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Autumn 2015

Volume 53 No.3

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Front Cover: Oxford members Kate and Paul show off their bikes at the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling


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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Honda UK

Nick Campolucci, the top man at Honda Europe, is in contact at the time of writing this. The very important matter of our club logo and Honda logos is being sorted out to meet relevant legal requirements. We will keep you informed via the website and Branch updates as to what and if there is that has any effect upon you and the day to day matters of the Honda Owners Club.


We have booked a stand space at the Motorcycle Live event at the NEC again this year. Tickets are on sale via the website or post so if you want an ’any day’ ticket for a discounted price get onto it now.

National Rally

I am writing this before the event but I am really sure it will be a fantastic event and the level and rate of bookings proved the popularity of this event each year. I am making a pre-emptive vote of thanks to all involved and that undoubtedly this edition will be its usual late self so pictures etc will be available along with many memories.


We are here! Moved over on July 1st and after 6 channel crossings in less than ten days all my kit got here. The Honda pictured in the last edition was my 30 year old lawn tractor. Unfortunately not as reliable as I had hoped due to it having been standing; without use; for some time. First the cutter drive belt snapped due to fatigue. Got that fixed cheaply enough but then the clutch jammed. Bought a fix it manual and sorted that out only to find now the air filter had clogged up and set. Cleared that then after a couple of hours of happy cutting the radiator blew. Also the power take off clutch stuck. That tractor is now at back of the ‘Man Shed’ for repairs as and when I can source parts or get them repaired. Sorry Mr Honda I have had to go to Briggs and Stratton 4


powered unit to keep up with the rapid growth rate of the vegetation here. On that latter note we have had a bumper crop from my small patch of veg planted on the off chance this year. So next year serious allotment type garden to be started. That aside I am settling into expat life here in the Mayenne region. Many of you will have seen the Facebook broadcasting by Diane of my new hobby... Morris Dancing. Together with a group that meet at my local pub we do three dances simply called the stick dance, the hankie dance and the tea tray dance. These involve various levels of danger and skills. All I would say now is try it don’t knock it as we are now becoming renowned in France and people actually want to get their pictures taken with us. We have two acres of land much of which is rough grassland. If anyone wants to stop and camp here please just get in touch. Our rates revolve around offers of labour to assist in house renovation or contributions to the cause. We are 40 minutes from Le Mans, 90 min’s from the D Day beaches and an hour from Mont St Michel. Numerous less well known castles and mediaeval towns are all around the area. I will also say if you want very quiet, zero light pollution and abundant wildlife we have it.

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


To be kept further up-to-date, e-mail me on


President Jude Browne

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Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull and Dave Andrews


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young La Bigotierre, Fougerolles-du-Plessis 53190, France ( 07982 419285 .

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Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

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Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

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John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

30th November 2015 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area




Pigeon Post My naturally cynical and pessimistic view of human nature received another boost last week when running over a sunken manhole cover locally dislodged my topbox without my knowledge on the way to work. I have it on good authority that the box was plainly visible at the side of the road for up to 2 hours but was on a stretch of road where it would have been dangerous to stop to recover, it leading me to believe that it was picked up by a pedestrian. Two weeks later and despite the box having contained my driving licence, I have heard nothing. Luckily there was nothing like cash or cards in the box but it would have been nice to get my winter gloves and an expensive padlock back. To the person responsible I wish a pox on them and their family! As we approach the end of the season and outside events and rides tail off for the winter it is normal for attendances at branch club nights to fall off. However this is not just a summer club! The Honda Owners club is a social club for likeminded people and in my world socialising doesn’t stop when a few trees shed their leaves. Why not pop down to your local branch in the old jam jar this autumn and hear about the events that are still going on over the winter months. Parties, bowling evenings, curry nights and the quintessential Christmas dinner are just a few of the things that branches put on to keep friends together whilst the bike is

hibernating in the garage. Give it a go. One of the advantages of belonging to a national club and taking part in national events is that it gives you the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from all over the country. I can never understand why people join a club and then don’t take advantage of the social opportunities it offers. I now have friends from all over that I can call on (much to the relief of my friends locally:0) and I will be meeting many of them over the winter for the craic. You only live once! I’m off to sort out my costume for the National Rally so bye for now. Ride safe.

Graham Seymour General Secretary

Thanks to RentXpress and Ki-tran for their help over the summer, moving the Club’s display materials

• Self Drive Hire • Contract Rental • Financial Lease • Large Fleet of Standard • Refrigerated • Specialised Vehicles 01234 339008




Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all of you who have joined the club recently, especially those of you who joined at the various events and shows which the club has attended during the Summer including local shows at Calne and Brackley. As you can see the club, as usual has a packed diary of events, both local and national and hope you will be able to participate in some, to get the best out of your membership


Also welcome to those of who get membership by using our Classic Dating service to register an old Honda. As I say in my welcome letter, you will be most welcome at any HOC event or meeting, even if you have a modern bike which is not a Honda (shame on you!) I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and even if you have not yet attended branch meetings I know you will receive a warm welcome.


With the cost of postage, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.

MOVING HOUSE? Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing, or anyone else, as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.




HOC Regalia makes a great

Christmas present




racing report “IT

Not Yet Cut and Dried!

ain’t over till it’s over”, is a phrase popularised by baseball player Yogi Berra, the well known, now retired, American Major League Baseball catcher, manager, and coach, and nothing could be more true about the racing championships this year! With a massive surge by Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi’s lead has been dramatically cut and Marc Marquez is now chasing both, with Dani Pedrosa nipping at the heels of whoever he can to gain more points. In the Moto 3 Danny Kent’s lead has also been reduced as he is chased by the young 18 year old Gresini Honda rider Enea Bastianini. Still a long way to go, but Danny cannot afford to ease off. Similarly in the British Superbike Championship Shane Byrne has been overtaken in the standings by Josh Brookes. With just a few crucial races left before the Showdown, there is everything to fight for and there will be some keen racing over the next few meetings. Only Jonathan Rae in the World Super Bike Championship can seemingly relax a little with a more comfortable lead over his nearest rival Chaz Davies. It would be fascinating to find out what the manufacturers and teams have changed to achieve the improvements in performance whilst the season is progressing, although obviously it is all a closely guarded secret. Gone are the days of simplicity, it is now very hi-tech computerised progress and monitoring to ensure the very best performance and yet, a wrong tyre choice for the race can have a dramatic effect on the result. There is only so much that you can actually technically control - the climatic conditions are well outside that domain.

The psychological side of riding is another aspect beyond the control of computers and technicians. The mental effect and pressures on the riders throughout the season must be huge and their ability to control the stresses and strains of racing must have an immense effect on their racing performance. The rounds are so closely planned, with only a short break during August, and in between the racing there is still all the testing and ‘tweeking’ to see how the teams can squeeze even more performance from the bikes. Full on from the start of the season through to the conclusion, you would think it was definitely a young man’s sport and then you look at the older riders who are still competing, even those who have tired are still involved in teams or commentating, and you realise that once racing is in the blood it is difficult to give up whatever the toll it takes mentally and physically. The close standings make it all exciting stuff as we follow the season to its close, hoping that our favourite riders win through as we watch the adrenaline filled races heading towards the championship climax. Whether you attend the racing personally, or follow it via the television coverage, the drama and excitement is guaranteed.

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent AUTUMN 2015



It’s who you know They say it’s not what you know but who you know that counts when it comes to getting places or getting things done.

characters across the political divide and has no trouble being on friendly terms with MPs from all corners of the political spectrum.

There’s a great deal of truth in this and the legitimacy of that claim has come home more and more to me in recent times since MAG engaged the services of Lembit Opik.

Lembit told the former top man in the SNP about the bridge issue and Alec readily agreed that it was nonsense and promised to have a word with the appropriate people.

I give you by way of simple example the case of the Forth Road Bridge. Due to some unjoined up thinking, learner riders would have been prohibited from using the bridge which would have resulted in them having to ride an extra 30 miles to cross the Firth of Forth. For daily commuters having to make the trip twice daily it would have involved an extra 60miles a day of riding. That is 300 miles a week or 1200 miles a month. Even if covering a 100 miles to the gallon that equates to about £80 a month of unnecessary expenditure and countless hours wasted.

True to his word the right ears were spoken into and like magic the problem evaporated. Learners will now be able to use the bridge.

Whether viewed from a practical, human, safety or environmental perspective, this was lunacy. The regional MAG rep Steve Wykes had done a good job of getting local support and campaigning for a little understanding but things still looked uncertain. Enter our man in Westminster Lembit Opik who knows everyone in the elite village of politicians and media folk and still has a commons pass providing access to most areas including, critically, the Commons bar. It was here that he ran into old friend Alec Salmond. Though a Liberal Democrat MP for 14 years Lembit has friendly relations with countless 10 GOLDEN WING

Beneficiaries of MAG’s efforts who have to commute across the Firth of Forth may like to invest in a MAG membership in recognition of the money and time they will now be saved. MAG was founded to fight big libertarian issues about self expression and freedom of choice but has taken on countless day to day issues that are important to bikers. Often local issues can be resolved by the actions of local MAG activists, the effectiveness of whom should never be underestimated. Notwithstanding this, the critical intervention of a well connected player can make all the difference. If anyone ever asks you what you get for your MAG membership it is principally - a voice in Westminster. MAG is the bikers’ voice. To join MAG on-line go to individual membership is just £27 a year which is of course the financial cost of about ten days of detours for a Firth of Forth commuter! Ian Mutch is a former ships officer and later motorcycle courier. He is President of MAG of which he was a founder member and has written five books, mostly on motorcycle travel AUTUMN 2015



21st Solent Rally by

Pam Irving, Solent Branch

Held again at Maynard’s in Arundel, and blessed with sunshine, another great Rally thanks to Barbara, Alan and team. The setting up was complete by Thursday evening by the early birds and we had a lovely meal together in the pub next door. We had a large area to ourselves except for the elderly vicar and his wife who always camp in the same spot, which happened to be opposite the marquee. He was happy with our company throughout, which is really quite surprising. A very nice man: There’ll be more tales of very nice men to follow. I thought that Barbara and Alan must have had a domestic when I saw not one but two tented palaces on their pitch, but it was just favouritism for Kim and Tony from Northants who had an arduous journey after work on Friday and didn’t think they would have time to pitch their own tent before nightfall. As those who attend the HOC rallies know – a rally wouldn’t be the same without them. Saturday’s run leader Geoff unfortunately had to cry off having toppled off his bicycle earlier in the week, so Dave was volunteered to take on his role. Having had the run mapped out by Geoff, Dave wanted to learn the route; so early on Friday four of us – Dave, me (Pam), Graham and Brian set off for said recce. Dave was riding an Aprilia, they do have a bit of a reputation for having an Italian temperament, and 16 miles into the journey, guess what, the engine died and there were no sparks left in the battery to get it restarted. The very nice recovery man was called and we left Dave to his fate. I decided that we


should have a go at following the remainder of the route with Graham and Brian gallantly following providing moral support. Now, I’m not familiar with the area, and a couple of junctions were missed requiring an about turn. On the second one, I managed to drop my bike, shearing the brake lever completely off. Ahh, nice one Pam! We rode a short distance to local Groombridge Motorcycles who deserve a mention ‘cos Keith the extremely helpful parts man tried very hard to source the correct lever for my CB400. Although he located one in China, an immediate repair job was never going to happen, I believe that a front brake is fairly high up on the list of important bits needed to ride a bike on the South’s congested roads so we decided to abort. A very nice recovery man was called and Graham and Brian returned to the rally site. At risk of sounding like a bit of a sit-com, when my very nice recovery man arrived, he looked at the destination address, and said “have I just taken your husband home?” Oh how we laughed! He really was a very nice man and we are now on Christmas card terms. AUTUMN 2015

Dave and I are expecting to be invited to the recovery company’s Christmas party. Once home I loaded a couple of luxuries and some beers into the car and returned to salvage the rest of the week-end. It was good to catch up on news from those who attended from the Isle of Wight. They had such a terrible time last year that they were back for more. Thanks Pete for not mentioning that I dropped the bike – much! I believe that most others enjoyed fish and chips on Friday evening whilst I was en-route nursing hurt pride and Dave was out finally doing the recce run on bike number two (his SP2). The following day a dozen of us had a very successful and enjoyable ride to Morrison’s supermarket via a circuitous route taking in Wessons Café at Horam before enjoying the panorama of the sea and the downland whilst going over the Sussex Downs. Many thanks to Dave for leading the run, Graham for doing the tail end Charlie duties on his latest Hinckley acquisition, and to Brian who chauffeured me around as his pillion for the day. We had our Saturday night BBQ; time to relax and put one’s feet up. Enter Graham and Jax with their new full size inflatable settee, causing much hilarity. We like your style folks! Do you really need a flame thrower to light the coals? Alan says you do, so I believe him. We enjoyed our bargain steaks courtesy of the

local Morrisons (half-price) don’t you know? Barbara raided Morrisons for the fantastic salads and puds. Sue Syers had brought along her famous flapjack plus other goodies, there was wine and beer, lots of jollity and jokes about falling off things! Give me a brake! [sic] DOH! The usual raffle brought in £100 for the charity pot, well done everyone. The desperate clamour to claim one of the fantastic prizes raised the volume slightly, I don’t think the vicar could hear his telly for a while! Got the picture? If not you’ll have to show up at Rally 22, 17-19 June, next year. Same place and the booking is already made Thanks again to Barbara and Alan, who made ‘severial’ trips to and from home, and to Graham and Brian who helped in my hour of need.

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to AUTUMN 2015


Northants Meet Nottingham On The Skeggy Ride-Out by

Andy Smith, Nottingham Branch

Sunday the 19th of July dawned cloudy and a bit cool but the forecast didn’t rain so at least that was good. We were due to meet the Northampton gang at Mc Donald’s in Grantham as they were joining us on the run to Skegness. As I live nearer to Grantham than Nottingham I arrived at McDonald’s minutes before the Northampton Branch who were quickly joined by Alan, Wade and Audrey from our mob. Well that made four of us on three bikes to about twelve bikes from Northampton.



After a coffee and a meet and greet in the restaurant we headed to glorious skeggy and the sun had come out too. Using the drop off system (a novelty for us not usually having enough numbers) we headed for Sleaford and so on to Skegness. Some lovely roads these and not too populated by those four wheel monsters. Arriving on the sea front about 12.30.


Having got split up trying to find a parking place the little group I was in headed to find some of the others. Stopping to look at the donkeys on the beach we found some of the others and headed for something to eat in a pub near the famous clock. I had to have fish and chips well you have to at the sea side don’t you? Having been fed and watered as that is about all there is to do at skeggy we decided to head home. Making our way back to the bikes we bumped into the rest of our little gang who had just decided similarly. As we were to head in different directions we said our goodbyes and I lead the Nottingham branch homeward. When Alan and myself stopped for some motion lotion we realised we had lost Wade and Audrey. As they had not caught up by the time we had filled up we assumed they had turned off on another route home, so we carried on splitting off on our own routes at Sleaford. In reality Wade and Audrey had got stuck behind a van. I think we had a good ride out with and it was good to meet up with the folks from another branch.


