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Front Cover: Norma Sharkey on her CBF1000 ‘enjoying’ a wet ride with Manchester Branch

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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Sad Stuff First

The Mundane but important

Craig Anstee, founder member of the Northants Branch, passed away after his cheerful battle with various serious complaints. Always a cheeky chirpy chap and ready to help others where he could Craig was a great bloke. He had moved on from the HOC as such getting involved in rider and driver improvement groups and the Oakley Motorcycle Club, although he still visited our club stands at shows and events and remained a Honda enthusiast to the last.

Ruth has been working very hard to save you money and help us with our payment systems. To that end we have changed bank accounts and will soon have the point of sale electronic card devices everyone else seems to have. There has been some initial costs but worth every penny when we look to what it will save us over the year. Thanks Ruth.

Waiting for Craig

It was a pleasure to have known him and I was grateful to be able to take part in his last ride to the Bedford crematorium last week along with 25+ other riders. The summing up of this man was the ending of the service when Monty Python’s ‘’Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’’ was being played as the curtains closed and I know several people were moved straight away to be smiling, singing and whistling along with this wholly appropriate song. Hopefully when my turn comes there will be an equally cheerful end to the service. Thanks Craig. RIP.

Really Good Stuff Stritchy produced yet another packed edition of Golden Wing which I know as always was slightly out of date when we got it. However it did include lots of activity already planned fo 2012 and one look at the website will tell you there is already lots more added to that which was in the calendar. My “Chairman’s Challenge” dates will be on the website and emailed to those who have sent me their addresses for keeping up dated. The National Rally is now fully booked. I am really looking forward to what I think is our first ever Scottish based National event. That will be followed by the HOC Christmas party in Northants organised by Jennie Clark hot on the heels of last year’s event which was very well received. Last year we had our big bike show at Boughton House. This year we are holding our charity fund raising bike show on the August Bank Holiday weekend at the Northants & MK Branch where we will have the usual awards for best bikes and look to raise a few quid for charity at the same time. So keep those bikes shiny and bring them along to the event so all can see those prized bikes. Can I take this chance to remind you all we have committed to numerous events and shows around the country such as the BMF Show in May and we have a good range of display materials being held by Sue our Northants & MK Branch Secretary. If you need to book any of this kit please do so early and we will do our best to get it for you.

News as it happens? Join Andy’s email list by sending a message to




Charity Support Lastly on events; we are supporting NABB the blood and other medical emergency bikers this year from the proceeds of our national collections. If you are looking to raise money for deserving charity at any event please consider sending funds to Ruth for the HOC charity account so we can make suitable donation at the end of the year. Last year we did this for the Air Ambulance charity and raised a significant sum of money. Which we will be presenting in time for a feature in the next Golden Wing.

In Conclusion I now have only a few months left in the Northants Police with an actual date of being a pensioner on January 13th 2013. This year I am having to plan what I can do around work for the last time. Unfortunately many of the branches organise their weekend events at the same time as significant event dates for policing. Such as Silverstone GP and Moto GP, 2012 Olympics and European Cup. So I cannot get to all and everything I would like to. Next year this will no longer be an issue and I can’t wait for the freedom of retirement. Rather than it being wishing my time away, I see it as countdown time to the start my real life... not beholden to work. Hopefully many of the rest of you got a taster last year and realise what this club is all about and that is having fun riding our bikes and just being together as friends. So please support those who are busy organising these events and get along to them where you can. You know you want to really.

“Ride on but most of all ride safe”


Trevor Thompson

Vice Presidents

Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Membership Secretary

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Jennie Clarke 6 Bugby Way, Raunds, Northants NN9 6SX ( 01933 399463 / 07759 805181 .

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3HA .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Sue Beck 28 Vivian Road, Wellingborough NN8 1JJ ( 07863 599 992 .

Advertising Manager

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 492 235 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Accident Legal Advisor

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young



John Measures ( 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Pigeon Post It’s that time of year when sight of a sunny sky and a dry road make your right hand start to twitch and you can’t stop flexing the fingers on your left hand (and no, it’s not another Kylie tour is kicking off…..) Despite commuting through the winter on a bike, trudging in and out of London daily is no substitute for riding for fun, and the chance to dump my work ‘hack’ and get something more interesting out of the garage marks the start of, hopefully, another year of fun and frolics on two wheels. Yesterday was just such a day, and a relatively clear run at the Barton to Hitchin road, (spanning Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire) reminded me of how much I still enjoy this hobby of ours. I hope you have a day like that soon! Some of you may have seen e-mails circulated by MAG and others recently encouraging us to sign various petitions and even write to our MEP’s. Things seem quite busy lately with both the Bmf and MAG fighting our corner in Europe against misguided dictates from the unelected beaurocrats in Brussels. As usual things do get hyped up by the sensationalist press, and some common sense is called for when analysing what we are being told. However I would ask you to take the time to read the broadcasts from MAG and the Bmf. Maybe you’ll feel strongly enough to sign that petition or send that letter. Make enough noise and someone will listen, the cyclists are a good example of that! The next management meeting is on March 4th and I look forward to seeing as many of our branch officials as can make it. I fully appreciate that with both the time and expense of attending, some of our more far flung branches do not attend many, if any of these meetings. I would however ask that you let me have a brief report on how things are going at your Branch so that we know that you are still alive and kicking. Well that’s enough for now. I’m off for a run on the Blackbird with Kylie playing on the MP3 player. Life doesn’t get any better than this........... Happy riding.

Graham Seymour General Secretary




Membership Matters Moving home? Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date (you can write or send an e-mail). I have had a couple of copies of the Winter magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding details, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

Direct Debit

Signing up a new member at the NEC

Welcome Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. Of course during the Winter biking activities decrease but it is nice to see that we are still attracting new enthusiasts into the club. I know that we do have lots of fair weather bikers amongst our membership, witness the fact that during the really cold weather I was the only one to venture to my branch on a bike! A 15 mile roundtrip in below zero temperatures without seeing any other bikes on the road (reminder, must get some heated grips!)

Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.

Renew On-line When you receive your renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your membership on-line using a credit card, debit card or PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the

Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.








What is NABB? The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes is the umbrella organisation for regional groups such as: Cornwall Freewheelers - Cornwall, Devon Freewheelers - Devon, Freewheelers EVS - Bristol, Bath, Somerset, parts of Wiltshire, Midland Freewheelers - West Midlands, ScotsERVS - the greater Glasgow area, Blood Bikes Scotland - primarily Lothian, Borders & Fife, SERV - Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Northamptonshire, London, Oxfordshire South Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk,

Severn Freewheelers - Gloucestershire, and

Herefordshire, Worcestershire, parts of Wiltshire

Whiteknights - North & West Yorkshire, Cleveland (Teeside).

▪ They are all run by volunteers who provide an

emergency ‘out of hours’ service transporting blood, platelets, samples, vaccines, drugs, X-rays, donor breast milk and any other urgently need medical items - FREE OF Charge to the NHS.

▪ They receive no government funding and rely on

donations from the public to survive. The volunteers also get no payment for their time or costs.

▪ They save the NHS thousands of pounds every year, allowing that money to be used where it is needed most - the patients.

▪ They are on-call from 7pm to 8am weekdays and 24 hour cover at weekends and bank holidays.

▪ The volunteers are fully trained to the highest

standards to ensure the safety of both rider and consignment.

▪ Without NABB members, hospitals would have to pay for a taxi or courier, or even take an ambulance out of service for 3-4 hours!

Find out more about NABB at

This is why the Honda Owners Club is raising money for the NABB in 2012 please give generously!






Regalia Related Ramblings I can scarcely believe it is almost March already! sure will be said elsewhere in GW). So please dig (probably into May by the time this goes to press!) deep and do your very best Viv thingy doo-dah I am, somewhat uncharacteristically, a tad short of impression… and “Spend, spend, spend!” Keep things to say this issue as there have been very few an eye on the website for new items and end of sales ‘opportunities’ in the last few months. This, line goodies as well. Continued thanks to Stritchy however is all set to change as the rally season for keeping the HOC Shop online. lurks alluringly on the horizon! Hattie and I shall be out and The latest items to be added about and I can tell that I am to the range of merchandise going to have to see just how include: woven patches, rugby much regalia I can fit in my shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts and topbox! I am researching some fleeces (to order). You can even more items for your delectation have your name added below although the jury is still out on the the club logo or something on mankinis! the back too of the fleeces (for If YOU have any ideas of a small charge naturally!). If you things you would like me to have any questions just email me introduce to the regalia range and I will do then drop me an email and I will what I can to help! do some research! I shall also be promoting the I am looking forward to a Erica modelling the new ‘50th Anniversary Collectors items’ very busy biking year and look HOC rugby shirt of the very last few anniversary forward to meeting up with you goodies. Stocks are very limited indeed. It was such all at some of the many events on the already a fabulous year and I loved having such great 50th packed diary of HOC events. Remember, if you anniversary things for you. With your support and want to save a few pounds, buying at an event great spending capacity, we have been able to or from me in person (or ordering via your branch donate at least £1,700 (that’s 100% of the profits) secretary for them to collect from management from the sales of the 50th Anniversary regalia to the meetings) you will save on Paypal and postal Air Ambulance, and I for one am totally delighted. charges! If you are planning on going to an event Ruth (our illustrious treasurer) will be able to furnish and know what items you would like it’s worth you with an accurate figure should you want one emailing or calling me to see if there is going to so, as always - a HUGE thank you to you all! be regalia at that event, and, if so, I can put your So - into 2012 and Dorset Branch have kicked items aside and include them in the box for you to off the new year with the first box of regalia to collect! be couriered out for the Shepton Mallet show last And finally… having ventured out on Hattie for weekend (Feb 18-19th) and I am working out a a 90 mile bimble on Sunday, in the freezing cold, timetable for all the other boxes that will need I am considering looking at getting HOC thermals sending as you busy bees get on with promoting and hand warmers! Watch this space. the club around the country! Remember to give me Safe and very happy biking as always. plenty of notice and I promise to do my best to help your event be fully kitted out with a good variety of items to sell to all who come to the HOC stand! This year I shall also be selling some ‘end of line’ goodies with the profits ALL going to this years Jennie Clarke Regalia Secretary nominated charity: NABB (more about which I am SPRING 2012


Buying Your t r e Exp e Bike Gear c i v d A by Rona Bell

As a lot of you may know, I work for Hein Gericke and although I don’t want to use this series of articles as a plug, I may well mention them from time to time just to illustrate a point.

I got to thinking a while ago about buying the right bike gear for the job and although a lot of bikers have bought a lot of kit over the years, from speaking to them during the course of the day it has come to my attention that, generally, people know very little about what they need to look out for or have perhaps picked up bad habits over the years. Either way, they can end up wearing the wrong things or sizes to be totally safe out there on the big wide super highways. So I thought I’d do a series of articles from head to toe and give you as much advice as I can.

Part 1: Helmets As you can see, we’ve started at the top with your precious noggin. The only legal piece of bike gear you need, not that that’s a good thing!!! The biggest, most important piece of advice I ever give to anyone buying a helmet is to try on as many different models and manufacturers as you can and find the lid that fits you the best. Try to forget price if you can - the most expensive helmet in the world is not the best if it doesn’t fit your head properly. Although with some helmets there are ways around getting a custom fit if you happen to be in between sizes, personally I feel if a helmet doesn’t fit you right from the beginning then it’s not the one for you. But like I said there are makes out there that have a variety of different options open to you to customise the fit if you really want that particular lid. For example, Arai and Shoei do different size cheek pads and skull caps in their more expensive lids. Schuberth do cheek pads as well and HJC have their Air Pump system in the FS-11 range that has inflatable cheek pads so it fits you perfectly. And so on to the SHARP test everyone goes on about Opinions vary 12 GOLDEN WING

within the industry as to how reliable a measure this is, but as long as your lid has appropriate ECE 22.05 then it has passed the European safety tests, which are in fact different from the American Snell test. European, American and Japanese market helmets are all tested and made differently. The reason for this is that in each continent we have different shaped and sized heads, so helmets are made in separate parts of the factory for each continent. If you ever buy a lid from a non-EU country either over the internet or abroad it will not be legal in this country. And even if your local dealer is a 5 star Arai or Shoei assured dealer, they will not touch a helmet that has been purchased from outside the EU, even if it’s faulty so be warned. They may be cheaper etc, but they are not legal and will not be serviced by anyone in this country.

Track days The ACU gold stickers on the back of some helmets denote that that particular helmet is safe for track/race use. And if you ever want to do a track day etc in your lid, then you will need one of these or they will not let you on the track. Also, if your helmet has anything other than a double D ring style chin strap again they will not let you on a track. You will find any lids that a manufacturer thinks will be bought by anyone wanting to do tracks will always SPRING 2012

have a D ring fastening, so if like a lot of people you don’t particularly like that style then you will either have to chose another style or put up with it!

Getting the right fit Now onto the actual fit and feel of a lid. Some people seem to be under the impression that “comfy” (in other words too big) is the way to go and with some people no amount of telling them otherwise will work. Not a lot can be done with people like that, wish to goodness there was because it’s their life we’re talking about here. A badly fitting, too loose helmet can be as good as signing your own death certificate in the event of an accident. Even if the helmet doesn’t come off (which would surprise me), then the impact of your brain hitting the inside of your head which then in turn will hit the inside of your lid could kill you or cause irreparable brain damage. Your helmet should have a nice, even pressure all over your head, with no excessive pressure anywhere, especially the forehead and temple region. This part of the helmet will never change or bed in, so if you feel any pressure there then that is not the size of helmet for you. Your cheeks should assume a hamster pose, as your cheek pads will give and mould to the shape of your head after a while. If you’re like me with my new helmet I purchased just recently, you will be very lucky in that it needs very little bedding in, it’s super comfy and perfect virtually right from the off. My better half on the other hand, had to wear his a while before he got to that stage but get there he did and it fits like a glove now. A few simple tests to make sure your lid fits well are as follows a) grab the chin bar and move the helmet from side to side - your head should SPRING 2012

not move, your cheeks may well do a smidge, but your whole head shouldn’t; b) push your lid up and down again using the chin bar as a lever. Again your head shouldn’t move inside. Although the legal requirement for a helmet is that the chin strap is done up I also check a fit by trying to lift the lid off your head without having it fastened - if it comes off easily it’s a no-no peeps, if it doesn’t then it’s a yes. The reason I do this is, god forbid, if in the event of an accident your chin strap was to get broken you don’t want your lid to be able to just come off your head. That chin strap should really be an added safety measure, not the only one. Another check is to cross your hands behind your head and push the lid forward, get someone to check the gap between your forehead and the front of the helmet - there shouldn’t be much of one. Going back to what I said before about impact… there should only be one impact in a crash and that’s your helmet hitting something……not your head hitting the inside of the helmet as well!!!

The choice is yours There is a cornucopia of lids out there to choose from… anything ranging from £40 to over £2,000… yes you read that right – Arai do a carbon fibre lid for £2,000. I think that’s off my Xmas list this year but although every helmet has passed the safety tests etc, there’s a lot of very good reasons why some lids are a lot more expensive than others. Just try putting a £40 lid on followed by one costing £200 or £500 and you’ll see exactly what I mean. But things like the HJC’s ranging from £70 to £400 are a fantastic lid for the money. GOLDEN WING 13

HJC are the biggest you don’t mess about when it comes to buying a helmet manufacturer in lid… so you can walk away. the world and the Ben Old lids are dangerous Spies race rep R-PHA And lastly onto shelf life. Some people seem Monster weighing in at to think it’s cool to be riding around in their Mick a stupidly light 1200g is Doohan rep that they’ve had for 12 years. Guess an amazing lid. You will what… it isn’t. It’s very dangerous in fact. Every not feel like you have helmet has a 7 year shelf life from the day it’s first anything on it is that light. From a personal point put on a head. But we recommend a maximum of view, I would not wear anything less than £100 of 5 years really for any lid and that is only if it’s worth of lid on my head, maybe I put more value getting very occasional use, like all those weekend to my noggin than some, but I know not everyone warriors out there for example. If you wear your lid has that sort of money and especially if they’re every day for the commute to work and then out just getting started out. It’s a very expensive thing for a blast at the weekend as well, then really no biking, so I understand some people doing it as more than 3 years before you need a new one. cheap as they can. But, as most People say “but I look after it, Helmets bought outside of us over the years have learnt, it’s never been dropped and you buy cheap you buy twice… the EU will not be legal always kept in the dark at in this country there is some brilliant cheap kit home” that’s as may be and we out there but there’s also some that is cheap for a should all do that anyway, but there are a lot of reason…it’s crap… this isn’t kit for just going to the contributing factors to the integrity of a lid - UV rays, pub in peeps, this stuff may need to save your life deodorants, perfumes, shampoos and the act of and skin etc some day… would yours stand up to putting your helmet on and off umpteen times a day it? I am a firm believer in getting what you pay for will all have a detrimental effect on the composition when it comes to bike gear, it’s not just all about (the internal foam) of your helmet. And the more the designer label… yes you do pay a bit more, you wear it the quicker it’ll do it. but mostly there’s a very good reason for that… because it’s better, simples!!! Think of all the makes that the racers wear and ask yourself why do they wear it? Fair enough, they are mostly sponsored to wear certain labels but the likes of Rossi wouldn’t wear cheap stuff even if he had to pay for it himself. Although race rep helmets are great for any fan, if you buy anything other than a Shoei race rep, you will not be getting an exact copy of your fave racers lid, so you will partly be paying just to have a rider’s name on it etc. Shoei wearing racers on the other hand wear off the peg helmets exactly like you or I could buy in the shops, the only difference is that they are painted up with ...and finally their design that’s all. BSB rider Simon Andrews wears a Shoei and had a massive off at Oulton Take some time and get the helmet that is Park where he hit his head a whopping 7 times I right for you, make sure it fits properly and think it was, as he went careering off the track… take care of it. That way, when you need it to, and walked away from it… I have seen his actual it will take care of you. helmet that he had the crash in and trust me, if you saw it, you’d wonder how but that is the reason

Next issue: textiles



Honda News Scottish Premier Motorcycle Dealer Receives Lifetime Achievement Award Long-establish and respected Glasgow based Honda Motorcycle dealer, Victor Devine, has been recognised for his substantial and long-serving contribution to the motorcycle industry and awarded a Lifetime Achievement accolade. At the recent annual British Dealer News awards, attended by motorcycle dealers across the UK and members of the wider motorcycling industry, a highly surprised Victor Devine was called to the stage to a rapturous and standing applause, to receive his award. First established as Weddell and Devine in Clydebank in 1948 by Victor’s father, the company became Victor Devine Motorcycles in 1961, which is when Victor took the helm over half a century ago, and re-established themselves at the St Georges Cross end of Great Western Road in Glasgow. In 1970 they obtained the Honda franchise they still hold today and have never looked back. Moving to new premises in Hydepark Street in the spring of 2002, they set about creating one of the foremost Honda motorcycle dealerships in the country. In a humble but usual jolly tone, Victor commented, “I think I’m speechless, which is not something I’m used to! I’ve been in this industry for a very long time and seen so many changes and developments. During that time I’ve


done the best I could to support other dealers, Honda and mostly our customers, but that’s just the right thing to do so I wouldn’t say that I deserve a lifetime achievement award. I am overwhelmed to receive such an award though and also to know that people think me worthy of such, and thank you to everyone for this honour.” General Manager of Honda (UK) Motorcycles, Steve Martindale, commented, “It‘s right and fitting that Victor has been recognised for all his hard work and valuable contribution to the industry over the years. At Honda (UK) we’re proud to have had a long standing relationship with Victor which is both on a professional level, but has also grown into a greater friendship too. When I came into my role five years ago, Victor took time to really help me understand the motorcycle industry and also the needs of a motorcycle dealer, so personally I also have a lot to thank him for. There is no doubt that Victor is a true gentleman and it’s fantastic that the industry has recognised his incredible contribution as there is no one more worthy than him to receive such an award.”

