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Volume 50 No.3

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Front Cover: Mia Stewart taking part in the Bra Run 2012 in aid of breast cancer

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Buying Your Bike Gear A load of Baltics Pillion’s eye-view Your bike’s the STAR Paul’s French Fancy Steve’s CG250 Dorset visit the Tiverton canal Reply to Dave Andrews Riding the BOATs on the CRF250 Norfolk Branch trip to Klotten Oxford holiday in France West Yorkshire visit Samsung Honda



Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On! Hello

Summer Bike Show

Olympics over and well done team GB I said I was not going to watch but still got hooked by the patriotic hysteria that took over our media. It did not however stop me doing some nice rides out and meeting up with many of our members. By the time you read this we will have had our first ever National Rally in Scotland. I must say at the time of writing I am looking forward to it as it is an area of Britain I truly love. Plenty been going on despite the extremely unpredictable weather of 2012.

Bank Holiday Monday 27th of August at the Horseshoe pub in Sywell, Northants. This was an open bike show with a very casual plan for the day, organised by the Northants & Milton Keynes Branch. The only main HOC trophy as always was for the best 400four machine on display. Well this year was exceedingly disappointing! Martin from Eastern branch rode his wife’s machine to the event. This bike is in frequent use and well worn. Martin said it is not a show bike. Well he was then almost embarrassed to receive the award of the Edelsten Trophy for the best 400four on show. It was the only one.

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling Damned Good Show We had another full stand at the show and many thanks to Erica and Dan and all the volunteers for making it so. It was a scorching hot day and the event was size for size better attended than the BMF show. Obviously got the format right here. There was a steady flow of interest by the crowds in our club and hopefully some of that will convert into new members.

Chairman’s Challenge It is nearing the finale for this year and at present there is one leader and two very near placed rivals for second spot. We have enjoyed pretty good weather for nearly all of the runs this year. Had a scorching hot BBQ with Reading held in Gloucestershire with 60+ from numerous quarters. Same day of course as the HOC Roast which also had at least two other well attended venues on the day. Norfolk branch open day at Lings Honda went very well and lots of smiles from those who took out the test machinery available on the day. I have already started my list of venues for next years events and hopefully we will see a few more of you out and about. At the recent management meeting I did have to explain that the idea of the Chairman’s Challenge is for members to get out on their bikes and meet me not for me to have to come to them.



This is I believe a discredit to the club members out there who own such machines and do not bring them out for one event in the year specifically for them. I also feel we need to apologise to the family of Richard Edelsten who presented this trophy to the club in his memory, he being a great fan of the 400 four. The main task of the day was to raise money for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. BBQ, Cakes, Tombola and infamous auction of biking gear donated by many local suppliers raised a substantial £1,140 on the day and possibly some more to come, not bad for these troubled times.


Club Phone Number Further reminder that the number to use, or give out, for the Club is now

07982 419285 The Club phone number is for my mobile as opposed to my landline, which is being less monitored so not the best way to communicate with the Club. Please make sure your dealers and local contacts have the right number.

but will not be rushing straight away. So hopefully or however you see it I may get to see more of you all. Already brushed the cobwebs off my camping gear for the rally season. Who has got the first one and when is it?

“Ride on but most of all ride safe”

Cheers ‘Dibble’

Retiring As mentioned in the last edition I retire at the start of next year from the police. I have got a last working day of December 14th. Freedom from work is looming up fast. I still have the overall plan to move to France in the coming couple of years


Trevor Thompson

Vice Presidents

Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 07982 419285 .

General Secretary

Andy ‘Dibble’ Young


To be kept further up-to-date, e-mail me on

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 3HA .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Sue Beck 28 Vivian Road, Wellingborough NN8 1JJ ( 07863 599 992 .

Advertising Manager

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB ( 01525 633169 / 07973 428772 .

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 492 235 .

Membership Secretary

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Jennie Clarke 6 Bugby Way, Raunds, Northants NN9 6SX ( 01933 399463 / 07759 805181 .


Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator BMF Liaison Officer

Jim Peel-Cross 11 The Green, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts. SN9 5NN ( 01672 563450 .

Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures ( 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065 . FREE, no obligation, legal advice if you have had an accident, give him a call



Membership Matters MOVING? Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an e-mail). So far although I have had no copies of the Summer magazine returned by Royal Mail, don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with.

DIRECT DEBIT Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest.

WELCOME Welcome to all new members who have joined the club especially at the various events which the club has attended recently. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome. Hopefully we will have had a few fine days during the Summer and you will have been able to get out on your bikes, either to a club event or just enjoying an individual ride. Some of you may have seen that I have acquired a rather nice 1999 FireBlade CBR900RRX and so far have had some excellent rides and had many admirers from other members.

RENEWING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION With the higher postal prices, when you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our website and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively if you have on-line banking you can transfer your subscription direct to our bank account. Full instructions will be included with your renewal form.

Graham Gull

Membership Secretary

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please send change of address details to the Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE or e-mail Please do not send change of address details to Golden Wing as only the Membership Secretary can make changes to the membership register.

Thanks 6






Regalia Related Ramblings I can hardly believe that, as I type, the shops have already got their Christmas choccies etc on sale! The sun was shining today - it’s way too soon to be thinking of the festive season! Anyway - plenty has happened since the Summer issue of GW and more is planned! Final end of year stock check shows that we currently hold about £5,000 worth of regalia stock so plenty of sales opportunities just waiting to be snapped up! Talking of which, since the last GW I took the ‘HOC Shop’ to the Norfolk Branch’s Lings Honda Day - which was a cracker! Great weather and loads of bikes and great HOC company too, what more could you want! I very nearly bought the new NC700 but have resisted thus far! Dave and Sue White organised a smashing day at Lings and the staff there were their usual very friendly and helpful selves and provided a superb BBQ and everyone brought cakes! Special mention for Lena’s incredibly moreish flapjacks! (All swiftly demolished once word got out!) I digress… sales were good on the day and more done in the car park as I packed things up! Even in the pub afterwards I sold a couple of bits! Well - it’s only polite to share the superb HOC quality merchandise!

Hattie loaded up for the Brackley Show

follow! At the HOC Roast at Crickley Hill, once again there were several happy customers already present… but I still had the box of goodies with me just in case’. Next came Brackley - what a show that was! Scorching hot day and, for the first time ever, I strapped a box of regalia on to the back of Hattie and the HOC Shop was on 2 wheels for once! Great show, loads of bikes, bikers and buns! We do like to keep all the hard working HOC’ers well fed! Great to see so many from lots of HOC branches too. I am sure a report will appear elsewhere in the magazine about all the events mentioned! The last event I ‘manned’ the HOC shop at was the recent Northants & MK Branch Charity Day on August Bank Holiday Monday. Thankfully I was able to drop off the regalia box of goodies, the shop banner, and a whole load of buns, over to Sue on the Sunday night which meant I could ride Hattie on the Monday. The skies opened up a little

Sue minding the HOC Shop at Lings

A few short weeks later and I took a few more Regalia bits and bobs to the Oxford Rally at the Lower Lode in Tewkesbury - however, looking around I soon realised that I had already collared, I mean, I could see that most present were existing customers. I did, however, still promote to newcomers and am confident that orders will 8


The shop at the Northants & MK Charity Day


on both my journey there and back on Hattie, but thankfully it stayed relatively dry for most of the day and although sales were slow, the auction held went really well and a great result for their chosen charity was achieved. So, what’s next for Regalia? Well, it’s the National Rally in a few weeks and I am glad to report that there will be a range of HOC standard regalia available for sale during the rally weekend as the HOC Shop will be putting in an appearance, then it’s the AGM at Birmingham, closely followed by the Motorcycle Show at the NEC again! Blimey - that’s come ‘round fast!! Get your orders in soon as it’s a great way to save some money and ensure that you can have your items ready and waiting for you when you get there! And finally…. life’s full of surprises and mine (as many will already know!) is no exception. Having been made redundant early in July, I am delighted to be working again since August 21st, (albeit temping) but it is full time, whereas before I was part-time. This is great news for me, but, due to the hours I am now working, I can only get to the Post Office once a week so orders may take longer than in the past for me to process. I will still maintain the 28 day delivery promise, but just wanted to let you all know.

Hattie and Erica’s VFR

Hattie and I hope to see lots of you very soon! Safe and very happy biking as always.

Jennie Clarke

Regalia Secretary

Display Materials Once again I must emphasise the importance of reporting any damage of display materials’. My husband recently spent 3 hours doing general maintenance to the equipment. Tightening up bolts and even replacing the make shift repair job of removing a long screw and several washers from one of the gazebo frames and replacing it with the correct bolt. We have also had to replace the elastic to one one of the flags as this had been broken. If you want to use the equipment please look after it and make sure that any items which do need repairing are notified to me as soon as possible.

Sue Beck

Display Materials Co-ordinator




Buying Your t r e Exp e Bike Gear c i v d A by Rona Bell

I got to thinking a while ago about buying the right bike gear for the job and although a lot of bikers have bought a lot of kit over the years, from speaking to them during the course of the day it has come to my attention that, generally, people know very little about what they need to look out for or have perhaps picked up bad habits over the years. Either way, they can end up wearing the wrong things or sizes to be totally safe out there on the big wide super highways. So I thought I’d do a series of articles from head to toe and give you as much advice as I can based on my experience working for one of the UK’s largest clothing and riding kit retailers.

Part 3: Leathers Now, we all know leathers are the safest and, let’s be honest here, more “sexy” option for bike gear - the main reason I got into biking was to wave at strange men in leather (sssshhh don’t tell Phil!!!), but seriously, they really are the safest. When you first buy a set of leathers, they should fit snugly. If you can do them up and still breathe (which is overrated anyway LOL) then they are probably the right set for you. They will give over time and you can even try sitting around the house for a few days when you first get them to bed them in before trying to ride the bike. Your armour should be in the right place and not have room to move about. And if, like most men, you don’t have too much of a rear to properly fill out a pair of pants then there are plenty of excellent leather repair and alteration companies out there that can 10 GOLDEN WING

work magic on any minor fitting issues you might have. Also, joking aside, leathers do actually shrink in the winter!!! So no, you’re not eating too many mince pies at Christmas! Leather does have an elasticity to it plus your body heat helps soften it up as well, so when it then gets left for 6 months in the wardrobe

over winter, it can shrink back to its original size, meaning you then have the fun of bedding them in all over again. Eventually though they do lose some of that elasticity and will become like a second skin, feeling very comfy. Bearing that in mind it doesn’t rule out that you have had one too many turkey sandwiches and need to lose a few pounds LOL.

Phil shows you don’t have to look like a ‘power ranger’


OK so cowhide or kangaroo leather? Well kangaroo leather bounces better when you hit the ground LOL! Seriously though the main difference is that kangaroo leather is much stronger and softer than cowhide but of course that makes it much more expensive, so hence the majority of leathers are cowhide. But if you do go for kangaroo then the bedding in process will be much quicker as it’s already softer although you can treat cowhide with a conditioner to aid the softening. Either Nikwax, Renapur or similar products available from bike shops and often horse & tack / saddlery shops. Personally I use Renapur which is usually sold at shows such as the NEC (the stand where they’re always trying to clean your shoes as you walk past). Have to say that it is a high quality product and will last you years, so for £20 for a set (cleaner and conditioner) it is well worth it and can also be used on any of your other leather gear such a boots or any bondage gear you have lying around LOL! Make sure that you only use it on leather though as I found to my cost with my last pair of boots that it can damage any bits that aren’t leather - one set of waterproof boots not waterproof anymore! Any excuse for a new pair of shoes for us girls eh! There are also waterproofing products out there that help protect your leathers a bit more, they won’t actually make them properly waterproof because, as we all know, leathers are far from waterproof… nothing like a nice June day out on your pride and joy and the inevitable thing happens in this country and it starts hammering it down… voila, one soggy biker. As the waterproof sprays etc are only going to protect you and your leathers during the lightest of showers a good set of waterproofs are an essential. I have a Hein Gericke, lined, 1 piece AUTUMN 2012

oversuit that is fantastic and not only keeps me and my lovely Dianese leathers dry but also keeps me a bit warmer due to the lining. There are actually Gore-tex leathers out there but they are very,very expensive. But then at least if you do get caught out you’ll be able to laugh and carry on regardless while your mates are struggling at the side of the road trying to put waterproofs on. One helpful hint for anyone who doesn’t already know it: put a carrier bag over your boots… you’ll find the legs will slide straight over and up instead of you having the usual scrap with them during which you will no doubt fall over into the puddle next to you - we’ve all been there.

And now to the ultimate question: 2 piece or 1 piece? Well that depends on what you want your leathers to do really. If you do a lot of track days or racing, then it’s got to be 1 piece all the way. 1 piece are by far the safest as there is no join or zip to break in the event of an accident, exposing your back etc. But if you are just doing a one off track day, as long as your suit is designed to zip together and does (as in a proper matching 2 piece set), then you will be allowed on track wearing it. So if you’re an occasional track rider you don’t have to go out and buy a 1 piece. Otherwise, for us mere mortal road users, a 2 piece suit is far more practical. Just ask anyone who has worn a 1 piece, sleeves tied round the waist while trying to carry a couple of brews back from the café, all the time trying to keep the suit from falling down round your ankles! Being able to take the top half of your suit off and put it somewhere is considerably more sensible - even more so with us ladies. Just picture the moment when you’re on a ride and all of a sudden nature calls, how quick do you think you’ll be able to get out of those 1 piece leathers after a hot sticky summer’ ride? Not very, hope you aren’t that desperate LOL! GOLDEN WING 11

leathers do actually shrink in the winter I’m very good friends with Jenny Tinmouth, the fastest woman round the Isle of Man TT (just check the Guinness Book of Records), she has to wear 1 piece leathers for racing but I’m sure she would prefer the ease and versatility of a two piece suit. Talking of hot sticky summer days out on the bike in your leathers (come on, I’m sure you have a good imagination) a top tip to stop you feeling all sticky and hot, and to help with those all important call of nature stops, is to wear a good set of wicking base layers underneath your suit. Although it may seem daft to add more layers in that heat, because your leathers aren’t sticking to you, it actually will feel much more comfy and you’ll be able to get your out of your leathers much quicker when the need arises. Trust me this does work very well - I speak from personal experience! Of course this all sounds like advice on buying race suits but there are also touring, “classic” and cruiser style leathers out there to choose from. Race leathers by their nature have shorter legs as they are designed to go inside your boots. They are much tighter fitting and usually more expensive, as the tops brands out there like, Dianese, Arlen Ness, Alpinestars, Furygan, Spidi, Spyke etc design them specifically for protection from very high speed spills. Away from race leathers other styles are great for things like cruisers, touring bikes like Wings etc or even adventure bikes. These tend to be a less tight, more comfortable fit and should fit over your boots. Please don’t confuse looser fit with not being safe, they are purposely designed to be not as constrictive so are more comfortable to wear, as you would expect out of something designed for long mile munching round Europe etc. With that in mind you should still try to get them as snug as possible but still ensuring they are comfy. So whatever you want your leathers to do, there should be something out there for everyone.

Next issue: gloves and boots

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Honda News Honda CRF250R is the choice of 007 for Skyfall Honda (UK) is delighted to announce its partnership with the upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall, and today unveiled the actual Honda machines used in the film, at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. Honda’s CRF250R motorcycle proved to be the machine of choice by the 007 film’s action vehicles and stunt crew teams. These motorbikes were modified for the opening sequence of the 23rd James Bond film which was shot in Istanbul and Adana, Turkey earlier this year. Twenty CRF250R machines were provided in total, to be adapted and ‘dressed’ appropriately into two native style motorbikes. One is a Turkish police bike that henchman, Patrice (Ola Rapace), seizes after a policeman crashes, the other is a Turkish merchant’s bike that James Bond (Daniel Craig) uses to pursue Patrice through the streets. Both

bikes feature extensive modifications courtesy of Chris Corbould’s awardwinning Special Effects team. Two CRF450R motorbikes were further chosen for use as HD camera filming machines, as only a motorbike could easily enable the camera crew to keep up with the chase scene and follow the various stunts. Stunt Co-ordinator for Skyfall, Gary Powell, commented, “We needed a highly versatile and quality off-road motorbike that could be easily modified, without compromising performance or safety, for the opening sequence of Skyfall. Honda’s CRFs are probably the best off-roaders out there so it’s great that we’ve been able to partner with Honda as the bikes, whilst heavily modified, were superb to work with.” Honda’s Fiona Cole, said, “We’re delighted to be a partner for Skyfall and are very much looking forward

James Bond on his CRF250R


to seeing our Honda CRFs in action in the film and rolling out some great associated activities we’ve got planned from October when the film is released. We like to try and do things differently at Honda, including finding innovative, yet relevant ways to showcase our diverse products, whilst also really engaging with our customers. It’s great to not only have Honda machines chosen as the choice of Bond, but also to be working with such a longstanding film franchise.” The Skyfall ‘Police’ and ‘Street Merchant’ bikes, alongside the unmodified and original Honda CRF250R, were unveiled today at the famous National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, which is currently hosting the BOND IN MOTION exhibition until 31 December 2012. The exhibition, the largest of its kind, celebrates 50 years of the James Bond films and showcases 50 of the best-loved and most iconic Bond vehicles. To see the versatile Honda CRF250Rs in action on screen and to enjoy the latest Bond adventure, head to see Skyfall in cinemas from 26 October.

Patrice on his ‘police’ CRF


Honda gets curious cith Channel 4 documentaries Honda is launching a new ‘Curious’ TV campaign as part of the Channel 4 documentary sponsorship. A series of short TV spots consisting of a 15, 10 and 5 second ‘bumper’ between the adverts during the Channel 4 & More 4 documentaries, will celebrate curiosity and the importance of discovery, with the theme that ‘The more we look, the more we learn.’ The campaign showcases Honda’s innovative technology by highlighting how real life situations and activities resonate with key features of Honda products. For example, the movement of the CR-V’s adaptive headlights as it turns corners is inspired by the movement of the eye. Other features highlighted in the campaign include the magic seats in the Jazz, the airbag on the Gold Wing motorcycle

and the dash design in the CR-Z. As the campaign progresses new films will be introduced which feature other Honda products from the car, motorcycle and lawn & garden ranges. The TV campaign will be supported online at which will host a curiosity trail; inviting visitors to ask questions and follow a journey. There is also an opportunity to enter a competition to win a VIP trip for two to the 2012 Paris Motorshow for the public unveil of the new European CR-V. This is the second year Honda have sponsored Channel 4 documentaries. Last year focused on stories of real people who used Honda products in an extraordinary way, in their everyday life.

Martin Moll, Head of Marketing, Honda (UK) said: “This new campaign for our continued sponsorship of documentaries on Channel 4, focuses on how Honda looks at the world differently & takes inspiration from the world around, which ultimately leads to more innovative products. Stories identified are told in an interesting & visual way which really stands out and we hope is intriguing to the audience.”

Honda celebrates success at 2012 MCN Awards Honda (UK) is celebrating after a successful haul at the 2012 Motorcycle News Awards, with three winner’s awards received in three separate award categories. The new-for-2012 Honda NC700X was awarded ‘Best All-rounder’, with affordability and ease of use highlighted as the key attributes of the class-leading middle-weight machine. MCN commented: “If I were commuting in a city this bike would be at the top of my list. Why have a superscoot when you can have a proper bike with proper handling that does exactly the same thing?” In the small bike class, the Honda Vision 110 was awarded the accolade of ‘Best Scooter’, with excellent mpg figures, riding position and the security of the Combined Braking System (CBS) the key factors behind the decision. MCN commented: “Wind protection is surprisingly good, the riding position is spot on and even two up it offered decent ride quality. The CBS provides confident and secure braking.” The icing on the cake was the presentation of the ‘Dealer of The Year (Single Outlet)’ award to Honda dealer Doble Motorcycles, for the second successive year. An award given each year to the dealership that has consistently offered outstanding customer service, facilities and value measured against the best dealerships in the country.


Doble Motorcycles are the first dealership in history to win this award in consecutive years. Paul Styles, Director for Doble Motorcycles commented: “We’re incredibly proud to receive the Motorcycle News Dealer of The Year Award 2012, it’s a testament to the hard work of our staff who constantly strive to offer our customers unrivalled customer service.” Steve Martindale, General Manager for Honda (UK) Motorcycles commented: “We are delighted to have been awarded such accolades for two of our most popular models in the Honda range. We’ve been very pleased with how they have been received by customers and in the market place since their respective launches and to receive further recognition from one the most respected voices in the industry is fantastic. We’re also extremely pleased that Motorcycle News has recognised Doble Motorcycles as one of the top dealerships in the UK, and rewarded them for their hard work and contribution to the industry.”


