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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On!

from Andy “Dibble” Young - Club Chairman

Sad News Gene Wilson

wearing a broad brimmed hat and very broad smile he was never known for being backward in commenting on life and events. The photo I am attaching for this item was taken at a rally and he was passing comment in a manner he was renowned for. Please do not be offended as it was done in jest but really summed up our mate Darren. Recent years had seen Darren take up the role of carer as well as life companion to Debbie after her stroke. They have still been actively involved in rally life and the sidecar unit was a conversation starter every time. Thoughts are with Debbie and the not so little kids and hopefully we’ll be seeing them still at HOC events in the future.

Gene passed away in January having reached the grand age of 84. He was National Secretary and Treasurer for a period of time in the 70s and some of our long serving members will remember him. Gene had given up the bikes due to age but the club were asked for and did provide a suitable send off for him. There will be further about Gene in this magazine.

Darren Millard Sadly passed away on the 7th of February 2011, this was a far more unexpected event as Darren had only attained the grand age of 44’ish. A member since joining at the NEC in 1992 Darren was a well known face and character around the rally scene. Often to be seen

News as it happens? Join Andy Andy’s email list by sending an email to



Happy Birthday HOC Yes it has started! Our 50th anniversary is underway and things have already been happening we have already been on the telly and in the papers. We have also been in the Spring BMF magazine. The show at Peterborough is looming up for May we want you and your bikes there. Then there is the HOC show at Boughton House on the 7th of August. I want those older bikes out in force that day. So gloves off time - ‘come on you owners get in touch and show us yours’ its about time to put your money where your mouth is and support our events by being there with the classic and not so classic machines you own. Any of these shows is only successful if you people come along. Then of course there is the National Rally, come birthday party, which is near enough fully booked up - but contact Ruth if you want to be a part of it.

We shall see. So this has meant that we are funding all of the shows and events as well as keeping the day to day running of the club. This excellent magazine is one example of the quality items we keep for you.

So where does this leave us? We are looking at possible savings but they are not really that obvious. We need more members perhaps you know someone who would like to join but does not know it yet. (smile) Your local dealer wants to promote the Club so get along there and show him how. (Honda have told them to). If by the time of the AGM things are looking the same we may have to do the thing we hate which is look at membership price rise. We really do not want to have to do that but it may be essential if recruitment does not lift up a bit.


Being held at Billing Aquadrome, there is accommodation in caravans, pods and camping pitches. For those wanting something more luxurious, the adjacent Premier Inn offers something for all members. You can bring your own caravan too. Fun and entertainment for everyone.

Sorry for being a bit down this time around but apart from the really good stuff that will be talked of throughout this edition around the 50th and the masses of great events planned and new challenges for you all. There has been a bit of gloom and serious stuff we the management have to deal with and you do have to know about some of it.

Serious Stuff but don’t panic... yet!

So for next time loads more good news please and enjoy all that is coming up this Spring and Summer.

At the management meeting, that we hold three times a year, it has become apparent that our funds are not strong. We are managing with the ever watchful treasurer Ruth doing a fantastic job. However with VAT gone up, fuel taxes adding to all general cost, paper prices rising and raw materials such as cotton shooting up we are getting tight on our margins. Honda UK originally promised some contributions to some of our celebration events but that was withdrawn as a straight offer to a more complex line of ‘possible’ support to events. So reality is no money but maybe some bits and bobs along the way.


My Contact details Email or ring 01536 359659 or even phone or text 07982419285 my shiny new mobile. I am really getting into this 21st century stuff.

“Ride on but most of all ride safe” Cheers

“Dibble” SPRING 2011

Editor’s Bit Hello again.


Trevor Thompson

Vice Presidents Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 01536 359659 .

General Secretary

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB (01525 633169 .

Membership Secretary

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Jennie Clarke 6 Bugby Way, Raunds, Northants NN9 6SX ( 01933 399463 / 07759 805181 .


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Advertising Manager

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 49 2235 .


Andy (Stritchy) Stryczko 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

BMF Liaison Officer

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton Southampton S040 3HA .


Many of you wont remember me, but I was the editor (Big Ed) in the late 90s. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, Tim is no longer a member of the Honda Owners Club and I have been asked to take over until a permanent editor is found. I’d forgotten how much work is involved in bringing Golden Wing to you. As I write this, I’ve already missed one deadline... some things never change! My gorgeous Pan has just passed another MoT test. Looking back at the old certificates and I make some calculations... I only rode her 5000 miles in 2010! A terrible indictment of how I’ve gone soft over the years. Before getting the car, my bike was my only transport and I was covering 12-15000 miles, in all weathers. Oh well, such is life. While washing and checking her over before the test, I noticed that a small ‘strap’ around the righthand Delkevic silencer (they sound really lovely with the baffles out!) had broken. Not very happy, I looked closer and realised that it had been ground through! It can only have been the two laps of Silverstone that we did last year, before the WSB racing. I was obviously trying a bit too hard to keep up, no wonder there were no ‘chicken strips’ left on my rear tyre! 2011 is going to be a GREAT YEAR! There are so many anniversary events and runs being organised. Don’t miss the Boughton Show in August. The National Rally is planned to be a huge weekend party - if nothing else, get along to that - you wont be disappointed! Keep the rubber side down.

Stritchy 5

Membership Matters

from Graham Gull - Membership Secretary


WELCOME Welcome to all new members who have joined the club in recent months, even though the weather has not been ideal for venturing out on a bike. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome.

MOVING? Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an email). So far I have only had one Winter magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

DIRECT DEBIT Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest. Remember subscription rates are guaranteed until 2012.

When you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions.

FAREWELL Gene Wilson who some of you may remember as one of the founder member of the now disbanded South London branch passed away in January aged 84. He was later both National Treasurer and later General Secretary of the club between 1975 and 1978. Although he had not been biking for some years due to ill health, he still kept in touch. I, together with Mike Gallafent (Kent branch) attended his funeral on behalf of the Club. Many other former members were there. Also sadly missed is Darren Millard and you will be able to read tributes elsewhere.


CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as we are unable to make changes to the membership register. Thanks



Pigeon Post

from Graham Seymour - General Secretary

Ha! Another winter gone and I’m still here (I remember my granddad saying that when I were a lad) and looking forward to another spring with the promise of sunny days and dry roads. Well I can dream can’t I? Starting with the Leisure Show at Windsor next week (as I write this) I’m planning to attend as many shows and rallies as possible this year. This probably means doing something every weekend for the next six months, during which time the car will remain unwashed and the house undecorated, never mind the lawn or the wife…… Can’t wait! Keep an eye on the diary for the many events that we are staging or attending this year. Great effort is being expended from all corners of the HOC to make this anniversary year one to remember so don’t miss out. We want to see as many faces, new or old, at these events and if you have the time or inclination to lend a hand you’ll be especially welcome!

I must apologise for the lack of a monthly mail out in February and some unanswered e-mails. Work is quite mad at the moment with too little time for family or club matters but as they say, you have to make hay whilst the sun shines! My current project finishes at the end of this month so hopefully life can return to what loosely passes for normality in the Seymour household. As expected North Downs was ratified as a full branch of the HOC at the last management meeting. They are an enthusiastic and highly active bunch and I am sure that the new branch will thrive. Well done to all concerned. Well I’m still at work in London writing this and it’s gone 8pm and I want me tea so I’m off. I’ll be at an event near you soon… Happy riding



Golden Wing Editor • No pay and long hours • Only 4 times a year • Must be prepared to learn InDesign CS5 and Photoshop - computer programs can be supplied • Ideally someone in the design/print industry - but NOT essential • Must have an ‘eye’ for design • Must have a sense of humour • Must be a member of the HOC

Apply to Stritchy at The sooner you can start the better!



Darren Stewart Millard 10 January 1967 - 8 February 2011

A Eulogy by Sandra (his Sister-in-Law) I don’t want to remember Darren (or Daz as we called him) with tears and sadness but with Celebration and Joy. I don’t want to mourn him but to feel glad that I knew him and to rejoice in the legacy he has left us. And what a legacy it is! A wife who adored him, 2 beautiful children a loving Brother and so many, many friends.

This hairy, lairy, lovable, fun-loving man had 2 major loves in his life - his bikes and his family. But Darren, true to form, blurred the line between both and Debs has had cause more than once to bemoan a bike engine on the kitchen table or the covering of the back garden in grass matting so he could park ALL his 12 bikes. In fact if the house wasn’t in the way then I think 20 Tilden Close would have been one big Bike Parking area or Garage. Darren was an active member of the Honda Owners Club, as can be seen by the number of you that have come to celebrate his life today, but being Darren, he had to make sure that Debs was involved too and she served, for a number of years as Treasurer. Infact his passion was so infectious that Debs also bought a bike, made her husband proud by passing her bike test and eagerly accompanied him across the Country to various Bike rallies and outings. Born in Tenterden, Darren never strayed far from the area despite considering a move to France or the Midlands. He, his brother 8

Jason and Mum, Carol, lived for many years in Bethersden - close to his Grandmother, before the house was sadly destroyed in a fire and they found themselves in High Halden. Both Darren and Jason went to Homewood School and Darren left there with a respectable number of “O” levels under his belt, to start on a career as an Electrician. Between Motorbikes, Work and the Pub it was surprising that he found time to fit in a relationship with Debs at all, but having met her - after typically gatecrashing one of her summer parties - he almost immediately singled her out as a possible life mate. Debs, I know, wasn’t quite so enthusiastic. I remember the first time he asked her out on a date saying to me that she didn’t really want to go as she didn’t really fancy him and he just didn’t turn her on (as the saying goes). I counselled her to go and have fun as he could be a really nice friend for her. So she did. Then he asked her again and again she told me that she didn’t think she should go for the same reasons. Once more I told her to go and have some fun. This time when she came home - rather late and rather dishevelled - she came to my room and rather sheepishly said “Do you remember me saying that I didn’t fancy Darren and he doesn’t turn me on? Well I do and he does!” And off she went to bed. Six months later they were engaged and the rest is history.


We can see where this is leading eh? ..... Sorry Debs, more bikes even less lawn!

Daz was very much the life and soul of the party and it didn’t matter what time or day you visited them you could always be sure of a welcome and because of this 20 Tilden Close was sometimes more akin to Piccadilly Circus than a quiet village house! He and Debs had a wonderful and happy, if a little argumentative!, life together but it wasn’t happiness that shaped Daz into the extra-special man that he became but the sadness that they both shared firstly in the loss of their first son, Joshua and then with Deb’s Stroke which so nearly took her life. Daz showed us all just how deep and how tender was his love, not just in the way he encouraged Debs to take her life back but also in taking control of the home and the children and making such a great success of them all. To Deborah, Darren was her soul mate, her partner, her Lover, an excellent Father to their children, her Life. He goaded her, hassled her, coaxed and loved her back to health and fought hard for her to get the most up-to-date treatments and I know that he shared her excitement in finally getting a place on the Salisbury Hospital TENS Therapy program. Daz was also extremely proud of both Jared and Caitlin and he was very proud of Jared when he passed his own Bike test recently.

Daz was loud, irrepressible, argumentative, fun-loving and, when inebriated, wholly irresponsible. He was also sensitive, kind, incredibly generous and a fount of wisdom. If you needed help - with whatever it may be - Daz was there offering help. If you needed the benefit of wise counsel - Daz was there giving it. If you just needed a friend then Daz was there. But if you wanted a kind word or a compliment..... well that’s one thing you wouldn’t get as Daz turned the issuing of insults into an Art.

Brother, Son, Cousin, Husband, Father. Friend. Darren was all of these things and he meant so much to each and everyone of us. It is a testament to the enormous affection he inspired that so many have gathered here today to give Thanks for his life. Darren, we are glad we knew you, you enriched our lives, you made us laugh when we wanted to cry, you sought us out when you were in trouble, you were a Brother to us all. We can no longer see you with our eyes so we must learn, instead, to see you with our hearts. Goodbye old friend our love goes with you.

Raising a glass to Daz SPRING 2011


Gene Wilson 1927 - 2011

Many of you will not know the name, but it is with much sadness to report the passing of Gene Wilson. Robin Hancock, Clive Brooker, Peter Spowage, Phil Manning and myself to name but a few, had the great pleasure of riding together with Gene in the HOC South London Branch some 35 years ago and onwards. Having retired from the USAF in the early 70’s, Gene took up motorcycling and went on to become one of the founding members of the South London Branch. He also went on to be both National Treasurer and General Secretary of the club between 1975 and 1978.

Although it is some years since the branch existed, many of us still remain in contact and of course continue to meet and ride. Sadly Gene had to hang up his helmet some years ago and has not enjoyed good health for some time, but he always remained a motorcyclist at heart (as you do!) and of course as one of us, he was never far from our thoughts and discussions in particular at the Café on Sundays. Wherever you ride please carry a thought for Gene who, without doubt, was one of those stalwarts who helped to shape motorcycling in the 70s and elevate the club cameraderie to the level we all enjoy today. He received full military honours, with United States Airforce pallbearers, a bugler and the coffin draped in an American flag, which was folded and presented to his eldest son Paul. It was a pleasure to ride with him and indeed know him as a friend - Gene Wilson ‘Riding with the Angels’ RIP.

Dave Mann





Filtering - To do or not to Do… That is the question Has it been a long winter or is it just me? The days are getting longer and the temperature is now usually above freezing. It will soon be time to put away the heated jacket and not worry about salt damage to the bike. I had wondered what topic to write about and then read a comment on a biker forum about an accident which occurred whilst filtering. I published a full article a couple of years ago about the subject which can be found on my website www. but thought as many will be dusting off their pride and joys ready for the better weather, it would be a good time to clear up some of the confusion regarding this old chestnut.

So what is filtering? It can be described as a motorcycle overtaking a line of stationary or slow moving traffic travelling in the same direction as the motorcycle. The motorcyclist can pass in between two lines of stationary/slow moving traffic, such as on dual carriageways/ motorways. Filtering accidents occur in a multitude of situations when the biker comes into collision with another vehicle crossing the intended path of the bike. I have to say that in the majority of filtering accidents that I have dealt with over the years, a vehicle has emerged through a gap in the traffic from the left and into collision with the bike overtaking on the offside of the line of traffic. 12

Motorcyclists can use their manoeuvrability and limited space requirements to make progress. The advantages of filtering along or between stationary or slow moving traffic have to be weighed against the Bikers’ increased vulnerability. Being able to make progress whilst other road users cannot is one of the great joys of riding a motorcycle but with this benefit comes great responsibility. Filtering (overtaking) is taught even at advanced levels and referred to in most, if not all, motorcycle training manuals. Having spoken to several Police Officers, they advise that no offence is committed as long as the motorcyclist complies with all road traffic signs, road markings, road traffic regulations and filters with appropriate due care and attention with courtesy to other road users. If liability, that is fault, cannot be agreed between the parties, then a judge has to decide who was at fault at a trial, having heard all of the evidence which has to be given in person. Every case will depend on its own circumstances and I suggest that you read all the cases referred to in my website article. The judge will take into consideration the road layout, the speed of the motorcycle, the manner in which the other vehicle emerged, whether the collision takes place at a junction etc, etc. It is possible and quite probable that the Judge will find that both parties have to bear some responsibility and reduce the motorcyclists’ award by a certain percentage to reflect contributory negligence. The Judge may also dismiss the motorcyclist’s claim altogether. SPRING 2011

Each case is different and will be decided on its own merits but what can you do to avoid the accident in the first place or give yourself a better chance in court. Here are some tips but remember, if passing along a line of stationary or slow moving traffic and there is a gap in the traffic, the gap may have been left there for a reason and that reason may be an emerging vehicle. n Ride

slowly and at a speed that you are able to stop if: • Vehicles emerge or turn at junctions (be extra vigilant if your visibility is compromised by high sided vehicles) • Vehicles suddenly change lanes or do a U-turn without warning • Car doors are suddenly opened (especially if filtering along traffic that has been stationary for some time)

n Watch

for pedestrians and cyclists. Also other filtering motorcycles!

n Be

ready to brake or use your horn if you think you have not been seen

n Use

dipped headlights and wear fluorescent/reflective clothing

Crossing a solid white line Let’s now consider the question of whether you can cross a solid white line which is nearest to you. If you look at Rule 129 of the Highway Code, it states: “Double white lines where the line nearest you is solid. This means you MUST NOT cross or straddle it unless it is safe and you need to enter adjoining premises or a side road. You may cross the line if necessary, provided the road is clear, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.” Rule 165 goes onto say:“You MUST NOT overtake • if you would have to cross or straddle double white lines with a solid line nearest to you (but see Rule 129) • if you would have to enter an area designed to divide traffic, if it is surrounded by a solid white line

n Watch

• the nearest vehicle to a pedestrian crossing, especially when it has stopped to let pedestrians cross

n Avoid

• if you would have to enter a lane reserved for buses, trams or cycles during its hours of operation

n Comply

• after a ‘No Overtaking’ sign and until you pass a sign cancelling the restriction

for road studs, road paint, road defects and manhole covers which can throw the bike off-line conflict with other road users and be courteous with all road traffic signs, road markings and road traffic regulations


[Laws RTA 1988 sect 36, TSRGD regs 10, 22, 23 & 24, ZPPPCRGD reg 24]”


Therefore on first blush it seems that... IF the traffic is stationary then you may cross the solid white line, however once the traffic starts to move, no matter how slowly, you will be committing an offence... unless of course the now moving traffic is a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle and they are travelling at less than 10mph. HOWEVER, if you look again at the wording of Rule 129, it says that you may cross the line “if necessary”. Can it be deemed necessary to cross just to make progress? Has the solid line been put there for a reason and the safety of all road users? Would it be deemed to be an offence of Driving without Due Care or Dangerous Driving to cross the line just so you could pass stationary traffic? This continues to remain a grey area and much would depend on the circumstances in which you crossed the solid white line and the police officers view. The choice is yours but you may receive a summons if you are caught. Certainly if you were in collision with another vehicle, I would expect the court will have little sympathy if you brought a claim for compensation.

and finally Here is a recent case involving a claim brought by a motorcyclist who suffered very severe brain injuries following a collision with a car emerging from a side road. Jessop (a protected party suing by his mother and litigation friend, Veronica Rundle) v Nixon (Queen’s Bench Division 14 December 2010) In a road traffic accident in March 2008, a motorcyclist, Robert Jessop, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Robert was riding his motorcycle along a main road. A car began to emerge from a minor side road, edging out intending to go right. Robert hit the car before travelling onto the wrong side of the road, striking the kerb and hitting a lamppost.


