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Spring 2014

Volume 52 No.1

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Spring 2014

Front Cover: Norfolk Branch getting ready for their ride to Thorpeness


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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Happy New Year!!!!!

Well I have to start with something even if it is more than a tad late. I have just finished reading my latest mag from the Blue Knights motorcycle group. That took all of twenty minutes really which is testament to our fine magazine Golden Wing which takes days to read fully. However there was an interesting product review about some Kevlar reinforced jeans which took my eye. They are of a spec that meets or exceeds that we are used to in UK so I took a look at the web site and suffice to say at 125$ (£86) they are very well priced and with shipping still cheaper than many UK showroom prices. I am getting used to this shopping around business and do so for insurance deals every year and I cannot recommend enough to you all the benefits of doing this. Never pay the renewal price as it will always be beaten by someone if you just take a few minutes on the www and makes for more stuff for your money. I intend on getting along to the Wiltshire Rally as usual and will be at the BMF Show. I have also penned in my diary the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling and the National Rally. However I am not committing to any other events up front as it is a very busy year for me travel and ‘’work’’ wise with a large project overseas. I do intend on creating a few opportunities for people to meet up as part of the Chairman’s Challenge again this year but it will be the last year that I run it unless you are all coming over to France where I have already sussed out some nice meeting places.

I put to them they need to get more involved in promoting biking at early age even before legal ages are met. They took onboard my comments and hopefully will come up with some packages of material suitable for use in schools when requests come in. We did have such a request from a school in Eastern Scotland which I referred to our Scottish Branch and hopefully they managed to communicate. I know John the Secretary there did make efforts to furnish them with some material help. A different aspect to what being in the HOC can involve.


I spent four weeks at La B travelling over in my latest acquisition of a white transit van. Loaded with materials and tools it chugged over there quite well. I then got the electricity supply through to the ‘annex’ or small cottage at end of the house commissioned and we now have wiring set up with sockets and lights. The water supply has been plumbed through and we now have flushing loo, wash basin with hot and cold running water and a shower. Add to that electric heating and a woodburner the place is getting quite cosy. (insert pic) Have plaster boarded and insulated most of the walls and ceiling leaving beams exposed and one stone wall. Many thanks to my brother Cliff and Mark from South Wales Branch for their assistance.

Honda UK

Erica and I spent a morning at Honda UK with their advertising and promotional people. They continue to support using our platform for advertising and that is great as it part pays for the magazine you are reading. They have also expressed their interest in getting in touch with and encouraging younger bikers. 4



Now it has occurred to me that many of you have offered to assist and there are skills that I simply do not have such as plastering and I have had one volunteer to assist on my next trip. If there are amongst you those who can hold a board in place whilst another screws it up or mix cement whilst someone puts up a few blocks then your help and presence would be most welcome. Along with garden diggers grass cutters and the like. Accommodation would be basic camping with access to

President Jude Browne

Vice Presidents

Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull and Dave Andrews


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

shower and loo. I can even say that much of your refreshments would be provided within reason. Caravans are easily parked and can be hooked up near the house. Let me know if you want to visit and help out. I will next be there from late May to late June/July.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe” Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


Classic Secretary

Chris Ward 16 Daleside Road, Epsom KT19 9SR ( 07827 393237 .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Advertising Manager Erica Gassor ( 07799 492 235 .

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator

Membership Secretary

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE .


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .


Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Pigeon Post Happy New Year to everybody and I hope for chrissake that you‘ve all had a better Christmas and start to the year than I have! Jax, (my wife) was taken into hospital on the Saturday before Christmas day and was eventually discharged on the Saturday after New Year. So Christmas and New Year were cancelled from a family point of view. We are now officially health tourists having visited three hospitals during the period! Further on into the year and all three bikes are now broken! I damaged the front wheel on the Blackbird in a pot holes in October. A new wheel was ordered on 21st November and the delivery date is………… 16th June!!!!!!!! 7 months!!!!!!!!

and I hope to get it back this weekend. All this after buying a ‘13’ plate bike. Superstitious? You bet I am! I seriously thought of buying a jet ski in January……… Other than these tribulations, it has been quiet on the club front which admittedly is usual for this time of year. Branch committees have been busily putting together their diaries and we have had many invitations to display at shows throughout the country to the point where we can’t do them all. We now have a new Branch on the Island of Jersey in the near future so watch this space. So no problems within the club to report and none reported to me. Long may it continue.

The CBF has died with a known generator fault that Honda have refused to deal with under warranty. I had to be recovered, again. The last straw was when the engine management light came on and the engine died on the Explorer last week. Fortunately Triumph are dealing with that under warranty

“Happy riding” (if I can get one working)

Graham Seymour General Secretary

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

20th May 2014 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area 6



Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently, especially those of you at some of the spring shows we have attended. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. Hopefully we now have some better weather and I will have got all my bikes out of hibernation!


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have had 2 winter magazines returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.


With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.


We have had enquiries from some members about getting together with other members in their area. We are always to assist with advice on how to go about forming a group which may evolve into a full branch. Contact Graham Seymour (General Secretary) in the first instance.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.




facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page currently has over 1500 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Oxford, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, West London, Reading, Three Shires and Wiltshire pages to join.

The HOC is now also on Twitter #HOCgb (21st century or what!) However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 5000+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! 8



Meet the President I am honoured to be elected to this position and hope I can bring as much to the role as the late Trevor Thompson did which will be difficult as he was a great figurehead. I have been a member of the HOC since 1980 when Joy Penberthy and I started the West London Branch of the HOC. At that time I had a 250G5 - I have owned a number of Hondas since then and a couple of Kawasakis too. I currently have a Honda CB600 Hornet which I love. I live in Sunbury On Thames with my rock, Jon Stone and two girlies. I work in a school as IT Tech and general ‘if it has a plug on it it’s my responsibility’ person.

I was privileged to have known such legends as Stan Inman, Alan Augustine, Dave Barton and Trevor Thompson, as well as Tony Eldridge, Alan & Barbara Peace, Pete Goodger and Dave Linden during my years with the club and have had great fun going to rallies and runs etc.

I can champion the HOC wherever and whenever necessary In 1991 I became editor of Golden Wing and was responsible for the first colour HOC magazine produced by the club ! I was aided in this by Chris Darwen who is still associated with HOC. I did this for some years before handing it to the very capable Stritchy, who is still doing a sterling job. I have always tried to be an active member of the HOC although the child rearing days

were a bit of a quiet period. But I am now looking forward to doing more rallies this year. I love the HOC because it is beautifully non-political and quite relaxed in a structured way! I have been a member for so long because it is run along ‘club’ lines - without too many petty rules and restrictions and a genuine sense of camaraderie. As President I hope that I can champion the HOC wherever and whenever necessary and show the female face of biking (as only an honorary ‘guy’ can) I hope that I can be another ear to bend if anyone needs to sound anything out in confidence and another pair of hands to help out as and when required. Let me know what I can do for the club and I will willingly try my best to fulfil that request.

...and the new VP For a total of 41 years I have been a member of the HOC........... it takes me a long time to make my mind up whether I like something or not! I have been involved with the Oxford Branch since the very early days as I have lived in Oxfordshire all my life. Originally I was the Social Secretary and then Branch Secretary for 14 years and SPRING 2014

am still involved in the Branch helping with events and raising funds. I enjoy attending as many of the rallies and events around the country as I can and meeting up with old friends and colleagues.

The HOC is like a big family I have owned a variety of Honda bikes over the years: a C50, two CD175s , a CB350, CBS004 and XL 250, a CB650 and CL250, CBR100 and my present bike is an XL1000 Varadero. The great thing about the

HOC is that I have met some many good people - it is like a big family of like minded people who all enjoy two wheels. In fact, I still keep in touch with several original members who, for one reason or another, are no longer riding. Hopefully my knowledge of the HOC over the years and the Honda range of bikes and my taking part in and supporting all the different events in the past and going forward adds value to the HOC in a number of ways.



Hi everyone and welcome to the Spring 2014 Classic Report. It’s been very busy in the Classic Honda world with many enquiries being received over the last few months. There are obviously many old Hondas out there still and the DVLA are forwarding registration requests to me at a fair old rate. The upside of this is many old Hondas are returning to the road which is great news and a testament to the original good engineering. I took a trip to the recent Bristol Classic Show at Shepton Mallet where many classic Hondas where on display including a trio of C200s owned by HOC member Terry Brown from South Wales. Terry’s first bike, a 1967 model, is 95% original and was obtained in Cornwall where it had spent all

of its life. This was one of the last C200s to be produced before the new OHC 90 range was introduced. With new tyres this bike was soon on the road and is used regularly to this day. A second C200, a 1965 model, was purchased from Lincolnshire in March 2013 with restoration underway, however much more work was required to bring the bike to its present condition. The original registration number was retained after records were found at the Cambridge archives and the bike is now taxed, tested and in current use. Terry’s last bike was purchased for spares in May 2013 but it was decided to restore it as it has unique history. The bike was registered in London in 1963, a year before the model was introduced into the UK and was a Japanese market demonstration model.

Terry’s C200s



The CB175 Frame, Swinging Arm and Shocks The Speedo and Tacho assembly

The bike spent most of its life in Devon and was in very poor condition when Terry bought it. It is still the subject of an ongoing restoration and should be on the road soon. Terry pays great attention to detail on his bikes and is currently working on another Honda, although this one has twin cylinders. I’m sure we will be hearing about this bike soon. Terry is also on the lookout for C200 spares, so if anyone has any please contact me and I will pass the info on. My CB175 Restoration In the last issue of Golden Wing I mentioned that I had just bought a CB175 for restoration. I was pleasantly surprised when I collected it that it was pretty much complete and came with quite a few extra spares. Well the bike was stripped down and the restoration begun. The frame, swing arm and another 20 odd parts were taken over to Microblast in Windsor for powder coating in gloss black. Many new parts have already been sourced and the bike is beginning to take shape. The frame and swing arm have been assembled, the later fitted with bronze bushes as the nylon originals are no longer available from Honda. A pair of new rear shocks were sourced on ebay and new nuts and bolts form my local Honda dealer, Tippetts. SPRING 2014

The speedo cleaned up well but a replacement rev counter had to be found as the original was too badly damaged. It would appear that quite a lot of parts are no longer available so some ingenuity will be required to complete the rebuild. Some parts will have to be repaired and some may require re-manufacturing. More will follow in the next issue

Remember, if you have any questions about older bikes or require assistance registering a classic Honda, get in touch with me on Let’s get those old Hondas running!

Chris Ward

Classic Secretary




Rona’s Regalia Report Firstly onto some old news… The NEC, which I had no figures for at the time of writing the last report, was a TREMENDOUS success for the club. We signed up over 70 new members, which is the best we’ve had in a good few years. So welcome to all the new faces, and I hope you buy lots of regalia lol. But, most importantly, it was a FABULOUS show for regalia sales, with over £1,200 being taken in the 9 days we toiled away in Birmingham. So firstly, a HUGE HUGE thanks to my willing mugs for selling it all so well and a massive thanks to all who bought that much stuff from us, to make it the best year we’ve had since I can remember for Regalia. It was all mostly thanks to Ruth Stryczko and me spending a long Saturday in October last year finding and deciding on all the new goodies we had

for sale at the show. They flew out the NEC and we’re sooo glad that everyone loves them all. It was well worth slaving over a cold glass of wine, while Stritchy cooked dinner for us, to get them all sorted. It was such a tough day LOL. Stritchy not only did an excellent job of feeding the workers that Saturday, but has also done an excellent job of updating the website with all the new things. There is also now a page for the old 50th Anniversary stuff too… very little of that left now folks, so get it while you can.

Don’t forget Father’s Day on Sunday 15th June There is still more new stuff to come in May, with the addition of some excellent summer related goodies. So keep your eyes peeled for those.

Me with some of the NEC team


As you will see, there’s lots of new colours as well as different garments, but as always, please ask if there’s anything you want. If we can do it on a per order basis, you can have what you want as long as we can find it. It pays to ask… the Aprons and Onesies were both requested by members and are a big success, also the gorgeous new ladies tops were asked for, so it pays to ask peeps. Although I think the helmet hair hats as suggested by Plum on Facebook are a no… hahahaha. Mind, if people actually want them and I can get them, I will sell them! So keep your suggestions coming into us. Well show season is already upon us, with the first box of regalia for the year going to Beverley for the Bristol show, so if anyone Branches need a box, please let me know well in advance, that way I can try and get the same box moved around the branches as cheaply and efficiently as possible, like we did last year. Have a great year folks, let’s have another bumper selling year for Regalia and ride safe, wearing your excellent club merchandise!

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary




Philip Mitford-Barberton 1952-2013 by Brian Dunn, Northants Branch Phil was one of those friends that entered into your life almost unnoticed yet left an indelible mark that will take years to fade from it, if ever. Softly spoken, modest and not one to push himself forward in a crowd, Phil however had a back bone of steel that epitomised his British Colonial and private school upbringing*, he was both a gentleman and a gentle man, he lost his second fight to cancer after becoming ill while away at his holiday home in the south of France in August, he had stood toe to toe with the monster some seven years previously and had won. Most of you may have known Phil as the man who owned and ran Sartoris Engineering in Wellingborough, the company that brought you the BikerTidy and the Universal Bike stand, you may well have chatted to Phil or one of his daughters, Sarah and Tanya, at any of the major bike shows held around the country, his company also produced equipment for schools across the country and the NHS. He was the main supplier of exhibition equipment and stands for Frank Thomas for many years. Phil had been a member of the Northants Branch for the best part our existence, he was a very active member, always attending our weekly meets, helping at shows and regularly taking part in our rideouts. An accomplished rider, he would make the 880 mile journey from his home in Barton Seagrave to his holiday home in Port-Barcarès a couple of times a year in one hit at a time, his GoldWing was having a 4,000 mile service 3 or 4 times a year, it was one of the few things he would have a good grumble about. Bikes were just one facet of Phil’s interests; a season ticket holder at Northampton Saints, he was, in his younger days an accomplished sportsman, representing Stamford school in football, cricket, rugby and as hockey captain. He went on to captain Kettering Cricket Club and also had a few seasons playing for Wellingborough Town and Irthlinborough Diamonds football clubs in the seventies, his son Simon says he was a very able golfer, I can vouch that he wasn’t too bad at snooker either. Phil was one of those men that was constantly on the go, always popping into work to tinker with a new idea rather sitting watching telly. He admitted he wasn’t the best academic at school. Bored behind a desk he was much happier on the playing fields

and in the workshops, he told me that BikerTidy was born on the back of a napkin after his wife Bonny had teased him about the bike kit clogging up the hallway, it was in full production and selling within a fortnight - once he set his mind to something he was unstoppable. Phil leaves behind a family that he loved dearly and an inordinate number of friends and colleagues around the country, he is and will always be, very much missed. This, I think, applies to Phil

“what you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”

Pericles 495 - 429 BC

* Phil was related to the infamous Mitford sisters, the Barberton side of the family is very prominently linked to the early establishment of colonial South Africa.





