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March 2011

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and Cheerleaders marched in the 2nd annual Mardi Gras Parade. The parade was the brainchild of Anika Maiden, K- 6 Reading Intervention teacher and her aunt who AWBFLA groups walk-it-out in brainstormed about things they could Mardi Gras parade in Dallas, TX do for the children in the community. By: ishaGAINES The event was orchestrated to give children in the Oakcliff/Highland Give me an E! - E! you Hills area an event to look forward to got your E, you got your E! that embraced different cultures. Give me an A! - A! you got your “Since we are from Louisiana A, you got your A! Give me we thought it would be a great idea a G! - G! you got your G, you to start a Mardi Gras Parade in Dallas, got your G! …[then seconds but in our community,” Maiden said. later]… What does that spell!? AWBFLA participants wore EAGLES!!! What does that decorative Mardi Gras masks and spell!? EAGLES!!! beads. The beaded accessories were This chant, and given to children and some adults others like it were heard who lined the Dallas streets. The throughout the neighborhoods walking journey took place from 11 in Oakcliff, TX as the A.W. a.m. to 1 p.m. Singing the AW Brown Brown Honor Choir, Pep Squad, official school song between the


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Photo by I’sha Gaines

Check us out:



Zombies: Continued on Pg.10

AWB Cheerleaders and Pep Squad, Photo by I’sha Gaines

the AWBFLA elementary gymnasium. The night began at 7 p.m. and opened with the future Golden Sigma steppers, the Lovely Ladiz AWB Steppers and the introduction of the


Dallas Parade

The Hutcheson zombies transition to their next step at the Step Expolsion.

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& Improved

Who said zombies can’t do back flips? Who said 7-year olds can’t step? Who said dads can’t strut their stuff? Who said AWBFLA Golden Sigma Step team couldn’t host one of the most energetic step explosions in the area? …I didn’t. A prelude to the 2011 spring break, The Golden Sigma steppers hosted the annual elementary and middle school step explosion on March 11, in

Photo by I’sha Gaines

By: ishaGAINES

n ow r b

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Zombies visit The Golden Sigma Eagles’ youth step explosion


w e:ww w.awb sit ro

...The THRILL: Not Gone

smallest M.C. that even I didnt expect. The kindergartner Christopher, positioned guests for a night to remember. Although the themes varied, the attitudes of the steppers were that of mature performers with something to prove. The popular things of the night were canes, chairs and tunes from Rapper Nicki Minaj’s latest album - not to mention the party music, prompting guests to South Dallas Swag and Dougie across the stage and on the gym floor. With multi-colored Mardi Gras masks and umbrellas scattered around the gym – it was party waiting to happen! Waiting for their turn to wow the panel of judges representing various Greek fraternities and sororities,



Walk it Out

popular hip hop tunes playing by the K104 SUV leading the parade, AWBFLA students were walking champions for the day. The parade included a host of other supporters including The Jam Bo Caribbean Steel Drum Group, the Pure Envy Charger and Unique Corvette Elite Car Club, Focus Learning Academy choir members, mime artists and prancers, Roosevelt High School twirlers and dancers, and the Ogun Performing Group. Parade: Continued on Pg.11

Student Spotlight: Gentry interviews The Karate Kid

Pg. 2 Valentine Day Bliss: The GoldenEagle recaps the festivities

Pg.6 Basketball Spotlight: To the Championship we ‘went’


Photo by I’sha Gaines

Remembering February 2011... AWBFLA, snowed in for 2-weeks- an unexpected holiday break.

GoldenEagle.... theCREW

Contributors: Ariyana Cooper, 4A, Desarai Hollaway, 5D, Brandon Robinson


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Oops! We apologize: We made a few mistakes in our last issue, here are the correctios... In the December Issue, under the Classified Section, Patricia Cooper was misspelled.

