (a South Downs member making one of his many guest appearances with us) who knows the area well and before setting off for home he gave us a great little tour around the hill and surrounding countryside. Cycling enthusiasts amongst you will know that Boxhill was the “mountain” section of the Olympic road race and part of the fun now is dodging the MAMILs (Middle aged men in lycra).

Poole Quay

Another Sunday run in March was down to Poole Quay and then along to Lymington and the New Forest. Not as many bikes at Poole as on a Tuesday evening but several riders taking advantage of a nice day. April found us following the Pioneer Run for really old bikes that goes from Epsom to Brighton. We went along the A272 to Cowfold where you can watch them go

past the Chalet Café whilst having a coffee; then followed them down to Brighton where they are all parked up for viewing on the promenade.

Pioneer Run

After a good fish & chip lunch it was home via the back roads with a stop for refreshment at “Hikers” near Arundel. Although a popular bikers meeting place it is named “Hikers”, not “Bikers” as it is on the South Downs Way and also caters for walkers. The May Sunday run was to Littledean Jail near Gloucester. A really odd-ball place where the old jail has been turned into a museum of crime. It is stuffed with all kinds of things and has memorabilia from the seamier side of British history. Lots of notices advise you not to enter if you are easily offended, but it shouldn’t upset roughie-toughie bikers. Looking back on the Wednesday evening runs: Two of the pubs we have visited are the “Hampshire Bowman” near Bishops Waltham and the “Pub with No Name” near Petersfield. Both are really nice old unspoilt inns and well worth a visit if you are in our area. That’s all for now, but I will leave you with this thought: A Motorcyclist - someone who gets a can of highly inflammable liquid, puts it on top of a hot running engine and then puts the whole thing between their legs.


• • • SUMMER 2014



Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


hree months since the last report from the Somerset Branch was submitted, and though not overwhelmed with members we had had a few pleasant evenings “chewing the fat”, but sadly still not enough interest to organise any events, not even ride outs. The Spring Golden Wing is just out with my last report, and I am hoping this may inspire more members to turn up, that associated with the good weather, no excuse to stay indoors. However this was not to be, although informed by a few people that they would not be able to attend due to other circumstances, again I was on my own at the last branch meeting. On a brighter note, I did go off to the Bike Safe at Castle Coombe, and assist and support the Wilts branch with their HOC stall, and help with the BMF stand (adjacent to each other), and had a very enjoyable day out. I do feel Ian Hammond needs a big thank you for all the effort he puts into these events.

I would love to hear from any branch members, and I appreciate that attending meetings during the week is not always convenient, but this would not prevent you attending an event organised for the weekend, however I need to know what you want, where you want it and when, and if any of you have suggestions please email or ring, and we will try to get out whilst the sun is shining. Also the day, time and location of our current branch meetings may be a factor in not attending, again please let me know your preferences and if it will boost attendance I will try to accommodate you. Safe bike riding and hopefully some of you will ride down to The Nightjar on the third Tuesday of the month.


• • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch 94 GOLDEN WING


South Wales Secretary: Mike Jeffs - 01292 0864202 or 07760 142152

Au Revoir, mes amis!


ello folks! I thought I’d write a bit of a special report for this edition of Golden Wing as it’s probably the last one I’ll write for the magazine. As most of you probably know by now, Gareth and I are off the France to live. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll never see us again. We will be back from time to time to join in with some events. We’ll see you at the National Rally in September for a start. Honda Owners’ Club has been a really important part of Gareth’s and my lives for the past 10 years or so and since 2007, I’ve been Secretary of South Wales Branch. We have made so many true friends in that time; not only in South Wales Branch, but in all the other branches across the country. I thought for this special report, I’d reminisce about some of the great times we’ve had. Back in 2005, South Wales Branch went on a picnic to Elan Valley. I remember there being some discussion at the time that a ‘picnic’ sounded like a wimpy thing for a bike club to do and perhaps we should call it something else. Whatever we called it, we had a huge turnout of bikes and who could forget Clive feeding the sheep.