Wherever you’re going make Footman James your 1st destination Footman James is one of the leading specialist insurance brokers for classic vehicle owners, collectors and professionals. Dedicated to finding our best policy for you and your classic. Policies include:

• Specialist Rates for Honda Owners Club members • 24 hour Breakdown Recovery in the UK & Europe • Personal Accident Cover • Motor Legal Expenses • Agreed Value, Limited Mileage options If you insure your classic motorcycle with us, we can also cover your modern vehicles too.*

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Dibble presents a BIG cheque to the AAA

Well done everyone At a recent management meeting of the HOC, Clive Dicken from the National Association of Air Ambulances was presented with a cheque for £6,807.34 by Club Chairman, Andy Young. This substantial sum was raised last year by you, the Club members, at events all over the country. The money is being used to purchase wrist bands that will be on sale at Air Ambulance events commencing with the National Air Ambulance week in September. It is estimated that the money will raise nearly £750,000 when all the bands are sold which reflects very well on our investment. We are now featured on their website alongside the Sun ‘newspaper’ with direct link for anyone wishing to look at sponsors. The wristbands are available from your Branch Secretary and will also be on sale at Air Ambulance events around the country. Please take a look at for more information AUTUMN 2012


It’s all a load of Baltics by Mike


I have known Robin for many years and we are both members of another bike club (the MZ Riders Club). He is also a very experienced continental tourer. We started planning this trip many months ago and originally it was to be a jaunt to Norway to meet up with an old friend of mine. However it turned out that this friend would not be at home when we planned to get there so the trip evolved, as plans do. Quite early on we set 3 objectives for the trip. 1 ride across the bridge over the Baltic that joins Denmark with Sweden, 2 visit Tallinn in Estonia and 3 visit Peenemunde the WW2 German rocket research base. Only the ferry out to Holland and back again were fixed dates. The bikes used were, Robin, BMW F800GS and me, Honda Deauville NT700VA

Day 1 - Newport (S. Wales) to Sint Maartenszee, Holland Friday 8th June was a terrible day weather wise. I arrived at our meeting point and immediately realised that I had left my mobile phone at home on charge. No time to go home to get it so I had to rely on my emergency phone which I keep in my tank bag for, erm, emergencies. It is chucking it down with rain and the wind is howling. At 3 in the morning this really is no time to be riding a bike, let alone having to get the Harwich to catch a ferry. Nevertheless this was the target and it had to be met. The trip up the M4 was uneventful but we were 18 GOLDEN WING

well and truly wet and buffeted by the time we got to South Mimms service station on the M25 where we topped up with fuel. Back on the M25 we managed about a mile before we were pulled up along with all the rest of the commuter traffic. There was a 4 car pileup ahead and the clockwise side of the motorway was shut while fire crews cut the unfortunate victim out of his car. An hour and a half later we were on our way. Time was now tight but we were confident that we would make it. On the A12 we somehow missed the Harwich turn off. We took a small exit and explored the local countryside looking for the road back. AUTUMN 2012

I was certain that we reach the campsite and set up camp but it would miss the ferry but is a little late in the evening to be ringing luckily we made it, just. the breakdown people as there would be We were the last vehicles nowhere to take the bike, so we enjoy the on the boat as they were evening and work out the options. I am a about to close the doors. bit depressed. The crossing to Hook Camp site Sint Maartenszee Day 2 - Sint Maartenszee to of Holland was uneventful Wormerveer and back as we gently steamed. By the time we First thing in the morning I try ringing my arrived we had dried out a bit. When we insurance broker only to find that the claims disembarked the sky was blue but the wind office is only open 9-5 Monday to Friday. was still howling. We made our way out So I ring the breakdown service. Fortunately of Hook, heading for Alkmaar. On the I took out European cover when I took out motorway I led as I had a satnav. Robin my bike insurance. I explained the situation likes to use paper maps but sometimes the and also told them that detail of concentrated motorway junctions the phone I was using is not good enough. We made our way loses it’s charge quite through the complex of motorways around quickly and there is not a Amsterdam and Alkmaar heading for a lot of money on it. I gave small campsite that Robin had used before. them Robin’s number. We were within a couple of miles of the They were very efficient site and going down a side road when On the road to recovery and kept me informed the wind caught me and blew me and the of what was going on. They arranged for bike off the road. Not a big drama as I a truck to come to the campsite and pick was only doing about 10mph at the time the bike up and take it to Biker’s Motoport having just negotiated a small roundabout. Store in Wormerveer, some 40 miles away. Unfortunately there are no curbs at the edge The truck duly arrived and my bike was of the road in this part of Holland and so I loaded onto it. We went to the shop via dropped off the edge of the road into soft the countryside so we got to see a bit of sand. The sand caused me to drop the bike Holland. and unfortunately I caught the edge of the The staff at the store were very helpful road with the gear lever, which promptly and efficient and came up with a plan to snapped like a carrot also ripping the pivot get me mobile again. They happened to pin out of the footrest casting. Fortunately have a newer Deauville in stock and so on the Deauville the gear linkage is not proposed to rob that of the bits I needed directly into the gearbox and that I should pay for new parts to or the damage may have replace them. This I agreed to as it was been irreparable. The left the best possible solution with the minimum pannier was also in a delay. I must thank the staff of Motoport for very sorry state. the help that they gave me and for coming As we were quite close up with the solution. to the campsite Robin The damage A couple of hours later I was on my way went off to find it and again. By now the left hand pannier lid was I followed rather slowly as my bike was duct taped on as the catches were busted stuck in second gear. 30mph in second along with one of the hinges. The bag that gear gets rather interesting after a couple was stowed in there was carried strapped of miles as the radiator is a bit on the small to the bike from then on. side for this sort of running. Anyway we did AUTUMN 2012


As it was late in the afternoon by now we headed back to the campsite via the scenic route and stopped off for a bite to eat as we had missed lunch (free biscuits and coffee are no substitute for proper food). Back at the campsite we made plans for the following day, which was going to be a big one, and had an early night.

Day 3 - Sint Maartenszee to Malmo, Sweden

box (we did do this). We had a pleasant evening and took a stroll along the shore with views across the Baltic to the bridge that we crossed earlier to wind down after a hard day’s ride. The day had been warm and dry and the wind had dropped a bit.

Day 4 - Malmo to Grisslehamn Today we headed up the coast toward Goteborg before turning inland toward Jonkoping. The weather is wet with mainly drizzle with a couple of heavier showers. Once inland the rain clears away and it is sunny and dry. At Jonkoping we head up the west side of Lake Vattern and head for Uppsala. The roads are good with little traffic once we leave the coast Typical Swedish road road/motorway. We reach Grisslehamn at about teatime. The next ferry is due out at 8pm but doesn’t get to Åland until 11pm or so, which is far too late to find a campsite. So we have a cup of coffee in the small café and set off to use Robin’s campsite radar. We find a campsite a few miles down the road. A pleasant little site with what looked like basic facilities but when investigated were found to be more than adequate. After a bite to eat we decided to go for a bike ride to have a look around the place. Whilst taking photos of some picturesque boathouse/water scenes I spotted some giant snails. These things were over 2 inches in diameter.

We got up at about 3am and packed up all the equipment. We were on the road before the sun came up and not for the last time were we looking at dawn’s crack. We crossed the Ajsluitdijk as the sun was creeping over the horizon. Taking the motorway we were heading for Puttgarden and a ferry over to Denmark. We made several stops along the way to fill up with petrol and have breaks. At the ferry terminal we got chatting to a guy who was on an MZ Skorpion, quite a rare beast. We also saw a couple of Trojan bubble cars. The ferry crossing is about 50 minutes, long enough to have a good rest before tackling the motorway across Denmark to Copenhagen. We didn’t have any intention in stopping in Denmark so once off the ferry we pressed on and headed for the Bridge Over The Baltic. This was reached in due course and after paying the 23 Euro toll we were allowed into Sweden. Objective one had been reached. We tanked up and then set about finding a campsite for the night. Robin has a campsite radar built into his brain and it wasn’t long before he found one. The site Near Malmo, Sweden office was closed but a phone number was shown in the window, so it was called. As we would be off the site before the office opened in the morning we promised to leave the money in the honesty 20 GOLDEN WING

Day 5 - Grisslehamn to Kökar, Finland The ferry was not due to leave until 10am so we had a lie in and leisurely breakfast before packing up and heading for Grisslehamn. Another nice day in the offing. The ferry to Åland takes two and a half hours and as it crosses from Sweden to Finland (and another time zone) it is the


equivalent of the Channel ferry where all the locals cross to take advantage of the duty free. We take an early lunch on the ferry, which made a change from eating stuff we had brought with us. There was a travelling fair crossing at the same time as us and due to the way the ship was loaded they were allowed off first. This caused major congestion on the road out of Storby. We were On the ferry to Kökar headed for Langnas, near Lumparland. From there we boarded a ferry to Kökar. The ticket would take us all the way across the Baltic but if we did it in the same day we would have to pay a lot extra. However if we stayed a night on one of the islands the ferry called at we would have an exceptionally good rate (16 Euro). We decided to spend the night on the island of Kökar. The trip between the islands was stunning with a clear blue sky and visibility to the horizon. It was worth the crossing and was easily the highlight of the whole trip. We arrived on the island at about 6pm and found the only campsite on the island. There was nobody about so we settled in. Later whilst exploring we came across the proprietor who was quite happy for us to be there and gave us the code for the shower block. It never got dark that night. Well we were up over 60 degrees north. Kökar The only issue I had was that there was a Blackbird singing in the tree right next to my tent. Now don’t get me wrong but I like to hear bird song but this damn bird didn’t shut up all night. It was pleasant for the first half hour but got a bit repetitive after that and by the end of an hour I could have shot it. It drove me mad. AUTUMN 2012

Day 6 - Kökar to somewhere near Turku, Finland The first ferry out in the morning was at 6am. It was sounding it’s fog horn all the way across the sea. Our ferry to Galtby wasn’t leaving until 6:30pm so we had the whole day to explore an island much smaller than the Isle of Man. It had one road across it with several smaller gravel side roads off it. We explored all of them. At this point Robin’s bike started to play up by not starting at first button press. He thought it was something to do with the electronics. Sounded more like a flat battery to me. We had to put some petrol in the bikes as we hadn’t filled up on Åland. As we could only get 98 octane petrol instead of 95 we only put in about 10L. It was quite expensive petrol as well and finding it was not easy. We took lunch in a small café and tried something local. Then we explored the old church, taking loads of photos. We were on the dock waiting for the ferry for a couple of hours. There was a helipad next to the waiting lanes and I explored that. The Arctic Terns were nesting near there and they attacked me with a vengeance. One dive bombed me and pecked me on the top of my head. I had seen this behaviour in wildlife films on the TV but never dreamed that it could ever happen to me. The ferry eventually arrived. We heard it’s fog horn as the fog had rolled in across the sea. After boarding we ordered food and settled down for the 2 hour + crossing to Galtby. We had 2 more ferries to use before making the Finish mainland. These were on transport routes and were free. The last one was boarded at 10:30pm. It was still very light but the sun was setting. The radar kicked in again and we found a site. In all honesty we weren’t there very long as we had a big day planned for the following day and needed to be up very early again for our journey to Pämu, Estonia.

Next issue: Estonia, Poland, Germany and home, via Holland GOLDEN WING 21

Pillion’s eye-view by

Tessa, Northants & Milton Keynes Branch Part 4 - My CBT

Our first simple fun, easy and basic task was to hold It’s FUN! It’s EASY! It’s JUST the basics! You’ll have NO the bike up, kick away the side stand and push it to the trouble! As my CBT day drew near I heard these words other end of the training area. It was like a (wo)man/ of encouragement from every corner of my life. machine bonding session. Unfortunately, my bike and I I was really starting to look forward to it. In fact, my didn’t get on very well. The two others were at the other excited chauffeur and I had already started looking at end of the training area before I’d got quarter of the way, bikes, planning weekends for extra training and checking struggling with the weight and the general awkwardness the diary to see if we could squeeze my bike test in before that comes with pushing a small elephant up a hill. Mr the full onset of rubbish weather. Dreams were sketched, Shouty grabbed the back of my yellow pachyderm and bikes were bookmarked, storage was discussed, even guided me and we caught up with the others. The cold little trips together began to take shape - my chauffeur pit in my stomach began to grow. leading on his Blackbird and me following along on my Then we mounted our steeds/elephants. I could touch VFR/CBR400 or whatever other bike I could actually the floor and a small wisp of relief allowed itself to nest reach the floor on. The CBT was a mere formality. in my cold stomach pit. What followed may as well have When the day came I was nervous and excited! It been in Swahili. Hold this, push that, hold that, release was like my first day at school. By the end of the training that and twist that. My brain filtered every other word. I would have a certificate to say I could enter the golden I had previously joked about spinning plates, rubbing gates of bikedom, free to start my apprenticeship through stomachs and patting heads whilst flying a kite not the bike ranks until I could play with the Big Boys. realising it was going to be much, much My training would be with two other learners - one a similar aged man to me Our instructor was worse. I felt my stomach freeze and my who laughed hysterically at everything the about 7 feet tall and brain fog over. It was no longer fun and definitely not easy. Mr Hysterical and instructor said and the other a 21 year old very shouty Master Hoodie were by now whizzing hoodie-wearing lad with piercings. I say around the training area while I bounced and stalled learners - both had previous bike experience and Master and squeaked and shrieked a foot at a time into the Hoodie had actually already passed his CBT previously. centre. Even when I could concentrate long enough to It didn’t matter - today was just basics - it was going to be get the right combination of limbs to operate the right fun, easy, and no trouble. Our instructor was about 7 feet combination of things in the right order, the feeling of tall and very shouty having been in the army for around moving at ALL had me grabbing for everything at once to 140 years. I soon got used to being called Doris. make it stop. Although it looked like a pushbike to me, I To begin with we all got to know each other a little kept forgetting the things that looked like brakes were just and there was much happy classroom banter as we there to confuse me. Throttles got angry while clutches explained our biking experiences and hopes. Mr Shouty opened and closed like I was pumping up an airbed told us about various types of helmets, clothing and boots and my legs bashed against anything they could to feel and I was smug to know I was wearing all the correct bits solid ground. and bobs, not steel toed work boots like Mr Hysterical or In the next classroom lesson we learned a bit of road trainers like Master Hoodie. We laughed, we learned, sense. It was pointed out, quite rightly, that everything on we got given bike keys. the road would be deliberately out to kill us. As riders we I met my yellow Yamaha something-or-other with a little would have to be more alert than any amount of Red Bull trepidation. It was like a proper bike. It WAS a proper could ever make us. Our senses must be heightened and bike. By the end of the day it would be MY proper bike. sharpened so we could detect a car wheel at 50 miles Mr Shouty took us all through the daily and weekly and be able to manoeuvre in any direction required in a checks and pointed out important things like the clutch, nanosecond. If we did not do X, Y and Z we would be brakes, where the oil was and all the what, why, and dead. How was I ever going to get my head round X, Y how technical stuff. Fascinating stuff. Or it would have and Z when I hadn’t mastered A, B and C? been had I understood what he was talking about. By the time the cones came out I hadn’t improved. In Master Hoodie and Mr Hysterical were happy anyway. fact, I hadn’t improved SO MUCH that Mr Shouty kindly A cold spot began to form in my stomach. 22 GOLDEN WING


suggested that I try the Chicken Chaser so I wouldn’t have to think about the gears any more. Off went 7ft tall Mr Shouty to return, knees by his ears, on the 49cc moped. I was mortified. I was doubly mortified when I realised my stupid little hands couldn’t hold the brake on and reach the ‘go’ button at the same time. Mr Shouty had to press the ‘go’ button for me. Yes, I can report I was able to negotiate the cones to an extent and my confidence grew by a millifraction but while I was poncing around in a figure of eight on an electrified pushbike I was missing being told how to change gears (because my Chicken Chaser didn’t have any) and various other things which were out of earshot. I felt like a child being given the safety scissors in case I jabbed real ones in my eye. We then took a break and my trusty chauffeur arrived to buy me lunch. First I had to explain why I was riding a moped when he’d agreed I’d be learning a fully geared bike. Then I told him, with fully wobbly chin, that I would soon be going out on an actual road. I didn’t eat. When the smiley centre owner lady arrived to tell me that I would be going out with another instructor the wobbly chin was joined by a big salty blobby set of tears. The last droplet of my confidence had officially evaporated . Faced with a blubbering wreck putting off fellow diners it was arranged that the other instructor would give me full attention back in the playground. My shocked chauffeur, fearing he’d bought me the worst ever present, comforted me over my milkshake while I blew snot into a serviette. When the leaky eyes finally dried, I watched my fellow classmates happily ride their mounts down the road, ever closer to the golden gates of bikedom, and met my new teacher in the remedial class. I was a very brave girl and asked to learn gears again, no offence to the Chicken Chaser, and we began the days teachings all over again. My new teacher was very nice, very kind and very patient. He took me through all the knobs, buttons, sticks and pedals again and I got back on. I had got it all out of my system and surely would find my second wind now. Sadly not. Mr Nice had different ideas of which brake to use first and had opposite views on various other


things I’d just been taught. I was now faced with the same confusing equipment but being told to hold, push and twist things in a different order, sometimes with totally different limbs. I stalled and jumped and shook my head and shouted obscenities in my helmet and tried again and stalled and jumped and got going. And again, as soon as I got going, I had to concentrate on pointing the bike and looking in mirrors and aaaaaaaaaargh… everything was pressed/stood one/squeezed at once, my bruised legs once again clung to the bike, my feet scraped across the floor, and my forearms locked as if my life depended on it. I think I managed 5 feet at 4 miles an hour. By the time my fellow students rode back in with Mr Shouty I was being praised for managing a quarter of a circle. We had a break, I took off my fluorescent dunce’s jacket and admitted defeat. I had failed. Mr Shouty and Mr Nice tried to boost my non-existent confidence while the newly qualified Mr Hysterical and Master Hoodie watched silently from the classroom. The centre tried to book an appointment for me to go back but I mustered a pained smile and said I would phone them before jumping behind my chauffeur and letting the Blackbird take me home, sore, drained, broken and inconsolable. I am writing this the day after my debacle. I cannot describe how devastated I was that evening. My bike and mid-life crisis trike dreams lay shattered, my confidence gone and worse, I felt so, so stupid. I couldn’t even manage the basics. However, a day later, now the sting of failure and the rawness of the futility of the whole experience has started to subside, after much discussion with my sympathetic chauffeur and even confessing my uselessness to my mum, I will not give up. I WILL get my CBT. It will take a lot of one-to-one work and, really, my chauffeur is the only person who knows how my fuddled brain takes in information. We don’t know how we’re going to do it, where we’re going to do it, but we will do it.

However, for now, and possibly for some considerable time, I remain the Perfect Pillion.




The Compensation Culture - Part 2 In my last article, I explained why, in my opinion, I considered the so called compensation culture had got out of hand. I also discussed how there was money to be made in “farming” compensation claims by Claims Management Companies and Insurers who then sold on the claims to their panel solicitors. It became big business and now the Government want to put a stop to the Blame Culture of Britain. At the present time, if someone is injured and simply can use a computer programme that tells the their claim for the injury alone exceeds £1000, claims handler what to do and when to do it. There they can enlist the services of a solicitor of their is little contact with the client. In claims that exceed own choice at no cost to them. The solicitor then £10,000 the solicitor presents a bill summarising recovers his fees from the insurers for the person the time spent and this is negotiated with the who was responsible. If the claim for injury is less other side to determine what is reasonable having that £1000, the injured person cannot recover regard to that particular claim. There is therefore solicitor costs and either become personally liable less pressure to use unqualified staff in these cases. for the solicitor costs or has to deal with the claim The Government asked Lord Justice Jackson themselves. If the claim involves a to consider the manner in which road traffic collision and exceeds compensation claims are brought. Referral Fees £1000 but is limited to £10,000 In brief, he recommended far are to be outlawed (excluding vehicle damage reaching reforms which the and hire charges), then the claim falls within the government confirm they intend to adopt. These Ministry of Justice RTA Scheme. This fast tracks include changes to the “No Win - No Fee” where claims and limits the solicitor costs to £1200 + at present, if the claim fails, the solicitor is unable vat and disbursements (medical fees etc). This is to recover costs. To provide for this gamble and quite sufficient to allow an experienced solicitor having to wait until the conclusion of the claim to represent a client providing an individual and before costs are recovered, the solicitor can efficient level of service. However, if the panel uplift their costs by 12.5% payable by the losing solicitor is paying a referral fee to buy the case party if settled prior to trial. However, under the from a claims management company or insurer for reforms, the client will have to pay this uplift out anything up to £900, this leaves very little in the of their compensation. The uplift will be capped pot. Consequently, solicitor firms employ claims at a maximum of 25%. Referral Fees are also to handlers with little or no legal qualifications who be outlawed. There are other recommendations AUTUMN 2012


regarding insurance premiums for funding the litigation which will also have to be paid by the client themselves. There are also other proposals in the pipeline that will seek to increase injury limit from £1000 to £5000. Therefore if your injury is below £5000, then you will either have to pay the solicitor yourself or argue fault/negotiate direct with the insurers. Would you have the necessary experience to peruse an injury claim, argue fault with an insurer, or know how much your injury was worth? The MOJ RTA scheme limit will also increase from £10,000 to £25,000 with a proposal that solicitor costs for these claims will also be further slashed. The Government also intends to stop the payment of referral fees by next April. However, when this was announced, the shares in one of the major insurance companies who faced to lose millions of pounds in profits each year fell dramatically. It was reported that 5.6% of their overall half year pre-tax profit of £161 came from referral fees. From the dawn of time, it was a crime for solicitors to share their fees with non-lawyers. That is, the firm of solicitors had to remain independent from outside business influence. As Claims Management and Insurance companies will no longer be able to sell on claims to their panel solicitors, the Government has overturned the time honoured tradition of independence of solicitors and has introduced “Alternative Business Structures”. That is, companies may now buy and manage solicitor practices. The capital of capitalism, the USA and

their New York Bar Association continues to be resistant to ABS’s despite pressure from the UK. Unsurprisingly, insurance companies, including the one mentioned above, became the first to be registered as an ABS. Businesses have been buying established firms of solicitors so that they can feed their claims direct into their own solicitor departments and take a share of the profits direct. This replaces the lost referral fee revenue. Will this further water down the quality of legal services to the client to maximise business profits and will the independent solicitor firm survive this onslaught, only time will tell. Conversely, it could be argued that traditional firms of solicitors need to be brought into the 21st century but will this destroy traditional values? I have spent many a long telephone call to insurance claims departments waiting to speak to a claims handler whilst listening to “Greensleeves” with the occasional interruption saying that my call is important and I am moving up the queue. Surprisingly, when I want a quote, I get put through within a few seconds! Not only have insurance companies sought to register themselves as ABS’s but the major supermarkets and building societies will not be far behind, not to mention the well-known Claims Farmers already dominating to TV adverts at the moment. Will these proposals dramatically reduce my insurance premiums? Will they provide an efficient and professional service to the client? Will they put an end to the “Compensation Culture”? I wonder.