A.W. Brown fourth-grader Jacob Phillips knows how actors Ralph Macchio and Jaden Smith feel. Like Macchio and Smith, who both played the title role in the original film version and the remake of “The Karate Kid,” Phillips began taking the popular martial arts sport as a way to protect himself from bullies. And like Macchio and Smith, he ended up learning the much more important disciplines of self-control, perseverance, fearlessness, virtue and leadership skills. “I feel good knowing how to do karate,” said Phillips, a AWBFLA student since Pre-K 3 and the grandson of board member Lou Ann Phillips. “It’s been a great learning experience and a great feeling learning how to defend myself.” Phillips has attended the Martial Arts Center in Cedar Hill for three years and is now an orange belt – the third level of karate. He already has his white belt and yellow belt, and is now just four belts away from the top level – black belt. He still has to earn the green, blue, purple and brown and is preparing this summer to begin his first competition. His road to a black belt in karate began three years ago when Phillips was at the park one day and a group of

At AWBFLA we’ve run across some Very Important People.

The Eagle V.I.P. Scrapbook

Pasta for Pennies

By: dorothyGENTRY

Armond Brown, Chief Executive Officer and Dean Walton take the AWBFLA basketball and baseball teams to see the Texas Legends Basketball team.

AWB Stock Photo

Writing Staff:

angelaCISNEROS, TA elementary bjDUNN, 3rd grade student dorothyGENTRY,4th grade teacher myrondaSOWELL, pre-k 3 teacher

The Karate Kid

Student learns productive self-defense

Spotlight: “The Karate Kid ------ Jacob Phillips, 4th Grade”

Cynethia Belton, Alex Kurian, Benny Dunn, Marc Morrow Copy Editors:

Pg.2 Campus Briefs:

Jacob Phillips, The Karate Kid

boys began to pick on him. He tried to stand his ground, knocking one of them down, but “then they started coming for me.” It was then that his mother told him she was going to put him in karate class. “I’m glad she did because I really like it,” said Phillips. His mother, too, is happy with her decision. “What this has done is taught him self-defense – how to defend himself against people,” said Kelli Phillips. “But more importantly, this has taught him respect, not just for himself, but for others. “It has also taught him selfconfidence and problem-solving skills,” she continued. “He knows now that he can truly defend himself against anything and anyone and that there is no issue.” Jacob Phillips said he has, of course, seen the more recent Karate Kid movie and does indeed identify with it. “I thought the movie was really cool because at first he (Smith’s character) got into fights but then learned karate and how to control himself. “When I look at myself, I truly think of myself as the Karate Kid.”

Staff Spotlight:

Ms. Mead and the AWBFLA Student Council host Pasta for Pennies annually to fundraise for children with Leukemia and Lymphoma. Pasta for Pennies is a national fundraising program sponsored through Olive Garden and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There are more than three million elementary, middle and high schools that participate in the program. According to Olive Garden’s Community webpage, Pasta for Pennies has raised more than $53 million to fight leukemia and lymphoma and provide a wide range of services to patients and their families since 1994.

How it Works: Participants like AWBFLA, receive small boxes to help them start in their penny-collecting journey and although the boxes have Pasta for Pennies printed on them, all forms of currency were accepted this year. After monies were returned, students with their homeroom teachers tallied up the totals to see what classrooms raised the most funds. Who doesn’t love counting money! All of the donated monies go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. “The winning class receives lunch catered from Olive Garden,” Ms. Mead, 6th Grade Teacher said. “I can’t remember the past amounts collected, but we’ve gotten $1,500 plus [in previous years].”  


Ama Granberry, Information Technology Technician, makes all sorts of foods - especially deserts like spicy pickles and pies. In the tech department she’s famed for her secret spicy sauce that Kestin Wheeler describes as “heat”. Granberry also sells natural oils and soaps. Granberry said if she likes something, she learns to make it on her on. “I don’t make anything I don’t like,” she said. “These are just Ama’s favorite things.”

