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Front Cover: Pete Rendle, of North Downs Branch, supporting the HOC at the Brighton Bash

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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Damned Well Done

Yep and I make no apologies for starting with the same title as last time! It has been a very busy summer. Chairmans Challenge, Brackley Festival of Motorcycling, Test Ride days in various regions and two branches first rallies. New branches getting going old branches renovating what more could the Chairman of the club ask for. Well more of the same of course. The Northants Rose Bowl Rally saw another first in the dodgiest wedding service ever. Female alcoholic bishop, spliff smoking western style padre some very dodgy bridesmaids made for a wedding service never to be forgotten or repeated. Congratulations to ‘’Chuffa’’ and Sharon or whatever anyone wants to call them as it seemed was the case from the German guests that joined us.

Honda UK

At the time of writing this I am not sure who my contact point is at Honda as Tom Hobbs has been promoted to Honda Europe responsibility. That is still the situation and slow they are in doing so too. Disappointingly Honda decided without warning to discontinue advertising with ALL clubs and papers sticking to electronic social media instead. This is not a satisfactory situation but they seem to think it is the way to attract younger riders. Erica is to have a discussion face to face with them on this in mid September. I hope she can persuade them more accordingly.


I am writing this sitting in my local French bar making use of their WiFi. My last visit didn’t quite go to plan so I did not get all the work done I wanted. However I am now cracking on and will have phase one complete ready for my move to France in January on a permanent basis. Then I can really get to grips with the serious work on the main house to live in. I have had my first camping helpers stay and their assistance was most welcome. So as said before if anyone wants to come and visit bring tent, caravan or motorhome you will be most welcome and there is stacks of space. Fees are low mostly in form of physical assistance in installing plaster boards or other manual tasks as suits. There is also a lot of gardening to do. The BBQ and campfires are really nice at the end of a days work.

...and finally

National Rally, Classic Show, and some other weekend fillers still to go before the AGM in October. See you all soon.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


Sorry this issue is so late! ....or should I say, even later than usual! Unfortunately a number of personal events have conspired to make the last few months very very busy in the Stryczko household. This also means that it is a bit thinner than usual. My thanks as always to the Branch Secs, Erica, Terry and everyone else who has submitted articles - if you’re not in here, you will be in the next one.





President Jude Browne

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Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull and Dave Andrews


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

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Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

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Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE .


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .


Classic Secretary

Chris Ward 16 Daleside Road, Epsom KT19 9SR ( 07827 393237 .

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Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Advertising Manager Erica Gassor ( 07799 492 235 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

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Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5NN ( 07437 202832 or 01672 563450 .

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Hearts Of Gold Army veteran Paul Rivera’s $10,000 customized motorcycle was stolen from outside his Tampa apartment. But he got it back. After the badly damaged motorcycle was recovered and suspects arrested, deputies decided to get the Honda repaired for the disabled Iraq War veteran suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. With the help of the County Sheriff’s Office, the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club presented Rivera with his 2005 Honda completely refurbished! Tampa Bay Times, 28th August

Easy rinder!

Electric Head

This motorbike runs on bacon grease - and even smells of frying rashers! Minnesotabased Hormel Foods, collaborated with a biodiesel firm to make fuel from bacon grease - and the exhaust fumes smell of bacon! Apparently, the motorbike can travel 100 miles on one gallon of bacon grease. Pull up to the cafe, order a bacon butty and a pound of dripping...

The Skully AR-1 helmet has an integrated heads-up display provides riders with turn-by-turn navigation, smartphone alerts and notifications - such as incoming calls and texts - as well as access to the device’s music library, contacts and dialer, all via voice command- plus, the rear-facing ultra-wide-angle video camera captures a 180-degree view of everything happening behind the rider, making for a potentially blind spot-free riding experience, even when cornering or overtaking., 18th August

Malay Mail, 13th August

Bikes At War Bikes were used for mounted infantry, scouts, patrol, despatch and courier duties, ammunition carriers, medical supply carriers and casualty evacuation, sometimes being converted into ambulance type vehicles. Motorcycle despatch riders were first put to use in WWI by the British Army Royal Engineers Signal Service, the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Navy, favouring Douglas and Triumph bikes. It has been estimated that around 30,000 Triumph Model H roadsters were supplied to the Allies. Motorbike Times, 4 August

Driverless bikes Google’s driverless vehicle project remains at prototype stage, however their vehicles have already travelled over one million kilometres, and now they want to try them out in the real world with humandriven - types of vehicles. According to Google, these vehicles ‘never get tired or distracted’. Not even by attractive bikers in tight leathers? Shame! Motorbike Times, 12th August

News snips from around the world 6



News snips from around the world Honda Turbo

Fast Lane at 90

Be Insured

Honda is said to be working on a minimum of two engine designs that will work with supercharging, namely a parallel-twin and an in-linefour. Turbocharging and supercharging are said to improve combustion of fuel, and that is directly related to emissions made by the engine. Stricter exhaust emission regulations for bikes will be applied in the European Union by 2017, compelling bike makers to make changes to the technology.

Bernard Devine has been riding motorbikes for most of his life and is in a group who ride out from the Old King’s Arms in Sutton every week. He’s been riding motorcycles for more than 60 years. He started with a moped, moved up to a Bantam 175 and then on to his favourite, the Honda 175 twin.

A quarter of Brits are travelling abroad without the protection of travel insurance! Motorbike accidents top the list of most expensive travel injury claims for uninsured Brits - with average bill a hefty £7,000. Medical bills for an accident in the US or Canada could top £18,000!

Ultimate Security, 9th August

Flying Bike It is road - and air - legal and now, two years after its maiden flight, it is finally available to buy - if you have a spare $395,999 (£230,000) that is. The Dutch-built Pal-V One can reach speeds of up to 112mph and goes from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds when driven on the road. Nigerian Tribune, 9th August

Daily Mail, 1st August

Macclesfield Express, August 1st

Helmet Advice The first thing to check is that a helmet passes either British or EU safety standards. The easiest way is to look at the SHARP website run by the Department for Transport. This gives every lid gets a star rating from one to five, with higher numbers being safer. But even the safest helmet will fail you if it comes off in a crash –EU research shows that this happens in 12% of accidents. Tight is Right!

Boris Farihov, 56, has taken his security to a new level after losing two motorbikes to thieves last year. Boris bought an electric motor that he connected to a steel cable and fixed onto the wall. He uses this to haul his motorbike up to safety on his third floor balcony every night and back to the ground when he needs it. Motorbike Times 28th July

The Telegraph, July 30th

Seen a little story? Send it to Terry If it made you smile or frown, share it with the Club!




News snips from around the world Little Monkey

No Comment?

Lyndon Bull from Cheddar has just completed an 11 day, 1,850 mile charity ride that raised £500.00 for Help for Heroes to Morocco and back on a tiny 125cc Honda MSX. The trip started with a ferry to Santander, riding through to Cadiz and then across the strait of Gibraltar on the ferry. On the longest day, Lyndon covered 350 miles, on a 125cc bike with 12 inch wheels and a 4050mph cruising speed!

Workers have managed to misspell the word ‘bus’ during roadworks in Bristol. “Bup Stop” was painted onto the road surface on the street in the Old Market area of the city. Bristol Council refused to comment.

Motorbike Times, 1st August

Holy Harley! Pope Francis has parted with his holy Harley-Davidson and biker jacket to raise almost £250,000 for charity. The head of the Roman Catholic Church has had little time to burn rubber since taking up papal duties. The Dyna Super Glide was signed “Francesco” by the Pope. Potential buyers went wild for the Harley and the winning bidder paid a staggering price with premiums, a huge £200,976, and his leathers sold for an additional £48,000 Daily Star, 6th February, 25th August

Never Too Old 91 year old Harry Johnson featured in a recent ITV documentary. He returned to biking four years ago, after a 55 year break! The former Naval officer rides his pristine CB250N Superdream whenever he can and really enjoys the feeling of freedom it gives him. 100 year old Drivers, ITV, 13th August

ET Breakdown A 96 year old man from Tennessee had a UFO encounter. “I had bought a Honda motorcycle and was pleased with its performance. Riding the cycle to work one evening I noticed a very bright light, and my motorcycle’s engine stopped. I was doing about 50 miles per hour at the time. I tried to start the engine several times, to no avail. After about 15 or 20 seconds, the light was no longer visible and the engine started, and I drove on to work. I am absolutely convinced that the UFO’s magnetic field affected my engine.”

Introducing Terry Fearn I’m a retired teacher living in Ramsgate, Kent. I bought my first new Honda, an S90, in 1965, and my current baby is a DN-01, NSA700. Last year my partner Jackie and I rode US Route 66 to celebrate my 50 years in the saddle. On the way, we met a few HOC members and joined up!, 28th June

Seen a little story? Send it to Terry

Terry Fearn News Editor

If it made you smile or frown, share it with the Club!





As I write this, it has just been announced that the younger Marquez brother Alex is moving up to Moto 2 next season, marching onwards and upwards to catch up his older brother perhaps? A very talented family in the bike racing World. With Jack Miller and Alex Rins both 19, the top of the Moto3 table has three youngsters all battling for the Championship! Watching Moto2 and Moto3 is always very entertaining, the young riders seem fearless as they battle and dice with each other. Add experience to their enthusiasm and you have a potential champion in the making. ‘Young’ often being the operative word in World class racing with Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 rookie Enea Bastianini claiming his second consecutive podium finish recently at the age of 16! Moto3 is an ideal learning ground for younger riders with an age range of 16 – 28 years. Light, agile, and extremely hard to ride, the 500cc bikes of Moto2 perhaps need to be handled by slightly older riders with the top three leading the Championship this year between 19 and 31 years of age! Watching the riders as they progress through the Championships and different series is fascinating and we should all salute Colin Edwards, the Texas Tornado, who at the age of 40 has decided to retire and has become a test rider for Yamaha and Michelin. Colin is a two-time World Superbike Champion and many of us can remember his dicing with Foggy during some exciting racing. Starting young, at the age of three, his Australian father, Colin Edwards Sr. (an amateur motorcycle racer himself), AUTUMN 2014

introduced Colin to a minibike, and entered his first motocross race at the age of four. Over the next ten years, Colin became one of the top-ranked junior motocross competitors in the USA, winning dozens of races in the 50cc to 80cc categories in local, regional and national events. In 1988 at the age of 14, Colin stopped competing in motocross races, having become distracted by the normal demands of being a teenager. However in 1990, Colin and his father attended a motorcycle road race event in north Texas, and this inspired him to attempt road racing. Colin turned professional in 1992 and joined World Super Bikes in 1995 and went into MotoGP in 2003. Certainly a wide ranging career! Perhaps the oldest racer and definitely to be admired for his efforts is Jeremy McWilliams, racing the experimental Brough Superior bike at the age of 50 in Moto2! Another rider with a wide experience and long history of racing If you look at the background of all the top riders, many of them started very young and once it is in the blood, it seems difficult to lose that drive and determination to succeed.

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent



Hi everybody and welcome to Autumn edition of Golden Wing. My first full year as Classic Secretary has been extremely busy to say the least. However it has been most enjoyable too researching all the old bikes that I’m helping to get back on the road. In the last 18 months or so I have received well over 100 requests from owners wishing to register their classic machines with the vast majority of these enquiries coming from outside the HOC. The Classic Motorcycle Dating Service in good condition and often with low is introducing many new members to the mileage, making restoration a less onerous HOC and hopefully they will continue their task. The supply of parts for older Hondas association by renewing the membership is also fairly healthy with companies like when due. In terms of enquiries for David Silver Spares in Suffolk and Classic assistance with registration there appears Motor Cycle Spares in Holland frequently to be a good balance between bikes that receiving new stock from their sources were originally registered in the UK around the world. More recently a lot of and those imported, with the majority of reproduction parts have become available imports coming from the USA. Quite a few with a fair few coming from Thailand. The companies in the UK are regularly bringing quality of many of these parts appears to be in bikes from the USA where there still quite good and their reasonable pricing is seems to be a very good supply of machines yet more good news for the restorer Don’t forget if you would like your classic machine featured in Golden Wing please send details through to me with pictures From my database of enquiries it would seem that small single cylinder bikes are the most popular for a restoration project and this type of bike is easy to work on for most people, even for those with limited experience. I’ve found that many restorers are attempting their first project with a smaller machine, whereas experienced, seasoned restorers are rebuilding more exotic, larger capacity multi cylinder bikes. With the availability of suitable projects and spare parts, there has never been a better time to contemplate restoring an old Honda


Remember, if you have any questions about older bikes or require assistance registering a classic Honda, get in touch with me on Let’s get those old Hondas running!

Chris Ward

Classic Secretary


As far as my CB175 project is going, I now have a rolling chassis. The front brake shoes have turned up and been fitted to the brake plate assembly. The complete front wheel in turn has now been fitted to the forks. The Rolling Chassis now taking shape I am still waiting for the chrome plated parts to be returned which will allow a lot more progress. I have also been working on the tank and have completed stripping it and started preparing it for paint. The engine is just about to be stripped, inspected and rebuilt, so we should have a good update in the next issue of Golden Wing

Front brake sssembly

Rolling chassis now taking shape





Rona’s Regalia Report Not much to report really this time. The many shows and events that have already taken place this year, have reaped a great influx of pennies to the Regalia coffers. A huge thank you to all of the members at all these events for their hard work in selling all those goodies. Loads more shows and events to be hosted this year, so lots more chance to sell more of these wonderful things we sell. I will have been at the National Rally, selling regalia throughout the course of the weekend. By the time you are reading this, that will have been and gone, so hope everyone had a fab weekend, and it was great to see everyone. The PayPal orders on the other hand, have really dropped off. Not sure if that’s due to the shows doing so well, or if there’s any technical issues with the ordering online. If there’s any problems, or if there’s ever anything specific you would like, then please let me know, and I will do my best to sort out anything you need. Keep up the good work at the shows etc and keep buying all those lovely HOC goodies and showing our amazingly wonderful club off. The next big thing, is of course the NEC, so lets hope we sell as much as we did last year, as that was amazing. See you all there.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary

Don’t forget there’s still time to order for Christmas!

Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently, including those at the shows which the club has attended during the Summer. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. At least we had a decent July but August deteriorated, so hopefully you were able to get out on some of the many runs, rallies etc. which were organised. Don’t forget they are for your benefit, so get out there and have some fun!


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have had just one Summer magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.


