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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! WOW!!!!!!!

I make no apologies for the title. This has been a fantastically busy summer with rallies all over the country topped off by the South Wales National Rally.

Over 200 of you made the journey and the Ghastly, Ghoulish, Gothic night including SEX live on stage made for a great party atmosphere. Next years National will be in Kent and have a 40’s theme. Looking forward to it already.

Calne Show, Brackley Festival of Motorcycling, Silverstone WSB and Silverstone BSB events were great weekend shows that helped recruit many new members and enjoyed by those who staffed them to whom I say a big thank you from the club. Then of course there has been the Chairman’s Challenge which this year has been won by our General Secretary Graham Seymour. However I think he may have stiffer competition in the Saddle Sore challenge as some have travelled a lot further for many of the events. Great to see people taking part none the less in both these fun events which really just give even more reasons for people to get out on their bikes.

We held a simple event in August to remember Dave Barton with Loomies Café being the destination for all. Over a 100 turned out on the day and the condolences book started to fill. Trevor Dave’s son and Dave’s brother Alan were present and were really pleased that so many turned out despite the damp start to the day. They are hoping we can have an event each year to act as a memorial to Dave. We have a similar condolences book on the go for Trevor Thompson and they will be available for signing at the AGM before presenting them to the families.

Honda UK

We have received some positive stuff from Honda this year Including promotional goody bags, hospitality at Cholmondley 4



Pageant of Power and a link up with Pirelli for the Silverstone BSB event allowing several guests to visit the logistics section of the race support team. I know that Tom Hobbs is keen to generate more such links in the future.


This year we have lost our President and one of our Vice Presidents and so elections are required. These are honorary posts renewed every three years. At the management meeting in June this was discussed and two candidates were put forward being Jude Browne for President and Dave Andrews for Vice President. These are to yet to be formally nominated seconded etc. Jude has been a long term member of the club based at the West London branch. Dave likewise at the Oxford branch both have held positions of responsibility within the club and strongly support their current branches. Many will also know Dave from his keen attendance at the rallies throughout the year. These are good ambassadors for the club and have wealth of background knowledge of the club so I am supporting both in their standing for the posts. We also need to verify Chris Ward as our Classic Secretary as he has been doing a sterling job as the stand in replacement since the sad loss of Dave Barton.

2014 Chairman’s Challenge

Yes there will be one but I am looking to vary the format so watch out for details in the coming weeks.


Last time I confirmed we had found our future home. Well the deed is done we have purchased it and now the challenge starts. There is a lot of work to do inside and we hope to have a characteristic French farm house home within the next year. I am firstly tackling the jungle that has grown up around the house since our first visit.

Then rearranging the internal walls to suit our ideas of a comfy place for the foreseeable future. Then of course there is the potential camping facility in the paddock we have and long term a further house in the grounds by converting the barn.

“Ride on but most of all, ride safe”

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


Club Phone Number The number to use, or give out, for the Club is

07982 419285

Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

20th November 2013 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area AUTUMN 2013



Vice Presidents

Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Membership Secretary

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE .


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Rona Bell 90 Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay, Flintshire CH5 4JU ( 07909 830236 .

sits vac

Classic Secretary

Chris Ward 16 Daleside Road, Epsom KT19 9SR ( 07827 393237 .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Advertising Manager

Erica Gassor ( 07799 492 235 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

BMF Liaison Officer

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call

Golden Wing News Editor

HOConsumer Editor

I’d like someone to compile news stories from the magazines, papers and internet. They don’t have to be Honda stories, just interesting.

I’d like someone to look after all the consumer stuff that comes into the magazine.

• Able to type and precis a story to around 150-200 words • Needs to be computer literate and be able to download images • Only 4 times a year

• Needs to read a press release and be able to distil it down to the relevant facts • No pay • Luckily it’s only 4 times a year • No need for design experience

• No need for design experience

• Must have a sense of humour

• Must have a sense of humour

• Must be a member of the HOC

• Must be a member of the HOC

• Must be able to meet deadlines

If you are interested, please contact Stritchy at 6



Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club recently, including those at the various shows which the club has attended during the Summer. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. In July the Summer finally arrived and hopefully many of you got out and about and attended many of the runs, shows, rallies and other events organized by the club for your benefit.


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an Email). Don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. So far I have had 2 Summer magazines returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest. With the subscription rate increase, I am in the process of advising all members who currently pay by Direct Debit, confirmation of the amount you will pay at your next renewal.


With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if have on line banking your can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.


As you know, at our AGM last year, increased rates were approved, so the rate is now £22 for Single membership and £27 for Joint. These rates were considered as extremely good value seeing what is available to you as an HOC member, a first class magazine and all the various activities which are organized for your benefit.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.




Pigeon Post Well it’s finally happened! For the first time in my life I decided not to go out on the bike because it was too hot! Never thought I’d see the day. The location was Northern France of all places and the thought of having to put riding kit on and then have a hair drier directed at my face for a couple of hours did not appeal. Conversely the proximity of a cold shower and a fridge filled with beer and cheese did. I don’t remember much after that… One of the benefits of taking full advantage of HOC membership is that you meet people from all over the country. Sure, attending your branch will put you in contact with new friends and opportunities, with most branches arranging trips both at home and abroad (North London did Route 66 this year!), but “going National” opens up whole new horizons. Most branches will throw open the invite to members from other branches if there are still a few places to fill at the hotel, châteaux or gite, so the opportunities are almost endless. Time becomes the controlling factor! And thus it was that Jax and I found ourselves (eventually, but that’s another story) enjoying a holiday in France and Germany this year with people that we would never have met if not for the HOC. Priceless! Whilst in Germany, Jax and I paid a visit to the Nurburgring ( Nordschleife). Now many of you will have “done the ring” and what an experience it is. They don’t build them like that anymore and for good reason! The web site said that the track was closed for private bookings but what it doesn’t tell you is that when the private session is completed, they open up the track again to the public until dusk. We got on at 5pm and did a couple of laps (its 26 euro a lap) and though you have to keep an eye out for some serious metal coming past you it wasn’t as nerve racking as I had expected. I didn’t attempt to attack the circuit and rode at fast road pace, keeping to the right when necessary to allow faster traffic through and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If you are over that way give it a whirl. It’s as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. Trust me, I’m a builder!



Closer to home I have been attending as many of the rallies, events and Chairman’s Challenges as I can this year and am glad to report that the HOC is in rude health with all events well attended and happy faces everywhere. You all seem determined to make the best of this year which is a pleasure to see and I know gives all of the organisers a warm glow of satisfaction. I‘ve just returned from the Dave Barton memorial run at Loomies café on the A272 near Winchester and the place was mobbed. There must have been a couple of hundred people over the course of the day which is a great tribute to Dave. As usual the pictures were on Facebook before I got home… Well I’m away on the bike for the next three weekends on the bounce (it’s going to cost me I know), culminating in the National rally which will have been and gone by the time you get this. My service manager is rubbing his hands together as I speak. See you somewhere soon.

“Happy riding” Graham Seymour General Secretary


facebook, Twitter & the Forum Many members and quite a few Branches are now on Facebook. Yes, it’s mostly full of inane chatter, but you don’t have to accept everyone as a friend! The good thing is that it’s a great way of keeping in touch. Simply search for ‘Honda Owners Club’ to see the Club and Branch pages that you can ‘like’ and join in with. The Club Facebook page currently has over 1100 members, from all over the world, whilst you can also find Gloucestershire, Oxford, Manchester, North Downs, Northants, North London, West London, Reading, Three Shires and Wiltshire pages to join.

The HOC is now also on Twitter #HOCgb (21st century or what!) However if you don’t want to be a Twit yourself, but are on Facebook, search for Hoc Tweet and become a friend. The HOC’s tweets are repeated there and you will see them as they appear. The HOC Forum has been a feature on the internet for many years now and is a great place to ask questions and chat with the 4700+ registered members. You don’t have to be in the HOC to join, please go to

Join or renew on-line Many of you may not be aware that you can renew your HOC membership. Please go to and click on renew at the top of the page. All money is handled safely and securely by PayPal - but you don’t need a PayPal account, as you can use your credit or debit card. After you have renewed, have a look at the shop where you can buy the fantastic range of HOC regalia.

The web is all very fascinating, however… riding your bike is infinitely preferable to sitting in front of a computer! AUTUMN 2013





Rona’s Regalia Report Things still ticking along nicely on the Regalia side. We have recently ordered a new batch of Baseball Caps as we were nearly out and we now have HOC ONESIES to pre order. I have one in the display box. When you see it in the flesh, you will see what good quality it is and thick fleece they are made of, hence the price. Mens are £65 inc postage & Ladies will be £55 including postage. These are made to order as well, so we will take your measurements and make sure you get a good fit to snuggle into on those cold winter nights. So please ask me for details, but you can see from the picture a rough idea of what they look like.

for them to be sent back to me ready for the NEC and year end. Talking of the NEC, I still need a few people to fill some gaps. As of writing this, all of the week days are now full up, so just some more bods for the weekends are needed. Anybody wanting to volunteer please let me know. Alan already has our pitch booked right next to the Honda Racing truck again, so plenty of stars to hobnob with over the course of the week no doubt. Many thanks Alan. And again we will be selling the tickets to help pay for the stand. Prices on those are still being decided as I write this. But plenty of opportunity for us to sell loads of Regalia there as usual. Lets hope we have as good, if not better year than we did last year. And on that note, that’s it from me. Enjoy what’s left of the season and keep on supporting the best club there is by buying your Regalia.

Rona Bell

Regalia Secretary

Clearance Items 2008 National Rally t-shirt £3 or 2 for £5

Paypal orders have slowed a bit, but there have been many shows on around the country over the last few months and I know the members have been very busy selling loads at these events, so many thanks go to all of them. If anyone has any boxes out there that they don’t need anymore this year, could you please let me know and I’ll arrange AUTUMN 2013

2007 and 2008 National Rally badges 50p each

Please call Rona on 07909 830236 or e-mail to find out what we have left GOLDEN WING 11

Members free Ads advertising in members free ads MEMBERS - free, must state your HOC Membership No. non members £22 1st insertion - free for 1 year (inc. free HOC membership)

For sale Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird 1998

For Sale Honda RVF400 NC35 M Reg1994 25,000 Miles Taxed & tested till April 2014

£2,500 ono

Contact Jen Lawson 01228 675629 07854166477 Membership Number 21992 e-mail you ad to or write to 38 Bower St, Bedford MK40 3RE

Tax and 8 months MOT Bar risers and foot peg lowers, 27,000 miles, slate grey. Ex conditiom.


Contact Roger 07762913548

FOR SALE Givi top box

E450 model, Monolock with adaptor plate and side rails to fit CB1300 complete


Contact Phil Wasmuth 07806 701122 membership number 30667

Members can also post adverts free on the HOC forum





Growing old disgracefully or track action with the Ron Haslam Race School! by

Stephen Parker, Ride Out Coordinator, Nottingham Branch

Well folks, at the ripe old age of 60 I have finally ridden in anger on a track! Donington Race Track to be precise. A magical experience with Ron Haslam and his Race School. I decided to take the plunge with the Premier Package of a CBR 600RR/C-ABS complete with a full Frank Thomas Race suit, Boots, Gloves and a nice Arai Helmet to keep the old bonce in shape!



Arrived at sign-in for the 8.35am session and was stunned at the size of the set up Ron has got at Donington. WOW, not tens but what looked like at least 100 people there already for different training events. A café and well equipped lounge/dining area greeted me in the Paddock Suite. Signed in, booked some photos to be taken whilst riding and headed off to get the kit fitted. A 20 minute briefing expertly delivered with humour started the sweat glands in action! This is it, no bull, just get on with it. We were directed to a cluster of instructors and split into pairs or riders to one instructor. A nice guy called Gavin Slingsby introduced himself and quizzed us on our experiences and what we wanted from the day. My co-rider Alan had been riding a couple of years and fell off a couple of times losing the front end of his bike on the road so he was after some tips to stop chewing grass and concrete! We were allocated our full track prepared bikes, no lights, mirrors, heated grips or ash trays, mmm. After being given the signals Gavin would make to indicate swap places following him, get closer, or stay left of the track, Fireblades on the prowl. 1st session of 15 minutes equivalent to a normal club race saw us zoom out onto track and try and mimic Gavin in position and speed. He gradually built up the speed to see our limits of when we may drop back. End of first session saw us grinning from ear to ear through the beads of sweat on our brow. A de brief and then a practice hanging off a stationary bike to get the race crouch and knee down position embedded in our minds.

