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Spring 2013

Volume 51 No.1

CONTENTS Spring 2013 Spring 2013, Volume 51 No. 1 Editor / Designer Andy Stryczko Diary Co-ordinator Andy Stryczko Advertising Co-ordinator Erica Gassor Thanks to all contributors

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Front Cover: Paul and Mandy Musgrove arrive at the meeting place for Manchester Branch’s Jodrell Bank ride

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Fred Hill Rideout 2013 A Challenge and a Joy Bristol Classic Bike Show An Evening with the Susans Down Your Way

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Bryan ‘Radar’ McKim Fazer’s Dream Parking Charges Scrapped CB350F Restoration National Rally Clothing OED Drops ‘dirty biker’ Definition Wisconsin by Valkyrie Older Bikers’ Injuries Modern Retro - CB1100 The Men Behind The CB1100



Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Hello

Firstly we have bid farewell to Bryan ‘Radar’ McKim who despite his best efforts at trying to beat heart issues finally passed away. Those who met him would not have known all about his health but certainly would have known his mischievous nature. Being directionally challenged never stopped him being there just sometimes took considerably more lengthy or scenic route. Well he was given a good biker send off with a substantial HOC motorcycle escort to the crem just to make sure he got there and on time. Bye Radar. Having spent a few days in my retreat (garage) fitting new Sat Nav and electronic Scottoiler. I then turned my attention to Di’s Kawasaki 400 and started getting it ready for touring out a bit more this year. Had a bit of a disaster with rear brake calliper sticking and heating disc up. That now sorted just in time for the MOT. So a break was required and I am just back from my first post retirement holiday in Malta. You lot basking in zero degrees whilst I sought out a little sunshine. I would say don’t bother taking bike to Malta but go and enjoy the remarkably cheap buses. Anyway I have arranged my first house hunting trip to France and will shortly be viewing five properties we have shortlisted for our first viewing. I will keep you all posted as to how this may affect the HOC.

2013 Chairman’s Challenge

The competition Started in March and will be running right through to the time that the Saddle Sore ends up just before the AGM. There will be some places that charge for admissions this year but these are chosen with care to give a good day out for all attending.

Honda UK

As a part of my remit within the HOC I am the link person for club communications with Honda UK. So far this year we have provided them with access to classic CB750 for use with their press launch of the new CB1100. We have directed them to dealers who are not playing the reciprocal game of being communicative with the HOC. We are requesting more two way dialogues with the new top man in motorcycle division of Honda. Mr Nick Campolucci who replaces Steve Martindale who has had to step down due to ill health. We wish Steve well for his retirement and hope ill health does not hinder him too much further. So far this is working well for us and long term benefits I am sure will be seen.


The date and venue have been booked and are already on the website and will have formal announcement in the magazine. This years could require some debates and voting so keep an eye on the news for even more reasons to attend.


Good news on this front generally as we now have a settled Nottingham branch, A functioning Gloucester branch, Dorset at a new venue with new members and Devon with a new secretary. Add to that some general order being added to the Somerset branch things are looking good for 2013. That’s about all for now hope to see you all soon somewhere. Club Phone Number to use or give out for the club is now 07982 419285


“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

By the time you read this the camping gathering season will be well underway and I personally will have been to the ‘’S’No Rally’’ hosted by Three Shires. I will get to see you at the BMF as you perhaps drop by our pitch B2-8 in Club Village. Of course we are also getting things sorted for the National Rally in South Wales and the original allocation of caravans have all been sold but little birdie says keep in touch with Donna and there may still be options for you to book on the site. 4


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


To be kept further up-to-date, e-mail me on


Honda Owners Club

Annual General Meeting I hereby give notice that the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Honda Owners Club (GB) will be held on Sunday 20th October 2013 in the Premier Suite, National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull B92 0EJ Commencing at 11am Tea, coffee and breakfast rolls will be available between 10 and 11am. There is a very good restaurant in the museum or you can bring your own lunch for after the AGM.

All nominations for committee posts, or resolutions to be considered, must be made in writing to the General Secretary at least 30 days before the AGM. Nominations for committee positions must include a proposer and seconder - all of whom must be fully paid up members of the HOC at the time of the AGM.

Andy Young

Honda Owners Club (GB) Chairman

Vice Presidents

Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3HA .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 492 235 .

Membership Secretary

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer


Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Accident Legal Advisor

Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE . Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .


Advertising Manager

John Measures ( 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. Of course during the Winter biking activities decrease but it is nice to see that we are still attracting new enthusiasts into the club. I know that we do have lots of fair weather bikers amongst our membership, witness the fact that during the really cold weather sometimes I was the only one to venture to my branch on a bike, although in a couple of weeks in January even I reverted to 4 wheels, but that was due to snow and ice!


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have only had one Winter magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

as extremely good value seeing what is available to you as an HOC member, a first class magazine and all the various activities which are organised for your benefit.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest. I am in the process of advising all members who currently pay by Direct Debit, confirmation of the amount you will pay at your next renewal.


With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form


As you know, at our AGM last year, increased rates were approved, so the rate is now £22 for Single membership and £27 for Joint. These rates were considered

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

20th May 2013 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area 6



Pigeon Post Hopefully by the time you read this we will be out and about on the bikes again, enjoying the full diary of events for this year that I see coming together almost daily on the website and printed in this magazine. Never been to your local branch and don’t take part in club events? Why not make this year the one you put your head around the door on meeting night, make loads of new friends, and realise what you have been missing as you get out and about with like-minded people. Go for it. You only live once!!

It’s that time of year again when you can hear swearing and the banging of drawers over the still of the evening as the search begins for the bike documents that you stashed somewhere safe last year for now, when you need to tax, MOT and insure the bike. The yelp and smell of singed flesh as hands get too close to that hot exhaust and knuckles are ripped on that obstinate bolt as machines are fettled and readied for the new season. On the other hand you may hear the groans from your bank manager and the chink, chink, fizz as you pour another Jack and coke secure in the knowledge that your

bike dealer is planning this year’s holiday on the back of your service costs! I’ve got hands like a baby and a dealer with one hell of a tan, me……….. I can report that our new branches are growing quickly with logos sent to Honda for approval (the wing is their copyright) and hopefully you will see a report from these branches further into this issue of the Golden Wing. We do however appear to be struggling in the West Country, with Bristol, Somerset and Devon hanging on by a thread. It is our aim to cover as much of the country as possible with regard to the location of branches so that as many as possible of our members have access to a branch. Please make use of these as they may not survive without you! On the basis that I’d rather be out riding than writing, I’m not going to waffle on, so;

Happy riding Graham Seymour General Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.

Thanks SPRING 2013






Rona’s Regalia Report As promised in the last issue, here is the run down on the NEC. What a good show it was for us this time, with over 60 new members and well over £900 worth of regalia sold. So a huge thanks to all that helped out and all that bought and joined.

We are in the process of ordering a new batch of wallets, so they should be available by the time you’re reading this, and don’t forget the scarves we got in over xmas. They are still selling well, and I know the weather is hopefully getting warmer now, but don’t forget they make great pressies too. We have a very limited selection of the 50th Anniversary stuff, but there is still a few things left that we could do with shifting. Remember that 50% of all money taken from the sales of 50th stuff goes to our chosen charity of NABB. So if you want something, it’s best to email me first to make sure I have it, as when it’s gone it’s gone, we will not be re-ordering any of it. Then you can order it via paypal on the website in the usual way. But please ask first to save the hassle of refunds etc if I don’t have it. Hopefully all and any orders for anything I don’t keep in stock are getting to you

promptly, if anyone has any issues please get in touch and I’ll do my best to sort them out. I will always endeavour to get things I do have in stock out to you within a week of receipt of order, but please be patient as I do work full time and can only get to the post office once a week. Don’t forget if any of you have an event you need regalia for, please give me plenty of notice, so I can make sure it’s with you on time. I know the Dorset branch had an event in February, hopefully that went well, but at time of writing this I don’t know yet. But many thanks to Beverley and the team for working hard and selling hard too lol. Please be aware when ordering the Fleeces, that they do come up very big on sizes, so bear that in mind when ordering. And on that note, that’s about it from me for this issue, please keep on riding safe and wearing your regalia with pride.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary

e c n a r a Cle Items We have a lot of stock of 50th Anniversary items and also 2007 & 2008 National Rally stock left, so please grab them while you can, as once they’re gone, they’re gone. The 2008 Weymouth Rally t-shirts are £3 each or 2 for £5, 2007 & 2008 Rally lapel badges are 50p so feel free to e-mail me to ask about them. SPRING 2013

2008 National Rally t-shirt £3 or 2 for £5 2008 National Rally badge 50p

2007 National Rally badge 50p



The BikerTidy Storage Range Never throw your bike gear around the house again. Heavy duty hangers, quality product, made to last. Made in the UK

Prices start from

£29.99 +p&p =+

The Universal Bike Stand Ideal for use in a garage or trailer

£99.98 +p&p

H203cm x W62cm X D54cm

“Its called BikerTidy and its Brilliant!” Ride Magazine



Bryan McKim 1947-2013 Bryan ‘Radar’ McKim was infuriating, funny, generous, seemingly tireless and the best most loyal friend anyone could hope for. Yes, we moaned about him, but we never stopped loving the old bugger and he never stopped loving life. He was always willing to help and man the stand at numerous BMF shows and local events on behalf of the Club, chatting to people and NOT disappearing when it came time to take everything down. In recognition of this and his loyal support of the Club he received a HOC Thanks Badge and Certificate in 2011. This he proudly displayed on his wall at home, along with the front cover of Golden Wing that he graced in 1998. He got the name Radar shortly after joining in 1997, he made the mistake of mentioning that he once got lost on his way to the NEC in Birmingham from Corby. When he finally asked directions he was told “No idea mate, you’re in Leeds!”. Brian Dunn instantly nicknamed him Radar. He even had ‘Radar - directionally challenged’ on his number plate! On the first Northants Branch ride that he led, everyone turned up with sleeping b a g s strapped to their bikes....... just in case! Always the life and soul of the party, once you met Radar, you never forgot him. The last event he attended was the National Rally in Scotland where he made and renewed many friendships over that weekend. He will be missed by so many HOC members. We all have stories about him and warm, happy memories that will last forever in our hearts. We will miss him more than mere words can ever say and our hearts go out to Sue, Tash, Bruce and his grand children. Goodbye old friend. SPRING 2013


Faser Colin is a member of the North London Honda Owners Club and his son Faser is Faser. suffering from Cerebral palsy. Colin a member of the on North Honda Clubthe and his term son Faser There isisn’t the treatment the London NHS which willOwners give Faser long relief ishesuffering needs. from Cerebral palsy. So Colin and Amrika are trying to raise money to take Faser to the USA where he can There the treatment the NHS will give Faser the long term relief he needs. So Colin and Amrika get theisn’t treatment and longonterm relief which he needs. are trying to raise money to take Faser to the USA where he can get the treatment and long term relief he needs. They need to raise £50,000 to achieve this and so far they have raised £6500. Can we They need to raise £50,000 to achieve this and so far they have raised £6500. Can we help them????? help them????? Total money raised so far at 27th2013 January 2013 = £6500. Total money raised so far at 27th January = £6500. Message Message from from Colin; Colin; The cost cost of of SDR SDR surgery surgery in in the the USA, USA,including including consultation consultation and and drug drugcosts costsatatSt St Louis’ Louis’ Children’s Children’s Hospital, has been The estimatedhas at around £50, around £50, 000. Hospital, been estimated we are are to to give give our our son son aa chance chance to to realise realise his his dream dream to to run, run, we we need need to to raise raise at at least least this this amount. amount. IfIf we Any donations donations are are gratefully gratefully received, received, no no matter matter how howbig big or or small. small. IfIf you you think think you you can can help help us us in in any any way – perhaps Any by doing a sponsored event or car boot saleor- car please to getfeel in touch with way – perhaps by doing a sponsored event bootfeel salefree - please free to getus in at touch with us at Alternatively, you can leave transfer a donation to our PayPal account (details on website) Alternatively, you can leave transfer a donation to our PayPal account (details on website) OR donate via Fazer Trust Fund - Sort Code 60-06-08 - Account Number 28091353

OR donate via Thank you, Thank you,

Fazer Trust Fund - Sort Code 60-06-08 - Account Number 28091353

Fazer’s parents – Amrika and Colin. Fazer’s parents – Amrika and Colin.

Can we help Faser out? Can we help Faser out? If you can then please do so. If you can then please do so. Thank you. Thank you. Roland Murphy RolandSecretary Murphy Branch

North London HOC



Parking charge scrapped from

Derbyshire Times website - 5 March 2013

Proposals to introduce parking charges on the streets of Matlock Bath have been scrapped after thousands of people protested. Two petitions were lodged opposing plans for a pay-and-display scheme along North Parade, South Parade and Dale Road - receiving a combined total of 6,520 signatures. Among the signatories were Matlock Bath traders, who claimed it would lead to fewer people visiting the area and parting with their cash. Scores of bikers who regularly descend upon Matlock Bath also signed the petition. Ian Stephenson, Derbyshire County Council’s strategic director for environmental services, confirmed the proposal has been axed.


Tony Christodoulou, manager of Promenade Fish Bar, in North Parade, said: “The bikers were saying they would have to go elsewhere and I was worried I would lose customers. It would have been stupid to charge people to park.” The council had stood to rake in an estimated £75,000 a year if the new payand-display charges had gone ahead. Cllr Simon Spencer said: “Some people in the village wanted it, others didn’t and others wanted a different proposal. Until we’ve looked at all the implications of any change, a wise decision has been taken not to continue with the proposal at this time.”


Honda News Honda’s racing heritage in action on the Goodwood Hillclimb

The 5 cylinder 1966 RC149 has been flown specially from The Honda Collection Hall in Japan for the event Honda will be showcasing its illustrious racing heritage at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed which takes place from 11-14 July. Two and four wheeled Honda legends from the 60s and the present day will negotiate the famous Goodwood Hillclimb with a host of Honda’s racing champions including John Surtees and TT Legend John McGuinness at the controls. Joining the four wheel line up are two of Honda’s V12 Formula One racers from the 60s - the 1.5 litre RA272, plus the RA300 from the early 3.0 litre era. The RA272 machine was used by the Honda team in the 1965 Formula One season. Driven by Richie Ginther, it led the Mexican Grand Prix from start to finish making it the first Japanese car to win a Formula One Grand Prix. Two years after this victory, Britain’s John Surtees steered the Honda RA300 racer to first place in the 1967 Italian Grand Prix. Surtees


will once again be reunited with his old charger at this year’s Festival as he returns to race it up the famous Goodwood Hillclimb. On two-wheels, historic content including the world’s first 5-cylinder race bike, the RC149 and the iconic NSR500 from the bygone era of 500cc two-stroke machines in Grand Prix racing, will be displayed in all their glory. The two ‘classic’ racers will line-up alongside current competition machinery in the form of the 2013 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade that competes in World Superbikes, British Superbikes and

in world-famous road races such as the Isle of Man TT (in various specifications). These current two-wheeled racing machines will be placed next to Honda’s latest four-wheeled BTCC championship winning Civic. The new-shape NGTC Civic made its BTCC debut in 2012 and proceeded to secure the Honda Yuasa Racing team the manufacturers’ and teams’ titles and powered driver Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden to his first BTCC Championship crown with 2011 champion Matt Neal a close second. The RA272, RA300, RC149 and NSR500 machines have arrived in the UK directly from The Honda Collection Hall in Japan. Designed to be a living history, The Collection Hall is a state-of-the-art threestorey museum situated in Motegi dedicated to the company’s rich history of innovation, racing passion and engineering excellence. The Festival of Speed is the largest motoring garden party in the world. Held in the grounds of Goodwood House, the annual Hillclimb event is a celebration of motor sport and all things automotive. Visit to book tickets in advance.

John Surtees driving the RA300 at Goodwood in 2005 SPRING 2013

Gold Wing F6B ‘Bagger’ coming to UK - by public demand! Honda (UK) is pleased to announce that the much talked-about Gold Wing F6B ‘Bagger’ is now coming to the UK. Originally not taken as a UK model, this decision has been reversed due to projected customer demand.

The Gold Wing F6B is a new breed of Gold Wing that sits alongside the original. Stripped, stylish and smooth, part custom, part cruiser the Gold Wing F6B is all ‘Bagger’: a touring bike distilled to its very essence. The F6B is lighter - 28kgs less than the GL1800 - yet with the same chassis, power and incredible torque output. It’s features such as these that have captured the imagination of UK bikers and that has lead growing pressure from prospective customers for the Gold Wing F6B to be available as a UK model. There will however be only a limited number of Gold Wing F6B models brought in to the UK and these will be available only by advanced customer order and only from selected dealers. Interested parties should contact their local dealer for further information.

Honda adopt MASTER Security Scheme for all new motorcycles Approximately 26,000 bikes are stolen each year and shockingly up to 80% of these stolen machines end up back in the dealer networks. 43% of all insurance total loss payouts are due to theft and further figures suggest that up to 40% of victims of motorcycle theft, do not re-purchase and end up leaving the motorcycle community. Motorcycle theft in the UK is a very real and serious problem that is putting the future of the industry in jeopardy and threatening the current and next generation of bikers. To combat this threat head-on, the motorcycle industry has united to create the MASTER Security Scheme. Supported by a many of the major motorcycle manufacturers, and championed by Honda (UK) since its conception, the MASTER Security Scheme is a motorcycle and scooter security marking programme that has been developed in conjunction with the police authorities and Datatag. The scheme is supported by a comprehensive and secure registration infrastructure and call centre operation, administered by


Datatag. It also has the backing of the Metropolitan Police as part of their fight on bike crime. From April 1 2013 all new Honda on-road motorcycles will be fitted with the secure marking system, completely free of charge to the customer. What’s more, from 1 May 2013, all off-road Honda motorcycles will be fitted with the system, a huge benefit to customers, as theft in the off-road sector is as much of a problem as on-road, with an extremely low recovery rate for stolen machines. It will also be possible to retro-fit the MASTER Security Scheme to used Honda motorcycles through a franchised Honda dealer. A similar scheme has been employed in the agricultural and heavy plant machinery market

sector and has been running successfully since 2006. It has been reported that agricultural machines fitted with the security markings are four times less likely to be stolen and are six times more likely to be recovered if they are taken illegally; proof in a real world application of the benefits of the scheme. Nick Campolucci, Head of Honda (UK) Motorcycles “We are acutely aware of the very real and serious threat that motorcycle theft poses for our industry and the impact this has on consumer confidence for potential entrants and existing riders within our community. We are in full support of the MASTER Security Scheme and will make it available across our entire range of motorcycles both on- and off-road, furthermore it will be free of charge to our customers. We hope that our support of the scheme, alongside many other manufacturers, will promote standardisation across the industry and begin a long term reduction in motorcycle crime.”