Newark Bike Show by

Debbie Reynolds, Nottingham Branch Organiser

January 2014 saw the first bike show of the year - The Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic and the Nottingham Branch was manning the stand. To say that the weather was wet and cold was an understatement, but despite the cold weather there was a great selection of classic bikes to adorn the HOC stand and the members had a wonderful time chatting to prospective members and classic bike lovers. Tea, coffee and biscuits kept us going throughout the 2 day event. Thanks to everyone who helped over this very busy weekend. The Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic is on 3-4 January 2015



‘s No Rally 2014 by

Keven Ludlam, Three Shires Branch Secretary

So in the words of the famous song, “Lets start at the beginning” imagine the conversation one evening just after Christmas and New Year, when a certain gentlemen who shall remain nameless (Ian from Beds) text me somewhat perplexed and with what could be described as terror in his communiqué... “What’s going on?” says he, “Before Christmas I checked your web site and it stated that the ‘s No Rally was going to be on the 7th 8th 9th March, so I arranged a run up for it and ME and SEVERAL Beds Branch member’s booked the hotel on no cancel deals and now I see the date has been changed, I’m about as popular as Jimmy Saville at a save the children conference”. Now at this point the dates had not been set, in fact the dates were penciled in for later in the month… not wishing to get Ian (oops cats out of the bag now!) into trouble with the hardy bikers in the Beds Branch, I wrote back and said “don’t worry, mate I’ll honour what it said on the web site to save your bacon”. Unfortunately when I checked the date Ian mentioned, it was from last year, so when I told my Branch members that we had to change the date because Ian and his crew of 18 GOLDEN WING

“several” members had booked the hotel and they could loose a lot of money, I became as popular as the very same J. Saville! Imagine my surprise on the day when only three hardy members arrived at the ‘s No Rally from the Beds branch… and Ian wasn’t one of them! Now the saying, ‘Baying for blood’ springs to mind especially as some of my members couldn’t come to the rally because of booking a holiday away on the basis of the dates penciled in, this then left me very short handed for the setting up. Me thinks there must be a drink in there somewhere Ian…. The Rally was brilliant, the weather held out for us, there was the usual Birmingham crew, Beds, Northants, Manchester etc, in total we had 23 bikes on the ride out (plus Cookies Scooter!) Richard H led the ride on the Saturday and after a short stop at SPRING 2014

a Triumph dealer for a battery, for one member, we were off over the Derbyshire and Yorkshire moors up to the National Mining Museum near Wakefield for a spot of lunch before heading back down the Motorway to the Blacksmiths Arms a total of 110 miles taking in some stunning scenery, and challenging roads, thanks Richard. The evenings frivolity continued from Friday night with entertainment from a Guitar Duo playing some great tunes to rock the night away after the usual presentation to the winners of the rally trophies. Furthest distance (after some controversy) went to Ian O’Neil - Tidworth in Wilts, approx. 170 mls. The ‘Grot’ bike went to Andrew Smith and the ‘Best Bike’ went to Graham Burden from Birmingham. Well done to all. This year we tasked “Snail Rider” with the job of pricing the trophies and after a few quotes and designs we said great, go a head and get ‘em – hears what we want on the labels says I… I then proceded to write it out for him… Best Bike etc… ‘s No Rally 2014… We should have known better, so for this year and this year only and after 13 years, for the first (and last) time ever, the trophies say SNOW RALLY 2014 - what a lemon.

I have to say a big thank you to everyone who helped at this years rally, without whom this wouldn’t be the rally that it is.

name… The history of the Rally place for quite a number

This rally has been taking from a conversation of years and the name comes ting to discuss the mee a at s between a few member 13 years ago… ut abo rally initial setting up of the one, “We could have “We could have a band” said w about caravans?“ camper vans” said another “Ho some bright spark said… organisers, “that’s “Wait a minute” said one of the that ensued, this nts ume arg no rally!!!” during the ‘s No Rally to… ed rten sho statement then got since then the name has stuck! year, there is always Now because it is early in the f will flutter down stuf y a chance that the white fluff been the case on has ch and cover the ground whi mean the name sn’t doe this n, more that one occasio is the Snow Rally!





How to really ride any kind of bike

by Ben Miller, VisorDown

From street bikes to two-strokes, 600cc sportsbikes to supermotos, different bikes require different techniques. Whatever you ride, get the best from your bike with the help of the finest riders on the planet.

How to master a tourer or cruiser By Andy Morrison

One of the fastest police riders in the country, Andy Morrison is a former racer who now trains officers and civilians alike in the fine art of safe speed.

“Riding fast on the road is an extremely complex thing - there’s a lot going on - but the key to being fast on something like a Pan European is accuracy,” explains Morrison. “The limitations of the bike are arguably weight, a relative lack of ground clearance and perhaps soft suspension, but with accuracy you can minimise these limitations.” An ability to read the road ahead and place your bike accordingly is a fundamental part of riding any bike fast, but it’s critical on bikes less able to improvise. “On bikes like these you need to be really sharp, judging the perfect line and speed through each corner,” continues Morrison. “You need to take into account things like the road surface too; if it’s broken or bumpy you need to trim your speed because those bumps will compromise your ground clearance. And if you run into a corner too fast you may not have the options you’d have on a sportsbike.” While experienced police riders like Morrison undoubtedly possess an ability to lend the act of thrashing a Pan European a calm serenity, he insists it’s road racers who are the prime exponent of really accurate riding: “The best of them don’t look fast but road racers are all about accuracy. At the TT for example you have to be inch-perfect with your line so as not to compromise yourself for the next sequence - you can’t just ride each corner as you come to it. Steve Hislop used to hit the same inch-square of tarmac lap after lap.”

The final piece of the puzzle is stability. Heavily laden touring bikes can suffer with weave but there’s much the rider can do to mitigate the problem: “Relax on the bike and try to shift your weight forward a little - that should naturally put a bend in your arms and relax your grip on the bars. It’s easy to get into a vicious circle of gripping the bars more tightly as the weave develops, which just makes things worse of course. And if you don’t find that working just throttle off 5mph.” • Work on your road-reading skills and the accuracy of your lines. The key to swift progress on a tourer is not being caught out - analyse each corner, then put the bike on the ideal line at the right speed. From experience you’ll learn to gauge the optimum entry speed for any given turn. • Be critical - did you manage to get the bike exactly where you wanted it? • Be smooth. Violent inputs with the throttle, the brakes or the gearbox can upset a softly suspended bike. • Ride to the bike’s strengths. “The Pan has great brakes and a strong engine, on the road you rarely get the lean angles a sportsbike can achieve,” says Morrison “But it’s possible to stay with bikes that, on paper, should leave you for dead.” • If you feel the bike start to weave, sit forward on the bike and relax your grip on the bars.

Next issue: How to really ride a big twin SPRING 2014

Article stolen from GOLDEN WING 21

seven years on... As Chris Hodder prepares to leave his role as BMF’s Government Relations Executive he reflects on seven years representing motorcyclists at a governmental level.

As you may have heard, the success of their previous of racing must surely be I am leaving the BMF at trip and the Adventure culpable. the beginning of April and Sports sector still barely Also in 2007, a 21-year-old therefore this will be my last existed (it didn’t even have wanting to get a motorcycle column for the BMF after a name). In 2014, it is the licence had to turn up on a almost exactly seven years. It largest sector after scooters 500cc machine to one of a has been a as you’d expect and naked overtaking the couple hundred test centres in a field where a week is previously all dominant dotted around the UK with a famously a long time. I am CBT certificate, a theory obviously looking forward test certificate and a we’ve had many to the my position, but I am learner licence, complete a successes and failures still sad to be leaving the 45-minute road ride with a BMF. Supersports category. couple of manoeuvres thrown When I started at the BMF, This is probably the single in and, provided they didn’t not only was the BMF in biggest difference in UK cock it up, they were duly better shape, but the whole motorcycling between then issued with a full motorcycle motorcycle industry was too. and now and has redefined licence. They could even park The government even had the sector completely. Some in a designated motorcycle a strategy to ‘mainstream’ major manufacturers, such as bay in central London without motorcycling (whatever former multiple champions having to pay! that really meant). It wasn’t Suzuki, haven’t competed in Over the last seven years, exactly a boom-time and MotoGP for years and the we’ve had many successes we didn’t kid ourselves it decline of the Supersports and failures and sometimes was either, but compared market share and the cost both. The best example is the to the current situation, things looked a bit rosier. The biggest concerns were about road safety groups who wanted to curtail motorcycling and that plans for ‘modal shift’ away from car use didn’t include motorcycles at all, generally speaking. Believe it or not, 2007 was a very different place. Ewan and Charley were about to do the Long Way Down after Chris Hodder with MEP Malcolm Harbour 22 GOLDEN WING


work over the driving licence the project were no longer directives. The amendments worth what was originally to the EU’s second driving budgeted. By the launch date licence directive (2DLD) of the new test in September introduced a series of 2008, it was clear that the compulsory manoeuvres situation was not going as part of the motorcycle to improve and that an licence test. This in itself enormous bottleneck was was controversial because being created. these manoeuvres seemed hundreds of trainers to have no relevance to are out of business real world riding. This all happened before I started AND hundreds at the BMF and by the of thousands of time I’d arrived, the then potential motorcyclists government had decided have been put off that these manoeuvres needed to be done off-road In conjunction with the and that they could upgrade industry, we lobbied hard for the dilapidated test centre a delay to the introduction estate at the same time. of the scheme on the basis Needless to say, it was that the DSA were simply obvious to me that reducing not prepared to receive test a few hundred places to take candidates. We succeeded a test into 66 was going in the face of potential to mean that some people infraction proceedings by lost out quite badly, but for the EU and not only that, some reason, the staff at the but we won a split in the test Driving Standards Agency so that rather than deliver a (DSA) were deaf to my one-hour test at the 40-odd complaints and kept pointing test centres around the to some algorithm about country, candidates could travel times, etc. take a 15-minute test at the Had all 66 been built, 40-odd test centres (thereby then perhaps the situation increasing capacity at the wouldn’t have been quite so new test centres fourfold) bad, but changes to local and then the 45-minute road planning laws meant that the ride from most of the existing DSA really struggled to get driving test centres. hold of suitable places to However, we were still build and also get permission not satisfied due to low to build. Costs spiralled and candidate numbers and a time ticked by. number of accidents, and To make matters worse, a immediately began lobbying global financial crisis meant for a wholesale change to that the old test centres they the test that would bring wanted to sell to help fund throughput capacity back SPRING 2014

to where it had been before the changes. This was a long slow fight that involved a bruising Transport Select Committee report on the actions of the government in bringing in the test in March 2010 and a general election in May 2010. The general election was the real turning point as shortly after, the then minister for roads, Mike Penning MP, called the main motorcycle representatives into a meeting to tell us he was launching a six-month review that would put the test back on the road. Victory! It quickly became obvious that although Department for Transport (DfT) officials and the minister were firmly in favour of bringing the test onroad for a variety of reasons, the DSA were not of the same opinion. I was sceptical of the DSA’s involvement in the review from the start as asking the same people the same question rarely reveals different answers and that was exactly what we were doing. Three years of banging our heads against the wall and over a million pounds later and we sadly have moved no further on with the DfT canning the project last year. The consequences of this are that hundreds of trainers are out of business, hundreds of thousands of potential motorcyclists have been put off doing a test (with the complexity GOLDEN WING 23

of the third Driving Licence Directive rubbing salt into that particular wound) and probably the biggest opportunity cost of all being the efforts spent on the review preventing the government instituting a new Government’s Motorcycling Strategy. This meant that plenty of other work that needed doing simply didn’t happen. However, an indirect consequence is that the DVLA, DSA and VOSA have all been merged into the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, probably to be hived off into a government company like the Highways Agency in the long run. Working in politics is a messy business. Even a victory can turn into a defeat, or a defeat a victory. Nothing is ever black and white and closely reflects the real shades of grey of real life. Many people try and simplify things with ‘us and 24 GOLDEN WING

Finally, don’t assume that political successes or failures have any relationship with membership figures. Sure, nobody wants to join a losing team, but at the same time a raging success doesn’t need public support. The relationship is complex and I’m sure many people have many theories of how to increase membership. Mine is quite simply that BMF membership is a product that needs to be improved and marketed like any other. Perhaps we want to cling to the notion that people ‘ought’ to join the BMF if they love motorcycling, but the evidence is that ‘ought’ doesn’t mean ‘do’. Making membership an attractive and well-known product will eventually create the resources to lobby bigger and better for the benefit of motorcycling.

Chris Hodder is going to work with Rowan Public Affairs who mainly provide lobbying services to the Motorcycle Industry Association

them’ arguments, or David vs Goliath. What few people realise is that representing a small section of the UK population means that we can rarely make the weather (the example above definitely being the exception), the best we can do is see which way the wind is blowing and make a decision of whether to hoist the mainsail or not. There are a few things I must say before I sign off for the last time. First, I still support the aims of the BMF and the culture of the organisation. UK motorcycling needs a ‘respectable face’ and I’m glad the BMF are there to fulfil this role. Second, lobbying is an arms race and we can never have enough resources. Having one person full time is good, but having a large team is better and there is always something to be done. Third, economics are fundamental. Having a steady income you can plan off the back of is fantastic and watching that money grow means that other things can happen. The wider economy is also important and perhaps if the economy was better, more manufacturers would be marketing in the UK which would mean better pitch sales at the shows, which in turn would mean the BMF could afford more staff.

Anyway, good luck with the future and I hope to see you all soon.

Stay abreast of all of the issues that affect us at and let us know what you think!


New Boy at MAG MAG now employs the services of former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik who is working full time for us. I doubt if in MAG’s 40 years we have made such a brilliant decision as the employment of Lembit represents. Those who dismiss Lembit as a playboy with a comical media profile have probably never met the man or learned of the scope and depth of his capabilities. In his first month of employment Lembit has recruited 15 members of Parliament as full MAG members and the number is climbing as I write. This is just the tip of the iceberg of activity in which our new boy is engaged but its significance hardly needs explaining. Politicians have had a bad press in recent years and even the word politics has acquired a negative quality. The intellectually lazy seem to take a weird pride in denigrating politics as something that they do not ‘do.’ Turning your back on politics, as if by so doing you express some kind of moral superiority has become fashionable, more so since the endorsement of the attitude by Russel Brand. I have always liked Russel Brand, he’s smart, but that ‘I don’t vote’, message was not his most meaningful. Whether we like it or not, our lives are affected by political decisions and we ignore that reality at our peril. If we abandon our responsibility in a comfort zone of tired clichés about politicians being all the same then we have no right to complain when bad things happen to us. MAG is a political organisation. MAG is the riders’ voice in Westminster and Brussels and it makes a great deal of sense to cultivate as many friends in those places as we can.

What better tactic could MAG have conceived than to employ a former MP who knows everyone in the Westminster Village, where everyone knows him? I popped over to Westminster recently to photograph Lembit together with his political colleague Dr Leon Mannings who is the other half of our front line lobbying team in the capital. I lost count of how many MPs made a point of stopping to talk to Lembit from which I inferred that he is very popular. Spend time with the man and it isn’t hard to see why. Lembit is no fusty, haughty ‘suit’ who looks down on lesser mortals. He’s witty and affable. If you want someone to be persuaded by your arguments then get them to like you and you’re half way there. Of course a vacuous clown would be no use in the long term but Lembit is nothing of the sort. You don’t get invited back to TV quiz shows if you spend the time grinning inanely at the wit of your fellows and Lembit’s wit and clear opinions have earned him space on shows like, ‘Have I Got News For You’ numerous times. During his parliamentary years Lembit was described as ‘the most libertarian MP in Westminster.’ He thinks that the individual should have the right of free choice in many areas that contrary thinking has determined should now be the business of the state. It is this attitude that, together with his exceptional talents and spectacular connections makes him perfect for MAG. Consider MAG’s long-standing motto – Let The Rider Decide. This has been our guiding maxim over four decades and with Lembit on board our prospects of exercising that right have taken a giant leap forward.