2nd session, much quicker, Gavin is pleased we both don’t dawdle about and we hit some good lines and the CBR is screaming away beneath me. Gavin said short shift after Redgate to 4th going through Craner Curves and only drop to third on the braking zone into the Old Hairpin. No speedos on the bikes, but afterwards Gavin said with his bike having a speedo and mirrors to watch us we were averaging over 90mph around Craner curves and squirting up to 110mph roughly between corners! 3rd session, it all comes together for a bit, then lose concentration and miss a couple of apex’s which gaps me from Gavin for a couple of seconds. Damn! An extra fistful and a bit of my toe slider on the corner at Goddards and back on his tail for the Melbourne hairpin. Someone just gone down and chewing grass in front, but looks ok. Then it was all over, flag out, debrief and an assessment given along with our percentage scores for our efforts and Certificates given out. I was pleased as the old git there to get in the top 20% of riders in our group of around 16. My score was 80% and my young co-rider 75% which the instructor said was a good score for our first time on track, so we duly ambled out to get our kit off, no not in that way! To really get our kit off and get our civvies on and queue for pics of us as track gods, well ok, we would probably come at the back of a Club Race, but we felt good! Do I want another go on the next class up, the Fireblades... not half! If any of you want to have a go, it would be even more fun in a group from the club. I went on my own, but you know motorcyclists, you are never alone for long, a great bunch.

Ron Haslam Racing Academy, West Meadow Farm, 123 Main Road, Smalley, Derbyshire DE7 6DT 01332 883323. 5% discount or 1 free for every 10 booked at Donington Park. AUTUMN 2013


Honda News Honda unveils 2014 Dakar Rally Model - the new CRF450 RALLY Honda has released official photos of the new CRF450 RALLY designed specifically for rally racing. TEAM HRC (Honda’s motorcycle works team for rally races) will use the CRF450 RALLY at the upcoming “2014 Dakar Rally – Argentina, Bolivia, Chile” in January 2014. TEAM HRC returned to the Dakar Rally in January 2013 for the first time in 24 years, with the CRF450 RALLY, based on Honda’s commercial CRF450X enduro racing model. The 2013 Dakar Rally generated valuable data in key areas such as engine output, aerodynamic performance, durability and maintenance requirements, which was used as the basis for further design modifications and enhancements. The resulting new CRF450 RALLY, as last year, retains the Programmed Fuel Injection (PGMFI*), the electronic fuel injection system that has shown proven performance in the severe and highly variable environmental conditions of the Dakar Rally. The new CRF450 RALLY will be used by TEAM HRC and will


be released to other rally teams as a production rally machine during 2014. TEAM HRC will participate in 2013 Morocco Rally, starting on October 13th, with the CRF450 RALLY, using the same combination of five riders and five machines for the 2014 Dakar Rally. Testing in actual race conditions is expected to provide useful data for further refinements and enhancements.


Honda rumours Sneaky Preview of the New Honda CTX1300

A photographer has caught a glimpse of the Honda 2014 CTX1300 cruiser during its promotional video shoot.

The new bike, which looks like a crossbreed of the F6B and the DN-01, also looks to share the same motor as the ST1300. Having said this, it is definitely a fresh update to the cruiser market. It also appears, not only to be stylish, but comfortable and practical too, with features noted by MCN to include a “shaft drive, hard panniers, cubby boxes, speakers, twin-disc front brakes with six-pot callipers, mid-mounted rider footpegs, and swept back bars”.

It is yet to be seen if there is a market for such a bike, but this will be tested when it is officially revealed at the Milan Motorcycle Show, EICMA, taking place during the first week of November. Story stolen from AUTUMN 2013

RCV road bike at Milan show?

According to rumours Honda will unveil a MotoGP inspired RCV road bike in at the Milan bike show in November, according to rumours. Italian websites are reporting that Honda insiders have said they will unveil a preproduction concept based on the RC213V raced in MotoGP by Marc Marquez. The ‘RCV 1000’ is said to be due for production in 2015. However, pictures circulating bear more than a passing resemblance to a mock-up created by German magazine Motorrad in January. They shows what looks like a bit like a 2012 Fireblade with a MotoGP RC213V swing arm, suspension and stubby rear end. There’s Fireblade styling up-front but with added beefy race-based forks. Motorrad said the bike would have a 1000cc V4-engine, produce over 200bhp, have a light alloy bridge frame and weigh less than 200kg fully fueled. The magazine also suggested a price of around £40,000. According to the latest rumours, it could be over £80,000. Latest reports are also saying it will have a V4 configuration and make over 200bhp, and pointing to Honda patent drawings. In 2012, Honda Motor Co CEO Takanobu Ito said: ‘Honda is developing a new super sports motorcycle which will feature technologies derived from Honda’s MotoGP machines. This bike will seek to deliver the same passion and excitement that the RC30 super sports bike created when first introduced in 1987.’ The Milan Motorcycle Exhibition starts on November 7. Story stolen from GOLDEN WING 17


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Kicking Back Something to Say... Say it Here

Pics of the Secretaries With the reports from the different secretaries from around the country etc, would it be possible to include a photo at the heading of their report? It not only gives a face to a name, but any new members would know who to look out for when they go to a meeting. Facebook uses, so why not the HOC? Just a thought. What do other people think? Nigel Seymour, by e-mail Member No: 32125

Sounds like a good idea. Do other members want to see what the Secretaries look like?

In Defence of VFR1200 I’ve just read Mike Gammon’s letter in Golden Wing and I’m amazed. I have an early (2010) VFR1200f which sings like a bird and only vibrates a little around 3,500 - 4,000rpm, after which it is vibe free and the mirrors are as clear as anything I have ever owned. By the way - I have 18,500 miles on the bike and it has done a number of high speed, high mileage trips into Europe including Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as the more usual destinations. As far as speed goes, it’s been flat out on the Isle of Man (Mountain Mile) with no stability issues at all, so I think this is a valid point of view Much as I like Mike (we are both members of HOC Cambridgeshire) I have to absolutely disagree with his advice about not buying a VFR1200. Mine has just passed three years old, I took a careful look at potential replacements and came to the conclusion there is nothing in it’s class to compete with it, so guys, go test ride - you will be impressed. Smooth, fast enough, reasonably economical. OK, the fuel tank is too small. I do not know of any VFR 1200 owners who have had similar problems to Mike, although I know others have experienced my 3,500 - 4,000 rpm issue but it’s easy to avoid staying in that range anyway. Greg Benton, by e-mail Membership No: 32046


I was really surprised to see the letter referring to the problems that Mike Gammon (33109) has with vibration on his Honda VFR1200. I am on my second VFR1200 having covered 26,000 miles on the first one and currently 4,000 on the second one. I have been to Munich and through to Rome on a number of occasions and have never had any kind of vibration from either bike. The opposite would be true with the bike showing superb stability at 120 to 140 mph. I can even add a third bike to the party as Honda lent me a VFR1200 that managed 146 mph at Silverstone without so much as a wobble. My only complaint would be that the VFR1200 is electronically limited at 155 mph and on the first trip to Munich with full luggage I managed to hit the limiter, actually 162 mph on the clock, and the engine management shut down unsettled the bike enough to make me stay under 150 mph thereafter. I have no idea which dealer Mike visited but no dealer in my experience would say the bike is only designed for 70 mph and it is quite wrong for “advice” to be given to fellow members that is clearly based on a bike or tyres that had something out of whack. Just to contradict myself for those out there enjoying their VFR1200 I would advise against hitting the limiter as it makes you tense up, all of you, and it leaves a little ridge where parts of your anatomy grip the saddle fiercely....! Tom Reeve, by e-mail Membership No:31748

So that’s 2 for and 1 against the VFR12, what does everyone else think? I’ve ridden the bike and didn’t like it particularly, but then again I love my old ST1100 and haven’t found anything that fits me quite as well as that old bus.

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE GOLDEN WING 19

Work to start on Welsh circuit Disagreements over the 830 acre site have been resolved Preparation for building the £280 million racetrack in Ebbw Vale, Wales, is due to start before the end of the year, as developers have reached a legal agreement with the local council. The site will feature a 3.5 mile (5.6km) track, a motocross track, an international karting track and off-road driving facilities, a hotel, a business and leisure complex and a technology park will be built next to the circuit to help research and development in the automotive industries. Terms of the agreement include: • A pledge of £2 million to be put back in to the community over a 10 year period to help set up local businesses and to help local residents with fuel poverty • The provision of at least 1,650 training placements in construction and service-based industries, with contractors obligated to employ local people • A fund of £1m given to different community art groups to create a number of commissions • The creation of a motor sport race academy to develop young Welsh, British and European elite riders and drivers. The developers have also promised to improve 200 acres of habitat to increase biodiversity in the area and has agreed, in principle, along with the environmental body Natural Resources Wales (NRW), for another 600 to 800 acres to be improved. The site is expected to create 3,000 jobs during construction and 6,000 jobs once completed in 2015/16. It is estimated that 750,000 people will visit the circuit every year, generating £50 million a year for the Welsh economy.

DVLA reveal the 10 silliest excuses for not buying a tax disc 1. My accountant told me I’m due a tax rebate so I didn’t think I needed to pay again this year.

5. I took too much Viagra and couldn’t leave the house.

2. I was on my way to the Post Office to tax the car and called into the betting shop - there was a horse running at Doncaster called ‘Don’t Do It’ so I bet on that with my car tax money instead - it lost.

6. I’d forgotten the motorbike was in my garage – it was behind the BBQ 4so it’s not my fault.

3. My mate said that if the cost of the tax is more than what the car is worth you haven’t got to pay it - it’s not, so I didn’t.

8. I’ve been out of the country for four months and I forgot where I parked my car.

4. I fell out of a tree picking plums and broke both my arms.

10. My reminder on my phone didn’t work so it’s not my fault.


7. I had man flu and couldn’t go to the Post Office.

9. My dog ate the reminder.


ails of what Please call or e-mail for det ilable and ava tly accommodation is curren omes. torh mo and g prices for campin e gone, but Nearly all the caravans hav the private from more may be available . site on owners



Facts About Filtering I have written several previous articles about this, so please bear with me on this one. The reason for again flogging this dead horse is a recent post that has been floating around Facebook and which gives misleading information.

It refers to a number of cases and unfortunately not only does it get the names of the cases wrong but also the facts. The Facebook article ends by saying that filtering past stationary traffic is no longer a grey area and that it is completely legal. It goes on the say that it becomes questionable when the traffic begins to move. This is not strictly true and I hope the following clarifies the situation as it presently stands and has done for the last 50 years. Filtering is the manoeuvre carried out by a motorcycle when passing stationary or slow moving traffic. It has, as such, never been illegal unless the manoeuvre itself contravenes road traffic signs, road traffic regulations, carried out in a dangerous or reckless manner, or without courtesy to other road users. In the case of Powell v Moody (1966), the judge described filtering as queue jumping which was a hazardous manoeuvre which had to be carried out with a high degree of care required by the motorcyclist. The Court said that it was effectively the burden of the motorcyclist to ensure that it was safe to overtake. Rule 88 of the Highway Code says “Additionally, when filtering in slow-moving traffic, take care and keep your speed low.� The DSA Motorcycling Handbook says that filtering requires great care and can expose you to additional hazards. Even the Police Riders Handbook, Motorcycle Roadcraft, says that when the traffic is stationary or moving slowly in queues, motorcyclists can 22 GOLDEN WING

use their manoeuvrability and limited space requirements to make progress but the advantages of filtering have to be weighed against the disadvantages of increased vulnerability.