With the cost of postage, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary AUTUMN 2014




Calne Bike Festival by

Ian Hammond, Wiltshire Branch

This the biggest event of the year for Wiltshire Branch, especially as it’s my home town and we have Elick on the show’s committee. As usual, the enthusiasm of all who volunteered to help man the stand for even an hour or two was evident and so helped make it a great day, and certainly felt that the evening entertainment at the campsite along with a ‘little’ bit of alcohol was most welcome. The day goes by quickly when there are so many people to talk to old and new, and we even had the ‘honour’ of Oxford bring their rally rideout to us, along with more sunny conditions, thanks Erica and Ted. Here’s to next year! AUTUMN 2014


Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 2014 by

Erica Gassor, Oxford Branch

The HOC team all arrived promptly before the road was closed to get the gazebo, which Dibble had brought (along with everything else we could possibly need in his white van) put up the flags and banners to ensure HOC was professionally displayed to the thousands of bikers who came on the day. The bikes were smartly lined up along the front of the stand, ranging from Kate’s 125 through to Graham’s Pan. A heavy rain shower looked set to dampen everything and keep the attendance figures low but as the morning progressed the sun came out and the numbers grew and grew. Amidst welcoming potential and new members and chatting with HOC’ers from various Branches copious amounts of tea, coffee and cake were consumed. An excellent day was enjoyed and thanks must go to the team; Dibble, Graham, Ian, Mark, Kate and Gerald, for making it all happen.



At mid-day a visit was made to the Blood Runner stand to present NABB with a very large cheque (both in size and value - ÂŁ4,792.90) from the main HOC fund raising last year. Well done to everyone who has worked so hard and contributed to this great total.



Fat man and Robin ride again by

Mike Jeffs, South Wales Branch

I had a phone call some time before Christmas last year. It was my mate Robin. You may remember Robin from our last trip in 2012 when we rode around the Baltic. He asked if I was interested in another European tour. This time to Dubrovnik in Croatia. I was in the middle of sort of planning a trip to Norway but if there is a chance to ride with Robin then that will always win. As with the previous trip we decided on a small number of goals. Always good to have something to aim for. The first 2 destinations that came out were Budapest and the Biker camp and then Dubrovnik to see how well they had rebuilt the town after the war. As we would be in the area a side trip to Mostar in Bosnia to see how the old bridge had been restored was quickly added. Later a visit to the Stella Alpina Rally was added and this then dictated when the trip would take place. We also decided that Berchtesgaden would be included in the route so that we could visit the Eagle’s Nest. The first of July found us riding down to Portsmouth to catch the overnight ferry to Le Havre. Portsmouth is a chaotic ferry port and the loading schedule was an experience I’d rather not repeat too soon. The food on the ferry was nice but expensive. Sleeping in the recliners was difficult and painful. The plan was that on disembarking we would head East toward Strasbourg. This got changed during the crossing and we headed south to visit Santa and his wife (Brian and Sandra) in the Dordogne. That’s the beauty of our trips, we don’t hard code anything in between the ferry out and the ferry back. The run down to the Dordogne was good with the added bonus of going down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. Once took a Land Rover down there so have now added a bike. We had an overnight stop with Brian and Sandra and a very welcome home cooked meal. The route then took us across France. I should explain at this point that Robin has always been a paper map man and thought that sat-navs were the toys of the devil. However his cousin had insisted that he borrow his sat-nav and so he was finding out how it worked and what he could do with it. As we were heading for eastern Europe my Tom Tom being short on memory had eastern maps loaded which meant that it wouldn’t work in France 18 GOLDEN WING

the eagle’s nest


the Danube looking into Buda


or the UK. Due to the way the sat-nav worked when we told it to avoid toll roads it refused to take us through Switzerland so we ended up going north and crossing into Germany. As soon as we crossed the border my sat-nav came on line so if we got separated I could at least find the destination for the night. It was a great road into Germany, climbing up into mountains with some lovely bends and great scenery. We eventually ended up going through Munich at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. If you are in the area this is a place to avoid at that time of the day, especially when it is blazing hot. Fun it was not. We arrived at Berchtesgaden and found a nice campsite a little out of town. The following day we rode to Berchtesgaden with a view of going up the mountain to the Eagle’s Nest. You have a choice if you want to go up the mountain. Either you walk (about 2 hours of sweating and heavy breathing) or you buy a bus ticket and ride in comfort. The bus won. The views from the top were magnificent and well worth the effort. After a couple of hours we came down and had a ride around the area. We wanted to get close to the Konigsee but this is a massive tourist trap and clogged with people and vehicles so we rode on and explored some of the area. Sunday saw us heading to Budapest. The sat-nav was point blank refusing to take us to a motorway so we ended up going through the middle of Salzburg very early in the morning until we worked out what was wrong. The default setting on the sat-navs was to avoid toll roads. In Austria you have to buy a vignette to use the motorways so in effect all motorways are toll roads. Once we sussed that out we were on our way. Hungary has the same system. The day warmed up and got hotter the further East we went and by the time we got to Budapest it was something like 36+ degrees. At a fuel stop we had to use McDonald’s so that we could use the Wi-Fi to get the address of the Biker Camp as we had forgotten to write it down before leaving home. Once sorted we were on our way again. The motorway took us right into the middle of Budapest and in the heat the fan on the bike was working overtime. The camp is in the garden of a house in an old residential street. It was extremely welcoming and the hosts couldn’t do enough for us. There were cold drinks in the fridge and a board where you could mark off what you took. All paid for when the bill was totted up before you left. That evening Robin and I walked the couple of kilometers into the city. Next day as it was very hot we took the underground to the city centre of Pest and did the tourist bit crossing the Danube and climbing up to GOLDEN WING 19

the castle and other buildings in Buda. A very interesting city and some magnificent buildings. I think I would like to go back again sometime and spend a little more time there. The next leg was to take us down to near Split in Croatia. We had discussed going through Bosnia straight down to Dubrovnik but decided against it for a couple of reason, one of which I will explain later. We left Budapest on the motorway and headed toward Zagreb. Unfortunately it started to rain, heavily, a bit of a shock after suffering 36+ temperatures for the last few days. Before we got to Zagreb we left the motorway and headed into the hills. This turned out to be a road to remember. It was brilliant. Once we had got to the top of the hills the rain stopped and the roads were dry. What a roller coaster ride to the bottom. Great big sweeping bends and very little traffic. A biker’s paradise. Unfortunately as we got lower down the valley the temperature rose and we were soon sweating again. We camped that night on the side of the Adriatic on a campsite where we were surrounded by Germans and it was the night that Germany got thrashed by Brazil in the World Cup. I thought the score was 5-0 but I later found out while waiting for the ferry to come home that it was 7-1. Anyway after a rather restless night we decided that just the one night was enough and we would head for Dubrovnik and see where we ended up that night. The coast road down to Dubrovnik is great with wonderful views. Luckily the wind was not too bad as it can be very windy down that road. Arrived in Dubrovnik after crossing the 4 mile section of Bosnia. The town was magnificent and such care has been taken in the restoration that you wouldn’t know that it had suffered such devastation during the war in the 1990s. We spent a couple of hours exploring the old town before heading back up the road before turning right into Bosnia. Bosnia has not bounced back as quickly as Croatia in terms of restoring things and the roads are not as good. There is also the small problem that you cannot get insurance for Bosnia and the currency is difficult to obtain. Unfortunately at the border they insist on seeing your green card motor insurance certificate. As far as I can tell no UK insurance company will issue a green card anymore and nobody will insure your vehicle for Bosnia (and several other countries in that region). However all is not lost as conveniently there is a kiosk at major crossing points where you can, for a small fee, obtain temporary insurance. I 20 GOLDEN WING

Somewhere in Croatia

Looking back to Dubrovnik


The bridge at Mostar


am not sure how good this is if you needed to call on it but you do have to have it. Suitably armed with our temporary cover (we ended up with 2 weeks instead of 1 but the cost was not great) we headed the 40 or so kilometers up the road to Mostar. Again it was very hot. We found the bridge and took photos. Robin then went in search of a suitable sticker for his bike while I waited guarding the bikes. We came out of Bosnia by a different route as we headed toward Split. We eventually found a campsite some kilometers north of Split. The next leg of the journey was to take us to Italy. Along the way we had to take a detour somewhere on Croatia and had a little adventure exploring minor roads off the beaten track. We eventually crossed some mountains and gained the coast road along some very interesting (and wet) hairpin bends. At about 6pm we arrived in Venice after passing through Slovenia and taking the road that overlooks Trieste. By this time it was dry again and very hot. Venice was very busy and like everywhere else we went in Italy everybody on the road was trying to kill you (my impression of their driving skills). We couldn’t find anywhere to securely park the bikes so took some photos of some rooftops and left to find a place where a little more sanity ruled. We ended up on a lovely quiet campsite not far from Lake Garda which we visited the following day (another gloriously hot day). From the southerly point of the lake we rode to the northern edge of the lake, a distance of about 50 miles I believe. From there we headed for the hills. To this day I couldn’t tell you where we went but we found a mountain road with more hairpin bends than you could shake a stick at and the road kept climbing. At one point I began to believe that if we went much higher we would go around a corner and end up shaking hands with God. Eventually we got to the top at about 7000 feet. The air was crystal clear and the air smelt really fresh, that is until Robin lit a cigarette. The road back down was not quite as spectacular but still very enjoyable. We spent that night on a campsite next to a lake and was entertained during the evening as there was a party on the site. Saturday we headed for Bardonecchia the starting point for the Stella. I should at this point explain that from the Wednesday Robin had started to become increasing anxious as he felt that something was wrong at home. His daughter was about to have her first baby when we left. We had a discussion during the week where it was decided that if he had to go home at short notice then he should do so and I would make my way back alone as long as he gave me his map of France. Anyway we arrived at GOLDEN WING 21

Bardonecchia having passed through some magnificent scenery and had a chat with a few guys who had been up the trail to the plateau where the camping was. From the description they gave of the track it was obvious that I was never going to get my elephant (fully loaded Deauville) up the track and I wasn’t willing to risk it. So I decided that I would find a campsite down the valley and Robin would head into the hills. I told him that I would start making my way home in the morning and would text him where I was so that he could catch up once he had tackled the mountain. The campsite I found was full of bikers. There were a group of Austrians to my front and right, Germans to my left and across the field there were 3 lads from Essex. I had a great evening. In the morning the gates were not open when I left but I found a gap big enough to get the bike out. I took the mountain road out to get to Grenoble. What a great road. Lyon was a nightmare as I tried to avoid the Péage. The through signs were just nonexistent once I left the motorway and I spent an hour or more aimlessly wandering the city. I crossed the river at least 4 times. I eventually got back on the motorway some miles south of the city and decide that this time I would pay. Unfortunately I got in the wrong lane and had to pay the car rate. I think the motorcycle lane, had I taken it, would have been free after all that. Anyway I started making progress again. Sometime later at about lunchtime I managed to contact Robin who said that he had had a couple of texts from his daughter but even though she didn’t say anything to raise concern the fact that she had texted was causing concern so he was heading for Calais and the tunnel and going straight home, so I was on my own. No problem I had been touring in France before with my family, in a car and I had a map. The campsite I stopped at that night was only memorable for what happened in the morning. After a damp night I packed up early. I pulled off with misted up glasses and headed down a camp path that I thought was used by cars to get around the site. I didn’t spot the small concrete bollards in the road. Smack I hit one. I caught it with the nearside fork leg and glanced off it. The bollard then proceeded to assault my radiator and fairing and proceeded to tip up out of the ground finally bringing me to a halt by jamming the lump of concrete it was embedded in under my centre stand. It wouldn’t have been so bad but there was a chap standing just off the path watching me. D’oh. With his help I managed to get the bike extracted but noticed that the radiator hose was weeping. Thoughts of breakdown trucks came to mind. On inspection it didn’t look too bad so I decided to see how far 22 GOLDEN WING

Alpine pass somewhere in Italy


Pegasus Bridge

I got until the temperature rose too high. 50 miles later all was well and when I eventually pulled up to fill the tank I unloaded the bike to get at the tools so that I could see how much was in the header tank and to top it up. Luckily the Deauville does not have a pressurised cooling system so wasn’t forcing water out of the system. I topped the header tank up and loaded the bike back up. My final night in France was to be spent in Arromanches. At my lunchtime stop I rang Robin to make sure he had arrived home OK. He told me that he had got home at 5am that morning and it was then that he found out that his house had burned down the previous Tuesday so he was right there had been something wrong at home and his wife hadn’t told him as she knew he would have gone straight home from wherever he was and would have done it in one stint. The municipal camp site in Arromanches is a lovely site set in the middle of the town not far from the beach. Having arrived there early afternoon I took a walk around the town and up to the cliff tops. As it was also Bastille day there was a huge firework display that evening. I couldn’t help wondering what it must have been like for the residents waking up on the morning of June 6th 1944. My last day in France saw me heading along the Normandy coast toward Le Havre. I had the best part of the day to cover no more than about 60 miles, so no rush. I crossed Pegasus bridge and stopped to take a few photos and then headed back to the coast. It had become another very warm day. Going through the town of Deauville the fan packed up on my Deauville (a bit ironic really). I could swear that it had been working that morning. Anyway the temperature soared and I was forced to pull over and wait for it to cool and then get back into the traffic during a lull. The run back to Le Havre was uneventful and I got to go over the Honfleur bridge again. I was the second vehicle to arrive at the ferry terminal and faced a 4 hour wait. There are absolutely no facilities at the terminal apart from toilets and an under stocked vending machine. After docking in Portsmouth and the same chaotic state it was in when we went out the journey home was good. I arrived home just after midnight having covered about 4250 miles in 15 days. Can’t wait for the next one now. Thanks for the company Robin, it was a blast.

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How to really ride any kind of bike

by Ben Miller, VisorDown

From street bikes to two-strokes, 600cc sportsbikes to supermotos, different bikes require different techniques. Whatever you ride, get the best from your bike with the help of the finest riders on the planet.