The choice of claims companies is enormous 26 GOLDEN WING


I accept that something had to be done as I am fed up of the claims adverts on the TV and recently received yet another text saying how much compensation I was entitled to, not to mention the barrage of PPI calls I am now getting for loans I never had. Will it stopped all of this? Are the Scales of Justice now heavily tipped in favour of the insurance companies rather than the individual? Perhaps we ought to review this in a year or two. Oh, should I mention that one of the main contributors to the Conservative party funds is linked with the insurance market. A Guardian

newspaper investigation in September 2011 revealed that financial firms with insurance interests have given £4.9m since Cameron became leader. Theodore Agnew, who founded an insurance firm in 1989, gave £134,000 and Peter Wood, the founder of Direct Line, gave Chris Grayling, then shadow home secretary, £71,000 to run his office. You can draw your own conclusions to that and why ABS’s have been allowed rather than the old fashioned approach of you deciding when to claim and choosing your own solicitor.

As the Accident Legal Advisor for the Honda Owners Club (a biker for 40 years and a lawyer for over 30 years), I also donate £100 to the HOC for each case I take on from the member, their family or friend that is recommended to me by a HOC member. This is paid by my firm and not out of the individual’s compensation. My contact numbers are 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065. These are linked to my mobile, so I can be contacted out of office hours (subject to not being on the bike!). My e-mail is and website is My advice is given free and you are under no obligation to use my services. You can also ask me a question on the HOC Forum in the Legal Advice section.



Racing Report A Gamble For Honda?

So Casey Stoner is bowing out of bike racing after bringing success for Honda in the Moto GP Championship with his title win for them in 2011. There was a lot of talk as to who would replace Casey to ride alongside Dani Pedrosa, who has been riding for Honda since 2001 and was so successful in the 125 and 250 championship but for whom the Motor GP Championship has been elusive since his entry into the class in 2006. Runner up to the title and always among the top contenders, Dani is a consistent performer although not as yet a Motor GP champion. It has now been announced that the young 20 year old Spanish rider Marc Marquez has signed a 2-year contract with the Honda HRC Team. Marc made his debut in 2008 and is the youngest Spanish rider to have gained a podium at the age of 15 and 56 days. Riding with KTM. Marc proved himself a very capable contender and in 2010 became the Championship winner in the 125cc series. Marc is also currently leading the 2012 Moto 2 Championship. His talent well recognised, Marc is tipped to be a top player but how much of a gamble is it for Honda? The jump from a Moto 2 bike to a Moto GP ride is a huge change, moving from the 600cc to the 1,000cc machine.

Ah bless.... he looks so young!


Only time will tell whether the decision was a good one or not and in the ever changing World of racing, it is hoped that Marc Marquez rises to the challenge alongside Dani to keep Honda at the forefront of the Moto GP racing and the manufacturer’s championship.

Rossi goes back to Yamaha

The other big move news is Valentino Rossi leaving Ducati, which was not unexpected, and returning to Yamaha to partner Jorge Lorenzo an interesting team to say the least! And what a challenge Andre Dovizioso looks likely to be taking on, wrestling with the Ducati on which Valentino was unsuccessful and with Dovi tipped to take the Ducati ride where will Cal be this next season? Moving on from Moto GP, what other changes will there be in the World of WSB and BSB? Nothing certain at the moment but with the merrygo-round of bike racing you can always guarantee the twists and turns will keep us all intrigued right up to the start of the new 2013 season.

The Stigette

Racing Correspondent


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Classic Corner Well I dropped myself right in it when I asked you which bikes, you would like me to write about. Some of you then requested the “Super Dream�. 1978 Honda introduced the CB250T and I for one loved the look of the bike. It was a practical workhorse that we could all use for the daily commute. Also big enough for those club runs. Initially the 1978 models were fitted with twin leading shoe drum front brakes. Then in 1979 single disc which did help with the panic stop situations. Also eventually the America market had a Custom model with automatic transmission. Giving the laid back cruising machine.

Enjoy your Classic ride 30 GOLDEN WING


So 1978 gave us the twin cylinder, three valve head (2 iinlet) five speed gearbox four stroke engine. Honda were sticking to their policy of clean four stroke engines and not taking on the lighter two stroke machines that other manufactures had produced. Honda producing the heavier over engineered machine. I always felt that the engine was built bullet proof. 1980 and the engine was used in the “Super Dreams” which were designed for the European market here in Europe. Given a six speed gearbox. This sixth gear was added as a overdrive for fuel economy. The extra gear made the bikes slower than leaving it in fifth. So riding the 250 you had to hold the throttle open and use the revs to get yourself out of trouble. The CB400N was fitted with twin front discs as an all round machine with it’s size and weight. It made an ideal, usable machine. The CB250N being just too heavy for the available power. Hence they were called all sorts of names which I think was a bit unfair. If you needed a bike that would carry you forever as a commute bike the CB250N will do just that. Also remember that we were still on 250cc learner limit. So most of then would be used as a practicle

machine to learn the road. The CB400N was the same size and just a little more weight, but it gave you the extra performance to give you a more practical machine to carry everything including kitchen sink (don’t forget the wife) on holiday. Also very capable of the every day work horse. Honda gave the Accessory contract to Rickman who produced fairings, crash bars, rear carriers, top boxes ect: So you could tailor your bike to suit you. Take it out in all weathers and take on star ship enterprise. I used my CB250N fitted with a rear carrier as a commuter . Leaving the car to the wife. As she provided the taxi service for our two children.

“I loved the look of the bike” So what did you pay for your pride and joy in 1980? CB250N £899 CB400N £1,053 CB400AT Hondamatic £1,064

Dave Barton

Classic Secretary





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Whiteknights - North & West Yorkshire, Cleveland (Teeside).

▪ They are all run by volunteers who provide an

emergency ‘out of hours’ service transporting blood, platelets, samples, vaccines, drugs, X-rays, donor breast milk and any other urgently need medical items - FREE OF Charge to the NHS.

▪ They receive no government funding and rely on

donations from the public to survive. The volunteers also get no payment for their time or costs.

▪ They save the NHS thousands of pounds every year, allowing that money to be used where it is needed most - the patients.

▪ They are on-call from 7pm to 8am weekdays and 24 hour cover at weekends and bank holidays.

▪ The volunteers are fully trained to the highest

standards to ensure the safety of both rider and consignment.

▪ Without NABB members, hospitals

would have to pay for a taxi or courier, or even take an ambulance out of service for 3-4 hours! This is why the Honda Owners Club is raising money for the NABB in 2012 - please give generously!



French Fancy 34 GOLDEN WING


We currently have a stable of four bikes here at JtheB’s but the star is always the infamous CB500 that we use as our main bike for the various weekends we run. She’s very light, extremely nimble and, after a load of suspension mods we undertook a few years ago, very, very quick around the corners. We’ve owned her for five years and in that time she’s covered 70,000 km (she now has 93,000 km on the clock) and never suffered a breakdown of any type! For her 17th birthday earlier this year, we treated her to a major makeover which involved cutting down the subframe, converting her into a single seater and giving her an admittedly rather Ducati influenced paint job. She also features Renthal ‘bars, a rather lovely Fuel exhaust, a Dart flyscreen, a natty bellypan I bought off a French dealer a few years ago and a tiny LED rear/brake light set up. I’ve owned much more expensive, faster, exotic tackle but there isn’t much than can touch the CB for outright fun! I can see her dashing around the twisty roads of Normandy and Brittany for quite a few more years yet...

Paul Minton • Lives in Normandy, France • Owns/runs JtheB’s Biking Weekends ( • Started riding in 1974 • Ridden over 400,000 miles so far and in over thirty countries. Paul’s CB500 has had quite a makeover for a 17 year old!

• Membership no: 33111

The bike’s the star Your bike could be featured in Golden Wing

If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, just send me a short write-up and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you!



Central England Classic Car, Bike & Supercar Show by

Garry Goldingay, Northants & Milton Keynes Branch

This weekend provided us with a new challenge, the show was on the same weekend as WSB at Silverstone, this meant working with less people and less bikes for the display, mainly because a lot of our branch members wanted to follow their passion and watch the racing. Nevertheless the show had to go on, the HOC gazebo and the 10 x 3 were erected in superb time and with great expertise, all thanks to Dan in ensuring we’d been well trained.

Best Bike in Show, well done Paul


Being a Classic show Sharon and Sue dressed up for the occasion wearing white skirts, T shirts and pop socks (yes you read correctly, Sue in white!) plus Dave (Wabbit) came in his Teddy Boy suit, he also brought along his baby Wurlitzer jukebox to provide the right sound tracks for the show, of course it wasn’t long before the unsuspecting public were taking in Dave and Sharon jiving in front of the stand, definitely a great way of grabbing the attention of the visitors. The jukebox also became the music for the showground, the compere stuck his mic on the table next to the jukebox then he disappeared for a cuppa, it worked so well that during rain storms and intervals in the main arena we provided the good sounds for the show. The HOC stand was adorned with large mounted photographs of members on bikes and from previous Billing show, all expertly done by Paul Mabbutt our chairman, it gave the stand a very professional look and certainly drew the crowds (the term crowds being used rather loosely). We had the two CB900s displayed at the front which AUTUMN 2012

drew people in to check out the other bikes we had on display, that included Dan’s old 175 that we could have easily have sold for him a couple of times over. We probably had the ‘cleanest’ Honda at the show with Mark aka Mr Pledge who showed us how to clean a bike properly using his own ripped up underwear and a tin of Pledge, a tip happily shared with you all, all I can say is “it works”.

...not a good idea at all

Sharon had a go at “Blind Driving” in a toy electric jeep with Dave directing her, well both of them are not sure of their left and right so that nearly ended in tears, put it this way I don’t think we finished with any medal chances. So now lets get down to business, we’re at a Classic show with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd judged by a public vote, we’ve got a few bikes entered so we think we’re in for a chance with one of them, our bikes get called in to the arena along with bikes from the VJMC and Tudor Rose, “Best in Show” is announced and 1st place goes to Paul and his CB900F2 which is so well deserved especially as he had to do an engine rebuild a few days before the show, produce the excellent art work for the stand, trailoring bikes to and from the show, plus running his business, he’s been a bit under pressure but the bike looked and sounded the bizz. In 2nd place it was Dave the rabbit with his bike and in 3rd place it was “The Beast” my old gal the CB900FA! We ran away with it, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the HOC and that by a public vote, Wow! Unfortunately no prizes were being awarded for the loudest bike, Tony Tuttle turned up and very kindly added one of his race bikes to our display, when he fired it up to ride into the arena he captured not only the show goers attention but everyone else’s attention within a 2 mile radius, well done Tony and thanks. AUTUMN 2012

Great balls of fire and the rest of him too

Putting the old man out

Next on the agenda was the trophy for the “Best Stand”, guess what? Yep, we got that as well, what an amazing weekend it turned out to be. A HUGE thank you must go to those members who helped out with the stand, and to those who provided the bikes, it was all well worth it, 1st 2nd and 3rd with the bikes in the peoples choice plus Best Stand in Show, what a way to promote the HOC. A special thanks and a pat on the back for Sue Beck for organising two shows at the same time.

Tony Tuttle and his RC145 replica GOLDEN WING 37

Don’t let the rain beat us The latest issue of MAG’s magazine, The ROAD, features four pages on the new Honda NC700X, a bike very much of its age. Even in the hands of our spirited Campaigns Manager Paddy Tyson the bike has averaged 80mpg which should make all manufacturers take note. MAG could climb on the bandwaggon of fuel price protestors and demand cheaper petrol but of all unwinnable campaigns that one heads the list. Finite resources versus infinite population growth is not a recipe for cheap anything and the smart response to the issue is to steer industry toward better economy. The best way to do that is to buy the bikes that burn less which is why Paddy bought the bike he did. As he reports however, it is still great fun to ride. MAG has always focussed on giving the biggest bang for the buck. We value every penny that is raised for biking by our members and those who patronise our events and we don’t waste it, which brings me to the summer of rain. The wet summer has damaged more than the fruit crops and MAG’s major fund raising events have taken a real battering. The consequence is that we are going to have to source money elsewhere if we are to maintain our current high level of lobbying activity. Paying wages is only part of the story as our paid lobbyists are constantly on the move, attending meetings in Westminster, Brussels and many places in-between. Whether it’s petrol or train fares it all costs. Fortunately at long last MAG now offers the option of direct debit arrangements for membership which we hope will address the age old problem of members forgetting to renew. That will, we hope, plug the leak in the lifeboat but we still need far more crew if we are to make good the revenue loss from one event that was 3000 down on the normal attendance. It was the wettest weekend since the Ark floated free and I can’t blame anyone who looked at the forecast 38 GOLDEN WING

and stayed home. Having spent eight days in Yorkshire under canvas I have had enough of rain for 2012 thank you. Before I continue; when oh when is anyone going to make a pair of truly waterproof trousers or gloves? End of that appeal. MAG values every club that affiliates to us. We can with justification tell government that we represent tens of thousands of riders which is in itself useful. At the end of the day though, if we have to lay people off or even if we just have to trim their wings and stop them travelling about, we lose, motorcycling loses. Our voice, the voice of the rider, will be quietened down. As of this summer MAG has a little over 10,500 individual members which is way above any other rider group and it’s growing but it’s not enough, it’s nowhere near enough. It could be argued that MAG should only have taken on staff and ramped up its campaigning to a level that its membership income alone can support and banked the surplus against a rainy day. The trouble is that with European threats having grown so dramatically MAG did not feel it could afford the luxury of so restrained a policy. MAG has always been a group that takes chances if we think the issue demands it. Street demonstrations for example always involve risk but it is a risk we have been prepared to take to build the campaigns whose success has vindicated us. Fortunately MAG began this summer with the healthiest bank balance in the group’s history. We may take chances but we aren’t reckless. It is only because of what may turn out to be the wettest summer since records began that we anticipate some serious belt tightening in the year ahead. AUTUMN 2012

Recent Campaigns

Super MoT developments and a suggested letter you may wish to send. The Transport and Tourism

Ethanol in fuel. There is concern in some corners, especially among the owners of classic and older machines, that the enforced introduction of ethanol in blended fuels will have a detrimental effect. The following will help answer some questions about what is ethanol and why are we getting it.

Super MoT threatens higher costs and restrictions In mid-July, as reported at the time, the European Commission published proposals to mandate regular Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) for bikes, trikes and other road vehicles, in all EU member states. More than 18 months ago, many MAG members completed a consultation on the subject, one which was incredibly badly drafted and which was only available in English.

What is Type Approval? TA is a process for making sure vehicles and components as designed, comply with regulations governing safety and environment without having to test every single vehicle. Prototypes are tested and the production arrangements are inspected so that approval is given for sale within Europe without further testing.

Committee (TRAN) of the European Parliament have now had time to look at the new Super MoT proposals from the EU Commission, so it’s time, as voters, that we make contact with them.

25th Sept 2011 -Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking! A raft of issues emanating from Europe will have a profound effect on riders and the motorcycle industry EU Super-MoT proposals unveiled For more than generally. We must stand up and be heard. Some of a year, MAG has been warning the EU wanted to replace our current MoT test with something that could these are driven by the EU Commission, like the new be more complex, more expensive and further restrict Type Approval and Market Surveillance Regulation that will see the introduction of compulsory ABS, the rider’s ability to modify their bike or trike. the sealing of powertrains from the airbox, through June 24th 2012 Demo - EU Hands Off Biking the engine to the final drive (including the diameter UPDATE Sunday June 24th 2012 should be a date for and aspect ratio of the rear tyre), restrictions on your diary. MAG is organising another day of action, the aftermarket industry, possible roadside checks similar to the one we held last September when over by police or other government agencies to inspect 40,000 riders took to the streets to highlight a raft of emissions, detect owner ‘tuning’ and more. new legislation coming from Europe. GET A GRIP! Consistent grip is essential for two New Licencing rules from 19th January 2013 From wheelers and sudden changes in traction can be 19 January 2013 all countries within the E U will need hazardous. GET A GRIP! is raising awareness of the to comply with the 3rd EU Driving Licence Directive problems caused by slippery iron manhole covers, (3DLD), which was passed in 2006. As a result trikes overbanding, diesel, gravel etc and presentation cost will move from car licence entitlement and in future will effective solutions. be covered by bike riding licences. What can you do? 1 Take an individual membership. As a member of an affiliate club you’ll get a £5 discount for your first year so will only have to find £20. 2 If you like rallies then try and make our second biggest bash Stormin’ The Castle. It’s a mega bash and if the sun shines well; you wont get wet. Let’s pray. Find full details of both here:

Ian Mutch

You can join MAG on line or over the phone by ringing 01926 844064

You’ve probably always meant to

MAG President



All this comes on top of the recent UK Government announcement that vehicles manufactured before 1960 will no longer have to have to pass an MOT test, an exemption that in one form or another looks like it’s going to remain under RWT, which might strike you as a bit odd as this is all supposed to be about safety.

Road Worthiness Tests

Looking through the testing process the bulk of the proposals are very similar to our MOT except for the addition of: 1 Emissions testing. Testing with a gas analyser or data from the bike’s On-Board Diagnostic devices. This simply brings bikes into line with cars and the test will specifically show whether the bike is within tolerances set by the manufacturer or by Type Approval. (We don’t yet have word on whether this only applies to new bikes or what the rules will be for existing bikes).

Pics show a 1951 Vincent Comet before and after restoration

2 Nuisance - Noise check/testing. As in the UK, the tester will assess noise levels subjectively by ear and by checking exhaust system marking, but if the tester thinks the noise level is borderline, he will carry out an objective stationary test with a noise meter. 3 Brake fluid. Water content / boiling point will be analysed and a failure will be given if contaminated 4 Anti-theft. Devices will be tested for functionality. If defective it will result in a failure. 5 Transmission. Inspected for soundness and illegal* power train modifications.

I reckon we’re all going to have to get used to the term Road Worthiness Tests (RWTs), because this is the term for an EU wide testing regime currently being planned that will apply to all cars, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, trikes and quads. The details are in the early stages at the moment but implementation is projected to be in or around 2016. For us with our UK MOTs, the impact won’t be as massive as for those eleven countries in the EU, including France, Ireland and the Nederlands, who don’t currently test bikes at all (they all test cars but not bikes). Norway and Finland will also be brought into the fold while for others, such as Sweden and Germany, test periodicity will reduce from 2 years to one year as in the UK. 40 GOLDEN WING

6 Engine Performance. A visual inspection and if the ECU and engine are illegally* modified, this will result in failure.

*Note: In the case of 5 and 6, as it isn’t illegal in the UK to modify these components, a ‘fail’ cannot result. (Perhaps this is there for the threatened Type Approval laws currently under discussion?)