If the worst happens So what happens if you are involved in an accident when filtering and what criteria do the court use to determine who was at fault? If you have suffered serious injury or loss in the accident, you may find yourself with a reduced award of compensation due to being contributory negligent (partly at fault), or you will receive nothing at all. I must stress that

pic from


every case is determined on its own merits right hand lane. The judge had at first thought and facts but judges can refer to and take into that the claimant had been travelling too fast consideration, past cases which were decided but concluded that his speed could not be in a court of equal standing or above. These legitimately criticised. He also held that, if the are called precedents. claimant had been going appreciably slower, In previous articles, I have referred to several it would have made no difference because cases over the last 50 years and summarised he was right on top of the point of accident what the judges have taken when the defendant first did into consideration to decide It has, as such, never anything to excite anxiety. liability. I will not repeat been illegal to filter So, as Hughes LJ stated: “In them here save to say that other words the judge held the manner in which both parties drive/ride, that even if there had been excess speed, it together with the accident circumstances are was not causative of the collision�. major factors. The judges also focus on the speed of the motorcycle. This was excellently summarised in the 2012 High Court decision of Beasley v Alexander. The Google reference is QB/2012/2197.html and I would suggest you read this, particularly the witness evidence and the summary of the judge. The upshot is that the judge found that the speed of the motorcycle was excessive having regard to the circumstances, however, even though the speed was 10mph above what he considered being safe, he found that even if the motorcycle was travelling at 35 mph, the collision would have occurred in any event. In coming to this decision, the judge referred to the Court of Appeal in Davis v Schrogin where the facts were similar save in that case the defendant car was making a U turn. The claimant motorcyclist was travelling at 40 to 45mph somewhere near the centre of the

In conclusion, ride at a safe speed having regard to the traffic and road conditions. I have found that many accidents occur when the traffic is stationary and a car emerges from a side road to the left. Be extra vigilant in these situations as this is where you will likely to be found contributory negligent.

As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 43 years and a lawyer for over 30 years) I am happy to offer advice to members. My contact numbers are 0116 288 2227 or 07442 011 690 and my e-mail is

My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section. AUTUMN 2013


Had an accident? Choose a fellow member to represent you

Leave it to your insurer and you could end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes. You could even find yourself in the hands of an unqualified ‘case handler’!

By choosing John Measures you get: • over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury • 43 years experience riding bikes • straight forward, no nonsense advice personal to you • backing of major legal firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates 0116 288 2227 07442 011 690

Save h is nu m bers to y ou r mobile. If th e worst shou ld happen - g ive Joh n a ca ll !



Racing Report A foregone conclusion?

With all the hype we expected Marc Marquez to do well following on from his excellent performance in Moto 2 but I doubt that any of us expected him to be so far ahead at the half way stage of the Moto GP in this his rookie year. At just 20 years old is it a foregone conclusion that Marquez will be Champion this year? Is Dani Pedrosa always destined to be the bridesmaid and never the bride? So far no rookie has ever won the Championship - is Marc about to change this or have we put too much emphasis on his talent – is his points lead down to his competitor’s misfortune and no way can you ever dismiss Jorge Lorenzo or Dani Pedrosa completely, despite their injuries from the earlier incidents.

of the running by any means and it is going to be an interesting conclusion to the season. At 20 years old Scott is blazing a trail of success in Moto2. Born in Quedgeley, Gloucester, he holds the distinction of being the youngest rider, at 15 years and 170 days old, in the history of Grand Prix motorcycle racing to ever win a race. Although it has not always been an easy journey, Scot had a tough time when he was involved in the crash that killed his friend Shoya Tomizawa, in Misano in 2010.

Brit Scott Redding is leading Moto2

Marc celebrating win number eight in Spain

Nothing is certain in the World of bike racing and anything can happen, many previous seasons have seen dramatic changes. A performer that we Brits are definitely cheering and can be proud of is Scott Redding who is leading the Moto2– a Brit leading a Moto GP championship!! With everything crossed for a British World Champion we watch with excitement as the season continues. But Pol Espargaro is not out AUTUMN 2013

However, seeing Brits Cal Crutchlow and Bradley Smith fighting it out in the Moto GP, Scott is bursting with confidence and is keen to join the fray, although doubts he will get a factory ride although is still determined to make his mark, hopefully with a Moto2 Championship under his belt. Let us see how it unfolds

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent


Mark Reeves NG Cup Champion 2013

The final round of the NG Road Racing championships will be held at Thruxton which is the fastest circuit in the country on the 12th of October. One competitor who is looking foward to this event is Northants HOC member Mark Reeves, from Wellingborough, who will be competing in the 250cc GP ACU National and NG Cup race on his Honda RS250. In only his second season of racing he has notched up nine race victories in the NG Cup class out of 14 starts including Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Donington Park, Mallory Park, Castle Combe, Anglesey and Pembrey most of which he raced at for the first time in both wet and dry weather conditions. During the recent Pembrey round in South Wales he finished third and first in the NG Cup class and won the championship with one round to go and he will be competing at Thruxton as the 2013 NG Cup champion. 26 GOLDEN WING


HE won the championship with one round to go Despite missing a few rounds after being highsided off his machine during the Mallory Park meeting and sustaining a broken little finger and dislocated finger Reeves still managed to finish in second place in the 500cc Newcomers championship after another pair of race victories and second places.

Along with these results he was also a regular top ten finisher in the open ACU 250cc GP National Championship and after a couple of sixth places is now currently in sixth place in the National Championship. During this season he also won the Dunlop performance award at Brands Hatch and Pembrey in the 250cc class and so far this season he is the only rider to have won the award twice. Reeves will be keen to finish his season off with another victory in the N G Cup class at this very fast and challenging circuit. Words and photos by Paul Korkus





Powderham Classic Show by

Ian Wickham, Devon Branch Secretary

Steve Letheran, myself and two other members followed Steve’s tradition of attending this excellent 2½ day event.

The show is held in the grounds of Powderham Castle, overlooking the estuary of Exmouth. This was the 40th held by the Crash Box Classic Vehicle Club and we could enjoy the delights of seeing literally anything on wheels through the ages with big steam and motorbike sections. One stand had a wonderful collection of very early mopeds, all very dedicated people with the love of classics. Steve did a cracking job with his display units and eagerness to show the flag and let them know of our presence. The weather was Steve preparing fantastic which went along an excellent breakfast with the whole event. Don’t forget that Branches, who visit our county, are welcome give us a call. We can organise some good rideouts and basically offer any assistance.


Ian with his CBF1000

Steve ensuring everything is ready

There were many classic Hondas on display GOLDEN WING 29

East Midlands Rally Weekend


Rita Woodcock, East Midlands Branch Secretary

It’s always a good start to a rally when the sun is shining and the ground is dry, and such a relief too after the disastrous wash out that we had last year. The Fish and Chip Friday Supper went down so well that we are thinking of making it a regular rally feature and of course there was plenty of the wet stuff to wash it all down. Sixteen bikes went on the Saturday ride-out through the Derbyshire countryside, taking in Criche and Chesterfield stopping at Staveley Hall Garden Centre for coffee and cakes then on to Snake Pass and stopping at Edale for lunch on the way back. Back at camp and it was time to get the barbeque lit and sit round with friends old and new for a chat and a beer. Thanks to everyone who came and joined in, it really made it all worthwhile.

In the candle-lit marquee enjoying a drink or two

Celebrating Rita’s birthday with a superb sparkling cake


Getting ready for the off


Faversham Show By

Pauline Ayliffe, Kent Branch Webmaster

The Faversham car & Bike Show takes place at the Farming World Show Ground and was supporting Help for Heroes this year.

The weather was good on both days and the support from club members made it really worthwhile. Branch members bikes on display over the 2 days included a Honda VFR750, CBF600, Super Blackbird, Fireblade, CB1300, NC700X, Hornet and Magna with a guest appearance by a Honda CB400 Four. The Mayor opened the Show and joined the Kent HOC for a photo opportunity, but declined to get his leg over one of the fabulous motorbikes. Many children were thrilled at the chance to sit on the motorbikes and so too were the Star Wars Storm Troopers and the Faversham Carnival Queens. On Sunday afternoon, Kent Branch were joined by Graham Gull and the North London Branch. There was some keen interest shown in the club with membership forms taken away, so hopefully they will attend future meetings.





Our European Rune Rally by

John (JT) & Pat Turner, West Midlands Branch

In June we attended the European Rune Rally in Gulpen, Netherlands.

Altogether 10 Runes turned up plus a Goldwing and a 750 Shadow ridden by Antia the farmer’s wife. We were the only English members, the remainder being a very good crowd of Belgians and Germans. The accommodation at Gastof Euverem couldn’t have been better, with excellent food and plenty of it. Our location was set in the most picturesque countryside with ride-outs through typical neat villages and farmland and not a cloud in sight, it was every bikers dream. On the last evening they held a raffle with some prizes having been donated by rune riders USA, we were very lucky to win 4 in all including the event banner after buying 60 Euros worth of tickets, from then on we were became known as the ‘Lucky English B*****ds’. Next year’s European Rune Rally is on 13-15th June, again in Gulpen.



HOC does Route 66 by

Roland Murphy, North London Branch Secretary

From the 15th to 31st May I lead a group of 13 Honda Owners Club members off to the good old US of A to ride Route 66. Five members were from the North London Branch with others coming from branches up and down the country. We were doing the guided tour where we had a guide leading us and a support vehicle following us.

The Drake Hotel Arrived in Chicago

We left for the USA a day early so that we could spend a day in Chicago seeing the great city. Upon arriving at our hotel we got our rooms and then went out for an evening meal. What a good start to the tour. The next day we took the city tour bus so that we could see the whole city. Then afterwards we went around the city on the tour bus to the places we wanted to visit, this is a hop-on hop-off bus. We had a great time in Chicago.

The following day we picked up our bikes and the tour started. There is so much to see on the tour and to see it all in 2 weeks you have to keep the pace up.

Angeles Crest Highway



During the tour we encountered rain, heavy rain, tornados, sand storms and where we were heading to, California, earth quakes. Not much missed out there I think. The girls

Winslow, Arizona

I am at the moment planning a 2 week round tour of the west side of the USA for April 2015. This is a self-guided tour. It starts and finishes in LA. I almost have the planning completed and if you are interested in joining me, please drop me a line. Prices will be based on this years prices for obvious reasons. The boys

The tour was excellent, if not a bit too fast. We were leaving the hotels each morning at 8am and getting to our next hotel around 7:30/8pm. By the time you had a shower and dinner it was 11:30pm, then you had to be up at 6:30am the next day for breakfast and an 8am departure. It was a bit of a rush, but necessary to fit it all in. I think if I ever do this tour again it will be on the self guided tour and over 4 weeks. AUTUMN 2013

The end of Route 66




Our Isle of Man Adventure by

Tony Robinson, West Midlands Branch On the 24th June myself, my wife Debs plus Tim & his wife Lin boarded the ferry in Liverpool to Douglas on the Isle of Man for a few days’ hols.

Tim at the Joey Dunlop memorial

Tim, Lin & me at start-finish line

Debs, me & Tim at start-finish line


We stayed B & B in Douglas then toured the island visiting Castletown, Port St Mary, Port Erin, Peel, Ramsey, Laxey and Nairbyl where we found some very good places to eat and drink. The boys challenged the girls to a game of pool and unsurprisingly won! The weather was mainly sunny, with just the odd rain shower. We met Kim from the Manx Offshore Branch (25% of its members) and we all did two laps of the TT Circuit so this was one more item knocked off mine & Tim’s bucket list!! Having sponsored riders’ over the years to take part in the TT, Tim was particular happy to have fulfilled his ambition to ride the course on his own bike! But the highlight of the trip was a chance meeting with John McGuinness outside a fish & chip shop in Ramsey, then again later at the Bungalow where he was kind enough to pose for a photo with us! We returned to Liverpool on the 28th June & rounded our trip off with an open topped bus trip around the City. To sum up we had a fun time & the IoM is definitely worth a visit! GOLDEN WING 37

The Rhine in Flames by

Dave White, Norfolk Branch Secretary

Six of us from Norfolk Branch went overnight to the Hook of Holland for a lovely run to Klaus’s Hotel zur Post in Klotten on the Mosel River in Germany in August. The crossing was perfect and we had a lovely clear run down to our Hotel - arriving to the sight of that lovely complimentary ice-cold beer‌ mmmm. We stopped in Monschau - a lovely village that had a vintage motorbike rally going through.