Robert had no recollection of the accident and took no part in the hearing. The evidence of the witnesses and the opinion of both parties’ accident reconstruction experts was that the motorcycle was driving in excess of the 30mph speed limit and was probably driving at around 50mph. The car driver’s evidence was that his view of the motorcycle’s approach was restricted by vehicles parked at the side of the road and that he had been edging out when the motorcycle headlight became visible. He immediately braked to a halt and was hit by the motorcycle. Lady Justice Swift found that the car driver had taken all reasonable care when performing his manoeuvre. The precautions would have been sufficient to ensure the safety of vehicles being driven along the main road in a reasonably prudent manner. The accident occurred because of Robert’s failure to drive in such a manner. Had he done so, he would have had ample time to stop before the impact or to steer around the front of the stationary car. The claim was dismissed. This case highlights that if a vehicle emerges from a side road in a cautious and careful manner and a collision occurs with a motorcycle on the main road, fault for the accident will not necessarily attach to the emerging driver. Irrespective of the level of injury suffered by the motorcyclist, manner in which the vehicle emerges from the junction and the speed of the approaching motorcycle will be crucial factors in these cases. Best wishes and ride safe,

John Measures Barratts Motorcycle Solicitors 0115 931 5167 0800 021 3065


Choosing a solicitor after you’ve had a motorcycle injury should not be left to chance Leave it to your insurer and you could well end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes or biking. You could even find yourself in the hands of someone who is not qualified as a solicitor. Choosing Barratts puts you straight in touch with solicitor John Measures - 40 years a biker and over 25 years dealing with personal injury claims.

Who would you prefer fighting your case ?

SPRING 2011 15

10% off for Honda Owners Club Members

Why not get your bike serviced or repaired by a former Honda press workshop technician! I have been trained by the best to the highest Master Technician level, so I can deliver this same high standard of service to you at up to half the price of a main dealer. Let me spend more of my time working on your bike than working out your bill! I offer a unique collection and delivery service from your place of work or home, Menu pricing to a much more comprehensive service than the factory schedule. 16


Once again our televisions provide us bike racing ‘anoraks’ with real value for money as the three major motorbike championships commence for 2011 and the dark, dull days of winter disappear amidst our anticipation of the competitive riding and close duelling that we will enjoy. Honda are a well represented in the Moto GP with Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso leading the charge and not forgetting the non-factory teams of

Marco Simoncelli, Tony Ellias and Hiroshi Aoyama. So will the Honda line up result in a championship title or will Valentino Rossi or Jorge Lorenzo take the crown for Ducati or Yamaha. Nor must we forget Ben Spies who finished strongly at the end of last season and is tipped by many to take the crown this year on the factory Yamaha. If we take note of the testing in Sepang, we must not exclude the ex 250 Champion Marco Simocelli from the title race. Having giving us some remarkable racing over the past few years, this may be Marco’s opportunity to shine. With a truly patriotic spirit, we must closely watch Cal Crutchlow who is now riding in Motor GP series and ask ourselves does he have the potential to be a British contender for the title in the future. SPRING 2011

If 2010 is to be an example, Moto2 will again bring forth some exciting racing with 31 well matched machines being ridden to their limits by a talented group of riders. This year there are three Brits in the form of Scott Redding, Bradley Smith and Kev Coghlan. Again if testing is anything to go by, Scott Redding will be leading the title chase. Perhaps with not quite such obvious title contenders, the World Superbike series has a mixture of talents. Will Max Biaggi triumph again or will the Brits Jonathan Rae and Leon Haslam be challenging hard. It would also be good to see our old favourite Nori Haga regaining his old form and dicing with the front runners - always an entertaining and exciting rider. The grid for the British Superbikes with 34 contenders is large and has a good mixture of old favourites and new comers. Will Honda’s Ryulchi Kiyonari triumph again or can their new signing Shakey Byrne, who replaces the talented Josh Brookes, retake the title. Josh is this year riding for Suzuki. It is also good to see Steve Brogen back in the Honda camp and Glen Richards again riding for Honda - both adding experience and excitement to the BSB racing. As the rounds unfold all will be revealed in an enthralling pageant of motor racing entertainment.

Stiggette 17

Honda 1959 - 1969 Sports” twin at £259.19s. This worked out at about nine months salary So as a new biker it gave you a great deal of thought and enthusiasm to buy one. As even in 1961 new Honda motorcycles were expensive.

So here you are in 1963 leaving school and starting work. “Mum can I have a motorbike?” “NO you can’t”. There goes any help that you might get. Never mind it will need to be a small bike anyway. As you want to be a real biker you can only ride up to 250cc on L plates. Just think of the power and the glory! The first Honda machines were shown at the Earls Court Motorcycle Show in 1959 on the Maico stand. These strange looking oriental machines covered models from 50cc to 250cc. At the time British manufacturers had dominated the world market. With all the larger machines running twin cylinder engines. The smallest twin being the Triumph T3A 350cc. So to complement your “L Plates” it would be a single cylinder machine, if you decided to buy British. Mr Honda introduced the world in 1959 to a 50cc C100 “Cub” step-thru. Retailing here at £87.13s.6d on the road. Now it holds the world record by being the most popular vehicle on this planet with sales of over 60 million. Also introducing the same year the C72 a 250cc twin. Saying that he thought that any size of machine could have two cylinders or more. So people were starting to “Live the Dream”. So your first motorcycle could be a small 125cc sports twin CB92. Complete with an electric starter, and a top speed of about 70 mph. A C72 which is a 250cc touring twin retailing at £219.19s. Or the CB72 “Super 18

CB72 Super Sport

To us new motorcycle beginners in 1961 we found that we were buying an unknown quality machine. That very few people had any information on. So we had to find technical and service support and parts availability. Mike Evens thought that if he was having problems so would everyone else. So joining together as a group we could help each other to enjoy our motorcycling. So small beginnings and by the time we had reached four yours old in 1965. We had grown to 200 members. Also remember that all of us were young motorcyclists just starting to enjoy bikes and had no experience on forming and running a UK motorcycle club. There was no one to ask for help. So we were frowned on by the more mature riders in British Motorcycle Clubs. So in 1961 the “Honda Owners Club of Great Britain”. Was the first Honda club formed in the world, with people joining us from South Africa, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, America and even Japan. Honda sales reps were trying to establish dealerships and a few dealers were established. Bill Smith (Chester), Lings in Norfolk, Tippets and Read Brothers (Read Titan) in London. So by 1964 the European Honda Motor Trading Company had opened SPRING 2011

a office in Power Road, Chiswick, London. Then in 1965 Honda Japan took over control and invested in expanding the UK market. So we were all starting to grow. Also Honda had increased the range to twelve machines if you included the CZ100 “Monkey Bike”. To this day Honda have always made monkey bikes. Proving that motorcycling can be fun to enjoy. We now had regional secretaries. Dave Linden covering the North East, Dave Aylesthorpe the Midlands area, Peter Goodger the South of England and Tony Eldridge for London. We also started to have National Club Gatherings and following the very first BMF Rally at Woburn Abby we held out first National Rally at Woburn. Until the end of 1965 the biggest Motorcycle to be manufactured and exported from Japan was the Honda CB77. Which at 305cc was the 250cc CB72 enlarged to the larger capacity and giving a top speed from it’s four speed gearbox of just 100mph. Giving us owners the chance to chase and tangle with 750cc British machines (sorry PC Plod). So on occasions we could lead the way which annoyed them, and gave us a lot of fun.

Now that we could own larger Honda machines we could grow in members. October 1968 at the Tokyo Show Honda displayed the CB750 Four on centre stage and stole the show. The public reaction was simply amazing and and everyone scrambled to own one. Demand was so great that Honda increased the production lines and a complete CB750 rolled off the production line every five minutes. America taking all the first years production and us waiting for a year before we could own one. So now we as a Club could mature with Honda and lead the world. Let the Good Times Roll

Dave Barton HOC’s Woburn Rally in 1968

CB450 Black Bomber

Then at the start of 1966 Honda released the Double Overhead Cam CB450. This at the top speed of 112mph giving us the chance to show who could ride motorcycles. We could bomb the opposition. Initially the British tried to ban it from production racing. As they said that it was a racing machine not a road riding motorcycle. In 1966 we were five years old and maturing, forming a good club and enjoying our motorcycling. Happy Days! SPRING 2011




Pearl Cool White / Hyper Red

Pearl Cool White / Moody Blue Metallic

Pearl Nightstar Black / Mat Cynos Grey Metallic

Honda Contact Centre: 0845 200 8000


Boughton House - Sunday 7th August Show opens at 9.30am FREE admission and parking Show off your bike - no matter what it is (NOT trailered machines) and you could win a prize!

Unique display of Hailwood, Redman and Haslam bikes

Colle ct aid of ions in Air Am the UK’s bulan ces

Prizes for best bikes at the show

Displays from other Honda clubs

Professional photos of your bike available on the day

Flypast by two Battle of Britain Flight Spitfires

Only £5 to tour the house

Edelston Trophy for best HOC members 400/4

(usually £10)

Live music from the Richtones Refreshments available all day or bring your own picnic See the latest Honda bikes

Many traders including: David Silver Spares, SPADA intercoms, Barratts Solicitors (John Measures) and Footman James amongst others...

Boughton House, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN14 1BJ Signposted off the A14junction 7 and the A43

Contact Dibble for further information - SPRING 2011


Regalia Related Ramblings… Blimey - here I was thinking I would have a slow down in sales and (happily) quite the reverse seems to have happened! I am thrilled to report that you seem to like the anniversary goodies we have for you to choose from. That said, sales on the general regalia have taken a somewhat predictable dip, but I’m sure these will pick up again as we hurtle at breakneck speed - I mean - meander sedately - into the better riding weather and embrace the rally and outdoor events season. (Time to get the tent out of the loft again! Yippee!!) I am chuffed to bits that the baseball caps have had to be re-stocked already! Not all that surprised though as they really are a bargain!

and I will hold it for you. (Please forgive the utterly intentional pun!!) One of the styles of embossed key fobs has sold out too! The anniversary clothing has presented a few “opportunities to excel”… in so far as, they are on the rather generous size so, if ordering clothing please let me know the actual chest size you want it to fit comfortably and I will make sure you don’t get a tent or a tube! Thanks to those who have pointed this out and have been so patient whilst we got things sorted out. At the recent management meeting in Kettering it was great to see so many items of anniversary clothing being beautifully modelled by several of our superb Branch Secretaries.

As you know, the anniversary regalia is only available for the 1 year and stocks are already getting low on some of the items so I would encourage you to not wait until the Summer Show in August or National Rally in September as I am sure that we will not have much left by then! There are, for example, only 2 of the golf umbrellas left now – these are only available from me in person. So, if you want one you will need to let me know as soon as possible 22


Please remember - I hold minimal amounts of anniversary clothing stock so most has to be ordered and can take a while. Similarly the stunning engraved pewter tankards are always ordered in especially.

Thanks as always to Stritchy for keeping the HOC Shop html and Anniversary Shop HOCshop/50th.html pages on the website up to date! Top job! At least 50% profits from the sale of 50th Anniversary Regalia will be donated to the appointed charity for the anniversary year the Air Ambulance. A very worthwhile cause I am sure you will agree. So, dig deep, and buy lots! Further ramblings in the next issue! Safe travels & very happy biking!


Our delivery promise is 28 days from receipt of payment; however, I do aim to get your goods to you as soon as possible. All orders are sent via First Class Royal Mail. For nonUK mainland deliveries additional costs may apply - ask me! Oh, and don’t forget - if you are planning an event and want me to bring along the regalia then just ask! If I can, I will be happy to be there!


On a personal note - it’s been a bit of a grotty start to the year with carpal tunnel (not Dartford as my friend’s darling daughter suggested) surgery on my right hand, and then the loss (within a week of one another) of two of my very dear friends of many years, (one of whom was the wonderful and irrepressible Darren Millard whom I am sure will be mentioned elsewhere in this issue of GW) so, if things didn’t go quite to plan with your order between January 14th and February 23rd please accept my sincere apologies - I lost the ability to function even near what might count for “normal” - even in my world! But the hand is recovering well and, as they say, “normal service has been resumed”.








Special BMF offer for all Visordown users 1 years membership plus show ticket deals have teamed up with the British Motorcyclists Federation to bring you a truly unique offer • 1 years membership of the BMF plus a FREE day ticket to all shows at just £40.00 or, • 1 years membership to the BMF pus a FREE weekend camping ticket to all shows at just £80 • Go to the Visordown website for full details, conditions etc This offer is only available until 31st May and to take advantage of it, contact the show organisers at: quoting Visordown BMF Offer.



Turner’s Tours take on Denmark On 27 August Dave & Jill joined us on a 7 day trip with Turner’s Tours to Denmark. We rode down to Harwich on the Friday afternoon and caught the overnight ferry which was newly commissioned this year (it will soon be paid for if the bar prices are anything to go by!) We arrived at Hoek von Holland at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning and commenced our ride towards Hamburg, we were surprised how quickly we passed through Holland using the motorway. Our accommodation the first night had been pre-booked at the quiet town of Zeven in Germany where our host was very welcoming and allowed Dave to park his Pan in one of their garages, and John to put the trike under cover in a safe location, they even put our wet clothes in their tumble dryer while we were dining.

beautiful fish in vibrant colours from all over the world, also the model village and exhibits created from thousands upon thousands of lego bricks. In the gift shops you could buy bricks individually or by weight like pick & mix and we were surprised how many adults were doing so, after a lot of walking and rides on the train and the roller coaster we were looking forward to returning to our hostel for a well earned rest.

Denmark consists of many islands linked by bridges, one of which was on Jill’s ‘to do’ list, it connected Nyborg to Korsor which we crossed on the E20, a distance of 19 km (one of the longest – and windiest in the world.)

Next morning our goal was to reach Billund in Denmark to enable us to visit Legoland where we stayed in a 3* hostel for 2 nights as the hotels in this area were crazy prices. The park was quite busy and it has more than 50 attractions for all ages, we were particularly impressed with Atlantis and it’s displays of 28

By now the time was running out and we realised that we needed to head back towards Hoek von Holland, so to take a short cut we headed south to Rodbyhon where we caught a ferry taking 45mins to Puttgarden in Germany. Jill and I seized the opportunity to use up our Danish Kroner and bought lots of Haribo sweets for Halloween from the on board duty free, only to discover at the check out that we still had quite a substantial surplus and only SPRING 2011

5 mins in which to spend it. We did our best!! After disembarking we headed towards Hamburg in order to visit the Belsen concentration camp at Bergen which was on John’s ‘to do’ list’, we spent around 4 hours in the museum and grounds quietly trying to take in the scale of what actually went on there. In the surrounding grounds were large mounds where up to 5,000 people at a time were buried, this is where Anne Frank died and there is a memorial to her. This was John’s rant while we were there - “I think before the politicians decide to go to war or engage in any conflict, they should be made to visit places like this.” Maybe then they would think twice!!

As it was Turner’s Tours and we were passing near Arnhem we stopped off at the Airborne Museum near the location where paratroopers were dropped in September 1944 to liberate Holland during operation Market Garden. There were a total of 12,000 British and Polish troops dropped but sadly after 5 days of hardship and heavy fighting they had to withdraw. The battle of Arnhem became famous worldwide because of the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’ and the many films and books that told the story.

From here we rode to Noordwijk on the coast passing acres and acres of greenhouses and windmills, it was a lovely seaside resort with a nice beach and shops where we bought souveniers and tulip bulbs to remind us of our trip. Our ferry home was a day crossing and this time we took our own food and drinks and spent our time eating, sleeping and watching Shrek 3. Until next time, ride safe.

Pat & Jill



The F stands for FUN

Downsized grips allow young riders to take full control while the simple-to-use, semi-automatic gearboxes in the CRF50F and CRF70F and a full 5-speed 窶話ox in the CRF100F start their shifting skills in the right direction. Proven and reliable four-stroke engines provide smooth, safe power that will keep the off-road adventures rolling on. The rugged chassis and suspension can easily handle the roughest terrrain keeping the rider comfortable and in complete control.


Honda Contact Centre: 0845 200 8000 SPRING 2011

If you haven’t taken a look recently please go to and see what we have to offer. We try to keep the site up-to-date with news from the Branches, Honda press releases, MotoGP, WSB and BSB racing and anything else that may be of interest.

Branch finder Those of you who are new to the Club (and old members too) who haven’t yet got along to your local Branch, you may be interested in the Branches pages There is a very useful page called Branch Finder which shows a map of all the Branch locations. Supplied by Google, there is the facility to get a route from your home to the meeting place, simply by entering your post code.

membership renewal Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Go to www. and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card.

facebook & Twitter Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. The HOC is now also on Twitter #HOCgb (21st century or what!) However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear.