7 Re-testing. This may be required after an accident has caused serious damage to the main safety related components such as wheels, suspension, steering or brakes - when the safety and environmental systems and components of the vehicle have been altered or modified - in case of a change of the holder of the registration certificate of a vehicle. AUTUMN 2012

Note: Failures are categorised, Minor being down to the owner to rectify without necessarily needing a retest, Major must be rectified within six weeks but those classed as Dangerous will result in the vehicle’s registration being revoked until it passes the test (currently in the UK, such vehicles can’t be driven on the road anyway).

As you can see, some significant changes ahead, but not like introducing a whole new system to countries who don’t currently test bikes and that’s where the main argument is currently being played out. The ‘nuisance’ category is a new one that I guess won’t be popular with those who like to make a noise, but then again, excessive noise is a major problem for motorcycling and it’s why many in the wider public see motorcycles as a nuisance. (Yes, I’ve been around long enough to hear all the arguments for making a noise, like ‘loud pipes save lives’ etc, but think about it, if we all went about making a racket how unpleasant for everyone that would be). There’s also some confusion over the testing guide, which specifies a check for ‘compliance with requirements’ on numerous components from mudguards and lights to exhaust systems. It’s the word ‘requirements’ that’s a bit wooly. We don’t know at this stage if it means as originally supplied by the manufacturer or just if an item is up to say, a CE standard. AUTUMN 2012

What about if you had fitted different indictors, steel brake hoses, different shocks or whatever? Nobody knows… But why is all this happening you might ask? Well, it’s under the guise of safety but what has been shown in the massive EU funded, and BMF supported MAIDS (Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Survey) survey of European bike accidents is that only 1.1% of bike accidents were mechanical failures a factor, so looked at logically, we’re faced with a massive standardization exercise that will cost us as riders more money and all to tackle just over 1% of bike accidents - and that’s why we’re opposed to these proposals. The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) are also opposed to these measures but as you’ll see from their website, some of the countries without MOT tests are particularly annoyed, mainly as they say because there is no safety justification. Still, there’s some way to go yet and our own Department for Transport have asked for our views so we shall see.

Read the full BMF briefing on: php?fullstory=1076

Jeff Stone

To join the BMF as an individual, ‘phone on 0116 279 5112 or join on line at Couldn’t be easier. GOLDEN WING 41

Honda CB250G5 1976 Stephen Crump, West Yorkshire Secretary Owner

This is my Honda CB250G5 which I found in a barn in the middle of Wales. The bike had only been used to get into town and back for about 10 years and was covered in bird poo, it was only available in this country for 2 years 1975 - 1976, anyway its the bike I wanted at 17 but my Dad said my Mum would kill him if he let me have the bike as it was too big for me... It’s the first ‘nut and bolt’ rebuild I have done and I think it came out very nice, I entered it into the Yorkshire Classic Bike Show at Haworth and it won best in class...

Hope you like it. - in the Concours & Restored section

Fireblade day 11th August 2012 Norfolk - John & Pat, Jill & Da ve, Tony & Debs

Manchester - Alan and Kev a Goodwin of Rochdale Hond

and Steve , Richard wns - Chris North Do


North London - Colin, Simon , Keith, Graham, Rolan d and Mike




Dorset Branch rideout to

Tiverton Canal by John Quirk



We gathered at the Top of Town Car Park Café in Dorchester at 10am for a 10.30 leave. The intrepid riders included Ian, Vince, Barb, Sid, Dave D, Dave W, Fran and myself John, on 6 bikes. Going though Poundbury we joined the A 35 at Monkey’s Jump heading off towards Bridport. The road climbs up onto Askers Down where gorgeous views are afforded all around. A comfort stop at Killmington for tea, coffee and other essential activities then saw us off to Honiton where we took the Cullompton Road where hopefully those that like bends were satisfied. At Cullumpton we headed north on the M5 for 1 junction then the A361 to Tiverton, the Canal is clearly marked with brown directions signs. We had lunch at the ‘Tea Cup’ café by the Canal who serve nice snacks at reasonable prices. Once used largely for the carriage of limestone, the canal is now a tranquil recreational waterway for walking, cycling, boating and fishing. Meandering through 11 miles of pleasant mid-Devon landscape from Tiverton to Lowdswells, just south of the Somerset border. The scenery is constantly changing and there is a wealth of wildlife, including swans and kingfishers. The Tiverton Canal Company run horse-drawn barge trips for the public from Tiverton between Easter and November and also hire out rowing boats and electric launches. After looking at the Canal we returned to Honiton and then down to the Coast Road, stopping at Lyme Regis for an Ice Cream. The weather was kind to us and hopefully everyone had a good and enjoyable 125+ mile ride.



Billing Bike Show by

Garry Goldingay, Northants & Milton Keynes Branch

Lets say we knew by Wednesday that we were going to get wet, the forecast looked a bit grim especially for the Friday, great, set up day, brilliant eh? So after a couple of quick phone calls set up day was moved to the Thursday. We arrived at Billing in brilliant sunshine and temperatures around 30c, was this a good omen? The team set about erecting the HOC tent and the 10 x 3 gazebo under the watchful eye and instruction from Sergeant Major Dan Beck, it ended up with us all down to “bare chest” order it was so hot, luckily for us help came from Sue and Sharon in the shape of an ice cold beer (or two). Saturday morning we set out the bikes for the display and it looked quite impressive, a Trike and a Rune at the front followed by the oldies on the left and the newer bikes on the right. The stand display generated a lot of interest both in the bikes and the HOC, plus several of those people who showed interest have already been to visit us at the 10 O’clock pub, more future members signing up. Paul (Honeymonster) had his Honda CB900F2 “Special” on display, special because it had ‘wooden’ camshafts, his cam chain tensioner had broke after a ride-out and he’d bent 4 valves, so with the top end in bits and no cams in place he fitted “sawn-off” sweeping brush handles to ensure the shim seat and springs etc all stay in place, this obviously raised a lot of eyebrows and a few 46 GOLDEN WING

vacant expressions as Paul explained to several of the unsuspecting public that the engine now had wooden camshafts, I think this set off a precedent within the team because we all had a very enjoyable weekend with lots of laughs and stories, and of course a few well earned drinks after our stint promoting biking culture and the HOC.

Wacky Wabbit on the loose


On Sunday we changed the display around, the two old CB900’s took up the front line with Steve’s Rune on our flank, the other bikes then set up as our rear guard, once again the stand looked impressive and did what it supposed to do, generate interest, it sure did, because after all our effort and creativity we were awarded a trophy for the ‘Best Stand in Show’ the judging and final decision being made by all the other stands and traders. A special thanks has to go to the “set-up” team who had to change schedules at very short notice, to Sue and Sharon for providing us with food and drink during the show, and to those members for being part of the team and adding their bikes to the display, and of course to our very own “Wabbit” Dave who once again came as “The Floppy Rabbit” and entertained everybody young and old.

What a great weekend!

... off they go

Mark never stops polishing

Dan on Steve’s Rune

Whitey on the Pan-trike

Garry on his Bol D’Or


The crowds liked the Rune


Honda Classic Ride by

Dave Barton, Classic Secretary

When you consider that I have organised the Classic Rideout for about twelve years now. You see that it has changed over the period. Early events were all machines prior to 1970. So the CB72 250cc twin, CB77 305cc twin, CB450 twin that you may know as the “Black Bomber” and the fabulous CB750 Four. Until 1966 the biggest machine to be exported from Japan was the 305cc Honda CB77. So starting the Honda Owners Club in 1961 all national club runs and I only thing that we had about three a year. Were on baby machines from 50cc, 125cc and 250cc complete with “L” Plates. The BMF Rally at Wolburn Abby in 1966 had a total of three hundred people and about twenty from this club. So small beginnings and the early classic rides reflected that time.

Turning the clock forward and you find that there are far more machines becoming classic. So you find that bikes like the CX500 is now a classic. So I felt that I had to change the format and just cover machines that are twenty years old or older. To me it seems strange to look at the first “Fireblade” and say that it is now a Classic Machine. 48 GOLDEN WING

So the machines covering this event over the last couple of years have been well scattered over many yers. My mailing list is now well over forty machines with the owners ridding their prized machines on the day from all over the country. So I asked them to join the event. Twelve said yes but on the day only seven turn up. Due to the good old British Summer Rain that you can always rely on. I know that the rain is warmer in the summer, but you still get a soaking. So I can understand why people did not take part but then you get young Stephen Benyon and his wife turn up from Milton Keynes on their 1975 CD175. I think that they put all of us larger machine owners to shame. They covered the event over three days and as luck would have

it they missed most of the rain. Stephen said that they did not carry waterproofs anyway. John Theobold from Royal Wooton Basset on his CB250RSA scurried away for the day and enjoyed the run. I know that I enjoy my RSA so I can appreciate his ride. Three CB400F machines which all looked immaculate so well done Martin and Toni. Also to Mike Gallifeat who travels up from Crayford in Kent every year. Mike enjoys the run even if we are using all the little minor roads complete with ponies.

So a big thank you to everyone who did manage to join us. As it is nice to put all the older machines together and ride them. Also thanks to John Hancock and Toni Hugo for keeping an eye on everyone.


The best of both worlds Powered by a thrilling 800cc V4 engine, the Crossrunner combines the flexibility and exciting attitude of a naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure bike. It’s a combination that will keep you smiling, mile after mile, as every journey becomes an adventure. Now available with 0%

APR representative over 3 years with just £99 deposit.

PLUS, for a limited time, receive a complimentary colour-matched top box and pannier set*. Visit or call 0845 200 8000 to find out more.

£9,200 OTR Terms and Conditions: Offers apply to Crossrunners ordered from 01 April and registered on or before 30 June 2012. Offers applicable at participating dealers and are at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Subject to model and colour availability. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Offer applies to personal loan finance. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over subject to status. *Complimentary colour-matched 31L top box and 29L integrated panniers will be fitted free of charge. No cash alternative will be offered. All figures are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Promoter is Honda (UK), 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QY. Image shows additional accessories which are not included in this offer, please ask your Honda dealer for full details.


Reply to Dave Andrews by Shaun

the Sheep

If that Mr Andrews thinks that No. 49 and his fake cronies are going to scare me then he has another think coming. I’ve got the M.A.F.I.A. (Militant Animals For Insurgence Alliance) on my side headed up by the Shaun the Sheep Triad and their trusty followers all of whom will be attending the National Rally, where we believe that No. 49 will be plotting against a Shaun or two.

Bring it on!! And as you can see I also have the support of the flock!

Min 10% discount for HOC members 20% discount on Brittany Ferries All rooms en-suite with full facilities Full English breakfast available Evening meals available (by arrangement) TV room with English Sky TV Free Wi Fi access Laundry room Secure parking Lockable garage parking for TWO large bikes Contact us for more details

5, Place du Centre, 22110 Glomel, France 0033 (0)2 96 29 88 44

Many thanks to Webbs of Glomel for the great National Rally raffle prize 50 GOLDEN WING


Natonal rally 2013



Riding the BOATs on the CRF250 by Chris


Surrey has 76 miles of BOATs or Byways Open to All Traffic and what better way to explore them on the recently introduced Honda CRF250L. My test ride would take me on a 40 odd mile route that included three challenging byways of around 8 miles in length. The CRF250L is a multi-role adventurer bike as described by Honda. It uses the 17kW, CBR250R single cylinder four valve engine, housed in a slim double cradle steel frame with long travel, inverted front fork and Pro-Link rear suspension. Dual purpose, on/off road tyres are fitted as standard. The bike is equipped with 21” front and 18” rear, alloy rimmed, spoked wheels fitted with disc brakes. Fuel tank capacity is 7.7 litres which doesn’t sound a lot, however the fuel injected engine can return up to 19.9 miles/litre (90mpg) so a useable tank range of 120 miles is not too bad. The seat is quite tall at 875mm however the bike has plenty of ground clearance when riding


off road, the footrests also being nice and high. The bike features a very good riding position with a comfortable seat and is easy to control with wide handlebars. The kerb weight of 144Kg allows good manoeuvrability and ease of picking up should you drop the bike when riding off road, thankfully I didn’t have to verify the last piece of information. The bike fired up quickly and soon settled down to a very smooth tickover. The torquey engine, coupled to a low first gear, allowed the bike to pull away easily with no fear of stalling. The six speed gearbox felt very slick and was the best Honda box I had come across in a very long time. Once out onto the A3 Kingston Bypass, the bike accelerated up to the 50MPH speed limit with ease. My route later took me onto a national speed limit dual carriageway where 70mph was achievable; however the tyres showed their dual purpose nature and felt a little nervous at this speed on tarmac. My first byway action started at Leatherhead joining Admirals Road, a 2Km track leading to Polesden Lacey, a country estate. The bike immediately felt at home on the dry track with the suspension soaking up the bumps and tree roots with ease. Traction was good although tyre pressures could probably have been reduced for more serious off roading. A short stretch of tarmac then led to the second byway, Hogden Lane. This track soon became quite rutted and damp in places but once again the CRF250L proved capable. By now I was really enjoying my byway riding experience, it being many years since I had last been off road. Hogden Lane terminated on Ranmore Common bringing me back on tarmac to head down to the A25.


The CRF is a fun bike, equally at home on the road or green lanes

Byway to Ranmore Common

At the Wotton Hatch pub I turned south and joined Wolvens Lane which would take me down to Coldharbour. This track had a lot of wet sand which proved very slippery but again the CRF250L coped well. The final byway, an unnamed track, was the most challenging with steep climbs taking me to the summit of Leith Hill, the highest point in South East England at just under a 1000ft above sea level. Fortunately the tea shop in the tower was open for a well needed cuppa.

The Tower at Leith Hill

with ample stopping power and feedback even on the loose sections. I returned to Surbiton after a good four hours with a slightly dirtier CRF250L having thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The CRF250L most definitely is a fun bike, it is equally at home as a commuter or as a Sunday green laner. It is very easy to ride, economical in use and competitively priced. Now if I had room in the garage for one more bike?

Time for a rest and cuppa at Leith Hill

The view from the top of the tower was breath taking, with London to the north and the downs to the south. It was also quite strange to see the planes taking off from Gatwick Airport some 800ft below me. Returning to Coldharbour down the same track was easier than I thought it would be with the 250 single able to provide adequate engine braking. The disc brakes had felt very good throughout the ride both on and off road

Easy to read dash on the CRF250L

Thanks to Richard at Tippets Honda, Surbiton for the loan of the test bike. AUTUMN 2012


Norfolk Branch trip to Klotten in Germany by Dave

White, Norfolk Branch Secretary

The branch deliberated for some time before agreeing the destination for its 2012 annual outing - Germany - what fun! Tony and Penny selected the hotel and booked 4 nights commencing on a Sunday during June. Having previously stayed at La Post, Klotten, they could recommend this ‘biker’ friendly venue for its value for money, location (Mosel Valley), food and atmosphere. They weren’t wrong - a great suggestion. Tony’s only instruction was “people can do their own thing, just make sure that you are there on Sunday night”! Klotten is the next village down from Cochem. 8 of us crossed from Harwich to the Hook and then rode through Holland, Belgium and in to Germany. The other 4 people in the party went over from Dover to Calais, stayed over at Cambrai and then came down via a scenic ride past Charleville Mezières, to the west of Luxembourg, through the Ardennes and onto Klotten. Certainly the best biking area we’ve been too - smooth German roads and hairpins and switch-backs going up and down hills with such stunning scenery. As we 54 GOLDEN WING

arrived we must have passed some 5-600 other bikes out having fun. We all arrived for our free beer served by Klaus - a SUPERB host who did some stunning home cooking every night. Evening meals consisted of appetisers (bread, olives, dips, grilled aubergine etc) followed by home made soup (cream of asparagus for example), then some bowls of salad followed by a lovely main course (local venison medallions, schnitzel.... mmmm) and finally a lovely pudding (creme brulee etc). Klaus’s bar was brill lovely wines and beers aplenty and, as we were at the very heart of this wine-producing region, local wine - they were gorgeous - much better than

Klaus with Penny and Sue when Germany were playing in the Euro 2012 AUTUMN 2012

Cochem and Mr T

The gang in Klotten

the German wine you get in this country and not a Blue Nun in sight!!! Breakfast was equally good and the price overall amazingly good - 5 nights home cooking, great brekkie plus the bar tab for 2 of us was a mere ÂŁ500. While we were there the European Cup was on and one night Sue and Penny put on German Lays and head-flags to cheer Klaus up - as can be seen in the photo!!

All too soon the week was drawing to an end and we split in to the 2 groups again for the rides home. We were all VERY impressed by the very good service and facilities aboard the Stenna boat from Harwich to the Hook and will certainly use them again. MANY thanks to Tony and Penny for finding the Hotel Zur Post at Klotten - they were very good with a bike lock-up room that could take 30 bikes or more, with a drying room for gear and even tools for repairs etc. Their website is www. and they are thoroughly recommended. The wildlife in the area was lovely

too - Sparrow Hawks, Buzzards, Red Kite and then a host of smaller songbirds too. And as for the cafes - black tea and a selection of 30 or more cakes ALL like GIANT Black Forest Gateaux - WOW!!!!! Mind you choosing which one to have each time was a real trial..... We all said we will return to the Klotten area to explore and experience more..... MUCH more!!

Tony and Penny at Eltz Castle

Cochem chair lift

During our stay we all went out and about in small groups - trips to Koblenz, Cochem, the Nurburgring, up the Rhine, castle visiting and so-on. As a spot for exploring the Rhine-Mosel area this was superb. Right outside our hotel was the railway line into Koblenz which was a real bonus for easy travel. AUTUMN 2012

Our first meal at Zur Post


Our Holiday in France August 2012


Terry Gilmer, Oxford Branch

Trust me you couldn’t make this up if you tried!

Monday Three couples set off, me and Mary-Anne, Pete and Jenny and Andy and Sue, all on ST1300 Pans. Having booked a villa in a small village called Aubeterre-Sur-Dronne all of us were eagerly looking forward to exploring central France. The ride down to Portsmouth was trouble free with light traffic and good weather. Our overnight ferry to St Malo was excellent, the bikes were well secured without fuss, the food was good and our cabin was spotless and very comfortable.

Tuesday Following a smooth passage we were delighted to find we had clear blue skies, perfect for a long day in the saddle. We breakfasted aboard and then navigated our way through St Malo, easily finding the right road. Soon we were eating up the miles in the sunshine on well maintained, smooth, traffic free roads. Although we had around 320 miles to do we were in no rush and the Pans were in their element, just purring along. Sheer bliss! Then the first sign of trouble! After our first fuel stop I noticed a slight vibration coming through the seat of my bike, not bad but a little disconcerting. When we stopped for lunch I checked the bike over but could see nothing 56 GOLDEN WING

obviously wrong. I thought a wheel balance weight had come off which is a pain but no big deal. By the time we had finished our motorway stint any speed over 70mph was quite uncomfortable but as soon as we got onto the minor roads and our speed dropped the bike felt and handled fine. I should have known trouble was brewing! When we arrived at our villa we were all delighted to find it was just as described, spotlessly clean, spacious and with all mod-cons. The owners had even left us a welcome pack including a bottle of wine and some beer. That evening we walked into the village where we found a delightful village square and enjoyed a good meal alfresco. So far the trip was going really well, a little too well maybe, what about that dammed vibration?




The weather continued fine, not a cloud in sight and very warm. We didn’t touch the bikes but explored the village. Aubeterre-Sur-Dronne is a really beautiful place, I recommend it to everyone (as long as you don’t mind a few hills). It has everything you need butchers shop, bakery, a small supermarket, a beautiful river with a beach and a bar. There are loads of places to eat and drink and most places we went the people were happy to speak English (there were quite a lot of English tourists there). We stocked up on supplies and headed back to fire up the BBQ. A good day, but things were about to change.

We spent the day exploring the village some more and discussing what to do over the weekend. The tourist information said the nearest large town, Angouleme had some interesting things to see and do so we decide to get a bus there on Saturday. That’s when we discovered public transport in rural France is virtually non-existent. Only one bus a day at seven thirty am which takes well over an hour to get to Angouleme and one bus back at five pm. Except of course on Saturday when it returns at eleven am. Over an hour each way and no time to explore in between. So that scuppered that idea!