Further information about Victor Devine Motorcycles in Glasgow can be found by visiting the dealership at 60 Hydepark Street or, or by calling 0141 225 8100.


Honda Owners Club

Christmas Dinner Dance Friday Nov 30th & Saturday Dec 1st 2012 Ø Exclusive “HOC only” function suites Ø Hot & cold buffet on Friday night Ø Exclusive bar on Friday night Ø Saturday night welcome drink , 3 course Christmas Dinner and disco dancing until late

The event will be in the heart of beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, at Sedgebrook Hall Hotel. The hotel is located in the picturesque village of Chapel Brampton. Set in idyllic country gardens, it mixes Victorian heritage with modern comforts. Just 20 minutes from the M1 and within easy reach of Althorp House, Castle Ashby Gardens and less than an hour from the NEC Birmingham, it is the perfect location for the Honda Owners Christmas Dinner Dance, 2012.

Ø Late check out on Sunday Ø Free WiFi Ø All rooms are ensuite Ø Room rates include a comprehensive buffet style hot & cold breakfast in the Tempus Restaurant Ø Giant games Ø Sauna, gym, jacuzzi & swimming pool Ø Hair and beauty treatments also available

Friday night welcome & supper Saturday night welcome drink, 3 course Christmas dinner and dancing ‘til late

£55 per person

Rooms (includes breakfast) per room, per night: Single: £39 Double/Twin: £49 All rooms have ensuite; complimentary WiFi; TV; Hairdryers; Tea & Coffee making facilities; Trouser Press; Dry cleaning service is also available

Anyone living locally wanting to come along: Friday night £20 and Dinner Dance £35

Facilities include a Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Gym and Sauna. Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, Wii console and games. Available in the lounge bar is Pool and Tabletop Football. Within the grounds is an all weather tennis court and jogging trail. Everything you need for a fantastic HOC weekend of great food, wonderful company and lots of laughs! Optional extras include a variety of beauty treatments (leaflet available). There is also a great pub within walking distance, plus the Lamport Railway too. PLUS the opportunity to go on the Santa Special Steam Train ride - (includes drink and minced pie!) at a specially discounted rate!

To book your place, please complete and send this form to:

Name: Address:

Jennie Clarke, 6 Bugby

Post Code: Tel No: E-mail: Branch: Membership No:

Way, Raunds NN9 6SX, phone 07759 805181, or e-mail



Members free Ads For Sale Set of Gilles adjustable footrests Anodised gold. Suit Fireblades 2004 - 07.


For Sale Honda CB350S-G (1986)

Only 27140 miles Very nice original condition. Manual and spares list included. SORNed. Owned since 1988.


Contact Mike Wall 01543 670499 or 07986 871366 membership number 179

Contact Arthur Burroughes 01527 853302 membership number 32703 members can also post adverts free on the HOC forum

For Sale Hondastyle leathers 1970s in green with yellow/ white stripes and ‘Honda’ on the legs. Size 34-40”chest. Suitable for parading older Hondas.

£50 ono

Contact Mike Wall 01543 670499 or 07986 871366 membership number 179

advertising in members free ads MEMBERS free, must state your HOC Membership No. non members £20 1st insertion - subsequent free for 1 year (inc. free HOC membership)

Are you selling your bike? Want to get rid of some kit? Too many spares cluttering the garage? Members can advertise in the Free Ads section of Golden Wing simply by e-mailing or writing to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE


The HOC require help, volunteers & bikes, especially anything unusual If you can be of help please contact Ruth Stryczko on 077604 15347 or e-mail

19th & 20th May 2011

East of England Showground, Peterborough SPRING 2012


The BikerTidy Storage Range Never throw your bike gear around the house again. Heavy duty hangers, quality product, made to last. Made in the UK

Prices start from

£29.99 +p&p =+

The Universal Bike Stand Ideal for use in a garage or trailer

£99.98 +p&p

H203cm x W62cm X D54cm

“Its called BikerTidy and its Brilliant!” Ride Magazine



Bev’s Birthday Ride Out

Sunday 8th January 2012 4 bikes with 6 people met at Bere Regis filling station on a cool but clear morning. Sid and Barb,Ian and Bev, Dave and myself (Clive). Our destination was a cafe in Lyme Regis that we had not visited before, but we had been told it was good. The route was up to Sid, he didn’t disappoint. A quick blast along the Dorchester bypass, through the lanes past Hardy’s monument and drop down the back lanes to our favourite road. The coast road. On to Bridport then on to Lyme Regis, only to find the road closed. A quick turn round and try another way in. Finally we arrive at the cafe, only to find it closed. Another quick turn round and we head to Seaton, parked on the seafront and went to find breakfast. After spying a parking attendant, we had a vote and sent Bev to ask if the bikes were safe. Not many people win an argument with Bev, this was no different our bike were safe. Finally breakfast, including a little birthday cake for Bev (Thanks Barb). After breakfast we headed for Axminster, then on to Crewkerne. Keeping the theme for the day this included another quick turnaround, I personally like supermarket carparks. Then through the back roads to Clay Pigeon for coffee. After chatting for a while it was time to head home . A good days riding so early in the year, what a bonus. Here’s hoping for many more days like this.

Clive SPRING 2012


My name is Peter Rendle, I won the Brands Hatch Experience in the raffle at the HOC 50th Anniversary Rally at Billing Aquadrome last year. It was a great weekend experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks very much.



Bristol Classic Show by Bev Ralph Dorset Branch Secretary

The start of the classic show calendar is the prestigious Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, with the superb backdrop of The Royal Bath and West showground. We had an enthusiastic team of members putting the stand together on the Friday so thanks to Heather, Chris, Karen, Shaun, Sid, Barb, Keith, Ian, Ian and Mick. The curtain was raised to the public on the Saturday at 10am with a very enthusiastic crowd looking at some very impressive classic bikes and club stands. We as the Dorset HOC Clan had a stand in the marquee where we had on display an eclectic mix of bikes from a modern CBF600, Blackbird, two CXs, a CB650 Custom and an impressive Goldwing, also on the stand was the reported Monkey Bike CZ50 which was previously owned by John Lennon, which drew quite a lot of attention. On the Sunday, one of our members very generously braved the cold to have his hair shorn for the Air Ambulance. This was a monumental decision for Clive who has never had short hair, we can promise that no animals needed rehoming or were harmed in this process. We will have to get him some pink fluffy ear muffs. At the show we raised £88.63 with a lot more sponsorship money to come in, will report in the next GW how much we raised in the end. We managed to sign up a few members and talked bikes all weekend what more could you want?

Clive before.......

....and after!

Great Weekend... looking forward to planning next year’s show! John Lennon’s monkey bike



Pillion’s eye-view by Tessa Northants & Milton Keynes Branch

Part Two - taking my CBT I have no ‘real’ biking ambitions. I say real - there are actually two. Firstly, I have often spoken of a ‘commuter scooter’. The station I use to go to work from like to charge £7.20 a day for cars so I park 10 minutes away and tramp there and back every day. Having a scooter would mean I get that extra 10 minutes snooze and a free parking space ten paces from the station entrance, which very much appeals. However, wobbling down the A6 on a machine that goes the same speed as a toaster and is light enough to be blown over by a cow breaking wind, sort of puts me off again. Secondly, I am booked in for a midlife crisis in around 8 years time and my downfall of choice is to build a trike. Being a secretary working for an insurance firm I am obviously ideally mechanically placed to do this. After all, my Nissan Micra was personally modified by the proud addition of a small plastic tyre dust cover and a wobbly daisy on my dashboard. How difficult can building a trike be? My fiancé is a ‘bum in the air’ man (sports type speeding-bullet-blink-and-it’s-gone bikes) and I make

him cringe on a daily basis with my preferred ‘legs in the air’ (loud, chugging Harleys with flappy fringy bits cruising at very-few-miles-an hour looking cool and getting-there-eventually) bikes. After one too many flippant comments, my bluff was called. “You do realise all this is just a pipe dream unless you take your CBT. A scooter that is powerful enough to get you out of trouble OR a trike will both need a full licence so why even think about it without doing your CBT.” Oh. C.B.T. I wasn’t entirely sure what this stood for. Colourful Balding Turkey? Chinese Balloon Trifle? At the very LEAST the ‘T’ had to stand for Test. Wrong again. Much to my unspeakable relief, it is, as you all know, Training. Some poor patient soul is going to have to teach ME to ride a motorbike. Despite my two already mentioned piein-the-sky plans I hadn’t really considered that from point ‘A’, clueless pillion, to point ‘B’ actual bike rider, I would have to dust off the tiny learning part of my brain and actually LEARN something. This is the make or break bit.

If you’re a pilion and fancy learning to ride, don’t put it off - have a go. Despite what some might say, it’s not difficult and you just might enjoy it!



The next day my “of-course-its-a-good-idea” fiancé booked it for me and my fear started to become real. I know as much about riding a motorbike as I do about piloting a plane. I did my cycling proficiency course in a playground when I was seven. I think that involved cones. I am reliably informed that I will learn how to change gear with my feet. My FEET? This is more than an alien concept to me. Not only will I need to keep a strange machine that is two wheels short of what I’m used to, upright, I have to use hands and feet at the same time to make it go and stay going, while at the same time staying fully road and traffic focussed, remaining polite to other drivers by the trademark nod/wave that nice bikers do. In my current panicked state this sounds like spinning plates while patting my head and rubbing my tummy, plus playing the piano with my feet and flying a kite. Surely this is a step too far for this pillion. And the training itself - what if it’s just me and lots of smirking hoodywearing boy racers? What if I fall off? What if I break the training centre’s bike? What if I’m too short to reach the floor/ handlebars? Is it like horse riding where they give you the Shetland pony equivalent of a motorbike - the nice one that doesn’t bite yet doesn’t really go very fast no matter how many times to ask it to giddy up? I sat in the Important Seat of my chauffeur’s Blackbird recently for the first time. My feet dangled around a foot and a half from the floor. I suspect that wouldn’t be very useful at traffic lights. Even less useful was the fact I had to lie flat over the tank face down at full stretch to reach the handlebars. At best, on that particular bike, I would just about have the choice of working things with my hands OR feet but both together is quite literally a physical impossibility for me unless we can find a set of industrial sized stabilisers. However, at the end of the day, I just looked ridiculous. On top of all this, I have now entered into a world of lies and the deceit. I mean, I can’t tell my mum. There are certain things a girl should never announce to her mum and this is one of them.

The first step to the open road.....

In turn it means that my son is sworn to secrecy with various tempting bribes and the threat of all Christmases being cancelled until further notice if he breathes a word. So here I am, just a couple of weeks away from slipping from my pillion perch down into the hot seat with my fiancé enthusiastically thrusting pictures of potential mechanical steeds at me. I appear to have opened a massive can of worms. Am I looking forward to it? Too right!

Min 10% discount for HOC members 20% discount on Brittany Ferries All rooms en-suite with full facilities Full English breakfast available Evening meals available (by arrangement) TV room with English Sky TV Free Wi Fi access Laundry room Secure parking Lockable garage parking for TWO large bikes Contact us for more details

5, Place du Centre, 22110 Glomel, France 0033 (0)2 96 29 88 44

All images are for illustrative purposes only





It shouldn’t happen to a Biker - Part 3 This is the final part of the Farquar trilogy. Over the two previous instalments, you have read that Kevin Farquar was involved in a motorcycle accident and that the other side’s insurers tried to argue fault. However, at the scene, Kevin took the details of a witness and following service of her statement, the Insurers admitted liability. We now look how his claim is calculated.

Let me introduce Kevin Farquhar, a member of the Honda Owners Club. He rides a Pan European which is on an 07 plate. He is married to Zoe who works part time and has two lovely children, Ben aged 14 years and Kim aged 8 years. He is a plasterer employed by ZZ Builders. He has a mortgage and the usual monthly expenses.

By the way, this person is totally fictitious and any resemblance to a person, living or dead is purely coincidental.


There are two elements to compensation; General Damages which reflects the injury(s) sustained; the extent and duration of symptoms suffered; and how the injury(s) affected the client in their work, social and domestic activities (in other words, loss of amenity). This should be specifically calculated to that client as every individual is different. A fractured wrist is a fractured wrist but it can differ in severity and period of recovery. This injury can have more effect on say, a young concert pianist rather than an elderly office worker. A simple fracture is different to a complicated one that requires surgery, plating and possible long term restriction. Lawyers use three things to assess what compensation the individual is entitled to: The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages, which is a publication that has every injury that you would never want to have and guides as to what they are worth: Kemp & Kemp or other similar publications that have reported cases on all types of injuries which have been decided by a Judge: and thirdly, the lawyers own experience of what the case is worth and their negotiating skills. The second element to compensation is Special Damages. This is to reflect money spent or lost as a direct result of the accident, such as wage loss, travelling, medication, damage to clothing and equipment etc. A person seeking compensation is under a duty to mitigate their loss that is to keep losses to a minimum and reasonable. Early discussions with a solicitor will assist the client to identify what losses can be claimed and if they are recoverable as well as ensuring that appropriate support facilities are made available to the client (physiotherapy, hire bike etc). GOLDEN WING 25

In Kevin’s specific case, his claim was calculated as follows:

General Damages

Special Damages

His injuries included soft tissue injuries to his neck and lower back; possible fracture to a rib; and a fracture of the left wrist. He was in plaster for 4 weeks during which time he had physio on his neck and back. Once the plaster was removed, he also had 5 sessions of physio on his wrist. There was no treatment for the fracture to the rib save for prescription painkillers for the first few weeks.

This is a list of expenses that John prepared from the information given by Kevin who signs a statement of truth at the end of the schedule. 1. Loss of earnings. John also obtained Kevin’s pre and post-accident earning details from ZZ Builders and was able to provide a calculation of what Kevin would have earned had the accident not occurred. June to August is the company’s busiest months and this seasonal variance was taken into consideration in the final calculation. Kevin received SSP which will be deducted from the amount to put Kevin in exactly the same financial situation. The insurers are required to reimburse the DWP all benefits received by Kevin as a direct result of the accident. 2. Damage to Motorcycle. The insurers agreed the estimate prepared by the local Honda dealer together with cost of recovery and storage. As the repairs were paid the other driver’s insurer, Kevin did not have to pay a policy excess which John would have added to the list otherwise. 3. Damage to clothing and Equipment. The motorcycle helmet and clothing was listed and photographs of the damage were taken. A list was prepared confirming make, model, date purchased and how much was paid. John advised Kevin not to dispose of the equipment until settlement has been achieved. A certain amount would be deducted for wear and tear unless the items were relatively new. The insurers said that they would not make any payment unless receipts were available. John advised that unless payment was agreed, he would take them to court and put all the items before the judge. The insurers agreed to pay! 4. Travel expenses. A list of all travel was prepared confirming the date of travel, destination, purpose of visit and return mileage if by car, or taxi/bus receipt. Mileage is calculated at 45p per mile. Car parking charges were also claimed when Kevin attended hospital and physio. 5. Care. Kevin needed help with his personal care as well as Ben (his son) having to cut the grass, tend the garden and clean the cars. This time was calculated at £6.50 per hour x 22 hours. 6. Medication. Kevin had to pay for one prescription together with over the counter pain killers. He failed to keep receipts but this was calculated and included. Physo was organised by John and paid by the insurers direct. 7. Loss of Rally Fees. Kevin had pre-booked two rally fees that he was unable to attend and no refund was given. This was claimed in the schedule.