Honda continue support of the Royal Air Force Reserves Race Team for 2013 Honda (UK) have once again committed to supporting the Royal Air Force Reserves Racing project for the 2013 season. The team officially named RAF Reserves Racing in association with Honda will compete in the British Superstock 1000 Championship, as well as selected road races, including the world famous Isle of Man TT and Northwest 200, aboard their RAF Reserves Fireblade. After a difficult first season in the Superstock 1000 Championship in 2012, the team have drafted in pro-rider and Honda TT Legend, Simon Andrews to spearhead the charge towards championship glory. Simon is no stranger to the short circuits, having raced in the British Superbike Championship - a championship which Superstock 1000 supports - on and off for many years, with numerous success including five podiums and two race wins. Andrews is also part of the Honda TT Legends team that races in the Endurance World Championship on some of the world’s most revered circuits. To compliment his short circuit reputation, Andrews is also making a name for himself on the roads, showing blistering speed at last year’s Northwest 200 and Isle of Man TT before an accident and subsequent injury halted his progress. Now back fully fit, his mixture of experience at the highest level and raw racing talent makes him the ideal rider to take the RAF Reserves Racing project to the next level, challenging for regular race wins and the Superstock 1000 Championship outright. The team will continue to be managed by Lee Hardy, an employee of the Forward Engineering Support Squadron at RAF Marham, a former racer himself and Team Manager for the last two years. Lee is quickly getting to grips with what is required to develop and manage a successful race team in the highest tier of domestic motorcycle racing. Technical aspects of race preparation and day to day management of the team’s racing activity will be handled by Lee Hardy and his team, they will benefit from technical input received from the race engineers of Honda Racing’s Samsung Honda team, the most successful in British Superbike Championship racing history.

Lee Hardy, Team Manager

“We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with both Honda and the RAF Reserves; we are currently looking to take the team to the next level. Last season was tough for us but it was invaluable experience and we learnt a lot, which we will be applying to our racing this year. With Simon Andrews now on board, we feel we have a rider who is capable of winning races and championships and we aim to provide him with the tools to do just that! The whole racing project is a valuable recruitment tool, the RAF Reserves are in the middle of a major recruiting campaign and my aim is to not only raise awareness but to ultimately try achieving their recruiting targets.”

Simon Andrews, Team Rider

“The project appealed to me from the outset and I was very interested to be a part of it, being the rider who carries the responsibility of a recruiting campaign is pretty exciting. I am looking forward to working with the RAF Reserves race team this season and it will provide me with an excellent opportunity to keep sharp throughout the season, in between racing duties with the Honda TT Legends and the road racing calendar. The Superstock 1000 Championship is very competitive but I have my sights set on winning it! After initial meetings with the team I could see that they were very professional and driven towards achieving success and that’s something I share. I think together we will make a good team, who knows, they may even get me signing up to the RAF Reserves at this rate, keep me sharp in the off-season!”

Find out more on official site for the Royal Air Force Reserves race team 16 GOLDEN SPRING 2013 WING


All change at the top of Honda UK Honda (UK) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Campolucci as the new Head of Motorcycles. Nick moves from his current position as Head of Dealer Development for Cars, Motorcycles and Power Equipment. He has been responsible for franchising, standards, profitability and retail experience throughout Honda’s dealer network in the UK. Nick’s range of experience coupled to a strong background in motorcycles, make him the ideal candidate to lead Honda’s UK Motorcycle operation. Honda (UK) has appointed Phil Webb as its new Head of Dealer Development. In his new role he will be responsible for the development of Honda’s dealer network, franchising, standards, profitability and retail experience of the company’s three product ranges - Cars, Motorcycles and Power Equipment.

Nick Campolucci

Phil moves into his new role from the position of Head of Power Equipment where he has been in charge of the Sales operation for four areas: Lawn + Garden, Energy, Marine and All Terrain Vehicles, for the past 3 years. Honda (UK) has appointed Philip Crossman in the role of Managing Director, Honda (UK). He moves from his post of General Manager, Cars. For the past two years Phil has been responsible for Honda’s UK car sales operation and is the ideal candidate to lead the overall Honda (UK) business. Previously, Phil was Head of Dealer Development for cars, motorcycles and power products. He joined Honda UK in 2000 as a regional manager from Nissan Motor GB where he was one of the founding business team.

Phil Webb

Philip Crossman

Honda Racing updates digital presence with new racing website The old Honda Racing site has closed and has been replaced by racing. Please do go and have a look at our new racing website which will cover both twowheeled and four-wheeled racing with a focus on Honda (UK)’s official teams that compete in British Superbike, British Motocross and British Touring Cars. Here’s looking forward to a successful 2013 season with a new-look Honda Racing.



Fred Hill Rideout 2013 by

Ian Wickham, Devon Branch Secretary

We decided to take up the offer of riding with the MAG Devon Groups and other biker clubs South West all in all a great day of fellow bikers enjoying chit chat. The weather was typical of Dartmoor it threw it down all day and the higher levels sleet. A good test of gear for sure and those who laugh at heated grips say no more. The rideout was for about 90 miles but for us the main thing we achieved was club laison and sharing views. We do struggle with membership and by maintaining contact we hope to increase our group and certainly share events with each other Somewhere is the Devon HOC. Overall we rode with about 90 riders, Devon Advance motorcyclist supervised junctions and ensured no one strayed.



Outside HMP Dartmoor 18 GOLDEN WING


facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page currently has over 900 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Gloucester, Oxford, Northants & MK, North Downs, North London, West London, Reading, Three Shires and Wiltshire pages to join.

The HOC is now also on Twitter #HOCgb (21st century or what!) However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 4400+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

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The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! SPRING 2013



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Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here

typeface In reply to Martin Clowes comment regarding the colour of the typeface I can only agree wholeheartedly. The simple solution being to make it black as in your reply to his letter. This sort of thing has become so common now in magazines as well, with type over pictures and very light or dark shades of type blending into the pictures. Why? What is wrong with good old black on white or light on dark pictures and dark on light pictures. It seems like a case of the art department triumping over common sense! Check out page 49. Pale grey on red. Could anyone think that’s a good idea? Then there is page 59, 65, 73, 115. Really spoils a good magazine. I thought it was only me getting older but Martin had the courage to speak up. I hope others do as well. Colin Gascoyne, by e-mail Membership No. 32558

In response to Martin Clowes letter about Type Face, (GoldenWing Volume 50 No.4) I’m afraid I agree with him. Not only is the writing small, I know bigger writing, more pages means more money. But could the writing be just that little bit thicker so it’s easier to read? Also, why have black writing on dark grey background? The article on page 13, Ride To The Wall 2012 is so difficult to read that I gave

up. Alright, yes I am getting on with age and the eyesight is not so good. But others who are younger than me say they have trouble at times as well, so it’s not only me. Sorry to be a downer, but otherwise, bloody brilliant mag and worth every penny. Nigel Seymour, by e-mail Membership No. 32125

Re letter featured in Volume 50 No.4. I am having the same problems regarding Martin Clowes comments on difficulty reading the magazine. The font needs to be bigger, darker and possibly in bold. Terry Hope, by e-mail Membership No. 30901

The font used for the text is called Futura, which is a very clear and easy to read typeface. Unfortunately, as it is a fine typeface it may appear grey, but all the text is black (100% K in printers parlance). The red box on page 49 (in retrospect) should have had a ‘thicker’ typeface used. It is in fact white, but due to the red it has made it look grey. Apologies for that. I will, as always, try to make the mag as enjoyable and ledgible as possible and to this end have changed the typeface from Futura Light to Futura Book which is a thicker version. Please let me know what you think.

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE

Your stories needed!

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, why not tell everyone about it? Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2



A Challenge and a Joy by

Keith Wicks, HOC & BMF Member

I was tempted to write about the BMF/ACU National Road Rally partly by North London HOC’s comments in GW Autumn 2012 and additionally to encourage others to participate in this great fun event. The Challenge is getting yourself, the bike and the route organised, and The Joy is what we all love about getting out on the bike, enjoying the countryside and socialising. Firstly I’d like to say thanks near home. In the early days The rally has taken place to North London for doing I had to travel anything up since circa 1932 and I’ve the checkpoint because it is to 50 miles at the start and been doing it since 2002 and only possible to do the rally end of the rally in addition only missed 2011 because at all with the guys my son was getting and gals who give Average speed is about 20mph so married on the day. up their time, and this is not a high speed challenge For anyone the opportunity to interested in take part, to man the stops. to the 200-mile qualifying learning more about this I have to say it’s unusual mileage. The start time is enjoyable fun ride that has an for checkpoints in the inner 2pm Saturday and you have element of challenge about it, areas to be changed. The until 12pm to do the 200 go to www.nationalroadrally. matrix area covered has miles. This usually equates to and see the full reduced over the years but about 8 checkpoints and at a details of how to enter and so, unfortunately, have the reasonable pace takes about what all the excitement is number of participants. I 8 hours including compulsory about. GO ON GIVE IT A guess the cost of fuel is a rest breaks, still quite a TRY THIS YEAR and make it a challenge. If this seems a bit Honda walkover. I’ve already large part of the problem. If you like ride-outs, having much try the Sunrise 6 hour entered with my faithful a purpose to your ride, or like format and min 120 miles. Hornet 600! If you look at the time/ a challenge then you really average speed should give the rally at least distance Ride Safe, Have Fun one chance. I’ve done it in a is about 20mph so this is group and on my own and not a high speed and it’s great fun either way. You challenge within meet up with a lot of like- keeping minded bikers and see places the law and still you would not normally pass completing is easy you through. You can enter a team providing for extra kudos, how about a have done your homework on the HOC branch team. My tip, if you are a routes and don’t get competent rider with at lost too often. If you complete least a 250cc bike, is to do the Daytime Rally. The the rally you get requirements for this have quite a nice trophy improved as from last year for the mantelpiece with ability to start and finish and a badge. Me, ready to go on last years rally 22 GOLDEN WING


1972 CB350F Restoration by

Andy Smith, Nottingham Branch

This is my CB350F American import. For those of you who are not familiar with this model, it is the little sister of the famous 400/4. Mine is a 1972 model or F1 and so when registered will be on a suffix K plate and so eligible for free road tax. Britain is reputed to have received 200 of these bikes at the time but the official line is they were never imported to Britain. I had one of these until seven years ago when my ex-partner decided she wanted a share of the bike which she had shunned until then so I had to sell it, I really missed her no not the ex the bike, yes all bikes are she’s. The 350F and 400/4 shares many common parts, the frame and tanks are different as is the lack of the 400’s sexy exhaust, however all is not lost the 350F has a 4 into 4 system which looks just as sexy as the CB750. The engine is very nearly the same there are a few differences (ignoring the obvious difference in bore size): the 350 has five gears to the 400’s six. The clutch covers are slightly different along with the clutch centres. The 350 has a loose bush to the drive shaft whereas the 400 has the bush riveted to the centre of the clutch but other than that they are interchangeable.

I bought my bike in March 2012 with a seized engine having been stored for what looks like several years with the number one plug out. The other three pistons are free. When I stripped the head off I found a good half inch of soil resting on top of the piston, I have had it soaking in penetrating oil for some months but it just will not budge.

As you can see from the other two photos water has obviously been standing in this bike at some point.

The crankcases are horizontally split so I should be able to remove the con rod so I can apply pressure

on the piston without fear of damaging the rest of the engine. Yes it will be out with a hammer. I rather expect that a re-bore will be required.

This restoration will be a get it running with a full restoration sometime in the future as I need a bigger bike than my CB125T for summer runs. And I do have a basket case 1971 CB750K1 to restore as well. So a full restoration will have to wait until after that. I will be doing this on a limited budget, it will be a stop start project as funds become available unless I win the euro-millions! Some chance! Please watch this space for updates as and when they happen.

Restoring or rebuilding your Honda? Please tell fellow members what you have done It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just 3-400 words and half a dozen relevant pictures SPRING 2013


Bristol Classic Bike Show by

Bev Ralph, Dorset Branch Secretary

Ian Jefferson, Ade and Virginia Challis, Sid and Barbara Samways, Keith Hopkins and Mark Waller did us very proud by getting the stand ready by setting up on Friday for us. Jimmy Bell joined them later that day. So the Hoc gazebo was erected along with the pop up sails and a HOC banner nestling alongside our own Dorset Branch banner. A very big thank you to them as I couldn’t have done it without the help and support that I received for the stand this year. Ian Ottaway, Vincent Marly, Neal Gauntlett and myself turned up early Saturday morning with the rest of the bikes for the stand, the regalia along with old Goldenwings, membership forms and branch lists and the all important milk! Bikes on the stand this year were CX650 US Custom, CX500, CBR125RR in Repsol Team Colours, CBF600SA, CBR1100XX SuperBlackbird, VFR750FT and a VFR1200, 24 GOLDEN WING

however the VFR1200 was exchanged on the Sunday for a CB1300 so that Neal showed off two of his collection of bikes. The foggy weather on Saturday didn’t put off any bike enthusiasts and they flocked to the show hoping to look at many exhibitors pride and joys along with looking for that obsolete piece so they can complete their own machines. Our stand was in the Marquee, plot number 20/21 just off Edmund Rack Hall, opposite our stand was Woods Cider where they were handing out free samples of sweet and dry ciders, directly backing onto us were the Honda CX club so much banter was directed back and forth over the wall between us. There were many classic bike clubs attending, too many to mention with gleaming machines that sparkled, men enthusiastically stating “I had one of those in my youth” alongside traders pledging their wares and expertise by the bucket load. SPRING 2013

Sammy Miller was the VIP Guest of Honour and he brought along with him a 1957 V8 500cc Moto Guzzi racer capable of doing 180mph and a 1950 Moto Guzzi V Twin 500 both were from his prized collection at his museum, unfortunately he was unable to attend or the bikes on the Sunday due to illness. I am hoping that I managed to raise not only the profile of the Dorset Branch, but also the Honda Owners Club in general as VFR750FT Classic on the HOC Stand interest in the club was high and many forms, branch lists and Golden Wings were taken popped up to say hi to Ian Hammond and from the stand. Alas we didn’t sign anybody Jim Peel-Cross who were flying the flag for up to membership there and then, however the BMF, however I was surprised to see that I am hoping that some of the lovely people MAG didn’t have a stand at the show. I met over the weekend will bite the bullet I had a great time at the show on the stand, and attend a branch near them and meet as I would like to think that all of us did. I was our wonderful members all over the country very tired after the show and I was ready to and take advantage of meeting new friends, sleep for ever, but upon arriving home went discounts available and many rideouts and to our local for some very much needed food trips that the branches offer alongside fun and and drink and was revived for a while. laughter. also just There was no doom and gloom at likeI would I also managed to add in that the Bristol Classic Bike Show to sell £80 worth this show is a great of regalia, which was a great result in this way to start the season and drag everyone out economic climate. of the depths of winter and know that spring is I met some of the other Branch Secretaries really just around the corner. I have to thank over the weekend and they popped to the the amazing efforts that Ian Jefferson puts into stand to say hello, so a big hello went to this show as he has guided me through all the Jo from Gloucestershire, Donna from South paperwork and he receives the gazebo as I Wales, Pete from Bristol. Chris and Marion only have a Fiesta and it would not fit in there from the North Downs branch popped over to along with all the other stuff needed. He truly say hi and took some photos, along with Bob puts himself out for this show and everyone ‘Swifty’ Swift from the Reading Rabble. there and he is a great comedian to have on I had a quick look around the show and the stand and he knows so many people and he is truly a great friend to have. We will now start working on next year’s stand and I hope that it will be better than this year so watch this space. As the sun set on the Sunday and every trace of the show was dismantled and taken away, the people who attended were rewarded with two cracking days of February weather after the fog lifted, and a mass display of pure enthusiasts dreams along with an awesome atmosphere, there was no doom and gloom A good cross-section of members’ bikes at the Bristol Classic Bike Show. SPRING 2013


What happens if your motorcycle is written-off in an accident?

Important Note - In either of the above, if you have failed to disclose a material fact when either taking out, renewing or during the period of the policy, the insurer may then seek to void the policy. They will not pay you for any repairs to your bike under a comprehensive policy. However, they are still responsible to settle third party claims under S.151 Road Traffic Act a988 BUT will then recover any money they have paid out from you personally!

If the accident was not your fault and you were comprehensively insured - Your insurance company will sort out the repair, less the policy excess which you will have to claim from the third party insurers together with any other uninsured loss. The other party’s insurer may also contact you direct to offer to sort out your damage and loss If the accident was not your fault and you were insured third Party or TPF&T – You will claim the PAV damage and loss against the insurers for the third party. In some accidents, you may be found to be partly to blame. This is called “contributory negligence”. This is normally determined on a percentage basis. So if you were 50% to blame, you will only receive 50% of the value of your loss.

What does it mean when the vehicle is a “write-off”? Basically it means that the bike is beyond economical repair. With the price of parts these days and the relatively high value of salvage, bikes are written off more regularly, particularly when there is frame damage. I often hear the term “I want to buy the bike back from the insurers”. The bike is in fact your property, so you do not buy the bike back as ownership in the bike does not pass to the insurers unless you receive payment for the bike and forward the V5 to them. The bike remains your property.

