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Yellow Root And Goldenseal To Dig Or Not To Dig The Root - Golden Root Formula ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Haggai Hosea -

Yellow Root and Goldenseal is a herb that has been used for generations to "heal" an assortment of common ailments. With it's reported effectiveness in soothing everything from mouth sores to PMS, a lot of people would like to learn how to get their own supply of the golden yellow herb. First things first. Make sure you have permission from any private land owners before you hunt on their property. Hunting Goldenseal on government property can and will get you a fine and possibly jail time. Yellow Root also grows in the same locations as poison ivy, be careful that you know what you are pulling or you may need the herbs "anti-itch" properties quicker than you think.

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The herb grows on creek banks , mostly in the eastern half of the United States. There is some growing west of the Mississippi but it is normally found from Northern Florida to Southern Maine. First of all, Goldenseal and Yellow Root is the same plant. It is just given different names in different parts of the country. The average height of the plant is eighteen to twenty-four inches. The leaves resemble parsley. The plant is deciduous.

The best way to tell if it is what you are looking for is to take your fingernail and skin a little bark off of the stem. The inner flesh is a brilliant yellow in color. I would suggest taking a small sample to you local extension or agriculture agent before ingesting any plant you find in nature. Once you have located the Yellow Root, got permission to take it and had someone that really knows identify it for you, do not dig the plants. Pull the Goldenseal up by grasping the stem at the ground. The roots are really just a mass of shoots. If you dig the whole root up it will not come back. If you pull the root then the root sprouts back the next spring and you will have Yellow Root to pull again in about two years. If everyone would act responsibly, when dealing with the pulling of the roots, generations to come will still have this valuable natural resource.

Once you have pulled the plant up by the root, remove the leaves and place them back where the plants came from. This will act as a natural fertilizer for the new growth. Do not use400 any type of chemical fertilizer to speed the new growth up. This will damage aquatic life as well as pollute our water tables. Now that you have the Goldenseal pulled and "plucked", it is time to take it home to finish the process.

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