He made a full recovery from his neck and back within 3 months and his chest was sore for 6 weeks. He had made a full recovery from his wrist with no restriction of movement or risk of arthritis within 6 months. Kevin is 38 years old and is a plasterer by trade. He was unable to work for 7 weeks and the injury affected his social and domestic activities. Luckily his holiday here in the UK was planned at the end of July and although his enjoyment was slightly affected, he was still able to go. He needed help for the first few weeks with his personal care and domestic chores. More importantly, he was unable to ride his bike for 7 weeks and missed out on a number of rallies and ride-outs. When returning to motorcycling, Kevin had no travel anxiety and was just pleased to get back in the saddle. Taking all of this into consideration his claim for General Damages was in a range of £5,000 to £5,500. The insurers wanted to make an offer without the need to obtain a formal medical report of £3,000. This was rejected. John obtained Kevin’s medical records and x-rays (with Kevin’s written permission) and instructed an orthopaedic consultant to prepare a medicolegal report. This was served on the insurers and after some negotiation; General Damages were negotiated at the top of the assessment range.



After a detailed assessment of Kevin’s specific circumstances, no other direct losses were identified and the schedule was prepared and sent to the insurer with the evidence of loss of earnings, photos of the damaged clothing/equipment and any receipts Kevin was able to provide. The insurers made the usual comments but agreed all losses in full after being advised that unless the matter can

be resolved amicably, court proceeding would be issued. Any interim payments were taken into account and Kevin’s final compensation award was agreed. Within two weeks, Kevin’s cheque was received and sent to him who settled his claim without deduction. John then sorted out his costs with the insurer.

I hope that you have found these three articles of assistance in understanding how a personal injury claim is calculated and has identified some of the pitfalls. The important thing is to get immediate advice from someone who is qualified and experienced in this type of work, whether it’s me or another specialist biker solicitor. Make that your First Call as the solicitor can provide you with straight forward personal one to one advice. They can also arrange hire bike/car facilities with rehabilitation if required as well as liaising with your own insurer. As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 40 years and a lawyer for over 30 years), I also donate £100 to the HOC for each case I take on from the member, their family or friend that is recommended to me by a HOC member. This is paid by my firm and not out of the individual’s compensation. My contact numbers are 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065. These are linked to my mobile, so I can be contacted out of office hours (subject to not being on the bike!). My e-mail is and website is My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section.

Kent Motorcycles

Main Honda Dealership in Kent n Comprehensive showroom with test bikes n Full workshop facilities n H’s Café n Regular ride-outs n 10% HOC discount Dover Road (A2), Barham, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6SA 01227 832601 / 832958 SPRING 2012


Craig Anstee 1960-2012 It’s Craig’s fault that I ride a bike and am involved with the HOC. In 1994 whilst rebuilding a Super Dream, under Craig’s careful instruction, he suggested that I might want to join the Honda Owners Club and get the most out of my bike. He’d already joined and I thought it’d be a great way to get out on the bike and meet new people. Less than a year later we were starting the Northants Branch at The Red House with Ruth Wingrove (many years later she was to become my wife - but that’s another story). As the Branch Secretary it was Craig’s boundless energy and enthusiasm that ensured that the new branch got off to a great start. He loved to chat, as will be testified by anyone who met him - there are countless 3 legged donkeys all over Northamptonshire. He also loved to organise runs and events, the first Branch Charity Day in 1997 was all his idea and he worked tirelessly to make it a great success. I first met him at junior school in Bedford, when we were both 6 and we remained best friends for the rest of our lives. Going through the ups and downs life, marriage and divorce together. We were in the Air Cadets together and I’ll never forget the time he was riding his Raleigh Wisp up Cardington


Hill to the RAF camp and I overtook him on my pushbike - he laughed so loudly I thought he’d explode! He was always into bikes and it was largely his fault that I bought my first bike. He loved to ride, but most of all he loved to clean and polish his machines. If it could be polished to a shine, it was! He always had a broad grin and never let anything get him down, even when he had a heart attack and was later diagnosed with cancer. Ironically he was beating the cancer when an anurism took him from us. I miss him. RIP mate.



Racing Report Let Battle Commence!


s I write this article another season of racing is about to begin - great excitement and lots to look forward to. Most of the riders and teams are settled and there are some interesting changes this year - not only to the riders and teams themselves. In the Moto GP there is now a selection of new riders - officially known as ‘Rookies’ to bring in some new faces. We also have the Moto3 race which is the new 4-stroke 250cc single-cylinder class which replaces the old 125cc GP category - minimum age of a rider is 16 - maximum age 28. There is once again another year of the exciting Moto2 racing. Starting from a ‘level playing field’ with Honda being the sole engine supplier to this class and Dunlop providing the tyres, these 600cc 4-stroke bikes have been great fun to watch. Changes to the World Superbike series are slightly different - it is the tracks they are visiting - with a race taking place in Moscow this Honda NSF250R year (26th August). This new venue being part of the 14 rounds, on three continents i.e. Australasia, Europe and North America. The 2012 British Superbike season will be the 25th BSB Championship. For the 2012 season MSVR has announced a number of changes to the technical regulations to enhance the spectacle of the Championship. It is limited to 32 entries, 16 two bike teams. This is said to be a way to reward the teams that have raced BSB year in, year out. Teams within the current BSB are invited to enter there two bike teams initially, with any teams who wish to graduate to the BSB class having to buy an entry. The whole of the British Superbike grid will move towards the EVO class throughout, creating a one class championship. All bikes will run a standard ECU (electronics control unit), this stock ECU will mean that electronics such as traction control and launch control will be banned. 2012 spec bikes were run during the end of the 2011 season, with MSS Colchester Kawasaki’s Gary Mason and Team WFR’s James Westmoreland running the bikes for 3 and 2 rounds respectively. Another interesting addition to the BSB this year is that Nori Haga has joined the BSB rider ranks! Partnering Tommy Hill in the Yamaha Team, this is The Stigette Racing Correspondent bound to add to the spice of the racing.



Classic Corner by Dave Barton Classic Secretary

As last year was our 50th birthday I spent each magazine reflecting on our history and how we learned to grow and stand on our own two feet. Or should I say wheels? So this year I thought that while we were growing up along side Honda. They were also on a learning curve. In fact we are both taking on new challenges. As Honda from day one in 1948 placed 10% of all profit in R&D, this is as true today as it has been for the past sixty four years. So they are still on the learning curve and look what they are producing! So what made all the money and put Honda on top of the pile? To me it was the release of the Single Over Head Cam. In line four cylinder CB750 at the Tokyo show in 1968. The motorcycle world had never seen anything like it. Or compare with it at the same level. We were all amazed at this machine. Honda had earned every penny by producing small “Bread and Butter” machines. Mr Honda’s dream was to give small affordable motorcycle transport to everyone on this planet. This was achieved as the little “Nifty Fifty” Cub is the most popular vehicle on the planet with sales of over seventy million. I know that I have always said that we started life on small Hondas as club members. “The CB750 is my choice for the Then as we started to find or feet sorry wheels best machine for the first ten years” along came the CB750. The response from the motorcycle world was amazing with Honda gearing up to produce one machine every five minutes off the production lines. So the single overhead cam 750 Four was designed as a Touring Machine. So you could sit back and enjoy the CB750 “Dream”. The initial few machines arriving here in the UK were fitted with the American style high rise handlebars. Also fitted with a lush very comfortable seat you could sit on it and ride forever. Having said that this was the dream touring machine. It did kick out a top speed of about 125mph. So it would show most 750cc machines a clean set of four exhausts as it would scurry away in the distance. Like all production machines that are produced over a long period. There are changes made to the machine without stopping the production. The CB750K1 a bridge across the rear of the carburettors similar to the race bikes. 30 GOLDEN WING


Replacing the separate cables to each carburettor. There were also cosmetic changes to the seat and side panels. The CB750K2 was similar. Then the graphics were changed on the K3 in 1973. Remaining the same up to the K6 in 1976. Over the years the engine had been de-tuned to make it a more relaxing touring machine. It was still out selling other 750cc machines. It 1976 the CB750FA “Automatic” was introduced to the American market. Honda gave dealers a few here to test the reaction, but they were left off the UK range. The Automatic had a torque converter from a Honda Civic car. So it was a well proven unit with the machine remaining on the sales lists for three years until 1978. A “Sports” version the CB750F0 was introduced in 1975. Fitted with a four into one exhaust system. A longer and narrower fuel tank making the machine look more sporty. The 1976 CB750F1 remained much the same. Then in 1977 CB750F2 was a total re-vamp. Fitted with the new “Comstar” spoked aluminium wheels. A black painted engine and a raised rear four into one exhaust. The engine had a improved performance together with a longer wheelbase. Making this just about the best model produced. The final versions of the CB750 were the K7 and K8. These were a total re-vamp of the four exhaust models having different exhausts. A reshaped fuel tank and seat, making the machine look more “Tubby” and putting it in touring mode. We had some of the K7’s here but not the K8. The Single Overhead Cam CB750 was in production for almost ten years. Which is a very long time for a Honda. Proving that the original concept was an outstanding machine. This is why the CB750 is my choice for the best machine for the first ten years. As for 1970 to 1980 what is your most outstanding Honda Motorcycle? Please let me know and it may be the focus machine for our next magazine.

Let the good times roll SPRING 2012




French Government at it again - another thing to carry? Although the new Hi-viz rules in France aren’t due to be enforced until Jan next year, the necessity to carry a disposable breathalyser will be live from 1st July this year. Alcohol is a factor in more French accidents than speed is, but generally involves those extreme offenders who are 2 or 3 times over the limit. The French limit is 50mg per 100ml of blood, as opposed to our UK 80mg level, so it is remarkably easy to be over the limit with perhaps one drink, dependant on circumstance. Obviously not drinking at all before riding, is the best practise, but now you will be penalised regardless of alcohol consumption, but rather the carrying of something to test whether or not you are over the limit! Even T-totallers are going to fall foul of this one. The fine will be 11 Euros so is clearly just an income stream as compliance can be checked in association with any other offence or stop and check situation. The units themselves can be bought for about 2 Euros and will be available at ports and on ferries. Bear in mind, many of these new laws affecting motoring in France may be in jeopardy anyway, depending on the results of the elections that will be running in April. The opposition are aware just how unpopular they are and may well overthrow them before they are enacted. If you are planning a trip this summer, please remember that as things stand, compulsory headlight use exists, as does carrying a set of spare bulbs and you should probably ride on the right... The 4 reflective stickers on your helmet is a rule that has been in for about 10 years, but I’ve never heard of a case of the police enforcing it for non-French Nationals.



Who ate all the pies? asks Jennie Clarke

John gets certified




rm… that would be the hungry shower from HOC East Midlands… No, I’m not being mean! What would YOU do on a cold frosty January day? Well, if you are a member of the East Midlands branch of the HOC, on the 17th of January, you would’ve been looking forward to a return visit to Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory in Tipton. If you’ve never been then I can totally recommend it - a massive choice of fabulous grub, even a carvery if you don’t want a pie (but why wouldn’t you?). They have a very unique way of serving the food too! “Mick’s Grill” is served on a shovel! Good prices too! Unfortunately there were

Johns ‘Desperate Dan’ Pie SPRING 2012

a couple of folks missing as Graham and Karen’s car had conked out so they didn’t make it, but, for my sins, they asked me to go along and as I was making a journey home from Wales at the time, it would’ve been rude not to! The menu has a massive range including the Desperate Dan Cow Pie (complete with pastry horns!). John decided he was up to the challenge and tucked in whilst the rest of us looked on in admiration. He cheated a bit by leaving the horns - he gave those away! There were puns aplenty about giving his missus - Jacqui - the horn, but the pub felt he deserved his “I ate all my pie” certificate and he proudly posed with it!

I got the distinct impression that they felt he certainly was certifiable. I totally enjoyed my Nachos, followed by a Steak n Ale pie with the most scrummy chips served in a miniature chip pan sieve thing (you’ll see what I mean from the pics with all the empties stacked up!). Although we were small in number, we were large of appetite, humour and joie de vivre! Food devoured, drinks supped, cheerios said and it was time to head home. Another great social event with fellow HOCers… you can’t beat it! My thanks to Rita and Steve for organising and for inviting me along - gluttons for punishment I tell ya!!

Some of the motley crew

Nothing left but a horn

So Nacho!

Look who turned up to join us GOLDEN WING 35

Kicking Back... Something to Say - Say it Here

Club Annual General Meeting Dear Stritchy I have just received the Winter copy of “Golden Wing”, I always look forward to reading the mag, it gets bigger and better. Thank you to all involved for the hard work that goes into producing it. I live in France and would like to comment on the generally excellent article about touring. In France these days, most supermarkets and many small rural petrol stations have a self service pump open 24/7, unlike 10 years ago, they accept most UK Credit/Debit cards but if you are really stuck just wait for a local to arrive and offer cash to use his card, most times it works. Warning signs for speed cameras have been removed in some areas and the Gendarmes are very hot on speeding in towns and villages, 50Km over the limit and you may lose your bike! If you plan to push your luck, make sure you have €150 cash to pay the on the spot fine if you are caught, it will save you a lot of hassle. Later this year, traffic offences are supposed to be trans European meaning that the fine and the points will follow you home! Unless you either stick to boring autoroutes or take serious liberties with the limits, there is no way you can average 65mph. The limit on rural roads is 90kph, obviously there are many places where that can be safely ignored without risk of being caught but in my experience an average of 50mph is nearer the mark if you are touring and want to see something of the surroundings. Thanks again for the mag. Regards

Keith Howlett

Membership No:25048 Le Moulin de la Chauvalière FRANCE

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE 36 GOLDEN WING




Motorcycle Live by

Rona Bell


ell it’s all over again for another year and I’m shattered, LOL. But I just wanted to say a HUGE welcome to all the new members that joined us at the show and subsequently via the website or post as well. I really hope you make the most of your membership and join in with all the fun things that we do in this club. Without the members this club won’t survive, so please, please get along to your nearest branch and give them your support. It truly is a brilliant club, filled with such wonderful and colourful characters, so you really will be assured of a warm welcome wherever you go, and loads of


Rona, Ruth & Erica

Matt & Phil

So... same time next year guys and lets hope we have another fantastic year! SPRING 2012

laughs along the way. And of course there’s the all important bike riding all over the country and beyond into Europe, so you have no excuse not to get into your bike gear and have a lot of fun with the rest of us nutters LOL. Secondly I want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Dave Barton (CB77 & SS50), Matt Jagger (CB72) and Tom & Jordan Reeve (DN-01) for lending me their pride and joys for the stand this year. They all totally wowed the crowds and without your generosity we wouldn’t have got the attention we did, so thank you so much guys, I really appreciated it. And then onto the nutters that helped out on the stand this year… THANK YOU all soooooooo much peeps, without you talking to people and giving me some serious laughs, the week would’ve been a) very long and b) not so fruitful for membership and regalia sales, so hugs all round and thank you again for volunteering, couldn’t do it without you all.

The show bikes drew in the crowds

Dave’s CB72

Matt’s CB77

Tom & Jordan’s DN-01

Dave’s SS50

Phil, Erica & Dave Cave

Rona, Tom & Jordan

Bring on 2012, and here’s to friends new and old, loads of fun and plenty of riding! Stritchy

Dave and Graham

Rona brought lots of celebrities to the stand again this year



My ride on the NC700X by Alan Sharkey


arlier today I was lucky enough to have a ride the new Honda NC700X. For those who don’t know what it is, the bike is a 700cc twin with two unique features - more torque than a CBR600F and 78mpg. More than twice the miles per gallon than some pocket rockets and something a lot of bikers need to think about these days! Anyway, on with the ride report. Kevin at Rochdale Honda handed me the keys “Off you go, Alan”. And I did. Looked it over. Nice enough. Big wide and comfy seat. Handlebars in the right place. Ah, the new switch gear - I must remember that when I indicate. Start it up and it settles down to a wuffly tickover, typical of mid range twins. Helmet on and I’m ready for the off. Indicate right <PARP> - OK, try again with the correct switch - and I set off. Once into the traffic, it pootles along quite nicely in 3rd gear. No need to keep playing with the box. The rumour is that it’s got loads of torque, so no need to keep revving it up. And my experience seems to


bear that out. It’s happy anywhere over 2000 rpm, which is very good for a twin. Out onto the open roads and I accelerate a bit. Look at the speedo and I’m doing 60. How did that happen? It seemed very easy, so obviously the torque figures are right. Speaking of the speedo, the instrument display is probably one of the best I’ve seen for a while. The speed shows very clearly, the rev counter is obvious and the fuel gauge is also easy to read (which hardly moved during my ride). It also works well in direct sunlight (yes, I did have some of that). So, onto the motorway and accelerate up to the national speed limit (approximately). Yes, I like that too. The mirrors are completely clear (no buzziness at all) and I can see behind me on both sides.

In fact, they are very very good you don’t realise how good until you get onto another bike. Wind protection is minimal from the small screen, but it’s not that noisy (big screens can cause buffeting and a lot of noise). So, I think it’s a good compromise. Right enough of that, let’s try some twisty roads and see how it handles. Not quite as good as my CBF1000FA, but acceptable. It wouldn’t be for the knee down brigade (I could feel the front end being a little vague), but perfectly OK for normal people. No jumpiness and the suspension worked well across the famous British potholes. So, onwards. Back into town work again and I start getting used to the switch gear. No more horn when I mean to indicate. Stop at traffic


lights and now I notice that the seat is quite high (for me with little legs). Perfectly OK for any normal person, but taller than I am used to. But it is well balanced and I have no issues with stopping or moving off. Weaving in and out of the traffic is easy since it has wide bars, light steering and I can see over all the cars. But soon the journey is over and I am back at Rochdale Honda. Park up and walk around it. It’s a nice looking bike. I was on a white one and there is a red one in the shop which looks stunning. Hand the keys back and look forward to a nice cup of tea to warm up.

Overall it’s a superb package. For the price (around £5800), you can’t fault it - and the bonus of 78mpg has to be an extra factor. So, go and try it out - you won’t regret it.

