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Front Cover: Dave Cave leads the Northants & Milton Keynes Branch on their Easter Egg Run to Northampton General Hospital Childrens Ward

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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! BMF Good Show We had another full stand at the BMF show and many thanks to Ruth, Stritchy and all the volunteers for making it so. Signed up some new members, sold quite a bit of regalia and collected over £400 for the Blood Bikes (SERV etc) our chosen charity for the year. This was done in the usual manner with lots of tea and cakes. I am pleased to say my cake was very popular and the recipe is on page 17.

Chairman’s Challenge It is already underway and so far not too many participants. We have been to the Ace Café and OK Diner at Leominster. Both days out were good weather so no real excuses for people not to be there. I am going to carry on doing this as I enjoy the ride out and the food. I have tried to answer last years criticism of ‘’too far north’’ and yet it is people from the north that have attended events hundreds of miles from their homes whilst the softy southerners stay at home. So gauntlets down are any of you softies going to challenge the dominance of the north? Venues are posted out by email to your branches or personal email address if you have given it to me. They are also on the website.

Summer Bike Show Bank Holiday Monday 27th of August at the Ten O’clock pub in Little Harrowden, Northants. This is an open bike show with a very casual plan for the day. The only main HOC trophy is as always for the best 400 Four machine on display. There will be other trophies for best overall bike etc. The main task of the day is to raise money for charity and this will be a mixture of support for Air Ambulance and for Blood Bikes. BBQ and auction of biking gear for your interest plus of course yummy cakes to munch.

organisation under the various local names it is run as. We have asked all branches to raise at least £100 to send to Ruth for this year. Some have already donated there money and are still raising more. As I said above the cake stand raised £400+ at the BMF. So it is not seen as improbable that branches; no matter how small; can raise some money in the year for this very worthy cause.

Club Phone Number Please note that the number to use or give out for the club is now 07982 419285 This is my mobile number as opposed to my landline which is being less monitored so not the best way to communicate with the club. Please make sure your dealers and local contacts have the right number.

Honda UK Fiona Cole has been promoted within Honda and we have a new man on the desk for our contact point. Tom Hobbs is a biker and has keen interest in off road riding as well as road riding. Please remember if you have an HOC query for Honda to send it via myself and I will make sure the right person gets the message. As mentioned in the last edition I retire at the start of next year from the police. I have so far got a last working day of December 14th. Freedom from work is looming up fast. Lots to see and do still this year so please support those who are busy organising these events and get along to them where you can. You know you want to really.

Cheers ‘Dibble’

Charity We are lending our support to the National Association of Blood Bikers this year and we have had a presentation at the management meeting to show us what they can do. We have a lot of our members who already work as part of this 4


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


To be kept further up-to-date, e-mail me on


Honda Owners Club

Annual General Meeting

I hereby give notice that the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Honda Owners Club (GB) will be held on Sunday 21st October 2012 in the Premier Suite, National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull B92 0EJ Commencing at 11am Tea, coffee and breakfast rolls will be available between 10 and 11am. There is a very good restaurant in the museum or you can bring your own lunch for after the AGM. You can also visit the Museum for only £2 entry - just show your HOC membership card!

All nominations for committee posts, or resolutions to be considered, must be made in writing to the General Secretary at least 30 days before the AGM. Nominations for committee positions must include a proposer and seconder - all of whom must be fully paid up members of the HOC at the time of the AGM.

Andy Young

Honda Owners Club (GB) Chairman


Trevor Thompson

Vice Presidents

Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3HA .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Sue Beck 28 Vivian Road, Wellingborough NN8 1JJ ( 07863 599 992 .

Advertising Manager

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 492 235 .

Membership Secretary

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Jennie Clarke 6 Bugby Way, Raunds, Northants NN9 6SX ( 01933 399463 / 07759 805181 .


Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator BMF Liaison Officer

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Membership Matters MOVING? Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an e-mail). So far although I have had no copies of the Spring magazine returned by Royal Mail, don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.


Hello to everyone who joined at the BMF

Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.



Welcome to all new members who have joined the club especially at the various events which the club has attended recently, including the BMF show. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended Branch meetings and received a warm welcome. Spring has arrived, or supposed to have done. I think the only way you know the difference between Winter and Summer is longer daylight hours, but at least the rain is warmer! After my note about heated grips last time, I was pleasantly surprised that my Branch (North London) had clubbed together and bought me a set. I must now get someone to fit them!

Now that the postal prices have increased, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if you use on-line banking you can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form, or e-mail Ruth for details.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the

Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.








Regalia Related Ramblings Well, half the year has passed and we are hurtling ever onward into the rest of it! Can someone please slow the world down a bit? It’s been an expensive time in the world of regalia as I have had to re-stock on t-shirts, buffs, hats, polos and zoodies. So, the purse is looking somewhat empty but my stockroom (aka my spare bedroom) is full to bursting

Nice cap in a busy HOC tent

now! So, whilst costly, they are still assets to the club and won’t depreciate in value so it’s all good. Sales have continued to be pretty slow, but with the current economic climate and dire weather, I am not surprised really and am optimistic that things will pick up. Lots of you have been kind enough to promote the club using regalia at several events thus far, which means that there are, as always, folks I would like to thank - this issue, I have more than usual as it’s been a busy time!

I want to give a MASSIVE Back in April it was my first thank you to Alan Sharkey (he trip to the Honda Day at the of test ride reporting, Manhoc Ace on Hattie (my CB600FS and HOC Forum fame) for being Hornet) but I managed to fit a a real knight in shining armour fair bit of regalia in her topbox when my laptop died and he to add to the goodies that swiftly responded to my call for Chris and Marion had already help and donated a sparkly new picked up at the management laptop to the club specifically meeting. The company, for Regalia usage! Thank you so camaraderie and breakfast much Alan. Our fellow HOCers was as good as ever, but a and I are very grateful as it meant shame that Honda weren’t I was able to keep up to date there this year. Thanks to all with the orders. who played a part in promoting I would also like to say a huge the club there, it was wonderful thanks to Chris and Marion (North to see so many HOC rugby Downs), Gareth & Donna (South shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts Wales) and John (Scotland) and wandering around the place. all their helpers for all having A fabulous turnout as ever from regalia at the wonderful variety of shows where they had club displays in the recent months. Thanks guys - your efforts are greatly appreciated! Please don’t worry if sales aren’t massive as the whole point of the Another happy customer stands is to promote the club and our love of Honda the club! I even bumped into a motorcycles and sales of regalia fellow HOCer (who I had met are a bonus so to speak. As a at the Birmingham camping leading supermarket assures us weekend last summer) at the “every little helps”! Do remember services on my way there and though, if you have a box you we rode together to the Ace for are responsible for it. the final few miles. Small world eh? It was f-f-f-freezing on the way home though as the skies dropped everything they had on me from the second I rode away from the café and then all the way home! Wind, rain and even hail stones! NOT fun.. not even on Hattie! Brrrr!

Wrapped up warm in HOC clothing at the BMF Show! 8



Another chilly event - this year’s BMF Show at Peterborough! I am delighted to report that the Zoodies proved very popular indeed as did the knitted hats! It was bloomin’ cold mind you, with our breath showing in the air all day in the marquee on the Saturday, but that didn’t quell the HOC spirit and there was plenty of chatter and laughter. I’ve been going to the BMF show for a long time now and it was one of the coldest in my memory! Sales were very good considering the decline in footfall and over £750 rattled into the club coffers as a result. I love our new electronic, wireless, techno pay thingy doodah… but there is still that tingle of pleasure when the coins hit the cash tin drawer… or is that just me? Speaking of the BMF Show - it was an utter delight to work alongside so many fun and friendly folks. Big thanks especially to Scott, John, Michaela & John, Linda, Jessica, Our General Secretary Paul, Donna modelling the baseball cap & Gareth and anyone else who I may have missed, for doing your stints on the HOC Shop - without all of you the HOC Shop wouldn’t have been so successful. I can’t believe I forgot my banner though and wonder if Paul will ever let me live it down! Thanks too to James for modelling the polo shirt and baseball caps so effectively! An enormous thank you to Ruth and Stritchy for not only putting on the display, but for collecting everything for the shop in the van, which meant I could ride my other darling bike “Poppet” to the show. I am looking forward to the coming months as rally season, despite getting off to a false and soggy start, is well and truly in full swing and I look forward to seeing lots of you at an HOC event sometime soon amongst those Hattie and I are aiming to get to are the Solent and Oxford rallies, Norfolk’s Lings Day and the HOC roast along with lots of others too!


Donna smiling as always at the BMF Show

Don’t forget, if you want to save a few pounds, buying at an event or from me in person (or ordering via your branch secretary for them to collect from management meetings) you will save on Paypal and postal charges! If you are planning on going to an event and know what items you would like it’s worth emailing or calling me to see if there is going to be regalia at that event, and , if so, I can put your items aside and include them in the box for you to collect! Remember to give me plenty of notice and I promise to do my best to help your event be kitted out with a good variety of items to sell to all who come to the HOC stand! If the current weather trend continues, it may be HOC embellished waterwings and buoyancy aids coming your way sometime soon!

And finally… back at the BMF again I couldn’t help but chuckle as Graham Gull burst out laughing when a chap (a total stranger) from the Triumph Owners Club visited our stand to discuss regalia with me and ended up commenting to Ruth (as I ‘upsold’ his cup of tea to include cake for a bigger contribution to the charity pot) “I couldn’t help but say yes, I looked into her eyes”… I can’t imagine what he meant? Safe and very happy biking as always.

Jennie Clarke

Regalia Secretary





The Club’s Charity The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes is the umbrella organisation for regional groups such as: Cornwall Freewheelers - Cornwall, Devon Freewheelers - Devon, Freewheelers EVS - Bristol, Bath, Somerset, parts of Wiltshire, Midland Freewheelers - West Midlands, ScotsERVS - the greater Glasgow area, Blood Bikes Scotland - primarily Lothian, Borders & Fife, SERV - Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Northamptonshire, London, Oxfordshire South Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk,

Severn Freewheelers - Gloucestershire, and

Herefordshire, Worcestershire, parts of Wiltshire

Whiteknights - North & West Yorkshire, Cleveland (Teeside).

▪ They are all run by volunteers who provide an

emergency ‘out of hours’ service transporting blood, platelets, samples, vaccines, drugs, X-rays, donor breast milk and any other urgently need medical items - FREE OF Charge to the NHS.

▪ They receive no government funding and rely on

donations from the public to survive. The volunteers also get no payment for their time or costs.

▪ They save the NHS thousands of pounds every year, allowing that money to be used where it is needed most - the patients.

▪ They are on-call from 7pm to 8am weekdays and 24 hour cover at weekends and bank holidays.

▪ The volunteers are fully trained to the highest

standards to ensure the safety of both rider and consignment.

▪ Without NABB members, hospitals

would have to pay for a taxi or courier, or even take an ambulance out of service for 3-4 hours! This is why the Honda Owners Club is raising money for the NABB in 2012 - please give generously!



Clappers Rally 2012 by Graham

Seymour - Bedfordshire Branch Secretary

So here we were in the wettest drought in history. The Wilts Rally had already fallen victim to the weather so what of our luck? As it happens we were blessed with the most brilliant sunshine all weekend and to prove it Brian got sunburnt on Saturday! We arrived at the Cross Keys late morning to find that our Marquee was up and waiting for us. After procuring a few more tables and chairs we set up the “kitchen” and got the kettle on. A search for our faithful BBQ (2 oil drums) that we have been using at the rally for 10 years, and is left buried in the undergrowth on the edge of the field, proved fruitless. It seems that the landlord had moved a few things around and our drums were buried somewhere underneath. However a phone call to Steve procured one BBQ and another large one was provided by the landlord when he heard of our problem. Catastrophe averted! The first of our guests to arrive were predictably Barbara and Alan from the Solent Branch and thereafter we received steady stream of arrivals throughout the afternoon, many of whom we hadn’t seen since last year. There was much catching up over a cuppa or a tinnie until the evening, when we descended on the pub for food and beer. After a hearty breakfast in the pub the next morning and what was referred to as the “dynamic planning” of the run over coffee, twelve bikes set off for a run over to the Fens and lunch at the tea shop in Ely Cathedral. 12 GOLDEN WING

Told you the food was good! SUMMER 2012

Dropping down through Essex and arriving back at the Cross Keys for about 5pm. Not quite on the scale of the 7 counties run we did a year or two ago but still pretty epic and clocking up dead on 200 miles. (Yeah. I know I said 150miles before we left. So sue me!) The highlight of our rally is usually the BBQ on Saturday night and this year was no exception. In addition to Jax’s efforts, the ladies of the Bbranch band together and create the king of all salads to go with the dead cow/pig/sheep/fish etc. Thank you ladies, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

You meet the strangest people at HOC rallies

With the added advantage of a balmy evening many of our branch members who do not camp attended, together with friends from other branches that just turned up for the evening. All this good food was of course washed down with copious quantities of wine and ale. (Can you see the pattern here?) Sunday saw us striking dry tents after another pub breakfast and saying our good byes, heading for home until the next rally on the calendar.

All in all, a cracking weekend!

Not a pretty sight!

Nice place Ely - destination for the ride-out SUMMER 2012


Buying Your t r e Exp e Bike Gear c i v d A by Rona Bell

As a lot of you may know, I work for Hein Gericke and although I don’t want to use this series of articles as a plug, I may well mention them from time to time just to illustrate a point.

I got to thinking a while ago about buying the right bike gear for the job and although a lot of bikers have bought a lot of kit over the years, from speaking to them during the course of the day it has come to my attention that, generally, people know very little about what they need to look out for or have perhaps picked up bad habits over the years. Either way, they can end up wearing the wrong things or sizes to be totally safe out there on the big wide super highways. So I thought I’d do a series of articles from head to toe and give you as much advice as I can.

Part 2: Textiles Well, as promised in the last issue, this time I’m talking about textile clothing (sometimes referred to as Cordura although this is a brand name). Now unless you want to pay a considerable amount of money nothing is as safe as a set of leathers in the event of an accident, with the possible exception of something like the Gore-tex Pro Shell Hein Gericke PSX-RS Armacor suit, which does give the same abrasion resistance as a set of leathers. Other than that, more general textiles are the way to go. They are fully waterproof (as long as it’s a good quality product!), warm, vented, lighter and a lot more comfy to wear than a set of leathers. Generally they are the jack of all trades, and will of course do the job in the event of an accident, just ask my hubby!!! Both times he’s had his little offs, he’s been wearing 14 GOLDEN WING

his textile stuff and both times he’s just had bruising. Sadly the first set got a bit shredded and so lost their waterproofing and were no longer fit for purpose. Leathers on the other hand, are usually reusable after a minor off but back to textiles. The majority of us these days wear textiles, especially us not entirely sane all weather, all year round bikers - in the middle of winter, you really don’t want to be out in your leathers unless you’re either desperate to contract hypothermia or a VERY brave person. Textile clothing usually has a winter lining inside to keep you warm in the low (and very low) temperatures, added to that is usually the space or flexibility to allow for fleeces or heated jackets etc underneath. That’s not to say you should buy your textile kit too big for you, it still needs to be able to protect you in the event of a crash!

Phil wearing his textiles SUMMER 2012

Some textile suits, such as the Gore-tex Pro Shell Hein Gericke PSX-RS Armacor suit, give the same abrasion resistance as a set of leathers

A more touring orientated suit, like the RST Adventure, might be more to your taste


Armour Make sure your armour is in the right places and doesn’t move about too easily. If your armour isn’t where it needs to be when the time comes then you might as well not have any at all. Also, some jackets come with storm collars which are detachable, just to give you added warmth up near your neck and stop the wind coming under the chin of your helmet. all weather There really is no excuse these days for people to not be able to ride bikes in more diverse conditions - there are a plethora of textile brands available that will keep you nice and toasty. For example, I have a Spidi jacket and Hein Gericke pants that have seen me through three winters so far and numerous downpours yet have never let me down, same with hubby’s Hein Gericke suit. keep it clean Admittedly even good stuff can occasionally leak etc but usually if it’s a quality brand you will have a good guarantee and if it’s Gore-tex (and you have maintained it by cleaning and re-proofing it regularly) then it can be tested and if found to be leaking will be replaced but that’s one of the benefits of paying a little extra for the quality kit. And yes, you read that right - re-proofing!!


Reproofing Generally people seem to be under the impression that it’s already waterproof so you never have to do anything to keep it that way - WRONG!! You most certainly do and we recommend that you re-proof for every 2 or 3 washes, don’t do it every time you wash. And when you do wash your textiles don’t forget to take out the armour and linings and wash at 30 degrees using a recommended product such as Nikwax, which you can find at any bike shop, camping or hiking shop. Never, ever, use washing powders or any other detergent as they’re too abrasive for the waterproof membranes. The reason you need to regularly


use washing powders or detergents to clean your textile clean your textiles is because all the membrane pores of the material get clogged up with grime and crud from the roads, so they stop doing their job properly. Plus, after you’ve just spent a few hundred pounds on really good kit - why wouldn’t you want to look after it and make it last years, we can’t all afford to replace our kit every few years nowadays and there’s no reason a good set of well maintained textiles won’t last you up to 10 years.

Ventilation So that’s the warmth and waterproofing taken care of, now a note on ventilation and lightness. A lot of people these days just have one set of bike kit and if you’re planning on doing any touring or all year riding then textiles are the best option. Those winter liners I was saying about are usually removable so in the summer (you know the one….April 20th!) they can come out plus a lot of jackets these days have vent zips in them which can be opened to let the breeze in. So your big old winter jacket is now keeping you cool on those hot summer days in France or Spain. The same goes for the pants as well which again usually have winter liners and (like mine) have vent zips as well though not all do. weight But the main benefit of textiles is that they are usually a considerably lighter than leathers, so when you want to have a walk round that village in France or that bike shop in Germany you haven’t got a heavy weight to lug around with you. They also have a lot more pockets than your average leathers so more space for your keys, wallet and phone etc without the need for a very “manly” bumbag! So what this means is - if you need an all weather, multi purpose, practical and comfy set of riding gear then look no further than a good set of textiles!!

Next issue: leathers 16 GOLDEN WING


Dibble’s Cake Recipe

Our illustrious Chairman baked a cake for the HOC Café at the BMF Show. It was so delicious that he had lots of requests for the recipe... I don’t think the Hairy Bikers need worry though!



200g (8oz) self raising flour Pinch of salt 2 or 3 teaspoons of mixed spice 100g (4oz) butter or margarine 100g (4oz) caster sugar 200g (9oz) mixed dried fruit Teaspoon of lemon juice 1 egg + enough milk to make 125ml (¼ pint)

1 Put flour, salt, spice and butter into bowl rub with fingers until like bread crumb mix. 2 Add fruit and sugar give a good stir up then add the liquids and stir lots to make gooey cake mix. 3 Smooth this into a greased lined baking tin and bake at 180ºC (350ºF, gas 4) for 1 to 1¼ hours. 4 While it’s cooking... do the best bit and lick the cake mix from mixing bowl - yummy!