Thursday We intended to go out on the bikes so I decided I had better have another look at mine, just to be on the safe side. This was when things started go pear shaped. Having had the bike MOT’d and given it a thorough check over before we left I was horrified to find my rear tyre (which had less than two thousand miles on it) was literally falling apart. It was not punctured and there were no signs of any cuts but it was blistered, distorted out of shape and some steel bracing wires were poking out through the rubber. How it hadn’t blown out on the way down is anybody’s guess. Obviously unsafe to ride

we had no option but to look for a replacement tyre. We managed to find a tyre shop fairly close by. Now; none of us speak French and the guy in the tyre shop didn’t speak English but with much arm waving, pointing and help from a very kind French lady who spoke some English we got him to understand what we wanted. After more prolonged discussion in a mixture of French, English and mime it was established the tyre was not in stock and he could not get one until Monday morning. Bang goes 3 days of our biking holiday! AUTUMN 2012

Saturday We decided the two working bikes would go off to the neighbouring town (Chalais) which has a Chateau, Mary-Anne and I would get a taxi and meet them there. So off we went in search of a taxi, you guessed it, no dammed taxis to be had. However the local tourist information centre were very helpful and phoned one for us, within ten minutes or so we were on our way. After meeting up with the rest of the gang we walked to the Chateau only to find it closed. Not to be defeated we walked back to town had a coffee and considered our options. After a while we went to the supermarket bought some goodies sat by the river and had a picnic in the sunshine, not what we planned but not a bad way to spend an hour or so. When the time came the bikes headed back and we went in search of a taxi only to find the whole town virtually deserted, even the tourist information office was closed. With no other options we walked the eleven kilometres back to the villa. The temperature was in the high thirties and we had no water. By the time we got back we were well and truly knackered I can tell you. GOLDEN WING 57

That evening was spent at the river beach bar as they had a live band who were excellent and with aid of a few drinks we cheered up no end.

Sunday Sunday was spent hanging around the villa and village, by now we had explored every street and shop, walked miles up and down hills and everyone was feeling a bit down. On the plus side the weather was stunning, not a cloud in the skies and the temperature reaching around 40 degrees. We tried in vain to convince ourselves it would have been just to hot to get dressed and go out on the bikes anyway.

Monday Hooray the tyre will be here today!

Unknown to us the girls weren’t doing much better. On arrival at Angouleme they went to the tourist information office only to be told all the main attractions were shut on a Monday. What is it with the French and opening times? The tourist information said the museums opened and a large indoor market took place on Wednesdays and Sundays, or was it Saturdays? Doesn’t really matter, no dammed busses on any of these days anyway! Later that day we went back to the tyre shop yet again but still no tyre. All the guy could do was shrug and say ‘moto pneu non arrivee’. Eventually he phoned Michelin and handed me the phone. Luckily the woman on the other end spoke some English so I told her we really, really, really needed this tyre and she assured me it would arrive the following day by eleven am. We then had to phone the girls to let them know not only we couldn’t go out on the bikes next morning but they also had to get the bus back, boy were they pleased!

Tuesday Lets get the wheel off of the bike whiz over to the tyre shop, get it fixed and away we go; or so we thought. The girls got up early and caught the bus to Angouleme; the plan was to meet them after my bike was fixed and all come back together, sorted! Us guys strapped my wheel to the back of Andy’s bike, I rode pillion with Pete and off we went to get the tyre fixed. When we got to there we could see the road had been closed by the police just a few hundred metres on from the entrance to the tyre shop. Unfortunately there had been a serious accident just a little further up the road. We went in only to discover the tyre delivery truck was stuck just on the other side of the road closure (I said you couldn’t make this up). Some poor soul had to be cut from their car and taken away by air ambulance. After a two hour wait the road reopened and the truck arrived. Guess what; no bloody tyre! We were told to come back later as it might be on another delivery so off we went back to the villa feeling pretty fed up. 58 GOLDEN WING

Yet again we made plans; after the bike was fixed we would all go off to Cognac for the afternoon. But once again our plans were dashed, the dammed tyre still hadn’t arrived. We waited and waited, our hopes raised by every van that appeared. But time after time our hopes were dashed, bollocks! When it did finally arrive at around five pm we nearly turned cartwheels. The tyre was fitted quickly and after being relieved of 215 Euro we were on our way.


Wednesday Our last day at the villa, but at long last all the all the were bikes roadworthy. Four of us decided to go to the coast for the day whilst Andy and Sue opted to go to Cognac. We had a pleasant ride keeping to the minor roads enjoying the sunshine and scenery, brilliant right up until we reached the coast when it pissed down with rain! Determined to enjoy our last day we stood on the promenade for a while in the pouring rain looking out at the big rollers coming in from the Atlantic and some brave souls surfing. We then had a coffee and some lunch sitting under a big umbrella outside a cafe before heading back to pack up our gear ready for the off early next morning. I wondered how Andy and Sue were getting on in Cognac, hope they were having a good time. When we got back to the villa they were already there, they told us it was a bank holiday and most of the visitor attractions in Cognac were closed!


Unbelievably the hotel had no record of our reservation (even though we paid in advance) and they were full. That was just about the last straw, the toys came dangerously close to being thrown out of the pram! However the reception staff made some calls and got us into another hotel just across the street. St Malo is a great place, the streets are full of people and there are loads of street entertainers; artist, musicians, mime artists and clowns. We had a good meal and despite some light rain we just wondered around taking in the sights and sounds. A good evening all round. Is this sorry tale over? Not quite! The streets are narrow and cobbled and the buildings quite tall, so sound just echoes around. Our room was at the front of the hotel, it was a warm night so we had the windows open. Just as we got into bed a guy started up with an accordion just up the street, soon a crowd built up all singing along at the tops of their voices. Some time later a French couple had a massive row in the street, screaming at each other for what seemed like hours, then at about four am the deliveries to the shops, restaurants and bars started. Did we get any sleep? Not a chance!


Because we were booked on the 10am ferry on Friday we had arranged a hotel in St Malo for Thursday night. We departed the villa early (around seven am) so we would arrive in St Malo early enough to have some time to explore the old walled city. Thankfully our ride back up through France was stress free with plenty of breaks for the loo and coffee. We arrived at St Malo as planned, parked up and the girls went to book into the hotel whilst we secured the bikes. Then the phone went!


On the ferry back to Blighty at last; exhausted we found some reclining seats and slept for a while. Thankfully we had another smooth crossing and after 9 hours on the ferry we were relieved to disembark at Portsmouth and had a fast ride home. Nearly forgot; just to add a sting to the tale Sue lost her camera on the ferry home (although luckily someone handed it in to lost property)! Did we enjoy our time in France? Surprisingly, yes; due mainly to the company of good friends. Pete, Jenny, Andy and Sue were all brilliant. Despite all our trials and tribulations they kept their and our spirits up. I can’t think of anyone better to holiday with (although I wouldn’t blame them if they think twice before going away with us again). Now where to next year ????


Solent Rally 2012 by

Pam Irving, Solent Branch

You can’t be serious Mum, camping when there’s going to be 3 months rain in 3 days! My son had reservations concerning the sanity of it all. She’ll be alright lad, your Mum enjoys swimming (from husband Dave who always sees the positive side). The marquee went up on the Thursday with help from Solent members and Glen from Bedford, no problem, but then the wind got a bit tasty, and by the time I returned on Friday, Martin was minus his tent. Fortunately he lived quite nearby and had been home for another one. Jackie and Graham’s tent took flight after the first night, and so they moved into the lee of Barbara’s palace, and Bill was applying splints to three of the poles in the marquee (not dancing on the tables as I had thought!!) Annee brought her friends collie dog, Boy in the car. I still think he would have enjoyed riding in her tank bag!? Due to the forecast, it was noticeable that many of the bikes were accompanied by support vehicles, see - there are one two with a smidge of sense. Of course, the S’No rally attendees didn’t understand what the fuss was about. So the Solent rally began with hot grub eagerly anticipated and enjoyed by all, followed by the mellowing beverages in great company. As we were running a little late, it was suggested that no one would want the usual late night bacon & 60 GOLDEN WING

egg butties, - how wrong can you be? Once folks caught a wiff of that bacon, a queue appeared from nowhere, and the Solent bacon buttie production team was in action. The wind and rain gave up at this point, it was losing the battle!

Anyone for breakfast

It was cloudy on Saturday, but not raining so we decided to give the rideout a go and I was pleased to see twelve bikes turn up. I must have frightened a few because everyone turned up with a full tank. Unfortunately, after only 8 miles Steve Hill noticed Alan’s rear tyre looking decidedly out of sorts, so AUTUMN 2012

we had to pull into a garage, puzzling those who had gone off to fill up before we started. The two Alans (East Mids) stayed to sort the puncture and we arranged to meet at Bovington later. Having done the obligatory zig-zag hill, coffee break was at Compton Abbas airfield with zero activity from the aircraft, however parking up was no problem. We didn’t lose anyone else (at least, not for long), but being slightly nervous of being up front, I missed a left turn at Blandford and having consulted with Glen and Graham, (thanks guys) went through the town, before regaining the ring road. We took the scenic route to Bovington, and arrived just before the two Alans, on the one bike, the other was having a new tyre and being collected later.

Worker’s tea break

Most of us decided to use the time at Bovington simply to have a bite to eat in the cafĂŠ, as time was limited. Those who went in enjoyed their visit, and tickets are valid for twelve months. Bedford branch were thinking of doing an early start club run at a later date, with longer to look around. We had a good run back, the roads being quiet, so we could get a move on in places, Graham seemed

Man with hat, beer & cigar

to be having fun at this point! The final stop was at Fordingbridge, where the very nice butcher sold us some very nice steak. We had a spot of rain at this point, then a gentle plod through the forest back to the campsite. It was great to see Dave & Sue Syers once again after a few years and other visitors who came for the evening. A gazebo had been placed over the BBQ in case of rain, salads prepared, and so began another evening of lively banter, with full house in the marquee. The raffle was entertaining, especially when Keith was let loose on the microphone ~ (groan) All in all, it was a great event, despite the antics of the wind. Sunday was glorious for packing up, even the shorts and pasty-looking legs made an appearance. Thanks once again to Barb & Alan for all their efforts, to all the Solent committee and to everyone who turned up to support us.

Bovington Tank Museum AUTUMN 2012


Visit to Samsung Honda by

Stephen Crump, West Yorkshire Secretary

I was really looking forward to our tour round today, but I didn’t know just what it would entail. But I can safely tell you all it was utterly fantastic. We were met outside the Samsung Honda Racing building by Jack from Padgett’s in Batley. Steve from Padgett’s had made the necessary phone calls and e-mails to book the tour for us at West Yorkshire Honda Owners Club. Jack had the privilege of being the representative for the day Thanks go to Steve and the guys at Padgett’s for doing so and of course without the help of this main Honda Dealers in Batley it would not have happened.

quite an ingenious idea you never have a spare petrol cap when you need one.

TT Legends Workshop

Matt Lloyd Steve Tordoff

We were greeted at the door at precisely 2 pm by Steve Tordoff he was our guide for the duration of the tour round and was very informative. He did in fact tell us that when one o’clock arrives its down tools till two no messing. We had a pep talk in the foyer and had a fantastic opportunity to walk round the trophy cabinets and see some of the racers bikes. One of which was Steve Platers 600 which he won the championship on in 2009. 62 GOLDEN WING

Dave’s helmet

The first room we entered was the workshop where John Maguiness’ TT winning bike was on show. Steve told us all about the parts that had been on the shelves and we got to hold a fairing which was worth thousands and weighed nothing, he also pointed out a little a part on the tank and asked what we thought it was, most said a chin rest when in actual fact it was a foam ring to hold the petrol cap on once removed to keep safe in the pits, I mean when you think of it its

Now then what can I say about this man dedication and passion must be his middle name Matt is in charge of the C N C machine and all its workings he was telling us that to programme the computer he works on to make something for the bikes takes around 2 hours. He makes sure all symmetry is correct and when it is he transfers all data to the C N C machine this can take up to two weeks in its entirety. He showed us pieces he had made from a solid block of aluminium to the finished product which was a foot peg hanger you would not AUTUMN 2012

believe how it was done if you hadn’t of seen it for yourself and the hanger was weightless. He also showed us some yokes and brake levers in fact I think the the only thing Matt couldn’t make is a kitchen sink but I bet he could prove me wrong! He was a very helpful man and showed us how he programmed his machine and let us disturb him while he was working.

Matt and his machine

We were then taken into the main garage where the Samsung Honda trailer was. its huge It had a full on board garage in it and it shone out the new blue Samsung have adorned is stunning and stands out from the rest. We were shown John Kirkham’s race bike naked and I mean laid bare This in itself was an absolute privilege because later on in the tour we also watched it on the dynamo this was shown to us on the Tuesday 4 days before practice day.

Adrian Gorst

Steve then took us through to meet the chief technician for Michael Laverty Michael was British super sports champion in 2007 and in 2011 he was 4th in MCE British Superbike championship. Adrian works very close with his riders so they get the best out of him and him them, yet another dedicated team member. Adrian explained the grids on the computer and pointed out to us what the different lines on the computer meant like riding lines and fuel consumption and how he could improve the position of a rider by the readings shown, all very clever stuff and he was very accommodating to answer all questions that where asked. AUTUMN 2012

The guys where very busy and we saw them working on Michael’s bike filling the radiator up and such like its fantastic to see how calm everybody seemed 4 days before practice.

Stuart Millern

The last room we went into was the build room where we met Stuart this is the man who builds the engines, in fact he had one in bits in front of him well part of a bike now they don’t come much more naked than this one, he in fact told us that this we saw in front of us would be built and ready to ride after all checks by Friday. Samsung Honda are the only team in the UK to use the stock fire blade swinging arm without any modification (hope I’m right on this).

Engine and Stuart

Stuart again was very helpful and informative and had the cleanest workshop I have ever seen. We were running out of time and had already put the team behind schedule before being led off up to the boardroom for a talk with Steve and Harvey and a fabulous buffet that had been arranged for us. We also got to hold some of the great trophies they have won over the years, Lisa even had them find the key to one of the glass cabinets to hold Colin Edwards….

Havier Beltran (Harvey)

This is the man who is team manager for Samsung Honda and who over looks everything that makes the team a bloody good one. I feel I must point out that on our visit everybody was at work that’s right we were being given a tour around their workplace while they were working and I know I’ve said it earlier this was 4 days before practice at Cadwell park. Harvey and Steve chatted to us about the riders and experience’s they had had with different riders and races and as we said we were in awe of the surroundings and the team and what was unique and to us and a privilege they had it all and even said at times they felt like they took it for granted. Harvey is proof that if you have the right people around you then the magic that is produced is phenomenal for example The Samsung Honda Race Team.

Samsung Honda race team

The West Yorkshire HOC would like to say a massive thank you to Steve and Jack at Padgetts in Batley for making the tour happen. All at Samsung Honda, Harvey, Steve, Matt, Adrian, Stuart and everyone we saw and met on the day. Big thanks also go to Steve and Phil at West Yorks for all you have done for our Branch. GOLDEN WING 63

My first rally...


Tania Grimwood

partner of Oxford Member Greg Thomas



As a “virgin” pillion (my second ride on a motorbike - at the hands of my partner Greg) I went to the Oxford HOC Rally at The Lower Lode, Tewkesbury.

On arrival at the venue, a lovely pub on the banks of the river, I was warmly welcomed by Erica and her husband Gerald with tea and coffee at the ready. Further group members, who arrived throughout the afternoon were equally as welcoming which added to a very sociable atmosphere. The venue was perfect with ample provision for camping or B+B in the pub. Events for the weekend had been expertly organised and started with a supper provided at minimal charge from the pub and an excellent vocal musician (Dave Miles) to entertain through the evening, keeping spirits high. AUTUMN 2012

The ride out on Saturday devised by the lovely “Ted” took us across the Brecon Beacons with wonderful views of the area. I was very impressed with the drop off system which ensured all were kept safe, accounted for and on track. Saturday evening provided more time to socialise with my new friends at a karaoke / disco. Breakfast on both days led to more laughter within such a jovial atmosphere. It was a really enjoyable weekend which I can highly recommend; you would never feel alone or an outsider with such a personable group. I was very much included and look forward to my next event with the Oxford HOC and who knows following the encouragement from the lone female bikers I may even work toward taking control of two wheels myself!



Secretary: Graham Seymour - 01525 633169 or 07973 428772


hilst attendance at our Wednesday meetings has continued to be good, the same cannot be said of our runs which have been decimated by the appalling weather that passed for summer. The highlight of the summer was a fine day in early August when Dave Bates organised a run followed by a group archery lesson. 15 wannabee Robin Hoods were given sharp projectiles and a means of propelling them really fast which sounds like a recipe for disaster. However I am pleased to report that no bikers were hurt in the making of this article apart from the obligatory sore fingers and a sad case of ‘archers kiss’.

A couple of Bolts got in with the arrows

• • • 66 GOLDEN WING

AUTUMN 2012 this is a bow

I bet Robin Hood never had this trouble

Having only ever experienced the toys ‘R’ us type of bow with a stick with a plunger on the end, I was most impressed with the curved implement and feathered aluminium shafts we were handed. We were shooting from 10 metres with an 18Ib bow string, and thinking I was doing quite well, was brought down to earth very quickly when the instructor told me that they shoot from 60 metres with a 90Lb bow in competition! I don’t think I’d even be able to draw the damn bow

All in all an entertaining couple of hours for the princely sum of £15 quid each. If you are looking for something different to do I can thoroughly recommend it. We rounded off the day with a meal at the local hostelry. A good day, well done Dave! We will not be having a stand at the local air ambulance charity day this year as the event has had to be cancelled due to a lack of commitment from the public. Registrations for the event were so down on last year, that the commercial stallholders A group shot were reluctant to attend as we could not guarantee the footfall, and the organisers did not want to take a gamble on losing money on the event. A shame but unfortunately a sign of the times. We still have a few runs planned for the rest of the year with an overnight trip to Tenby in Wales at the top of the agenda for early October so there’s still plenty of biking to come. All the best


• • • AUTUMN 2012


Cambridge Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883


i All Well as I write this the sun is shining and we have just had one of the hottest weekends of the year - unfortunately Paul and I had a weekend away in Derbyshire in the car and missed it! never mind. So what have we been up to ? Well the weather has played it’s usual part but we have managed a trip or two. We had ride out to Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens. 5 bikes enjoyed a meander through the countryside to this lovely idyllic place. There is something soothing about steam trains I think. We rode all 3 trains during the course of the day and also had a ride on the Carousel - it is customary for Cambs HOC to always ride the Carousel if there is one. The day ended with a steady ride back to Jim and Anita’s for a BBQ - a nice way to wind down in the sun on a Sunday evening. We actually managed a first ride out of the month in August - the weather has hit every one since April! 4 bikes had a lovely ride round led by Jim Mayes who always gives us a lovely ride - well done Jim! We ended up at The Mill where we met up with Dave Furness and new member Pete Norman who despite being a member for 3 years had not had the chance to meet up with us - this is due to work commitments - it was good to see him and he has supported us at the BMF in the past with cake donations. Our third Wednesday saw a good turn out and another new member, Adrian Shepherd, who had contacted me earlier in the month - it was good to meet him and introduce him to the HOC. About 8 of us are scheduled to go to Cadwell Park on Bank Holiday Monday for British Superbikes so fingers crossed for the weather although according to the newspaper today it will be a wash out - we will see - watch this space! Ride Safe

love Kim xx

• • • 68 GOLDEN WING



Organiser: Steve Letheren - 01392 431982 or 07712 160365


i all, what a summer we have had, its not been together for a date takes some luck, but last good in Devon trying to arrange Rideouts, Sunday 12th August we did (after the rain struck every time we looked at our diary, then the again last Sunday 5th) and had a good rideout up weather forecast it was grim reading, for Haynes Museum to Haynes Motor Museum, they are doing some building work there at this time to a change the forecasters seem to get it create a new Shell around the site and right, if they said it was going to rain, it looks good and well worth a visit to it did, and as we all have found out it Sparkwell on the A303 where it is just off rained heavy and hard. the main road. The highlight of the year again was We then made our way down to Seaton going to be the Powderham Show in to have a coffee by the seaside, a nice Starcross, Devon in July, we asked for a day all round and thanks to all that came. gazebo to make it look good and went A few more dates in the diary till the end down to the site on the Friday to set up, of September so who knows, sunny days we had rain leading up to the weekend would be good. but the sun was out and the field looked Again if anyone would like to take over good with lots of club stands and traders the Secretarial role within the club please on show, we put everything up and left let me know, when the beginning of to meet up again in the morning, during September comes I am at Rugby with the the evening I had 3 phone calls to tell me about the red alert weather forecast on the telly, Exeter Chiefs or playing Skittles at my local social club or with my and family and cannot commit not sounding good. The following morning we went down to have to much during the weekends, I will always help where I can and always stay a member of the a look, it was carnage, bent gazebos and tents HOC and go to Club meets. everywhere, they had cancelled the show, it was Take Care like a bog, everyone got stuck in the mud trying to get out the field, so we made our way over to our area, there it was. The HOC stand, standing proud, solid as a rock, looking good, we had been sheltered from the worst of it as we were near the woods. We took it all down and put it in Andy Lashbrooks van and took it back to the building where I work to dry off in the warehouse. A big thanks to Andy, Ian and Steve for there help, Try again next year!!. Some of the members managed From left to right are Hank, Denise, Steve (myself), to get out when they can on the Andy, Ian and Steve Gill weekends, but trying to get everyone


• • • AUTUMN 2012



Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272


t has been a quiet year for the Dorset Clan, with an average of between 8 - 12 members attending meetings, but only 3-5 attending rideouts that are planned. Several rideouts planned have had to be postponed due to the lovely weather we call summer!! A couple of our members are marshals at the very popular Tuesday Night Bike Meet at Poole Quay so if you are planning to come and visit, let us know we can meet up for a cuppa or an ice cream! We have had a couple of runs in August so far………….