“ SPRING 2012

Overall, it’s a superb package


At long long last the mainstream motorcycle press are waking up to the reality that motorcycling freedoms really are threatened and it is worth joining MAG. As I write, I hear that the editors of Bike Magazine, Ride and Motorcycle News have all joined. Long time road tester Rupert Paul on Bike has devoted his column to his belated support for MAG and assures readers that all the Bike staff are now members. This series of epiphanies has come about not just because the European Commission has overreached itself with a raft of legislation that seeks to address non existent problems but because these people are convinced that MAG really has the will

MAG member John Strong 42 GOLDEN WING

and ability to stop this legislation in its tracks. The fact that the vote on the anti tampering proposals has now been put back until July reflects the fact that the commission has been caught with its pants down and its homework undone. MAG member John Strong from London has been doing his homework however and discovered that the Commission is guilty of failing to check that its proposals address real problems and that they are proportionate to the scale of those problems when taking into account the effect the proposals will have on the motorcycle market. That means manufacturers, retailers, custom bike builders and riders. In pursuing this line of attack MAG has the support of another MAG member, Steve Baker MP (High Wycombe). Steve has asked the UK Government to challenge the legitimacy of the EU Type Approval Regulation in the European Court of Justice. Now Jon pointed out that the Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Study (MAIDS) 2004, pointed to vehicle condition being the primary cause of accidents in just 0.7 percent of the study. Also a 2003 German standards (TUV) report paid for by the commission, advised that research was necessary to establish if SPRING 2012

‘tampering’ was common and if it had any impact on accidents. That research has not been done. Jon’s complaint is that one needs to know the scale of the problem to determine the proportionality of the legislative measure needed to deal with it and that the commission has not presented the detailed evidence required. Without the evidence the proportionality cannot be appraised and the draft legislation breaches the treaty. The European Ombudsman accepted that Jon had made a sufficiently strong case for the commission to need to answer. The Ombudsman gave the commission until the end of September 2011 to respond. Two weeks before the deadline the commission asked for more time and committed to respond by October 31. The commission missed the deadline and didn’t respond

until the end of November, when it presented a short letter containing banal generalities as to how it had followed its own guidelines for impact assessments and had done the necessary work. In short none of this is good enough and the guilty parties know it, hence the delay in the vote.

Ian Mutch MAG President

TOGETHER... we could just stop this insanity!

If you would like to get involved, apart from joining MAG, then in light of Steve Baker’s recent request to the UK Government, write to Justine Greening the Secretary of State for Transport and say something like this > Download this message at Feel free to send the replies you get to

Dear Secretary of State The European Ombudsman (case num ber 0875/2011/JF) has found that the EU Com mission has a case to answer for maladministration and issues of prop ortionalit y, as defined by the Treaty of the European Unio n (Article 5 para 4), regarding its proposed regulation COM (2010) 542 final.

Issues within the Regulation raising concern with regard to proportionalit y, include anti-tampering , mandatory anti-lock brak ing systems (ABS) and automati c headlights on (AHO). The regulation is currently timetable d to go before plenary session on April 19, 2012 without evid ence to support some of the proposals contained within. I fear that the case before the Ombudsm an will not be resolved prior to that parliamentary vote. I am therefore writing to ask that you call on the European Com mission to drop thos e articles relevant to the Ombudsman’s investigation, espe cially article 18 of its proposed regulation, until these issue s can be resolved.

I further ask that you support the call from Steven Baker MP (High Wycombe) demanding the European Cou rt of Justice makes a ruling on this fundame ntal breach of the Treaty of the European Union.



Representing You I don’t need to tell you that as motorcyclists we often feel ‘got-at’, a feeling shared by many minorities that are being persecuted. This is understandable because as I said in the last issue, we are a minority road user with around 1.6 million bikes out on a good day as against 32 million cars out most days. But not only that, we don’t even fit in with the norm. Most people, including politicians and civil servants (our own or those in the EU) are not into motorcycles, don’t understand them, don’t understand the attraction and perhaps even worse, don’t even want to understand the attraction or the benefits! All they see is unacceptable high casualty rates and all they notice is the loud and the lairy - and this is why the BMF was formed all those years ago because even back in 1960, the same perceptions were there and ever since then, the BMF has been fighting the motorcyclists’ corner.

We in the UK are not alone of course, French motorcyclists are not only being subjected to the same Type Approval regulations threatening us, they are also fighting a ban on lane splitting (filtering to you and me) and from 1st January 2013, the wearing of ‘125cm2 of reflective clothing between waist and shoulder’. (By the way, like the new French breathalyser law applying from July this year where all drivers will have to carry their own working breathalyser, French law will apply to you as you tour through France). You may have read of bans from city centres too, but this stems from a proposal by the Green Party that in order to reduce congestion and pollution in French cities of more that 100,000 inhabitants, they want to ban all vehicles manufactured prior to 2004 from city centres. Note that despite tales to the contrary, this isn’t bike specific, it affects all road users - well, except cyclists. But back to the Type Approval regulations, including anti-tampering and mandatory ABS, that are still progressing through the EU parliamentary system and are proving incredibly difficult to influence, no matter how hard we try. For perhaps the majority, such things will not appear to be a problem but the effects could be far reaching. Unlike cars, motorcycles are relatively low volume items so adding even a basic ABS system to a small scooter would cost around £200 and an estimated £300-£400 on larger machines. In an already depressed market this could reduce

French riders on a protest run last year



sales and reduced sales mean less profits, less development and less choice for everyone. But it’s not all doom. As we showed in our recent interview with Transport Minister Mike Penning, he is a biker and has just launched a driver awareness TV campaign called the Named Rider Campaign, the idea being to give an identity to the rider, to personalise him or her as a living person, not just another vehicle. It came from research showing that drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists on the roads if they know a biker themselves. A refreshing change and an interesting approach, but time will tell if it makes a difference.

Mike Penning, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport (a Transport Minister

has said “the UK government won’t be steamrollered”

in layman’s terms!)

This brings us neatly to the recent Lobby Day organised by Rider Are Voters, a coalition of the main UK motorcycle organisations: The Motor Cycle Industries Association (MCIA) the BMF, the ACU and MAG. The idea was for a cross section of members to contact their MPs and invite them to an informal session at the House of Commons where they could hear motorcycling’s concerns as a whole. Discussions spanned the review of the motorcycle test procedure and the upcoming Third European Driving Licence Directive (due to be implemented in 2013) along with the European Type Approval proposals. Although a European Parliament issue, MPs were told of our concerns and the cost implications for the industry, particularly the unclear timetables, a lack of clarity for technical requirements and the undemocratic aspects of so called ‘Delegated Acts’ (where officials can make regulations without proper scrutiny). Mike Penning has said that the UK government won’t be steamrollered over these issues and that’s to be welcomed, but as we all know, EU regulations have a habit of being adopted, still, it was a good day and at least some MPs are now better informed on motorcycling matters. SPRING 2012

BMF Show crowds

Of course, if we had more money we could do more on the lobbying front and this is where you come in by becoming an Individual Member of the BMF. This is not to take anything away from the HOC, in fact under our member enhancement (now, now…) scheme, you save and the club benefits too. This is how it works; you join via your club and save £5 on the £26 standard rate while the HOC get £5 for every member they sign up. You get a regular copy of our magazine Motorcycle Rider too and the BMF benefits by increasing its revenue. Your club secretary has the details. Finally, with Spring now here, events like the BMF Show (19/20 May) are an important revenue earner for the BMF. There are savings to be had by being a member and booking in advance, see for more on Europe’s largest outdoor bike show. Safe Riding

Jeff Stone

To join the BMF as an individual, ‘phone on 0116 279 5112 or join on line at Couldn’t be easier. GOLDEN WING 45

stoneleigh race retro show by

Garry Goldingay, Sharon Major and Dave the Rabbit


Sharon and Garry trying out the bikes

Sharon with our old friend from the Sunbeam Club

Sharon and Garry with Steve Parish 46 GOLDEN WING

e’d been looking forward to this, our first time manning the HOC stand along with Dave (The Rabbit). The day started well with us arriving at the wrong entrance DOH! But it didn’t take us long to realise our error, a quick reverse manoeuvre back over the one way bridge “What one way bridge” and around Stoneleigh took us to the correct entrance. There we were met by Dave who couldn’t get in, he’d forgotten his wristband on the stand and the Race Retro Security chaps “bless em” wouldn’t let him in to fetch it, even though he’d got his car pass and he was going to leave his vehicle and keys with them and go in and collect the offending wristband. Well we finally made it in and started to re-arrange the stand a little, at first only one bike was on the stand, a CB160 Race bike loaned to us by Tony Tuttle. Who incidentally won the Championship in his class last year and that at the tender age of ?... well over 21. Later another Bike appeared in the guise of a 97 Honda 50 sixties replica loaned to us by John Swain. Both of these very kind gentlemen have loaned us bikes in the past. Thanks guys. Both these bikes gained a lot of interest throughout the day (Note to self, “Next time know more about the bikes on the stand”). Questions about and interest in the HOC were constant and throughout the day, which meant we were doing what we were there for, spreading the word about this brilliant Owners Club. We did try to get Steve Parrish on the stand for a couple of photos but he was a bit busy, “I’ll try and get over later” he shouted. A couple of hours later this head and a big grin poked around the corner, he hadn’t forgot us, nice one Steve. Thanks, it made our day and made for a great pic. We all enjoyed our ‘stint’ on the stand, it gave us a very entertaining Sunday plus a chance to do something for a club that’s responsible for us gaining lots of new friends.

A big thanks to Dave for the great company and the photos, can’t wait to do it again. SPRING 2012



Ending the 50th Anniversary Year How do you wrap up such an amazing 50th anniversary year? With a party of course, HOC style! So, a whole bunch of us set off on a late December foray to Bashley in the New Forest. Only one intrepid traveller went on 2 wheels - our illustrious General Secretary - mad sod! It was f-f-f-freezing! Folks had travelled from all over the place and assembled for the Friday night welcome and games. Scrummy food, lots of beer and loads of laughter! Perfect! Giant Jenga (oh how tempting to give it a nudge!), competitive games of giant Connect 4… indoor bowling (which Dave Andrews from Oxford displayed unrivalled skill at!) and not forgetting the Reading Rabble playing the giant Wii games too! Brilliant start to what looked to be the start of a top weekend! Back to our respective luxury vans - and boy, they were luxurious! Ipod docking stations.. flat screen telly… fully kitted out kitchen, fridge, freezer… lovely comfy beds.. I can totally recommend it! Saturday was a day where folks did their own thing all day. First off though was a cracking breakfast! Everyone had all they wanted and it was served by friendly staff and washed down with limitless cups of tea or coffee. Sadly this was as far as Gerald got with his Bashley experience as he was taken ill and had to spend the night in hospital. Thankfully he was well enough to go home soon after. After breakfast some folks went sightseeing, others shopping and some of us made full use of the leisure facilities on site by spending hours in the sauna then the Jacuzzi, swimming pool and back in the sauna again… it was very tiring I 48 GOLDEN WING

can tell you! The evening arrived too soon and then it was time to brave the cold and start the party proper! Wow! What a lovely sight the ballroom was! The tables were decorated with all manner of party paraphernalia and looked a picture! The ladies were resplendent in posh frocks and the fellas predominantly suited and booted! Never let it be said that the HOC doesn’t scrub up well! Erica looked stunning. Dinner was served and we all tucked in - no shyness when it comes to grub! There was the constant hum of conversation punctuated with laughter - the atmosphere was fantastic! We even had a magician visit each table and work his magic! After dinner Santa and his helper appeared and handed out lots of lovely presents to us all! Despite his later denials of his identity - we KNOW it WAS Santa! We shared the ballroom with other large groups and when the Compere announced there was to be a dancing competition there was no holding back the Reading Rabble and one of their crew Dave I think - was on the dance


with a big bash at Bashley! floor so fast I swear he teleported there! First on the dance floor, and, I believe, the last! The music started and we were all up and boogeying the night away. Whilst we were all busy giving it some welly on the dance floor, Stritchy was getting shaved within an inch of his life! He had (mad fool) promised to have his beard shaved in return for dosh for the Air Ambulance... and for a suitable sum, agreed to have his head shaved too! I have to say - the transformation was scary!! I’m not sure how much he raised (£250) but whatever it was, it should’ve been more!

What a brilliant party and a totally superb weekend. Huge thanks go to Erica for organising the whole thing and to Ruth and Stritchy for making it just that bit more special with all they did too. Thanks also to all who helped Erica & Gerald. Here at the HOC we know how to party! Impressed by the whole experience the Club are having an HOC Christmas Party 2012… this time in Northamptonshire and at the very beginning of December. Here’s hoping it is just as much fun and that everyone has another fabulous HOC party to round off the year and kick of the festive season in style! by Jennie Clarke

The music and festivities continued into the early hours and it was a weary bunch of very happy party-goers who surfaced for breakfast on Sunday morning. Another belly-busting brekky consumed and it was time for the inevitable “Cheerios” and promises to do it all again “next year”.



Christmas Bowling Party by Jennie Clarke


ry ear Compulso Funky Footw

Prof showing how its done 50 GOLDEN WING

oing bowling in December has become an annual outing for the Northants & MK Branch and last year was no exception. The only difference was that Teresa very kindly stepped up to the plate and organised it this time as Jennie was unable to. A right motley crew showed up from both the Northants HOC and Beds HOC and teams were drawn at random - which meant some interesting mixes of ability! Much laughter and many missed skittles later it was time for food! The AMF bowling folks always put on a great spread and for a good price too, and, judging by the speed at which the platters were cleared, this time was no exception.

Alan showing how its done

Glen throwing himself into it SPRING 2012

were No animals d re ju in

Crystal doing a ver y convincing Cousin It

Refuelled and time for the second game - lots of oohs and ahhs and sympathetic arm and back patting., and not a few hilarious complete misses! Still... as I always say (when bowling) it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts! It was an evening of shocks as even Jennie managed a strike (and took a photo of the scoreboard to prove it too!) A shock result saw the reigning champion ousted! Not to worry Teresa - there’s always next time! After the bowling it was time to hit the arcade and Crystal and Jennie took enormous pleasure whacking the Meerkats whilst others checked out the bike racing games! All in all, another great night with lots of laughs, great company and scrummy food! Thanks to all who came along and made it yet another fantastic HOC social event!

Doing the maths

champion The reigning e tips m so s give

Happy D an SPRING 2012

Yummy scrumm y!

m! Gone! Om nom no

sed Mickey dres ssion for the occa


Top Team!

da s not a Hon No Dick, it’

The lengths some folks will go to to avoid bowling!

shing Meerkat ba

More Meerka t bashing! GOLDEN WING 51

2012 S’No Rally by Keven Ludlam


he S’ No Rally was a success again. Our new hosts at the Blacksmiths Arm, Chris & Karon extended a warm welcome to about 20 bikers including 8 from the Birmingham Branch, 2 from the Oxford, 1 from the Bedford Branch, 1 from Manchester and the legendary wanderer himself, Chris Cook! Friday night started off a little relaxed with general chat and a few beers before tucking into food provided by Karon our hostess with entertainment by the legendary chairman Derek and his twelve string guitar, sounding off with some great tunes. Saturday and after a full English the ride out set off at 11am and saw a fantastic group of 20 plus riders. After a quick dash up the M1 to get a bit of distance in, we took to the Yorkshire Dales before taking in the cold bleak Pennines, down through Holmfirth - getting stuck at traffic lights that for some reason the sensors couldn’t pick up a huge gang of bikers, so proceeding with caution we worked our way through and out towards the Woodhead Pass - stunning scenery but very cold. Stopping off for a pit stop at a car park didn’t help the Ladies in the group as their toilets were broken! Cracking on we took to the Pennines again and found our way back to Derbyshire and the beautiful scenery - stopping at Grindleford Café for chip butties and a pint of tea. After hogging the coal fire we made our way back home to the Blacksmiths Arms riding through Matlock Bath and along roads even some of us in the Three Shires Branch had not been down before - all in all 120 miles. Saturday night’s entertainment was provided by the landlord, a few more beers, food and a raffle to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the Egg Run in April - all in all a good weekend with terrific company. Thanks to all who came along and to those who helped. Pit stop #1

Lined up 52 GOLDEN WING


The Chairman entertains

Almost ready

Pit stop #2


Tents set up


Honda Owners Club

National Rally 2012 Friday - Monday 21-24 September 2012

The 2012 Honda Owners Club National Rally is taking place in Berwickshire, on the east coast of Scotland, where the Park soaks up spectacular wide views of the sandy beach, seaside resort and fishing port of Eyemouth. Eyemouth Holiday Park is right next to the beach, with an All-Weather Sports Court and outdoor play area. It is also situated in one of the most picturesque areas of Scotland, with fantastic roads and great places to visit. The busy weekend includes*: • a welcome ‘get to know you’ party and FREE buffet on Friday night • excellent day run around the area, with an interesting visit and lunch on Saturday • live music and bar on Saturday night • shorter ride and possibly test-rides on Sunday • quiz on Sunday night.

T U O D SOL * Itinerary subject to change as necessary.

All evening entertainment will be separate from the other holiday makers in our own venue, the cost of which is included in the accommodation prices. The Northumbria and Scotland Branches are organising the event this year and it is open to paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club only.

At the moment ALL caravans have been taken however - more will be available soon and we also have details of local B&Bs. If you are interested in going to the National Rally, please register your interest with Ruth on 077604 15347 or treasurer@ for availability.