To join MAG on-line please go to Join the winning team now SPRING 2014


19 March 2014 Action Group ee and Members of The Motorcycle To The Board, National Committ 3 ed a local branch, which I ran for I first joined MAG in 1984 and form local been actively involved in my years. For the past ten years I have its annual fund raising event. ing grow in cially espe p, grou MAG that rally has raised tens of nt, veme invol my During the period of d to be part of supporting prou thousands of pounds for MAG. I was UK. When I was elected the in ion nisat orga s right s’ the premier rider still further involved, be to ed pleas was to the role of regional rep, I directing the and shaping at national level, by contr ibuting to ip. bersh mem its of lf organisation on beha control of MAG as Vice Chai r, I have witnessed the For the past year, during my tenu re the past year I have For d. boar the by e mitte Com nal prog ressively removed from the Natio and taking actions to prevent MAG mak ing decisions tried to use my position within the NC ferring control of trans with riders’ rights and more to do that seemed to have little to do with iduals. Those indiv few a of s hand the into the members the organisation from the hands of debate or in frank and l ingfu ly difficult to hold mean individuals have made it increasing ent what most would prev to ence influ their used have any way question their decisions and utions which I Consequently I have been party to resol recog nise as truly democratic process. defend to the membership. have found increasingly difficult to their jobs ol of the NC, three staff members quit contr Due to circu mstances beyond the judgement is nal tribu The . issal dism ir unfa case for last year. They have recently won their ) Ltd and (UK MAG of is comprehensively dam ning a matter of public record. Its content Liversidge, as Neil Mr & er Walk Pete Mr tors, direc specifically the actions of two of its being particularly culpable. ed a harsh a desire to move forward having learn Rather than expressing contr ition, and the morality of its with y happ be to s claim it h whic in lesson, MAG has issued a statement that was made by will appeal the judgement. A decision position. It further states that MAG Com mittee. nal Natio the membership though it’s the board alone, without reference to . MAG (UK) Ltd claim face a potential compensation Rather than accept the judgement and pt to place those attem an in Ltd, p Grou n rcycle Actio has transferred all assets to The Moto the morality with y happ is it ants. Still MAG maintains assets beyond the reach of the claim of its position. The Motorcycle ip through its National Com mittee, Without reference to the membersh same director of very The tor. Liversidge as a direc Action Group Ltd have appointed Mr r of its ex-employees. favou in t emen judg the in ised critic MAG (UK) Ltd that was so roundly y with the morality of its position. And still, MAG maintains it is happ cience, continue the position. I cannot, with a clear cons I am not happy with the morality of ial role of Vice Chai r. It offic the in g nuin conti by ly tacit to support MAG either vocally or MAG, effective my resig nation as Vice Chai rman of is therefore with regret that I tender immediately. that Riders Rights organisation. I believed The UK needs an active and effective a democratic, be to s claim MAG true. be to believe that organisation was MAG. I no longer ndered the surre has MAG feel I er believe that to be true. member-led organisation. I no long lobby while it continues ists rcycl moto ible cred and tive moral right to claim to be a representa e. under the current management regim Jon Wilmer MAG Vice Chai rman 2013-14



13 March 2014 Statement from MAG’s National

Committee M.A.G. (UK) Ltd was recently the Respondent in an Employment Tribu nal case brought by former staff Nich Brow n, Paddy Tyso n and Louisa Smith. The claimants obtained a judg ment in their favou r for constructive unfa ir dismissal. The case mainly concerne d the relationship between the claimants and M.A.G. (UK) Ltd directors Neil Liversidge and Pete Walker who were elected to the Board in April 2012 in response to membership concerns about the poor management of MAG Cent ral Offic e. Mr Liversidge was originally nominate d for co-option to the Board in Nove mber 2011, the Board having three vacancies out of seven seats at that time. Despite the Board being under-strength Mr Liversidge’s co-o ption was blocked after Board Mem bers were pressured to refuse his nomination. Mr Liversidg e and Mr Walker were nevertheless elected at the subsequent AGM despite various effor ts at preventing the same. For 25 years the convention has been that paid MAG officials are neutral in such matters, however vario us sources conf irm that paid staff were inter ferin g in the elections. Regrettably the staff behaviou r did not improve with the election of the new Board, the effor ts of which were consistently obstr ucted, direct instr uctions igno red and key management infor mati on with held or falsif ied. One of the claimants made a particularly nasty attempt to unde rmine and blacken the name of MAG’s founder and Presi dent Ian Mutch. Previous directors had experienced similar tactics as did other officers and ordinary members. It was of extre me concern that MAG Cent ral Office was not efficient due to Mr Brow n and Mr Tyson’s prior itisation of their own Overland magazine and touri ng ventu re, carried out in MAG hour s when they should instead have been focused on the jobs MAG was paying them to do. Their negligence of their MAG duties resulted, amon gst other problems, in their total failu re to manage the long-running database project and failu re to attend important meetings. The Board asked Directors Mr Live rsidge and Mr Walker to take over the HR role with effect from 12 March 2013. They immediat ely convened staff meetings for the following Monday. Mr Brow n, Mr Tyson and Ms Smith refused to attend and breached the chain of management by seek ing the inter vention of other s not part of line management. On the weekend before the plan ned meetings all three filed ‘noti ces of intended grievance’ considere d as final ‘spoiler’ attempts to prevent the meetings. The meetings went ahead and were cove rtly recorded by Mr Brow n et al. Ironically their own recordings amply evidence the claim ants’ poor attitude and their disruptive behaviou r along with, the then National Chair Denise Powell. Following the meetings Mr Brow n was suspende d pending disciplinary action. An inves tigation by an independent HR consultant found that MAG had grou nds to dismiss Mr Brow n. Ms Smith and Mr Tyson were signed off as unfit to work. All three resig ned before any disciplinary action could actually be taken. MAG only incu rred very small costs in this case. MAG is natu rally disappointed by the judg ment which it does not accept as either fair or as an accu rate reflection of the true circu mstances. MAG is therefore appealing . The harm done by the claimants in the meantime has necessitated a restr uctu ring. This has been successfully carried through and as a result MAG ’s work has not been affected. MAG now has a smaller but loyal and highly capable team that is accomplishing more than ever befo re. We are very happy and proud of them. In addition MAG has protected the monies from membership fees and the funds that members work hard to bring in as donations so that MAG never finds itself in this situation again. MAG is completely comfortable with the morality of its position and now looks forward to concentrating on its mission - fight ing for the rights of motorcyclists. The National Com mittee Motorcycle Action Group



Honda News Honda offers even more choice with 11 new or upgraded models for UK in 2014 • Four complete new models • Two new stylish 650cc machines with in-line 4 engine • New CTX1300 with distinctive custom cruiser look • Next evolution of the NC series • New directions for VFR800F and CBR1000RR Fireblade

CBR650F and CB650F

Honda reveals its new motorcycle line-up for 2014, expanding its uniquely wide and varied range with eleven new or upgraded machines. The new additions highlight Honda’s tradition of technical innovation and ongoing desire to attract more customers – in particular young customers – to the world of motorcycling. New for 2014 are the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, CB650F, CBR650F and CTX1300. A further seven machines are significantly upgraded for 2014: VFR800F, Crosstourer, CBR1000RR Fireblade, Integra, NC750X, NC750S and CBR300R.


A stylish new middleweight pair with a new in-line 4 cylinder engine, offering a new entry point into Honda’s four cylinder engine range.

More power and torque from a bigger capacity engine, and Fireblade-inspired styling for the motorcycle that represents the first step into Honda’s Super Sport line-up.

Integra, NC750X and NC750S

CBR1000RR Fireblade and CBR1000RR Fireblade SP

The trio of New Concept models introduced in 2011 receive further utility enhancements and an increase in engine capacity for more power and torque and even better fuel consumption.

Further engine enhancements for Honda’s Super Sport flagship, plus a new special edition equipped with Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes for even sharper circuit performance.

VFR800F and Crosstourer Two of Honda’s V4 models are significantly enhanced for 2014. The Crosstourer receives further technological upgrades including Honda’s new 3-stage Selectable Torque Control system; the VFR800F sports tourer is given a totally new look and a host of upgrades including ABS, heated grips, adjustable seat and selfcancelling indicators.

CTX1300 A distinctive custom cruiser, offering a unique combination of comfort and technology.

With this wide range of new machines for 2014, Honda once again underlines its commitment to offering customers the greatest possible choice of machinery, all with the company’s renowned build quality and durability. 28 GOLDEN WING


Honda announce new NM4 Vultus The NM4 Vultus is a ground-breaking machine inspired by the desire to establish a unique riding experience and an identity not bound by standard motorcycle design, with strong echoes of futuristic bikes seen in Japanese movies. Honda is founded on innovation. In keeping with this tradition, from deep within the company, came the desire to create a new machine that would push boundaries, with an identity, riding feeling and experience that could and would place it in a class of its own. The visual creative spark was fired by the futuristic bikes seen in the anime and manga television and film styles. In Japan both genres have long been very grownup entertainment, woven into the fabric of life; now, the philosophy, attitude, fashion and feeling are worldwide and mainstream phenomena. Another critical factor in the genesis of this new entity was a desire to create a machine capable of crossing traditional two-wheeled lines and reach out to a wider audience. The creative team of engineers who conceived, designed and put it together are in their 20s and early 30s. They were given a completely free hand. In that respect, the NM4 Vultus represents a leap of faith from Honda, one intended to appeal to and attract a new kind of rider. Mr Keita Mikura, Large Project Leader, says “Honda is a big company. We make every kind of motorcycle. It’s great that sometimes we make a certain machine simply because we can and because we want to, not because we ‘should’. “The NM4 Vultus exists because of a passion from deep within our company. We wanted to create something truly unique in the whole world - a machine that engages a human soul like no other.”

...because we want to not because we ‘should’







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The new benchmark for Sport Touring tyres, the Pirelli Angel GT, is the 2013 MCN ‘Tyre of the Year’ The new tyre, launched last year, has become an instant hit due its diverse appeal thanks to class leading mileage, high safety feeling in the wet and the Pirelli sporty DNA, all contributing factors to its MCN Award. * Terms & Conditions: 1. Entries must be received by Friday 13th June 2014. 2. Winners will be drawn on Friday 20th June 2014 and announced on Saturday 21st June 2014. 3. All e-mail entrants will have their e-mail addresses passed on to Pirelli. 4. Pirelli will organise all prizes directly with the winners. 5. There is no cash alternative. 6. Competition open to UK residents only, sorry.




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Racing Report What we will see from Honda in the 2014 racing season?

It came as a bit of a surprise that Honda (UK) are not competing full-time with an official team in the MCE British Superbike Championship this year, leaving Simon Andrews (RAF Reserves Honda), Jenny Tinmouth (TWR Honda) and Julian De Costa (Honda team) to fly the Honda flag in the British series which is spread across the 12 races, one of which is in Assen in September. Question to ponder: How come a BSB round is held in Assen, Holland albeit an excellent circuit! Nick Campolucci, Head of Motorcycles, Honda (UK) commented about the decision on the BSB web site: “This is not a decision we have taken lightly and it was not our preferred option but we feel that given the cumulative circumstances, it is the best course of action for us at this time. Honda goes racing to win. Unless we have the right elements in place to achieve the success on track we know we are capable of, our preferred option is to re-evaluate and re-structure for a stronger and more aligned effort. The British Superbike Championship is very important to Honda UK and we plan a full return to the series in 2015” With the development of the Honda CBR1000RR Fibreblade in 2014 it is planned that they will make several guest rider appearances throughout the season and will hopefully be back with a bang for 2015. SPRING 2014

Honda will continue to have a strong presence in the Moto GP and will also be racing in World Superbikes, combined with their usual support for the road racing calendar at both the Northwest 200 and the Isle of Man TT. With Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa leading the charge for Honda in the Moto GP and six other riders on Honda machines, including our own Scott Reading, it should be an excellent season for the Honda name in the MotoGP field.

Leon Haslam

Jonathan Rea and Leon Haslam from the PATA Honda team are leading the WSB charge across the 13 races which definitely live up to the name of ‘World Super Bikes’ as they are taking place as far afield as Australia, South Africa and the USA! Jonathan Rea

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent


Restoration CB125T by

Andy Smith, Events Coordinator Nottingham Branch

With the cylinders collected from SEP on a snowy Saturday morning, they went on almost too easily and with no broken rings, the head followed afterwards along with the cam shaft. The timing being set up with the engine out of the frame and the top cover added. I now had an engine. I have bought the proper tappet adjustment tools, what a simple and easy job it is now to adjust the tappets should have bought them long ago. The following week a trip to Central Wheels near Birmingham on another snowy Saturday morning gave me a pair of wheels stainless rims and spokes not cheap but they look really nice even arrived back to Newark in time to have the tyres fitted.

The rear wheel was the first to be fitted now the bike was standing on its own feet. The rest of the rear end soon followed suit, now I really had something to look at. A disappointment came next when I removed the front mudguard from its box and plastic bag it had been scratched at some point on the parts shelf, What do I do find another one or repaint it, well after finding this one I have yet to see another and repainting was not really in the spirit of this build so on it went. In the end it isn’t that obvious without really looking for it. Front brake disc on and in went the front wheel. Now I had something I could wheel around. Clocks and headlight bowl soon followed along with the wiring harness. Those of you 34 GOLDEN WING

who have looked behind the headlight glass will already know just what a jumble of wires there is, spaghetti junction.

On with the carbs and the other electrical items (indicator flasher, regulator battery etc.) and the engine can be statically timed and the point gaps set up properly. Exhausts fitted like a dream looking like a proper bike now the bike is now ready to start. I have an old fairy liquid bottle yes just like on Blue Peter with the bottom cut off and attached inverted onto a stand which I use as a temporary fuel tank. With a bit of petrol in the tank and a few kicks on the starter shaft has the engine running a bit rough but all of a sudden as she warms up she started to sing a nice steady beat and o what a lovely song she sang bit tinny but she is only a 125. Proper tank on, seat in place and she sailed through the MOT, taxed and Enid yes she now has a name is ready for the road. SPRING 2014

Time for a shakedown run, I have a little route that I like to take about 40 miles in all spoilt only nowadays by a silly 50mph limit on some of these miles even on a dual carriageway stretch but I don’t need to worry about this with Enid especially for the first 600 miles running in. One little incident en route the speedo stopped working somebody had supplied the wrong cable and despite the retaining screw being in place the cable came loose from the speedo gearbox. I stopped off en -route to show off Enid to my parents, even my mum, and she is not biker friendly remarked how nice and shiny she looked.

Enid has now about 700 miles under her belt most of them on club ride outs and has appeared at Newark bike show, she really looked small with the rest of the bikes that were on the club stand. She’s a lovely bike to ride so long as you keep the revs up which is why I like to ride her. Top speed well I have had an indicated 70mph out of her but realistically 50-55 is a good speed to run at without stretching the engine. Thanks to everyone on the rides I have been on and haven’t complained too much at my slow progress, maybe one day I will have something faster. Actually I am working on that as we speak so watch this space. Cost of the project... a mind blowing £10,273.73 including £886.78 in packing and delivery charges. Would I do it again NO NO NO. Had I thought it would cost so much at the start I would definitely not done it but it has ticked a box and I can say that I now have the youngest 35 year old bike in the HOC. That is unless you know different!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have the youngest 35 year old bike in the HOC SPRING 2014




ails of what Please call or e-mail for det ilable and ava accommodation is currently omes. torh mo prices for camping and e gone, but Nearly all the caravans hav the private more may be available from . owners on site



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Next Generation Super 90 A design concept by Igor Chak

Back in the 60’s Honda has been focusing on more stylish lightweight bikes that could be used in rural areas, bikes that were cheaper and had better gas mileage compared to the bigger bikes. One of the bikes was the iconic S90 (Super 90). It was a truly unique looking motorcycle with its shiny chrome tank and a stamped frame, boosting a 89.6 cc SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke air-cooled engine with a top speed of 64mph. It has been 50 years since the first S90 and I thought it would be a great to give this amazing motorcycle a second life! This is the 50th Anniversary Honda Super 90! A lot has changed in the 50 years, let’s start with the design. I fell in love with the Hondas 60’s design that didn’t really want to change anything. The new S90 became a bit bigger, sleeker and very aerodynamic. We still have the chrome that can be seen from the gas tank to little accents around the motorcycle. The main body construction kept the same ideology; unlike its predecessor this model has a stamped aluminum inner frame with a carbon fiber outer shell to give it superb strength and stability with a reduced weight. Unlike the 60’s version, this 21 century bike is proud to be Eco Friendly by being all electric! The power comes from two electric hub motors,

one for each wheel making it an all-wheel drive motorcycle. Each motor is rated at 50kW giving out 60hp at the wheel, that’s 100hp combined! To stop all that power we have 2 electromagnetic braking hubs at each wheel. Electromagnetic brakes require less maintenance and last longer than normal brakes, this also eliminates any hoses. Powering the hub motors is a 14kWh Air Cooled Lithium Sulfide Battery (Li2S). Note that Li2S batteries hold four times the energy of Lithium ion batteries. The battery is located on the bottom portion to give a lower gravity point, that makes the bike use less energy and gives it better traction. Being all electric means the bike controls all of the safety features like ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control, and Launch Control also Regenerative Braking System that gives you 60% of that braking power back. S90 is also equipped with sensors that help you know what is going on with the bike at any moment. All of the information is displayed on the main OLED touch display that will give you any information that is gathered by the bikes on-board computer. As this motorcycle is all electric it uses fewer parts, about more than a half of an average gas powered motorcycle. That means manufacturing is fast and cheap.