Do you have a favourite recipe? It doesn’t have to be a cake, it just needs to be one that you’ve either made-up or an old favourite that you’ve made even more delicious! Please send the recipe and a photo to Stritchy at SUMMER 2012


Honda News Honda (UK) Supports Royal Air Force Reserves Racing Honda (UK) has announced its support for the Royal Air Force Reserves racing project for the 2012 season. Officially named RAF Reserves Racing in Association with Honda, the team are competing in the British Superstock 1000 Championship, campaigning the hugely successful Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. The stock Fireblade machine has been supplied by Honda (UK), along with a selection of performance racing parts from Honda Racing (permitted within Superstock 1000 rules). Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012, the Fireblade is utilised by numerous racers across the UK, in both amateur and professional race series, and has chalked up an almost unmatchable tally of race wins and racing success, including three British Superbike titles, one World Superbike Championship title and a total of 14 TT wins. The unquestionable pedigree and pure racing DNA makes the Fireblade the obvious choice for any racer wanting an immediately competitive package. Lee Hardy Racing was formed in 2010 and since then has worked closely with the RAF Reserves. The team has competed in several championships, including LMB Streetfighter series with Thundersport GB. 2012 however brings a new start; RAF Reserves Racing in Association with Honda are making a huge step up in competition as they take on the best Superstock 1000 racers in the country, in the support series for the premier motorcycle racing championship in the UK, the British Superbike Championship. The team have put their faith in a young Airman who serves with the RAF Royal Air Force at RAF Marham, Senior Aircraftsman Tom Gazzard, who will be spearheading 18 GOLDEN WING

the challenge. As an RAF Aircraft Technician, Tom provides in-depth aircraft electrical maintenance of Tornado GR4 combat aircraft within the Combined Maintenance and Upgrade facility at Royal Air Force Marham. He assists in preparing the RAF’s fleet of Tornado GR4’s ready for service in Afghanistan and other theatres where additional support is needed. Reflecting the RAF Ethos, Tom’s dedication to motorsport demonstrates his capacity to maximise his time and live life to the full whilst promoting the Royal Air Force along the way. Lee Hardy, RAF Reserves Racing Team Manager: “It is fantastic to have the backing of Honda (UK) and Honda Racing. Even though all technical aspects of the project are handled by ourselves day to day, it is great to know that we are starting with the most competitive machinery out there and that we can call on the huge amount of experience Honda Racing have when we need advice.

We are learning more and more every time we get out on the bike and are looking forward to a successful season in association with Honda.” Neil Tuxworth, Manager - Honda Racing: “An association with the RAF Reserves Race Team was very much of appeal to Honda (UK). The team have such a good attitude towards racing and view it is an opportunity to build a sense of community. This is what we at Honda believe it is all about and was the primary reason we decided to support this project. Moving into the Superstock 1000 championship is a big step up for the team as it is such a competitive series but it will be great experience and hopefully they can begin to challenge towards the end of the season.”

For more information on Royal Air Force Reserves please visit:


Ram raiders destroy Honda events warehouse Honda (UK)’s dedicated events agency, KCS, based in Corby, unfortunately suffered from a devastating fire during the early morning of the 20th March before the start of the working day, which spread throughout their premises destroying the two buildings and their contents. Thankfully no one was harmed but the cause has now been confirmed to be arson at the neighbouring unit, proved by the fire service investigation team and supported by internal and external CCTV footage. Whilst understandably shocked and distressed, the KCS team have mustered their usual team spirit and commitment to Honda and the dealer network, and spent a hectic 48 hours focusing their efforts on securing new temporary premises and creating a plan of action with Honda (UK) to get back up and running as soon as possible, to ensure minimal disruption is caused for both Honda and dealers’ events across Honda’s varied business areas. Having now secured temporary premises close to their own buildings, the team spent the following day setting up the new office and having relevant equipment installed and by mid next week, should be almost fully operational with a replacement fleet of event support vehicles and exhibitions units, as well as replacement Honda products. It will take some time to rebuild the full stock of events assets but it is envisaged this will be complete within the next month. During this time the KCS team will continue to provide the service for all dealer events over the next few weeks and those in the pipeline - in fact they even carried out an event yesterday at Bassetts Honda car dealership in Swansea and will support Sutton Motorcycles’ event this weekend. As with any incident such as this, rumour is often rife and incorrect so we are pleased to be able to confirm the facts for you.


At 5.30am on Tuesday 20 March, KCS’s owner John Walker was alerted by their premises monitoring company of smoke very close to the KCS premises, which comprises two large warehouse and office units next to each other (units A and B), adjoined to another warehouse storing industrial adhesives (unit C). John and KCS’s Head of Event Operations, Lindsay Shields, arrived at the industrial park where they are based just after 6am to find unit C on fire and a number of fire engines and crew present. The KCS team were not allowed to enter either of their own units - unit B which is adjoined to the next door unit on fire, nor their unit A which was at that time safe from the fire. Sadly, the team were not allowed to try and save any of the contents and had no choice other than to watch as the fire took hold of both of their warehouse units. Once the fire had been extinguished around lunch time, a specialist investigation team entered the buildings yesterday afternoon and again this morning to establish the cause of fire. Investigations and CCTV footage both support the findings that a 4x4 vehicle was ram raided into the roller shutter door of the unoccupied unit next to KCS’s premises. The ram raiders then proceeded to spend almost 40 minutes breaking though the internal breeze block wall into KCS’s unit B warehouse and steal two motorcycles, before setting light to the 4x4 vehicle. Unfortunately due to the hole created in the breeze block wall, the car fire in unit C spread into KCS’s warehouse unit B and the nature of its contents, including motorcycles, ATVs and event support vehicles, provided favourable conditions for a fire to flourish. This means that this incident now becomes a criminal investigation, although will be covered by insurance. KCS owner, John Walker said, “We are understandably distressed by what has happened and also that something of this magnitude has affected KCS through the sheer reckless behaviour of others. Despite this however, we are putting all our efforts into rebuilding the business and replacing the assets so that we can continue to provide Honda and their dealer networks across all areas of the business with the events service and support we have been proud to deliver over the last 13 years. We have been inundated with calls from well wishers and cannot thank them and Honda enough for their support, both professionally and personally, for the team at the this time. We may have been burned, but it’s business as usual!”.


Honda Announces New UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have unveiled the new UNICUB, a personal mobility device designed for use by individuals and within public spaces. Representing an evolution of the U3-X personal mobility concept device that Honda announced in 2009, the UNICUB features a compact design with comfortable saddle and offers the same freedom of movement in all directions that a person enjoys while walking. This is achievable by Honda’s development of proprietary balance control technology and the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) inspired by robotic technologies developed for Asimo, Honda’s world-famous humanoid robot. These technologies allow the rider to control speed, move in any direction, turn and stop, all simply by shifting his or her weight. Since the rider can freely move forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally, he or she can quickly and easily manoeuvre among other people. Moreover, UNI-CUB’s compact saddle-style packaging makes it easy for the rider’s legs to reach the ground while

maintaining eye-level height with other pedestrians. This configuration promotes harmony between the rider and others, letting the rider travel freely and comfortably inside facilities and among moving people. From June 2012 until March 2013, Honda will jointly conduct demonstration testing of UNI-CUB with Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Staff will perform demonstrations and use the device for making their rounds, while the museum’s annual pass holders will have the opportunity to test ride UNI-CUB. In addition to testing the feasibility of using UNI-CUB indoors, this project will explore the practical applications of the device in a wide range of environments within Japan and other countries. Going forward, Honda will continue its proactive research and development of next-generation mobility technologies, with the aim of continually looking for innovative yet practical ways to offer society and individuals the joy, fun and convenience that comes from the freedom of movement.

Key specifications of UNI-CUB Size (L x W x H)

520 x 345 x 745mm

Seat height

745 – 825 mm

Battery type

Lithium-ion battery

(approx 2 hours to charge from zero voltage at AC 100-240V)

Maximum speed 6 km/h



6 km


Barrier-free indoor environments (with gradients of 5 degrees or lower)

Rider weight

Between 40-100kg in weight and 150-190cm in height


Mid-Summer Offers Whilst we are still waiting for this year’s summer to arrive, what has arrived in place is a range of great offers on the Honda two-wheeled range, with new and extended deals on many motorcycles and scooters, until 30 September 2012, by which time the scheduled sun will have hopefully graced us with its presence. The popular 0% APR offers on CBF125 and PCX125 have been extended. Better still, offers on models such CBR250R and XL1000VA Varadero have been enhanced, with both machines now available at 0% APR over a term of 36 months. For CBR fans, both the CBR600F and CBR600RR remain at 0% APR over 36 months and the offer to upgrade to an Akrapovic slipon exhaust for just £99 still stands (including fitting). The 2012 CBR1000RR Fireblade is also available at low-rate finance, with a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) you can ride away from £170 a month*. Complimentary luggage offers on Crossrunner, VFR1200F and Deauville also hold strong. And the critically acclaimed Crosstourer, SE - which includes over £2,500 worth of fitted accessories - can be ridden away for £179 a month**. For further details on the current offers, or for more information on Honda’s range of scooters and motorcycles, genuine parts, accessories and forthcoming events, visit your local Honda Motorcycle dealer, visit www. or call 0845 200 8000.

* 25% deposit required. Term of 37 months. Final payment amount required. ** PCP scheme. 25% deposit required. Term of 37 months. Final payment amount required.


Honda Celebrate Success at 2012 the TT The 2012 Isle of Man TT came to a close and despite the Senior TT being cancelled for the first time in the event’s 105-year history, the event was an unprecedented success for Honda, who took victory in three of the five solo motorcycle races contested and graced the podium 11 out of a possible 15 times*. Both the Superbike and the first Supersport race at the start of the week ended with a Honda 1-2-3; McGuinness taking victory in the first aboard his Honda TT Legends CBR1000RR Fireblade and in the latter, Padgetts Racing’s Bruce Anstey piloting his Honda CBR600RR to what was the second closest TT victory in history, with a winning margin of just 0.77 seconds. McGuinness’s win in that followed in the Superstock class - also with Padgetts Racing aboard the near stock Fireblade, took the tally of Honda TT wins to 163. The decision to cancel the Senior TT at the end of the week, deprived John McGuinness McGuinness of the Honda TT Legends chance to challenge for his 20th Isle of Man TT victory, but there is always next year for the ‘Morecambe Missile’, currently sitting on 19 TT wins. There appears to be no sign of him stopping anytime soon as he closes in on the great, late Joey Dunlop’s total tally of 26 TT wins. In amongst all the success there was one moment of misfortune when Honda TT Legends rider, Simon Andrews crashed at Grahams during lap one of the Superbike race. He was immediately taken to hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. He is now expected to make a full recovery. The dominant performance of Honda machines across all contested classes proved once again that the Honda is the bike to be on to challenge the 37.73 Isle of Man TT mountain course, one of the most mechanically demanding in all of motorsport. Neil Tuxworth, Manager - Honda Racing: “The TT is always such a magical event for Honda. It is where Honda began racing and have been coming for over 50 years to compete, with numerous successes during this period. To come back with the manufacturer’s title, three solo wins out of five races and with a total of 11 podiums - two of which comprised fully of Honda is a fantastic reward for all the hard work put. The Honda TT Legends, Padgetts Racing and Wilson Craig Racing teams all performed with such professionalism and proved once again that the Honda is still the most competitive machine out there, across all classes.” *Not including the TT Zero class, which was not contested by Honda.


Honda Owners Club

Christmas Dinner Dance Friday Nov 30th & Saturday Dec 1st 2012 Ø Exclusive “HOC only” function suites Ø Hot & cold buffet on Friday night Ø Exclusive bar on Friday night Ø Saturday night welcome drink , 3 course Christmas Dinner and disco dancing until late

The event will be in the heart of beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, at Sedgebrook Hall Hotel. The hotel is located in the picturesque village of Chapel Brampton. Set in idyllic country gardens, it mixes Victorian heritage with modern comforts. Just 20 minutes from the M1 and within easy reach of Althorp House, Castle Ashby Gardens and less than an hour from the NEC Birmingham, it is the perfect location for the Honda Owners Christmas Dinner Dance, 2012.

Ø Late check out on Sunday Ø Free WiFi Ø All rooms are ensuite Ø Room rates include a comprehensive buffet style hot & cold breakfast in the Tempus Restaurant Ø Giant games Ø Sauna, gym, jacuzzi & swimming pool Ø Hair and beauty treatments also available

Friday night welcome & supper Saturday night welcome drink, 3 course Christmas dinner and dancing ‘til late

£55 per person

Rooms (includes breakfast) per room, per night: Single: £39 Double/Twin: £49 All rooms have ensuite; complimentary WiFi; TV; Hairdryers; Tea & Coffee making facilities; Trouser Press; Dry cleaning service is also available

Anyone living locally wanting to come along: Friday night £20 and Dinner Dance £35

Facilities include a Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Gym and Sauna. Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, Wii console and games. Available in the lounge bar is Pool and Tabletop Football. Within the grounds is an all weather tennis court and jogging trail. Everything you need for a fantastic HOC weekend of great food, wonderful company and lots of laughs! Optional extras include a variety of beauty treatments (leaflet available). There is also a great pub within walking distance, plus the Lamport Railway too. PLUS the opportunity to go on the Santa Special Steam Train ride - (includes drink and minced pie!) at a specially discounted rate!

To book your place, please complete and send this form to:

Name: Address:

Jennie Clarke, 6 Bugby

Post Code: Tel No: E-mail: Branch: Membership No:

Way, Raunds NN9 6SX, phone 07759 805181, or e-mail



The BikerTidy Storage Range Never throw your bike gear around the house again. Heavy duty hangers, quality product, made to last. Made in the UK

Prices start from

£29.99 +p&p =+

The Universal Bike Stand Ideal for use in a garage or trailer

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Scottish Motorcycle Show by John

Taylor - Scotland HOC Organiser

Scotland hosted the annual MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show at the Highland Showground at Ingliston, near Edinburgh. It’s usually held in the “sunny” month of March when all hardy bikers are out and about on their respective two and three wheeled machines, while the rest of us are waiting for the better weather to begin. I know some of you are saying, “Aye, right, when is that then? Well it’s usually just before the bad weather starts, don’t you know? Anyway, the Scottish branch decided to get a space to promote the HOC at the show and try and raise the profile and activities of the group. This came about because the members who regularly attend the ride outs on the last Sunday of the month are generally based in the West, with some from around Bathgate and Linlithgow in the Central belt, so we were hoping to entice some riders from the East, not from Asia and India, but from Edinburgh and the Fife areas, to join us on various rides we have during the year. We are aware that it may be inconvenient, or a prohibitive distance to travel to Coatbridge before setting out for a run. It was suggested, to arrange a mutually convenient location during a run to meet members from other areas, and then travel together for part of the run before parting. I’m sure that it would not take a lot of organization to achieve this and could be 24 GOLDEN WING

beneficial to all concerned. Four of us from the group set up the stall on the Friday and we were pleased to be joined by Graham Gull, the membership secretary. HOC provided us with a rather fetching Gazebo which was easily erected and secured; it displayed the HOC logo clearly on the sides and roof and looked very professional. We managed to bring two bikes for the stall, my CBF1000 and Shelagh’s CB500, it did look a bit sparse, however a friend of John’s whom he hadn’t seen for over twenty years, was good enough to place his extremely good looking Gold Wing on our stand for the modest sum of a cup of coffee. The machines were given a quick polish (a little longer for the Gold Wing) and the stand was looking much better. I must state that the Gold Wing generated a lot of interest which helped draw people to the stand. SUMMER 2012

We were in the Classic Bikes Hall which also had the Pan Clan, Gold Wings, Bandits, MZ, Custom bikes, Japanese Classics, British Classics and many, many others. The standard of all the bikes was exemplary, it made me wonder how many long hours and dedication had gone into their preparation. Thankfully the hall was bright and warm with room to move about. I felt it encouraged the public to visit and linger in the hall, which helped when you were standing there all day. The hall which linked the Main Hall to the Classic Hall was cold, dark and would have been a little depressing if we had to be there all weekend. There was a good sense of camaraderie with the public and others from various stands, which reinforced my belief of people who have a similar interest, can always find positive and common areas which can bond the most unlikely people together. We were also conveniently next to the podium where Steve Parish gave two or three interviews and presented the prizes to the winners of the various “Classic” categories. For once, the weather had behaved itself and there was a welcome lack of snow. I think the event was well attended on both days which was encouraging for the organizers, contributors and stall holders. We were kept busy with enquiries and selling HOC merchandise. We did find time to browse the other areas and tried hard to keep our credit cards firmly in our pockets, however some of us succumbed, and left the show with more than we arrived with, but, hey ho, what’s life and credit cards for? Graham has a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the Club, as well as various bikes he has owned, and some he still owns, which made me wish I could have retained some of my previous bikes. Mainly because it would be easier to remember what they were, but it would also SUMMER 2012

have forced me to move house because I would need more room to keep them, so maybe not a good idea after all. It also gave me more insight into the club and its operations, which hopefully may develop changes and encourage more people to participate. There was considerable interest about the club from the people at the show. It was, as hoped mainly from people on the East side of the country from Aberdeen to Hawick. It may, as previously mentioned, require a group to be formed in the East or even two groups, one in the North and one in the Edinburgh area. This year’s National Rally in September is going to be a collaborative effort with the Scotland and Northumbria branches. One of the requirements is to provide various routes for rideouts. While some of the group has knowledge of the area, I’m sure some of the members from that side of the country have a much better knowledge and experience of routes which will be varied and entertaining to the attendees of the rally.. I had a good time at the weekend, as I think all of us on the stand did. I was tired after the show and was ready to sleep for Scotland, however I recovered after a beer or two and I’m looking forward to the new season and blowing some of the cobwebs away. I hope to have more to say when the season gets underway, but please remember, it’s your club, the more people involved the better. I am aware that some members (me included), dislike riding in a large group because we may often find ourselves riding outside our comfort zone. I can reassure those riders that if that were to happen, arrangements would be made to enable all members to ride at the speed and comfort to suit them. So please try and come to some of our runs and meet like minded people with common interests and maybe just for a blether.


Northants & Milton Keynes

Easter Egg Run by Garry

Goldingay - Northants & Milton Keynes Branch member

It was a cold and damp morning at Sixfields car park in Northampton that we all met up for our 1st Easter egg run, organised by Dave (The Wabbit) Cave and Sue Beck. The plan was to deliver Easter eggs to the local hospital children’s ward, the brief was simple, bring an Easter egg and join the ride out. Around 35 bikes turned up, most attendees were HOC members with quite a few others turning up via word of mouth. The day nearly started with a disaster of biblical proportions, the burger van couldn’t get on to the car park due to height restrictions! How would we cope? Luckily Dave got the problem sorted quickly and calm was restored to the flock. It didn’t seem such a cold and damp morning after a bacon butty and a cup of tea, life’s little pleasures eh?