During our stay we saw some amazing sites and sights - Trier is the oldest German city and SO worth exploring. The Roman Porta Nigra (the Black Gate) is the most AWESOME piece of architecture and dwarfs the people round it. There was just SO much to see and do in the city which is where the Emperor Constantine had his HQ - he brought Christianity to the Roman world.

Monschau square with the classic and vintage bike show

As Honda riders we were directed away from the town square but did notice that the local BMWs were being waved through! Monschau river and bridge with interesting fish sculptures Trier Porta Nigra

Trier market place and houses

Monschau lunchtime with the salads that had Sea Grass in them


They also had a delightful elephant trail through the city which was raising money to save the lovely creatures in the wild.


Koblenz Rhine in Flames Tony, Penny and Sue at the cocktail bar

On our other day we went from Klotten to Boppard by road - the most WONDERFUL road with such a series of 180-degree bends and more up and down the mountain. We took the ferry up the Rhine to The Loreli rock on the Rhine on board a 100-year old boat the Gothenburg. The sheer amount of river traffic is amazing.

Trier elephant statue

The Rhine in Flames is really recommended - we caught the train into Koblenz at about 7pm as the festivities go on till well-gone midnight. There is a HUGE street party all down the banks of the Rhine with music, food, drink and entertainments for the thousands of people who attend. We could see the boat procession was on its way as the firework flashes from the villages down the Rhine from Boppard, en route to Koblenz. Then over 70 large river cruisers swept past and moored up while the real firework display was set off from the ancient fortress above Koblenz - a truly magical, unforgettable event.


The Rhine Kaub and Burgh Gutenfels

Our return trip down the bends on the mountain will be another unforgettable memory - especially as we did them in a huge downpour‌ but wow we were so pumped up that we had done them and survived! We spent our last night in Cochem watching the town lights come on as darkness fell and the castle lit up over the river. All in all a truly unforgettable time away that we would recommend to everyone and anyone. MANY thanks Tony and Penny for the run - awesome.




HOC Roast 2013

Mark your diary for next year’s HOC Roast

Sunday 20th July 2014



Dilligaf Racing by

Steve Moody, Oxford Branch member

Let me introduce to you DILLIGAF Racing Team, and the ‘Moody Mobiles’, the Dark Daytona 675R and Honda CBR600FX, ridden by veteran racer and Oxford HOC member, Steve Moody. This is the story of the team and their journey to the Isle of Man to compete in Manx Grand Prix 2014, held on the world famous 37.73 mile TT Mountain Course Circuit.

The Manx Grand Prix first started in 1923, uses the TT Mountain Course and is raced by non professionals. The first race had just 33 entries. Festival races include The Newcomers Race, 350cc/250cc Classic Grand Prix Race, 500cc Classic Grand Prix Race, Supertwin/ Lightweight Grand Prix Race, Classic Superbike Junior Grand Prix race and Senior Manx Grand Prix Race. The Manx Grand Prix will celebrate its 90th Anniversary this year. Racer Steve Moody started his career racing in schoolboy Moto-X at the age of 9. During his 6 years in the sport Steve managed to secure 3 club championships and over 200 trophies to his name. In 1995 Steve decided to try his hand at road racing competing in the East Midlands 400cc club championship. Not only did Steve mange to gain his national licence in that season but he also finished 2nd overall in the championship.

1996 saw Steve catapulted into the British National 400cc championship. Steve rode his Kawasaki ZXR400 to its limits at every meeting and with numerous podium positions, Steve finished 3rd overall in the championship. 42 GOLDEN WING

In 1997 Steve entered the British Superbike Championship as a privateer on a Kawasaki ZXR750. In 1998/99 Steve raced for Team Moto Solo and competed in the British Super Sport 600 championship. Dilligaf Racing was born in 2008 to compete at the Manx Grand Prix. In his first year Steve finished 11th in the newcomers race with a 100mph lap on his Triumph 675. Having caught the Isle of Man racing ‘bug’, Steve returned to the TT Mountain Course in 2009 with Dilligaf Racing and successfully finished 16th in senior race with an average lap speed of 108mph earning himself a replica for that race.

Other Dilligaf team members manoeuvring for position on the starting grid of the Manx GP 2014, are Bruce ‘the mechanic’ Lewis, Stuart ‘the helmet polisher’ Jackson, Des ‘the fuel man’ Morgan , and Oxford HOC members Steve ‘big hammer’ Gilkes and Elaine ‘pitsop’ Heckford ‘. To qualify for the Manx Grand Prix 2014, Steve has to compete satisfactorily in at least 6 races at National or club level. Potential competitors must have held a full National ACU license for at least one year. Riders need to get their Isle of Man race ‘ticket’ signed at each race meeting before they can apply for their TT Course License to race on the world famous legendary TT Mountain Circuit. Riders must also undergo a full medical before they are allowed to race on the isle. Once riders have obtained their signatures and been given a bill of clean health, only then will their applications be considered by race officials. AUTUMN 2013

In preparation for Manx GP, Steve is planning to compete in 4 race meetings this season on his Honda CBR600FX. The bike, the number 42 1999 pre-injection Honda CBR600FX, built specifically as a race bike, was imported by Honda to race at the 2000 TT which was cancelled due to foot and mouth, and therefore sold to a private buyer. Steve will be entering in the steel framed and pre-injection 600 championships at club level. Next year Steve is planning to compete in the EMRA pre-injection 600 formula series on the Honda CBR600FX and the 600 Super Sport class on his Triumph 675R to qualify for the Manx GP. The triumph, the Dark Daytona, with its limited edition black 8 Ball Paint scheme, is currently being transformed from a stunning head turning road bike, into a lean mean racing machine to race at the Manx GP 2014. If successful, Steve hopes to progress onto competing at the prestigious TT race itself. Steve has already successfully competed this year. The first two race meetings on Dilligaf’s voyage to the Manx GP, were at Darley Moor Race Circuit in July. Day one was presented by Darley Moor Road Racing and day two by East Midland Racing Club. Steve was extremely successful and finished 6th in his class on day one and picked up his first trophy in 4 years finishing 2nd in the EMRA pre-injection 600 series on the CBR600 on day two, returning home with his first piece of silverware in four years and 2 prestigious IOM race signatures.

a 3rd treasured signature for his TT Mountain Course licence with a fastest lat time of 57.70s only 1000th of a second slower than the race winner.

Dilligaf Racing News (vols 1 & 2) tells supporters of the teams adventures at their race meetings (available on request). Any one wanting to know more about Dilligaf Racing or able to help sponsorship; please contact Elaine ‘pitstop’ Heckford (self-appointed manager, PR officer, transport manager, reporter and team cook) at or 07919542339.

Dilligaf Racing would like to thank their sponsors KC Auto Colours of Witney, Bob Harrison of TVAM and SG Holdings.

Steve’s third racing success was at Mallory park on August 18th. Cheered on my supporters from Oxford HOC, Steve gained a very crediable 3rd in race and 2nd in class in his first race of the day, and after a spectaular battle for 1st in his second race, Steve gained yet another piece of silverware and AUTUMN 2013



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


eds Branch have been out and about enjoying the good weather this summer. The branch trip to Derwent valley was well attended and by popular demand is on the agenda again for next year. Well done to Ian for another well organised trip. Several members of the branch have been attending rallies this year and we have been represented at Solent, East Mids, Oxford and the Reading rallies since our last report. All well organised and enjoyable weekends where we were made most welcome. We have even been invited back next year! A group of us rode over to the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling in August.This event gets bigger and better each year. I just hope that it does not become a victim of its own success. It’s something to see (and hear) ex GP bikes and Honda 6 replicas amongst other classics, doing demo runs on the high street circuit, and the stunt show is always worth watching. How do they do that…? We have a couple of caravans booked for the National at Porthcawl so we look forward to seeing you there and we will be in Wales again in November for a branch weekend trip to Snowdonia. All the best,


• • • 44 GOLDEN WING



Secretary: Pete Casling - 01454 416417


y the time you read this, summer’s just a distant memory, but once it got going, many of us made up for lost time (as well as last year!). June was a busy month for Bristol Branch, the first event being on a Saturday, with a day at the only motorcycle race meeting this year at Castle Combe. Sadly I was otherwise engaged, so it was only Stu & Lez and Matt & Penny who went, but it was, according to Stu, “A cracking day.” Unfortunately, no photos! The following day more members were able to join in, and we took four bikes over the Severn Bridge for the first ever Abergavenny Bike Show. Leading the way, once in Wales I took a scenic route, starting on some lanes that probably once had tarmac somewhere under the gravel and grass. Stu’s VFR’s recently reupholstered seat now has a ridge along its centre line, something to do with “clenched buttocks”, apparently! We stopped en route at the Steel Horse Cafe (recommended biker’s stop!), then it was on to Abergavenny and the show, held in the Market Hall. A good effort for a first show, with live bands too, and after a good look around, it was a pub lunch, then a wander around the town, and being a rather warm day, we also had the obligatory ice cream! We returned home via our usual “Road of Death”!

Getting ready for Abergavenny ride

Yet another tea at Abergavenny

Next weekend was the Ride of Respect, and again we had four bikes join in. Another early start so as to meet up with Wiltshire Branch for the ride over to Abingdon, and then the Ride of Respect itself. Great atmosphere as usual, bikes everywhere you looked, lots of cheering, waving, and horn blaring! After the ride, it then started raining, just in time for the journey home!

Meeting up before the Ride of Respect

On the last day of June, five members on three bikes went across the Severn again, touring around the Brecons and Black Mountains. It started well – after meeting up, Andy realised he’d forgotten the map and the route instructions! So after a cuppa, he remembered enough of the route to lead a pleasant route to the first stop at the Mill

• • • AUTUMN 2013


in Talgarth, for tea and cakes. After a look around the town, it was over to Llandovery for lunch - with yet more tea. Andy’s bike has a (very) intermittent starting problem, and here it performed its usual trick. Energetic Maxine stepped forwards to give Andy a push-start, while John and Matt sat on their bikes looking on, observing and giving helpful advice! Once on the move again, it was on to yet another biker’s tea stop (and loos!), Abergavenny Bus Station, before heading home. An enjoyable, tea-quenched 200-mile day out. In July, first up was the Honda Day at the Ace Cafe in London. Three of us on two bikes went, and it was a scorcher of a day! We left early, and with little traffic about, we had a brisk ride across the Cotswolds and the Chilterns. This year we even managed to get into the Ace Cafe’s car park! A good variety of Hondas of all ages to be seen, from mini bikes to classic CBXs. Horrendous traffic coming away (but that’s London for you! Glad I don’t live there anymore...), but once on the M4 for a quick blast, it was then onto the quiet A4, but it was still baking hot all the way home! The next Sunday, eight members on five bikes went to the Beaulieu Motorcycle Ride-In. The heat wave was still on, but a stop on the way in the cafe in Salisbury’s air-conditioned Tesco cooled us somewhat. Once at Beaulieu

we had a look round the bikes parked up, the show bikes and the trade stands, as well as a wander round the Motor Museum. The ‘Top Gear’ section with some of their weird contraptions for the TV shows raised a laugh! Lots of cold drinks and ice creams were consumed on this day out! The HOC Roast was the next Sunday, with Crickley Hill Country Park once again being the local venue. I was the only one representing Bristol Branch this year. Whatever, it was a pleasant day meeting up for a picnic and chat with members from other branches in a scenic Cotswolds location. The next Saturday was the Calne Bike Show. Four members and three bikes went, and knowing how crowded it can get here, we went early. Arriving in Calne, we stopped by the Wiltshire Branch HOC stand to say Hi, and Ian pointed for us to park in the prime location on the road right by the stand! Well, they were all Hondas, so thanks, Ian! As the weather forecast was for possible showers, attendance initially seemed lower than usual, but it picked up later, with the streets becoming really crowded with bikes and people, yet the A4 remains open through it all! Loads of bikes to view, traders, club stands and rock bands. The rain stayed off too - until we were very nearly home...

Tracey, Andy, Matt, Maxine, John, Lez, Stu

• • • 46 GOLDEN WING


Calne Bike Show, prime parking slot!.JPG

In August, we missed out one planned event, so the first one we attended was the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. Stu & Lez and me only were up for this one. We set off early for another quick ride across the Cotswolds and on via Oxfordshire. Like Calne, the town centre was a mass of bikes and people, but here part of it was closed to traffic. The festival was really well organised and attended, and with lots going on all day.