Photo by I’sha Gaines

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Constructing a New Era:

All briefs wriiten by angelaCISNEROS

Our sixth annual schoolwide spelling bee was another success. Held on Friday, Jan. 21, 2011 the theme was ‘A Play On Words’. Bright were the colors of purple, green and gold decorations that adorned Fellowship Baptist Church of Oakcliff where AWBFLA students participated. Some of the 450 possible words fluttering through the church were: peripheral, effervescent, xanthic, and cumulonimbus. Keeping the buzz, the first place winner of the AWBFLA bee, Marshayla, represented the school in the Dallas County Bee held on Feb. 22, 2011 at The University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, TX. Marshayla missed her word by one letter in round two. “She did an outstanding job in representing our school,” Vice Principal, Cynethia Belton said. “Great job, Marchayla!!”

1st place winner Marshayla Berkins Prize: Nintendo DS Lite with starter kit; trophy

2nd place winnerAmanna Ogbonna 8 GB Sony MP3 player with armband and charger; trophy

3rd place winner Reagna Leslie Portable Dynex DVD player; trophy

Spelling Bee Winners

Brick-by-Brick construction workers have worked diligently to assemble the new auditorium in a timely manner. Spotted on the building from Red Bird and Westmoreland streets, is the official seal of AWBFLA - an educational landmark signifying a new era of theatrics, assemblies and showcases. To put it simply, Oh My Gosh! The new auditorium is bigger than it seems. With the dry wall up, sanding the plaster has begun. The lobby, green rooms, stage, seating area, dock, etc., are all formed and ready for those final touches. Ed Cummings, the architectural designer, has put together a layout that will suit A.W. Brown’s needs quite well! Soon the lobbies in the auditorium will be adorned with murals, artwork and television monitors. The building will be assessable from the outside, by way of glass doors on each side of the lobby. Two green rooms intended for show preparations will be fully equipped with restrooms. Not to mention, the multiple ways to get on the stage. Performers can use ramps located outside the green rooms or enter from stage right or left. To give a surround sound effect, speakers will be strategically installed to evenly distribute sound. A projector will hang upstage (the area furthest from the audience) about 6 feet from the stage floor so that projections can easily be seen. So when does this new performance adventure start, you say? “We will have our first assembly in the new A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy auditorium this year Solomon said.


The Spelling Bee Committee: Mrs. Belton, District Coordinator, Ms. Ellis, Campus Coordinator, Ms. Boyd, Ms. Wingo, Ms. Gentry, Ms. Benson, Ms. Wallace, Ms. Hurst, and Ms. Ellingberg.

Thou Shall Lead

Say Cheese! AWBFLA promotes dental health through the annual mobile dentist visit. Smile Texas, the mobile dentist comes to both campuses to provide cleanings, fluoride treatments, X-rays, sealants and diagnoses for students. Headed by Dean Walton and Nurse Daniels, this is the fourth year AWBFLA has sponsored the cleaning event. The mobile dentist treats about 100 students per school year. An application is required. Parents can apply for a grant, use private insurance, Medicaid or pay directly for the dental services. “It’s a great way for the children to get this preventative exam and work done,” Nurse Daniels said. “This way parents don’t have to take off work and kids don’t have to miss school. It is in a convenient place at the school.”

Sock Hops

One of AWBFLA sanctioned fundraising events is the - ever so popular - Sock Hop. Sock Hops occur between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Any extra-curricular organization can host a sock hop every other Friday. Sock Hop DJs are Benjamin Solomon, IT Director and Coach Carter, Physical Education Teacher…and let me tell you they know how to spin. The cost of morning Sock Hops is $1.00 and are open to both the AWBFLA Pre-K and elementary campuses. Students are well monitored to ensure that everyone can get jiggy wit it right before school starts. Breakfast is still served on Sock Hop days from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. Start your Fridays off right!


Extra, extra, pray all about it! A.W. Brown F.L.A. has introduced a new extracurricular activity that is open to all persons employed, enrolled, and affiliated with AWBFLA – including family members and relatives! The activity is called the Fellowship of Christian Leaders Bible Study. The first bible study commenced Wednesday, January 19, 2011, on the AWBFLA elementary campus. It’s open to all age groups potty trained and up. Come out and see what all the praisin’ is about, Amen!