After group photos (available on the Northants web page) and a talk by Dave on the route and procedure at the hospital we set off with Dave leading the group dressed as a rabbit, yep, we have our own Easter bunny at Northants! It must have looked strange riding through Northampton as nearly all the locals stopped and watched the procession of bikes being led by a Rabbit wearing a crash helmet! When we arrived at the hospital it was time for Dave to don his rabbit’s head and lead us in, which he did really well considering all he could see was some of the curb and roughly where the white lines were, although if he’d gone down he wouldn’t have had far to travel to the nearest hospital.



We parked up and collected all the eggs together, with £100 being donated by Centurion Training, plus the eggs what everyone else had bought, it amounted close to 100 eggs which were transported from the car park to the hospital, these were then taken by the Easter bunny and Sue plus a couple of others who made their way to the children’s ward to deliver the eggs, It was a shame Josh that the children couldn’t see all the bikes from where their ward was situated, but some did manage to be brought out to see and sit on the bikes. From what we heard everything went very well and we’d achieved what we set out to do, bring a bit of relief, fun, and a smile to the children sick in hospital over Easter. Mission accomplished!


Well done to Dave and Sue and to all those who bought eggs and did the run, and a special thanks to Centurion Training for the donation.



Pillion’s eye-view by Tessa Northants & Milton Keynes Branch

Part 3 - The Importance of Being a Pillion At the end of every ride, as the Blackbird cools at the bottom of the garden and thoughts turn to scraping the flies of the visors, my fiancé will turn to me and say “Did you enjoy that? You haven’t gone off it have you?” It’s like he needs reassurance that I’ve not been humouring him and forcing myself to be dragged around various roads against my will, handcuffed and at gun point. When I assure him that all is well, he still looks dubious. “Well, it can’t be much fun for you being stuck on the back”. I hadn’t thought of it like that. It’s my job. I am a pillion. Not interesting? I get all of the travelling with none of the thinking, I am chauffeured here and there, for free, and get to experience everything the rider does, if not more, with none of the responsibility. Even the word ‘pillion’ is important. In every other mode of transport we are passengers. Planes, cars, buses, trains, you name it. Passengers. But on motorbikes we have our own exclusive title which,

frankly, I would be proud to wear on a badge with five glow-in-the-dark stars under it. Pillions must, therefore, be terribly important. Maybe that’s where the term VIP came from. Very Important Pillion. We look the same as our chauffeurs. Our clothing is just as expensive, just as waterproof (or not), our helmets just as, er, helmety and our gloves just as glovey. I’m no more likely to ride on the back of a bike wearing a bikini and flip flops just because I’m not actually in control as he is to wear a gorilla suit to perk up the riding experience. No, we are a team. But then it dawns on me. What if the title ‘pillion’ has been given to us to make us feel better about the fact that, actually, when you think about it, we are of no practical use at all. I mean, the letters of the word itself lend themselves to stand for “Practically Irrelevant Lazy Lift-scrounging Idiot Of No use?”

Practically Irrelevant Lazy Lift-scrounging Idiot Of No use?”



actual shop-bought navigation In reality what contribution system. I could just sellotape are we making? The rider a map to my chauffeur’s back does not need us at all. He and develop some useful hand can go out without us. We, on signals. There. Indispensible in the other hand, cannot go out one sticky move. No chauffeur without him. I must therefore try should be without one. to justify my presence on the What else could I do? bike and think of something Enjoy your pillion ride! Provide tea and cakes from the to make my beloved riding rear seat? Rush round with a squeegee and clean position more valuable, not just for me but for all his visor at traffic lights? Hold various signs up to my fellow pillions. indicate his feelings to other drivers (“Thank You” to The only thing close to a useful pillion is a considerate drivers, “**** Off” to those who cut us sidecar dweller (not the official technical term). I up or threaten to squash us on roundabouts, “Nice saw some sidecar racing footage from the Manx Bike Mate” etc). Or maybe cover myself in flashing recently and was amazed to see that things have fairy lights so I can help us be seen at night? drastically changed from how it used to be. The After offering my meagre suggestions to make image I have of a motorbike and sidecar involves myself useful it seems that my chauffeur’s only an old bike with proper spokes and a very flat concern is that he is taking care of me from a rider’s seat, attached to a small pod containing a large point of view, that I’m confident in his chauffeuring whining lady in a headscarf wearing a crazy frog style helmet and goggles. The two vehicles were abilities and that I’m enjoying the whole experience. I am. I do. And if that makes for the perfect pillion/ joined together by a large screw with no nut on the rider team, then we are indeed already that. end that is obliged to wriggle free sending both rider and sidecar dweller in different directions. At least that’s what happens in Carry On films and frankly, that’s the only place I’ve ever seen one unless you count Wallace and Gromit. The new Min 10% discount for fangled moulded plastic tray things appear to be HOC members piloted by the acrobatic sidecar dweller throwing 20% discount on himself into strange shapes and dangling bits of his Brittany Ferries body over the edge in a seemingly pointless way All rooms en-suite with full facilities while the rider just looks as if he has to be there to Full English breakfast give Mr Bendy a lift home afterwards. I suspect the available whole contraption would be rubbish on a speed Evening meals available (by arrangement) bump and there’s nowhere to put my handbag. I TV room with take my hat/helmet off to anyone brave enough to English Sky TV do this! Respect. Free Wi Fi access Unfortunately, I am unable to pirouette around Laundry room Secure parking my pillion seat in a similar fashion so I’ll have to Lockable garage parking rethink. I am currently useful as luggage. I carry for TWO large bikes a small rucksack wherever we go so that my Contact us for more details chauffeur does not have to clutter his bike with 5, Place du Centre, attachments. Unfortunately it also means I’m the 22110 Glomel, France one apologising in the pub when my appendage 0033 (0)2 96 29 88 44 and I nudge into pints and generally get in the way. But at least I’m useful. My only other idea involves being a human satnav. We don’t currently have any communication means, nor have we an SUMMER 2012




The Compensation Culture - Part 1 We have all heard about it and the propaganda machine has been working overtime. There are 3 types of claim; those which are contrived where the accident is staged simply to recover compensation; where an accident occurred through no fault of one party who then decides to make a claim for say whiplash even though they have suffered no injury; and those who were innocently involved in an accident and who actually did suffer an injury. However, they are all tarred with the same brush. So why, in my view, has it got so out of hand. I have specialised in personal injury law for over 25 years and have been in the legal profession for 30 years. Things have changed so much in that time as everything else has in the world we live. At one time, if someone wanted legal help, they would go to their local solicitor. However, it was found that money could be made from injury claims, not so much by the solicitor firm but by commercial businesses. Do you remember the days of “Where there’s blame there’s a claim” or people who would knock on your door or stop you in the street and asked if you had an accident in the last 3 years. Canvassers were paid by results, so not all cases were kosher and on occasions, fraudulent claims were being sold onto the solicitor. These companies were not firms of solicitors touting their wares but companies set up to “Farm” claim referrals which were then sold onto firms of solicitors who were willing to buy them. These companies known as Most of us have received text messages about our ‘accident’ “Claims Farmers”. SUMMER 2012


It was quickly realised in the business world that quite a lot of money could be made from netting claims and selling them onto solicitors who were willing to join a panel and pay for them. Even Insurance companies decided to get on the band wagon and offered legal expense insurance for a small fee providing legal support from their “specialist panel of solicitors” in the event of their insured being involved in an accident. This was a double whammy as they not only were able to generate more income from the additional premium but they also were able to sell the case onto their panel solicitors. Some insurers did distance themselves from this practice but you were then caught by the broker who sold the legal expense insurance as a bolt on package. So you were caught either way. Over the years, the practice became even slicker with numerous adverts on TV, radio and newspapers. In fact every opportunity was taken to persuade those who had been in an accident to claim. Compensation became an everyday word because it was big money for those farming the claims. Insurance companies also didn’t want to lose out and became more efficient in ensuring they were the first point of contact after an accident. They would immediately fax or e-mail the insured’s details onto their panel solicitor who had a tight time target to call the prospective client and “convert” the enquiry into a case. To make sure that the fish didn’t escape the hook and go to a solicitor of their choice, which is their right, they would employ nationwide agents to visit the injured

person within 24 hours of the enquiry to sign them up to an agreement. As communication has changed, they can now do this by e-mail with a simple return button facility. Once signed to that solicitor, in respect of claims under £10,000, you are stuck because fixed fees apply. This is because the solicitor receives fixed costs for dealing with your claim. Once you have signed the agreement with that solicitor, if you wish to transfer the claim to another solicitor of your choice, because of the high referral fee paid, this leaves very little of those fixed costs left for the new solicitor to work with. You are able to initially instruct a solicitor of your own choice direct who then does not have to pay the Claims Management or Insurers their high referral fee, leaving the whole of the fixed costs to be allocated in representing you. There are some very good specialist motorcycle solicitors, so choose wisely! I was involved in an accident a year ago when a car decided to run into the side of my bike. I have had no less than half a dozen unsolicited calls from companies asking if I am bringing a personal injury claim, not to mention the several texts I have received saying how much my claim is worth. There are some companies who simply sent out thousands of blanket texts hoping that a percentage will reach those who have actually had an accident and will respond. Every time we switch on the TV, we are bombarded with adverts. I find this offensive, so must you I guess. I am also being bombarded by firms offering to recover PPI on loans which I never had.

The choice of claims companies is enormous 32 GOLDEN WING


Let’s be honest. It is not just the Claim Farmers or Insurance Companies who are at fault but firms of solicitors must take their fair share of blame. Even worse are those groups of people who bring fraudulent claims to the detriment of those who are truly injured. So, what has all of this done? Has it indeed created a compensation culture and made Britain the “Compensation Capital of Europe”.

In this first article, I have attempted to remove some of the fog surrounding the history of compensation claims and the manner in which they are generated. In the next issue I will discuss how the government has sought to combat what they call “The Compensation Culture” with the introduction of the Jackson Reforms and Alternative Business Structures. Will these work and how will they affect you. Until then, Ride Safe.

As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 40 years and a lawyer for over 30 years), I also donate £100 to the HOC for each case I take on from the member, their family or friend that is recommended to me by a HOC member. This is paid by my firm and not out of the individual’s compensation. My contact numbers are 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065. These are linked to my mobile, so I can be contacted out of office hours (subject to not being on the bike!). My e-mail is and website is My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section. 


 Are you a music lover? Looking for live music for your event? Want to impress your friends?

 Contact us today to discover how you could enjoy an exclusive live performance at your event.

Phone: 07532 233684




Racing Report So what makes them tick.........?

Over this early part of the racing season, it is interesting to muse what keeps the bike racers coming back for more - Valentino Rossi is a classic example - titles and trophies galore enough money to retire and yet he still continues to race, despite poor results compared to his previous record.

Then again look at Carlos Checa at almost 40, with many wins under his belt, you would think he too would hang up the boots and take a back seat but no and in 2012 we can clearly see him aiming for the title. And what is this, Troy Corser in the pits for Glenn Richards - do they ever get the ‘bug’ out of their system? His Australian namesake and World Champion Troy Bayliss cannot leave the racing world either, he is testing for Ducatti. Even Neil Hodgson, who states that he does not miss the racing, had to admit to twinges of longing whilst at the recent Donnington World Superbike meeting. If you look at the BSB, WSB and Moto GP there are lots of faces who have been around for many years i.e. Chris Walker, Shakey Byrne, Stuart Easton, Nori Haga, Colin Edwards, Max Biaggi - to name but a few and they still fight with grit and determination. Chris Walker is another rider who is 40 and has struggled to get a ride this year but admits that he still has the fire inside him and wants to race and his win in the wet at Oulton Park must reinforce that vim and Walker still has the fire vigour and will hopefully be one of many more podiums in his future career. So - what makes a good motor bike racer (answers on a postcard please!) - grit, determination, a passion to win, a lack of fear? What makes an exceptional rider? A natural ability? Obviously, a good machine with plenty of backing 34 GOLDEN WING

assists but as the Moto 2 has proved, even on the same bikes, some riders excel whilst others are part of the main stream. Looking at Valentino Rossi as an example - 9 times World Champion - he obviously has natural talent but reading about his long career, alongside that natural talent goes determination and many many hours of practice. Even for a rider who is acknowledged as a true legend - there has obviously been a massive amount of hard work both on and off the track. So when does a rider say enough is enough? Again looking at Valentino, no one can see him retiring yet as, with his character, it is felt he will want to go out on a high and that he will continue to work hard to regain his title but, with lots of contracts coming up for renewal at the end of 2012, there could perhaps be a change of machine and manufacturer. The men, the machines and the rules all change constantly but the hard work, true grit and determination remain the same and long may they all continue to give us, the public, many hours of exciting racing to enjoy.

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent


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Classic Corner So my request for the Honda that made it’s mark to the world up to 1980? During the ten year period 1970 to 1980, Honda provided us with the CB250/400 ‘Super Dreams’ and the CB250RSA Single which proved to be great work horses for the every day work machines. The learner limit was 250cc and these machines became very popular. The CB250 Twins were well over engineered, and very heavy. They earned the nick name of ‘Wet Dreams’ but the dream was very reliable and lasted forever. I could even talk about the outstanding CBX six cylinder machine. I could also talk about it all day and night.


“I have chosen the ‘Ugly Duckling’ of the Honda range... the CX500”


But I have chosen the unusual ‘Ugly Duckling’ of the Honda range, the CX500 from 1978.

Why the CX?

Well it was a machine that was totally out of context for the Honda range at the time. The Italians were making V-twins in various forms but Honda engineered a different concept. As I have already said Honda always learn by finding a solution to a problem.

A V-twin engine will always have an inherent torque reaction to the crank shaft and drive. To overcome this, Honda reduced the unbalanced weight by making the other piston and connecting rod part of the weight. This made the engine smoother as you increased the revs. Making it different to any other V-twin to ride.

I owned two CXs in my time and at speed you would never know that you were on a V-twin. Low down engine speed was a typical V-twin which made it a caricature of a machine to ride. Every time you blipped the throttle she would pull to the right. My sort of motorcycle and very unlike a multi cylinder machine. It must show my age as one of my machines is the XBR500 which is another caricature to ride.

Dave Barton

Classic Secretary

Let the good times roll SUMMER 2012




Master-Tec Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs Keith Goldsmith Motorcycle Master Technician


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Richard’s Beautiful Blackbird



In the Spring 2012 issue of Golden Wing, you asked for photos and a write up on Hondas over ten years old - so here’s mine. My bike is an original 1997 CBR1100 Blackbird, the first carburetted XX-V model, finished in the original titanium metallic colour. I bought it off e-bay five years ago. It has over 60,000 miles on the clock, but still runs like the day it was built. Each year I go on a European tour with friends. The Blackbird has taken me to Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Germany and the Italian lakes. Even after 15 years, it is still fast, comfortable, totally reliable and fun to ride, as it proved on a (fairly) high speed lap of the Nürburgring. Although it has a few modifications for touring such as higher screen, raised bars and a hugger, I have kept all the original parts to take it back to completely standard. I’m very tempted by the VFR1200, but as I don’t have £12,500 to spare at the moment, the Blackbird and I will be having a few more trips together yet. Next on the list is a run down through Spain to Morocco.

Richard Tierney • Lives in Oxfordshire • Works in the City of London in financial services sector (not banking!) • Has been riding since 1977, when he was 16, in the sports moped days! • Joined the HOC at Christmas 2011 (was a present from his mother-in-law) My Blackbird in Spain with friends

• Membership no: 32715

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!





A ‘tongue-in-cheek’ report by Dave


In reply to Rita Woodcock’s report in Golden Wing Autumn 2011 Vol. 49 No. 3, the picture on page 61, the odd couple... Odd? Maybe Couple? No! Mark’s wife won’t allow that sort of thing! As for Shaun the Sheep, he’s not as “sheepish” as he looks, when Rita wasn’t looking he threw himself at me. And as for Shaun’s ravage on the Varo’, I have to report identical triplets have been born, causing much stress and concern, and costs. So legal action is to be taken for expenses being incurred. This has been put into the hands of John Measures. A spokesman for John says he is willing take the case when he stops laughing... if he stops laughing! It’s thought that Shaun has been cloned and more than one has been seen at any one time. And marauding gangs of Shaun’s are causing trouble all over Britain. To counter this problem, sheep dog 49 has agreed to come out of retirement. Formally of 26 Air Commando, now demobed. He has joined 29 RA Commando for extensive combat and fitness training and with the help of a Gromit lookalike, they will soon be in the field tackling these gangs of marauding Shaun’s.

So watch out all you Shaun’s, 49 and Gromit are on their way!!!!



A day with the new Integra by Chris Ward

At the recent Ready To Ride event at Haslemere, Richard Alexander of Tippetts Honda turned up on the new Honda Integra. He was very excited about it and asked me if I would like to take it for a test ride in a couple of weeks’ time to which I readily agreed. I turned up at Tippetts on a rather wet and windy day in May and was given a quick guide to the gearbox functions of the Integra by Richard before I set off. The Integra gearbox has two main modes, manual and automatic with the automatic setting having two sub modes of drive and sport. Drive is the default automatic mode which is selected after the engine has been started. One the engine has been fired up, it is then possible to select the auto sport or manual mode at any time even when under hard acceleration. When in auto mode it is also possible to manually change down gears by means of the handle bar switch to allow faster acceleration. When the manoeuvre is complete the automatic mode takes over again.

The unique DCT

I made my way out to the A3 to begin my normal test ride route. The 670cc twin cylinder engine is very torquey and changes up through the box very quickly. It also provides effective engine braking and 44 GOLDEN WING

I found myself pulling up well short of stop lines at first. Straight away the bike felt very easy to ride and the upright position provided excellent visibility. The seat height was quite tall for me at 790mm and the width made stopping a tip toe adventure. Once on the dual carriageway the Integra accelerated easily to a 70mph cruise, showing 3,600rpm on the rev counter. I felt the screen could have been a bit higher and maybe wider too as ducking down behind it reduced the buffeting considerably although as stated earlier it was quite a windy day.


Once off the dual carriageway and onto some twisty roads, the Integra felt very sure footed in the wet conditions thanks to the 17” wheels and Bridgestone BT023 Sport Touring tyres, steering quickly and confidently into bends. The ride did feel a little firm on bumpy surfaces but it may be possible to tune the suspension to suit personal preferences.

The fairing provided good protection from the elements around the legs but the upper body did get quite wet. Again a larger screen may improve this situation. The speedometer and rev counter were well placed and legible and although the handlebar switches were very busy with the additional hardware for the transmission, they were easy to use.

Bridgestone BT023 tyres

Well thought-out display

The Integra is fitted with Honda’s C-ABS and provided very good stopping through the two handlebar mounted brake levers with each wheel being equipped with wavy style discs. A very useful addition was the handbrake which secured the motorcycle when parking on gradients as a gear could not be engaged like a conventional bike.