Stunt riders, racing legends (remember those ear-splitting strokers?) and scrambling demonstrations in the High Street and arenas, lots of club stands (including the HOC, naturally!), traders, dealers and charities, all making this a terrific day out. We all took our waterproofs just in case, so that kept the rain away! One for next year’s calendar for sure. Well, we’ve made up a bit for last year’s washout, so let’s hope 2014 is a good one too! I know I keep saying it, but it would be really nice if we could see some new faces along to meetings, or even join in our rides. You might even get to appear with us in a photo or two! Until next time...


• • •

D. Owen Installations Installers of replacement UPVC Windows, Doors, Porches, Conservatories plus Fascia, Soffit, Cladding, Guttering and Tiled Canopy Roofs. • We are based in Wolverhampton • Work is undertaken within a 100 mile radius • All work is guaranteed • We have been trading since 1989

• We are HOC members and offer 15% discount to fellow members

54 Rookery Road Lanesfield Wolverhampton West Midlands WV4 6NP

For a free no obligation quote please contact Dave Owen tel: 01902 AUTUMN 2013

662763 Mobile: 07973 204275 GOLDEN WING 47

Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


i everyone. So have you all been enjoying the sunshine? Here at Cambs we are have and we have been out and about on the bikes at weekends as well as our Tuesday night ride outs too. 4 of us, Nikki, Barry, Paul and myself had a ride out to a small bike show at The Langford Museum of power and it was small. We called in for tea and cake at Finchingfield first, like you do, before taking a steady ride through the countryside to Langford. Like I say it was a small show but we had a walk round and looked around the museum retracing our childhoods with some of the old toys on show. These were powered by steam and it was lovely watch. The day was bright and sunny and we just took our time on the ride there and walking round and then watched the bikes being judged while drinking cokes and Pimms. We stopped off for dinner in the next village before heading home which just topped the day off. The next weekend we took a ride to the Sandringham Food and craft show. Jim, Anita, Nikki, Barry and our good friend Adam Shroff who was home on leave in the area joined us with his lady Ruth along with Paul and myself. Again another sunny day so we took a slow ride through the back roads to Sandringham then a calm walk round the tents. We all enjoyed the Chainsaw carving competition which lasted ½ an hour and the items what were created were brilliant - my favourite was a bear. These were all auctioned off for charity and a lot of money was raised. We looked at the other larger carvings which were also auctioned off, again raising a lot of money. Adam and Ruther had to leave us but the rest of us headed to Hunstanton for a fish

and chip tea and an ice cream. During June and July we had 3rd Wednesday ride out as some people cannot make the Tuesdays, these proved to be very popular and successful. Barry and Nikki lead June ending up at The Mill at Hartford and July was lead by Roger Burgess again ending up at The Mill. We will definitely be repeated next year. At the time of writing this report Cambs branch is homeless - our meeting place of The Mill, Hartford burnt down rather spectacularly and we have been looking for an alternative. We have had one meeting but the venue wasn’t great so will be choosing another and will let you know how it goes. The web site will be updated shortly.

Kim with John McGuiness at book signing

On a personnel note Paul and I went to the TT races on the Isle of Man and what a lovely holiday that was!. We had an early booking in time for the ferry so travelled up to Preston the night before and it rained all the way and I mean it rained. We were soaked. The next day was cloudy and overcast but half way across the sea the sun came out and stayed our for the whole of the TT. This is the 3rd time we have been to the Isle and it was definitely the best time. We checked into our farm home

• • • 48 GOLDEN WING


Kim with Steve Parish

stay B&B and caught up with Sandra and Alan who we had stayed with on the previous 2 visits. We went with our friend Martin and his friends from the Triumph owners club and had a great time dividing between watching practice, racing and sight seeing. We met up with our friends Dave and Sue from the Norfolk branch and had a lovely long lazy lunch the day before we came home in a lovely pub in Peel. We also caught up with

Karen Angela who lives on the Isle and had a lovely chat, it was good to see her. All in all it was a lovely holiday and I could go on about it but I am sure you caught on TV. We have booked for 2016 thought!. As this report is late I will include our ride to BSB Cadwell Park on Bank Holiday Monday - 26/8 - Lead by Greg Benton, Jim, Anita, Paul and myself left early and up near the chicane for the day. Greg went on walk about and met up with friends but they all joined us for a picnic lunch which was lovely. The weather again was brilliant and we had taken shorts to change into. the racing was great and we all enjoyed the day and it wasn’t that bad to get out either. A lot of people left after the second BSB race but we stayed for the 250 race and it meant a lot of the bikes had gone and it make easy excess out and home. Well see you at the National and the Christmas do. Stay safe,

Kim xxx

• • • AUTUMN 2013


East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Branch Holiday to Belgium 23rd May to 1st June

It was a bit of a hairy start to the holiday with hailstones pounding down on us as we negotiated the M25 on the way to Dover, but what the heck we were on our way to Belgium.

And so here the holiday starts

After a night in Calais we set off for Narvik HomeParc Mooi Zutendaal in Limburg Provence with rain hammering down for quite a lot of the time and stress levels rising when 2 bikes strayed off on their own going round the Brussels ring road and then at 10:30pm still waiting for the one biker and pillion that travelled over on their own. All’s well that ends well and by midnight we were all settling into our very spacious accommodation, the villa was enormous with plenty of room for all of us and our bike gear.

Home Sweet Home for the next week

Saturday was a biking rest day with a chance to explore our surroundings, a gentle walk into the town to sample the local beverages was the order of the day, although having realised that it was just a tad further than we thought, we wimped out and caught the bus back. A trip to Vervier to visit an ice-cream parlour found us heading South. This took us via Liège, which lies on the river Meuse with lots of bridges that cross it. I think that we managed to cross most of them as we weaved back and forth due to the lack of signage at the road side. As the weather wasn’t at its best we didn’t venture out on the bikes every day, and as you can see there was some homemade jiggery pokery to keep us entertained.

There’s always one...

...or maybe two!

• • • 50 GOLDEN WING


One particularly nice sunny day we took a ride through the Ardennes going first to La Gileppe, a reservoir with a restaurant at the top of a tower 77 metres above the dam. The dam is topped by a monumental lion sculpture which stands 13.5 meters tall and surveys the scenery across the top of the trees.

Another day we ventured out to the Maasmechelen Chic Outlet Shopping Village, a designer outlet village that had been constructed on the site of an old mine and behind the shiny new shop fronts were two old mine shafts and wheelhouses, one of which had been renovated.

La Gileppe taken from the panoramic restaurant The Lion of La Gileppe

From there we rode on to a small village called Vieux Tancrement (otherwise known as the Tart village). Here there are only a handful of houses, three large Cafés and Bakeries that sell every type of sweet tart that you can imagine. Oh Boy!

What a Tart!

Wow what a day, great weather, good biking roads and food, glorious food.

The mines of Maasmechelen

On the way there we had decided to use the drop off system to make life easier for us at the front. Roz had never heard of this before so it was explained in detail to her. On leaving the petrol station she was asked “Are you ok with using the drop off system?” and she replied very positively “Fine, no problem”. At each junction we were checking to see if someone had dropped off, which they all did, until it came to Roz’s turn. So when we reached our destination we asked her about it and she said that she had been worried that she would get left behind. So at Roz’s suggestion we had a demonstration run (on foot) in the car park, walking around making such noises as Vroom, Vroom, doing hand signals and stopping at the junctions in the car park to demonstrate how it works. The Belgian shoppers must have thought that we had all escaped from the local asylum.

• • • AUTUMN 2013


HOC Roast 21st July

A party of thirty of us gathered at the Birch Tree for the HOC Roast on Sunday, it was nice to see such a diversity of bikes in the car park. It even encouraged a group of passing bikers to do a U turn at the roundabout up the road and come back to the pub to see what was going on.

Chip Shop Run to Mablethorpe 28th July

There was a slight doubt as to whether the Mablethorpe Chip shop run would go ahead when the leading rider, Peter, had an accident resulting in pulled muscles and strained tendons which meant that he couldn’t get his leg over the bike. But, thanks to Ian who stepped in at the last minute, the ride went ahead.

(Setting off for the Chip shop run.jpg) Some of our Guests

I would like to thank those members of the Chester and Manchester Branches for making the effort to join us, it made our day even though they didn’t bring the sunshine with them.

Three bikes travelled there together, with the other two (who had turned up too early for the ride) meeting up in Mablethorpe for a game of Mini Golf and some Fish and Chips followed by the subsequent ride home.


Graham, Karen, John and Frank playing the fool, or is it a golf club?

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Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


e have been out on our bikes enjoying the great weather that took its time arriving. On 16th June we joined the IMTC for a run around the back roads of Lincolnshire. I went to the MAG Farmyard Party at Duncombe Park, Helmsley. A great event with good beer and music.

MAG Farm Yard Party at Duncombe Park

I rode to Braunlingen in the Black Forest, Germany, for the FIM Meritum Rally and then on to the FIM Rally in Epernay, France. On the return journey I met up with Martin and Lorrie at Ypres where we attended the memorial service at the Menin Gate.

We continue to attend the Lincolnshire Bike Nights. The good weather has resulted in record attendances at East Kirkby, Barton and Boston Bike Nights. On 11th August we joined MAG for a picnic on the Lincolnshire coast.

Lorrie & Martin at the MAG picnic

Welcome to new HOC member Paul Hibberd who rides a rare Honda DN01.

Paul’s Honda DN01

As the days get shorter and thoughts turn to next year’s touring holiday. The FIM Motocamp is to be held in Morocco in May and the FIM Rally in Finland in July. The Menin Gate in Ypres


• • • AUTUMN SPRING 2013 2013


Gloucestershire Secretary: Jo Hearn - 01242 239783 or 07711 271 388


he Gloucester Branch have been enjoying, the summer weather. June duly arrived bringing with it, improving weather, and giving us all the opportunity to get out and about. Our meeting in June saw us welcoming new members to the group. Who also joined us in our ride out to Coventry Transport Museum, we travelled along the Fosse way from Gloucester to Coventry, stopping of at the Hilltop Farm Shop and Café, for a comfort break, the views from the garden were stunning.

Ride of Respect

July was of course Ace Café Honda Day, and some of us braved the hot weather and made our way to London, where we were able to meet members from other branches.

Coventry Transport Museum

The museum itself was interesting and gave a chance to reflect on times gone by, and reminisce on what we could remember. June also saw some of us attend the Ride of Respect to Brize Norton. We had a 10am arrival slot, and were lucky enough, after a scenic ride up to the airfield to be in the 3rd wave to leave for our ride through the local villages to Brize Norton. Following the completion of our ride, we regrouped and made our way to H café, for refreshments and retail therapy, before heading for home.

Ace Café Honda Day

On our way back we had the opportunity once again to call in at H café, for refreshments and retail therapy, before finally heading home. Another event that happened in July was the HOC Roast, some members from the Gloucester branch, managed to join the Reading Rabble at Crickley Hill for a great day out, and the opportunity to join members from other branches.

• • • 54 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

July also saw 2 of our members do an off road day - my understanding is that they had a brilliant day out. Off course July also saw the start of the holiday season, with many people heading off to explore far flung shores. I hope every one has enjoyed their summer breaks. By the time you all read this we should have had our Camping weekend. Here’s hoping for good weather. HOC Roast


• • •


Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


o far we have had a good summer, the weather has been good and we have had good support from members, including some new recruits. We have had our three fish & chips mid week rides and each have been very well supported. Rides to New Romney, Tenterden and Wye and not a bad meal between them. Attendees average about sixteen and we may now extend this into September. We had a two day stand at the Faversham Motor Show and this was also well supported so well done to Pauline & John for organising this and for all who were able to attend and show their bikes. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but the general feeling was that it is an event we will try to attend annually. We attended the Manston Air Show, I attended Dibbles BBQ for the summer committee meeting and we then ventured to the Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum near Uckfield.

