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Chairman Dibble Rattle’s On!

from Andy “Dibble” Young - Club Chairman

You will find my write-up on the Boughton Show on page XX, so I wont go into it here.

There’s been lots going on Manchester Branch hosted a very special event in June with guest riders from France and Germany. A very good weekend of mostly fine weather riding, eating and being greeted by the mayor at a civic reception. A great way to commemorate our 50th and indeed significant in that the HOC was originally from this area. Well done to those who arranged the event and hopefully a venture that will last for years to come. On the way home from that I had another round of my Chairman’s Challenge which is now getting to the nitty gritty with only a couple of visits left to do. I went with the Cambridge Branch to Honda Racing team HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire where we were shown round the intimacies of the BSB team bikes and some of the machine shops where the team make their own parts. Then another round of the challenge on the most scorching hot sunny Sunday in Herefordshire. Another bumper turnout with South Wales, Bristol, East Midlands, Three Shires, Northants and Eastern areas all putting in an appearance. Then came another show weekend with the Billing Bike Fest at Billing Aquadrome. We had a great sized pitch and this made for a nice display of various machines over the two days. I am reliably told that there has been a increase in interest in local branch after this event. So these shows do make a difference. Then it was the Brackley Festival of Bikes and again what a stunning day with thousands

of bikers filling the town with bikes of all makes and shapes. We signed up some new members and generated lots of interest despite having a relatively small display area. Position is everything and we were very well placed for this event. Thanks again to Sue for getting the kit there and to all those who staffed this and the other displays.

Next Bt the time you read this we will probably have had the National Rally which with over 300 attendees is certainly the biggest ever. Ruth has done a lot of work to get this event in place and I am sure it will be favourably remembered for years to come. The following weekend I am with Rona, Phil, Graham, Jaxx and Mark travelling across Europe for a tour of Austria. My bike is all set with new tyres, chain and sprockets, bearings cleaned and oil changed ready. Looking at about 3,500 miles of travel. Watch out for my part of report on this in next Golden Wing.

AGM 2011 This is booked and confirmed for Sunday 23rd of October at the National Motorcycle Museum. Birmingham. See you there? My Contact details Email or ring 01536 359659 or even phone or text 07982419285 my shiny new mobile.

“Ride on but most of all ride safe” Cheers


News as it happens? Join Andy Andy’s email list by sending an email to



Pigeon Post

from Graham Seymour - General Secretary

My apologies for “Pigeon Post” somehow missing the summer edition of the Golden Wing though I expect many of you were glad of the rest! Since I last wrote we have seen a wet and windy British Leisure Show at Windsor, (the most expensive walk in a field I’ve ever had!!) plus numerous shows and rallies, right through to our excellent HOC Show at Boughton House, superbly organised by our Chairman. The day was not without trauma as I was stung by a wasp at the show, burnt my leg on the exhaust pipe of the ‘bird’ putting it away in the garage and then put my hand in the desk drawer without looking at cut myself on the letter opener! At which point I retired to bed to avoid any further mishaps………. And I still enjoyed the day!! As ever I am constantly amazed by the enthusiasm shown by all those organising and taking part in these events and winning the best Club stand award at the BMF in May was just reward for the time and effort put into the event by Kim and Paul Woodruff and their team of willing helpers. I was lucky enough to be in the tent when Kim was told we had won. To say she was chuffed doesn’t go close! In fact the last time I saw a woman that happy I had just signed over another house to an ex wife………. Is there something you can do to contribute to this years Air ambulance charity fund? As an example a combined team of Beds and Solent members won the pub quiz (by one point!) on the Wiltshire Rally weekend. The £15 prize was promptly handed over to the fund. As the well known supermarket chains advert goes, ‘every little helps’.


I would like to take this opportunity to remind all branch officials that in the event that they need any help or advice…………….. don’t call me……… Seriously though, I am here to assist Branches with any queries that you have. If I can’t answer a question myself I know there will be someone on the committee who can, so I will take advice and come back with an answer for you. All part of the service! We are here to help so please do not feel that you are on your own. I hope that everyone is enjoying the year so far and that you will continue to take advantage of the full calendar of events that you will find in this issue of the Golden Wing. Unusually as it denotes the end of summer, I am looking forward to September this year. The National Rally looks like it’s going to be mega and then I’m off to Austria for two weeks with the missus and friends from the HOC from which I shall endeavour to bring back anecdotes of mayhem and embarrassment. As many of you know I subscribe to the ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ school of story telling :0) Don’t forget also the national Christmas dinner dance that is being organised down on the south coast this year. I’ve got my caravan booked, how about you? Happy riding




Trevor Thompson

Vice Presidents Dave Barton, Tony Eldridge, Graham Gull


Andy ‘Dibble’ Young 1 Severn Way, Kettering, Northants NN16 9HN ( 01536 359659 .

General Secretary

Graham Seymour 6 Kestrel Road, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1RB (01525 633169 .

Membership Secretary

Graham Gull 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE


Ruth Stryczko, 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Regalia Co-ordinator

Jennie Clarke 6 Bugby Way, Raunds, Northants NN9 6SX ( 01933 399463 / 07759 805181 .


Andy ‘Stritchy’ Stryczko 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE .

Classic Secretary

Dave Barton 53 Northlands Road, Totton Southampton SO40 3HA .

Display Material Co-ordinator

Sue Beck 28 Vivian Road, Wellingborough NN8 1JJ ( 07863 599 992 .

Advertising Manager

Erica Gassor, ( 07799 492 235 .

Saddle Sore Shield Co-ordinator

Stephen Davenport ( 07968 810435 .

Membership Matters WELCOME

Welcome to all new members who have joined the club in recent months, especially at the various shows which the club has attended in connection with our 50th Anniversary celebrations. I hope you enjoy your membership of the club and I know that some of you have already attended branch meetings and received a warm welcome.


Don’t forget if you move, let me know, and no other club official, as I keep the address files up to date, (You can write or send an e-mail). I have only had one copy of the Summer magazine returned by Royal Mail with no forwarding address, so don’t let it be YOU who we lose contact with. Luckily I had the E Mail address of the member concerned, so was able to make contact and he has received his magazine.


Don’t forget that it makes life so much simpler to sign up for Direct Debit, so you needn’t worry about letting your membership lapse. All you need to do is return the renewal form when you receive it with your bank details and we will do the rest. Remember subscription rates are guaranteed until the end of next year.


When you receive a renewal reminder, don’t forget that you can also renew your subscriptions using PayPal. Just go to our Website and follow the simple instructions.


Membership Secretary


Please send change of address details to the

Membership Secretary, 61 Vicarage Road, Ware SG12 7BE

or e-mail SUMMER 2011


Editor’s Bit The Branch Secretaries and contributors all got me their reports and articles to me by the deadline.

If you are planning your summer holiday, wait until you have read the winter issue of Golden Wing.

As usual, events overtook and the mag (and website) have had to take a back seat to ‘real’ life. Better luck for the Winter issue!

There will be a major feature, with lots of adverts from accommodation and holiday discounters, to give you some ideas about where to take your bike next year.

The diary on page 119 is looking a bit sparse in this issue. This is the time of year when the Branch Secretaries are planning next years events and rides. I’m sure that they would be very happy to hear from you with suggestions of places to visit and things to do. Why not go along to your nearest Branch and see what they’re doing. Did you get to the 50th Anniversary Show at Boughton House in August? I have to say that it was the best show of the year - but don’t just take my word for it - ask the local MAG, GWOC, CBX Club and VJMC who all came along and thoroughly enjoyed the event too. The range of bikes was fantastic, even the weather (apart from a short shower) was brilliant and the Spitfires... were awesome! Take a look at the pictures on pages 26-29 to get a feel for the day.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas Dinner Dance, organised by Erica. If you haven’t already booked your place, go to page 49 and see what’s on offer. It should be another great weekend away. The prospect of being in a caravan in December is a bit daunting, but they’re very well specc’d, so I don’t think we’ll be cold. I have the santa outfit planned - you know if you’ve been bad or good! Finally, I hope that you enjoy reading another packed issue. There are lots of articles about what has been going on around the country and abroad. Unfortunately I have had to leave out a number of articles and I’ve probably forgotten a few, but don’t worry, they will be in a future issue.


Branch Secretaries The deadline for the next Golden Wing is;

20th November 2011 These pages are your advertising space, to let members who are local to you know the real benefits of active membership. Tell them what is happening in your area 6




Kicking Back... Something to Say - Say it Here

50th Anniversary Show

Great Service

Hello everyone,


just to say how impressed I was with the show yesterday - many thanks to you and your team members that put so much hard work into this event it was just marvellous.

I had to comment on the service I have received from North Harbour Motorcycles in Ayr, Scotland.

Also to meet many members from years back and to talk with you guys as current club members and see such a great array of bikes on show, even an example of the 49cc Honda Sprint that I started biking on and also the 1960 red Honda Dream similar to the black one Pete Goodger had when he lived in Horsham, which I used to see when I was cycling back from school that inspired me to take up an interest in motorcycling. Hopefully I shall get to see you again soon at other rideouts or events in the future, now I have a bit more time to enjoy my biking (retired recently).

I have replaced my much loved jacket and now have a shiny new one, after trying on a few jackets to get the size right North Harbour did not have in stock the one I wanted, but the young lady at the desk went on line to their supplier, checked stock availablity and price and then gave me a HOC discount. My new jacket arrived within a couple of days of ordering and I am over the moon with it. Well done and thank you to North Harbour.


Taken from

Chilled Biker

Thanks again for all your efforts on behalf of us members - truly appreciated. Kind regards,

Michael Bonner

(former National Treasurer in 60’s/70’s period)

Tony Eldridge, Chris, Pete and Michael Bonner manning the Honda stand at Earls Court in 1966



Honda Dealer Network Is anyone else feeling frustrated, as I am, with the demise of the Honda dealer Network in UK? The 2 dealers in my area have gone out of business including the one who supplied my CBF1000 from new. If I have a warranty or safety issue I have to travel over 30 miles (at cost for shipping if the bike is off the road) to get an engineers opinion that Honda will acknowledge even though there are very competent mechanics much closer to hand. If I was considering purchase of a new bike this is a major disincentive to choose Honda, something Honda UK should address with urgency.


Taken from

Hi owentraveller! I think what you say goes for all the main manufacturers. Had you bought a make other than a Honda, I doubt the situation would be much different. Just think how many motorcycle shops there used to be, franchised or not. It’s now almost all large franchised dealers in just major towns and cities, with some selling more than one make (except some makes insist on solus dealerships). Very few of the smaller shops seem to have survived, more’s the pity.

Red V Four

HOC Membership well worth it I must be honest, being as I’m on the State pension now and bloody hard up and that there is no HOC branch nearer than 100 miles I’ve been wondering if I’ll renew in a few months time. The advice available here is amazing and I really enjoyed the National Rally last year (hope to make this one too maybe...) but I’ve no doubt now about renewing. A couple of weeks ago a van reversed into me damaging my tyre and mudguard; I ‘phoned the company and was told ‘contact your insurer’. This troubled me as thoughts started going round like what happens to my no claims bonus etc. I then recalled reading in the mag an article and advert by the club’s tame solicitor, John Measures. Ring me it said, so I did. Friendly advice put my mind at rest, no need to tell my insurer and he sent me a letter to send to the company, all I had to do was fill in details like Reg Nos etc. 24 hours later a ‘phone call from the company insurer, “We accept full responsibilty and will send cheque in a couple days”. If that ain’t worth the membership fee alone I don’t know what is. Thanks again John.


Taken from

Taken from

Have your say on any subject e-mail to or write to 38 Bower Street, Bedford MK40 3RE



My Day at Wheelie School by Big Steve

Last Christmas my wife, Maria, bought me (with help from Dave) a day at Jimmy Fireblade’s Wheelie School. Wow what a day, I went for the day on the 30th July hoping for good weather and good weather I got. The day started with a talk on the bikes and how we were going to be pulling the wheelies, we were told they’re not power wheelies as they are hard to control, all through the day everything was explained in detail the bikes are 600 Bandits and boy do they get a hard life all day they never went out of 1st gear! Basically the principle of the wheelie is you get to go round on 3,000 revs going up to 6,000 and back to 3, after you have got the sound of the engine in your mind you then start to pull the clutch in at 3 and build to 6 letting go of the clutch and the bike pulls a small wheelie if you get it right…



Jimmy explains everything carefully

Next you have to put the rear brake on as you do that and as you let the clutch go the wheel hits the air the slower you are going the better the wheelie but keeping it up is the hard thing… we were learning on an old airfield next to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, about 1 km long and by the end of the day we had been around it quite a few times. I can tell you I was bushed and ready for a rest, it was a good job we were staying next door so didn’t have far to go! Jimmy then started taking us on the back of his bike to show us how to balance the bike and he was good, he took us up and

down the runway at some speed, he took Maria as well and was doing well over 100mph on the back wheel! The photo I got is not that run, as he was going too fast and I just got a photo of the runway… anyway as anybody who knows Maria will know she loved it and wanted to go again, after that Jimmy then did some tricks for us while we had a break. By the end of the day I had mastered the getting the wheel up and was doing some good wheelies and Maria caught a few but as I have said the keeping the wheel up was very hard and after going on a day like this you begin to realise that people who can pull the good wheelies and control them are very skilful. You can go on a second day which is cheaper and on that day you can go for more control, so who knows I might give it another go next year.

Jimmy Fireblade demonstrating how it’s done

Maria being taken for a ride!

Clutch control is the key

If anybody would like to go on the day, have a look at his web site and for more photos of my day check out the West Yorkshire web site www.westyorks.hoc. I would like to thank Maria for the day and Jimmy Fireblade who was a good teacher. SUMMER 2011




Noise research could lead to better-designed motorcycles 5 August 2011 - by Andrew Czyzewski A team of engineers and psychologists is investigating the problem of noise levels experienced by motorcyclists, with a view to providing clearer advice and better designed bikes and helmets. The vast majority of noise that motorcyclists experience doesn’t emanate from the engine or other vehicles, but rather from air flow around the bike, helmet and body. “As a rule of thumb, if you do 70mph, it takes about 15 minutes to hit your daily noise dose,” said project lead Michael Carley, a biker and mechanical engineer at Bath University. “Obviously there’s a workplace health and safety problem here, and that’s why the first people who started worrying about this were the employers of professional riders, because they were, in principle, laying themselves open to litigation for hearing damage through negligence,” he added. Indeed, police riders must now have annual hearing assessments; however, little research has been performed out of house for the direct benefit of consumers. Carley’s team first performed measurements on volunteer motorcyclists who were equipped with a basic GPS device and microphone - allowing them to plot road speed against noise at each point of the audio recording. This revealed a linear scale peaking at 115dB at around 80mph. After that, they booked time at a race track, where they were able to film motorcyclists, again carrying microphones, but this time relating noise to various rider positions. Data gathered in the field were then used for controlled experiments in a wind tunnel, with some interesting findings. First, the windshield seemed to create turbulent air flow and buffeting around the head, which showed SUMMER 2011

considerable variation in noise levels depending on the position of the rider. But, surprisingly, one of the largest sources of noise came from air rushing around the chin cavity of the helmet. “We hadn’t expected it was quite as big a contributor to the noise as it was. We suspect it’s similar to the aerodynamics of landing-gear cavities on aircraft, which are responsible for a fair bit of noise when they are coming into land,” Carley said. Finally, another type of noise experienced by motorcyclists that is more difficult to measure is body-conducted sound - where the percussive force of the wind on slapping against the rider is conducted through the flesh and bone. “The first thing you do when you protect against noise is wear earplugs - something every rider should do - but it only protects to a certain point because you get noise transmitted through the body… basically direct to your eardrum.”

The efforts of Carley’s team coincided with work being done by psychologists at Bath Spa University on the effect that heat and carbon dioxide (from exhaling) within the helmet have on cognitive responses. The groups therefore got together to investigate how noise might affect riders’ concentration and how they perceive hazards. Early results suggest that noise may actually have a negative influence on riders’ peripheral vision. Having now gathered a substantial body of evidence characterising noise, Carley’s team is exploring a number of options to mitigate the problem, starting with well-informed advice on riding position and bike setup for motorcyclists. Meanwhile, from a technology standpoint, the team is investigating noise cancelling, vibration dampening and the use of acoustically absorbent materials for helmets. Helmet design will be tricky But Carley admits that helmet design will be a tricky thing to tackle in terms of noise reduction, since the main priorities for manufacturers are, understandably, impact protection and comfort. A different tactic may be to encourage, or impel, manufacturers to adopt noise ratings on their products. “There’s probably too much variation between people’s heads to be able to say this is the absolute noise level of this helmet - you wouldn’t be able to fix a legal noise limit,” he said. “But you should be able to have something such as those energy [efficiency] stickers you have on your fridge or washing machine, where (for example) it’s an A, B, C or D rated helmet for noise.” 13

It shouldn’t happen to a Biker – Part 1 Over the next few issues of the magazine, I will take you through the mysteries of what really happens when bringing a claim for personal injuries and financial losses following a motorcycle accident. The do’s and the don’ts, the pitfalls and what really happens behind the scenes. You can also take an active role by sending me any issues that you wish me to cover and I will deal with these.

The accident On 30th June, It was a lovely day and Ben decided to go for a ride on his own to nowhere in particular. He was travelling along Main Street, Anytown a built up area subject to a 30 mph limit. He was doing 30mph when he saw a car to his left, intending to turn right out of Acacia Avenue, a side street to his left. As Kevin approached the junction, the car suddenly pulled out and into collision with Kevin’s motorcycle.

Immediately following the collision

Let me introduce Kevin Farquhar, a member of the Honda Owners Club. He rides a Pan European which is on an 07 plate. He is married to Zoe who works part time and has two lovely children, Ben aged 14 years and Kim aged 8 years. He is a plasterer employed by ZZ Builders. He has a mortgage and the usual monthly expenses. By the way, this person is totally fictitious and any resemblance to a person, living or dead is purely coincidental.


Kevin was thrown from his bike and hit the road hard. He was dazed, confused and in pain from his left wrist, back and chest. He looked over and his bike was badly damaged. He was able to get up, when the driver of the car came over to him and said in a very aggressive manner, “You were going like a Bat out of Hell”. A lady then came over and asked if he was alright and that she had called the police… What should Kevin do now?

Kevin’s Immediate response I fully appreciate that Kevin’s adrenalin will be flowing and he will be very shocked and confused. I have been there myself but he can do some simple things which will save an awful lot of problems in the future. He doesn’t argue with the driver but concentrates on the important To Do Checklist. SUMMER 2011

1 He takes photos of the crash scene on his mobile phone before any of the vehicles are moved. This includes the registration plate of the other car

3 He also looks to see if there is anyone else there to ask them if they also saw the incident and get their details but there is no-one else around.

2 He speaks to the lady who initially came over and asks if she saw what happened. She said that she did as she was following him. He asks her to write down her name, address and contact phone number, which she is happy to do and hands him this information on a piece of paper. He asks her to do this as his mind is racing and he may get the information wrong. He asks that she waits for the police to arrive, so that she can also give them her details. She agrees.

4 He then politely speaks to the driver to get his registration number (although Kevin has taken a photo of his number plate) name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy number. All this information is given except the policy number as the driver does not have his insurance certificate with him, which is quite usual. Under S.154 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, a person commits an offence if he refuses without good cause to give this information to the other person involved in the collision. The other driver therefore had co-operated in accordance with S.154.

The Police and Ambulance arrives The police initially speak to both of them and move the vehicles. They carry out their initial investigations taking further details from both Kevin and the other driver. They also speak to the lady who witnessed the accident. The police officer breathalyses Kevin and the other driver who both prove negative. They advise that they will complete their enquiries and may have to speak with them again at some time in the future. In the meantime, they allow the other driver to leave the scene as his car is still driveable. Kevin does not have accident recovery, so the police arrange for their recovery agents to collect the bike. Kevin is checked over by the ambulance crew who say that they believe his injuries are soft tissue only but offer to take him to the hospital to be checked out. He says that he would prefer to go home and seek further medical attention if he needs this. The ambulance crew hands Kevin the Patient Assessment Form for him to keep and asks him to sign a refusal to attend hospital form. Kevin rings his wife Zoe who collects him. By this time his bike has been taken by the recovery company giving him a form confirming where the bike will be taken and their fees. SUMMER 2011

So what happens in the next issue? The other driver says that Kevin was speeding; his injuries get worse and he is unable to go to work; what will happen to his bike?; what should he do next and who should he call? (No, not Ghost Busters!!).

Remember, you can influence what happens next, so give me a call on 0115 931 5167 or 0800 021 3065 or send me an e-mail at 15

Choosing a solicitor after you’ve had a motorcycle injury should not be left to chance Leave it to your insurer and you could well end up with a solicitor who knows nothing about bikes or biking. You could even find yourself in the hands of someone who is not qualified as a solicitor. Choosing Barratts puts you straight in touch with solicitor John Measures - 40 years a biker and over 25 years dealing with personal injury claims.

Who would you prefer fighting your case ?

16 SUMMER 2011

IN THE BAG? With the season over half way through, can we already see the Champion in waiting with Casey Stoner’s win in the last GP giving him a clear overall lead in the Championship?

The entertaining Moto 2 and the fiesty125’s are also being fiercely contested with no certain winner in either category - both are set to give us more exciting racing as we progress towards the end of the year.

Looking back to Casey’s ill health last year, his fortunes have changed radically and he is a good bet to walk away with first place in the Moto GP at the end of the year. However, nothing is certain in the racing world – who recalls the fateful failure of Chris Walker’s Suzuki on the final lap of the last race of the season robbing him of the BSB Championship all those years ago and Norri Haga having those vital points taken away which meant that the WSB title became even more elusive for the talented and popular rider.

The BSB is a little closer fought with the top six all preparing to fight from a level playing field in the ‘shoot out’ once again and it is good to see Shakey Byrne in the lead, followed by John Hopkins who has made an excellent recovery of form during this year.

It is also interesting to recall who was the ‘hot’ rider during last season and how they are performing currently, fortunes change and reverse so quickly Similarly, the astounding success of one of the ‘old men of racing’ Carlos Checa is a delight to watch with the very talented Max Biaggi trailing some 62 points behind in second place, closely followed by Marco Melandri in third place.

Situations change so dramatically and no rider is able to draw breath or feel secure until the last finishing line is crossed.


Jorge Lorenzo and Adrea Dovizioso are with reach of the leaders position and, even with the problems that Ducati have with the bike, Valentino Rossi is in contention. SUMMER 2011


Club Corner 1980 - 1989

So here we are the Honda Owners Club achieving Twenty Years Old. Wow! Amazing! To celebrate we hold our Birthday Rally at Weston Park on the 5th and 6th September 1982. I can remember it being a dry weekend which is great when you are camping. With all the usual events including the beer tent we are enjoying our rally late Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday morning. ‘Our Jude’ (Jude Brown) complains that some of her West London Branch are showing X Certificate videos on the large screen in the beer tent. Dear oh dear… can we see them again please?

This year Honda have given us the European Style CB250N / CB400N ‘Super Dreams’ and they are superb middleweight motorcycles. That are over engineered and built to last forever. In fact my CB250N became one of the family as I used it every day. Priced at £995 on the road it was it was realistic motorcycling. 18

Miss Joy Pemberthy as West London Branch Secretary says that eighteen of her branch attended the BMF Rally and were the biggest branch turnout. I also expect that they all managed to keep up with her on her immaculate CB400F. I also organize a National Club run to the Crich Tramway Museum near Matlock. About forty members attending from Birmingham, Chesterfield, Teeside, Oxford, Solent, North and West London. So there we are sitting on the trams as other members pass us in the opposite direction. Late again… great stuff and a nice day out. Honda also hold the ‘Honda Festival’ for the second year at Castle Donington. We provide the staff to man the show again. So with Mike Hailwood on a RC166 (297cc) Six, John Surtees in a Honda V6 Formula One Car, Dave Taylor riding a CX500 doing ‘wheelies’ and ‘stoppies’, plus the Imps Display Team on their XL125’s. We had a great weekend. The club members are still showing a great deal of interest in ‘National Club Runs’ and this still is the main interest in keeping us busy, with everyone enjoying them. Dave Wellden from Newcastle travels all the way down to a London University on his 1964 CB160. He now joins the North London Branch and say’s that at 42,000 miles, his little CB160 is running just fine. Also Mr Moss from Cheltenham has now covered 144,000 miles on his 1964 model C100 ‘Nifty Fifty’. It must be time for me to hide my head in shame and hide my CBX… 144,000 miles.. Amazing! 1984 and I run the first of my ‘New Forest Runs’ with Trevor Thompson (Birmingham) and Malcolm Craik (Staffs & Shrops) branches leaving at 5.00am to travel down to us. Yes even in those days you needed to start early for club runs. SUMMER 2011

Talking of New Forest Runs - this picture shows our Graham Gull on his Pan European flanked by little monkey bikes.