How to master a street bike By ‘Fast’ Freddie Spencer

With a textbook style that combined mind-altering corner-entry speeds with an ability to pick up the throttle metres before anyone else, ‘Fast’ Freddie could make anything go quick. Synonymous with the unique achievement of winning the 250 and 500 world championships in the same 1985 Grand Prix season, truth is ‘Fast’ Freddie Spencer is equally famous for the epic, street bike-based dust-ups he and Eddie Lawson enjoyed in the glory years of the AMA superbike championship. The early 1980s were a golden age of production-based racing; ordinary machines made brutally powerful and unforgiving by big-money tuning and pushed far beyond their limitations by two hungry and prodigiously talented superstars on the ascendancy. “Bikes like the CB1 were brutal, no doubt about it,” remembers Spencer. “my 1982 was 1023cc and so highly tuned it had a two-stroke like power delivery. It made 120-130bhp in a powerband between 9,000rpm and 10,500rpm - rest of the bike couldn’t keep up. “Designed as street bikes they just weren’t rigid, the technology didn’t exist to build a frame that was light and rigid.” So just how did Spencer get such awesome speed out of such an unpromising package, wrestling over a quarter of a tonne of trouble? “You had to square the corners off, get the bike turned and then take out the lean angle as soon as possible. The worst situation was maximum lean angle and picking up the throttle too aggressively.”

Despite highly modified suspension, Spencer’s superCB wasn’t overly blessed with ground clearance. “You’d try to run with the least amount of lean angle you could. I’d have to hang off a little more to do that.” Spencer says the heavy four-strokes he raced gave him a great grounding for Grand Prix success: “Racing those bikes taught the importance of being smooth. Any additional stress you put into the bike by being aggressive ultimately gives you less grip from the tyres, and the more grip you’ve got, the faster you can go.” • Play to the bike’s strengths. Street bikes tend to be heavier than sportsbikes, with less ground clearance and softer suspension. Slow down more for a given corner, get turned and with the bike back up at a safe angle of lean, tap on the power hard. • Try hanging off more to reduce the lean angle required to tackle a given corner at a given speed. • Don’t try to do two things at once: brake or steer; turn or accelerate. • Be super-smooth. Aggressive use of the brakes or throttle will upset the bike’s composure, compromise its stability and ultimately reduce the amount of grip.

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Article stolen from GOLDEN WING 25

Trip to Ireland 2014

the story of the Tortoise and the Hare by

Paul (Sash) Windows, Bristol Branch

My nickname is Sash, well it would be with the surname of Windows, and I would like to tell you about another great trip we have just returned from, this time to a town in the far west of Ireland called Clifden. Five of us on three bikes, mine’s a 1300 Pan, John’s is a Blackbird, and Alan’s is a NC700X set off on Friday 19th June to travel to Northwich, Cheshire, and as all but one of us are Bristol HOC members, we are going to meet up with Tim, another HOC member, and the rest of the party, stay the night with them and set off for Holyhead early Saturday morning. We agree a route to Northwich, missing out the busy M6 and left Michealwood services on the M5 about 1445hrs. Soon we hit road works on the M5, I decided to filter through the standing traffic but Johns Blackbird with panniers was too wide, so we eventually met up again at Junction 6 on the M5, where I led again, this time on an A road, but by the time we got to Kidderminster there was no Alan (take note as a pattern will appear). I waited and soon my mobile rang, Alan’s sat nav had taken him on a different route so we all agreed to meet up again in Northwich. Tim is the organiser of the trip and we spent another great night with him and his partner Jean, but early to bed because it’s a 0530 start on Saturday, or so my wife Elaine thinks. A trick is played on her to get her up early because she is always late. Eventually everybody is ready, bikes are fuelled and we are off. 26 GOLDEN WING

Now we have five bikes, we are joined by Tim & Jean (CBF1000), and Dave & Linda (Yam FJR1300). We have an uneventful but great ride across the top of North Wales to Holyhead where we arrive about midday to catch the Fastcat to Dun Laoghaire.

The crossing, like the weather was great and soon we are leaving Dublin via the only trans Ireland motorway where Tim is leading and sticking to the speed limit. We have a couple of stops on the way, the last being at Galway where we fuel up again for the last 50 mile push to Clifden. After Galway the roads change and now it’s quite difficult to even keep up with the speed limit, but the scenery of the mountains and lakes make the journey so worthwhile. Most of the time on the journey, Alan is the rear gunner and most of the time he is just a dot in the mirror causing AUTUMN 2014

us concern that we may lose him. We arrive at our holiday destination at about 1830. The house that we have rented is about 10 mins walk from Clifden town centre and soon all of us are settled in. Alan’s bed is set up in the sitting room and he immediately turns it in to his bed sit where he can stash his hoard of wagon wheels (remember them?). Some of us get some provisions for the week, some of us explore, but we get together and find a pub in town for food and drink and then the music starts. PARTY ON!

SUNDAY morning we have some quiet time so that the ladies can unpack. In the afternoon we explore the local coast road called the Sky Loop going north from Clifden to the little fishing village of Clegan. We arrive in the village after a very bumpy, twisty, hilly, bendy ride and try to park our bikes. We all park near enough outside a café but Tim decides to stop opposite the café on some ones private frontage. While he is deciding what to do the front door opens and a woman appears. Tim is immediately defensive but there is no need as the very friendly woman says to leave the bike there, and it is no problem. After looking at the Lobsters and Mussels in a tank that someone was having for dinner it was off again on the Sky Loop back to Clifden. In the evening it was into town again for food and drink, and the music starts again. PARTY ON! MONDAY, we have a lovely breakfast before we leave the accommodation and this time we head south. The road leaving Clifden is newly laid, flat, and very wide. They could AUTUMN 2014

almost have made it into four lanes instead of two. Great, I thought until we got around the first corner and then it changed to a single lane stone bridge that had more bumps in it than a ploughed field. Only seven of us today because John & Maxine had gone horse riding. We rode south and past the site where Alcock & Brown crash landed after the first trans atlantic flight right next to the Marconi radio station, that of the first transatlantic radio message (good job they didn’t hit it). More of that later. We were passing beaches of white sand and turquoise blue sea, and with the beautiful weather, we could have been in the Caribbean. We stopped at a beach and the Atlantic felt surprisingly warm (to the touch of hand), but soon we were off again to our next stop at Roundstone where the next café was found. Prior to Roundstone we had passed through an area known as Bally Conneely, which confused me no end as I was looking for the great man himself, perhaps with his trike. Oh well. Whilst at Roundstone Elaine & I had whisky flavoured ice cream, delicious, and while eating this a man approached and told me all about his Pan and how good a bike it is (good taste, that man). When everyone was ready and the ladies had done their shopping we took a circular route back to Clifden, through the Connemara national park where we stopped for a late lunch. Stunning. The Maunturks mountains, the Twelve Bens, the scenery could have been our Scottish trip last year. Arriving back at the house, we meet up with John & Maxine and again we hit the town. PARTY ON!


TUESDAY, early start today because we’re off to see the cliffs of Moher. This meant a round trip of over two hundred miles. We have to follow the road back to Galway where we can pick up the Atlantic Road south and we follow the coast line for mile after mile passing through some very remote and beautiful areas, but the roads give us a bone jarring ride. All riders stick together but we have to wait for Alan again, and after a few minutes he turns up and re-joins us. The empty road continues and at lunch time we arrive at the coastal village of Doolin where it appears that every coach and tourist in the district have the same idea. Thankfully being bikers, we have no problem parking even with a mad day tripper completely blocking the road. Tim suggests that we try the local Chowder which all nine of us did and it was delicious. After lunch we set off again, still through the village mayhem and onto the cliffs of Moher. When we arrived at the car park we all change into something cooler because it was getting very hot. Our group split into two and each group explored a different area. There are Puffins and other sea birds, and the beauty of the cliffs made the trip worthwhile. After a couple of hours we set off on our return


trip to Clifden. We take a more direct route on better classified roads, but the bumps are only slightly better. After Galway, we stop in another village for an evening meal but all we could find was a Cantonese restaurant (very Irish) but again the food was great and good value too. Unfortunately Elaine didn’t feel too good and Tim had a headache (too long a day I guess) so they didn’t eat. We arrive back in Clifden about 2330 and after Jean had a whiskey or two, and John had checked the Blackbird for any loose nuts & bolts after another bone jarring ride (no problem there, it’s a Honda) it’s off to bed, exhausted. NO PARTY TONIGHT. WEDNESDAY starts late and slow, and the weather is still great. After our long day yesterday we have a late breakfast and decide to have a quieter day, all except Tim & Jean, they head north to the town of Westport and found it to be another great Irish town to visit. The rest of us explore, Elaine washes Alan’s Pants (EUK!!!) and then we buy all that we need for our BBQ that night. When we all get back together again, late afternoon, we all muck in preparing the food and, at last the time comes, the sun is warm and shining, the food is cooked and ready to enjoy. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is every morning and evening, if you venture outside, the midges immediately attack you. That evening they were out in force and we were nearly eaten alive. The BBQ is ruined so we move inside to eat. Never mind, that night we hit the town again for another merry night. PARTY ON! THURSDAY, for the first time since leaving Bristol the Friday before, the weather has turned and now it was raining, shame but never mind, it won’t dampen our spirits. We decide to visit the village of Cong, the place


where THE SILENT MAN was filmed 60 years ago, and they are still welcoming tourists. John & Maxine decide to visit Connemarra National Park that they missed a few days ago, but we meet up with them later. We leave Clifden with Tim leading, and Alan again as rear gunner. We pass beautiful locations again as we go through the Patry mountains and the Irish loughs. We stop for lunch at yet another friendly pub where as you can see, we pose for a photo near the road sign to Cong(a). We set off for Cong using Tim’s tried and tested navigation method of memory, maps, and asking people, but we turn around so many times we are all disorientated. I offer to lead using my new sat nav and we arrive at Cong within 30 mins. (great, these sat navs, more later). Cong is a great place re-living the 60 year old memories of the John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara film, very pretty. Here we all meet up again and after a few hours it’s time for home. The rain isn’t heavy but its constant, and the ride home needs even more concentration, as it’s now wet and very slippery. All of a sudden, Alan the rear gunner overtakes us all at a vast rate of Knots and disappears into the distance. At that moment I have a thought that our trip to Ireland has been divided into thirds, one third waiting for Alan, one third looking for Alan, and one third wondering where he’s going, but keep reading as he will have the last laugh. The day is finished off with another great night in Clifden. PARTY ON!


FRIDAY, the bad weather continues but this time more showery and our group spends the day by having a last look around Clifden, packing, and preparing the bikes. Elaine and I set off to see the Alcock & Brown museum. It’s only a few miles away, and when we see the sign we turn off and follow a rough track for quite a distance. This was definitely not one of the best tracks to take the Pan. After a while we arrive at the ruins of a shack, and a monument. Not much to see and not quite what I thought it would be, but at least this is the area of bog that Alcock & Brown crash landed and Marconi built the shack. Then the rain started again which made the return along the track even more interesting. We eventually re-join our group at the house and all of us have one more night in Clifden. After all the Guinness an Irish cider that we drank I’m not sure that we could last much longer, but for one last time in Ireland, PARTY ON!

SATURDAY starts dry and bright and we leave Clifden at 0630. I’m leading with my new sat nav showing me the way and all the lights are visible behind, except one that’s a long way behind, guess who. We have a couple of stops coming back across Ireland, and when we get to the last toll not far from Dublin, Tim tells me to make sure that I filter right for Dun Laughaire, and not straight on for Dublin. No problem with my new sat nav. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look good, and as we approach Dublin the sky is getting blacker and blacker. As we arrive on the outskirts GOLDEN WING 29

waiting for us. Yes its Alan, the tortoise did beat the hare again and I have been teased ever since. The Fastcat back to Holyhead was again slick and uneventful and with one more fuel stop its back to Northwich. That evening, we have one last meal together before we all split up on Sunday for our ride home. Sunday morning arrives, and after Linda & Dave cook us a fantastic breakfast, we say cheerio to Jean & Tim and set off back to Bristol. Maxine & John had left earlier due to prior commitments. Linda & Dave decide to ride with us down as far as Bridgnorth where we stop for a bite to eat. But all too soon we finally say farewell to our friends and we all head off in different directions.

the heavens open and we have a torrential down poor. It takes a lot of concentration to ride on a new road, with a fully loaded bike, two up, and the rain getting heavier. Yes, you guessed it, I missed the filter I needed to take and the other three bikes came with me into the centre of Dublin. All except Alan because he is so far behind he continues on his merry way, takes the right road and heads to the ferry port. In the mean time, I’m hanging my head in shame as I tell the others that it’s not my sat nav but user error. I then try to lead the remainder of the bikes through the centre of Dublin and get to the ferry port on time. We do eventually get there with not much time to spare, and as we approach the holding area, guess who’s there with a smile on his face,

Our 2014 Irish trip lasted 10 days and was very tiring, but we fell in love with a small part of Ireland and discovered the friendliness of the Irish people. Most of all it re-cemented the friendship with the Northwich connection that members of Bristol HOC have with them and we are looking forward to our 2015 trip.


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Sports Touring Tyre Test Michelin Pilot Road 3 v Pirelli Angel GT by

John Measures, East Midlands Branch

Last year, along with a few other members of the Honda Owners Club, I was lucky to be invited to Silverstone for the British Superbikes as a guest of Pirelli. Along with a presentation regarding their involvement with the BSB, they introduced their new Sports touring tyre, the Angel GT. It then got better when I was offered a set of the Angel’s to try out on the Blackbird.

I will be quite honest and say that I am a fan of the PR3’s, so the Angel GT had a tough act to follow. I had them on the Blackbird as well as the CBF. I also previously had a pair on my Hayabusa and took this round the Nurburgring reaching 175 mph and then onto Silverstone for level 4 of the Superbike School. The PR3’s are a consummate all-rounder. They warm up quickly and grip on all road surfaces and in weather conditions. I have never had a heart stopping moment on the PR3’s even when I have taken then to the limit on the track. They are a comfortable touring tyre and supple enough to adequately soak up uneven roads. Road studs and white lines are really not a problem. Mileage wise, as long as you don’t rag the heart out of them, they will give a good return and they don’t go off up to the time you need to change them. When I left the tyre specialist after fitting the Angel GT’s, I thought that he had put too much air into the tyre. However, I have been using Rob for many years and knew that the tyre pressures would be spot on. After the PR3’s, they felt like a Flintstone tyre. Hard and with no give. I did about 100 miles riding carefully to properly scrub the tyre in. It was abundantly clear towards the end of the ride and pushing them into corners that they were a much sportier tyre than the PR3’s. As time 32 GOLDEN WING

went on, whether the tyre walls bedded in or whether I just got used to them, they did feel a little more comfortable. I have now done just under 3,000 miles on the Angel GT. Considering the level of wear, Pirelli’s claim that they give excellent mileage appears to be true as there is load of tread left. What is clear about the tyre is the Pirelli sports lineage. It tips into corners with ease and tracks without any difficulty whatsoever. It is safe footed in the wet as it is in the dry and gives excellent feedback. It seems to have a sharper profile and does react to road studs and defects a little more but in reality, there is no drama.