Numbers are limited, so you must register - first come - first served - 54 GOLDEN WING


1 0 % off for Honda Owners

‘Why not get your bike serviced or repaired by a former Honda Motorcycle Technician, who prepared bikes for the press and media at Honda’s HQ in Slough? I have been trained by the best to the highest Master Technician level, so I can deliver this same high standard of service to you at up to half the price of a main dealer. Let me spend more of my time working on your bike than working on your bill! I offer a unique collection and delivery service, from your place of work or home, menu pricing and a much more comprehensive service than the factory schedule.’ SPRING 2012



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


any of you will recall that in the last issue of Golden Wing our secretary, Glen Pringle told us that he would be stepping down due to a health scare. Well I’m pleased to report that although Glen did indeed step down as secretary at our Branch AGM in November, not only has he responed well to medication and is looking his old self, (is that a good thing?), but we have also managed to retain his services on the Beds committee as Treasurer. Thanks Glen for being there for us as usual. I have subsequently been voted back into the post as Branch Secretary with Ian Parris remaining as Chairman. Beds Branch have continued thriving over the winter months with good attendances every week at our Wednesday meetigs. We took a large contingent to the excellent HOC Christmas party in the New forest and thirty odd of us crammed into a local restaurant for the branch Christmas dinner. We have even has a couple of new faces join us recently! We now have a very full runs list for 2012 varying from Sunday lunch runs to a trip to France and weekends away in Shropshire and Wales, as well as attending branch rallies and National events. Hopefully attendances on these runs will match the enthusiasm of the committee and all our volunteer run leaders! All we need to do now is find Brian a bike and we’re all set. Anybody got a spare set of CBR1000 carbs? Our own Branch rally will be held from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th May, her Maj having nicked our bank holiday Monday for some sort of party. See the booking form in Golden Wing or contact for details. All the best

Graham Beds Branch team at the Barry Sheene memorial run

• • • 56 GOLDEN WING



13th Clappers Rally Friday 25th - Sunday 27th May 2012 @

'The Cross Keys' Pulloxhill Bedfordshire MK45 5HB

Toilets/shower/marquee/pub grub/cooked breakfasts/barbeque/ superb camping field/ride-outs BOOKING FORM

Name (s) Address Postcode: No. in Party: Vehicle: Registration No.: H.O.C. Membership Number:

Contact No.: (4 Max per booking) (Bike/Car /Camper etc....) Branch:

Nights required (£11 per pitch per night) FRI Breakfasts required (£6 per breakfast per person): Saturday Morning Sunday Morning Buffet Salad Required @ £2 (for Sat night BBQ)

SAT (please circle) 1 1 1

2 2 2

=£ 3 3 3

4 4 4

=£ =£ =£


Please return booking form with payment & stamped addressed envelope to: Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road Flitwick Beds MK45 1RB Cheques payable to HOC Bedfordshire Branch, detailed map to be returned on receipt of booking. Please note that as the Bank Holiday has been moved to the first week in June, this year’s Clappers rally will only be a two night rally SPRING 2012





Contact: Pete Casling - 01454 416417

One, two, three, GO!


ell that’s Winter over and done with. At least it was a better one than we’ve had the last few years, making it somewhat more pleasant for the all-year riders. Even I managed to get out for at least a couple of rides in January, taking the opportunity while it was so mild and the roads salt-free. Unfortunately, when the cold snap finally arrived, what with all the filth on the roads, not to mention the cold, that was it for me until the Spring. By now, Winter should long be a thing of the past, and our bikes have all come out of hibernation. No? Not a great deal has happened with us over the past couple of months. The only thing to comment on is our Christmas meal, with ten of us attending. The usual party popper battle and subsequent mess (and we even got moaned about to the management by an odd couple, for making too much noise!). Why on earth do people go out for a meal near Christmastime, and expect it to be quiet? Due to unforeseen circumstances, we postponed our evening Ghost Walk in Bath, and also the Treasure Hunt in Bristol, which was a shame, but by now we may have had both of these events. There was due to be an HOC inter-Branch skittles match in March and Wiltshire, being the current trophy holders, were offering to surrender the title to either us or Dorset. That’s only if we play the game right and don’t knock down any skittles! The winner (or is it loser?) takes home the trophy, and with a bit of careful playing on our part, it’s going to stay in Wiltshire. Some photos next time.

We have several events and days out in the calendar for this year, plus a weekend away. It would be nice if we could get more existing members to join in with us occasionally, as it’s always the same few faces who regularly turn up. We’re not completely fed up with each others’ company (yet!) but the more that do turn up makes any event or day out more like a proper club outing, rather than just a small group of mates going for a day out on the bike. We’ve had one or two members drift away from us in the last year without even saying goodbye (or why), so it would be great if some others actually came and said hello.

Elaine tries on a rather silly party hat

In August, for the first time in many years (maybe the first time, unless you know different?), provided we can get enough volunteers to assist, we plan to have an HOC presence at the on-street Bristol Bike Show in the city centre, with a couple of members’ bikes on display. Maybe we’ll meet some of our local members there, or get some new members signed-up? So that’s just about it for now. Not a lot, but as this was written in late February a quiet time of year, it’s hardly surprising really. I know I keep carping on about it, but please, can we have some more of you show up? Bye for now,


• • • SPRING 2012


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


t’s a bit late to wish you all a Happy New Year but but I will anyway so - HAPPY NEW YEAR! So how have you all been - good to hear that here at Cambridge we are ticking along nicely - we ended the year with a bash at The Dolphin Hotel - dinner and dance (Disco) in the usual manner - it is lovely to get the glad rags out and enjoy good food, good wine, bit of dancing and good company with friends - don’t know where the evening went to be honest! it just seemed to zoom by - we arrived and went almost straight into the dining room, was served dinner which is a chosen starter, carvery then a served dessert or cheese and biscuits the music started and hey presto the evening was over - another good time though and thanks to everyone who came along. Our last Wednesday meeting was an auction - we used to hold them on the last meeting of the year but didn’t for the last couple of years - we decided to re-instate it - you need to give these things a bit of a rest now and again - it is a good way to raise funds for the Branch - it is a blind auction - as they say you buy a gift, wrap it up and then Mr Stackhouse, the auctioneer wrings as much money out of you as he can - you don’t know what you are bidding for or buying and it is a lot of fun - our landlord at the pub even joined in but the chain lube wasn’t much use to him really! But it was good of him to join in the spirit of things. So to 2012 - and already it is nearly the end of February as I type this - have had 2 pay days! always find that makes the time go quickly, waiting for pay day! We have put together a lot of the diary but it will be tweeked during the year but most of it is put together - we have lots planned with 7 of us taking the bikes down to Spain this

year - thought we would try Spain after a few years of wet France - don’t get me wrong I love France but it has been wet every year we have gone so thought we would change the location - we are going overnight from Portsmouth the Bilao then heading down to Torrevieja over 2 days - it should be great fun and I will fill you all in in the next issue. After 2 or 3 meetings with John Banks Honda at Bury St Edmunds we have secured a discount and a dealer day for April - I noticed that they did place an advert in the last issue of the Golden Wing - we did chat about that and it was good to see that they followed through with the advert - the dealer day is scheduled for Saturday 14th April subject to final confirmation. John Banks is a nice place to ride out to - they have a full range of bikes at Bury St Edmunds and clothing too - there are coffee facilities and Nick is a good bloke to chat to. Their branch at Cambridge is not so geared up to bikes - they sell scooters, for which they have a big market, but the big bikes are not sold there - they can and will, however service your bike and order parts for you. They do not open on Sundays though - this is mainly due the fact that they only really have one bike salesman - but it is no hardship and a ride out on a Saturday is good for a change - we do have most ride outs on Sundays have to admit - time for a change. We will be catching up with some of you over the coming weeks/months and look forward to doing so. Ride safe and see you soon, love,

Kim x

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING


The best of both worlds Powered by a thrilling 800cc V4 engine, the Crossrunner combines the flexibility and exciting attitude of a naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure bike. It’s a combination that will keep you smiling, mile after mile, as every journey becomes an adventure. Now available with 0%

APR representative over 3 years with just £99 deposit.

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Contact: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540


e’ve had a couple of short rides in the first two months of the year. The first ride was to Ravens café near Whitchurch. We had six bikes with one pillion. Not bad for the Chester Branch, even if half the group was from Manchester. The next ride had only three bikes, including Mark from Manchester. We went to Hack Green secret bunker in Nantwich. Then had a nice ride round Shropshire and North Wales.

Paul had some Chester Branch leaflets laminated and we called in some bike shops and garages to give them out to customers. Every one of the seven places we visited was happy to display and give out the leaflets. As a thank you, I have put links to their businesses on the Chester Branch website. On a more recent trip find more helpful motorcycle shops, I called in Bill Smiths in Chester. When I showed them the leaflets, they told me that they were starting a Honda dealership in Chester some time in March. They will let me know the location and date of the open day. The fortnightly meetings are still regularly attended by the four hardcore members of the Branch. I’ve had messages from various people promising to come to the meetings, but not seen any new faces yet. But its still winter yet and not many people want to go out on a cold winter night. Fingers crossed, by the time of our next report, the leaflets will have generated some interest and we will start growing into a more successful Branch. Watch this space!!

Chester Hardcore members

Gary F

Hardy bikers or just plain stupid

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING



Organiser: Steve Letheren - 01392 431982 or 07712 160365


i All, we are still about, we have been meeting since Christmas and arranging some places to go on rideouts for 2012. Ian Wickham has joined us and the HOC and is a member of MAG and has some good ideas, we are putting in a 6 month diary with 2 events / rideouts each month to try and get something going again, who will be able to make all the events we do not know, and what the weather will be like, we will see.

The Seven Stars in Exeter - come and say hello

Anyone interested in doing any rides or got any ideas for other things please get in touch for times and meeting places, we will be hopefully going to some evening bikes meets if we have the interest. We will try and arrange a social weekend for October again to finish off the year. We are still meeting at the Seven Stars in Exeter at 7.30 pm on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, so look forward to seeing some more faces with some fresh ideas. Bikers want to go on rideouts, they just need someone to lead them. Regards,


• • •




Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272


e started December off with our Christmas Dinner on December 2nd at the Royal Oak Pub where we meet. Nineteen of us met up for fun, laughter and some nice food. As it was the last of the meets for us in 2011 it rounded the year off very nicely. A couple of small rideouts happened over the Christmas and New Year period just to blow the cobwebs away after the Christmas festivities… This included the Mistletoe Run in Aid of the Air Ambulance which raised just over £1200, well done all. First monthly run of the year 2012 was on Sunday 8th January and kicked off with us all meeting at Bere Regis petrol station and making our way to Lyme Regis, it was overcast but dry, a little cool but we are made of hard stuff down here in Dorset and are out most weeks. Clive has provided the words and the picture for this run (attached). Our next run at the end of January saw us heading off to Wiltshire. Trev led this run so I will use his own words. Met at the A31 Diner we left a little late as we were still eating and talking, so headed off through Wimbourne onto the Cranbourne Road, back towards Blandford, and headed out on the

Compton Abbas/Shaftesbury Road. Then turned onto the Warminster Road turning off to Shearwater and stopped by the lake. Once again the café was closed (I feel a theme going on here), so back on the bikes and into the Warminster Services for coffee. We headed back towards Blandford and headed into West Bay for a quick coffee before heading home as the temperature dropped. Thanks to Trev for an interesting run. February has proved to be very busy for the Dorset Branch with two breakfast meetings, a speaker and the Bristol Show. PC Chris Smith from Dorset Police came to chat to us about Bikesafe. We spent the evening listening to funny stories about his work as a traffic Police Officer and what we as motorcyclists can get out of a Bikesafe day. He is going to come back later in the year as some of the members were at the Bristol Show setting up and missed out so we look forward to seeing him again. Oh well time to sign off and prepare for the Branch AGM on 2nd March and more rideouts as the days become longer.


• • •

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you! 64 GOLDEN WING




East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

East Mids Christmas Party


3rd December

nother great turn out for the Christmas Party but not without a hiccough or two. When Phil & Delice arrived to check into their room they were told that all of the rooms booked for HOC East Midlands had been taken. After much gnashing and wailing (only kidding), they were found accommodation for the night. We all gathered at around 7:30 for a pre-dinner drink and were led promptly to our table at 7:45. A three course meal with the usual seasonal crackers and party hats, plenty of wine to wash it all down

Christmas Dinner Festivities

with, all followed by an Elvis tribute act. Not quite such good entertainment as last year, but the company was good which is what matters most.


Wow, I don’t remember Elvis being that good!

• • • 66 GOLDEN WING


50th Anniversary Christmas Party Weekend

A Who’s the Bees Knees then!

16th-18th December

fter a fairly uneventful journey, apart from the usual Friday afternoon traffic mayhem, we arrived at Bashley. Welcome pack and keys in hand we trudged around looking for our caravan. Quite some time later the realisation dawned, the caravan number that we were looking for didn’t exist, number 255 was in reality number 19A. Once inside all was well as the heating had been put on and it was nice and cosy. Friday evening was a great social event, with a variety of entertaining and challenging games and activities, including skittles,


giant connect 4 and Jenga (the Jenga entertainment factor increases exponentially with the consumption of alcohol). Saturday was a relaxed day, wandering around Lymington market and strolling along the seafront, saving the energy for

It’s the real thing, Honest

the evening’s festivities. And as you can see, even Santa and his helper came along delivering HOC goodies. The highlight of the night had to be the shaving of Santa!! Someone looks like they are having fun and it isn’t Santa

Well I never, that’s an Elf if ever I saw one

Rita • • • SPRING 2012



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


artin, Lorrie and I went to the Motorcycle Show at the NEC in November. I didn’t make it to the show in 2010 due to snow. This one was a big improvement over the 2009 show with a number of manufacturers having new models to display. The bike I was most interested in was the Honda VFR1200 Crosstourer. It certainly looked the part. Unfortunately I feel it has a bit of a weight issue when compared to the competition. We went to the very popular Damon’s restaurant in Lincoln on 10th December for our Christmas party. Again our numbers were fortunately bolstered by W.I.M.A. members.

On Saturday 7th January we kicked off the 2012 biking year with a trip to the new Classic Motorcycle Show at Newark. Considering this was the first time this show had been held, there were plenty of bikes to see and stalls to buy from. I feel this show will become a permanent fixture on the classic show circuit. The following weekend we made our traditional visit to the Spalding Motorcycle Show. The show was well supported by stands put on by local clubs and there were bargains to be had from the retail stalls.

Martin, John & Lorrie on the HOC stand at the NEC bike show

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING


Martin tries a scooter at the NEC bike show

The excellent HOC stand at the NEC bike show

A very nice Honda 400 at the

On Sunday 29th January Lorrie and Martin went to a very cold sand race at Mablethorpe. The following weekend they made it to the auto jumble at Newark. If you are thinking of going touring on the continent this year it’s worth considering taking part in the two F.I.M. touring events, the FIM Motocamp and FIM Rally. The 2012 FIM Motocamp is to be held from 6th to 9th June at Tessenderlo in Belgium. The 67th FIM Rally will take place at Bydgoszcz in northern Poland from 18th to 22nd July. More details can be found on the F.I.M. website. Remember, the Eastern Branch meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at the Black Bull in Brigg. I hope more Eastern Branch members will make it to the meetings in 2012. The Eastern Branch covers a large area and if there are members out there who can’t attend meetings and want to be involved, email me via the Eastern website.

Just what you need to carve through the traffic Lorrie

Waiting to hear the sound of the classic Honda race bike


Splading Bike Show

Lorrie bargain hunting at the

Lorrie’s new wine rack from

Lorrie & Martin admire a

Spalding Bike Show

the Newark Classic Bike Show

Classic Honda

Splading Bike Show

• • • SPRING 2012



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


ollowing my last report and our Christmas dinner event at Wagon & Horses we have had a fairly quiet couple of months. We have held each of our meetings at both Wagon & Horses and Pied Bull but have not been out riding as a group. Our proposed outing to MCN Live at Excel was snowed off, we attended a Nick Sanders open evening with Bike Shop (Faversham) in Ashford and a Biker Down event by Kent Fire Service at Ashford Fire Station. Our lack of rides is about to change. We’ll be attending the Sunbeam Pioneer Run from Epson to Brighton (on Mother’s Day) and attending an Easter Egg run to Fairlawn Children’s Home (April Fools Day!). We’ll probably do something in between and then start our main runs from Easter Monday (ACE/Southend). We have a weekend

booked mid June at Matlock in Derbyshire (Peak District) which Pauline and John have arranged and lots of more local rides and events to look forward to. We have met a few new ‘members’ at our meetings and one, Chris, is keen to arrange and lead a French trip or two, which I hope we can accomodate. Kent franchised dealers offer discounts - refer to dealer discount page. Don’t forget, if you do not hear from me by email I do not have your email address. Please get in touch, contact details on this page and the inside back cover.


• • •

HOC Roast Sunday 22nd July 2012

Ask your Branch Secretary about joining in with this year’s HOC Roast





Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


ello from all in Sunny Manchester. Ha ha ha ha ha. What a start it’s been to the new years riding. Two rides done and two rides postponed due to the weird and wonderful UK weather system. But enough of that. I want to spend most of this report on our annual Pancake Ride. While we did have fun at our Christmas do and the first two rides did eventually go ahead, you can read about the, on our web site ( and see what we got up to then. Our Pancake Ride is something unique (as far as I know) to the Manchester Branch and has been one of the consistently more successful events over the last few years. This year has been no different. The principle is that we all meet up and go for a short(ish) ride around the area and end up back at the Chairmans (Alans) house where Norma cooks everyone panckakes and there is a load of chili and rice just ready to be consumed. Since this is generally a February ride, the chili is much appreciated. So, on with the story. Saturday: The chili is cooking and the pancake mix is done. All that is left is to clear the house. What? Well, this ride coincides with a new kitchen - and the house is a mess. [And, we do mean a MESS]. So, most of the day is spent dusting, hoovering and moving boxes of food and crockery around so we can cater for a few friends (assuming we have any, of course). [Unlike our previous Editor, I won’t regale you with house stories - but the ordeal is almost over.] On with the days story. At last , the day dawns and the weather is decent [Have you noticed how bikers always seem preoccupied by the English weather system - weird, isn’t it!]. I’ve been looking at the forecast for days now, hoping we don’t get a repeat of the previous two rides. But, it’s all OK - we are ready for the off. Well, we would be if a certain wife of mine would

stop faffing about! But, at last, we set off, via the petrol station, for Birch Services ready to see who else will brave the 10°C cloudy day. As I go past the services (we have to turn round at the next junction, I see Mark fly past and have already conversed (via the radios) with Geoff and Lynn - so I know we won’t be alone. We also hear from Paul and Mandy as we head in - so that’s another lot. And there’s bikes there when we arrive. Ah, it’s going to be a good turnout. As the minutes went by more and more people turned up.