Clive feeds the sheep Elan 2005

Picnic at Elan Valley 2005

What a lot of bikes at Elan 2005

In 2006, we had a very cold and snowy March. Someone thought it would be a good idea to visit Big Pit, so we did. What an adventure it was to go down the mine in a cage like real miners.

Mining at Big Pit 2006

• • • SUMMER 2014


In June 2006, we made our first visit to Churston, near Brixham. It was a lovely walk across the fields to Brixham, where this time, Clive was determined to feed the seagulls with his fish and chips.

Before I say goodbye to 2006, we have to give a mention to the National Rally that year, which was organised by Bedford Branch and held in Tenby. The Saturday rideout was led by Wayne who was our Chairman at the time and it was enormous. A good weekend was had by all. One of the highlights was when one of our members, Mike Blewett took on the role of Running Bear for the cabaret. Very entertaining.

In the bar at Churston 2006

The Summer holiday that year was to Ghenk in Belgium. We stayed at a lovely hotel called, NH Molenvijver. I think we laughed almost constantly, especially when Terry and Wayne turned up to dinner wearing the same shirt. The funniest thing had to be Terry’s reaction when Gareth told him he used to work ‘for Cunard’, which was true, but I think Terry laughed all night.

Terry and Lyn Ghenk 2006

Donna and Gareth Bruges 2006

Everyone say cheese! National Rally 2006

In 2007, I took on the role of Secretary and in many ways, this was a difficult year for the club. We still managed to have a lot of fun though. There were a lot of trips: bowling in Cardiff, a long weekend in Ireland, a visit to Tenby, a trip to the NEC for the Bike Show and a Christmas Party. I think that Bowling night was the first social event that Neil and Ang came to. Well, it couldn’t have been that bad, because they are still coming to our social events and it wouldn’t be the same without them. I still remember what fabulous weather we had when Terry and Lyn and Gareth and I went to Ireland. It might have been early April, but it was warm and sunny, as you can see from the photo.

Bowling 2007

• • • 96 GOLDEN WING


Irish Tour 2007

Tenby 2007

NEC 2007

Alun and Sonya Christmas 2007

Towards the end of 2007, the branch hit the doldrums and if it hadn’t been for the support of Alun and Sonya and Terry and Lyn, I think it would have folded. 2008 was a busy year for the club. We went to the Paignton Bike Show in May and Steve Levis came along with us as a new member. At that point we hadn’t been able to meet his lovely wife, Ann, as she had seriously broken her ankle and couldn’t get about. He was confident she could join us for our Summer holiday at Pont D’Ouilly, France, but we were starting to doubt she existed! Anyway, we did meet her in the car park at Asda Cardiff where we were meeting to go on the Summer holiday and she became one of the solid members of the club. We loved her. We were so sad when she passed away too soon in January 2013. Also, in 2008, we had a weekend away in North Wales. The impromptu paddling session instigated by Mick Fantham was so funny. The weather was fantastic again. We always seemed to be blessed by good weather on our weekends away. Of course, the highlight of the year was our trip to Pont D’Ouilly. I know that for me, this has got to be the best holiday we’ve ever had. The fun we had dancing next to the river on the Sunday afternoon will always stay with me and I remember the laughs we had when ‘the boys’ decided to fix the clothes line and the barbecues we had in the garden. There are so many happy memories from this holiday that I couldn’t possibly go through them all.

Paignton Bike Show 2008

• • • SUMMER 2014


In 2009, we returned to North Wales for our Spring break. Once again, the weather smiled on us.

Paddling in North Wales 2008

Ann and Steve North Wales 2009

Broken Line Pont D’Ouilly 2008 North Wales 2009

Gareth and Sonya Dancing Pont D’Ouilly 2008

Pont D’Ouilly 2008

This was the year we went on our big adventure to Austria and what a brilliant time we had. I took our video camera and made a video of the trip for the club, but quite often, when I was on the back of the bike going around some treacherous hairpin bends, I closed my eyes and hoped that I pointed the camera in the right direction. It was pretty scary at times. Who could forget Klaus and his wonderful welcome? The mountain breakfast was something else.

Mountain Breakfast Austria 2009

• • • 98 GOLDEN WING


Glacier Austria 2009

Bedford Branch came to visit us this year too and Gareth and I helped to arrange their accommodation. Although the Premier Inn was less than 2 miles from our house, we decided to make a weekend of it and stay there too.