Find out more about Igor Chak’s design work at SPRING 2014




This ‘clip-on’ cycle motor had great historical significance, being one of the first motorised products from the Honda Motor Co. In the aftermath of WW2, there was a desperate need to mobilise the population and simple economical power units that could easily be attached to bicycles became immensely popular. The period bicycle has many interesting details and was manufactured by the Kumotsru Cycle Co Year: 1953 Engine: Air-cooled, singlecylinder 2-stroke Ignition: Flywheel magneto Power: 1.8hp Bore x stroke: 43mm x 40mm Displacement: 58cc Fuel system: Carburetor Transm ission: Single-speed Suspension: Front spring, rigid rear Brakes: Rear drum Weight: 131lb Top speed: 25mph barbers-best/1953-honda-cub.aspx SPRING 2014


Is it really 50 years!! by

Graham Gull

In the Winter of 1963/4 I was working in an office about 4 miles from home and my journey to and from work (by train) took between 35 minutes and well over an hour, because I had to change and wait for a connection as although I had a bicycle, the roads between home and work were too narrow and the hills to steep to do the journey comfortably. A couple of colleagues at work, who also lived about 5 miles away, came on mopeds, one being a Raleigh Runabout and the other an NSU Quickly. They both suggested that the answer to my travel problems would be to take to powered two wheels. I was offered a test ride on the ‘Quickly’ in the car park, which I managed successfully. So after a period of research, looking at the moped scene and such small bikes as a BSA Bantam, I came down in favour of a Honda. The one which caught my eye was a C100, the 50cc step-thru, which by not having pedals was a proper motorcycle (of which more anon). I visited my local dealer, which was actually a car showroom, and all the arrangements were made, principally with the bank of mum and dad to borrow the 79 guineas, for those who remember was £8219s-0d., which was the basic cost of the bike. The great day arrived, 21st May 1964, and as things were far simpler in those days, my first stop was County Hall, paid 10/- (50p) for a Provisional Driving Licence and armed with a ‘Corker’ crash helmet I had borrowed from my uncle and the L plates, 1/- (5p) from Halfords, went along with great anticipation to pick up BNK 685B. Of course there was no form of CBT or other off road training in those days, so after about 10 minutes tuition in handling the bike, I set off 42 GOLDEN WING

along the A602 followed by a few country lanes, so far so good! After about an hour I successfully made it home and now it was only a 10 minute ride to work. During that summer, I spent most of my free time on the bike mostly exploring the countryside locally, really enjoying the freedom which biking affords, and of course teaching myself in readiness for the driving test. By November 1964 I felt I was ready to take the plunge and apply for the test and I was given a date in the following February. All the candidates for the test sat in the waiting room and when the examiners came out of their office, one had a thick greatcoat and muffler and I thought ‘that’s mine!’ Anyway out into the street, read the number plate at 25 yards (a grey Minivan, 969 URO) and off we set. Of course the examiner just walked around and most of the test was going round the block, turning right into a main road and then right again into a side road. I was warned that at some stage I would be required to make an emergency stop, and upon turning a corner and having covered about 10 yards he suddenly jumped out between two parked cars and held up his hand. He must have been 250 yards away and I stopped in a couple of feet! Anyway after a few questions on the Highway SPRING 2014

...over the 50 years I have only owned Hondas, 19 at the last count! Code, I was handed the coveted pass form, which in those days allowed me to ride any bike of any cc. So with a full bike licence I carried on with my leisure journeys, as by now I had moved to an office near home, only 8 minutes walk away, so there was no need to use the bike. I was saving petrol money at 5/- (25p) a gallon which works out at about 6p a litre! The thing which did increase in price was road tax which went up 100% from £1 to £2 in 1965 (could the chancellor double road tax today, I doubt it, but you never know). I was venturing further and further afield and in November 1965 rode to stay with some friends near Lincoln, who were amazed that my little 50cc bike had made the 100+ mile journey. As time went on I was thinking about moving up the range and as my bike had given no mechanical trouble at all, I thought that Honda was a good name to stick with. I looked at the range and my decision was to move up to a 250, a C72, the one with the square headlight and enclosed chain, which I felt would be ideal, so in spring 1967 VAR 54 E came on the scene. I was now really getting into biking, including a visit to Lewis Leathers in Great Portland Street in London to get kitted out. SPRING 2014

Later that summer at I think Earls Court was a bike show (probably the only one at that time, instead of the proliferation we have now) and at the BMF stand were leaflets advertising various bike clubs, one of which was for the HOC. So I thought it would be nice to join with like minded riders, so on 22nd September 1967, I made the fateful decision and sent the form off to Tony Eldridge. Within a few days, back came the membership and details of the London branch, which was then meeting fortnightly in Leyton. With some trepidation, I went along, and was made most welcome as amongst the CB450 ‘Black Bombers’ and CB72/77’s there were a couple of other C72’s so I felt at home and have never looked back. I was then, as now really enjoying club life with all the events and ride outs. In a couple of years I moved up to a larger bike, this time a 5 speed CB450 and somewhere along the line also acquired a CD175 (with the pressed steel frame). Since then have always owned 2 or more bikes (with 5 at the moment!) I won’t go into all the bikes I have had over the years, but my next one was a CB350K (an Australian import), which I know is still around locally followed by 2 CB750K2s. These bikes took me through the seventies and the last bike I bought new was a GL1000 in 1978. Since then, they have all been second hand or ex demos. Another Gold Wing followed but I didn’t really get on with them so I downsized to a CB250N as a second bike to go with a VT500. These took me through the eighties and then the ideal bike for me was introduced in 1990, the Pan European ST1100. One, an ex demo was GOLDEN WING 43

advertised locally, so I had to go for it, and on August Bank Holiday 1990, it was mine. I have had 2 more since and realise that I have now had a Pan for nearly half my riding life! At that time I was also offered a CB750K6 to ‘look after’ by my then dealer, he having first refusal if I wanted to sell it. He has since retired and emigrated to New Zealand, so I think it is mine to keep (I have had it for 25 years now). One of our branch members was reducing his stable in 2006 and offered a bike I had always fancied, a 1993 FireBlade, which was a bit of a bitza, as it had been in a smash and had had the front end rebuilt with later parts but I hung onto it for 6 years until a very nice ’99 Blade came my way. I was also fancied the CBF1000 and in 2009, bought a two year old example with only 320 miles on the clock! So that is a summary of my biking career and it is completed with a P50 (moped with the engine in the back wheel) which has not run since 1973. It belonged to my step-father


who gave up riding when the helmet law was brought in. He had ridden bikes in the Army in the 1920’s without a crash helmet and survived wearing a flat cap for 50 years and wasn’t going to wear a helmet now. I have now covered nearly 200,000 miles on the Pans, but I do like the varied riding styles of the others and it is nice to go to the garage and have to make a decision - which one today? I am possibly one of the very few people that over the 50 years I have only owned Honda’s, 19 at the last count! It was a long time ago when I took the test on the 50cc and of course can ride any bike without a further test, although I have benefitted from various courses, such as BikeSafe, but I really feel sorry for a youngster starting out on a biking career with so many hoops to jump through. I feel I may not have been able to stay the course if the present route to a licence was in place in my day.



Friday 28th ~ Sunday 30th November 2014

Come and join your fellow HOC’ers for a magical start to Christmas at the stunning Cricklade House, a country haven standing in over 30 acres of peaceful, secluded grounds on the edge of the Cotswolds. This special weekend will include 2 nights luxury accommodation with served full cooked breakfasts, a hot finger buffet on the Friday evening, culminating in an Evening Ball on Saturday where you can dress to impress. Make use of the swimming pool & spa, snooker room and conservatory or why not have a round of golf?

There’s a total of 40 rooms available - book early to avoid disappointment £255.00 per Double Room, £152.00 per Single Room including breakfasts & evening meals for two nights. For further information and to book, please contact Angie & Ian on or 01494 258904 Single night stay packages and Saturday Evening Ball only also available




Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs

07534 537086

At last, a real alternative to main dealer servicing and repairs at a price you can afford! 1 Factory trained Honda Technician 5 to Master level. 6 2 Menu price servicing which is far more comprehensive than 7 Honda’s schedule. 8 3 Collection and delivery service which is free within a 15 mile 9 radius of Devizes in Wiltshire. 4 MOT bay *NEW*

Free valet with every full service. Engine, electrical and fuel injection diagnostics. Tyre supply and fitting service. Genuine Honda parts supplied and fitted. 10% discount to fellow HOC members (excludes MOTs and tyres).

Try the new benchmark in motorcycle maintenance 46 GOLDEN WING


Whether it’s an old Honda or the very latest machinery, why don’t you give me a call for a competitive quote

See my NEW website Full Honda fuel injection diagnostic service available

I’m a Honda Owners Club member too! SPRING 2014








David Stokes is a member of the Kent Branch. Watch this space for more of his adventures.

Article reproduced by kind permission of RiDE magazine





a s e id H a d n Ho Bike in a Box Designed to fit into the luggage compartment of the Honda City and Honda Today, the former’s trunk space actually being designed around its dimensions, the Motocompo was a little folding scooter sold from 1981 to 1983.

Mechanically it wasn’t much to get excited about, with a 49cc two-stroke and centrifugal clutch, single-speed transmission, but its plastic body and retracting parts were undeniably cool - just like the Transformers, it was more than meets the eye.

Here’s a period Japanese-market Motocompo brochure we’ve dug up, presented complete and unedited in all its overwhelming Eighties cheesey glory. Apparently it was quite useful for resting fruit on and taking to concession stands. SPRING 2014 GOLDEN WING 53

Our American Dream by

Pete Blake, Northants Branch member

Pete writes about a trip to the United States he won in 1997.

I expected a blow out during my trip to USA but not before I left these shores. Having collected my son, Graham, from Paddington Station on my beloved 1100, the rear tyre decided to remove itself from the rest of the bike. Departed Gatwick 11am Monday morning good trip, Graham was excited he had never flown before. Despite what Gary Ingram said on arrival in Atlanta it was P!*$ing down with rain (no wet weather gear), thanks Gary. On arrival at Cruise America where we anticipated finding a shiny 1500, none were to be had, but the Honda Fairy, Ken Watts, came to our rescue! After a few phone calls it was off to the Honda Training School, which left us in awe of their facilities having mechanical workshop and on-off road riding grounds you could only dream of. I was then introduced to ‘HER’ a sparkling red 1500 with only 100 miles on the clock (we soon changed that).

The ride to Ashville, North Carolina was spectacular not only for the mountains, rivers and forest which I caught glimpses of as I tried to keep pace with GoldWing’s answer to John Kooinski. I must have lost 10lb during that ride. Not a bad thing some people might say. 54 GOLDEN WING

The following morning we woke up to bright sunshine. After a swim phoned Cruise America to book Wing for a second week (after all we wanted a white Wing for our trip to Daytona). Over the next few days we had many pleasurable experiences, for instance we rode the Blue Ridge Parkway by day and by night. Our most outstanding memory being a nighttime charge up Mount Mitchell chasing three mad Yanks through the mist to the summit (the Yanks were friendly)! During a day’s ride out with friends we’d made from Ohio we came across a mountain river slide where Graham and I could not resist stripping off to cavort down the waterfall much to the delight and surprise of our American friends. They thought we were heros but we were just mad Englishmen acting like kids.

Two afternoons were spent browsing around the many trade stalls, similar to the BMF, only on a much larger scale. One afternoon along with Ken, who we now considered a good friend, we attended a barbecue at a ranch out of town organised for those attending the Honda Hoot. The sight of thousands of bikes parked around the lake as we crested the hill will stay with us forever. The Hoot is a very good week and I would recommend it to anybody. SPRING 2014

We left Ashville on Saturday morning to return to Atlanta. There were four bikes making the trip. As we left the gas station I was behind Ken when his 1500 gave a good impression of turning into Thomas the Tank Engine - clouds of smoke from the exhaust. Ken the Honda Expert, had filled his wing with diesel! Once we had recovered from our initial worry and subsequent hysteria, it was back to the gas station where the real experts set to work siphoning the expensive flushing fluid from the stricken machine and wiping the tears from Ken’s eyes Naturally being a GoldWing the engine fired as the button was pushed. Once the smoke had dispersed we could see our way clear to Atlantis, after an overnight stay and a good meal. We picked up the white SE from Cruise America. With our belongings stowed and Graham perched on the pillion not knowing what Daddy had in store for him having not lost all faith in Ken, Daddy took his advice and followed the coast road south to Florida. Although different in its beauty, the ride south was as memorable in contrast to the mountains and forests, there were sandy beaches on one side and the swamps of the Everglades on the other. Having made the mistake of buying a two man tent and camping out in the tropical zoo they call Florida the following morning we went in search of an air-conditioned motel which we found in bikers heaven in utopia known as Daytona Beach. Wow - sun, sea, boobs and bikes, not necessarily in that order but all essential to our week in paradise.


That night we cruised Daytona with the local posers inside the world famous Boot Hill Saloon. After installing the Wing amongst a sea of Harleys we were greeted by the leather clad, tattooed, giants with friendly curiosity – what a night! The best blues music, the greatest people and the coldest beer. A night to be repeated throughout the week in Heaven. The trip back to Atlanta was highlighted by having to stop due to a storm. Above the noise of the rain we could hear somebody calling us. Leaving the bike under a tree we ran towards the voice which we found to be coming from the local Jed Clampit (shame we never did meet Ellie May). Under the Confederate flag, sitting on a threadbare sofa which we shared with the moth eaten dogs, the next couple of hours were spent drinking cool beer and putting the world to rights. The more we talked the greater his fascination became with our accent and ours with his. The storm having passed, we said goodbye to our confederate friend and continued our journey to Atlanta where we reluctantly returned the white SE to its owners. When we left Atlanta to fly home it was a o sunny 34 C - hot, damn hot. As we arrived o at Gatwick it was a cloudy 9 C - cold, damn cold, back to reality. Our trip confirmed what most of us already know, that is the Honda Goldwing is a most comfortable form of transport, provided it’s filled with petrol not diesel! I would like to thank everyone who made this most memorable trip possible.




Maxxis Uses Aesthetic Attraction for a Great Cause Sales over the four days raised a total of Maxxis went the extra mile to entice crowds to its stand at this year’s Autosport £2000 for Macmillan, which is the top ten International showand raised thousands of tyre manufacturer’s biggest haul from calendar sales specifically to support the fantastic cause. pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The combination of the Maxxis Kawasaki race team, the famous Chris Walker Race School, a host of their competition bikes and the company’s own ‘Maxxis Babes’, proved irresistible for thousands of show goers, with Maxxis turning its pulling power to the charity by selling its 2014 calendars.