By the time we are ready to go, there are 18 bikes and 5 pillions; which is good for a February. We’ve even got some Chester HOC members along - obviously, they know a good thing when they see it. So, only 10 minutes late, we set off.

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING


And now an apology. I have a movie camera on the bike and had set it off to look backwards. What I forgot was to check that there was free space on the SD card. It got 3 seconds of film before it stopped. So, for those of you who were waving frantically at my camera - SORRRRYYYYY] We shot up the motorway, and off into the hills. It did get a bit foggy over Blackstone Edge, but apart from that, the ride was fine. The buddy system worked well apart from one marker who set off too early (I won’t mention his name, but a red VFR was involved). Poor Dave (who was late because of a glove problem) missed the turn and Norma had to go and find him. Once again, radios to the rescue - we knew what was going on and stopped to wait until it got sorted out. Then, over the hills and moors to Haworth and then left to Colne and out tea stop at Boundary Mills. This, of course, was the opportunity for the girls to do a bit of shopping (“Come on John, you have to buy me a coat”), but amazingly, nothing was purchased. What is the world coming to?

After a cuppa and some cake (no lunch - there is chili and pancakes waiting), we set off for the next

stage. At least, we wanted to - but we had to wait for our tail ender who was still trying to shop. But she did eventually turn up and we zoomed off. This time, it was over some B roads back to Hebden Bridge, then Todmorden and finally 4 miles of great twisty roads over to Bakup before heading to “chez nous” for the food. Which was lovely - I think everyone agreed. It must have been good because there was no chili left at the end and the pancake mix finally ran out after Gary’s seventh one. Conversation was rife and thanks to Lynn for looking after the teas.

All in all, a short ride (only 75 miles for me), but a wonderful day. If you want to see all the pictures, go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and just watch.


• • • SPRING 2012




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


ell, Happy New Year to one and all, but first off a mention of the Christmas “do”. For a pub that doesn’t do food, the landlord excelled himself! The food was excellent and there was so much, we shared it with the rest of the pub. Kim produced crackers and party poppers and the club gave her a presy for all her hard work. In all a most enjoyable end to our 50th year. John takes his camera everywhere but I have told him he does actually have to take it out of its case and switch it on in order to have photos. He says if he does that he might miss the reason he’s there in the first place! Consequently we didn’t get any pictures of our Xmas party which was our best so far. Well done Kim! Hopefully Ian has sent in a picture of himself, Kim and their sons in festive spirit to add a little colour to our page.

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


We never managed to attend any other branch meets whilst we were across in January as the third grandchild didn’t want to come out, so by the time the hospital said “yes you are coming out” there was no time left. Maybe next time eh. (Mother and baby are doing fine!) So then it was back home to start tiling the kitchen and catch up with Branch news. This is the year of the Dragon and according to Chinese legend the Dragon signifies unpredictability and so far this myth has not let us down. Ian, who rarely ails anything hasn’t been so good (but is now well on the way to recovery) meaning him and Kim couldn’t come over for our Chinese banquet. But, as I was laid up in bed with a flu virus yet again and then John too went down with it, no cooking took place anyway. Some other excuse will have to be found to organise another Branch dinner I’m sure. So we now turn our thoughts to bikes, they’ve just announced on Manx Radio that it’s only 100 days until the TT so here I go getting giddy again. Life is back on, winter is nearly officially over, the TT press launch, on the 18th April is insight and will be our first official HOC outing of the year. Incidentally, you can listen to the press launch, or the TT commentary on . With Branch outings in mind our social secretary is at it again, on the 19th May we are challenging the BMW club to a ten pin bowling match at the new Ramsey venue. Just because there are more of them they think they are on to a winner, HA! They haven’t reckoned with Kim, for the honour of the HOC five become twenty, well maybe seven if she ropes in their two lads, Douglas & Callum, well they are family members and probably better at bowling than us! The local branch of the Triumph owners club have invited us, the HOC, to take part in the first bike show of the year that they organise down at Mooragh Park in Ramsey. This will be their third

year, held on Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May and will finish off the first major branch weekend as Saturday & Sunday 5th & 6th is the Big Wheel Blues Festival in Laxey, all in all it should be a great weekend. There are also plans afoot for a visit to the CAMRA Beer Festival, April 12-14th (they never have a vodka festival do they?). John & I are making a conscious effort to come across for the Northwich Thundersprint this year, hopefully meeting up with the West Yorkshire Branch. By the way, well done to Big Steve for the award! But as we all know, behind every good man is an even better woman so congratulation to Maria, well deserved. Congratulations also to our prom king & queen, aka Ruth & Strichy for such a well deserved award, what a great partnership they make!! And you too Dibble, wish we’d been there to see the lip quiver! Would have loved to do the Chairman’s challenge but we’ve no OK diners on the Island! So to wind up this edition, hoping to see you all at the Thundersprint and looking forward to this years National rally, so who knows. Until then this is M.O.B. signing off. Be safe, be happy,

Karen, John, Kim & Ian

• • • SPRING 2012



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


o much has happened since we last wrote the Branch report for Golden Wing! Christmas and the New Year have been and gone and more recently we have had temperatures of -17C overnight for about a week. The poor bikes were safely tucked away on trickle charge. There was a visit to Santa Pod Sound of Thunder at the end of October. The jet bike was awesome - in 440 yards it went from 0 to a staggering 282mph! We would really recommend a visit to Santa Pod - so much to see and do and the top fuel dragsters make the most amazing noise when they go for it. Apparently they burn between 5 and 8 gallons of fuel in that ¼-mile blast!

At the AGM it was announced that 2 of our Branch - Roy and Meg Wicks - had both been nominated to receive the Chairman’s Certificate of Thanks from HOC in recognition for their work in raising funds for the Branch’s chosen charity Quidenham Children’s Hospice. The certificates and badges were presented them to them at the Branch meeting in November.

We had a great run up to Christmas with the Branch giving £50 of Gift Vouchers to our Charity - The East Anglia Children’s Hospices. This was followed by the Branch being invited to their Annual Carol Service at East Harling Church. This service is a wonderful and emotional event - this year made more so by Dave being asked to do a reading in the Service on behalf of and to represent the Branch. Various Branch members wound him up by suggesting a variety of things they might do while he was doing the reading - thankfully Roy and Lesley did NOT do what they threatened! We received a lovely Christmas Card from the children at the Hospice and continue to collect funds and support them in 2012.

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


Roy and Meg organised another lovely Christmas Dinner and Dance in December. The balloons always seem to hit the right spot with our Branch - John King is a master of entertainment here! The food was lovely and the disco great and we all had a great time.

In between this we also had the HOC Christmas Dinner and Dance in Bashley near Christchurch. This was such a fantastic weekend of fun. We went to Sammy Miller’s museum on the Saturday and met and chatted with the man himself after seeing him roaring round outside on one of his trials bikes. Even at the tender age of 76 he still tried to chat up Sue with his Irish charm! The museum is fabulous and the tea and cakes unforgettably tasty… the event itself was just fabulous. We are so looking forwards to Jennie’s do this year!

Our first meeting in January saw our local SERV rep Tim coming to talk to us about what they do, the money they save the NHS and how to join. His 40 minute talk lasted well over 90 minutes and was really interesting with lots of questions being asked. Looking ahead we have a really varied year of activities planned - a Branch run to Klotten in Germany, runs to lots of different places with a good mix of food, history, nice roads and Branch, National and events organised by others to come. We have Leni and Nick’s wedding in April - they are 2 HOC Bedford Branch members getting married and we are helping out with 3 bikes getting the Groom and 2 best men to the wedding on time… and then we have planned another brill Bike Testing and riding day with Mark and his staff at Lings in Harleston on 30th June - HOC Branches are invited… last year North London and Cambridge had a fab time with us all… Invites should have been received by the time this gets to you. All in Norfolk Branch wish all HOC members in every Branch a superb and safe 2012 full of food, fun, friendships and great riding. Ride safe

Dave & Sue

• • • SPRING 2012


North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


n Sunday 27th November we met up with members of the West London Branch and rode to The Chalet at Cowfold for a hearty breakfast. Julian arrived on his Yamaha and Martyn on his V35 Guzzi but I flew the flag for Honda, riding my VFR750. Jon, Jude, Tim and Tony from West London were already at Box Hill when I arrived. We left promptly at 10.30 and headed south on the A24 to West Grinstead where, we turned east and headed for Cowfold where we were soon joined by Dave and tucked into breakfast. Julian also had some friends meeting him at The Chalet and they were all to ride off to Wessons Café after breakfast. Tim also decided to join them on the ride down to Horam. Although the roads were a little damp at first, the rain stayed away and it wasn’t that cold so an enjoyable ride out for the time of year.

Jon and Jude waiting for breakfast to arrive

Marion and I represented the Branch at the AGM at The National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull. Once again the meeting was very well organised and Dibble was deservedly rewarded for all his hard work during our 50th Anniversary year.

Breakfast consumed and ready to hit the roads again

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING


Steve pushing his luck again

Malcolm; West London’s resident pyrotechnician

West London Branch invited us to a firework evening at Tony’s and a good night of food, drink and explosions were had by all.

We were also invited to the West London Christmas Party on the 3rd December which was held at Harrisons Hotel in Shepperton. Glen and Alison Pringle from Bedford Branch also attended making it a nice cosmopolitan evening.

Marion and Jude fighting over the raffle prize

On New Year’s Day we had our customary ride out to the annual classic car and bike gathering at The Barley Mow at West Horsley. Although this is always a short run, it’s nice to get out on a bike after all the excesses of Christmas and the New Year. As it was a classic event, I thought it was only appropriate that I rode my 1972 CB350F, which I really enjoyed. Just before one the heavens opened and we had a very wet ride home.

Glen got rather attached to his balloons

CB350F at The Barley Mow

• • • SPRING 2012


Our second ride out of 2012 took place on the 22nd of January when we rode down to Goodwood Race Circuit near Chichester. Once again we were joined by members of West London Branch and had a lovely run through the Surrey and Sussex countryside before crossing the South Downs and dropping in to Goodwood. We all spent around two hours chatting away in the Aero Café before departing. Steve’s trusty VFR1200 at the Box Hill meeting point We came back a different route crossing into Hampshire before returning to Surrey and riding through the recently opened Hindhead Tunnel, which was a first for many on the ride.

Inside the Aero Café at Goodwood

The statue of Douglas Bader at Goodwood

The Honda Day at The Ace Café has been brought forward this year to Sunday 15th April. We will be there manning the HOC Stand, recruiting new members and selling club regalia. Last year 15 HOC branches were represented at The Ace, let’s see if we can beat that number this time. Once again this year we will be representing the HOC at the Ready to Ride safety event at

Haslemere Fire Station. This event has grown every year and this year looks to be even bigger and better than last. Don’t forget to put Sunday 22nd April 2012 in your diary, the event starts at 10:00 hrs. Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.


• • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch





North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


efore I go into our report for our club I would just like reply to the report from the Lakes & Coast Branch in the last Golden Wing issue. I assume from their report that Peter was having a pop at me on the planning and the route I had planned for the Saturday whilst in the Lake District. I assume he believed it was too much for one day. May I just say that the route I had planned around the Lakes was a copy of the route Peter had published on the Devitt Insurance website, which he stated required just 2 to 3 hours to complete. I therefore planned our morning on his local knowledge of the Lakes and the time scale he published. We never did have any intention of staying in Kendal overnight; we stayed at Burton the night before. I don’t know where he got that info from. My plan was to have breakfast in Bowness, my instructions did state if we couldn’t find somewhere open (at 8:30am) we would find somewhere else to eat on route. In fact, I asked Peter, himself, weeks before the trip if he could check that the Café would be open at 8:30am for us. He didn’t check this out; instead he invited us to have breakfast at his place, which we did. I have never said, or written, that “we would not have time to use cameras on the route”. In fact I always endorse the use of cameras to record our travels. In fact we have quite a few photos of our damp travels in the Lake District, Peter is even shown in some of them. The lunch took some time because everyone was wet and cold from the very wet morning riding around the lakes. Everyone was using the time to dry out and warm up. More important than food at that time. After lunch we had a lovely dry afternoon riding across the Yorkshire Dales as planned. We took in Tan Hill and other locations before our coffee stop in Richmond. Then as per our route plan we made our way south to Wakefield for our overnight stop. There was an option to take in the North York Moors in if time allowed, but it didn’t. This was always on our route plan. Always good to have a back up plan should you be running out of time. Time was lost in the Lake District due to waiting 40 minutes for a ferry and having to ride slowly due to the roads being waterlogged and the road surface being covered in leaves. A right recipe for a skidpan. Moan over. PS: Nice breakfast Pete.

NOVEMBER 2011 Sunday 20th Three of us rode up to Birmingham to enjoy a great day at the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC Birmingham. We didn’t go by bike, we took the car instead so that we had loads of room for the gear we were going to buy. We met up with Graham who was at the show each day helping to man the HOC stand. Well done to Graham and the others for flying the flag for HOC (GB).

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING


Sunday 18th Five of us met up for a ride out to the Eagle Pub in Kelvedon for lunch. Whilst waiting to set off on the run it started to snow. This was snow which should have been much further north than where we were. The weather forecasters had got it wrong for today. John received a phone call from his wife to say it was snowing very hard at home and it was settling on the ground. The decision was taken to cancel the run for the day and to get home before we needed snow ploughs. Sunday 27th Several members took to their bikes and had a great run to the Silver Ball Café for lunch. The weather was very good for this time of year. Following lunch we continued the ride across country to Birchanger Services on the M11 were we had coffee before dispersing for home.


DECEMBER 2011 Sunday 4th 4 members attended the Ace Café this day for the club day. It was very quiet there for some reason. Apart from our members there was only a few other people popping into the Ace. They enjoyed a nice meal before they went off for a ride. Sunday 11th Several members went off for a ride out to the Westmill Tea Room, just off the A10 near to Buntingford. This is a very nice tearoom where you can grab a sandwich or a meal. The weather was a bit nippy, but it remained dry for the day. Following lunch there followed a nice country route home. Monday 2nd The first Branch run out of the year. 10 bikes left the club for a ride out to Burnham On Crouch. 2 other bikes joined us on route. The weather was bright, but quite chilly. The roads were dry which made it a pleasure to be out on the bikes. We had a very nice lunch in the Anchor pub. When we set off for home we took in the Burnham bends, these are always nice to take on. A great start to 2012 for us.

• • • SPRING 2012


Friday 6th The Branch New Year Bash. We had 26 people turn up at Romford Dog track for an enjoyable evening. We had a 3 course meal and the opportunity to lose money by betting on the dogs that didn’t win. Saying that, I think everyone had a win or two, some of the wins were quite large. All in all everyone had a great time with good company.

Sunday 22nd There was 4 of us on today’s ride to the Silver Ball Café on the A10. Again we were lucky at this time of the year that the day was dry and bright, but cold. We took a circular route home taking in some lovely country roads. Sunday 29th Today’s ride out to Thaxted was cancelled due to fog. We can’t be lucky with the weather everyday at this time of the year.

FEBRUARY 2nd to 5th Excel Motorbike show. Members of the club attended the show on each of the days it was on. I believe most people bought items there. I have not had any bad feedback from anyone who attended the show.

Sunday 8th 6 of us rode out to Southend On Sea for lunch. It was a dry day for us, which is always welcome. Upon arriving there we had a lovely cup of tea/coffee before having a walk along the sea front. We then had lunch followed by a nice country route home. Another good days riding.

Sunday 15th Today 3 of us had a ride out to Finchingfield. It was a very cold day, but the weather was dry and bright. The country roads were mainly dry, but a little damp in certain places, but nothing we couldn’t handle though. Lunch was taken in the tearoom there before we had a nice ride back along the country roads.

Sunday 19th Ride out to Tubby T’s Café. 10 of us attended this ride out today. It was dry and bright for the ride. We took some lovely roads to Finchingfield first. Here we had a nice cup of tea/coffee. After a good old natter we set off for Tubby T’s café, north of Haverhill. Lunch was had and we all ended up with full bellies. We then took a lovely cross country route to Birchanger Service on the M11 for our final coffee of the day. Everyone agreed it was a great days riding with great company. We have a full calendar for the rest of 2012 which includes 2 single day trips to France. A 5 day trip to Normandy for the D Day anniversary. A weekend to the Menin Gate to hear the Last Post being played. Then a 5 day trip to the Lake District, might stick with our own itinery this time. Until the next report... Please ride safe.


• • • 84 GOLDEN WING




S E L I 0LESM 1F0 AN £5 H T S OR

MPG 130 RE) 6 MILES/ LIT (28.


nce More dista st Less co g More mp ions Less emiss enience More conv ng ui ue Less q More time Less waiting ngs More savi tax d a ro Less ticality More prac le ss ha ss Le

MPG 160 RE) 2 MILES/ LIT (35.



k or visit ho 200 8000 re miles o m t Call 0845 e g an how you c to find out y. ne o m for your

PCX125, CB

F125 & Vision

*£5 of petrol equates to 3.57 litres based on £1.40 per litre. Fuel consumption figures quoted are results obtained by Honda under standardised testing conditions prescribed by WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle). Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on how you ride, tyre pressure, rider weight, cargo and other factors.