The schedule is as follows: 6:00 p.m. – 6:25 p.m. – Snacks and Refreshment in the cafeteria 6:30 p.m. – 6:44 p.m. – Singing, Praise, and Worship 7:00 p.m. – 7:50 p.m. – Bible Study Classes 7:50 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Reassemble in the cafeteria for closing prayer and student pick-up

Meeting locations on the AWBFLA Elementary Campus: Pre-Kinder (3- and 4-year olds) Cafeteria (east side) Kinder -2nd grade Cafeteria (west side) 3rd – 5th Grades – Multi-Purpose Room (east side) Middle School students – MultiPurpose Room (west side) High School students – Choir Room Adult Transition (18 yrs. – 23 yrs.) CEO’s office Single Moms – Mrs. Belton’s office General Adult – Mrs. Brown’s office Marriage and Family – Staff Lounge

Saturday School Waking up on Saturday for school is no easy task, but the dedication from AWBFLA teachers and staff makes the early rise well worth it. Saturday school is broken up into three sessions. Session II: Feb. 5 – Apr. 2, 2011 5th Grade Reading 5th Grade Math

Session III: Mar. 5 – Apr. 16, 2011 3rd, 4th, & 6th Grade Reading 3rd, 4th, & 6th Grade Math

Due to the icy weather we experienced in February, Saturday school hours have been adjusted. The new hours are: Breakfast: 8:00am to 8:15am, Class: 8:15am - 1:30pm, Dismissal: 1:30 pm -1:45 pm, lunch included.

Campus Events

Professionals speak at 2011 Career Day

By: dorothyGENTRY

Judges, chefs, project managers and lawyers. Police officers, auditors, social workers and real estate professionals. These were just a sampling of the more than 60 presenters at the 2001 A.W. Brown FLA Career Day. Career Day is held each year as an opportunity for students to be exposed to and see a variety of potential professions and careers that they may be interested in pursuing. The entire student body participates and spends the day rotating around the different Campus Events

Photo by Robert White

Top Notch Candidates

Judge Collins visits AWBFLA on its annual career day.

classrooms set up to house the presenters. New this year were Career Day T-shirts which staff wore to welcome the presenters, and pencil and memo pads for the students to take notes during the various presentations. Ms. Mahogoeni Whitten, computer technology instructor and chair of the annual event, said she was pleased at the outcome. “I felt like this was indeed the best Career Day ever. The presenters

Rockin’ Robin Rumbles in the Jungle AWB students travel around the world

By: dorothyGENTRY

Wiley Post flew around the world in eight days, at AWB we did it in one. In a “trip around the world” themed Reading Fair and Literacy Extravaganza, attendees saw AWB teachers and staff dressed in tribal wear and characters from popular children’s books. Guest appearances included Madeline, a lion, Robin Hood, and many others. Costumes representing countries like Europe, Africa, the United Kingdom and the Middle East made this year’s event bigger, grander and bolder than ever before. Greeted by flight attendants, attendees visited countries on their “trip around the world,” all the while learning about literature from different cultures. The Fair, an annual school-wide favorite with students and parents, is designed to promote reading and to review specific TAKS reading objectives

via games and activities. Exposing parents to cultures, books and other forms of literature from different countries was the creative flair of the event. This year, both Elementary and Pre-K campuses were combined, giving visitors much more to hear, see, participate in and experience. Educational and informational booths lined the walls with representatives from places including Regions Bank and the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at B.F. Darrell. Food from different cultures, prizes, games and a storyteller were all part of the fun. As an added twist, students were given “passports” to get stamped while on their “airline flights” throughout different countries. As an added incentive, students that “visited” at least six countries or areas of the world - represented by the different classrooms and grade-levels - won great prizes. “This year’s event was an