After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy Club and limited edition 50th Anniversary regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! SPRING 2011


Riding for a Purpose It seems that almost every day, we all hear about another Government cost cutting exercise that directly affects the National Health Service. With the present drive to reduce spending, it is proving very difficult for nearly all NHS trusts to successfully finance the everyday care that patients should expect. We can all appreciate the huge cost of running this service, but most people are unaware that a small number of Charities and groups exist, who provide a service to the NHS completely free of charge. Freewheelers EVS, is one of these groups. Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service is a registered charity and winner of the Queen’s Award For Voluntary Service, which provides an out-of-hours emergency motorcycle courier service to hospitals in the South West of England. The Charity was founded in 1990, and has a coverage area that includes Somerset, Bristol, Bath and West Wiltshire. Often referred to as Blood Bikes, the lifesaving service to the NHS is provided free of charge and is funded entirely by public donation and sponsorship. Freewheelers will transport not only blood, but also test samples, patient notes, x-rays medication and other medical supplies. This service is very much in demand and as an example, in 2008, its riders made 2200 deliveries, covering a total of 85,000 miles. If the service did not exist, hospitals would be forced to use a costly Taxi, or a commercial courier.

Freewheelers, operates a fleet of specially adapted BMW R1200RT and Honda ST1300 motorcycles equipped with high-visibility markings, plus blue lights and sirens for emergency use. The Charity is run entirely by volunteers, all its riders must hold an advanced riding qualification. It also has a team of fund raisers and telephone co-ordinators. I first became aware of Freewheelers at the end of 2007, whilst searching the internet for information about advanced rider training. In April 2008 I successfully achieved my advanced riding qualification and attended one of their monthly meetings. I was very impressed with the professional way that the group was run. The group operates 3 service bikes, (plus 2 in reserve), with each bike covering a specific area. There are 12 to 15 riders dedicated to each bike, who are placed on an a shift rota, on average each rider will cover a shift every six weeks. Each week is split into 2 shifts, weekdays and weekends, and the duty bike is handed over from the outgoing rider to the new on-duty rider who will keep the bike at their home whilst on shift and will receive jobs on a callout basis. No one shift is ever the same. Weekends are always busier than during the week, but you never know when the next call will come, and you can also never predict the weather. So while responding to a callout at 10am on a sunny Sunday morning in July will always be a pleasure, it’s not quite the same as a callout at 2.30am in



the middle of January! There have even been times during the worst weather (like we had late last year and early this year) when I have questioned my sanity. Some weekends can be extremely busy, and it’s not uncommon to have a number of callouts backed up behind you. Local knowledge can be a big bonus here, allowing you to work out the best routes to take.

So, why do I do it? There are many reasons, the main one is that I enjoy riding bikes. Knowing that I am also riding for a real purpose rather than just for pleasure makes it very rewarding. On one particular job I was asked to collect an urgent blood sample from a maternity ward at a local community hospital for a seriously ill new-born baby. When I arrived at the ward I was greeted by the father of the baby who had especially asked the ward staff if he could wait to thank me for what I was doing. This was totally unexpected, but reinforced the fact that people really do appreciate what we do. The Blood Bike that I presently ride is a BMW R1200RT, which is based around the Bath area, but when I first started riding for Freewheelers it was a Honda ST1300 Pan European. Even though the bikes are serviced and inspected regularly, they all have a hard life, and each will cover on average 30,000 miles a year. The group still owns 2 Pans, one of which has now totalled over 100,000 miles, in fact I was so impressed by the Pan that I ended up deciding to buy one for my own bike, a very nice 2008 model. It was because I bought my own Pan that led me to eventually joining the HOC, after which I learned that the local Bristol Branch had a recently new SPRING 2011

secretary, Pete Casling, who worked in the same building as me. It certainly is a small world sometimes! Riding for Freewheelers would not suit everyone, as you do need to commit yourself to giving the time, and you must be able to ride for long periods at a time and be prepared to ride all year round in all weathers. However, it must be stressed that safety is our first concern, and we take the bikes off the road in dangerous weather conditions. In such an event, cars or even 4x4’s will be used instead. There is also a social side to the charity, the group meets up one a month, where operational problems or new ideas can be discussed amongst our members. We also attend numerous fundraising events throughout the year. These events are essential not only to raise money but to raise public awareness of what we do, and it also serves to help us recruit new members. There are a number of Blood Bike groups across the country, and it was during an HOC event last year hosted by the Oxford Branch, that I met their Branch secretary Erica Gassor, who herself is a co-ordinator for SERV, a Blood Bike group in the Oxford area. Like most bikers, we are a friendly and positive bunch, so if you’re out on a ride and see one of our marked-up bikes, please give us a nod or a wave, or if you see us fundraising at a show, please stop and have a chat and support us.

If anyone would like further information or is interested in joining a Blood Bike group, then please take a look at Safe riding

Alan Paice HOC Bristol Branch


Don’t gamble with bike tyre safety As April’s bike tyre safety month gets underway, TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, is highlighting the high price that motorcyclists continue to pay for not looking after their tyres properly. The latest Department for Transport road casualty figures show there were 82 motorcycle accidents in 2009 where illegal, defective or underinflated tyres were a contributory factor. Although it represents a slight decrease on 2008, each one is an avoidable accident, says Stuart Jackson, Chairman, TyreSafe, who warns motorcyclists not to be complacent about their tyres. “Whilst we welcome the news that there are fewer tyre related motorbike accidents, the number is still far too high. Tyres play a crucial part, perhaps the most important role, when it comes to motorbike safety as they are the only point of contact that the bike has with the road surface.” Additionally, statistics from VOSA’s MOT data reveal that the level of tyre neglect still needs to be addressed. The percentage of motorbikes failing their MOT first time because of defective tyres and wheels in 2009/10 remained at just under 4 percent, similar to the previous year. However, to help motorcyclists ensure their tyres are in a safe and roadworthy condition, TyreSafe has teamed up with tyre and motorcycle dealers across the UK to offer a free tyre safety check throughout April’s bike tyre safety month. The checks will include a visual inspection, looking in particular for any cuts, bulges or cracks in the tyre, plus any any irregular wear patterns which can be a sign of problems with other components, set-up or riding style. Pressures will be checked against the recommended levels with any necessary adjustments made for any pillion or pannier loads. The tread depth will also be examined to make sure the tyre has sufficient tread to remove water from the road surface and meets the legal minimum tread requirements. 34

Jackson adds: “To help avoid becoming another road casualty statistic, riders should check their tyres at least once a week. Particular attention should also be paid before the first ride of the season, especially if their motorbike has been stored in the garage over the winter months. Dealers supporting bike tyre safety month will be delighted to carry out the checks for free for motorcyclists who are unsure about how to do it themselves.” For more information about motorcycle tyre safety or bike tyre safety month, visit

TyreSafe top tips for motorcycle tyre safety

1 Check your tyre pressures from cold at least once a week using an accurate gauge 2 Inflate tyres to the level recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook 3 Inspect tyres for cuts, bulges, uneven wear or objects embedded into the tread pattern and replace if necessary 4 Use dust caps to keep dirt away from the valve core and to act as a secondary air seal 5 If your rims are cracked or bent they should be replaced immediately 6 Check that your tread depth is not below the legal minimum of 1mm (for bikes over 50cc) 7 Replace old or damaged valve stems 8 Select the correct type of tyre for your machine and riding style 9 Check that both tyres fitted to the bike are made by the same manufacturer and have the same tread pattern 10 Make sure that your tyre has been fitted the right way round by checking the directional arrows on the sidewall 11 When replacing tube type tyres always use a new inner tube 12 Make sure your tyre/wheel assembly is balanced correctly 13 Keep oil and grease off your tyres using detergent if necessary 14 If you are unsure on any aspect of tyre pressure or tyre condition take your bike to an approved fitting centre and speak to the experts.




We were lucky enough to be invited to have a stand at the prestigious Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh Park at the end of February. Race Retro is Europe’s premier international show for classic, competition and historic motorsport cars and bikes. Due to the good relationship I have built up with “my man at Silverstone” who also happens to be one of the main organisers of Race Retro our stand was completely FREE of charge. The show spanned 3 days with Alan, Nicola and Dan doing day 1, myself with Robin and Botters doing day 2 and finally Mickey, Teresa and Penfold doing day 3. Our stand was in quite a good location being a corner pitch with a constant stream of passing visitors. The stand itself was of rigid construction and ideal for us to display the new 50th Anniversary banners supplied by Black Cat Signs. We also had, on the stand, 2 more banners donated by HoF Display Solutions, one of these is a special one which we are collecting signatures of famous people on throughout the year. At Race Retro we managed to get Giacomo Agostini, Sammy Miller mbe, Phil Read mbe, Johnny Herbert, Miki Biason, Russell Brookes, Tony Mason, Jack Sears, Norman Dewis, Barrie “Whizzo” Williams and a few more racing legends. It will be great if we can get this banner completely filled up by the end of the year.

This RC162 sounded FANTASTIC

We had 2 bikes displayed on our stand. Both were on loan and we fortunate enough to have a 1961 RC162 Mike Hailwood Replica and also a 1963 RC146. We had a lot of interest in the Club with numerous people taking membership forms away. Altogether now - “any old iron, any old iron” 36


Amongst the exhibitors were Arbath displaying their new Fiat 500. Dan had told me to go and look at this car as I would like a smaller car now. The “see through white dress far too much foundation barbie doll” ooooops sorry the young lady on their stand didn’t seem to want to show me the car, could it have been that I am the wrong sex for an Arbath? There was quite a few car clubs present such as the Aston Martins OC and Jaguar OC but very few bike clubs. The Norton OC and the VJMC were represented but that’s all, although there was a lot of really old bikes on show but no other active owners clubs such as ours. Incidentely the E-type Jag is 50 this year too. Overall the show was well organised and provided alot to see in the way of classic cars and bikes and the auto jumble, spread over 4 halls of Stoneleigh. The highlight of the day was the “rev up” when “our” RC162 joined some others and treated us to the awesome noise that these lovely old bikes make. OMG the RC162 sounded phenomenal. Ago had to wait his turn on his Ducati as the Honda got in first ha ha.

This last picture is of an amusing old chap who kept me talking for over an hour. He’s astride his Sunbeam which he still rides today. Now well into his 80s I asked Glen if he still rode to which he replied “the day I can’t ride is the day I die”.

Definitely a show worth doing.

Sue Beck

I could write pages and pages about this show but it’s easier if anyone is interested to google Race Retro and see for themselves what was there.

Agostini and Read... discussing the gold old days? SPRING 2011

Even the great Ago had to wait his turn 37



Phil’s a trials Champion Reading Branch member, Philip Wiffen, has won the ACU British Twinshock Trials Championship 2010 (British Champion) and the Sammy Miller Products Trials Championship 2010. This is the first time he has won both championships in the same year. He has won the ACU championship twice before in 2006 and 2008, also the Sammy Miller Championship in 2009. Phil getting his trophy from Sammy Miller

We went to Northampton on Saturday 29th January to collect the awards, which where presented by the legendary motorcycle ace Sammy Miller himself. This year he is going to ride the Scottish Six Day Trial in May which is the centenary year. Doing 30 sections a day and covering between 60 to 100 miles a day in the highlands of Scotland around Fort William, on & off road. Phil started riding when he was about 9 years old and was the Youth Southern Centre Champion on a few occasions. I have attached some other pictures of him in action. The ACU championship is held over 12 with rounds as far south as Cornwall and north Cumbria - lots of miles travelling. He was up against 50 other riders. The Sammy Miller Championship was held over 9 rounds one of which he missed as he was stuck in Cyprus due to the ash cloud, with rounds all over the country, against 49 other riders.

Bryan Moody

Reading Branch Secretary



Sno Rally 2011

Our Hosts, Carl and Julie looked after everyone fantastically well, providing fabulous evening meals and full English Breakfasts - brilliant.

Wow, what a great Rally and weekend. 30 members turned up and 24 stayed the whole weekend. Thanks to all who came and made it the success that it was. The ride out was well organised, calling off at Monsal Head before taking scenic routes through Derbyshire and Staffordshire then. calling at Hartington for lunch. Completing the ride through Matlock Bath before home, 106 miles in total and no incidents, well done Mick Yeomans. Saturday’s entertainment included a Quiz arranged by Pam & Christine, a Raffle in aid of the Children’s Hospital, a little entertainment from the Chairman of the branch, and lot’s of frivolity throughout the evening, including taking the micky out of me with a freeby T shirt that I wore, where I’d left off the “A” in Honda - I’m now a member of the Hond Owners Club apparently (don’t order T shirts over the internet when you’ve had too much to drink...) Mr Cook will never let me forget this one and my question to everyone is “What’s wrong with pink hot water bottles?” (he won’t let me forget that one either...)


We had members from, Dorset, Wiltshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Scunthorpe, Bedfordshire and even Ireland. The famous Chris Cook turned up with the surprise of the weekend, Chris Wright (co-founder of the Three Shires and ‘S no Rally) fresh from the Emerald Isle - on a BMW! ‘Best Bike’ was won by Chris Hocking on a good example of a Pan European, the ‘Grot Bike’ was taken (only just) by Richard Hartland on his museum piece the NVT 650 - narrowly beating the “Armitage Shanks” Kawasaki into second place and the ‘Furthest Distance Travelled’ was 170 mile by Ian Oneil. We had a special presentation of a Green Rally T shirt (this years T’s are Black) to Alan Rogerson. He’s been attending the rally for 10 years without fail - he’s always requested a green T shirt.




30 people attended 17 Bikes on the ride out 22 bikes in total for the rally £80 Raised for the Children’s Hospital

Thanks to you all



b’ s y l e u l t C he y in s t te lebra versar ce nni A th 0 5

Booking Form We have pre-booked caravans and pitches at a discounted rate, these are only available through the Club T & Cs


• £50 non-refundable deposit secures caravan


• Full payment by 1st July 2011

• Pitch & Pod bookings require full payment with booking. This is non-refundable

Post Code: Tel No.:

• Day Passes* require full payment with booking. This is non-refundable

E-mail: Branch:

• Booking confirmation will be sent by return

Membership Number.: What accommodation do you require? Caravan n Pitch n Pitch with power n

Pod n

• Cheque made payable to Honda Owners Club (GB)

Please send me number Day Passes* All accommodation prices are for three nights - speak to Ruth about 2 night stays 6 Berth Caravan @ £225 per caravan, Pitch @ £50 per pitch, Pitch with power @ £75 per pitch, Pod @ £105, Day Pass* @ £15 per person * If you are not booking accommodation through the Club (e.g. if you are staying at a local hotel) you will need to buy a Day Pass to get in. Without a Day Pass you WILL NOT be allowed entry into Billing Aquadrome or have access to the Saturday night entertainment and free food. The Day Pass is valid for the entire weekend.

Either complete this Booking Form and send it with payment to: HOC National Rally 2011, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE or contact Ruth on 077604 15347 or The booking Form can also be downloaded at 42


50th Anniversary National Rally Friday 16th - Monday 19th September

The 2011 Honda Owners Club National Rally is taking place in the Rose of the Shires, Northamptonshire, in the centre of England. Billing Aquadrome is set in 235 acres of parkland and has recently benefited from a huge investment programme to ensure the park amenities offer outstanding choice and variety including the newly completed state of the art leisure centre, The Venue. The busy weekend includes*:

F a n c y D re s

• Book your fancy dress for Saturday night • Welcome “get to know you” party, with FREE carvery on Friday night in The Venue

s P a r ty

• Selection of local real ales in The Venue bar • Bar open until 1am every night • Excellent ride-out around the varied roads of Northants with lunch on Saturday • Fancy dress party and brilliant live band ‘Camouflage’ on Saturday night • FREE buffet on Saturday night in The Venue • 50th anniversary celebration fireworks on Saturday night

r ver y & F REE Ca Buf fet

Br ill ia nt Liv e Ba nd

• Scatter Rally all weekend • Go carting competition • Big screen MotoGP on Sunday • Ride-out and possibly test-rides on Sunday • You’re the star in the ‘HOC’s Got Talent’ competition on Sunday night in The Venue.

G re a t ri d e -o u


We have The Venue to ourselves for Saturday night’s evening entertainment, we will be sharing with other holiday makers on the other nights, but have an area allocated specially for us. The cost of entertainment is included in the accommodation and Day Pass prices. *Exact details may be subject to change.

Billing Aquadrome Crow Lane, Great Billing, Northampton NN3 9DA SPRING 2011


Bedfordshire Secretary: Glen Pringle - 07702 233 524

Well guys, this months report is a bit shorter than usual, most of winter is spent without club runs due to the weather and is mostly social down the pub on a Wednesday night. Our Christmas meal away at Caister was a great success and the Spa Break was a welcome change from the cold December weather. A departure for us this weekend was top have a committee meeting to flesh out a runs list for the year (we normally do things very ad-hoc) with consideration being made to come up with something special for the 50th (watch this space). We held it round Steve and Julie’s house after a very welcome egg and bacon roll breakfast. We concentrated on the first three months of spring (hopefully arriving in a few weeks time).

Chris & Sue


John & Fiona 44

Ian SPRING 2011

Runs to be as follows: March 13th Windsor Leisure Show led by Glen Pringle; Sunday 27th March Shuttleworth Show In aid of Air Ambulance; Sunday 10th April Prescott Hill Bike Festival led by (GP); April 17th Bourton on The Water (GP); Tuesday 10th May Run to Ashby Fozzville (IW); 20th -22nd May Cheddar Gorge Weekend (Colin Woods); Sunday 22nd May Run to Ace Cafe Honda day (GP on Kawasaki!); 28th May & 29th May runs out from Clappers Rally (Roger Elvin to lead Saturday GP on Sunday) 4th June National Arboretum (CW); 4th June Run to Bowling and Barbecue (GP).