Because of this, if I was considering retaining the bike, I would insist that my bike is recovered by a dealer of my choice rather than the insurers nominated agents. So, if the bike is a write-off, you will want the bike back in the same condition as it was immediately following the accident and not further damaged in transit from one place to another, or left in the open air in some corner of the insurers nominated assessors yard. I have heard of bikes being returned badly corroded by being left outside, additional damage being caused or bits going missing from bikes

If the accident was your fault and you are fully comprehensively insured - Your insurer will pay the Pre-Accident Value (PAV) of your bike less any policy excess. If the accident was your fault and you were insured Third Party or TPF&T - Your insurer will pay out for any loss and damage that you have caused to a third party(s) but not your own.



before they are returned to their owners. Keep or public. V5 is returned to the DVLA control of your property! and once the bike is repaired with an What is the market value of your bike and how MOT, you re-apply to the DVLA to have is this calculated? The value is what the bike the Cat C classification removed. There was worth the second before the accident on is some confusion whether the bike a private sale basis. That is, what a private needs a VIC Inspection. I would seek individual would be willing to pay you for confirmation with VOSA to confirm. your bike and not what a dealer However, Cat C stays on The bike remains the DVLA record and will be would sell it for. The reason for this is dealers offer warranties flagged up on an HPI check. your property etc. which a private seller does Some insurers will require the not. Trawling through MCN, AutoTrader and bike to be inspected by an engineer. the like, is a good way of getting a feel of Cat D - Repairable and probably nonwhat your bike is worth. Your local dealer structural damage. May be economical will also give you an idea of what the bike is to repair but the insurers have elected worth on a private sale basis. not to. For example, stolen and If your bike is damaged, do you actually want recovered. Recorded at the DVLA as a to retain it? I suppose this depends on many Cat D and will appear on an HPI check. factors, such as. Is it a good bike and the Cat F - Damaged by fire. Either damage is merely cosmetic? The category of repairable of classified as A or B above write-off is also very important. These are:Cat X - Insurers term for “Not Recorded” Cat A - May not be re-sold and the entire That is, the bike has been subject to bike must be crushed. DVLA will require a claim but sold on by the insurers as “Notification of Destruction”. repairable salvage. Cat B - The motorcycle itself may not be The upshot is to carefully consider if you re-sold or returned to the road. Usually want to retain the bike. Even if it is a repairable the bike has suffered severe structural/ option, on an HPI check, it will come up as a frame damage. DVLA requires a being written off at some time. This can affect “Notification of Destruction” but parts the value up to 20% and possibly make it may be removed and sold. harder for you to sell the bike. Check what the Cat C - Repairable Salvage but with repair costs are going to be and the extent of possible structural damage. Cost the damage you are going to have to deal of repairs at main dealer prices with. and labour rates renders the bike Some bikes are well worth keeping hold uneconomical to repair. The Bike can of. Your choice. be sold complete to motorcycle trade As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 40 years and a lawyer for over 30 years), I also donate £100 to the HOC for each case I take on from the member, their family or friend that is recommended to me by a HOC member. This is paid by my firm and not out of the individual’s compensation. My contact numbers are 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065. These are linked to my mobile, so I can be contacted out of office hours (subject to not being on the bike!). My e-mail is and website is My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section. SPRING 2013




Racing Report As the racing season gets well underway, will this be the year of the Brits?

Will Cal Crutchlow take those well deserved podiums, fending off Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo or will Honda’s newcomer to Moto GP’s Marc Marquez blaze to glory? With excellent testing times in Valencia it will be interesting to see how Cal’s season progresses. It also looks like the renewed partnership between Valentino Rossi and Yamaha is going to have a good start to the season and it will be interesting to see how Dovi fares with the Ducati.

Up-and-coming Danny Web

Despite Marc Marquez moving to Moto GP, the Spanish contingent in Moto2 is very strong with Pol Espargaro, Nicolas Terol and Julian Simon and it will be a hard group to penetrate but Scott Redding seems to be up for the fight on the Marc VDS Racing bike putting in some good test times. Kyle Smith has also joined Moto2 and it will be interesting to watch his development during the season. The Moto 3 has a strong Spanish contingent as well with the trio of Maverick Vinales, Alex Rins and Lucas Salom who are tipped for the top places but Brit Danny Webb has also been putting in some good times on the Suter Honda and the new ‘kid on the block’ SPRING 2013

to watch is the 18 year old John McPhee on the FTR Honda. With 6 Brits in 5 teams in the WSB, there should be a good showing during this year with Tom Sykes tipped for podium places and Leon Haslam and Jonathan Rea representing the Pata Honda team. Eugene Laverty will be challenging strongly for the title and Leon Camier, Sam Lowes and Chaz Davies will no doubt be battling hard. But don’t discount Marco Melandri or Sulvain Guintoli or even the ‘old man’ of racing Carlos Checca.

Leon Haslam and Jonathan Rea

The BSB paddock has loads of old favourites in it. Will Shakey take the crown again or will the addition of Ryuichi Kiyonari add to the challenge, not to discount John Brookes or Alex Lowes. Shakey and Kiyo have been adversaries many times before and have a similar number of race wins each it will be one of the major duals of the season. Again the new team of Michael Rutter and Tommy Bridewell will make an interesting mix for the new Bathams Honda team.

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent


Classic Corner

WE all enjoy our motorcycling regardless of the size of machine that we ride. When you eventually reach the stage when you don’t need to cover speed. To enjoy the pleasure and freedom of spreading your Honda wings and exploring far and wide. Anyway that is my excuse. It is nice to just relax and enjoy the ride. Since 1960 the Honda C50 has been and still is in production, and we all know that it is the most popular vehicle on this planet, with over seventy million being sold. Mr Honda said that he wanted to provide transport to the people. The C50 engine was also expanded to make the C70 as 70cc. Then in 1966 the ‘Step Through’ concept was given a larger 90cc engine, making the C90 and giving us a practical utility machine that can be used for all forms of motorcycling. It will scurry around carrying all the shopping, be used for the commute to work every day or being used to take you exploring on day trips or holiday. You can fit a front shopping basket and a rear carrier. Then if you need more carrying space a pair of side cases, making your C90 part of the family and used for everything. Proving that “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”, as all the family can use the C90. It will also cruise all day at speeds of over 50mph making is practical for all forms of transport. 30 GOLDEN WING

The 90cc engine will show you about one hundred miles at a gallon of fuel, making very practical biking. Even in 1966 we all complained about the expensive cost of fuel! The C90 is fitted with an Automatic Centrifugal Clutch, with a three speed gearbox, operated by the left foot gear lever. So even in 1966 all you had to do was “Twist and Go”, thereby making life easier for covering the throttle and steering.


Enjoy your Classic ride BrakingTechnical is by single leading Specification C50shoe drums front Technical Specification C90 and rear. Which makes adequate braking. The Engine Unit Engine Unit Type: Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Chain Driven Air Cooled. Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Chain Driven final driveType: is by chain which fullyatenclosed to Overhead Camshaft. Overhead Camshaft. Cylinderis inclined 80"from vertical Cylinder inclined at 80"from vertical bore & Stroke: 39 mm x 41 -4 mm (1 -535 ins * 1-63 ins) help the chain longer before bore & Stroke: 50 mm * 45-6 mm (1-9685 ins x 1-7953 ins) cylinderlast capacity: 49 cc (30 cu ins) replacement. Cylinder Capacity: 89-535 cc (5-463 cu ins) compression ratio: 8-1-1 The early production machines were fitted compression ratio: 8-2—1 carburettor: Keihin Piston Valve Type carburettor: Keihin Piston Valve Type ignition: Flywheel Magneto with 6 volt electrical ignition: Coil battery: 6 Volt 4 A. H. systems. Later models battery: 6Volt6A.H. Lighting: Direct. Headlamp 6 V-25/25 W are supplied with 12 volt systems but lighting lubrication System: Wet Sump Lubrication System: Wet Sump oil Capacity: 0-9 litre (1 -6 pts) oil Capacity: 0-8 litre (1-4 pints) on both types provided good cover. Also with Starting method: Kickstart Starting method: Kickstart Spark Plug: N.G.K. D-6HW or D6HS Spark Plug: N.G.K. C7HS directionalclutch: indicators and stop light you were clutch: Automatic Centrifugal type Automatic Centrifugal Type Transmission: 3 speed. Operated by left foot, gear change lever 3of Speed, Operated by left foot gear change lever given the Transmission: pleasure easy motorcycling. Primary reduction: 3-72 Primary reduction: 3-722 Gear ratios: 1 st 2-538 2nd 1-555 3rd 1000 Gear only ratios: 1st 3-364 2nd 3rd 1-190 The C90 carries 1.21-722 gallons of fuel final reduction: 3000 final reduction: 2-857 Power: P.S. @ R.P.M. maximum Power: 7-5 P.S. @ 9,500 R.P.M. including maximum reserve. So4-8 with a 10,000 range of just over maximum Torque: 0-37 Kg-m @ 8.200 R.P.M. (2-67 lbs ft) maximum Torque: 0-67 Kg-m @ 6,000 R.P.M. (4-8 lbs ft) one hundred miles you will need to have a Frame Frame Type: Tubular and Pressed Steel, Open Frame Type Type: Tubular and Frame Type runs. break every couple ofPressed hoursSteel, onOpen those long front Suspension: Leading LinkType Pressed Steel Fork front Suspension: Leading LinkType Pressed Steel Fork rear Suspension: Swinging Arm Type Suspension: Typefuel tank up. I Stop for arear cup of tea Swinging and fillArmthe Tyres: Front. 2-50x17 (4 PR) Rear. 2-50x17 (4 PR) Tyres: Front 2-25 * 17 (4 PR) Rear 2-25 x 17 (4 PR) Tyre Pressures: Front 1 -7 Kg-cm 2 (24 lbs sq ins) p.s.i.) is long Kg-cm 2 (25-6 think that Tyre twoPressures: hours Front on 1a-8narrow saddle Rear 2-1 Kg-cm 2 (30 lbs sq ins) Rear 20 Kg-cm 2 (28-5 p.s.i.) brakes: Front. Internal Expanding Type brakes: Front Internal Expanding Type enough when you are just cruising to cover long Rear. Internal Expanding Type Rear Internal Expanding Type distances.Petrol Tank capacity: Including Reserve 3 litres (5-28 Imp. Pints) Petrol Tank capacity: Including Reserve 5-5 litres (9-7 pints) Reserve 0-8 litres (1 -4 Imp. Pints) Reserve 1 litre (1 -76 pints) Until 1966 the biggest 70-7 ins) exported 1795mm machine overall length: overall length: 1830 mm 72-1 ins) overall width: 640 mm 25-2 ins) overall width: 640 mm 25-2 ins) from Japan toheight: the UK 975 was CB77 38-4Honda ins) overall mm the overall height: 995 mm 39-2 ins) wheelbase: wheelbase: 1185 mm 46-7 ins) 1190 mm 46-9 ins) (305cc). As weclearance: formed 130 thismmclub5-1inins)1961 on the Ground Ground clearance: 130 mm 5-1 ins) Seat height: Seat height: 760 mm 300 ins) 760 mm 30-0 ins) first four years for national club curb weight: curb weight: 69 Kg (152runs lbs) we all used 85 Kg (187-4 lbs) these small machines. Proving that you don’t Standard Equipment Standard Equipment Dual Seat, Pillion Footrests, Steering Lock, Helmet Holder Lock, Dual Seat, Pillion Footrests, Steering Lock, Helmet Holder Lock, need large to cover four hundred Stop machines Light, Driving Mirrors, Winking Indicator Lights, Stop Light, Driving Mirrors, Winking Indicator Lights, Speedometer, Tool Kit. Speedometer and Tool Kit. miles in a day. In 1970 a new C90 had a purchase priceChiswick of Honda (UK) Ltd Power Road London W4 Telephone 01 -995 9381 specification details do not apply to any particular product which is supplied or placed for details of the specification of any particular product. £137.13s.6p"These including all taxes. offered for sale. The manufacturers reserve the right to vary their specification with or This publication shall not constitute in any circumstances whatsoever an offer by the So a Honda C90 can prove to be the without notice and at such times and in such manner as they think fit. Major as well as minor changes may be involved. Every effort, however, is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this brochure. Consult the Dealer with whom your order is

Company to any person. All sales are made by the Distributor or Dealer concerned subject to and with the benefit of the standard Conditions of Sale and Warranty given by the

Distributor or pet Dealer, copies may for be obtained on request" family andof which used allfrom thehimrequirements of the family. Look after it and it will purr along all day.

Dave Barton Classic Secretary

“It will cruise all day at speeds of over 50mph” SPRING 2013




Natonal rally 2013





OED drops ‘dirty biker’ definition stolen from

The Telegraph on-line - 24 Feb 2013

The Oxford English Dictionary has dropped references to ‘long hair’ and ‘dirty denims’ in its definition of ‘bikers’ after motorcylists complained.

Oxford University Press, which publishes the Oxford English Dictionary, bowed to pressure from Britain’s two-wheeled community, who claimed the description was outdated. The online version previously defined biker as: “A motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a gang: a long-haired biker in dirty denims.” However, figures show that far from the “long-haired and dirty denim” stereotype, fewer than one in 10 male bikers now has long hair (9 per cent). Furthermore, almost half of British bikers (42 per cent) are totally free of tattoos, piercings, facial hair or gang markings. OUP has now changed the Oxford Dictionaries Online definition of biker to: “A motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a gang or group: a biker was involved in a collision with a car.” Almost three quarters, 74 per cent, believe the old definition was inaccurate, with 21 per cent saying they are “outraged and offended” by it. And 65 per cent of motorcyclists spend the majority of their time riding alone - and not as a “member of a gang”, a study by insurance firm Bennetts found. Over half, 60 per cent, believe the old definition is “dated and irrelevant”, and just 2 per cent say it was “correct and accurate”, the poll of 524 bikers found. Bennetts data shows today’s biker is most likely to be aged over 35, middle class, working in IT or telecoms and likely to ride a Honda. Whether commuting or riding as a hobby, the image of a ‘biker’ has changed from that of a Hells Angel. SPRING 2013

When the term “biker” was used in the 60s and 70s, it described gangs of long haired, leather clad trouble makers. They generally drove at dangerously high speeds, often to confront rival gangs elsewhere. Hannah Squirrell, from Bennetts, said: “In the early 60s, ‘biker’ was a relatively new term which provoked fear among many, partly due to their image portrayed in the media. Fortunately, since then, bikers have grown away from the cliched stereotype and now encompass all sectors of society.” It’s clear from the research that the image of a biker in 2013 is not the same as 50 years ago. We are pleased the Oxford Dictionary definition has finally been updated.” Oxford University Press spokeswoman Nicola Burton said the change to the definition was made on February 22. She said: “This change has been made to reflect a minor shift in contemporary use of the word ‘biker’. Our research suggests ‘biker’ is now more closely aligned with ‘motorcyclist’ than words such as ‘hell’s angel’.”

Stereotypes however, are still available!


Wisconsin by Valkyrie by

Mike and Edwina Wilson, Gloucester Branch

Our friends, Al & Carol, keen Honda enthusiasts owning several models of Valkyries, a Goldwing and a Magna, invited us to join them on a short break to explore the countryside around the Mississippi River in Wisconsin.

Day 1 - 9th August - 174 miles ridden, temperature high 90s very humdid!

Riding west into Amish country starting by climbing up “Grandad Bluff” giving impressive views over La Crosse across the Mississippi to Minnesota and Iowa.

After loading the two Valkyries in to the trailer, which seemed the size of the average domestic garage in the UK, we drove the 350 miles from our friend’s house near Kankakee in Illinois to La Crosse Wisconsin. La Crosse borders the great Mississippi River and was the base for our stay.

Once we left La Crosse the roads were quiet hardly a vehicle to be seen but nice and windy ideal for motorcycling. The “Country Routes” are identified by letter to make navigation easy, unless looking for “W” on the map you find that the system has changed to “V V”. Riding out through 36 GOLDEN WING


Cashton, Ontario, Westby, Coon Valley, Viroqua, Chaseburg, to Stoddard, stopping for lunch at “Kickapoo Inn”. From Stoddard we followed the Mississippi North back to La Crosse for a well deserved dinner and rest.

Kickapoo Inn... only in America!

Day 2 - 10th August - 152 Miles Ridden Temperature 100º F - Humid

Who needs SatNav?

With regular water breaks necessary due to the heat it was essential to take plenty of bottled water which we froze in the hotel refrigerator to ensure a cold supply was maintained!

I’m sure I just saw a Pink Elephant…….. too much heat!

Have you had a great biking holiday? Crossing the Blue Bridge into Minnesota, taking Route 26 South following the west side of the Mississippi into Iowa. The road was unbelievably quiet for a main road, those few vehicles we did see tended to wave as if thankful to see other people! SPRING 2013

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures, to Stritchy - contact details on p.2


We rode to Lansing for lunch taking a ride up to a viewing point for more staggering views, then on to McGregor (for Ice Cream!). We decided not to cross the river but return along the west side retracing our steps.

We passed members of the Amish community in their distinctive black horse drawn buggys, exchanging friendly waves, and stopped for breaks along the way.

Day 3 - 11th August - 214 miles ridden. Cloudy, brightening to 90º F & very humid! (TV weatherman said it would be 94º feeling like 102º!) Taking the road North to West Salem following the country road system taking us along more winding roads seemingly designed for motorcycling we work our way to Mindoro to see the “Mindoro Cut” on Highway 108.

Another refreshment stop! I understand it’s made from real moose!

We rode back to Stoddard, via Genoa to have dinner at the Great River Roadhouse. Special thanks to Al & Carol for planning the trip and making it all possible! Same time next year……..?

Mindoro Cut 74 feet deep and 25 feet wide is the highest point on Highway 108. Cut by hand in 1907-08 using only hand tools and horse drawn equipment. Said to be the second largest hand hewn cut in the USA.



Honda Owners Club (GB)

Christmas Party Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th November 2013 To be held at the 4-star

Ettington Chase, Banbury Rd, Ettington, Stratford-upon-Avon located in the heart of beautiful Shakespeare country. Hotel facilities include a sauna and swimming pool for guests. u Arrive Friday - from 2pm. There is a hot buffet in the evening in our own exclusive room. u Saturday - after breakfast why not visit Motorcycle Live at the NEC, wonderful Warwick

Castle or historic Stratford-upon-Avon for Christmas shopping - all within easy reach of the hotel.

u Saturday night - 3-course Christmas meal followed by dancing till midnight in our own

exclusive room. Dress code - DRESS TO IMPRESS with your DJ and evening dress or very smart.

u Sunday - after breakfast, time to head for home or visit the areas many attractions.