North Wales 2010

This year, we held one of our ‘mini rallies’ at Crickhowell. Lots of fun, with rideouts, barbecues and games. I laughed so much when we played ‘Pass the Pigs’ that I thought I was going to burst.

Bedford Visit to Wales 2009

At Christmas that year, we had our first party at the Aberavon Bach Hotel and we had so much fun, we’ve been there every year since.

Barbecue at Crickhowell 2010

We also returned to Belgium for our Summer holiday this year. We visited the lovely town of ‘La Roche en Ardennes’ with its huge castle in the middle and took a day trip to Bastogne. Travelling with us was a younger member Steve Coleman, but he didn’t let the fact that we were all middle aged bikers put him off. We had a great time.

Clive and Pauline Christmas 2009

It was back to North Wales again for our Spring weekend away in 2010 and would you believe it? The sun shone on us again.

Alun and Sonya at La Roche 2010

• • • SUMMER 2014


Coffee at Bastogne

Barbecue at Porthkerry Park 2011

Our Christmas Party for 2010 took place in 2011 because it had been cancelled due to snow. It was a shame that Mick and Lel and Neil and Ang had to miss it in January because of their holiday, but we still had fun, dressing up as people from the 70s. Ann’s Suzi Quatro was excellent and it was the first time that Terry’s ‘Ken’ made an appearance. Aberaeron Seafood Festival 2011

By now, we had been joined for our fun and adventures by Alan and Julie, who have become firm friends and excellent members of the club. They came along to help at the Welsh International Motorbike Show’ and showed what good sports they are. Christmas Party 2011

We had quite a few good days out in 2011, including a trip to St David’s, a barbecue at Porthkerry Park in Barry and a trip to Aberaeron Seafood Festival.

Gareth, Jim and Julie Welsh Motorbike Show 2011

St David’s 2011

Instead of going to North Wales for our Spring break that year, we went to North Devon. Lots of fun. We also joined Oxford Branch for their HOC Roast at Crickley Hill Country Park, Birdlip.

• • • 100 GOLDEN WING


Computer says no. North Devon 2011

Gareth and Steve at Le Pissoir Brittany 2011

HOC Roast 2011

The Summer holiday in 2011 was organised by Ann and Steve and what a good job they made of it. All the days out and trips were organised and it was then that we met Cliff and Mary-Ellen of Webb’s of Glomel. What a warm welcome they gave us. The barbecues were brilliant.

Paddling at Doelan 2011

Webb’s of Glomel 2011

Lyn and Terry in relaxed holiday mode Brittany 2011

2011 was the year of the HOC 50th National Rally and what an incredible event it was. Our very own Joy James made the special cake, celebrating the event. The fancy dress on the Saturday night was a lot of fun.

• • • SUMMER 2014


My husband and I like to drink pints! National Rally 2011

New Forest 2012

Joy with her wonderful cake National Rally 2011

In May 2012, South Wales Branch ran the HOC stand at Builth Fest. I couldn’t make it that year and I know if it hadn’t been for Alun and particularly Phil, Gareth would have been struggling to get it all done. Phil’s pan will never be the same again. Phil’s Pan at Builth Fest 2012

The Spring weekend away in 2012 was in the New Forest and once again in early Summer, we held our mini rally in Crickhowell. I think it was this occasion when we decided to do some stargazing. All went well until Mike Jeffs stretched himself just a little too far and ended up falling backwards off his camping stool. It was a shame that I took the photo a little too early.

Camping at Crickhowell 2012

Terry and Lyn organised the Summer holiday and we went to Germany. Once again, we had a lot of fun and stopped off on the way there and the way back in a little hotel next to the river in a town called Haybes in France. It was so beautiful. The funniest thing had to be when we missed a cruise down the Rhine because Lyn and Ann were in the toilet. It was ok though, because we were able to switch our tickets for the next day and the sun really shone on us that day.

The gang at Haybes

• • • 102 GOLDEN WING


We rounded off the year with another raucous party at the Aberavon Beach Hotel. It was an excellent night, dancing away to Fat Barry’s Wholly Soul Band.