IN CONCLUSION So, comparing the two it is clear that they are both excellent tyres. The PR3 is a more comfortable tyre and is brilliant for touring with being sure footed when you push them. They are a little slower to turn the bike but not so that you would notice. For a pillion, they give a better ride. On the other hand, the Angel GT is fun when you want a more spirited ride. They both cost about the same but Michelin have brought out the Pilot Road 4, so no doubt there are some deals on the 3’s, if you can find a pair. If the 4 is as good if not better that the 3, then it should be the tyre to beat.


Had an accident? Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 43 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll ! AUTUMN 2014


Return to biking by

Dawn Wood, Nottingham Branch

A few years ago my husband Ivan and myself owned a Suzuki 500, but sadly circumstances forced us to part with it. As we both love biking when Ivan took early retirement last year we decided to buy another bike, after a lot of foot work and trawling the Internet we settled for a Honda CBF 1000. She is white in colour and Ivan has named her Dolly, this is because my Mother was with us when we got her and her name is Dorothy (Dolly for short), Dolly has clocked a few miles since we had her. We quite regularly travel to see friends in Hull and family in Stoke on Trent.

We have done the Easter Egg run in Stoke on Trent, that was a wonderful experience with more than 2500 bikes taking part. Two hours later we reached the destination with plenty of Easter eggs and an electric atmosphere; we really enjoyed it and hopefully are going to do the toy run in December. Since buying the bike we have joined the Honda Owners Club, and found the Nottingham Branch which we joined last year, we are doing well at the branch and have recently had some new members. We meet every two weeks at The Vale pub in Nottingham on a Thursday and new members are always welcome. It’s a great place to meet and speak to like-minded people.

In August 2013 we decided along with Ivan’s brother and his partner to take the bike over to France for a week, we travelled down to Dover to board the ferry to Calais, from there we travelled down to Troyes, as it was our first time on the Continent with the bike we decided not to be to adventurous and used Toyes as a base, we took a trip with the bike to Chalons and Senns, and then decided to be a little more adventurous and went around the outskirts of Paris. Then a couple of days before we came home we took the bike up to Dunkirk, from there we went back to Calais for our return trip back home.

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It Shouldn’t Happen……... But It Did - Part 2 By

Debbie Reynolds, Nottingham Branch Secretary

Well folks, I thought I’d drop you all a line and update you from my accident that happened in July 2013. Following a lot of support from John Measures, my claim finally came to its conclusion. I could certainly not have got through this ordeal without the great support from John and his knowledge and professionalism certainly speeded up my final outcome. My bikes mended and back to its original condition and my damaged equipment replaced

for a shiny new set of boots, a new helmet and a set of one piece racing leathers. It’s 1 year, 33 days and 15 hours ago since the accident and I finally managed to ride along the road where the accident happened and rode over the spot where I came off. Today is the day I put it all behind me and begin to enjoy riding my bike again.

If you have an accident or a traffic incident get some advise from John Measures and see if he can support you too



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The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! 36 GOLDEN WING


Ride out to The National Memorial Arboretum by

Stephen Stackhouse, Cambridge Branch

With school holidays just starting and other club members away on holiday, a small group from the Branch went to the National Memorial Arboretum in late July. As we met at Brampton the weather had already reached 22oC with bright clear skies. I lead the ride which guarantees a few U turns and getting lost and no-one was disappointed as I headed in a scenic route via Oakham, Melton Mowbray and Ashby de la Zuche. The temperature was rising steadily and would eventually end up at 27oC. The Arboretum was looking fine in the sunshine and there were plenty of visitors around the site. Every time we have visited there’s always been a service and parade taking place and on this day it was the police. If you haven’t been to the Arboretum it is well worth the trip. There is free parking for motorcycles and always plenty of space. Entry is free but they do like a donation. Inside there are memorials

to all branches of the armed and civil services. The arboretum is divided into ‘plots’ and it is up to whichever association owns the plot to choose and erect their own memorial. Some are simple and others thought provoking, but all of them reflect the individual associations. As the temperature had risen steadily in the day the ride home seemed a bit longer than normal as we were all tired and aching, even though plenty of fluid (non-alcoholic) had been consumed. A simple run down the A5 to Crick and then cross country via a series of small villages... the two U turns though did add a bit of spice! We finally ended up at a pub in Perry near Grafham Water for a final chat and a drink before the starburst ride in different directions home for a long cooling shower.

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The Vultus Has Arrived by

Paul Hibberd, Eastern Branch

On August 6th I said goodbye to my stylish black Batmobile, otherwise known as a Honda DN-01, and hello to an NC750. But not a ‘naked’ NC750, this was a ‘Judge Dread’ style NM4 Vultus. An NC750JF ED according to Honda. I was lucky in that I got to see a Vultus late in July when one of the 25 bikes that Honda UK had ordered arrived at my local dealership in Grimsby for another customer who had ordered it several months beforehand when only internet details and photos of the bike were available. I found mine in Manchester the same day and bought it later that week after the dealership (Hunts) had found photographs to confirm that the ‘panniers’ accessory did in fact convert the bike to the ‘02’ version shown


at the Tokyo Bike Show for the home market. The kit replaces side panels, pillion pegs and the rear indicators with a wider enclosure incorporating locking pannier lids, recessed footrests for the pillion and ’built-in’ indicators.

Why did I buy it? I know nothing about the Japanese comic/ film/tv cult that the Vultus was created for and I’m not in the intended user group of new, young riders. I’m a retired Architect, and the guy who ordered the bike I saw in Grimsby


is 71 years old! If all 25 bikes get snapped up by us pensioners, perhaps Honda UK will consider bringing another batch in next year for the intended users. I suppose the intriguing things were the ‘stealth’ futuristic sci-fi styling coupled with a bit of storage and the technology of the dual clutch transmission. The last bike I rode with a clutch lever and gear change pedal was a Kawasaki GT 550 about six years ago. Like the DN-01, I’m never likely to destroy the NC750 engine. Getting much more than 3000 revs on the counter requires either a serious breach of the national speed limit or continuous use of the manual mode and the finger/thumb operated paddles. My four wheeled transport is a diesel hybrid with the equivalent two mode auto and paddle options. You could say I’m lazy but I take the view that I can concentrate on steering the thing and admiring the scenery, where appropriate, on bike or car.

me to say rather sheepishly that the various divisions of the Honda Corporation were combining to take 20 weeks from ordering to get the pannier kit to the UK. I appreciate that, even combining European and UK orders for the bike, the number of Vultus bikes on the road will be pitifully small, but I’m still disappointed that the opportunity to have both of the radically different NM4 design options in the public domain is not going to happen for several months. What should I say to fellow bikers considering buying a 2014/5 model, or a totally new design like the CTX1300? How about “Settle for the base model. You might have crashed it by the time your accessories arrive!” Anyway, my NM4 Vultus is on the road and receiving many complimentary comments and queries from regular bikers at Lincolnshire bike nights etc. Hopefully the NM4 02 conversion will be available for inspection soon. Honda produced it because it could rather than because it needed to and still has to be commended for that.

Now for the disappointment

Two days before delivery, staff at the dealership rang AUTUMN 2014


Pigrimage to Joey’s Bar by

Dave, Sue and Iain White, Norfolk Branch

In June this year, while celebrating with our son Iain White his success at passing his English Degree, we decided to have a week’s holiday in Dalkey - just below Dublin... some 3 miles from the city as the crow flies and 13 miles by road. The 3 of us really wanted to visit Joey’s Bar in Ballymoney, up near Bushmills on the Northern Ireland coast. After the drive up Ireland has a great motorway system that cuts across the country so easily - we parked up in the little town of Ballymoney and waked to the railway station where we found the wonderful Garden of Remembrance to both Joey and William. The statues of them both plus the wall listing Joey’s race wins was awesome. I knew he has won races but THAT MANY!

The gardens were beautifully in flower and tranquil and the Honda plaque was very thought-provoking - showing that he was very loved, respected and appreciated by those at Honda that knew him - as well as by the rest of us! 40 GOLDEN WING

The Bar is something of a TARDIS - the door in is tiny and then this really huge bar and set of rooms opens up behind it. Seeing his memorabilia, helmets, bikes suspended from the ceiling and in cases as well as photos and TT Trophies was really awe-inspiring. Our visit was so TOTALLY topped-off by finding Joey’s wife Linda serving in the bar and we were the only people there so we had a fabulous 30 minutes chatting with her about the family, the Bar, the Isle of Man and Joey before she had to leave for town. She told us some lovely personal family stories about their early days going to the TT and the family growing up.

Some of his helmets plus TT trophies AUTUMN 2014

The bar with his bike hanging from the ceiling

After she left one of her sons came to serve and so we just had to have another pint and carry on the chatting. His stories about how they get to the Isle of Man have to be heard to be believed. His main concern was the work involved in taking Joey’s bikes down from the pub ceiling to take them all over to this year’s Classic. It has been brilliant seeing the same bikes that we saw in the pub appearing on ITV4’s Classic TT 2014 programme - nostalgia.... YOU BET! So would we recommend making the pilgrimage to Joey’s Bar and to taking the motorbike to Ireland - 1000000% YES. It is a superb island with so many gorgeous roads, friendly people, history and eating and drinking places. Visiting Joey’s Bar is a total privilege and one more thing off the “things to do before I can’t get my leg over” list re motorbiking.

Joey Dunlop memorial garden and sculpture


Another of his bikes

Robert Dunlop sculpture




Oxford Rally 25-27 July 2014

Putting up the gazebo



Ready for the evening


Over 40 fun loving campers from various branches of the HOC gathered for three days of riding, food and laughter. Twenty-six bikes ‘rode into’ the Calne Bike Day on Saturday after a very warm but lovely ride via some delightful ‘twisties’ with a well earned stop for cool refreshments half way through the route. A brain teasing quiz, lots to eat and drink and our favourite entertainer, Dave, left several slightly bleary eyed but happy as they packed for home on Sunday.

Our entertainer Dave

More chatting

Let the evening commence

Having a giggle


How I did it!! by

Rona Bell, Regalia Secretary

I know virtually every one of you reading this, will not find this story particularly riveting, as you’ve all been there and done that. But for those that know me well and know the horrendous 18 months or so I have been through, you will all know what a BIG deal this is for me… so I hope you will spend a few minutes of your time reading my version of the same story that you have all been through and I hope you find it interesting!! This story goes back 12 years, together to get me a voucher to when I first got into biking. I have do my CBT with another Chester been a pillion for about 90,000 school, CAMRIDER, (who have plus miles on various different bikes branches across the country), the over those 12 years and about 7 difference being with this one, years ago, decided I wanted to be was I know all the instructors and on the front. So I went to a school Lee who owns the franchise and I in Chester to do my CBT one fine know how good they all are, so I Saturday. What a disaster. I had no was feeling a lot better about this experience on a bike or in a car (I time. It actually took me 9 months don’t drive), so I told the instructors to get round to using my voucher, Passed yayyyyy that, but I was still put with 3 other and only then really, because I’d people all with some form of experience. So had such a terrible year, so I thought, you know off we go to the carpark, only for me to be what… I’m going to do this for myself, I need left behind all morning. We were only given this!! And with a major incentive and push 4 goes at each task, and I’d finally pick it from a very very amazing friend. So on the up on that last one, then get moved on with 4th September 2013, thanks to my wonderful everyone else to the next. Part way through friend and instructor Jo, I actually passed my the morning I was in tears, because I thought CBT. To the news of which, I burst into tears of I was rubbish and couldn’t do it, but instead relief and joy and was hugged by Jo and Lee of one of the instructors (we had 2), taking till I stopped lol. Although Lee thought I was me off to one side and giving me one to one crying cause Jo had been being a bully and instruction, they just kept me in with everyone threatened to beat her up for me lol. else. And it ended up with me not going out And so where to go now… well my first on the road in the afternoon. They didn’t have experience and the best 11 years of biking I anyone to take me back on the carpark that had were on my gorgeous GONZO. Many of afternoon, and it was going to be another 8 you will remember him well over the years. weeks before I could book another CBT, so He’s a 1991 CBR600F, which I had the I was taken home crying and privilege of seeing rack up very upset, to the point where over 100,000 miles on the it put me off all together. So back seat of. The plan was with my CBT failed it was always for him to be mine one back on the back seat I went day, but for the last 2½ years for the next 7 years. he has sat in the garage on For xmas 2012, some non bald tyres, needing a bit of HOC friends all clubbed TLC after an minor accident, And his name on his plate 44 GOLDEN WING


thermals etc on… after about and a damn good service. So an hour out on the carpark, I this was going to cost me a was stripping off!!! I’d been lot of money… on top of that very lucky up to this point was going to be my insurance with the weather, no rain at (not bad at all at £231 fully all really. Everything went comp), and tax and mot, and well, went out on the road of course not forgetting the after doing some of the Mod expense of my DAS test to 1 exercises on the carpark, top it all off. I lost my job last Me with my CBT cert June and am still out of work now, so there is and Jo took us to the test centre to show us the no way I can afford all this, so after doing my actual lay out and size of the place where we CBT, I thought that was going to be the end of do our Mod 1, so we could get our heads round my dream for a long while. But thanks to the things a bit. Following that, on the 16th March, most wonderful friend in the world and HOC was my fake Mod 1 day. Here I got taken member… Jordan Reeve and his business, round the actual test centre set up to practice everything as it was going to be Zulu Racing Customs, and his on the day. Well I started out ok, dad Tom’s generosity, I have not even got my U-turn sorted, started only been able to do my test and getting through the speed trap PASS!!! Eventually!!! But also get at the right sorts of speeds etc… my bike back on the road and be had a few goes at the speed trap all legal. with the emergency stop, which So on the 24th September 2013 weren’t perfect, but probably I took my theory and hazard would’ve been passable… then perception test and passed that on one of my emergency stops, first time. After a break for the I decided apparently somewhere NEC and Xmas etc, I started my lessons on a YBF 125 on the 26th That 125 attacked me... in my head, to use too much February 2014, had 4 hours on that, which rear brake and badly locked the back wheel started off horrendous, as I’d not ridden up… panicked and didn’t know how to stop anything since my CBT, 5 months previous. But it, so kept going, leaving a 20 plus foot after a break half way through and a chat, skid mark on the test centre carpark, while something just clicked and everything went weaving about. No idea how I kept it rubber pretty well. Then moved up to the XJ600 on side down to be honest! Oops!!! Very badly the 3rd March after a couple of hours on the shaken, Jo, my instructor made me go round 125 again. Only round the carpark for now, again a couple of times before she let me as I was a bit behind due to having to start stop and take a breather, which was good, everything from scratch. But although I was but unfortunately I took a while to recover and although I got a few goes a tad terrified of that sudden at the swerve avoidance power increase, it actually test, it was getting late and felt so much easier to handle, someone else was wanting especially for cornering to use the yard to practice, so round those dreaded cones. we had to head back to the Next 600 lesson was on the school. Went home and shed 11th March. It was a very a few tears I can tell you. At chilly and frosty start to the this point I’m thinking, I hate day. When I left my house at this bit and can’t do it… and 6.45am, it was 1.5oC… so Before his make over AUTUMN 2014