Double room for a couple - £65 per night B&B Room for a single person - £55 per night B&B Hot buffet Friday night - £18 per head 3-course Christmas meal - £29 per head

A non-refundable deposit of £20 per person required by May 31st. You must include your name, HOC membership number, contact email, phone number, address and details of how many nights you are staying to: Sue White, Norfolk Branch, 61 Ripon Way, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 1DF Cheques made payable to ‘Honda Owners Club (GB)’ To transfer money electronically please email for the details This is on a first-come-first-served basis and is open to paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club (GB) only, so book early to guarantee your places

Sue can be contacted on 01842 765801 or email for further details or if you have any questions Final payment must be received by August 2nd 2013 SPRING 2013


Older motorcyclists ‘more likely to be injured’ by

Anna-Marie Lever, Health reporter, BBC News

Motorcyclists over the age of 60 are three times more likely to be hospitalised after a crash than younger bikers, a US study suggests. The report in the journal Injury Prevention found that serious chest and rib cage fractures were very common. The authors suggest that reduced bone strength in older adults and their ability to buy more powerful bikes may play a part. Motorbike groups in the UK say they have seen similar trends. Nich Brown, from the Motorcycle Action Group, said: “The number of older motorcyclists in Britain has risen over the past decade - as has the number being injured. “As well as an ageing population, the popularity of motorcycling among older riders means more are returning to biking or taking it up for the first time - for the most part quite safety.” The study analysed data between 2001 to 2008 from 100 US hospitals. During this period about 1.5 million adults over the age of 20 needed emergency treatment due to a motorcycle crash. Delayed reaction time, altered balance and worsening vision Bikers over the age of 60 were three times more likely to be admitted to hospital compared to those in their 20s and 30s - and two-and-a-half times more likely to sustain a serious injury. Data on motorbike size was not available to the researchers, but they suggested that older adults are more likely to buy bikes with larger engines - leading to more severe injuries. Upper body fractures were more common in older adults - while arm, shoulder and hand fractures were more likely in those that were younger. 40 GOLDEN WING

This may be due to their faster reaction times - sticking their arms out to protect their fall, suggests Chris Hodder from the British Motorcyclists Federation. He said: “There are fewer accidents here in the UK than the US - we’ve had a good rider training programme over the last 40-50 years - while in the US training has been a mixed picture due to its size and differences across states. “There are plenty of post-test courses in the UK. If you are coming back to motorcycling it would be good to look out for refresher training. Those that ride regularly should keep their skills up. If you have the money, high quality chest protectors are also a good idea.”

Min 10% discount for HOC members 20% discount on Brittany Ferries All rooms en-suite with full facilities Full English breakfast available Evening meals available (by arrangement) TV room with English Sky TV Free Wi Fi access Laundry room Secure parking Lockable garage parking for TWO large bikes Contact us for more details

5, Place du Centre, 22110 Glomel, France 0033 (0)2 96 29 88 44


An evening with the Susans By

Steve ‘Minty’ Maynard, Northants & MK Webmaster

On December 12th we had the great pleasure of meeting the ‘Susans’ an F2 sidecar racing husband and wife team, Karen and Clive Susans. A partnership which needs complete trust in one another.

Could you imagine the conversation around the dinner table if it was YOUR fault that something went wrong! Sound crazy? They are absolutely nuts. With a combined life of experience of over, well, a few years they are not your typical racing team! What they are is totally and utterly dedicated to their sport of choice. I am sure that at 40 years old we all have a mid life crisis, fortunately most don’t last that long - The Susans mid life crisis is into its 13th year! The world of motor racing is a dangerous sport let alone doing it with a passenger but this is what they do. The Susans started racing on a shoestring budget of around £3000 which got them a van and an outfit, minus the engine and exhaust system and still run to this day on a tight budget. Being a minority sport and in most cases a warm up to the main events of the weekends racing there isn’t much money to be made in the sport. Clive suggested


probably only half a dozen side care teams can do it as a living. In an average seasons racing it probably costs around £2500 barring any major mishaps (which thankfully has not happened in 13 years) but you can spend an infinite amount on parts, tuning, gadgets and kit. We were also treated to a demonstration of the ‘riding’ position, how many other things can you do on all fours came the question from Clive! I wont answer that one... If you want to know more you will have to turn up next time and see for yourself, the talk is fun and totally absorbing. A huge thank you to Clive and Karen, good luck for the future and I hope we can meet again soon, preferably sitting next to you heading into a hairpin.


Hi Honda riders!

Quick news blast: we have announced the first Voltz VMF Awards, the BMF Show organisers add loads more entertainment and attractions to the May Show (May 1719), lobbying continues, ethanol in petrol law changes, potential London bike ban and plug-in vehicles receive a funding boost. You can read about these and more at www. - the website of the BMF’s magazine, Motorcycle Rider. For those of you who are full members of the BMF you will have already have received the Spring issue of Motorcycle Rider. As well as all the latest news from the wider world of motorcycling the issue features a cover story with Scottish scooter renovator Craig Ballantyne, the Trail Riders Fellowship, an EU

lobbying special and an interview with TT legends, Ian Hutchinson and Nick Jefferies. As you Honda owners will know from your own club spread in the magazine, we profile affiliated clubs. This issue sees the inclusion of clubs from the fringes including scooters, vintage and some rather special trikes. If you would like to receive Rider regularly, simply become a full member of the BMF - and in so doing you will be helping the BMF protect riders rights. Fingers crossed for the weather, safe riding!


The Voltz BMF Awards

The big news from BMF is the launch of the Voltz BMF Awards! The awards have been launched to recognise those people and organisations who may go unsung in other awards. There are some usual suspects, such as Most Desirable Bike 2012 but also we hope to draw attention to those who do great work - whether it’s lobbying, volunteering, 42 GOLDEN WING

renovating, working on green initiatives, charity endeavours or other worthy feats within the sphere of motorcycles and riding.While some of the awards will be voted for by the BMF, there are some public-voted categories -­ we want to know who you want us to reward for their work! Head to see the full list of categories and nominees and to vote. Our sponsor for this first awards, Voltz, is no stranger to the world of motorcycles with their support of numerous biking endeavours including the sponsorship of young Ducati 848 Challenge rider

Jack Keen. Everyone who votes will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of motorcycle accessories vouchers and goodies from Voltz (drinks, caps, t-shirts, stickers and more)! Click along to to have your say and think about what you might buy if you win! The winners of the awards will be announced in the coming months, so keep an eye out online and in the next issue. For more on Voltz Energy Shot, head to their website


Governing Matters

Expose yourself!

The BMF’s Government Relations Executive, Chris Hodder, continues to lobby in the Europe, fighting for your rights and the rights of motorcyclists throughout the UK, to ride what they want, how they want. In the current issue of BMF’s Motorcycle Rider magazine, he said: “In January, the Prime Minister announced a referendum on a renegotiated treaty with the EU. This might or might not happen sometime in the future, but certainly not in the current parliament and is highly unlikely if the Conservatives don’t win a majority in 2015. For the motorcycle lobby, it makes little difference whether the UK is part of the EU with the very notable exception of potential duty charges on parts, clothing or even bikes. Even if the UK leaves, like a slightly poorer Norway or Switzerland with rubbish skiers, the UK will need to maintain a lobbying presence in Brussels as otherwise decisions on legislation affecting the design of future bikes or even the validity of driving licences abroad will be taken in our absence. The major disadvantage is that we won’t have any MEPs to lobby, but given the response we get from some, we might not notice an immediate difference. I think we can all agree that UK motorcyclists require a strong voice in Europe, now and in the future. The BMF is that voice.”

The BMF has its own website and magazine, so if you would like to see any of your events previewed or reviewed, or you have news stories about ride-outs or charity events, let us know! We’re always looking for our affiliated clubs and their members to get involved and we will tell the world! We’re also looking to feature you and your ride. Do you have a great story about your bike or are you simply in love with him/her? Send us an email with a pic of that special motorcycle in your life and you may find yourself invited to be in the magazine. So whether you want to get your event or news in the magazine or online, email the editor at

Who are the BMF? Almost all of you reading this will be affiliate members of the BMF through your HOC membership and many of you will be full members.

But what is the BMF?

We are the UK’s largest riders’ rights organization, we are a member of many Government advisory groups, we also represented in Europe. We are a wellrespected and powerful lobby group and includes a National Rider Training network. And as you may know, we are also the organisers of Europe’s largest outdoor motorcycle show ‘The BMF Show’. SPRING 2013

So why become a full member?

There are many benefits to becoming a member, but the most important is to be a part of the organisation that is fighting for your rights as a motorcyclist - fighting battles in government, protecting your right to ride! As well as that you get a quarterly 76-page magazine, discounted BMF show tickets in advance and you also get money off many services, tours and holidays! You can join us and read more at:


mpower yourself

Empower yourself o MOT (RTW) will mean: The Euro MOT (RTW) will mean:

osts for riders l Far higher costs for riders OT stations l Far fewer MOT stations ms lfor small businesses Make problems for small businesses thelsquare roottheofsquare sod all And achieve root of sod all

is rules for rules’ sake driven by the commercial interests of a ules’Itfew sake driven by the commercial interests of a big players. MAG has convinced the The British Government s. MAG convinced thetoThe British of all has the above but we need ensure every Government British MEP helps this lunacy so that at least individual nationshelps decide e butsquash we need to ensure every British MEP to adopt the standard. nacywhether so that at least individual nations decide opt the standard.

Below is a suggested letter to your MEPs about the EU plans for a Super MoT. If this is the first time you’ve contacted your MEPs please note that you have more than one because the voting system for European elections is different to what we use in the UK for Westminster parliamentary elections. from different partiesthe are EU meant to represent so please d letter MEPs to your MEPs about plans for a you, Super MoT.consider writing to them all. You can find all the contact details through the link below. Just click on the region of the map relevant to where you live.You can write a letter or send an email me you’ve contacted your MEPs please note that you have more than one because the voting system for European

t to what we use in the UK for Westminster parliamentary elections. ent parties are meant to represent you, so please consider writing to them all. You can find all the contact details through click on the region of the map relevant to where you live.You can write a letter or send an email k/view/en/your_MEPs/List-MEPs-by-region.html

Dear I am writing to raise my deep concern over current proposals that would raise the cost and complexity of the UK’s MoT test. The Commission’s proposals for Road Worthiness Testing (Regulation COM2012/380) will require MoT stations to make considerable investment in training and test equipment to a different, but not better, standard than at present. This and other aspects of the proposal threatens to put smaller local MoT stations out of business and make it harder to find a motorcycle MoT test station in rural areas. The UK’s record on vehicle defects, especially motorcycle defects, is already one of the best anywhere so there is no sense in putting it under needless pressure at a time when many small and medium size businesses are struggling to stay afloat. ise my deep proposals that would raise the cost and complexity of the UK’s MoT The concern Proposal isover for thecurrent harmonisation of roadworthiness testing systems, but this appears to be pursued as an end in itselftest. with little for roadRoad safety advantage for motorcycle users, s proposals Worthiness Testing (Regulation COM2012/380) will require MoT stations to make countries with a similarly very low rate of crashes involving motorcycle defects do not include motorcycles within their stment inSeveral training and test equipment to a different, but not better, standard than at present. This and other testing regimes at all. There is no clear case for the harmonisation of motorcycle RWT in general and no case at all for the UK to to put smaller stations outsafety of business posal threatens adopt the proposed system in local supportMoT of better motorcycle across theand EU. make it harder to find a motorcycle MoT al areas. The Commission relies on a single report by an organisation with considerable financial interest in expanding the RWT industry. Thedefects, report claims that 8% ofmotorcycle motorcycle accidents to component failures which could avoided on vehicle especially defects,areisattributable already one of the best anywhere sobethere is by noperiodic sense in testing. eedless pressure at a time when many small and medium size businesses are struggling to stay afloat. The Council has found that these findings are ambiguous and bear no relation to other EU studies which typically find less than for the harmonisation of roadworthiness systems, butthat thisnoappears pursued anrelation end into itself with 1 per cent of motorcycle crashes are directlytesting caused by a defect and more than to 5%be of crashes haveasany a defect. of Ministers has proposed to exclude motorcycles and reclassify the proposal as a Directive which would give advantageThe forCouncil motorcycle users, member states far more control over the right course of action for their circumstances. s with a similarly low be rate of crashes do not include motorcycles within their For the UK,very this would beneficial in termsinvolving of cost and motorcycle inconvenience defects when no discernible benefits have been identified. all. ThereFour is no clearparliaments case forhave the voted harmonisation of motorcycle RWT general and no case at all for the UK to national against implementing this proposal, the in House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee DfT haveofrejected proposals forsafety motorcycles. Thethe representative body of motorcyclists in the UK, the Motorcycle d systemand inthe support betterthe motorcycle across EU. Action Group, is calling on MEPs to take an interest in this subject and to make it clear to their colleagues on the TRAN committee n relies on a single report by an organisation with considerable financial interest in expanding the RWT industry. that public opinion and the Council of Ministers are against needless change that threatens the interests of riders and business that 8%alike. of motorcycle accidents are attributable to component failures which could be avoided by periodic

Yours Sincerely, found that these findings are ambiguous and bear no relation to other EU studies which typically find less than MAG Activists orcycle crashes are directly caused by a defect and that no more than 5% of crashes have any relation to a defect. Ministers has proposed to exclude motorcycles and reclassify the proposal as a Directive which would give more control over the right course of action for their circumstances. would be beneficial in terms of cost and inconvenience when no discernible benefits have been identified. 50 The ROAD arliaments have voted against implementing this proposal, the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee 44 the GOLDEN WING SPRING 2013 rejected proposals for motorcycles. The representative body of motorcyclists in the UK, the Motorcycle

Forty years on

MAG founder member and President Ian Mutch looks at how MAG’s lobbying has matured and helped shape the world of motorcycling

In the 40 years that MAG has been campaigning on behalf of riders we have seen some dramatic changes both in the methods available to us and the reaction to our campaigns from politicians and the media. In the earliest days MAG was viewed by most as a bunch of helmet-hating rebels who simply did not know what was good for them and clearly wished to commit suicide untidily over the nation’s highways. To the intellectually lazy this infantile perception survives to this day. Fortunately an increasing number of people appreciate that MAG embraces a wide range of issues as the campaigns section of this mag demonstrates. Throughout the course of four decades the motorcycle world has provided no shortage of critics whose ‘helpful’ rhetoric invariably opens with the words ‘what MAG should do . . . Needless to say, the wisdom of these sniping sages seldom advocates supporting the riders movement with a membership. It is interesting to observe however that whatever course MAG is focused on always seems to be the wrong one. In the 1970s MAG’s public face was provided by street demonstrations resting on the optimism that if enough people shouted loudly enough then politicians would have to take notice and laws would in consequence be changed. In those days our critics were forever telling us that we had to get inside the system and talk to the people in power. That much was true and it was always our endeavour to achieve the status that enabled that involvement. Today we have got inside the system. We haven’t abandoned street demonstrations but the bulk of our effort, certainly the majority of our money, is spent ensuring that we field well informed articulate people in the right places at the right times. The time actually spent in

meetings is the small tip of an iceberg that involves countless hours of researching issues consulting others and preparing presentations. This means employing professional researchers and lobbyists full time and this represents the single biggest reason for paying your membership subscription.

‘the obvious is seldom obvious at all’ Ironically we now have people telling us to forget the cosy cups of tea with government ministers and civil servants and get out on the streets. There is simply no pleasing some people. This kind of disparaging language however can give a very false impression of reality. If during the consumption of a ‘cosy cup of tea,’ a civil servant can, for example, be persuaded that requiring bikers to wear hi-viz vests is a crackpot idea, then it’s even worth paying for the tea. One thing MAG discovered years ago is that it is worth cultivating relationships with civil servants as they outlive government ministers and governments by a huge margin. Ministers are not chosen for their detailed knowledge of the subjects their ministries deal with. The current chancellor of the exchequer for example doesn’t even have a degree in economics. These are political appointments that call for the promotion of a general government philosophy and an ability to listen to advice and make a balanced judgement. These days MAG is involved in all the kinds of committees and meetings that ministers rely on to inform them on matters of relevance to us. Perhaps the general area of greatest achievement for MAG

has been in cultivating the ascendency of counter intuitive thinking. For example: l More powerful bikes must be far more dangerous than less powerful ones. Must they? l A rider using headlights in daytime while wearing a hi-viz vest is more likely to be seen and therefore less likely to be involved in a ‘SMIDSY.’ Is that really so? l A rider with ABS is less likely to skid and therefore less likely to have an accident than a rider without ABS. Are you sure? l When helmet compulsion was introduced all the people who didn’t wear them had to and less riders died. Are you quite sure about that? l A bike with rubbish brakes dim lights and dreadful handling is a death trap and those who ride bikes like this are far more likely to crash. Where is your evidence? The interesting thing about the whole road safety debate is that the obvious is seldom obvious at all. Furthermore rider’s capacity to compensate for shortcomings in equipment or circumstance or their own abilities can lead to surprising conclusions. Blessedly these days, in the wake of knee-jerk laws controlling gun ownership or ‘dangerous’ dogs, we find ourselves in a counter knee jerk world. This is a better place to be as it favours rational debate and caution in favour of hysterical reactionary behaviour. It also favours a deeper exploration of issues and a greater degree of consultation. None of this means that the ‘should be a law’ tribes of emotional crusaders are driven out of the field of play. They are still there with their shrill voices

and groundless demands but increasingly they are smiled at and politely and ignored. Not always however which is why it remains vital for MAG to increase its efforts and leave no idiot wind blowing in the ears of decision makers without our balancing breeze of sanity. In the UK today we can still customise motorcycles; we can enjoy engines of enormous power and we don’t have to pay road tax on dormant bikes resting in our garages. We can still ride the bikes we want to ride without consulting a check list of body armour and hi-viz elements before we roll out of our homes. There remain sceptics who will contrive any argument that the English alphabet can enable. They will look at the world of motorcycling today and argue that most of what MAG warned could happen has not and therefore never would have. They will keep their wallets buttoned and sneer at the ‘howling Cassandra’s’ of MAG. They will not consider for one moment that there is the slightest connection between MAG’s herculean efforts against prejudice, ignorance and hostility. They remain part of the 99% of riders who float serenely through life unaware or contemptuous of MAG’s efforts on their behalf. We may never reach most of these people but they will still profit from our success, more’s the pity. So has it all been worth it so far? I think so. When the sun’s out and it’s warm I’d still like to ride down the roads I pay for with the wind racing over my hair; OK over my head? Some things just take a little longer. The ROAD 51



modern retro by

Chris Ward

My latest test ride featured the Honda CB1100 which has been slotted in Honda’s Naked segment and is heavily retro styled.

It is reminiscent of the CB1000 Big One sold in the 1990s, however the CB1100 is fitted with a beautiful looking air cooled DOHC 1140cc engine which would not have been out of place in a 1980s Honda. Although the bike takes it’s styling from the past it features all the latest technology fitted to other large capacity Honda machines including, PGM-FI, C-ABS and HISS.