In July I attended the opening of the new mid Kent dealership Maidstone Honda which is a subsidiary of Laguna Motorcycles, a big multi-dealership around Maidstone and Ashford. They held a further open day in August and details have been passed to the HOC committee for advertising and member discounts. This year we held our own Honda Roast in a country pub near Charing. We then held a picnic in Ashdown Forest followed by a BBQ at Richard and Lynnes in Meopham. Coming up in September we have a West Country weekend away, a ‘BBQ’ at Les and Jill’s in New Romney then in October another day trip to France led by Tony and Dawn. I have to say a special thanks to Mike O and also to John A for leading most of the rides this year. There will be further rides planned in the future.

Mike G

• • • AUTUMN 2013


Manchester Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435

Manhoc’s riding philosophy

For this article, I thought that once again I’d

try and do something a bit different to show, once again, why the Manchester Branch of the HOC is successful, This time, it’s all about our riding philosophy. I’ll start with our meeting points. There are two things which are important - the time and the location. The time: We do not ever start out at the crack of dawn. In general, we go for a 10:30 or 11:am start. This gives everyone time to wake up, recover from the night before and have some sort of refreshment before getting on their well prepared bike (assuming it is, of course). If we have a really long day (only in Summer), then we might just go for a 10am start. But nothing earlier. OK - so why not? Well, it just makes it a really long day and most people have work to go to the next day. Starting early on a weekend is just ‘not on’. The location: We always meet up somewhere that has some refreshments, a decent loo and a petrol station within spitting distance. It is no use arranging to meet in a layby or similar. We always allow for people getting there a little bit early and have time for a coffee and a loo break before we set off. It also means everyone sets off with a full tank of petrol. With Manchester, we have a range of meeting points depending on which direction we are heading for. It also means that the distance people have to travel to get to the start point varies so no-one wins or loses. And lastly, if it starts to rain, there’s always somewhere to shelter while you put the wet weather gear on. Setting off. “What?” I hear you ask. “Don’t you just follow the leader?” Well, it’s not quite that simple. You need to give everyone at least

5 minutes warning as it takes some people that long to get ready (“I just need to go to the loo now”). Then there’s the organising of Tail End Charlie (the TEC) and telling everyone who it is. Now that also assumes that everyone knows what the ‘Buddy System’ is all about. So, there’s also time needed to tell any newcomers how we ride (if you don’t know what that is, please read the article on the Manchester Branch website). Doing all this means we generally set off 10-15 minutes late, but that’s OK - it gives time for any latecomers to turn up and join in. Now, on to the riding. We always use the buddy system to manage our different riding styles and skills. What it really means is that everyone can ride to their own ability, there is NO pressure to keep up and we rarely lose anyone (yes, it does happen, but there’s normally a good reason for it). We always obey the speed limits, especially in 30-40 areas. One of the MANHOC specialities is our use of radios. We have, for a long time, had many of our members with PMR4466 radios, all on the same frequency so we can chat to each other as we go along. This has proved to be of immense value in keeping the group together when one of us goes astray. Generally the leader and the TEC will have a radio and we have had up to 10 riders in there all chatting away (and making fun of those who don’t have radios, of course). We also make sure we have plenty of stops. If we ride for more than 90 minutes, then everyone gets uncomfortable. Given that we average about 40-50 mph on the English roads, that means we stop every 0-70 miles. So, no fear of anyone running out of petrol

• • • 56 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

(assuming they filled up at the start) and of course, we stop at a café or pub so we can fill up and empty as we need. Our destination. I do try and make sure we go somewhere interesting. Be it a castle, a chippie or a race meeting, we don’t just “go for a ride”, but we like to have an end point to aim at.

All of the above means that our rides are well organised and everyone knows exactly what they are getting into when they join in and seeing the numbers that do come on our rides, it is working well. Here’s a picture to illustrate our happy members (taken on a ride to Scotland).


• • •

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice make sure you don’t miss out!

Go to your local Branch AUTUMN 2013




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


reetings from paradise, well I’m not sure which is worse, too wet to go out or too hot to put your gear on. The TT was amazing, after a shaky start (rain), but I think what enhanced it us was meeting up with Debbie from Nottingham, Sharon & Stu from Northants who called in for a cuppa and Dave & Sue from Norfolk and Kevin from York who stayed with us. And then, right near the end of TT we met up with Kim & Roger from Cambridge, all in all a very social TT. Seven of us even managed a meal out together, so OK we had our HOC roast a bit early but it’s the Manx way you know. The week was capped off with a new lap record and a Senior TT win on a Honda of course! Still in June, whilst out and about in Castletown, Kim happened upon some visitors from the West Midlands Branch of HOC, introduced herself, as you do, and after the usual chat, they all got a photo taken so here it is: take a bow, Tim, Lynn, Kim, Deb & Tony!

Tim, Lynn, Kim, Deb & Tony

The monthly meetings are still going well with a minimum of 16 turning up, sometimes we nearly get up to thirty. Yes, O.K. there are still only five HOC members but that doesn’t faze us, quality not quantity is what’s important. Keep forgetting the camera but as I didn’t manage to get a write up in last spring, here’s one of us partying at xmas just to prove we can.

Manx Offshore Branch partying

We all, well most of us, had a rideout to the first bike show of the year up in Ramsey and much to everyone’s surprise it didn’t rain! This is organised by the local Triumph owners Club and is always a good show, every year something we haven’t seen before turns up out of the woodwork. Some of you may have read about The Lonan Gentleman’s Fellowship. This is the group of guys from the Island who, in 2012, built a bike, took it to Bonneville Salt Flats and set two new world land speed records! The bike is only 500cc, produces up to 300bhp and set the two class records at over 200mph.

• • • 58 GOLDEN WING


Bonneville World Record holders

We met them at a presentation organised by the Moddey Dhoo bike club and bought a T shirt to help raise funds for a new attempt at records next year. On their website they wanted pictures from different parts of the world to see how far their T shirts get so we’re sending them this one of John wearing his at the North Cape of Norway!

Our social secretary, Kim organised a Sunday meeting on July 7th starting off with a rideout planned by Harvey Garton, BMW rider, chairman of the Manx Motorcycle Club and also the Southern 100 club. After a very entertaining little run down some interesting back lanes we ended up at the Aviation museum down by Ronaldsway airport, where Kim & Ian laid on the best picnic ever to finish off a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. As I write the newly named “Festival of Motorcycling” is already underway with evening practice for both the “Classic TT” and the Man Grand Prix going ahead. This is a revamped event incorporating the old MGP, the inaugural Classic TT races, the Manx Two Day Trial and the Manx Classic Two day Trial over the full fortnight. In amongst all this is the VMCC Rally and the Festival of Jurby on the middle Sunday! Should be an interesting fortnight, will report back in the next issue with any luck. As we go to press, Richard from Three Shires Branch is staying with us and we are waiting for three guys from Manchester who said they would call for a cuppa. So, this is M.O.B. signing off, be safe, be happy!

Karen, John, Kim, Ian and James

• • • AUTUMN 2013



Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284


OW and as I type this the weather is STILL sunny - well ish - here in Norfolk. We have had a lovely summer of rides etc such a change from 2012! The report re the run some of us had to Klotten in Germany for the Rhine in Flames is included elsewhere. In July Rob managed his lifetime dream and organised a great run to the only English Whisky Distillery in the country - St George’s at Roudham. They had a great time although the tasting was not possible as they were all riding....but the photos speak for themselves!!

9 of the Branch went to the Northants HOC Roast and had such a great time. The run through to The Lilacs pub in Isham was a great mix of rural, twisty, fast straights and even a nip up the A14. The welcome there was superb and we all had a great time with our HOC friends as well as a good lunch. Josh one of the Branch - did choose TOTALLY the wrong meals as he was served last of all for the main and pudding. Great sympathy was expressed amidst the laughter. Many thanks to Northants for a BRILL event.

• • • 60 GOLDEN WING


As an alternative some Branch members stayed fairly local - we are always conscious of the costs of some of these events. They had a run through Norfolk and Suffolk and then ended up at John and Liz’s for a BBQ.

At the beginning of September Geoff and Pat organised a lovely Mystery Tour - keeping us in Suffolk for a change. We were joined by Michael Bonner from Cambs Branch on the run which was brill. The weather was good and we were soon eating up the miles and then brekkie in Stowmarket. A nice circular route took us through some idyllic countryside and villages, on to bury and then to an American-themed diner on the A143. This was a really good run and gave us all a chance to blow the cobwebs off and have a good social time together.

Roger and Freda organised a superb run out to the Royal Gunpowder Mills. This was Roger’s first trip running a satnav - interesting things happened en route such as Roger and Freda leading in to a particular roundabout and coming out as tail-end charlies but that added to the fun of the run!! A fabulous place to visit and there is food there too!! As you can see we had great fun as well as learned so much - the Mills started in Elizabeth 1st times and the Dambuster bomb explosives were tested here. There was just SO much to see and do - a great day out.

Ride safe


• • • AUTUMN 2013


North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908


12th - North Weald

Several members went off to the Drag Show at North Weald. On display here were cars as well as bikes. For a fee you can tear along the runway and see how quick your bike can go. After the show they went off to the Ace café for something to eat and drink.

27th - Ace Margate meltdown

Several of the members rode down to Margate to take part in the ACE Café Margate meltdown. From info coming back to me they all had a great day down at the seaside.


6th - NLHOC 2nd quiz

Pete our quizmaster hosted his 2nd quiz nite of the year. He did himself proud with some great questions, which taxed the old grey matter on a few occasions. We all had a great time throughout the evening with quite a few laughs and groans when we heard some

of the answers. It’s also great to hear people say after the event “I knew that one, but I just couldn’t remember it at the time”.

9th - National Bike Safe Motorcycle Show at Doncaster

Several members took themselves up to Doncaster to this bike show. It also gave them a chance to meet up with Phil Baker who at the back end of last year moved back up to Darlington. The group enjoyed meeting Phil and catching up on old times and of course enjoyed the show.

16th - Treasure Hunt around Essex

I laid on a treasure hunt around Essex where to get from A to B you rode along some lovely Essex country roads. We had 2 groups of riders doing the hunt and I would cut the corners of the routes to ensure that everyone was ok and on track. The weather was nice and sunny for the hunt, which is always a blessing.

North London at the start of the ACU National Rally

• • • 62 GOLDEN WING


19th - Meldreth Manor Bike Show

Several members took themselves off for this evening bike show. This is quite a small event, but packs a lot of bikes into it. You will see bikes from all generations here, which will keep you entertained. A really nice bike show.


6th/7th - ACU National Rally

Several of us took part in the all nighter Rally. We wonder why we always do the all nighter, but it is such fun. You might feel knackered but the time you reach the Ace Café, but the thought of a coffee and breakfast keeps you going. I would like to thank all the people who manned the checkpoints, because without them we would not have a rally to run in, So thank you very much one and all.

7th - Honda Day at the Ace

This coincided with the end of the ACU National Rally so I didn’t stay long after breakfast. Whilst I was there I meet up with a few people from other HOC’s and had a natter. From what I have heard everyone had a great time and the event was well attended.

13th/14th - Weekend in Belgium/France

We set off from Brentwood on Saturday morning to spend a weekend in Belgium and France. Once we arrived in Calais we set off for Dunkirk and had coffee in a beachside café. It was lovely and sunny which always makes riding a pleasure. Off we then set for Adinkerke, just across the Belgium border. Here the smokers stocked up on the supplies. We then pooped into town for some lunch. There is a nice restaurant opposite the railway station here.

Jim sprang a leak Lunch in Dunkirk


Lunch in Dunkirk

• • • AUTUMN 2013


After lunch we set off for the Bikers Loft. This was our stop for the evening/night. We checked in and the made use of the bar before they started up the BBQ. This is a self serve BBQ where they fire up the coals and when they are hot you help yourself to several types of meat, which you cook yourself, and help yourself to salad stuff. You can have as much as you like. The next day we headed off to Ypres for a look at the Menin Gate and to have lunch.

We then headed off to Boulogne for a coffee and maybe an ice cream by the beach. It was as we were heading into Boulogne that we saw Police on every corner. It then dawned on us that it was Bastillle Day. The place was packed to the hilt and to find a parking place was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We decided to head off to Wissant where we had coffee in a café right beside the beach. We then headed off to Calais to get the return ferry home. All in all, a very good and enjoyable weekend.