The run was fine until I took them through the river ford at Brockenhurst. The sight of these monkies scattering and trying to find their way round the water was something that I will never forget. The two photos on the right show us at ‘The Festival of 1,000 Bikes’ at Brands Hatch. The late Gene Wilson and I are talking Honda Club as we always seemed to do. The bikes an our club line up are a red C77, CB400F2 (Richard Edelsten), CB77 (Dave Barton), C95 with white wall tyres and CB450. It just go’s to show that we could still display the early models over twenty years ago. So we can still enjoy our motorcycling no matter which model Honda we own. Let the Good Times Roll

Dave Barton





EU-wide driving fines from 2013

July 08, 2011

Visitors to France with foreign-registered cars will no longer be immune from fines for speeding and other motoring offences, after the European parliament approved new rules from 2013. The new system of cross-border driving fines will make it easier for all 27 EU member states to swap car registration details if an offence is committed outside a driver’s home country. It means, for example, that the owner of a French-registered car caught speeding or using a mobile phone while driving while on a visit to the UK could still be pursued. The offences included in the directive include speeding, drink-driving, failing to wear a seatbelt and failing to stop at a red traffic light. Also covered are driving under the influence of drugs, illegal use of an emergency lane, using a mobile phone while driving, or failing to wear a safety helmet on a motorbike or scooter. The offender’s home country would provide car registration details electronically to the country where the offence took place. The fines would be based on the country of the offence - for example: the British fine if a French driver is caught speeding in the UK. The European Commission hopes the new rules will act as a deterrent. EU figures suggest that foreign drivers account for five per cent of road traffic but 15 per cent of speeding offences. European commissioner for transport Siim Kallas said: “The four big killers like speeding and drunk driving are still responsible for thousands of needless deaths on Europe’s roads, and each death shatters a family’s life. “We know that a foreign driver is three times more likely to commit an offence than a resident driver. These new rules should have a powerful deterrent effect and change behaviour. “Many people still seem to think that when they go abroad the rules no longer apply to them. My message is that they do apply and now we are going to apply them.”

The new directive does not mean that motoring offences will be punished in the same way in every member state. Each country remains free to set its own fines according to national law.



Regalia Related Ramblings… Blimey! It’s almost September already and things have been just a tad busy on the Regalia side of things….

I’ve been out and about at rallies and events all over the place….Clappers, Solent, East Midlands, Oxford/ Gloucs Rallies, HOC Roast (hosted by North London Branch) and more recently (at the time of writing) The Summer Show at Boughton House! Phew! No wonder I needed a week off and am typing this on a borrowed notepad thingy whilst away with Hattie (my lovely Hornet ) in wet n windy Cornwall! So where to really start …. The Clappers Rally (hosted by the ever brilliant Bedfordshire Branch) was where Glen kindly modelled the baseball cap. I took the dog with me and discovered he is a bit too long in the tooth to camp so only stopped the one night… next was the Solent Rally - boy did it rain!! The Hog Roast more than made up for it though and all the hard work of the Solent Branch paid off as everyone there had such a great time and I was awash with glamorous “models” of the Anniversary Regalia - Caitlin and Jasmine did the girls proud and Conor, Justin and Jared for the lads… what a bunch of poseurs! Plus an unsuspecting Martin showing how to do the knitted hat justice! (Thanks guys and gals). Sales were particularly good of the sweatshirts and I have to say, I’m not surprised as it did get a tad chilly!! East Midlands next cracking weekend with wonderful hot sunshine and great company! The HOC Shop took on the appearance of a Car Boot Sale and trade was pretty brisk! There were some original ideas of how to “wear” some of the things… and Ian was pretty quick to “bless” us with his way to 22

wear the rugby shirt… however the beautiful Delice was happy to show the more “normal” way to wear it! At the Birmingham Camping Weekend Pam showed off her “chest” very willingly! The rugby shirts have proved to be very popular, and, when the 50th Anniversary year is over I may be introducing them to the Standard range of regalia. So. start saving and make space in your wardrobes, as there will actually be a few new things for you to add to your collections! More events - more fun and laughter and more sales! I am amazed at how supportive you all are and am grateful that you seem to like the goodies available and am hoping that, come the end of the year, we will be able to report that all the anniversary items are sold out and a good sum being donated to the Air Ambulance as a result… so far I can tell you that the Anniversary embossed key fobs, Anniversary Buffs and Drawstring bags are now all SOLD OUT!! Well, I did say they would be limited! The same will soon happen to the woven patches, pens, stickers and mugs so be sure to get yours now whilst there are still some to be had!! Remember - if you are coming to the NEC in November or , prior to that, the AGM in October. Then let me know and you can order your items and I will ensure they are reserved for you so you can collect at the event… you must pay in advance but there won’t be any postal costs therefore saving you enough cash to perhaps do some extra shopping once you get there!! (If you get to the NEC on the first day - Sat 19th Nov - and visit the HOC stand be sure to say hello and I might give you a birthday bun too!) Enough of my buns… back to the events… next it was down to Epping Forset and the HOC Roast hosted by North London at what has to be one of the plushest venues I’ve ever had a HOC Roast at! Complete with swimming pool and wonderful function room, it was SUMMER 2011

weird to be setting up shop outside in the sunshine and sell things whilst dripping wet from my synchronized swimming session with Roland! (More practice required if we’re going to make it to the Olympics next year Roland!) Thanks guys for another top time!! Graham and Alan were happy with their surprise birthday cake! And it was good to see them wearing their HOC clothing too! North London have a bit of a reputation of being foodies (dunno why) and it was, therefore, smashing to see Jim sporting his HOC regalia with such panache whilst tucking into the yummy grub served up at their annual BBQ. It rained again that afternoon and I wished I hadn’t sold out of Anniversary umbrellas!! Next I must say massive thanks to Alison Pringle for carting all the regalia to the Oxford and Gloucs rally so I could follow on Hattie - it was another superb rally organised by the motley crew of both branches and what a weekend it was!! The Saturday night was full of fun and laughter and Barry was happy to be front and centre with Marie. Jim showed off his 50th fob and matching top - very co-ordinated! More sales made from my tent and folks kitted out properly! Having barely caught my breath having returned from the rally, the 50th Anniversary Show at Boughton House was upon us! What a brilliant event - I am sure much will be written about it. So I shall keep it relatively brief (well, this is ME you know!) Thank you to Di for her help (and also Mia and Angie too) and Dibble for organising such an incredible event and, as always, a massive thanks to all who came, saw and purchased!! I ignored the cries of warning being shouted to my new customers of “don’t look in her eyes”… “Aunty will get you”… “get away whilst you still have your wallet”… and thankfully, so did so very many of you! Sales were unprecedented and before I knew it the day was over and it was time to pack up and go home!! I loved it! So much fun and manically busy - a great combination in an amazing setting! I had one customer SUMMER 2011

praying for me to stop him spending… I’m afraid I couldn’t do it and handed him over to Graham to make his payment by card… It was the icing on the cake that Jim Redman liked my buns and I was chuffed to get a pic with him. Note the shirt - you can buy one like it (with your name on etc) for a limited time. Just ask me for details. I am delighted to have been invited to so many events and even more so to have been able to come along and meet you all and persuade you to part with some of your hard-earned… thank you. Thank you also to the Manx branch for promoting the club with our goody box and also Kent, Reading and South Wales branches too for having goodie boxes and doing YOUR bit to help boost sales too! It really IS a CLUB effort and I am thankful for all your help.


At the show I “launched” the latest regalia items: lanyards and embossed key fobs. With the success of the 50th anniversary fobs I decided to get some with the standard logo on and they were brought along to the Summer Show and seem just as popular so that’s good! PLUS, due to popular demand I have also introduced HOC Lanyards. These are a real bargain at just £2 (at an event) and we sold loads on the day and I am sure they will be a very popular addition to the range. At the same time, I have to say, I am discontinuing the Whisky Glasses and Metal Tags. The embroidered patches will be replaced in the new year with woven ones and all the new items will be added to the Online Shop by the time this has reached you… also. The National Rally at Billing will have been and gone and I for one am REALLY looking forward to it and hope to have had the pleasure of seeing loads of you there! Thank YOU all again for being such great customers and supporters of the club with your purchases of HOC Regalia… if you have any suggestions for new items do tell me… that’s what prompted the embroidered/woven badges and the lanyards… I have some ideas of my own and may just share them at the AGM in October, so do please come along and have YOUR say about YOUR club. Oh, and bring your wallets… I am sure you will be needing them. Safe and very happy biking! See you soon!

Jennie 23








50th Anniversary Show Sunday August 7th at Boughton House near Kettering in Northamptonshire. That was the place to be. We asked for bikes and we got them! Over 1000 bikes turned up and lots of cars as well to swell the number of visitors. The sun was shining nearly as brightly as some of the machinery on display. We had big ones, small ones, fat ones and thin ones, old ones and very new ones. Bikes from all five decades were on show somewhere in the grounds of the house and paddock.

Guest of Honour - Jim Redman MBE

Special guest for the day was former president of the Cub Jim Redman MBE, 6 times world champion, TT winner and he had his bike there too. Alongside this was a Mike Hailwood replica which was fired up on the day to rattle the windows and ears of the gathered crowd. Music to picnic by was provided all day by the Richtones.

There were prizes for the best in show, as voted by the show goers: In it’s 25th year of production, the best VFR was the silver 750 F610ADY, the owner of best CB400 Four and winner of the Edelsten Trophy was John Burke of Birmingham, Gold Wing winner was Chairman of the GWOC Tudor Rose group, pre-1980 went to the superb Honda Britain CB750 LLL 980V, post-1980 went to a CB1300 combination KG57 OXJ. Best custom bike was won by Nikki of Cambridge with her very special VT500C, seen also at the BMF show back in May. There was even a best non-Honda certificate for a very nice Laverda.

Best VFR

John Burke receiving the Edelsten Trophy

Many thanks also to All Year Biker, Ron Haslam Race School and Honda UK for the fantastic prizes in the charity prize draw and I am sure the winners will be very happy too. My thanks go to the volunteers who helped set up on the Saturday and then marshal the event and clear up on the Sunday. This show was my significant contribution to the 50th anniversary year and thanks to all for the special comments about the event. All I can say is I may have organised it but it would not happen if people did not attend with their bikes, so thanks to you all.

Best pre-1980

The day of course was rounded off in a very special way by the fly past of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight Spitfires, piloted by Sdn Ldr Ian Smith and Wing Cdr Paul Godfrey,who gave us a brilliant display.

Dibble 26

Best post-1980










Pearl Cool White / Hyper Red

Pearl Cool White / Moody Blue Metallic

Pearl Nightstar Black / Mat Cynos Grey Metallic

Honda Contact Centre: 0845 200 8000

Bristol Branch Pyrenees Tour 2011 Part 1 8 months of planning sorted and everything arranged. Unfortunately, 2 days before we were leaving Sash & Elaine had to pull out due to a family crisis. Day 1: 12th June, start of trip. We all met at the Gordano Services M5 Bristol and yes, it was raining. Pete Casling also met us but was unable to come on the trip, but thanks to him he had his camera for the start of trip photos. We left Gordano Services in a light shower straight onto the M5 south, as we headed further south towards Plymouth the rain got harder, visibility got worse, and spray made it very difficult. (2 weeks later we found out it had rained 2 inches that day). We arrived at George White motorcycles in Plymouth for lunch, and to watch the British Moto GP. We were welcomed by the salesman and then we took over the cafe area with our wet gear etc. the Moto GP was a complete washout. Disappointing!

We attempted several things to no avail so Ram had to decide what he wanted to do. The rest of us rode onto the ferry and down into the bowels of the ship, to join the hundreds of other bikes, then back up to help push Ram’s bike on, to only get told off by the ferry crew as once your on the boat you are classed as out of the country! Luckily Ram managed to get his bike on the ferry by pushing it (brave lad) and typically when on the ferry, one of the crew pushed the start button and away it went (strange). It was a nice, relatively calm crossing, all in the bar for some apple juice (cider). Unfortunately Maxine began to feel quite bad so decided to retire to her cabin and on the way decided to vomit all over the entrance to the bar. Later that evening John had to retire with very similar symptoms and joined Maxine. (He claims it was due to the drugs he was on.) Poor excuse! Ram, Andy, Tracey, Tim & Brian all stayed in the bar and carried on with their choice of drinks (Andy’s was apple juice still). Lovely.

A light shower (not!)

The Chateau

We left George Whites and luckily the rain had practically stopped, off to the ferry terminal. All checked in and waved through to the boarding queue. 20 minutes later we’re waved on all the bikes started except Ram’s (suspected problem with alarm fob) and guess what Ram forgot his spare fob.

We woke Monday morning 4 hours from Santander. The sea was extremely calm, the sun shone and hardly a cloud in the sky. This is the weather we wanted. We left Santander with 240 miles to do to get to our accommodation in the Pyrenees. 1 hour away from the chateau we phone Pete Duffell &



Rosalinde (2 other Bristol members) who were already there to come out and meet us. We met and rode to the Chateau in a convoy with Pete leading, and as we pulled into the Chateau’s grounds WOW!

with the electrics, it started and off we went towards the Col D’Aubisque and onto the Col du Tourmalet.

Day 1 in the Pyrenees: shopping trip for essentials (beer & wine) from the nearest supermarket Intermarche, 10 miles further into the mountains. Lunch in the cafe/restaurant opposite the supermarket and back to the chateau for a guided tour of the natural hot springs and grounds conducted by Richie (great guy). Day 2: 160 mile trip through the Route des Cols (Col de Marie Blangue, Col d’Aubisque, & Col du Tourmalet) if you haven’t done these roads it is a must.

Col D’Aubisque summit

Great views, great corners and great roads. On the way through the Col de Marie Blanque, we came across a mountain top where we stopped to admire the hundreds of wild horses, but not Ram, he somehow managed to carry on following the wrong bike (a German). We caught him up to find his bike wouldn’t start again, and after playing 32

Col du Tourmalet summit

All day Ram had continual problems with his bike not starting, causing the day’s trip to be extended longer than we first expected. At Laruns on the return towards the chateau we decided to do some emergency shopping and sent Tim & Brian to get baguettes from the supermarket while we got other essentials in the town. But yet again Ram’s bike wouldn’t start. We sent Pete back as he had a meal booked for 7.30pm (which on following my directions took him straight back to the chateau). We eventually got a bit of help from a very friendly French navy diver who helped us bump start the bike. We had already told Tim & Brian to go on back to the chateau and try to find some rope to tow Ram back. As we had started it, we decided me & Tracey on our VFR800F1 would ride quickly back over the Col de Marie Blanque and stop the guys from returning with a tow rope. So off we went at a very rapid rate, until we suddenly realised we had missed the correct exit off of one of the roundabouts and had carried on for at least 10kms. We turned around and I rode like a man possessed, only to find on our way down off of the Col de Marie Blanque we’d caught up Ram and John & Maxine who were supposed to be behind us. We passed them rapidly to get back to the chateau as soon as possible. On arrival at the Chateau SUMMER 2011

neither Tim or Brian were there and Pete said they hadn’t returned yet (strange as they were a couple of kms in front of us when we left Laruns). 20 minutes later Tim & Brian arrived only to tell us they missed the turn off the roundabout as well and went at least 40kms out of their way. Still no Ram Or John & Maxine. Then a phone call. They were lost, and Ram’s bike wouldn’t start again after he had stalled it. We worked out where they were and Brian took me the half a mile on his Fazer thou, and we managed to bump start Ram’s bike and I rode it back.

Getting ready for a ride

Day 3: Visit to Lourdes, but unfortunately it rained and we decided to turn around and do that trip another day. We also visited a local garage, and then the local Motorcycle shop to see if they could help with Ram’s electrics. They tried but advised it could only be rectified by a Honda dealer. We stopped at the nearest hypermarket and bought a toggle switch and some connectors. Back at the Chateau we obtained some household wire and carried out our own emergency repair. (Which lasted the whole holiday. What do motorcycle shops know?). Day 4: Across the Col de St Pierre de Martin and into Spain and what a difference in roads and surfaces (by far the best roads we’ve seen in Europe). A couple of miles into Spain we come across what we called the 360, that was

a corner that turns left through 360 degrees underneath itself. Yes you guessed it we all had to have a go while being filmed (boys will be boys). Further on down the mountain we stopped to take in the breathtaking views down the winding mountain road and into the distance through the valley floor. A fantastic road down out of the mountains and then a fast gently twisting trip along the valley. This road continues for approx 40kms until you reach a turquoise lake, where we stopped for lunch in a very busy cafe. Over lunch we decided on the route back, I (Andy) led at a sedate pace until we came to the junction to take us back up into the mountains and back to France. Tim & Brian at the rear enjoying the views didn’t see us turn off and carried on. We waited for 10 minutes but decided to carry on as they knew where we were going. We stopped again at the agreed junction and waited a further 20 minutes, Pete by this time was raring to go, so we carried on. This road contained every conceivable type of bend and all on perfectly smooth well-made roads. Later we turned left (we should have gone straight on. Oops), but managed to find an even better road which after 25 kms we realised was completely in the wrong direction so turned around and had to retrace our ride along a fantastic twisting scenic road. (What a shame, ha ha). On over the mountains again across the Col D’Erroymendi and back into France and back to the Chateau. What a fantastic day! ( I must add, Tracey riding pillion with Andy, what a diamond. Never complained, just enjoyed the whole 2 weeks of continual riding). Tim and Brian did eventually arrive back about an hour later. Maxine missed this day with a dodgy belly but enjoyed the day with the horse at the chateau.

Andy & Tracey Cox (Bristol Branch members)

Our antics may put some of you off of touring abroad but please try it, but just be prepared, anything could happen. SUMMER 2011


Manhoc’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations Preamble

The idea came to us after some successful visits to France and Germany. Why not invite our foreign friends over for a long weekend to help us celebrate the HOC 50th Anniversary? Seemed like a nice idea - so off we toddled to plan it. The weekend was to bring together three clubs from Europe, each of whom had something special to celebrate over the last three years. For Montigny, 2009 was the 20th anniversary of the founding of their town and they celebrated by inviting clubs from their twinned towns of Kierspe and Denton. The Manchester Branch of the Honda Owners Club were selected to be the Denton representatives. Some pictures of the event can be found here. For Kierspe, 2010 was the 30th anniversary of the founding of their bike club and they celebrated by inviting Montigny and Manchester bike clubs to a weekend of fun. So in 2011, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Honda Owners Club in Manchester, we organised a weekend of rides, food and a civic reception by Denton Twinning Committee.

Friday: After all the planning, we are ready for our visitors. The food is on the go, the beers are in the fridge, decorations are up and we are waiting. We have already had a report from the M40 34

services (thank you, Erica) that the 14 French bikes (I thought there were 16) are going by. So, where is everyone? We put up all the bunting and decorations while we wait. It looks great when we have finished. So we stop for a tea break.

Eventually our HOC Chairman, Andy, turns up having fitted a new chain that morning. Finally, our foreign guests turn up. First the French and lastly, the Germans who had decided (foolishly) to ride through the centre of Liverpool. There is a slight problem with a bike which has been hit by a car and bent a pannier rail, but that is soon attended to (and fixed later on).

We all welcome each other and head inside for food and drink. Also, one of the German bikes (a Blackbird) has a worn out chain, so Phil takes him home to get a new one fitted (see, we are resourceful). The pies arrive at around 6:30 (courtesy of Pete) and we all dive in to munch away while we chat. The evening went very well but buy around 9:30, everyone was tired so we all headed off home. SUMMER 2011

Saturday - daytime Saturday. And first order of the day is breakfast. Time to let our foreign guests enjoy the taste of Marmite on toast. Their first experience was (in their words) “Interesting”. Once that was done, the bikes came out and we set off for Birch Services to meet the others. The weather seemed OK, if a little overcast so we had hopes for the ride later. Loads of us were there and more turned up till we had almost taken over the car park. 10:30 came and we all set off down the motorway as one big group. Around 60 bikes made a great spectacle as we meandered down through the 40 mph roadworks and off to the first car park. From here, we went in our 4 groups to the bandstand in Denton.

By 11:30 we were all parked up and awaiting the Mayor - who was late (as befits a lady Mayor). But eventually, everyone arrived and the speeches were made. It was all very pleasant and, apart from a few spots of rain (which made everyone grab some waterproofs), we had no weather issues. Once that was out of the way SUMMER 2011

and presentation plaques given to each of the groups, we made our way onto the grass for the obligatory photos. The Mayor requested a photo of her on a bike and we were only too happy to provide a decent SP1 for her to sit on. We then all moved inside to enjoy some food. This was a bonus for us - it was good and there was a lot of it. But soon it was over and we made our way back to the bikes ready for our afternoon ride. The plan was to all set off and regroup at McDonalds near Hyde. We all set off and Steve kindly held up all the traffic (it helps to have a bib with “Marshal” on it) so we could all get off together. The car park at McDonalds was crowded but we all snuggled in and, once we’d fixed the loose heated grip controller on Normas bike, set off in our groups at 10 minute intervals. The ride was along Woodhead, then over to tops to Holmfirth (stopping for a view of the scenery). When we hadn’t appreciated was how good our radios were. We could hear the other groups quite clearly even though they were 2-3 miles behind us. But we coped OK and soon reached the pub where we were all to regroup before the final run back to Birch Services. Of course, there was the incident of the renegade sheep on the road. It seemed to object to our motorcycles and was not prepared to come off second best. Each group, as they arrived at the pub, talked about “the crazy English sheep”. The host of The Great Western Inn (our stopping place) did us proud. Not only did we get tea, but home made cakes. We’ll go back there again!! The last part of the ride was along the A62 and then right up to the motorway and home. Riding down into Delph past the revellers was fun and Rob caught it all on his camera. Once back at Birch Services, we all split up and went home to get changed ready for the evening do. 35

Saturday Evening Ah, at last, the real reason for the weekend. Beer, food and a rock band. Norma was there early to sort out the food she was in charge of catering and made sure there was plenty to go round (and there was). Beer flowed well as it should (we did spend rather a lot in Costco) and the band was well appreciated if a trifle noisy for the older folk (who should be deaf, so shouldn’t care).

The evening lasted until around midnight when we all went back to our respective homes and either carried on or went to bed.