The CB1100 I tested

Upon starting the CB1100 the first thing you notice is just how quiet the air cooled engine is. The engine has an oil capacity of 4.9l and is fitted with a very large oil cooler on the frame downtubes to help keep temperatures under control. Being air cooled a temperature gauge is not fitted. Maximum power (66kW/90PS) is produced at a very modest 7500RPM but this engine is all about torque with 93Nm available at 5000RPM. The engine though is very smooth and no vibrations were detected through the footrests. The five speed gearbox is very smooth and every time you change up power is instantly available to surge you forwards. On paper the CB1100 looks to be quite heavy at 248Kg kerb weight and it is a little difficult to push around, however once under power the bike is very easy to control. The high, wide bars, comfortable seat, with a 46 GOLDEN WING

The Air Cooled Engine and Oil Cooler

height of only of only 795mm make for a very relaxed riding position. At 70MPH though there is quite a bit of windblast which could become tiring after a while. This bike is not about motorways and dual carriageways though and once onto minor roads the grin widened. The 41mm front forks and twin rear shocks provided good road holding and efficient damping and the tyres, although narrow by modern standards, had plenty of grip. The CB1100 felt sure footed and fluent through bends, changing direction with ease. The C-ABS brakes provided plenty of feel and excellent drama free stopping power as you would expect from Honda.

Twin Front Discs and C-ABS Braking System

The CB1100 is also fitted with a box section swing arm and a centre stand, which should help make maintenance tasks easy. The stand was easy to operate in spite of the bikes kerb weight. SPRING 2013

The engine’s a real gem with turbine-like smoothness

The Instrument Panel Centre Stand and Box Section Swing Arm

The rear end is heavily retro styled and features a chromed mudguard and a rear lamp styled on those used on early Hondas. Round indicators are also fitted which add to the 70s look. The silver painted cast alloy 18� wheels have been designed to resemble the comstar wheels fitted to Hondas in the 70s and 80s and an all stainless steel 4-2-1 exhaust system is fitted to complete the picture.

At the front end, a large chrome rimmed headlamp is flanked by round chromed indicators, with two horns mounted below for that period look.

The Front End

The Retro Styled Rear End

The speedometer and tachometer are large analogue instruments and easy to read on the move. An LCD bar type fuel gauge is fitted centrally to keep an eye on the contents of the 14.6 litre tank. Other warning lamps are also fitted between the clocks which could do with being a bit bigger as they were a little difficult to see in the bright sunlight on the day of the test.

The CB1100 will make many friends, it is easy to ride and the engine is a real gem, with its turbine-like smoothness and slick gearbox. The bikes traditional look will also appeal to many riders and the colours chosen by Honda reflect this. For 2013 the CB1100 is available in black, red or white, with the latter two colours having silver side panels.

Thanks to Richard at Tippets Honda, Surbiton, for the loan of the test bike SPRING 2013




The men behind the Honda CB1100 by Tom Higham, I caught up with ‘In-Line 4 Series Large Project Leader’ Hirofumi Fukunaga and Testing Project Leader Shunji Yokokawa at the CB1100 launch in Valencia. Luckily Honda Europe PR Manager Paul Nowers was on hand to translate…

Yokokawa: My first Honda bike was a CB900. The reason I had the 900 when I was 18-19 was after seeing Freddie Spencer wheeling his way down the corkscrew and Laguna. So if it were up to me I would want to recreate the Cb900

Why did we have to wait 3 years for the CB1100 to arrive in Europe? Fukunaga: Japan and Australia were the first countries it went on sale in and now it’s going to be Europe and the USA. This bike was of a level of importance that we thought for Europe… It was almost like there was a queuing system and there were other bikes that we thought were of higher importance to get out on sale in Europe before this one. In terms of specification from the start the development process it was always intended for it to be available in Europe so in terms of the spec it was ready to go. Nowers: So for us it was kind of a commercial decision for us not to take it to a few years ago… But with continuing demand from dealers, customers and popularity in the press we reviewed it and now’s the time it’s come out, not just in Europe but America at the same time as well.

Honda President Takanobu Ito uses a CB1100 to commute. What about yourselves? Fukanaga: I don’t own one but I do sometimes borrow one from the company Yokokawa: The Honda factory where I am is down in the South by the mountains and at the moment it’s too cold to ride as the roads are frozen. So Spring. When spring comes I may get to get back on the CB1100.

What was the reasoning behind the 1100cc engine and not a revamped 750? Fukunaga: We had a 750 on sale until about 2008. So we could have continued with something which had been around until fairly recently. The new capacity gets out the aesthetics and the beauty of an air-cooled engine. The 1100 capacity has a presence, which we thought would be accepted by more people. That is the strategy. A revamped 750 is not something we have on the drawing board. If you could personally create another modern retro bike from Honda’s line up what would you choose? Fukunaga: My first Honda bike was the 554. A lot of the advertising around that bike had some really fun themes and so personally I’d like to come up with something similar.


Ah yes, spring. I think we’re all looking forward to spring. Many thanks...


Discount for Members (Quote HOC1)

From £2295

9 JUNE 2013

USA BEST OF THE WEST Motorcycle Included


Call or Check our Website for Details



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


s usual things have been a bit quiet on the branch front over the winter months, though attendances have remained constant on our weekly meeting nights. Must be the complimentary sausages and chips that the pub does for us! Our committee met at the beginning of February to put together this year’s list of runs and events, all of which are published in the diary of Golden Wing and on the website. We seem to have filled up most of the year without too much effort! In addition to our own runs, we have tried to incorporate more National events, together with joint events with other branches for the sake of variety. On the subject of variety about 20 of us had our Christmas dinner in February at a Thai restaurant! We enjoyed excellent fare in good company with no crackers or party hats hurt in the eating of this meal. Our rally is booked for the 2nd bank holiday weekend in May. Details are on the booking form opposite or you can contact us at Several of our members have also booked caravans for the National Rally in South Wales in September but whilst we are all looking forward to it, we hope it doesn’t come too quickly! If you live in Herts, Beds or Bucks we are probably your nearest branch, so why not pop in and see us one Wednesday evening or latch on to one of the runs? We’d love to see you. All the best


• • • 50 GOLDEN WING



14th Clappers Rally Friday 24th – Monday 27th May 2013 @

'The Cross Keys' Pulloxhill Bedfordshire

Toilets/shower/marquee/pub grub/cooked breakfasts/ barbeque/superb camping field/ride-outs BOOKING FORM

Name (s) Address Postcode No. in Party Vehicle Registration No. H.O.C. Membership Number

Contact No. (4 max per booking) (Bike/Car /Camper etc....) (Branch)

Nights Req'd (£11 per pitch per night) FRI SAT SUN (please circle) = Breakfasts required (£6 per breakfast per person): Saturday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Sunday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Monday Morning ..................................................... 1 2 3 4 = Buffet Salad Required @ £2.50(for Sat night BBQ) 1 2 3 4 = Total


Please return booking form with payment & stamped addressed envelope to: Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road Flitwick Beds MK45 1RB Cheques payable to HOC Bedfordshire Branch, detailed map will be returned on receipt of booking. SPRING 2013



Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417 After not having anything at all to report in the last two magazines, I’m sorry to say there’s once again not a lot to say this time, apart from our Christmas meal together. Here’s the report kindly written up by Sash: We have had our Xmas meal, and thanks to JJ all was organised well. The venue that was chosen this time was a cafe by the name of ‘Folly Farm’ near the junction of the A46 and A420 at Cold Ashton near Bath. An unusual choice because the cafe is situated on the Cotswold Way, and more often frequented by walkers rather than bikers. As it turned out it was most probably the best Xmas meal and venue that we have had as we had all the cafe and all the service to ourselves, our hosts were excellent and the food was brilliant, hot, home cooked, and plenty of it. Twelve of us attended (should have been thirteen but Ashley had to finish his Police training that night), and it was good to meet up after what has been quite a difficult year for some of us. We have had to cope with long term effects of illness, injury and accidents that have left our monthly meets and ride outs seriously depleted, and the 2012 weather hasn’t helped either. After meeting at 1930hrs we took up our table places for 2000hrs with Pete, our illustrious leader at the head of the table, our newest members Stuart and Lesley to his right, but not really sure what they had let themselves in for, and the rest of us underlings taking our places at the huge table. Well, the night may have started on a polite and subdued note, but it slowly and surely deteriorated into madness with party poppers firstly being popped, then flicked, then thrown. As you can see from the photos the night was a success, enjoyed by all, and our hosts were happy to

accommodate our silliness. A good night all round, with thoughts and plans for next year already in mind, let’s hope the HOC Bristol Branch has a better 2013 than we had last year. Happy New Year, Sash. I’ve added some dates to the diary, all of them are to bike shows, race meetings or other bike events, so if any of you want to tag along with us as a part of a group, please get in touch. As usual, over the last few months we’ve had prospective, new and long-term members show their faces at meeting evenings from time to time, but none seem to return. Maybe it’s because we’re not active enough for them, so perhaps those of you that are local members will join in with us on something this year and change the situation? Well, as 2012 turned out to be such a washout, let’s hope we get a drier (and warmer) 2013, so it’s more pleasurable and we can then get out on the bike more. I don’t mind a little bit of rain occasionally as long as it’s not all day, but it was getting ridiculous. Last year saw so many events of all kinds cancelled or spoiled because of it, I do hope this year’s not the same! All the best,


• • • 52 GOLDEN WING


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


ell here we are eagerly awaiting the start of another biking season – lets hope the weather treats us a bit better than last year! So what have we been up to? well the end of the year was a bit dismal so no biking but we have still met up for social banter and talk of our hopes for 2013. Some of us attended the HOC National Christmas Dinner arranged by Jenny Clarke – what can we say? Jenny it was fabulous and we thank you very much for all your hard work in making it the success it was. The hotel was great, food excellent, music good and the company? well it’s HOC so enough said! It was great to see so many of our friends from other branches and catch up for a chat and laugh. Cambs changed into Onesies and PJ’s for disco, we like to be confortable and we think it gave everyone a laugh too! Our own Christmas dinner was held in January this year. The venue we had been using seemed a bit tired and we fancied a change so thanks to Nina Burgess we found ourselves at The Bell, Stilton. It was fantastic. A lovely change full of good food and a chance to chat easily. Again some of us changed into Onesies and PJ’s – it’s a Cambs trait these days. 8 of us stayed overnight and have to say the accommodation and staff were lovely – again thank you to Nina and Roger Burgess for the organising. We have held our diary date meeting and full details are now available – just need the weather to treat us kindly! We also have a quiz and food night coming up in March and have invited Northants and Norfolk along for the fun.

Jim Turnbull, Paul and myself took the bikes out on the 17th February as the weather was bright and dry, if a little cold. We only nipped to Finchingfield for lunch and only stayed out a few hours but it was lovely to be out and we took it steady to enjoy it. Well that’s it for this issue – next time we should be nearing our holiday to the ultimate biking destination – yes the Isle of Man TT races! Quite a few of our friends from other clubs are going so it will be good to meet up so see you there! Stay safe

love Kim xx

Cambs enjoying the fun in their Onesies

• • • SPRING 2013



Contact: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540


e started this years activities manning a stand with the Manchester branch at the Manchester Motorcycle Show at Manchester Central (GMEX). We got three new members and one renewal. Not many for a full weekend, but at £15 entry fee, there weren’t many there. Our first ride of the year was postponed for a week because of bad weather. I did the ride on a borrowed VFR 800 VTEC on damp slippery roads. When we got to our destination I was told by Alan that I rode like a girl. He was probably right, but I’m not risking dropping a two year old bike that a very kind friend has trusted me with. Thanks to Richard for putting your trust in me. Some of our members joined Arriving at Ravens Café near Whitchurch Manchester on a ride that was supposed to go to Glasson Dock. Again, the weather spoiled the journey. They got as far as Clitheroe where six of the nine riders left to go home, leaving the Chester members to carry on in the rain. After gallivanting round Lancashire, they stopped at my house in Wigan for a cuppa and some cake before heading home in more rain. The next ride was the Manchester Pancake Run. This is run every year led by Alan who takes us for a nice ride, then back to his house in Rochdale where Norma makes pancakes for twenty odd people. It is probably one of the most popular rides of the year. I still had the borrowed Viffer, but the roads were much drier now and I could experience the superb handling of this great sports tourer. Our next trip was supposed to be Phil gets the first pancake the Wirral Egg run. But I’ve been told that it has been cancelled this year. So we will probably join Manchester again, who are on a ride to a falconry centre in the Lake District. I should have my own bike back for that ride.

Gary • • • 54 GOLDEN WING


Clever - clogs.



Chances are, you know a lot more about sports bikes than the creative bods at our advertising agency. You probably have better dress sense too. So you wont find any clever marketing spiel in this ad, just a picture of a Fireblade and a great offer. Honest and straight to the point, that’s The Honda Way.

CBR Fireblade 3 years 0% APR representative £197 a month

To find your local Honda Dealer, call 0845 200 8000 or simply visit Model shown: CBR1000RR 12YM in Pearl Sunbeam White (Tricolour) at £11,300 OTR. Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to CBR1000RR/C-ABS 12YM ordered new from 02 April and registered on or before 30 June 2013. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. £197 a month based on CBR1000RR 12YM at £11,300 total cash price (and total amount payable) with 36 months’ 0% APR (interest rate per annum 0% fixed) with £4,208 (37%) customer deposit required. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY. Promoter: Honda (UK) Motorcycles, 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.



East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Christmas Party 15th December 2012

All assembled for the Abba Tribute and ready for dinner, unfortunately the tribute didn’t start until about 9:30pm (which was two hours after we had sat down, so as you can see we provided our own entertainment at the table).

We were expecting something pretty spectacular after it had taken them all that time to get set up and prepared for the act. Wrong, there was something missing when they finally appeared on stage or should I say someone (or two). Only the female half of Abba made an appearance.

Very Artistic

Half an Abba Tribute, wouldn’t like to meet the one on the right up a dark alley

The first half of the act was average, probably due to the absence of the male side of the act. Part two and any resemblance to an Abba tribute disappeared and they just became a cover band, this they achieved far better than the Abba tribute. Alas not the best Christmas Party Act ever, but a good night was had by all, thanks to the company. But Phil had to go one better

• • • 56 GOLDEN WING


Lunch was up to their usual standards, although no-one tackled the Desperate Dan Pie this year we did have someone tackling the Mick’s Grill (served on a shovel).

Great company at the Christmas party

Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory 27th January 2013

Despite the weather from the previous week, the Sunday lunch at Mad O’Rourkes went ahead after the snow and ice had melted away. There were 16 of us, well 17 for just a little while when Jennie dropped in to see us on her way back from Aberystwyth.

Micks Grill - Navvy’s delight - Shovelled to your table

It was a great get together and a chance to catch up with people that we hadn’t seen for a while.

Friends, Old and New


Back to basics, just like the old school days, but with better food

• • • SPRING 2013





Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


e kicked off biking for 2013 by visiting the Newark Classic Bike Show on 6th January. This was the second year this event had been held. Judging by the overall attendance this show is going to be a permanent fixture on the calendar.

Mick, Lorrie & Martin take a break at the Newark Bike Show This 1968 Honda CB450 won 3rd place at the Daytona bike show in Florida

If you are thinking of going touring on the continent this year it’s worth considering taking part in the F.I.M. touring events. The FIM Rally will be at Epernay in France 18th to 20th July. The FIM Motocamp will be held at Bredebro in Denmark 21st to 24th August. New for 2013 is the FIM Mototour, travelling from Udine to Trieste in Italy 5th to 8th September.

More information can be found at

1966 Honda CA78 won the best restored prize at the Newark Bike Show

Remember, the Eastern Branch meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at the Black Bull in Brigg. This is when we decide on what we are going to do. I hope more Eastern branch members will make it to the meetings in 2013 and take part. The Eastern Branch covers a large area and if there are members out there who can’t attend meetings and want to be involved, email me via the Eastern website.


• • • SPRING 2013




Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


ust a quick note to address any horrors that the readership might have, that Gloucestershire HOC are turning into a Harley Owners Club. We hope you like the new Branch emblem. Gloucestershire has a long association with the Gloucester Old Spot (that is breed of pig as well as a locally brewed ale). He has now joined the Branch and all we have to do is get him onto a Honda! Thanks to Jordan and Tom Reeve for their efforts in the design. All’s going well in the Branch and many are pulling together and enjoying the new format. Let us know if any of you are visiting the Cotswolds. The end of December saw two of our group brave the elements and head for Fowlers, Bristol, for some retail therapy and lunch, and I thought it was only us girls that needed retail therapy.

A wet day for going shopping!

I am told that, if they stood still long enough, puddles formed around them!! Our meeting in January saw our guest speaker Mark Godsland, Crime Prevention Advisor for Gloucestershire Constabulary, talk to us about Bikesafe and Security. Bikesafe is a national police led initiative, that seeks to engage riders of powered two wheelers in a conflict free environment.

On the crime prevention subject it was shocking to hear the amount of motorcycles stolen in the UK on a daily basis. Tracking systems were also covered in this talk. The groups next ride out was to Tintern Abbey, and saw nine bikes and ten people venture out. At least this time it was dry- if not a little cold.

Obligatory coffee stop, what a lovely day!

The view from the coffee shop

Our meeting in February, saw our guest speaker Anne Cole, from the Ride of Respect organising committee, talk to us about this years ride. The progress with all people involved. The reason behind choosing the Royal British Legion, to take over the mantle of organiser, for the charity.


• • • SPRING 2013



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


e continue to meet at our two venues each month, usually seeing the same faces so it’s lucky we all get on so well together. We have not done a lot since my last report, we visited the NEC and held our Christmas dinner at The Tudor Rose and attended Fairlawn Children’s Home for our annual Xmas Toy Run. Christmas through to end January was quiet with the exception of our two meets and then we joined NLHOC and the Essex Wings for Ten-Pin Bowling at Colliers Row near Romford. Very enjoyable and looking forward to the next challenge. We have prepared a provisional diary for 2013 and are planning Greyhound Racing and Ten-pin Bowling social events. We are planning a long weekend away but have not yet decided whether it’s UK or abroad. We will do a Le Touquet and beyond trip, other than that there should be numerous local rides and visits of various distances assuming we can still all afford the petrol! And, my god, it’s starting to hurt, maybe I’ll need to get a job, especially as the wife is now about to become out of work as well.