Supporting UK charities, as well as motorists, dealers and sports teams, is clearly very important to the tyre manufacturer, as UK MD Derek McMartin confirmed: “Macmillan works tirelessly to support people and families through one of the toughest challenges they will ever face and reaches out to improve the lives of everyone it can.” To find out more information about this year’s calendars, visit



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


ince our regular meeting venue at the Chequers was taken over by a new manager, we have decided to move on and are currently now meeting at The Musgrave Arms, Shillington. This may or may not be permanent so I recommend that until we publish a meeting place in Golden Wing you contact me (contact details on the branch page or e-mail to find out where we will be before setting out if you are planning to visit on a Wednesday evening. Several of use gathered at Steve and Julie’s for breakfast bacon rolls and coffee to formulate our runs list and diary for the year. (Not sure if we sorted out the diary but we did get through half a pig…..) As a result we now have a full diary for the year and plenty to look forward to. Thanks to S&J for breakfast and the use of their house! Our branch members are gradually emerging from their winter hibernation and joining our ride outs. Several joined Glen for a run to St Neots for coffee and cake in March and then we had a run to the Prescott Bike Festival in early April, which was a good day out with Jo from Gloucs branch proudly showing off the picture she had taken with Richard Hammond. We also made our statement of intent for the year with a Bugatti Burger and coffee! Must to the disgust I am sure of Stritchy, the Beds report rarely comes with pictures so note to self, remember that mobiles also have a camera facility and try to remember to use it!! We try to have a good mix of riding and social events here at Beds, both amongst ourselves and with other branches. So if you want to know more of what we are about, come on down one Wednesday evening and join in. All the best,


• • • 58 GOLDEN WING



14th Clappers Rally Friday 23rd – Monday 26th May 2013 @

'The Cross Keys' Pulloxhill Bedfordshire

Toilets/shower/marquee/pub grub/cooked breakfasts/ barbeque/superb camping field/ride-outs BOOKING FORM

Name (s) Address Postcode No. in Party Vehicle Registration No. H.O.C. Membership Number

Contact No. (4 max per booking) (Bike/Car /Camper etc....) (Branch)

Nights Req'd (£11 per pitch per night) FRI SAT SUN (please circle) = Breakfasts required (£6 per breakfast per person): Saturday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Sunday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Monday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Buffet Salad Required @ £2.50(for Sat night BBQ) 1 2 3 4 = Total


Please return booking form with payment & stamped addressed envelope to: Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road Flitwick Beds MK45 1RB Cheques payable to HOC Bedfordshire Branch, detailed map will be returned on receipt of booking. SPRING 2014


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


ell Happy New Year and hope you have had a good start to 2014 and hope none of you have been subject to the awful floods that have been affecting parts of the country. It has been quiet at Cambs HOC so far but having said that we have had a couple of good turn outs for out Wednesday meetings. On the third Wednesday of January we held an auction to raise club funds – it is a blind auction where you wrap a gift up and then we auction it off for a little money and you have no idea what you are paying for! Stephen Stackhouse is our auctioneer and as usual made the evening fun by giving totally off the board suggestions of what the prizes were – we raised over £100 for the funds and a good night was had by all including Ian who was a new member that night and who threw himself into the thick of things by bidding and buying too – and he has returned for meetings after! The Third Wednesday of February we set the diary dates for the year, setting first Tuesday ride outs and who will lead and also a couple of third Wednesday ride outs too which we tried last year and proved to be a hit, we also have other ride outs for the weekends, weekends away etc which can all be found on our website and which will be sent through to Andy to put on the main website for all to view. We also had our Christmas do – we had it on the 1st February as we couldn’t fit it in before and it is nice to have something to look forward to after Christmas – we went to The Eaton Oak in Eaton Socon and was made very welcome and the food was lovely – we were joined by our friends from up north – Dave, Lisa, Ade and Sue and as they had 9 rooms some of us stayed rather than travel home so we then met again for breakfast and it just seemed to finish it off nicely. Paul and I have had the seat of the Blackbird recovered over the winter and have to say that Alistair Else did a fantastic job, we have taken it out and it is very comfy to ride and although it sounds a bit silly it feels warmer, the weather was chilly when we went out. I know a few of our friends, including some from the club are looking to have their seats done by him and we sent him a copy of the Golden Wing so that he could advertise if he wanted to and explained all about the club. He does seats for all over the world and when we took ours had sent one to Australia just that week, a very clever man. Anyway that is is and we hope to see you all very soon – take care and ride safe.

Love Paul and Kim xx

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING


Chester & District Contact: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540


e started the year with a nice little ride to Ravens Cafe at Whitchurch. It was the first Sunday of 2014 and as usual at this time of year, the roads were damp and greasy. Then it was raining as we left for home, but that eased off and we managed to get home still dry without bothering with waterproofs. Our next event was a stand at the GMEX show that we shared with the Manchester branch. Our stand was next to where they had the stunt show. So every time the show finished, about four times a day I think, some of the audience would stop at our stand and learn about the club. As some of our members started with the Manchester branch, we still join in some of their rides. Alan mentioned in his report of the Glasson Dock ride that out of eight bikes, half of them were from the Chester branch. The real figure was five Chester members. Then three from Manchester joined our next ride to Matlock to make eight bikes again. The weather and the roads were warm and dry for the time of year and we all had a great day. We are now looking forward to joining Manchester again for the world famous Pancake Run. Alan leads us on a shortish ride to end at his house for pancakes. Always lots of bikes on this ride, probably because of Norma’s pancakes. You can read about that in the next magazine. Or check our website for reports of all our rides.


• • • SPRING 2014


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Christmas Party, Ferrer’s Arms

Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory January 26th

Doesn’t seem like twelve months since we were here at the Pie Factory for our annual first Sunday lunch of the year.

It was a good turnout for the Christmas Lunch at the Ferrer’s Arms in Lount. 24 of us gathered for a hastily organised Christmas lunch after plans for the party had gone astray.

Richard shovelling the food in

And I think this is just about everyone (except for the photographer, he he).

This year we were joined by Dibble and Richard as well as our regular guest Jennie. As there weren’t as many of us usual, we were placed on a slightly cramped table without any access at one, this provided some of the entertainment as, rather than disturb everyone on my side of the table, I decided to make my exit underneath it and got caught on camera (thanks Peter!)

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING


Skittles night February 15th

After the last few times at the old venue, we decided to try out a new location for the skittles night, The Royal Oak at Cossington.

The prize for highest scoring female went to Ann and the prize for the highest scoring male went to Eric. Thanks to Jacob for a great effort on the score board, although he did try to elevate his score by a couple of hundred.

Dave & Barbara taking in the entertainment

Due to weather circumstances and work commitments there were only 17 of us, but nevertheless we made a good night of it, joined as usual by Jennie (and Glynn).

Ann & Malcolm two of our winners

After the main event there was a game of four corners which was won by Malcolm.


Jacob, Ace Scorer

Surprise, surprise!

• • • SPRING 2014





Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


e ended the excellent biking year of 2013 with a visit to the Bike Show at the NEC at Birmingham. As with the previous two years we started off 2014 by visiting the Newark Classic Bike Show on 5th January. There was a reasonable display of bikes; I thought the artwork on the scooters was particularly good. If you are thinking of going touring on the continent this year it’s worth considering taking part in the F.I.M. touring events. The 69th FIM Rally will be at Tampere in Finland from the 1st to 3rd July. The 33rd FIM Motocamp will be held at Sabrosa in Portugal from 10th to 12th September.

A 1977 Honda 400 owned by Stephen Parke

Remember, the Eastern Branch meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at the Black Bull in Brigg. This is when we decide on what we are going to do. I hope more Eastern branch members will make it to the meetings in 2014 and take part. The Eastern Branch covers a large area and if there are members out there who can’t attend meetings and want to be involved, email me at


X owners club The Honda CB

out ie try & Lorr Martin w Honda a ne

Lorrie tries out a classic Honda

John tries out a Pan

Lorrie & Martin Honda on the Owners Club sta n


• • • SPRING 2014




Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


ecember 2013 saw us have our AGM, where we elected a new Vice Chairman, welcome to Jon Arscott, who has taken over this role. We also decided that we would change our meeting date from the first Tuesday of the month to the second one. The December meeting also saw us have our Branch Xmas Meal.

A good time was had by all who attended. We also took part in the Santa on a Bike Ride, where we joined many other bikers on a ride to a local children’s Hospice, that was a very thought provoking experience.

In January, we were lucky to have The Christian Bikers join us and talk about the work that they do. January also saw us on our first ride out of the year, which took us to Touchdown Café at Wellesbourne Airfield, now that was a cold day!

Of course we were able to watch the planes come and go as we had a late breakfast/ brunch. February saw the floods, we did however mange to get to The Bath and West Showground, and call in at the Honda Tent, we also stopped off at the BMF tent. Of course although I took the camera to the show was so busy chatting and looking forgot to take any pics. Now that the flood water is at last subsiding, and the sun shinning it might just be time to get the bike back out and enjoy the freedom of the roads. Happy Riding to you all.

Jo • • • SPRING 2014




Organiser: David Eccles - 07797 854967


his is the first report delivered from Sunny Jersey, My name is David Eccles and my plan is to resurrect the HOC Jersey Branch, I am a mature motorcycle enthusiast and started my riding life on a Honda 50 then leading onto a Honda CD175 since then I have had proberly every make of bike known to man leading to my current bike which is a Honda Crossrunner, I am an adopted Jersey man moving from Yorkshire to Jersey in 1974 and starting life as a Chef I now work as a Manager for a very well known security company. I have quite a few friends who have owned Hondas throughout their lives and we felt it was time to bring HOC Jersey back to life, we are in the process of forming our committee and all that goes with it, I volunteered to drive this forward and I am looking forward to the challenge, we do have frustrating times biking in Jersey and tend to go round in circles as the island is only 9 miles by 5 mile however France is on our door step and offers some great roads for motorcycling. I have had a great response and I do not see why this project should not be a great success and I am looking forward to giving you more interesting articles and pictures from Jersey, The plan is that we are up and running ready for the Honda UK visit in May. We have had great support from our local Honda dealer who are going to offer discounts, open days and ride outs for HOC members.


The Jersey Branch meet at The Watersplash Jersey, La Grande Route Des Mielles, St. Peter, Jersey JE3 7FN on the last Wednesday of every month from 6pm. Contact Dave Eccles on 07797 854967 for more information

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

Lakes & Coast Organiser: Peter Steen - 07876 231248 or 01539 444059


so we live in or near the Most Beautiful Corner of England, so how shall we explore it this summer, when surely it must be drier than the previous two. We could meet besides England’s longest Natural waterway, Windermere, where I am based, ride up the A591, voted in the top three of the most scenery roads in Europe, The Filling Station Cafe in Keswick deserves our support, before we hit our very own Route 66, passing the only Lake in the whole of the Lake District to Cockermouth, down the west coast, do we visit England’s deepest water, Wastwater? After passing Calder Hall, the UK’s 1st nuclear site. Along the Whickham Valley a real cracker, to Broughton in Furness, where we can find the bakery, in the final of the 2012 Bakery of the Year, before heading back to Bowness. The whole route is only 100 miles, but what a contract in scenery and quality of roads, and in most places could be Touroid free! Then we have the six passes, while visiting twelve Lake, Waters and Meres. Further afield we have Hartside Cafe, and Alston, England’s highest market town, before heading down the Tees Valley to Middleton in Teesdale, over the tops to Brough and Kirkby Stephen, then a superb road back to Tebay We could meet at Devils Bridge that famous meeting place on the A65, before we head into the Dales, where even the Tour de France is coming this July, so a route to be avoided that week! Hawes see the home of Wensleydale cheese, made famous by Wallace & Gromit, then over Buttertubs to arrive at Tan Hill, the highest pub in England, with views over to the famous Route 66 Just some ideas to whet the appetite, email me, and lets get something arranged.


• • • SPRING 2014



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


espite the poor weather at the beginning of the year we have still got out and about, albeit in smaller numbers than we see in the spring / summer. We first had an invitation from NLHOC to join them in a fish & chip run to Deal which we gladly attended and had a good time, both from the ride and the food. Afterwards we ventured down to St Margaret’s at Cliffe before departing our separate ways.

Next, three of us agreed to go to Le Touquet to experience the sand racing. Although the ride down to Eurotunnel was not bad the weather seriously changed for the worse when we were in France. The rain fell out of the sky alarmingly heavily, the wind was very strong, mud was spilling onto the roads and two French drivers overtook us dangerously in separate incidents in poor weather conditions along country roads. When we arrived in Le Touquet more people appeared to be leaving than were going but it was still extremely crowded. They had apparently had extremely poor weather before we arrived, including hailstones, and it seemed many of the native riders were not dressed for the occasion. Anyway, the racing was interesting but I prefer road racing so probably will not go again. It was an experience I am glad I attended. Thanks to Tony B for suggesting the venue and for Tony and Les for attending.

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING


Next, Les and Jill joined me in venturing to the London M/c show at ExCel, I went by bike and L&J went by car. I arrived about 11am but it took L&J about four hours from door to door, much of it stuck in traffic about a mile from ExCel trying to get to the car parks. Obviously there was lots to see but it did not excite me as it used to. Clearly getting too old for some of this! I then travelled down to New Romney to meet Stritchy and Ruth regarding the forthcoming Rally as they were meeting the new entertainment manager at Marlie Holiday Park. They, especially Ruth, has clearly put much thought and effort into this, on all our behalf’s, and I am sure it will be a big success. It is down to Kent to plan and police the rideouts and this we will be working on very soon. To bring us up to date, last Sunday we were again invited by NLHOC to attend their ‘Mystery Ride’ into Kent. Now, even Roland did not know where we were going and Phil kept it a closely guarded secret. Well, it turned out the mystery ride was to Brighton Marina, probably a good choice but perhaps not on the sunniest Sunday of the year to date as everyone from Kent and Sussex must have decided to venture out. Traffic was the main problem as if we knew where we were going we may have been able to avoid some of it. But then it would not have been a mystery ride, would it?

This coming Sunday we’ll be out and about at a venue yet to be decided, then we have the management meeting in Kettering. Then we hope to do another French trip early in April and then the Sunbeam Epson to Brighton run. Then the summer fun really begins!! If you do not hear from me by email, please contact me, address below. We are still meeting twice each month at the Tudor Rose at Borden near Sittingbourne on the first and third Wednesday but will shortly be doing other biker friendly pubs and fish and chip runs on the third Wednesday (from April or May through to September). Hope to see and hear from lots of you soon


• • • SPRING 2014


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


ello all. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was writing about all our events last year – especially our Christmas do. But time flies and it’s now the start of a new year and a new set of activities which we are doing or have done. So far, we have had 3 rideouts and numerous meetings and also have a full event of things to do for the rest of this year. Our first ride was to the Boat museum at Ellesmere port. What a cracking day that turned out to be. The sun was shining, the roads were dry and we had 14 bikes turn up, including a very tidy 400-4.

Refreshed, we wandered around in the sunshine enjoying the sights until it was time to go. The ride back was equally exhilarating and a good time was had by all. Our next ride was to Glasson Dock, a picturesque little village with a pub that serves the best food for miles around. Once again, the weather was in our favour with light winds and a good deal of sunshine – so time to test the built in sun visor of my Shoei GT-Air (which worked well). 8 bikes turned up and we were soon on our way over the moors. Once again, first stop was for food (are you beginning to see a theme here?) and, while it took a while to arrive, it was worth it.

Dave’s 400-4

All the food you can eat

Once we arrived, we did what Manhoc riders always do – head for the food.

Once done,. W walked around a bit and then left, this time with Gary leading. Another good route down past Blackpool, Garstang, Longridge and then over the moors back to Haslingden where we had a last cuppa before we went our separate ways. The only rain we saw was when we were sat in McDonalds – so I consider that a good result. Our latest ride was the famous Pancake Run. This is always well attended and todays ride (yes, I’m writing this having just seen off the last of our guests) was no exception. In spite of pouring rain. high winds and Manchester City

Keith likes food

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

playing in a cup final, we had 18 bikes and 8 pillions. The ride over was somewhat damp, but it cleared up just as we approached our mid-morning tea stop.

Norma, the biggest tosser around

Enjoying a quiet cuppa

As always, everyone ate and drank till they were full, we chatted for ages and eventually they all went away happy (and full).

A good long break meant we were just setting off again as the rains came down. But never mind, it was only 25 miles (including one wrong turn and some very narrow hairpin roads) back to Chez Nous.

Paul and Mandy leaving

The Branch is going well, as you can see. Until next time – this is your faithful chairman signing off. The bikes outside the house


Norma had prepared large tureens of chilli, bolognaise and pancakes.

The bikes arrive for a tea stop

• • • SPRING 2014




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


appy new year to one and all and welcome to Lindsay Wilson of Port Erin who has recently joined the H.O.C. Hope to see you at the monthly meets which are still well attended by that other lot whom we believe will come to love the attributes of our beloved Hondas! Anyway, back to what we’ve been up to. A club night out to see Davy Knowles at the Gaiety theatre was excellent as usual, he is now rated amongst the top 6 blues / rock guitarists in America (he now lives in Chicago), to us on the Island you just can’t help glowing with pride. In the same week we had our Christmas meal at the Highwayman in Peel, a huge thank you must go to Kim for organising it for us all. Thirty very happy people went home feeling full of the Christmas spirit (guess who forgot the camera again) and looking forward to what Santa would be bringing us. I can tell you he didn’t bring me that Ducati I‘ve been hankering after for about twenty years! Still, there was always Valentines day, but no, so that’ll be my birthday in August then unless I conjure up an anniversary that deserves celebrating when only a Ducati would fit the bill!! The storm force winds and high spring tides were spectacular and shocking all at the same time. The absolute power of the waves never ceases to amaze us and when we finally turned on the TV for the news we were gobsmacked on seeing the devastation hitting the UK. It was like one of those American disaster movies only worse.