Sunday After the exertions of last night, it was pleasant to relax before we set off for the next ride. I cooked our visitors a traditional English breakfast and we set off for Birch Services to meet up with the crowd. Which seemed to be larger than yesterday. We ended up with around 75 people. The morning ride was great - the sun came out, there was no traffic (the advantage of riding on Fathers Day) and we soon got to Bannys Restaurant for lunch. Lunch was great. Having planned it well, we had a lot of tables reserved for us and, as people arrived, they were escorted to their tables. There were just enough (phew!) even including Pauls parents and their son (who came by car to see what all the fuss was about). 36 SUMMER 2011

Once the food was finished, the ladies all headed over to Boundary Mill to do a spot of impromptu shopping. Michael went with to see what was on offer - but soon came back again. When Norma came back, I was persuaded to take Michael and others over to the Hard Rock Cafe once the ride was over. No problem, it was a nice day and I was happy to do this. We all gathered back in our groups and set off at 10 minute intervals again to do the final ride of the day (and weekend). Once again, we had clear roads and, because I’d spent ages practicing it, I had no trouble at all in getting our group over to Slaidburn car park. That wasn’t the case for some of the others - but more of that later. We arrived for a quick fuel stop and cuppa (with the obligatory cake) and waited for the next group to arrive before we set off. You can see a video of their arrival on the Video page here. We then set off leaving the others to await the next group and headed back to Haslingden where we would all meet up. Well, we waited a while for the second group but they did eventually get there. But no sign (or sound) of the other two groups. Where had they got to? It was almost an hour later when everyone turned up (and even then, a couple of bikers missed the turn into the car park and had to be rounded up). It turned out that Keith had missed a turn in Long Preston, gone to the next junction to do a U turn, but by this time, 4 of the French contingent had overshot and carried on. So, Geoff had gone to catch them and bring them back. Meanwhile, the other group had gone astray too somehow and eventually they all joined together back at the Slaidburn car park. So, no-one was permanently lost, but it took time to regroup. SUMMER 2011

Anyway, back at Haslingden, we all went our own way. As mentioned above, a party of us shot off to Manchester, via the City football ground, to visit the Hard Rock Cafe. But where to park? We are bikers - the obvious place is on the pavement right outside. So we did! Locked up the helmets and wandered in so that Michael and Co could buy their tee shirts. We had a drink (£2.30 for a glass of coke!!) and then rode back home to get changed for the evening do. Michael and I were nearly the last to arrive and the food was flowing well - in fact, so well there wasn’t much left (or so we thought). So, I grabbed us some soup quickly, only to find another tureen was being prepared. Oh well, never mind. We chatted for a while about our days experiences and then it was time for the closing speeches. Which were fun. I said 1 or 2 sentences and then the translators (Lionel and Michael) did their bit.

Monday - time to depart Up early, toast for breakfast and off to Beesely Green to say our last goodbyes. But we had the obligatory photos first. Then, with Norma heading back to her bed (lucky thing), the three of us set off down the motorway to meet the others. We got there on time - but were not the first. There was tea and coffee ready so another brew was quickly consumed. Time to say goodbye - but not just yet. Lionel and I had planned a route for the French party which took them down the A49 and avoided Birmingham. As soon as I mentioned this, Gary piped up “I can lead them down to the Raven Cafe for breakfast” (Yes, his stomach was calling again). This offer was accepted happily by Lionel as it meant they didn’t have to negotiate the tricky M60/M62 and M6.M56 junctions. John then said he’d join in, as did Pete and Paul. So, by the time they left, the Montigny party had 4 escorts. The Germans were going a different way - down the A6 to explore our Midlands before heading for Hull and the midnight ferry. Rob had suggested a route and led them some of the way. But finally, it was time to go. The last photos were taken, the last hugs given and everyone departed their separate ways.

Pete Brierley had got us a fantastic cake which we ate during the evening

It had been a wonderful 4 days and we will all have many happy memories to treasure. Thank you to everyone who made it what it was.


But we finally got through it all, accepted the wonderful gifts and, having had more drinks and raffled off a load of prizes, headed back home for bed and to prepare for the ride in the morning. SUMMER 2011

As a result of our extensive fundraising activities, we actually made a profit of £500. This has been matched by HSBC - so we have raised £1,000 for the Air Ambulance.



HOC Roast 2011 Look out for the date of next year’s HOC Roast



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West Yorks 50th Anniversary Scottish Weekend

On Sat 9th & Sun 10th July we did our Branch’s 1st Scotch weekend which was to coincide with our fundraising efforts for the national air ambulance funds. Our early idea didn’t come to fruition because it was too complex, so it was simplified to 5 members one for each of the 5 decades of the HOC. We had a pleasant run, with the odd, shower from Leeds/Bradford & York. After a bacon buttie at the Manor biker café we set off over northern Pennines to Stanhope up Crawleyside Bank onto Blanchland, stopping in soaking Corbridge we had lunch, then onwards via Bellingham & A68 to Carters Bar where we had a traditional Scottish soaking. We retired to our digs for the evening at the Elm House Hotel in Hawick or is it ‘hoick’

Steve’s bike with the Cheviot hills in the background 40

as locals say? Anyway we had a nice evening in Bourtree’s new Weatherspoons later retiring to bar. Our hosts made us very welcome, it’s where the bikers from Germany stay as it’s got secure off-road parking which is a bonus. On the sunny Sunday we set out on A6088 & B6357, fabulous biking roads with climbs, twisties and great views. We stopped above Wauchope Forest to admire the Cheviots in the distance behind Steve’s bike, we then continued on to the Hermitage Castle for a break, then through the very dramatic valley around the hamlet of

At the Manor Café

Gorrenberry, down the A7 south via Brampton on via Croglin to Penrith for a late lunch followed by a short scenic run via Greystoke & Ullswater to Lowther Castle. We had hoped to meet Manhoc riders, but rain stopped them in their tracks, anyway I had a quick nose around - Lowther is a ruin that is being made safe to allow better public access. We headed home via Orton & M6/ A65/A59. I would like to say a big thank you to Steve & Maria and also to Clive & Ursula for their support. It’s only our second year of arranging rides and having only been biking for 3.5 years after 3 decades on a mountain bike.

Richard SUMMER 2011



Billing Bike Fest 23-24 July 2011

This was the first time that Billing Aquadrome, near Northampton, had held a general motorbike show. Despite the weather being very wet the night before and the lack of communication from the organisers, all my worries were put to rest when we got their nice and early on the Saturday to find the gazebo already set up to go (thanks Dan & Sue) and the ground not as soggy under foot as I thought it was going to be. Shame the position was terrible though - but did that stop us - not at all - we still gained a lot of interest on both days, with Steve’s beautiful Rune on display on Saturday and Martin & Richard’s lovely CX500s on the Sunday, we also had a pair of CBR1000s from Jason and Pete, as well as Hornets, Pans and Wings. People were going out of their way to come and see us. The Branch members manning the stand made it a very welcoming place for all. The real buzz for me was the fact that the Steve, Martin and Richard are new members to the club and are so keen to join in and help. We also had a number of other new members helping on the stand too. It is always nice to see the same old faces but so refreshing to see new ones joining in too. We signed up a number of new members over the weekend of which some have become regulars at the Northants and Milton Keynes Branch meet since. It was also an excellent time to push out leaflets to everyone with regards to the up and coming 50th Anniversary Show. All in all with the Sun shining the whole weekend it was a good event. The organisers have got a lot more work to do for next year but in all, for a brand new event, not bad. Would I suggest we do it again - definitely - but only if it’s free ;o)






Les Mousquetaires de South Wales en France! Day 1 – Wednesday 27th July The three musketeers (minus D’Artagnan) left Cardiff on a bright, warm and sunny morning, heading for Plymouth for a ferry to Roscoff. Due to other commitments, Alun and Sonya were travelling up a little later. We got the boring part of the journey out of the way first, (M4, M5) before setting off across Dartmoor. The route, planned by Steve and Ann was beautiful. The scenery was breathtaking and we saw Dartmoor ponies and other wildlife. We had a good lunch at a pub called Two Bridges and where, strangely enough, Gareth and I met some friends from Port Talbot on their way to Cornwall. We arrived at the Invicta Hotel, Plymouth, to spend the night before sailing off to Roscoff in the morning. 44

By the time we got to Plymouth, we were really hot, as it had been such a warm day. However, we found that the rooms were in the attic and there was no lift! We struggled to the top, gasping for breath and definitely ready for that first pint of the day. Alun and Sonya joined us later and we were amazed to find that their room was on a lower floor. We spent a pleasant evening on Plymouth Hoe and enjoyed a bag of chips on the way back to the hotel. We had an early ferry in the morning, so we wanted an early night. However, the seagulls kept us awake most of the night. Don’t they ever go to sleep?


Day 2 – Thursday 28th July We had a 7am breakfast to get the ferry early. Lyn and I decided to give a cooked breakfast a miss, just in case of any accidents on the boat. As it turned out, the crossing was flat calm. It was even nice enough to sit up on deck in the sunshine. It was only when we were leaving the ferry that we noticed the drip tray under Ann’s seat. We couldn’t help wondering if it had been placed there on purpose in case she had an accident – oops! When we arrived at Roscoff, it was time for Steve to take the helm and lead us to our B&B at Glomel, about one and half hours away. After one or two wrong turns, and a visit by Steve to the wrong side of the road, we arrived safe and sound. Glomel is a quiet little village set in the beautiful Brittany countryside.

Beautiful Brittany Down the lane at the back of the B&B is L’Etang du Corong, where you can swim, take out a canoe or just chill. We received a very warm welcome from Cliff and Mary-Ellen at Webb’s of Glomel, and they prepared a superb barbecue for us, free of charge, for our first night in France. Most of the produce was their own, which made it even more special. Ann was so relieved that the first leg of the holiday had gone so well that she allowed herself to relax a little that first night and got a little, shall we say, tiddly. It was a lot of fun. Lyn was tired after all the travelling and told us she was feeling, ‘Travel Delayed’. From this, we gathered that she meant, ‘Jet Lagged’.


Day 3 – Friday 29th July We were woken at 7am sharp by the Church bells. Apparently, the bells are rung as part of a tradition to call workers to the fields. It starts pleasantly enough, with three sets of three rings. Then it throws itself into a cacophony of noise for several minutes. One morning, I counted over 100 separate rings. It was a bit of a shock at first, but you do get used to it and one morning, I did fall back to sleep in the middle of the rings. We had a traditional French breakfast, with croissants and pains au chocolat, fresh from the bakery next door. We were also treated to Cliff’s home-made strawberry jam, plum jam and marmalade – lovely! After breakfast, we set off for our first day’s adventures in Brittany. Ann had prepared a full itinerary for each day and today, we were setting off for Tregieur, Pontrieux and Gingamp – where Gingham comes from. Ann also let slip that Steve had a ‘magic snake’. We were all very intrigued by this, until we discovered that it was in fact, a lockable chain to attach the helmets to the bike, when parking up somewhere. Gareth decided he needed a ‘magic snake’ of his own. After following what can only be described as, ‘creative routes’, we managed to arrive at our destinations. Pontrieux is a pretty little place and we had a picnic in the park overlooking the ‘Lavoirs’, a row of houses that back onto the river, with steps leading down where women in the past would have washed the clothes. There was a model of a woman doing her washing in the river to give the effect of how it would have been in olden days. There were also boat rides up and down the river. It was very popular with holiday makers.

Les Lavoirs at Pontrieux 45

Gingamp was a busy town and try as we might, we could not find any gingham to bring home. Terry managed to find some in a photograph, but that was the best we could do. When we got back to Glomel that evening, we enjoyed a pizza at the local restaurant and then a few drinks and a game of electronic darts at the pub a few doors away from our B&B. I’d never seen the electronic darts game before. It took a while to understand the scoring but we had a lot of fun.

Day 4 – Saturday 30th July Today, we went to Vannes, where there was a huge market. There was a wonderful selection of fresh fish, cheese and locally produced vegetables. If only, we could get produce like this at home. Lyn finally managed to get the handbag she’s been after for a few years. There were some very pretty gardens to see and it was a very hot day. In the evening, we sampled the delights of the local creperie in Glomel, which was very nice.

French bread, a large bowl of chips and two big pieces of gammon. Also included is a dessert of either a crêpe or some Breton cake. There were hundreds of people there, all having a really good time. It was great. Alun and Sonya went to the Sunday market at L’Abbaye de Bon Repos and had a lovely quiet day, browsing around. Terry and Lyn and Ann and Steve went for the more adventurous canoeing on L’Etang du Corong, which was the lake at the back of our B&B. They had a lot of fun, messing about on the boats!

Day 5 – Sunday 31st July A day for everyone to do their own thing. Gareth and I went to the MLF festival at Rocmaria Plouzané. Before you get the wrong idea, I should explain that MLF stands for Moules, Lards, Frites.

Barbecue with Cliff and Mary-Ellen In the evening, Cliff, once again, prepared an excellent barbecue for us in the garden. Once again, the weather was warm and sunny and we spent a very pleasant few hours.

Day 6 – Monday 1st August

Gareth fills his boots with MLF It was an excellent day out. Set next to the sea, there was live music and food. First of all, you pay for a set of tickets, then queue for each type of food. You have a large bowl of mussels, cooked with copious amounts of wine and garlic, 46

After breakfast, we were off to Concarneau – well worth a visit. There was another market. However, Gareth and I could not leave there without tring the oysters. They were delicious. From there, we went to Pont Aven, famous for its biscuits and also for the ‘pissoir’ which is situated over the river. We managed to get some photos of this interesting piece of construction and of Gareth and Steve (supposedly) using it. Towards the end of the day, we took a slight detour to Doëlan, and am I glad we did! What a pretty little fishing village – unspoilt by tourism. Once again, it was baking hot and some of us enjoyed a little paddle in the clear blue water. It was so peaceful and pleasant there. SUMMER 2011

Day 9 – Thursday 4th August It was time for us to say our farewells to Cliff and Mary- Ellen and make our way back to Roscoff for the ferry. When we left, it was absolutely pouring down with rain and we got drenched. However, by the time we got to the ferryport, the sun had come out and it was glorious again. Once again, we had had a fairly calm crossing; although this time Lyn found it a little bit too much for her stomach. We were very much entertained on the way back when Alun got into a conversation with a very nice ‘lady’ (I use this term loosely). We had a lot of fun out of it.

Paddling at Doëlan

Day 7 – Tuesday 2nd August

Imagine our surprise when we got back to the Invicta hotel at Plymouth, to discover that we were, once again, in the attic! It was no joke. However, we made the best of it and went out for an excellent curry.

Today was another day where we could all do our own thing. Gareth and I went to Cap Frêhel on the north coast of Brittany. It was a pretty place, with lovely views. From there we went on to La Rance, where there is a huge barrage. We visited the visitor centre which was really interesting. Of course, Gareth took lots of pictures to use when teaching alternative power next year. Terry and Lyn went off to have fun on the excellent beaches of Brittany and Ann and Steve went to Josselin for the day.

Day 8 – Wednesday 3rd August This was our last day in Brittany and we had certainly packed it all in. Today was no exception. Ann had devised a full day’s excursion to take in as much of Brittany as we could. We went to Quimper, a lovely city on the river. Then we went on to Pointe de Raz, with its spectacular views. From there, we made our way to Locannon, a very lovely ‘olde worlde’ town. On this day, they were holding an antiques fayre and the streets were full of stalls and tourists. Unfortunately, after a fabulous week of weather, it started to rain, so we made our way back a little earlier than planned. In the evening, Cliff and Mary- Ellen cooked a tasty meal of Spaghetti Bolognese for us. It was a nice relaxed evening and it gave us an opportunity to thank Ann and Steve for all their hard work in organising the holiday. SUMMER 2011

Gareth and Steve at Le Pissoir

Day 10- Friday 5th August After a hearty breakfast, it was time to make our way back to South Wales. We all made our own way back. Gareth and I called into Bridgwater on the way back and visited the bike shops. By the time we got home, we were absolutely exhausted. We had certainly packed it all in. Ann had done a brilliant job on the routes, with only a few little detours here and there. She and Steve had worked hard to keep every second packed with something interesting for everyone. Well done, both of you! We really appreciate it. Now all that remains to be seen is where are we going to go next year? Au Revoir, mes amis

Donna 47

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Christmas D inner Dance

Honda Owners Club 50th Anniversary

16th/17th/18th December 2011

Hoburne Bashley, Sway Road, New Milton. Hampshire BH25 5QS

The event will be at the prestigious Hoburne Bashley Holiday Centre where the facilities include Snooker, Pool, Darts, Table Tennis, Golf, and Crazy Golf, Swimming Pool, Steam Room and Sauna. Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, a WII Console and Games all of which are included… so if the weather’s not good, don’t worry! And Sammy Miller’s Motorbike Museum is just down the road.



Platinum Caravans

Friday night

6 berth, 3 bed - £140.00 4 berth, 2 Bed - £120.00

Gold Caravans

6 berth, 3 bed - £120.00 4 berth, 2 Bed - £100.00

Silver Caravans

6 berth, 3 bed - £100.00

You would need to supply your own towels etc in all categories. To bring your own caravans/caravanettes £16.75 a night for a Superior Pitch £18.55 a night for a Premier Pitch

Saturday am

welcome and supper

choose from Curry & Rice, Chilli & Rice, Fish & Chips, Vegetable or meat Lasagne with Chips or Salad

Breakfast in the restaurant

Saturday night welcome Bucks Fizz or ½ pint of real ale 3 course Christmas Dinner Disco dancing till late! Sunday am

Breakfast in the restaurant

All in price £55 per person Anyone living locally wanting to come along Dinner Dance £32, Friday night £7.50 per person

Name: Address:

Post Code:

Tel No.: E-mail: Branch:

Membership Number:

To book, complete and send this form to Erica Gassor, Foray, Elms Ave, Thatcham RG19 4JT, phone her on 07799 492235 or e-mail SUMMER 2011



Branch Contact: Pete Casling - 01454 416417 Well, the last three months have flown by. We’ve been up to our usual things within the Bristol Branch, and some even went on a trip to the Pyrenees, which you should be able to read about elsewhere in this issue. We’ve also had a few ‘visitors’ at recent meetings, but as I write, I’m not yet sure if they’ve all decided to join the club. Hope so! Back in May, some of us were planning to go the Ace Café’s Honda Day. Unfortunately, due to it raining at home, and being very windy, those of us who had intended going decided early that morning that it would be too long a return journey in those weather conditions for it to be pleasant, so we cancelled. Totally different from last year’s heatwave! At the beginning of June, one of our Bristol members, Alan Paice, decided that he fancied a complete change of bike, trading in his ST1300 for a brand new Transalp. (Yes, quite a change indeed! He actually prefers ‘Adventure’ style bikes though.)

Alan’s new Transalp 50

He thanked me a few days later after we went for a ride over to Abergavenny, for I took a road that got our bikes mucky after an unexpected heavy downpour. Well, at least it made his first clean of it worthwhile! Now he’s got used to his new bike, he thinks it’s great for everyday use because while it may not be nearly as quick or as luxurious as the Pan, it’s much lighter and a lot narrower, so he finds it a lot more manageable in cutting through heavy rush hour traffic on his daily commute.

Pyrenees trip departure

On 12th June we had in the diary a ride to the Dorset coast, but that was put off, mainly because that day several of the Bristol members were heading off on their trip to the Pyrenees. I wasn’t going, but I went to Gordano Services to see them off. It was absolutely chucking it down (and did so for most of the day), and they got a little damp on the way to Plymouth! After taking a few photos of them, I was glad to get back in the car for the short trip home. Needless to say, for the rest of us, ‘rain stopped play’. SUMMER 2011

In July, to make up for not having two of our previous rides, we combined them, sort of. Andy & Tracey, John & Maxine and myself went for a ride to near the Dorset coast, and just into east (instead of south) Devon. Taking an interesting route via mostly B-roads from south of Bristol to near Dorchester, we then headed west, via Bridport and Lyme Regis, ending up in Sidmouth, on Maxine’s recommendation. We had lunch in the very pleasant walled Connaught Gardens (despite the chilly breeze that was blowing in from the west...), followed by a walk to the opposite end of the seafront, with, as it was the seaside, the obligatory ice cream along the way!

It was a pleasant couple of hours or so, this time having a picnic rather than a ‘roast’, meeting other Branch members, and then a wander round the ancient hill fort site taking in the fantastic views across to Gloucester, Cheltenham and the Malvern Hills. Afterwards, as it was such a warm and sunny day, it was great taking a really long ride home.

HOC Roast, Crickley Hill

Taking in the sea air at Sidmouth

Back along the seafront, then up some very steep steps (not easy in our riding boots!) to the gardens. It may not have been a lovely sunny day, but it was dry, except on the way back we had a short, light shower. Luckily we were already stopped for a break inside a cafe, so we didn’t even need our waterproofs........ Later on in July I went along to the Calne Bike show. As well as on the stands, bikes were parked up everywhere! Whilst chatting to those on the HOC stand, we discussed that it would be good if we had volunteers from Bristol Branch to help with the HOC display next year. Anyone? The following day was the HOC Roast, and our most local event was the one held at Crickley Hill country park, near Cheltenham (and for yet another year I was the only one representing Bristol). SUMMER 2011

As if we hadn’t had enough reminders, 7th August was the HOC 50th Anniversary Show at Boughton House, and this one had to be attended, whatever the weather. Andy & Tracey, Kelvin Packer, and me, met up early for the ride up to the show. We were all hoping for at least a dry day, and after having some rain very early on, it was fine for our quick ride up to the show, with us heading straight for the tea room on arrival! All thanks to Dibble and his ‘sun dance’, the rain held off at the show for most of the day. Hundreds of bikes old and new, some on show, others visiting, and lots of familiar faces. It was also worth having a wander around the grounds and garden, although none of us took in the house tour. The day ended with the two Spitfires giving a surprisingly long display with several passes. Well done to all those involved who worked hard to make it a successful show. Oh yes, among the other HOC members, it was me in the RiDE magazine VFR article, reproduced in Golden Wing last time. Well, that’s just about all we’ve been up to for now, so see you at the next meeting?

Pete 51


Secretary: Kim Woodruff - 01353 740883 Hi Everyone, so how are your all? Here at Cambs HOC we have another success - it is our pleasure to congratulate Nikki Davis on winning best in show Custom with her VT500C Shadow at the Boughton House 50th Anniversary Show.

Nikki won Best Custom bike

Well done Nikki - Nikki has worked very hard over the winter months restoring this bike and yes, she has literally stripped it down herself and put it back together. All the blood sweat and tears have been worth it. I had not seen the bike until the BMF show when it was unveiled and I have to say was very impressed and Nikki was so proud - I had had running commentary over the winter at our meetings as to what was happening and what stage it was at and when the paintwork was going to be done - and what a paint job that was - looks great - we are all very proud of you Nikki and once again well done. Paul and myself were unable to attend the show but the day was mostly sunny apart from a heavy shower at around 3pm I understand and best overall went to a Rune - love those bikes and I did put out a request for one for the BMF but didn’t get one. The Spitfires flew so low you felt you could almost touch them I am 52

informed. A very good show overall and well done to all those who organised it. The 50th Regalia was everywhere with lots of people wearing it and if they didn’t have it before the show the definitely did during and after and I understand once again Jennie (or should that be Auntie Wainright?) was doing what she does best - selling! Well done Jennie. Things continue to go well at Cambs and we have enjoyed some good ride outs - we had a tour of Honda Racing at Louth, organised by Bill Brown - the day was hit and miss with the weather but think the worst of it happened whilst on the tour. We saw the British Superbike Fireblades of Kiyonari and Shakey Burns in various stages of strip down after their recent race and also the TT Legends bike of John McGuiness fresh back from victory at the TT. It was very interesting and can’t believe we were there for 3 hours! Where did the time go - a big thanks to Bill for organising this - would recommend it to you all as a day out and especially for those of you who like your racing, it gives an incite to what goes on and what it takes to get the bikes ready and to be where they should at the right time. We had ride to Finchingfiled, Nr Saffron Walden - the day was lovely, couldn’t have been better - just 3 bikes - Paul, myself, Jim Turnbull and Dave Furness met at Ely Services for a meander through the countryside - the nice bit about going to Finchingfield is the ride through Suffolk and Essex - the countryside out there is lovely and we took our time to enjoy the roads. Of course we had to have the piece of cake and cup of tea when we got there - it’s the law! They make lovely home made cakes, Paul’s chocolate cake was like eating liquid chocolate he informed me and the carrot cake SUMMER 2011

was delicious. We sat in the sun on the green for an hour or so before heading back into Ely, Dave parted company to go home and Paul, myself and Jim met up with Anita (Jim’s wife) at The Cutter pub on the river at Ely for dinner - food is basic but good and as it was early was served promptly. We left after a couple of hours chatting and enjoying the view over the river - another lovely Sunny Sunday Spin. The holiday this year was again in France but only 4 of us went - Jim, Anita, Paul and myself left after work on Friday 15th July to go down to catch the shuttle - the sun was lovely, in fact too hot especially as we got stuck in traffic on the M25! What a nightmare that was - never mind it was Friday evening so what did we expect? We did actually miss the train by 15 minutes but no hassle just booked us onto the next one - we stayed overnight just on the shuttle complex and left early Saturday morning for the ride down to the Loire Valley - it mizzled, rained, poured most of the way down - we stopped several times for coffee and a rest (and to dry out a bit) and fill up finally arriving at the cottage around 5pm then the heavens just opened. Luckily there were some English builders working on the cottage next door and they very kindly took Anita and myself to the Supermarket to get the provisions in the van (how kind). We relaxed on Sunday having a BBQ before having all day Monday out on the bikes - although finding a restaurant open on a Monday evening proved difficult - never mind we didn’t starve and had a pizza. We entertained our France HOC friends at the cottage on Tuesday enjoying a BBQ - Lyn and Graham Johnson have now been living in France for approx 6 years and love the life style - have to say could get used to it myself - the day flew by as we chatted away. Wednesday we woke to rain with more forecast for the rest of the week so we took the decision and hired a car - we had a tour round a Chateau in the afternoon and enjoyed a French meal in the evening - I had Snails in garlic (lovely) and Paul tried Crispy Pigs Ear which he said was like eating bacon really. We SUMMER 2011

visited Mont St Michael and Cancale on the Thursday and typically it was bright sunshine and warm temperatures - we had a meal in a lovely restaurant in Cancale overlooking the bay full of oyster and mussel beds and watched them bring in the harvest for the day - needless to say both Paul and I had oysters for dinner and Paul also had mussels for main course - most of us had fish as it is so fresh here - G&T over looking the sea on a bright sunny evening - heaven. Friday was overcast again so we took a drive out in the morning visiting Alencon before returning to the cottage while Jim and Paul took the car back - couldn’t believe the week had gone so quickly. The cottage was lovely - situated on a bend on the road it was very isolated but have to say it was quiet and everything we wanted we got it from The Welcome Cottages website - and sleep! We were surrounded by trees and as Paul and I had the downstairs bedroom, the room was very dark and we just hit the pillows and off for 7 - 8 hours! That never happens at home. Ride home was better, only rained once for about 1/2 hour but boy did it rain - all the waterproofs leaked but never mind it stayed dry for the rest of the journey to Calais. We stopped at Birchanger for top up and coffee before saying goodbye and coming home - it was a brilliant holiday, as are all the HOC holidays and still can’t believe it went so quickly. We are nearing the end of the Tuesday ride out season with just September to do then it will be back to meeting at The Swan on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Wednesdays have still been well supported and we had two lots of new people come and view this week (17th August). Well take care everyone and look forward to seeing you all the National Rally in September.