The Addams Family. National Rally 2013

Ang, Lel, Julie and Alan having fun. Christmas 2012

The year ended with another Christmas Party and what a good one it was. The special 70s menu was excellent and everyone had a really good time.

In 2013, we held our Spring weekend in Cornwall and visited the Eden Project.

We’re having a party. Christmas 2013

Cornwall 2013

Of course 2013 was a big year for South Wales Branch and we hosted the National Rally at Trecco Bay, Porthcawl. It was well supported by club members from across the country and they made it go with a bang. The costumes that members came up with for the party on Sunday night were fantastic. Something that will stay in my memory though, is how scary Terry looked. He gave me nightmares!

As I’ve been writing this and selecting old photographs to put in, I’ve been swinging from hysterical laughter to tears and back again. It’s been an emotional journey, but one that I would not have missed for the world. This has been just a fraction of the events that have taken place in the last 10 years. There is just too much to write about in detail, but we all have our own memories to look back on. Gareth and I will never forget the friendships we’ve made and the fun we’ve had over these past 10 years and we’d like to wish everyone the best for the future. We are really going to miss you all, but we’ll keep in touch. Take care, everyone. Ride safely.

Donna and Gareth

• • • I make no apology for using 9 pages of this magazine for Donna & Gareth’s ‘swansong’. They are one of the nicest couples you could ever meet and I know that everyone on the Management Committee will miss them. Good luck in France, don’t be strangers.




West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


arch 9th this was a day to be remembered, Jon organised a Sunday pub lunch run to the Flowing Springs pub, we were joined by Malcolm Ede on his son’s bike a Yamaha YZR125R this was the first time in 15 years that he’s ridden any bike, Malcolm has owned a number of bikes and was an active riding club member he always comes to most club nights at The Admiral Hawke, Malcolm’s son Damian has just started riding and is getting lots of advice from his dad (yeah right, he’s 19 and what 19 year old listens to his dad) The pub grounds and surrounding fields were still flooded, the small of rotting vegetation was a bit off putting but the beer was good.

The Pioneer Run was our next event and we joined North Downs on Epsom Downs to see the pre-1912 bikes leave for Brighton, now this was a very different day to last year, then it was so cold minus 2C on the Downs and when we left for Brighton it snowed, this year bright sunshine and warm. Chris led us on the route to Brighton for our Breakfast at Tiffany’s amazing value for money a massive breakfast from a large menu with a mug of tea for less than a fiver all cooked while you wait. We had intended to ride the 2 miles along the seafront to the finish of the Pioneer Event and view the bikes that made to Madeira Drive, however, after an hour we gave up due to the very heavy traffic

Easter Egg Run

• • • 104 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

Flowing Springs

the sun brought everybody and their dog out for a drive we took an early ride back and called into Rykers for a cup of tea. Good Friday and we attended the annual “Egg Run” in Reading North Downs joined us at the Hawk and 9 of us rode one of Jon’s scenic routes to Reading we lost North Downs Dave in Reading and never found him so he may still be riding around Reading. 500 bikes turned out for the ride through Reading Old Town to the Rugby Club for tea and bacon rolls and or a beer. We were informed that the total Easter Egg collection exceeded 9000 eggs these were destined to be given to the local under privileged children and local hospitals This annual event was organised by Reading Vultures Motor MC and went off without a hitch congratulations to them. After this a few of us went to Beltain – the burning of the wicker man- at Butser Ancient Farm near Petersfield. This annual event is a must – real ale, food, demonstrations of ancient crafts, music, witches and culminating

in the burning of a 25 foot high wicker man! HOC event at Flitwick in Bedfordshire “Ride Free” held at Redbourne Upper School. Local stunt riders carried out their display of tricks to entertain us, Wall of Death, various vintage club displays, good representation from HOC members BMF rally was our next event and Jude & Jon had a fab time camping at the BMF for the first time in many years, It was probs the sunniest BMF for a long time and the combination of bikes/shopping/real ale/good food/live music & meeting up with friends old & new made for a totally enjoyable weekend – must see if we can get more people to camp next year!! Many thanks to the folk on the HOC stand for their sterling efforts – a good display as usual. Special mention to Ruth & Stritchy & Graham Gull for their stalwart efforts!