The Integra has an under-seat storage compartment which can hold a demi jet helmet but optional top box and panniers will also be available to increase the luggage carrying capacity. A 14.1 litre fuel tank is also accessed from under the seat and offers a range in excess of 240 miles. It’s been a long time since I last rode a twist and go machine but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the Integra. It was very easy to ride and I’m sure would be a hoot in the dry. It offers the convenience of a scooter with the performance and handling of a motorcycle and excellent economy.

320mm wavy disc on the front

It offers the convenience of a scooter with the performance and handling of a motorcycle SUMMER 2012


A wet afternoon in June found me in a Hemel Hempstead pub surrounded by dripping waterproofs seated at a table loaded with my mobile office. The Midland Hotel bar had been turned into MAG’s on the road publishing and communications annex comprising Mac Book Pro, external hard drives, camera card readers and iPhones. After two hours work I was joined by a journalist called Sophie who trotted me out into the rain to stare at my motorcycle and explain why the anti tampering proposals threatened my enjoyment of it. ‘Take that back tyre,’ I said. Sophie stared intently at it. “Well suppose I wanted to fit a slightly higher profile than the standard one.” I sensed Sophie was wondering why I should want to do that. “Let’s say that a new tyre came on the market for my bike and it offered, 30% more miles before it wore out.” This was an easy one to relate, more miles, more durability, less use of materials; money goes further - all good. “But it has a slightly higher profile so it ends up 2% bigger in diameter than the standard tyre and this means I have slightly geared the bike up, yes I will have done a most terrible thing, I will have altered the gearing. In short I will have tampered with my motorcycle!” “Who on earth would know?” asked Sophie. This was a good point and the answer is that in all probability nobody ever would but what if I had an accident and made a claim? My damaged bike is passed to the hands of a well informed claims analyst who, armed with all the latest criteria from Euro land and keen to save his employers money and justify his own salary, he checks the numbers and letters on the tyre wall and shouts ah ha, got yah! MAG’s campaign on the anti tamper issue has not been the easiest to communicate to the media, compared. It lacks the emotional tangibility of ‘death before dayglo’ or ‘Get A Grip!’ 46 GOLDEN WING

On the 24th June demonstration

If bikers believe that the EU wants to prohibit all customisation and many got that impression then that’s an easy one to understand but MAG never said that because Brussels never said that. There was a suggestion from the EU that long forks needed looking at, as extended bikes had to be a risk so MAG publicised this. If poorly informed legislators float ideas like this then MAG will illuminate the fact because poisonous ideas are far easier strangled at birth than when they gain the momentum of serious political support. That does not make us scaremongers; it makes us smart and responsible and shows that we’ve learned from the past. SUMMER 2012

Lethargy and complacency saddle us with challenging campaigns that can consume our energies for years down the road. MAG’s current campaigning on the anti tampering issues has sent the commission into a frenzy of backpedaling with all bikes over 47bhp now exempted from the proposals. MAG is well pleased with the concessions being won right now but the battle isn’t over until the issue in principle is conceded as misguided by the commission. This is why we went ahead with our June 24th motorway protest as planned despite the partial climb-down. In the meantime our small staff of paid lobbyists and excellent volunteers are working themselves raw on behalf of bikers interests whether they have paid their piffling £25 annual sub to MAG or not. No doubt if we win everything we ask for, and put the lid back on this Pandora’s Box then our detractors will point and say, “Ha, look it all came to nothing, MAG was scaremongering all along.” Don’t you just love these guys?

Ian Mutch MAG President

Kent Motorcycles

Main Honda Dealership in Kent n Comprehensive showroom with test bikes n Full workshop facilities n H’s Café n Regular ride-outs n 10% HOC discount Dover Road (A2), Barham, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6SA 01227 832601 / 832958



Even the MEP’s are confused

Wow, summer’s arrived as I write this and I should be out on the bike, but as you are hanging on every word, I shall stick at this instead! First, it was good to meet up with Stritchy at the BMF Show on the HOC stand. Sorry you didn’t win guys but those Ducati lads did put on a good show so no shame in that… Those of you who came to the show will know it was pretty cold and especially on the Saturday, damp as well, but despite that, plenty braved the weather and at 38,298, it was still a respectable turn out.

Yamaha MT01 BMF Best in Show – turbo chargers allowed…

I’m also pleased to say that BMF Membership went better than for many years with 32 new members signing up over the weekend with plenty more going away to think about it. Most mentioned the current debate about EU Type Approval regulations, which brings me to the latest developments on this saga. Yes, it can seem pretty heavy stuff at times, but it’s important that you know what is going on, no use crying over spilt milk after the horse has bolted, if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphors! As your own General Secretary Graham Seymour said in the last issue, things have been getting hyped up in various quarters so let me try and give you the true picture. 48 GOLDEN WING

The Type Approval Regulations, called ‘Regulation For The Approval And Market Surveillance Of Two Or Three-Wheel Vehicles And Quadricycles’, is aimed primarily at improving and tidying up the existing type approval process, but because there has been a lot of ill-informed scaremongering over these proposals (sometimes throwing in issues that have nothing to do with this legislation) the picture has got somewhat confused, including confusing MEPs! One MEP, Bill Newton Dunn, Liberal Democrat for the East Midlands, approached the BMF for clarification as he had had numerous emails from constituents complaining about the regulations, but as they had not been specific, consistent or even accurate over their concerns, he found it difficult to form a view. We therefore went off to Brussels to meet with a group of MEPs and explain our concerns. This proved very useful on both sides and Mr Newton Dunn in particular complemented our man Chris Hodder on his briefing. In fact he said that this issue is “becoming an interesting case study in how to lobby and how not to lobby.” “The BMF gave me a calm and personal briefing,” he said, comparing it to the floods of not very clear emails he had received, some even threatening his life. Not I suggest a way to get an MEP on your side! Having clarified the situation with Mr Newton Dunn, a meeting was then held with Malcolm Harbour, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands and Chair of the all-important IMCO (Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection). Mr Harbour is an engineer with experience in the motor industry so he understands the implications and told us: “Most of the concerns riders have expressed with the original draft and amendments adopted by the IMCO Committee are being addressed in the current negotiations between representatives of EU governments, MEPs and the Commission. The UK Government is playing a key role in achieving a sensible solution. Agreement to the right package of safety and environmental improvements will secure the future of motorcycling for a generation.” SUMMER 2012

There are still concerns

Emissions label – bike version coming your way soon

Yes, we still have some concerns over compulsory Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and because some specific details are still unclear, we remain cautious over the extent of anti-tampering measures, but what we do not want to do is throw the baby out with the bath water and just appear as reactionaries who refuse to move with the times. A full briefing on Type Approval and the BMF’s position can be found at: briefing_room.php?fullstory=1073 Of course, if we had more money we could do more. By you becoming an Individual Member of the BMF under our club member scheme, you can join via your club and save £5 on the £26 standard rate while the HOC gets £5 for every member they sign up. You get a regular copy of our magazine Motorcycle Rider and the BMF benefits by increasing its revenue. Contact your club secretary for details. Safe Riding

Bikes are part of the solution Further, the man responsible for steering the legislation through the European Parliament, Dutch motorcycling MEP and IMCO Rapporteur Wim van de Camp, said that “Motorcycles will increase urban mobility, use less space, waste less energy and have a reduced level of emissions” adding that “riding a motorbike will become greener and safer.” While the BMF has its concerns, namely over ABS and anti-tampering proposals, there are positive things in this legislation that we welcome. The publication of emissions levels will help in proving the benefits of bike use. For too long motorcycles have lagged behind clean technologies and have become the poor relations in relation to green incentives such as zero road tax, this will help in putting that right. Owners and workshops will also get universal access to currently restricted repair and maintenance information and also On Board Diagnostics (OBD), something common on all modern cars. This will be of benefit to all of us and not be the ‘spy’ some say it will be. SUMMER 2012

You will still be able to build your own special (me with home brewed Triton in 1967 - eeks!)

Jeff Stone

To join the BMF as an individual, ‘phone on 0116 279 5112 or join on line at Couldn’t be easier. GOLDEN WING 49

This Honda Z50 was previously owned by John Lennon between 1969 and 1971. He used it as a fun way of getting around his estate, Tittenhurst Park in Sunningdale, Berkshire. The archive photograph was taken by the Brazilian photographer Luiz Garrido in 1969, at Tittenhurst Park showing the bike, with John Lennon in control and his son Julian as passenger. The bike was purchased by John Harington in 1971 and is still owned by the Harington family. XUC 91H is in its original condition and has not been restored or modified in any way. The Honda Z50A was introduced into the UK market 1969 where it was also known as the Mini Trail.

John and Julian Lennon riding the bike

1969 HONDA Z50A Mini Trail Specification: • Sales date: 1968-1969 • Release date: 09/12/1968 • Frame: Z50A-100001 • Engine: Z50AE-100001 • Colours: Candy Red; Silver, Bright Yellow and Silver • Engine: 4-Stroke, OHC, 49cc Single Cylinder

• Gearbox: 3 Speed, Automatic • Tire Size: Front 3.50-8, Rear 3.50-8 Clutch • Gearbox Ratios: 3.182; 1.824; • Tank Capacity: 0.7 Gallons 1.190 • bhp/rpm: 1.95/5,000 • Top Speed: 25 mph • Bore & Stroke: 39 x 41.4 • Compression: 8.8:1

• Fuel Tank is 2-tone; Chrome Mudguards • Black Grips and Black Plastic Levers • Stopped being imported into the UK in 1972 50 GOLDEN WING




Biker wedding in Norfolk By Dave

White Norfolk Branch

Last year Sue and I received an email from Erica from the Forum where two people - Leni and Nick - were desperately trying to find a group of bikers willing to “Get the Groom and two Best Men to the Wedding on time”. The wedding was to take place in Norfolk on Saturday 28th April 2012. We were very quickly in touch with Lee-Ann Leni - to discuss further. She was thrilled that HOC had come up trumps but wanted to arrange things in secret so that this was going to be a surprise for the Groom and Best Men on the day. We arranged for Leni and Nick to meet the Branch to meet at Boughton House at the HOC 50th event and they were also persuaded to join HOC - the Bedfordshire Branch. Plans were laid throughout the Winter. Leni also learned about the Branch support for our local charity - the Quidenham Children’s Hospice and very generously she and Nick decided to donate the money they would have spent on wedding favours to this good cause instead. She also promised food on the day of their wedding for the Branch - well need we say more!!!! So Saturday 28th finally dawned - 13 of the Branch braved the rain, clouds, cold and VERY 52 GOLDEN WING

greasy roads. We had a brill turn out for Leni and Nick - Geoff, Pat, Jenny, Roy, Lesley and Jonathan joined Sue and I at East Anglia Scooters in Fincham for a warm up and a coffee before we set off to leave Pay and Lesley at the Red Barn - a superb Elizabethan Barn with the most beautiful interior. We quickly returned to find that Rob, Tony, Penny, John K and Margaret had arrived. After some time chatting with the guy who rebuilds, restores and runs Vespas and Lambrettas (selling for £6000 or so these days with the paint jobs, lights etc !!!!) it came round to the time to decorate the bikes. Typically it started to drizzle heavily at this point!!! Thanks must go to Margaret for showing us all which tapes to pull to make the ribbons bunch in to flowers - they looked tons better than just tieing them on!!! We nipped the 400 yards round the corner to the Timber Motel where we met Nick along with Richard and Nick B. They disappeared SUMMER 2012

to get their waterproofs on so we grabbed the opportunity to go inside the Motel and lurk near their lovely fire. After about 20 minutes the Groom and his two Best Men returned and so we set off for the venue. We rode the 4.5 miles to the Red Barn - MANY thanks again go to Geoff, Jonathan and Roy this time for taking the groom and best men as pillion. Thanks also to Lesley and Pat for being OK about staying at the venue for an hour while we did up the bikes etc - mind you there is a rumour that they were given coffees and a warm room while we were away!!!! As we rode-in the photographer took pictures and then got them of us plus the bikes with Nick, the best men and also Leni etc etc. I also noticed that he set the pictures of their wedding rings against Roy’s bike’s petrol tank for effect. We dumped our bits in the gazebo and waited for Leni to arrive - which she did sitting inside a tractor cab. Her wellies were colourcoordinated with her dress and she was able to show them off well as she clambered down from the cab. We had a stunning lunch provided by Leni and Nick - that special pork pie that they found for us was awesome and the desserts.....mmmmm!!!! After seeing the registrar, Leni and Nick went to enter the Red Barn. We all followed on behind and watched their very touching ceremony. We all thought that their cake was superb - a Honda Fireblade and a tractor on top. After the ceremony and some photos we rearranged the bikes outside so that Leni and Nick could have them as a backdrop for the presenting of the cheque for Quidenham - a stunning £150. After that the bride and groom had their photos taken with them on Roy’s bike. Then lots of the children had their pictures taken sitting on some of the bikes too and looking VERY proud - with several dads looking longingly at the bikes too. Leni and Nick both thanked us many times for making the effort and coming out on such a miserable damp day. We all started to head off to our various homes after a really good fun bit of biking. Sue and I sent Leni and Nick a wedding card on behalf of the Branch with our logo pasted inside - we know they got the card but had not opened it when we spoke to them. The photos show what a special day this made for the Bride and Groom and we had such a fun time doing this.



Thanks to everyone who displayed their bikes and helped at the BMF Show It was hard work, but great fun (especially the evenings!) and we couldn’t have done it without you





Duke Road Race Rankings Newcomer Award presented for first time A star-studded audience of motorcycle sport’s biggest names was on hand to watch the 2011 Duke Road Race Rankings awards being presented. Duke Managing Director Peter Duke handed over the prestigious Geoff Duke Trophy - named after his illustrious, multi-World Champion father - to the 2011 rankings winner Ryan Farquhar.

Ryan Farquhar recieves the Geoff Duke Trophy

He also presented the Duke Road Race Rankings Newcomer Award to Ronan Pentony, whose performances on the roads during 2011 ensured he was the topplaced new name in the rankings. It is the first time the rankings has featured an award for newcomers. The presentations were made on stage at the Adelaide Motorcycle Awards in Belfast on Friday (January 20), in front of a 500-strong audience which included leading racing names such as reigning British Superbike Champion Tommy Hill, reigning British Supersport Champion Alastair Seeley, World Superbike race winner Eugene Laverty and road racing greats John McGuinness, Phillip McCallen and Steven Cull, the latest entry to the Bridgestone Hall of Fame. Mr Duke said: “We were delighted to once again be asked to present the Geoff Duke Trophy at the Adelaide Motorcycle Awards, which is rightly regarded as one of 56 GOLDEN WING

the leading off-season events in the motorcycling world. “The Duke Road Race Rankings were established more than a decade ago to recognise the dedication of true ‘between-thehedges’ racers, ensuring their commitment to pure road racing events was acknowledged. “The Geoff Duke Trophy is now regarded as one of the great accolades in road racing and the rankings are hotly contested every year – not least in 2011 when Ryan Farquhar was chased all the way by Dunlop brothers Michael and William. “It was, as ever, wonderful to see the reception winner Ryan received from the other greats of motorcycle racing during the presentation, and to be able to recognise one of road racing’s new stars in Ronan.” Dungannon’s Ryan is no stranger to the Duke Road Race Rankings – 2011 was the sixth time overall, and fourth time in a row, he has claimed victory in the series, which features international road race meetings like the TT and North West 200 alongside smaller events such as Skerries and Walderstown.

After his 2010 win, Ryan was allowed to keep the original Geoff Duke Trophy, meaning it was a specially commissioned new trophy which he was handed at the Adelaide Motorcycle Awards. Ronan, of Drogheda, finished the season 10th overall in the Duke Road Race Rankings after a year which saw him take three race victories and 15 other podiums. His trophy was a replica of the now famous glass ball which sits atop the Geoff Duke Trophy. Both were delighted with their awards, a humble Ryan dismissing suggestions he could retain the rankings title for an incredible fifth year in a row and Ronan suggesting his award could see his racing programme for 2012 expanded. Mr Duke said the Duke Road Racing Rankings continues to go from strength-to-strength. He explained: “The addition of the Macau Grand Prix in 2010 took the rankings beyond the British Isles and proved exceptionally successful. We are hopeful of announcing the rankings will become even more international in 2012 during the coming weeks.” Other awards handed out on the night included the Red Bull Young Rider of the Year (John Simpson), Black Horse Short Circuit Rider of the Year (Eugene Laverty), IFS Global Logistics Road Racer of the Year (Michael Dunlop) and the Enkalon Irish Motorcyclist of the Year, which went to Alastair Seeley.

Ronan Pentony is presented with the Newcomer Award SUMMER 2012

Sound Investment There’s a good reason why the CBR600RR is one of the most popular sports bikes on the planet. In fact there are many; race-proven pedigree, unrivalled build quality and unparalleled reliability to name just a few. And then of course there’s Honda’s revolutionary C- ABS system. Now there are two more good reasons; 3 Years 0%

APR representative and, for a limited time,

upgrade to an Akrapovic end can for just £99. Sound good? It sure will! Visit or call 0845 200 8000 to find out more.

Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to CBR600RR/RA ordered new and registered from 01 July 2012. Offer applicable at participating dealers and is at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Offer applies to personal loan finance. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over subject to status. £99 Akrapovic exhaust end can offer applies to CBR600RR/RA registered from 01 July 2012. £99 includes VAT and fitting. Offer applicable at participating dealers and is at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to availability. No cash alternative will be offered. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Promoter is Honda (UK), 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.


Honda Owners Club

National Rally 2012 Friday - Monday 21-24 September 2012

The 2012 Honda Owners Club National Rally is taking place in Berwickshire, on the east coast of Scotland, where the Park soaks up spectacular wide views of the sandy beach, seaside resort and fishing port of Eyemouth. Eyemouth Holiday Park is right next to the beach, with an All-Weather Sports Court and outdoor play area. It is also situated in one of the most picturesque areas of Scotland, with fantastic roads and great places to visit. The busy weekend includes*: • a welcome ‘get to know you’ party and FREE buffet on Friday night • excellent day run around the area, with an interesting visit and lunch on Saturday • live music and bar on Saturday night • shorter ride and possibly test-rides on Sunday • quiz on Sunday night.

L L U F Y L L A R * Itinerary subject to change as necessary.

All evening entertainment will be separate from the other holiday makers in our own venue, the cost of which is included in the accommodation prices. The Northumbria and Scotland Branches are organising the event this year and it is open to paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club only.

ALL caravans have been taken and there is NO space left, sorry Numbers are limited by what the venue can legally take - we have reached that limit! If you haven’t booked you wont get in 58 GOLDEN WING


Honda Owners Club

Rally Clothing Order There is a range of National Rally clothing to choose from:

Sweatshirt - £14.99 Polo Shirt - £12.99 T-shirt - £9.99 All clothing has the National Rally logo embroidered on the left breast. They’re only available in light grey. Please state your chest (in inches or cm) or dress size when ordering - if in doubt, please ask T-shirt image is for illustrative purposes only, colour and final design may vary.