Love Kim x


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Chester & District Contact: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540

Hi all By the time you see this report we will have had our first meeting and first ride as Chester and District HOC. Many thanks to Rona and Phil for all the work that they have done for the Branch. Many thanks to Rona & Phil for all their hard work with the West Coast Branch - I’m hoping that changing the name and relaunching the Branch will encourage more of you to come along.

others of your own planned rides if you want some company. Or you could just use it to chat with other members. The website is It is in its early stages and as things happen and more members join in, the website will grow, with ride reports and any other activities that we get up to.

Recruiting’s a tough job!

I will do all I can to make this Branch a success, but I cannot do it alone without the support from the members. I hope to see you all at the meetings and on rides and make Chester and District one of the most active branches of the HOC.

Gary To try to get people to the meetings and on rides, I have built a website, with great help from Alan at Manchester Branch, giving all the information you need. There is a rides page that will tell you where we are going, where from and at what time. There is a page telling you when and where our meetings are with a map of the location. There is also a member’s page where you can post a message telling SUMMER 2011

Gary on his trusty CBR1000 55


Secretary: Beverley Ralph - 07757 647272 Hello Everyone. This article is being rapidly lashed together as I have done the usual and forgotten that time waits for no one! In addition it is only very recently that I have volunteered to do the Dorset Branch report. Hence it is only the recent events that have happened that I have made a determined effort to remember!

Thanks also go to Clive for arranging a ride out to Chew Valley Lake, near Bristol, via Cheddar on the 3rd of July. However, it turned out that he wasn’t sure of the route, so Sid and Barbara led the way while Clive was “tail end Charlie”. (Isn’t this a bit like the person with the Sat Nav leading from the rear???). Quite a few of us went along. Nice weather and a lovely ride.

We welcome some newcomers to the Branch, including Bev and Ian who own a VFR750 and a Blackbird respectively. Thank you to Heather who was the Branch Secretary but has now stood down. She is replaced by Bev, the new all singing, dancing, turbo charged Secretary. We also welcome Dave (VFR800) and Karen and Shaun (CBR600F). Apologies to anyone that I have left out… Clive has already invented a nickname for Bev. Fizz! Why? We do not know! Actually Clive deserves a special mention. Since the last edition of Golden Wing he did the “4 Furthest Points of the UK” on his VFR800. This involves riding to the points in the UK which are the furthest north, south, east and west on the mainland. In addition Clive did Dunnet Head (the real most northerley point) to Lizard Point (the real most southerley point) in one journey, stopping only for fuel and breaks. This resulted in an overall mileage for one day of over 1000 miles. Apparently the VFR will do 50mpg whilst being ridden at a “brisk motorway speed”. I’m not saying how brisk… When I informed a Dominator owning neighbour of mine about this trip he said that Clive should have a certificate. My reply was “Oh yes! He should be certified, most definitely!” Well done Clive. 56

Chew Valley Lake

A more recent ride out took place on the 7th August. This was led by Sid, but no one else knew where we were going, so it became known as “Sid’s Magical Mystery Tour”. It transpired that the ride was to Seaton in Devon, via Eype (for breakfast) and some lovely steep and twisty roads in Lyme Regis. The reason for the visit was that the Devon Air Ambulance were having a fund raising event at Seaton, including a line up of bikes and classic cars. By the way, Sid has the most reliable Sat Nav ever built. It consists of a rider to passenger intercom and Barbara on the back of the Hayabusa reading out instructions that have been hastily scribbled down on the back of a fag packet. It works wonderfully. Tom Tom and Garmin, eat your hearts out. SUMMER 2011

Now, at Seaton there is a nice wide bit of pavement that is ideal for parking bikes because it is well out of the way of pedestrians (unless they want to walk straight into a brick built elevated flower bed). This is best approached by riding up a dropped kerb and along the pavement a few yards. Then the bikes are in position for leaving as they are facing another dropped kerb. However, Sid ended up assisting the police with their enquiries after negotiating the pavement. So did the the rest of the group who followed him! Maybe this was an attempt by the Suzuki Owners Club to blemish the presumably good name of this Club? The people who didn’t ride up the pavement thought it was hilarious. No probs though, the police just preferred it if the bikes took the shortest route to their parking slot.

Poole Bike Night

At the time of writing this article there is the annual Bike Safe event at the Haynes Motor Museum on the 21st of August. A few of us will no doubt be attending. On that note I will say goodbye for now. Ride safe and enjoy it. Take care.

Tim Burgess

Paul at Seaton. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but I cannot think of anything to say...

Us at Eype

A great day out. Thank you Sid and Barbara. Some of us went to a very wet Thruxton on the 30th May for the British Superbikes. Despite the weather it was a great day with great racing. In addition the sun came out when we were nearly home – Typical! Local to the Dorset Branch there is also the evergreen Poole Bike Night running from April to September on every Tuesday. This is well worth a visit if you have not been before. Choose a fine dry evening though. When it’s wet hardly anyone turns up. SUMMER 2011

Seaton 57

East Midlands Secretary: Rita Woodcock - 01332 515767

Honda Day at The Ace - 22nd May Steve & I were riding down to the Honda Day at the Ace Café and decided to have a stop for a cuppa at Jack’s Hill Café and who should we bump into but Richard on his trusty NVT600. It had been a really pleasant ride down so far weather wise, but as we were sat outside chatting the inevitable grey clouds started brewing and down came the rain. A quick dash inside and a top up while we waited for the rain to stop. Setting off for the rest of the journey, Richard tagged along and we managed to make it all the way there without any more rain showers.

Hondas lined up at Ace Café As always there were loads of bikes to wander around and many HOC friends to catch up with.

Bedfordshire Rally - 27/30th May After much debating Steve & I decided not to set off for the Bedfordshire Rally on Friday night, much to our delight as the weather took a definite turn for the worse. After an afternoon of lazing around we headed off to Oxfordshire to attend the 65th Birthday party of Barry (one of the Oxford members) and also have the luxury of staying in a hotel for the night while the rest of our fellow rally goers were struggling to keep warm. When we returned to the rally field on Sunday, there were only a few people about so we retired to the marquee and joined them to catch up on what has been happening at other Branches. 58

In the evening we went into the pub for a meal and discovered that there was some local entertainment, it was a lot warmer in there so we settled for the night. The following morning Glen who also has a Shaun the Sheep, was not at all happy. Whilst I had successfully managed to keep my Shaun out of harm’s way, Glen had not. Someone had had it away with him and of course after the previous nights behaviour in the pub the prime suspect was Richard. As Richard was due to be going off to Denmark in a week or so (bike repairs permitting), there was an expectation of photos appearing of Shaun in various locations around Denmark. All packed up and ready for the off, the sky turned a very nasty shade of dark grey and as it was going to be a long journey home via the OK Diner I modified a Tesco carrier bag to make a waterproof jacket for Shaun. About 5 miles down the road, the rain started and it hammered it down all of the way up the A1. Fed and watered, it was time for us to re-mount and brave the elements. Shaun in his Tesco bag pack-a-mac

Solent Rally - 17/19th June We had already decided in advance, that due the travelling distance and the time that we would be likely to set out, it wasn’t worth trying to get to the rally on Friday night, so we watched the weather with interest as it got worse and worse. With the weather a lot calmer we set off for the Solent rally on Saturday morning, until we reached the southern end of the A34 and then the heavens opened up, with rain bouncing off the road, progress was slow until we turned off the M27 and the skies brightened.


Arriving at the rally field with another dark cloud looming up behind us, we rushed to get the tent up as fast as we could, and just as the last peg was driven into the ground, the rain started again. Once the rain had passed it was quite pleasant and definitely warmer than last year. The Hog Roast in the evening has got to be the highlight of the rally, it was absolutely brilliant, even had loads of crackling. All packed up and ready to go, not sure if we will make it to the next Chairman’s challenge at Cannock on the way back, it all depends on the weather. As it happens we had quite a good run with just one stop for a leg stretch and a drink, we only just made it to Cannock in time and couldn’t believe it when Trevor, Hazel and Amanda walked in after us as they had left the rally about an hour and a half before we did. They obviously took the scenic route.

Eardisland - 26th June We set of from The Cherry Tree Farm services at the junction of the A38 and A50 and headed off in a southerly direction passing through Coleshill, Hampton In Arden, Catherine-de-Barnes, skirted around Solihull and headed out towards Redditch and stopped just outside Wythall for some liquid refreshment. The temperature was soaring and everyone needed a break.

Very nice as it was I’m sure that there are prettier villages in England, but never mind it was somewhere to stop, stretch the legs and top up the liquid levels. After a drink and a stroll along the lane we suited and booted, got back onto the bikes and headed back into Leominster. Phil and Delice left us at the OK Diner and headed back homeWith the weather so hot and the air-con broken inside, we all retreated outside where fortunately we found some tables and benches.

Refreshed and ready to go

East Midlands Rally - 1/3rd July It doesn’t seem like 12 months since I was here waiting for the arrival of our rally guests, but it must be. The campers slowly drifted in throughout the afternoon and evening and the food and drink started to. Saturday morning, the ride-out set off a little later than planned and headed out along the A52 towards Derby before almost doubling back to the campsite along the little country lanes. Traveling south through Rochester we passed the rather well disguised and laid out JCB factory with lakes, landscaped parks and sculptures in abundance.

Cooling off on the bridge at Eardisland Back on the bikes we headed out towards Hagley, through Kidderminster and then on to Leominster along some really nice biking roads (once we were out in the countryside). Past Leominster and on to Eardisland where I thought that we were going to be in for a treat as I had read on the Internet about it being the prettiest village in England. SUMMER 2011

JCB Sculpture at Rochester


We stopped at the Salt Box Café in Hatton for light refreshments before setting off to ride through many Derbyshire villages and on to the John Thompson Pub and Micro Brewery for lunch.

The gathering

Birmingham Camping Weekend 8/10th July

No Jax this isn’t a bowl of Bread & Butter pudding The ride-out had gone so well, all were accounted for and everything was fine, that is until we reached Ashbourne, yes half a mile away from the campsite. Steve & I rode through the traffic lights just before they changed to red separating us from the rest. A hundred yards or so further on was another set of traffic lights where we were taking a left turn, so like a demented penguin I sat on the back of the bike flapping my arm up and down to indicate the direction that we were going. Just around the corner we stopped to wait for the other bikes to appear. We waited an interminable length of time until finally I could hear the bikes setting off from the lights, as I turned around to watch for them, they shot straight across the junction, every last one of them. There was no point in turning round to go and give chase as the lights were against us and dozens of cars had crossed the junction behind them. All we could do was to get back to the rally site and wait, at least we knew that Ian (tail end) was local and knew exactly where he was going. Even after having to chase one or two who missed the next turning he managed to herd them all back to the site. We all had a pleasant evening gathered outside the marquee until the air chilled a little, at which point those of us who were still socialising moved inside.

It was great to relax at the Birmingham Camping Weekend after the rushing about at our rally last weekend. It was chill time and the weather was just right. Jenny came to visit on her new Hornet “Hatty”, her first excursion to an HOC event on her bike. Alan & Linda came along with Denzel the dog on Saturday evening and we all sat around Barbara & Alan’s “Tent City” the palatial temporary abode with all mod cons. Sunday morning saw the usual de-camp activities with the added entertainment of Dave (Solent), who after blaming Pam for not packing his shorts, paraded around in his underpants.

What a sight

Three Shire Rally - 15/17th July A pleasant evening was spent chatting in the marquee followed by a “Shot” quiz in the pub. If you got a question right then you had the choice of drinking a shot or nominating someone to drink it for you. Some people were picked on unmercifully and as a consequence there was a bad head or two the next morning. After a hearty breakfast the weather was very unpleasant and the ride-out was under debate. To ride or not to ride, that is the question?



Back at the Blacksmith’s Arms we retired to the pub for a meal with the “Odd Couple” from Oxford - and for those old enough to remember I don’t mean Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.

HOC Roast - 24th July The HOC Roast was well attended again this year with 19 of us sitting down to a Sunday Roast at The Birch Tree. There were members from the Three Shires Branch and the Birmingham branch who came to join us.

The Odd Couple It wasn’t long before Dave Andrews started eying up Shaun the Sheep, very déjà vu. I didn’t know that there were quite so many Sheep worriers in this club, first Richard, now Dave. Unfortunately I took my eyes off Shaun for a moment and Dave pounced, making a grab for him, next thing I know he’s sitting Shaun on his lap and jiggling around with a rather disturbing smile on his face (Dave that is) Breakfast next morning was another humungous plate of food to get through before taking down the tents and packing up. Shaun was looking a little sheepish after his experience of the night before and decided that revenge would make him feel better, but as you can see it was a definite non-starter, as he climbed up onto Dave’s Varadero he realised that he just hadn’t got the wherewithal to pull it off.

HOC Roast, East Mids and guests

Oxford & Gloucester Rally 29/31st July What a great location! Alongside a river and next to a pub! It was a bit of a tight squeeze to get the tent in, but we just about managed to find a space big enough. It was a weekend of celebration right from the start with Erica’s 60th Birthday and me celebrating starting work on Monday after 6 months of being on the scrap heap. After dinner the evening’s entertainment arrived at the pub and the party began, Oh boy did I party, but then again I wasn’t the only one. I don’t know quite what it was that Alan was celebrating but he was definitely doing a good job of it. Once my head had re-attached itself to my body (about 3 pints of water later) the inevitable de-camp started. Alan was looking very under the weather and was not able to get on his bike to go home, so he stayed on for a while until he was in a better state for riding home. Apparently, when he did eventually set off, he had to stop at a service station on the way and have another lie down for a while (what a state).

Shaun trying for revenge



Boughton House - 7th August We all had different plans for the day of the 50th Anniversary Show at Boughton House, so we decided to travel there separately. Steve & I met up with Ken & Margaret first shortly followed by Les & Di the Ian. Eventually we happened upon Alan, looking a lot better than the last time we saw him at the Oxford & Gloucester Rally.

European arrived, to our surprise it was Barbara and Alan. I have never seen them on a bike before and Steve said that it was a very, very long time since he has seen them on a bike. When the ride-out returned, they had with them a lame bike needing attention, Pam had a punctured rear tyre. Fortunately there were enough “Knights in Shining Armour” with the wherewithal to repair it. In the evening there was entertainment provided on the sheltered terrace at the rear of the pub, but this was far outweighed by the entertaining “Pop-up” tent the following morning.

Some of the East Mids crowd There was a great turn out of bikes with pretty much every shape and size represented, old and new all lined up in neat rows in the grounds of the majestic country house. The highlight of the day however, didn’t happen until about twenty to four in the afternoon, when two Spitfires performed a spectacular fly past, making several passes overhead and performing a roll or two just to seal the impression.

Reading Rally - 12/14th August Arriving at the Swan we were a little puzzled, the pub was closed and the gates to the car park were locked. Had we got the right place? After trying every door and peering through all of the windows someone noticed us and came to let us into the car park and down to the rally field. It was very deserted until a couple on a Pan


This tent is one of those throw it up in 30 seconds, where everything pops up into shape and you just have to peg it down. Great idea until you come to take it down and put it away for the first time.

MFN - 17th August

We met up at MacDonalds car park by Markeaton Park and took a steady ride over to the MFN at Eastwood. It was a popular night with hundreds of bikes there in all shapes and sizes, quads, trikes and even a couple of monkey bikes turned up. There were so many there when we arrived that we had to park around the back of the place to get in.

Rita SUMMER 2011


Secretary: John Hewson - 01469 560306 I have had a very full biking summer this year. However, it hasn’t involved activities specifically for the Honda Owners Club. I enjoy touring on my bike, attending rallies in Britain and in Europe. In June I spent a week as one of the volunteers helping to run a very successful F.I.M. Motocamp at Glastonbury in Somerset.

In Britain I’ve travelled to the Last Drop Rally near Worcester, the Tamar Rally in Cornwall, the Dalesman Rally at Leyburn in Yorkshire and the Mayflower Club’s Pilgrims Rally in Essex. All these events are open to all bikers and I try to encourage fellow Eastern Branch members to go along. For more information on F.I.M. touring events please see the article by Keith Freak which appeared in the 2009 winter edition of Golden Wing. Martin has ridden to all of the Chairman’s challenge destinations, one in appalling weather conditions. He enjoyed the HOC Anniversary Show held at Broughton House.

The FIM Glastonbury Motocamp ride out to the Haynes motor museum

At the beginning of July I travelled with friends to the F.I.M. Rally held at Tulln near Vienna in Austria. Our first night stop was at the campsite at Ypres where we watched the moving ceremony, carried out every night, at the Menin Gate. Before arriving at Tulln we attended the 10th BMW Motorrad Days event at Garmisch Partenkirchen and visited the Eagles Nest in Berchtesgaden.

Most Wednesdays we ride to the Lincolnshire bike night and finish off the ride with a coffee at the very popular bikers meeting place of Willingham Woods. My favourite bike night has to be the one held at the Aviation Heritage centre at East Kirkby where you get to listen to the sound of the four Merlin engines as the Lancaster bomber, ‘Just Jane’, taxis along the runway.

The crowd listening to the awesome sound of the Merlin Engines on the Lancaster

I’m sorry we missed two members who turned up at our regular meeting place of the Black Bull in Brigg on 17th August. We usually get there for 8pm; I hope to see you in the future. Rob, Peter & Bob’s Hondas at the Pilgrims Rally SUMMER 2011

John 63

Gloucestershire Secretary: Victoria Parker - 07941 831379

Hello all this is a big bumper article as I missed the last deadline again. Yeah I know naughty me but my excuse this time is actually quite a happy one for a change. I forgot the deadline as I was swept off my feet by a wonderful new man (not so wonderful now but they never are eh lol), which sent my whole world upside down and into a bit of a spin but my feet are firmly back on the ground now so here goes.

really good view of this by walking up the side of the hill which was quite hard work in bike boots lol, this was just the first show they tried and its happening again next year, I hope its going to even bigger and better.

I will start with details of an event me and a few other members went to in February, the Classic Motorcycle Show in Shepton Mallet. Chris and Jo led us very well along some very lovely roads, a walk around the show, a spot of lunch then we set of for home the quicker way along not such pretty roads. Superman’s an HOC member!

Classic Bike Show

Also in April I joined Wilshire Branch for a ride out to Stratford upon Avon, a really enjoyable day along some nice roads with lovely people. We all had a chip shop lunch, a stroll around the town and then an ice cream. We then headed off to Broadway Tower. After tea and cake at the lovely little café, a wander up to the tower to enjoy the amazing view. Oops nearly forgot a new Gloucester member Phil couldn’t make it to Stratford with us but did manage to have a cup of tea with us all at Broadway Tower, it was nice to meet you Phil.

In April I went along to the Prescott Bike Festival, other Gloucester members were there but no plans were made to meet up and go together which was a shame but never mind. It was a great day much better than I was expecting to be honest the weather was very kind a roasting hot sunny day. It was great fun to watch people trying and some succeeding to climb the famous hill on their bikes. Les one of the Gloucester members actually rode the hill on his flatmate’s moped, dressed as Superman which was rather an amazing site and was very loudly applauded by the crowd, he also managed to raise £500 for charity. One of my favourite parts of the day was when all the blood bikes rode the hill in convoy with their lights flashing, I managed to get a

At the end of April I went to the Wiltshire Branch Spring Rally. I arrived late on the Friday afternoon by myself and was swiftly helped by lots of lovely gentlemen concerned about getting my tent up and all my stuff inside before it got dark and in case it rained as it look quite possible at any moment. Very kind of them. It was then time for some dinner and beer in the pub up the road and a chance to catch up with old friends and maybe make some new ones. I entered a pool competition and I think I got thru to the next round but I can’t really remember lol. I chose to not go on the ride out, as the start time was far to early for me lol. I was then invited by the lovely Jenny (regalia) to go to the place the ride out was going for lunch in her car with her which was



very enjoyable, thanks again Jenny!! BBQ time on the Saturday evening we all sat in the Honda gazebos, as the marquee roof had been ruined by the wind. Glyn (Wiltshire) and Bob (Reading) provided us with music I-phones and a speaker unit very clever lol. Lots of fun conversations and then after much alcohol had been consumed a bit of signing and dancing followed, as you can probably imagine lol. On the Sunday morning I avoided the ride out again due to the start time and opted for a mid morning ride out on my own which I quite enjoyed. Sunday evening was much the same as Saturday but a few less people as some had gone home I managed to raise the fun level on the Sunday night with a packet of glow sticks lots of fun for just a pound. Monday morning I also avoided the ride out, but managed to make myself very useful helping people with their tents, as it was very windy after a few tents it became quite a lot fun. It was a great weekend with great company the wind was entertaining but at least the sun was out and the rain stayed away. In June I attended a bike safe course called Better Biking in Gloucester. Very interesting and I learned lots of useful tips that have improved my confidence and ability to ride in a safe well-controlled manner. I highly recommend it to everybody if they can, it’s well worth the money!