A dozen of us attended the MCN show at ExCel but we all went by shared cars, wimps the lot of us! Our first official ride will be our annual Easter Egg run back to Fairlawn Children’s Home, unfortunately this clashes with the Epson to Brighton ride which I enjoy, but the children come first. I heard the other day Carole Nash is organising a bike show at Detling at the end September. We used to have a BMF event in May at Detling but the attendances were poor the last couple of times that I went and then it got dropped from the BMF calendar. Hopefully we will be able to have a stand there. More to follow. There is a motor show at Faversham in August and we will probably have a small stand there. Again, more to follow. I know it’s not been too exciting down here just recently but time is moving on and spring / summer will again shortly be with us all to go out and enjoy our potholed roads again.


Some of the gang at ExCel

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


h, how the time has flown since our last report to the great unwashed (yes, that means all the lovely bikers out there). Manchester have been busy busy, planning the 2013 rides organising social events, going on rides, getting snowed in and just generally having fun. But enough of that – on with the report. We start with the Christmas Party. Yes, I know it’s now spring, but it was still memorable and we all had a great time. We tried a new venue and it proved to be very popular. The sweet trolley in particular was much admired.

sweet trolley

Prizes were awarded for many things and the Sore-Ass award (like the Saddle Sore, but better attended] was won by Mark Bardsley. And so we come to 2013. As seems to be the case, the weather was not conducive to motorcycle riding but we are hardy fools and decided that we would go out anyway. First ride of the year was to Jodrell Bank. We set off with Phil’s detailed instructions (as dictated by Gary) taped to his tank bag as follows: • Down to A49 • Onto the A51 • Turn left at Middlewich • Through Holmes Chapel and pick up signs for Jodrell Bank.

All was going well as we sped down the A49 (a wonderful road) and onto the A51. I began to detect signs of panic in his voice (we have radios so we can speak to each other) as we headed down the country roads - “Where’s the signs to Middlewich?” Oops we might be a bit lost if we are not careful. So, both Malcolm and I programmed our sat-navs to show the way and radioed instructions to Phil as we were heading down the road - talk about leading from the back….. We eventually arrived at Jodrell Bank where we all stopped for tea and some refreshments Then on to our next destination. “Let’s go to the Cat & Fiddle” says Phil. We agreed and set off. It was a real shame that Phil turned right instead of left at the first junction - which meant we were going South instead of North. But we soon regrouped and decided that the J&S cafe in Northwich was just as good a destination and headed there instead. Which was good because Phil found us some cracking roads and we had a really good time getting there. And so to the next ride - Glasson Dock. We had already postponed this once, so there was no way we were going to NOT go – but the weather was approaching horrendous. As it turned out, a foolhardy 8 bikers braved the frost and ice and made it to our meeting point. For those fortunate to make it, Starbucks provided a welcome cuppa (or, for Malcolm, the cheaper coffee at Subway). Norma’s 4 shot decaf soya latte got some comments as did the size of Phils cappuccino. Paul managed to blag a free one which was nice. Anyway, we hung around as long as we could so we could work out if the snow was going to get better or worse.

• • • SPRING 2013


Waiting for the snow to stop

But 11am came and went and eventually we had to venture out - 8 bikes but no pillions. By this time, Glasson Dock was well off the menu (or so we thought) - there was no way we were going to be out too late. “No problems” cried out leader, Phil - “We’ll head for Rivvy Barn via the A59”. So, off we toddled, up the motorway, across to the A65 where we came to a useful “Road Closed” sign. Which didn’t help. So we followed the diversion signs until we got to the A59. By this time it was actually snowing (rather than rain and a bit of sleet), so Phil led us nicely to a nearby McDonalds where we wandered in and hung the wet coats up to dry. More food and drink was consumed while we considered what to do next.

The 5 of us then headed home through the snow (as in “My visor is covered in snow help”) and left the others to it. Meanwhile the other three fools diehards carried on. I got a text saying they were off to Glasson Dock and another later saying they were home, cold and wet. The last ride before this report is published was the famous Manhoc Pancake Run. For those new to HOC, we go for a short (75100 miles) run and then all go back to the Chairmans house where Norma cooks pancakes and we also consume a rather large bowl of chilli. This year we had 25 bikes and 4 pillions starting out. Why? Well, apart from the notoriety of the run, it was the best day of the year so far. Warm (ish) weather and so much sun I had to wear my dark visor.

At the start of the run

We made it to McDonald’s

The sensible ones decided it was time to go home - but 3 brave souls decided that Devils Bridge would be a good place to head for.

The ride was lovely over the tops to Saddleworth Moor - just a couple of places where the roads were somewhat slippery (whoops, there goes the front AGAIN!!). But we all coped and enjoyed the lovely scenery (snow on the hills, salt on the roads) while basking in almost double figure temperatures. We arrived at Colne at around 1pm to be told to park in the coach park as the car park was a bit full. Yes, it was the last day of the sales at Boundary Mills. Oops - what a shame.

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING


Crammed into the coach park

Tea and cakes were soon consumed and we blasted off for the last part of the journey back to our house. This time, John led us and we had a mad dash over the back roads, which was fun. No one got lost and we arrived back in plenty of time.

Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts

So, enjoy the rest of the year - I know we will!

Alan The invasion of highcroft way

Once disrobed, everyone tucked into chilli, pancakes, tea and coffee and much merriment was enjoyed by all.

• • • SPRING 2013



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


iven the winter we have just had it has been a quiet time for the Branch.... especially after last year’s weather. We worked out that we had just 2 Branch nights where everyone turned up on bikes last year and we cancelled nearly all our planned events due to it bucketing down. We continue to have excellent attendance at our Branch meetings - 20 to 25 members being the norm. Christmas was also a hugely busy time for most members so this year we didn’t book a Branch Party - it was also VERY cold and wet in Norfolk in December! A number of us did attend the Quidenham Children’s Hospice Carol Service in East Harling - always an awesome, emotive service that shows just how resilient children and families are in the hardest of circumstances. This year the singing from the local school choirs was even more beautiful than usual and

Roy and Lesley had clearly been practicing their soprano pieces - awesome guys!! We have lost a couple of members this year but then gained a couple so that feels great and the Branch is are getting invites to many events in our region this year so that’s really good too - we are certainly noticed in the best possible way!! We have adjusted what we do in the Branch to avoid getting stale - this year we have a regular brekkie meet with ride out on the first Sunday of every month and the third Sunday is Ride-out Sunday. If you look at our Branch web pages you will see what a busy year we have planned with more events going on every month... so we just need good weather and it will be perfect. The photo shows several of our Branch enjoying the lovely breakfasts at Yaxham Waters - a well-tested and approved eating place for a Sunday!!!!


• • • 66 GOLDEN WING


We have also decided after 5 years of supporting our local Children’s Hospice to change the charity - we will be voting on that at the next Branch meeting this month but are looking for a smaller one where our contribution will make a HUGE difference.. Our links with our local Honda dealer - Lings at Harleston - continue to be strong - we have a Branch test the bikes afternoon booked for 18th May followed by a chip run with the Lings staff so that will be a great fun event. We will also be attending their Honda Launch night on 19th April to see the new models. They all looked stunning at the NEC last November so it will be interesting to see how the ride - they got a good write-up in MCN so they must be VERY good. As we are such a diverse group we are not having a Branch holiday this year - but a group of 10 of us are off to Germany and we are encouraging members who want a break to see who else would like to come along with them on an informal basis.

4 members are going to the Rally in Wales - can’t wait to get down there and see the sights... and 2 members are off to stay with Karen and John from the Manx Branch for the TT racing, Cambridge Branch will be there too so more excuses for socials. We are also entering a team for the Cambridge Branch quiz this month - swotting hard already so hopefully we won’t say “PASS” too many times lol. Rob, Roy and Lesley were thrilled to receive their Chairman’s Awards after the HOC AGM - and totally surprised too in a really good way. It is always really nice to say “Thanks” like this. Anyway here’s to a GREAT 2013 with tons of riding, food, fun and friends - not necessarily in that order!!!! Ride safe and see you at a HOC event somewhere hopefully,

Dave and Sue

D. Owen Installations Installers of replacement UPVC Windows, Doors, Porches, Conservatories plus Fascia, Soffit, Cladding, Guttering and Tiled Canopy Roofs. • We are based in Wolverhampton • Work is undertaken within a 100 mile radius • All work is guaranteed • We have been trading since 1989

• We are HOC members and offer 15% discount to fellow members

54 Rookery Road Lanesfield Wolverhampton West Midlands WV4 6NP

For a free no obligation quote please contact Dave Owen tel: 01902 SPRING 2013

662763 Mobile: 07973 204275 GOLDEN WING 67

North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


he HOC Christmas Dinner and Dance took place at the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel in Northampton on the 30th of November. It was a really well organised event and was so good to see so many of the HOC family there enjoying the weekend. Branch members Graham and Lorraine joined Marion and I at a great party.

Even ‘the management’ enjoyed themselves!

Graham and Lorraine at Sedgebrook

A week later we were at it again, this time at the West London Christmas Party in Shepperton. Matt, Heidi and Julian joined Marion and I for another great evening with our friends from West London. A very nice dinner was followed by dancing and drinking till late with a good time had by all.

Clare and Heidi Partying

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

Matt, Keith and Julian at Newlands Corner

had to be cancelled. However we hope to re-schedule this popular run later in the year. On Sunday 17th February we visited the Bristol Classic Bike Show at Shepton Mallet. Dorset Branch members provided display bikes and stand personnel at the HOC gazebo. The show seemed quite busy with many traders and exhibitors both indoors and outside. Bargains were to be had as well so this show will probably be a regular visit in the future.

Rob, Jude and Jon from West London

Our annual run to The Barley Mow at West Horsley for the classic car and bike gathering took place on New Year’s Day. The weather was superb and we had 15 bikes from North Downs and West London, including two new members turn up for the ride. We first headed for Newlands Corner where we had a short comfort break before continuing the run to West Horsley. The fine weather had brought out lots of cars but sadly not too many bikes. I rode my 1972 CB350F with its recently fitted four silencer exhaust system which attracted a fair bit of attention.

HOC stand at the Bristol Classic Bike Show

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.

Chris The new exhausts fitted to my CB350F

Unfortunately, due to the extreme weather conditions, our ride to Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, planned for 20th January,

• • • SPRING 2013


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908

Duxford – Rememberance Sunday

3rd Quiz night of the year

11th November 2012

15th November 2012

There were several members rode to Duxford for Remembrance Sunday. We took the quick route up the M11 as it had been arranged for as many HOC’s to attend for a group photo. This photo has already appeared in the last copy of the Golden Wing. Well done to everyone who attended. It’s always quite moving at these events, especially during the 2 minute silence. We had a look around the airfield and the hangers before we set off for the Service being held within the main hanger by the entrance. The hanger was packed with people of all ages. It was nice to see the local cadets taking part in the service. After the Service we went off and had a spot of lunch. Very nice it was as well. We had another look around before we set off for home. It was a great day. The weather was perfect and it was nice to meet up with people from other HOC’s.

Tonight we held our 3rd Quiz Night of the year. It was well attended and the members formed into 3 teams. There was a varied assortment of questions, which I think taxed the brain cells a little. Needless to say everyone had fun during the evening. We also held a raffle and raised some more money for the Essex Air Ambulance. Next year I shall be getting other members of the club involved more, by being the quizmaster. I can then sit back and enjoy my drink. Well done everyone for taking part.

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

Ride out to the Silver Ball Café & Saffron Walden

New Year Bash at the dogs 4th January 2013

18th November 2012

8 of us took ourselves off to the Silver ball café for morning coffee. The ride up the A10 went without event and the weather stayed dry for us. After coffee we set off to Saffron Walden for lunch. Grant caught up with us there, as we were getting ready to leave. He ate his lunch quickly and to give him a chance we got ready slowly. We then took a nice country route home. All in all it was a good day with good company.

23 of us went to the dogs tonight, not literally. We again went to the Romford Dogs to hold our New Year Bash. We all met up and had a drink at the bar before taking our seats for the 3 course dinner and a nights entertainment losing our money. Some actually won and so it wasn’t a complete lose for them. Really, it was a great night. We had a great time chatting the night away whilst having a lovely meal and betting on the dogs. I again did my usual and lost more than I won. It was worth it though. Well done to everyone that came along and made it a great night.

1st ride out to Burnham on Crouch

• • • SPRING 2013


1st ride out to Burnham On Crouch

Ten Pin Bowling Night

6th January 2013

2nd February 2013 I had arranged a small bowling competition for the night and had Kent HOC and the Essex Wings come along for some fun bowling. We had 36 people turn up. Each person played 2 games and we took the total score over the 2 games. This gave us the names of those that came in 3rd, 2nd and 1st places. During the games we had to contend with a DJ that seemed to like to wreck the eardrums of everyone in the building. I’m not saying that’s why I didn’t come in any of the first 3 places, but. We also sold some raffle tickets during the games. We all had fun during the bowling and then adjourned to the fast food area to draw the raffle and give out the results and prizes to the first 3 places. There were 8 raffle prizes and they were won by people from all the 3 clubs there. So nothing fixed there, phew. Then we came to the results of the bowling and the giving of the prizes.

12 of us had our first ride out of the year to Burnham On Crouch. The weather stayed dry for us today. We took a nice route to Burnham making good progress along the roads. We parked up at the Cabin Dairy, but as normal now we couldn’t get in there as it was packed. Seems everyone wants to get out on the first Sunday of the New Year. We therefore walked along the river front to the Quayside Café and had a lovely lunch in there. The staff in there are really nice and helpful. We had a walk back to the bikes and took a nice ride home via the Burnham Bends. I have started to use my bike cam more now and you will see some footage of this ride out on our website. There are also a couple of other films on there from previous ride outs. Enjoy. Another good day out with great friends and good roads.

The Essex Wings took the first 3 place prizes, well done to them. Each of them received a cup with their position engraved on the cup. I think they were surprised that there were cups to be won. They also received a certificate of their position. (I printed these). It was a great night, I was told by all there that they really enjoyed the evening. We now await for the Kent HOC or the Essex Wings to arrange a re-match at a venue near them.

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

MCN Bike Show at The Excel Centre Sunday 17th February 2013

The day started off really sunny and it seemed a shame to be inside at a bike show. Still, we had paid our money so off to the show we went. Some of our members went to the show on Saturday, with the rest of us going Sunday. We all made our own way own way to the show and agreed to meet up on the Honda stand at 12 noon for a picture shoot. The show was being held in a slightly smaller hall and I think it became apparent why when we saw that there seemed to be a lack of interest on the part of the exhibitors to be there.

I must say I was disappointed by the lack of bikes on the Honda stand. Come on Honda what are you playing at? You can do better than this. We had a walk around and then meet up at the Honda Stand. After looking at what bikes they had there we had a group picture taken. A couple of members were missing from the photo as they turned up late. We set off again to continue walking around the show before stopping for lunch. A further walk around after lunch brought us to the point where you could say “seen it all now”. We then set off for home. As we left the show the weather had changed slightly and some light cloud was now rolling in. I did start to think that the bike ride I was thinking off earlier in the day would have been a much better thing to do today. I’ll have to think long and hard to see if I would like to attend next year’s show. Ride safe everyone.


• • •



Northants & MK

Chairman: Paul Mabbott


e started the New Year with our Chilly Run, 17 bikes and 21 people braved the cold and enjoyed a very pleasant ride out to blow away the cobwebs gained over the festive period. We finished up back at The Manor where 6 more were waiting for us, an enjoyable lunch followed. Just 3 days later we had our branch Christmas Dinner. A superb 3 course meal at Overstone Manor for £12.99.

There was the secret Santa which saw lots of ‘secret’ and very useful gifts given out. Then there was the moment when the 200 year old stained glass window in the roof looked a bit fragile when Dan unleashed his turbo charged party poppers! as tall as Dan and propelled by gas, you could have more than your eye out!

What shall we have Sylv asks Solveig Waiting for Christmas dinner

Christmas Dinner Explosions

A fantastic night was had by all and quite an impressive turnout considering the percentage of active members we have. Mrs Honey Monster sent along cakes by way of an apology as she was unable to make it. Thank you. You don’t need an excuse to send cakes - we meet every Wednesday.

Wednesday 6th February we welcomed Brenda back with her handmade jewellery, as guaranteed to get the partners along when Brenda comes. All of Brenda items are handmade and unique and well worth a look. On Friday 8th February we learnt of the sad passing of our very own Radar, a much loved and valued member of the branch. RIP Bryan (Radar) McKim. Wednesday 13th February was our 1st Quiz and Grub night, this time we were hosts to 22 members from Tudor Rose Goldwings. 46 people enjoyed a meal before their brains had to engage for the quiz. It was a close run thing with “Pickford’s” winning by just 2 points, well done you Smarties. Keith and Tania returned on 20th February, this time it was “Our Boat Merlin”. Yet more interesting tales from this husband and wife team about their 72 foot boat.

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013


Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286


i from the Nottingham Branch Well what can I tell you all since the last edition of Golden Wing magazine.

An amazing time was had by all who helped out at the NEC in December and the Club gained an awesome number of new members. As a newly formed branch I went along as Branch organiser to help out and met some amazing HOC members in the process. It truly is a great club to be a part of and I have made lots of friends along the way.

No conferring boys

Doh, Malcolm got a question wrong

Mark looks like santa

It’s all too much for Peter

December brought us yet more bad weather, so there were not many occasions to go out for ride-outs but we did have a Christmas Quiz with a prize of a selection of vintage beers. The questions were based half on motorbikes and half on a Christmas theme - should you want to have a go and see how you score in our quiz, drop me an email to Nottingham@ and I will gladly send it to you. The Nottingham Branch members certainly taxed their brains with this quiz lol. Well done to Andy Smith - He certainly enjoyed his beer!!! Several social events were planned for January, but due to the onset of snow, the sand bike racing and a bowling night was cancelled, but another bowling night is planned for 14th March so watch out for the pictures on that event in the next edition of the Golden Wing. Who will win the Nottingham HOC Bowling Trophy… you will have to wait and see. Our website has been launched with the help of our webmaster ‘Stritchy’ so I hope that you will drop by and have a browse. Ta ta for now…

Debbie xx and now for the answers

WOW - Andy’s the winner

• • • SPRING 2013





Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


he Oxford Branch concluded 2012 with an excellent evening of food , fun and dancing at the Christmas Dinner and Disco at the Red Lion, Adderbury - in the North of our area to even up the travel for those who had come down to Oxford for so many Christmas do’s. A room to ourselves (wise - they didn’t let us mix with the other guests - our reputation must have travelled before us!), delicious food and then a disco to dance the night away - as the evidence shows! A charity raffle took place to complete Oxford’s fund raising activities for the HOC National Charity NABB with the first prize donated by our members Sue and Jim (AFGK Kitchens) - a beautiful set of knives - just in time for carving the turkey!