if it wasn’t for the fact that I indicator, so it looked like I was ok out on the road, and was going right. Although I happy and comfortable out stayed in lane, indicated to there… and thinking 90% of come off etc, basically did what I’m having to do on the a perfect test other than that Mod 1 carpark test is never little error, I still failed. Well going to be used ever again, this time I was too angry to I thought I can’t let it beat me, cry and really wanted to so I got in touch with Jordan kick myself. Then came Mod I’m such a dirty pup and Tom to ask if it was ok to book another 2 number 3… third time lucky they say don’t Mod 1 practice lesson and on the 6th April they?? Not in my case. On the 3rd July, I failed I had my second go round the test centre again… but badly again this time, cause the carpark… unfortunately we only got an hour shakes and nerves got the better of me again. on there and as there was 2 of us, only got By this time, I was inconsolable, I got home half hour each, but we did as much as we and went straight in the garage and hugged could back on the schools carpark instead. my Gonzo and cried till I couldn’t cry any The slalom and figure of eight, the dreaded more, all the while talking to him and saying u-turn and a couple of emergency stops at I was sorry for not being able to ride him… least. Everything went a lot stupid I know, I need locking better, well no skids.on the up… but he’s my baby and carpark floor or my undies at I always talk to him. As well least, phew!! So Lee told me I as all that, I had to pluck up was ready to book my actual the courage to ask Jordan to MOD 1 test… gulp!! pay for another test… this was So here was the real scary getting so expensive now, and parts, the tests. My MOD 1, I’m truly sorry Jordan, hope the carpark test. That was Don’t think I’ll be using that you can forgive me. And on passed first time with only the 17th July was go number toothbrush again 2 minors and no extra goes needed on the 4… if I didn’t pass this time, I was going to speed trap bit, which means I went through give up… … so blooming good job I PASSED them spot on speed wise both times. That was then eh!!!! on the 6th May, so only one more bit to do… So that all done, it was now time to my Mod 2, which is the road craft test. This concentrate on Gonzo. In between lessons/ was on the 14th May, and I failed badly. I tests etc, I‘d made a start on him, by stripping was so shaky and nervous, it was ridiculous, all his fairings off and shoving them in the didn’t think I would pass to be honest, but it bath (as you can see, he was a bit dirty lol), still really knocked me for 6. Cried my eyes to clean them inside and out. I then started out for hours once I got home… and this was painting his frame and swing arm black (they supposed to be the easier were silver before). It’s not test!! So on the 30th May, I perfect if you look close, but I tried again… and failed… did it and proud of myself for annoyingly this time though, doing my bit. I then stripped it was only on a very minor the tank and airbox off to get thing… I’d changed lanes at him ready for my ex to do all a roundabout to go straight the mechanical work on him… across and when I changed I’d reached my limit by now lanes, I forgot to cancel my Well where else do you clean lol. But again I was proud your bike?



of myself for getting him to that point, as I’d probably done more miles on the back than never done it before and lets face it… how most riders will ever do on the front. many riders would actually know how to do So I would like to say the BIGGEST thanks all that!! Then my ex very kindly did all the to Jordan & Tom for their amazing generosity, technical work on my Gonzo for me to get without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. him back to his gorgeous self. With the added You have given me freedom and lot more bonus of a new colour frame and swingarm, besides, and I will never be able to thank you and sexy new black footpegs to match, and both enough. And also a HUGE HUGE thanks new sexy levers and bar ends… and the all to CAMRIDER CHESTER with Lee and Jo for important heated grips fitted picking me up and taking me and after passing his MOT home and for being the best first time, as usual, he was all and most patient instructors mine and I was ready to hit and getting me through this. the big wide world of biking You are all saints and legends on the front. and I love you all so much for My ex then also very kindly giving me this wonderful gift. went out with me on my first So folks, next time you trip out on him, as he knew Nice new frame colour done see me, I will be on my my little ole me the bike inside and out and Gonzo. Wish me luck on my could help me learn his ways and character. adventures and hope to ride with as many of We had intercoms, so he talked me through you as possible over the years!!! what I needed to do and gave me some much And if I can do it, so can anyone, so if you’re needed advice on actual fun, safe riding reading this and haven’t done your test yet, round our gorgeous Welsh roads. And so get out there and do it. For me it was the most I was off. Within 2 weeks of finally getting daunting, nerve wracking experience to put out on Gonzo for the very first time, I rode all myself through all those lessons and tests… the way to Bedford to meet up with Ruth and and there was a few times when I nearly Stritchy and then we all went down to Kent bottled it and thought, I can’t do this. But luckily for the National Rally, and then back home. I managed to push myself through it and get Over 700 miles in a long weekend on a bike to the bit I really wanted… my freedom on my that was still very new to me from a rider point own bike. It’s scary on the front, in control of all of view and with next to no practice since those horses and all those idiots in boxes out passing my test… talk about a baptism of fire, there… but there is NOOOOOOOOOOO and on my own too, except for better feeling in the world!!!!! All I the Bedford to Kent section. So I can hope is, that I will be a good started out with a bang, and hope rider and that if you are riding to cover many more miles over the with me, I don’t hold you up or years. annoy you too much lol… but if I’ll look back and wish to god I can kick your ass and go round I’d done it sooner, although there corners quicker than you… all the is benefits to sitting chillin on the better! back looking at the scenery lol!! Happy riding folks and But I survived it all and now I’m LET’S PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY one of you and not just My final test certificate a pillion anymore, although I’ve Got a story to tell? Send your text and pictures to AUTUMN 2014


20th Solent Rally by

Pam Irving, Solent Branch

The two photo albums bear witness to the 20 years of Solent Rallies. Remember the original canvass Scout marquee without windows and a tendency to let in rain? The huge party tent followed, along with all the gear transported in the faithful ‘orse box, Barbara and Alan having spent the previous week loading it. Yes the good old days when we served up to 200 full English breakfasts in preparation for the rideout to follow. Where did all those young bikers (with strangely familiar faces) go? Some are no longer with us, a few have grown up, but most of ‘em were there last week-end. The murmurers (spell check tells me that should read ‘murderers’, but I wouldn’t be so harsh) were up as early as ever having that first cuppa and …… murmuring, ‘till the rest of us emerged. No one could quite believe the size of Steve and Maria’s palace, which occupied most of the campsite and would be a good substitute for the marquee if need arose. Thing is…. they brought it on their bike! Geoff Blank led us all on a superb ride to the Army Flying museum at Middle Wallop, carefully planned to include the A272, which is a bit of a nice road to travel. We also stopped off at Portsdown Hill for a view of Portsmouth and an ice cream. Thanks Geoff, a great day out. Then back for the spectacular Hog roast with a difference. The difference being that Barbara had persuaded people at two separate locations to slow roast pork joints obtained from the local butcher. Many thanks to Sue and Coral who had their arms twisted to oblige. Alan sped round to collect said joints whilst Barbara and helpers set out a splendid salad 48 GOLDEN WING


accompaniment, followed by strawberries and cream, courtesy of Alan Kyle. As with all celebrations, we had cake, beautifully decorated with our Solent logo, it was a shame to chop into it! What a great evening, Will Alan recover from giving out so many stuffings? I lost count of the numbers, but he was certainly enjoying himself! Such is the dedication that Brian and Annie came all the way from Bedford to help set up on Thursday, before heading home on Friday evening for other commitments – thanks guys. It was good to see our revered Secretary Graham and Jackie who dashed back from holiday just to see us, also Sue, Dave, and Metal Micky who called in. We also had overseas campers from the Isle of Wight, namely Pete and Andrea, with Jane who was testing out her new bike CBR600F. Just a word about the new style rally at Maynards Camping Park. Gone is the huge party tent with all the catering, tuck shop etc. but there’s still boiling water for brews and shelter from the rain, which we don’t have in the Solent anyway. The site is great with free showers and pot washing facilities. Petrol station just across the road, Beefeater pub next door and a supermarket just up the road. Arundel is within walking distance with its shops and castle, so those who weren’t on the rideout, found plenty to do in the town. Gold star to whoever chose it – Oh that was Barbara and Alan too, so along with the three cheers go our thanks for organising the 20th Solent Rally.

See you at the 21st!

Your stories needed!

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, why not tell everyone about it? Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2




Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772 The Musgrave Arms, Apsley End Road, Shillington, Beds SG5 3LX. Every Wednesday from 8pm.

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Birmingham Secretary: Nick Parton - 0121 603 8983

Plough and Harrow, Slade Road, Roughley, Sutton Coldfield B75 5PF. 2nd Tuesday of each month from 8pm

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Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


ell firstly sorry for not sending a report for the last issue and thank you to Stephen Stackhouse who die send me the contribution. 2014 remains a good year for Cambs HOC – the ride outs have been well attended and the meetings too – we have managed most Tuesday night ride outs since April with 7-10 bikes attending, enjoying a meander through the lanes and ending up a good eatery to finish the evening – as you know Cambs are social and we do like out food (and gin!) Wednesday nights is usually out social night during the summer months and these have been attended with those who cannot make the ride outs and for those who just come for our social side of things – as always we enjoy each others company and catching up with what everyone has been doing and where they have been. 8 of us did take a holiday to the south of France with 4 members of the Yorkshire branch, Roger, Nina, Jim, Anita, Jim, Debra, Paul and myself were joined by Dave, Lisa, Ade and Sue on the 12 June to ride for 3 days down to Mussiedan in the Dordogne region – it was glorious and have to say that for the first time ever on any motorbike holiday the wets did not come out once! I know hard to believe isn’t it. The sun shone on the Thursday down to Folkestone and then all the way down to the Chateau and what a Chateau – 10 en suite bedrooms, large Kitchen, very large sitting room, a snug, dining room, laundry room and the gardens were enormous! It had it’s own swimming pool and that is were we spent most of our time in the 28 plus degrees of heat – in fact it didn’t drop below 28 and it reached 34 on the our last day. We took

a ride out on the Wednesday to the coast, Archachon, it was beautiful and we had a lovely seafood lunch on the front over looking the blue sea – heaven. We took 2 days to come home which came round all too soon. We have been to the National Arboretum, a ride out led by Stephen Stackhouse on a very hot day, and I mean hot. Stephen Stackhouse also led a ride out to the Cotswolds at the end of August. Stephen and Joyce were accompanied by Roger, Nina, Jim, Anita, Nikki, Barry and Eric. A scenic ride ending up at Lechlade for lunch was the order of the day and the weather was fine for them – it was a good day out. Paul and I attended a grass track meeting at Wood Walton on that day and it was great fun to watch, only one accident and no one was hurt. We are not attending the National Rally this year but hope all of you who are have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves in the usual HOC manner, we are also away for the AGM so the next time we meet up with you will be at the Christmas (Oh no the ‘C’ word!) do at the end of November. Ride safe and look forward to catching up with you all soon

Love Paul and Kim xxx

• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417


i All, hope you’ve had a good biking summer. Shame much of August ended up being pretty rubbish, so hope the Autumn turned out better. Now, I’m sorry that it’s the same old names keep getting mentioned on here, but only you know how that can be changed so that your name is included! We joined in the Oxford Branch’s Test Ride day at Blade Honda in Abingdon, but sadly due to several date changes some regular Bristol members couldn’t take part on the day, but that did mean there were more chances for the rest to ride all the bikes! Matt and I rode there across the Cotswolds, while Stu & Lez went with Ash and Ben along the M4 corridor. Erica and her team welcomed us at Abingdon with the usual delicious fare - bacon baps, and cakes in between rides. Yum! Unfortunately for Matt, while he did have a bacon bap on arrival, he didn’t get the opportunity to sample any of the bikes, being called away on an urgent errand soon after. We had a good choice of bikes to try, from a 250 single right up to a 1300. Favourite for me? VFR800 - biased or what? Ash and Ben preferred the quickest bikes – the Fireblade certainly got their thumbs-up! Stu liked the Pan, not so Lesley. Maybe the seat wasn’t big enough? Stu had scoffed rather a lot of bacon baps and too much cake! Next event was yet another with Oxford branch, their HOC roast. Not many went from Bristol, and I went early to join in a 50-mile pre-lunch ride out, which was quite an entertaining tour around some of Oxfordshire’s back roads. Stu wouldn’t have liked it – not enough smooth, solid Tarmac for him! The lunch was not a success for us,

though it wasn’t the HOC’s fault. While some there were served quite quickly, after an hour and a half waiting for our order we were actually offered our money back because we’d waited so long, while saying we’d still get our meals (and it was a seriously-overpriced single course). It arrived another half hour later, not looking particularly special, but by then I didn’t want it even though it was now free...oh no, we won’t be returning. Maybe a Tripadvisor review’s due....? Others did seem to have a better experience though. Anyway, when we stopped for a break on the way home (coffee as usual, for Latte Lez), I at least had the dessert course - an ice cream! Then there was the Calne bike meet. I went along early, showing my CX on the VJMC stand, while Stu & Lez along with Matt & Penny and John & Max arrived later on. It was a warm day, really well attended, and there were all kinds of bikes - classic, custom, special, you name it - completely overwhelming the town as usual. It was all free to view, although there were plenty of opportunities to make charitable donations, which was what it was all about. In August, the same day as the Bristol Bike Show and close by it, Matt and Penny tied the knot, marrying at the Bristol Register Office. Straight after the usual group photographs, and with Pen still in her posh wedding dress, the new Mr & Mrs Love then had a brief look around the show, even trying out a vintage Lambretta for size. There were no Honda’s on show there, you see... Later, several of us had a very enjoyable time at Matt & Penny’s evening do. All our best wishes and future happiness to Matt & Penny.