Le 110 are all




Northants & MK

Secretary: Sue Beck - 07863 599992


espite the cold weather we remain very active. Our New Years day chilly run, although not chilly at all, was very well attended with 21 bikes and 25 members enjoying a gentle bimble around Northamptonshire before heading to the new Harvester at Riverside Park, a very enjoyable meal plus free salad.

Friday 6th January our Branch Christmas Dinner. The Queen Eleanor at Northampton was our venue this year and although not top class quisine, at £12.99 for a 3 course meal proved excellent value. Many of us took advantage of the cheap room offer at the adjoining Premier Inn so we could safely have a drink. A good time was had by all and we had a special guest of the Easter Bunny (Santa was on holiday in the Bahamas) who distributed our secret santa gifts. I think this bit was rigged as I got a road map book.

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING


As Burns Night fell on a Wednesday and as I have got Scottish roots (not to mention the title of Lady Sue Beck of Bandrum) I decided we would hold a Burns Night celebration. What a hoot we had, I’d spent all day preparing and cooking the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties and making some Parlies and 2 types of Tablet. We couldn’t get a Piper so Radar and Sue McKim had provided a CD, I carried the Haggis in to the sound of Scotland the Brave then Prof (he’s Scottish) attempted to read “The Address to the Haggis” in his native tongue before plunging the knife in at the appropriate moment. It was the first time alot of the members had tried Haggis and due to the fact it all went and several had second helpings, I do believe they liked it. A wee dram of my Single Malt topped the evening.

The following Wednesday we had a guest speaker in the form of Paul from J the B’s Biking Weekends. This visit was very long in the happening as Paul was originally going to visit us in 2010 but due to a series of misadventures only managed to get to us this year. Another very enjoyable evening was had. J the B’s is situated in Normandy and offer excellent value for money biking holidays, a great deal of our guys will be visiting Paul soon I’m sure. For more information visit Wednesday 15th February and we had a visit from Dan and Vic from Rushden Autocentre. These guys have offered us excellent deals in the form of Free MOTs and Dyno checks plus many other offers

Still to come are our place at Race Retro at Stonely Park from 24th to 26th February, Our 1st Quiz and Chips night with guest branch Cambridge on 29th February. Our branch AGM will be on Wednesday 4th April. we are holding an Easter Egg run on Sunday 8th April and our 1st EOR will be on Wednesday 8th April. Ride safe


• • • SPRING 2012



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


ere we are in another year with the Spring and Summer approaching fast. Last year ended with not only a main HOC ‘end of the 50th celebration Dinner Dance’ weekend at Bashley but also a festive Oxford Branch Sunday Christmas lunch with carol singers at Foxcombe Lodge and an even more fun ‘Festive Games’ night at our pre Christmas meeting. There was great hilarity as teams created the ‘tallest reindeer’ out of newspaper which had to stand the test of ‘standing up’ for 10 seconds. Teams also had to identify motorbike parts wrapped in Christmas paper! With prizes for the winning team and a Festive buffet to end the evening, which was well orchestrated by our Mary-Anne who has a real talent for organizing fun events, the evening was much enjoyed.

The Branch now has a new web site and we are all busily sending information to Jim (our new webmaster) to build the content and show folk all the things we get up to... well maybe not all we get up to! There are lots of plans for the year already with ride out’s decided, an open day organised at the bike suspension manufactuer’s Nitron (full report next issue), a test ride day at Abingdon Honda to

try out Honda’s bikes including the new Crosstourer and NC700. There is also an Easter weekend trip to The Biker’s Loft in Belgium and we are hopping over the County border again to The Lower Lode for our Rally on the 20th/21st/22nd July - see ad opposite to book your pitch for a fun weekend. Planning for the ride out on Saturday is well under way and I can assure you it is going to take in some beautiful scenery.

On the Saturday 14th of April, Oxford are also organising a fun Poker Run ride out which is open to all HOC members - I am sure we all remember the fun we had last year - see our new web site ( for up to the minute information on meeting time and details. Branch meetings have started well with lots of folk coming along and we recently enjoyed an evening where the local Oxford BMW Club joined us to hear Ros Gowers telling us about their hotel in Austria. The BMW guys have a holiday booked there in June - it certainly looks nice. Speakers are planned from a variety of different places during the year and other Branches are more than welcome to come along and join us - just let me know when so that we can ensure there are enough sarnies and chips to go round!


• • • 88 GOLDEN WING


Honda Owners Club

Oxford Rally 20th/21st/22nd July 2012 Lower Lode Inn Forthampton, Gloucestershire, GL19 4RE

Plenty of camping space/link ups for caravans/motorvans/toilets/shower B&B facilities either at pub or in nearby village Lots of reasonably priced beer and food

Beautiful ride out Entertainment Fun and Games BOOKING FORM Name:…………………………………………………………………………… Address:………………………………………………………………………… Membership No:……………………… Contact Tel:………………………… £5.00 per tent per night £10 per caravan/motorhome per night £5.50 per person for breakfast

 Fri  Sat morn  Fri

Sat  Sat 

Sun morn

Please send completed form and cheque payable to Oxford HOC to Erica, Foray, Elms Avenue, Thatcham RG19 4JT by 1st July latest. Any queries to or tel. 07799492235 SPRING 2012



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782


thought this would be a quiet time during the winter months, how wrong could I be!! Many members of the rabble joined in with around 1300 others to take toys to Barnardos for the children. As always a chance for dressing up, with Alan looking by far the best from Reading dressed as a snowman. Christmas do’s have been had!! In our case many members joined with the other branches for a well organised national event. We managed as usual a bit of an impromptu singalong, keeping up the tradition of not knowing the words, next time a song sheet will be required! We were lucky to bring our own entertainment… Daves brother! Falling off chairs and dancing the night away a speciality. Many thanks to Erica for a great do. A further Branch do was held at the traditional Christmas time of January.

Rabble at the Calcot

Daves brother joins us for Xmas

A bunch of us escorted Dave’s brother to the Calcot Hotel where a great night of drinking and dancing was held. Dave’s brother again providing the entertainment. Branch meetings have been varied, Secret Santas for all, the Christmas quiz by Hazel, a guest speaker from IAM (not the dog food people). We are now settling into the new venue, having our own room allows us to concentrate more fully on taking the mickey out of whichever victim we choose, the latest being the purchaser of a wing. Luckily he was able to fill us in on the many benefits of caravanning on two wheels. The winter weather has not stopped the rideouts. We have had a winter warmer to the Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede. Of course as always food figured heavily with Alan eating all the sausages. The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance at RAF Benson was decended upon by the Rabble. Luckily there was a bit of fog around so it was grounded, giving us the chance to have a good look around the helicopter and see the whole set up. A great day out to see what our chosen charity funds are going towards.

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING


Reading off to RAF Benson

So this is where we insert the victim

Worzel set up a mystery rideout, it’s a mystery to the rest of us how his mind works, but the rideout proved to be a great day. Castles, Railways, Idyllic villages, ice cream…… we had it all. We were joined by a bunch from Oxford Branch, always welcome to be with us, although they are still complaining about losing the HOC’s Got Talent to the much better act. Our diary is filling up nicely for the year, we intend to visit a few other branches during the summer. Anyone wanting a bit of a laugh please feel free to come and visit us.

Organisation for this year’s Reading Rally is well underway. We have a great venue booked, and a band to play on the Saturday night, so if you’re free, come along and join us, you know we like to have fun!


Alan the snowman

Alan on the winter warmer

Mystery rideout always involves ice-cream!

• • • SPRING 2012


3rd READING Cock & Bull Rally at Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane, Padworth, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 4HY Friday 10th - Sunday 12th August 2012

New FULL RIDE-OUT ALL DAY SATURDAY FOOD AND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ON SATURDAY EVENING KENNET & AVON CANAL-SIDE LOCATION FRIDAY EVENING WALK BAR-B-Q AREA MASSIVE CAMPING FIELD INDOOR MALE & FEMALE TOILETS, SHOWERS AND CHANGING ROOMS LARGE HALL WITH STAGE IF WET – THE RABBLE MIGHT EVEN SING… Camping £10.00 per night per pitch, Breakfasts £4 per person For further information and booking form, please email: or telephone: Worzel on 07581 620445 daytime or 01494 481877 evenings






Contact: Norman Templeman - 01278 794964


omerset HOC is looking forward to meeting members of the Dorset and Oxford Branches, for a weekend in the Isle Of Wight which has been arranged by the Somerset HOC. I have spent some time arranging this and getting great discounts for our members and others going with us.

Also Somerset HOC is looking forward to joining in with charity runs this year, raising money for Dorset

and Somerset Air Ambulance and also the rescue hovercraft in Burnham On Sea. Somerset HOC is working with other local groups raising money and taking part in ride outs, both socially and for charity.


• • •

Thanks to Dave from Norfolk for sending me this amazing new product, shown in February’s issue of MCN 94 GOLDEN WING


18th SOLENT NEW FOREST RALLY 15th - 17th JUNE 2012

Green Hill Holiday Park, New Road, Landford, Wiltshire SP5 2AZ




No. OF NIGHTS @ £8.00 PER UNIT (pre-book) or

£10.00 per unit (pay on the gate) No. OF BREAKFAST ON SAT @ £3.50






One unit consists of a tent or caravan plus awning



South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406


ell, we may not have had any snow, unlike some parts of the UK, but it’s been a bit of a wet and miserable winter. We haven’t had many opportunities to get out and about on the bike, but we’ve had some social events to keep us busy. Our Christmas Party was again a roaring success. We decided to head for the join-a-party at the Aberavon Beach Hotel as usual. We always have such a great time there. This year, it was an Abba themed evening, with an Abba tribute band. Of course, we decided to dress up and there was immense secrecy surrounding the costumes beforehand. At first, we were quite surprised to see Freddie Mercury join our group, but we thought that he and Agnetha made such a nice couple that we would let him stay.

Money, Money, Money

Another version of Agnetha, this time with Bjorn, (Terry and Lyn) also put in an appearance, but they did remind of Barbie and Ken who came last year!

Agnetha and Freddie

Isn’t that Barbie and Ken?

Once again Phil and family came up with a really different take on the idea. Instead of dressing up as specific characters, they came as a song - Money, Money, Money. The boas made out of fake tenners were brilliant! When the band sang the song, Phil and gang went around the room, giving away the (fake) money to all and sundry, throwing it in the air. I don’t think the band had ever had such a good response.

Of course who could forget those wonderful costumes that Abba wore when they won the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Waterloo’. But I can’t help thinking that the girls have let themselves go a bit since then! (Insert pic - Don’t fancy yours much!) We were overrun with Agnethas that night, but credit has to be given to Steve, complete with false eyelashes, and false whatsits. Agnetha would have been proud of a pair like that, (eyelashes that is!)

• • • 96 GOLDEN WING


The Two Agnethas

Don’t fancy yours much!

As you can see, we had a really good laugh and can’t wait to see what the theme is going to be next year. Moving on, this year looks to be as exciting and enjoyable as last year. We’ve recently had our AGM and members very graciously voted me back in as secretary

for another year. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the confidence you have in me. Also Gareth was voted back in as Chair and Terry as Treasurer. They would also like to extend their thanks to the members. Terry and Lyn have been busy booking this year’s annual holiday to the Middle Rhine in Germany. We are really looking forward to it. Won’t be long now! We have created a new diary of events for this year and have tried to include some new places to visit as well as some old favourites. Now all we need is the weather to get out and enjoy it. Let’s hope we have a long, hot summer. All the best for now. Hwyl fawr!


Were there really this many people in Abba?

• • • SPRING 2012


Three Shires Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 281 7193 or 07753593641


n biking terms it’s been a good start to the year. We’ve re-introduced the First Ride of the Month (F.R.O.M.) this is just to make sure we have ride outs scheduled and on the diary. The first ride was at the end of January to Mabelthorpe to watch the Bike racing on the Beach. Three turned up on what was an extremely cold day, so cold in fact, that we only saw three other bikes on route. We’ve also introduced a “Sore R’s” trophy, this is the same as the Saddle Sore but purely to encourage Three Shires members to join in the fun. A trophy will be awarded to the rider with the most miles under their belt. There will also be an award for the pillion with the most miles registered. The S’ No Rally was a success again with 8 from Birmingham Branch, 1 from Bedford, 1 from Manchester and the legendary Chris Cook! With the Three Shires crew, this made the ride out over the Pennines and back again through very interesting. Twenty bikes took part in the ride up over the Pennine’s, along the Woodhead pass through Compo & Cleg country into Holmfirth back over the Pennine’s along the Snake pass and back through Derbyshire taking in some beautiful scenery before stopping off for Chip Butties and a warm at Grindleford before heading off for the Blacksmiths Arms - all in all 120 miles. A good week end with terrific company.

Presenting the cheque for last year’s Egg Run

The Three Shires Egg run for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital is scheduled for Easter Sunday on the 8th April and once again James Toesland will be there hopefully with his Fiancée. Sadly he may be on a Harley Davidson (to which I will give him grief!!!) - The cheque presentation for last years run took place at the Blacksmiths in October providing another £6000 for the charity, taking the total to £43,000. raised in the 11 years of the Egg run. We have an agility challenge scheduled for this year, one of our members has recently purchased a classic Yamaha Virago and he seems to think that his bike is more agile than some other bikes and riders in the club. This lead to a “spirited” discussion within the group one evening, so a challenge has been laid down, several people have taken up this challenge so watch this space! (Hope & Pray we don’t finish up with egg on our faces!!!) We have a visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum in York scheduled for May 27th, a visit to “The Giants Hole” cavern in Derbyshire to be arranged and the Three Shires AGM all in May so things are coming together. Unfortunately I will be out of the picture for a few months, surgery being the reason - however I shall be making a full recovery but my biking year sadly, may be very short. However the rest of the club will be having a ball so I wish them a vary safe and pleasant year of biking.


• • • 98 GOLDEN WING


Image shows CRF250R £5,995.00 RRP

IN W O T G N I RAC England Avon Fowlers of Bristol Bristol 01179 770466 Cornwall St Blazey Moto-X Par 01726 816181 Devon Albion Motorcycles Exeter 01392 260340 Hampshire Des Helyar Motorcycles Tadley 0118 970 0665 Herts Herfordshire MX Centre Lechworth Garden City 01462 486580 Kent Vic Eastwood Swanley 01322 669469 Lancashire Rocket Centre Blackburn 01254 297810 Lincolnshire Terry Rudd Motorcycles Ltd Spalding 01406 422430 Norfolk Lings Honda Harleston 01379 851090 Nottinghamshire Pidcocks Motorcycles Long Eaton 0115 946 9555 Surrey Tippetts Motors (Surbiton) Ltd Surbiton 0208 399 2417 Tyne & Wear Bike Sport Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 0191 232 8970 West Midlands Kestrel Honda Coventry 02476 703900 West Midlands Suttons Motorcycles Bromsgrove 01214 477722 West Midlands Suttons Motorcycles Tamworth 01827 280905 West Yorkshire Craigs Motorcycles Dewsbury 01924 488117 Scotland Glasgow Mickey Oates Motorcycles Port Dundas 0141 332 7374 Wales Clwyd Colwyn Bay Motorcycles Colwyn Bay 01492 535959 Pontypridd Wayne Mounter Glyntaff 01443 400960 Powys ET James Rhayader Powys 01597 810481 N. Ireland Belfast Russells Motorcycles Carryduff 02890 817000 Isle of Man & Channel Islands IOM Isle of Man Honda Kingswood Grove Douglas 01642 613000 Guernsey Doyle Motors St.Peter Port 01481 724025 Jersey Gordon Bisson Motorcycles Ltd Saint Helier 01534 727897

WARRANTY RTS & LABOUR NEW FROM D 6 MONTHS PAFs SE HA RC PU WITH ALL CR ISED HONDA DEALERS AUTHOR Terms and Conditions: Offer applies to all 250 & 450 CRF models, purchased new from authorised Honda Off-Road dealers and is at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to availability. Offer ends 30 June 2012. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Offer applies to personal loan finance. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over subject to status. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc., 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY.


West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


ell - we haven’t done a great deal since our last Branch Report as its not exactly been amazing weather - a few members ventured up to the NEC for the bike show - and spent the usual large amounts of money!! After that we had our Christmas party at Harrisons Hotel In Shepperton. This was attended by 25 members of West London Branch and Glen & Alison from Beds Branch (ex West London members!!) We had a room to ourselves and enjoyed a lovely 4 course meal - complete with crackers, party poppers and long screamy balloons which of course were being let off all the time!! (How childish!) After everyone had finished eating we held a raffle to complete our contribution to the Air Ambulance Fund. We managed to raise a further £55 To add to the money raised at our earlier auction. In total we managed to send £125 off to the HOC GB to add to their grand total. Having done this we then got down to the serious business of dancing the night away in the disco. A good time was had by all (apart from Steve & Maureen’s slight room glitch - but they weren’t turned out onto the streets so all was well!!) First event in 2012 was a New Years Day ride with North Downs Branch to West Christmas Horsley Vintage party at Vehicle Rally - held Harrisons at a pub it was a Hotel good day out - even if it did rain on the way back!! Our 2nd event in 2012 was going to a talk/book signing by Charley Bike show at West Horsley Boorman which was held in a local school auditorium. I wasn’t too sure

• • • 100 GOLDEN WING


Join the West London e-mail list It’s very easy to use - no setting up - no passwords - if you have e-mail, you can use Jude with Charley Boorman

what to expect but we were treated to an amusing talk about his adventures on bikes and how they came to be. This was accompanied by some video clips which were quite funny too. (I really don’t think I would have fancied eating sheep’s/cows/goats balls either!!) After the talk finished he answered question from the audience and then got down to the serious business of selling books & signing. At this point we repaired to the bar and had a drink. When the queue had disappeared Richie, Clare & I went back and had some photos taken with Charley. It was an interesting night - must read some of his books I suppose!. The next event on the club sheet was an unusual one. I am a member of a local Astronomy Group and as part of the BBC Star Watch programme they were holding a public event. Anyone was welcome to come along and have a look through the telescopes set up, listen to the talks and take part in the quizzes. It was a chilly night and fortunately the clouds cleared and we had good views of the various constellations and Jupiter and Mars. Steve & Maureen braved the cold weather to join us on this and I think they enjoyed it. The run to the Excel bike show didn’t happen due to snow - although Steve & Maureen went up by train. Personally I didn’t fancy paying a lot of money to look at things I couldn’t afford. Our last event that will be covered by this report was Tony’s ‘Come Dine With Us’ evening. We all made a dish and then took it along and shared it. Mike provided a starter in the form of chilli prawns with toast and some rather hot pickles, Tony cooked various nibblies such as spring rolls and crispy prawns.

this Chat with other Branch members, discuss news and arrange ride-outs with one simp le e-mail! No spam... guaranteed

To join the West London e-m ail list contact Steve at westlondon

Main course was provided by Maureen with a lovely Tuna pie and Jude cooked paella. Dessert was cooked (really cooked!) by Julian - his cheesecake was gorgeous - well done :) We also had some apple pie and cream.