Ice cream and fun posing at the Hoc Roast Picnic In July I and the two most unsociable couples in the Gloucester Branch (sorry but you told me to say that) Mike & Edwina and Dave & Gill attended the HOC Roast BBQ Picnic at Crickley Hill Country Park, which had acres of beautiful woodland as well as amazingly beautiful views across Gloucestershire. A very good idea and organised by the Reading Rabble thanks guys it was a great day. SUMMER 2011

Dave found a nice shady spot at the HOC Roast Also in July was the 50th Anniversary Oxford Gloucester Rally, at the Lower Lode Inn, Forthampton near Tewkesbury. Wow what a weekend, absolutely lovely sunshine all weekend beautiful riverside location and lovely company. I was the only Gloucester member that actually attended the whole rally, Phil came along on the Saturday morning and had breakfast and joined in with the ride out on the Saturday and Nicky and Nigel popped in for a drink Saturday evening which was nice. Such a shame no other Gloucester members managed to show their face especially as it was a local venue. On the Friday night there was a quiz, which I didn’t enter but enjoyed listening to. On the Saturday instead of going on the ride out, a few of us went on the ferry outside the pub over to the other side of the river to be able to walk in to the centre of Tewkesbury. The ferry was rather basic and I’m surprised it managed to get us there and back but it did just. We visited a few pubs and had a walk about the town. We also found a lovely boat trip along a different river to one the pub was on, such a lovely little trip a 25 min cruise for just £3.50 a head lovely. The Saturday night was lots of fun with live music from a young man with a guitar that was quite good, a few drinks and a lot of singing and dancing followed but unusually I didn’t dance. 65

Dave, Dave & Dave at the Oxford/Glouc Rally In August was the big 50th Birthday Show at Boughton House in Kettering. Wow what an amazing show, I’m glad I made the effort to venture to a part of the country I have never been to before, I even managed to have my boyfriend as pillion after mastering that I could manage a pillion at the rally the week before. After only two wrong turns we got to the show at a reasonable time. Several Gloucester members were in attendance. Dave and Gill had 6 of their bikes on display, which were very nice bikes. So many nice bikes on display and so many people I knew from so many branches to say hello to, it was a brilliant day. Luckily it was sunny and dry most of the day with just one big rain shower that didn’t last long.

After three weeks of HOC events I didn’t manage to get to the Reading Rally or go on the ride out with the Wiltshire Branch to Abergavenny, as I was just two worn out - but wished I had. I’m looking forward to the National Rally and the possibility of some ride outs between now and Xmas and maybe even with members of the Gloucester branch I know they’re out there, I just don’t hear from them so if you are reading this now and you have never spoken to me or had a email from me and would like to get in touch, please please do, my contact details are in this magazine and on the website. It would make being Secretary so much nicer if I had members contacting me, I try to organise and plan fun things to do as a group but I can’t do it all by myself, I do need some assistance and some input and more importantly members that actually want to do things. Also if you are a member in the Gloucestershire area and would like your stories and pictures of bike adventures you have been on in these articles in the future then please get in touch with me, Or if you prefer send them direct to the editor! As only having stuff that I have been up to seems a little unfair to you all. Hope to hear from some of you soon!


Show us yours I’d love to feature your classic machine in Golden Wing If your bike is over 10 years old and you are proud of it, please send me 2-300 words and some pictures and it will be in the next available Golden Wing for everyone to admire. Please send your text and pictures to It doesn’t matter what Honda it is, it just has to be loved (or hated) by you! 66


Whether a seasoned Off-Roader or a complete novice, we have great days out for any bikers who want to get down and dirty!

ENDURO STYLE OFF-ROAD DAYS MOTO-X TRACK DAYS 1-2-1 MOTO-X TRAINING RIDE oUTS HEN AND STAG PARTIES CORPORATE EVENTS For further details or to make a booking, please call Steph on 07809 464 050

In association with

SUMMER 2011 67


Secretary: Mike Gallafent - 01322 400775 Our summer seems to have been relatively quiet by recent standards but it will pick up in September and October. The numbers of members attending our two meeting points continue to be disappointing but numbers are static and I am grateful they are not falling. What can I do to activate the interest of the forty members we have not met as yet? Since my GW Summer report we attended our Loire Valley long weekend and had a very good time indeed. The ride was led by Tony and Dawn and their report is on our Kent Website. My thanks to all those that attended, we had a great time and hope to have another journey next year, but perhaps a little less in distance. In five days I did some 1200 miles from Dartford and back, more than I have ever travelled in car or on bike.

We then attended a British Bike Night at the Wagon & Horses, Charing. Upon arriving we were greeted with a torrential downpour and got thoroughly soaked. There were about 200 British bike exhibits and it was great seeing so many in good condition. Don’t forget most of the bikes on show would have been 50+ years, they appear to be wearing better than me anyway. In early July we visited the Battlebridge Classic M/c Show in Essex. Well worth a visit. We then attended the North London HOC Anniversary Event at their base in Epping Forest, and very comfortable it was too. Some went swimming, including Roland and Jenny. The meal was good too. Next was the event of the year, what we had all been waiting for, Boughton House. An extremely well organised show and well attended, congratulations to all of the organisers and to the stall managers for putting on such a good show. Those that could not attend, well you missed something well worth attending that will not be repeated until we reach 75 or maybe 100! Unfortunately the Classic Ride I was hoping to attend in the New Forest was cancelled due to expectant poor weather and Dave B is planning to re-run this in September, but as of today I am unable to attend. Pity as the NF is such a lovely area. Kent’s big event is on this Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday. By the time you read this the event will have passed but I would like to thank Pauline and John for putting so much effort and time into the planning and organising of this event.



Also I would like to thank MAG, SE Biker and MCM for including adverts for our event in their current editions. Unfortunately I missed deadines for MCN, bmf and Riders Digest.

Keith and Jill arrive on their VFR750

I would also like to thank Jenny (regalia) for her committment under difficult family conditions and for Sue for the gazebo delivery etc.

John and Les in action

We have numerous rides diaried for September and October and will hopefully hold them all without cancellations.

James & Mike tempting a punter

Our event is being held at Kent Motorcycles on A2 at Barham, just south of Canterbury and Hadrian from Kent M/c’s has kindly allowed us free use of his premises and has donated some generous prises. All proceeds of course go to the Air Ambulance and on the face of what looks like a successful event, subject to weather, we should have a good result. There are many Kent members who have offerred to assist or show their bikes on at least one of the days, in one way or another, I would like to thank you all, collectively. SUMMER 2011

We are currently planning a long weekend for mid October in Dorset, Dorchester looks a good base and while we are there we hope to meet up with members from the Dorset branch. We have a new website, now built into the main HOC website and all our events etc. are listed there. This is still in it’s infancy stage and as time progresses more will appear and evolve. My thanks again to Pauline and John, and to Stritchy, for dealing with this. Hope I haven’t forgotten anything or anyone, if so I apologise in advance.

Mike 69

Lakes & Coast Secretary: Mike Bell - 07738 830917

Look who came for lunch for our HOC Roast on Sunday 24th July.

Some of the guests enjoying the atmosphere of the afternoon, others had gone to get involved on the Glebe And also on Saturday, the last of the Vulcan’s, still flying, dancing over our heads. We also had the RAF Falcons land in front of us, having parachuted down to earth from 10,000 feet

Colonel Montagu’s Regiment of Foote giving a demo of fighting in the very old days, complete with a very loud cannon. Just one of the many activities on the ground.

We managed the whole of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, not just the Spitfires!

Parking was at a premium, but we could offer VIP parking for our guests. Why not join us next year for the 2012 Windermere Air Festival? More details in further issues of Golden Wing. 70


I hope to do the Illuminations ride through which is on Monday 19th of September. Starting from Lytham St Annes at 8.00pm, going along Blackpool Promenade If you are going, please let me know before hand. More details on www.fyldebikemeet.moonfruit. com/#/events-calendar/4548323578

Well what a summer we are having. A successful charity event in June for Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion, but if we are to it again next year, Mike & I need more help. Please get in contact and soon, or else it just won’t happen!

Because of the British weather, this event will also be held on the 12th and 26th, as well as the 3rd of October, so take your pick. Yet another worthy ride for the North West Air Ambulance Come and join us, send us an email, at and let’s meet up in 2011. We are a large geographically area, but what fun we have in that area. It is not just for the tourists, we can and do enjoy ourselves! Drop us an email before you set off, and meet soon

We are doing another charity run on Sunday 11th September for the Great North Air Ambulance Service, (GNAAS) which operates from its new base just outside Penrith. A circular route to visit not only the one Lake in the whole of the English Lake District, but also many of the Meres, Tarns and Waters that make up the National Park, twelve in total. Contact Peter for more information.

A date for your 2012 diary. Come and join us on the longest day the 21st of June, when we are proud to be the overnight host for the Olympic Torch, as it continues its journey from Lands End to arrive at in London for the opening of the games. As this stone shows we are 430 miles from both Lands End and John O’Groats, so if you are doing a JOG2LE event, join us, we can soon organise accommodation for you.

We have already made Wednesday night visits to Knott-End-On-Sea,

Finally, this is the view I see when I go and post my letters, can your nearest post box match it?

Peter & Mike SUMMER 2011



Secretary: Stephen Davenport - 07968 810435 Manchesters rides: Just a couple of rides to report since all our efforts went into the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Wroxeter (or not) Not the best weekends weather for a ride but, ho hum, it’s not going to stop me. Up at 8:15 (on a Sunday??) to prepare for the ride. Norma gallantly decided to stay in bed having seen the weather (rain and grey cloud). But I am made of hardier stuff (or is that “I am more stupid”?). So, check the bike over, a quick bite of breakfast and I’m off to Poplar Services to see who else was mad enough to join me.

As it happened, not many. Phil was there with Nicola and his new CBF1000, Jimmy turned up for his first indoctrination into HOC (I’d met him at Rochdale Honda as he was picking up a new Transalp) and Gary (our replacement rides co-ordinator) turned up just as 10am was ringing. We trudged off to McDonalds for a drink to wait and see if anyone else turned up. After 5 minutes in the queue and getting nowhere, I suggested we move out and get a brew at the Raven Cafe down the A49. You could see the eyes gleaming as the others contemplated the “gutbuster” breakfast that the Raven offered. So, off we went to get togged up and off. 72

Phil had put his radio in the new bike but it wasn’t working, so it was just Gary and myself talking to each other. We set off down the normal roads to the A49 (and not via the M6 like last weekend) and were soon “in the groove” despite all the wet roads. Gary set a good pace and we soon arrived at the Raven where hearty breakfasts and mugs of tea were consumed with ease. We went outside and sorted out Phils radio (it had slipped to another channel). While inside, we discussed the planned route. Personally, I don’t enjoy the roads around Buxton (too crowded, not many overtaking opportunities, too many police around). So, after some discussion, we agreed that we would come back through Wales somehow. I then suggested we head for Builth Wells where I knew there was a bike show. The others seemed keen - so that was that. Wroxeter Roman City would have to wait for another time. We set off again, with the chat ringing in my ears as Gary and Phil “discussed” the merits of each others riding ability - all in good humour, I hasten to add. The A49 was great, the A483 even better. We found some great twisty roads and, as the surface dried off, the pace got better and better. Jimmy didn’t seem to worry too much that his bike only had around 50 miles on it and was enjoying it as much as the rest of us. We did lose him for a short while - but we found out he’d stopped off for petrol at a roundabout (the one where Phil was leading but didn’t know the way, so went round and round until Gary took over). Eventually, we got into Builth Wells and headed for the Bike Show. However, since they wanted to charge £10 for each person and we were only going to be there for an hour or so (a bit of a rip-off, methinks), we turned


around and headed into the town to find a cafe. Yes, it was time for food and drink again (it’s what Manhoc do best). We relaxed for a while and then went back to the bikes to set off back again. Once Gary and Phil had stopped being children (What’s this red button - oh, the kill switch” and “sidestand down, going nowehere”) we set off back the way we came. By this time, it was raining again (not much, just enough to wet the roads) so the ride back was a little slower. But still pleasant. We stopped for petrol in Newtown (very cheap) where Phil discovered how good his bike was two-up (45 mpg) and then carried on until we stopped for a quick drink at a local pub. It was here that some girls, somewhat the worse for drink, took a liking to Garys bike and insisted on him demonstrating it’s prowess to him. I’ve never seen anyone run so fast - in the other direction. But we persuaded him that he needed to be a gentleman and let them sit on the bike for pictures. Calm was restored once they had gone and we set off for the journey home.

Anglesey This report from Gary since Alan was on holiday (in Anglesey as it happens) When I got to the meeting point there were already a few bikes there. But which group was mine? It was one of those sunny days when every bike club in the northwest has decided to meet at Poplar 2000 services. Still, I found my little group which just got bigger and bigger until there were thirteen bikes in all. Keith led with Gary watching his sheep from the back. A quick blast on the M56 to the A49 which is probably one of the best biking roads in Britain. The buddy system was going well until we turned off the A49 onto the Wrexham road. Roy stopped on the corner, but didn’t wait for the back marker. Luckily, Bob knew the next junction went the same way and stopped there for anyone who missed the turn. We all got round safely and carried on.


Everything was going well and after a word from Keith even Roy managed to stay on the corner until the back marker arrived. Then we got to Llangollen and after enduring the slow moving traffic through the centre, we found that our route was shut due to road works. So we had to make a detour toward the horse shoe pass and then left down a narrow country lane and back onto the A5. After a quick café stop near Corwen, we headed along the A5 to Anglesey and to the lighthouse where we were met by Alan and Norma, John and Judy and Paul and Mandy with there youngest on the back of Paul. Then more food and drink, a quick look at the lighthouse and make our way home. Alan and Norma left us near Llanfairwhateverogogog and the rest of us, about fifteen or sixteen bikes, headed for the Denbigh moors. We had another drink stop near Mold, where Phil decided he wanted a change from his CBF1000 which gave him a numb bum. So Gary let him have go on his 1991 CBR1000 and had a great time on the CBF. We struggled through some traffic on the A55/ M56 and got back to Poplar where Phil and Gary swopped back their bikes with Gary wishing he had the three grand that would prize the CBf from Phils grasp. We had a fantastic day with fantastic weather and fantastic roads. Bring on the next ride.

Alan & Gary 73

Manx Offshore

Secretary: Karen Angela - 01624 629299

Talk about cutting it fine, If I’m lucky Stritchy should receive this at midnight on the 20th. We only got back off holiday at 6.00am yesterday on the overnight boat and the first four guests arrived from Germany at midnight last night. I still haven’t unpacked and I still can’t speak German but I have got a fortnight to learn. They’ve cancelled first practice for newcomers tonight due to poor visibility and yet more rain.

Since we last spoke life has been as hectic as ever, John blames me. First I booked a holiday to Switzerland two weeks before Manx Grand Prix and we didn’t even have passports! Next I get chatting to the neighbours, they’re having scaffolding up to fix their roof and before you can say “Manx Grand Prix”, I’ve not only got a quote but I’ve booked them 5 weeks before the holiday to go up the gable end so we can finally fix the chimneys. We can do it, I said, we being John because I ended up in bed for three weeks with flu. Meanwhile I’d also talked him into putting another TV aerial up pointing to the Winter Hill transmitter rather than the Douglas one so I can watch the “Dave” channel, needless to say he now wears his knickers on the outside of his jeans, he looks very fetching! I think John would quite like it if someone would fetch me. 74

Anyway, on to biking matters (because it does), I never got a picture of Guy Martin, there was just too much going on and we were full during race week so that kinda restricted my social time, but we all enjoyed our concerts. Imelda May is well worth seeing much to John’s surprise (something else he got talked into). We did the usual marshalling beginning of practice week for our racing fix then John, Kim & Ian got to the pre TT classic races. I did get to see the Red Arrows, the Vulcan bomber display and the fireworks and I just about made the Laxey Bike Show. John set off straight after breakfast meeting up with Kim and Ian at Laxey, along with Steve & Maureen Hill from West London branch. Kim & Ian did an excellent job from start to finish coming up with the idea in the first place and putting the plan into action, well done the pair of them. Unfortunately because of racing being postponed until Thursday, James was in pit lane crewing for no.68 James Ford so we didn’t have his VFR400 on display. Sue and Phil from Oxford branch were also crewing in pit lane for no.63, Chris Petty, but they did manage to come along after catching up with old friends, and just in time to see us get best club stand (anybody would think it was our birthday). Will have to send photo’s separately involving a trip to Ian the Webmaster’s abode and hope we can coordinate it with Stritchy.


John & I managed to book the National Rally and are really looking forward to seeing friends old & new, we’re even bringing the bikes.

Maureen had brought along some very nice chocs, which also lured them in and kept us all going during the day. Again, many thanks for all your help.

The rest of this write up is Kim’s report on the Laxey Show.

The money raised from the competition, which totalled £60 (thanks also to people who just gave a donation) has gone to the Rob Vine Fund, which provides medical / rescue equipment and training for all doctors, paramedics and marshals involved in 2, 3, & 4 wheeled motor sports events on the Isle of Man. The sales of Club Regalia also raised £136 during the day.

To mark the 50th year of the club, we decided to have a stall at the Laxey Bike Show during TT. Unfortunately, for the second year running the racing was delayed until Thursday, the show day and this affected the numbers who attended, but those who did made it a great day, some people stating that no matter if the racing was on they were coming to the show. We had decided to have a competition, which consisted of close up pics of various Honda bikes from various eras, and in case of a draw we had a very difficult question “How long would it take Karen to ride round the TT course on her CB250?” We were quite surprised at how many questions this posed, “Was that road closed or open?” “Who was Karen?”, and believe it or not “How old was she?” (cheeky). The 1st prize was the new 2011 stamps, First Day Issue, signed by Guy Martin, Carl Fogarty, John McGuiness and Klaus Klaffenboch. The second prize was a 50th anniversary buff (donated by the Club). To assist us on the day Steve & Maureen Hill kindly gave up a day of their holiday which was greatly appreciated, but I have to say I think Steve enjoyed himself, a natural born salesman he was out front pulling in the punters with his smooth talk, then casually handing people HOC membership forms! SUMMER 2011

Our winners were, 1st prize - Simon Chilton and 2nd prize - Rob Mcinnes. Simon was able to receive his prize in person and was really chuffed stating “I’ve never won anything by skill before, its going on the mantelpiece when I get home”

The bike show, as always, was a great success and many thanks go to the organisers, the Moddey Dhoo motorcycle club, especially for choosing our stand as the Best Club Stand and Karen’s CB250 as the Best in its category. For the record, Karen hasn’t a clue how long it takes her to ride the course! She’s too busy looking at the scenery. So this is the M.O.B. crew signing off, be safe, be happy.

Karen, John, Kim, Ian & James 75


Contact: Dave and Sue White - 07731 914284 It’s only when Sue and I started to put our report together that we realised just how busy we have been this quarter!! Our first run out was the excellent ACE Cafe Honda Day on the 22nd May. It was agreed we would get there early so we could try out a Full English breakfast. The run down was good – a few patches of rain and drizzle accompanied by some reasonably strong winds but we were soon running nicely down the A11 and then round the North Circular. As we neared the ACE Dave took over leading – showing the group a SPECTACULAR view of the Wembley Arch... although some Branch members were unkind enough to suggest this was due to a possible navigation error!! On arrival we saw several HOC friends – Graham, Jennie, Erica and Gerard to name a few. We parked up and dived in to the ACE to order hot drinks and brekkie – which was gorgeous. Suitably refreshed we spent several hours talking to HOC friends, watching the bikes come in, looking at some stunning machines. At about 1.30 we decided to make tracks for home – the winds were getting stronger and we were soon nipping up the A1 and back across the A505... a lovely ride home after a brilliant, satisfying day with a good ride, good food, good weather and great bikes.

Ace Café a young recruit 76

The Ace - a CBX1000

This was followed by our Branch Trip to HRC in Louth on 25th May. After a really nice breakfast at Frankie and Bennies, Kings Lynn we set of for a nice ride up to Louth, arriving at just before 2pm. We were welcomed and shown round by Chris Kingsland – starting in their Reception area that was full of trophy cabinets and some lovely bikes. First to catch our eye was a Mike Hailwood RC173 350cc bike – 1 of 2 in the world and worth a MINIMUM of £400,000!!! Next to this was a gorgeous RC174 replica – one of just 6 handmade by George Beale for Honda and worth at least £350,000. Chris explained about the teams they support – BSB and TT Legends – and showed us the bike after a pump failed and McGuinness dropped it in to the gravel...!!! We saw the engine rooms where they strip down and re-build the engines. Chris explained how the BSB bikes use stock parts mostly but they do for example weigh the pistons to use the 4 that are the closest weight for balance. We saw how HRC make


a lot of their own rider-specific items – for example footpeg hangers. In the workshops we saw Kiyo’s BSB bike being worked on ready for Thruxton and also the TT bikes ready for shipping over to the Isle of Man. Finally at 4.30pm we were given a goody bag and left for the run home. The visit gave us a really good insight in to how HRC manage and support their teams.

Jenny looking at the bikes

Our Branch was asked to help with the inaugural Bolddogs FMX Championship 4th June which it looks like will become the British FMX Championship from 2012. The event was held at Rougham Airfield near Bury St Edmunds – an old WW2 place. 10 of us set up our stall to advertise HOC and Norfolk Branch in particular. After setting up and having 4 motorbikes on show, we were able to watch the Bolddogs guys practicing their routines with nobody else around The stunts were a great promise of things to come. After car park duty and a food and drink top-up we watched the stunts for real now – including a few guys doing the back-flip which is amazing and heart-stopping to see!!! The programme also included Street Bike Freestylers and fire-breathing women... all very impressive to watch. The event finished just gone 9pm and, thanks to our brilliant car park duties earlier, everyone got away really easily and quickly!!! Since then Andy Godbold called to give our Branch a massive “THANKYOU” for our support and hard work.


Boldogs Show

This was followed by the Bury St Edmunds Bike Show 5th June. We were invited by Mark and Harleston Lings to join them with our Norfolk HOC Branch stand. Still feeling the effects from the Bolddogs FMX Show the night before, we arrived in Bury for 9.30 to set up. The show had a couple of missing stalls so only 1 food outlet – PANIC – but there was plenty to see and lots of people to chat to. Roland and friends from North London Branch came and said Hi and other visitors took away our information. The day went quickly and we were soon in to the afternoon. There was a good mix of bikes and we had a really good day increasing the Branch and HOC’s profile. We finally packed up about 3pm and made our way home to enjoy a nice sit down and relax.

Our stall at the Bury Bike Show

Mark suggested we do a Friday night Branch run to the Earle Arms in Heydon on the 24th June for a social. Friday night is bike meet night with people turning up and leaving all evening. The village was built round Heydon Hall for those who don’t know the place. Heydon is also one of only a handful of privately owned villages in Great Britain. The last construction in the village, which has only 77

one road in and out, was built over 100 years ago to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887. I have Googled the village this morning and notice that they have a VERY nice tea-room that does cream teas etc... just right for when we re-visit!!! Heydon Hall is also worth looking up on the Internet. The village is not huge so we parked on the end of a line of bikes....there were certainly a load of bikes lining the street and village green. The pub looks awesome – I sampled a very nice pint of Midsummer Madness (NO comments needed thank you!!!) – and the church and green plus the houses make this a picturesque place. After admiring the other bikes parked up – a lot of Laverdas, Suzuki 750 3-pots, Hondas, Dukes, Triumphs etc - time was getting on so we all made our ways home about 9pm.

the green refreshing and restoring ourselves. Over lunch the Carnival went by with some lovely floats to see and the Carnival Queen walked past us on her tour of the town. There were tons of bikers turning up all day and it was really busy by the sea.... which looked so cool and inviting but salt plays hell with your leathers!!! All too soon it was time to head home for the Norfolk Branch and down to the South coast for the Reading guys and gals.

Hunny fish n chips


Earlier in the year Ian from Reading Branch asked if we would like to meet up with for a ride to Sunny Hunny on Sunday 26th June from Cromer. The answer was an overwhelming YES – especially as there would be fish and chips and ice creams available at Hunny!!!! The morning of the 26th was BEAUTIFUL – wall-to-wall blue skies at Cromer. We all gathered in the Runton Road car park and got chatting. Traffic was busy – the North Norfolk coastal road is ALWAYS busy on a hot summer Sunday, but we made good time and ended up nicely in Hunny where we all parked up. By this time it was a ROASTINGLY hot day so first orders were for some cooling drinks, quickly followed by fish and chips and we were soon sprawled out on 78

Our next event was a visit to Strikes in Dereham. We had 13 people turn out on Sunday 17th July for an afternoon of 10-pin bowling fun at Strikes in Dereham. The weather for the day was terrible with heavy rain and lightning setting in so points definitely go to Geoff and Pat for turning out on 2 wheels for the event. We had 3 lanes booked and were soon in to the bowling... Rob and Geoff had an interesting skill they showed us - how to bowl backwards at the people standing behind and Lesley amazed us all with a zigzag shot that bounced off the bumpers all the way down and then scored a STRIKE at the end. Unfortunately nobody could make it in the end from Cambridge Branch so we won by default!!!! AND we had an afternoon that was good fun too.