were thoroughly impressed with the students and their questions,” she said. “I was excited to step Career Day up a notch with purchasing shirts for the staff and pencils and memo pads for the students. One presenter stopped to thank me for inviting her and complimented me on how well organized the event was.” Kevin Nunley, State Farm Agent, said, “I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the (AWBFLA) Career Day. The professionalism and friendliness of the administrators, teachers and students was overwhelming,” he said, adding that he “hopes to be invited back next year.” Dallas Police Officer Bobby Watkins, who has two nephews attending Brown, said he loved having the opportunity to see the school from the inside and understand what it was really about. “I didn’t realize the school is that big and that it has so many exciting smorgasbord of creativity across the grade levels,” said Carla Butler, Pre-K teacher and Fair cochair. “It was a wonderful array of creativity and excitement that was enjoyed by all who came.” Vnetta Hare, whose daughter is in Pre-K 3, appreciated the culture-specific theme of the Reading Fair and said she was more than pleased to see what the kids were learning. “I liked being able to see the different countries and learn about their literature,” she said. “When you are only shown the same things over and over, you don’t really understand how others live so it was great to see the kids getting that exposure.” Ms. Hare knows firsthand about kids receiving exposure to other cultures. Her first-grade son attends the Dallas school, AfricaCare Academy, and is being taught how to speak the Bantu language Swahili, which is spoken in much of East Africa. The week prior to the Fair, students on the elementary campus participated in the daily, “What’s Your Global IQ?” Quiz about the United States. Designed to show

Pg. 4

things going on. This is a great school and exposing the kids to all these careers is a big step in helping them prepare for the future,” he said. The presenters weren’t the only ones who enjoyed themselves. The students walked away with knowledge they plan to put to use. “I’ve always loved Career Day,” said Genesis Broden, a fourthgrader who has attended AWB since Pre-K 3. “It is interesting to learn about different things and jobs that people do and it helps you realize what you want to be when you grow up.” Third-grader Billy Thomas agreed. “Career Day was cool. You get to meet new people and ask questions and see if they like their jobs and if you want to do what they do.”

Photo by Robert White

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

The Literary Lion stops by to read a story at the 2011 Literacy Fair

how much they knew about the U.S., students with the correct answers received prizes. “This is one of the best Fairs I’ve been to since my son began attending in first grade,” said Ms. Karla Thomas, whose son is in the third grade. “Our children need to know what kids like them in other countries are doing and the Fair gave them just that opportunity to learn.”

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Pg. 5


Child Passenger Safety By Kelvin Nunley, State Farm® Agent Although the number of crash-related fatalities for children has steadily decreased since 1975, motor vehicle crashes remains one of the leading causes of death for children. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that, on average, 6 children under the age of 15 years were killed and 673 were injured in crashes everyday in 20042. Sadly, most of these deaths could have been prevented. Half of all children under age 15 killed in crashes were completely unrestrained. Although all 50 states currently have some form of child restraint laws, parents and drivers need to make sure children are appropriately restrained every car ride. Here are some tips to help keep kids safe in vehicles:

• All children 12 and under should ride in the back seat of the vehicle appropriately restrained • Make sure children are appropriately restrained according to current best practices. NHTSA recommends the following guidelines: • Infants: Birth until at least 20 pounds and at least 1 year old should ride rear-facing in an infant or convertible seat • Toddlers: Over at least 20 pounds AND over at least 1 year old; up to 40 pounds should ride forward facing in a convertible or combination seat • Young children: Over 40 pounds; Up to at least age 8, unless 4’9” should ride in a belt-positioning booster seat with a lap and should seat belt • Older children: Over 8 years old or 4’9” should use a lap and shoulder seat belt. • All child safety seats should be used and installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as the vehicle owner’s manual instructions • Never place a rear-facing infant seat in front of an airbag Be a good role model...always wear your seat belt. For adults, seat belts in combination with air bags provide the best protection against injury and death in crashes. For more information about child passenger safety and state laws, please visit 1 Insurance Institute For Highway Safety 2 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 3 American Academy of Pediatrics 4 Current as of May 2003

By: ishaGAINES

I think Stevie Wonder said it best: My Cherie Amour, pretty little one that I adore….Tis’ a classic love song solidifying timeless admiration. With lyrics as priceless as these, one would agree a mother’s love for her son would beat along these same lines. For Dawn Sims, Speech Pathologist, and son Jalen, 5C, it does just that. In the vein of Valentine’s Day – the annual Parent V. Staff Basketball captures the love a mother/son duo has for performing. The pair performed separately in the half time shows for both the women and men’s parent vs. staff basketball games on Friday, January 14th. The event orchestrated by Kindergarten teacher William Holmes, the Kinder Department and Staff vs. Parent Basketball Tournament Committee, was full of victories and the support only a mother could give. Sims pulls from her own performing experience to advise her son on how to turn on the excitement. She said as a member of the Golden Sigma Eagle step team, he