Fun and Frolicks at the Oxford Rally! by

Mary-Anne Gilmer, Oxford Branch

As a group we organise a rally weekend every year. This year we were at the Gate Hangs High at Hook Norton. We had a camping field for all of us that are hardy folk and up for a laugh but we also had lovely bed and breakfast rooms for those that “don’t do camping”. We arrived on the Friday afternoon. The weather was good and we all pitched in together to get the tents up. Some of us had a few more luxuries than others, you might have seen the pictures with the big air bed. That was mine and very cosy it was. It was lovely to catch up with people from other Honda clubs from around the county. Tea and coffee was flowing in the hospitality tent but some were on the beers as the bar was open. Later that day we all went for dinner in the pub which served up excellent food and afterwards we had great fun having a go at Ted’s quiz. We had a winner and a looser and loads of banter to go with it. A good time was had by all and then it was off to our beds. On the Saturday it’s traditional for us all to go on a ride out. Pete organised the route this year. We went on a tour of the Cotswolds exploring some great roads and we stopped for lunch at this really quaint little railway station where you just step back in time. While having lunch a couple of steam trains and an old diesel came through the station. And I don’t know what it is but the fellas went mad with the cameras every time one came in. Someone told me it was the engineering that they drooled over but I think they just reverted back into little boys. 16 GOLDEN WING

Later, after more riding around and splashing through the ford, we arrive back to camp for tea and cake, especially made for the event by our own Erica. And they didn’t last long. On Saturday evening we usually arrange entertainment and this year we had a singer – guitarist who was really good. It actually became a family affair with his daughter turning up and giving us a few songs too. Again we had excellent food at the pub and a good night was had by all. I think we even had some dancing going on too. I don’t think anyone got to bed very early that night. Sunday morning. Nearly time to go home but we still had one event to go, The Best Bike Competition. I saw them all giving their bikes some TLC, buffing up the shiny bits, making sure they looked good. The event was organised by Dave and he rallied in 4 other judges to help him. Ooh it was so close. Lots of debating between the judges. Lots of revisiting bikes. I thought there might have been a war but no we had a winner by ONE point. So all sorted until next year. As it happened this year our rally finished on the same day as the HOC Roast, which meant that even more bikers turned up to enjoy the food at the pub. AUTUMN 2015

Why not join us next year?

We guarantee you a warm welcome, a great time and lots of laughs

The trains The group

Scoring the Best Bikes Assembling... At the railway

leaving on the ride out

Pete the entertainer Best Bike winner, Sue

Coffee at the railway

All set up

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to AUTUMN 2015


Ramsgate Sprint Revival Weekend by

Mike Gallafent, Kent Branch Secretary

Held twice annually from 1956-1968, the Ramsgate Sprint was one of the country’s leading events playing host to the nation’s top riders. Half a century later, the Ramsgate Sprint Revival 2015 aimed to relive the event when classic bikes of the period returned to the historic venue at Ramsgate’s Western Undercliff. The Kent HOC were invited to join the celebrations, free of charge, so we were happy to support it and took a stand to promote the HOC and biking in general. This was a two day event, but we opted to only on Sunday only. However, it was such a success that we may do both days next year. Upon arrival we were surprised there were no directional signs and the entrance road was small and difficult to find, not knowing the area. Even SERV couldn’t find it! Better signposting would be good next year. We were allocated a stall 6 metres square with a frontage of about 10 metres or so. Great. We had nine bikes on show, although not all Hondas. Our stand was visited by many people and 20 or so took away old magazines and membership forms, so let’s 18 GOLDEN WING

hope some of the visitors decide to join. Those we spoke to seemed to be more local, but some did come from further afield such as Sittingbourne and Tunbridge Wells. I got the impression we were too far away for those that lived locally. Time will tell. A big welcome to Phil from Croydon, who we met at a Bike Safe course and joined the HOC along with Nigel who had inadvertently let his membership lapse but has now renewed. Goody, two memberships within an hour of being there! The bike sprinting was held on a lower level road whereas we were up on the cliff. We could see some of the sprinting on the road below between many sightseers and shrubbery. The sprints were about 400 yards each and a variety of bikes from yesteryear AUTUMN 2015

all competed in a timed sprint, but I’ve no idea what the times were or which rider/bike got the best times, sorry about that. There were a number of fairground attractions including the amazing Wall of Death. The Messham family - now in its fourth generation - have an international reputation for their performance of this unique and thrilling skill. This was very popular with the crowds and with some of our Kent HOC members who also thoroughly enjoyed it too. Various bands played through the day with lots of numerous attractions to interest the visitors. The surrounding stalls consisted of several local motorcycle clubs and dealers and of course the usual assortment of food and drink. There was a huge turnout of motorbikes, both modern and classic. Many of the bikes were a delight to see and hear, whether they had been renovated or not. One of the things many of us noticed was the age of the riders; the vast majority were 60 plus and 70 plus ... and even perhaps 80 plus, mostly on their old British bikes, which was really good to see.

New recruit and future member

Although the clouds were heavy, it did not rain and we had bright sunshine for much of the day. We were there from 8.30 a.m. to closure about 5.00pm. From 10.00 am when it officially opened, there was a really good atmosphere with lots of visitors. This event is certainly one to watch and go for again next year. My thanks to Pauline and John A for the use of their equipment, James and all the guys & girls who worked hard all day.

A few of the 9 bikes on display



Wilshire HOC Roast Did you look out of your window Sunday morning and think Stu decided to provoke the “HOC Roast in the car today then!” But the clouds cleared Wilts crew..... and the rain stopped and the sunshine came out! Fantastic news for us as it was our first Wiltshire HOC Roast.

After lunch was over, we decided to soak up some sun in the pub garden.

6 of us from Wiltshire met up at our normal meeting place - Sainsburys, Swindon for a rideout down through Marlborough, Pewsey, Devizes and then onto the cafe near Calne to meet up with others from wilts. Unfortunately the cafe was shut so Elick and Maria invited us back to theirs for a coffee. The neighbours must have loved us! (I’m sure there was mention of a bbq at theirs though.) Then on to The Wellesley Arms, Sutton Benger, for our roast.

From Wilts we had Claire, Chris, Plum & Angie, Elick & Maria, Terry, Wayne & Linda and Michelle & Steve. Joining us from Bristol was Stu & Lesley, Alan & Lynn, Alan & Julie and Pete. The pub seated us in our own room and the service was impeccable. (pics 1, 11 &15)

(Pic 19) We were met at the pub by some of the members from Bristol Branch. So in total we had 18 members for our first roast... Not blooming bad! 20 GOLDEN WING

The roast was absolutely lovely, gravy to die for lol, as was the desert after. I would highly recommend this pub if anyone is looking for a pub meal in the area.

I think, if able, we all would have stayed a lot longer... enjoying the sunshine and the brilliant company of friends.

Thanks go to Maria, Claire, Chris and Plum for organising, Chris for the Rideout, Claire for being TEC, Elick & Maria for the coffee stop, Plum for the advertising and his brilliant photos (as always) and all our members and friends for making the day so brilliant. AUTUMN 2015

facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page has over 2,800 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Bristol, Chester, Dorset, Gloucs, Jersey, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Three Shires, West London and Wiltshire pages to join.

#HOCgb now has over 1,000 followers on Twitter. However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for HOC Tweet and like the page. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum had to be restarted as the original service provider stopped, we don’t know why, it just did! But the new Forum now has over 60 registered members and is just as vibrant. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! AUTUMN 2015


East Midlands Rally by

Rita Woodcock, East Midlands Secretary

Friday afternoon and the first campers were arriving at the new Rally field at Peak Gateway in blazing sunshine, soon there were tents popping up all over the field. Unfortunately for John & Beth, they choses to pitch over by the trees for some shade as there was a resident in the next field with a vehement objection to their presence. As with all rallies up and down the country, the rally goers will always rally round (No Pun intended ď Š) to help out a fellow camper. Tent dismembered into main section and awning, it was lifted and bodily carried across the field to a new location.

After the fish and chips were consumed along with the usual alcoholic accompaniments, we all retired for a warm and muggy night. Saturday morning and after the light show in the middle of the night it was time to consider the ride out. Would the roads be suitable, would they have dried out enough and would they be covered in grit washed down of the hills? A slight compromise was made in the route to avoid potential slip hazards and a slightly later start to allow the roads to dry out a little more.

How many people does it take to re-locate a tent?

That’s not cake, looks like a full English, Graham

All In One Piece Again 22 GOLDEN WING

Setting off from the site we headed south into Staffordshire taking in some of the beauty spots like Blithfield reservoir and Cannock Chase stopping at Amerton Garden & Craft AUTUMN 2015

Centre for coffee and cake, then making our way back into Derbyshire via Cheadle and Leek and north to Tideswell (Cathederal of the Peaks) where we stopped for a late lunch at the George Inn.

He managed to indicate to Ian, the back marker, that they should have gone straight on and so Ian set about catching and rounding them up. I know that sometimes the odd one or two bikes go astray, but to lose the whole lot, that has to be a first!! All rounded up and back together we set off back to the rally site via Chatsworth and Kniveton. Once back at the site the games began, Spacehoppers at the ready there was much bouncing around. Roger had to take it just one step further and with an almighty bang he ended up on the floor with the remains of a Space hopper between his legs.

All parked up for lunch

After a break we headed up to the A623 where we turned right at the T junction, the bike behind pulled over to mark the direction that we had gone in as per the usual system, but something went horribly wrong. About half a mile along the road I noticed that there were no bikes behind us, thinking that maybe they had been delayed getting out of the junction Steve & I rode on, another half mile or so and still no bikes, we pulled over at the side of the road and with a clear view of the road behind it was clear that something had happened, there was not a sign of a bike. Dilema, do we go back or wait a while longer, just then a headlight came into view, it was a startled Andy. After dropping off to mark the direction that we had gone, he sat at the side of the road and watched with amazement as every single bike went past him and turned left.

A startled Andy Which way did they think I was pointing? AUTUMN 2015

That’s torn it Roger!!

For the more intellectual (Emma and Ian) there was 3D Connect 4 with a twist, the twist being that you had to launch the discs on to the board using a spring loaded launcher!! Well that’s different, it’s like playing 3D Tiddly Winks, shall I go first

And of course the team games, well sort of. I’m not sure who was playing with who or against who, but they were having fun and Les won the prize.

Cricket, is that what we were playing? GOLDEN WING 23



Keep your mind on the job by

Graeme Burrough, Northumbria Branch Secretary

Sunday came, a group of 10 set out to go the Moffat in the Scottish Borders for a classic car & bike show. Weather was ok with a slight drizzle in the air when we left at 10am. The ride north o the A697/ A68 saw changeable weather from light showers to glorious sunshine but all in all sunny was the ingredient for the day ahead. A stop at Hawick for fuel for those that needed it, I was summoned to assist a group of other bikers that had a problem... rear wheel puncture! A quick view of the situation, I returned to my bike, puncture kit in hand, repaired the leak (6 seconds!) and told him to go blow it up at the garage. A fiver even for my efforts  The plan from here was to ride some single track roads

through to St Mary’s Loch, a truly beautiful place to have lunch. Fed and watered we all got ready to set off towards Moffat but I offered a bit of caution as the A708 has claimed many a victim by the nature of the road, adverse cambers, summits, sharp bends etc. Another two bikes (not connected) were leaving at the same time as us but I’d noticed Dawn wasn’t mounted so waited some 60 seconds before following the afore mentioned bikers towards Moffat. Arriving at a small bridge which is traffic light controlled, a car came through the lights and said “one of yr mates has crashed around the corner”. Lights changed we continued on the A708, to find one of the bikes that left the Loch just before us

(Hyabusa) had decided not to make a right hander and had ridden straight off the road, airborne over a 4 metre ‘cliff’ into the field below narrowly missing a herd of cows. Result, bike wrecked (upside down) and rider injured left shoulder. As a group we have a resident paramedic Paul Smith who immediately leapt down this so called cliff to attend to the 50 year old male. Ambulance called which duly arrived from Lockerbie some 45 minutes away and they then called the air ambulance but found it was already busy and would be nearly an hour to arrive. Fire fighters then called (after considering Mountain Rescue team) to get the injured party back up said cliff. Police arrived some while later to take over where we had been controlling traffic at two blind bends out of a series of bends, Anne sent to the rear and Phil to the front bend – and a cracking job done by both! It took nearly 3 hours from start to finish before we set off again, arriving in Moffat only to find we’d missed most of the show, so coffee taken in the village before returning home. When questioned the guy just said he’d lost concentration and simply rode off the road! AMAZING!

Conclusion: Keep your mind on the job and enjoy your biking AUTUMN 2015


Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here

Retirement: I don’t think so! Its been 50 years since my first legal ride on a Honda C50. As a teenager, I had saved every penny to get the deposit for my dream of independence. Getting my Dad to sign the H.P. agreement was a battle on its own, but there I was in Blackstock Road Finsbury Park in London, ‘L’ plates on and not a clue. I remember thinking Southgate (home) could be the other side of the world but I must not panic. After a while, and finding all three gears, I made it and so started my love of bikes and my affinity with Honda. I progressed to a C70 (Yellow) ugh onto a C90, wow the power! Then I lapsed. Due to pressure of ‘friends’ I tried British bikes Triumph, B.S.A. even an old 200.c.c. Vellocette . In those days, Japanese bikes were a no no, with there indicators and reliability. What’s wrong with a good old British bike? Oil leaks, breaking down and faulty spark plugs were all part of your right of passage.

Over the years, I have tried almost every make except Harley Davidson and I can say that I always come back to a Honda. At the moment I ride a Pan European ST1300 and love it to bits and having just retired, I can’t help looking at the Goldwing, but 25k+ for a bike that screams retirement… not yet. If I didn’t get so much pleasure from my Pan then that’d be another story, I just wish that Honda would bring out an update i.e. better dash, bluetooth etc. As long as I can get my ’leg over’ so to speak, I will keep riding. The North London ‘chapter” out of High Beech are a good bunch and we often do our thing on a Sunday and meet every Thursday at the Kings Oak.

Siwel Luap by e-mail membership no. 33131

Rejoin I have just re-joined HOC after purchasing a Honda Pacific Coast PC800. I originally joined HOC in the early 90’s. I was waiting on the quayside at Liverpool to go to the Isle of Man for my first TT, when I got talking to a chap called Stan who said he was something to do with HOC and he persuaded me to join, at the time I had a Yamaha Diversion but when I told Stan I had learned on a CG125 he said that was good enough.


I met Stan a number of times on the Island and had a great number of laughs with Stan with all his Geordie wit and the other guys he was camping with. I believe Stan died a couple of years later and I lost contact with the others and let my membership lapse. So as I re-join HOC it is in memory of Stan and hope his family is ok

Mark Hardy by e-mail


Time to give up Well I think I’m jinxed. I went out for a spin on my new second-hand bike down the Mumbles in Swansea in the summer of 2014. Just plodding along at 20 to 25mph... the next thing I’m over the handle bars. I later found out Mr Magoo was driving a car and pulled out straight into me. My new toy was a right off, and I didn’t do so well myself, broke my collar bone and 3 ribs. So I’m 52 next birthday and started thinking maybe time to hang the helmet and gloves up. Well time passed and I found myself thinking of getting back on a bike. I found a little 500 twin and bought it. Ok I changed the tyres for the MOT... and got all worked up for taking it out remembering I had the stuffing knocked out of me last summer. It’s now 2015 and it was raining but I still went on my spin. I left my home town of Neath heading for the Heads of the Valleys A465. I noticed the bike was happy


at 60mph and so was I and as all was going well thought I’d make my way to Abergavenny as on a Sunday you find lots of bikes there. Well talk about being jinxed as I was plodding along the road at 50/60mph I noticed the yellow average speed cameras thinking I was fine. However a week later still feeling good with getting back on the bike a letter landed on the doorstep telling me I was averaging 60+ you can imaging how I felt!! So as its all money to fight your own case it’s costing me £85 to go on a naughty boy course! So again I find myself thinking of hanging up my helmet and gloves as there’s no fun on bikes any more! Don’t know if you feel the same as it is one eye on the road and one looking for cameras. Just felt like letting off steam.