Tony’s come dine with me!

It was a lovely evening - food booze and good company - what more could you want ? Thank you so much to Tony for once again letting us use his house and his lovely big dining table. We do appreciate it. Maureen did a sterling job with the immense pile of washing up. Forthcoming events include Malcolm’s Carvery cheapest eats in town (?) Breakfast at a bikers cafe and a pub lunch run. So if you’re in our area - come on down to the Hawke to see us one Wednesday and keep an eye on the web page & Facebook page for events.

Jude & Steve

• • • SPRING 2012


West Midlands Organisers: John & Jill - 01746 769211 or 07815 069796


ended with a very successful Xmas meal and AGM, 17 people attended which is a record for our small Branch, however at the end of the meeting our organiser Trevor told us he would be standing down for 2012, having traded most of his bikes in for horse power of the four legged, not two wheeled kind!! We would all like to thank him for his efforts over the past two years and hopefully he and his remaining KTM bike will be joining us on some of our rideouts. John Turner and I have now agreed to be joint organisers for 2012 and we are hoping that by sharing the duties one of us will be able to be present at all meetings and rideouts.


o now onto 2012, our first two monthly meeting have been spent gathering a list of rideouts ideas from our members, some of which have now been finalised and added to the diary of events. We have also discussed having a Charity rideout/fun day to raise funds for a local good cause. Trevor, Penny, Dave and I have all booked up for the 2012 National Rally in Scotland and Chris has booked his first bike touring hols in Germany, so 2012 is off to a good start! Our first planned rideout of the year was from our Sunday monthly meet at the Food Stop Café; we were not initially very optimistic of this going ahead due

car, fortunately other members had the same idea and we were able to have a hearty breakfast whilst having a good chat about biking, meaning all was not lost! Many thanks to the members who joined us; hopefully better weather will

to recent snowfalls, however the week leading up to our Sunday meet, the weather was good and we had a short bike ride planned, unfortunately when opening our

curtains early Sunday morning we saw that the weather had taken a turn for the worse overnight and there was now a covering of snow with heavy frost underneath, therefore definitely no bike riding, so off to the cafe we went in our

bring more members to our next meetings, we have already made plans for rideouts from our next three Sunday meetings (Weather permitting) these will be 18th March to Matlock Bath, 15th April to “The Big Breakfast” and 20th May to Grindleford Cafe, if any members are interested in joining us, please contact John or me for further details. So until next time keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.


• • • 102 GOLDEN WING


West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


ell here we are again, its been very quiet since the last report so not much to say, we had our Christmas Dinner at the Hitching Post with 20 coming along, nice meal followed by a quiz and everybody seemed to have a good time so thanks for everybody who came along. Me, Maria and a few others went over to see Jamie Whitham and Tom Sykes at Appleyards in Keighley, thanks to Phil for the tickets and it was a good night and very entertaining.

See the diary for a few runs coming up, but we need a lot more so come down to the meetings and tell us about your favourite ride out.

February meeting

Steve with Tom Sykes

The meetings are going well and the Hitching Post look after us with some nice food on the night.

Welcome to new members Nigel and Denise who have been to a couple of meetings and are looking forward to some rides out if the weather ever gets better… It’s Grim up North! Thanks as always to the people who come along and support the Branch, without you there wouldn’t be a West Yorkshire Branch.

Steve & Maria

West Yorkshire Branch Christmas Party

• • • SPRING 2012



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell here we are in a new year and you’re likely to be reading this after Easter, so the year is moving on apace, but back in December we certainly enjoyed the festive season, as on Saturday 10th saw us holding our Christmas party at a new venue in Swindon, which was well attended and good to see so many members having fun with the party packs that the restaurant had provided. Feedback was positive enough for us to consider returning this year. I certainly enjoyed it, even the experience of being stopped for a road side breath test (amongst others at a ‘trap’) didn’t tarnish a good evening. Our Tuesday members meet became a bit of social, after Bikesafe campaign organiser postponed due not having all the 2012 dates confirmed and as such felt worth delaying till after Christmas, but we didn’t mind too much as it was getting close to the festive holidays and some of us were booked to the final event of the 50th celebrations which meant a short trip to New Milton in the New Forest for the party weekend down at the Holburne’s Bashley centre. It certainly turned out to be a great event with a good Friday night of meeting up with familiar faces of other branches and trying out the games, especially the popularity of the giant jenga.

Man on a mission!

Saturday was a good day to chill and make the best of a fair winters day with most travelling off to visit local attractions, and maybe walking off such a generous full English breakfast. I certainly enjoyed the bracing walk down at Mudeford Quays and tea on the way back at Sammy Millers with Robin and Lynn, considering its on my doorstep and never been before. Once back to the ‘van’ where we all changed as agreed into our best black tie and evening dresses and headed for the evening’s big dinner and dance, and we certainly weren’t disappointed with a very good meal and entertainment and that wasn’t poor Stritchy getting the Samson treatment. Sunday meant saying our goodbyes and commenting what a success it had been, judging by the fact one is already organised for this year, and I’m booked to go.

Saturday night at Bashley

January saw some of us meet at the now George White Superbikes in Swindon on the New Year’s bank holiday Monday and spent some time in the cafe warming up with tea and a chat with some of the guys over from Oxford. Either it was the sight of the sun or boredom of the holidays but we had a dozen bikes show up, which I think threw us a bit as we didn’t put the drop off system into practise and some unfortunately got separated and so little

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groups did their own thing as the weather did start to deteriorate, and getting cold and wet isn’t nice or safe. We saw a return of local guy, Colin Masters, give a talk at our members meet which was held on a Thursday, and he gave us an enlightening talk regarding the highs and lows of travelling to Turkey and trying to beat the early winter, which the area experienced late last year and his battle with his wife to get back in one piece, or otherwise getting stuck out there. It was very interesting, although the turnout wasn’t as great as it could have been. As usual the following Sunday we agreed to do a rideout considering the weathercast was for cold and dry conditions, so four of us met up at the usual venue of Sainsburys carpark on the edge of Swindon and rode up to Oxford, and on round to the Hein Gericke store in Eynsham to meet up with Claire and a few guys from Oxford for a coffee stop, plus a look at the clothing and thinking ‘nice, but I still have to pay for Christmas.’ After warming up Robin led the group over to Burford and up to Stow, and then we came back down to Cirencester

and headed for a favourite cafe the RV8 on the edge of Kemble airfield for a late lunch. It would have been nice to have stayed there the whole afternoon in the warm and looking out on a fairly sunny view over the airfield , but otherwise a nice rideout for January. The weather in February hadn’t been so kind and we’ve been quiet with most being sensible and not willing to venture out for safety in the icy cold and snow, and especially when it started to snow the evening of our members meet, just 8 eight of us braved it, including a new member, which also meant the rideout that Sunday was postponed that was due to head out to Popham airfield. So we are now looking forward to March for a skittles social, and a few other events, but mainly our Rally in May at the new venue, and we are closer to the pub so it’ll be easier to crawl back to the tent! So hopefully by then you won’t need the heated grips!


Wiltshire Branch Christmas Do

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ADVANCE BOOKING FORM for HOC Wiltshire Spring Rally 2012

Dates: Venue:

Friday 4th May to Monday 7th May The Woodbridge Inn, North Newton, nr Pewsey SN9 6JZ

Com m ittee & Organisers Chairman Glyn Davies Secretary Ian Hammond Treasurer Claire Robins Rideouts Robin Williams

Contact: Address: Address:

to help organisers and the site owner please note below:How many people in your party How many bikes Hoc Membership numbers How many tents Hoc Membership numbers Contact phone number Prepayment in advance required (please tick days attending) Tents per night per person (max 3 nights Fri, Sat & Sun) Camping per night caravans & motorhomes (max 3 nights Fri, Sat & Sun) Electric hook-up per night (max 3 nights Fri, Sat & Sun) Saturday night BBQ per head


How many caravans/mhomes Contact email address Fri Sat


No Nights:


No Nights:


No Nights:


No People:

No People:

Total to pay : Cash/Chq/BACS (delete as appropriate)



Total Price: £ Total Price: £ Total Price: £ Total Price: £


PLEASE SEND YOUR PAYMENT (if not via bacs) AND THIS FORM TO CLAIRE ROBINS Claire Robins, 40 Short Street, Ludgershall, Andover, SP11 9NJ CHEQUES payable to "Honda Owners Club W iltshire" Paym ent can be m ade via bacs/transfer to bank TSB 30-92-63 03339395 Quote surnam e and initial as paym ent reference PHONE OR EMAIL YOUR PROVISIONAL BOOKINGS TO IAN HAMMOND 07989-531121 OR Further details Breakfast available at additional cost Reasonably priced evening meals in the pub Hot Showers (on site) Rideouts Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning Saturday night BBQ (2 hotdogs or burgers and pudding) Free Lardie cake & coffee after Sat & Sun rideouts Free tea & coffee in the rally marquee 106 GOLDEN WING


HOConsumer The Ultimate Crash Compilation ‘Ultimate Havoc’ released on DVD

New from Duke comes the great value 3-disc ‘Ultimate Havoc’ - our biggest-ever collection of smashes, crashes, spins and rolls. For more than three decades Havoc has been bringing racing fans hair-raising, shocking and often hilarious mishaps from around the world. Now viewers can witness more than 1,000 of the most jaw-dropping moments of motorised mayhem in ‘Ultimate Havoc’.

Priced at just £17.99 for 6 hours of spectacular action, it is a bargain. There is something for everyone, including rally action from the World and British championships, motorcycle Grand Prix and Superbike racing, single-seaters, motocross, international sportscars, truck racing, touring cars, power boats and even a caravan destruction derby! There’s sickening high-sides, car-destroying crashes, massive pile-ups and terrifying fireball spins - viewers will be leaping out of their armchairs as Duke unleashes the Havoc! Amazingly the only things seriously hurt in any of these spectacular smashes are the pride of the riders and drivers, as well as several hundred thoroughbred racing machines! Plus, there are plenty of laugh-outloud mistakes, as the biggest names in racing show they don’t always get it right, loads of edge-of-the-seat

on-board footage as it all goes horribly wrong and hundreds of gravity-defying shunts. ‘Ultimate Havoc’ lets viewers join rally giants Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz, Bike GP legends Mick Doohan and Eddie Lawson, MX kings David Thorpe and Eric Goboers and single-seat stars Damon Hill and Eddie Irvine - before they made it big in Formula One - as well as many more of motorsports biggest names as Duke shows fans the moments of madness the stars would prefer to forget!

“Crash-tastic racing DVD. A more lighthearted look at the dangers of motorsport. The worst thing hurt is pride, so have a guilt-free chuckle” Motor Cycle News ‘Ultimate Havoc’ (3-Disc) is out now, priced at £17.99 and will be available from leading video outlets or direct from Duke Video.

Competition Win your own copy of ‘Ultimate Havoc’, courtesy of our friends at Duke. Answer this simple question:

How many crashes are there in this 3-disc DVD? Send your answer to: Over 1000 Crashes Competition, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE or e-mail

Duke Video: Tel 01624 640 000 or visit

Duke offer HOC members a massive 20% discount - quote code 3209 SPRING 2012


SW Motech Blaze Pannier Sets The new Blaze Pannier concept from Germany’s SW Motech combines aspects of both soft and hard luggage, so is perfectly suited to sports machines; offering serious carrying capacity, in a stable and secure package. Unlike any other soft luggage available today, the SW Motech Blaze panniers use a clever, QuickLock rail system, which is discrete, lightweight and doesn’t add bulk to the machine, like hard luggage mounting systems. Simple to fit, it needs no drilling or cutting, or the addition of any extra tubing, brackets of fixings. Simply clamp the Quick Lock Mounts to the footrest hangers, push in the rails, slide on the panniers and clip in place. The rails keep the load stable, secure and away from the wheel, chain and other moving parts, ensuring that the panniers don’t shift, even during hard riding. They also eliminate the need for fiddly, scratchy straps and bungee chords. When the destination is reached, the rails can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete clamps behind and the machine completely uncluttered.

Blaze Panniers are available to fit the following Hondas: CBF500 CB600F Hornet CBF600S CBR600RR Crossrunner CB1000R CBF1000 CBF1000F CBR1000RR

Order your Blaze Panniers from: Motohaus, PO Box 7092, Hook, Hants RG29 1TY Tel: 01256 704909 Motohaus very kindly give HOC members a discount 108 GOLDEN WING


Buhel D01 Bluetooth headset Ah you say not another bluetooth headset - but this one is different we say and truly amazing in fact! Why - it has no wires or speakers, it just sticks via a magnetic strip to the outside of your helmet and produces crystal clear 3D sound inside your helmet. No more messing with your lovely lid to fit wires and speakers. The system is easily removed and compatible with all phones, sat navs and MP3 players.

Plus at only £99.99 it gives you total bluetooth connectivity without the price tag. That’s ONLY £89.99 with HOC discount!

Amazing - 3D Sound without wires or speakers - simply charge up, pair to device, clip on helmet and go - In Stock Now FREE P & P Happy with your helmet but want a bluetooth headset what options are there? Buy another helmet with a Bluetooth Pack - expensive and perhaps not as good as the helmet you have already. Buy a Universal Bluetooth system - this is a semi permanent set up which requires routing wires and speakers into your lid and it cannot be transferred to other helmets easily - plus they are not cheap either. Or get a Buhel D01 the revolutionary new system that attaches to the outside of your motorcycle helmet via a magnetic strip and has no wires or speakers, it uses a vibration driver to produce 3D audio sound inside the helmet. Plus, you can transfer the Behel D01 to another helmet in seconds so it is totally universal. Buhel D01 helmet communication system is a totally new concept in Bluetooth hands free helmet communications. Using a revolutionary vibration driver, patented, Buhel D01 induces the helmet shell itself to create a robust, clear, 3D-like audio inside the helmet. Buhel D01 allows you to phone, listen to music and get GPS information. Buhel D01 can be fitted directly to the outside of the helmet without any further assembly, as it has no wires and no earphones.


Buhel D01 can be removed at any time just by pulling, so no risks when you leave your helmet locked to the motorcycle. The Buhel D01 is ideal for race helmets or helmets with limited room for speakers in the ear aperatures and eliminates tampering with your helmet to hide wires. The Buhel D01 is Bluetooth in its purest and simplist form. * Can be used on all kinds of helmets full face, Flip-up or Open face * It has no wires and no earphones * Can be fully removed from the helmet * 3D-like audio inside the helmet * Run time approximately 5 hours * Charge time approximately 3 hours. * Noise cancelling microphones that virtually eliminate wind noise * Manage very easily several helmets with only one device * 3.7V 400mA lithium polymer battery * Weight - 60g * Size - W103 x H50 x D35mm * Comes with boom mic and full face mic to cover all helmet types * Supplied with 2 adhesive magnetic fastenings. Note: If you require Bike to Bike communication as well please see the Behul D02

“We love this system - never before have we come across a product that is so well made, reasonably priced and solves a problem in such a unique way and is so easy to set up and use (we were up and running in minutes once the system was charged up). We are now recommending this system with all our helmets.” Just Helmets


Introducing BLACK CAT Signs Black Cat Signs is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire. We supply promotional clothing with your logo or text beautifully applied to it. We also do livery to vehicles, laser engraving and general signs. All our work is created in-house which means we control quality and turnaround. Our prices help you keep within your budget and our turnaround help you meet any deadline. We wrap motorcycles, cars and vans at our location and can travel to you if preferred. Why not give us a call or drop us an email. We would love to discuss your next project. Find us on Facebook and Twitter, search for BlackCatSigns. e-mail: Telephone 07811 112 929 or 01780 755590

Just ask for fellow HOC member Peter



Introducing AUTOCENTRE RUSHDEN Modern Service Where Value Counts 20% Discount to all HOC members Our garage is fully kitted out with the latest technlogy, including a high tech diagnostic system and rolling road. We supply legal power restrictor kits and height lowering kits. We also supply screens, belly pans and other accessories from Pyramid Plastics. As well as MoTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, we offer full garage services from tyres to clutches, chains to full exhaust systems, and all inbetween. We offer DATATOOL supply and fitting and all our prices are competative. If you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll try and match it. Phone us on 01933 353250 or email enquiries@ for a quote on your next service.

Autocentre Rushden Unit 1A Rectory Road Rushden Northants NN10 0AG

New Product or New Service? It costs nothing to promote your new product or service through HOConsumer and reach over 2000 Honda riders every 3 months Please send your press release and print quality photos to SPRING 2012


Golden Wing 2012 Spring  
Golden Wing 2012 Spring  

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