Storms 2014

At the end of January 50% of us attended the now legendary Moddey Dhoo bike club Christmas party weekend at the Hydro Hotel on the promenade. These parties begin on Friday night and end Sunday afternoon and feature local rock bands and lots of beer! Due to ill health I could only manage Friday night but John made it Saturday night as well! Considering some of them are of a similar age to us, one wonders where they get their energy from.

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


We still don’t know the exact date for this years TT press launch, I have checked with Manx Radio and it will be sometime in April. As we missed it last year because we were off Island, I definitely don’t want to miss this years. The majority of people you meet on the Island always know exactly how many sleeps to TT, so once the press launch is in sight you start getting giddy. The day after the last copy of Golden Wing dropped onto the doormat, a similar sized package arrived from Holland. It was, of course, from our friend Gerard who, you may remember, featured in our last write up. It turned out that he had done the same as we did, sent a write up to his club magazine, The Norton Club, Netherlands, about his visit to the Manx Grand Prix. He had sent us a copy so we could read it! In Dutch! John could get the gist of some of it as he knows a little German, and we knew the story anyway and the pictures were very similar to ours. We are presently waiting for a translation from the Council IT dept! So with that in mind we sent one off our copy of Golden Wing to Holland for them to read and as Gerard’s wife Cocky rides a Honda, they should find it interesting anyway. If you are ever in the area of Hippolytushoef which is a little village not too far from the Zeider Zee in Holland you could call and see his museum above Nubo Motors. The other bike club we are involved with over here is the VMCC. At their January meeting one of the members gave us a talk about the TT Clypse Course. For those who don’t know about this, it was a short course used in the 1950’s for the smaller classes, 125’s and sidecars mainly. This was very interesting to us as we knew very little about it and the accompanying photo’s and short film made for a very pleasant evening. The course started from the usual start line but

turned right at St Ninians crossroads, turned right again and headed up to Creg ny baaa the opposite way from the current course. At the Creg it turned right once again down the back roads into Onchan and back to the Grandstand, via Signpost corner approached from the other side. February saw us attending a film night at the Peel Centenary Centre. This was a VMCC arranged fund raiser for the Lonan Gentleman’s Fellowship, the team who went to Bonneville Salt flats in 2012 and came home with TWO world land speed records! They are now building two new bikes to go back again this year and try for some more records in different classes. The evening was highly entertaining with some 1960’s films of MotoCross meetings on the continent, no health and safety then! A film of the 1965 I.S.D.T. in the Isle of Man when Geoff Duke was clerk of the course and MZ won, followed by a raffle and auction of a couple of special items raised around £2000! During the interval for tea & biccies, one of the new bikes was on show and the standard of workmanship is stunning! It also came out in conversation that the electronic box alone controlling the fuelling & ignition on this bike had cost £3000!! Watch this space for further updates and results. Just waiting now for Kim to finalise this years social calendar and the weather to improve so we can get out of our wellies and onto our bikes! Until next time, this is MOB signing off. Be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim, Ian and James P.S. Congratulations to Big Steve and Maria on their awards. Well deserved!

• • • SPRING 2014



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


e are experiencing some lovely blue skies and temperatures near 20C as we write this article. There were only 5 days we=hen the bike stayed in the garage this Winter so I guess it has been mild!! Anyway the Branch signed off 2013 with a great night’s 10-Pin bowling organised by Rob in Norwich. The food was great - better than the bowling. Peter - one of our Branch members who is visually disabled won the first game and we all thought that just summed up the fun and friends approach we have in the Norfolk Branch. He and his good friend Mike have just restored a Pan 1100 and are now seen bombing around the place on it.

The Branch had a run to their new charity called Stepping Stones - a glorious afternoon with cakes and other food. The charity enabled adults with learning disabilities in and around Norwich to learn life skills and develop their independence. It is a small charity and we are forging good links with them for the next 3 years. More visits are planned and the students will be helping us at an event or 2 too.

Dave’s new NC750

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


We have had the first run-out of 2014 Tony led us on a wonderful twisty road from Norwich to Thorpeness where we had lunch by the boating lake. We then ran back to Beccles for a stop before all heading home. Looking ahead the Branch has a fabulous testing day on August 2nd and our neighbouring branches are all invited - food, drinks, BBQ, a run to the coast and of course fun with free testing of the new Honda models will make a brilliant social day out!! We know that the Reading Rabble are joining us for that so are looking forwards to fun and a nice social time with many laughs. Our links with our local dealer Honda Lings in Harleston continue to be excellent. Recently Andy has

bought a new VFR from them in stunning metallic red and Dave has purchased a new NC750 for his daily commuting - 26000 miles in 21/2 years for the Transalp - and they do offer really great after sales service as well as pre-sales. Mark runs a great team there. Our 1st Sunday of the Month for a brekkie meet and optional ride out followed by the third Sunday being a planned run is working really well and members are really helping with planning rides and sorting out places to go. With weather like we are having BRING ON THE SUMMER!!!! We look forwards to seeing all our HOC friends biking safely and having fun at the various events planned this year, Ride safe

Dave and Sue

• • • SPRING 2014


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


n Saturday 7th December, Julian, Marion and I joined the West London Branch for their Christmas Party at The Holiday Inn at Shepperton. Also present was Glen Pringle from Bedford Branch. We had a great night with plenty of laughs, good food and drink.

The group at Littlehampton beach

Storms had taken their toll on the normally sandy beach

West London’s Jude and Mike

Unfortunately the terrible weather the UK has seen over the last few months has taken its toll on some of our activities with runs being cancelled including our traditional New Year’s Day run to The Barley Mow for their classic gathering. Our run to Littlehampton planned for February 2nd did however go ahead. Ten bikes met up at Ryka’s, Box Hill before setting off for the coast. Unfortunately Keith had some concerns about his bike and decided to head for home but the rest of us made the run. The floods were still evident though and we had to make a detour to get to Littlehampton. Once there we enjoyed fish ‘n’ chips by the sea before heading for home.

The Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show took place over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of February. The HOC had a stand inside away from the elements and Bev and her team took plenty of enquiries from members of the public. Marion and I popped down for the day to lend a hand.

The HOC stand at the Bristol Classic Show

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

On Sunday 9th March we visited the Ace Café for their Classic and British bike day. We were joined by Ruth and Stritchy and enjoyed an Ace breakfast on a beautiful sunny day.

An original Honda CB250G5 at the Show

On Sunday 23rd we rode down to Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit for brunch at the Aero Café. Unfortunately there weren’t any aircraft movements due to the high winds but once again we enjoyed a good ride out with reasonable weather.

Ruth and Marion at the Ace Café

Brunch at Goodwood Aero Café

Simon and Stritchy at the Ace Café

I was very excited on Saturday 1st March as I made my way over to Tippetts in Surbiton to pick up my new Fireblade SP. I will produce a write up on this fabulous bike for the next edition of Golden Wing.

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.


Collecting my Fireblade SP from Richard Alexander at Tippetts

• • • SPRING 2014


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


gain there’s no holding this Branch back. When the weather lets us we are out the on the bikes. Been a busy time again since the last report, this is what we have been up to. Nov 24th. We had a trip up to the NEC for the bike show. Some of the members went by bike and some by car. We meet up at the HOC stand, and can I say you guys put on a brilliant display and did the HOC proud. Well done. I think the Honda stand was set out nice with their new models on display. Always nice to see the new bikes in the flesh (so to say). I think everyone enjoyed the show and bought a few things to take home. Dec 1st. 6 of us met up at Brentwood for a ride out to Eastbourne. On route to Eastbourne we came across some cyclists who had been knocked off their bikes by a passing car. NLHOC came to the rescue.

Dec 8th. We had a nice ride through London heading to the Ace Café. We rode down to Canary Wharf and followed the river through London to Earls Court. On route we stopped at Chiswick Honda where we had a coffee. We then set off for the Ace Café for lunch. Always busy here. After lunch we had a look at the bikes that were parked up and then it was time to say goodbye and head for home. Dec 15th. Today was a run out to Dunstable Downs. We had a run up the A10 for coffee at the Silver Ball. Following the coffee we set off for the visitor centre on the top of Dunstable Downs where we had lunch in the visitor centre.

Coffee on Dunstable Downs

HOC to the rescue

We made sure they were OK and called for the ambulance for them. We again set off for Eastbourne. We parked up on the Sea front opposite Harry Ramsden’s, where we ate. Great service and food in there. Time eventually came for us to ride home and say goodbye to Kent.

After lunch we had a lovely ride home along the country lanes. All in all the ride today went really well. We knocked up 140 miles and it is December. Dec 22nd. The forecast for today was strong winds and occasional heavy showers but that didn’t deter 5 of us meeting at ‘The Kings Oak’ for a pre Christmas run to Southend. We went via Rose’s Café south of Chelmsford, where Les was waiting for us. After a coffee we set off for Southend, parking up next to the pier. Molly made us very welcome at the Neptune Café near the Kursal. Nice food here.

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

It was time to return to the bikes and head for home. Luckily the weather had been dry all day. Jan 3rd. There were 21 of us at the dogs for our New Year bash.

closed for the Xmas period and wasn’t due to reopen until tomorrow. Mandy’s visor got quite dirty on the way here, so Mick gave it a clean for her.

Quick clean-up in Burnham

We had a lovely 3 course meal followed by an evening of losing our money on the dogs. Even though we studied the form of the dogs, it didn’t help most of the time. Well not everyone lost out, some walked away with a small profit. I believe Graham had the biggest win of the night. He won £21.30p on one race. I won on the first race, a total of £2.13p, then promptly lost on every race after that. Everyone had a great time losing their money and chatting about anything and everything. Another successful night out with the NLHOC gang. Jan 5th. This was the first ride out for us this year. 7 of us departed the club to ride to Burnham On Crouch. One of those was Mandy. She isn’t a member yet, but had come along today to see what the NLHOC get up to and to see what a great bunch of people we are. The weather men had promised a dryish day until mid afternoon. We would see if they were right. We set off to the Rose Café in Chelmsford where we would have a cup of tea/coffee. When we got to the Rose Cafe we found it

We waited there for Micky K to catch us up and whilst we waited Dana turned up on her Honda scooter. Like Mandy Dana isn’t a member, but came out to see what we are like as a club. Micky K then arrived and after introducing him to Dana we set off for Burnham On Crouch. The road surface on the Burnham bends was damp and so we treated them with respect, still nice to ride them though. We parked up at the Cabin Diary where we had lunch. After filling our bellies it came time for the ride home. We rode the Burnham bends again, always nice to ride these bends. The ride home stayed dry which was a bonus for us today. The first ride out of the year went well for us. Jan 12th. Only 3 people met at ‘The Kings Oak’ for the run to Horseheath. We rode via the Silver Ball Café where we refreshed with a drink. After having various refreshments we set off for the ‘The Old Red Lion’ at Horseheath, where we had a splendid carvery meal. It was soon time to leave and we came back via country roads to Dunmow. We parked up and said our farewells.

• • • SPRING 2014


Jan 19th. Paul Lewis said ‘let’s go to Deal for Fish and chips’, so the idea of today’s run was born. After a lot of discussions it was decided that we would contact the Kent Branch to ask them to join us. In fact Mike (of Kent) said he would lead the ride once we were in Kent. So 7 of us gathered at one of our usual meeting point (Junction 28, Brentwood on the M25). I had been in touch with Mike (Kent Branch Secretary) and we made a quick run over the Dartford Bridge to Junction 1B where we arrived at the same time as Mike at the Esso garage.

quick run along to Dover where we joined the A2. Most Kent branch members peeled off as required. Following a stop at Medway services on the M2, we said our goodbyes as we would be going our separate ways after passing through the Dartford Tunnel. Feb 2nd. Today we got to ride out to Adams café, north of Haverhill. There were 12 of us setting off today from the club.

Meeting before the ride

Mike led the ride

Mike lead us to the Maidstone services. 6 more members of Kent branch had gathered there so we now had 14 bikes on the run. After coffee we had a very enjoyable cross country run along country roads to Deal. We arrived at Deal and parked up just opposite the pier. We were soon installed in a fish restaurant (Paul had phoned ahead and reserved tables) and we all enjoyed a superb fish and chip lunch, except Paul who had pie and chips; he admitted he didn’t like fish!! Most of us had an ice cream on the prom and it was decided we would have a run along the coast to St Margaret’s at Cliffe. Passing through the village there is a very steep road with a couple of hairpin bends to the beach car park. We were warned not to make any mobile phone calls, as because of reception problems all calls would be routed via France! As time was now getting on, we made a

Again we used the country roads which mainly were dry, with just a few wet spots here and there. Sue and Dave White from the Norfolk Branch were going to meet us at the café for lunch. I had told them we should be there around noon. Unfortunately one of the bikes had broke down before Thaxted and as a result got there at 1.15pm, missing Sue and Dave. We popped into the Café and had lunch. We then set off via Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury to Braintree. Here we used McDonalds for our last drink of the day. Time came for us to say our goodbyes to each other. Feb 16th. Several of us went to the Excel Motorcycle show. Many bikes got sat on and I think a few people were trying to sum up

The gang at Excel

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

whether they could afford to buy a new bike. Marian even sat on the Cross Tourer. We all then met up on the Honda stand at 11 o’clock for a group photo. Just before we took the photo we met up with Sue and Dave from the Norfolk Branch and Michael from the West London Branch. They joined us in the group photo. We all had a little natter before we split up and wandered around the show. I thought the show has gone smaller over the last 2 years. I think the Honda stand has been getting smaller over the last 2 years, which is a shame, especially if they want to drum up trade. Even the trade stalls seem to have got fewer. Feb 20th. I had arranged for John Measures to attend our Branch this night to give a legal presentation on filtering on a motorcycle. John went through his presentation introducing different true cases which had gone through the appeals courts.

John does these presentations in his own time and does not charge any fee’s for his time. If you would like him to come along to your branch then please contact him. Thanks again John for coming along to our Branch. Feb 23rd. We were heading to Saffron Walden today via Finchingfield. As we knew that Mike Bonner would join us later, we took a fast run via the M25, M11 and A120 via Dunmow to Finchingfield. After a drink we carried on to Saffron Walden. We stopped at Wetherspoons ‘The Temeraire’ in the High Street for the Sunday lunch special. We even drew admiration from one of the customers, who admitted he was a ‘mod’ in the sixties! After the lunch we said our farewell’s and headed off for home. Another enjoyable branch run out.

Sunday lunch in Saffron Walden

John gave a fascinating talk

I wont spoil it for you, but after listening to the cases and the judgments we were left wondering how the justice system works. John gave us an insight into this during the presentation. This gave us food for thought on the way motorcyclists behaved whilst riding their machines and also made us think about how we should ride in the future. Everyone enjoyed the evening and stayed around after the presentation to talk to John at the bar.

So as you can see we have been getting out and about quite a bit on our bikes. Hope the trend will continue throughout 2014. We as a Branch will be having the HOC stand on Southend On Sea seafront for the “ACE Café Southend Shakedown”. The date will be Bank Holiday Monday 21st April. Please pop along and see us there. Until the next report, ride safe.


• • • SPRING 2014


Northants Secretary: Stu Peile - 07549 407048


nfortunately due to problems with my internet connection and my computer crashing there was no report from Northants in the last issue, apologies to members. However this article will be a bumper one. We have had a busy summer and autumn round of events.

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 18th August 2013

A great fund raising event for the Air Ambulance along with loads of motorcycles attending all in the name of charity along with a beautiful sunny day. I think a fun day was had by all signing up new members and chatting to other bikers. I should give a special mention and thank you to Erica Gassor, Secretary of Oxford Branch, who organised the Club display and who, along with Gerald, worked hard all day. I remember seeing members from Wilts Branch. Also a big thank you to all members who helped on the day.