BMF - band

BMF Jon & Chris chilling

We have a full runs sheet – so make sure you come along and join in some of runs & social events. Beltain - wicker man


• • • SUMMER 2014


West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970

Rally Run Try Out…..

Well we all met up for the Rally run try out at Esholt sports club, Steve, Maria, Nij, Denise, Clive, Ursula, Ian & Andi got off on time, the weather was good apart from Tan Hill and round Hawes where we got a bit of rain but not bad, all the timings seemed to be OK so a successful run, thanks to all who came along….

Coldstone Cut


Members went along to the Thundersprint at Darley Moor and had a good if a bit wet weekend, there were lots to see, lots of stars there and stalls, Sundays racing was a bit washed out but on the whole we all had a great time. Maria and Denise even got to meet Scott Redding.

Rally recce

Crocodile rock & Coldstone Cut Run……

Clive lead this run, another coldish day but not bad saw members meet up at the Hitching Post, first call was the Crocodile rock which close up doesn’t look like a croc but you could see its eye, we then went down to Pateley Bridge before heading up to Coldstone cut, after a walk round and a look at the view we got off to the ice cream shop in Ripley and there very nice, a good day was had and we all went our ways from Ripley thanks to Clive for leading.

Maria and Denise witht Scott Redding

• • • 106 GOLDEN WING


BMF Show

Members Steve, Maria, Nij & Denise had a good weekend at the BMF Rally, some great bargains were found, Visor for Marias Helmet just £1 saving £37 on the new price, the HOC stand looked great so a big well done to everyone who helped put it on…

Peasholm Park

Relaxing at the BMF show

Peasholm Park Naval Battle

Just Me, Maria, Nij, Denise & Dave on this one, bank holiday Monday saw us get some great weather to go see the Navel Battle, I last saw this when I was about 10 years old so it was great to see it again. The Battles have been going on since 1927 so if you haven’t seen them get yourself there its good old fashioned fun.

All in all the branch is doing well with some great runs planned in the summer so keep an eye on the web site to see what’s coming up. The meetings are going OK and the Hitching Post are looking after us great so as always a big thanks to them.

Steve & Maria

• • •

West Midlands The West Midlands Branch appears to be rudderless at the moment! Any members in the west midlands area that would like to assist with the running and organisation of the branch should contact Graham Seymour on or call him on 01525 633169 / 07973 428772

• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell we’ve eased ourselves nicely into the season and so I’ll say it quietly, but we were fortunate that we had our first big rideout of the year in March with a good few bikes take a trip down to Cheddar Gorge, which saw a fresh but bright day, and certainly nice that the roads were clean and fairly salt free, and made for a very exercise April 6th saw a rideout to the Prescott Hill climb, which saw myself, Jim Y and Hugh and Theo taking the lead down the A 419 and across to the north of Gloucester to the event, mindful of the conditions the competitors really made the most of the challenging track surface with a few slides but no ‘spills’. A good day and the light rain at the end of it didn’t dampening our spirits as it was firm under foot so really very little mud where our bikes were parked, it was well attended and popped in on the guys from Gloucester on the HOC stand.

Our April member’s meeting saw Steve and Elaine from Dilligaf Racing based in the Oxford branch’s territory come over and give an interesting talk about their experiences in running a bike as privateer and how they are supported but a group of enthusiasts including some of the HOC members. It certainly was enlightening to understand how much goes into the preparation to get the bike ready to race and fulfil the criteria to finally race at the Isle of Man.

Chedder Gorge

• • • 108 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

HOC display at Castlecombe Bikesafe

Our social night at the Red Lion in May was more a debrief and giving us time to look at the next few events, as the next is the Ride of Respect on the 1st June, also maybe plan a trip to the Bikesafe day at the new facilities at the Haynes Museum, plus visiting our local Honda dealer, Blades in Swindon for a satellite meet. Also some us have joined other branches with their events and vice versa, plus going further afield. We certainly have a quite a few events to chose to attend and as such our web pages will give you the latest. Angus and Angie, Bikesafe

Bikesafe event at the Castle Combe race circuit on Saturday 12th saw a good group of us present with one of the HOC gazebos and it certainly was a good turnout, and some had even booked the assessment. Talked to all sorts of like minded people even minor ‘celebrities’ and apart from the slightly cold blustery conditions trying to relocate the gazebo we managed to sign up some new members, which when the sun shines everyone is happy.

