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The Six Methods Of Dealing With Overwhelming Emotions - Golden Root Complex ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Ethan Esau -

Whatever you think you cannot experience now, you shelve for later, and, if it re-rises to the surface, it can take your present and use its power to trap you in your past. People-and, particularly, abuse victimsnevertheless employ one or more of six strategies to deal with their overwhelming emotions. None, however, are cures. The first of these is repression. Like recorded, mostly intolerable experiences from an abusive past, negative feelings and emotions have been stuffed and pulled in when the person felt that he could not handle them.

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So suppressed were these traumas, in fact, that they were absorbed by the tissues and the muscles, creating body memories of the abuse. The soul, resultantly, occupies a very low level in the physical organism, since it has been the target of so much negative energy.

Those who operate from a high degree of logic often rationalize, the second method, attempting to explain, understand, and justify the behavior to which they have been subjected., particularly during times when psychological symptoms suggest otherwise. Unexplainable nerves manifested in the present, for instance, may be rationalized as, "I'm really worried about my math exam tomorrow" and not the person's fear of his professor, whom he may subconsciously consider a primary abuser-representing authority figure. This attempt may assuage some of his unpleasant emotionalizations and restore a little stability, but it fails to deal with their true origins. Compounding this inaccurately targeting technique is the fact that abuse victims, who have not begun any recovery process-and, indeed, see no need to-are often unaware that they were abused and therefore further seek to rationalize their parents' treatment of them.

"It's true, my father beat me," they may confess, "but it was his job to discipline me and I did come home a half hour after my curfew. He taught me a valuable lesson that day. It was all for my own good."

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