• • • 52 GOLDEN WING SUMMER 2014


The very next day, four of us set off on a rather later than usual start to the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. A little rain en route didn’t spoil the outward journey, drying out before we stopped for a coffee near Oxford. We arrived in Brackley in the early afternoon, unfortunately having then to park up a bit of a walk away. Whatever, it was a fantastic day, with lots of club stands (HOC, obviously) and many trade stands too. Stu bought himself a cowboy hat – the spurs, chaps and six-shooter are next on the shopping list, but he’s not

sure how he’s going to sneak a horse past Lez! There was plenty of action all day, with displays going on in several arenas, from scrambling and stunt riding to road racing on the improvised High Street circuit. A great day out, and it’ll be on the list for a visit again next year. So that’s it for now, ride safe, and hope to see you soon.


Lez, a latte, her coffee purchaser

Well, I have plenty of room here at the front!

Matt and Pen, the newlyweds!

Stu heads in for yet another bacon bap!

Matt with bikes he missed out on

• • • SUMMER 2014
















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Chester & District Secretary: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540

The Cheshire Cat, Whitchurch Road, Christleton, Chester CH3 6AE. Alternate Thursdays from 8.30pm.

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Secretary: Ian Wickham - 01392 879445 The Seven Stars Inn, Alphington Road, Exeter EX2 8JD. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 7.30pm.

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Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272 The True Lovers Knot, Tarrant Keynston, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 9JG. 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 7.30pm.

• • • SUMMER 2014


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

East Midlands Rally 4th-6th July

It was another good turnout for this year’s rally, with the fish & chip run going down a storm on Friday night, as everyone sheltered in the marquee from the downpour. Saturday saw the rain subsiding and the sun emerging to help dry out the roads, meaning that we could carry on with the planned ride out. Setting off to do a figure of 8 route, turning south for the first loop, stopping for coffee and cake at the Stepping Stones about a mile up the road from where we started out. After a short break we turned north for the second loop heading for Flash – the highest village in Great Britain, as the roads in Flash are not so good we made a stop at the Knight’s Table for Lunch about half a mile from Flash itself.

The Morridge

After a chance to get refreshed and chill a while, the fun and games started. First were the Adult Space Hopper races with much jostling and cheating taking place, these were followed by a sack race, valiantly won by Pam from the Solent branch.

Space Hopper Mayhem

All parked up for lunch

The return trip took us the shortest route through Flash village and out into the wild countryside before heading south along the Morridge with its spectacular views over the Staffordshire moors.

Come on Hop-a-long, catch me if you can

• • • 56 GOLDEN WING


Meanwhile, boys will be boys and space hoppers turned into giant footballs, what are they like!!!

Ian & Emma with Di caught in the background

On me head son!

Saturday night saw 2 teams sharing first place in the quiz (the Solent contingent being one and the Barnard family the other), both getting a maximum score of 50. Thanks to all who attended, even those who just called in for a few hours on Saturday evening.

Main courses done then came the puds, very nice indeed, all seemed to have enjoyed there meal, then to the garden for the group photograph, all filled up and big smiles were plentiful, pic taken then all departed, another year passed for this event. Thanks to everyone for their support.

HOC Roast 20th July by Graham The HOC roast 2014 was a great success, 18 in total turned up, 17 from HOC East Midlands and Trevor from the Birmingham branch, Sue and staff at the Birch Tree gave us a warm welcome as usual, after getting a drink we were all led to our tables in the dining room where food quickly arrived, some had starters so the rest waited patiently for their main course.

Graham, Karen, Trevor & Almost Helen Trev’s head is in the way

Smile, you’ve been framed

Classic Bike Show Donington 9th-10th August

The Classic Bike Show at Donington was well attended on Saturday as the weather was quite good and there was plenty of racing, the highlight of the day was a fly past by a Lancaster bomber, apparently one of only two left in the world still flying.

Lancaster Flypast

• • • SUMMER 2014


Sunday was a bit thinner on the ground probably due to the torrential rain. There was some interest shown in the HOC bikes especially Frank’s 50th Anniversary Special Edition VFR.

Street Fighter

Frank’s Special Edition

Ian’s New Edition

There were plenty of classic bikes to be seen in the exhibition hall as well as those that took to the track. Norton, AJS, BSA to name a few and even some one off specials.

Thanks to all of our members who helped out over the weekend.

Chester Ride 17th August

Six bikes met up at the Derby/Burton services on the A50 and set off for Chester, crossing over from Derbyshire into Staffordshire and stopping off at Slater’s shopping village on the A51 just south of Woore for a cuppa and a bacon cob. Navigating our way around Nantwich we came out the other side to be greeted by a giant Darlek made of straw in the middle of a field. It was apparently there to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.

This is a one off if ever I saw one

Steve’s favourite was a CBX1000 Street Fighter, which he drooled over but I wouldn’t let him bring home to add to the 2 Hondas that he already has.

Exstrawdenary Exterminator

• • • 58 GOLDEN WING


Having been told that the best place to park in Chester is the Riverside, we followed the river coming into the town, but then ended up parking in a multi-storey car park as there didn’t appear to be any signs for the Riverside.

Then one bike went straight on at a roundabout where the rest of us were turning and then as we stopped to wait for them to catch up they sailed straight past. A few text messages later revealed that all were home safe and sound.

Nothants Rally 22nd August

Unfortunately Steve & I could only stay for one night at the very 1st Northants Rally, but nevertheless we had a good time. Everyone was welcoming and the fish and chips were great. We even managed to sign up a couple of new members, Mr & Mrs Swan of Grendon Lakes. Riverside, when we finally found it

We may have started out as 6 bikes but due to various circumstances only 3 made it back together the whole way, two separated at Nantwich, we thought that they had got ahead of us and tanked off after them, only to receive a text when we stopped that put them somewhere a way behind.

Mr & Mrs Swan eyeing up a CBR600

It was good to catch up with so many people that we hadn’t seen for a while and those that we hadn’t met before.


All together, for now

• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


e attended the Lincoln Bike Fest on the 15th June. There was a good turn out of people viewing the bikes and looking at the stands along Brayford pool.

A modified Gold Wing at Lincoln Bike Fest

A seriously modified CX500

In June and July, I took part in the FIM Meritum and Rally held in Sweden and Finland respectively. Next year’s FIM Rally is at Vorden in the Netherlands at the end of July. This is the perfect opportunity to try an FIM Rally. To find out more go to On Wednesday 2nd of July Martin A and Martin H joined the thousands of people at Barton Bike Night. The following evening Martin A rode down to the popular Boston Bike Night. On the 27th July Martin and Graham went for a ride out to CMC Motorcycles at Clay Cross in Derbyshire, followed by riding along some of the back roads of Nottinghamshire. It was during this ride Graham’s Goldwing experienced quite a bizarre and somewhat spectacular blow out to his rear tyre/valve. They managed to get it home but stopped about 5 times to attempt to re-inflate the tyre. The 3rd August found Lorrie back on bike for her first ride in 3 months after injuring her foot and wrist. Accompanying her on this run were Martin and Graham. Due to Martin’s eccentric navigation, they ended up riding over 216 miles by the time they returned home. On the 17th of August we rode down to the Brackley Motorcycle Festival. This was the first time I had been to this event. It was well worth going to, with street racing and various stalls to look around. Even the food was reasonably priced. It was great to hear the classic racing Hondas as they roared up & down the race course.

Lincoln Bike Fest held at Brayford Pool

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING


Very tastefully customised Honda Graham with his Gold Wing at Newark

Paul has sold one rare bike, his DN01, and purchased another one. The Honda Vultus.

Martin A, Martin H & Veronica at the Brackley HOC stand

Paul’s new Honda Vultus

A classic racing Honda at Brackley

In Lincolnshire we have been very fortunate to have a very special visitor from Canada, their Lancaster Bomber. It has been a rare treat to see two flying Lancasters in the skies of Lincolnshire.

On the 24th August we met up for breakfast at the excellent Caenby Corner Transport café; followed by a ride down to Newark Auto Jumble.

The last two flying Lancasters in the world

John Alan, Martin & Lorrie at Newark Auto Jumble

• • • SUMMER 2014


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


nce again a warm welcome from the Gloucester Branch. Over the last few months the group has had very few ride outs, due to unforeseen circumstances In May a few members of the group took a ride to Bourton on the Water, taking in the notorious Fish Hill, at Broadway. The stop in Bourton was very busy, as the tourist season was in full swing. We did manage to get some some chips for lunch though.

Also in June, some of the group made it to Castle Coombe and the NGRoadracing event, and the opportunity to meet John McGuinness, TT Rider.

John McGuinness at NG Road Racing

Ready for Bourton on the Water

June saw some of the members attend the Ride of Respect, what a thought provoking event this is!! The weather was just right as well Respect to all the armed forces past and present, especially this year, 100 years since the start of the First World War.

July was supposed to be another ride out instead of our usual meeting, but the rain stopped play, so a good chat, over a drink was had. We also joined Old School Riders on one of there ride outs One of the group was also brave enough to do the Dave Thorpe Enduro day.

Old School Riders Ride of respect

June also saw us have a ride out, the evening of our meeting, with the weather being so good, it was nice to be out, instead of inside chatting.

Due to the holiday season we fore went a meeting in august, so we are now looking forward to our September meeting.


• • • 62 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014



Organiser: David Eccles - 07797 854967


ello from Jersey we have had a wonderful Summer here in Jersey and we are already looking forward to next Summer, Our Summer draw was a great success and we raised £1,700 for MND and Cancer Research and I would like to thank all those involved and Motorama Bisson (Honda dealership Jersey) for thier support we are planning another charity event for Christmas. As winter is on its way we are changing our meeting place somewhere with a big fire! I will post information as soon as we have agreed where this will take place, our membership has been slow but it hasn’t helped that our Rideout and safety officer (Gary Quenault) has been out of action all year because of illness however I am pleased to say Gary is on the mend and has now purchased a Goldwing and I am looking forward to Garys input as he is an experienced member of HOC and we hope to see membership increase and Gary will strengthen our team and I am looking forward to a fruitful 2015 and plan some ride outs with our HOC friends. Wish you all a safe and fun filled Winter.


• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775 Well, Kent have had a good year to date, and it’s going to get better when the Rally kicks off. We can welcome some new faces in David, Barry and John, welcome. So, for useless information, names John and Mike are the most common in the group! The big event for us was our 11 day Scotland trip arranged by Pauline and John, where 12 riders and pillions attended (sadly not me). The report is on the web and a dvd is being edited as I write this. Out next big event is ‘hosting’ the National Rally. Ruth and Stritchy are doing all the hard work in planning and organising this event (boy, do they spend time on HOC matters on all of our behalf), we are merely arranging the rides which, hopefully will be well received by members. Let us all hope the weather is good to us. We attended the Faversham Classic Car show in early August with a pitch, as we did in 2013, which turned out so poorly attended that the organisers refunded our money (no local advertising!). We saw this as a great opportunity to promote not only the HOC but biking in general and it was a great disappointment that the event was such a non event. My thanks to Graham G and his colleague from NLHOC for attending. Again, my thanks to Pauline and John, and others, for organising this event. The designated charity, Help for Heroes, also lost out. We have done lots of rides this year, mainly led by Mike O and John A, for whom I thank. We’ve had BBQ’s at Nigel’s and Mike/ Fran’s, for who I thank, and we’ve done two French rides for which I thank Tony B.

Our ‘wanderer’ David Stokes is on his second epic continental tour this year, but is now on his way home from a seven week stint. He’s ridden further abroad in his six years of motorcycling than I have in forty six years, and he’s planning around the world next!! He’s used a twenty five year old CD250U for most travels but a 1981 CB400N Superdream combination for the previous trip. Our rides include numerous trips to ride the Rally routes, mid week fish and chip rides to New Romney, Herne Bay, and Margate, rides to Beachy Head, two rides into Essex for Model Wing event and Stow Maries Aerodrome, Isle of Sheppy, Hever castle, Southend Shakedown, Brighton, Hastings May Day, Whitstable, and Suffolk to meet Bill and Julie. And there’s more to come but I’ll close for now as I know Strichy likes less words and more pictures.


A day trip to France

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING


A scenic view of Glencoe from the chairlift

A sunny Sunday afternoon ride and relaxing by the river

Scottish themed fancy dress night

On the pier waiting for a boat trip on Loch Lomond

Pauline’s hired help from Honda dealers at Perth in the shape of a NC750S DCT

Outside of Loch Tay House, our home for the week

• • • SUMMER 2014


Lakes & Coast

Organisers: Peter Steen - 01539 444059 & Victoria Parker - 07941 831379


s another summer draws to a close, we have been more active this year than last with visits to Knott End on Sea, Appleby, Keswick and the Northern Lakes, Hartside and the Upper Tees valley. White Scar Caves and Devils Bridge to name but a few Then the last two remaining flying Lancaster Bombers flew low over Lake Windermere on Sunday 7th September. I saw them going north at 10.10am, and how about this view from one to the other! (photo) as they came back south again.

Red Arrows

Then at 5.10pm, the Red Arrows came over in a four five formation. Believe we also had the Vulcan(photo) flying around North Cumbria, so a busy afternoon for plane spotters!! It’s a great shame that there are no Sunderland Flying Boats, another part of the second world war, but are no longer based in the UK. The Sunderland was built at the factory which is now White Cross Bay Caravan

site, and the last one flew over, landed and stayed for a fortnight back in 1994. I was one of the last members of the general public who went on board her before she flew back to her base in Canada.

and using his land beside the lake, it took off on the 25th of November and was the first successful flight from water in the British Empire. A replica is currently being built and hopes to fly soon. Maybe not bike related, but an interesting insight into a part of English Lake District History, come and visit us, we have flights over us most days, usually a pair of Eurofighters, but the Wellington’s often come as a pair!


Peter & Victoria

Windermere is still airport, Windermere 1 opened in November 1911, but closed in 1920. Windermere 2 is still ‘operational’ just we don’t have many planes who can land on her runway! Maybe we could offer a solution to the expansion of airports in the UK, now the London one in the Thames estuary is a non starter! Back in 1911 Waterbird was built here, the first of its kind, Built by Edward Wakefield


• • • 66 GOLDEN WING




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299

The Highwayman, Poortown Road, Peel, Isle Of Man IM7 4HG. 3rd Tuesday of every month from 8.30pm and can usually be found in the Manx Legion club in Douglas on Saturday nights

• • •

North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237

The Crown, 98 The Street, Capel, Surrey RH5 5JY. 1st and 3rd Thursday from 8pm.