At Blades

So keep the sunscreen handy as by the conditions we’ve had already it’s going to be needed.


• • • SUMMER 2014


HOConsumer Introducing Maidstone Honda Maidstone Honda opened its doors last Summer (keep an eye open for our birthday celebrations in a couple of months!) and is Kent’s newest Honda dealership. We have a great range of new and used motorcycles and our enthusiastic staff will help you find your dream ride at a very competitive price - give them a call on 01622 713950. Our aftersales staff will supply you with your choice of accessories and of course all the essentials needed to maintain your bike in top condition. If an item is not in stock, we expect to get it for you within 24 hours. They will also help to kit you out with all of the latest leisure and riding gear.

Our technicians use Honda diagnostic tools and specialist equipment in our purposebuilt workshop and will MOT, service, repair and maintain your motorcycle to Honda’s exacting standards. Easy to reach, Maidstone Honda is close to the M2 and M20, not far from Maidstone town centre in the heart of Kent. We’re in a handy place for meeting up with your fellow riders, so why not ride out and come here to meet friends, enjoy a coffee and browse the bikes in our showroom. We look forward to seeing you soon, at Maidstone Honda.

Follow us on Facebook and visit our website for more information and to contact the team. Aylesford Wharf, Forstal Road, Aylesford Kent ME20 7XA Telephone 08446 626050

Promote your products and services here... Contact 110 GOLDEN WING


classic news from Footman James New Insurance Scheme for the Honda Owners Club Following many weeks of hard work, meetings with you and others and having conducted intensive research with customers and some of its strategic vehicle clubs in helping to design the cover available, our new HOC scheme is now in place and live. Following our acquisition by Towergate Insurance Group at the start of this year, Footman James has teamed up with insurance group Ageas to bring these products to life. Ageas is a specialist broker and insurer who understand the passion that comes with owning a classic bike - as well as the time and investment needed to restore and maintain classic bikes. Cover includes:

• Members as young as 17 years • Unlimited annual mileage • Agreed value • Riding other bikes • £750 Helmet and Leathers cover

Which means more club members can enjoy the benefits of classic vehicle insurance:

• Footman James insurance cover is fully tailored allowing customers the ability to pick and choose additional cover most suitable to their classic needs. In essence, this means that customers can now take out basic cover without the need to take out extras such as breakdown cover. Policies start from £64 per annum and include Salvage Retention, Participation at Shows and Events and Agreed Value. Another example premium for 1995 VFR750 with 3,000 miles worth approx £2,000 would be just £67. Whilst customers should ensure that they are fully covered and as such Footman James believes breakdown cover particularly for older vehicles is vital,

Overall Footman James believes that this new partnership with Ageas will ensure that they can now provide a truly flexible tailored classic vehicle insurance product for more vehicles and more drivers, with a choice of cover options that will allow the enthusiast to make the most of their pride and joy at a great price. Footman James understands that customers want more choice. On that basis members can now opt for one of four different breakdown policies; UK classic, UK home start EU/UK Classic, EU/UK home start.

And finally, Footman James is launching a range of valuable extensions of cover aimed at the classic enthusiast, ensuring customers can make the most of their vehicles. The range of options is collectively named ‘FJ+’ and provides benefits which include; • Breakdown cover as above • Up to £2,000 Helmet and Leathers cover upgrade • Track day cover; • Wedding hire cover options; • Driving to work • Legal Protection • Spare Parts (options up to £10,000 cover) • Nil Reduction Salvage Retention • Lost Keys • Excess Protect • European Motoring • Claims History Service • Mileage Extension Service

We believe that this represents great news for HOC members and for the club. To find out more click on the website The new club schemes are about providing better products, service and enhancing the FJ and club offering to members.





Golden Wing - Summer 2014  
Golden Wing - Summer 2014  

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