AWB Sweets: Continued on Pg.11

Dawn Sims, far left, stands with staff dancers of the AW Sweets dance team before dancing in the Parent vs. Staff Basketball Game. “It ’s a bo ut Yo giv wi u gi ing ch th c ve th pe Ma ips, hoco em op le ca kay and late a he lly la , 1 drin s, co art . b E s ks aid in okie ox en it!” s, th us ias ti-

you , and love hococ bout “It’s a ll people said. D can se Julian, K ” lates,

“It’s ab o heart ut sharing w yo Raelle ith everybo ur n, KA said w dy,” hile



The six-o’clock hour strikes as the AWB Valentine’s Day dance starts in the school gymnasium.

“Valentine’s Day is a special day for people to make people’s day special. They are helpful and others think that is really nice of them,” Corian, 1D said.

It’s all in the name of Saint Valentine – the reason why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine was a priest who served during the Roman Empire. After Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for young men – deciding single men would make better soldiers – St. Valentine continued to perform marriages for couples in love. Legend has it, St. Valentine wrote the first Valentine to a young lady, addressing it “From Your Valentine.” He wrote this letter after being sentenced to death and put into prison. The valentine he sent was to the daughter of his prison guard. Pope Gelasius declared February 14th St. Valentine's Day around 498 A.D.

History of Valentine’s Day

This Ad is promoted by the AWBFLA HEROES program, where ‘Character Counts’. Join IN!

“Giving people love and

photo by I’sha Gaines

Sweet Dance and Step to Match; AWB’s weekend of love.

Pg. 6

photo by I’sha Gaines

Mi Amore

gets nervous often. “He’ll say momma I’m so nervous, I’m so nervous,” Sims said. “I don’t want to get out there.” But in rebuttal to her son’s jitters, Sims always tells him, “ just get out there and act like you’re the only one out there. You gotta be crunk!” Crunk describes the energy levels the Golden Sigmas, Lovely Ladiz steppers, cheerleaders and pep squad brought during the half-time show of the women’s parent vs. staff basketball game where the staff team pulled off a nail-biting victory. To nip those early butterflies in the bud, Sims reminds her son that his “brothers” are out there with him. “He is shy, very shy,” Sims confirmed. Sims quickly confessed that she is also shy, but like her son when it comes to performing, the shyness quickly fades away. Sims has been dancing since her senior year in high school where she took up jazz dancing without any prior training. For the half-time show of the men’s championship game, Sims and the AW Sweets Dance squad wowed the judges in a throwback dance routine featuring “MC Hammer” and the R&B tunes of B Angie B and Willow Smith. Swinging her shapely bob, Sims sparkled among her energetic co-workers. “The older I get, the more

“What do you know about ....


Photo by Robert White

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Benny Dunn Sr., a player from the men’s basketball staff team dances with a student at the AWB Valentine’s Day dance.

Illustrator: Desarai Hollaway,5D

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Pg. 7

By: ishaGAINES

The Lady Eagles’ season comes to a graceful end.