Debreck’s Joe & Yvonne

Ian, Joe & Tracey

Steve & Julia SPRING 2011

Asleep ag

ain! 45

I hope this year will be a gas, too many funerals marred last year and the sad passing of Darren this month has saddened us all. He was a happy soul and will be missed by all on the rally scene. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

The Seymou


The rally season starts soon and I would like to take the opportunity to plug our rally at the end of may. I hope to see many old friends and maybe a few new ones. Keep the shiny side up.


Vanessa & Julie share a chip

Tracey flings a ball

Glen & Tracey 46


at Northants bo


HONDA OWNERS CLUB BEDFORDSHIRE BRANCH 12th Clappers Rally Friday 27th - Monday 30th May 2011 @

'The Cross Keys' P.H. Pulloxhill Bedfordshire.

Toilets/shower/marquee/pub grub/cooked breakfasts/barbeque/ superb camping field/ride-outs BOOKING FORM

Name (s) Address Postcode No. in Party Vehicle Registration No. H.O.C. Membership Number

Contact No. (4 Max per booking) (Bike/Car /Camper etc....) (Branch)

Nights Req'd (£10 per pitch per night) FRI SAT SUN Breakfasts required (£5 per breakfast per person): Saturday Morning ..................................................... Sunday Morning ..................................................... Monday Morning ..................................................... Buffet Salad Required @ £2 (For Sat Night Barbecue)

(please circle) 1 1 1 1


2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3

= 4 4 4 4

= = = =


Please return booking form with payment & stamped addressed envelope to: Graham Seymour

6 Kestrel Road Flitwick Beds MK45 1RB

Cheques payable to HOC Bedfordshire Branch, detailed map to be returned on receipt of booking. SPRING 2011



Branch Contact: Pete Casling - 01454 416417 Hi All, once again, we’ve had another hard Winter, so I hope that those of you all-weather riders got through it unscathed. Me? Yes, I’m guilty of being one of the many who give up riding the bike in Winter and unless we have an unusually mild spell, mine stays hibernating until it warms up a bit. At least it gives me a chance to do a full service at my leisure and do any of the little fettling jobs I kept planning to do. By the time you read this, hopefully I’ve corrected the situation and will have been back out on the road for some while. Well, not a great deal has happened with our branch over the last few months. Since the last magazine report, the only thing of note has been our branch Christmas meal. So that it was a convenient date for everyone, we used the evening of our December meeting for our seasonal get-together at the Fox and Hounds at Farleigh Wick. A total of twelve of us had a really good evening and we were really quite well behaved (apart from the running battle we had with 200-odd party poppers JJ and I took along!). Unfortunately the photos I took were rubbish, so you won’t be seeing any of them. It appeared no one else took a camera along. I didn’t take along my ‘best’ camera, but only a pocket one and while it performed really well in France last year, it doesn’t seem to cope very well indoors.

Welcome to new members Among the new members recruited at the NEC show, two are local to us. Welcome to Graham Wales and Brian Marsden. It was quite a pleasant surprise that they both contacted me, considering the lack of response I get from some new members! (I don’t automatically get advised when there are new members in this area). We first met 48

Graham and Brian at our January meeting and hopefully once the weather improves and the days get longer they’ll be joining us on some of this years ride outs too (a couple of which should have taken place by the time this mag hits your doorstep). Unlike several other branches, we’ve not yet had an HOC 50th Anniversary event. Firstly, no-one was really all that keen to meet up some time in freezing January, be it on the bike or otherwise and secondly, if we did have just one or two members turn up, it would have been difficult to make the occasion feel a special one. So well done to those branches that did brave the elements in numbers and celebrate the HOC’s 50th in January! Hopefully we’ll do something in the Summer, even if it’s just a branch ride to the big HOC 50th Anniversary event at Boughton House.

Surprise Golden Wing quiz At our February meeting we had a little bit of fun (that’s apart from the usual banter), in that Andy surprised us all by bringing in a quiz he’d quickly rustled up! As the Winter edition of Golden Wing had arrived just three days before, Andy used the content of the magazine for the questions, to see who had actually read any of it! Well, some hadn’t even looked at it yet (shame on you, Sash), while others had just flicked through it a bit. So, it was twenty questions and none of them were actually hard, if you’d had just a little a read, or even just looked at the pictures. Well, some naturally got none right at all, others made educated guesses and one tried a not-toosneaky look in his magazine for the answers (but we spotted him!). The winner? Well, it was me, but even I only got a miserable eight out of twenty! And the prize? A couple of tiny bags of chocolate buttons. Each bag contained SPRING 2011

about eight buttons... so I didn’t share them round. Yum.

Skittles return match If you remember, last year, much to everyone’s surprise, we won a skittles match with Oxford and Wiltshire branches. As winners, it was our duty to host a return match some time this year and with a bit of luck we may even lose the magnificent trophy awarded to us last time. (For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a mirror-polished piston, mounted on a lovely piece of mahogany which would grace any mantelpiece. No expense spared. Not!) Hopefully I will be able to report on the match and the sad loss of the award to another Branch in the next issue.

Sorry for the complete lack of photos this time, but as I said, it’s been quiet lately, with nothing to photograph, but there should be something next time. Maybe if we get more members turn up for events, there will be more to take photos of... So do please have another look at the Diary of Events and try and join Bristol branch for at least one of this year’s rides. Apart from the listed events, we’ve also got some other things planned, socially as well as biking. If you don’t come along to meetings or get in touch, you won’t find out about them, will you? See you soon,


Dorset Rally

August Bank Holiday

27th-29th August 2011 Bruce Arms

Easton Royal Pewsey SN9 5LR tel no 01672810216 No need to book - plenty of space as we have our own field Contact Heather on 01305 778658 or e-mail for more information




Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883 Bit quiet at the moment for Cambs HOC - we are still waiting for the weather to improve having said that our meetings at The Swan are being well supported - first Tuesdays and third Wednesdays getting a crowd in which is nice and I think the general feeling is roll on the better weather - we are all looking forward to Spring and our ride out Diary has been put together and we have quite a bit to look forward to including get togethers with Norfolk and Northants. On the 16th February 9 of us visited The 10 O’clock for a fish and chip night with Northants and in the usual manner it was a great night with our friends - we came second (well done everyone) losing by just one point - can you believe it - never mind it was a great laugh and the fish and chips were lovely again - a BIG thank you to Sue Beck for organising the evening and for going out for the food - thanks Sue xx.

We have a holiday in France pencilled in but so far only 4 are down to go - Jim, Anita, Paul and myself but we are looking forward to it and the accommodation should be finalised shortly - in fact I am looking at them as soon as I have finished this report - we are heading to the Loire in July which we hope will nice and warm, not necessarily hot but warm will be good. If you wish to help with the BMF then please contact us and again if you have any older Honda’s then we are definitely interested so please contact us. Well that is it for now - will have more to report on next time. Keep safe, love

Kim x


Cambridge HOC require help, volunteers & bikes from the 60s, 70s & 80s specially anything unusual If you can be of help please contact Paul and Kim Woodruff on 01353 740883 or e-mail 14th & 15th May 2011

East of England Showground, Peterborough 50




OCT to 10

OCT 2011

NAME_________________________________________ NAME_________________________________________ ADDRESS______________________________________ ADDRESS______________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ TEL___________________________________________ TEL___________________________________________ BRANCH_______________________________________








Please make cheques payable in full to (Please John Fowler Holidays)payable or you can payto over the phone make cheques in full Send c/o Debbie , John Fowler Holidays, (John Fowler Holidays) or you can pay over the phone Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe, Devon EX348P

Send c/o Debbie , John Fowler Holidays, Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe, Devon EX348P

We look forward to meeting you

We look forward to meeting you SPRING 2011


Unique layered fairing with optimal air flow and heat management for bike stability and rider comfort. VFR1200F. A masterpiece of engineering art.

Honda Contact Centre: 0845 200 8000 52 SPRING 2011


Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306 We had our Christmas party at Damon’s restaurant in Lincoln on 16th December. Our numbers were fortunately bolstered by W.I.M.A. members.

The weather hasn’t been very motorcycle friendly so far this year. In fact I haven’t ridden my bike since the R.T.T.W. at the beginning of October last year, the longest period of not riding since I returned to biking in May 2007. Unfortunately the winter months have seen a very poor turnout at branch meetings. Hopefully, now the weather is improving we will see a larger attendance. Remember, the Eastern Branch meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at the Black Bull in Brigg.

Ray, Janet, Ellie, Val, David, Martin & Lorrie

We started off the 2011 biking year with our now traditional visit to the Spalding Motorcycle Show on the 16th January. The show was well supported by stands put on by local clubs. Martin was lucky enough to find a motorcycle jacket, at half price, to add to his extensive collection.

The Eastern Branch covers a large area and if there are members out there who can’t make meetings and want to be involved, email me via the Eastern website.


We have made it to one sand race at Mablethorpe this year. The weather was very bright and sunny and very icy on the roads. As the back end of my car stepped out on one bend I was quite pleased I was not on my bike. Lorrie, Martin and I went down to the Newark auto-jumble on Sunday 6th February. We were disappointed at the lack of outside stalls, especially as the previous auto jumble had been cancelled due to bad weather. SPRING 2011

Sand racing at Mablethorpe 53

East Midlands Secretary: Rita Woodcock – 01332 515767

Christmas Party 26th November 2010 What a great turn out for the Christmas Party! A little earlier than originally planned due to the tribute act that we wanted to see being moved. We all gathered at around 7:30 for a pre-dinner drink and were led promptly to our table at 8:00. A three course meal with the usual seasonal crackers and party hats, plenty of wine to wash it all down with, all followed by a Tina Turner tribute act. Much to Al’s delight, he’s been waiting for an excuse to wear his Tina Turner t-shirt for ages.

Al’s t-shirt

Joined once again by Andy & Karen from Oldham, as you can see Karen is most definitely a winner when it comes to doing impressions with the cracker toys. And just to show that someone was definitely having a good time, here’s the photographic evidence.


Karen doing im

Phil - having a good time! 54


Jack’s Hill Café 2nd January 2011 It didn’t seem that cold at all, so Steve & I decided to brave it and go on the bike down to Jack’s Hill Café. Shortly after we started out, either the temperature had dropped or we had misjudged it. Oh well, were committed now (or maybe we should have been), turn on the heated gloves and snuggle up close. Right at a critical moment the Intercom decided to switch Fantastic 50th anniversary decoration took centre stage itself off, so I was saying turn off here Steve and getting no on the extra layers that morning, we were response. When he carried straight on and now running quite late. Nevertheless we did missed the junction I knew it was time to start actually make it before everyone else had waving the hands about to try and get the finished their breakfast. message across. With the route re-calculated So what are we here for? making it a bit of a longer run than expected The start of the celebrations for HOC’s and having taken a little extra time putting 50th Anniversary, so out with the table decoration and snap a few photos to prove that we actually did it. There weren’t many people about, but one or two asked who’s 50th Birthday it was, HOC of course. Do you ever get the feeling that people who don’t really know you get the wrong impression, I’m sure that they thought that we were quite mad really. Members enjoying Jack’s Hill café SPRING 2011

Rita 55

Gloucestershire Secretary: Victoria Parker - 07941 831379

Well it’s a catch up article again. The deadline for the last edition past me by without me realising lol. The tall end of 2010 has not been very busy, the weather has not been great, but one ride out did go ahead although I was unable to join in as I planned it wrong and had to work, but from what I heard they had a good day would have been nice to have some details to put in this article but never mind. Branch meetings are generally quite well attended and a few new members and current members that have not been before have come to say hello, so everything keeps ticking along quite nicely. A special mention for new members Nicky, Leslie and Phil and any other members in the Glos area who I have yet to meet new or current I just hope this year I will have some members joining me on rallies etc but as I had more fun in 2010 than in 2009 and I have hope for 2011. And now for details of fun that was had (mostly by just me sorry but you were invited) towards the end of 2010. I attended my first National Rally and had a great time and got to know lots of lovely people from all l na over the country. io at N at the On the bike It’s a shame that none of my Branch wanted to join me but didn’t spoil my fun. A very nice venue Hoburne Cotswold rather luxurious camping facilities (a lot better than I have had at most of the rallys 56

I have been to before lol) Very well organised by Erica and her gang. I even managed to go on one of the ride outs, which I really enjoyed, a mystery tour around the Cotswolds along lots of roads I knew and the up and down of Fish Hill and up down other roads two or three times was very funny. I had been to Bourton lots of times before but never with a big group of bikers. I also attended the National AGM not quite alone as Dave and Gill Ayesthorpe were there

The HOC display at the NEC

and they are Glos members, but we didn’t ride up together. I was most surprised and very pleased when Dave was issued with his thanks award, I always enjoy the AGM as it’s nice to know what goes on within the Club and have a chance to discuss past and future goings on and with the added bonus of having Nich from MAG, hearing what he had to say about the goings on of past and future things with in the group. In December I volunteered to do two days on the HOC stand at the NEC which I really SPRING 2011

Ian getting

his knee do

wn at the N


down simulator (well that’s what I called it don’t remember what it was actually called lol) I tried it but found it very scary, but unlike Ian I managed to avoid getting an embarrassing photo taken of me looking scared lol. The show in general this year was much better after the much-needed revamp. It had been done very well, the mixture of manufacturers and other trade stalls all in one big hall instead of separate halls. It was great to see that the awful weather didn’t put people of coming along, although a lot of people seemed to use the same option as me of going by train lol. Our Branch Xmas meal was planned for December, but due to the snow and thanks to the lovely manager of the Restaurant we had booked very kindly letting us postpone our booking to January. Unfortunately some people couldn’t make it in January and some could make because it was in January so it worked out well with nobody losing their deposits 10 of us in total enjoyed an all you can eat Pan Asian European Buffet and enjoyed catching up with what we had all been doing since November. By the time you read this we will have had our Branch AGM (postponed from Jan to Feb.

Victoria on the My

y at the NEC

First Licence displa

enjoyed. So glad I actually got to do it this year after wanting to for years and not getting round to organising time off to do so. Ian also volunteered again he has done at least one year before. He was on the main Honda stand as well as the HOC stand on different days to me. I was just on the HOC stand. (Although I did spend some time on the main Honda stand and not just when collecting the free tea and coffee for the troops lol). It gave me a good feeling actually being involved in recruiting new members and meeting even more lovely current members. I was very impressed with Honda having such a huge presence, The HOC stand, the My First Licence stand and the HM Plant Racing stand all together making one big Honda corner was great. On the Honda stand they had a knee SPRING 2011

Branch Xmas meal

due to the xmas meal being moved to Jan due to snow) and made lots of plans for the year ahead including some special plans to celebrate HOC’s 50th Anniversary year.

Victoria 57

50th Anniversary Oxford/Gloucester Rally 29th/30th/31st July

Lower Lode Inn, Forthampton, Gloucestershire, GL19 4RE

Plenty of camping space/link ups for caravans/motorvans/toilets/shower B&B facilities either at pub or in nearby village Lots of reasonably priced beer and food (evening meals from £4.95)

Beautiful ride out Saturday Saturday night entertainment Friday night quiz BOOKING FORM

Name:…………………………………………………………………………… Address:………………………………………………………………………… Membership No:……………………… Contact Tel:………………………… £5.00 per tent per night



£10 per caravan/motorhome per night



£5.50 per person for breakfast

Sat morn

Sun morn

Please send completed form and cheque payable to Oxford HOC to Erica, Foray, Elms Avenue, Thatcham RG19 4JT by 1st July latest. Any queries to or tel. 07799492235 58



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775 Following a very successful 2010, culminating in October with our trips to Bruge and the Isle of Wight, we have been rather quiet on the ride front. Our 5 December ride to East Kent was snowed off as was our Toy Run to Fairlawn Children’s Home in Ashford. However, we did manage to attend Fairlawn using cars with eighteen persons being present. A good turnout with lots of presents for the children. We have continued to hold our regular meetings at Windmill, Hollingbourne and Pied Bull, Farningham but it would be nice to see some more new faces. It was good to meet Brian and Jacquie McCabe and we hope to see them again shortly. Our first outing of 2011 was to the London Show at ExCel. We have decided to miss the Ally Pally event at Alexandra Palace on 27 February and replace it with a ride to Margate. Following that our next ride will be the Sunbeam Pioneer Run to Brighton on 13 March and then the North and East Kent ride to Whitstable on 20 March which will be led by Tony Young, ex BMF Events Director and currenty an Observer with KAMG. Five of us have registered for the Wootton Bassett Ride of Respect on 3 April, then an Easter Egg run to Fairlawn Children’s Home on 23 April and there are a few others

that are in the calendar. There are lots more yet to go into our calendar from June onwards.

We have booked a long weekend in the Loire Valley 9-13 June and eight bikes and eleven people are going. Should be good, looking forward to it. This will leave us free to attend the BMF Show in May. We are hopeful to join Kent M/c’s at their ‘Spring event’ where we shall be in attendance to represent our 50th Celebrations. We are waiting for a date from Kent M/c’s, they are waiting for the Honda test fleet so we do not have a date as yet. Hope it does not clash!


Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

20th May 2011 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area SPRING 2011


Lakes & Coast Secretary: Mike Bell - 07738 830917

More details on

You seen it on TV, as part of Monday’s night offering from the independent television companies, as the area features in the series the LAKES, be it micro pig farming in Lowick, Pine Martin hunting in Grizedale Forest, lake swims from the Langdale Chase, Tom Fool’s home at Muncaster Castle, or trying to catch a glimpse of our very own monster, Bownessie, who is also featured in the media. OK, a small price to pay for living in this The Most Beautiful Corner of England and we look forward to getting out soon to explore again, on the routes the touroids don’t find. I am still doing my daily commute up the A591, past Five Lakes, where a traffic queue is four vehicles! Our first big event this year is another charity event for Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in this, their 90th year. Being held on Saturday 11th June. Leaving from Cockermouth, fully marshalled by the Royal British Legion Riders Branch, at about 11.00am and coming down the West Coast to go anti-clockwise around the core of the English Lake District to a civic reception on Glebe Park, Bowness-on-Windermere from 1.30pm. A shorter route, but not marshalled, will be the Five Lakes, full notes will be available.


Planning for the Windermere Air Festival on the last week-end of July, 23rd and 24th is taking shape. We intend to follow the pattern of previous years with a week-end of BBQs, ride outs and watching (and listening) to the RAF in our far front garden. Also, as last year, hosting a HOC Roast - so a great excuse for all northern members to meet and enjoy some great entertainment. Camping can be organised in the garden, or for the more sophisticated, Bed and Breakfast, many within 200 yards of here. Want more details, send me an email. More details on www. September will see us joining in with another local bike club for a charity run for the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) which operates from its new base just outside Penrith. A circular route to visit our only Lake, but also many of the Mere’s, Tarn’s and Water’s that make up the English Lake District, twelve in total. Again we will arrange to meet on some Wednesday nights for the weekly bike meet at Knott-End-On-Sea and Monday’s at Lytham St Annes, including the Illuminations ride through which, I think, is the 3rd Monday of September. We will be out and about again in the English Lake District, The Scottish Borders and the Yorkshire Dales, our usual playgrounds when they are not shrouded in mist and clouds, the roads wet with stones and puddles and as for the potholes, even more this summer! Still the roads are fantastic and the views amongst the best in the UK. If you don’t believe me, come and have a look and I will prove it! Don’t just watch the TV series, come and look for yourself. If the budget is approved for another SPRING 2011

Dock and we hope to get over to Squires Café again and up to Tan Hill. Also hoping to join in the National event of meeting at one of the eight 50s themed American Diner. More detals on Come and join us, send me an email, at and let’s meet up in 2011. We are a large geographically area, but what fun we have in that area. It is not just for the tourists, we can and do enjoy ourselves! series, we might be featured, as already in discussion with the production team. Devil’s Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale is another popular meeting place, together with Hawes, Middleton Teesside, Hartside and Glasson


Drop us an email before you set off and meet soon

Peter & Mike



Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435 Manhoc continue to enjoy life and biking in spite of the weather. As some of you know, we had to move our meeting place because the previous pub decided to shut at 9:30 during the week. But we quickly found a very nice new location at the Bridgewater hotel nearby. Have a look at our website ( for the location details and join us. Our plans for the 50th anniversary celebrations are coming along nicely. We will be welcoming French and German bikers to

our shores in June and, of course, all HOC members are invited to join us too. Have a look at the advert and get in touch if you plan to come along. We feel even more involved since we found out that Mike Evans (member no. 1) started the club while he was living in the NW – so we are a part of the founding community. This year started with me celebrating by buying a new bike. The new CBF1000. I’ll do a long write up on it sometime, but suffice to say – it’s great!!!! Now for some ride reports:

Raven Café Our first official ride of 2011 and the one to start the HOC 50th anniversary celebrations. I’ve been checking the weather for days and it’s been saying sunny and 5c. Great. So, of course, when I woke up this morning, it was 2c and raining. Oh well, never mind, it may be better over in Cheshire. So, a quick breakfast, on with the warm

At the Raven Café 62

gear and off we go to the start point. I got there about 10:15 to find two bikers already there - very keen. I filled up and parked up to join Gary and Geoff in McDonalds for a quick brew. More people arrived as we approached 11am (the starting time), until we had 10 bikes and 2 pillions ready to go. Not bad for early January. We had a new starter - Debra - so welcome and I hope you had fun today. By this time the sun was shining, so it was on with the dark visor, pass the Sat-Nav to Keith (our leader) and off we go. I was back marker so was able to see all the group ahead of me (until they zoomed off) and also had a radio which came in handy at times. We rode down the A49 and the turned off to take a short cut to the A41. Keith managed to miss the turn so a quick U-turn was managed by most (Debra and I saw it happening and waited by the right turn till they’d all gone SPRING 2011

by). The, off up a muddy, icy track which caused no end of comments over the radio. But we negotiated it safely and eventually got to the A41. From there, a quick blat down the A roads to the Raven Café and an all-day breakfast. Yummy!

to. Meanwhile we had done the honourable thing and left him to it (apart from Mark, who went over to assist). We all met up again at a garden centre tea shop where much merriment ensued. After that, we went our own way home.

From there we headed across country to Knutsford and another tea stop. No major incidents apart from Pete getting pulled up by a plain clothed police car. Apparently, he didn’t like Pete’s overtaking so gave him a talking

In the end it was a lovely day if a bit chilly. Thanks to all who turned up and made it so good. We should try the same route again in the summer when the roads are dry - I think it will be even better.

Dagfields Another good Manhoc ride today. [Just thought I’d get that in so you’d carry on reading].

stations and, by the time we were ready to go (only 10 minutes late - not bad for Manhoc), we had 12 bikes and 3 pillions.

Woke up about 8:30 and, after a leisurely The ride was at an easy pace due to the breakfast, went to get the bikes out of the horrible state of the roads. But there were garage. Note the plural - Norma was coming no incidents and, apart from stopping once out on her first ride of the year!!! A quick to clean visors, we made check over and progress. After a couple we were ready to of missed turns (and that go. After a stop for was WITH the sat nav petrol and meeting operating), a trip up a Phil & Nicola on very minor B road and a the M60 [“Who is lot of abuse, we arrived that stranger on at Dagfields for a wellthe red CBF?” I deserved lunch. Who was asked over the should be waiting there radio] we arrived at for us but Malcolm & the starting point at Val - who drove in the car Hyde to find 5 bikes to meet us. We felt very already waiting for virtuous having done the us. We wandered in bike trip - but they were and chatted while warmer. Never mind, off the rest of the crowd we go to find the cafe, turned up. I’d like to sit down and wait for the offer a warm welcome order. And wait. And to Dave Morris on his wait. But eventually food nhoc ride CBX1000 who had arrived - chicken and Gary on his first Ma seen our web site and mushroom pie for me decided to see what it was like. - yummy. But by this time it was around 2:30 We also had Gary on his first Manhoc ride, and we still had to wander around Dagfields although he had been to a few meetings - so (which is a craft centre if you didn’t know). So, welcome to him too. We watched as Pete and we came to a unanimous decision to change John both wandered around looking for petrol the route back to the A51-A49 and head for SPRING 2011


Poplar services. Gary said he knew the way and would lead us back. Around 3:20 pm, we set off back home. Gary was leading and, apart from admitting to being lost around Nantwich, led a good pace back to Poplar 2000 services. Here we said our goodbyes and headed our way home. Dagfields for lunch

Ponderosa This report is me and from Keith since I was not allowed to ride bikes for a week following a small op to the back of my neck (and for those who assume it’s a brain transplant, you are probably correct). My part is this:

A quick reset of the sat nav and I was now on the quickest route to the Ponderosa. Which was nice (in a car). I arrived about 30 minutes before the bikes and spent the time chatting to other bikers and admiring the FJR sidecar combination (not that I want one, but it was a good feat of engineering). The others soon arrived (time passes quickly when you are having fun) and we went in for some well deserved pie and mash. The normal banter ensued until we were ready to go. After taking pictures of them all leaving, I headed home to the warmth of a cuppa.

I woke up at around 8:30 and looked out to find drizzly rain. “Oh, not too bad”, I thought, followed by “Bugger - I’ve got to use the car”. A quick breakfast and I was ready to go. I even remembered to take a bike-bike radio so I could listen in. Got to On the way to the Ponderosa Poplar to find three Keiths part is this: bikes waiting and Pete having his normal Woke at 8am to slight drizzle but enough to ciggie before joining us inside. I did wonder don the baby grow water proofs that have why we weren’t in the comfy seats, but as you recently been acquired. can read below, it soon became obvious. The So it was off from home at 09:20 for a 20 mins rest soon joined us and we all set off - me first jaunt to Poplar2000 via Lymm & arrived there in the car. At this point, I found that I should at 09:40 to find I am the 1st. Well I thought have checked the radio - it didn’t work. Oh I would hang about and get photos of these well, never mind. At least I was in comfort with arriving. the heated seats and windscreen wipers (he There was the 1st problem, although the he he). Of course, being in a car, I was held up camera was brought along to record the ride, by traffic, in particular two enormous tractorthe SD card was omitted. DOH! So it was off trailer combinations that no car could pass. the M’c D’s for a sausage Mcmuffin & Coffee. OK - time to stop since I could see the bikes in Garry was 1st to arrive and not far behind him the background. I pulled over and took a few were shall we say, young ladies scantily clad. pictures as they sailed past. 64


Seats changed to enjoy the view then along came Peter, Tony, Alan on 4 wheels as he is under strict orders from the doctor not to ride/ wear a helmet for 10 days, Phil along with the only pillion for the day, Nicola and bringing up the rear was Mark SPF. So after a brew and a chat it was off at 10:35. Alan took off 1st in the car followed by the biking fraternity. We took the M56 to the A49 and found Alan a couple of miles down taking a couple of action shots. From this point it was right along the A534 (after missing the initial turn, I blame the satnav) then back along the A41 to Whitchurch. Then we took the A525 to the A539 then to my 2nd cock up, yet again I blame the satnav, she said right at the roundabout but should have said “Turn left then right at the roundabout” well it is a womans voice... Anyway we reached the

Ponderosa to find Alan waiting to snap some more shots. The skid lids were stacked in the boss’s car then off for the nose bag. Steak & Kidney pie chips peas & carrots for most drinks and chats & mickey taking.

Leaving the Ponderosa

We then said our good byes to Alan and photos of our departure and headed to the horse shoe pass down the A483 to the fuel station to feed the bikes with gas then it was off to Whitchurch. At this time the heavens had decided to see how good our waterproofs were, it rained, hard. In fact it was relentless all the way home. We took the roads through to Nantwich - Sandbach - Holmes Chapel - Chelford - Knutsford to the Poplar 2000 services. It was a good ride as no B roads were touched (you live & learn). The weather could not be helped but everyone seemed to have enjoyed the run & 163 miles consumed.

Arriving the Ponderosa

Ad-Hoc Rides We also have rides between the official ones – we call these “ad-hoc” rides. They are generally done at short notice assuming the weather is vaguely OK. So, here is one report so you can see how they go (and maybe turn up yourself)

to choose from depending on the weather. Sunday dawned dry so I got up ready to go - and then looked at the thermometer. Zero degrees it said - and felt it. But, it wasn’t wet and the roads looked OK, so I got the new bike out ready to go.

2nd January - my first ride on the new bike.

Keith turned up early to have a new screen fitted. Duly done, we toddled off to the start point to see a gaggle of bikes there and everyone huddled around coffee cups. But we did have 7 bikes and 1 pillion, so that was

It was on the Thursday meeting that Phil broached the idea of an Ad-hoc ride on Sunday as the regular ride had been postponed for a week. So, I did a few routes SPRING 2011


plates of hot food were soon consumed.

Gathering before the ride-out

good. We also had Gary out with us for the first time in ages - and then Tommy turned up as well. So two out of the seven were ones who hadn’t been out for a while. Southport was chosen as the venue. Gary reckoned he knew a better way than mine around Bolton so we set off on my route past Ramsbottom and then Gary took over to lead us over to the A675. Yes, straight through the middle of Bolton. Oh well, can’t have it perfect every time. I took over again once we’d been through Belmont and led the group cross country eventually arriving at our favourite chipshop in Southport. We all piled in to get warm and


Once outside, it was decided to go back a slightly quicker way as it wasn’t getting any warmer. So, on with the heated jacket and grips and we set off. The ride back was via the Rainsford bypass and the A580. Nicola (Phils pillion) was getting cold hands and found somewhere nice to warm them up (I’ll let you all guess where). We didn’t hang about (I was still running my bike in, but I wasn’t going to be left behind !!) and the journey passed quickly. Not even a diesel laden roundabout slowed us up and we soon split up for the final sprint for the warmth. By 3:30, I’d washed the salt off the bike and was ensconced in the warm. Outside it was a heady 1oC. Inside, it was lovely! Thanks to all who turned up (Geoff, Colin, Keith, Tommy, Gary, Phil, Nicola and me). I did enjoy the ride and I hope the rest did too.



Manx Offshore

Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299

Happy new year to you all, John & I saw in the new year whilst on holiday in England, but as a Branch we welcomed in the year of the rabbit in true Chinese style, chopsticks and all. Kim and Ian even brought the Chinese tea round to ours and produced an authentic teapot and cups to complement the ensemble. Unfortunately, the Chinese are not best known for their beer and whisky, so John and Ian had no choice but mix their drinks. Red wine, Chinese tea, beer and famous grouse left no room for coffee though. The following week we had our first branch outing of the year. We went to the Gaiety theatre to see Fairport Convention. Although the line up has changed considerably since the late 60’s, two of the original members are still playing and the old folk-rock format is still brilliant. After a visit to the local VMCC meeting, our website has now been linked to theirs and in turn theirs is now linked to our M.O.B. website. The Manx vintage club is probably the largest bike club on the Island and with grants from our government to help, they organise many events, specially during TT & MGP, of course with the help of the usual army of volunteers, all of which add to huge array of totally free entertainment available throughout both race weeks. Hopefully, these links will work both ways to help the HOC, VMCC members with old Honda’s may join us and some of our members with old Honda’s might get some benefit from the VMCC. I know several vintage club members over here have some very nice old Honda’s, we have a 450 Black Bomber, a CB160 and a couple of 400/4s. I also know there are two or three CBX1000s on the Island, all potential new members. Their website has already had thousands of hits from all over the world so in our 50th year this could bring many benefits. Another of our ideas for the 50th events is a club stand at the Mhoddy Dhoo bike show in Laxey


during TT week. This is fast becoming a “must do” event for lots of visitors and locals alike with loads of stalls, club stands, live bands and hundreds of bikes, so we would have a good chance to promote the club in what is the road racing capital of the world. Like all the events going on, in true Manx style it’s free to enter, you may even win a prize for your bike! The only problem is that as a branch of only five people, all of whom are active members, to do this during our busiest fortnight of the year workwise, we do need a few volunteers. By the time you read this it should be all sorted as it will have been mentioned in the monthly mailouts and hopefully is all in hand, but any other helpers will be welcomed with open arms. Contact Karen by email on or phone 01624 629299 if you can do an hour or two. Sorry no photo’s this time, poor weather, dark nights and no riding cos of scaffolding blocking the bike in, but see Kim & Ian’s write up on the Joey Dunlop Foundation dinner for pics. We should have some for you next time from the TT press launch in March and early racing at Jurby with possibly some nice pictures of James racing his VFR400. Are there any other members who compete with their Honda’s, perhaps we could have a competition section? Many thanks to Ron for doing Europe on his wing, it’s reminded me how much I want to see the Matterhorn, maybe we’ll take the bikes. Anyway, that’s all for now because even though this is early for once, we have to go and catch the boat to Heysham. We are going away to Fort William for a few days, our first coach trip, practising to be pensioners! Until next time then, this is M.O.B. signing off. Be safe, be happy,


with the usual help from John, Kim & Ian



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284 Writing this report after a lovely sunny Norfolk day makes me realise how easy it is to forget the 4 weeks spent in the car before Xmas where we had temperatures of –17C for nearly 2 weeks. We have been very busy since the last report – starting with a visit to the Copdock Bike Show where we got to know our new member Andy much better. We saw some amazing stunts carried out on a bike with only 1 wheel and some lovely custom machines too – including a memorable section where there were some gorgeous 6-cylinder bikes. The bike jumble was very varied and the food was not bad at the show either. Our next event was a wonderful invite to the East Anglian Children’s Hospice Carol Service. As Golden Wing readers know, our Branch supports our local children’s hospice by raising a Quid for Quidenham from each member every time we meet. We also take part in other fund raising activities throughout the year for them too. It was lovely to have the invite and 12 of us turned up on a freezing, wet and windy night to East Harling Church. Here, after a warm welcome from Danielle and Claire - Hospice fund-raisers - we were treated to some beautiful carols and readings from the local schools’ choirs as well as from children who used the Hospice and parents too. Our Branch belted out the songs - all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order!!! Afterwards we retired to The Angel at Larling for a well-earned drink and social by a roaring log fire before we went our separate ways home. 68

Christmas Dinner This was followed by the Norfolk Branch Xmas Dinner - wonderfully organised by Meg, with help from her husband Roy. 16 of us were booked in for a dinner and dance at The Oaklands Hotel in Norwich. We decided to have an overnight stay so those of us who drive could have a drink or 2... The food was really nice and we even managed to get Geoff and Pat strutting their funky chickens on the dance floor. There was GREAT speculation and many helpful suggestions when we discovered they were also booked in to the only bedroom with a 4-poster bed!!!! We also held a raffle for a brand new History of Motorcycling book and other biking things the funds raised were added to our Children’s Hospice collection. A last word on the party - John King showed us his showbiz side by entertaining the Branch with his tricks with balloons. If any Branch needs an entertainer HE IS YOUR MAN - we were crying at what he could do...