Orders for clothing MUST be received by

Friday 31st August 2012 Please order me: T-shirts: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity:

Name: Address: Post Code:

Polo shirts: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Sweatshirts: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity: Size: Quantity:

Tel No.: E-mail: Branch: Membership Number: TOTAL COST £

Please enter your chest (inches or cm) or dress size, so that the correct size can be ordered. Cheques made payable to “Honda Owners Club (GB)”

Either complete this Clothing Form and send it with payment to: HOC National Rally 2011, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE or purchase on-line at Questions? Contact Ruth on 077604 15347 or


clothing is ONLY available for collection at the national rally




Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


t the last time of writing we were enjoying a balmy start to the year and we were making plans for various runs and events. So much for optimism! Since that time we have had to cancel several runs due to the exceptionally inclement weather. Though, erring on the side of caution, and with a pessimistic weather forecast, we decided to cancel last Sunday’s run to Wiltshire, only to have a fine day with no rain until the evening! Hey Ho, you can’t always call it right.

Now this is a tunnel!

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING


This took a BIG bomb

Eperlecques and Mimoyecques is almost beyond belief. It was also an eye opener to see first-hand the damage a 10 ton “Tallboy” bomb can inflict. I’ve used explosives on concrete, but to see a huge slab 16’ thick and weighing hundreds, if not thousands of tons split and shifted 2’ left me shaken and stirred! Needless to say we also freely partook of the local food and wine in the old town of Boulogne and together with a comfortable hotel had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Well done Tim!

In between the cancellations Tim arranged and led our “rocket tour” for 18 of us to France. We were blessed with fantastic weather for the weekend and after disembarking from the Chunnel spent a sun soaked couple of days based in Boulogne and visiting the V1, V2 and V3, (I didn’t know about that one!) sites. The scale of the engineering that went into these installations is awe inspiring and the volume of concrete poured into the oxygen production and V2 assembly plant at Blockhaus, and the extent of the tunnelling at

And a huge lump of concrete!

On April 1st Beds Branch had a stand at the Motorcycling Matters ride free event at Ampthill in Bedfordshire. My thanks to Jax, Brian, Glen and Steve for all their help in setting up, manning, and eventually taking down, the Gazebo. We didn’t sign anybody up on the day (we need an Erica or a Rona!) but we handed out a few membership forms and let people know we exist! After the disappointment of the cancellation of the Wilts Rally at the beginning of May we were on tenterhooks for our own Clapper Rally at the end of the month. There is a separate article on this event elsewhere. In the meantime we are continuing to get a good turnout at our weekly meetings and looking forward to getting some dry mileage on the bikes! If you are in the Bedfordshire area why not pop down to see us one Wednesday evening and see what you are missing! All the best,

Graham • • • SUMMER 2012


Birmingham Secretary: Nick Parton - 0121 603 8983


ur first official ride of the season was to Grindleford cafe on 15th April. It was a cold day (as Dave said it was like pearl harbour, there was a Nip in the air!) but bright and clear, perfect! Seven bikes met at the Bassets pole and we were away. We took off along the A38, picking up the A515 through Fradley to Yoxall.

Then the Highways agency struck, with a very pretty diversion that took us to Abbots Bromley and abandoned us. No more signs, perhaps someone cashed them in as scrap metal? (The price is favourable at the moment). Trusty Tom Tom came to the rescue and took us down some lovely lanes we may never have found, and indeed would

never find again. The piece de resistance was a 3ft wide lane with a 2ft wide strip of grass growing through it. The incline was about 3:10, otherwise known as hope and pray. There was a strategically placed skip on a bend that nearly had a Dave our leader in it. However when we reached the top the view over the Derbyshire Dales

was breathtaking and well worth the climb. Trusty Tom Tom eventually put us back on track and we arrived at Grindleford for our Pints of tea and Dustbin lid size plates of food. Warmed us up nicely. On the way back we decided to pop into Matlock for an icecream (Remember the single figure temperatures, who said bikers are barmy?) We weren’t on our own as Matlock was heaving with bikes just like a midsummer’s Day. After a bit of dodgy pavement parking, we fetched our ice-creams in groups with someone keeping lookout for traffic vultures at all times. It was worth it, the ice-cream was lovely.  The day was drawing to a close and it was time to make our way home, with full bellies and happy hearts. It was a lovely start to the season. Good Roads, Good food, Good Friends. A few weeks prior to our official first ride a hardy few of the Birmingham club joined the Three Shires and others for the annual S’no Rally.

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING


A very cold weekend in February meant that we would have been actually warmer sleeping in a fridge but the weather was great for the Saturday ride out and two very cosy evenings shared in the Blacksmiths Arms. Thanks to JPR for his Sloe Gin which certainly warmed our cockles! Just to remind everyone that we have new venue for our Rally this year; Handsworth Rugby club on the A34, a mile past Junction 7 M6 heading towards Walsall.

We hope to see as many faces old and new and pray for favourable weather. It’s taking place on the 13th -15th July 2012 and the cost is £25.00 per head to include camping on both nights, breakfast baps on Saturday and Sunday morning and our famous Saturday night BBQ. If you have any questions, or just to let us know you are coming (It helps for catering purposes) contact AnneMarie on 07947 650 621 or

We are also looking forward to some upcoming events; our annual weekend away from the 8th June to 10th June which will be in Hastings this year and a mystery ride to be lead by Nigel on the 24th June - all are very welcome to join us. More details can be found on our website uk/events.html

Nick • • • SUMMER 2012



Contact: Pete Casling - 01454 416417


i everybody! Well, it’s been a little bit quiet here lately, as far as Bristol branch activities go. The only event advertised that’s taken place so far this year has been the previously postponed Bath Ghost Walk. We met up first for a pub meal on the outskirts of Bath, before heading into the city and the rendezvous point for the walk. Apart from us HOC members (plus friends and relatives), there were several other members of the public joining this guided walk on a starlit evening. The guide was really quite a character. I could imagine he’s a ‘resting’ thespian earning a bit extra while out of work! He took us around some of the historic areas of Georgian Bath, to locations of reported ghost sightings and other spooky goings-on, and told the stories to go with them. A comical moment was when in the virtual pitch-darkness, he tried to get everyone to huddle together under an overhanging tree in an attempt to encourage out a ghost! It didn’t work! Neither did the photos! Since that evening there’s not been a lot happening HOC-wise. Unfortunately that’s partly due to illness and injury which has prevented a couple of members participating for a while. The ‘injury’ is one member (he’ll remain nameless here) having what really ought to have been just a minor spill off his bike. Unfortunately he made a bigger mess of his right leg than he did to his bike! Needless to say, he won’t be riding again until the summer at the earliest. Even so, despite his injuries, he’s still managed to get a lift along to branch meetings (hint, hint!), along with his crutches! During that lovely hot weather we had in March, before the April deluge (!), I noticed South Wales branch has scheduled a ride to Skenfrith Castle (near Monmouth). Fancying a ride, I enquired what time they might arrive there, in the hope meeting up with them. Well, that ended up with me meeting them at Severn View services, and from there leading them on a ride around the southern Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean! For a change, I took out my CX500, which was quite suited to some of the twisty and hilly roads we encountered, and it turned out to be an enjoyable day, apart from the very long wait for our food at Staverton Aerodrome. Sadly the inter-branch skittles we were looking forward to losing again was a non-event (though not all due to us). Maybe we’ll have it later in the year, if there’s enough interest. Also, several other scheduled events since haven’t taken place due to the above situation. It’s still my plan to have a stand at the Bristol Bike Show in August (probably been and gone, by the time you read this). Wiltshire branch have offered assistance, so even if there’s no Bristol members volunteering to help, we can still do it. Thanks Ian & co. The show will hopefully attract some new blood into Bristol branch (and Wiltshire) to keep it going. Sorry for the lack of photos, but I think you’ll understand why. Regards,


• • • 64 GOLDEN WING


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


rust you are all well and not rained out - what a spring! It started well but just went down hill to a hosepipe ban - cue the heavens open! So what has Cambs been up to? Well we have enjoyed a few ride outs despite the weather and petrol shortage. We had a ride out to one of our favourite haunts - Finchingfield nr Saffron Walden - 6 bikes taking the ride through the countryside in the sunshine - after a cuppa and cake 2 headed off to Duxford with the rest of us riding round the lanes to home. A mothers day ride was a bit of a wash out so 4 of us took the car to Wells for fish and chips. We enjoyed a ride to Thaxted led by Stephen Stackhouse through 5 counties - Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Bedfordshire - we had lunch in Thaxted at a lovely little pub we found - we stopped in Newmarket for a drink before making our separate ways home. 5 bikes attended the launch day at John Banks Honda in Bury St Edmunds for the Crosstourer - Paul and myself and Roger and Nina tried the bike - a lovely bike, good ride, comfortable - a definite yes from us. 7 of us went on holiday to Spain taking the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao - it was not good weather when we arrived - we stayed the night at Burgos and the Sunday was worse - only 1 degree! it got warmer to further into Spain we got and by the time we got to Torrevieja it was 22 degrees. We enjoyed some lovely mountain scenery, the delights of Benidorm, Guadalest, Guardamar, Alicante and Santa Pola - the return journey was hot and by the time we got to Zaragoza it was 32 degrees! We stayed over night at Zaragoza then headed back to Bilbao where it was dull and overcast again to catch the ferry home - a good time was had by all. Hope to catch up with you all soon. Take care, love,


• • • SUMMER 2012



Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272 April Fool’s Day run to Goodwood Circuit We met at 8am at the A31 diner then waited for Daz to arrive running on fumes. There were 5 bikes here we picked up Bev & Ian at Ower. The five were Me, Sid & Barb, Clive (he was the first there) Daz (eventually) & guest rider Lucinda (1 of the Poole Quay Marshalls). This was always going to be a will they, won’t they run due to the fuel situation in Dorset at the time. For a change Hondas actually outnumbered the other makes, 4 Hondas 2 Suzuki’s. We left the diner about 8:15 went through Wimborne and on to the Cranborne road as far as Horton. At the Horton inn we turned right to Ashley Cross and back onto the A31 past Ringwood and to the M27 exiting at the first junction to Romsey pulling into Ower services to collect Bev and her chauffeur, Ian. Although it was a bright morning it was deceptively cold especially if you only put summer gloves on!!!! (Spare Gloves Trev!!) From Ower we set of through Romsey picking up the A3090 to Winchester then picking up the M3 for a short hop up to the A272 to Petersfield. We managed quite a good pace & were soon at Loomies for Breakfast & a warm up. After brekkie we continued on the 272 to Petersfield & then Midhurst, turning of just before Midhurst & on to Goodwood Circuit. Had another coffee & a look round at the other stuff there Clive being a farmer especially liked the tractor!!!!! We also nearly lost him on the route due to him looking at fields………………….. Once we had had enough of that we set off again in search of the Hindhead tunnel with the aid of my trusty Garmin??? (We need to sack Trev’s sat nav…………………………) This was a bit of a mystery tour Lucinda left the ride at Midhurst to get back for work. We found Hindhead and I think we found the Devils Punch Bowl although we only turned round there sacked the Garmin & used the road signs to find the tunnel. Rode both ways through the tunnel then stayed on the A3 back to Petersfield the up to West Meon Hut more Beverages. All refuelled then Sid led the ride back through Winchester to Stockbridge then Salisbury the ride ended at Blandford. Great day out with good company and the obligatory car park turnaround! Six of us went to The Isle of Wight at the end of April and met up with Erica and Gerald from Oxford and also Norman’s group from Somerset. The weather started of sunny and then descended into a soggy mess, so the proposed rideout was cancelled so we went round the island on the top deck of a bus!!! Sunday was no better so we watched the Moto GP and played many games of snooker. Monday on the way home of course was sunny and dry. All in all a fab weekend with good company and good food.

Bev • • • 66 GOLDEN WING


Dorset Rally

August Bank Holiday

25th-27th August 2011 Bruce Arms

Easton Royal Pewsey SN9 5LR No need to book - plenty of space as we have our own field Contact Bev on 07757 647272 or e-mail for more information



East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Skittles, Coach & Horses February 25th It’s that time of year again, when the competitive spirit rises and we head off to the skittle alley for a wood splintering evening of entertainment. The turnout was not quite as good as on previous occasions, but still fairly well attended with a new member (Howard) and friend (Keith) turning up to join us. The prize for highest scoring female went to a well deserving Di, for which she received a bottle of wine and the prize for the highest scoring male went to the friend of our new comer Howard, Keith, who also received a bottle of wine.

Wales Ride-out - April 1st We had a fantastic ride out to Wales on 1 April. Four bikes set out on a cold but nice morning from McDonalds at Ashby de la Zouch with Aberystwyth as our destination. We followed the M42 and M5 and took the exit at Droitwich Spa. From there, the pleasure started. A4133, A443 until Great Whitley, B4197, A44 to Leominster, where we found a fantastic biker café. It’s called DOM’S BIKE STOP, on the A44, Bromyard Road, Leominster HR6 0NA.

Breakfast at DOM’s

Di, female winner & Keith, male winner

To finish the night off we had a game of Killer (4 corners) with everyone paying £1 to enter. The result was Howard blitzing us all and walking off with the pot. Well it was a good night the new boys, unfortunately we must have done something to frighten them off as we haven’t seen them since.

We enjoyed a very nice breakfast there, before continuing the journey towards our Welsh coastal destination. After a nice break (some guys had an ice-cream) in Aberystwyth, we followed the A487 to Dolgellau and Trawsfynydd, A4212 to Bala, A494 and A5 to Llangollen where we stopped for another bite to eat, before heading home via Stafford. We did approx. 390 miles in 11 hours including all the stops. We had a great time!

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING


Ace Café - April 15th Five of our branch made it down to the Ace Café Honda Day, unfortunately Steve and I had to use the 4 wheeled mode of transport. It was great to see so many familiar faces (and bikes), the first time that we have seen many people since last year.

MCN Weekend, Butlins Skegness - April 20th to 23rd Well, here it is again, a weekend of Bikes, Booze and Boogying, although due to Steve’s slight incapacitation we thought better of trying to do all 3 nights and took a sedate drive up on Saturday. Saturday night as usual saw a variety of fancy dress costumes ranging from the outlandish to the ridiculous. The bands were well worth going to see with Mercury, one of the best Queen tribute bands that I have ever seen, giving their usual brilliant performance.

Guess Who Here’s Freddy

Sunday as always was a bit more sedate, but nevertheless, still some very good music going on. The band of choice being Bonjiovi.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the weekend, and to those who we met up with occasionally, it was brilliant as ever.


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

• • • SUMMER 2012



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


e have had a mixed start weather wise to this biking year. I was actually camping in dry sunny weather at the Moonshiners rally in March and we also enjoyed good weather at Mablethorpe Bike Festival. It all changed for April after the drought order was issued and people moaned about the lack of rain, I say be careful what you wish for. On the 8th April we took part in the Three Shires Branch Easter Egg Run to the Sheffield Children’s hospital. The run was again led by James Toseland. This year he also had his lovely fiancée Katie Melua with him. To date Martin and I have made it to both Chairman’s Challenges. The first one was at the Ace Café Honda day and the second at the OK Diner at Leominster. Martin has been enjoying wearing his new highviz vest with ‘Polite Notice Think Bike’ across the back. By the reaction of some motorists he has definitely been seen. Lorrie, Martin and I went to the BMF Show and I actually spent some money. Again the HOC stand was a credit to the club. A big thank you to all the club members who made it happen over a cold weekend. The Lincolnshire Bike Nights continue to be very popular. For the first time we went to the Spilsby Bike Night. The whole of the village centre was given over to bikers with good bands and the pubs and cafés received a welcome boost to trade.

Three Shires Egg Run

An aspiring biker

Katie Melua chats to one of the egg run participants

There was Superman, the Stig & Batman

The Easter Bunny came too

John Another super hero on the run

Katie rtunity with Photo oppo es Toseland m Ja & a Melu

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING



oying a Martin & Lorrie enj Café break in the HOC

Display outside

A ‘Liverpudlian’ monkey bike owner

The very welcome HOC Café Prize winning 125


Inside the HOC marquee

Spilsby Bike Night

Spilsby is tak en over by bik ers The band

Mablethorpe Bike Festival

Martin rode Lorrie’ s 400 to the show

Martin receives his winners certificate for the 2011 Chairman’s Challenge

a 750 four Very tidy Hond

Town cryer got a lift on a trike

Martin is a ’Polite’ biker

• • • SUMMER 2012



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


ollowing my last report where it had been somewhat quiet in Kent, we have since had a fairly active 2012 with lots more to come. So, Kent members who would like to join us please do get in touch with me and join us on some of our rides. We have about 80 members in Kent but have only met about 30 and our rides generally include about 8/10 riders plus a couple of non members who seem to enjoy our company. So please, do get in contact with me, even if only for a chat. We began the year expecting to go to MCN Live at Excel but this was snowed off for biking although some members drove there. We attended a Nick Sanders open evening curtesy of Bike Shop Faversham in Ashford and a Biker Down event put on by the Kent Fire Service in Ashford. Three of us attended the Sunbeam Pioneer Run from Epson to Brighton and this was an opportunity for Nick H to show us his beautiful new special based on a CBX6 engine in a Ducati / Triumph based chassis. This bike is really a work of art, the finish is superb. This is a special which is added to his collection of superb standard bikes including another CBX6. And they are all ridden. We made our now customly visit to Fairlawn Childrens Home

in Ashford as an Easter Egg run and followed this with a visit to the Blue and White Café to the east of Ashford on the A20. On Easter Monday we had a wet ride to Southend for the Ace Southend Shakedown, but we do not use the route of the Ace riders, preferring a more scenic route through to Chipping Ongar and Chelmesford, well away from a direct route. The roads were somewhat quiet and when we arrived in Southend the attendees were few and far. The local businesses and stallholders must have been truely disappointed with the turnout that day, clearly due to the poor weather. Next we made a trip to Haslemere Fire Station for their now familier safety event. North Downs HOC attended this event. The weather was foul and downpours aplenty. Next on the diary was the May Day Hastings run, again a fairly poor turn out of bikers but at least there were a good number of other visitors walking around so local businesses would have done quite well. Our lunch stop at the Mermaid for fish and chips was a little awkward as just when they brought the food out to our pavement table the skies opened, heavily. The waitresses were quick to bring out table umbrellas.