Mark by e-mail South Wales Branch


New to the HOC I had the pleasure of joining the Club yesterday whilst at Brackley Festival on Sunday 16th August 2015 and having already digested the contents of Golden Wing Summer 2015, I am delighted to share a photo of my unconventional Guinness VFR750R (RC30) I have owned the bike from 1989 when it was less than one year old and enjoy riding it as often as possible. Currently mileage 30k. It has been to IOM many times, NW200, Assen, Le Mans and in 2013 to Truden in Italy for the 25 year celebration of the birth of the RC30. There I met with Kazuo Honda, the senior project leader who can be seen in the wonderful engineering marketing video produced in 1988 and currently available on YouTube.

The purist will be pleased to know that all the bodywork is replica. I have retained the original fairing, tank, wheels and tyres (still with the Japanese air inside). Some year ago I had a desire to change the look of the bike and followed both my heritage and liking for the liquid “Black Gold” I worked with the good folks at Dream Machine to produce this one off look. I’m looking forward to being an active participant in the Club and meeting some great people.

Roy by e-mail membership no. 34298

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to Kicking Back, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE 28 GOLDEN WING




Had an accident?

Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 44 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll ! 30 GOLDEN WING


Lincoln Bike Festival by

Karen & Rob Shaw, Nottingham Branch members

On Sunday 7th June 2015 we arrived at the usual meeting place for our Branch rideouts, the car park of the Vale Hotel, at 10am for a 10.15am start. Our destination today was the Lincoln Bike Fest and our party was made up of Rob & me, Wade & Audrey, Andy Smith, Mick Pepperday and a young French couple who were staying in Derby for a while and had seen details of the ride-out on our website. We were pleased to meet them and delighted to welcome them along for the ride on their Deauville. Andy Smith, our lead rider, had prepared a scenic route which took us out through Southwell and the surrounding villages as we had decided that we would prefer to avoid the busy A46. Unfortunately, when we got to the village of Kirton near Newark, the road was closed. Andy, who knows the area well, was soon able to come up with an alternative route - who needs a Sat Nav - well actually Rob & I probably do as we got lost after getting separated from the group and were forced to take the only route we knew into Lincoln - the A46! Bike Fest takes place on both sides of Lincoln’s historic Brayford Waterfront and this year it was a hive of activity when we arrived just after midday. There were loads of bikes to see, along with 2 music stages and lots of stalls selling everything from biker gear to funerals! There was a stall with a coffin attached to the side of a Harley offering the perfect biker “send off”! The event is run by Lindum Lincoln Rotary Club together with Lincoln Business Improvement Group and although the event was free to enter, any funds raised throughout the day went to Shelterbox, a UK based charity supplying emergency tents in disaster areas throughout the world.

Bike Fest is well worth a visit. We spent the afternoon strolling around the waterfront enjoying the sights & sounds and soaking up the sunshine and we’re all looking forward to next year’s event. Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to AUTUMN 2015


Powderham Classic Show by

Great weekend at Powderham, 200 bikes on display with all the steam engines and car and vintage car and bike clubs.

Steve Letheren, Devon Branch

6 live bands, autojumble and side shows and stands, worth a visit next year, plenty of room on the HOC stand.

Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to 32 GOLDEN WING


I thought you might be interested to hear that Nigel, of the Kent HOC, has just clocked up an impressive 150,000 genuine miles on his Honda CBR600 with no major mechanic faults to report... and still going strong!

Can you beat that?

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If you are proud of your bike, no matter it’s age or condition, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!



Honda News The new 16YM Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Honda is pleased to announce further technical details of the new CRF1000L Africa Twin, which will be in Honda showrooms across Europe in late 2015. Like its celebrated forerunners, the CRF1000L Africa Twin is thoroughly equipped for true adventure, with a potent engine and dynamic chassis ready to cover continents on or off-road. From the start of the CRF1000L Africa Twin project there was one motorcycle that consistently impressed with its balance of usability, poise and handling, on road and in the dirt - the seminal XRV750 Africa Twin. It proved a worthwhile benchmark, even when set against today’s myriad choice of adventure motorcycles. The machine that now bears its name may share no common part with the old model but it inherits to the full the essence and spirit of what made the XRV750 Africa Twin so good. The “go anywhere” approach starts with the engine, which has to perform in off-road situations as well as on-road long-range touring, and all points in between. The CRF1000L Africa Twin’s 1000cc parallel twin power plant draws heavily on Honda’s off-road race experience in the form of the CRF250R/450R competition machines, and uses the same four-valve Unicam head design for compact overall dimensions. A lightweight cast camshaft - using the same materials as the CBR1000RR Fireblade - operates the valve train, and twin spark plugs fire the fuel/ air mixture in each combustion chamber. Strong and linear power and torque deliver instant response anywhere in the rev-range - accompanied by a satisfying, characterful deep growl as rpm rises. A 270° phased


crankshaft gives the power delivery a distinct character as well delivering excellent feel for rear wheel traction. Biaxial primary balance shafts cancel vibration. The engine’s short height contributes to the CRF1000L Africa Twin’s excellent ground clearance - another prerequisite for a true adventure machine. It also uses clever packaging of componentry to both dynamic and aesthetic effect. The water pump is housed within the clutch casing, and the water and oil pumps are driven by a shared balancer shaft. Further reducing engine size is the lower crankcase design, which stores the oil and houses the pressure-fed pump. The lightweight six-speed manual gearbox uses the same shift-cam design as found on the CRF250R/450R to ensure positive changes and is equipped with an assist slipper clutch. For the CRF1000L Africa Twin’s chassis three key attributes - highlights of the original XRV750 - were targeted: off-road performance, touring comfort and the everyday agility that makes for a great all-

rounder or day-to-day commuter. A steel semi-double cradle frame provides the perfect balance of high-speed stability - also while fully loaded - matched to genuine off-road ability, agility and sheer strength. Mass centralisation - with items like the battery packaged at the rear of the cylinder head - contributes to a low centre of gravity. The long-travel Showa inverted forks are fully adjustable and feature dual radial-mount Nissin four-piston brake calipers and 310mm ‘wave’ style floating discs. The Showa rear shock has hydraulic spring preload adjustment. Like the CRF450R Rally, the CRF1000L Africa Twin uses 21/18-inch front rear spoked wheels, wearing 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 tyres. Following its design theme of “unlimited adventure”, the Africa Twin is styled with minimum bodywork in a tough, lightweight form that offers both weather protection for the rider and a slim, agile feel. Dual headlights maintain the original’s signature presence and the seat height adjusts 20mm to either 870mm or 850mm. A large


18.8-litre fuel tank - coupled with the engine’s fuel efficiency - provides a range of up to 250 miles. To tailor the overall electronics package to capably tackle any conditions on or off-road, the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)* system offers three levels of control, and it is possible for the rider to turn off the ABS* system for the rear wheel. The CRF1000L Africa Twin will be available in three colour options: CRF Rally, Tricolour and Black.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) for adventure Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) will be available as an option on the CRF1000L Africa Twin, with the use of a common crankcase keeping the width the same as the manual transmission version. It features the standard manual mode - allowing the rider to operate gear shifts through triggers on the left handlebar - and two automatic modes. D mode offers the best balance of fuel economy and comfort cruising. S mode has now been revised to give extra levels of sports performance, with three different shift patterns to choose from: S1, S2 and S3. Of course, DCT for the CRF1000L Africa Twin is also fully equipped to operate in an adventure environment, with off-road functionality enhanced by the G switch positioned on the right side of the instrument panel. Pushing the G switch in any riding mode improves traction and machine control - all-important for off-road riding - by reducing the amount of clutch slip during gear changes. Further new functionality for the DCT system comes in the form of incline detection, by means of which the gear shift pattern is adapted depending on the grade of any incline to provide optimum control. * HSTC and ABS not available on base version; equipped as standard on ABS and DCT versions.

Main technical specifications Engine Type

Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin with 270° crank and uni-cam


2,335 L x 875 W x 1,475mm H (STD) 2,335 L x 930 W x 1,475mm H (ABS/DCT)

Displacement 998cm3

Wheelbase 1,575mm

Max. Power

70kW/7,500rpm (95/1/EC)

Seat Height

Max. Torque

98Nm/6,000rpm (95/1/EC)

G’nd Clearance 250mm

Bore & Stroke

92.0 & 75.1mm

ABS type


Wet, multiplate with coil springs, Aluminium Cam Assist and Slipper clutch

ABS* 2-Channel with rear ABS off switch (*ABS & DCT models only, not STD model)

Brakes Front

Final Drive

O-ring sealed chain


Constant mesh 6-speed MT

310mm dual wave floating hydraulic disc with aluminium hub and radial fit 4-piston calipers (*ABS) and sintered metal pads


6-speed DCT with on and off-road riding modes

Brakes Rear

Frame Type

Steel semi-double cradle type with hightensile strength steel rear subframe

256mm wave hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper (*ABS) and sintered metal pads. Also Lever-Lock Type Parking Brake System on DCT model

Wheels Front

Wire spoke with aluminium rim

Tyres Front

90/90-R21 tube type

Wheels Rear

Wire spoke with aluminium rim

Tyres Rear

150/70-R18 tube type

Turning Radius 2.5m Dry Weight

208kg (STD), 212 kg (ABS), 222kg (DCT)

Kerb Weight

228kg (STD), 232 kg (ABS), 242kg (DCT)

Fuel Capacity

18.8 litres


870 standard / 850mm low


Honda Project 2&4 Powered By RC213V: A Combination Of Global Creativity And Craftsmanship

• Winner of Honda’s ‘Global Design Project’ • Cabin-less structure features a floating seat design for immersive driving experience • Powered by Honda’s MotoGP RC213V engine, modified to run on public roads ‘Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V’, the winning entry from Honda’s ‘Global Design Project’, made its global debut at the 66th Frankfurt Motor Show. Embodying the concept of ‘creative craftsmanship’, Honda Project 2&4 celebrates Honda’s position as the world’s leading engine manufacturer, providing engines to 28 million people per year across two- and four-wheel automotive, power equipment, marine and aerospace applications. An example of the continuous effort by Honda to design an ever-more immersive driving experience, Honda Project 2&4 brings together the brand’s unique capabilities in two- and four-wheel mobility. Featuring the RC213V competition motorcycle engine, which has been modified to run on public roads, Honda Project 2&4 provides the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car. Its exceptional power unit, developed for the world-class MotoGP motorcycle racing series and specially tuned for the public road, is a 999 cc V-4 four-stroke unit and conforms to Honda’s ‘The Power of Dreams’ guiding philosophy that inspires innovation and originality. Peak power output is over 215 PS at 13,000 rpm, while peak torque of over 118 Nm is delivered at 10,500 rpm. Transmission is provided by a sixspeed DCT gearbox.


Honda Project 2&4 seeks to create Inspired by the global creativity of one ‘Team Honda’ an intense driving experience Over 80 designers and creators participated in the in-house ‘Global Design Project’ competition, which is part of Honda’s initiative to inspire creativity as one ‘Team Honda’. The objective of the annual contest between Honda design studios is to challenge team and project members to share one goal and achieve high targets. Honda Project 2&4 is an example of what this stimulating challenge can generate thanks to the differing qualities of each participant. Conceived by Honda’s motorcycle design studio in Asaka and designed in collaboration with the automobile design studio in Wako,

by combining the most thrilling elements of riding a motorcycle with the most engaging characteristics of driving a car. The result not only showcases the creativity flowing through Honda’s design studios, but also challenges expectations of the future of mobility.

Conceived for immersive driving thrills Drawing on Honda’s racing heritage, the body design and engine position has been inspired by the legendary Honda RA272 of 1965. The structure reveals the core frame and functional parts of the car, much as would be more customary for a bike, and is similarly compact. Overall length is 3,040 mm, width 1,820 mm and height 995 mm. A resulting weight of just 405 kg maximises the impact of the power of the mid-mounted engine which, together with the low centre of gravity, ensures an exceptionally high level of responsiveness. The exhilarating feeling created from the open cockpit is significantly enhanced by the driver’s seat, uniquely suspended just above the road. The ‘floating seat’ design places the driver as close to the action as possible, evoking the freedom of a bike and completing the immersion provided by Honda Project 2&4’s extreme performance, 14,000 rpm red line and unique engineering.


Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Recall Notices Details of recalls, going back to 1995 can be found at

CBR1000SAE, CBR1000SE, CBR1000SAF & CBR1000SF REAR SHOCK ABSORBER MAY FAIL CAUSING LOSS OF CONTROL OF THE MACHINE Recall Details: The rear shock absorber piston rod nut may come loose. The shock absorber performance may be affected, possibly causing a loss of machine control.

Remedial Action: Recall the machines that are likely to be affected and check if the machine is fitted with an affected shock absorber. Any affected shock absorbers will be removed and returned to Ă–hlins service centre for counter measure repair.

Vehicles Affected Recall Date: 25/05/2015 Numbers Involved: 184 Build Start Date: 07/12/2013 Build End Date: 02/10/2014 Vehicle Id: JH2SC59G7EK100063 to JH2SC59G0EK100390 JH2SC59E1EK400194 to JH2SC59E6EK400434 JH2SC59G1FK200001 to JH2SC59G4FK200249 JH2SC50E2FK500001 to JH2SC59E3FK500122

CB500F & CBR500R ENGINE MAY STALL Recall Details: The fuel level gauge arm holder at the fuel pump may swell during hot weather riding conditions and may become weakened. Under the riding condition of deceleration and immediate acceleration, the fuel wave created inside the fuel tank causes higher load on the float arm and it could become detached from its holder. If the fuel float arm becomes detached it could result in, fuel indicator error, abnormal noise from fuel tank, or in worst case engine stall should the arm contact the fuel pump terminals. Remedial Action: Recall the machines that are likely to be affected and replace complete fuel pump /float arm unit. Vehicles Affected Recall Date: 16/09/2015 Numbers Involved: 2,880 Build Start Date: 17/12/2012 Build End Date: 27/05/2015 Vehicle Id: MLHPC44B3D5000783 to MLHPC45B3F5202332

Various derivatives of model ranges: CB, CBF, CBR, CRF, CTX, FES, NC, NSS, NT, SH, ST, VFR, VT750C2BE & XL ENGINE MAY STALL. RISK OF FIRE. Recall Details: During assembly of the starter relay switch, sealant may have been applied incorrectly which could increase resistance across the main fuse,. This may cause non starting, stalling or in extreme instances a risk of fire. Remedial Action: On affected machines check the starter magnetic switch and loom connection. Replace starter magnetic switch and/or loom as necessary. Recall Date: 17/09/2015 Numbers Involved: 10,067

If you have a query regarding any recalls, please contact your nearest Honda dealer AUTUMN 2015


RIP Dr John Hinds Tributes have poured in from both the racing and medical communities for Doctor John Hinds, one of the world-famous Irish road racing medical team known as the ‘flying doctors’, who tragically lost his life as a result of a crash on Friday night at the Skerries 100 meeting. Doctor Hinds was participating his usual role, following the opening of a practice session on his BMW S1000RR, when he crashed at Dukes Bends. His colleagues treated him on the scene before being transferred to Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital, where he tragically succumbed to his injuries on Saturday morning. He leaves behind an incredible legacy; as an exceptionally talented doctor to whom many of the paddock owe their lives; as an educator who worked tirelessly to further trauma and emergency medicine; and as a selfless individual and much-loved figure who dedicated a lot of his own free time and money to ensuring proper care for the paddock.

in both of the worlds in which he operated, as his colleague Doctor Fred McSorley was quick to point out. “In road racing, he was revered and adored by so many riders. But he was also a natural teacher and wonderfully inspirational. He was hugely dedicated to improving the care of critically ill people.

ensure that Northern Ireland secured an air ambulance service; something that he was intimately aware was lacking after his treatment of both racers and the public alike.