21st - HOC roast

Several of us attended the HOC roast hosted by Northants. It was a lovely ride there with a stop at St Neots for a drink. The weather was nice and sunny this day..

Menin Gate

Coffee stop in St Neots

Ypres Main Square

Mike, Graham & Jim

Wandering round Ypres

Mike & Steve

• • • 64 GOLDEN WING


Dinner time at The Lilacs

It was nice to meet up with members from other clubs and have a good old natter. When it came to the meal itself I stepped in and helped the staff serve some of the courses. This seemed to speed things up a bit. The food was lovely and I don’t think I heard one complaint. Well done Sharon and Stuart for hosting this and congrats to you both in your new posts within your Branch.

28th - BBQ at Ken’s ranch

Several members went out on a bike ride around the surrounding countryside before descending on Ken’s ranch for the annual NLHOC BBQ. I brought Alan and Dorrie along by car, as I know they both like a good BBQ. Ken laid on a lovely spread again. Well done Ken. We had the usual little rain shower, which made us quickly shelter under the gazebos. All in all a very good day with good food and good friends.

The gang at Ken’s BBQ


4th - Aylesford in Kent

Simon lead the ride out to this show today and then followed it up with a ride around Kent.

11th - Faversham in Kent

Graham lead the ride down to the Bike show in Faversham where the Kent Branch had a stand. After having a walk around the show the group descended upon the HOC stand and relieved them of some cake and tea. The run home was via some lovely country roads.

18th - Brackley Festival of Motorcycling

Eight of us rode from our club to Brackley. Phil S lead the ride and kept us all together. This was my first visit to the show, as normally I am away on holidays at this time of year. I can say I was very impressed with the show and the attendance it gets. The weather was kind to us this day, which always makes the ride nice, but also is good for those attending the show. Nothing worst than being rained on. It was a great day made all the more better for meeting other HOC members. Until the next report, ride safe.


Mary & Ken

• • • AUTUMN 2013




Northants Secretary: Stu Peile - 07549 407048


n the last edition of Goldwing I said it was all change for Northants and Milton Keynes HOC with a new committee. It was all change again because at the HOC Roast which we hosted on Sunday 21st July 2013 at The Lilacs, Isham near Kettering, we relaunched the Branch. It has now been renamed just Northants HOC along with a new logo and a new members branch information line by e-mail. This has meant new branch regalia has been issued (big thank to Ruth and Stritchy for sorting that). The new branch relaunch has been received very favourably by branch members. At the HOC Roast we welcomed over 50 people to a roast lunch from many branches as far afield as Norfolk to Bedford to London. We even had some members who come as far as South Wales just to have a pint then went off. It was so great to see so many happy members from other branches who took the trouble to make our HOC Roast a big success. Thank You again and of course all the members from Northants as well.

On 2nd to 4th August 2013 the Branch had a members hub at Silverstone along with gazebos serving cakes and coffee for the UK round of WSB. The cakes seemed to go down very well with members. I wish to say a big thank you to all the members who assisted that weekend in putting up the gazebos and taking them down. A special mention to our chief gazebo erection specialist Whitey, our Public Relations man Chris and my wonderful wife Shaz (Branch Chairperson) who worked hard all weekend after working several long shifts back to back. I understand some members were measuring the decibels of their exhausts and noise output of their bikes using a smart phone app. As this edition of Golden Wing goes to press the Branch is looking forward to many more events which include BSB as Silverstone, curry night, Quiz night and Bonfire night which will all be featured in the next edition of Goldwing. Make progress, ride safely,


• • • AUTUMN 2013



Organiser: Debbie Reynolds - 07773 020286


ell what can I say about the last few months, there has been a good mix of weather that’s for sure, hot clammy weather, to thunder storms in a blink of an eye but luckily there have been occasions to get out on our bikes and have a little fun.

Ashby Folville Bike And Car Show Ride Out

Tuesday the 11th of June saw a beautiful afternoon blue sky with that magical golden globe beaming down roasting us in our leathers. This was biking heaven. Good weather, a brilliant venue to ride to and fantastic bikes and cars on show all for NOTHING, FREE! 9 of us took the scenic route through the Vale of Belvoir to Melton and then on to Ashby Folville , starting at the our club venue the Vale at 5.30pm Most of us had to arrange early finishes at work as the ride takes around an hour to get there. Ashby did not disappoint, the little village was full to capacity and beyond. Hundreds of bikes and cars filled road after road and field after field. The Hog Roast was smoking, the Burgers smouldering and the outside bar heaving trying to cope with the masses. Every bike era was represented from gas lighting headlights to the ‘New Norton’ Every car club you can imagine had turned up from De Lorean to Austin Seven. We had to ‘slot’ our bikes in here and there to wherever we could find to park up. This was petrol head heaven! In true enthusiasts form, for all the people and the size of the event, no trouble, no Police needed, local residents joining in to direct traffic and everyone having the best free show on earth.

Check out Ashby Folville on the Internet, second Tuesday of each month from April to October normally to see what you are missing. Check out the photo gallery on their site and drool! We arrived there at 6.40pm and left around 9pm having only had time to sample some of the food and drink and view some spectacular machinery.

If work is not an issue, then go for around 4pm to have a chance to view it all. As I write this, Autumn approaches again, but what a wonderful summer! Better get the lining back in the jacket for the Winter Ride Out!

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

Darley Moor Road Racing Ride Out

Saturday 20th of July saw a nice day dawn for our Ride Out to attend the Darley Moor Motorcycle Road Racing near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. After picking up members en route from Nottingham to Derby 5 of us made the event. The racing was action packed with everything from Sidecar racing to even a kart Race. Everyone agreed it was a brilliant venue and not expensive to view some good racing at close hand. Many of the viewpoints were within 6 metres of the track, so no binoculars needed, and the smell of tortured engines and melting tyre rubber filled your nostrils along with the odd whiff of Castrol ‘R’ when the classic bikes had a ‘Thrash’ Purely to get rid of the oil and rubber smell you understand, we had to indulge in Fish, Chips, Peas and Pies washed down with ‘Tar’ tea and ‘Creosote’ coffee, wonderful! For the even more indulgent we tried the Ice Cream van out as well! It’s amazing how leathers shrink around the waist when you are not on the bike? Mmmm! We decided to call it a day around 5pm and head for home, slightly aching legs from walking the circuit perimeter and standing around all day, and thinking mmmm the sports bike crouch is more comfortable on the way back now the stomach is slightly more padded!

Thanks Steve for the overview on a few of our ride-outs. Finally and following my recent spill off my bike and being currently bikeless, I wish you all an enjoyable and safe ride for the August Bank holiday and through your ride – outs. Stay safe xxx


• • • AUTUMN 2013



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


aking the most of the sunshine and warmth, weekends have been filled with lots of biking activities! On a beautiful day we all rode to the Shobham Airfield near Leominster and had a great time enjoying our joint ride out with the BWDE biking club. Sammy Miller’s was another venue for a sunny ride – such an interesting place to visit!

Again with sunny weather, a group of our Oxford HOC members went to the Biker’s Loft for a long weekend, spending a fascinating time visiting the local historical war memorials.

Oxford BWD at Winchcomb Station

Our evening meetings have been well attended and enlivened by our inter Branch Summer Quiz night - well done to Ted for organising it and great to see our friends from Wiltshire joining us. Another very interesting night was enjoyed when Dave from MIS gave us an excellent insight into the world of MOTs.

Over a very hot 20 hours on a Saturday in July Oxford ‘manned’ the National Road Rally check point at Bicester. Checking in the riders and offering cool drinks and biscuits went down well in the sweltering weather and the stream of bikes continued well into the cooler evening and night as the checkpoint stayed open till 6am on the Sunday morning.

Ready for the Question!

The winning captain

• • • 70 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

The Oxford Rally took place at The Ferryman by the lovely Thames. A competitive skittles match on the Friday night started the fun and games before leading into a beautiful ride out on Saturday. Just before 5pm the riders returned to base to enjoy some fun games ably managed by Mary-Anne, followed by an evening’s entertainment with Dave, an excellent guitarist and singer who entertained us all at last year’s rally as well. Sunday morning found everyone saying goodbye after a hearty eggs and bacon breakfast to set them off on the way home, some stopping at the Reading Rabble HOC Roast at Crickley Hill on the way home.

Most recently, it was our Best Bike Night. Enthusiastic HOC Oxford members arrived at The 28th Oxford Scout Hut in Littlemore with their treasured machines well polished to compete for the ‘Best Bike’ award, professionally judged by Dave from MIS and his band of judges. Oxford member and Scout Leader Dave Turner turned his hand to cooking a great chilli and pasta dish for supper and organised hilarious games to keep everyone amused whilst the scores where totted up. Derek’s prestine Fireblade won, with Clive’s pride and joy, an NC30 VFR 400 in second place. First prize as donated by MIS Motorcycle Services. A great night was had by all.


High jinx at Best Bike Night

The Winner

• • • AUTUMN 2013



Secretary: Ren Blunden - 07513 005714


s always, the Rabble has been busy during this period. It all started with Gavin leading his ‘Anywhere but There’ ride to Wales, so named due to many previous failures for us to get to Cheddar. For various reasons this turned into a duo of Gavin and Colin, who at the moment is out in front for the Rabble Saddle Sore competition. 367 miles taking in llots of llong welsh name places like llandovery and llangynidr, the Black Mountains and various stops for cake and other food on the way.


Blade Reading were good enough to allow the Rabble access to their test fleet for a day, this gave ample opportunity for Steve to assess the size of the saddles on the NC700 and the ST1300 only one of which he considered to be large enough for his pillion. Once again we were really lucky to have A good size saddle great weather

for the annual HOC Roast, once again we were host to members from 10 branches for some burgers and burnt sausages, just the way they should be. Many Angie at the cauldron thanks to all that came along and made it a day to remember. The trundle to Windsor, as usual, resulted in ice cream being consumed. This was a research ride checking out the roads and the ice cream ready for the Cock and Bull rideout. Ian’s new helmet The 4th Cock and Bull Rally happened in August. Once again the attendance was up on previous years, with many people making return visits.


• • • 72 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

The intrepid 2

Over 50 people and 5 dogs turned up to be entertained by ‘Bog seat bowling’, Karaoke and live music from ‘Too Old to Die Young’. 24 bikes set out on the rideout which ended up in Windsor for chips and ice-cream, the staple diet of the Rabble. Food was produced for all by the ‘ladies who drink’. The evening included and auction where everyone Ice cream and chips dug deep and bought items in aid of our nominated charity for the year – Naomi house & Jacks Place, a children’s hospice near W i n c h e s t e r. Overall including what was made at the rally, a donation from club funds and an individual donation made Water games through the club we have been able to donate an amount of £1500. Thanks go to all who have contributed

1 or 24 bikes

in many ways to the success of the rally and the raising of the donation. Finally in August it was time for our AGM. We have a new hand at the helm going forward ‘Rev Ren’. All at the club wish him

luck for the future. The Guv has now become the Chairman with Ian and Angie staying as Rideout Coordinator and Treasurer. This year, and may I suggest all clubs should consider That’s the rear wheel Keith this, we have an additional branch official – The Branch Hobbitt’. With only one nomination Angie was voted straight into this role.


Bridge in Wales

• • • AUTUMN 2013


South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406


rrangements for the National Rally are now in their final stages and it’s a very exciting and busy time. Our members are busy organising their Gothic Horror costumes for the Sunday night party and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Meanwhile, we still been able to organise some rideouts and events not related to the rally. On the last day of May, a group of us set off for Cornwall, visiting The Eden Project.

The weather stayed warm and fine and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to The Eden Project. It was a really relaxed and pleasant weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it so.

The gang outside the Cliff Head Hotel

Overlooking the Eden Project

The weather couldn’t have been better and we had a lovely ride down, stopping at The Red Cow in Honiton for lunch. Very nice it was, too. On the way back, we also stopped at Honiton, but this time we had tea and cake at The Boston Tea Party. What a fabulous tea room with an amazing selection of teas. I would definitely recommend it. In Cornwall, we stayed at the Cliff Head Hotel, a Best Western Hotel that was very comfortable and overlooking the sea.