Strikes 10-pin bowling SUMMER 2011

We had planned Norfolk Branch’s HOC Roast some time ago so were all looking forwards to Sunday 24th July.

Motorbike Quiz. This was a great day for us all – MANY thanks to everyone who made it so brilliant.

HOC Roast Norfolk Branch

The weather looked pretty good at 9am when most of us set off to meet at The Angel at Larling for the start of Tony and Penny’s “Magical Mystery Tour”. We set out at just gone 10.30 for parts unknown!!! Jim brought his Honda C90 along which was great fun. We were soon nipping along towards Cockley Cley and then to Castle Acre where we stopped to stretch our legs and re-group. By this time the weather was getting very warm and the skies were wall-to-wall blue – LOVELY biking weather. Tony and Penny led us on up through to Wells on the North Norfolk Coast where we had an hour’s stop for lunch. From here we went to John and Liz’s home which was our final destination. We arrived just after 3.30 and soon were chilling out in the marquee which was lovely and cool. By this time the bike thermometer was reading over 20C. After some drinks and some VERY tasty nibbles, a lot of us went and played croquet and quoits which was great fun. While this was going on, John K was doing some sterling work barbecuing sausages (50!!), pork burgers and steak – all sourced locally and tasting WONDERFUL. These were accompanied by some delicious salads, chips and other tasty bits. After this we lit the 50th birthday candles on the puddings and then tucked in to Meg’s lovely firm ring, trifle and a chocolate dessert smothered with cream….. mmmmm. By this time we were all feeling a tad stuffed so it was great that Liz told us to stay where we were and then we had a HOC SUMMER 2011

HOC Roast grub’s up

Margaret gets to grips with Mr T

Boughton House HOC 50th Rally 7th August 2011. 15 of our Branch made the trip to Boughton House. When we arrived at about we were greeted by the sight of hundreds of bikes parked up. We were quickly off hunting for teas, coffees etc. Rob was able to place his bike in the line-up of classics in front of the House where it looked impressive. At various points during the day the RC162 was fired up – the noise was awesome and evocative for those of us who used to watch them racing in the 1960s….Jim Redman was available for photos, signed pictures and a chat and is a real gentleman and lovely to talk to. Roy spotted a fantastic blue Honda 350-4 amongst the bikes on display….there were so many bikes on show that it took some time to see them all…..and all the while bikes and people were coming and going – nearly 1000 bikes during the day. The burgers were delicious for 79

lunch – although Andy ate more than Dave on the day!!!!!!! After lunch Mark was persuaded to add his VFR to the VFR line-up which was celebrating 25 years of this great Honda model.

Norfolk Branch at Boughton

preparing the food on the Barbie. After a short while he announced the food was ready and Dave made it first in the queue – VERY closely followed by Penny….with Andy being a bit slow off the blocks due to his knee issues. We all had several helpings of really nice burgers, sausages, chicken legs and salads and spent a nice evening having a relax… Mark, Josh and Michelle turned up later as she had been at work… Roy was getting a bit anxious that we might scoff all the food before they arrived… And Josh actually had to admit defeat in trying to out-eat Dave!!!! ….and we all made tracks home at about 8pm – full of good food, relaxed a after a really good social evening together.

The Rich Tones provided a lovely musical backdrop all day and the weather was just perfect apart from 15 minutes of drizzle in the afternoon. The day ended with a fantastic, spectacular flying display by 2 Spitfires – about 10 minutes of nostalgia and a brilliant end to the wonderful day spent with HOC friends, lovely bikes and great food. The Apollo BBQ

Dave with Jim Redman

Our final event for this quarter was a BBQ evening at the Apollo on 13th August. 20 of the Branch met up around 5pm at The Apollo for one of their “Eat as much as you Can for £5” BBQ nights. On the way in to The Apollo we all admired Penny’s LOVELY, new Transalp – 2008 with hard luggage, front and rear fogs as accessories and less than 2000 miles on the clock. The weather was warm and we sat outside relaxing, chatting and having a few drinks while Jake started 80

Penny’s Transalp

The Autumn looks busy and we are beginning to sort out next year’s diary…..scary how the time flies when you are having serious fun…. and we will make sure we finish of this HOC 50th year in style. Ride safe and have a great Autumn, see you at an event somewhere no doubt.

Dave and Sue SUMMER 2011



S E L I 0LESM 1F0 AN £5 H T S OR

MPG 130 RE) 6 MILES/ LIT (28.


nce More dista st Less co g More mp ions Less emiss enience nv o c re o M ng ui ue Less q More time Less waiting ngs More savi tax d a ro Less ticality More prac le ss ha Less

MPG 160 RE) 2 MILES/ LIT (35.



k or visit ho iles 200 8000 m 45 re 08 o ll m a t C an ge how you c to find out y. ne o for your m

F125 PCX125, CB

0 are all Le & Vision 11

*£5 of petrol equates to 3.57 litres based on £1.40 per litre. Fuel consumption figures quoted are results obtained by Honda under standardised testing conditions prescribed by WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle). Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on how you ride, tyre pressure, rider weight, cargo and other factors. SUMMER 2011


ly. 81

North Downs

Secretary: Chris Ward - 07827 393237

Branch meetings continue to be a little quiet but communication is good and ride outs are taking place frequently. On Sunday 26th June we met up at Rykas car park, Box Hill for our ride out to The Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson, Portsdown Hill. Graham (Hornet 600) was already there when I arrived although he wouldn’t be joining the ride. We were soon joined by Julian who had brought along his early Fireblade which was looking very nice. Doug arrived on his GSXF 600 and just before we set off Jon turned up on his CB1000R. So although only four of us left Box Hill for the run we were also meeting one of Julians friends at Loomies en route. After leaving Rykas we headed through Dorking on the A24 before leaving it at Kingsfold to join the A29. At Billingshurst we turned on to the A272 and followed this through Petworth, Midhurst and Petersfield all the way to West Meon, where we turned south on to the A32 and stopped at Loomies Café. Julians friend Steve was waiting there but we were also surprised to see Steve, Maureen, Jon and Jude of the West London Branch having their breakfast. We were not stopping for food so after a quick chat we were soon on our way.

At Wickham we turned off the A32 on to the B2177 Southwick. This road took us all the way to Portsdown Hill where we turned westwards on to an unclassified road towards Fareham. Fort Nelson soon appeared on the right and we parked fairly close to the entrance. Fort Nelson was built in the 1860s as part of the defences designed to protect Portsmouth from a land attack by the French and was one of five forts constructed on Portsdown Hill. Covering approximately 19 acres it was quite a sizeable fortification and was armed with both muzzle and breech loading guns as well as mortar batteries. Entrance to the Royal Armouries Museum is free and it is well worth a visit. With many exhibits on show ranging from 15th century pieces right up to parts of the infamous Iraqi super gun manufactured in Sheffield in 1990. After a good look round which included exploring some of the very cool tunnels which connected the batteries to the barrack building we were in need of refreshments and headed to the view point on Portsdown Hill about 2 miles to the east.

View from Portsdown Hill

Fort Nelson 82

After sampling some food courtesy of ‘Micks Monster Burgers’ we made our way down to Havant and joined the A27. After passing Chichester, Doug left us and headed to Eastbourne as we turned off on to the A285 SUMMER 2011

which took us back to Petworth. Steve left us here and continued on towards Guildford while we followed the A272 back to Billingshurst to rejoin the A29 north. At this point Jon continued on the A272 leaving just Julian and I to head back to Dorking. On what was probably the hottest day of the year it was a very enjoyable ride but I think we were all glad to get home and relax. Julian and I met up at Rykas Car Park, Box Hill on a nice Saturday morning at 0930 to ride down to Calne in Wiltshire for the annual bike day.

bands provided live music. After a good look around for a couple of hours we made our way back to Hungerford for a refuelling stop. Our route home reversed the ride down until we reached Guildford where we continued on the A3 until we reached the M25. Julian and I parted company here and headed off to our respective homes. At The Crown on 24th July 2011 we welcomed five members of the Solent Branch for the annual HOC Roast. Alan and Barbara, Dave and Pam and Classic Secretary Dave Barton joined us on a warm Sunday lunchtime for drinks in the garden marquee before sitting down for one of The Crowns great roast dinners. Howard Fi, recently back from France and Dave, who amazingly was not at a rally this weekend, along with Marion and I also attended. After lunch we had a raffle for a model Fireblade and a cash prize, raising ÂŁ18.00 for the 50th Anniversary Air Ambulance fund. Thanks to Solent Branch for coming and taking part.

Calne was packed with bikes as usual

Organised by the local Rotary Club, the event always attracts a large number of bikers from the South and West of England. We left Dorking and made our way along the A25 to Guildford where we joined the A3 for a short while before taking the A31 to Farnham. We took the A287 to Hook where we hopped onto the A30 for the short run into Basingstoke. The ring road led us onto the A339 which we followed into Newbury where we joined the A4. The beautiful winding open road led us first to Hungerford, then Marlborough before finally we arrived at our destination, Calne. The town was already packed with bikes and it was fairly difficult to find somewhere to park but we managed a spot a short walk from the HOC stand. Members from the Wiltshire Branch were manning the stand and had a prime spot on the main road in the town centre so were assured of plenty of visitors. As well as club stands there were plenty of traders and refreshment sellers present and rock SUMMER 2011

Enjoying the sunshine in Capel

On Tuesday 26th July 2011, Doug, Julian and I met up at Rykas, Box Hill for a ride down to Poole in Dorset for the weekly bike meet. The weather looked fairly good so we were expecting a large number of bikes at Poole as we left Dorking and headed towards Guildford. We joined the A3 to skirt around Guildford and made our way up to the Hogs Back and the A31. We briefly stopped at Farnham to allow Doug to fill up with fuel


before resuming our journey. The A31 is a nice, mostly dual carriageway, lightly used road between Guildford and Winchester so it was easy to make good progress and we were soon at the M3. We used the M3 and M27 to by pass Winchester and Southampton before re-joining the A31 at Cadnam to head into the New Forest. We picked up a bit of traffic at Ringwood but soon reached the Ferndown by pass. The traffic was much heavier here as we approached Wimborne but fortunately we soon reached our turn off, the A349 which we followed right into the centre of Poole and onto the quay. There were plenty of bikes already on the quay so we had to park up just by Poole Pottery. We made a bee line for the fish and chip restaurant that I have used on previous occasions and once again we were not disappointed by either the quality, quantity or service and all enjoyed our food. Once suitably refreshed we had ample time to have a good look at the thousand or so bikes that were on display.

Soon it was time to leave though but before we left Poole we all took the opportunity to fuel up as petrol was around 4p per litre cheaper than what it was around London. We took the direct route home using motorways with Doug leaving us at Eastleigh and continuing on the M and A27 while Julian and I made our way up the M3 to the M25 and our respective homes. The HOC 50th Anniversary Show took place on the 7th August at Boughton House, near Kettering. I rode my VFR750 to the show and Marion trailered my CB350F and NC30. Julian and John also made the trip on their CB1000Rs.

My CB350F and VFR400R

Lovely VF750F at Poole

Very Clean NC30 84

Over 1000 bikes attended the show which featured one make clubs and traders including Honda UK. There were some beautiful bikes on display including many rare examples and a few historic race bikes. World Champion Jim Redman also attended the show and a replica of the RC162, 250cc Grand Prix bike of 1961 was fired up on a couple of occasions to delight the crowd. The show culminated with a superb fly past by two Spitfires. The event was very well organised by Dibble and his team of helpers and they should all be commended for their efforts and hard work.

One of the graceful Spitfires SUMMER 2011

On Sunday 14th August, Julian and I met up for a ride to The Chalet at Cowfold for a late breakfast. With the London-Surrey Cycle Race taking place our usual meeting place at Ryka’s Cafe, Box Hill was unavailable so the car park at the top of Reigate Hill was chosen as a suitable meeting point. The weather forecast was good and view from the hill fantastic, we could even see the planes taking off and landing at Gatwick Airport.

After a good feeding we mounted up and followed the A281 to the Devil’s Dyke which is the site of an iron age hill fort, north of Brighton, offering spectacular views in all directions. To the west we could just see the Isle of Wight, approximately 40 miles away, and to the north, Reigate, Box and Leith Hills of the North Downs were visible. After an ice cream we were back on the bikes, joined the A27 and headed west to Shoreham. We took the A283 past Steyning to Washington where we joined the A24 northwards to Dorking. At Dorking we headed home after another great day in the saddle.

View from Reigate Hill

After leaving the hill we dropped down into Reigate on the A217 where we joined the A25 and headed east through Redhill. At Bletchingley we turned right onto an unclassified road which took us through Outwood, Smallfield and into Copthorne. We briefly joined the B2037 and then turned south onto the B2028 to Turners Hill. We then joined the B2011 which we followed past Worth Abbey, crossing the A23 at Handcross and on to Lower Beeding before dropping down into Cowfold on the A281. We soon arrived at The Chalet which wasn’t too busy for a Sunday and sat down for a late breakfast.

Looking west from Devil’s Dyke

We have quite a few more rides to look forward this year and are organising the HOC stand at the Rockers Reunion at Brighton the week before the National Rally. Our 2011 branch AGM is taking place at 20.00 hrs at The Crown on 20th October. Don’t forget if you’re passing make sure you drop in and see us, we meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Crown public house in Capel Village, Surrey. Until next time, ride safe.

Chris Go to your local Branch

The Chalet at Cowfold SUMMER 2011

Events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice so don’t miss out 85

North London Secretary: Roland Murphy - 07504 104908

We have been quite busy as a club since the last report with the following taking place.



22nd. Honda day at the Ace CafĂŠ.

4th. Wellingborough bowling and BBQ.

We had a good ride down to the ACE in nice and sunny weather. 15 of us enjoyed a very good day at the Ace.

There were 5 of us who rode up for this event. We meet up at the bowling alley in Wellingborough after the bowling had finished and joined the ride to the Lilac’s Pub in Isham.

It was good to meet up with members from other HOC clubs. There was a great selection of bikes to have a look at in the car park. 27th. Weekend in France. 10 of us enjoyed a great weekend going around France. On the Friday evening we rode over to Abberville for our first night stop. We enjoyed a very good meal that evening and chatted over drinks about the ride that day and the ride coming up the following day. The following day saw us riding across country to Reims for our second night stop. We again had a nice meal and spent the evening consuming drinks and having a good old natter. The last day saw us heading back up the country for home. On each day we experienced good roads with some nice places to stop for photo shoots and refreshments. The weather for the whole weekend was excellent, lovely sunny dry weather. 86

Once at the pub we got the welcomes out of the way and headed into the bar for a drink. The call soon came out that the food at the BBQ was ready. An orderly queue formed and waited to be served. Hats (helmets) off to the chef for doing a splendid job over the grill. The weather again was great for the day, which always makes an event like this all the more enjoyable. 5th. Bury St Edmunds Bike Show. 9 of us rode to this show. On route we got pulled over by the Essex Police and told to pull into a school car park. Once in there we found out the Police Bike Safe Team were giving a chat about the Bike Safe days that they are holding. On the plus side to being stopped they had a burger van there giving out free tea/coffee burgers/hot dogs. That was our lunch taken care off. I advised them that several of us are due on a bike safe day within a couple of weeks, with the Met Police. Off we set again for the bike show. Once there we had a great time looking around the stalls and having a quick drink from the bar. We must be lucky with the weather as it was again a great day for riding the bikes. Thanks again to the Essex Police for lunch. SUMMER 2011

12th. East Midlands BBQ. Graham and myself rode up for this event. The weather was chucking it down whilst riding up there and we had a feeling the event would be called off and indeed it was. We still had a drink in the pub with Rita and some others before we set off for home. We made the ride to East Midlands eventhough it was raining hard because we had to pick up some regalia from Jenny, so it wasn’t a wasted ride out. 15th. Meldreth Manor Bike Show. There were 7 of us who started this ride and we picked up an 8th member en-route. We had a little drizzle on the way to the show, but it wasn’t much. There were thousands of people at the show, this is a show which is always very well attended. We had the obligatory burger and a drink before we were approached by two very nice ladies selling raffle tickets. Only Phil was lucky; no he won a prize. It was nice to see some very old and wellpreserved bikes on show there. 16th. 2nd Quiz night. We had 18 members attend the quiz night. They split into two teams and fought a close match throughout the evening. We held a raffle for Essex Air Ambulance and raised £50 for them. Dave was very lucky this night with his raffle tickets; he had the first 6 tickets out of the hat. Dave only accepted the first ticket, putting the others back into the draw, well done Dave.

stock. They even contacted a local friend who bought 2 alternators down to the workshop, alas they didn’t fit. Phil had to get relayed home by the AA and that is another long story. Jim and I continued with the Rally finishing back at the ACE Café the following morning. We had completed the rally in time. We then had a well deserved breakfast. We then meet up with some other NLHOC members at the Ace who were having breakfast before they set off down to the Beaulieu Motorcycle ride in. Jim and I didn’t join them, we set off home for a well-earned rest.

JULY 3rd. Coventry Motorcycle Museum. Only 3 of us went to Coventry this day, Alan, Ken and myself.

19th. Treasure Hunt. We had 7 members on the treasure hunt this day. Two teams were formed and set off on the hunt 5 minutes apart. Answers to clues had to be found on a pre-planned route. The hunt took the groups around Herts, Cambs and Essex. Both groups found all the answers and neither group gained any penalty points. I declared the hunt a draw. 25th. ACU National Rally. There were 3 of us on the rally, doing the all nighter, Phil, Jim and myself. We set off and were progressing fine when Phil developed a fault on his VFR. His alternator decided to burn itself out, which meant he was running on battery power. We managed to make it to Wisbech were the mechanic had a look at the bike, but couldn’t do anything as he didn’t have an alternator in SUMMER 2011

The ride there and back went without a hitch and the weather was great. It is the first time I had been to this museum. I thought it was well laid out and had a very varied assortment of motorbikes. Well worth another visit on another day. We paid a visit to Jennie on the way home, she had promised us cakes and a drink and she didn’t let us down. Thanks Jennie. 9th. Met Police Bike Safe Day. There were 3 of us on the Bike Safe day from the NLHOC, Graham, Keith and myself. We also invited along 3 members from the Kent HOC. 87

The course started at the Triumph dealership in London Road, Romford. The course consisted of a classroom session, which was very good. The Police made us feel at ease and went through dangers that we may encounter out on the road at anytime. Open discussion took place during the time in the classroom where we were encouraged to ask questions. We were then paired up according to the bikes we rode. We then come to the first ride out session, which took us to Welwyn Garden City where we had lunch. There followed a verbal feedback of the ride so far. The second ride out took us out further towards Baldock before we headed back to their base at the London Gateway Services on the M1.

come to us. Alas, nearer the date it seemed that some groups had abandoned the day as a HOC Roast and did their own thing. Fortunately I still managed to get 54 people to attend and thus saved the day with our Landlady. The Essex Wings (Goldwing club) attended and brought 9 Goldwings along. Apart from having the venue to hold such an event I succeeded to secure last years prices for the food this year. We have a full size swimming pool at the Kings Oak, which was used, albeit by 4 people only. The day was bright and sunny, but the water was a little chilly, but nice. To say it refreshed the parts other beers cannot reach was an understatement. All in all it was a great day and everyone who attended had a great time. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day a success. 29th. Welsh weekend. Five of us went away for the weekend exploring South Wales. We took a nice country road route to Wales calling in on the Oxford/Glous Rally for lunch on the Friday.

During the rides there was one Police Officer to two riders. The Police Office was always in the middle whilst the riders took it in turns to lead the ride with the other at the back. Once back at their base we got a feedback sheet, a Certificate and a goody bag. All in all it was a very good day, well worth it. I would recommend anyone who has not done one of these days to do one. We can all pick up some tips on our riding from these guys and gals. 10th. Ken’s BBQ. There were 14 of us at the BBQ. Ken’s allowed us to hold it at his ranch. Ken obviously was our host and he did himself proud by putting on a lovely spread. The day started with a ride out which lasted for a couple of hours. There was of course the regulatory stop for a drink before we got back to Ken’s for the BBQ. A wonderful day with wonderful company. 24th. NLHOC HOC Roast. This was our first time hosting a HOC Roast. We have the venue to host a very big HOC Roast and loads of HOC people were going to 88

We had booked into the Premier Inn in Merthyr Tydfil for two nights. On Saturday we followed a 166 miles route that was supplied to me by Donna and Gareth of the South Wales Branch. In fact Gareth supplied 3 routes, one each for different weather patterns. The route took us up through the Brecon Beacons and up to and through the Elan Valley, across to Tregaron and Lampeter before we came back to Merthyr Tydfil. Thank you both for a wonderful route. Then on the return journey we called into Abergavenny to the bike meet at the bus station. After that we rode through the Forest of Dean and had lunch in Burford, very nice town. We then cut across country towards home. SUMMER 2011

The weekend was overcast, but it stayed dry for us. As usual good roads and good company.

AUGUST 7th. Boughton House. There were 11 bikes riding to this event from the club on this day. We parked up on the grass in front of Boughton House, not a bad pad to live in. The location was excellent for the show. We had a walk around the bikes on show and cast out votes for the best bike. We of course got accosted for raffle tickets, which we didn’t mind in the least as it was for a good cause. We gathered around on the grass to listen to the band, which by the way were great. We had a drink and something to eat whilst having a good old natter and listened to the music.

spent just over the hour there and every member said that they really enjoyed the visit. Thank you EAA for showing around the helicopter and telling us what your roles are. 14th. National Motorcycle Museum and North Weald Bike Festival. We had two runs on this day. My group rode up to the National Motorcycle Museum near to Birmingham. Setting off from the club was Steve E and myself. We picked up Alan on the A41 and then meet up with Michael B at our coffee stop in Bicester. The ride to the NMC went really well. We stuck to country roads and enjoyed the twists and the turns of the roads before us. We met up with Jennie at the NMM. She gets around that girl, which is good because since getting her new bike (Hattie) she loves to ride it. Go for it girl.

12th. Presentation to Essex Air Ambulance. Nine of us took a lovely country route ride up to Essex Air Ambulance at Earls Colne to present them with a cheque.

The NMM is a lovely place to visit. If you have never been there I can recommend it. I hadn’t until this day. It is well laid out with plenty of bikes to see. They also have a restaurant upstairs if you feel a bit peckish. Lovely place to visit if you are in the area. You can use the restaurant without having to pay to get into the Museum, well worth knowing that.

We had been collecting money for them for the last couple of years and decided it was about time to give them the money, they might need it. The cheque was for £500. I had arranged for us to arrive there at 17:30 hours where we could have a photograph taken of the cheque being presented and they in turn would show us around the helicopter. The pilot gave us a great chat about the helicopter and the roles everyone on board plays. The medical staff could not be there with us, as they had not long returned from a mission and were doing their paperwork and replenishing the supplies on the helicopter. We SUMMER 2011

Several members went to the North Weald bike fest. This is a few miles away from our branch. There were stunt shows and drag bikes doing their stuff up and down the airfield runway. Everyone had a great time here. We have had quite a few new members join our branch over the last few months which is good for us as a branch and the HOC (GB). We still have a very full diary of events for the rest of the year and welcome anyone to join up with us if you wish to. Until the next report. Ride safe.

Roland 89

Northants & M.K Secretary: Sue Beck - 07863 599992

Well what busy little bees we have been here at the Northants and Milton Keynes Branch. Our Branch Holiday this year was a return visit to Trévérien in Brittany. Chez Tranqulle yet again made us very welcome. 10 of us took part in the holiday from 11th to 18th July. As everyone wanted to travel different ways we agreed to meet at our destination. Mickey and Teresa took the Dover to Calais Ferry, uneventful, Alan and Nicola took the Eurotunnel route,again uneventful, Danny and Sarah had a horrendous journey with Condor Ferries, having to change ferries and wait hours (they changed their return journey to the Eurotunnel), myself with husband Dan and Dave and Jan opted for the overnight Portsmouth to St. Malo ferry. After doing all the sums this was our best option with the 4 of us sharing a cabin. We travelled down to Portsmouth on Friday 10th enjoying a leisurely bimble, took a look round this historic town before having a lovely meal in a local pub.

greeted by the smiling faces of Conrad and Janet (the owners). We found our rooms, unpacked then myself and Jan were taken to the SuperU by Conrad to get in some supplies.