To that end, a petition set up calling on the Northern Irish Executive to ensure the provision of one in his name has already reached over 25,000 signatures. Please add your support for the “John didn’t only save people’s live, but, particularly campaign via the Northern The 35 year-old from with head injuries, he saved Ireland Air Ambulance Tandragee was a consultant their brains. The fact that petition. The thoughts of the anaesthetist and trauma they are able to walk and whole MCN team are with science lecturer, and was talk normally, pick up their John’s partner, family and often the first person on children and give them a hug, friends at this terrible time. scene at major road-racing accidents. Dealing with them is because of his excellent care.” with his own unique brand John didn’t only save of unflappable humour, One of John’s biggest people’s lives... he medical skill and humanity, his passions, aside from saved their brains reputation was unprecedented motorbikes, was working to By Simon Patterson, published 4 July 2015 38 GOLDEN WING


Health minister commits to air ambulance service Thousands backed calls to fulfil the late Dr John Hind’s vision of an air ambulance for Northern Ireland today the health minister has given his commitment to establishing the service. And Northern Ireland is one step closer to getting its own air ambulance as the health minister announced his commitment to bringing it about. The hugely popular doctor was fatally injured while providing medical cover at a Skerries 100 practice session on July 3. A petition with more than 70,000 signatures backing the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (Hems) which the late Dr John Hinds had passionately called for before his death - was handed in to the Assembly.

And now, those calls have been answered. The DUP MLA said his announcements “hold the prospect of implementing the vision for major trauma services which the late Dr John Hinds, and his colleagues, have highlighted”. Mr Hamilton said: “I believe that the time is right to transform our major trauma services with the development of the new Critical Care Building at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the supportive

public debate on the need for a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service providing the opportunity for this. “I am therefore announcing today my commitment to further strengthen our existing high quality trauma services by enabling clinicians to take this service to the next level. This commitment involves the establishment of the Northern Ireland Trauma Network, with recurrent investment of £211,000 to operate the Network, and plans to move forward with a HEMS as a key component of the network.” Mr Hamilton stated the estimated cost for a HEMS is £2.38million for initial infrastructure and £1.8million annual recurrent operating costs.

NI health minister Simon Hamilton

He said given the current financial climate “we will need to establish if it is possible to secure a robust and recurrent charitable funding contribution for this service”. Northern Ireland’s health department will now embark on a public consultation on key issues related to the development of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service which will be launched later this month. Mr Hamilton said speed of patient transport is a “key requirement for an effective trauma network”. He added: “I believe that my announcements today hold the prospect of implementing the vision for major trauma services which the late Dr John Hinds, and his colleagues, have highlighted.”

By Claire Williamson, published 3 September 2015 AUTUMN 2015


When no-one knew who Honda was The 1959 125cc TT start – Naomi Taniguchi (8) is mid-pack

When Marc Márquez swept to Honda’s 700th Grand Prix victory in August he did so at the head of the factory Repsol Honda team, probably the biggest outfit in the paddock, with every member trained and drilled to deal with every eventuality. It is a somewhat different set-up to the brave little crew that turned up for the company’s first world championship race, the Isle of Man TT in June 1959. In the 1950s the Isle of Man wasn’t on a different planet from Japan, but it may as well have been. This was a journey entirely into the unknown. Honda’s GP vanguard had no idea what to expect from the track, the people, the food, the culture or the country; after all, this was less than 15 years after the end of World War II. They were innocent of everything, so it was a journey that would be impossible to undertake today, unless you’re an Amazonian Indian. Honda’s nine staff - including five riders, who did double duty as mechanics - flew to the Isle of Man from Tokyo, via Hong 40 GOLDEN WING

Kong, Bangkok, Calcutta, Karachi, Beirut, Frankfurt and London. They flew most of the way in a BOAC Comet, the world’s first commercial jetliner. During the previous months they had spent their time learning how to eat with a knife and fork, how to wear a suit and tie, instead of traditional Japanese dress, and also mourning the death of a team-mate, who had died while doing stunts for a Japanese biker movie. All these men were members of the Honda Speed Club, a gang

Team leader Yoshitaka Iida and top finisher Naomi Taniguchi, with TT replica, in Tokyo


of keen young Honda employees who raced The Honda team stayed at the Nursery and did movie stunts on Hondas. Hotel in Onchan, on the outskirts of They had also spent Douglas, away from the The racing world was very plenty of time trying to different in those days, and centre of things because memorise a TT course Soichiro Honda wanted not always in good ways guide written by 1950s his staff to keep a low TT legend Geoff Duke and translated into profile. The hotel is long gone, though a Japanese by their recently deceased teamplaque marks the occasion of Honda’s visit, mate. Only when they arrived at their Island which kick-started a transformation of the hotel did they realise the horrible truth: global motorcycle scene. they had been learning the wrong track. The Nursery seems to have been a kind of For a few years in the late 1950s the usual Fawlty Towers establishment. “It was not a 37.75-mile Mountain course was replaced top level hotel, it was a cheap hotel,” added by the much shorter and entirely different Taniguchi. “All they cooked was mutton or Clypse course. lamb, and we stayed there for one month. The bikes and the racing were one thing; Every day when we asked the cook what we merely surviving for a month in this alien could eat he made this noise: ‘Baaa, baaa!’” world was another. In desperation, team manager Yoshitaka The team always knew it would be tough, Iida borrowed saucepans from the kitchen so they had hidden a few home comforts to make Japanese food. “But the hotel staff in the crates of bikes and equipment that didn’t like the smell, so they didn’t allow travelled halfway round the world by sea. us to cook again,” he said. “We missed Japanese food and this made us homesick. “The hotel had a bar downstairs, but the owner told us we mustn’t go in there - it seems they didn’t want outsiders. On Saturday nights the bar became very crowded, with many people getting drunk, so we got no sleep.”

Honda’s translated Geoff Duke TT course guide for the wrong track!

“We packed miso [fermented rice and soya] so we could make miso soup, because we didn’t know what food we would be able to eat,” said rider Naomi Taniguchi, speaking to me in Tokyo a few years ago, with journalist and former racer Yoko Togashi interpreting. “But when we unpacked the freight at our hotel the miso had gone mouldy, so we could not eat. Also, the bikes had gone rusty!” AUTUMN 2015

Image via Pinterest user Stephen Olsen

The accommodation wasn’t luxurious either: all nine men were squashed into three small rooms, mattresses on the floor, Japanese style. GOLDEN WING 41

The racing was possibly the easiest bit, although the hellishly bumpy Manx roads played havoc with Honda’s 125 twins because Honda wasn’t used to building road race bikes. In Japan races took place on dirt roads, simply because few roads had been metalled. No wonder the twin-cam, eight-valve RC142 twins took a pounding: chains stretched, suspension sagged, tyres lost their tread and spark plugs broke. “We had to change everything,” said Taniguchi. “We approached the local parts manufacturers and bought Girling rear suspension, Reynold chain, Avon tyres and so on.” Most European racers, mechanics and TT fans laughed at the little Hondas, which were easily out-performed by the class leaders of the day: MV Agusta, Ducati and MZ. But those who bothered to look closely enough could see that Honda knew what it was doing. Among the interested visitors to Honda’s work area behind the Nursery were a few racers like Tom Phillis and TT winner Bob McIntyre. Perhaps McIntyre could see the future - he carefully examined the RC142s and took notes. After the trials and tribulations of the weeks leading up to the Ultra-Lightweight TT on June 3, the race went well. Taniguchi famously came in sixth, scoring a single world championship point; Honda’s first but by no means the last. Team-mates Giichi Suzuki and Teisuke Tanaka and Junzo Suzuki were seventh, eighth and 11th; enough to win the team prize.

TT winner Bob McIntyre examines the RC142 twins

After the race team leader Kiyoshi Kawashima (later Honda president) telephoned the Old Man, as he called Honda-san, and the Old Man was happy. “Congratulations, you did well,” he said. The following year Phillis wrote a letter to Mr Honda, asking for a ride. In April 1961 the young Australian won Honda’s first Grand Prix, around Barcelona’s Montjuïc Park, on the latest 125 twin. Six months later Mike Hailwood won the brand’s first world championship, in the 250 class, followed just hours later by Phillis’s title success in the 125 category. McIntyre also found himself what he thought was a ride to the future, winning several GPs for Honda and chasing the 1962 world title. Sadly, both he and Phillis died racing Hondas - Phillis at the 1962 TT and McIntyre just weeks later at Oulton Park. The racing world was very different in those days, and not always in good ways.

By Mat Oxley, published on 12 August 2015 when-no-one-knew-who-honda-was





Lings Open Day by

Dave & Sue White, Norfolk Branch Secretaries

We had our latest Lings Open Day - courtesy of Mark and his VERY hard-working staff at Harleston Lings. We are SO well supported by Mark and team and this year they excelled themselves even more with the range of demonstrator models available.



We had about 70 bikes turn up around 10am on the morning - members from Cambridge, Northants, North London, Beds and of course our own branch. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out. A number of people decided to stay over in the Breckland Lodge to make a weekend of it - something for people to think about next year as this will tie in with the Larling Beer Festival on the Saturday night. Anyway, the morning was spent in testing bikes, cakes and drinks along with a great social catch-up with people we hadn’t seen for a while. Lots of people took the CBF1000 out and were delighted with how it handled, felt and went... and the Crosstourer, new Blade and Triumph 800 were busy too - as were all the bikes really. Lunch was a lovely BBQ - Martin’s wife Sue worked to help give out the BBQ goodies so many thanks to her for that. After lunch we all ran down to Dunwich for a cuppa and ice cream. Although everyone got there, next year I will ensure everyone knows and is reminded about the drop-off system... apologies for that slight error this year!!! However once we had all cooled off and chilled out we ran back through some lovely Suffolk countryside to Lings and handed all the bikes back in. Then it was a quick nip to the chippy at Long Stratton - where the queue was long but luckily moving. After filling up with their really tasty tea we all went our separate ways after what everyone said was a brilliant day. Lings staff said they loved the day but were absolutely shattered by the time they got home. We raised a stunning £140 for our local Stepping Stones charity too from the donations bucket which is BRILLIANT.

Next year we will be holding our next Lings Testing Day, with an open invite to HOC Branches, on Saturday July 30th and look forward to seeing you all there. AUTUMN 2015




Honda Owners Club

Christmas Weekend 2015 Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November 2015

Orton Hall Hotel

The Village, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 7DN • All in the Great Room and Conservatory • • Friday night Hot/Cold Buffet • • Saturday night Christmas Party Menu, Aperitif, poppers & crackers with a disco to dance the night away • • Dress to impress! • • Full weekend only £275 per couple including B&B • • Saturday night only £158 per couple including B&B •

For further information and to book, please contact Roger & Nina e-mail


This event is for paid-up members of the Honda Owners Club only


Classic TT and Manx GP by

Dave & Sue White, Norfolk Branch Secretaries

Norfolk Branch booked up to stay at the Lansdowne Guest House on the Isle of Man this year for the Classic TT and Manx GP. We rode up from Norfolk and stayed at Gargrave just outside Skipton on the Friday night. We then ran through some lovely site-seeing spots in Yorkshire to the Ferry at Heysham for the 2.15pm boat to Douglas. The Moors are SO beautiful and we stopped at a viaduct - passing some limestone pavements and seeing 3 Peregrine Falcons en route. The ferry over was lovely and calm and we were soon at our guest house. On the boat we bumped in to Erica and Gerald plus some of their Branch friends which was lovely. In our week we did SO much. The Isle of Man is just wonderful - historical and charming with great rides etc. We visited the huge Laxey Wheel after a squeaky ride 48 GOLDEN WING

on their wonderful Victorian electric trains and then rode up Snaefel to the summit where it was freezingly cold. We rode the whole TT course - of course and went to Peel to explore the lovely Castle and then cafe. Mark and Josh had fun sampling the foot-long hot dogs while we went for more genteel crabs and prawns - all VERY tasty though. The time at Jerby was great - going round the small transport museum then on to watch the racing, saying “Hi” again to Sammy Miller - I shook his hand on the Ferry - and then watching the Parade Laps that quickly became a ‘Who’s Fastest?’ competition! The bikes were immaculate and the riders very competitive. We had the paddock to walk round and

sample the food and drink stalls - finding Dilligaf racing was on the list - something we did achieve at last. Spotting Clive Pagett, Michael Rutter, Bruce Ansty and the Dunlops was great and having chats with the more classic-aged riders was fun too. The whole feel to the Island was much more chilled than the normal TT and we were able to get great views of the bikes - the bottom of Bray Hill is one of those awesome places where the bikes bottom out at 160mph and then almost tank-slapper up the hill towards Ago’s Leap... AMAZING to watch. We were also spoiled for choice with our eating returning to The Italian Job twice in Douglas - danker for such lovely food!!!


Of course coming from Norfolk we found the STEEP hill back to the guest house a challenge every night but now we all have legs that would do the English Rugby Team proud lol.

A really interesting and brill week that gave a really different feel to the Manx and Classic. Our return trip back over the water was also flat calm and we had a nice run down the A1 home.

Snaefel electric train at the top of the mountain

Dave and Sue on theWheel IoM The Branch at Laxey Electric train

Penny with Sir Norman Wisdom

Jerby Classic cavalcade

Josh, Tony and Mark worthy winners

Mark and Josh starving at Peel

Mark and Josh at the top of Snaefell

Nortons in the Paddock

Dave and Sue on the IoM

George Shuttleworth Special


On the way from Gargrave to Heysham

Sue and her lobster dinner GOLDEN WING 49

Donington Classic Bike Festival by

Rita Woodcock, East Midlands Secretary

We set up the stand on Friday afternoon with the main show and events starting on Saturday morning. The 2 Classic Gold Wings were the main highlights of the stand with one in particular getting a lot of attention. Dennis had got all of the fancy accessories that you can think of set up on his bike, including a fan that lights up as a clock when it is running.

Left a bit, up a bit, Bingo!

Steve, Rita and Shaun on the track

The weather being kinder than it was last year meant that the weekend’s racing wasn’t disrupted and the exhibitor’s parade laps were well attended. It was a good weekend with some interest in a few of the branches shown, no-one signed up on the day but a few membership forms were taken away and we gave out the address of meeting venues for a couple of the branches.

I would like to thank all of the East Midlands Branch members who exhibited their bikes and helped on the stand

John on the track in the parade

Dennis, Mary and the show stealing Gold Wing 50 GOLDEN WING

HOC stand at the Classic Bike Festival


Definitely NOT a Goldwing by

Tom Rayner, VisorDown

Is this China’s most blatant copy to date? At a glance you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a Honda Goldwing... on detailed, closer inspection you’d still be forgiven for thinking this is a Honda Goldwing. But no, it’s not and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. These lo-res images are in fact the design patents for a new electric bike from Chinese manufacturer Jiangsu Xinri. So that distinctive flat six engine you can see isn’t an engine at all, but a set of plastic covers hiding a battery and electric motor.