• • •

Northumbria Secretary: Graeme Burrough - 07050 158 381

Seghill Rugby Club, Welfare Park, Seghill, Cramlington NE23 7EZ. Alternate Mondays from 7.30pm.

• • •



Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435


think we will talk about something other than the rides we did in the last three months. No, this time, I’ll tell you about MANHOC’s annual special event. We have one that has survived the test of time and proves more and more popular each year. Yes, it’s our annual Pancake Run. Now, you’d think it involved bikes and pancakes and tossing them while trying to negotiate an obstacle course. Well, 3 out of 4 for an educated guess. But not quite right. It all started back when Norma first became a modern motorcyclist (or biker chick as she is sometimes – but not often – called) with a large bike (not the teeny CB500, but a modern Bandit 1200). I had just become the Chairman and we were looking for some way of encouraging the timid back out on the bikes. “Why not invite them all round for pancakes” she asked. So I did. But before that, we had to do a small ride. Which we did.

The cook

The next year, the word had got around. We had over 20 bikes rushing around the Yorkshire hills and back to Rochdale. Don’t forget that Pancake day is normally in February (or, if you are luck, early March) and bikers tend to hibernate until at least May. So, a large pack of hungry motorcyclists riding around the Dales is a site to bring fear to most normal people (he he he). Of course, being hungry, we knew that pancakes alone wouldn’t do. So, we brewed a large batch of curry and rice as well, thinking that if any was left, we could eat it over the next few days. Hah! No chance! It was gone quicker than a jack Russell down a ferret hole.

Gary has the first one

This proved to be quite popular so we did it again the next year. Norma had got 4 pans and was able to turn out a supply of pancakes “to order” so no-one was left waiting or went hungry.

Eating – large bowl

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

OK – we’ll do better next year. This time we had a big bowl of chili (with rice) and a large tray of lasagne – and of course, enough pancakes for everyone to have at least 4. Was it enough? Of course not. The reputation had grown, there were more people and they were still hungry.

I’d planned a route that had a tea stop in the middle and, of course, ended up at the house. I would tell everyone at the tea stop “Don’t eat too much here, we will eat a full meal at the end”. Most people listened, some didn’t. But we never had much left over at the end anyway. The other thing about our rides was the weather. I have no idea why, but each Pancake Day ride has always had nice weather. [That’s blown it for next year, of course]. It might have been cold, it might have been foggy, but it’s always turned out nice. So that’s what we do each February. Norma spends all day Saturday cooking and we all spend some of Sunday eating it. It’s a great way to really start the years riding (even if we have done some exploratory rides before). And, of course, it means we can always say our ride has one tosser in it.

And so it went on, year after year – more food = more people. Did I mention that we go for a ride first? Yes? Well just in case you missed it, we did. Our tosser


Setting off

• • • SUMMER 2014



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


ell we have had a nice summer of rides here in Norfolk, although recently the rain and wind have been a bit grim... we intended to go to the Wimbotsham Show last week but it was POURING down so that was sadly cancelled. But anyway on 22nd June we had a lovely run through to the Wells Bike Show. Mike and Peter took us on a lovely run round the houses to Bircham Windmill - we MUST go back there as the cakes were to die for... AND they do cream teas - which Mike and Peter sampled... again!!!! The show is always busy and there are plenty of bikes to look at and some stalls to visit as well as ice creams and fish & chips. The weather was so good that Mike even treated the crowds to a viewing of his legs - something that sort of stays with you - FOR EVER!!!

The Honda Day at the ACE started in rain but soon dried out to sunshine as Mark and Josh led us all south. The day was quite quiet - so many other sporting things on in and around London such as the Formula 1 at Silverstone etc. After saying “Hi” to the guys on the HOC stand and a tasty brekkie we soon got chatting to everyone there and had a great time. One gut on a little 125cc Bantam showed us photos of his 50 years riding it across Europe - escaping the Russians going in to Czechoslovakia for instance - as he put it “I rode away from their tanks at high speed” - hmmm on a 3-gear 125????

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING


and was really nice and tasty - somehow our table ended up with a whole extra portion of vegetables....and this was quickly followed by nice puddings. Roger and Freda had stayed firm about no desserts but cracked when they heard us all ordering ours....I don’t think they regretted that decision!! When we came top leave the bike thermometers were showing o o 32 C - 33 C - GRIM! Tony led us through to Barton Mills roundabout where the VFRs pulled in to get petrol. That first cool drink at home was just AWESOME... A really wellorganised HOC Roast event that was great to be part of and it was great to see our HOC friends again.

The HOC Roast on 20th July was also great fun in what was a busy month. We had a really nice cooling ride down the nearly finished A11 and then A14 on the A428 saw us pull up the Riverside Car Park for a coffee stop and to meet up with all the other Branches for a ride-out through to Dobbies in Milton Keynes. The heat was by now getting pretty grim but we all then had a lovely run through the countryside to Olney where we picked up Northants members and then ran through to Dobbies. GALLONS of water was drunk as we were all so hot and thirsty and then we were joined by Jenny (ex-Regalia) and her partner Ian on our table. Lunch appeared

• • • SUMMER 2014


We had a great HOC Lings Demo Day at the Harleston Branch - very well hosted by Mark and the team there. Dibble made this a Chairman’s Challenge event too and so there was an excellent turn-out for the day. Everything ran through smoothly and people were quickly trying out the bikes, sampling the cakes and drinks and having a great social. Stepping Stones - our Branch charity - ran the helmet park which was excellent for them too. After a nice BBQ lunch we ran through some great roads to Southwold for ice creams, back to Lings then on to Long Stratton for fish & chips for tea. Finally we ran to The White Lodge at Attleborough - our new Branch venue for a lovely cold beer and chat and then finally home. We had several people say they would be attending our Branch as a result of the day too which is a rally good bonus for us.

Our August run was cancelled because of the tail-end of a hurricane from the USA but the brekkie runs are going well. Martin and Sue - 2 of our newer members have had a fab week at the Classic TT on the Isle of Man and we have some members booked in there for 2015. We can’t WAIT to get over there for this. We would like to invite you all to our next Lings Day - 1st August 2015 starting at 10am where we will be asking Mark to help us to test out some of the Honda Sports-tourers and cruisers and also some of the Lings Triumph range so please put that date in your Branch diaries. Next stop is the National Rally so our Branch’s best wishes and ride safe to all in HOC.

Dave and Sue

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING





Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286


i There from the Nottingham Branch. Well what can I say about the last few months… They’ve certainly gone very quickly and the IoM TT 2014 in May/June seems but a distant memory. Although travelling separately some of the members from the Nottingham Branch ventured ashore to see the thrill and spills of the IoM TT.

Great company, great scenery, great bikes and great racing. One of the highlights was to get the latest Guy Martin book signed by the man himself.

Nice paint job

Guy Martin book signing

Then finally as I took my last trip into Douglas on my last night before heading home, I watched the red arrows display and watched the illuminated Douglas nightlife. Looking at the bikes

Tram to the mountain

Red arrows fly-by

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

Last night on the Isle of Man

Over the following months members have made best use of our glorious weather and ventured out on several ride-outs. Members went to SIX HILLS HOTEL (formerly the Wild Ox) In June which started from the Vale, Daybrook and then set off along the A46 Fosseway, then towards Leicester LE14 3PD. The venue is renowned for a bikers meet and the members enjoyed a leisurely ride, a drink, natter and a look round the fantastic array of motorbikes.

Members bikes

Ollerton chip run

Six Hills bike meet

Another great ride-out was over to Ollerton for a well-deserved fish & chip Supper. Meeting again at the Vale, members set off at 7pm and headed off towards Mansfield / Ollerton with their minds on their delicious supper awaiting them.

After a pleasurable ride in the good weather members arrived to find the restaurant part was closed. Not to be deterred, and their stomachs rumbling they settled for a portion of the finest fish & chips and sat outside to eat. Great evening was had by all. The Nottingham Branch has its next AGM planned for October and there will hopefully be a few more ride-outs before we see the damper weather return and we ease back into our cold evenings and more social events of bowling, quiz nights and evening at the dogs etc. Well that’s all folks!!! Ride safe everyone xx


• • • SUMMER 2014




North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


e continue to be very active and have taken advantage of the lovely sunny weather in July to continue with many runs etc., but as Roland has been in hospital it has been left to me to put a report together, so this will of necessity just be a summary. The first weekend of June saw a weekend in the Isle of Wight, and as Dave Rivett has now bought a house on the island, we will probably be making many more visits to the southern outpost of the North London Branch. We said farewell to John and Lynn who have moved to Darlington and together with Phil now run the northern outpost of the branch. A popular evening run was to Meldreth Manor for the annual show in aid of Scope and as usual there was a massive turnout of all kinds of exotic machinery. The only thing that spoilt the evening was my ‘Blade fell over on the uneven field and broke a corner off the screen! At the end of the month a couple of runs took place to North Essex and Suffolk, one notable feature was some excellent new road surfaces in some of the villages, no significance attached to the fact that the ‘Tour de France’ was due through! The first weekend of July was the BMF/ACU National Road Rally and 7 of us completed the course winning either Special Gold (all night) and as a couple of us were at the ACE Honda day the next day assisting on the HOC stand, made do with a Daytime award. The following weekend was a short weekend in Belgium, staying at ‘The Bikers Loft’ overnight followed by a visit to the site of the battle of Waterloo on the Sunday. 4 members (Kevin, Sarahe, Phil & Thelma) carried on for a fortnight’s holiday to Norway.

11 of us joined Beds Branch’s HOC Roast and following an excellent ride in to the garden centre in Bletchley enjoyed a superb lunch. Unfortunately on the return run there was one of this summer’s ‘biblical’ downpours which penetrated even the best wet weather gear. The last weekend saw Mike Bonner and myself visiting other branches events, the Calne show (Wiltshire) and a classic show at Faversham, where Kent branch had a stand, although it was a poorly attended show, with the only stand being put on by the branch and when we arrived there were only 3 cars in the public car park! Meanwhile 5 branch members had enjoyed a week’s trip via Luxembourg and Germany to Austria organized by Dave Taylor. August started with 3 of us (Jim, Mike O’S and myself) attending Norfolk Branch’s Lings open day which was most enjoyable with test rides, BBQ and a run to Southwold for an ice cream, followed by a fish and chip supper. 5 of us went to the ever popular Brackley show and the month ended with 11 of us having a fish and chip lunch at Wells next the Sea, a long day, but most enjoyable (I think I did 270 miles in the end) As you can see we have been very active and of course we also meet every week at ‘The Kings Oak’ so do come along on any Thursday night.


• • • SUMMER 2014


Northants Secretary: Stu Peile - 07549 407048


he Northants Branch has been very busy over the last few months with regular rideouts during the summer period and regular club nights.

Northants AGM 25th June 2014

On Wednesday 25th June 2014 at The Viking in Rushden the branch held its annual AGM. It was well attended by branch members. A new Branch committee was elected with Gordon being duly elected as the Branch’s new Chairperson. The branch treasurer Alan Denton was happy to continue for another year in the role and Russ will continue to be the branch Webmaster . I would like to say a big thank you to my wife Sharon Peile for her support as branch chairperson in the last year and for chairing the AGM. At the AGM a vote was conducted amongst the members to select a new venue for the branch to meet. The vote was very close and won by only two votes. The Northants HOC now meets at; The Monk and Minstrel, 5 Kettering Road, Isham NN14 1HQ.

First Everyother run from The Monk and Minstrel on Wednesday 2nd July 2014

This rideout was led by Stritchy where seventeen bikes attended we enjoyed an excellent ride through the Northants, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire countryside where we ended up in a village called Renhold 3 miles outside Bedford. We were made very welcome at The Polhill Arms which was a nice village pub serving traditional ale. We were joined by fellow members at the location from Cambridge Branch.

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

Everyother Run on Wednesday 16th July 2014 led by Steve Parker

As we discussed at the AGM whoever is leading a rideout it is up to them where it starts from . Steve’s rideout commenced from Mcdonalds, Sixfields , Northampton . A total of 22 bikes attended the Rideout. This Everyother run made history in the branch as it was the first one to commence from a different location other than the branch meeting place. I was tail end, went down some great roads apart from the A413 towards Buckingham which had loose chippings on the surface which made some interesting riding. We ended up at the GreyHound, Milton Malsor. Annual HOC Roast Sunday 20th July 2014 Ten motorcycles from Northants joined Bedfordshire Branch which was hosting the annual HOC Roast at Dobbies Garden centre near to Milton Keynes. Branch members joined the rideout to the location from Olney. I understand a good time was had by all. Thanks to Beds Branch for organising the event.

MotoGP Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August 2014

I understand this was a first for the Honda Owners Club in being able to purchase Moto GP tickets at Silverstone for the club price of only £70 for a weekend ticket with a reserved seat on the Sunday in Luffield. I understand all members sat together had plenty of banter and overall had a good weekend of racing. I would like to thank all the members who were very helpful in assisting in getting ticket monies to me in time as we had tight deadline to meet for ticket allocation. In the end we sold almost fifty tickets for Moto GP. It is unfortunate for 2015 it will not be at Silverstone. I know it is at Donington Park do not know if any other branches can make contact with them to see if the club members would benefit from discounted tickets for Moto GP. This is such a high profile and prestige event for motorcyling. Ride safe make progress


Northants first ever Rosebowl Rally Friday 22nd to Monday 25th August 2014

This was the first time history had been in the making for Northants Branch as we held our first ever branch rally which we called the Rosebowl Rally.

• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


he Summer of 2014 has continued in a very busy way with lots going on!

of the first prize of a helmet cam, generously donated by Master-tec ( ), the second prize of an Optimate and third prize a security chain set. Ted came second and Richard/Carol third. Over £200 was raised for the RBL Riders amidst a lot of fun. Our Test Ride Day at Abingdon Honda

Poker Run - Oxford folk

Test Ride Day - ready for off

Poker Run at Burford

We had our Oxford Poker Run in aid of the Royal British Legion Riders. Twenty-five bikes, including friends from the Reading Branch and BWDE, met up at the H Cafe in Dorchester for breakfast and coffee before leaving (with the first card chosen) on a lovely ride around the Oxfordshire countryside on a cool and dry Sunday. A stop at Burford for the second card, then Rex’s Cafe Banbury (who had donated a free lunch as a rafffle prize!) for the third, the delightful Chinnor Steam Railway for the third and back to our regular venue The Vine, Cumnor for yummy cake and coffee (or tea!) whilst the winners were decided. Dave Andrews had the best hand and had a choice

continued the busy month with members of the Bristol Branch riding up to join us. What an array of bikes to ride - with bacon butties, cake and coffee to boot! Again generous donations were made to the RBLR fund as the day progressed amidst sunshine. An Aunt Sally versus the Wiltshire Branch was held at The Vine. Wiltshire won the trophy after some sterling work by their team….which did include a couple of the Oxford crowd to make up the numbers! Chips and sarnies for supper finished the evening off whilst tactics and results were discussed.