Dave Barton Memorial Run Sunday 25th August 2013

I made my way down to Loomies Cafe ,West Meon, near to Portsmouth off the A272. I met Dibble, Charlie Chimp, Graham Gull and many other nice members from the home counties branches who all made me feel very welcome, to remember a very long serving member of the HOC. I thought I would make a day of after it stopped raining and took the

advice of Chimpy and rode to Portadown Hill overlooking Portsmouth where I had a burger just to finish off my day before I set off for home after a memorable day.

HOC National Rally 13-16 Septemer 2013

Sharon and I met a load of other Northants members at the 2013 National Rally. It was up to its usual excellent expectations so much fun and overall having a good laugh. Its was great to see so many members from Northants branch having a good time. I saw a few rally virgins from our branch a special mention to Kim and Tony Pegg. On the Saturday night the majority of us went in fancy dress. Some people were very scary in their outfits but everyone looked great. I think Stritchy should win the prize as the HOC Gnome. It is a time for members to meet up with great friends from other branches. It is truly a big “FAMILY HOLIDAY” for all HOC members who attend the annual Rally.

British Superbikes, Silverstone 3-5 October 2013

What can I say a truly wonderful and great weekend at Silverstone of racing., which hope can feature as an annual event in the HOC calendar of events. Sharon and I were so impressed with the huge response from HOC members. In the end we sold 95 tickets for BSB probably could have sold more if it was not for a deadline. Some members bought 10 and 15 tickets!

• • • 84 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

I understand from the members the coffee and cakes went down very well. We must keep up the HOC tradition of cakes. I wish to give a special mention and a big thank you to our Branch members who helped over the weekend: Martin Teasdale who got a van and transported the gazebos and other stuff to and fro from Silverstone. As well as our usual team of specialists Whitey and Chris Stocks and to all the members who helped to clear up the area on the Sunday. BSB at Silverstone in 2014 is from 3rd to 5th October. Keep this date open for your diaries.

Curry Night 9th October 2013

The Northants branch hosted a Curry Night which was laid on at The George. Both Bedford and Cambridge Branches took up the invitation, which made a great night. A big thank you to Pam and Graham, the licensees of the George, for hosting a great event.

Quiz Night 23rd October 2013

Another great night was had with our friends from Bedford and Cambridge. As usual Bedford quiz team won. I think any branch who invites Bedford to a quiz night should be wary of any quiz team who are called “Beds On Bikes”. If you did not know you would think they are a load of stretcher or bed pushing cyclists not motorcyclists.

Mark Reeves, NG Cup Champion 20th November 2013

This evening was hosted by Mark Reeves or as members know him “Two Strokes” due to his love for Honda two strokes from the 80’s and early 90’s. We had the privilege of Mark bringing along his racing motorcycle which is a Honda RS250 he used to compete in the NG Cup. He said purchased his bike which had been lying in a barn in Scotland transported it back to Northamptonshire. Mark explained the engine was from 1998 bike and the frame was from a 1997 bike. The swingarm was made by a company called Spondon. He explained due to the scarcity of parts it is more economical to get a batch of parts manufactured instead of individual parts besides you have spares.

Firework Night 6th November 2013

The George hosted their annual Firework display on this date. They were very accommodating in moving the date to coincide with our Branch night on the Wednesday. The branch had the pleasure of other branches joining us along with other motorcycle clubs from the Northants area. It was great evening with people waving sparklers around. I don’t know some people never grow up!

• • • SPRING 2014


As Mark had been competing in his second season in the NG Cup class; he won the Championship newcomer award for 2013. I was interested to see where the NG cup originates from and did some research on it. The name NG (was formerly North Gloucestershire Motor Cycle Club) which has been synonymous with the sport of motor cycle road racing. Its inception was by a group of enthusiasts back in 1970. The first race meeting was staged in 1971 at the former aerodrome of Gaydon in Warwickshire. Since 1971 the club has gone from strength to strength. It has grown into one of the UK’s largest clubs with over 600 competing members running a quality championship series over the years. The most recent being 250GP ACU National Championship & NG Cup. which Mark Reeves is the championship winner for 2013. NG Road racing has seen over the years, several notable names have passed through the Club’s ranks... Champions National... British... and even World. The names are very famous such as Roger Burnett known for success in British and World 500cc championships, World Endurance championships as well as winner of the 1986 Senior TT race on the Isle

Of Man on a Rothmans Honda. Motorycle racer and motorsports presenter Steve Parrish started his racing career in the 1970’s in NG racing. Nine times TT sidecar racer Mick Boddice started his racing career in NG racing to name but a few famous motorcycle racers who started their careers this way. NG Road Racing has a reputation for helping bring young riders through, probably because the Club is still directed by a hard core of enthusiasts, who want to see the sport of motor cycle road racing continue to flourish in the UK. This is further enforced by individual racers like Mark Reeves who have a real passion for it, devote their time, own financial resources and effort to the sport. We must not forgot of course their team managers like Mark’s manager Kevin Banks.

Motorcycle Live NEC, Birmingham

Sharon and I along with members of several other branches had the pleasure of manning the HOC stand at the show on the final weekend 30th November to 1st December. It was great to sign up many new members and to meet up with so many HOC friends. As ever we were only a short distance from the Honda stand so a coffee run was never too far away.

Bowling Night 11th December 2013

The Branch held a very successful night of bowling at AMF bowling in Wellingborough. The evening was fun filled and we were joined by Bedford Branch. On this occasion there was no team rivalry between Beds On Bikes or Northants as the teams were mixed with members from both branches. As usual Chris did not miss the food as that was included, but he seems to prefer the hot dogs without the rolls. I would like to thank Jenny for once again organsing this event.

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

Branch Christmas Party 10th January 2014

The Branch held their annual Christmas meal in early January at the Tollemache Arms, Harrington where we were joined by members of Bedford Branch. The quality of the food was somewhat questionable but this did not dampen spirits. On this evening there was a lot of laughter, hilarity and good old fashioned fun had by all. Many of the secret santa presents were somewhat random and suggestive. I think we only have to ask Tony Pegg about this as he was modelling a mankini. His wife Kim seemed to fancy him in it.

Jack’s Hill Breakfast Run 23rd February 2014

A breakfast run was organised by Branch Chairperson Sharon Peile from The George to Jack’s Hill Café at Towcester as weather looked quite nice. Unfortunately whilst on route a road was closed because of road works so Sharon had to take a massive detour to get to The George which resulted in her arriving late. Unfortunately the members had already left so we joined fellow branch members at Jack’s Hill where we all had breakfast. Several other members also met us there as well.

Chris’s Birthday 26th February 2014

Evening with John Measures 22nd January 2014

We had the pleasure of one of John’s very interesting and informative evenings about how the courts have evolved over the years regarding personal injuries specifically relating to motorcycle collisions. I admire how John has a philsophy of standing for what he believes in. He has decided to take on any Accident claim whatever the amount where other companies have a minimum amount. Remember if you have any of his old business cards to bin them.

An evening was spent celebrating the birthday of Northants Branch member Chris Stocks. Myself and Sharon ensured Chris and fellow Branch member Roger Lewis had a taxi there and back so they were able to enjoy a nice pint of ale. Chris seemed to enjoy his birthday, not only the regular weekly sandwiches but he had the surprise of a birthday cake in the shape of a motorcycle. I understand from Chris he ate the whole front wheel. This adds a whole new dimension to getting on your bike Chris. It appeared everyone who attended had a great time in the true essence of why people are members of the HOC. Ride Safe make progress


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Rose Bowl Rally Grendon Lakes, Main Road, Grendon, Northants NN7 1JW

Friday 22nd - Monday 25th August 2014

Come and join the Northants Branch for the first Rose Bowl Rally, at Grendon Lakes There is superbly brilliant scenery, on-site clubhouse and even paintballing! What better way to spend the August Bank Holiday than with all your HOC friends old and new?
 With our own allocated field for the weekend, fun and laughter is guaranteed. Pitch prices are from just £9 per night, so you are sure to have a fantastic time.

t Organised ride out for Saturday through the fabulous Northants countryside t Join in the “Silly Games” events on Sunday & Monday t Bacon baps available for breakfast t On-site tea & coffee facilities

Use the booking form opposite to reserve your place (There are limited electric hook-ups available so will be strictly first come first served) 88 GOLDEN WING





Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286


ell 2013 came and went and the Nottingham Branch had their Christmas party at the Park Yacht Club and a great night was had by all.

Great food, great company and for those who dared to get up on the dance floor had chance to show off their Travolta moves. It certainly was a night to remember and will certainly be booking next year.

Mark Waller & Mark Reynolds Everybody say cheese

Lorraine and Keith

Festive fun

Peter’s beard looking more like santa everyday

As winter months have still been prominent with the usual lousy wet weather, our ride-outs have not yet been possible. To make the most of our time the fortnightly meetings have been filled with chat, quizes and not to mention the fantastic presentation given to us by the HOC Legal Eagle John Measures, who gave us a night of informative and interesting discussions

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

on filtering and the legal implications if an accident occurs. A great night so thanks John, you’re welcome to pop over and see us all anytime. Social events have been the key focus while the weather has been poor and the Nottingham members attended the “Ten Pin Bowling” in Nottingham for their yearly bowling night. Russ won last year and had brought back the trophy for this years competition. Members soon got into the swing of things and were ready to bowl. With our Ronald McDonald shoes collected we all headed for the lanes.

Following our first game, a little chat, food and a drink or too we started the last game. Who will win, it was all in the luck of the balls. Final add up for the nights scores, and then it was time for our well-earned prize ceremony.

Malcolm got his rusty balls certificate

Well done to Russell Hodges for a great game… Another year to look after the Nottingham Branch Bowling Trophy.

And the bowling begins

Russell Hodges first place winner

Next event was the night at the dog races… read about our betting mishaps in the next Golden Wing article. That’s all folks!


Karen a rest before her bowl

• • • SPRING 2014



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


s 2013 closed with a fun quiz/charades night at The Vine organised by MaryAnne and a great medieval meal and get together at Warwick Castle with lots of fun and capers, 2014 opened with lots more activities to keep us on our toes. The pre Christmas get-together at Warwick Castle was a fun day. Fourteen out of twentyseven attendees from Oxford dressed in appropriate wear – gallant knights and their glamorous ladies, monks (including an evil one!), Robin Hood and Maid Marion, serving wenches etc were all there to enjoy the wonderful alcoholic or non alcoholic mulled wine/orange, a delicious meal,with the largest profiteroles ever seen for pudding, medieval music and an entertaining magician… that was the ‘official’ bit – the tour of the castle grounds, which was included in the price of the ticket, the ‘’photo bombing’ by the ‘evil‘ monk and the final scenes in the stocks were less official although certain general visitors thought it was all additional entertainment which had been provided! A day at Warwick Castle is a thoroughly recommended way of enjoying Christmas Festivities in a very entertaining manner. January opened with wet and flooded roads causing the cancellation of our New Year’s Day ride but we still met up for an enjoyable lunchtime meal, drink and New Year welcome at The Vine. The Vine has been very welcoming and, as numbers of attendees has been increasing, we have had to use the restaurant area as well for meeting with speakers and lots of us find reasons for arriving early to enjoy the excellent menu of tasty dishes.

New Year get together at The Vine

To start the year we had an interesting evening with Pete updating us on the activities of the Royal British Legion Riders and the planned events to mark 100 years since the 1914/18 war. Infact the presentation was so impressive that it was unanimously agreed to select the RBLR as our charity for 2014. Our second meeting was a fascinating insight into computer security by our webmaster Alan (see notes from the presentation on our web site). Lots of interesting stuff to note and put into action. Latterly we enjoyed a brilliant presentation by Nigel Richardson on his motorcycle trip to China. Gosh what a trip 80 days through a variety of different countries with all the trials and tribulations of travelling on unmade roads, through floods and living and eating in less than 5-star accommodation! Our Rally venue for 2014 has been decided and our ride outs commence in March with a mystery ride lead by Mark. A Spring Poker run and weekend away are also on the cards as well as more speakers organised -including Anna Zee from the BMF and Lebik Opik with an update on MAG. Bring on the good weather so we can all enjoy our packed schedule of activities and events – for full details see our web site.


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• SPRING 2014

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5th Reading Cock & Bull Rally The Four Horseshoes Inn, White Hill, Long Sutton, Hampshire, RG29 1TA Friday 8th ~ Sunday 10th August 2014






Camping £10.00 per night per pitch, Breakfasts £4 per person per day For further information and booking form please email or telephone: Worzel on 07793 002190 anytime or 01494 258904 evenings




Secretary: Ren Blunden - 07513 005714


he Rabble started off the2014 ride out calendar in fine style with 13 members on 11 bikes attending a ride out to the café at Popham Airfield then onto Blackbushe Airfield to try their tea! In true Rabble style, the ride out was very eventful with some members taking a slightly different route to the others and then managing somehow to all meet again at a junction! The members have also now been awarded their “Sub Aqua” badges as they had a delightful 8” flood to ride through... Nothing will stop the Rabble getting to a café! Our traditional post-Xmas party saw us once again enjoying a night out with plenty of dancing, singing, eating and drinking, and did I mention dancing?

January also saw us present our inaugural Saddlesore Competition Trophy. This was won by Colin Ardis with a truly amazing 1074 qualifying miles. Rumour has it that he now has shares in a certain medicated cream...... Colin Saddlesore

For February, nine members of the Rabble, on 6 bikes, took up the challenge to do a ride-out right through the centre of London. The first port of call was the Thames Flood Barrier and after taking one of Worzel’s scenic routes, to ride over Tower Bridge, then past the Tower Of London, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament etc., they ended up at the Ace Café for some light refreshments.

Rabble Post Xmas Party

We were having so much fun that other partygoers even decided to join in with our antics. As a Branch we don’t like anyone to feel left out, so for those that were having a little trouble with the dancing, an ingenious solution presented itself. Maria on box

Jay Laura Eating

The Cock & Bull Rally has a new, temporary, home this year at the Four Horseshoes in Long Sutton with everything you’ve come to expect from a weekend with the Rabble – a great ride out on the Saturday, live entertainment and plenty of fun & games. See you there! Stay safe


• • • SPRING 2014



Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


i there everyone – hope you are keeping safe and dry. We started 2014 meeting for lunch on New Years Day, only one rider braving the storms. Following our AGM in January we said goodbye to Southampton Rowing Club where the Solent group has met since 1982 The task to research an alternative venue fell to Bill and Pat. It was a difficult job for them, trawling the pubs in the Solent area and eventually the Cob and Pen in Wallington – Fareham got the vote. It is warm and welcoming, a good size with a nice garden to look forward to. They serve good ale and food should you want to partake. We hoped that the move would attract those fellow motorcyclists who prefer a less formal meeting and there seems to be interest. Jeff is looking into planning Wednesday night runs in preparation for the lighter evenings. Keeping the faith the Solent group will be meeting for a Fish and Chip dinner at ‘Mother Kelly’s during March. The usual suspects are looking forward to the rallies – don’t forget to put ours in your diary. Barbara would like to know who will be taking part in hog roast, email Barbara at and let her know


I am having my hair shaved off in support of my friend who is undergoing chemotherapy and to raise money for Cancer Research, see me Wendy Burkill at Justgiving. Gonna need some double sided tape to keep my crash helmet on for a while!