We’ve covered the most blatant Chinese copycat bikes on Visordown in the past but if this design actually reaches production it’s our new leader. Article stolen from definitely-not-a-goldwing/28043.html AUTUMN 2015




Article stolen from the MAG magazine, The Road





Brilliant Brackley Bike Day! by

Mark Clargo, Oxford Branch Chairman Half past seven she said (Erica that is, who was co-ordinating the day), Sunday morning, 7.30am meet at A34 services! Sunday morning!

s it need teve S s wheel


Anyway, running late as usual, so sent my scout on ahead and I’ll catch them up. I didn’t catch them up ‘til I got to Brackley as they didn’t wait for me at the services as arranged.  So, my son George, and I had volunteered to help out at the Honda Owners Club stand at the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling on Sunday 16th August 2015. We joined up with Stritchy and Ruth who gallantly brought over all the HOC marques and regalia etc in the van, valiant Oxford branch members Erica and Gerald, Kate, Phil, Paul, Elaine and Steve, who bought over the Diligaf race bikes and silverware, and membership secretary Graham who was there to make sure we signed up new members correctly! Under the orders of our female superiors we had the marquee erected in no time. All bikes in position. The cakes and coffee ready, the bunting displayed, ready for the onslaught of enquiries from prospective members when the show opened at 10am. The show has grown from strength to strength in its 7 year history. It certainly showed this year as, what was the bike park last year, was now filled with more trade stands and exhibitions this year. The parades up and down the main high street were as spectacular as always with vintage race bikes from the 60s, 70s and 90’s vying to burst your ear drums with their open exhausts, and entice your nasal hairs with the smell of


Castrol R. (I think the MV Augusta probably won on the noise score! Or maybe the Honda 6). There was also a stunt show, which I failed to see, but no doubt wooed the crowds with their dering do! I must say that the HOC stand looked extremely professional with an eclectic display of Honda motorcycles, from modern 125s to 600cc race bikes, with a vintage CB750F and a custom among them. The members’ ages on the stand ranged from 18 years to ??? old - almost matching the ages of the machines on display - ha! The stand was split into a ‘younger, newer riders area’ which was there to support Honda’s ‘Get On’ two wheels campaign and HOC’s young bike enthusiasts


where primed with pricing on learner bikes and the costs of taking your CBT and full test. The middle area housed a selection of different bikes and then we had the racing area with Steve Moody’s new Blade on which he is taking part in the Manx TT next June and his second Honda racing machine. Two more bikes were parked opposite, with flags and the ‘Join the HOC’ banners and two at the side, to catch everyone’s attention as they walked by. We had an array of visitors to the stand, from regular members coming to say hello, to new potential members enquiring all about the HOC. Some of them asking technical questions, others interested in the club. One guy began speaking to me about the virtues of the CBF1000 whilst we were next to mine, and I recognised him from last year. He had bought one on my recommendation. I


The HOC stand looked extremely professional

then interrogated him about why he had not joined the HOC yet!! In fact we did sign up 7 on the day and another joined later that night via PayPal. One of the newly signed up members came to our Oxford meeting on the following Tuesday meeting and joined in the fun and games of Aunt Sally and was in the runner up team! The sun shone all day long, the visitors kept visiting the stand up until the end. All in all, a very enjoyable and productive day. All of us volunteers enjoyed ourselves albeit very tired and exhausted at the end of it!

Well done to all!

Members’ stories always welcome Please share the biking experiences that you have had with the Honda Owners Club, in Golden Wing, for everyone to enjoy Send your text and pictures to or post it to the address on page 2 AUTUMN 2015



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


e have decided to move our meeting night to Thursdays instead of Wednesdays as we have been offered use of the restaurant as the pub is not so busy on Thursdays. We have had to compete for space since we moved to the Cross keys so moving to the quieter night should be more comfortable. On the plus side it’s nice to know that a pub is doing good business! Perhaps we won’t be out on our ear too quickly due to the pub shutting as has been the fate of other branches as well as ourselves. Now that we have our own area for most of the time it is our hope that members attendance will increase. At the end of this week a large group are off to Scotland for the branch holiday at Fort William. Dry roads and a wet bar are on order for the duration! Several of us went clay pigeon shooting recently. The clays largely escaped unscathed though a passing van and a forest ranger

Bloody Suzukis

The forest ranger is in the 2nd tree on the left

pruning a high tree were not so lucky… It was a first for a number of people so scores were not generally high but a good time was had by all. That evening we convened at Steve & Julie’s for the annual BBQ in aid of the local air ambulance and enjoyed a warm evening on the patio with loads of food and drink to keep us happy. There may even have been some supervised target shooting with air rifles at the end of the garden to round the day off but I obviously couldn’t confirm that. Bikers, booze and guns, what could possibly go wrong…? Prior to that several from our branch had made the trip to join Norfolk Branch for their test ride day at Lings Honda. with a number staying overnight at a local hotel. Norfolk kindly arranged their Sunday breakfast run to start at the hotel the following day with our guys joining in for the morning before splitting off and heading home. The test ride day was a great success blessed with good weather and plenty of shiny metal to take out. Having met up with North London branch for breakfast at Mildenhall, coffee and cake on arrival at Lings, a lunchtime BBQ put on by the shop and then finally fish and chips before we all went our separate ways, we weren’t going to go hungry either. You can see why I was there J A big thank you to Norfolk branch for their invitation, company and hospitality. The next big event is the National Rally in Yorkshire where we have three caravans booked and look forward to a long weekend of typical Yorkshire hospitality and generosity… Luckily this won’t be published until after the rally so I’m safe from Maria for one weekend at least after that comment!!


• • • 58 GOLDEN WING



Secretary: Stu Hayes - 07884 280054


et me introduce myself, I am Stu Hayes and have recently taken over the role of Secretary for the Bristol Branch.

I have been a member of the HOC for 3½ years now after moving to the Bristol area when I came out of the Forces in 2010. I have been riding proper bikes since 1992 and my current ride is a 2003 VFR800 VTEC which has had a few comfort modifications carried out, (due to me being a person of the rotund persuasion) and normally carrying my wife as pillion (who is known in the HOC as Latte Lez for the fact that she always seems to have a latté in her hand.) LOL.

The Bristol Branch currently meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Ye Old Inn at Westerleigh BS37 8QP from 8pm (but the pub does a cracking food menu so some of us get there earlier for some grub beforehand) So if you fall into the Bristol area or even if you happen to be visiting the area on the club nights come along you will be made very welcome.  At the start of each year we produce an events calendar which is sent out to the members and weather permitting try to make it to as many of them as possible and even if there is nothing planned we are all in contact with each other for a spur of the moment ride out. Well that’s about it for now it’s time for me to start finding my feet in this Secretary role and promoting the club. Hope to meet up with a lot more of you all in the future at events like the National Rally and HOC Christmas Parties, and for those that already know me I have the phone number of a good shrink I can let you have.  So in the words of Porky Pig “Tha tha tha tha that’s all Folks” Cheers


• • • AUTUMN 2015


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


ell not much of a summer as far as the weather went, Autumn has set in and we feel we missed something along the way. Having said that we have managed a few rides on the bikes, Tuesdays have been supported and the weather even held off for the last Tuesday night ride out of the year which took place on the 1st September, bit lucky with that one have to say. We did a couple of third Wednesday ride outs too which went down well, not everyone can make the first Tuesday. 8 of us from Cambridge enjoyed another lovely holiday in the South of France with our friends from Yorkshire. Roger, Nina, Jim, Anita, Jim, Debra, Paul and myself were joined by Ade, Sue, Dave and Lisa for 12 lovely days of sunshine (well apart from approx 50 miles from Calais) We met in Ashford on Wednesday 24th June before setting off on the Euro tunnel for a 7.20am train on the 25th. Have to say we were very lucky both ways as far as strikes and migrant problems were concerned, we left on time at 7.20am. Our first stop on the Thursday was in Nemours, just a simple Premiere Classe, clean and served a purpose, the restaurant round the corner was lovely. Next Stop Saturday Auberge and the accommodation could not have been more different, it was a small family run affair and we took most of the rooms, they cooked us local dishes for dinner with Anita trying the black tripe, very brave but she said it was delicious. Saturday saw us make our way to the Chateau, it was heating up at this point and we was glad when the owner said we could arrive early, we set down and he told us all to shower and meet back in an hour to go through the accommodation etc. It was heaven, rooms lovely, facilities excellent, had

an outside bar/kitchen which we used all the time as we was outside in the 35+ degrees heat by the splash pool. The boys went for a ride out to the mountains on Monday and a couple ventured out on Tuesday too, we visited Carccasson on Thursday before meeting up with Roger and Nina’s friends for dinner. Thursday night was really hot and at 11pm was still 29 degrees so it was time to have a splash in he pool, heaven. We enjoyed dinner at a couple of local places in the village, one being more bistro while the other a more elegant restaurant, cuisine was excellent. All too soon it was time to head back and have to say on the Saturday it was just too hot, we saw 40 degrees and it was like riding into a hot hairdryer, I never thought I would say too hot to be on the bike but it was, there was no rest from it and by the time we got to our overnight stop in Issoudun we were all exhausted with theat. The over night stop was good and the food served was good. We set off on Sunday with the temperature cooling down, 50 miles from St Omer, our overnight stop, it started to rain and was 15 degrees, what a difference 24 hours can make. I did stop raining once we arrived at the hotel and we changed and walked into the village for a meal. We headed off early to Calais, our crossing was not until 11.50 but we managed to get on the 10.20am train which helped and so to home, all over very quickly. We had hoped it would be as good as last year and we have to say it was, if not better. We took a trip to see our friends at Norfolk for their annual open day at Lings, Harleston. Don’t know how Dave and Sue do it but it was wall to wall sunshine (again) Paul and I were joined by Jim and Michael Bonner met us

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING


there. As always the staff at Lings were friendly and helpful and the BBQ was delicious. They left for a ride to the coast which we did not join them on as we had to get back but it was another lovely day and good to see many friends from other branches too. Well what a wash out the last bank holiday of the year was! Paul and I have planned to lead a ride out to Jimmy’s Farm near Ipswich but the weather was awful so we took the cars. We had a lovely day with Stephen, Joyce, Jim, Anita and my sister and brother in law joined us too. it is a lovely place but would have been good to see the animals and gardens. There are a few shops including butchery which we ended up buying from (no surprise there). We have lunch in the restaurant and the food was lovely and we had a visit from the resident white cat, beautiful blues eyes too. Well will see some of you at the National and then the Christmas do, looking forward to those, got to get a new frock for the Christmas do, plans are going well. Take care and see you all soon

Paul and Kim xx

• • • AUTUMN 2015


Darlington & District Organiser: Phil Baker: 01325 382012 or 07745 544808


ell, not a lot has changed here in the North East, Not many people are turning up for our meetings at the Model T but we are starting to get a few new faces on our rides out and of course our regulars. I am hopeful for the future of The Darlington and District HOC. Since our last report we had he has been just about horrible ride mainly down the had several really good rides everywhere on his VFR. motorway, but it was even out and for the most part the worse when I made my way weather has been good, we over to Little Dunmow via the have not got wet once unlike M25 and M11 to stay with other parts of the country. my good friends Kevin and On Saturday 30th May Sarahe Harris from the North four of us had the usual blast London HOC. I had forgotten down the Helmsley TT which how horrible the traffic was is a popular bikers road down south, especially the round these parts, I think M25. In the evening we rode the title TT says it all. After down to High Beech to join a stop there we took to the the NLHOC mob at their back roads to the beautiful weekly meeting, It was really small town of Hutton-Le-Hole good to meet up with my old then over the Yorkshire moors gang and catch up on things, taking in the breath taking I really enjoyed myself, it was scenery and twisty roads. Next day we went up like old times, almost as if I The following Wednesday, through Weardale to The had never been away. The our friend Mick Osulivan popular bikers café at following day I rode over to from the North London Heartside summit, then back see my friend Paul at his bike HOC came to visit us so the home through Teesdale. garage in Waltham Abbey. following day Thelma and These are both fast and Paul is one of the best bike I took him over the dales to furious routes with fantastic mechanics you can hope to the popular Manor cafe in roads that test your skills, and find so if anyone in the North Bellerby for lunch, then down of course fabulous scenery. London area ever needs his Wensleydale to Hawes, from Sunday 7th June saw four bike fixing, he is the man to there over the Buttertubs pass of us head off to Skipton via go to. Chris and Cat from the down into Arkengarthdale, Northallerton then over to NLHOC joined us and we then over The Stang down Hawes then the manor café had lunch at the Wheatsheaf into Barnard Castle and for a break. Another brilliant pub over the road and them home. Fantastic ride in good ride out. Chris, Cat and I had a ride company. Mick said it was On Thursday 11th June I round the roads of Essex one of the best rides he ran Thelma down to Bicester before I returned to Little has ever had, and that is a to stay at a friend’s house Dunmow. compliment indeed because for some party, it was a On the Saturday Kevin,

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

Sarahe and I went down to the Log cabin in Abridge to meet Jim and Chris for my traditional Bacon, egg and chips. We then went to the bike shop in Gants Hill that used to be Hein Gerrick for a look round. The only thing that has changed about the place is the name.

On Sunday I set off in miserable wet weather for Bicester to collect Thelma and we had a rotten ride back to Darlington on the motorway, the rain didn’t stop until we got near home. On Saturday 27th June four of us set off over the North Yorkshire moors to a motor museum which we were unable to visit because they holding an auction there so Paul led us over some fantastic country roads that we had never been on before, we ended up at Sandsend where we stopped for lunch at a café with a lovely sea view, we sat outside in the sunshine and saw a Vulcan bomber majestically flying past following the shoreline. The following Thursday saw Thelma and I on the

road again to stay with our friends Kevin and Sarahe at Little Dunmow in Essex, and another visit to club night at High Beech in Epping forest. On the Friday I took the VFR in to have a new air filter fitted at my friend Paul’s garage then on Saturday I joined the North London HOC on the ACU National road rally which was challenging as always.

We finished the rally on Sunday and on Monday the 6th which was my birthday, Kevin, Sarahe, Thelma and I set off on our 16 day adventure riding round Europe. We travelled through France, Belgium. Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Bavaria, Italy, Monaco and Spain. We had a fantastic time and several adventures and rode about 4000 miles in the middle of a heatwave, but that’s another story which I may bore you with later. Arriving back at Portsmouth on Tuesday 21st July we had some heavy filtering round the M25 to get to Little Dunmow. After an overnight stay we headed for home the next day, it was a cold,

wet ride, rather a contrast to the 43 degree heat we had encountered over the last couple of weeks. You would think I had had enough of riding after all that but I was itching to get back on my bike as soon as we got home. On the Saturday 1st August I had a really good ride out with Paul on his fireblade, we went for lunch at a café in Middleton-in-Teesdale then over the moors to Brough, then Hawes, Leyburn, Bedale and Northallerton, 120 odd brilliant miles, it’s good to be back in God’s country. The following Saturday I went to the Croft nostalgia weekend on Croft Autodrome. That was brilliant with loads of vintage cars, army vehicles, planes and of course motorbikes, not to mention the racing.

• • • AUTUMN 2015


On the Sunday seven of us had a pleasant ride in the sunshine to Scarborough.

The following Saturday seven of us had a ride down to Castleford Honda to look at the bikes then to Squires café for lunch, as usual there was hundreds of bikes there. We had a rather rapid ride home over the twisty Yorkshire dales roads. On the Sunday it was the MAG Darlington custom bike show. I took my Beezer down there and it drew a lot of attention but not a prize this year.

I took my VFR to Weardale Racing during the week to have the suspension sorted out, so on the Thursday I had a very quick ride round the twisties up to the Manor café in Swaledale with Rob to test it out. I was catching my exhaust on the tight bends, perhaps I was cornering a bit too fast. The ride was good until the bike ran out of steam on the way back. Another alternator gone, this one lasted 13 months but it has done 14,000 miles. So it had the ride of shame home.

I now have to decide what to do. It needs a new alternator, I have already bought new chain and sprockets, brake pads and back shock for it, also it is going in next week for a complete re-spray which is already paid for. Do I do everything to it and keep it or have the re-spray, fit the

alternator and sell it, then either buy a later version of it or one of the new VFRs? Problems, problems. Did I mention that it has done 73,000 miles? By the time this goes to print it will have been sorted one way or another. Before I go I would just like to appeal to all the HOC members from the North East, get in touch and make this branch a success. We are already planning some rides for next year. We are called “The Darlington and District HOC” but the emphasis is on “District” this takes in Co Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire. That is one massive area with a lot of bikers, many of them members of this fantastic club, we already have people from Middlesbrough joining our rides, so get in touch and become part of it. Even now we have quite a lot going on with fantastic rides out most weekends so it can only get better. That’s it folks, I am looking forward to the HOC national rally in a couple of weeks to meet up with my friends and fellow members from all over the country.