Branch Xmas party


Seeing in the anniversary year at Ness Point

We then moved on to our HOC (GB) 50th public who had come to see the sun rise too. Anniversary Year of Celebrations. Our Branch After the photo shoot – MANY thanks to our greeted the early morning sun at Ness Point Branch member Andy who dragged himself on New Year’s Day - the First Branch to along while still recovering from flu to take the kick off the 50th celebratory year. We must pictures - we quickly got Sue organised with have been mad deciding to do this – Freda the frying pan and bacon while Rob provided suggested “let’s be the first Branch to see the some excellent coffee and Meg got out the sun rise in 2011 and celebrate HOC’s 50th”. Bucks Fizz. Given that the weather decided So the alarm went off at 5.30am and after a to start drizzling immediately after the photos couple of cups of tea we left Thetford to meet were taken, the food and drink was a VERY the Branch at Ness welcome part of the event. Around 9am we Point in Lowestoft. started to make Ness Point is the tracks for our most easterly part of various homes... the Country and so feeling very happy was the first place to and pleased that see the sun rise on we are the first New Year’s Day. We Branch to kick off arrived at 7.45 – there the celebrations were 13 of us present and also to get (Tony, Penny, Roy, out on our bikes Lesley, Geoff, Pat, after the terrible Roy, Meg, Rob, weather we have Andy, Aid, Dave and all had recently. Breakfast at Ness Point Sue) and 6 bikes.... Radio Suffolk were not bad for a January 1st ride out. great - interviewing We had some great pictures taken of us Dave twice and ensuring that the event was as the sun came up at 8.04am – balloons, highlighted on the Radio yesterday and sparklers and party poppers were very today... really good publicity for the Branch evident and enthusiastically used – much and HOC generally. to the amazement and amusement of the SPRING 2011


Brekkie run a success Finally we had our first Breakfast Run of 2011 It was GREAT news to be told by Roy that Goodies Farm Shop would donate £1 per breakfast ordered and eaten between 23rd and 29th January to EACH - our Branch’s chosen charity. We NEVER need an excuse for a ride and food!!!!! So on Sunday 23rd 14 of us turned

lead and offer similar events - we will CERTAINLY be happy to support them!!! Have a great Anniversary Year and we look forwards to seeing all our HOC friends at as many events as is possible. Ride safe

Dave and Sue

Goodies for breakfast

up for a 9.30am brekkie - Goodies are a WONDERFUL farm shop who use as much local food as possible and who cook fresh and tasty breakfasts (details on Dave’s Diners on Norfolk Branch’s web site). There was not even a slight twinge of guilt over the food - fried bread and black pudding come as extras that some of us find impossible to refuse - as we all knew that this was much more about raising money for EACH than eating gorgeous food!!!! Hopefully other breakfast outlets will take note of Goodies

Breakfast run to Goodies

Contributors always wanted Perhaps you have been on an adventure, taken part in something a little different or want to show off your bike. We love to get articles from members, especially with photos.

Please send to: 70


North Downs

Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237

Branch activity has been a little quit over the winter months but we have managed a few ride outs when the weather has been favourable. After the depressing and thoroughly non biker friendly weather of the last four weeks of 2010, on a chilly 1st January, 2011, we began the HOC 50th Anniversary Year with a ride out to the Barley Mow in West Horsley for the annual New Year’s Day, Classic Car and Bike gathering. Four of us met up at Rykas Café at Box Hill; Dave (CBF500), Mick (VFR750), Mike (CBF1000) and myself (VFR750) for

Dave, Mick and Mike

On the 23rd of January we assembled at Rykas car park at Box Hill for a ride out to Bognor Regis for a fish and chip lunch on the sea front. I was quite surprised when I arrived that I was the only bike at Box Hill, a sight I haven’t seen before. Soon I was joined by Steve and Maureen (VFR1200) and Mike (CBF1000). We decided to pop into Rykas Cafe for a hot drink, whilst waiting for any others to arrive. The weather forecast wasn’t brilliant with showers predicted, however it was dry but quite cold. As we walked back to the bikes we were joined by Martyn and Dutch on their Deauville. The route we were taking to Bognor is one of my favourite runs and I normally like to take my NC30, but as we were riding in a group and the roads still salty, my VFR750 was on duty again.

at Box Hill

a hot drink before setting off. We rode down through Dorking and joined the A25 and headed for Guildford. It started to drizzle as we reached Newlands Corner where we called in for a stop for more refreshments to be taken. Once back on the bikes we dropped down to Clandon and turned north towards Leatherhead on the A246. At West Horsley we turned off the main road into the village and soon arrived at the Barley Mow. There were quite a few classic cars on display but only SPRING 2011

a few bikes apart from our Hondas. The rain started to become a little annoying around 13.30 so we all departed for our respective homes. Although it was only a short ride, it was good to be out on the bikes, even though the roads were quite slippery on the way home with many diesel spills visible.

Newlands Corner


We left Rykas and headed off to Dorking on the A24, through Holmwood to Beare Green where we took the A29. The first couple of miles of the A29 are most enjoyable with a series of bends which, due to the conditions, could not be exploited to the full. The A29 mainly follows the route of the Roman road, Stane Street, from London to Chichester and the section from Ockley to Billingshurst is quite straight. Turning onto the A272 at

The Pier at Bognor Regis

Billingshurst the road changed into a twisty delight all the way to Petworth. We then joined the A285 and headed south to spectacularly cross the Downs. After passing the Goodwood estate we joined the A27 to Chichester where we picked up the A259 for the short run into Bognor Regis.

After lunch we headed back to Box Hill via the more direct A29 route for another cuppa before making for our homes. A most enjoyable ride out for a crisp January day, the weather stayed dry although the roads remained damp. Our February ride out took us to Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit and then on to Whiteways picnic area at Bury Hill in West Sussex. We met up at Ryka’s car park at Box Hill on a cold and slightly damp morning before setting off on our ride. Dave (CBF500), Mick (CBF1000), Mike (CBF1000), Steve (CB1300F) and myself on my trusty VFR750F made up the group. We had a hot drink before heading off to Dorking where we joined the A25 and headed for Guildford. Just past Shere, we left the A25 and cut down through Albury, Chilworth and Shalford on the A248 before turning onto the A3100 to Godalming. Once through Godalming we headed for Milford and joined the A283 which we followed to Petworth. We soon crossed the South Downs at Duncton on the A285 and made our way down through Halnaker to Goodwood.

The Motor Racing circuit is much as it was when I We had a quick tour was a child around the town centre although the before parking up just off race meetings the sea front and a short held there now walk to the fish and chip are much more restaurant. The owners infrequent, seemed quite pleased to which is a see us as only one table great shame. was in use. After settling Jim (CBF1000) down we ordered our food Martyn, Mike, Maureen, Dutch and Steve at Box Hill was already and were soon tucking in. outside the I had eaten in the restaurant before and knew Aero CafĂŠ when we arrived having made the the food was good. We all enjoyed our food trip along the coast from Hove a little earlier. and were drinking our second cuppa when We parked up and made our way inside and Julian arrived. He had been to Loomies at ordered food. We were too late for breakfast; West Meon earlier in the day and called in to however egg and bacon baguettes were see us on his way home. available which did the job perfectly. 72


At Box Hill we made our way to our homes after another enjoyable day in the saddle.

Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit

The cafe was quite busy but soon emptied as an organised event was taking place allowing us to relax comfortably and warm up. The sun was breaking through the overcast sky as we left and made our way along the A27 to Fontwell, where we picked up the A29 up to Bury Hill and the Whiteways picnic area. The popular bike meeting place was well attended with a variety of bikes present and we took the opportunity to take on more refreshments. As we departed and headed north on the A29, Jim left us and dropped down to Arundel to join the A27 back to Hove. Just after Billingshurst at Five Oaks, Mick and Dave peeled off to return to Crawley

The bikes at Whiteways

and Horsham respectively, leaving just Mike, Steve and I to continue back to Box Hill. As we approached Dorking it began to drizzle slightly but it was nothing to cause any concern. SPRING 2011

We have plenty to look forward to in the next few months with more ride outs and events planned. We will be representing the HOC at the Surrey Fire and Rescue ‘Ready to Ride’ event on April 17th at Haslemere and also at ‘The Honda Day at The Ace Café’ on May 22nd at Stonebridge Park. Our meeting venue, The Crown at Capel, will again be featuring preview warm up nights for the village music festival which proved very popular with HOC members last year.

Darren, Caitlin and Debbie at The Crown HOC Roast 2010

The North Downs members were extremely saddened at the recent tragic loss of Darren Millard. Darren had visited us at The Crown last year and joined us at several events. This year we were again looking forward to meeting up with him and enjoying his excellent company. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with Debbie, Jared and Caitlin. Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.



North London Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908

Since the club’s last report we have been quite busy as a club with the following taking place.

November 2010 In the last Golden Wing report I mentioned that we attended the Remembrance Sunday Service at Duxford Airfield. We followed this up with the following.

December 2010 I attended a Toy run from our club to the “Community Links” in Canning Town, East London. Chris a new member to our club mentioned the run to me two days before the run was happening. As it was too short notice to mobilise the troops I attended this run with Chris. On the way to Canning Town we picked up a Harley Group from the Harley shop in Walthamstow. The Toy Run was organised by the BMF Region 5.

There was a ride out to the Motorcycle Live Show, NEC Birmingham. Due to ice and snow being around the bikes were left at home and all but Graham went by car. We had 6 members attend this event where a number of them spent loads of money buying all sorts of electrically heated attire and tools. Graham manned the HOC stand, well-done Graham. Everyone had a great time at the show and they thought the Honda stand was the busiest stand there. What with the weather turning the ground white leading up to the New Year quite a few events were called off. I think a few people were pleased at this, as we have had quite a full and active year, something that the Branch had not had before.


Upon reaching our destination we were meet by the staff from the centre and we handed over our bundles of toys. The Community Links looks after under privileged children from the age of babies to 15 years old. SPRING 2011

January 201 The first run out of the year was to Burnham On Crouch. The day was dry and cold, but this did not put us off. There were 14 of us out on the run today. We had a lovely ride to Burnham stopping at McDonalds in Maldon for a coffee. We got to Burnham and parked up at “The Cabin Dairy” just seconds after

Graham led the group and kept to the main roads due to the cold conditions, the side roads were quite slippery in the cold air. It was clear sunny skies all day. Everyone enjoyed the ride out albeit it was a tad cold.

Also on Sunday 9th saw 3 of our members take part in the Demo ride from the ACE cafe. They were riding against the Westminster council decision to charge motorcyclists to park in the borough. The Demo was attended by a very large group of motorcyclist riding around and through London.

a large group of people went into the Cabin. Needless to say when we got off the bikes I enquired if they could seat us and was told we would have to wait up to an hour. We then decided to have a walk along the river front and found another place to eat, The Quayside Café. Very nice staff and food. Upon going back to the bikes we had a number of people ask us who we were and what club we belonged to? We then had the opportunity to explain to them that we belonged to the HOC and that we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary. Sunday 9th saw 5 members take a circular country route to the Silver Ball café on the A10. The day was sunny, but very frosty. SPRING 2011


A ride out to Tubby T’s Café north of Haverhill took place on the 16th. Five of us took part in this ride. We took a nice country road route to/ from Tubby T’s where we had a lovely meal. The weather was overcast this day.

The New Year Bash took place on Friday 21st. Again we held it at Romford dog track. 21 of us attended the dogs; none of us came out big winners. In fact most of us lost, only Daniel came out £3 up. We all had a great time losing our money though. We seem to have the knack of not picking the fastest dog. Or the dog starts out in the lead then slowly moves

back through the pack to finish anywhere but in first place. The meal was excellent as was the company. The great time we had together more than made up for the money we lost.


stayed dry until the afternoon coffee stop when we then had a 10 minute light rain shower. Tubby T’s is a nice café if ever you need one in that area. It’s situated just north of the prison. The food must be bad inside the prison as 5 prison officers ate in the café whilst we were there. 76

We next had a ride out to Southend On Sea. A new member, Trisha, joined us on this run. I lead the group on a nice country route towards Basildon where we stopped for coffee at McDonalds. We met James here at McDonalds; he had a lay in this morning. Well done for joining us on route James. We continued on towards Southend and parked up by the pier. We took a nice stroll along the sea front, resisting the temptation to play the penny slots. We found a very nice fish and chip shop/restaurant and had lunch inside it. We then took a stroll up to the High Street before returning to the bikes. We then set off across country towards another McDonalds at the Boreham Services on the A12. (Must SPRING 2011

remember to buy some shares in McDonalds). After having coffee it was beginning to get dark and so we used the A12 to head back homewards.

just beginning to rain and so the troop decided to saddle up and head off home. They missed most of the rain riding home, but the roads were very wet.

February 2011

Three members had a ride out to the London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford, West London. On route they went via the ACE Café for lunch. The Museum houses mainly old British bikes and just one foreign bike. The Museum are looking at extending to house more foreign bikes, up to 100 bikes. The staff there were very friendly and welcoming. The staff showed our members around the Museum and gave them a free cup of coffee.

Asif attended the Coventry Classic Bike Show by himself. The weather was not great and he took the M1 and the A5 all the way. He stayed for about an hour looking at the displays and chatting to the local people. The weather on the way home was a little better. Six members took themselves off to the London Excel Motorcycle Show. They didn’t all travel there together, but met up there. They walked around looking at the bikes and tried out a few extraordinary ones.

Eight members took a ride up the A10 to the Silver Ball café where they had lunch. John led the group setting a respectful pace for all to follow. They spent some time at the cafe before they headed off towards Cambridge. They parked up by a multi story car park and found a nice pub to get a drink (not McDonalds this time). Phil lost Thelma by the shopping Mall, wonder where she went? He found her soon after, money still intact. It was SPRING 2011

On the date this report has to be in we shall be riding to Chatham Dockyard. I’ll tell you about this ride in the next issue. There are two events we are holding which you are invited to: May 8th, our 50th HOC anniversary open day July 24th, we are hosting the HOC Roast Ride safe.

Roland 77

Northants & M.K Secretary: Sue Beck - 07863 599992

Quite a sedate few months for the ever busy Northants & Milton Keynes branch. We celebrated National Curry week on Wednesday 24th November, 20 members trundled off to The Kushboo in Burton Latimer to sample the Indian Cuisine, I am told it was a very nice meal but as I don’t eat Curries I will have to take the others word for it on that one. The Annual Christmas Bowling night was another success with 25 avid “bowlers”, including a team of 5 from Bedford branch , enjoying an evening of fun. Well done to our Teresa who won for the 3rd year running, way to go girl.

Chilly Run

Xmas Bowling Night

Into 2011 and we kick start the Anniversary year by having our Chilly Run. 14 bikes and 17 people set off for a pleasant and much longer ride than normal for this time of year as the weather was surprisingly milder. We ended up at The Needle ‘n’ Awl near Rushden for a 2 for £10 meal. Ruth discovered that her top box had a leak when we arrived at our destination when she went to retrieve something from it only to find a puddle. 78


January 7th and on to our Christmas Party. 31 members enjoyed a night of excellent food, excellent company and party poppers and canons. The Tollemache Arms in Harrington are very tolerant of our festive activities and we do help clean up. The party canons in particular made a huge mess but were great fun. I think Prof preferred the pretty paper stuff out of the party poppers though.

Quiz & Chips versus Cambridge Branch

The first Quiz and Chip night was on 16th February when 44 people, including a team of 8 from Cambridge, packed into The Ten O’clock pub for a brain juicer by our quizmaster Gimli. The winning team were Mickey, Botters, Big Ian and Fat Nick (all Northants). The superb food was from Mill Road Chippy in Wellingborough.

Christmas Dinner at The Tollemache

Still to come We have a stand at the Race Retro Show at Stonely Park February 25th to 27th. On March 16th we are off for a tour of the Potbelly Brewery near Kettering. Our AGM will be on April 6th with our Everyotherruns starting the following week. Ride safe

Sue xx SPRING 2011


BIKES, BOWLING & BBQ! SATURDAY 4th JUNE 2011 Enjoy a ride through scenic Bedfordshire, meet at 9.30am at ~The Chequers ~ Sharpenhoe Road, Streatley LU3 3PS

ride to ~ AMF Bowling Centre ~ Victoria Retail Park, Wellingborough, NN8 2EF

Work up an appetite with a 2 game, light-hearted, tournament of ten-pin bowling, followed by another ride (at approx 12.30pm) to ~ The 10 O’Clock ~ Main Street, Little Harrowden NN9 5BB for a lunchtime BBQ (and prize-giving!) All-inclusive ticket price of just £17.50 per person! Non-bowlers more than welcome to come along and cheer the bowlers on! All profits going into the HOC 50th Anniversary Charity Fund for Air Ambulance Services Nationwide HOC 50th Anniversary & local Air Ambulance goodies will be available for purchase on the day. For further information contact or call Jennie on 07759 805181






Secretary: Graeme Burrough - 07050 158 381 Spring is a time for rebirth and reawakening, to put behind us the memories of long dark winter nights and days of snow and ice, and to look forward to the pleasures that the warm sunshine of summer promises us. Here at Northumbria Branch we didn’t retreat completely into hibernation. Our bikes may have been snuggled away into our garages and sheds like hedgehogs waiting for the end of the long winter sleep, but not our members. No, we have braved the worst that Jack Frost could throw at us every other Monday and loyally congregated at Seghill Rugby Club to warm our cockles with tales of summer passed and dreams of rides to come. The social side of HOC Northumbria has always been an important part of the club. It’s true that we don’t get all of our members coming every week (and it’s just as well we don’t as I think we’d need a much bigger room!) but we get a good mix of people with a few regulars who can always be counted on to turn up. And when some of us are using the quiet winter months to lavish care and attention on our beloved steeds (or slaving and cursing while doing those jobs that just can’t wait any longer) it can be very useful to talk over problems with someone who has done it all before. Bikes, of course, are often topics of conversation but by no means the only ones. We have people with many skills and interests and if you have a problem fitting that new kitchen, need advice on the best Internet Service Provider, or want to know how to program that new sat nav there will be somebody who knows all the answers - sometimes obsessively (just ask Ann, or “the Zumo widow” as she now likes to call herself).