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Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


n February, I assisted the Dorset Branch along with HOC members from other areas at the 34th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, which despite the weather, was well attended and produced a lot of interest for the Somerset Branch of the HOC, so time will tell if any of these will come to fruition. I am sure that Bev will provide a more detailed report on the show in her Dorset report. The second meeting of the year was held on the 18 February, this was very successful, with two new members attending (one who had made enquires at the Classic Show), and one from my persistent emails. We spent a convivial evening discussing and exchanging motorcycling stories and it looks promising for the March meeting. For those of you in the area, a little something about our meeting place:

The Nightjar Public House, Mead Vale, Weston-super-Mare. The pub is now described as a “community pub”, it, opened in April 1979 and in September 2003 Di Bradley became Licensee. In 2007 The Nightjar receives the Hall & Woodhouse Bronze award for “Best Charity Pub”, and in 2008 The Nightjar receives “The best pub” in the Weston-super-Mare Community Champions awards. A family friendly place that welcomes bikers from all walks of life. The Royal British Legion Riders (RBLR), hold an annual charity bike show at the pub in June, with all proceeds going to the poppy appeal. Di would like see more bikers on a regular basis, which is why she welcomed the HOC to hold their branch meetings there, so please come along and visit us, and when the regular attendance is sufficient we may just be able to organise our own events. Regards


• • • 100 GOLDEN WING


South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406


aindrops keep falling on my head! What a wet winter it has been. There’s not been a lot of opportunity for getting out on the bike this winter, so we’ve had to make do with social events and meetings. It’s all been a bit quiet after the excitement of the National Rally last year. We’ve still managed to have a bit of fun along the way though. Once again this year, we held our Branch Christmas Party at The Aberavon Beach Hotel. They had dusted off their 70s menu and 45s and held a 70s themed night.

After the food, we danced the night away and had a really good laugh.

It’s the Tiller Girls

We stayed the night at the hotel and met for breakfast the next day. As usual, we all had a really good time.

We’re having a party

We dressed up in our 70s style gear and dined on French Onion soup, Prawn Cocktail, Cock au Vin, Duck a L’Orange among others. The dessert was an amazing medley of old fashioned treats and included jelly and Angel Delight among the Black Forest gateau and Pavlova. It was rounded off with Fry’s Turkish Delight. Lovely!

Mick and Lel share a joke

Come on and do the bump

Alan and Julie show off their DJing skills

• • • SPRING 2014


Phil and Joy having fun

That’s not Barbie, Ken

Young Love

Unfortunately, we cancelled our rideout to the Bristol Motorbike Show at the beginning of February due to the terrible floods they had had in that part of the world, but we’re hoping we can get back on the bikes soon if the weather picks up. In February, we had our AGM. As Gareth and I are moving to France shortly, we asked for nominations for Chair and Secretary. However, at this moment in time, no-one is able to commit to the roles so we have agreed to continue until we move permanently, which is likely to be around July. Terry Lloyd has done an excellent job as Treasurer up to now and has been voted back in as Treasurer. I can’t think of anyone who could do a better job of it. Also, in February, we held a social evening at Zia Nina Italian restaurant in Bridgend. There were 19 of us at this event and we virtually filled the place. It was particularly nice that it was Joy and Phil’s Wedding Anniversary and it was lovely to see them both out, enjoying themselves and looking great after recovering from their health problems. Happy Anniversary, both and let’s hope for many more! The food was delicious and I’ve a feeling we might be visiting there again. Our first proper rideout of the season is planned for next weekend and I have a feeling that the weather is improving, so let’s hope it will be the first of many. The diary for the year has been planned and we have lots of events to look forward to. That’s about it for now. All the best. Take care.


Not so Young Love

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Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 2817193 or 07796 843369


in a bit wet this winter don’tcha think, lets hope that is the last of it, the Jet stream has finally moved further up North so the days should be warmer… What better way to start the biking season than with the ‘s No Rally - please note the spelling of the name, more about that in this issue.

The Egg Run 2014

Just about all set up for the Egg Run, James Toesland (and hopefully his lovely wife Katey Melua) are lined up to attend again, Police are marshaling the traffic, Posters are on order, all looking good again, however, we are a little concerned that it may be the last one in this format as cut backs are taking effect on the Police Motorcycle wing - next year there will be very few bikes on duty, how sad. So hopefully at the next edition of the Golden Wing I will be able to report that all went well and plenty of money was raised.

Alps Trip

The Branch are currently organising a trip down through Germany, over the Alps and back up through France and Belgium early in September, this is the first biking holiday for a long time for the Branch so we are all looking forward to it. Ferry booked, Hotels booked – so Three Shires Invasion is on it’s way. That’s all for now - keep smilin’


• • • SPRING 2014


West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


ur AGM was held at the Admiral Hawke on November 13th We had dinner first and then onto the AGM there was no changes to the existing committee, Jude was complimented on being elected as President to the National HOC this is well deserved after many years of help and support to HOC and our local Branch. Rock around the Christmas Tree at the Holiday Inn Shepperton was the venue for our Christmas Party on 7th December, good food followed by general frivolity on the dance floor, Disco Music was provided by the Hotel. Our Julian wore his loud Hawaiian Shirt which encouraged much comment. We were joined by Chris & Marion Ward and Julian Webb from North Downs. Our raffle rose just over £125 and this was sent to Shooting Star Chase Charity. Thanks to all who came and we all had a good time.

Rob, Julian and I joined Chris, Julian, Stuart, Martin and Dave. We met at Rykers Café, just reopened after being flooded for a month, Chris took us on a scenic route through some very flooded countryside in West Sussex. The rain held off all day but was very windy on the coast. The 5th of February brought an unexpected bonus for Jon & Jude, Malcolm bought them a drink the first time in 25 years! Our next run was on 9th February to the London Motorcycle Museum via the Ace Café for breakfast where we met Ken Royal from Brentwood who just happened to go to the Ace for breakfast he joined us for the museum visit.


Our Annual New Year’s Day run to a local Classic Bike & Car Show was cancelled due to very heavy rain. Next up on 25th January was a Chinese Evening Meal at Moon in Moon “eat all you can” restaurant 15 of us had an entertaining evening Julian wore his Hawaiian “bet you don’t wear it again” shirt Julian & I joined Chris and Stuart from North Downs for a ride to the Cabin Café for breakfast, chance to blow away the cobwebs, have a chat and put the world to rights, it started to rain as we left and steadily got heavier. On the 2nd February we joined North Downs for a “Fish & Chip” run to Littlehampton,

Mike playing with his truncheon at the London Motorcycle Museum

• • • 104 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

Ken at London Motorcycle Museum

I’ve lived and worked in and around London all my life and had never visited the museum, a recent expansion saw the introduction of the Triumph Meriden House and this is a fully refurbished temperature controlled 400 year old barn. Bikes include quite a few Police Bikes Speed Twins and Trophy’s known as the Triumph Saints when I was 18 a copper on one of these bikes nabbed me for speeding I got fined £5.00 same as the entrance fee to the museum now. The guided tour was most informative given by very enthusiastic people, It’s well worth a visit open every weekend and Mondays throughout the year.

and the Savoy Hotel, Monument and Pudding Lane, Tower of London, past Wapping and through the tunnels to Excel Centre. Glad I was on the bike as cars were jammed for over 1.5 hours trying to get parked as my brother found out he went home after waiting 1.5 hours never having got to the show Met up with North London Branch and gate crashed their photo shoot. The show was quite interesting, I estimate that 50% of the exhibitors were advertising Adventure Bikes, Camping, travels and stuff. The best stand was James May’s collection of restored Hondas. Had a quick chat with him (what a nice bloke) he’s having trouble registering one of his bikes I explained about the HOC Classic Secretary Chris Ward and left his info.

Spot the mistake

The rain and wind started in December and to date we’ve had no real let up, major flooding in our local area from the River Thames making life and travel very difficult.

3 old gits at The Ace

Mike Fensome

On February 16th we went to the MCN Excel Bike Show. What a nice sunny day I thought it was Spring, our trip went through the centre of London passing many famous sights, Harrods, Westminster Cathedral & Abbey, Palace of Westminster then a ride along the Embankment past the London Eye

• • • SPRING 2014


West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


appy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday to Us… West Yorkshire Branch are 40 this year and will be getting up to some stuff so watch the web site for details… A holiday in Scotland, our first Branch Rally, loads of ride outs some social events planned so it’s a great time to get down to the Hitching Post first Monday of the month (free supper) to meet us all and get involved. The Eee by Gum Branch Rally is coming along great (web site for details) see the booking form opposite and get booked for what will be a great weekend. Dave & Lisa went along to last year’s HOC Christmas Dinner and had a great time we have had a bowling night out which I won…. Mind Dave plays and scored more than both my games in his second game so thanks to Dave & Lisa for organizing that which everybody enjoyed but no photos sorry… As far as runs go nothing to report we have had some bad weather so haven’t got out on the bikes, we have had a few small rides with a few members in the Dales but not as a branch so watch this space our 2014 runs should be in the HOC diary and are on our web site so get along we get all over the place and you will be very welcome. Me & Maria have now sold the BMW GS and gone back to a 1300 Pan which we are very happy with and have now got ourselves a trailer so look out Rallies we are coming….. Thanks as always to everybody who comes and supports the branch and for all the help with the Eee by gum rally, hopefully we’ll be seeing loads there it’s a great location and if you have a look at the web site you will see we are trying to make it a Blast, we will be seeing some of you on various rallies and events this year so watch out for the Pan & Trailer…. Think that’s it from Up’t North we’ll see Thee all soon….

Steve & Maria

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Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell more rain as I’m writing, no sorry I see a bit of sun, but really it hasn’t stopped some of us getting out and about when the conditions allowed, and welcoming new members to our meetings and rideouts, weather permitting. The Christmas Dinner and Dance at Ettington Chase nr. Stratford upon Avon at the end of November saw some of the branch having an enjoyable weekend just chilling, and judging by the lack of pictures, far too busy to take any, but this year’s I’m sure will be just as good as it’s right on our doorstep, at Cricklade Country club, so thanks Wozel for being so considerate. So rushing into December meant we had a social meet at our usual venue of the Red Lion in Avebury for those that could make it on our last member’s

night of the year, and the following Saturday which next saw some attending the local Santa Run in Swindon hosted by Pinkertons (Harley club) at lunchtime, as the weather was actually fairly respectable. In the evening 22 of us had booked for our own Christmas meal at the Kembrey Inn (just behind Blades in Swindon), and as usual a good time was had by all and we kept the restaurant staff on their toes, but I think they seemed to be happy with attending to the needs of a group of bikers, especially with the good ol’ whistling balloons. Having survived Christmas, the New Year beckoned with only one or two managing to meet up (in cars as heavy rain again) for the New Years Day meet, but will persevere and keep it the diary as event to kick the year off. January member’s meet saw just a social and the change of day at the Red Lion to the 2nd Thursday for wintertime, but we’ll be back to Tuesdays from April onwards. Did become a little concerned when the pub had shut for over a week for redecorating and still closed the

• • • 108 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2014

day before our meet, but needn’t of worried and as such a few made the effort and so chatted about what our intentions are for the coming year. We always put an ride in every month as a provisional point if the weather is kind, but January’s was postponed as our intended venue was not accessible (another flooded road), so likely that nearer Easter we will try to get to the AV8 at Cotswold airport. February saw improvements in the weather on the weekend some of us travelled down to the Bristol Classic Show at the Bath & West Showground and visited Bev and ‘crew’ from Dorset manning the HOC stand in a cold marquee, but certainly was a good show and people seemed very keen in wanting/hoping to enjoy as good a biking summer as last year. The Air Ambulance service came the following Thursday evening at the Red Lion and the speaker gave us a very enlightening talk which was so all encompassing of what’s involved in running this vital operation, the history behind how it came to be established, and especially highlighting the changes that are happening to becoming a wholly medical

support helicopter and not shared with the police service. And as such means we will continue to support this valuable service as we’ve always done, and aim to present them with a cheque when we they can let us visit their headquarter in the near future. We’ll have seen a few events happen in March with the first being the guys from Dilligaf Racing, based at Caterton, will have given a talk on the activities and plans for this year’s TT, and so I’m sure there will be good turnout to that meet. There’s a rideout to Cheddar George which is popular, and even likely a social skittle match will have taken place with neighbouring branch members. Early April we’ll have done a rideout to the Prescott Hill Climb festival, attended the Bikesafe at the Castle Combe race with one of the gazebos to promote the club,and before you know it’s Rallytime, and our springtime ‘Lardie’ rally will be held during the first May Bank Holiday. So again busy as it warms up for some good times ahead.


• • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch SPRING 2014




Members free Ads For sale Continental CM2 Milestone 150/90-15M/C 80H never fitted Bought for GL1200AE (rear) 1984

ÂŁ70.00 plus carriage Item located on Isle of Man

Other items available include: Used Avon on rear wheel, final drive unit and rear brake calliper Contact Lindsay 07624 324990 or membership number 33714

advertising in members free ads MEMBERS free, must state your HOC Membership No. non members ÂŁ22 1st insertion - free for 1 year (inc. free HOC membership)

WANTED Silencer or complete exhausts for Honda C90 C200 Model (1964-1968)

complete exhaust or rear shocks

for TRL125S plus, any other bits for either model! Contact Terry Brown 35 Typwca Road, West Pontnewydd, Cwmbran NP44 1SY or tel: 01633 838757 e-mail you ad to or write to 38 Bower St, Bedford MK40 3RE

Members can also post adverts free on the HOC forum & Facebook page

Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE



HOConsumer Bespoke Advanced Motorcycle Training & Touring Why Advanced Riding Skills? We have all seen it. The rider who’s never stressed, carving through traffic, sweeping through linked bends we have a love/hate relationship with. We all ask the same question; “How do they do that?” They have probably invested time in learning advanced riding skills. The entry level is BikeSafe, delivered across most parts of the country by your local police team supported by local authority or safety partnerships. You will get where you are going much quicker, pillion passengers will probably find a noticeable increase in smoothness and yet you will have so much more time and space around you. That’s the key; managing time and space to your advantage. Many training organisations delivering Advanced Rider Training use Motorcycle Roadcraft - The Police Rider’s Handbook as their base. Bespoke Advanced Motorcycle Training & Touring Ltd. is no different; we work to this and the current RoSPA standards, applied in a flexible way, allowing riders to develop at a pace and over a period of time they are comfortable with, without pressure to take any formal tests unless that is what you want to do. The basic principles are the taking of information from many sources, processing that information, identifying developing hazards (things that might cause us to alter speed or direction), prioritising them and revising our riding plan accordingly. This is a continuous, repeatable process on the road. Applying this lets you adjust your position, speed and gear appropriately so that 112 GOLDEN WING

you can accelerate away when the hazard is cleared. When riding you are in a small and vulnerable bubble of space and time. Managing those two variables yields more space to work with and more time to make adjustments; you have a much larger bubble to work with. Near misses will become less frequent and not as close as they were. The secondary benefit is the impact you will have on other road users. Many people are quick to criticise bikers, often based on nothing more than preconception. It’s amazing how many positive comments you will attract if you are riding in a smooth and efficient way. You will look so much better and more professional, whilst probably making better progress. For more information call us on 07833 096767, mail or visit We also offer 15% discount on training rates to Honda Owners Club members.


ROAD - the movie Brothers addicted to speed. At any price A film by Diarmuid Lavery and Michael Hewitt

Motorcycle road racing is the most dangerous of all motor sports. Narrated by Liam Neeson, ROAD is the heartbreaking and adrenaline-fuelled tale of a family who have dominated road racing for over thirty years, set for release in the UK on 11 June 2014 through Kaleidoscope Entertainment. A sport in which men compete at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour on closed country roads. Roads that on any other day service cars, buses, tractors. Roads that are lined with trees, telegraph posts and stone walls. Unforgiving obstacles when struck by the human body. It is a sport that has claimed many lives over the years - and continues to do so to this day. Ireland and the Isle of Man are two of the few places in the world where the sport still survives. Robert and Joey Dunlop. Quiet men from a rural village in Northern Ireland - but racers who risked everything to win. And Robert’s sons, William and Michael. Two of the world’s leading road racers today. Young men determined to continue a family tradition. Featuring stunning action, candid race day scenes and a gripping narrative, ROAD is the story of two generations of one family that have been united by success. And united by tragedy. SPRING 2014

“Glorious cine matic experie nce. ROAD deliver s guts, glor y, ra cing worthy of a Fa st And Furious film and characters as compelling as anything Holly wood co uld dream up” Belfast Telegra ph

Launching with a special live event in Cinemas from

11 June 2014

Starring: Robert, Joey, William and Michael Dunlop Narrated by: Liam Neeson Running Time: 102 minutes




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OX522 - Red GOLDEN WING 115

Golden Wing - Spring 2014  
Golden Wing - Spring 2014  

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