Having dinner at the hotel

After our July meeting, a group of us went on an evening run to Aberavon Beach for chips at Franco’s. It was a beautiful evening and the pie and chips was fab. Also in July, we held our annual mini rally at Riverside Campsite in Crickhowell. Once again, the sun shone on us and even though we were only three couples on three bikes, we had an excellent weekend. We only got lost once on the rideout on Saturday and ended up on a ‘one-eyed dog road’, but that was all part of the fun. At the campsite, Lesley managed to prove Gareth’s theory that you can look cool if you wear socks and sandals.

Lesley proves you can look cool in socks and sandals

• • • 74 GOLDEN WING


On the Saturday evening, we had a barbecue and a few drinks, which was a lot of fun. We ended with a quiz, (just for fun, mind you), and of course, the girls won!

Terry and Lyn

As if by magic…

At the beginning of August, we had our annual barbecue at Cosmeston Lakes in Barry. It is a beautiful setting next to the lake and in amongst the trees. We had to dodge the odd shower, but the showers didn’t pose much of a problem as we were well sheltered by the trees.

Donna’s tat

Come and get it!

Everyone seemed to enjoy even though it was difficult to see after it started getting dark. There was a nice atmosphere and people seemed relaxed. It was really good to see so many members there. I decided to have a bit of fun with everyone and wore a pretend tattoo on my arm in the form of a tattoo sleeve. They didn’t really fall for it, but it made some of them look twice.

There’s no Branch holiday to report on this year as we decided to focus on organising the rally instead and have a big holiday next year. Before you know it, the rally will be upon us. We are really looking forward to it. Well, that’s it for now. All the best


• • • AUTUMN 2013


West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


missed this year’s meeting as I was touring mid Germany and Belgium taking in the Bikers Classic at Spa-Francorchamps, on the way back visited Ypres and attended the evening service at the Menin Gate, very moving, to think this service is held every evening, year in, year out.

Honda Day at the Ace Café

Jude, John, Tony, Julian and Rob attended the Honda Day at the Ace for a hearty breakfast joining North Downs and HOC Branches. Stalwarts Chris and Marion Ward were there extolling the HOC cause and signing up quite a few new members.

Solent Rally

The Solent Rally was attended by Jude and Jon and Julian and Rob – as always an enjoyable rally – this time at a new venue which was within walking distance of a pub (result!) Julian discovered that his 2 man tent was not adequate for his lengthy frame – and it was returned to Tesco’s when he got back home. A new larger tent has since been purchased and tested. Honda day at the Ace

Jules and his small tent

HOC Sunday Roast

Tony and I rode a scenic route from Lower Sunbury to Capel to attend North Downs Branch for this year’s Local HOC Roast at the Crown, around 12 of us enjoyed a good lunch, the sun shone, and the food was great plus the odd beer. After lunch we retired to the garden to reminisce and to “put the world to rights” what more could you want (no pictures

• • • 76 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

as I still trying to work out how to down load them from my phone) we broke up at around 5pm for a scenic ride home.

Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park

I attended this fantastic meeting with a different hat on as ERIKS the company I work for sponsor the Past Masters and between us we take 200 Customers for a corporate weekend out. Most travel to Mallory their bikes making a weekend of it by camping. Many of the celebrities join us for a beer or several at our Saturday night Hog Roast On the Sunday and after the obligatory sales pitch which usually lasts 15 minutes we get several of the old racers and others telling of their experiences and racing duals. Wayne Gardener was our star this year and he sure can talk, he overran by 20 minutes and had to be dragged off to do his parade laps, we also had Christian Sarron, John McGuiness, Mick Grant, Neil Hodgson and Phil Read telling tales and signing autographs. I shall be retiring on 23rd of August and will have more time on my hands, by the time you read this I hope to convince our new Classic Secretary Chris Ward that it would be a good idea to attend next year’s event and exhibit in the “Avenue of Clubs” I’m sure that I can blag some free food and beer on the Friday and Saturday night at the ERIKS camp. The run to Poole Quay was marred by a runaway car in Box Hill carpark taking out Julian (ND) and Julian (WL) and another ND member’s bikes – after which the run was abandoned.

Roundhills Camp with G&F Bikers

Jude and Jon and Julian and Rob attended the Gosport and Fareham Bikers annual camp at Roundhills Campsite in the New Forest. Drinking on the Friday night was cut short by a monsoon but the rest of the weekend was dry. Saturday they had a run for breakfast to Sammy Miller museum and then onto Swanage for icecream. More new friends made with the G&F Bikers.

Sammy Miller museum

Next event on the club sheet is the national Rally in Wales – and then we will have to sort our next runs sheet – but it will involve some pub lunch runs and rides out to places of interest – and then it will be Xmas party time 


Runaway Volvo

• • • AUTUMN 2013


West Midlands Organiser: John Turner


t last great weather for our summer months so it was covers of our bikes and hit the open road! In June we had another rideout for our monthly meeting, we went to the Ship at Highley, where we sat by the river, enjoying a lovely meal in the sunshine. In July there was a slight blimp with the weather for our monthly meeting, so we returned to our usual meeting place at the Plough, where we were all pleased to meet new member Paul Powell & welcome him to our Branch. On Sunday 14th July, Tony, Debs, Miles & Julie braved the blistering heat, (can there be such a thing in England as weather too hot for biking!!) to attend the FREE (everyone’s favourite word at West Mids Branch) Staffordshire Bike Show at the Britannia Stadium in Stoke on Trent. There was good hard parking for bikes, some good stalls, a very nice Think Bike Lady, so Myles & Tony just had to have their photo taken... well boys will be boys....

Boys will be boys...

They also watched the Stunt Show by Vertical Trix.

Vertical Trix Stunt Show

Their view was it was well worth a visit and they will definitely go back next year. This year Tim & Lin were the only members who took part in The HOC Roast Sunday, they once again enjoyed Reading Branch’s hospitality, joining their sunny Barbie at Crickley Hill Country Park. In August, the weather definitely took a turn for the worse, there was still some hot sunshine, but with heavy thundery showers in-between. August monthly meeting had a good turnout, with most members riding to club on two wheels to make the most of the warm sunny evening. And finally... over the summer months some of our members have been on biking hols; In June Pat & John joined the European Rune Rally in Gulpen, this is where Holland, Germany and Belgium meet, also Tony, Debs, Tim & Lin all visited the Isle of Man, in July whilst Pat was visiting the Arctic Circle in search of Polar Bears, John did a quick European tour; please see their separate articles in this magazine for full details of their trips. So as always remember to keep the shiny side up & the rubber side down

Jill x

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING




West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


e have been out and about on the bikes enjoying the good weather, me and Maria have been attending some of the branch Rallies and the Chairman’s Challenge all over the country so its been a bust year so far… As far as the runs go we had a run out to Hardraw Force which was well attended and again great weather, Dave and Adie had to go have a look behind the waterfall.

you haven’t seen the photos take a look on our web site for a laugh.

( hardrow 1 pic

We went to Tan Hill after and then home along some great roads…. we even got an ice cream at Braymore to end the run.

( picnic 1 pic)

The elderly couple we met had a great time getting waited on by Maria, Lisa, Sue and Andrea with the Choc Strawberries (thanks Lisa) buns & Cucumber Sarnies, Thanks to Dave & Lisa for leading the run.

(hardrow 2 pic)

The infamous Picnic run was again well attended and the run to Dalby Forest took us along some fantastic roads we hadn’t been on before, the picnic went over the top and if

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING


And to all who made such a fantastic effort God knows how were going to top this next year hahaha The 4 Abbey run was well attended and Adrian & Sue did a great job of leading that run and again the weather was great so thanks to them. By the time you read this we will have been to the National Rally and again we have a few members going down to south Wales so were all looking forward to that. The Falling Foss Waterfall and tea room run was again in great weather and well attended, the Yorkshire Dales is a great place and the country side is stunning so try to get and have a look…. All write ups of runs can be seen on our website along with some very tasty pictures for all to laugh at. The meetings are still well attended and the Hitching Post where we meet put us some great grub on so get down for a chat… Now to the Branch Rallies, we got to the East Midlands with Nij & Denice and me and Maria went along to the Oxford branch and had a good time, good ride out in country

side we haven’t been to before so thanks to everyone who puts the Rallies on its not easy doing stuff like that.

(east mids rally pic)

Talking of Rallies our 40th Anniversary Rally next year is coming along OK we will have details in the next Golden Wing hopefully, so watch this space….

Steve & Maria

• • • AUTUMN 2013



Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121


ell here we are again, time flies when you’re having fun and we are certainly on a roll since our rally. I know a few ventured over to the BMF show at Peterborough, but this time of year there are so many events to choose which are on a biker’s calendar. Being at a loose end on Sunday 19th I went down to Sparkford Motor Museum to see how the progress was on the expansion project and then took a good route back to Salisbury, to see if it was suitable for next year’s diary. Now in June we had a good evening, our normal 2nd Tuesday of the month, hosted by Blades in Swindon and many thanks to Pat and Paul for staying on late and letting us have a chat and feeling tempted by the ‘new toys’ with all this good weather we’ve been having.

Ride of Respect on Sunday 16th saw a good turnout with quite a few tagging on (thanks to Facebook) when all met up at the usual start point in Swindon, thankfully it stayed dry and apart from Simon White who’s bike decided to breakdown, it was perfect for all those who waved at all the bikers. It certainly went smoothly with groups leaving fairly promptly, and after the ‘procession’ all travelled back to Angie’s for coffee/tea and

cake and didn’t mind the rain that arrived later when heading for home. All agreed in was a worthy event that will be a permanent fixture. A few days later some of us ventured over to Foxcombe Lodge where Oxford branch meet, and we took part in their summer quiz hosted by Ted and it was close run affair, so we need to up our game for the return event in October.

Cassington Bike Night is an event right on our doorstep, near Oxford, and is very popular and so as usual on the last Monday in June when it’s held, several made the most of a great evening where swarms of bikers take over the village for a few hours. We did our usual social meet at Red Lion as the option with people who weren’t

• • • 82 GOLDEN WING

• AUTUMN 2013

looking to go down to Poole Quay for their bike night, and so meant it was just nice to catch up for those that didn’t want to travel to far. Also in July a group of us on Sunday 14th, including one of our new members Chris looking to rack up some miles on his new machine, heading to the Beaulieu Ride-in to see both the event and the permanent exhibition/museum based there, another hot day and looking at the numbers, I assumed most bikers decided maybe to head for the coast to stay cool. The 20th and 21st saw another cracking weekend as Oxford hosted their rally at the venue of The Ferryman Inn which was right on the Thames, and quite a few of us attended and thanks to Erica and all in making us feel welcome and Mark Clargo for leading the rideout which took in some good roads, which all enjoyed, although our Glyn missed the last part as he ended up with a challenge of dealing with that deflating feeling, being a puncture in the rear tyre. HOC Roast was on the Sunday and again some headed for Crickley Hill where Reading hosted the BBQ, and with Glyn back to normal, kindly led a ride out down to the site, and all enjoyed another blistering day.

Calne Bike Festival as it has now become because of it’s popularity, and this year included camping facilities and with bands playing on the Friday and Saturday night, although better on the Friday and all

during the day on Saturday, but a washout come the evening. It was good to see so many volunteer to man the stand we had, which is always appreciated, plus great see those who came and just paid us a visit from the other branches. It was worthwhile as managed to sign up a few new members and catch those that had let theirs lapse. If we get any more bikes we’re going to need a bigger site next year, but then we won’t have a good position to see the bands that were player in the town centre. Into August which has some of us attending the Reading Rabble’s rally which is certainly one not to be missed, as a lot gets squeezed into a fun filled day and half, certainly enjoyed the rideout led by Ian ‘Worzel’ which headed along a ‘scenic’ route to and from Windsor. Well after we held our branch AGM and elected the committee with a change to welcoming Chris Gough as our principal ride co-ordinator, the following Sunday saw a good group make

Brackley Bike Festival the destination, and again the perfect conditions for the racing around the town centre. Now next in the diary is a talk from the Bridgestone tyre rep and then it’s the National Rally, so still plenty of places to ride to and take in the ‘scenery’. Well all I can say the cost of new tyres is worth it so far to keep me smiling. So keep them turning.


• • • AUTUMN 2013


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Golden Wing - Autumn 2013  
Golden Wing - Autumn 2013  

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