But now that spring is springing our thoughts have turned to getting our Sunday rideouts planned. Members have been coming up with ideas and suggestions since the New Year and we have an exciting itinerary growing nicely. We kick off the 2011 season with a trip to St. Abbs, a pretty little fishing village just north of Berwick on the Scottish coast, on 10th

April. Two weeks later we join in the fun on the Durham Police Easter Egg Run when hundreds of riders travel from Durham to Darlington and back to deliver Easter Eggs to children in hospitals in both towns. In May we start with Frazer’s Scottish Adventure and a ride through Northumberland and along the Scottish border taking in some fantastic scenery along quiet winding roads. On 22nd May we have been asked to help out with marshalling for a 100 mile charity cycle ride through Northumberland and the Borders. We helped out with this last year and the organisers were so pleased they have asked us to participate again, and we have not been short of volunteers from our members.


June sees trips to the Eden Camp WWII Museum near Malton, North Yorkshire and the Kielder Bird of Prey centre in Northumberland ending the month with a weekend visit to our friends at West Coast HOC who honoured us with a visit last year (when they narrowly won our quiz trophy in a nail-biting tie-breaker!). Honour is to be restored when we win it back from them! So far, our plans end in July when we ride to the York Aircraft Museum on the 3rd and organise our first Treasure Hunt on bikes which is being planned by our Chairman, Mike “catch-me-if-you-can” Coles. On the 24th we will be manning a stand at the Durham Police Bikewise event where we hope to meet a few more future members!

Weekend rideouts are not the only fun we have planned for the year though. We have four tours planned for this year which have all proved to be very popular. In April/May some of our members are venturing across to Northern Ireland for a weekend and there is a 10-day tour of Germany planned for the end of May, both led by one of our most experienced tourers, and branch secretary, Graeme Burroughs. July sees a group of us going to Scotland where we will base ourselves in Pitlochry with daily rides across the Central Highlands with our resident Scot Dave Breen acting as guide and then in August an adventure to Slovenia led again by Graeme. Oh, and there’s no slumming it in draughty tents on these tours. We like our comforts so it’s hotels with comfy beds, showers and (most importantly) a good breakfast! So we wave goodbye to winter and eagerly beckon the perfect summer to come when the sun never stops shining, it only rains at night, and the midges never bite. Well, in our dreams anyway.

Jim Macura




Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235 Following our Christmas dinner and disco fun and celebrations at the Drayton Golf Club… and the severe snow storm which followed closely on its tail, we were all a bit nervous about having our Oxford 50th Anniversary launch event early in January.

with biker tales from some of the braver Branch members who outlined how they first got into biking, what their experiences where, stories about the Oxford Branch in the early days and a very informative chat about the RBL Bikers association.

However, we need not have worried. 31 bikes enjoyed a dry, sunny albeit chilly ride to meet the Mayor of Oxford and be interviewed by the local Oxford Mail Newspaper and BBC television.

Ted has been working hard and we have lots of ride out’s and events planned for this coming year to some fantastic places. We also have stands booked to promote HOC Oxford in the area at the Abingdon Air Show, Cassington Bike Night and the Brackley Bike Day (with the Northampton Branch). The Oxford Rally this year (see separate advertisement) is a joint one with Gloucester as we have snook across the county border to utilize an excellent pub just outside Tewksbury - good food, cheap beer and plenty of space and an excellent ride planned for the Saturday with entertainment in the evening. Sounds just the ticket.

Our local Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance rep, Katie, rode pillion on the back of Dave Andrew’s bike, as the longest serving Oxford member with 38 service, Dave was leading the ride. We then all rode back to Abingdon Honda for hot drinks and home made cake. A great day which definitely put the Oxford HOC on the local map. We have already enjoyed some fun meetings at Foxcombe Lodge, starting with Mary-Anne’s Festive Quiz which was delayed from the pre Christmas meeting, due to the snow, and the the latest being an excellent update by Paddy (Campaigns Co Ordinator) from MAG followed by a very entertaining presentation on his 14 month tour of North and South America. We were also entertained at our previous meeting


Prior to the Rally our 50th Anniversary ‘Spring Out’ event is going to be a Charity Poker run in aid of the Air Ambulances - also see separate ad. We hope to see lots of folk join us for what is going to be a fun event and one of our major fund raisers throughout the year. We are also planning a BBQ and Best Bike Night when we are going to seek out as many of the original HOC Oxford members to come along and join us, relating their tales of the early days at the Branch. Overseas trips to the Stelvio National Park and the Black Forest and the Ulster GP on offer and lots of fun events throughout the year mean that Oxford will not only be celebrating the HOC’s 50th Anniversary by attending the National events but will also be having lots of fun in the local area.





Oxford Honda Owners Club As part of the HOC 50th Anniversary celebrations, we invite you to join us in our

Good Friday, 22nd April 2011 All proceeds to go to our nominated charity

The Air Ambluance Trust

Meet at Abingdon Honda, Marcham Road, Abingdon at 10am sharp for registration @ ÂŁ5 per bike 10.30 - 10.45 am departure Cards will be issued at each stop Final destination will be The Foxcombe Lodge, Boars Hill, nr Oxford, the result will be declared by the best poker hand.

Prizes kindly donated by

Abingdon Honda, Hein Gericke, Eynsham and Skins, Brackley

For further details contact Erica 86



Secretary: Justin (Taz) Bellhouse - 07976 853 531 Well the time for another Goldenwing has come around again. Once again Reading Rabble have been busy enjoying themselves. 7th of November we had our Chairmans rideout, a number of the members were given a tour of Windsor, ably led by Taz on his ‘bird’. As always food and drinks were available in copious quantities. On December the 5th the 25th Annual Christian Bikers Toy Run was attended by a few members from Reading including Taz, Bob, Roger and Alan. After meeting at Foster Wheeler for 1pm, approximately 2000 bikers set off to Wokingham to the Dr Barnado’s Home with their presents for the children. Many members of the public lined the route waving and cheering. Its a very emotional trip but so enjoyable. Thankfully the weather, although cold, was bright and sunny which always helps.

Annual Christian bikers toy

8th December we were lucky to have a quiz at the branch meeting, this time compiled by Erica and Debbie. From the difficulty of the questions I think they were trying not to have to set it again! Even though it as hard it still proved to be a great evening with laughs all around. 15th December was PARTY time at the Calcot Hotel. What a good evening! Good atmosphere, very festive and superb SPRING 2011

Reading Xmas party

company. It goes to show that us bikers do scrub up well as there were some very elegant ladies and some handsome, well groomed men amongst us. As with every occasion when we get together, there were lots of laughs and everyone got up to have a boogie. Taz did a quick speech on how good a year 2010 was for HOC Reading and also thanked Hazel for organising such a fabulous evening. As it was Geoff’s birthday the following day, it seemed only fitting that we should burst into song (I know - its not something we would normally do!) and sing a rousing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. The club meeting on 22nd of December had a great turn out for our first ‘Secret Santa’ evening where everyone brought a gift of £5. All the anonymous gifts were put into a sack and then Bryan went round and all took turns to take a package. There were some very interesting presents! Among these, some lucky lady bagged herself the Karma Sutra(!), another present was a Pacman Race Circuit, another was a Humping Dog!



A certain Committee Member received a book on ‘Talking Bollox’! All agreed it was a great success that would be repeated next year. It was a fantastic way to end what has been quite a year for Reading HOC. 10 Bikes and 11 people including two new HOC members all braved the -3 degree temperature this morning we arrived at the meeting point for the 1st Ride Out of 2011 the Winter Warmer Cafe Crawl, and to mark the start of the HOC 50th Anniversary.

think in one bite. It was at this time that our new members that had joined us for their first ride out realised what we meant when we said food is the main part of our ride outs! From here, it was a ride of about 25 minutes across to Henley On Thames for our lunch stop, where Bob had asked that due to the length of time, if we passed a Burger Van in a lay by, could we stop there as well. Gavin had already complained that there was only 2 scheduled stops and he would not be able to get in his normal 3 burgers.....

Everyone set off at 10:45, a bit later than set time, but we were all too busy juice We all parked up at the slinging at each Riverside Car Park in other (well we Marlow, then walked hadn’t seen each along the river bank to the other for a year....) town centre, only to find then Alan’s bike empty parking bays right decided that it was outside the Cartwheel too cold and didn’t pub where we could have want to play, so all fitted in. Once inside Worzel and Bob Weatherspoons, we had to give him a realised that we didn’t push across the have The Guv with us to forecourt to get him evict any people on tables going! We think it that we needed, but was an excuse to people soon moved when save a bit of money we showed them Bob. on fuel so he could We all had a good feed, winter warmer buy more food with Bob managing to The bikes in Henley on the throughout the day... upgrade a Spoon’s meal, then walked back to the car park. A short run along the M4 from Reading to Maidenhead for the 1st stopping point at Jenner’s Cafe, Boulters Lock, where the car park was more like the skating rink on Dancing On Ice. Bob nearly slipped over walking across it to the cafe. There are rumours that Worzel had slipped over at the starting point, but as there is no video or photo evidence, then it’s not true.

We set off and went round the town’s one-way system to head off back over the river to Wargrave, where Roger decided to go the scenic route, but he soon came back with Alan the Tail End Charlie waving frantically at him. Once through Wargrave, we all did our Red Arrows impression, and split off on our own ways back home.

Here everyone got all excited once in the cafe at the sight of the menu, with Gavin going for “Burger #1” (a breakfast roll) and Bob going full hog with a full breakfast. Our resident dustbin, Alan, scoffed his way through a whole Bakewell tart. Taz apparently had a large slice of cake, but that disappeared very quickly, we

On the 26th January as the start of celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Honda Owners Club, Reading HOC invited those who wanted to, to turn up in 60’s fancy dress for this evenings meet. One or two were more than happy to oblige, in fact, some seemed to enjoy dressing-up just a



took a wrong turn! There was, however, a bit of a heart-stopping moment when someone, mentioning no names (ALAN) misplaced his keys. Apparently its not the first time he has done this but luckily for him one of his ‘buddies’ found them but had forgotten to hand them to him until were we about to leave. Refreshed it was off to M3 via Bagshot, to Winchester, this time with Geoff (Pan) taking the lead. A blast down the motorway certainly clears any cobwebs. At J9 Winchester, we headed along the A31 towards the Mid Hants Railway and the Watercress Line at Ropley. What a marvellous station, set back in time. Its well worth a visit and many of us have said we will be going back - there is lots to do there throughout the summer so take a look ( After a good look around and watching a glorious steam train arrive, it was time to head back. Geoff again led the way, along A31, onto the A339 and then onto the New Erica cutting the cake at the 50 anniversary party Odiham bit too much and were very comfortable Road. up in their glad rags! Jenny, our very obliging through Hook landlady, provided a buffet for the evening and back to and our Treasurer, Angie, made a wonderful Shinfield to gold coloured cake. Erica was invited to cut the 6 Bells for the cake which, it has to be said, was mighty a bite to eat. delicious ! A fantastic 20th February saw the first main ride-out rideout and LOOK OUT - the train’s coming of the year and what a great one! Weather enjoyed by could have been warmer but at least the rain all. All being: Mia on her Shadow, Roger on stayed away. 11 bikes with a total of 14 people his Blackbird, Colin on his Blade, Alan, along so a good turn-up. Worzel gave us the map with Bryan & Colleen on CBF1000’s, Gavin on ref for our start point only there seemed to his CBF600, Bob on his Diversion (traitor!) be 2 start points! Worzel (Pan) with Mike & The remainder of the year sees a diary filling Bernadette (Pan) were at one place, the rest up with rides and events. We have an easter were elsewhere. After a quick ‘phone call, quiz lined up with an Easter Bonnet parade, I we were all re-united and ready for the off. am sure we will have one or two bonnets on Taz & Belinda (Blackbird) took the lead for display! Keep an eye on our webste for details the first part of the ride-out and off we went and please feel free to pop in and see us any through to Arborfield Garrison, along Nine time. You will be made welcome if you don’t Mile Ride, through Crowthorne to The Lookout mind a little bit of friendly banter. for our first brew. Apparently, even though he knows the area (cos he lives here), Taz still

Dave getting 60’s fancy dress prize at the party







Secretary: Barbara Peace Tel: 01903 716035 Hi Folks, In recent weeks circumstances outside the control of the Branch have resulted in some changes to the Solent Branch committee makeup. Tim is no longer Secretary or will write this page any more. A replacement Secretary is to be announced and I will be writing this column in future. Firstly therefore I would like to apologise to anyone who has turned up to a ride-out that didn’t happen or has been trying to get in touch with us through either Tim’s email address or telephone. If you could re-send to the below contacts we can assure you will get a response. I would like to emphasise on behalf of the Branch Committee that it is definitely ’business as usual’ from now on. Branch meetings are still on alternate Wednesdays at the Southampton Rowing Club and all events that are currently scheduled in the events timetable are still on with the exception of the April 3rd Sunday ride-out that has been re-scheduled to April 17th (more detail below). In future your main contacts are: For anything to do with the Solent Branch in general contact Barbara Peace on 01903 716035 or For anything to do with the ride-outs or if you have anything you would like to contribute to this page then contact Tom Anderson on 02392 372905 or Both Barbara and I do not view our emails every day but we promise we will get back to you in a few days at the most. Life in the Branch is fairly quiet at this time of the year, branch meetings have gone ahead SPRING 2011

as usual and have been reasonably well attended we have had a few new members turn up but don’t seem to come back a second time, we assume that we are therefore getting something wrong. It would be nice if these folk would get back in touch with either Barbara or me to discuss how we can improve things for newcomers or come back again to talk things over. New Years Day saw us have a short and very cold ride-out to the West Meon Hut for lunch where we teamed up with some of the folks from the 4riders club. Well done to all who attended, us southern softies aren’t used to minus temperatures (even hardman Dave had to resort to his new heated waistcoat). This time of the year is really about looking forward to the summer ahead and we have several events already organised so put them in your diary and come out on some of the ride-outs even if you don’t attend club nights.

Firstly let me state that the Solent Branch Rally scheduled for the weekend of June 17th to 19th is DEFINITELY ON. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary we are arranging for a FREE HOG ROAST on the Saturday evening and we are looking to run some other games etc to give the evening a party atmosphere. The new venue at Greenhill Farm seems to have worked well last year with the owners being far more chilled out and friendly towards us than the Roundhills team. There will be a Saturday ride-out as usual and we are currently considering going to the HMS Alliance submarine museum at Gosport. Because we have to finalise numbers with the hog roast 91

people, can I ask you contact Barbara asap if you intend to come. As stated above we have moved the Sunday 3rd April ride-out because this is Mothers Day and several of the regulars have other commitments. The new date is SUNDAY 17TH APRIL 10am Wickham Square. We will be going to the ’Ready to Ride’ Exhibition at Haslemere Fire Station. There will be exhibitors, observed rideouts and demonstrations on bike safety checks, accident investigation and CPR. It sounds like being a good day and I’m sure I can find a nice wiggly way there so try and come. If you want to know more info go to www.rideitright. Our regular alternate Wednesday night rideout to ‘somewhere nice’ (normally a pub or café at the end of a wiggly route) start on April 20th - 7:30pm at Wickham Square. If there is anywhere in particular you would like to go then let me know. May’s ‘1st Sunday of the Month’ ride-out on 1st May will be to Laycock Abbey, Fox Talbot museum at Chippenham Wilts. Fox-Talbot was a pioneer of photography and I understand the museum is quite interesting. If you don’t fancy the museum just come for the ride as there are some luverly roads out that way. 1st Sunday ride-outs will continue until October so if you have any ideas on places to go then let me know. I’ll plan a wiggly route to get there or you can do it and lead the ride, its up to you, its just that I run out of ideas eventually. I will also organise a rideout to the Ace Café Honda Day on May 22nd and anything else that takes our fancy. One more thing that the committee would like to do is get a list of the email addresses of all the branch members. We can then keep you updated on events and any changes to the advertised dates. If you wish to be part of this then send your email address to me at I can promise that your address will go no further and you will not 92

receive any unsolicited mail as a result of this Finally, it is with deep regret that I announce the death, after a long fight against lung cancer, of our dear colleague and friend, Alan Eastes. Alan was an active member of our branch for many years, regularly attending club nights and ride-outs on his trusty old CB900 until illness prevented him from doing so. Personally, I found Alan to be a lovely man, the strong silent type, who never had a bad word to say about anyone and I can honestly say that I never heard a bad word said about him. He will be sadly missed by all in the branch and our sympathy is extended to his wife, Valerie, children and grandchildren. Happy Hondaring

Tom Anderson Do you provide products or services for bikers? Have you thought about an advert in Golden Wing? For details of all advertising options and costs, please contact: Erica Gassor


17th SOLENT NEW FOREST RALLY 17th - 19th J UNE 2011

Green Hill Holiday P ark, New Road, Landford, Wiltshire. SP5 2AZ www. greenhillholidays. co. uk




No. OF NI GHTS @ £8. 00 PER UNI T ( pre- book) or £10. 00 per unit ( pay on the gate) No. OF BREAKF ASTS ON SAT @ £3. 50 No. OF BREAKF ASTS ON SUN @ £3. 50 No. OF BBQ SAL ADS @ £1. 50 TOTAL OF CHEQUE


STOP PRESS - Free 50th Anniversary BBQ please let Barbara know if you are coming




Organiser: Graham Watson

The first meeting of HOC Scotland was held on Saturday 26th February at Victor Devine Motorcycles in Glasgow. The meeting was to test the water and seven members turned out to support the club. We are now in the process of electing a Branch Organiser for the coming months and all agreed that we needed a regular monthly meeting, our meetings will be the last Sunday of the month starting at 10.30am, the venue will be McDonald’s - A8 Showcase, Showcase Leisure Park,Coatbridge G69 7TXf. The next meeting, for your diaries, will be Sunday 24 April 2011, so come along and weather permitting, a run out after. We cater for all bikers from learners up to the large motorcycles.