Our illustrious ride out leader was presented with a pressie to say thanks for some great adventures during the summer... and I don’t believe a word of what was printed on it!

• • • SPRING 2013


With the Christmas Festivities over we started 2013 with a New Year’s day meet at our Rally venue, The Ferryman at Bablock Hythe. A warm welcome and scrummy food awaited us after a dry, sunny ride over some rather damp roads! The pub has excellent facilities and plans were made for skittles, entertainment and more fun and games in the summer - see separate ad.

Our next event was a Burn’s Night organized, sponsored and cooked for by our members Clive and Anne. A fantastic entertaining evening with Haggis, Neaps and Tatties in aid of the RBL Riders fund when almost £600 was raised amidst the fun and games. There was Whisky tasting and the ‘Whisky on the Floor’ challenge - who would could role/ shove a 20p donation nearest the bottle the winner was Jim and he then ‘auctioned’ the bottle for the funds... there were also a delicious selection of puddings for those who were not weight watching!

We have already had some interesting club nights at Oxford with Pete Johnson telling us all about the work and fund raising of the Royal British Legion Riders - they do a stirling job! We also enjoyed an evening with Grant from GP Performance Motorbikes who gave us a fascinating insight into the advantages of Dyno testing your bike, how to get the best from suspension adjustment and a myriad of other specialist services for our bikes. A very interesting evening. Oxford have a packed 2013 planned with lots of different activities and events planned with our ride outs officially starting in March, followed by our first Poker Run in aid of our chosen 2013 charity ‘Headway’ (Sunday 14th April), our Test Ride Day at Abingdon Honda (Saturday 13th April), a visit to the Enfield Factory at Moreton in the Marsh in May and a trip to Oliver’s Mount Road Racing to mention just a few! See our web site www. for full info and pictorial evidence of our antics!


• • • 78 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

The TheOxford OxfordRally Rally 19th/20th/21st 19th/20th/21stJuly July2013 2013 The TheFerryman FerrymanInn Inn Bablocke BablockeHythe, Hythe,nr. nr.Witney, Witney,Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire,OX29 OX295AT 5AT

Lots Lotsof ofcamping campingspace spacenext nextto tothe theriver river Thames Thames B&B B&Bfacilities facilitiesatatpub pub

New New site site for for 2013 2013

Beautiful Beautifulride rideout out Entertainment Entertainment Fun Funand andGames Games BOOKING BOOKINGFORM FORM

Name:…………………………………………………………………………… Name:…………………………………………………………………………… Address:………………………………………………………………………… Address:………………………………………………………………………… Membership Membership No:……………………… No:……………………… Contact Contact Tel:………………………… Tel:………………………… FriFri 

£8.00 £8.00 per per tent tent per per night night £12 £12 per per caravan/motorhome caravan/motorhome per per night night £5.50 £5.50 per per person person forfor breakfast breakfast

 FriFri

Sat Sat  Sat Sat 

Sat Sat morn morn  Sun Sun morn morn 

Please send completed form and cheque payable Oxford HOC Please send completed form and cheque payable toto Oxford HOC toto Erica, Foray, Elms Avenue, Thatcham RG19 4JT 1st July latest. Erica, Foray, Elms Avenue, Thatcham RG19 4JT byby 1st July latest. oror tel. 07799492235 Any queries tel. 07799492235 Any queries toto SPRING 2013



THE RABBLE DOES RIBBIT Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th May 2013 Les Ballastieres, St Pol sur Ternoise France

Join us for an extra long weekend to a wonderful 200 year old Farmhouse in Northern France via scenic towns and rural roads, including a day ride out whilst there down into the Somme Region, and a full day for you to do your own thing. “Hayloft” - 14 Bed bikers barn (Indoor Camping) from 15 euros per night/person SPACES “Garden Rooms” - 2 Twin rooms from 53 euros per night/room ALL BOOKED “Ensuite Rooms” - 2 Double rooms from 63 euros per night/room ALL BOOKED “Old Forge” & “Old Stable” from75 euros per night/room JUST 1 ROOM LEFT Eurotunnel from £22 each way Bike For further information and to book your place please email Worzel as soon as possible at




Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782


rborfield Royal British Legion has proven to be a good home for the Rabble. One main benefit to this home has been the fact that we have a burger van in the car park, so now even without a rideout we are able to eat burgers, particularly useful for Gavin and Alan. December as always is a fun time with Reading, and as has become tradition we had a ‘secret santa’ evening. Presents ranging from chocolate to edible underwear were to be had. A good end to the year with lots of reminiscing about the year we have had and anticipation of the year to come.

The rabble out again

The new year saw the Rabble out on the town, a 70s Christmas bash at the Calcot hotel. A carvery and few beers were consumed after many of us travelled through snow to get there, nothing will stop us having a good time!!! As usual it was chance to dress up with many of the Rabble dressed in 70s attire, for a lot of us it was just a chance to wear what was in the wardrobe!!!! The Winter Warmer was our first ride of the year. A good turn out on the chilly day, ably led by Worzel who took us on a tour of 60

miles before we reached the first food at H Café. Then on to the Pendon Model Village to see scenes showing the beauty of the English countryside as it was in the 20s and 30s. This was to be the first entry for the Reading Saddle Sore competition, please see the website for updates through the year. A prize will be there for the person with the most miles on our rideouts by the Christmas meeting.

The brave mystery riders

First ice cream of the year

• • • SPRING 2013


Worzel again stepped up to arrange a mystery rideout. This time sadly only a few hardened riders turned up, although many had spent many an hour trying to sort out the route, translating it from Norfolkese to English, Alan being first to figure out where we were going. The good folk of the Wiltshire branch turned out for coffee with the guys while they tried to thaw out. Having ridden through very cold temperatures and a flurry or two of snow Worzel parking up the Golden Goddess and was last seen in the freezer trying to get warm!!! The Rabble have now chosen our charity for this year , it is Naomi House Childrens Hospice near Winchester. For any of you people out there who may attend our rally this year there will again be a charity auction to raise funds for this charity. Last year’s rally raised hundreds of pounds, and this year hopefully will raise more. If you want more details see our ad in Goldenwing, or contact the club. All will be welcome.

A bike or two at the toy run

Coming up this year again we will be having our thursday trundles out to local clubs. Watch out the Rabble may be visiting a Branch near you!!!!!!


Santa on a gold one

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

4th READING Cock & Bull Rally Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane, Padworth, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 4HY Friday 9th ~ Sunday 11th August 2013


Camping £10.00 per night per pitch, Breakfasts £4 per person For further information and booking form, please email: or telephone: Worzel on 07581 620445 daytime or 01494 258904 evenings

TenTS – caraVanS – moTorhomeS – PeTS all welcome • • • SPRING 2013


readinG honda ownerS club 4th cock & bull rallY fri 9th to Sun 11th august 2013 Padworth Village hall, Padworth lane, Padworth, reading, berkshire, rG7 4hY bookinG form NAME ADDRESS





No. of nights @ £10.00 per pitch (Fri & Sat)



No. of Breakfasts on Saturday @ £4.00 per person No. of Breakfasts on Sunday @ £4.00 per person TOTAL OF CHEQUE RETURN BOOKING FORM TO: READING HOC RALLY, READING HOC TREASURER 27 CROWN COURT, HIGH STREET, WEST WYCOMBE, HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS, HP14 3AB CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: HOC READING BRANCH Please write your name, address & HOC membership number on the back of your cheque

Please note: Booking will be taken on a First Come, First Served basis. all sizes of Tents, caravans, motorhomes & Pets are welcome Full Indoor Male & Female Showers, Changin Rooms & Toilets Raising monies this year for Naomi House & Jacksplace Hospices



Buttons. We all love pushing buttons. But you might be rather fond of pulling levers too. Don’t worry, with the Crosstourer you can choose. Electronic DCT or manual transmission. Nice. But the choices because






preference, they’re available with great finance options too.

Crosstourer SE Dual Clutch Transmission 3 Years 3.9% APR representative REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: Crosstourer SE Dual Clutch Transmission 36 Monthly Payments (duration 37 months) On The Road Price Customer Deposit

To find your local Honda Dealer, call 0845 200 8000 or simply visit

Total Amount of Credit Final Payment (inc Option to Purchase Fee) Total Amount Payable

£175.00 £14,299.00

Representative APR Interest Rate per Annum Fixed

3.9% 3.07%


Credit Acceptance Fee



Option to Purchase Fee


£5,488.77 £15,266.64

Annual Contracted Mileage


Excess Mileage Charge


Model shown: Crosstourer SE in Candy Prominence Red at £14,299.00 OTR. Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to Crosstourer/SE/DCT ordered new from 02 April 2013 and registered on or before 30 June 2013. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. PCP Finance is offered over 37 months. Final payment includes £65 option to purchase fee. £125 Credit acceptance fee is included in monthly payments. The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value will be used to pay the Final Payment if the motorcycle is returned after the last monthly payment provided the motorcycle has been serviced in accordance with the Honda service book, is in good condition and the maximum permitted mileage of 8,000 miles has not been exceeded. Full written quotations available on request. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.




Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


ere we are again. Looks like Solent enjoy there food. First we had our Christmas dinner, and then we had our Christmas party at club house. On New Year’s Day, 13 of us met up for lunch at a pub called West Meon Hut (very nice). On 20th February we went to Mother Kelly’s for fish and chips. We started the year with our AGM. All the positions stay the same, with one exception. Geof offered to do some of the ride outs. Please look at our web page and see where we are going. We are all looking forward to the better weather to get out on our bikes and go to all the rallies, hopefully no rallies will be cancelled this year. Our `Solent Rally` plans are well under way with the new venue at the Bat and Ball, Wisborough Green. We will start our alternate Wednesdays ride outs from the 3rd April meting at Wickham Square at 7.30pm, weather permitting, with a full tanks. See you out there,


• • • 86 GOLDEN WING




South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406


ecember 2012 was like one long Christmas holiday for the South Wales Branch. It all kicked off with the fabulous Christmas weekend at Sedgebrook Hall. It was a bit of a trek for Gareth and I to get there on the Friday evening after work, but it was well worth it. We met up with fellow South Wales members Alan and Julie when we got there and had a really good time from beginning to end. Jennie had really pulled all the stops out for this one. Everything was so well organised and thoughtfully executed. The party on the Saturday night was really good and the presents were the icing on the cake. Alan and Julie danced the night away.

Towards the end of November, we had our own Christmas Party. This year, as ever, we held it at the Aberavon Beach Hotel. Normally, we join about 200 other people in the large venue they have there for a joina-party night. However, this year, we were amazed to find that apart from our group of 18, there were only about another 10 to 12 people booked in! The hotel decided to hold the party in the much smaller restaurant. They blamed the fact that earlier in the month, they had introduced a new “all in” evening where you pay a flat fee and all your food and drink is included. In these times of recession, a lot of people had gone for that option. It didn’t spoil our evening.

Alan and Julie getting the groove on!

Gareth was just coming to the end of his Movember phase and was still sporting his outrageous moustache. He dyed it red just for the hell of it and for the party.

The name is Richards, Gareth Richards

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

Anyway, the band was superb. There were almost more of them than us (12 in the band). They were called, Big Mac’s Wholly Soul Band and if you ever get a chance to see them, take it. They play all the big soul tracks and with their brass section really know how to rip it up.

• • • 88 GOLDEN WING


We really discovered that Gareth has ‘got the moves like Jagger’.

were meeting up to go on holiday. That was an excellent holiday and Ann became a firm friend from that time on. We are all going to miss her and the entire branch want to give their condolences and support to Steve.

He’s got the moves like Jagger

You can see everyone had a good time. Ann in the sun

Ang, Lel, Julie and Alan having fun and Can I take you ‘ome, darlin

The year ended and the new one began on a very sad note. As reported in the last Golden Wing, our very dear friend and valued member, Ann Levis, passed away on New Year’s Day. Ann was a ray of sunshine. She always seemed upbeat about everything. Even when we saw her at the hospital on New Year’s Eve, she managed to share a joke with Gareth about missing the boat in Boppard on holiday last year. For a long time, we weren’t sure that she existed. Steve had joined the club and told us that he had a wife who was keen to join too. Unfortunately, she had broken her foot in a fall and couldn’t get about very well, so wasn’t able to come to the meetings and rides for a long time. We booked our annual holiday that year and Steve and Ann booked to come with us. The first time we met Ann was in the car park at Asda in Cardiff when we

Last Sunday, we had our first rideout of the year to the Bristol Bike Show. We had a good turnout and even though it was a little cold starting out in the morning, the day turned out to be glorious and we had a really good day out. We paid a visit to the HOC stand there which seemed very popular and bumped into a couple of old friends, Jim Berry and Peter Casling. Well, this week has certainly been pleasant and sunny if a little cold at times. Let’s hope there are plenty more sunny days to come this year as we’ve got a busy schedule planned for the rest of the year, culminating in the National Rally in September which looks like being very popular. Really looking forward to it. That’s it from me for now. Take care everyone and have a good one! Hwyl fawr!


• • • SPRING 2013


Small but mighty. That’s the new MSX125. It has a low seat height, compact dimensions and tips the scales at just over 100kg making





companion. But it’s still big on style, hugely entertaining to ride and super cheap to run. Proof then that good things do come in small packages.

MSX125 3 Years 4.9% APR representative

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: MSX125 36 Monthly Payments (duration 37 months)

To find your local Honda Dealer, call 0845 200 8000 or simply visit


On The Road Price


Customer Deposit


Amount of Credit


Total Amount Payable Representative APR Interest Rate per Annum Fixed Credit Acceptance Fee

£2,789.64 4.9% 0.97% £150.00

Model shown: MSX125 in Pearl Valentine Red at £2,600.00 OTR. Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to MSX125 ordered new from 02 April 2013 and registered on or before 30 June 2013. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over subject to status. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berks SL3 8QY. Promoter: Honda (UK) - Motorcycles, 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.



Three Shires Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 281 7193 or 07753593641


ell Christmas has been and gone, winter has put paid to any chance of biking and it’s been too cold and deep with snow to venture out to the Pub for a meeting (on occasion). But are we down? Damn right we are, some say God is a biker, so what is he (or She) doing to us with all this white stuff, let’s hope the “Summer” is lined up to be scorchio… We have a few things planned in the coming weeks. The ‘s No Rally is the first on the agenda and we’re expecting our friends from Birmingham, Wales and Northants (our illustrious leader no less, Dibble) so it promises to be a good start to the Rally season. At the end of Easter we have our “Egg Run” in aid of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This is the 12th year of the event and each year surpasses the last one. James Toesland and his lovley wife Katie Melua will once again be in attendence and leeding the ride. With last year’s donations we have now gone beyond the £50,000 mark thanks to all the biking fraternity of South Yorkshire. The first ride of the month (and the year) is likely to be Skipton & East Yorkshire and some of our riders are planning trips abroad. As a group we have decided not to have a summer rally this year, instead we feel it would be better for us a branch to get out to other branches rallies. That’s the plan! I’m back and fighting fit in the driving seat and I have to thank Derek, Lyn and Stuart for holding things together during my “sebatical” I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say I would rather have been doing the Secretary’s job than what I’ve been upto!

Unfortunateley this is a short report as we haven’t been up to much except Christmas and “Snail Rider” Andy deserves a big thanks for sorting - he obviously has a talent for organising things!

What Snail Rider would like to think…

What really happened…

Take care everyone, keep smilin’ and I’ll see you all soon…


• • • SPRING 2013


West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999

The countdown is on as it’s only 6 weeks until the clocks go forwards and hopefully a better summer. Wrapped up warm 4 of us went to the NEC for the Bike show, frost and fog was the morning order, our meeting point was at Beaconsfield Service station on the M40 With handle bar muffs and heated grips on full the trip was quite pleasant, yes I know we are soft down south. The show was one of the best of recent years and well done to everybody manning the HOC stand, I believe quite a few new members were enrolled. The ride home although slightly warmer it was a case of dodging the salting lorries and trying to pass while using a car as a shield Tony in his old Boy Scout uniform at our Xmas Party

Xmas Party West London Style

• • • 92 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

Meeting at Box Hill

Our Christmas party was held on 8th December at the Anchor Hotel Shepperton, we were joined by Marion & Chris Ward plus Julian from North Downs Branch in total 28 of us were well fed and watered. Dancing followed and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Jude for her hard work organising the event (she told me to put this bit in) joking aside well done from us all and Steve presented her with a box of chocolates. Next year she has said that she would like a rest from organising it so volunteers please!! (after about 30 odd years)

Our annual joint run with North Downs is held on New Years Day. Meeting at Box Hill for a warm cup of tea and then on a short run to the Barley Mow Pub for the Classic Car & Bike show. As always there were some lovely old classic vehicles on display - but no steam engine this year! I would recommend this event to others. This year Rob has become the proud owner of a red CBF1000, Chris & Julian got trail bikes and Mike will be getting a CBF1000 soon - awaiting new registrations. The next few runs were cancelled due to snow and bad weather we are now looking forward to a better summer this year. Our runs list is below and is subject to alternation so please check our FaceBook page & website. If you’re in our neck of the woods – come along & see us – we don’t bite!!!

Mike & Steve & Jude Mike & Glen relaxing!

• • • SPRING 2013


West Midlands Organisers: John & Jill - 07759 870874 & 01902 662763


ot much biking for our club over the winter period but still plenty of events going on to write about... November brought the NEC bike show, which from the accounts of our members was a resounding success, this year it was not just the usual collection of lids for sale, plenty of bikes on display, lots of trade stalls plus organised bike tours to discuss & plan for 2013. We combined our December club meeting with our AGM where it was agreed by all that John & I would continue to run the club for 2013, this year I will act as the club’s Secretary and John will be the rideout co-ordinator. The first weekend in December was the 2012 HOC Christmas party which Dave & I attended, this turned out to be a great weekend in a lovely setting and extremely good value for money. The Saturday night was fantastic, and definitely over too quickly, our table had a competition to see who could blow their balloon up for the longest, it was a close call but I think Jennie was definite the winner! Dave’s was big...