The bikes on holiday

The weather that week was not too kind to us unfortunately with more rain than dry but we still had a good week with great friends. The only downer of the week really was, poor Alan got a puncture so was housebound for a couple of days.

Conrad and Janet

A typical road in Dinan

After a nice restful nights sleep we docked in St.Malo at 8am (day 1 of the holiday) We spent several hours exploring the area before our mega long journey to Trévérien (all of 28 miles) on arriving at Chez Tranquille we were

Brittany really is a lovely place with so much to see and do and some cracking roads too. Most of the week people went different places including La Bourbansais Chateau et Zoo in Pleugueneuc ( and



Le Manoir de l’automobile in Loheac (www. Dan and me also spent a lovely day in Dinan finding places we hadn’t found before. Chez Tranquille is the ideal base with the ideal hosts and now offer HOC members a generous discount.

23rd and 24th and Billing Bike Fest, well what can I say!!!!! The show itself was disappointing on all scores and our pitch was in a bad location. However we, as usual, made best of a bad situation and put on a good show with 20 or so bikes from our Branch on show. A lot of interest was shown from the visitors and hopefully we will get some new members from it. We signed up a few on the day and these have already participated in branch events, so welcome all newcomers to the mad world of our Branch. One week later and we were at Sliverstone for the World Superbikes. Discount tickets once again. Bit disappointing this time round as we couldn’t get track time but maybe for the BSB it may happen.

The Fast, Le Manoir de l’automobile

Conrad and Janet are so nice and even not only joined us for a Chinese Banquet on the Thursday evening but also took us all in their cars as it was raining so hard. There is the added bonus that Conrad does a wicked Pastis (Sue strength), although not sure sure what his intentions were by giving Dan some bootleg Eau de vie. On the way back to our ferry me and Dan paid a visit to Bayeux and the Tapestry before having a lovely meal in Hotel Matilde before meeting up with Dave and Jan in Caen for our overnight crossing back home. We will definately be returning here and already some of the Branch have asked if we can go again next year.

Our Stand at Silverstone

One small moan from me is that everyone vanished to watch the racing and left me all alone on the stand. For the BSB we will have to have a rota system with everyone doing at least one hour on the stand. It was very awkward having to ask someone from a neighbouring stand to watch ours whilst I went to the loo. Still thank you to all who help erect and unerect the stand. Our EOR’s have continued with good numbers on each one. We had a good Branch turnout at The Honda Day at Boughton House, everyone seemed to really enjoy the day. Well done Dibble. Still to come: we have been invited to the VJMC day on 4th September, the of course it’s the National Rally and BSB at Silverstone 23rd - 25th September Ride Safe

HOC stand at Billing Bike Fest SUMMER 2011

Sue xx 91


Secretary: Graeme Burrough - 07050 158 381 Northumbria do Scotland Scotland is always a popular destination for motorcycling and being practically on our doorstep it’s an obvious choice for Northumbrians to make when looking for a good holiday on the bikes. The downside of Scotland is, of course, the unpredictable nature of the weather which during most of this year could most kindly be described as ‘wet’. We had planned this trip of 7 days/6 nights back in January when our resident Scotsman, Dave, suggested it with himself as knowledgeable guide. In those cold, dark days a week at the end of July sounded good and we all looked forward to warm sunny days but in the approaching months and weeks the prospects of good weather looked as bleak as the constant rain that Scotland seemed to be getting through its excuse for a summer.

book of a week of amazing rides on fantastic roads through glorious scenery. Seven of us, on five bikes, were welcomed at the Athol Villa guest house by our hosts for the week Jim and Anne. There was a little initial confusion over rooms and some of us had a small wait while the accommodation was made ready but the place turned out to be reasonably comfortable and the breakfasts were sumptuous. There was plenty of parking for the bikes but the drive and parking area was gravel so not ideal, although Jim provided slates for our sidestands and a drying area for our kit was available if needed (though thankfully it wasn’t!).

A short stop at Glen Shee in the Cairngorms

Graeme, Ann, Roland, Les, Frazer and Maureen enjoy Pitlochry sunshine

However, the Saturday morning that we met up on started fine and sunny and continued as we rode north via Jedburgh and Stirling on to our base in Pitlochry. And, amazingly, it continued that way for the week with only a slight shower on Thursday blotting the copy 92

Unfortunately, due to some health problems, Dave (who organised the trip) couldn’t make it so Graeme took over as lead on the magnificent routes that Dave had planned. The first day saw us head into the Cairngorms via Glen Shee and the Lecht returning via Aviemore for lunch. It was a little raw and windy up in the mountains but the views were magnificent. Descending towards Aviemore we could feel the increase in temperature and it was very warm by the time we stopped and had lunch at a little pavement café. SUMMER 2011

The remainder of the week took us past many lochs, through Glencoe to Fort Augustus on Loch Ness, up to Inverness and the Black Isle and a magnificent ride out to Ullapool (on a day when my wife Maureen and I took a day out to visit Scone Palace, so we missed what everyone classed as the best ride of the week!). And all the time, the weather gods smiled on us by keeping the clouds at bay.

Time to cool off with an ice cream in Rosemarkie

But there’s more to a biking holiday than just riding, of course. Eating and drinking is almost as important and we ensured that we covered that aspect very well indeed. MacKay’s in Pitlochry proved to be popular – especially the whisky tasting evening when Frazer and I particularly ensured that we experienced the Scottish culture to the full!

Jim and Maureen at the Commando Memorial near Spean Bridge

So, a fabulous week with good weather, good rides and good company. If you ever get the chance to visit Scotland on your bike, take it. Just make sure that you don’t offend the weather gods before you go.


Contributors always wanted Perhaps you have been on an adventure, taken part in something a little different or want to show off your bike. We love to get articles from members, especially with photos. Keep your text to below 1000 words please and send the best quality photos that you have (web photos are rarely good enough)

Please send to: SUMMER 2011



Secretary: Erica Gassor - 07799 492235 Well another summer has dashed by with lots of fun and activities on our bikes – in fact with all the 50th Anniversary celebrations as well, this year seems to have gone even quicker. There have been some excellent events where lots of different branches have been able to get together in the sunshine - among lots and lots of Honda’s at the Ace Cafe in May, at the Chairman’s Challenge rides, the Reading HOC Roast BBQ in Gloucester (photos please), the Calne Bike Day and more latterly the HOC 50th Show at Boughton House - all excellent events. The summer time saw the Branch back at Abingdon Honda to test ride the new Honda Crossrunner alongside our favourites from the previous test ride day. An early start with egg and bacon butties and cake for elevensie’s saw the Branch members once again comparing the different bikes in the Honda range. The weather has also been good for our ride out’s at Oxford - from lazing in the sunshine on a ride around the Cotswolds to Broughton Castle to the joint ride with Wiltshire Branch to Abergavenny. It was also good weather for our HOC 50th celebration evening and Best Bike Night at the Foxcombe Lodge. Dave Andrews contacted several of the original Oxford Branch members and we are delighted to say that six came along to join us, judging which was the ‘best bike’ on the night and giving some delightful insights into how the Branch was in the early days in the 1960s (it transpired that the branch was formed in 1964). Our meetings have been well attended and we have also welcomed some new members. In June we were honoured to host the Oxford Motorcycle Forum with representatives from 94

MAG, BMF and Oxfordshire County Council and Highways Division. The forum presented an excellent opportunity to discuss issues which affect bikers and notes were made by the Oxford CC representatives. Another interesting presentation was by ‘Trail and Off Road’ from Devizes. This presentation so enthused those listening that three of the members took up the special offer price and did an off road day later in the week - amidst the bumps and bruises an excellent time was enjoyed by them all. The manager from the newly opened branch of Hein Gericke in Eynsham came along to update us all on the latest touring gear and we recently had an interesting and entertaining presentation on advanced riding by Dave, who is a Class 1 police rider. Oxford also had a stand at the Abingdon Air Show to promote the Branch and our HOC support for the Air Ambulance during our 50th Anniversary year. Perhaps the highlight of the highlight of the quarter, if it is possible to choose one, was the Oxford/Gloucester 50th Anniversary Rally at The Lower Lode in Gloucestershire. Excellent sunshine, warm welcoming hospitality from the pub, good food and beer, a mind-taxing quiz on the Friday evening, brilliant ride out on Saturday to the Hidden Gardens near Chepstow, fun and games in our very own mini Olympics early Saturday evening and a brilliant guitarist entertainer Saturday night all lead to a very enjoyable weekend for us all. Still lots of events and rides to do and warm days (hopefully) to look forward to... all to be reported in the next no doubt bumper issue of Golden Wing.






Secretary: Bryan Moody - 07813 849782 The last few months have flown past for the members of the Reading Rabble. In May we had a visit from our local dealership - Reading Honda - who came to let us know current and future developments both nationally and locally from Honda. The technicians came down and carried out free safety checks on the member’s bikes. Only one bike was condemned, with headstock bearings knackered. It all proved useful in building the relationship with the club and the dealership. In May Bob led his annual trip to Scotland. All those who made the trip had a fantastic time riding many miles and seeing stunning countryside. The 2012 trip is already in the planning stages and will be included in the diary for next year. The beginning of June brought us together with Reading Honda once more as they let us loose on the test fleet. A great day was had by all trying out the new Crossrunner and the CBR600F. The Crossrunner didn’t get many `good reviews’, but the CBR600F was a hoot! Our thanks go out to Gareth and the guys there who made us so welcome.

Chips in Cromer

Unfortunately the weather caused a bit of an issue in June as Steve unfortunately had to call off our run to Haynes museum, there was a hint of rain and his bike apparently melts, or so he would have us believe, if it gets wet. We 96

will be rescheduling this ride for the future. A weekend away ended June for the rabble. Ma and Pa Worzel provided the campsite in their garden, with cakes a plenty.

Worzels campsite

A nice gentle ride up there in lovely weather was followed by chips on the front in Cromer. Breakfast was a feast to behold, bacon rolls, sausage rolls, tea, coffee and… cakes!!! Thanks go out from the Rabble to Ma and Pa for their hospitality. The ride back was more eventful as we met up with Norfolk Branch for a ride down to Hunstanton along the coast road. Dave Wiffen decided this was the opportunity to start making a play for a new bike by allowing his Pan to start smoking and cut out. He was the lucky one as he was transported home in an air-conditioned transporter as the rest of us lost pounds as we sweated all the way home in really high temperatures. All in all an excellent weekend. July brought Bobs annual Ironbridge weekend. A great weekend had by one and all. A few running repairs to Gavins bike and loads of interesting roads in Wales. Rumour has it Bob was beaten by a breakfast one morning, I know this is hard to believe but I have it on good authority. The weather beat us again in July with the cancellation of the Bournemouth Bumble, SUMMER 2011

again hopefully this will be rescheduled in the future. The Thursday Night Trundle to be led by Taz set out. The destination was Box Hill, but in Taz’s normal way of leading it went nowhere near there and in fact ended up at Nelsons Diner for milkshakes. We can’t wait for Taz to actually take us where he said he was going to!!! The HOC roast this year was hosted by Reading. Rachel had the idea of a BBQ which was duly organised at the Crickley Hill Country Park. 56 people turned up for the event with members from Wales, Gloucester, Bristol, Oxford and Wiltshire joining the Rabble from Reading for a great meeting. Dave Wiffen took this as his second opportunity to go for a new bike. This time he managed to arrange for his bike to have ’electrical’ problems with Edith on the back. After a few running repairs he was with us again. With help from the rest of his friends Edith has been convinced that a new bike is more important than a kitchen so Dave has been shopping!!! If anyone is looking for a place to go for a day out I would recommend Crickley Hill.

HOC Henge at the rally

Debbie, our resident St Johns person, gave us a talk on the importance of ICE and the need for paramedics to understand any specific needs of the patient in an emergency. A local group - HeliBikes - are providing Crash Cards for the members to carry when riding. These are to provide any necessary information in the event of an emergency. The 50th Anniversary Bike Show was well attended by members from Reading. A good ride up was had by six of us, picking up Bob SUMMER 2011

at a stop on the way, dragging him away from his breakfast plate! There were loads of bikes and friends from many branches there. A good day chatting was had by all. The weather started to come in on the way home. Some of us made it back dry, others managed to time it just perfectly to meet a thunderstorm, it must have been the breakfast which slowed Bob down! Dave Wiffen also managed a little bit of wetness, this put the final piece in the jigsaw of the new bike… he needs a quicker one!

Cock and Bull 2 attendees

Cock and Bull Rally No. 2 turned out to be a great weekend. We were well looked after by our host at the Swan. This year had even more attendees and significantly more tents staying over the weekend. Members from many other branches joined us and from the feedback received had a good time. Entertainment included Angies Gridlock, a walking treasure hunt on Friday followed by a harpist who was outstanding. Saturday night a guitarist/singer entertained us together with our very own Vicki. Dave Wiffen had a few and decided to serenade us all in a duet with Taz. Edith will not let him out again if he continues in this way I am sure. Our rideout took us down to Littlehampton, and we had chips on the front, what a surprise. Anyway the rally was a success, can’t wait for number 3! The diary is filling up for the rest of the year, and we are all looking forward to the National. Hope to see you all there. p.s. Dave Wiffen has a new bike!!!!!

Bryan 97


The group met at the MacDonald’s at the Showcase Cinema at 10.30 am, as usual. John Taylor again had planned, suggested and prepared a route for a run to Fort William. However when we arrived at the meeting place and the weather was discussed (a great British pastime), Fort William seemed to promise to be a wee bit wet, according to the weather forecasters, and we all know how accurate they’ve been in the past. An alternative route was suggested which would keep us a little more to the East and hopefully miss the promised rain. John asked if I would take point as I (appeared) to know where I was going, I agreed as long as we could be flexible on the actual destination and eventual route because of my attempts to guide us on one of John’s previously well planned routes. This was not a ruse to allow me to be cavalier with the intended destination, or just pick any road to meander down, I intended to go to Aberfeldy then Crieff. We headed up to Milton of Campsie then Strathblane, a road we have travelled before due to its nice bends and scenery. Taking a right at the roundabout at the Rob Roy Hotel along the A81 towards Port of Montieth then on to Callander. The Highland Games were about to start but we managed to fuel up and leave before things began to get really busy with spectators, dancers, pipers and caber tossers. Continuing up the A84, alongside the stunning Loch Lubnaig through Strathyre and Lochearnhead we turned East (to avoid the promised wetness) on the A827 towards Killin. The weather was kind to us so far, only a little drizzle, What we nearly call sunshine in Scotland. There were plenty of tourists in Killin, exploring the Falls of Dochart and the 98

Organiser: John Taylor

local coffee shops. We resisted both and passed through, then continued along the A827 alongside and above the very scenic Loch Tay. It was still dry but very dull, this route if you know it, is fantastic in the sunshine but today, it wasn’t to be. We passed through Kenmore, (nobody ended up in the golf club) which necessitated everyone being aware of the nasty right hand bend in the middle of the village. Up the hill where Davie again, wrung the neck out of his CB125 to maintain some momentum, otherwise he was managing to keep up with us at a reasonable speed of 50mph, which is a fair speed on these roads if you want to look around. The group stopped in Aberfeldy, one of these place names that just roll off a Guid Scottish Tongue, try it once or twice to see what I mean. A few rolls, teas and coffees (and Shelagh’s piece of cake) and a good blether later , we were ready to move off again. It was good to catch up with Stephen who joined us again for this run, he has changed his Deauville for a Black Pan, which is a good example of the breed, very nice indeed. Robert on his Kawasaki ER6, a friend and colleague of John’s also joined us today and

Davie, Shelagh, John & Margaret SUMMER 2011

hope he’ll come again in the future .My sister Shelagh, (of the second roll and cake), who recently passed her Direct Access was riding her CB500. All in all, there were six bikes and seven people along for the rideout. John, his wife Margaret, Davie, Shelagh, Stevie, Rab and myself all out for a wee bimble and a catch-up. We set off along the A826 then the A822 through the “Sma’ Glen”, again great roads and scenery. The only downside were two coaches, one driver was considerate and indicated to let us pass and the other seemed to be oblivious or just downright obstinate and inconsiderate who seemed to take up most of the two lanes of the road when it suited him. However we all passed them after a couple of heart stopping moments. We journeyed through Crieff, a picturesque little town in Perthshire, which is actually built on the side of a very large hill, I know, as I once had to walk from one end to the other. (from the bottom to the top). It’s amazing how little you realize the terrain of your


surroundings when you’re in a car or on a bike. Turning right on the A85, we rode to Comrie and turned left on the B827. This unassuming but pretty little road takes you over the hills to Braco to join the A9 at Greenloaning. We stopped at the Little Chef to allow John to fuel up his Pan and ensure everyone would find their way home. John also pointed out my dipped headlight bulb was inoperative, not a problem at this stage as it was still light, but would have to be addressed sooner rather than later. We all said our goodbyes and continued down the A9 to the Dunblane Roundabout where Davie and I took the non-motorway route through Bridge of Allan and Stirling to allow Davie to get home legally and for a reasonable hour to let him peel the “tatties” for his dinner. All in all it was a great day, the roads, the scenery, the chat and companionship was all that you could wish for, all we needed was the sun, maybe next time.

John G



Secretary: Barbara Peace Tel: 01903 716035 Hi Folks. The summer season of Wednesday night and Sunday ride outs are in full swing, the Solent Rally has come and gone with a deal of success, regardless of the weather’s best intentions to spoil it, and now we are looking forward to the national rally and what to do in the ‘colder months’. Firstly, the Solent Rally. After a long period of beautiful weather the Friday of the Rally was absolutely appalling, wind and rain conspired to reduce the numbers arriving but nevertheless they were greeted with the usual Solent welcome of some hot food, beer and a dry marquee to eat and drink it in.

despite the drop in numbers due to the weather, we have just about broken even, so, all in all, the weekend can be classed a success. A big thank you and well done to all the branch members who helped out over the weekend to turn what could have so easily have been a disaster into a success. Also a big Branch thank you to all the folks who braved the terrible Friday weather to come to our rally and make it the success it was.

Solent Rally - Gosh the suns come out The ‘First Sunday of the Month’ ride outs, whilst not always being on the first Sunday, have been reasonably attended.

Solent Rally Submarine Museum Saturday was better (but not good) and only a hardy few braved the ride out to the Gosport Submarine Centre. It stayed dry, dodging the heavy showers (almost) for the journey there but we were not so lucky on the return trip when we were caught in a horrendous downpour. But, despite the ’liquid sunshine’ all those who went did agreed that it was worth it - especially the conducted tour around the submarine by an ‘old salt‘ with a dim view of political correctness. The weather cleared for the evening hog roast and a good time was had by all. Sunday morning was dry enough for everyone to pack away and leave in reasonable comfort. Barbara tells me that, 100

May was the rideout to the Honda Day at the Ace Café - a blustery day but we dodged the rain. It’s never too pleasant a ride when you get close to London but the early part of ride up through the Meon Valley and on to Basingstoke to go along the old A4 was pleasant enough until we got to the suburbs. It was good to meet some of the members and old friends from the other branches and see so many Honda’s in one place. June, and a ride to West Bay, Dorset with Jan and Fred, Tom and Sue, Geoff and Roland - ‘The forecast said rain coming in from the west . So go east’ said Sue, but she was voted down and we went west. By a lovely circuitous route we made our way to West Bay and did not get wet. ‘The rains coming’ said Sue. ’We’ll be alright’ said Tom - I should have listened as we all got drowned on the way home!! SUMMER 2011

July saw us go to the Beaulieu Ride In - a lovely summer’s day, a pleasant ride through the new forest to Beaulieu where literally thousands of bikes turned up. We had a pleasant day looking round the stalls and grounds and meeting old friends from other Branches.

If you want to be added to the group email me on We have had good reports back from members who have taken their bikes to Dan and Stuart the two Portsmouth Honda mechanics who have set up their own business, BIKEMoto, following the closure of Portsmouth Honda. John was happy with the service on his Deauville and Bill, who had taken his VFR there to get a leak from his oil cooler fixed was delighted to be told that it would be fixed for free as it was a recall fault. BIKEMoto can be contacted on 02392-698254.

Ace Café ride out The HOC Anniversary Show at Boughton Hall was the August ride out. The weather was forecast to be wet (more liquid sunshine) but the journey up was dry and an enjoyable ride through the Meon and Thames Valleys up to H’s Diner for a break and then onwards through the twisty back roads to Buckingham and Northampton was good fun. Got there just in time for lunch, a look round the stands, and ice cream and a chat with old friends. Then the clouds darkened and the rain set in and an early return home was in order. A wet slog down the A43 and A34 ended the day - never mind - can’t win ‘em all. The Wednesday Night rideouts to ‘somewhere nice’ are going well - I don’t think we have had one rained off this year -yet. Various ride outs around West Sussex and Hampshire ending in a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) at a nice pub have been mostly well attended and several new members are just coming on the ride outs rather than attending the alternate Wednesday meetings at the Southampton Rowing Club, but that is no longer a problem now that we have the ride out email group up and running. One Wednesday we went to the Thruxton Bike Nite. It was a bit of an anticlimax because there was nothing and no one there - but the ride up and back was good fun. The ride out Email group is growing and it helps us to keep in touch with any last minute changes and for those amongst us who cannot regularly attend the club night to be kept informed. SUMMER 2011

Ace Café Honda Day It was great to see that Barbara and Alan went to the Reading Rally on their Pan. It’s been a long time coming for them and I’m sure you will all join me in wishing them well for their two-wheeled future. Talking of the future we look forward to the September, October and (weather permitting) November ‘first Sunday’ ride outs. And Wednesday night rideouts until it gets too dark to go. If you have any suggestions on venues then let me know. We are looking for a venue for our Christmas Evening Meal, if you have any suggestions on a venue then please contact Barbara. If you have any queries about the Branch or just want to get in touch with us then contact Barbara Peace on or 01903 716035 if it is a rideout related query then contact me at Happy Hondaing

Tom Anderson 101

South Wales Secretary: Donna Richards - 01639 766406

I can’t believe another Summer is starting to turn to Autumn. After an excellent start to the weather in April, it has somewhat deteriorated since. However, this hasn’t stopped us from getting out and about. At the beginning of June, we had our annual weekend away. We normally go to North Wales, but for a change, this year, we decided to visit North Devon. Once again, the weather smiled on us and we had a brilliant weekend. Three bikes and three couples set off from South Wales in the morning and another bike with Mark and Debbie joined us a little later. We did manage to lose our way once or twice on the way there, but we got there in the end, safe and sound. We stayed at Lynton, where there were lovely views of the coast and we could see our beloved South Wales across the Bristol Channel.

Gareth, Steve and Terry compare SatNavs computer says no

Riding up Porlock Hill was a bit scary for some of us; so it was decided to avoid it on the way back. However, the best laid plans, as they say, the SatNav had other ideas and took us to Porlock anyway. It wasn’t too bad on the way down, though. We had some fun over the weekend. Luckily, Lyn remembered to bring her, ‘Renées’, as she calls them to stave off any indigestion from all the rich food. 102

It’s the Swedish Chef-oh no, it’s Gareth

At the end of June, we held a barbecue at Porthkerry Park in Barry. It was just a short walk for Terry and Lyn as it’s on their doorstep. It’s a lovely park and also on the coast. It was looking a bit dodgy, as the weather had been bad all day, but it brightened up just in time for us. Gareth did the cooking, complete with Chef’s toque, (that means his hat!). I had a lovely surprise as Joy had made me a birthday cake - chocolate, of course! That really ended the day well. Thanks to Joy and Phil for being so thoughtful. At the beginning of July, we went on our annual trip to Aberaeron Seafood Festival. Once again, the sun shone. It was really busy, probably because the weather was so good, although the reputation of the festival is spreading and many people go there for the excellent food; some prepared by top chefs from local high class hotels. Even if seafood is not your thing, you can’t fail to be impressed by the honey flavoured ice-cream – yum!