• • • 64 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015




Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272


ello from the Jurassic coast this summer, yes it has really been summer! We have been able to take advantage of the more favourable weather by having some great ride outs. The Caen Hill locks in Devises was the first ride that I planned and lead. All agreed I planned a great route we all had a wander around the locks and were joined by Chris Hearn of Glos HOC for a delicious lunch at the lockkeepers café.

A sunny spot at Caen Hill Locks

The return journey took us to the white horse at Westbury to marvel at the paragliders. We headed inland to make a longer ride to Lyme Regis where our chairman Clive was keen to sample the delicious ice cream and the posh coffee. This was Kirsty’s first ride out as a rider as Phil has now had his bike restricted for her. (He must really love her!)

Teignmouth was a last minute change of plan due to the weather. With brightening skies a hearty breakfast and a nice ice cream me, Phi and Kirsty consulted the map and planned a route home instead, of following the coast we headed inland towards Honiton and chard.

Kirsty and Phil at Teignmouth

Early July saw a few members team up with the Poole Quay bikers trust to provide a prom escort for a very special guy with Down syndrome. The look on his face was priceless when 110 bikes of all makes and models greeted him and was an awesome spectacle to see as they rode through Weymouth.

Riders 4 Reece Posh coffee at Lyme Regis

Phil, Keith and Tony went for a leisurely trundle around the new forest calling in at Sammy Millers for a quick cuppa.

Due to the holidays and many members being linked to the farming community we had a brief break from ride outs during late July and early August.

• • • 66 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

Keith , Phil, Tony at the New Forest

We recommenced our ride outs at the end of August with several members braving the summer storms and heading off to Chew Valley Lake. This was Phil Richards first planned and lead ride and the route took us through Cheddar Gorge’s winding roads. We were joined by Jo and Chris Hearn of Gloucester HOC for a much needed hot meal at the Salt and Malt cafe. (I’d recommend the ham egg and chips). Despite us all getting a thorough soaking we’d all like to congratulate Phil on this ride out and look forward to his next one.

Keith will lead our next ride to Bourton on the Water where we are planning to meet with Wilts, Oxford, Bristol and Gloucester HOC branches

A brightening up storm at Chew valley lake

The lunch at Salt and Malt got a thumbs up from the chairman

Why not come along to one of our twice monthly meetings have a pint, a bite to eat and a good old chinwag. Hopefully by the next issue our new club website will be up and running thank you in advance Lou Platt for all the time you’ve spent on this. Ride safe

Jeremy and Polly

The gang enjoying lunch at the Lockkeepers Cottage Café

• • • AUTUMN 2015


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

HOC Classic Bike Show, Brixworth 28th June It was raining on the morning of the show which meant a bit of a steady ride down. Dan and I went via Melton Mowbray and then south to Brixworth. The weather dried up not long after we got there and as the show was in the car park of a pub, it was a good day of eating, drinking, and catching up with other HOC members who I’d not seen since previous rallies. The classic bikes were an interesting collection, all of them in better condition than mine (must clean it more often), and it was good to remember that they were the bikes I would have loved to have owned when I was a 17 year old student and could barely afford to run a bike.

All lined up at Brixworth

Steve & Rita turned up around 2pm doing a roundabout trip after visiting relatives, better late than never.

Lembit Opik was around in the afternoon, didn’t get to talk to him but he’s very involved in raising our profile in politics and is working with MAG. Over £500 was raised for the air ambulance and we got to reverse the route and ride on dry roads on the way home. A good day out! Evening ride to the John Thompson 15th July It was a nice sunny Wednesday evening as we met for a short ride from Donington Park Services to Ingleby, south of Derby close to the river Trent. The reason for choosing Ingleby was to go to the John Thompson. It’s always worth a visit as it’s a pub with its own brewery and very pleasant to sit outside on an evening when it’s not raining! The route we took went skirted Ashby de la Zouch then back north through Ticknall. There were plenty of corners and twisty sections which must have been fun for some new friends, Barry and his wife, who came with Phil and Delice with a Harley and sidecar outfit. I took a more direct short cut as we were getting close to the pub which avoided Swarkestone Bridge, which gets a bit tight for two-way traffic in places, but forgot that the lane isn’t particularly well surfaced. I’m more used to riding it on my mountain bike! We all got to the other end in one piece, none of my fillings had rattled out, and then we were at the John Thompson. We had a decent amount of time for a pint and chat then headed back up to the A50 to take a more direct route home as dusk was falling.


• • • 68 GOLDEN WING


HOC Roast 21st July 4 Bikes set off from the Cherry Tree Services at the junction of the A38 & A50 and headed out through the Leicestershire countryside and on to Rutland Water where we only just had time for a quick leg stretch and a drink before heading back through Melton Mowbray to the Ferrers Arms where the rest of the branch were waiting.

I hope that wasn’t a wasp that you sat on Roger

The date was set and with the weather in our favour we got together Chez Steve & Rita for a rowdy afternoon in the garden.

Bikes at the ready

16 of us sat down for a late lunch to celebrate the annual HOC Roast. A pleasant Ride Out, Good Food and Great Company, what more could you want?

The HOC Roast Corner

Impromptu BBQ 16th August With food left over from the Rally, we decided to have a branch BBQ to use it up, and don’t worry it hadn’t been sat festering somewhere it had been safely tucked up in the freezer.

Northants Rally 28th – 30th August Having limited holiday from work left, I had to catch the train straight from work on Friday and get picked up at Northampton station (yes, all the way in full bike gear, the advantage being that once at the rally site I could get straight out of it as the tent was already up and ready to occupy). It was great to see everyone again and we were soon into the beer, fish & chips and socialising by the fire pit! Steve & I had a chill day on Saturday, we walked into the village and sat on a bench at the side of the village green munching on a sandwich while watching the world go by, when a stream of vintage cars came chugging by providing the morning’s entertainment. While we were there we met up with John & Beth taking the dog for a walk and so decided to go to the pub for a pint and a bite of lunch. The evening’s entertainment arrived after the BBQ and soon had us line dancing in the barn with a touch of solar lighting and the fire crackling in the background. Unfortunately Steve & I had to pack up and make our way home on Sunday, but not before we were transported to Jacks Hill Café for breakfast. Thanks to everyone for a good time & Happy 20th Birthday Northants Branch!


• • • AUTUMN 2015



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


artin, Paul and Graham went to the Lincoln Bike Fest on the 7th June. There were displays on both sides of Brayford Pool with an estimate of over 4000 people attending. The crowds were entertained in the sunshine by bands on two separate music stages.

Netherlands. Despite some severe weather it was a very enjoyable rally. To find out more about FIM events go to

The MOGO Biking Fest in Hamburg

On Wednesday 17th June we went to the East Kirkby Aviation Heritage Centre bike night. The large turn out were entertained by the Lancaster Just Jane taxiing along the runway. Martin is caught trying out a BMW for size at Lincoln Bike Fest

East Kirkby Aviation Bike Night

On Sunday 28th June we had a very wet run to the HOC Classic Bike Day at Brixworth. Martin’s CBF1000, Paul’s Vultus & Graham’s CBX1000 at Lincoln Bike Fest

In June I took part in the FIM Motocamp in Poel, Germany. It was very well organised by the Danish and German Federations. On the way home I stopped of in Hamburg and discovered the huge MOGO motorcycle event, an estimated 36,000 bikers attended. In July I went to the FIM Rally at Vorden in the

Classic Hondas at the HOC Classic Day

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING


The band at the HOC Classic day Paul examines a ‘rat bike’ at Boston Bike Night

Martin, Paul and me went to the inaugural Caistor Bike Night on Wednesday 19th August. It was a very good event with an excellent folk group.

WWII bikes at the HOC Classic Day

On Wednesday 1st of July we joined the thousands of people at Barton Bike Night. The following evening we rode down to Boston to join thousands at Boston Bike Night. Two great events, both blessed with excellent weather.

Caistor Bike Night

Please note we now meet at the Yarborough Hunt in Brigg on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.


There’s a a wide variety of machines and people at Barton Bike Night

• • • AUTUMN 2015


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jon Arscott - 01452 306889 or 07866 238330


elcome to this edition of the Golden Wing from Gloucester HOC Very little news from us, I am afraid. We started with a group ride to H café, led by Nigel and Nicky. Of course we had the obligatory cup of coffee and hot dog was had. This was followed by one of our members joined the Dorset branch at Caan Hill Locks, it was so nice to meet up with like-minded people For the next foray out, one of our members joined Cliff and the Boys, and some of The Old School Riders for a trip to the Super Sausage Café, at Towcester Two of us then made the trip to Chew Valley lakes to meet up with the Dorset branch, what a wet day that turned out to be, but once again nice to meet up with other members, and enjoyed lunch in the café, before returning home Hope that in the next issue there will be some more news from Gloucester


• • • 72 GOLDEN WING


Lakes & Coast

Organisers: Peter Steen - 01539 444059 & Victoria Parker - 07941 831379


ell Spring has been and gone, and so has the Summer but did you notice the change from Winter? Now it is Autumn. It has been cold, wet, windy, and whenever I had any time off the weather turned against me. Due to my work schedule this summer, I seem to be working most days due to a short staff problem, so haven’t be able to get out too much. However, since I have most people’s email address could organise something at short notice. It would help, if just occasionally you reply or even drop me a line. Oh the joys of working in hospitality! Saw on Facebook that one of our members had lunch at the Lighthouse in Windermere, but my request to join them seemed to have been mislaid. The annoying thing, I was up at the Bank, Ironmongers and Post Office over lunchtime, so we could have met. Rant over! Continue to forward the emails from the Editor and General Secretary so trying to keep everyone informed, but communication is a two way process, so please occasionally reply back to me. Second rant over! For those interested in the early days of aviation, we have the replica of Waterbird which hopefully will be taking to the air soon. Seeing that many HOC members love the Vulcan and other vintage aircraft, Waterbird is part of our aviation history, which you may want to see. let me know and I’ll keep you informed. Well that’s all for now, get in touch, or else I feel like “Billy No Mates”


Windermere: birthplace of British naval and civil marine aeroplanes “To fly over water is certainly to taste to the full the joy of flight, and when the water is Windermere and the scenery the pick of English Lakeland, which is to many a traveller the pick of the whole world, in its soft intimate loveliness, the result is something not lightly forgotten” Gertrude Bacon in 1912 A.V. Roe & Company were commissioned by Captain Edward William Wakefield to build ‘Waterbird’. It was the fourth aircraft built by them, an Avro Curtiss-type. Power was a 50 hp Gnome Omega rotary ‘pusher’ [the propeller was behind the engine]. The rudder is the oldest surviving part carrying the legend “A. V. Roe & Co”. Construction took place at Manchester, and testing at Brooklands. On 25 November 1911, piloted by Herbert Stanley Adams, Waterbird took off from Windermere and safely alighted. Waterbird “had the distinction of being the first successful British hydro-aeroplane” - Flight magazine, 7 December 1912. It was the first outside France and the USA. The first landplane flight within the British Empire by a British subject had taken place on 23 February 1909 by Douglas McCurdy at Nova Scotia. It was the world’s first successful flight to use a stepped float, only being achieved when a second step was added at the stern. You can view information on the Waterbird float here The design of floats had become a science of its own. In 1911, Wakefield filed patents for a stepped float for an aeroplane and its method of attachment. The first patent for a stepped hydroplane, for a boat, had been taken out in 1906 by Albert Edward Knight. Wakefield entered into a contract with the Admiralty for his float and its method of attachment and to convert Admiralty Deperdussin M1 into a hydroaeroplane. On 20 January 1912, Lieutenant Arthur Longmore (who was one of the first four officers selected for flying training by the Admiralty) test flew Waterbird for the Admiralty. On 29 March 1912, Waterbird was written off in a hangar collapse.

• • • AUTUMN 2015



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


hings are going well here in the Kent HOC. We get good turnouts at meetings and have enjoyed some good rides to various places; some old and some new. This year so far, we had a picnic at Bedgebury Pinetum near Gouldhurst and went on an evening boat trip from Newenden to Rye. Some of us braved the weather and rode to the Wings and Wheels at North Weald and then a few of us did a French trip to Calais/ Dieppe. Then came a ‘girlie movie night’ hosted by Dawn B whist the ‘boys’ wandered down to the local pub for supper. In June, sixteen of us on twelve bikes, went to North Wales for a long weekend, where six of us braved the Zip Wire while the others went on the Snowden Railway and found too much mist to see anything when they reached the top. They should have done the Zip, it was fabulous! We had a great weekend riding in reasonable weather on great roads, including the Llanberis Pass; spectacular in rain or shine.

Kent HOC in Wales

There was a ride to Finchingfield and Hanningfield in darkest Essex and then a ride to Polhill Motor Festival. Five of us revisited Bike Safe in Bromley and there we met Phil on his Repsol CBR6RR. Phil then joined the HOC

when we next met up with him at Ramsgate later in the year. Despite heavy rain, a few of us visited Lydden Hill for the Veteran motorcycle meeting. We also attended the VMCC International meet at The Friars in Aylesford and the Revival of the Ramsgate Sprint Festival (see separate report). Last but not least, Jill and Les’ hosted a Sunday afternoon summer BBQ in New Romney.

Lydden racing in the wet

Unfortunately, two of our ‘father figure’ members have had accidents which were not of their making. Mike O fell off a courtesy bike breaking a bone in his foot. He is back on his feet driving again after six weeks or so and last weekend successfully rode his bike. Hopefully, he will be leading our rides again soon. Then Ron fell off his Hornet when someone pulled out in front of him. He was unlucky to have a broken collar bone and seven broken ribs with 20 fractures plus a collapsed lung. Just goes to show how easy it is to get hurt, even when wearing proper clothing. Good news is that the bike is OK.

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


We have completed four of our fish and chip rides this summer, our fifth and last will be mid September. We can look out for a ride to Portsmouth Dockyard and another to Beaulieu or Sammy Millers. At the end of September, five bikes and nine people are doing a Newhaven to Dieppe ferry (to avoid Calais) and spending four days in France. Should be good, especially if the weather is good.

Kent HOC go to France

Leather Les’ 65th birthday cake

And we must mention that one our members, Nigel has clocked up an impressive 150,000 miles on his Honda CBR600 with no major breakdowns and very little TLC! So, the Kent HOC have been busy this summer and there’s still more rides to to do with a Spooky Halloween Night at Pauline and Johns and our Christmas meal to look forward to. As always, we welcome new members to our meetings and ride outs and especially those we met at the Ramsgate Revival.

Bikes at Aylesford Priory

Mike Kent HOC at Portmeirion

• • • AUTUMN 2015



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


his quarter started with a VERY nice surprise for Sue and myself - Honda Racing hospitality tickets for the BSB on the Saturday from Mark the manager at Lings. We LOVED the day - a meet up at Lings in Harleston with a run up to Snetterton and then in to the Honda Racing BIG area. We had the run of the place for the day with free drinks, sweets, lunch and also a BRILL opportunity to meet the riders and have pictures taken with them - Jenny, Dan and Jason. Sue also managed to get one with her, Dan and Tommy Bridewell which was really good. The rest of the BSB weekend was great and the racing its usual close and hard-fought event. It is so good to see Jenny Tinmouth really developing under the Honda Racing team. We also watched Agostini ride round as his corner was officially named.

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING


July 5th was ACE Café day so we had a really good run down there again with lots of bikes and HOC friends there plus the usual good brekkie. Next year we are going to run to the Brooklands Open Day as this will have been the 3rd year in a row we have done the Ace Day. Every year we have said let’s do Brooklands as it is such a historic track. Mind you the Ace brekkie will be hard to give up!

Old Buckenham has 2-Wheels Tuesdays - lovely evenings with food and pub on the village green where bikers turn up for a lovely social. Members from the Branch are often seen down there having fun.