Don’t Shoot!!

The Three Musketeers!

A sunny Sunday saw 3 bikes and 4 people attend head towards Swanage and stop off at Corfe Castle and take some piccies, then head off to Lulworth Cove for a well deserved Ice Cream. A quick stop off at East Knighton on the way home and we all peeled off at Bere Regis. A surprising turnout 9 bikes, 11 people on a cooler more overcast Sunday. The ride left Dorchester went through Cerne Abbas (anyone see the giant) turning of before Sherborne through the Caundles to Blandford then out on Compton Abbas road turning off to Pimperne and picking

up the Salisbury road before turning of to Horton. We then proceeded along Cranborne Chase to Verwood then doubled back to Avon Heath country park for a well earned brekkie. Next up is our Rally over the Bank Holiday at the Bruce’s Arms, report in the next GW and then we are heading towards Christmas (eek!) where is this year going?? More from Dorset next time


Corfe Castle

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East Midlands

Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Alps Holiday, May/June It all started on the 25 May and lasted 11 days.... 2400 miles in total, mixed with rain, lots of sunshine, lovely passes through the Alps and most importantly.... lots of fun. We used the Eurotunnel, which was a wise decision, because it was very windy on the day we returned which would have resulted in long delays at the ferry port. And so the epic journey begins

Pushing on through towns and villages we had to eat up the miles, passing through Arras, Chalonsen-Champagne, Bourg-en-Bresse we spent the third night at the Residhotel in Digne-les-Bains. We arrived at our accommodation very wet and as we descended the mountain it seemed a long day due to the weather, to quote one of the riders “After three days solid riding my derrière was now starting to feel the strain”. It was a long journey to Grenoble before the real fun (the Alps) started. The mountains are massive and we went up and down the passes for hours. When we stopped for a drink, Roger was always surrounded by women.... he obviously knows what women like. If you need to know anything about women...ask him !

Whey Hey, here’s Roger

Taking a break on the Route Napoleon N85

We stayed 3 days in Frejus which is between St.Tropez and Cannes and used the time to relax at the pool and the beach. We also visited a few places in the heat (incl. St. Tropez and Monaco), before we were heading back a slightly different route through the wonderful Alps again.

How the other half live!

• • • 72 GOLDEN WING


We spent a lot of time messing about up and down the Cols (Passes between the mountains that is), Col-de-Turini, Col-d’Lzoard, Col-du-Lautaret and Col-du-Telegraph to name but a few. After Day 8, again to quote one of the riders “Today was a taxing day on the old bones not alone my little derrière. Cor, did that take a pounding today. These Cols are for the young I was thinking, next time I’m going to get a comfort seat for my bike, but well worth the scenery”.

Cor, What a view

A great time was had by the lads, and maybe next time a few more of us will be able to go with them.

Branch Rally 6th - 8th July CANCELLED Major disappointment befell the East Midlands Branch at the beginning of July, when the Rally was a total wash out with torrential rain making it impossible to use the rally site. Having checked everything on Thursday evening it was all set to go, but the amount of rain that fell on Thursday night and throughout the day on Friday made it a no go.

Entrance to the Rally Field

This was the state of the ground in the camping field

Thanks to Stritchy for posting an emergency cancellation on both the Website and Facebook page. Unfortunately despite everyone’s efforts the message didn’t reach all Rally goers and there were a few turned up at the Rally site. Thanks to Alan & Linda Kyle, who had pitched their tent on Thursday night and so were staying regardless of the weather, for looking after those who had ventured out.

Oxford Rally 20th - 22nd July After the disappointment of the East Midlands Rally being cancelled, Steve & I ventured out to the Oxford Rally. On arrival we met John Measures, the only other East Mids member there. So let’s get set up for the weekend. Tent, Airbed, Baggage, Food, all present and correct. NOT!! The tent may have been there, but where are the poles, the ones in this bag are broken, oh oh, we’ll have to sleep in the car. Up rides Ted on his trusty steed, gallant gentleman that he is and puts us up in his rather palatial new tent. Great that sorted, airbed out, electric pump, oh oh no bung in the airbed, well that just about does it. Looks like a night on hard ground. Oh well lets get into the pub and enjoy the entertainment. It was a

great night with a great entertainer (even if he did remember Jenny and me from last year). It was a great rally, time to catch up with people, chill out and have a good time.

Tail-end Charlie - Oops, no it’s John

• • • AUTUMN 2012


HOC Roast 22nd July The East Midlands Branch hosted a HOC Roast, with a good turn out from our own members (18) it was disappointing that we were not joined by anyone from the other branches who had been invited, but we had a great meal in great company.

HOC Roast at the Birch Tree

The rest of the Motley Crew

Three Shires Rally 27th - 29th July We turned up on Friday night and ended up having to share a tent with Karen & Andy (our members from Oldham), Les & Di were there too, and later on Richard turned up to join us. Karen Andy and daughter Mel had brought their friend along to sample an HOC Rally and in doing so had no one to look after the Guinea Pig (Sweep), so what would you do in their position? Of course the exact same thing, bring him along. Sweep complete with playpen and toys

Fun and games on the rally field in the afternoon, with a plastic cricket set, people running about all over the place in the heat of the sun – yes it did make an appearance for a change.

Oh What a sight, a Marquee with it’s legs in the air

We decided to go into Chesterfield for the day on the Saturday, so took the No. 71 Bus from just outside the pub into town. On our return there was a sight to behold!!

Silly Mid On!! Or What?

Had a great night in the Blacksmith’s Arms with Derek playing his guitar, oh and not to forget the quiz, which I happened to win!


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Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306


or me, it has been a very busy biking summer despite all the rain. In the first week of June I rode down to the FIM Motocamp at Tessenderlo in Belgium.

A local school teacher wing walking

The following weekend Martin, Lorrie and I had a ride down to Wickenby Wings & Wheels. As well as the aerobatic flying displays there were both classic cars & bikes on show.

On the 30th June Martin and I rode down to Norfolk for the Chairman’s Challenge at Lings Honda day. Our new member, John, has been on several run outs with Martin, both riding their PC800s.

The FIM Rally at Bydgoszcz

On the 12th July I caught the Hull to Rotterdam ferry at the start of my journey to the FIM Rally at Bydgoszcz in NW Poland. The weather in northern Europe was just as wet as it was in Britain. I was thankful I had booked hotels for the first 3 nights, before camping for 6 nights at the rally. On the first night I stopped at Rostock, the second & third nights were spent at Greifswald so I could visit the Nazi holiday camp built on the coast at Prora on Rügen island and the V2 rocket museum at Peenemünde.

The holocaust memorial in Berlin

Martin tries out a VFR1200 at Lings Honda day

On the return journey from Bydgoszcz I stayed for two nights in Berlin.


• • • AUTUMN 2012



Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775


urther to my summer report, I have not heard from those ‘distant’ members who are out there but clearly do not want to join those of us that enjoy our company and ride outs. It’s a great shame that members have not contacted me as until I understand what they may want to get out of the club there is little I can do to get them joining us. I do all my correspondence via email, I do not use twitter or facebook, sorry. I understand there is much discussion that I may miss out on but email or telephone is my preferred method of contact. There are many Kent members out there who do not hear from me as I do not have their email address, so please if you do not hear from me by email then please send me a note of your email and you will at least know what we are doing and when, and receive general emails for circulation. As a continuation from the Summer GW, on 4th June we visited Margate for it’s annual ACE Cafe trip. Again we do not use the direct route and I was thankful for John A leading us a country route. Like Southend there are not too many options to reach Margate but John made sure the route was varied. On 10th June we visited Bill & Julie Brown, who regrouped the Kent HOC several years ago then moved northwards as it was easier for Bill to get to his place of work. Since moving away Julie has been unwell and this was the first year she has been well enough to get on the back of their Blackbird. We all went to a pub/restaurant , had an enjoyable meal then Bill lead us towards our route home. Good to see Matt and Jodie H again as well, our Kiwi friends, even though they were riding a BMW! In mid June we had our Matlock Bath weekend away. To get there quickly we chose to use motorways. Once there we enjoyed the local roads for two days, then used motorways on the return journey. Some heavy rain spoiled the journey

there but it stayed reasonable for most or the time there. My thanks to Pauline and John A for planning and organising this trip. We stayed at the Temple Hotel in Matlock Bath, a biker friendly and central location for good local rides. Later on in June some of the membeship attended the British Bike night at the Wagon & Horses. We didn’t know about this until the day before even though this pub is our monthly meeting place! Oops. July took a number of the members to the Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch, on the A128 between Chipping Ongar and Brentwood. We decided to do three summer fish & chip rides mid-week, the first was to Tenterden, the second was to Herne Bay and the third may be a mystery tour in mid September unless someone recommends a good place to visit. Good choices so far. We then decided to return to Hastings to visit the castle and caves but before arriving we stopped off at hastings Honda (JS Gedges) who made us very welcome. They will give a 10% discount to members on production of a membership card but have not as yet put this into writing. Further contact is necesary. For the Hog Roast we accepted an invitation from NLHOC (Roland and Graham) to join them and others at Horseheath (nr Haverhill). Good company, good food and a nice ride there and back. What more could we want?

Wormshill Steam Railway

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From Hastings, less our Ron who always seems to be missing from the photos as he’s taking them

On 5th August we attended our shortest ride ever, by visiting a local steam railway at Wormshill Steam. This is only a small venue and only opens a few times each year but it was well worth attending even though there were not too many attractions on this particular date. Afterwards we thought we would go for a ride to tenterden but after about five miles I got a puncture (a split in the tyre) and had to abandom the ride. My thanks to all who came back to help but I had to call Carol Nash (AA). Unfortunately the repair was not successful so a new tyre was fitted. Only two members (and a grandaughter) attended the Hunstanton ride and each started out from New Romney / Ashford respectively so they travelled a long way that day. I had agreed to join Dave Barton on his New Forest Classic ride that day. I joined a small group on M27 Services which included a ‘p’ plated CD175 two up and a CB250 single and a few CB400/4’s. Unfortunately it started raining very hard at the meeting point and we knew Dave was not keen to ride if it was wet. So instead of him using his CB350/4 he led us in his Honda Civic, and it worked well. So, well done Dave, thanks for an enjoyable day, shame a few others that were expected did not turn up. I rode my 76,000 mile CB400N Superdream which I have just had professionally tidied up and did 265 miles in one day, the most one day on this bike which I have had from new.

Not sure yet if we are going out this weekend (bank holiday) but on 2nd September we are going to Duxford Museum and on 9th September we have a France trip to Albert (1st world war museum) which will be led by Tony B. Then our last fish & chip run. Still lots of rides to do but could do with a few suggestions. I would like to thank Mike O for leading so many rides this year, as well as John A for his efforts and Pauline for maintaining the website (and get well soon). Also thanks to all the riders who turn up as often as they are able as without you we would be nothing. Finally a word on our meeting venues. Our two normal venues were proving difficult to get adequate access to so we thought we would try a change to each of them. (Mistake!) Although we vetted the new venues each have proved not to be as accommodating as we would have liked. So, we are changing again, please keep an eye on our Kent website until we have finally decided where to go, permanently. We plan to maintain a presence at west Kent and mid Kent and hope to have permanent meeting places very soon. My thanks to all who join us and for any assistance they give in helping Kent HOC survive


• • • AUTUMN 2012




Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299


have heard that writers block can last for years. If so I may have to draft in a ghost writer if I can find someone daft enough but John is out marshalling for the MGP practice! So as I’m listening to the practice session on the radio whilst attempting this write up, they’ve just announced that Mannanin’s cloak (cloud) is down on the mountain and tonight’s session is cut short. On the plus side it does mean my P.A. will be home soon! The T.T. is now a distant blur as we launch headlong into the Manx Grand Prix, secure in the knowledge that the campaign started during TT was successful in keeping the MGP for a full fortnight, at least for 2013, time will tell! Not much riding in July, although John went for a long weekend in the Lake District with the VMCC on his BMW, returning with just over an hour to park the bike, change, load the car and head back to the boat as we set off on our second holiday of a lifetime! This time on a cruise to Iceland via south Norway. WOW what a spectacular place to go for a biking holiday. A country the size of England with a population of 320,000! Half of them all in one city, Reykjavik. The roads are brilliant well surfaced single carriageway through very different scenery and hardly a car in sight! Plenty of interesting places to visit and at least in July, comfortable riding temperatures, mid teens centigrade. This may well be due to their unusually dry summer, Iceland has had a drought whilst we

suffered the rain they normally get. The down side of getting there of course is no ferries from Britain so you would have to travel to Norway and then get a freight carrier to Iceland. Food for thought though eh? I was however, extremely disappointed that no volcanic eruptions occurred when we were there! Early August saw the second attempt to hold the Ramsey Bike Show, cancelled in May due to bad weather. Guess what, it rained again! Fortunately

• • • 78 GOLDEN WING


not enough to cancel the event, but enough to reduce the entries somewhat but all in all, not a bad day out. August has finally seen John & I dragged kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Yes, we’ve finally got broadband, no more trips to the library to send e-mails! Will wonders ever cease you ask yourselves, course I’ve still got to learn how to use an I-pad! Our new venue is a big success but no wonder they’ve been so accommodating, it’s run by a

member of the Moddey Dhoo bike club! Our social secretary has been at it again, as everyone enjoyed themselves so much at the bowling night we’re having another in October, a quiz night in November, but her best yet in September, a tour of the steam railway workshops followed by a trip on the train to Port Erin where we will have lunch at the station, then a skeet at the model railway exhibition, ice-cream and back into Douglas for tea. Dates still to be confirmed. Thank you Kim, would now be a good time to mention the barbeque at Scarlet Beach whilst you’re on a roll? That’s about it for this issue, guests are arriving now for MGP, some regulars and some newcomers, two Dutch couples this year, getting quite cosmopolitan now. So this is M.O.B. signing off, be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim, Ian and James

• • •




Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284 Norfolk Branch make Daphne’s day!! Roy and Lesley give an 80-year old the Ride of Her Life - the Branch had a request to take Daphne for a run on the back of a bike for her 80th birthday - a lifelong wish on her “TO DO” list. After a fabulous ride through various towns in Norfolk Roy and Lesley were treated to a cream tea as a “thank you” and Daphne also gave a lovely donation to our Branch Charity - Quidenham Children’s Hospice. Roy and Lesley gave Daphne a birthday card from the Branch as well as a Hospice “Ride for Life” medal and she gave him one back saying “THANK YOU ROY MY HERO” which was brilliant.

Norfolk Branch HOC Roast 2012 WOW and WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY as Tony and Penny led the Branch off for a lovely Norfolk run that ended at the Cromer cliff top car park and cafe. After a spot of lunch we ran through Norfolk until we ended up rolling in to John and Liz’s at about 3.40pm. We were all so pleased to see Roy and Meg again and to hear that Roy is on the mend after his illness.

Mark plays an interesting game of badminton

We counted some 40 Branch members with us for the 2012 HOC Roast - a superb outing!! Our new members Steve and Helen appeared just in time for the food. Firstly we we were treated to a lovely starter sorted out by Lauren - refreshing on such a hot day. Geoff and his son had sorted out a superb selection of meat for the bbq - chicken, burgers, sausages and some very tender steaks - gorgeous. These were very ably cooked by Roy C and John K and quickly dispatched by the rest of us!!!! The accompanying salads were beautifully arranged by Denise and they equally quickly disappeared on plates... Following this we were treated to Freda’s desserts - very tasty Pavlova and also her speciality - Shiver me Timbers... orange, chocolate, rum.and other veeeery nice ingredients!! Freda’s Shiver me

John K


looking cool

• • • 80 GOLDEN WING


After consuming these vast quantities of gorgeous food we were divided into teams by Liz for an Olympics Quiz. This was a real brain-teaser - superbly sorted out questions that tested us all totally. After much rivalry, heckling and generally trying to scam a point from Liz who was the Referee, the scores were totalled up, the order of merit read out and gold medals awarded. As the shadows lengthened we all started to get our bike gear on and slowly head off for home - full of food, fun and friends - which is everything that the Norfolk HOC Branch stands for. Thanks must go to John and Liz especially for making their house, garden, bbq and marquee available for this Branch event.

Lings Open Day Saturday 30th of June was one of those rare British summer days when after a small amount of rain, the day really improved and became quite warm and good for biking. As the day was also part of the Chairman’s Challenge, it was great to see Dibble and Graham from HOC turn up with, of course, Jennie Regalia and her stall of goodies, alongside some people in for the Challenge. The staff at Lings were their usual brilliant selves on what was a very busy day for them all - checking licenses, booking people in for rides, discussing the merits of different models and being really helpful and keeping smiling throughout the day. MANY thanks must go to everyone who helped with the food - a HUGE and very tasty spread was put on and really enjoyed by all. I heard Graham saying to Dibble that he was amazed by the brilliant catering and Leni’s flapjack was a MASSIVE hit with everyone who tried it - her recipe has gone to Jenny Regalia for inclusion in the HOC Cookbook!!

Karen gets her gold medal

Woodforde’s Brewery Visit 4th August 2012 On the morning of our brewery tour, the first thing I did was listen to the local weather forecast “Sunshine with scattered showers, some of them thundery”. Not too bad I thought, we should miss them with a bit of luck. At the brewery shop we met our guide, or brewer’s bitch as Rik referred to himself and embarked on a fact-filled, interesting but very well pitched tour. At the end of the tour we were shown back into the shop and visitors centre and were given a sample of Woodforde’s Sundew beer - a very tasty conclusion of our morning. We thanked Rik for his time and trouble, leaving him to go to work whilst we purchased a few items in the shop before returning to the Fur and Feather pub next door, for a spot of lunch.

• • • AUTUMN 2012


Apollo Barbecue

Foxton Locks Run

Our Branch meets at The Apollo in Harleston, they run summer “Eat as Much as You Can for £5” bbqs... so on 11th August we all met there for a lovely summer afternoon relax with good food and drink provided and NO washing up!! Jake doubles as bbq chef and also runs the bar In the evenings so knows our Branch well. This time though about 50 people overall turned up Including 20 or so from our Branch so Jake was cooking for ages in temperatures of 25C+ - not our idea of fun. This was a lovely social and chance to relax with friends so a great time was had by all.

On Sunday 12th August - having been there at last year’s HOC Rally we decided to have a Branch run out to Foxton Locks to have a bit more time there. Andy led us through some very nice places and along a good mix of roads to get to the Locks just about lunchtime - excellent timing there Andy!! We had enough time for a leisurely lunch and then look around the locks - watching the boats working their ways up and down - and ending up at the cafe at the top in time for a cuppa and cake. This was Karen’s first run out - she has decided to come on the back of Mr T’s bike and to enjoy touring and joining in the Branch runs etc - a really good result and she will be a great addition to the Branch rides and holidays. While we were at the locks it decided to rain - which made the humidity go skywards. Still we had a great run back to Norfolk and many thanks to Andy for sorting this run. As our Branch has

Apollo BBQ Jake our bbq chef

Mick, Kathryn and Tony

grown so much now we have had to form a small ride-outs group and this was the first, successful run from this new group so well done all round.

Norfolk Branch hopes everyone else is enjoying similar good biking weather as we are AT LAST!!!! Ride safe and see you all at various events and the HOC AGM etc.

Dave and Sue • • • 82 GOLDEN WING




North Downs Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237


i everyone. North Downs have had a really good summer with some good activities and new members joining the branch. Tuesday 12th June saw our first visit of the year to Poole Quay for Bike Night. Julian W and I left from Box Hill and met up with Mike and Julian J at Loomies Café before continuing our ride to Poole. Unfortunately the sky was a little overcast and it wasn’t the busiest night on the quay. We enjoyed dinner in our usual Fish ‘n’ Chips restaurant and viewed the bikes on the front before heading home.

My new Fireblade 

Sunday 24th June saw the Chichester College Bike Show take place. We left home in the pouring rain but it had eased by the time we arrived at Chichester. We were helped out on the stand by Simon and Membership Secretary, Graham Gull. Although the show was quiet, we talked to quite a few people, sold some regalia and signed up two new members. It turned out to be a good day and the sun was shining as we left for home.

Our bikes parked up on the Quay

The HOC Stand at Chichester

Very nice NC30 at Poole

On Saturday 23rd June I picked up my new Fireblade from Tippetts Honda of Surbiton. I’ve been waiting for around three years to buy my ideal Honda and I am not disappointed. The Fireblade does everything with consummate ease and every ride brings a smile to my face.