The boys at Bodiam Castle

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING


HOC at Batemans

Lastly, we had a ride out on Sunday when a new leader emerged. Dave O had agreed to take us on a ride around parts of Sussex we have not ridden before. Dave lives in east Sussex so knows roads we are not so familier with. It was his first ‘lead’ and he lead well, riding at a reasonable pace but so that we could also enjoy the scenery. It’s not all about blasting around at breakneck speeds which other bikers seem to want to do. I would like to thank Mike O for leading several of our rides and a continuous thank you to Pauline for managing the website so ably. Our member Nigel B has decided to buy a new bike, an MV1000F4RR, see website, just so he can keep his miles down on his 1998 CBR6F which has only done 100,000 miles with no major problems, nor regular servicing! Congratulations Nigel. Also, John A, who sold his CB13S to puchase a new Tenere 1200 last year, so missed his Honda he then brought it back off the dealer. Love is! Coming up in June we have a visit to Suffolk to meet Bill and Julie Brown, who reformed the Kent Branch some five or six years ago then moved away to a more quiet part of the country. We then have our Matlock, Derbyshire weekend planned by Pauline and John A. and then several more. We are still planning some events for the second half of the year to fill in gaps but this will be as active, if not moreso, than the first half.

We’ll probably join North London for their Hog Roast as we did last year, the change in venue should also mean a nice ride out beforehand. Would like to welcome Brian and Linda A and their friend Don K to the group as well as Mark who has recently moved down from the north. We hope you enjoy our company and the rides. I had an opportunity to ride the new NC700X recently. I was very impressed. Nice looking, low reving economical motor that looks good and is cheapish (£5,800), ideal commuter with reasonable performance too. But why still a chain drive? My thanks to 21st Moto for the loan, unfortunately another test was booked so I couldn’t have it all day as I thought I would! Then I saw they had a Crosstourer but a previous rider had apparently filled it with diesel so it wasn’t working. Nice to know there are other idiots around as I had done that not only with one of my bikes but have in the past also put petrol in my diesel car! Kent members, please get in touch, details under Branch Contacts at rear of magazine and above and below. No excuses!


• • • SUMMER 2012


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


his is the story of a journey. Not a significant journey - just a journey. It started with a joke (John - “How about if we have a men-only week in Scotland” - Judy - “Over my dead body!!” - John - “When’s the funeral?”). So, it was arranged and advertised and 7 male bikers (John, Joe, Geoff, Pete, Tony, Mark, Rob) were ready on one fine Sunday. Well, actually, it turned to rain later and only 6 turned up. “Where’s Joe?” “Ah, he’s got lost trying to find the starting point. He’s in Rochdale and will be in Bury soon”. A short while later we were all convened and ready for the off. Bacon butties consumed (Thanks Judy) and we zoomed off into the sunrise (well, we headed North). We avoided all the motorways and used nice A and B roads that Garmin could find heading for Barnard Castle. We did have a small incident 500 yards from the petrol station. Yes, one bike ran out of fuel. So, Day 3 was off to find the monster - Loch Ness a hurried trip into town to get a can (it was up hill all the way and no chance of pushing the bike) monster, of course. A nice start after a continental followed by lunch. Then, onwards to a 290 windy breakfast and good roads although cold enough and rainy mile day before falling into our hotel for for the heated grips on full. Once we’d found the the night. Another small incident, one bike fell over monster (OK, had a brew), the waterproofs came in the car park (no names, no pack drill), but was on and we rode the rest of the way trying to keep dry inside. But the views were spectacular and it soon repaired with the ubiquitous Duck Tape. Day 2 was over to Elgin. Once we’d fixed the ended up a really enjoyable day. However, the fallen bike again (you’d think he’d learned from hotel was something else. We think it’s really an last night) we all set off. The weather improved (for old peoples home. Lots of elderly grannies sitting a while) but we did have the odd snow flurry to around smelling vaguely of wee. So, next door for contend with .The roads were superb (as always food (to a nice bistro) and back for a beer before once you get past Edinburgh) and there were no bed (which ended up just the one as they bar closed at 10:30). other incidents. The views were fantastic. Once at the hotel, straight to the bar (it’s always beer o’clock somewhere), then changed and food before bed.

Day 2 Fantastic views by a loch

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


Day 3 Bistro in the evening

Day 4 - Skimpy twisty single track roads past Applecross down to the Isle of Skye. The first really nice day and we enjoyed every moment of the stunning views. The bikes were running OK now that the BMW had been topped up with water. A memorable 10oz piece of “Hielan cou” (that’s Scottish for a decent steak) was consumed along with copious glasses of Guinness before bed. Day 5 - across to Skye. “How much for the ferry?” “£11.00 each”.”How much????” So instead of half of Skye, we did ALL of it (and probably spent just as much on petrol). But as always, good fun even though we had another wet ride as our prospect. We ended up in Inverary via Crainlarich where the rain on the tops turned to snow (gauge was reading 3c).The usual evening frivolities followed (beer, food, bed) and we were all ready for day 6.

Day 6 - Down to Whitehaven. After an initial start down the back roads, we ended up heading for Glasgow and a housing estate (many thanks Garmin) before reprogramming it and doing our first travel on a motorway (boo hiss). We got off the motorway by Dumfries, and stopped at the tattiest pub I’ve ever seen. But once inside, a revelation - not only did they serve the best sandwiches in the world, the landlord was a biker (admittedly, a Harley, but it’s a bike!!). Then, rather than going home (original plan), we were having so much fun, we decided to divert to Whitehaven. Sat Nav did its normal job - got us close enough and we eventually (with the odd U turn) got to the Premier Inn for our last night away. By this time, we had our ritual down to perfection. Beer, food, bed. However, we must advise you that the car park is not biker friendly - as one dropped Pan can testify (big bike - little legs - bad camber). And so to home - Day 7. Weather was improving all the time and by 4pm everyone was tucked up with a cup of tea (or stronger) and recounting the tales to anyone who would listen.

Day 4 Awesome views

Day 4 Dramatic twisties

• • • SUMMER 2012




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


o say this is late would be a bit of an understatement! It is now 10.45 on Sunday 20th May and I am sat staring into space, I’ve got writers block, John has gone out for a pint with his mate so I’ve had to resort to Smirnoff for inspiration. This all started when Kim rang at 8.30 tonight saying she’d done her write up and I said what write up, OH S***!! I’d been so busy trying to finish projects in the house ready for TT which starts next weekend, it had totally gone out of my head. Which is a bit rich when at our monthly meeting on Tuesday just gone I’d reminded Kim about her section of the write up. What can I say, its not every day you get new floor covering in your kitchen, I’ve only waited nearly 8 years but that’s another story. So, back to real life and Kim’s write up on their trip across to a music festival on the VFR and her first trip off Island

on two wheels with Ian (well done Kim), Plus, the write up on the Ramsey Bowling Challenge which unfortunately John & I couldn’t make as due to circumstances the date was changed to the 12th May and we were already booked up to attend the Northwich Thundersprint. So, although we missed it, Douglas and Callum, Kim & Ian’s sons couldn’t make it (apparently not street cred to be seen out with BMW owners), that just left Kim, Ian, James and his partner Mary representing the HOC against 12 of them. (Oh how could you doubt, of course we thrashed them, see Kim’s bit.) Whilst Kim and Ian were ‘abroad’ John & I spent the weekend at the Big Wheel Blues Festival in Laxey. We packed a picnic and caught the electric railway on Saturday afternoon and just chilled out in the Glen gardens by the acoustic stage all

Brian Glover on a 250 C163 at The Thundersprint

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


afternoon. The weather was perfect and so was the company, I even got a suntan. We went back in the car for the evening session when the headline act was Mud Morganfield, Muddy Waters eldest son. Sunday saw us back but inside, well it was weeing down, and for the evening session we went on the bus for a change to see Buddy Whittington, an ex John Mayall bluesbreaker. Won’t use the bus again unless we’re really desperate, where do these idiots come from? All in all a fantastic weekend away from the norm. Chatting about the Thundersprint after having been there 3 times; John had never had the time to fit it in: and how it was always brilliant, we just had to get there together. I don’t know where the other branches were but the M.O.B. had a great time, so much so that John wants to go for the whole weekend next year to see more events and spend more time mooching round the paddock. Whilst there this time we met up with our mate, Dave Edwards racing his classic 125 Yamaha TA which

So far this years not been so great so we were looking forward to a long weekend away in the UK (we’re not part of it so it officially counts as abroad). The VFR was shod in a new set of Michelin Pilot Road 3’s, chain oiled, luggage fitted, tank polished and were ready for the off. After travelling across on the ferry with our local hero, Connor Cummins, obviously he was in the ‘posh’ part and not actually sitting next to us, we landed at Heysham, always such a pleasure!!, and took a route from Lancaster across the Trough of Bowland to Clitheroe , in 20 miles we only saw 2 cars and 4 bikes (all Manx plates taking the same twisty route) stopping off at Hebden Bridge on the way to Wath-Upon-Dearne, where they were holding their annual Folk Festival (actually in its 40th year). We stayed in a wonderful hotel called Sandygate and the owner Di was extremely friendly, as we discovered she was an ex-biker and kindly locked our bike in the cellar for the night! We were also lucky enough to be staying in the

he won his class on. He’s coming over to the Island for the pre TT classic meeting next weekend held down south on the Bilown course and then back again in August for the M.G.P riding his 250 Yam which he rode to fourth place in the classic race last year and got a silver replica! At our last monthly meet we discussed moving to a new venue, we are outgrowing the White House in Peel so the next meet will be at the Tynwald Inn in St. Johns, nice and central for the whole Island, good sized rooms and a large bike / car park! As Ian still isn’t 100% yet he’s reluctantly admitted he won’t be able to do the club stand at the Laxey Bike Show during TT this year although he is already working on ideas for next year and on that note I’ll hand you over to Kim for the rest of the news. So this is M.O.B signing off. Be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim, Ian and James

Trough of Bowland

‘honeymoon suite’ only 30 years too late, but better late than never.

• • • SUMMER 2012


Local hero, Connor Cummins, was on the boat

We had come to the festival to see Fairport Convention, they have been over to the island a few times and are friends with a local racer called Chris McGahan, who had introduced the band to Ian and I, so it was wonderful to bump into them in the pub before the gig and have a chat. The concert was brilliant and we then went back and had a glass of wine, well half a bottle each, but it was only one glass! The next day we travelled down to Leicester to visit family for a couple of days via Matlock Bath, I remember years ago the whole main street being occupied with 100s of parked bikes, only 20-30 were there the day we visited, still the coffee’s a lot better now. With perfect timing we went to yet another concert, this time in a local village hall, the events are organised by the Leicestershire Council to encourage events in villages. The group was The Churchfitters, they are from Bretton in France and I had been wanting to see them again after first hearing them at Cropredy (the Fairport Convention Festival), Peggy from Fairport asked me to say hello to Rosie the singer in The Churchfitters, as they are friends, so we had a chat and I am hoping they will come and play on the island, as she is keen to do so.

We returned home on the Monday after spending the day in Liverpool, having managed to find a car park with an area to park bikes for free, obviously well used as there were several locks left attached to the railings. There were a lot of bikes coming off the ferry, all UK plates, so obviously many people had enjoyed the Bank Holiday break on the island. Back on the ferry we were surrounded by the same bikes as going out, speaking to people they’d been off to all the extremities of the UK, like they were on giant bits of elastic all stretching out from the ferry at the same time and now all springing back to the same ships hold. The weather had been mixed (a British way of saying wet), the new tyres were really performing well, even more stable and sure footed than the old PR2’s fitted previously, We were also trying out some new anti mist visor spray called Salclear, this stuff works well, better than any we’ve tried before (I’m not just saying that because its made on the island). We were only just recovered from this little trip when we had our first joint social evening with the BMW club, whom we meet up with once a month as we are both only small clubs, and after all we are all into bikes. We had organised a ten pin bowling night with a meal, and I have to say it went really well. There were 16 of us so we split into three lanes, and the food was good, only burger and chips, but very nice. It has to be said that considering there were only 4 HOC members we held our own and managed to win (much to Ian’s surprise), but it was not really a competitive evening and everyone was keen to organise another night later in the year. This has led to us composing a list of events and actually getting our act together in organising a few more social nights. Kim

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING





Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


e have, like a lot of other branches no doubt, had a really grim time with the weather for what seems like ages now. As I write the skies are grey, there is a strong breeze and it is COLD. However in spite of that, we have managed to get out and blown about. Flixton Air Museum: Despite the clocks moving forward everyone arrived on time for breakfast at Waveney Farm Shop, Wortwell - 9 bikes, 16 riders and pillions. The breakfast was - ohoh, I feel an AWESOME coming on! - pretty good, helping us to thaw from the chill air and heavy mist that signalled the prospect of a warm day ahead. Suitably refreshed, and with the sunshine now peaking through the mist, we embarked upon the monumental task of riding 3 miles to the airplane museum at Flixton. Located in the garden of a pub, Andy described how, to the casual observer, it could be mistaken for a scrap yard. However, this initial impression was quickly dispelled as only a short walk revealed all sorts of interesting artifacts and outbuildings full of Statue to all aircrews memorabilia. in World War II

Those of us with a particular regard for aircraft were captivated. Several of us had visited previously but the expansion in between times resulted in too little time to do the site justice. I suspect that many of us will be returning soon. Saddled up we set off for Aldburgh, allowing us the slightly disturbing vision of Penny taking rear facing photographs from the pillion seat whilst on the move. I can only assume that she was in practice for filming the Tour de France but the results were terrific. Our route onto Diss revealed everything that makes motorcycling great - a string of interesting (i.e. twisty and well surfaced) traffic free roads, fantastic weather, good riding companions. Mick, having recently passed his IAM test, was able to show us how it should be done. Blooms of Bressingham - the world renowned Garden Centre - weren’t fazed by the invasion of ruffty tuffty bikers, gratefully taking our cash in return for numerous cappuccinos and cake. The only potential fracas was when Mark, realised that he was too far back in the queue to be guaranteed the last piece of Victoria sponge, made a bold move towards the front and snatched his prize, the Cad. It was now late afternoon and a few more broke off for home leaving three bikes to undertake the last leg. The roads were now very clear and the pace brisk. Losing Andy in Watton as we passed his home, the final two continued until the outskirts

Flixton entrance with jets

446 Bomber Group memorial

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING


of Norwich. Here we waved cheerio to Mark and Josh and made our own way home, rounding off an excellent day and the first club ride of the year. Our next event was Leni and Nick’s wedding please read the full report elsewhere in Golden Wing. Suffice it to say that Norfolk Branch will ALWAYS help out if there is the promise of food as a reward coupled with fun!!!! The Elizabethan Barn venue was wonderful inside and warm - underfloor heating that was just SOOOOO very nice!!!!!!!

We postponed the ride to Bletchley park a few weeks ago - weeks of continual rain and high, cold winds put the dampers on that ride till - or IF - we get to summer!! Our final run of this quarter was to help our Branch Charity run their major fund-raiser. Over 1000 people walk, run and bike ride through Thetford Forest and raise money by sponsorship to support the Hospice’s wonderful work. 8 Branch members turned out early on the Sunday morning in damp, grey and cold conditions and without ANY brekkie. We were soon wearing stylish hi-viz tops and ensuring the main road crossing was safe, coupled with giving advice, support and medals

out to the riders and walkers as they returned from their up to 35 mile runs and rides. Claire, Danielle and Jess from EACH are always so pleased with our help and support and we were kept warm with teas and coffees on this chilly day. We all managed some lunch and even some free cake in the afternoon. It was great to see our 2 new members Lionel and Lynn helping out too. Everyone had a great time - it is a very worthwhile day.

At the moment we are praying for warmer weather and organising the final details of helping an 80year old lady finally have a run on a motorbike for her birthday, the Branch run to Klotten in Germany next month or the Midlands and Wales, our Lings Open Day, the HOC Roast and some of us are about to get our ferry tickets for next year’s Isle of Man TT. Before that there is of course the Snetterton round of BSB - the new track is awesome and well worth a visit. Here’s to some good riding weather in the next 3 months (PLEASE!!!). Ride safe,

Dave and Sue

• • • SUMMER 2012


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


n Sunday 11th March we met up with members of the West London Branch and rode to The Ace Café for the Classic Bike Day. We were also joined at The Ace by HOC Regalia Co-Ordinator Jennie Clarke, making it quite a multi branch meet up. After enjoying a hearty breakfast we were able to look at the many excellent bikes that were on display.

The following Sunday 18th March, we met up early on a chilly Epsom Downs to watch the start of the annual Pioneer Run to Madeira Drive, Brighton for pre-1915 machines. After all of the machines had left we headed down to Hove for breakfast at Tiffany’s Café.

A Chilly Epsom Downs

An immaculate CBX snapped at The Ace

The Honda Day at The Ace Café was brought forward this year to Sunday 15th April. Although the date clashed with the BSB Championship Round at Thruxton and the weather was a bit cool we had a pretty good turnout of HOC members. Jennie was present and the HOC shop was open selling regalia. As last year we issued certificates to best bikes in class and once again the quality of bikes was very high. Some of the superb bikes on display included a beautiful 1973 CB350F, a CBR1100 Blackbird with a CB1100R inspired paint scheme and a very rare original early 60s CR110 50cc race bike.

Very nice CL350

HOC Members enjoying the sun

Lovely CB350F at the Honda Day

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING


CB1100R inspired Blackbird Steve sampling the Honda Integra

On the 13th May a few of us met up for the VJMC classic meet at Box Hill. There were plenty of older Hondas present and I rode down on my 1972 CB350F.

1960s Honda 50cc race bike

The following Sunday on the 22nd May, the Ready to Ride safety event took place at Haslemere Fire Station. There were more exhibitors this year but unfortunately the weather forecast was not brilliant and that ultimately affected the visitor count. This year we were pitched next to Honda dealer Tippetts of Surbiton which was beneficial. Quite a few HOC members turned though and the rain held off until 14:30 when the HOC gazebo proved very useful. Once again Steve and Maureen Hill from West London helped man the stand.

CB500T spotted at Box Hill

Early 750 Four at Box Hill

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe. The HOC Stand at Haslemere


• • • SUMMER 2012


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


number of planned ride outs had to be cancelled due to the weather, loads of rain. Did someone say there was a drought around? We did still manage to do quite a bit of riding in this quarter, see below.

FEBRUARY 23rd Thursday. 1st quiz night of the year. Again we had a good turn out and loads of fun. I was the quizmaster for the night and posed a few challenging questions. We had four teams which all performed well. The end result was very close. We held a raffle in aid of MACS (micro & Anopthalmic Children’s Society). This is a society which helps the families of children born without any eyes. It provides support and guidance in a time when it is most needed, from birth onwards. We raised £100 through the raffle. I am still collecting money for this society. On the 21st June I will be riding in the Sun Challenge. Riding from Lands End, as the sunsets, to Lowestoft, getting there before the sun rises. If you feel you would like to donate money to the Society then please contact me and I will explain how you can do that. 26th Sunday. We had a ride out to Baldock for lunch. We took in great country roads before and after lunch. The weather was overcast, but stayed dry for us, which is always a bonus for us.