South Wales at Aberaeron SUMMER 2011

We were delighted this year to be invited by Reading Branch to their HOC Roast/ picnic/ barbecue at Crickley Hill Country Park, Near Gloucester. We had a very pleasant ride to the park and what a lovely park it is. There are views for miles around and a nice picnic and barbecue area too. It was nice to have the opportunity to get together with some of the other Branches and we had a really good laugh. Thanks to Reading Branch for making us feel really welcome. We have recently returned from our annual holiday. This year, four bikes and four couples went to Brittany. The holiday was arranged by Ann and Steve, who really did a superb job. We stayed at a B&B run by a British couple called Cliff and Mary-Ellen Webb.

like Abergavenny Bus Station on a Sunday. However, there was a charge of £1 per bike to take it onto the quay. That’s not much, I suppose, but it was difficult to find out where that money went. There must have been at least 2,000 bikes there that night – a lot of money. We were told that £5,000 was donated to charity last year, but if they are collecting about £2,000 a week, what’s happening to the rest of it? Anyway, if you’re in the area, then it’s interesting to see, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

Lyn and Terry in relaxed holiday mode


The B&B, called, Webb’s of Glomel was in a really central part of Brittany and it was a really good base to travel around. I’ll send in a separate report about the holiday, but I wanted to mention that Cliff has offered a 10% discount to all HOC members and he is considering taking out an advert in the Golden Wing. It was a lovely B&B and we had a really warm welcome. It felt like staying with friends. Thanks to Ann and Steve for arranging it all. You really put an excellent package together. Gareth and I were recently in Poole for their weekly Bike Night. Every Tuesday throughout the Summer, thousands - and I mean thousands - of bikes congregate on Poole Quay so that their owners can show off and chew the fat. In many respects, it was just SUMMER 2011

Since my last report, we’ve had to make another change to our meeting place. The Hare and Hounds has been taken over by new management and they have decided to open the restaurant every night of the week. This means that Wednesday is now a curry night, so we have had to move out. We are now meeting at The Golden Mile, Corntown, Near Bridgend. Hopefully, this will be our last move for a while. Well, the Summer might be drawing to a close, but we still have a lot in our diary to keep us busy. Bank Holiday weekend, we are off to Pembrey for a picnic and some motorbike racing. The National Rally is coming up and I’m pleased that quite a few of South Wales Branch are going this year. Then, of course, our Christmas Party is booked. This year, it’s an Abba theme night, so I can’t wait to see the costumes. That’s it from me for now. Take care, all!

Donna 103

Three Shires

Secretary: Keven Ludlam - 0114 281 7193 or 07753593641 Have we had summer? Maybe not but in spite of the rain and changing temperatures, the Three Shires have been on the road. Sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the monsoon conditions but always having fun. Highlights have included the Yorkshire Mining Museum, Jodrell Bank Observatory, The East Midlands HOC Roast and the Three Shires Summer Rally as well as some fantastic ride outs. March saw the first of the Chairman’s Challenge and a plan to attend all the challenges throughout the year, best laid plans and all that… this first one had me and Angie, Mick Yeomans, new Guy Rob turn up for the ride, later to be joined by John Awty at the meet. April and the second Chairman’s Challenge in Derby, Angie and me got there early, wow the weather is great – Summer’s here… could this be what’s to come with Global Warming this year? As it turns out… no! Some take to the road for a quick trip to the Squires Café or Willingham Woods at Market Rasen a great biker meeting point with some fabulous roads in the area. May and the BMF rally. Fantastic set up once again and a deserved 1st prize for Kim & Co. well done. June and a trip to the National Mining Museum near Wakefield, well worth a visit. One of our members (Pop), has been a coal miner for most of his life, believe me when I say, when you’ve been down the coal mine for the visit and tour you gain massive respect for the miners in general. We all looked at Pop through different eyes, Respect Dude (as one says) we also found out where he gets his sense of humour…


Mining Museum

The Summer Rally at the Blacksmiths – what a great week end, lots of people there and good entertainment, the Raffle on Sat night raised £80+ for the Egg Run appeal, this and the donations from the Sandwich van on the day of the run took the total for the year to £9350 (inc £5000 from the Toesland dude) the best ever. Sadly quite a few of us were a little “under the weather” on Saturday morning (due to bad alcohol) so we cancelled the ride out - this turned out to be a very shrewd move because the weather turned particularly bad and to go out would not have been fun. So we gave it a few hours and had a quick trip to the Newark Barge for lunch. This didn’t dampen our spirits and the weekend proved a success. June also saw 3 of us take to the road for the Jodrell Bank trip - in Monsoon conditions. A very interesting place.


August and the highlight of the month for us, the HOC 50th Anniversary Show at Boughton House - FANTASTIC day well done HOC - so good to see so many bikes and friends - what a day.

Jodrell Bank

July and we decide to fulfil the Summer Rally Ride out originally planned for June. A visit to the “Bubble Car” museum in Lincolnshire - fantastic ride some incredible roads taking in, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Yorkshire - a meandering trip with a total of 225miles arriving at the Bubble Car Museum at lunch time only to find that the place has shut down!!! Didn’t matter, the ride out was fantastic well done Stuart Hector and the touch screen sat nav (hand drawn map in a tank bag).

VFR Line up

National Rally to look forward to - can’t wait… please God, let there be an Indian Summer and we can ride our bikes a little longer this year. Christmas dinner to look forward to and then it starts all over again… Keep smilin’

Kev Remember to stay in touch with your Branch Secretary

Stu’s Summer ride

June also saw the HOC Roast with the Eastern Branch at The Birch Tree pub - good food, great company fabulous ride down there - thanks guys. SUMMER 2011

Additional events are arranged and advertised at Branch meetings, especially those arranged at short notice so don’t miss out 105

West Coast Riders

Contact: Gary Fisher - 07932 058540

Adiou, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, hwyl fawr, farewell. Guys I am writing this with great sadness as after 7 years of running this Branch, Phil and I have decided to hand over the reins to someone else. We have never been able to make this Branch the success I was hoping for. We’ve had years of no shows to meetings and rideouts and on the odd occasion, a few people have shown up for things, but things came to a head this year and I have decided to stop wasting my days off planning things just for no-one or hardly anyone to show up to them… it’s very disheartening. So Gary Fisher from Manchester Branch has taken over and they will be changing the name of the Branch, so look out for reports from him instead and I wish him all the best with the venture. Me with Gareth and Dibble at the OK Diner

And so onto our last goings on as West Coast Riders. It starts with our holiday to Ireland to watch the very wet and bomb scary NW 200 in May. This was just Phil and I mind, no-one made it to this one, although someone was supposed to be coming with us, but unfortunately work got in the way for him, so Friday 20th saw us getting on the ferry to Dublin followed by a gorgeous ride up the A2 coast road to our holiday home for the week in Ballycastle. Then it was race day on the Saturday. what a disaster. Rain, bomb scares and spilt oil from Ryan Farqhuar saw to it that we only got to see 1 race, but at least we got 106

to see Paul Owen racing on the bike we help sponsor so that was cool. But 2 soggy bods decided we’d had enough and went back to the apartment.

Me and Phil at Giant’s Causeway

The rest of the week was spent dodging rain and sight-seeing as much as we could, although there was 2 days that we didn’t dare go out on the bike due to gales… oh well that’s holidays in Ireland for ya!!!, but when the sun shone we did have a good time and got to do most of what we’d planned. Then a week or so later some stupid cow pulled out on Phil when he was on his way to pick me up from work and knocked him off the bike… he wasn’t too bad, just a bit of bruising and discomfort, but my G was scratched and broken in a few places, but our wonderful personal lawyer John Measures has been on the case and is sorting us out some pennies so we’re hoping to add a new member to the family fairly soon so G can really be my baby for ever LOL. It was off for an evening ride to Llandudno in June for us and the 1 person that showed up, so thank you Richard as usual. Had a wonderful meal at the usual place (Home Cookin) then a few piccies at the seaside followed by a really nice ride home the long way round (as usual with us, we don’t do straight). SUMMER 2011

...and the trophy goes back to the Northumberland guys

And so onto what was planned as a really special weekend for us, with a quiz re-match visit from the Northumberland Branch to try to win their trophy back (which they did, would’ve been embarassing if they hadn’t eh!!!) on the Saturday night and then off to George Whites in Swindon and meet up with everyone for one of the Chairmans Challenges in Leominster on the way back on the Sunday… well only 1 person showed to both events and it was the same person that showed to both. I was so embarrassed on the Saturday night especially as 8 people had managed to make it all the way from Northumberland for the quiz and only 1 of my guys showed. But on a positive note, we 3 had a fantastic night with the Northumberland guys, so thank you very much folks for a brilliant night and I hope I didn’t make the quiz too hard for ya LOL.

The gang outside the Electric Mountain

The next ride was to the Electric Mountain in Llanberis. On the Friday night before I’d asked a few mates from our local bikers meet café if they wanted to come along with us and had a fab day, weather was stunning, company was great and ride was amazing… see what you’ve all been missing out on people… oh well too late now!!! SUMMER 2011

And so to our final farewell ride to the much hyped and so enjoyed day out to the HOC Show in Boughton House near Kettering. Again the only people that came with us were friends from the café and they really enjoyed themselves even though I did drag them all out of their pits at stupid o’clock to get there early. Much much thanks must go to Dibble and anyone else who helped organise the day, the setting was gorgeous and the event was a massive success and the Spitfires just topped off a great day. We’d left our house at 6.00am and didn’t get home till 9.00pm… very shattered but hugged to bits by all our wonderful friends after having a great day.

Jennie, Diane and the gang do a great job

And that as they say is the final curtain on what has for us at least been a very enjoyable 7 years running the Branch on the occasions when we got to do what we’d planned anyway. We will still of course be members of the club and will hopefully now maybe get to enjoy a few more national things now we don’t have my 1 Sunday a month tied up in rides for the Branch. And I will still be organising the NEC so don’t forget to come and say hello there. Soooooooooooooo looking forward to the National Rally and our 50th Anniversary holiday to Austria with Dibble, Mark, Graeme and Jax… party on guys xxxxxxxxxxx Ciao peeps, been a great ride!!!! See you soon ride safe.

Love Rona & Phil xxxxx 107

West London Secretary: Steve Hill - 01689 850999

Wow - seems like only yesterday we were compiling the last Branch Report... Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!! Well, Summer is on the way out now and it wasn’t anything to write home about for the most part. Still, we managed quite a few rideouts

VFR rat at the Ace Café Honda Day

After that we had a breakfast run to Loomies (must make a note - watch out for the speed cameras next time!!) Good ride there cholesterol enriched brekkies and then home.

Steve pretty in pink!!

We went to the Honda Day at the Ace Café in May - it was a very well attended and enjoyable event - good to see lots of Branches attending. Steve looked lovely in his pink tabard!!!


Solent Rally - drying out

The Solent Rally in June was interesting - t poured with rain most of the way down - and my waterproof boots weren’t... Just as we were pitching tent the heavens opened ... Grrr!!! A brilliant rally as usual with a free


hog roast, lovely chat in the marquee over a few (?) drinks in the evening and a big breakfast before we had to pack up and go home (Thanks to Mia for the plastic bags for my feet and to John Measures who let us use his electric pump for our airbeds when we decided that our hand pump really had given up the ghost). I didn’t go on the Beaulieu Ride In or the HOC Roast at The Crown in Capel (courtesy of Chris and North Downs Branch) but I understand a good time was had by all.

Boughton House foundations shaken!

Good to see Jennie busy in her HOC ‘shop’ - the range of goods is amazing!!! Just one small thing - could you please spell Richard Edelsten’s name right please ??? (Edelsten) We left before the Spitfire flypast but Chris Ward has some excellent photos.

Jude,Mike & Julian at Boughton House

One event we could not miss was the HOC 50th Anniversary Bike Show at Boughton House. Great ride up there with new member Julian. Jon decided to follow Steve through the ford and almost fell off!!! The venue was stunning - couldn’t have asked for more (apart from chips). Loads of bikes turned up for this and the sun shone (for the most part) and we had a good look at a cross section of bikes from over the years. Jim Redman’s little Honda was LOUD!!


Well - that’s what we did in what passes for our summer... Future events include BSB racing at Cadwell Park, Ace Cafe Rockers Reunion, the main event of the year - the National Rally and the Hornet Swarm at the Ace. As a Branch we seem to have picked up a few new members who I think are ‘keepers’ welcome to Julian and Clive. Hopefully we will gain some more over the Autumn months to join us on our rides. If you are in our area come along and see us and check our website and FB (West London Honda Owners Club) page for up to date info!! Hope to see you soon

Jude (& Steve)


West Yorkshire Secretary: Big Steve 01274 772970

Here we are heading towards the end of the summer and so far we have had 3 runs cancelled with the rain…. The run to Scotland was good, see Richards report. Thanks to the members who came along, we have a few runs still to come so keep an eye on the web site for details. By the time you read this we will have been to the 50th Anniversary National Rally but more on that in the next report… We will be helping out at the Northern Cross MCC’s 1st Poppy Party on the 24th September again all the details are on the web site so looking forward to that… We had a ride out to the Armed Forces Day at South Shields. We also had a Picnic run to Barley and we got the weather, we went along some fantastic roads and all day did just 120 miles but everybody had a good day.


The Hitching Post again gave us a good feed at our monthly meeting (first Monday of the Month) they really look after us so get down to a meeting… I went for a day at wheelie school which Maria got me for last Christmas. I would like to welcome Ian & Andrea (Andi) to the Branch, they have been out with us for some runs and got down to the meetings as well as a Rally we were on so like I said welcome to them… that’s them on the left with Pockets. That’s it, not much for this report but try to get down to see us… See ya all soon…

Steve & Maria





Secretary: Ian Hammond - 07989 531121 Yep, here we go with another report and as such I will mention the events which at least 3 of us went to, and some photos to proof it, although others were attended and still enjoyed. Back in June Dave Barton kindly came over from Southampton and give us an enlightening talk about his experiences and input into how the club came to into existence and the development in the early years, and how it took a lot of faith in the brand to be accepted as a serious and respected manufacturer, of which we found interesting, especially looking at some of the early magazines/ brochures. The ride out on the Sunday 19th up to Warwick Castle was a good sunny day, but only managed to get 12 bikes together, which was fair with consideration of the other attractions at this time of year, but was certainly enjoyable, as the castle its self was holding classic motor event. Now some guys have in their diary a visit to Cassington bike night which is held every year on the last Monday of June, but a note appeared on the organisers website of it being cancelled this year, due to its popularity and as such the safety of large numbers was a concern, but it still didn’t stop people going as Keith commented after popping over for a few hours as the weather was ideal for biking.

Poole quay side 112

The following day it had been agreed to meet up early as long as the weather was fair, which it was and ride down to Poole bike night so as to guarantee parking up on the quay road without any difficulty and not ending up to a mile away. It certainly is always popular and worth the effort as it has a great atmosphere and has the good old formula of bikes, sea, sun and food, whether fish and chips or ice creams. In July we decided to just have a social get together on the members night, but it still seemed the evening flew by before we all left the Red Lion by last orders.

The usual suspects at Calne Bike Show

We had a busy weekend near the end of the month which saw us down at the Calne Bike Show on Saturday 23rd, you can see us and so we had one of the gazebos and got a good spot as we were right in the middle and no one really could ignore us, we certainly had a good day and with enough support and bikes on the stand, and we even had the town’s lady mayor have a chat, as she had sons who were bikers. The level of interest was certainly encouraging and SUMMER 2011

talking to people who took away a form was great as we seemed to have new members from it, also it was nice to welcome quite a few members from other Branches who came down for the day, and it’s already booked for next year and on the same piece of pavement. Sunday 24th was the HOC Roast which saw some meet up with a group from the Oxford branch and join with Reading who had organized the ride out and the bbq destination down to Crickley Hill near Birdlip just off the A419, where Bob Swift was in his element , preparing the ‘barbies’, and with the weather holding with some sun, meant there wasn’t a need to end up eating in a pub, and so certainly made for a good day with 22 bikes taking part. In August like others, the trip was made on the Sunday up to the Anniversary show at Boughton House, which saw a few bikes join many others on a day which as the photos show was certainly enjoyed by

all with quite a few machines seen which don’t always see the light of day, but for the journey home when it started to rain a little this didn’t dampen the feeling of a brilliant day, apart from unfortunately losing big Jim somewhere on the way back after refuelling, so we assume he took the scenic route. August also saw us holding our AGM, and certainly nice to see a good turnout and new members come along, where we discussed the issues on a balanced platform, but no SUMMER 2011

real upsets, just agreement of improving on our present policy to promote and listen. With minor changes to the committee, we continue to grow steadily which is encouraging.

Abergavenney bus station!

On the following Sunday of the 14th we had a sunny start with over 20 bikes, with Ted and others from Oxford, Glen down from Bedford and Bob Swift from Reading for the ride-out up to Abergavenny which Glyn had planned and duly led. It certainly was good dry day, which I think pleased Keith, telling by the smile on his face, as he managed to have a new BMW on an assessment ride for the whole weekend. On reaching our destination, it was nice seeing so many bikes making good use of a bus station, and the cafe was doing good business, although I didn’t see any welsh rarebit, so apart from going across the A40 twice, but that’s part of the fun sometimes of getting a little lost and seeing some different countryside, we managed to get to Tintern Abbey for our last stop of the day after we had lunch at the old Tintern rail stop. We split up afterwards, as some were going to stay a little longer, and so made our way back home through the Forest of Dean and round Gloucester and then blasting along the A419 over to Swindon to finish still in the dry. The next big event for some will be attending the National Rally, so by the time you read this it’ll be something everyone will be talking about and remembering as a great experience. So I think more bends to tackle before the autumn leaves make life fun.

Ian 113

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can offer you the latest in style and protection. Our Parts department provides you with a 1 stop shop for any Honda replacement parts that you may require, in additional to a wide range of motorcycle accessories, maintenance products and security equipment. We have a fully equipped Service Centre which allows us to provide you with a full range of services including MOTs, Servicing, Crash Repairs and Tyre fitting all by our fully qualified technicians. Our selection of courtesy bikes allows you to leave your bike with us and go about your day with minimal disruption. Let us know you are a Honda Owner’s Club member and we shall give you a 15% discount off of parts and accessories (subject to terms and conditions). Call us on 020 8668 8851/56, email us at or visit our website at 115

Honda Accessories & Merchandise

So Much More than Meets the Eye! Personalising and customising your motorbike or scooter is something that is an interest and past-time for many two-wheel enthusiasts and so Honda enjoys creating an extensive range of high quality Honda Genuine Parts and Accessories designed to fulfil customers’ desires, as well as a range of more personalised items to style yourself and show support for the brand. Honda Access Europe (HACE) is the company behind this great range of products. Based in Belgium, the team carries out extensive customer research to keep in line with trends and customer requirements, and then sets about with the design, development, production and sales of these accessories to European ‘Genpos’ (Honda subsidiary companies eg UK, Spain, France etc) for sale through the official dealer networks.

To anticipate customer requirements as well as achieve the Honda Engineering Standard (HES), HACE works closely with Honda’s central Product Planning and R&D divisions, as well as European Genpos. This ensures that every product is tailored specifically for a particular motorcycle from the outset as well as work practically for the customer.

Why buy ‘Honda Genuine’?

when there are so many aftermarket alternatives Firstly each and every Honda Genuine part and accessory is designed specifically for an individual model in the Honda range and is engineered to the same high standard as the motorcycle itself. They are rigorously tested to ensure flawless operation, seamless fit and real world durability. So whatever you choose, it will fit your bike and your style. Importantly, Honda Genuine products also give total peace of mind by carrying a Honda guarantee for two years when purchased with a new motorcycle, or 12 months otherwise. And with top class customer service a priority to Honda, the sophisticated Honda Logistics Centre aims to provide parts and accessories within 24 hours to its Europe markets. All this work in the background does mean 116

that some accessories may incur more costs in production and also the volumes manufactured may be slightly lower than mass model aftermarket/substitute products, which does sometimes reflect in the price. That said, Honda accessories are often as competitively priced as other aftermarket alternatives and do represent great value for money overall when you consider the durability, quality, bespoke design for individual bikes and purpose, colour matching and warranty peace of mind, to name a few of the benefits. With Honda’s huge range of Genuine Accessories not only can you truly make your Honda your own but also express some of your own personality and style too. With so much to choose from where do you start...? SUMMER 2011

Heated grips, colour matched luggage designed to work with the contours and performance of the bike, fitted inner liners, security products, sat nav kits, lower/ narrower seat options, indoor and outdoor covers, higher windshields, tankbags, 12v socket sets, Akrapovic slip on exhausts and more... And then there’s the styling elements such as colour matched or carbon fibre look huggers,

front mudguards, protective pads and films, decorative casing covers, wheel sticker sets, top box spoilers, chrome accessories and seat cowls to name but a few! But we mustn’t forget pillions too and to aid their comfort and enjoyment Honda offers items such as armrests and back rests on selected models too.

However, it’s not just about the bike.....! Honda also has a great range of accessories and merchandise for riders and fans too with Honda Original Goods, also designed and produced by HACE. Honda Original Goods have a full range of branded leisure clothing incorporating t-shirts in various styles, shirts, long sleeved sweatshirts, fleeces, caps, hoodies and jackets - all for both men and women - as well as non-clothing branded merchandise such as retro

styled cups and saucers, helmet bags, beach towels, umbrellas, a bicycle, teddy bears, stylish watches, pens, lapel pins, sunglasses, keyrings, rucksaks and so much more - ideal for every Honda fan or a perfect gift! In the UK, there is also Honda Official Licensed riding clothing from Joe Rocket, offering a range of leather and textile riding apparel, available from all Honda dealers.

To view the products for all Honda Genuine accessories, merchandise and clothing, please visit and, where a motorcycle configurator can tailor your desired bike accessories specification, and merchandise brochures and ranges can be viewed and downloaded. Your local Honda (UK) motorcycle dealer would then be delighted to take your order to ensure you get just what you’re looking for. SUMMER 2011


TT 2011 Review Relive the action, drama and atmosphere of the amazing 2011 Isle of Man TT fuelled by Monster Energy. The Official Review features comprehensive coverage of every race, practice and the unique festival atmosphere which surrounds the world’s great road race. This is racing at its most extreme - speeds of more than 190mph just inches from hedges, houses and walls. New trackside camera angles, breathtaking aerial footage and white-knuckle on-board sequences put you at the heart of the action for unrivalled race coverage, exclusive behind-the-scenes access and special features. This year revealing thermal imaging technology appears alongside the stunning ultra slow-motion camera footage. Once again, expert commentary and analysis comes courtesy of former racers Steve Parrish and James Whitham, and, in the Dainese Superbike new for 2011, TT-winner Steve and PokerStars Senior TT, Plater joins the team. although fan’s favourite Guy Martin made the Morecambe ‘King of the Mountain’ John missile work for his 17th McGuinness reclaimed his victory every mile of the way. crown with stunning rides

Michael Dunlop, Bruce Anstey, Michael Rutter and the Sidecar team of Klaus Klaffenbock and Dan Sayle all made welcome returns to the top step of the TT podium, plus the 100th anniversary of racing on the legendary 37.7-mile Mountain course celebrated new victors - Lincolnshire’s Gary Johnson and TT Sidecar regulars John Holden and Andrew Winkle. Eight races, seven winners and some of the closest competition seen in a century of racing on the Mountain and it’s all here. Approx: 240mins RRP £24.99 Also available on Blu-Ray

Duke offer HOC members a massive 20% discount - quote code 3209

Oxford’s New Holster The Oxford HOLSTER is a unique all-in-one visor carrier and care kit. The top quality pack consists of: * a spare visor carrier made from tough but lightweight Rip-Stop Nylon * 3 external pockets containing - visor cleaning spray - a microfiber cloth - 2 sets of high performance earplugs in a protective jewel case It comes in clear, colourful and informative packaging and fits perfectly on the Oxford’s new shop display systems alongside its wide range of Essential Rider Equipment. 118

RRP is £24.99 For more information, contact Oxford on 01993 862 300, or go to SUMMER 2011

Golden Wing 2011 Autumn  

Quarterly magazine of the Honda Owners Club (GB), sent free to all members. Established in 1961, the Honda Owners Club (GB) is the oldest on...