Lovely GL1000 spotted at Chichester

• • • 84 GOLDEN WING


Ready to leave for The Chalét

On Sunday 15th July we rode to The Chalét at Cowfold for breakfast. Seven of us set off from Box Hill and another three joined us at Cowfold. After our food top up, four of us carried on to the Brighton MAG Bike Show which surprisingly was held in Worthing. We had a good run on some nice quiet roads in pleasant weather. Once again the North Downs branch held a HOC Roast event, with Marion organising the day as I was away at Silverstone for the weekend. Twelve diners enjoyed the lunch including Taz and Steph from Reading. Saturday 28th July saw the annual Calne Bike Show take place. Julian and I rode across country on our Blades to the A4 and on to Calne. As usual the Wiltshire branch had set up a good display in the centre of town. Also present were Stritchy and Ruth who had come down the night before. We rode back across Salisbury Plain on some superb roads with hardly any traffic to end a great day.

The HOC Stand at Calne

CB72 at Calne

• • • AUTUMN 2012


Chris Ward, Richard Alexander and Steve Hill outside Tippetts

Poole Quay was visited for the second time this year on the 7th of August. We met up at Ryka’s at Box Hill before heading off for Billingshurst and the wonderful A272 all the way to Loomies where we stopped for refreshments. Back on the bikes we headed for Winchester and Romsey before dropping down to Poole. Once again fish ‘n’ chips were consumed before we hit the quay to look at the bikes. On the ride home the heavens opened but it was a good evening all the same.

Gary’s Castrol Blade at Tippetts

This Blade had plenty of gold bling!

Steve Martindale, Richard Alexander

With members of West London branch we attended Tippetts Honda for the Fireblade 20th Anniversary Day on Saturday 11th of August. Gary brought along his lovely Castrol Blade. Unfortunately none of us won the prize of a new Fireblade but we did talk to plenty of prospective HOC members and Marion’s cakes went done well. We were joined during the day by Steve Martindale of Honda (UK).

and Steve Hill

Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.


• • • 86 GOLDEN WING




North London

Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908

Since our last report we have been very busy getting out and about.

MAY 27th 6 of us had a ride out to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. We didn’t intend to have a look around the Centre, our intention was to just stop there for coffee. Apparently to use the coffee shop you have to pay to get into the Centre. On this occasion they let us in for free. They do lunches here, but we only had a drink on this occasion. They have a lot of things to see at the Centre and we decided that we would have a ride out this way again for a good look around the Centre.

We had lunch in Dieppe

We paid a visit to all the beaches, the Pegasus Bridge and the Museums. We did have the odd shower of rain, which seemed to be mainly whilst we were inside a building/restaurant.

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

We then had a run out to Chipping Norton for lunch. We topped this off with a ride to Dunstable Downs for coffee. This was followed by a run for home. The weather was great all day, which made the ride even better.

JUNE 3rd Several members took a ride out to the Woburn Abby area. Mon 4th 7 of us went for a 5 day trip to Normandy. We stayed at St Lo, which was a nice base to travel from in any direction. We were out there for the D Day landings anniversary, which was on the Wednesday. We had a great run down there having lunch at Dieppe.

Pegasus Bridge

We did find it strange that a load of French people like to dress up as American GI’s and drive around in Jeeps and other various American vehicles. It turns out the USA left a load of vehicles after WW2, which the French used, on their farms. Hence they brought them out for the landings anniversary and then decided to dress the part. Whilst at the Pegasus Bridge Marian got talking to an Englishman dressed as a British WW2 soldier. It turns out that the uniform he bought on eBay belonged to his Dad who used it during WW2. His Dad’s name was on the collar of the uniform. How strange is that?

• • • 88 GOLDEN WING


The ride home went well with lunch being taken at Etaples. All in all a very good trip with plenty to see and do. 10th Several members took part in a run out to the Shuttleworth Collection area. The collection was not visited. The intention was to ride out to that area and back again. 17th Several member rode out to the Knebworth House Festival of Transport. Here on display was a collection of old cars and bikes. ACU checkpoint by night

Knebworth House Festival of Transport

Wed 20th Several members took part in an evening ride out to the Meldreth Manor bike show. This is a venue that is always well attended and has a load of bikes on display. Thurs 21st I took part in the Sunset to Sunrise challenge. This is where you ride from Lands End at sunset and ride to Lowestoft Ness Point and get there before the sunrise. Yes I did complete it in time. Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out. I raised £224 for the MAC’s Charity by doing this challenge. Sat 30th We at NLHOC manned a checkpoint over the weekend for the ACU National Rally. This was our first time manning a checkpoint. We also had 4 members taking part in the Rally.

ACU checkpoint by day

We started off with a few riders passing through our checkpoint. Then between 10pm and 6am we had no one come by. Lucky I took a portable TV and a DVD player along, it came in very handy during the night. Then we had a flurry of riders during the morning heading for the Ace Café, which was the next checkpoint in that direction. I have since heard from the Nat Rally organisers that our services will not be needed next year, this is because they wish to change checkpoints around so that the riders do not get used to visiting the same checkpoint each year. Funny that, this was our first year as a checkpoint. Hmmmm well I won’t be offering our services again, don’t want to get too familiar with the riders.

Waiting for the riders

4 members took part in the Rally

• • • AUTUMN 2012


JULY Sat 7th 8 of us went for a weekend ride to Belgium. We rode over to the Bikers Loft outside Ostend and checked in there. That evening we rode into Ypres and watched the Last Post being played at the Menin Gate. This is played every night by the local Fire Brigade. This has happened here every night since the First World War. During WW2 the Ceremony was moved to a military cemetery in South England, but was moved back to Ypres straight after WW2. We were very surprised at how many people attended the service, there were up to over a thousand people there.

Ypres Market Square

15th 7 of us went for a round ride out taking in Thaxted, Silver Ball Café and Dunstable downs. The weather this day was great for riding the bikes, considering it had been raining hard for a few days beforehand. 22nd NLHOC hosted their HOC Roast at the Old Red Lion at Horseheath, near to Haverhill.

We had 72 people attend the HOC Roast. The Landlord of the pub is a biker himself and rides a Fireblade. The food was excellent with thick cuts of meat being put on the plates. There were no complaints from anyone about the food served there, quite the opposite in fact.

We then had our evening meal in Ypres before heading back to the Bikers Loft for the night. On Sunday we rode into Brugge for lunch and a walk around. This is a very nice city to have a walk around. We then set off for Calais and home. A very enjoyable weekend away with good company.

In Brugge

I would like to thank Northants, Kent and the Essex Wings for making the day so enjoyable. The weather behaved itself this day and shone all day for us. Maybe next year some more members of the HOC may like to join us?

• • • 90 GOLDEN WING


AUGUST 5th Several of our members had a lovely run out to Burnham On Crouch. That is after the rain/ downpour stopped. We met up at our club and saw the rain clouds come over. We huddled under the umbrellas outside the café beside the pub. 45 mins later the rain stopped. We set off for Burnham on Crouch. Once through Epping we had dry weather and dry roads. We had a lovely lunch in the Cabin Dairy and whilst in there it rained again. It dried up before we set off for home. Another great day out riding the bikes.

12th Our annual BBQ day.

Fireblade Day

Sat 11th 5 of us attended our local Honda dealership for the Fireblade day. We may have attracted 2 new members to join the club, will just have to wait and see if they turn up at the club on Thursday. There was some interest from people coming into the dealership about the Fireblade, but most people were coming into enter the competition to win a new Fireblade. A good day for flying the flag for HOC (GB).

We had a run out today to Saffron Walden for a drink before we headed off to Ken’s ranch for the BBQ. The weather stayed dry for us today. There was plenty of food and soft drinks at the BBQ. We all sat down and chatted and of course stuffed ourselves silly.

Until the next report, ride safe. NLHOC members’ Fireblades


• • • AUTUMN 2012


Northants & MK

Secretary: Sue Beck - 07863 599992

We remain as busy as ever, the EOR’s have remained very hit and miss due to the lovely British Summer weather. The weekend of 29th June to 1st July saw us having a stand at The Central England Bike Show at Billing Aquadrome. As usual I had a very large turnout from my brilliant members, all the usual suspects. Our stand was very popular with the punters as is usually the case and we won Best Club Stand. Winners at the Billing Classic show

Lots of interest at the Central England show

The next thing on our agenda was the HOC Roast, where 20 branch members enjoyed a great jaunt down to The Red Lion in Horseheath. We had the most acceptable lunch with good friends, a good day out.

Sunny Hunny... Nuff Said

3rd to 5th August and another show at Billing Aquadrome. This time it was the Classic Car and Bike Show. A good turnout, the usual’s again helping set up and man the stand. We had a great laugh the whole weekend, getting into the spirit of the Classic era. To top the bill, not only did we win Best Club Stand yet again but also 1st, 2nd and 3rd Best Bikes in Show. Well done gang. Sunday 12th August and a decent sized posse ventured out to Sunny Hunny for the day. WOW Hunstanton definitely lived up to it’s nickname, glorious sunshine all day. Fish and Chips, Ice Cream, cold drinks, lazing around watching the bikes and a pretty funky brass band playing behind us. What a great way to spend a Sunday

Sunny Hunny... Just some of the bikes

• • • 92 GOLDEN WING


Monday 27th August, Our Charity Day. The day started at 8am for some, getting all the display stuff erected, by heck my lads are good with erections! The gazebos were erected with Military precision. From then on it was all systems go getting auction the set out, cake stand caked, tombola stand tombolered, auto jumble jumbled and other stuff stuffed. People start arriving, how is this one going to pan out with it being somewhere different? Not too bad a turnout considering. Our auctioneer, the one and only Dave Cave aka Wacky Wabbit. Oh how that man scrubs up, he looked amazing and did a fantastic job. Thank you so much Dave, very much appreciated. The day didn’t raise as much as we usually do but the prelimary figure stands at over £1,300 and will rise, so all in all a good day. The weather wasn’t particularly good and yes we did get soaked packing away, not good as I have to spend days drying everything out. Now the highlight of the entire day: mid auction myself, Paul Mabbutt (Branch Chairman) and Sharon Major (Branch Treasurer) are summoned to the front. Dave thanked us all for our hard work etc

The auction about to start

etc. Who the hell is approaching from the right? Garry Goldingay in full Royal Engineers uniform, case in hand. He comes to the front and starts shouting (bloody Staff Sergeant big mouth) what the hell is going on... OMG he’s gone down on one knee, case opened out comes a small box. Sharon looks at me as Garry asks the question, tears flow, everyone’s clapping and cheering, what did Sharon say? YES Garry and Sharon are engaged. Such a lovely couple. Our meeting place, The Ten O’clock in Little Harrowden has now closed down so we now meet at Overstone Manor in Sywell. Still got stuff to do and places to be. Ride safe,


Congratulations to Garry & Sharon Will you marry me?

She said yes!

Big hugs and tears of joy

• • • AUTUMN 2012



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235


espite the exceptionally wet weather this last few months and the cancellation of a ride out or two, the Oxford Branch are heaving a sigh of relief that the weather was delightfully warm and sunny for their annual rally at The Lower Lode in Tewkesbury which enabled over 40 HOC members to enjoy the beautiful venue, food, entertainment, ride out and last, but not least, good company. The pub is between two rivers and we were definitely fortunate that in the week prior to the event the rain was much lighter than previously!

voluntary fund raising and help. We all left with an even deeper respect for the work and dedication of those involved in the RNLI in the UK and for the international support it also gives.

The ‘crew’ at the RNLI

The Oxford Rally rideout

Our luck continued for an excellent inter branch ride out and visit to the RNLI in Poole in Dorset, organised by one of our HOC members, Nigel, who used to come to Oxford and Reading Branches but now lives near Poole. Although a very heavy shower soaked those who left Oxford in the morning by the time all 19 bikes met up at Salisbury the sun was shining and remained with us until when we all returned to Salisbury to split up and go our separate ways home when, unfortunately, one or two folk were caught in a down pour. We arrived in Poole in time to park the bikes at the huge RNLI building and wander down to the sea front for fish and chips and ice creams (all very healthy!), returning for a 2.30pm guided tour. A fascinating two hours followed, learning all about the volunteers training for the RNLI and their international work. (picture 6) RNLI has no Government funding at all and is all supported by

Not quite so lucky was our ride to Hatton Locks but enjoyed by those who went despite the heavy showers. Our regular meetings have been taking place at our usual venue of Foxcombe Lodge and we even managed to have our ‘Best Bike Night’ in the semi dry and all enjoyed a jacket potato supper indoor rather than a ‘risky’ weather wise BBQ on the patio! Judged by an independent resident at the hotel, Pete’s beautiful yellow 400/4 took first place and Bob’s excellent ‘mature’ Fireblade took second prize. Sorry no piccies - it wasn’t that good weather wise! Brackley Bike Day enabled us to promote the HOC and the local branches of Oxford and Northampton. A brilliantly sunny and hot day enabled this excellent event to be thronged with people who enjoyed stunt demonstrations in the High Street, events in the arena (Dougie Lampton did an excellent show I understand), music, trade stands, fairground - in fact lots to do and see for all the family.


• • • 94 GOLDEN WING


Carl Fogarty, four-time World Superbike Champion, backs Bikesure for great value insurance.

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e* alu dV e e e gr eag uu •A Mil eess AA r d e rrvviicc ove mit ll SSee C i a a i L i l c c • nnaann ega ee FFii ee L yy tthh dd bb • Fr e e t t llaa

uu rreegg anndd eedd a s s i i r r hoo AAuutth



Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782 We are back!!!! Not sure what happened last edition but we are still alive, and as busy as ever. I can’t put everything in here so I have picked a few highlights. This year to date has been one of getting together with other branches. At any opportunity we have tried to strengthen the links with others. This has included visiting other branches on midweek trundles, getting together with the HOC roast and having the pleasure of the company of others for the 3rd Cock and Bull Rally. May, saw Reading going international once more. 17 of us set off to St Pol in France. A range of indoor camping, B&B and the executive suite for the Bevells, together with the use of the barn facilities led to an enjoyable weekend. One evening saw us take over a local restaurant, helping the locals with their French of course. A couple of trips to the local microbrewery for a glass or two of ‘BRUN’, the local brew, were compulsory. The Canadian memorial club ‘snorters’ – at Vimy Ridge Angie and Colleen dis us proud with a huge buffet for the Saturday night, great food following the day time ride out to the Vimy Ridge Canadian war memorial. A must visit place for anyone who has not been. Not only did we go to France but a fair contingent crossed the border to Scotland. Scenery and roads to die for, plus the odd beer or two in the evening. Stories of the trip are by special request only, ‘what happened in Scotland stays in Scotland’! The trundles to date have seen us join Oxford and North Downs for their meetings. Plans are in

the diary for further visits still to come. Following last year’s HOC roast BBQ we decided to repeat it this year. 10 branches and over 50 people turned out on what was a really great sunny day, few and far between this year. We even appeared as part of the Chairman’s challenge. It is such a good feeling for the members of our branch to have the support of others, long may the building of relationships amongst us continue.

The HOC roast

Again in the spirit of cooperation we joined Oxford on a trip to the RNLI centre in Poole. This would be recommended as a visit for anyone. 19 bikes in total were on the ride, biggest shock was the Bevells out in the rain. A great day chips, lifeboats and Andy Murray taking the gold, what more could you ask for. August arrived and the Cock and Bull rally preparations were nearing completion. The weather has not been kind to many branches, my sympathy goes out to those who have spent many hours organising yet having to cancel because of our great British weather. We were lucky, the sun came out and shone upon us. A great turn out this year, again an increase in numbers with yet more branches choosing to brave a couple of nights with the Rabble. Saturday night had well over 50 in attendance Friday night was a gentle get to know one

• • • 96 GOLDEN WING


another evening, with a BBQ served up for all. A few beers were sunk, but restraint was shown before riding on Saturday.

Geoff towing the van with his Wing The morning after

Off we went, 18 bikes, to the coast at Selsey. We stopped on the way for an additional breakfast at Loomies, followed by chips in Selsey. The visit round the Lifeboat house was really interesting. When we got back the ‘Snorters’ had recruited a couple of friends, Ann and Vicki, to produce the feast for the evening - Chilli and Lasagne, which was despatched by one and all within a few minutes!!. Hoclympics, consisting of Turnip throwing; sack racing, paper aeroplane throwing and skipping, were organised by Ren and Vicki, the cause a little laughter. Bryan and Ian were subject to a sponging, which was actually very nice in the hot weather. The evening saw an auction where many people kindly donated their money for items donated by the members, many thanks to all who contributed. The money from this and the donations for the food raised in excess of £300 for our nominated charity.

Finally the main even ‘Too Old to Die Young’ including our very own caravan towing Goldwing owner, Geoff, on the guitar. Dancing and singing the order of the day until the early hours. The abiding memory of the whole weekend was one of fun, everywhere you looked there were smiles, a good time had by all, only 12 months till the next one!!


Too old to die young, plus an interloper

The Rabble in France

• • • AUTUMN 2012



Organiser: John Taylor


s the numbers on the ride outs had been dwindling of late it was decided that if the riders wouldn’t come to the meeting point then the meeting point would come to them, we duly set up a meeting for Sunday 26th August on the outskirts of the City of Edinburgh; Margaret and I travelling from Ayrshire on the West coast had agreed to meet up with Davie at Wishaw; Davie is only just back on two wheels after about 8 months so it was good to see him back on the ride outs. After meeting Davie I put the sat nav on but forgot to take off the motorway settings, the sat nav duly took us towards the M8 which wouldn’t help as Davie is still on L plates, after a short detour we went back on to the A71 and followed this route

to Edinburgh, on approaching the outskirts I put the sat nav back on and followed the directions given, right through the centre of the city, plonker; the city is being dug up for the installation of a tram system and the resulting detours caused some pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth moments. We did arrive at our destination about an hour late, to discover that if we had taken the city by pass route it would have taken about 10 mins to reach our destination. The moral to this is make sure that you check your route on a decent map before setting off and make sure that the sat nav is set for the scenic route. We did arrive and thanks go to Mick, Steve and Shelagh for waiting on us. This was the first ride out

• • • 98 GOLDEN WING


with the HOC for Mick and Steve and it helped that we had moved the meeting point nearer to them. After partaking of some sustenance and a coffee we proceeded down the A7 to Galashiels, a very good road for the bikes and made all the nicer with some dry weather and some SUNSHINE, a short break at Galashiels to regroup and we headed off along the A72 to Peebles for a late lunch. If you are ever in Peebles we can recommend the

Tatlers café for food, tasty and varies from rolls to reasonably priced meals, good coffee and lots of cakes. From Peebles we took the excellent A72 into the country and turned off on to the A721, again excellent biking roads particularly when the weather is playing the game; the A721 takes you back up to Wishaw, Shelagh and Steve had peeled off to the M74 and on towards the M8 and back to Edinburgh, Margaret and I stayed with Davie and Mick to Wishaw and from there we all went our different directions. An excellent ride out and moving the meeting point to accommodate other members seemed to work, we will try this again the weekend after the national rally and note the turnout; hopefully we can see the return of some off the original group that started out.

John G

• • • AUTUMN 2012


South Wales

Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406

Here we are again, almost at the end of the Summer. The weather hasn’t been to favourable for most of the time, but we’ve still managed to fit a few events. At the end of May was the Welsh National Motorcycle Show, now called, Builth Fest. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend due to work commitments, but Gareth went for the weekend, along with Phil James, without whom he couldn’t have managed. Thanks Phil, for all your help, (and for putting up with my ‘Brokeback Mountain’ jokes). Alun and Mike came along to help out on the Saturday, so many thanks to them, too. The show wasn’t as grand as it used to be in the old days, but there was still a lot of interest in the club from people in Wales. Quite a few wanted to sign up there and then! There was a lot of interest in Phil’s Pan, too as you can see from the picture.

In June, we had a weekend away in the New Forest. We were so lucky that the weather had not been very good, but while we were there, the sun shone on us. We had a lot of fun. On the way back, we called at Sammy Miller’s – a really good place to visit if you’ve never been there.

Terry and Gareth at Sammy Miller’s

In July, we went on our usual pilgrimage to Aberaeron for the seafood festival. Plenty of delicious food on offer, as usual. This year, actress, Linda Bellingham was there filming for her new television series on food around Britain. I bought one of her home made chocolate brownies, which were very tasty. Terry and Lyn and Gareth and I were interviewed on camera for the programme, so you should see us on television in the Autumn. We always seem to work our way in somewhere!

3 on a bike…

Lights! Camera! Action!