Aunt Sally - how did that get there

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

July continued to be busy with Bristol and Wiltshire members joining us for a last-minuteorganised ride out and HOC Roast at The Vine.

A ride to Hellfire Caves at High Wycombe and another to Popham Airshow with Brackley Bike Day (see separate report) all ensured we had plenty of time out on our bikes!

Hellfire ride out - more coffee HOC Roast all together

Later in the month we held our Oxford Rally at Clanfield Football Club. Over 40 fun loving campers from various branches of the HOC gathered for three days of riding, food and laughter. Twenty-six bikes ‘rode into’ the Calne Bike Day on Saturday after a very warm but lovely ride via some delightful ‘twisties’ with a well earned stop for cool refreshments half way through the route. A brain teasing quiz, lots to eat and drink and our favourite entertainer, Dave, left several slightly bleary eyed but happy as they packed for home on Sunday. As if that wasn’t enough, there was also a ride to the Brooklands Reunion event and to the Santa Pod Retro day during the month. We have had a variety of busy evening meetings too with an excellent Quiz by Ted and then a very interesting evening with Lembit Opik from MAG, who impressed us all with his knowledge of motorbikes and biking. August started in the same way with our Oxford ‘Best Bike Nite’ at Littlemore, more fun and games and scrummy food all organised (and cooked) by Dave Turner. Paul Frearson’s well-kept Pan won the first prize, which was kindly donated by Dave from MIS.

During the summer Ted has been regularly leading Ride Outs to join the Cotswold Bike Nites at various pubs around the area – excellent get togethers with lots of support from the biking community. Throughout the season our very own Steve Moody (Dilligaf) has been keeping us entertained by leading the EMRA championship and then racing at the Manx Classic TT. What at event for those of us who went (about 20 of us!). The weather was very kind, the racing was excellent, the company great and we were all so proud that Steve brought home a trophy! Congratulations and well done. Stritchy says keep words short and lots of piccies so I have tried to do so. If you want to read more about what we get up to and see more piccies – look at our website.


• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782 Arborfield Royal British Legion Club, Eversley Road, Arborfield, Reading RG2 9PR. 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 7.30pm.

• • •


Secretary: John Gorman

McDonald’s - A8 Showcase, Showcase Leisure Park, Coatbridge G69 7TX. Last Sunday of every month at 10.30am.

• • •

Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 2817193 or 07796 843369 The Blacksmiths Arms, Barbers Row, Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3UA. Every Monday from 8pm

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2014


Secretary: Barbara Peace - 01903 716035 The Cob & Pen, 1 Wallington Shore Road, Fareham PO16 8SL. Alternate Wednesdays.

• • •

South Wales Secretary: Mike Jeffs - 0292 0864202 or 07760 142152

Pontyclun Rugby Club, Llantrisant Rd, Pontyclun CF72 9DQ. 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7.30pm

• • •

Your bike’s the star I’d love to feature your bike in Golden Wing If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!




Organiser: Jim Berry - 01934 707121 or 0775 8354211


ummer will have been and gone by the time you read this. Branch meeting nights are still being held on the third Tuesday of the month in The Nightjar, and some months are pretty lonely with no other bikers around. I have also emailed details of rides to the branch members (whose email addresses I have), and these includes a rides to: Burnham Bike Knights on 15 July, Nailsea International Bike Show on 2 August, Bristol bike Show on 16 August. Also, an invite to join me at the Oxford Rally, (which by the way was a great weekend, “thank you” Erica and team), unfortunately take up has been less than great, a lot less. I should thank those of you that responded to my requests, and an even bigger thank you to those of you who turned up, but one, two, and maybe three bikes hardly constitutes a ride out.

So what is going wrong?? Well my invites are by email, and those of you who receive regular emails from me, including forwarded information from the management team will be receiving these emails, but I am drastically short of email addresses for a large proportion of the branch. So this is a plea, if you do not receive any information from me by email please send your details to me at somerset@ you will be added to my list and will receive updates and invites to what few events I try to hold. Sadly by the time this is out in print, and you respond, the summer will be over, and very little will be happening, but let’s hope next summer will be more productive. Safe bike riding and hopefully some of you will ride down to The Nightjar on the third Tuesday of the month.


Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice - make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch • • • 84 GOLDEN WING


West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


n 25th May Julian & Jon & Jude went on a mission to find a new breakfast venue. We headed for Alton and the Departure Lounge Café. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was. Give it a try - we enjoyed it! The Departure Lounge Cafe, Basingstoke Road, Alton.

15th June, Jon led the run and took us on a scenic tour of Surrey and Hampshire to the Hampshire Bowman pub for Sunday lunch it’s buried deep in the countryside accessed by a long winding county lane, it was worth the trip as it’s a Real Ale pub serving good food what more could one ask for on a sunny Sunday, heavenly bliss. The only disappointing aspect was that the pub had run out of the plastic takeaway bottles so we couldn’t take a few real ales home to try  It was lovely to see Chris Darwen on this run and his white leathers were pristine as always!

Departure Lounge Café

On Sunday 1st June we had a ride to the Goodwood Breakfast Club. It was fortunately sunny as Jon, Rob & I met up with another biker from Gosport & Hants Group. We had a good look around the assembled soft top cars – some of which were unusual to say the least. Keep an eye out for the Goodwood Breakfast Club events next summer – they are free – bikes park on site – yay! And they have the best breakfast rolls.

Hampshire Bowman Pub

Surrey roads are a nightmare as there are too many Lycra clad cyclists who act as if they are all riding the Tour de France and think it’s their road only when we know it’s ours. 6th of July Honda Day at the Ace Café, It’s a short ride for us and we met up with Chris and Marion from North Downs who arrived early to erect and man the HOC stand, the number of bikes attending the Café was much lower than in previous years probably due to other events on the day Moto GP, F1 etc. It was good to see Julian on ‘The Beast’. As always the Monkey Bikes drew a large audience when they gathered for their ‘ride off’

Goodwood old crock (somebody must love it)

• • • SUMMER 2014


The Beast at the Ace Poole Quay Bike night

Ace Café Honda Day

20th July, HOC Roast, Chris Ward (North Downs) had organised the Roast at the Owl PH in Kingsfold, however, the landlord decided that we would not be welcome as he wanted to put his regulars first so we spoke to the landlord of our meeting place The Admiral Hawke who was only too willing so North Downs Roast was held there 16 of us attended, North Downs, West London and Reading and a good time was had by all eating and chatting over a few pints.

Ace Café - wot no reverse gear?

8th July was our chosen day to go to Poole Bike Night the weather was a bit overcast with a few showers to start with about a hour into the run it started to rain quite heavily and a stop was needed for the few optimist among us to put on their wets, it then proceeded to lash it down for most of the trip to Poole. Luckily the rain stopped by the time we arrived and the rest on the evening was dry if a little chilly, fish and chips first then a gentle wander to view the bikes and yes it rained on the way home. Well done to those who made it.

HOC Roast at The Hawke

Mike with Reading Contingent

• • • 86 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

The Taming of The Screw

3rd August, we all left the Admiral Hawke to visit Sammy Millers Museum in the New Forest, a few miles later Steve Hill had a puncture in the his rear tyre we managed to get him to a petrol station which was luckily just around the corner. The offending item was a 4” screw, I had my “Stop & Go” tyre plugging kit with me and proceeded to plug the hole, as the hole was rather large I had my doubts as to whether it would work but it did fantastic, Steve left us for home with a view to call in a few filling stations to check the air pressure no need as the repair held until he had time to get the tyre vulcanised. What a great piece of kit everyone should have one of these for the bike and the car (you never know)

Mike repairing Steves puncture

The rest of us carried on to Sammy Millers it’s always worth a visit as you see bikes that you missed on earlier visits. Food first and then a wander through the museum reminiscing. We rode the scenic way home through the New Forest dodging the horses and cows with very long horns. 17th August, Brackley Festival of Motorcycling, Steve Hill and I went, it’s the day when Brackley relinquishes the town centre to the motorcycle. A track is created for classic race bikes and the like to give noisy parade laps. Many stands and stalls surround the area selling food, accessories and bikes including Honda UK, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph and may more. The above is free if you walk, to park the bike and access the Bike Clubs area and Main Arena costs £5, it’s worth it as in the 5 previous years events the organisers have donated a total of £50K to charities including the Air Ambulance Oxford Branch organised the HOC Stand and attracted quite a few new members. June and July’s weather was great August a bit cold a wet but September is forecast to be much better so we intend to make the most of it. Come along and have a chat one Wednesday evening.


the cause of Steves puncture - the screw not the key btw

• • • SUMMER 2014


West Midlands The West Midlands Branch appears to be rudderless at the moment! Any members in the west midlands area that would like to assist with the running and organisation of the branch should contact Graham Seymour on or call him on 01525 633169 / 07973 428772

• • •

Your stories needed!

Golden Wing is always looking for stories from members of the HOC, could you help? You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, just someone with a story to tell. If you have been to an event (rally, show, ride) with the club, or perhaps you have rebuilt your Honda and are justifyably proud, why not tell everyone about it? Please send your articles and (more importantly) your pictures to Stritchy - contact details on p.2



West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970

East Midlands Branch Rally

Me and Maria had a good weekend with the East Mids Branch at their Rally, bit wet Friday night but great ride out and good weather for the rest of the weekend, well done to everyone who helped run this rally.

Picnic Run

Scotland Branch Holiday

6 branch members had a great time in Scotland see separate report for details.

Only 6 of us on this but had a good ride out, first stop Wolds Way Lavender to have a look round then onto the Yorkshire Moors visitor centre for the picnic and to finish off a good day an ice cream at Ripley thanks to everyone who came.

Muston Scarecrow run

Members had a day at Muston Scarecrow festival, there were some great scarecrows to see (photos on web site) and there was a route round so you got to see them all.

2015 National Rally

As most of you know the West Yorkshire Branch are hosting next year’s National Rally, it’s on the East Coast of Yorkshire at Skipsea Sands all details are on the web site so don’t miss it…


• • • SUMMER 2014



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121

I can report it’s certainly been great to get out on the bikes and being spoilt for choice in deciding where to go. It was a no brainer with the Ride of Respect run on Sunday 1st June seeing a good number turn up at the usual Sainsburys meeting point on the edge of Swindon, including a few over from Bristol and head for the start point at RAF Abingdon in the glorious sunshine and finishing the event with entertainment laid on for all that participated.

Ride of Respect

The following Sunday of the 8th saw Robin, Steve W & Simon W travel down to the Bikesafe event at Haynes Motor Museum to also see if the major refurbishment has been worth it, and we all agreed it was much improved over the old facilities, as I was there helping Jim Peel Cross admitted in his role as BMF officer on the stand they had there. Our satellite meet on Tuesday 10th at Blades in Swindon, as usual at this of year, was well attended and a few travelled quite a distant considering the early start of 6.00 pm. but still pleased with a good show and Pat and his staff looked happy about it all and we certainly had a good time sitting on some of the new ‘toys’, after which we popped round the corner to the local Premier Inn’s pub/ restaurant.

Castle Combe racing circuit managed to hold a Grand National racing weekend on the 21st-22nd and with really hot weather and some great variety of vintage and modern racing, those that made it certainly enjoyed the day and maybe next year we’ll get more to go and enjoy the atmosphere, the noise and the smell which makes racing so addictive. The ritual of the last Monday in June is Cassington Night and few travelled over and missed the rain, but I can’t remember when it rained at this event, I’ll ask Robin as he know everything (about bikes). Last Saturday in June on the 28th saw us pitch up at an event we were invited to participate in which was the Highworth Junior Football Tournament which was an experience all being a bit damp till early afternoon, but we had a fair turnout and teaming up with the Severn Freewheelers we made the most of the time. It has also sewn a seed of any idea for next year, so as always it’ll depend on volunteers and careful planning.

The Highworth event

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING

• SUMMER 2014

Come July and we welcomed John Measures, the club’s legal eagle on Tuesday 8th come to the Red Lion, especially the distances he’d travelled, and he certainly gave us a very enlightening talk as to how we should handle the issues with claiming etc if we have an accident. I think we all came away a bit wiser to the tactics these big players will operate to squeeze more profit out of us poor punters. It was agreed to skip a weekend which was the Beaulieu big ride-in and we’d done that last year and weren’t impressed, so decided to hold off and do the HOC Roast and do rideout to the venue at which Oxford hosted the event at the meeting place of The Vine in Cumnor, so Robin together with Lyn kindly led a select group of Simon P and Angie and Claire and himself on a picturesque route to the pub. Nice day and warm again and good to catch up with Steve of Dilligaf Racing who wasn’t getting any sympathy with the ‘limp’. Calne Bike Festival on Saturday 26th is the big event for us - see the report elsewhere in this issue. Come August and it seems to be a habit of rearranging the rideouts as again we decided to do Brackley Festival of Motorcycling on the 17th as we postponed doing a major ride for next year down to the Hayne Museum facilities. Again a small group travelled up, ok 4 us then became 3, Claire braved it so far but felt a little delicate and unable to carry on for the whole day, and from the stories we were lucky to stay dry and again nice weather on the way home. Moving swiftly on to our AGM on the 19th which we all came away unscathed, with just 2 changes in the committee, of which the positions have been admirably filled by 2 ladies well qualified for the job. Many thanks to all those that voted and helped out and stayed knowing there was food at the end.

Rose Bowl Rally, a peach of do!

Northants Rally parties

Northants Branch’s Rose Bowl Rally, held over the August Bank Holiday, saw some of the Wilts Branch travel, especially to congratulate the happy couple of Garry and Sharon, and as it was their first, and Simon P’s old stamping ground the pictures show a great time was had by all, just a pity you can’t get money back on the empties anymore. With such a buzz at the moment a good sized group of us will have done the National Rally by the time this comes out, plus a quiz night and so much more. So to keep me going I think I’ll need something stronger than coffee to keep me going, any suggestions (legal please).


• • • SUMMER 2014


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Golden Wing - Autumn 2014  
Golden Wing - Autumn 2014  

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