This year seems to have galloped by SOOOOO fast with so much happening so as a Branch we suddenly found the HOC Roast approaching like an express train on fast forwards!!! We decided to have a breakfast meeting then a run to the Thetford Bike Show as the weather looked good for the Sunday. Yaxham Waters really do SUCH a tasty brekkie - HIGHLY recommended and very well tried by the Branch.

We held our annual Lings Day which is stretching now in to more of a weekend please see our separate article on that. Also 8 members of our Branch had a run to the Isle of Man for the Classic TT and Manx GP - again please see our separate article on that too. So as I type this there are less than 12 weeks to Christmas - GULP - and the weather feels autumnal. We have some more runs planned and are getting our Xmas Branch do sorted too. Membership is staying about the same with some members going and some arriving. The Branch has got a load of great bikers in it and we will be soon planning our 2016 timetable. Scary how time flies when you are having fun!! Some of the Branch are off to the HOC Rally at Skipsea - we have our costumes!!! We wish all HOC members and great autumn quarter of safe riding.

Dave and Sue

• • • AUTUMN 2015


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


t the time of writing this report I am still not back in the saddle. It has been over a year now since my Op and we are not sure how long it’s going to take to get my strength back to normal. In the meantime I would like to thank those in the branch for standing in to lead ride outs, for taking photo’s and also for writing a report on the ride outs. I have included their reports below.

May 31st. Wally’s Shed Several members had a ride out to Wally’s Shed for lunch today. Steve A lead them around some lovely country roads there and back. (Photos 1, 2)

June 5th to 7th. Isle of Wight Weekend An elite group of riders enjoyed a fine long weekend on the Island. The roads, company, weather and accommodation at Rookley Park were splendid.

We were met at the ferry June 14th. Walton on the Naze terminal by our professionally Although the forecast was equipped tour guide, Dave. Looking suitably prepared in for rain clearing it remained rather damp and drizzly all the photo. day, although with some breaks, but there was no sign (Photo 3) of any sun. 6 of us (Graham, Phil S, Dave L, Stephen, Paul L and Jim who would lead) met at ‘The Kings Oak’ for the run today, and we set off through Epping and North Weald to a He lives on the Island petrol stop at Ongar, passing now and is a long serving a mobile speed check on the member of our branch. It was approach to the town. We great to meet up with again. thought that might be all of He showed us around the the police activity today, but Island, the coast road is to be as we passed through Leaden Roding we were directed into particularly recommended. Great food was enjoyed the school car park by a police and we were also hosted by motorcyclist. Thinking it was Dave’s wife, Beryl, who joined just a cursory check, it turned us on a number of occasions out to a promotion for their BikeSafe courses. There was and made us all a brew. A great weekend. It was a burger van and we were especially nice to meet up invited to have refreshments with Ken and Brenda who free of charge, so coffee/tea had joined some of our crew and bacon or sausage rolls on a trip earlier this year to went down well! We were considering giving the USA. up the ride here because of the

Steve A

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING


incessant drizzle, but decided we would go as far as J & S’s store at Braintree and make a further decision. Upon arrival it seem to have cleared up a bit, so after a few purchases we decided to carry on. Dave had to return home, so 5 of us pressed on and after a quick run along the A12 and A120 to Weeley, where we turned onto the Walton road, passing right through the town to the Naze tower where we parked up and partook of further refreshments. Unfortunately the mist had come down and the drizzle worsened, so with no sea views, we decided to head back, making our way to the A12 and the various routes home.

Unfortunately they couldn’t July 4th. ACU National Rally come along on the trip. Several members took part During the weekend we paid a visit to Gent, Ypres and in the ACU National Rally. This is an annual event that we Verne. take part in. This year though we didn’t do the all nighter. (Photo 5)

The history and culture of Gent was enhanced by a boat trip on the canals and a number of cathedrals were visited. We stayed in St. Amands Des Eaux in the pleasant hotel Graham Akena. June 17th. Great weather, good food, Meldreth Manor Show drink and great company Several members went made the weekend all the along to the evening bike more enjoyable. show at Meldreth Manor. This is a great, well attended, little (Photo 6) show. You will find bikes here (Photo 7) dating back right through the ages. A great evening. June 27th & 28th. France Weekend North London HOC went all Thanks to Sarah for leading cultural when nine members the rides and Grant on his well of the club on eight bikes were presented VFR for organising about to set off and enjoy a the trip. long weekend in France and Steve A Belgium. Roland and Graham saw us off from Brentwood.

(Photo 8)

July 5th. Honda Day at the Ace Graham went along to the Honda Day at the ACE as he does every year. He assists where he can, but his main function is to try and get as many people as he can to enrole and join the HOC. Well done Graham. July 19th. HOC Roast, joining Oxford Branch Several members took themselves off along some lovely country roads to join Oxford Branch on their HOC Roast. A great meal was had by all. (Photos 9, 10)

• • • AUTUMN 2015


August 16th. Brackley Festival of Motorcycling On a day that started a bit chilly and gloomy which turned rather warm later on five intrepid members of the club tootled up to the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. Steve, Mark, Grant and Paul travelled up together and met Phil there. In the picture we can be seen with Graham on what was easily the best stand of the show! Phil would have been in the picture, but we could not drag him away from the lemon drizzle cake that was being served behind the stand! There was plenty to see at the show. Even Grant found himself a This dealer specializes in converting standard bikes to new ride. Will he buy it we wonder? customs. Upstairs is a clothing store (Photo 25) and more importantly for us, the café. After a satisfying lunch we rode via Mildenhall towards Wisbech, where a stop for petrol was made. We returned through March and skirting Ely, arrived at Walker’s café at Barton Mills for further refreshments. It was a great day out with From here we said our farewells. It certainly tested some good roads and great the bikes suspension, as a lot company. Some idiot damaged his of the roads had subsided, leading to a bumpy ride in mudguard by forgetting his places. Thanks go to Stephen disc lock! What a bumpkin... for the interesting route and No serious damage done to everybody else for the though. Serves him right for turning up on a Yamaha! company.

After chatting with other August 9th. Ride out over the Fens branch members it came time 10 of us (Stephen, Kevin, for our members to depart for Sarahe, Simon, Gary, Michael home. B, Grant, David L, Mandy and Graham) met at Birchanger (Photos 11, 12) services on a glorious Summer’s day for Stephen’s run to Fenland. We set off along some picturesque ‘B’ roads and the A143 through Bury St Edmunds arriving at ‘The Krazy Horse’. Again some lovely roads were used to get home. photo 16) A great day with good company. August 1st. Open Day at Lings Another sunny day saw some of our members taking themselves off to join the Norfolk Branch for their open day at Lings. There was a good display of bikes on show and of course Lings had a number of bikes ready for demo rides. A queue was formed to register for a ride and of course for the free food and drink on offer. A great day was had by all. Well done to the guys and gals at the Norfolk Branch for organising a great day. (Photo’s 13, 14, 15)


Steve A

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING


August 30th. NLHOC 40th anniversary ride out and lunch 11 of us (Stephen, who led the ride, Gary, Grant, Phil S, Mark C, Paul L, Jim, Steve J, Lance and Graham. We were joined by a friend of Stephen and Mark on a Triumph!) met at ‘The Kings Oak’ for Stephen’s run to Mersea. We took a number of country lanes via Ivy Chimneys, Toot Hill and Blackmore, before joining the A12 Chelmsford By Pass. Leaving via the A414 we continued through Danbury, Maldon and Tolleshunt to the causeway leading to Mersea Island. There was a fun run around the town which caused some delay, but we soon arrived at the car park on the foreshore, where refreshment was taken at the nearby café. (Photo’s 26, 27)

Upon leaving we retraced our route at far as Tolleshunt, turning via Tiptree, Feering and Coggeshall to the A120. Although the plan was to go through Dunmow, the Rodings and Ongar, time was running short so a quick run was made via the A120, M11 and M25 to our booked lunch stop at ‘The Woodbine’ at Waltham Abbey.

This was our 40th anniversary lunch commemorating 40 years since the re-naming of branch. We were the original branch in London, but the formation of a branch in another part of the capital, Thanks go to Stephen for meant we had to add a prefix the interesting route and to our name. to everybody else for the We were joined by Roland company. and family and enjoyed a Graham superb lunch. A welcome back John and Lynn have returned (Photo’s 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, to the fold. They have moved 33, 34) back down south from Darlington. It is nice having them back in the Branch. Welcome home guys. Coming up for the NLHOC is the Air Ambulance run to Harwich, the ACE Café Brighton Burn up and of course the HOC National Rally at Skipsea, all of which will have taken place by the time you read this. As you can see we have been really busy and Steve, our events and ride outs organiser, will often arrange an ad hoc ride out and circulate to all members on our Email list. Don’t forget we meet every week at the ‘Kings Oak’ in Epping Forest. If you want to pop along and see us then please feel free to drop in. Hope to see you there.


• • • AUTUMN 2015



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


eetings have been busy and well attended and we have been delighted to welcome new members into our midst. We had a fun summer quiz, organised by Dave Andrews who caught us out with several questions about the club and the older models of Honda! Dave, from MIS, came along and once again gave us a fascinating presentation on advanced riding with lots of tips and hints for both the newer and more the advanced rider. Despite not the sunniest of summers we have also been lucky with our ride outs……apart from the Friday Night Fish and Chip run, led by Steve Moody, which was rather damp and dismal but made so much more enjoyable by the delicious crispy supper. The weather was much better for the fantastic Ride the County, in aid of the local Air Ambulance, always a good event and this year ended with an evening of entertainment to round things off. On the May Bank, members of Oxford HOC were spoilt for choice with two ride out’s to choose from. On Saturday there was a great 90 mile circular ride (the Charlbury TT) with a stop at The Diner for lunch and then on Bank Holiday Monday a 170 mile round trip to Rutland Water with a stop en route at The Ice Bar, Market Harborough where the happy HOC’ers could indulged their taste buds with a fantastic choice of different flavoured ice cream! Similarly lucky with our Poker Run in aid of our 2015 charity PATs (Pets as Therapy), twenty plus folk assembled at the H Café to enjoy breakfast before setting off on a wonderful mystery tour that took us around the Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire countryside. Members from the Reading and Bedford Branches and two of our members from the Malverns joined in.

First stop was Winchomb Station, after a slight incorrect detour into the Toddington Garden Centre, following a bike that was nothing to do with our ride out! Tea and cake was enjoyed at Winchcomb before off again to The Old Prison at Northwich – a delightful place but you didn’t get a lot for your money food wise! Off to our old favorite, the Cotswold Air Field at Tetbury and then back to The Vine at Cumnor for more tea and cake whilst the winning hands were checked. Colin from Reading won the helmet camera, Steve from Oxford the Abingdon Honda cleaning kit and Erica the meal for two at The Vine. Great fun and lovely roads all in aid of an excellent charity! Cassington Bike Night is not many miles from our meeting place and Clive and Anne hosted tea and cake prior to riding into the village to view the stands and bikes. This ever popular and increasingly large event is always fun and an excellent opportunity to wander around and view a variety of different classic and unusual machines whilst enjoying an ice cream and a cool drink. June saw nine of the members hot footing it down to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight to see Jill and Roger, who used to own The Foxcomb Lodge (our previous venue). A beautiful ride around the island and stop for lunch in the sunshine at Freshwater and then back to Sandown to the Trueville Hotel to freshen up before popping up the road to Jill and Roger’s for one of their sumptuous buffets. Old times were discussed and much laughter enjoyed before we wandered back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep, a huge breakfast and the journey back home on Sunday.


• • • 82 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

All assembling for Rutland Water

The poker run at the Vine

The Charlbury TT at the diner

Ted plus at the H cafe for the poker run

Parking at Freshwate

On the ferry

Sunday lunch!

Jill in the Isle of Wight

Charlbury TT get together

Ride the County the Oxford gang

Icecream at Sandown

Huw and Phil at the Vine

Reading at the Poker Run

At the H Cafe for the poker run

Fish and Chips - worth the ride

• • • AUTUMN 2015



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782 The “Rabble Does Ribbet” - Part 5 Our annual French trip in June started with sixteen of us gathering for an overnight stay at The Holiday Inn Express (Folkestone) on Wednesday evening ready for an early departure on Eurotunnel the following morning. As in previous years Worzel was our leader and as always he found us an “interesting” cross country route to our base for the weekend at Les Ballastierres.

We’re not lost it’s just “interesting”

The weekend consisted of some organised activities (Thursday’s evening barbeque, Friday’s ride out to St Valery Sur Somme and subsequent evening meal at The Golden Lion in St Pol Sur Ternoise) but allowed plenty of time for individuals to explore on their own.

Group photo at Les Ballastierres

The Rabble in St Valery Sur Somme

A Gathering of Rabble Bikes

The majority of the group returned home on Sunday afternoon but the intrepid four (Dave & Edith and Steve & Hazel) stayed for a further week to explore the areas near Bagnolesde-l’Orne and the Normandy beaches. Yet again a great trip for everybody! This was Worzel’s last trip as the Branch Ride-Out Co-ordinator and on the journey home he passed the official Co-ordinator’s Bib to Nigel who has taken up the role. Handover of Ride Out Co-ordinator role

• • • 84 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

Cock & Bull Rally We were delighted to be back at the Padworth Villiage Hall, a great venue for our annual rally. It was a brilliant weekend, great company, fantastic weather, good food, first rate entertainment and the odd drink or two! A few of us turned up on Friday morning to set up ready for people to arrive over the afternoon. There was a barbeque in the evening followed by an informal social gathering and a chance to catch up with friends old and new, we were also treated to an unexpected hot air balloon launch from the adjacent field. After breakfast on Saturday morning Nigel led the Rally ride out whilst the “Ladies who Lunch” stayed behind to prepare the evening meal (although for some reason there seemed to be numerous empty wine bottles around when the riders

Hoopla Game

returned!). The afternoon activities included games of horseshoes and an adapted hoopla game involving motorcycle tyre inner tubes where all the players ended up feeling a little

The Band and Enthusiastic Guest Performer

damp, thanks Martin! An enjoyable evening meal was followed by our charity auction where Bryan “The Hammer” Moody did a fantastic job of raising funds; an impromptu performance from Alan “Rosy Lee” Sachse also added a significant amount to the charity fund. The main event of the evening was the band “Too Old to Die Young” featuring our very own Geoff on guitar they kept us on the dance floor until the early hours. All too soon it was Sunday morning, after breakfast it was time to pack up and say goodbye. Thanks to everybody involved for making it such a great weekend.

Cock & Bull Group Photo

• • • AUTUMN 2015



Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035


have just read the Summer edition of Golden Wing in which Keith has told you about our Wednesday evening and Sunday runs; so I will take a look at our Thursday afternoon outings this year. These were started last year on the alternate weeks to the Wednesday evenings and so provide the opportunity for a club run each week and a chance to get out for those whose work and other commitments rule out a Wednesday evening. It was probably a bit optimistic starting in January, but it was ok if just cold and dry and we did manage rides to Loomies, Popham Diner, Farnham Honda and Three Cross Motorcycles near Ringwood in the first quarter. All good venues for a coffee and de-frost. With the arrival of Spring and warmer rain, we travelled a bit further afield to the Army Air Corp Museum at Middle Wallop, Newlands Corner near Guildford and Nelson’s American Diner at Kingsclere. All are best visited on a nice sunny afternoon when you can sit outside.

Also on the programme this year so far have been Whiteways café near Arundel, The Witterings, and an old favourite West Bay in Dorset. If you have never been to West Bay it is well worth a visit. It is situated on the Jurassic Coast amid some spectacular scenery, popular with film and TV producers. For bikers there is a good range of food stalls by the harbour and several nice cafes. Additionally, if you want some kit there is a branch of Helmet City, with keen prices on helmets in particular.