I’d like to thank Bill Glen, Gary McGirven, Duncan Fraser, John Gorman, Andy Symmens and John Taylor for attending, also Graham Gull for giving support from the Management Committee. Finally Mr Victor Devine for the use of his showroom at his main Honda Dealership and laying on refreshments. We all look forward to our next meeting so if you are in the area pop along.



South Wales Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406

It’s been a quiet Winter for the South Wales Branch. We had a very enjoyable rideout to Cheddar Gorge in October, but since then, rideouts have been few and far between, mainly due to the weather. Our Christmas Party was all set for Friday 17th December; and then came the snow. The hotel cancelled and said they would reschedule for January or February. It was eventually rescheduled for Friday 21st January. Luckily, all of us, bar four, were able to make the evening. It was billed as ‘Boogie Wonderland’ and had a 70s theme. We all dressed up for it in 70s style clothes and had a really good time. I’ve included some pictures of the night. There was a prize for the best costume, which was won by ‘the dark haired one from ABBA’, aka Gail. Her mother in law, Joy, was the blond one – fabulous costumes. Although, I think my favourites were, ‘Fartsky and Crutch’ (Phil James Senior and Phil James Junior). However, all the costumes were really good. I think Suzi Quatro and Alice Cooper, (Ann and Steve Levis) made an interesting and unusual SPRING 2011

pairing. Ann looked knock-out in those leather trousers. She had Suzi’s stance and everything. Brilliant! I have to mention Terry and Lyn Lloyd. They looked superb as a typical 70s couple and the resemblance to Barbie and Ken was uncanny. Everyone commented on how young Terry looked in his wig. I can see now how he must have looked when he was seventeen. It was really nice to see Geoff and Maria there, even though I know Geoff wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. But it didn’t seem to spoil his night. We had a little contretemps with the hotel over refunding the money paid by our four members who couldn’t make it to the rescheduled night. But after a sternly worded letter, it was all solved amicably. In fact, the members have decided to return to the same hotel again this year, as we always have such a fab time when we go there. Can’t wait to find out what the theme will be this year. Last year, we decided to make our chosen charity of the year, the Wales Air Ambulance. We want to make a donation and have been looking for opportunities to do this. We are now planning a special 50th Anniversary Celebration, which 95

we can combine with the presentation. Although, exactly what form the celebration is going to take hasn’t been decided yet, but we want to promote the club through the press during this event. Our calendar for 2011 has been created and is jampacked with exciting rides and events. Our Summer holiday this year will be to Brittany, so we are looking forward to that. Ann and Steve have done a grand job in organising it this year. We’re all aware of how much time and effort goes into organising the holiday, so it’s very much appreciated. There is a weekend away in North Devon in June and a visit to Paignton Bike Show; which is always a favourite with our members. This year, for a change, we are going to visit one of the Poole Bike Nights. We’ve heard that it’s a good night out, so we’re looking forward to it. We are hoping to get to Longleat this year. We been planning it for several years, but never seem to get there. I’m just a bit worried about getting around the lion enclosure on a bike! We’ve recently held our Branch AGM. It was very encouraging to see so many members there. We were 18 people in total and we had several apologies from members who would have been there if they possibly could have. It was also nice to see that the members at the meeting were enthusiastic, willing to join 96

in and full of ideas for the coming year. This looks really good for the future of the Branch. The officers for this year are: Secretary - Donna Richards Chairman - Gareth L Richards Treasurer - Terry Lloyd Gareth and I are really grateful to the members for having the confidence in us to re-elect us for another year. Thanks a million, guys! Our trusted treasurer, Sonya, has decided to bow out of the role this year. The members would like to thank her for the years of good money management she has given to the club. Gareth and I are particularly grateful to her for stepping into the role when the club was going through a difficult patch. It’s thanks to Sonya, Alun and a few other stalwart members, (you know who you are!) that the Branch has managed to go from strength to strength over the last few years. Many thanks go to Terry for taking over. I have every confidence he will carry on the good work that Sonya has been doing. At the AGM, it was brought to our attention that the front cover picture on the Winter edition of Golden Wing was one of our own Branch members, Phil James. Well done, Phil. It’s an excellent picture. It’s nice to see South Wales Branch getting on the HOC map. After one of the coldest and snowiest Winters for a very long time, let’s hope that Spring and Summer are warm, sunny and pleasant. Hopefully, we will be able to get out and about and promote the club all around the country. I really can’t wait to get on with the 50th Anniversary celebrations. That’s it for now. Have a good Spring, everyone. Hwyl fawr

Donna SPRING 2011

Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 281 7193 or 07753593641

January has started just right for us with our Annual Egg Run 2011 first ride of the year on Sunday (16th) lead by This years Egg run will be on the 24th April Mick Yeomans this proved to be a great day once again, Easter Sunday. The main reason out over all - riding onto the new J&S dealer for this is because of the huge success on the at Doncaster before setting off to a Bikers same day last year plus James Toesland could Café at Fridaythorpe, riding through some of only make it on this date so, ‘nuff said. We will the Best roads in the middle of the Yorkshire need volunteers for this event to marshal the county. The whether was great for this time of parking and collect the entry fees & donations year with dry roads and just the right amount etc. of traffic to Overall, we seem to have play with, From John Awty - e-mail Sunday 16th misplaced a few members before sitting over the winter period, “What a great day Sunday was, I down to a average attendance at the really enjoyed it despite the rain we well deserved meetings has been about had after the café at Fridaythorpe cuppa - just 9 people usually the same that soaked me to the bone, which before the rain people, sadly the web site was why I peeled off as we came to came! I must went down so we’ve been Sherburn. Thanks to Mick for leading say the bright unable keep members the Ride out around some great roads, white wind informed about the club’s I’m looking forward to more like that turbines look going on. This has now throughout the coming year.” good against been sorted, thanks to the the black fantastic efforts of Lyn – our clouds of an web mistress… can’t wait for the spring, impending torrential downpour. Arriving at however the first ride out was a good start with Squires for a bite to eat and a hot drink made about 11 turning up on 9 bikes. it worthwhile, covering about 120 miles from We have a few dates set for ride outs including 11am to 3pm a good day out in spite of the a visit to the Mining Museum near Barnsley, incessant rain that soaked everyone. Sand Racing at Mablethorpe, Louth Raceway, Announced at the club meeting in January, Olivers Mount racing to name but a few. Dave (Pop) and Christine have become engaged, during the Christmas period, congratulations to them both from all our members. We wish them a long and happy life together, Dave said, “I had to buy the bloody ring before the VAT increase” what a romantic, a true Yorkshire man…




West Coast Riders

Secretary: Phil Bell - 07900 507187

So the first thing I want to talk about is the NEC show in November last year. Wow, what a great spot and the show was so much better than the previous one from a guest point of view. The club had a fab show, selling so much merchandise for Jennie and loads of new members… so welcome to one and all, hope you enjoy the club. Don’t forget to get out there and join in, it’s what makes this club so good to be a part of.

Next up for us up here was our Xmas dinner held at the local Toby Carvery. There was 8 of us and we had a brilliant night, with fantastic company and great food. Thanks guys for such a good night. A few of us went to our local bike café on new years day on the bikes for lunch to see in the New Year, then Phil and I went out on the bike on the 3rd for a bit of a ride..not far, but we got out anyway. Now onto to our first meeting at our new venue, Knutsford Honda… a brilliant turn out and very positive start. Eric the owner is very pro-active with all our ideas, so I can see a very happy year ahead for us with loads of events planned and talks and test evenings etc. So glad we made the move. Then onto our first rideout of the year… a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. Bit of a disappointing start to the year with no-one showing up, but Phil and I went anyway and had a good time. Very cool place and free to get in which is always good lol. We had an unofficial West Coast event at Knutsford Honda in the shape of an evening with “Fast” Freddie Spencer. Great evening and Freddie was a really nice guy.

So a massive thanks to all that volunteered, you all worked so hard and I and the club very much appreciate your hard work and effort in helping the club get bigger. 98

Next was our ride to Portmerion in February… much better turn out for this one and despite the rubbish weather we had 4 bikes going with 5 people and then Richard met us at Portmerion, we lost Brian here cause he went to visit a friend and so Richard, Paul, John and us went onto Barmouth to find Richard his long lost cake fix… he gets very twitchy when he doesn’t get his cake and eat it. Found a place called Murray’s on the main street which was still open at this late SPRING 2011

hour and wow what an awesome place….the welcome couldn’t have been nicer considering we were all dripping wet, and the cakes were soooooooooo yummy being home made and very fresh and scrummy. Then it was off home over Snowdon in the dry to start with then the pouring rain….we were all dry, but yuk people, it couldn’t have rained more if it tried. The back of my gear is black and poor Gonzo was even blacker, so daddy had to hose him down which he wasn’t happy about as he’d only washed him and made him look all sparkly the day before! So yes folks it was Phil’s fault it was raining! And so that’s us for now folks. Got so much planned for this year, so there’ll be lots more to talk about in future mags, so hope you’re not easily bored LOL.

Rona & Phil and the gang xxxxx



West London Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999

Hi All After a short training session I spent a few days on the Honda UK stand at the NEC. It’s really great when you can talk to other riders about the various bikes in the Honda UK range such the Gold Wing, VFR1200 and the CB1300S It would be good to have a few more owner riders on the stand as they can give a realistic opinion of some of the bikes . It was much better to have the HOC stand very close to the Honda UK stand for a change. Our Xmas party went well about 20 of us came together for a great night out with the DJ playing some great tunes some of which even I knew, which Makes a change. At least Malcolm and I managed to avoid a forfeit unlike last year! Most danced the night away with some staying overnight. Many thanks Jude for organising this.

afterwards and then went on to Pizza Express for a meal which could have being better (some of the pizzas were burned) but we managed to have a few pounds knocked off the bill with Jude coming out with guns blazing away! Many thanks Jon and Jude for this.


You may have noticed that North Downs and West London meet up and go on each others runs out North Downs had organised a fish chips ride to Bognor. The day was dry and not too cold about 4 bikes were brave enough to come out.



Our first outing in the New Year was to do some ten pin bowling in Kingston we had two teams I always seem to get beaten- or do I just let the fairer sex win who knows? (I do – we are just better than you Steve! Lol! – Jude).It was a good game and we had a go on the air hockey 100

Sunday Feb 6th ride to Excel bike show it’s what I would call a boys day out where you could just talk bikes as in ‘if there was no Honda what bike would you ride?’ It was good show and it’s good to be able to park your bike in the dry. Mike’s route took us past at least 50 world renowned London landmarks as we went right across West London through to East London. (Next time we need to avoid Kings Rd - Chelsea were home to Liverpool and the traffic was awful - even on bikes!) SPRING 2011

Darren’s escort

Friday 18th was a sad day for the HOC as it was the funeral of Darren Millard from Kent who has been a member of the HOC for very many years (along with Debbie his wife) and was a keen rally goer. Darren had a heart attack which was unexpected in one so young (43 yrs old). There was a very large turn out from the HOC with a bike escort to the church which was packed with standing room only as all seats where all taken. The service was in turns sad and happy as we remembered all the good times we had had with him. The music was unusual with Whiskey

In The Jar and Freebird. Rest in peace Darren - you were a great guy and will be missed. Friday 18th was Jude’s birthday drink out and Jude is the young age of ???? I pass on saying the age it’s not the done thing. (I’m 54 Steve - I don’t mind!) Jude was in good form with the drinks flowing and a two man band (The Scopes) made the night go down well. Many thanks for the invite to a great night with a few mates. It was especially good to see Glen & Alison from Beds and Andy & Tricia from Bristol. We all raised our glasses and drank to Darren - seemed fitting! The New Year 2011 is the HOC 50th year with many events planned - I’m sure that you are all aware of this! Lastly - just to let you know what we’re up to - forthcoming runs include a pub lunch, Loomies cafe, The Ace Cafe, Bike Safe, Reading Easter Egg run and Poole Quay to name just a few – so come on down! Check out our website for up to date info on runs.

Steve & Jude Jude’s birthday SPRING 2011

drink 101

West Yorkshire Secretary: Big Steve 01274 772970

Well here we are again, not much to say, we’ve had some good meetings with 15 or so at every meet so that’s good, our new meeting place The Hitching Post supply us with nibbles which have gone down very well. We had our Christmas Dinner there with 18 members, a great time was had by all, it was nice to see Oliver who through work hasn’t been able to get to many meetings. We have some runs on

just joined, Peter has a very nice Magna 1100. Me and Maria are looking forward to the BMF where I will be showing the CB250G5 I’m renovating at the moment, the bike’s coming on well, again not helped by the cold weather, check out the latest photos on the web site. We will be attending the Yorkshire Bike Forums Ride of Honour on the 3rd April and doing some marshalling, all for a great cause (Help for Heroes & The Black Rats) so again looking forward to that, some other runs we are planning are Alwick Gardens, North Pennines, North Yorkshire Abbeys & Druids and Furness Fells with others being added all the time. So try to get along to a meeting or check out the web site. That’s it, hi from me & Maria to all who know us and hopefully we’ll be see’in some of you this year…

Steve & Maria

our web site and are working on a trip for the 50th which more of in the next report. Richard has his new bike and is getting used to it, not helped by the bad weather. I would like to welcome new members Pete & Cath to the Branch. Pete has just got an XBR500 which is very nice so he’s looking forward to getting out on it in the summer and to a Rally or two. Also Peter & Pat who have 102

Pete on hix XBR (the helmet is Marias) SPRING 2011




Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121 Well, it all started fairly well for getting about by bike, but the enjoyment of summer and late autumn riding has petered off, but in late November a few managed beetle of to the NEC show, and see what’s new and pop in to support the others on the club stand. It seemed a good show just felt its lost the shine of previous years. As we rapidly headed into December and the festive season, we all know the month turned into a challenge due to the snowy icy weather conditions, but some braved going on over to join the toy run

even blessed with Santa coming down and handing out the secret santa gifts.

Santa went to the Wilts Xmas dinner

Reading toy run

organised by the Reading Christian Biking Group on the first Saturday, but then come the following Saturday it had become little treacherous with some frozen side roads making unsafe to risk riding to the local toy run in Swindon, which was a disappointment in not being able to attend. We managed a small group for that months’ members night with Colin Reeve from Bikesafe coming to the Red Lion and talking about the scheme for 2011 and other issues concerning transport related topics he is involved with. We made it a busy week as on the Friday we held our Christmas party, which was well attended and we were 104

With Christmas holidays more or less over, we found that we had agreed some time ago to meet up at George White Superbikes in Swindon on the Sunday before the New Year bank holiday Monday, so with about 12 getting down to their cafe, and with some hardy souls making the trip out on bikes trusting the sunny weather and clearing their heads by going on a ride out down to Hungerford. With that sort of confidence in seeing nice clear roads again which was still the case when 8 of us had joined with Erica and the Oxford crew on Saturday 8th for a ride from Abingdon Honda and into Oxford for promoting the club’s 50th and even meeting the and making the local TV news. Now January was a bit of a quiet month as we had only a small number for our member night and the rideout being postponed till maybe later in the year, as it was only local run. We had good turn out in February, which was pleasing to listen to a husband and wife team who were great speakers talking about their experiences a few years ago of travelling through Europe and into Asia to finish at their SPRING 2011

and Sunday 20th the Bristol Classic Show was being staged at the Bath & West Showground, which some of us attended and it certainly had a buzz and when talking to Keith from Dorset who with some of his branch members were manning the Honda OwnersClub stand said the Saturday was extremely busy and they had to close the gate of the car parks for safety and they were nearing full, plus we even met a Peter from Bristol and Victoria and some of her members over from Gloucester. Wilts Branch members at the Oxford 50th event

half way point destination of Australia, and then intending to go on over to South America and then up into United States and with the intention to ship the bike back to UK from the east coast. But unfortunately they had to rethink their plans as they had been advised they were likely to be refused entry over to the States because of stamps from Afghanistan in their passports, and they could be considered as terrorists! which was quite an eye opener as to see some of the slides of how the people lived, the stunning terrain and the cultures illustrated of these interesting countries, and how Colin and Dee expelled some the myths we have about these places. He has agreed to come and chat and show more slides of other trips they have done around the world, so hopefully it will be later this year before he disappears. Come the following Sunday it turned decidedly unpleasant and so again we postponed the rideout and considered putting in as an extra for the year, and also it was mentioned that the following Saturday 19th

We now looking forward to March as the weather improves and we have a speaker from RoSPA coming that month and the first fish ‘n’ chips run of the year as well, plus a busy April as we run up to the beginning of May and our own Rally, so if you’re not to bothered about a certain wedding maybe we’ll see some of you down here for the Bank Holiday. So stay dry in those showers.


Careful Robin

Remember to stay in touch with your Branch Secretary Additional events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice so don’t miss out SPRING 2011


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for sale 2003 Bimota DB3 Mantra that I’ve owned it since new. It is fully serviced and has covered just under 4000 miles. V5 present and in my name. Part exchange with tourer (pref. shaft driven) possible. I’m in Ely, Cambs. £5,950 ono Feel free to call Wojtek for more details on 07527-292974

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