The highlight of the weekend was the Sunday Santa Special, who knew you could have so much fun going backwards and forwards on a Steam Train, Jennie certainly made it a trip to remember, I’ve never seen anyone so excited at letting off steam!

Jennie letting off steam

Friday 7th December was our branch Christmas party, we decided to do something different this year so we picked a booze bus trip around 4 local real ale pubs, with a “black country “ style Xmas dinner of faggots & mushy peas, which we washed down with an excellent pint of Bathams’ beer.

but Jennie’s was bigger!

Xmas meal black country style

• • • 94 GOLDEN WING


Some of the Pubs we visited were quite a maze to get in & out of, in fact we lost Helen in the second Pub because she went to the loo just as the rest of us piled back on the Bus, she was then confronted by several doors to exit the Pub and couldn’t find her way back to us, luckily after a quick phone call to hubby Nigel he went to her rescue and with everyone “present & correct” we were off again to the next one. This definitely was a great social event, as moving from Pub to Pub gave everyone the chance to chat to one another. I understand John is already working on ideas for this year’s Xmas do promising something completely different from last year! Our first rideout of the New Year should have been on Sunday 20th January, unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to several heavy snowfalls during the week before which left cars struggling on side roads so biking was a definite “no no”!

window before he set off and chose jeans!) after a warming cuppa we ahead off for a short ride to Bewdley for lunch, unfortunately a few miles down the road the weather turned colder with fog and the roads looked even more frosty so we decided to head home and wash the salt off our bikes, hopefully we will have better luck next month!

A frosty morning at the Food Stop Cafe

And finally John has kept himself busy over the winter (and out of Pat’s hair) restoring two Honda Motorcycles - a 1991 GB 500TT & a 1972 750KZ - which he will gladly show to anyone who is passing, but please don’t ask if he is going to sell them! (Pat & John are currently looking for a new house with a three car garage for John’s collection of bikes!)

Definitely not biking weather!

On Sunday 17th February we met at our usual place -The Food Stop Bikers Cafe at Quatford- for our first rideout of the year, despite the frosty morning eight hardy souls turned up all kitted out in their winter bike gear, (except for Nigel who didn’t look out the

John’s newly restored bikes

So until next time please keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down (especially Debs & Nigel!)

Jill x

• • • SPRING 2013


Grunt. And loads of it. That’s the best way to describe the




V4 engine in our VFR1200F. We could be more poetic sure, or perhaps use baffling technical terms, but that’s not the Honda way. We like to call it as we see it. Oh, and if you’re wondering what it sounds like, the word is phwoar.

VFR1200F 3 Years 3.9% APR representative £500 deposit contribution

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: VFR1200F 36 Monthly Payments (duration 37 months)

To find your local Honda Dealer, call 0845 200 8000 or simply visit


On The Road Price


Customer Deposit


Dealer Deposit Contribution


Final Payment (inc Option to Purchase Fee) Total Amount Payable Representative APR Interest Rate per Annum Fixed

£3,534.13 £13,170.25 3.9% 2.88%

Total Deposit


Credit Acceptance Fee


Total Amount of Credit


Option to Purchase Fee


Model shown: VFR1200F in Candy Prominence Red at £12,399.00 OTR. Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to VFR1200F/FD 11YM and 12YM ordered new from 02 April 2013 and registered on or before 30 June 2013. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. PCP Finance is offered over 37 months. Final payment includes £65 option to purchase fee. £125 Credit acceptance fee is included in monthly payments. The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value will be used to pay the Final Payment if the motorcycle is returned after the last monthly payment provided the motorcycle has been serviced in accordance with the Honda service book, is in good condition and the maximum permitted mileage of 8,000 miles has not been exceeded. Excess mileage charged at £0.04. Full written quotations available on request. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.



West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


ow these reports come round fast; to be honest we haven’t done much since the Christmas Party with the weather. We have some runs sorted now for the coming year so keep an eye on our web site for details, we have some (A.V.) runs now which are “All Vehicle” runs, because of last year when loads of runs were cancelled we thought at least we could still get out even if it’s in the cars. We are having a weekend in Pwllheli Wales in April so were all looking forward to that, there’s 10 of us going so more in future Wings. The first run we had was a visit to the BMW owner’s monthly meeting for a butty and boy do they do a butty, followed by pudding and all for less than £4 with a coffee….. then onto Settle and then a ride through Slaidburn and home, bit cold but dry.


Dave and Lisa were very cold


Please have a look at the Diary for the dates of the runs we have sorted but also keep an eye on the web site for any more we go on. We had a day in the Dales with the Northern Cross MCC and 7 bikes turned up with 12 people so good turnout, Shaun showed us the way and it turned out to be the best day of the year, we went up through Settle to Hawes and onto Layburn, after a cuppa onto Ripley for an ice cream and they are very good, after

that home before the cold set but some were cold there. That’s it sorry, hopefully next time there will be more to say but try to get down to a meeting the Hitching Post look after us very well and it’s a good do. As always thanks to everyone who comes along and makes the branch what it is… see ya all soon.

Steve & Maria

• • • SPRING 2013



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


t seems such a long time since the beginning of last December when some from the branch had attended The Christmas Dinner Dance held at Sedgebrook Hall nr. Northampton and certainly Jennie Clark can be very proud of the results of a great weekend which was enjoyed by all those that made it. We can’t complain as the meals were more than adequate on both Friday night and Saturday as was the breakfasts, the disco was interesting for the poor DJ who’s system was shut down by midnight, but it just meant that most went back to the bar and carried on with our merriment for a ‘few’ hours more. Looking at how chilled most seemed to be at Sunday breakfast it can be deemed as a great success.

Christmas dinner

Come the 15th that Saturday saw us hold our branch Christmas Party again at Swindon’s Kembrey Inn as last year they certainly looked after us well, and with Swifty and partner Janet this made for 13 of us enjoying another good evening rounded off with Glyn standing in for Father Christmas and handing out the secret santa gifts. Now December always provides a lot to do as to the toy runs in our area in we have Reading and Pinkertons in Swindon, and as such Readings one was cold and crisp but Swindon was a wash out, so the last few

Santa and his helper

years have been a run for those brave enough to take on the elements. In January on New Year’s Day a small group of us including Wayne and Lynn, new members to our branch having met them first at Calne Bike Day last year, all met up again at Kembrey as with Blades in the old George White premise not open we agreed to start from there after we’d caught up on how everybody’s Christmas had turned out, plus waiting for Andy and friends from to turn up and just to say happy new year. Robin kindly led us on a short trip out to Hungerford and thought of stopping and a farm shop/ cafe on the edge of the town, but best laid plans meant as it was closed we carried on down through Savernake forest and into Marlborough for a light lunch, which as usual was busy especially as it was a dry if cold day. We left trying to organize a rideout for January made the usual suggestion of start with one for February with a trip down to the Bristol Classic Show at The Bath & West Showground where Beverly and some of the Dorset branch were in attendance for the Club and we were made most welcome, it always a

• • • 98 GOLDEN WING

• SPRING 2013

good show for those interested in traditional machines. It did seem a bit quiet this year as a few traders (in clothing) and other dedicated bike business weren’t present. But again apart from a foggy morning starts it was a good dry weekend. We have been a little flat with the members meetings, as Decembers’ met with only a handful we manoeuvred to the main bar closer to the fire, January and Feb have been similar, but things will pick up again as of March with speakers making their appearances and promoting their interests as we move on to better weather for the biking. Things to talk about next time will be a social skittles night in march, and we are going to do

the usual appearance at this year’s Bikesafe event at Castle Combe as it being promoted as a bigger show, but our efforts are being focused on holding our Spring Rally at a familiar site used in the past, which we felt appropriate in using to help celebrate this branch’s 20th anniversary. So I’m sure with Plumb doing his David Bailey role, we’ll have a good report and pictures in the next mag. Now to find that sunscreen as I feel summers just round the corner! reduce some of this winter kit and stop doing my impression of Le Bibendum.



Join us at the Bruce Arms SN9 5LR and their excellent campsite Tents at £4.00 per person a night Caravans/Motorhomes at £12.00 a night, including electric hook up Saturday night BBQ Hot dog/burger & Salad and dessert Breakfasts for £5.50 available at the Bruce Enjoy some great roads, the famous Wiltshire Lardie and the Branch’s 20th year More details and a booking form are on our website or contact Ian Hammond on: tel: 07989 531121 or Claire Robins on:

• • • SPRING 2013


Carl Fogarty, four-time World Superbike Champion, backs Bikesure for great value insurance.

Bikesure Insurance Services understand how important it is to get the right cover for you and your bike. We offer unrivalled policies, which we tailor to your own riding history and personal requirements. Our quotes are competitive and we focus on finding you tailor-made insurance schemes for your Honda. rs wne ts! O da un Hon Disco b Clu

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ly. A



d co

s an

rm *Te

ns ditio


nd r


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Members free Ads advertising in members free ads MEMBERS - free, must state your HOC Membership No. non members £22 1st insertion - free for 1 year (inc. free HOC membership)

FOR SALE CB72 / CB77 parts

Large collection including complete and serviceable engine, one complete crank shaft, one pair of carburettors, one frame, front forks, headlight shell, complete brake front and rear. plus much more. Private sale as a job lot.

£600 o.n.o

For Sale VFR750 (1995)

Lots of service history, recent battery/rectifier, oil & filter. Topbox with back rest, 2 panniers, Baglux tank cover, alarm, Scotoiler, heated grips. VGC for year. Taxed till Oct13, MOT till March 14.

£2195 ono

Also Tom Tom 1 which I would leave on Bike if asking price met (inc car mount, earphones etc ) Contact Bob Wright 01293 776098 07703 516376 membership number 25782

Contact Dave Barton 07759 323195 e-mail you ad to or write to 38 Bower St, Bedford MK40 3RE

For Sale Rothmans Honda Alpinestars Leather Jacket

Size Medium.A beautiful jacket, top quality and very expensive when new. Has back protector, shoulder and elbow armour. As worn by... you name it.

Offers around £150

Contact Colin Nicholls membership number 29794

For Sale CB1300SA7 parts

Fork legs complete - £100 each. Front wheel with spindle and tyre, no discs - £100. Rear wheel with sprocket and tyre, no disc - £100. Removed when converted to outfit at approx 10,000 miles. Contact Norman Powers 01635 254154 membership number 32894

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The book: • Contains clear routes, based on AA atlas mapping from expert cartographers • Describes and reviews every route • Recommends places to visit and stay • Covers the whole of the UK • Includes practical advice on preparing for a trip, including tips on navigation and safe group riding.

Available at all good bookshops, price £12.99 Simon Weir has been riding bikes all his life. He’s been a magazine road tester for the past ten years and is a RoSPA qualified advanced riding instructor. However, it’s his passion for touring and discovering the country on two wheels that has inspired this book. More than 25 years of exploring every corner of Britain has gone into compiling these routes.


Review of Tutoro Chain Oiler As I recall my motorcycling as a teenager it never involved cleaning a bike and certainly never involved keeping the chain lubricated. I think the mileage I did was far less and I was an indestructible teenager which must have been correct because I’m still here… When I returned to motorcycling in order to commute into London and deal with the mid-life crisis, sorry the mid-life crisis wrapped up in pretending to commute, I followed the Deauville, DN-01 and VFR1200 so didn’t need to learn about the maintenance of chains. All that has changed with my purchase last autumn of a NC700X based on its comfort, price and economy albeit back to a chain drive. Unlike my teenage years I now find myself reading the paperwork that comes with new toys and there was a great deal about chain cleaning (won’t do that) and maintenance all of which was underlined following the recall by Honda to check and change the chain. It dawned on me that this may be an important piece of the whole. I like adding little bits to my bikes, I refer to it as “personalisation” and my son


is very good at designing them, NEC Live 2011 DN-01 if you recall, but I do not like to muck about with the engine or the electrics as that leads to problems, problems with warranties, problems with insurance and all that but it seemed that the only way I was going to keep my chain well lubricated was to cut into the wiring loom or access the engine vacuum, whatever that is! There must be a better way, someone in Taiwan must have solved this with all of their little chain driven machines, but no they haven’t; someone in my very own Gloucestershire has done it brilliantly. My NC700X has been fitted with the TUTORO Chain Oiler for 7,600 of its 8,100 miles and it has done a fine job of trickling oil onto the chain and not all over the bike. My son fitted it, albeit that I had to read the paperwork, and it did not require any electrical or mechanical connection, nor did it need the life sucked out of it by someone’s vacuum, it just does its job in a fiendishly clever way that is all internal so that you attache the bottle, position the tube, fill it with their special oil and ride away. From that moment on, and for more than 7,000 miles in my

case, you just have to top up the oil reservoir. As a biker who has no desire to maintain anything but only to enjoy it and who has ended up with a chain again this is a wonderful piece of engineering and it’s all just here in Gloucestershire. I’m not on commission, damn, but please take a look for yourselves at www. and feel free to contact Nick Ibbitson at and he’ll tell you what TUTORO stands for…

by Tom Reeve Gloucester Branch member

Could you write a review? There’s nothing like a recommendation from a fellow HOC member If you’ve tried a really good product or service, please let everyone know. You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures, to Stritchy - contact details on p.2


New features from Footman James Footman James are pleased to announce the following improvements to classic motorcycle cover for HOC members. Riding Other Bikes

Policy features and benefits

Footman James classic motorcycle policies now include automatic third party cover for riding other bikes. Riding other members’ bikes has always been a popular pastime but automatic cover may not have been provided by some insurers. Footman James’ customers are now able to ride another motorcycle with the owner’s permission subject to the criteria below: • The motorcycle must be over 20 years old (this endorsement does not transfer to riding modern vehicles). • The person riding the classic motorcycle must be a member of the HOC. HOC members purchasing or renewing their Footman James’ classic motorcycle policies on or after 28 January 2013 will already have this extended cover. Members that purchased or renewed policies between 1 December 2012 and 27 January 2013 do not currently benefit from Riding Other Bikes cover. Footman James is working with partner insurers to extend their cover to include Riding Other Bikes. If in doubt, please check your policy documents to ensure that you are covered.

• All Footman James’ classic policies include European and UK breakdown cover, legal expenses cover, road rage, personal accident cover and emergency travel cover as standard. • Footman James policies offer an ‘agreed valued’ option. This means that the motorcycle’s true value can be agreed on completion of a valuation form. • Footman James also appreciates that trusting your pride and joy at any old body shop just isn’t on, so customers can select their preferred garage if it specialises in a particular marque. • Footman James acknowledges that some lucky people are the proud owners of more than one classic motorcycle, so customers can take out multi-vehicle cover, which allows riders to insure several classics on one policy. This may result in a lower premium, and means riders can spend their time enjoying their classics, and only have to remember the one renewal date instead of several. • On classic policies a limited mileage option is available. If you own a modern motorcycle too, a limited mileage option is the perfect choice for bike enthusiasts to benefit from a reduced premium if they only notch up a few miles in a year. It usually comes in various bands, such as 1,500, 3,000 and 4,500 miles per year. It works on the principle that the fewer miles you ride, the less your risk of an accident, therefore, the cheaper your insurance. • Laid-up insurance is another option offered by Footman James and may be the most cost-effective way of providing adequate cover for any motorcycle that’s not due to go anywhere under its own steam for a while, yet Footman James, reminds enthusiasts that they still need to complete a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), surrender their tax disc and re-apply for a new one at a later date.

Helmet and leather cover If your bike, helmet and leathers are stolen or damaged as result of an accident, Footman James’ customers can now also benefit from an increased level of helmet and leather cover now up to £750. For those members who have previously fallen victim to theft or accident will know from experience that the cost of replacing their helmet and a set of leathers can far exceed the amount offered by some classic bike policies, so the recent increase in cover is good news for members.

Footman James pay the HOC a commission on every policy sold to members - so please always quote your HOC membership number. 104 GOLDEN WING


new features from Bikesure Classic motorbike owners can take advantage of a new excess-free insurance policy that also covers them to ride other bikes. The new scheme, introduced by specialist broker Bikesure, also includes agreed values, plus discounts for limited mileage and Honda Owners Club membership. But it’s the cover to ride other bikes, so often excluded from classic bike policies, and the nil excess on claims that make the scheme stand out from the crowd. Rob Balls, of Bikesure, said: “It’s a real coup for us to be able to offer this cover as it’s always been taken as the norm that you just don’t get the riding of other bikes benefits on classic policies, and to do away with the excess altogether, without the need to purchase excess protection policies, is an added bonus. “The classic bike rider is usually an experienced enthusiast, so we thought why not extend this benefit to them too? “We’re looking for the true classic bike enthusiast who cherishes their motorbike and has another vehicle for the daily ride or drive to work.”

To qualify for the scheme, bikes have to be manufactured prior to 1990, be kept in a locked garaged, and cover no more than 3,000 miles per year, with unlimited mileage if the bike was made before 1972. Modified classics can also be covered, sometimes at standard rates depending on the modifications, as well as sports and trial bikes. Special cover can be arranged for classic rallies, track days and off road use.

Bikesure pay the HOC a commission on every policy sold to members - so please always quote your HOC membership number.

STP’s revolutionary engine tonic New Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment has wide usage and benefits Always at the vanguard of engine care, STP has launched a unique and immensely versatile treatment, with many uses, designed to keep all 2- and 4-stroke petrol and diesel-powered engines running at their best. Called MPMT (Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment), this latest STP product is the ideal garage and shed companion for motorcycles that are used both frequently and infrequently. Containing a specially-formulated blend of fuel and lubricant additives plus anti-corrosion agents and moisture repellants, MPMT constitutes a complete engine tonic for year-round dosing to both fuel and oil. One application delivers a wide range of benefits, including reduced emissions, extra engine protection, and cleaning/ conditioning the fuel delivery system, all contributing to peak engine efficiency. SPRING 2013

For motorycles that are seldom used or laid-up for lengthy period of time - MPMT is uniquely equipped to protect the engine’s internals and fuel system. It stabilises fuel, removes moisture, prevents corrosion build-up in fuel tanks and fuel lines, and gets engines on the move quickly and efficiently after storage. Illustrating the versatility and longlasting value of MPMT, one 500ml bottle will treat up to 80 litres as a fuel additive and stabiliser - petrol, diesel or bio-fuel - and is equally beneficial as an oil treatment and engine flush. STP MPMT - supplied with a convenient screw-on spout for fuel tank dosing - is available now from all good accessory shops at an RRP of £9.99. GOLDEN WING 105

Golden Wing - Spring 2013  
Golden Wing - Spring 2013  

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