Run to Baldock for lunch

MARCH 11th Sunday, several of us had a ride out to the Mosquito Museum. This is a smallish Museum that they have crammed a lot into. There are several large building/hangers, which are full of aircraft and memorabilia from the Second World War onwards. This is certainly somewhere for you to visit if you are down this way. After the Museum we had lunch in Shenley Park and followed this with a ride to Dunstable Downs. It was a sunny day, which made the riding all the more better.

Fiddling with knobs at the museum

25th Sunday. Our first day trip to France. The day started off with light fog. We rode down to Folkestone in this fog that wasn’t too bad. We did expect it to get worst in the Kent countryside, but it didn’t. We had breakfast at the Euro Tunnel terminal.

Waiting for the train

• • • 84 GOLDEN WING


We boarded the train and headed to France. The fog was thicker the French side, but still not too bad. We headed to St Omer for a coffee. Instead of sitting outside around the square we had coffee inside, as it was a tad cold. After coffee we headed across country to Le Touquet for lunch. 15 miles from Le Touquet the sun quickly burnt the fog away and we spent the rest of the day in clear sunny skies. After lunch we walked down to the beach and had ice cream, lovely. We then took the coast road back up to Calais for the return train journey. A great days riding, albeit the first half was in fog. When the sun came out it made up for the poor start to the day.

lunch at Rykas Café...

and a stop at Doble’s

Enjoying the sunshine in France

APRIL 1st Sunday. Several of us had a ride out to the Bewl Water area in Kent. We rode via Edenbridge for coffee before we headed for a pub not far from Bewl Water. We had a lovely lunch there and then set off for home following more lovely Kent countryside roads.

8th Sunday. We had a long ride out to Hunstanton for a Fish & Chip lunch. The day was overcast on the run, in fact it started to rain as we approached Kings Lynn and continued to rain until we approached Hunstanton. We had a lovely Fish & Chip lunch on the sea front. It was a bit breezy there, but nothing we hardy bikers couldn’t deal with. Graham then led us away from Hunstanton and took us along some lovely roads in his old stomping ground. We didn’t know that this area was where he was brought up. The second half of the day stayed dry for us, which made the journey home very enjoyable.

Coffee at Bewl Water...

A second group of people went across to Rykas Café for bacon, egg and chips. They then headed across to Dobles for their open day.

Hunstanton for fish & chips

• • • SUMMER 2012


11th Wednesday. Late Wednesday afternoon Johns of Romford allowed me to have the new Honda Crosstourer until Friday morning. This allowed me to take the bike up to our club the following night so that everyone could have a close look and sit on it. The bike wasn’t to be launched until the following Saturday. What can I say; it goes very well and handles superbly. It is quite a high bike and so some of our members didn’t even try to sit on it. The only one fault I could find was that when it was raining the mirrors got very dirty quickly. There must be a vortex by the mirrors that whip the dirty air up and onto the mirrors. With the VFR1200 engine in it, it gets to 70MPH very very quickly. Thanks to Johns of Romford for allowing me to ride the bike and for our members to see and sit on the bike before it’s launch date. 15th Sunday. Several of us attended the Honda Day at the Ace café. There was a good gathering of HOC members there and it was nice to meet with them again. The HOC always have a good gathering there and I think I can say we all had a great day there.

MAY 1st Tuesday. 5 members went for an Adhoc ride to the Silver Ball Café on the A10. The day was overcast with damp roads. Phil and John took bacon, egg and chips in the café, this seems to be their favourite food.

The Silver Ball Café

6th Sunday. We had several members ride down to Rye in Kent for fish & chips in the “Kettle Of Fish”. We rode along countryside roads via Edenbridge where we had coffee in Costa Coffee. We continued along the countryside roads to Rye and parked up in the car park by the harbour.

Gathered at the Ace Café for the Honda Day

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING


In the car park Ducati had a trailer with some of their bikes on show. Kent Police where also holding a bike safe day. We went into the chip shop and ordered our lunch. I must say £8 for large cod and chips seemed expensive and when I saw the size of the fish I did complain only to be told that was a large cod. When Alan’s medium cod turned up it was the same size of my large cod. Work that one out. When they asked if everything was OK I did ask for the other half of my fish. They didn’t seem amused. Don’t think I will use them again.

Bike Safe at Rye harbour car park

7th Monday. 4 members took themselves off on the Ace Café Battle of Hastings run. The day was a mixture of sun and rain. I did hear that they had a great days riding and saw a huge amount of bikes in Hastings. They also took in the Fishing Museum along the sea front.

The 2nd ride out was through the Cotswolds. 2 riders went on the ride. Both groups of riders had a fantastic days riding in glorious sunshine, welcome after all the rain we have had lately. 18th Friday. Ian and my self went off to “The Old Red Lion” pub/carvery in Horseheath for lunch. We also had a chat with the Landlord there, Ian, who is also a biker and rides a Fireblade. We checked out the prices for their carvery and arranged a discount for the HOC Roast we will be holding there on Sunday 22nd July this year. Everyone is welcome to attend, just let me know you are coming and how many will be in your party. In fact contact me for details of the food on offer and the prices. 19th Saturday. The BMF show at Peterborough. 7 of us rode to the show today. The ride there was under murky shies and it did drizzle a little on the way there. Once there the skies stayed dry. We sample the tea/coffee on offer and of course Jennies cakes. Yummy. Graham was again in the tent on the membership table and of course was there on both days of the show. The numbers of people at the show seemed to be down on last year. There was again a large number of tents and stalls to look around, so plenty to see and do. A big well done to everyone from HOC (GB) who arranged and helped run the HOC tent. You all are a credit to the club.

A small snack in Hastings

13th Sunday. 2 ride outs here. 1st ride out was to Maldon for lunch and a ride out in the countryside. 6 people went on this ride and had a great days riding in very sunny weather.

Having a rest at the BMF Show

Until the next report ride safe.


• • • SUMMER 2012


Northants & MK

Secretary: Sue Beck - 07863 599992


ell how busy have we been? Very is the answer. Wednesday 29th February saw us holding our first Quiz and Chip night with our invited group from the Cambridge branch. A total of 48 people managed to cram themselves into our little pub where their brains were stretched with the questions and their tummies with the food. Stritchy was the quizmaster and the food came from Mill Road Chip shop in Wellingborough.

Yum yum, fish and chips

Saturday 17th March just happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, so to celebrate we had a run to Ireland. 9 members on 6 bikes left the Ten O’clock at 10 o’clock. It was cold and wet that day but we put on a brave face as Stritchy led us along some fast roads, some slow roads, some major roads and some very minor roads negotiating things like manure and gravel. In approximately an hour and half we arrived at our destination. The Black Horse in Ireland (a small hamlet in Bedfordshire) was very accommodating with cups of hot tea and coffee. Just after we arrived so did Steve who had taken a more direct route.

Next on our agenda was our AGM. Stritchy stepped down as Chairman and webmaster and Teresa Hooper stepped down as Treasurer. The branch thank them both for the input given over their time served. Paul Mabbutt was voted in as Chairman, Sharon Jenkins as Treasurer and Alan Denton as Webmaster. Yours truly is still Secretary. As usual the AGM didn’t last long but we managed to cover all that was on the agenda including giving donations to several charities including the HOC’s nominated one for this year NABB. Just a few days later saw a massive group led by a giant rabbit deliver Easter Eggs to the Children’s Ward at Northampton General Hospital. See separate report on this event somewhere in the magazine. 3 days later on Wednesday 11th April and 13 bikes, carrying 19 members, enjoyed a gentle bimble on our first Everyotherrun, as is traditional, to Stibbington Diner near Peterborough. We were joined by Colin (Bambi) and Ann, Gimli, Dave (Wacky Wabbit), Paul (Honey Monster), Whitey, Russ and Kev. The weather did manage to stay dry but it was very cold and overcast. Still the company and the food made up for that.

1st Everyotherrun to Stibbington Diner

St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Then we come onto to Bank Holiday, Monday 7th May. We are having a ride out to AJ’s Diner. Now as the crow flies this is 5.8 miles from the Ten O’clock but we are bikers so going from A to B

• • • 88 GOLDEN WING


involves the rest of the alphabet. My man Dan was run leader with myself as pillion on the Goldwing. What follows is a report on that eventful ride out.

May Day ride out with the emphasis being on the Mayday bit! The skies were slightly cloudy when we arrived at the Ten O’clock. There was already quite a gathering with more turning up at a steady pace. Now I should have realised this was going to be a weird day when everyone started moving about as I tried to count them. Robin was 8 then 12, oh well boys will be boys! Stritchy came over to wave us off. 19 people gathered together as the buddy system etc was explained then the 19 people mounted the 15 bikes and off we set. On towards Sywell then Holcot, Brixworth, Spratton, over Pitsford Reservoir (rain started), Ravensthorpe, East Haddon, Moulton, Northampton (although not particularly in this order). Some lovely twisty bendy roads (still raining), some faster bits, some slower bits. Then Dan said to me, over the radio, “how many bikes are with us?” quick glance from me and reply “ 3 bikes, no make that 2 bikes”. “Oh brown smelly stuff” (or words to that effect) was Dan’s response. So, with that, we pulled over and waited...and waited (in the rain)....nothing. Deciding then that we would have to turn round and back track to try and find the lost souls. None of the other bikes were radioed up (spell checker says this is spelt right) so this was our only option. Anyway we started to back track (raining still) and did manage to recover some of the gang. Found out from reliable source that one bike had broken down and Whitey had stayed with him, so the decision was made to go directly to AJ’s with the bikes we had managed to Oi!!!!! find.

We get to AJ’s eventually, wet, it’s still raining and find 4 bikes already there (this proves it’s a good idea to know where we are ending up). Off the bike, phone out of bag, check voicemails and texts. Voicemail from Whitey ,incidentally the only one who really knows what had happened. Surmises that Julian had broken down, recovery called, Whitey, being a nice guy, had waited with Julian until recovery arrived etc... Whitey then continues and finds Greg marking the junction, so far so good. Next junction and where’s the marker???? maybe he’d been beamed away to a sunny place as, yes it was raining. At this point Whitey and Greg thought “ oh bother !!!” and went home (well they were wet) All in all we only lost 3 bikes out of 15 so not too much of a disaster. Dave Richard Mick and Mick

Mickey Botters Andy and Anita

AJ’s Diner is situated inside Nene Valley Motorcycles on Leyland Trading Estate near Wellingborough. A 50’s American inspired diner which is a great place with friendly helpful staff serving good honest food all freshly cooked, this does mean you have to wait a bit as poor little Zoe does all the cooking on her own (next time we’ll pre order). Well done Julie and Bill, we will be back. The everyotherruns have been very hit and miss with the awful weather we are experiencing at present but we get out when we can. Ride safe,


• • • SUMMER 2012



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


ith lively meetings and new members joining us, the Oxford Branch is moving full steam ahead through 2012....just a little more nice sunny weather would be appreciated. So much to report on - where do I start? An excellent day was spent at Nitron Suspension in Witney to learn all about the importance of shock absorbers and how they affect your riding. Twenty five members of HOC arrived to enjoy coffee and biscuits and were then treated to a very informative morning exploring how shocks are designed, made and tested. After a lovely lunch Ben Shaughnessy of Alto Performance Racing demonstrated the suspension set up on their exciting hub centre steered racing bike - all great fun and thanks to Nitron for their hard work and warm welcome on the day.

to collect another card. The day was rounded off at Foxcombe Lodge with cakes and coffee and Jim, who had the winning hand, receiving the Tom Tom Sat Nav which had been kindly donated as 1st prize Jim receiving his prize by Mutual & Kingstone, second prize was an Oxford Bike Chain, kindly donated by Abingdon Honda and won by Claire from Wiltshire and third prize, a great biker mouse mat and coaster, donated by Ted, was won by Paul. A great day was had by all - in fact so good we are going to do another one in the Autumn! ( this space) Our meetings at Foxcombe Lodge have been such fun and we have been delighted to welcome both our friends from the Reading Branch, when SERV where telling us about their latest life saving activities and Wiltshire for our Quiz Night.

Ben demonstrating suspension set-up

Our next inter branch event was our charity Poker Run in aid of the TV&C Air Ambulance. Twenty six bikers set off from Abingdon Honda to enjoy a scenic ride around the Cotswolds, stopping at various bike dealers to look round, for coffee and

26 bikes set off from Abingdon Honda

Inter-Branch quiz night

Our local MAG members have also dropped in to say hi and we are looking forward to an update from MAG in June. We have also had very interesting visits from Ruth at Hein Gericke Eynsham telling us all about the latest touring gear and Rodney Gouch from the Castle Coombe Race Track updating us on events for 2012.

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING


One of the highlights of our year is always our Test Ride Day at Abingdon Honda. Despite Test rides a dreadfully wet week, the weather was kind to us on the day and we were all able to ride the new Cross Tourer, NC700X and all the other demonstrator bikes which were lined up for us, inbetween chatting and eating bacon butties and cake. Amongst all the activities, I mustn’t miss out our lovely ride to Croome Park in Worcester in March and our more recent ride to Dursley in Gloucester - which got no further than an excellent pub by the river where everyone enjoyed the not-very-oftenseen-at-the-moment sunshine.

Eight members went on a fun, albeit wet, Oxford trip to The Bikers Loft over Easter and had a great time. If you haven’t been to the Bikers Loft in Belgium, you must - it is a great place to stay. Basically it is two warehouses, one with sleeping quarters, shower block and where you park your bikes (great! Wake up and there is your wonderful machine, warm and dry and outside your room), the second is where they have the bands playing (they had an excellent blues/rock band which had everyone joining in!) and where you select your food from the freezers and cook it in the microwaves/deep fryers. On the Saturday a trip was taken to Dinant where there is a wonderful cathedral on the hill and Sunday to Ypres (yum yum the lovely icecream shop!). All expertly lead in the rain by Jim. The final details for our Oxford Rally at The Lower Load Inn near Tewksbury are now being cast in stone and it looks like being another fun event, enthusiastically supported by the members , with a beautiful ride out on the Saturday and our entertainer from last year returning to play for us on the Friday night and a disco on the Saturday night for all those who want to let their hair down and dance. See you there!

Time for a group piccie at Croome Park


Poker run - ready for the off!

• • • SUMMER 2012



Organiser: John Taylor

Rideout May 2012 Well now. It’s half past eight, there’s a bright yellow ball up in the sky and it’s hot outside, I wonder if I’m still in bed and dreaming. This is the day for the Scottish Honda Owners ride out. It’s never warm and sunny on a run, maybe I’ve got the dates mixed up. No, it’s today and it’s glorious, bring it on. John T had a great ride planned of about 200 miles, give or take, and the route was to take in Peebles, Selkirk, Moffat, Dumfries, Newton Stewart, The Galloway Forrest, Girvan and back to Glasgow. It was one of our more ambitious routes to date but it would cover some great roads and some fantastic scenery. As I live in the West of Scotland, most of my riding is done in the West, North and sometimes in the East. It is very occasionally I venture to the South, I don’t know why as the roads are excellent and if you keep within the legal limits the police are tolerant too. Anyway, more about the ride. We met as usual at the MacDonald’s at the Showcase Cinema for 10.30 am on the last Sunday of the month. John, his wife, pillion and conscience Margaret, Shelagh, Lorne and I met up and had the obligatory catch-up. There was a meeting on at Knockhill and it was such a beautiful day we thought others may have “family duties” which may have been the reason for the low attendance. We set off along the M8 for a short distance and cut off for Carluke. Once you pass Carluke the road becomes much more scenic and is a pleasant journey. We ran along the A721, passed Carstairs, through Carnwath heading for the A72 at Blythe Bridge on to Pebbles. I always like to stop in Peebles, it’s a friendly little town and no matter which day, or time of year, it’s has a busy main street with the usual shops, café’s pubs and a chip shop which sold Whippy Ice Cream, Woo-Hoo.

We all partook of an Ice Cream, some bigger than others and some were different colours too. It was so hot we had to go to the shade to eat them or they would have been sliding down our arms before we could have given them a lick. Back on the bikes we stayed on the A72 then the A702 for Selkirk. At this point we didn’t enter Selkirk but skirted round the west of it and continued along the A708 towards Moffat. This is a glorious wee road and undulates along pretty hills, villages and along St Mary’s Loch. It’s a popular road for bikers but is sometimes intimidating for bikers and drivers alike as it’s sometimes feels like a racetrack. The pleasant meander came to an unfortunate end as we came across a recent accident involving two other bikers. It was a serious accident and both bikers were hurt but were conscious and were able to talk. Some car drivers and bikers were assisting until the services came. John and Margaret gave assistance to one of the injured as he lay on the ground and the petrol from his tank flowed underneath him. Within minutes the Police in an unmarked car arrived first and were extremely proficient and helpful until the Ambulances arrived. I didn’t know where they had come from, but was pleased to see that they were there within ten to fifteen minutes. I have to raise my hat off to the Emergency Services, they are extremely professional and performed their duties with skill and compassion. After the injured were loaded into the Ambulances the Police informed us they would have to close the road to allow them to determine what had happened, so we returned back to Selkirk, where we stopped for a bite to eat. We ended up at a small café on the main street and had some great salad, cheese rolls and Paninis. We were joined by other bikers who also were turned back from the accident, I’m sure the café were happy to see us all that day.

• • • 92 GOLDEN WING


With the accident in the back of our minds and conscious of the time, we had to re-plan our route for the day. The decision was to return up the A7 towards Edinburgh, a good road, fast and flowing with nice bends and not too many towns and villages to go through. As we neared Edinburgh we joined the By-pass where Shelagh decided to cut off home to Linlithgow and see to her dogs, the rest of us (after a little detour), joined the A70 back to Carnwath. I’ve never been on this particular road but I’ll make sure I go on it again, it was great. You are on the moors with hills and forests on either side of the road which undulate up and down with sweeping bends with good vision with a couple of sharp and tricky bends to keep you on your toes. It was a blast, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be back. After Carnwath John and Margaret left to travel through Lanark and then home, Lorne and I continued to join the M8 to Glasgow where we

parted and made our way home too. I was happy and content, to travel over two hundred miles in such good company while the Sun shone all day, it was pleasantly warm, dry, no mishaps, no breakdowns (all Hondas you see), great roads and scenery, all in all a great day out. I hope Shelagh is successful in her venture on the 400 mile, Breast Way Round Charity Ride for Macmillan Cancer Research and can raise lots of funds for the Charity. Good luck Shelagh I hope the weather is kind to you. I also hope the two bikers involved in the accident are up, and walking/running around too. I dare say it reminded me how vulnerable we are when riding and even when every precaution is taken and how careful we are, accidents are never far away. A great day out, I thoroughly enjoyed it, ride safe.

John G

• • •

Members’ Help needed for

24th November to 2nd December 2012 NEC, Birmingham

Volunteers to man the stand

1992 Fireblade to display

We ask, as usual, that people do as many days as possible, but at least 2 days please, to make getting you a free pass worthwhile for the club.

Do you have a 1992 Fireblade that we can borrow for the 10 days of the show?