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING


Talking of Bike Nights we have also been to Poole Quay which is well known in the South and attracts hundreds of bikes of all makes and configurations. There was even a guy advertising his motorcycle hearse funeral business. You can have a Hyabusa or a Triumph Thunderbird to take you for your “final burn-up” at the crem’ if you like. But sorry no Hondas!

On leaving West Bay go east on the coast road to Weymouth which is a lovely biking road, overlooking the coastline in many places, but watch out for the mobile camera vans. Weymouth has a Bike Night on Thursdays, which we were going to check out, but called off due to rain. However, by the time you read this we will probably have been there.

The number of bikes on the afternoon runs have probably been greater than in the evenings and my nomination for “Solent Rider of the Year” goes to Bob West. Bob used to live in our area, but although he has moved up to Redhill regularly travels down to attend our evening and daytime runs. This involves him a trip of some seventy-five miles before the run and another seventy-five after to get home. Action above and beyond the call of duty – Cheers Bob. Well that’s all folks! Keep burning that fossil fuel.


• • • AUTUMN 2015



Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


ery little has changed with the Somerset branch this summer, a number of events / rideouts were advertised, however as usual there was no response, and no takers, so next year the Somerset branch is not planning on advertising or running any events. It may be that I have it all wrong, and the meetings are in a poor location, an unsuitable day or time, the events not the type wanted and again not run on suitable days or times, if so please step forward and provide some input, make some suggestions. It may even be that YOU could organise the branch in a more efficient and effective way, please step forward. On a brighter note, you may all be happy branch members enjoying the other benefits of being a Honda Owners Club member, and you are quite happy with the way things are, but it would be appreciated if I received some feedback once in a while, negative or positive, just to reassure me that there is somebody out there. Looking forward to 2016, the Bristol Classic Bike Show, is held at the Somerset and Bath Showground on 6th & 7th February 2016, and Bev from the Dorset Branch is always looking for helpers, so why not contact Bev on 02380 362430 or 07757647272. If you need or even want to contact me either ring / text 07758354211 or email Safe bike riding and keep the rubber side down.


• • • GOLDEN WING AUTUMN 2015 88




South Wales Secretary: Mike Jeffs - 0292 0864202 or 07760 142152


t has been a difficult couple of months. Due to various events I have not been very active in the branch. Once again Facebook is going to come to the rescue to provide some memory jogging. A number of the scheduled rideouts did not take place for a number of reasons and those that did take place were not particularly well attended. There was a rideout on 7th June to Ludlow. Only Ian Troughton and myself turned up for this one. Ian was on a very nice example of a Triumph. Those who didn’t turn up were very wise as it was horrible! The sun shone all day and there was no rain. There was also very little traffic about. Ian and I did about 180 miles and the satnav tells me that we averaged 42 mph, which show how horrible the traffic was. They wouldn’t have liked seeing all the bikes gathered in Ludlow either or the real friendly atmosphere there. We went via Llangynidr and Llangorse to Talgarth and then Clyro. From there to Kington and Presteigne, then Shobdon and Richards Castle. Came

home via Knighton and Rhayader and then over Eppynt to Brecon. A few days later one of our members, Jonathan Dann, was in Land’s End preparing to ride a cycle (no engine attached) all the way to John O’Groats. This was to raise funds for a charity that he and his work colleagues are supporting (cycling4geraint). Jonathan reports that they completed the ride and he found it a very rewarding experience but he doubts if he will ever do it again. He does intend to continue cycling though. The branch extends their congratulations to him and his team mates. Well done. On 4th July Mick and Lesley Fantham went for a ride to Mwnt. I don’t know how many went but they did enjoy the ride. As I write this Mark Pendlebury is on his way to Spain via Andorra. I should be half way through France on the way to the Stella Alpina Rally in Italy but I couldn’t get travel insurance due to recent heart surgery. Never mind there is always next year.


• • • 90 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

Elan Valley

Saturday 11th July we had a bowling night. Joy James organised this and it was very well organised and supported. 21 members and friends came along and we had a smashing evening. The scores on the doors were immaterial and probably nobody remembers what they were. Afterwards we repaired to Frankie and Benny’s across the road for a feast. All agreed that it was the best night out for a long time and vowed to repeat it again sooner rather than later. Well done Joy. Sunday 12th was a wet and miserable day and as we had had a late night before and there were no takers the rideout was abandoned. If you did turn up at the meeting place, sorry about that. There was a rideout on 9th August. Terry and Lynne Lloyd, Ian Troughton and myself

took ourselves off to tour the Elan Valley. We took a circulatory route to get there which we enjoyed. Having partaken of a quick pasty and a cup of tea at the visitor centre Ian left us to return home. Terry and Lynne and myself headed up the valley to take in the views. We returned home via Eppynt. Coming up is an evening of mini treetop golf which will be preceded with a meal. Looking forward to that. We hope to repeat the bowling evening a bit later in the year. Also there is the Christmas party to look forward to. All too soon summer has gone but did it ever get started in the first place? Ride safe and keep happy


• • • AUTUMN 2015


Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 2817193 or 07796 843369


id we have a summer? I must have missed it… sunshine seems to have been missing, still it’s been mostly dry enough to get us out on the roads anyway. I know we have been out on the road, I’ve been there but sadly there appears to be a shortage of photographs to have recorded the events. Strange when everyone carries a picture making device! One event that we as a group are particularly proud of is our very own Colin Higinson’s “Ride London” bike ride for charity, riding 100 miles plus and raising £325 for his designated charity Ashgate Hospice not quite motorcycling but hey ho…

We’ve had some great rides throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Yorkshire, and “Glamping trips to the Moth & Lantern in Lincolnshire, meeting up with other bike groups and taking in a trip to Mabelthorpe Sand racing. (insert pic #3)

Snail, Stu and me

At long last we now have a Honda Dealer in our region – “Via Moto” in Chesterfield, the open day included test rides and the British Superbike Honda team members, Jenny Tinmouth & Jason O’Halloran plus plenty of bikes including this one that would suit our very own Paul Renshaw (insert pic #4)

Colin at London

• • • 92 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

and it makes no wonder why Snail Rider goes so slow when he eats these cream buns! (insert pic 6)

Snail and food

In addition to the biking calendar there has been a little event that has taken over my life this year, “the Wedding” Angie and I would like to thank all our friends in the HOC for their lovely comments and well wishes, it was great to see you all at the National Rally (Honeymoon Pt II) perhaps I will be allowed to go out to play now… Big thank you to Steve & Maria for a fantastic National Rally this year, well done guys. Keep smilin’


• • •

Congratulations to Keven and Angie from everyone in the Honda Owners Club AUTUMN 2015


West London

Secretary: Sean Gilpin - 07905 629026


his summer we have been on some smaller local runs and some of the national events. In June we had a short run to Bury Hill for a coffee & some lunch at Hilltop café. The next weekend we had a meander around the Twyford/Windsor area with Julian and Frodo leading - relaxed swing around some bendy narrow lanes.

A sunny Sunday in July saw us meeting up with lots of other branches at the Honda Day at the Ace Café. Quite an interesting assortment of bikes to be seen and the obligatory Ace breakfast. Thanks to Chris & Marion for manning the stand . Good day out as ever!! The Calne Bike show was a first for Jon & I and we decided we would do the whole shebang and camp as well. Steve & Sean went down early Sat for the day but Jon & I had to go after he had finished work. Campsite was HUGE and facilities were good. We met up with the others in town and had a mooch around the various displays etc.

Does my bum look big in this?

Steve and Sean ventured out to the Honda Classic Bike show in Northants - It was a typical English summer day rain rain rain and more rain but once we arrived at Northants there were plenty of classic Hondas to look at together with a great barbeque and all the pub facilities, Julian joined us mid morning and a good time was had by all- something for your diary next year!!!!

Calne Bike Show

HOC Classic Show

• • • 94 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

The evening entertainment was highlighted by Mick Jogger and the Rolling Zones who provided an excellent tongue in cheek take off and a local solo performer George Wilding who had everyone singing along. Local ale and food were excellent - would like to go again. We packed up the tent early to try to keep ahead of the forecasted heavy rain but an extra 20 mile detour due to M4 being closed led us back into the rain - still our gear had dried out by the following Wednesday! Would like to go again.

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling

After all this excitement we had a quiet breakfast run to Billy’s On The Road in Billingshurst. Parking was easy - café was good and clean and the food well cooked to order. I would recommend this as a breakfast stop!

Mick Jogger & the sort of Rolling Stones

One Weds we decided to try out an evening run on our meet night. Forecast was dubious but being mad we stuck with the plan. We had a short ride around Chobham etc and ended up at Jacks fish & Chips in Bagshot. So far so good - fish & chips was very enjoyable… just before we were due to leave the heavens opened and we delayed departure until it was just a heavy downpour. Stefan had sensibly come by car so he was ok… The Brackley Bike Show was another first for me so I wasn’t too sure what to expect we met Mike Fensome (who has defected to Northants - boo!!) and he led us to Brackley. Parking was interesting - a field surrounding a kids playground! I loved the little display race circuit in the town - the bikes all sounded amazing - esp the singles. Lots to see and do - almost a mini BMF - could they do camping onsite next year?? I would deffo go again - an interesting day out and we were so lucky with the weather!

Billy’s On The Road

As you can see we have been out and about as much as we can this summer - and we have plenty more runs organised - Ace Café run to Brighton and National Rally are coming up soon - check out our website and FB page for list of runs and ad hoc runs! Looking forward to seeing anyone in our area down at the Hawke.

Jude/Steve/Sean aka the HOWL team!

• • • AUTUMN 2015


West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


’m writing this after getting home from our Big Trip round Europe with Nij & Denise which went very well but we have done a bit of a report just on that so hopefully a bit more detail in that but we got all over 3700 miles in total, Holland, Germany, Austria, Bavaria, Italy, Monaco & France.

‘Hitting the Apex’. We met Colin Edwards and they supplied us with food and drink all night.

Maria with Colin Edwards

The Big Trip

The Branch hasn’t done much because of holidays and weather but hopefully we’ll be getting out a bit now everyone is back from hols.. The meetings are going well and the Hitching post continue to look after us with a nice supper so thanks to them. Hopefully on reading this you will have had a great National Rally at Skipsea Sands and there will be a full write up in the next Golden Wing with lots of pics… I would like to thank Richard who has come up with some good runs this year and are always very interesting for everybody who comes along so a big thanks to him. Dave & Lisa, Adi & Sue had a holiday with the Cambridge Branch and had a blast and Clive & Ursula have been to the main Pan gathering in Holland which looks like a good do, so more of that next time. Maria and I had a great day at the MotoGP at Silverstone after I won a competition to go for the day including a world premiere of the film

We went on the National Rally short run to try it out. Big thanks to members Steve, Maria, Dave, Bri, Nij & Denise who came along on that.

On the rally run

Well that’s it thanks as always to everyone who comes along to the runs and meetings and just keep an eye on the web site for the runs coming up we try to get out when the weathers OK. See ya all soon,

Steve & Maria

• • • 96 GOLDEN WING





Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


nother report that looks back on a season of decent activity which start in with a good turnout for the Branch’s Tuesday meeting in June at Blades, the Honda dealer in Swindon, and as usual Pat and his team were happy to discuss bikes and try to encourage to buy one. A couple of us made the effort and attended Oxford’s Quiz night at their venue of The Vine in North Cumnor. Our Sunday rideout that had been planned ended up with being run on the 28th to go to the Classic Show in Brixworth, which was slightly blighted by poor weather in the morning meaning Chris Gough led a ‘group’ of Wayne and Lynda and myself, but despite the rain, going over to the venue it improved and certainly was a good to see so many and thanks to all the Northants Branch and Chris Ward for putting on a varied display and knowing it’s in the 2016 national diary, we’ll run a bigger rideout there I’m sure.

Into a busy July and at our members meet a few turned up on a rainy evening to listen to our speaker for the night being Graeme Hay from the BMF, he talked about a whole range of issues that they are involved with and so it’ll be interesting to hear him at the National AGM in October.

John McGuinness meets Angie

HOC display at BikeSafe

• • • 98 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2015

Saturday 11th saw us once again having a stand at the BikeSafe event at the Castle Combe race circuit and it was certainly an eventful day as we persuaded John McGuiness to park his van in the next space, putting himself in a prominent position, which meant we had plenty of interest and coupled with pictures of John sitting on some of the members bikes, and with decent weather and a good group of volunteers it turned into quite a memorable Saturday. We left doing our rideout to the following Sunday to coincide with the HOC Roast event and as we were hosts in our area we had a good turnout of around 12 including a few from Bristol and Gloucester, and especially thanks to Chris G for doing the planning and leading a rideout finishing up at the Wellesley Arm in Sutton Benger for lunch.

Calne day troopers

Our biggest event for us happened on Saturday 25th at Calne being the annual bike day the town holds right in the middle and it seems to get bigger ever year and this year was no exception, and with plenty of volunteers including Ian Jefferson from Bristol, Michelle and Steve over from Cirencester staying for the whole day, good weather during the day, signing up quite a few new members and selling decent amount of regalia, it turned out as always to be a brilliant event, which is made even better with camping for those who make a weekend of it and listen to the entertainment on the Friday and Saturday

nights at the campsite site on the edge of town. so with our man on the ‘inside’ as such we’ll be there again next year.

Calne bike day

August members meet saw the Branch’s AGM and a change of hats and so take a look at the website for full details of seeing who’s who, but basically with such a respectable membership we’ll just carry on enjoying the events we attend and organize as we always do. So with some going to be at the National rally in September, a couple of interesting speakers in November and December, rideouts to take in, maybe to the National AGM or even the Motorcyle Live show at the NEC, and not forgetting our own Christmas Party, we’ll have more to report on what the Wiltshire ‘troops’ have been getting up to, and doing more in 2016. So off to enjoy a few more warm days before it all changes for the autumn and days start to get shorter.


• • • AUTUMN 2015


HOConsumer member’s recommendation by Charles Waters, Market Rasen, membership no. 34292

The following may be of some help to anyone who has a VTR100 - a totally superb bike! I’ve owned many bikes over the past 40 years (I’m 61 now) so I know that the seat height of the FireStorm, at 32 inches, is quite high for the average rider (I’m 5’6”). Toes only on the ground at junctions, traffic lights etc - not good! So something had to be done! I contacted a well known motorcycle publication and they informed me, “The only way to solve the problem is by investing in a custom-built, slightly shorter monoshock”. I thumbed through my hundreds of bike magazines and found a firm near Evesham called Ram Shox (Realm Engineering). They were very helpful indeed, the boss is Adrian. I didn’t have to give him the Showa shock dimensions as he already had them from a previous customer! 10 days later, ‘white van man’ arrived with a brand new shock, identical to the existing one, but exactly 1 inch shorter - perfect! The total cost, including VAT & delivery, was £270 - very good value.

I had pre-arranged with a local engineering firm t have it fitted. A few days later they phoned to say that the shock fitted perfectly (well done Ram Shox) BUT the side stand was now too long (a problem I had anticipated). I phoned Shaun Barley at Barley Custom Cycles in Barton-upon-Humber. He said “No problem, an hours work, £25”. I dropped the bike off on a Saturday. One hour later, I was sitting in a sandwich bar with a cuppa and bacon roll when Shaun phoned telling me it was done. I paid the £25 and a tip for a beer or two and rode home. Total cost… £345 - money well spent!

Ram Shox Unit 15 Weston Industrial Estate Honeybourne WR11 7QB Tel: 01386 849116 Barley Custom Cycles Barton-on-Humber North Lincolnshire Tel: 07967 041399

I highly recommend Ram Shox and Barley Custom Cycles If you’ve had good service and would like to tell the rest of the Club, why not write a short article, just like Charles and send it to Golden Wing Please send your articles and your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2



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Available at all good large and independent retailers AUTUMN 2015






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Golden Wing - Autumn 2015  
Golden Wing - Autumn 2015  

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