• • • 100 GOLDEN WING


In the middle of July, we had our mini rally – good practice for organising the National Rally next year. We camped at Crickhowell in a lovely campsite that Gareth and I have known for years. The funniest thing was when we were star gazing as it got dark. Mike, (with the moustache) as you can see in the pic, was sitting on his little camping stool. In his excitement to see all the stars, he fell over backwards and ended up sprawled on the grass. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to catch it.

I’ve got my wine…

We had a good rideout on the Saturday around and about mid Wales. Strangely enough, we ran into Graham and Jax at the West End Café in Llandovery. Amazing! What’s the chances of that happening? In the evening, we had a barbecue at the campsite and it was great that Phil and Joy and Alun and Sonya joined us.

Don’t you wave those tongs at me!

Gareth did the cooking and also organised the quiz for afterwards. Naturally, the girls won the quiz, but only by one point.

All meat, a real treat

The week after the mini rally, we went on our annual holiday. This year, Terry and Lyn organised a trip to the Middle Rhine in Germany. We had a really good time and I will send a separate report about that. Last Saturday, we held our annual barbecue at Porthkerry Park in Barry. It’s a lovely country park near the sea, so you have a variety of different scenery to look at. They have large barbecues in situ, but keep them locked up until you book them. When we arrived, we discovered that the barbecue we had booked had not been unlocked. This posed a problem. Luckily for us, Terry and Lyn live near the park and Terry went home to get his barbecue. Once again, Gareth cooked and we had a really nice night.

You’re my best friend, you are!

• • • AUTUMN 2012


The serious business of eating and drinking

There was a lot of laughter, as there always is when we get together. It was nice of Lyn to offer her ‘cherry’ to anyone in the group. Of course, she meant the one on her Bakewell Tart. What did you think I meant? Thanks to everyone for the flowers. It was a really nice thought.

Well, that’s about it for now. Let’s hope the weather cheers up a bit for the early Autumn period, so we can get out and do some riding. Take care everyone.


• • •

Members’ Help needed for

24th November to 2nd December 2012 NEC, Birmingham

Volunteers to man the stand

1992 Fireblade to display

We ask, as usual, that people do as many days as possible, but at least 2 days please, to make getting you a free pass worthwhile for the club.

Do you have a 1992 Fireblade that we can borrow for the 10 days of the show?

Pictures of HOC Events Pictures of Branch events from this year are needed to show on the TV. Please send them on cd/dvd.

It’s the Blade’s 20th anniversary this year and we’d like to celebrate one of the best bikes Honda have ever made!

If you can be of help please contact Rona & Phil Bell, as soon as possible, on 07909 830236 or 102 GOLDEN WING




S E L I M 100SS THAN £5

MPG 130 RE) 6 MILES/ LIT (28.



MPG 160 RE) 2 MILES/ LIT (35.

nce More dista st Less co g More mp ions iss em ss Le enience More conv ng Less queui More time Less waiting ngs More savi tax d a ro Less icality More pract le ss ha ss Le


TER or visit ho 200 8000 45 e miles 08 ll m a C n get or w you ca ho t ou to find oney. for your m

PCX125, CB

F125 & Vision

*£5 of petrol equates to 3.57 litres based on £1.40 per litre. Fuel consumption figures quoted are results obtained by Honda under standardised testing conditions prescribed by WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle). Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on how you ride, tyre pressure, rider weight, cargo and other factors.


15097 HUK MC hoc_a5_Vis_PCX_CBF.indd 1

Le 110 are all



GOLDEN WING 103 19/8/11 17:33:39

West London

Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999


ell it only seems like yesterday that I was writing the last branch report!! New bikes have been purchased by Chris at North Downs (Fireblade) and Julian surprisingly traded in his Fireblade for a Honda Tiger 800 (OK it’s a Triumph but we still love him). We’re still working on Malcolm to get him to buy another bike, but he only seems interested in acquiring bags of free manure from the local stables– he might be refining it into some new kind of fuel. We have been busy over the summer - well as busy as the rather erratic weather will allow. Our first visit to Poole Quay with the North Downs Branch looked like it would be a bit damp but Mike & Chris & co had a fab ride down and even enjoyed a bit of sun after some fish & chips. Hopefully we will get another one in before the end of what passes for our summer - maybe even with some sun and no rain! Steve and Maureen, Jon and I attended the Solent Rally - which was interesting as it was a tad windy that weekend - with some rain (summer in other words) Barbara & Alan & team worked extremely hard to give us all a really good time for which I offer them my thanks and admiration. At one point it seemed likely that the marquee was going to take off - so both ends were opened up to allow the wind to go through!

As usual breakfast was large and very tasty - thanks to the efforts of branch members. It was good to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. Hopefully there WILL be a Solent Rally next year... A few of us went up to the Ace Cafe Fireblade day - Tony took his - which rather cheekily died just as he pulled up. After a bit of head scratching about the cause we decided that it would be a good idea to go and think about it over breakfast. Having done that we decided that we would leave it until we were going home and then bump start it. Amazingly it started after a bit of running down the road push starting! I took the easy option and took the photos...

Bumpstarting Tony’s Fireblade

Solent Rally

A further biker’s breakfast run took us to the Chalet cafe in Sussex, meeting up with the North Downs Branch.

• • • 104 GOLDEN WING


Mike went to the Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park just prior to his touring holiday in Belgium and Germany in which he tells us he thoroughly tested out the effectiveness of his wet weather gear (if we thought we had rain he assures us the Prussian pluvial precipitation was positively preposterous!!). Considering his bike was seriously losing coolant before he’d even got out the tunnel on the Euro Star after a bit of dodgy servicing by a Honda dealer who shall not be named, he remained typically calm and analytical in sorting the problem himself. Jon & I were away for the weekend of the HOC Roast - riding around Exmoor. We discovered a lovely B&B run by a couple of bikers - only minus point being no 02 signal & a gravel car park - but they are happy to put bikes in the garage. So - if you want a place to stay which offers lovely clean rooms and superb breakfasts check out Edgcott House in Exford. They even have a boot room to put your wet & dirty outdoor gear!!

offer all a friendly welcome and would love more people to join us on our runs.

Fireblade day - with Jules’ Fireblade

Forthcoming events include - The Ace Cafe Rockers Reunion Run, the National Rally (chance for Julian to give his new bike some welly), pub lunch run and run to the HOC (GB) AGM at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. And maybe a run to Portsdown Hill to sample the delights of ‘Mick’s Monster Burgers’ where the 16oz. ‘Jaw Breaker’ and ‘Gut Buster’ are both highly recommended by locals.

Jude & Steve

Edgecott House in Exford

North Downs were present at the 20th Anniversary of the Fireblade Day at Tippetts motors - Marion had baked some amazing cupcakes to lure people into joining and Chris, Steve and Tony assisted in eating the cakes as well as talking to prospective members. It was a quietish day - with people dropping by in fits & starts. Sadly none of us won the FireBlade offered by Honda UK in their draw (apparently it went ‘up North!) Well that’s a brief overview of what the branch got up to in the summer rain/heat wave - delete as applicable!! We have plenty more outings planned for the coming months so come on down one Wednesday and see what’s happening. We

Join the West London e-mail list It’s very easy to use - no setting up - no passwords - if you have e-mail, you can use

this Chat with other Branch members, discuss news and arrange ride-outs with one simp le e-mail! No spam... guaranteed

To join the West London e-m ail list contact Steve at westlondon

• • • AUTUMN 2012


West Midlands Organisers: John & Jill - 01746 769211 or 07815 069796


hat can you say about summer 2012 other than it was mostly wet! Unfortunately, due to members hols and the great British Summer, two months elapsed before our next rideout, but finally in July, our 3rd Sunday of the month rideout went ahead, we met at the Food Stop Cafe as usual for butties & cuppas before we set off, then Tony & Debs lead us on a fantastic ride thru the Welsh countryside to the Elan Valley, it was a beautiful sunny day and we did a 180 mile round trip ending the day with ice creams all round... perfect!! Thanks to them both for a lovely day out.

Elan Valley

Elan Valley Elan Valley

Elan Valley

The following Sunday we had a great turn out, eight bikes plus three pillions, as we took part in our first HOC Roast, Trevor & Penny were back on their first rideout for sometime as they are now the proud owners of a BMW, which they took a great deal of stick over during the course of the day!. We had accepted Reading Branch’s offer to join then for a Barbie at Crickley Hill Country Park, so we set off in glorious sunshine, stopping along the way for coffee, then in true West Mids style we got to Cheltenham & couldn’t seem to get out, so many thanks must go to two local bikers we met at a Petrol Station who took time out of their day to lead us all the way to the Country Park, we really must start taking our sat nats on ride outs!

• • • 106 GOLDEN WING


HOC Roast

However once we arrived a great day’s Barbie was enjoyed by all, the views from the Park were spectacular and the weather could not have been better. Many thanks go to Pat and John for getting their trike & trailer out of hibernation to bring all the Barbie equipment.

HOC Roast

HOC Roast

• • • AUTUMN 2012


On Saturday 11th August we all went along to our local dealer Brindley Honda to celebrate the Fireblade’s 20th Anniversary, they had a great turnout; John came on his Rune, which was a great talking point enabling us to tell lots of people about HOC and hand out membership forms, hopefully this will result in some more members for the Club.

Brindley Honda 20th Anni Fireblade Day

Brindley Honda 20th Anni Fireblade Day

Brindley Honda 20th Anni Fireblade Day

The next day we met for a rideout to Tintern Abbey, the weather forecast was sunshine and showers, just after we left Worcester it was obvious that there were going to be more showers than sun but we decided to carry on ,however just before Tewkesbury the weather took a turn for the worst heavy continual rain started to fall and with the sky black in all directions we decided to turn around, join the M5 and head home, a hundred mile round trip without stopping! However on a brighter note at least Pat & I got to try out the new foot pegs our hubby’s had loving fitted to their bikes to make us more comfortable! The following Sunday was our regular rideout day so we met as usual at the Food Stop Cafe, we had a good turnout 7 bikes & 3 pillions, we were also joined by new member Nigel who we had recruited last week at Brindley Honda unfortunately on this occasion his wife Helen was unable to join us as she was on child minding duties at home, but hopefully she will be able to join us next time, we wish a warm welcome to both of them. What a difference a week made, the weather was warm & sunny as we set off on John’s ride thru the Cotswolds, our first stop was at Broadway in Worcester for morning refreshments, where we met a very excited Chinese tourist armed his trusty camera who wanted to take photos of us all & our bikes, he even jumped on Miles’s bike (without asking) for an action shot!! We then moved onto Bourton on the Water for lunch, which was bursting at the seams with visitors so we stepped up a side street for lunch & found an empty cafe for us to take over, however when Miles opened his sausage roll & found it to be green we started to wonder why the cafe was empty... after lunch we were heading back to our bikes when at the bottom of the road I spotted our Chinese stalker... sorry tourist again, still armed with his camera, and even more excited at bumping into us again, he kept John talking for ages whilst the rest of us were sweating in our leathers!! Our last stop of the day was at Lower Slaughter for ice cream, which is fast becoming a West Midlands tradition on a sunny day, by now we were all very warm so Debs & John decided to

• • • 108 GOLDEN WING


Day in the Cotswolds

Day in the Cotswolds

cool down by padding their feet in the cold stream, Tony suggested a group photo with the rest of us sitting on the small foot bridge dangling our feet over the side, no prizes for guessing what happen next, Miles thought he would lightly splash John & Debs, who returned the favour, unfortunately two against one never works & Miles got soaked, for the second Sunday in a row!!!

And finally special mentions must go to John who celebrated a milestone birthday in July finally receiving his long awaited pension, in celebration Pat organised a party and two lovely bike related cakes with not a currant or hint of jam in sight! Congratulations also to Tony & Debs who passed their advanced bike test. Before I sign off, if there are any West Midlands members out there who are not able to attend our monthly meeting but would like to be kept up-todate with our events & rideouts, please email or phone me, details above & below this write up, so that I can add your name to our contact lists. So until next time keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.


Day in the Cotswolds

• • • AUTUMN 2012


West Yorkshire

Secretary: Big Steve - 01274 772970


ell here we are again trying to do the West Yorks Report when we aint been up to much with the weather. The main run we went on was to Skipsea and Hornsea which I used to go to a lot when I was a child and boy has Skipsea changed, were there was a car park with a road along the coast there’s sea now I couldn’t believe it, the run was well supported with Me (Steve), Maria, Dave, Lisa, Ian, Andrea, Adrian, Sue, Shaun, Andrea, Brian and Andrew who had a very rare day off work, Brian came on the NS400 he had just got so we had a lot of stopping for petrol but it was nice to smell the 2 stroke after all these years and it’s a very nice one… we topped the day off at Squires café for a brew before we went home… this run was the Rivington Barn one but the weather was bad so we will be doing that soon I hope.

Hornsea run

We also got to the 40s weekend at Layburn where Maria, Dave, Lisa, Shaun, Andrea and I had a nice ride out, check out the photo of Mr Churchill…

Yorkshire bike show

The CB250G5 I have been doing up over the past year or so (was seen on the HOC stand at last year’s BMF show) won best in class at the Yorkshire Bike Show in Haworth. So I was very happy with that! You can see the bike at the Classic Mechanics Show in October which I’m looking forward to, check out the events page on our web site. We also went on a Branch tour of the Honda Racing Headquarters in Louth (Samsung Honda) and it was fantastic but more of that in a special report in this Golden Wing. The Branch meetings are going well and we have a right laugh so please try to get down if you can. Members are now looking forward to the National Rally at Eyemouth and again there’s a few of us going so we just hope for the weather but with Clive going to Scotland (always rain when he goes) I will apologise now for that.

Layburn 40s weekend

In 2014 the West Yorkshire Branch will be 40 years old and we are trying to plan an event to celebrate this, if you are an old member of the Branch or know of any please get in touch with me as we would like to include some old members or even the founder members of the Branch in anything we do. That’s it, like I said we haven’t been up to much hopefully we can get out a bit more for the next report. Hi to all who know me and Maria and hopefully we’ll see ya soon.

Steve & Maria

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Whether you love the road or the dirt, the striking CRF250L handles everyday urban riding and off road trails effortlessly. Bred from our highflying CRF motocross bikes, its 43mm Showa split function inverted forks, Pro-Link rear suspension and powerful fourstroke engine keep you exhilarated on and off the road. Until it’s your turn to fly.

Honda rider Evgeny Bobryshev on the CRF450R


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Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121

Well at last we’ve been able to get on with the events which were planned earlier in the year, and started with several of us on the Saturday 2nd June having a gazebo at Castle Combe racing circuit, who were hosts to our local Bike Safe day, which was fairly well attended with a good mix of local clubs and businesses present, and with the attraction of the stunt rider, a day worth the experience, especially those that took the assessment being organised by the police.

Bike Safe

Members nights have been a little under patronised, as being ‘summer’ we had a social get together in June as the original intention of going down to the coast for the regular Poole bike nights was put on hold for 7 days when the weather was far kinder, and Glyn, Keith & Gail met up with Robin & Lynda and I joined them later for a nice evening.

Poole Bike Night

Come July another local biking event held on a weekday evening once a year at West Hagbourne nr, Didcot coincided with our member’s night, and as the again it threatened rain we kept to doing a social back at the meeting place of the Red Lion. Before we knew it Sunday 22nd was upon us and we had agreed to take part in the HOC Roast and as such a good number of us met in Marlborough outside a pub (where else) with quite a few from Reading and with Ian ‘Worzel’ leading the way over to Crickley Hill which a great vista overlooking the plain down to Gloucester. It was certainly glorious weather and ideal for a bbq with friends, and with more arriving early afternoon from Oxford’s rally at nearby Forthampton, we more or less made all the benches and ‘cooking facilities’ our own. Well it was nice to wake up to another warm and dry day for Saturday 28th, as we had a gazebo with other supporting kit at the Calne Bike Day, and wet weather is not get great for erecting or dismantling any of this kit. With Ruth and Stritchy who came down to support us all day, and which we certainly thank for their effort considering the distance travelled, and also Elick kindly providing tea making services and certainly were appreciated as we seemed to be busy with the crowds which were the best I’d seen since it first came into fruition some 11 years ago. So along with Angie, Simon, Glyn, Robin, Theo and myself manning the stand we had a great day with plenty of interest. Now a matter of our branch AGM in August meant with had the room fairly full and we also had present a new member Hugh , a guest from a neighbouring branch, also Tom who straddles the border, and stays in touch from aboard and two young riders Kevin and Mat from Swindon interested in joining (thanks to Erica chatting about the great benefits of the club on a euro tunnel trip.)

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The HOC display and some of the team at Calne Bike Day

I think we came away unscathed as the same members are happy to continue in the roles they hold and with Glyn now as Chairman, it’ll be good to have a full committee to focus on all issueson improving our standing of the Branch. Now at the AGM Glyn kindly agreed to lead a rideout destined for the Brackley Festival of Motor Cycling, which left the Sainsbury’s car park in Swindon with 7 of us, and headed up to Burford’s Little Chef for a quick stop as a 2nd pick point for

Going to Brackley

any others that knew about our trip. We then took some good roads through the countryside keeping a good pace , and subsequently came across other bikers we assumed were heading for the same venue. The journey was worth the experience and being busy ended up parking a little out of town, but the walk up the hill to High Street was worth seeing some great vintage racing machinery being ridden with such vigour judging by the noise they were making which certainly was testing on the eardrums if you by the barriers as they passed only inches away, but I suppose that’s because of the enclosed environment of the surrounding buildings of the high street. Otherwise all the ingredients of a brilliant days biking. So come September we will have had a speaker as part of our alternate arrangement for the member’s meets, and some at the end the months will have done the National and when you’ve read this I’m sure we’ve all made the most of remainder of the summer.


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HOConsumer New book by HOC member You’d be skint too if you’d had this many motorbikes! 32 years, 80+ motorbikes and lots of money later… Had too many motorbikes? Been left so angry by a bike that you can’t decide whether to set fire to it, repeatedly whack it with a hammer, scrap it; or all three? If so, you’re not alone. 80 Bikes, and counting… is the true story of a rider with the as-yet medically unrecognised condition of Obsessive-Compulsive-Bike-BuyingDisorder. Having bought his first bike around 1980 at age 14, and now on his 80th bike (at least - the aroma of stale petrol fumes and dirty engine oil led him to lose count long ago), Rick’s story will be familiar to anyone who’s had more than one motorbike, and even more familiar to those with a garage full. Having completed a six-month Youth Training Scheme at a motorcycle dealership in Lincoln, follow Rick’s meteoric rise from ham-fisted and clueless sixteen year-old, to someone who can tell which end of a screwdriver is the handle (who said YTS’s were a waste of government money…?) Rick admits he has more enthusiasm than talent,

both for riding and spanner twiddling, though while recollecting a multitude of bikes, his book deals with serious issues such as; • Battling against a wasp’s nest armed only with motorbike leathers, a pick-axe and what must have been some severely strong medication. • Honda’s ‘Cub’ C-model step-thru; production passed 60 million units, making it the most successful model of all time; so why does the author rate it as contender for ‘worst bike ever’? • Can’t afford regular gym membership? Buy a big motocrosser! Guaranteed to give you one enormous thigh muscle: unless it snaps your shin bone first… • Just how many nuts are needed to keep one Norton wheel in place? Nominee for most stupid design ever? Rick lives in Lincoln with his Fiancée Nicole and son Thomas - 80 Bikes is his second book, having previously released Depression Beater. When not writing or buying more wrecks off eBay, his hobbies include lining tins up so all the labels face the same way, watching Star Trek (the original series), imagining what he’d do with a lottery win and playing with Thomas’ Lego. For further information call Rick on 07949 727563, or email him at

For every book sold, £1.00 is being donated to LIVES Medics & First Responders who provide emergency-response medical attention, attending over 14,000 calls a year.

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New insurance scheme for members Honda Owners Club members can benefit from bigger discounts and tailormade cover thanks to specialist insurance broker Bikesure. The broker has introduced two new schemes in August to reward HOC members and cater for touring bike riders. A new Owners Club Scheme available to HOC members provides discounts of up to 25%. The Tourer Scheme is a tailormade policy including standard features such as: Sat nav cover up to £250, accessories covered up to £1,500 and cover for bikes valued up to £30,000 Rob Balls, of Bikesure, said the two new schemes would provide great savings and specialist cover for Honda owners. “We know from experience that members of owners clubs are more likely to take care of their bikes much better than non members and so we’re happy to reward them with bigger discounts than ever before on our Owners Club Scheme,” he added. “The Tourer Scheme is specifically designed for those who take to the roads for longer trips, taking into account the extra equipment and accessories needed for British and European touring.” Bikesure is one of the UK’s leading specialist insurance brokers, with schemes covering everything from standard road bikes to modified, imports, superbikes, scooters, trikes and quads.

See or call 0800 369 8580. Bikesure give the HOC commission on every insurance policy sold to HOC members. AUTUMN 2012


Golden Wing 2012 Autumn  
Golden Wing 2012 Autumn  

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