Pictures of HOC Events Pictures of Branch events from this year are needed to show on the TV. Please send them on cd/dvd.

It’s the Blade’s 20th anniversary this year and we’d like to celebrate one of the best bikes Honda have ever made!

If you can be of help please contact Rona & Phil Bell, as soon as possible, on 07909 830236 or SUMMER 2012


South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406


ell, after a warm and bright start to the season, the weather has let us down big time. We have had to cancel a few rideouts because of the terrible weather, but we have managed to get out a few times. We had a very enjoyable rideout to Skenfrith in March led by Pete Casling from Bristol Branch. It was a fantastic sunny day and we stopped off at Gloucester Airport for a spot of lunch in the sunshine.

That wall doesn’t look very safe

Terry, Lyn and Steve tuck into lunch

The castle itself, although a bit of a ruin was very interesting and we had a really good day out. Thanks again, Pete!

That’s a sight you don’t see often!

• • • 94 GOLDEN WING


The gang at Skenfrith

This was the first rideout we’d been able to get for a very long time and the bike had been cwtched up in the garage for some time. Out of embarrassment, Gareth felt he just had to clean it before we went out. Is that a nailbrush in his hand? At the end of March Lesley had an important birthday. (I’m not going to tell you how important!) A surprise party was held at a Bridgend pub and we were all invited. The look on her face as she came in was incredible. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it. Well done to Mick and Ang for all the organising and keeping it such a secret. We’ve got Builth Fest 2012 coming up in a couple of weeks. We’re also off to the New Forest for a long weekend in June. Hope the weather stays fine! Our main holiday this year is to Germany. Terry and Lyn have been organising it and

it all looks very exciting. We are travelling there over two days, staying in the middle Rhine area and then travelling back over two days at the end. Not too long to wait now. I’m getting very excited! So there should be lots to report in the next edition of Golden Wing. Take care and have a great summer.


Lesley’s birthday... what a ramshackle bunch

• • • SUMMER 2012


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GOLDEN WING 97 19/8/11 17:33:39

West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


fter the culinary delights of Come Dine With Us at Tony’s we downgraded to Malcolm’s cheapest carvery meal - ever!!! £3.39 and all the ice cream you can eat!!!! Well, about nine of us braved the challenge - and actually it wasn’t too bad!!! It would certainly be cheaper than buying and cooking it at home - but Ruislip is a bit of a trek for lunch! On Good Friday we met up with Thames The next run also involved food - do we do Vale Vultures for their annual Easter Egg Run for nothing but eat? We had a breakfast run to the the Variety Club of GB. It’s always fun to bring Ace Cafe for Classic Bike Day. It was a bit chilly Reading to a standstill with hundreds of bikes and but the breakfast was excellent - as always - and it then meet up for a bacon butty/hot cross bun at the was good to look at some old iron. end point. I think they collected over 5,000 Easter eggs this year - even more than last year. Chris Ward’s VFR passed 10,000 miles on the way to Reading so he stopped to take a photo.

Jules enjoying breakfast at the Ace

Not again - more food this time in the form of the most altered run ever. It started out as a pub lunch run to Midhurst - but for some reason morphed into a stop at Bury Hill which then turned into a stop at Newlands. Not quite sure why this happened - I had to return home early for a reason which now escapes me!! Still - they seemed to enjoy it and no - one got humpy - even tho’ Maureen was seen hovering near a bus stop!

Maureen waiting for the bus after giving up with Steves riding!

Rob posing at Honda Day at the Ace

The following Sunday was Honda Day at the Ace Cafe. As always it was good to see lots of the HOC Branches represented, meet up with old friends and have a look at the range of Hondas old & new - oh - and have some food! Would have been good to have had a Honda UK presence.... On the 22nd April we had an interesting ride to Haslemere Ready to Ride show. Tim decided to go straight on down the A3 - whereas the rest of us turned off - Julian and I were then FORCED to stage a high speed search & rescue mission - unbeknown to us he had already rejoined the main group. So we really had 2 club runs there (guess who got there first?? ;) )

• • • 98 GOLDEN WING


I thought the show was smaller this year - there were lots of empty spaces and Honda weren’t there. I also think they should mix up the traders/ club stands and other stands and not have separate sections. The ‘Club Village’ was a bit lifeless!

Haslemere Ready to ride - we got there first!

Was a good show anyways - and I got to sit on the most amazing bike. It vibrated sooo slowwwwly!!!! I think it was about a 5 litre engine. Not good round bends possibly! I also picked up some interesting It’s big... it’s yellow! info about a bikers accident management and group riding free course run in Kent - anyone interested? On 7th May Clare & Tony braved the elements and went on the Ace Cafe run to Hastings. Bit damp but they seemed to have a good time!! After that we had a bit of a gap until this weekends event - the BMF Rally - as always a superb club stand with warm hospitality and lovely people - what more can I say??? Next year I will try & help more - I would like to do the weekend thing - maybe it will be warm & dry next year?? This year was bloody cold - poor Jenny was trying to keep warm with Ruth’s blanket over her legs!!! And you could see your breath IN the marquee!! Also picked up some bargains - as I do each year. I love the BMF Rally - can’t understand people who say they don’t go because its the same each year...

Oopsie at the BMF 2012

Anyways - that’s what we have been up to events coming up are the Poole Quay bikers night, Solent Rally, Fireblade Day at the Ace, HOC Roast, Calne Bike Show, Brighton Burnup and probably a few pub lunches too :) Hope those that are going to the Isle Of Man have a fab time and come back in one piece!! If you’re in our area come and say hi one Wednesday and check us out on Facebook and our Web page

Jude & Steve Join the West London e-mail list It’s very easy to use - no setting up - no passwords - if you have e-mail, you can use

this Chat with other Branch members, discuss news and arrange ride-outs with one simp le e-mail! No spam... guaranteed

To join the West London e-m ail list contact Steve at westlondon

• • • SUMMER 2012


West Midlands Organisers: John & Jill - 01746 769211 or 07815 069796


e are having a mixed start to 2012 here at West Midlands Branch, some good sunny rideouts and some days where the weather has definitely got the better of us! Our next planned rideout from our regular Sunday At Brindley Honda’s open day meeting spot was to Matlock Bath, unfortunately this clashed with Mother’s Day, so when only Dave and I turned up, we decided to re arrange this run for another time, which unfortunately turned out to be Easter Monday when we were again thwarted by the “Great British Weather”, well what can you expect on a Bank Holiday Weekend, we will try again later in the year which will hopefully be “third time lucky” We had better luck the following Sunday as the The weekend of the 14th/15th April was Honda’s weather was gorgeous so we had a run out to the “Win Big Weekend” so members went along Shropshire Show at Wistanstow which was very again to our local dealership, Brindley Honda, busy, but still gave members chance to rifle through clutching their winning codes to claim their prizes, assorted boxes for various bits & bobs, particular which turned out to be a Honda key ring, a Honda John who just can’t resist a bargain!! drinks bottle, a book of Champions plus lots of

Bargain hunting at the Shropshire Show

The next Saturday we attended our local dealership Brindley Honda’s open weekend and 3rd anniversary, which gave John and Dave a chance to show off their wheelie skills and the rest of us chance to spread the word regarding HOC.

John & Dave wheelying at Brindley Honda

20% discount vouchers, but the best prize of the day went to Debbie who now the proud owner a brand new Honda.... Lawnmower so it was well worth the trip!! Sunday 15th April was our regular Sunday meeting at the local bikers’ café again the weather was kind to us, cold but sunny, for our ride to “The Bigger Better Big Breakfast“ at Lynn’s Raven Café, Prees Heath, there was a very good turnout for the event, lots of classic bikes on show and very good bacon butties for breakfast!

Enjoying the ‘big breakfast’

• • • 100 GOLDEN WING


Unfortunately the following Sunday the weather the Thundersprint racing before heading home and got the better of us again, following a week of ending the day with a pub meal at the Shroppie heavy rain showers and further heavy rain showers Fly who serve the biggest, fattest chips you have being forecast for the next day we decided on ever seen, in a lovely location next to the canal in Saturday to call off the rideout to the Prescott Bike Audlem. Festival which appeared to be the wrong decision Sunday 20th was our regular monthly meeting when we woke up to lovely sunshine at 7.30am day, but after discovering that a number of our Sunday morning, but definitely the correct one by members were on hols this weekend, we decided 11am when the skies had clouded over and the to keep our ride to Grindleford Café for another time heaven’s opened yet again!! and instead chose a short local ride thru Church However once we turned the corner into May the Stretton and across Long Mynd, this single track weather definitely picked up and it was rideouts road is definitely not for the faint hearted, a steep every weekend... on Sunday 6th May it was a hill at the start and finish, with mud, loose gravel trip to Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza via the and sheep to dodge along the way, plus a sheer Ponderosa Café for breakfast, a lovely sunny day drop to the one side which saw me, for the first time by the sea, with the added bonus of classic bikes to in many years, holding onto the grab rail for dear view and plenty of classic bike junk, sorry jumble, life, definitely not the best biking road we have for John to rummage through!! ever been on!! Also we only saw “The Sun” once Also we were pleased to welcome new members all day when we stopped there for lunch and learnt Miles & Julie who took their first of hopefully many a valuable lesson regarding ordering vegetables rides with us... to accompany our meal, when you think you are The following Saturday we were off to Long asking for peas & beans of the garden & green Marston Model Air Show whilst the field was a variety with your Sunday roast you need to be little muddy from the previous weeks rain a good more specific otherwise you actually end up with day was had by all and it was rounded off with mushy peas & baked beans which is not the usual a lovely pub lunch at Bretforton, combination where we sat in an orchard garden with beef surrounded by blossom being and Yorkshire serenaded by classical music pudding!!! coming from a Wedding Reception In summary in a nearby barn. things are The next day we were riding definitely going again to the Thundersprint in very well at Northwich, not Nantwich, as we the branch this Enjoying a day at the Thundersprint discovered after a slight detour, year, whilst we however still arrived in time (just) are still small in numbers, we are riding for the Cavalcade of the town out regularly and having a good time in centre, followed by a good look the process which will hopefully attract around the trade stalls, where some new members in the future... So Dave brought some new leather until next time I hope you are all having jeans which he wore immediately, a great summer of riding and always tossing the old ones away, as he remember to keep the shiny side up & declared “this was easier than the rubber side down. carrying the new ones around all Giant chips! day“, then we had a quick look at


• • • SUMMER 2012


West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


ell at last I have something to say in this report… first thing is me, Maria and the rest of the Branch would like to say a great big well done to Lisa who did a skydive for charity. Have a look at our web site for a full report and photos. Now the runs; first was the Tan Hill run and boy did we see some weather, we had Sun, Snow, Rain, Hail and Wind… still had a good run though!

First ride - to Tan Hill

Then Me, Maria, Brian, Bob, Dave, Lisa, Richard, Ian and Andie went to ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ filming locations, good turnout for this run and we got to see The Monkey Inn,

Sid’s Café, Nora’s and Compo’s homes, Bill Owen’s grave, Aunty Wainwright’s shop and the place they said goodbye to Compo, we then came home over the bridge that Fred Dibnah stopped on his Steam Engine over the M62 and it was high up… it was nice to see Richard out and about. M e m b e r s Clive, Ursula, Nij, Denice, Me & Maria joined Northern Cross MCC Members for a weekend at Berwick upon Tweed and what a great weekend we had, we went to the Edinburgh D u n g e o n s Fred’s bridge over the M62 and got scared out of our wits, went to Holy Island and had a walk round, tried the local Mead and I loved it so had to get some, we had a walk round Seahouses and had a great time.

Edinburgh Dungeons and Holy At the Monkey Inn


• • • 102 GOLDEN WING


We also had our yearly visit to the Thundersprint at Northwich, me and Maria have done this for about the last 5 years now and is still one of the best free days out you can have… Tommy Hill and Steve Parish were just a few of the celebs taking Tommy Hill at the part Clive & Ursula, Ian & Thundersprint Andie also made the trip. We are going to Honda Racing (Samsung Honda) at Louth for a visit in August and me and Maria are looking forward to it as the Friday of that week is when we are going to Cadwell Park with lots of friends for the BSB round so they will be getting ready for that as it’s their home round. We have to thank Steve at Padgett Honda for sorting it out for us. If you’re in the Yorkshire area check them out they’re at Batley. We also got to the Sand Racing at Mablethorpe and again a free day out,bit cold but we all had a good time and came home via the Humber Bridge, well most of us, Pockets went the other way he doesn’t do high bridges…

Sand Racing at Mablethorpe

Well I think that’s it, hope I have covered everything, please come down to see us if you’re in the West Yorkshire Branch area, we have a good time at the meetings and the Hitching Post where we meet puts on fantastic food for us so thanks to them. Hi to everybody who knows me and Maria. Please check the web site for runs and reports on stuff we get up to….

Steve & Maria

Well done to Lisa for her skydive in aid of Help for Heroes and Cancer Research UK

• • • SUMMER 2012



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell we haven’t been idle, numbers have be a lttle low in attendance for both members meetings and rideouts, but back in March our last members meet on a Thursday saw a few turn out and just chill, and catch up with issues. Now the weather was fair, if not pretty good for getting out on the bike, as 4 of us ventured out on the 11th, which was 3 Hondas following a Yamaha! and headed down to RNAS Yeovilton and had good day. Interesting to see a Concorde close and realise what an achievement this plane has made, we later joined by Swifty who caught up with us while wondering round the flight deck of aircraft carrier! We were going to have a social skittle match on Saturday 17th, but I reckon Dorset were afraid of a whitewash defeat and pulled out (next time Bev). Now Sunday the 18th was important, as some had registered and planned for a rideout to take part in the final Ride of Respect through Royal Wootton Bassett, which saw us meet up with some of the guys from Reading making at least a dozen bikes that came together in Swindon, and then heading off down the M4 to the start point at Hullavington, and at the allotted time left in small convoys towards for Bassett. It certainly

was well managed with very few delays and raised a good deal for the cause. Come April 1st the weather was still pretty good for Sunday, that people all decided to do their own thing with such good amount of sunshine, but I met up with Elick and spent a good couple hours just enjoying the local MAG show in Salisbury which was certainly well attended and it certainly seemed to attract an extreme variety of bikers. Next main diary date was Honda Day at the Ace Cafe on the 15th, which is a good day, it can just be a bore going ‘straight’ down the motorway, which takes the fun out of biking a little, but going to the event was certainly a nice day out, meeting the usual friendly faces, and seeing a nice variety of Honda, although for a minute I’d thought it was the wrong day as to the amount of

CBX1000 present. Typically April turned to normal if not conditions where it was worth considering building an ark, as the Prescott Hill Climb on the 22nd had been promoted as such a big family event now, that a few of guys that ventured out and over to the North of Cheltenham were lucky for part of day that the rain held off, in that it didn’t affect the timed runs of hill too badly, but with no real cover from the rain it was a shame it couldn’t have been enjoyed as much and so stayed a little longer. I may hark on about the weather but it is always a major factor to us all enjoying the feeling of getting out and about, but when you organise a rally early in the season, campers maybe be a hardy brigade, but draw the line at pitching up on a waterlogged site, as was the case as such we had to abandon the date for our

At the Oxford Branch quiz night

• • • 104 GOLDEN WING


Spring Bank Holiday Rally at the beginning of May, although trying to actually postpone and squeeze it in somewhere later in the season looks like a challenge. As such on that Sunday the 6th, I thought some might try and do a run up to Leominster and lunch at the OK Diner as part of the Chairman’s Challenge. I made the journey myself and found some nice roads to travel over and with no traffic problems for a bank holiday, so maybe put this in the rideout diary for the future. Now with the dates falling that we had in the diary showing we had our member’s meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, as the 2nd was the day after the bank holiday, we noticed it was the same day as Oxford’s and they had changed their billing and were doing a quiz, so we agreed to travel to Foxcombe Lodge for the challenge, and pleased with a good head count as it’s an hours drive and when food is mentioned, even for £ 2.50, it seems to draw people in. It certainly was an enjoyable evening and Ted (question

Plum cleaning his bike at the BMF Show

master) kept our troop in check, and with the winning team being made up of 2 based in Wiltshire and 2 in Oxfordshire, it was a case of the honour of both branches was truly upheld. It now means we look forward to seeing them at our own quiz night later in the year. Now the BMF show was on over the weekend of the 18th -20th, which is amongst many events that weekend as Claire & Mike had ventured abroad to experience the Le Mans event. I went with a fellow member by the name of Sergey, so two 600s together, and headed for Peterborough on a cold but dry day, but the amount of bikes present was good to see, plus

meeting up with others at the HOC marquee. Now apart from one duff yellow sign slighty confusing us right near the site it took us around 2¼ hours on the road at a leisurely pace, and travelled on decent roads all the way. I’m sure we will have sun come our next outing which is having a stand with a gazebo at the Bikesafe day on the 2nd June at Castle Combe race circuit, and looking to do a skittle social in early July. So if you like get involved more, let me know, as there’s always something or somewhere new to explore. So enjoy the summer if it’s not too British.


Lots of Wiltshire Branch members took part in the Ride of Respect 2012

• • • SUMMER 2012


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RIDE THE 2012 ISLE OF MAN TT TT 2012 On-Bike Laps out now on DVD and Download Riding the legendary Isle of Man TT Mountain course at race speed is a white-knuckle thrill ride few of us will experience first hand. But now Duke can give fans the next best thing – complete on-board laps of the 37.7-miles of twisting public roads alongside some of the biggest names in motorcycle sport. A series of on-board laps of the TT course, recorded during the 2012 Isle of Man TT, are now available to watch, giving viewers the chance to see for themselves the extreme challenge of this epic motorsport event. Filmed during practice and racing, Duke has made 10 laps available so far, either to download individually or to own on DVD in a two volume set.

Find out what 19-times TT winner John McGuinness experiences as he threads his 1000cc Superbike between the hedges, with walls and houses just inches away, at speeds approaching 200mph on public roads with no margin for error. You’ll be leaping back from the screen as the scenery flashes past the camera and slower machines are caught and passed, and before long you’ll find yourself leaning into the hundreds of bends, almost as if you are living a racing lap of the TT course yourself. TT 2012 On-Bike Laps Volume One features five laps filmed during the 2012 Practice Week, as low-lying sun, overcast skies and slower machines add extra dimensions to the extreme challenge of the spectacular public road course. Volume Two features five laps filmed during the 2012 Dainese Superbike, Sure Sidecar 1, Monster Energy Supersport 1 and Royal London 360 Superstock races, including the chance to join two TT legends, John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey, as they add yet more victories to their Mountain course tally and ride the course at more than 130mph. In addition to the DVDs, all of these laps is available to Download now TT 2012 On-Bike Laps Volume 1 and 2 are Out Now on DVD, priced at £11.99 or available to download as single laps from the website from only £1.89.

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Golden Wing 2012 Summer  
Golden Wing 2012 Summer  

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