“It was just a great achievement,” Miller said. The beginning of the A.W. Brown Eagles around the court to avoid multiple fouls from the 6th grade season was full of teaching the fundamentals skills of basketball. Out of 35 girls that Lady Falcons. Gracefully, the eagles end their tried out, Miller said the 12 she chose showed season on the good foot. U ndefeated in the Bob Knight Girls great improvements as the season progressed. Basketball League, the AWB 6th grade team slide Some of the girls ,coming from different leagues and others who had never played before, quickly away from their opponents with ease – veering learned the importance of playing together. from fouling and shooting aggressively. As the concluding games to their dominating season, on “Overall starting from the beginning, they learned and built their skills…towards the end you can see March 5, 2011 the Eagles found themselves at how they gelled together and began to learn to Bob Knight’s Field House in Cedar Hill, TX – competing in a two-part championship game that play together. I would give them an A plus,” Miller said. ends the A.W. Brown way. The message behind these championship games: scrapping it out. In Game 1, the eagles defeat the Lady Falcons 22:11, then matched-up with the AWB 5th grade team, in a relaxing competition that proves a win-win for the eagles. The AWBFLA teams leave with championship and 2nd place trophies. Coach Lisa Miller who has been coaching the 6th grade girls for two years said that it was the championship game. This unexpected match-up not only ended the season for the 6th grade girls, but also was the last time they played together, as next year year they were more likely to be students at different schools. Miller said her goal was to ultimately teach them skills which could be used to further their basketball careers. With her direct coaching style and Assistant Coach Delois Linley’s sweet nature, Miller hopes the girls will continue on as athletes - as she did. “All the athletes are graduating together,” Miller said. “That’s something they can carry on – one of those cherishable moments.” Miller who has been playing since she when it comes to women’s basketball. Miller cherishes playing point guard for the Houston Comets WNBA team. She uses her experiences as a testimony [to teach her team that] they can go as high as they want to go.

Photo by I’sha Gaines

The 6th grade basketball team can do

Lady Eagles huddle for the last time holding championship trophies.

1 Taylore Davis 2 Tiara Franklin 3 Kentavea Davis 4Chideyah Dayton 5 Bria Gregg 6 Asiah Ballard 7 Ki’Toria Labbe 8 Alia Holmes 9 Angel Flowers 10 Monecia Gamble 11 Jissel Melendez 12 Daja Gordon

Photo by I’sha Gaines

The Lady Eagles’ Fouling Shuffle

Photo by I’sha Gaines, 6th grade Lady Eagles vs. 5th grade Lady Eagles

6th Grade Lady Eagles

One of trophies AWB girl teams received after the championship match.

Coach Miller Speaks on.... Having confidence as an athlete is a three-fold process that builds on a player’s character, self-esteem, and personality. The players exhibit good character on the court when they learn to persevere during competitive contact, when they are able to be coached, when they know I’m concerned about them as athletes and their academics and when they want to learn and know the game… then they become the perfect athletes. “The importance of having confidence as an athlete goes a long way,” Miller said.

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A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Pg. 8 Superbowl Frenzy:


The Eagle boys basketball teams end their winning season as refined at hletes.

Contributing Photo

“It was a great season, Coach Carter Athletics Director said. “All of the boys improved. That was the main thing.”

The Final Records: Down the Line 3rd Grade: 6-4 3rd Overall

4th Grade: 13-0 Photo by I’sha Gaines

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Season Champions

5th Grade: 12-1 2nd Overall Players huddle with Coach Benny Dunn during a game.

6th Grade: 12-1 Season Champions

Extracurricular Activities

Never a Dull Moment Chess Club continues play after winter break

By: dorothyGENTRY

The spring semester is upon us and the A.W. Brown FLA Golden Eagle Chess Team has picked up right where they left off in the fall - as winners – and they’re busy honing their skills to keep that competitive edge. The Eagles competed last week in the H.B. Gonzalez Chess Tournament and came home as first place winners overall in the K-3rd Grade Division. In individual play, Donovan Stiles of 3-B won first place in the K-3rd Grade Division and Jeremiah Bodwin of 2-E won second place in the same division. “The focus for this semester is picking apart our opponents,” said Darius Frasure, sixth-grade teacher and team coach, along with the IT Department’s Kestin Wheeler. “We have been studying chess as a system of thought. Tracing thought patterns, and anticipating the moves of your opponent is pivotal to progression in chess,” he explained. “Here is where chess

A player watches his team play at the Bob Knight Field House in Cedar Hill, TX.

Incentive Celebration


Thursday, Mar. 3, 2011, students in Kinder - 6th grade enjoyed another great incentive celebration. The event included hot dogs, chips, juice, a movie and the presence of the 7 habits characters; Mr. Proactive, Sgt. Begin With the end in mind, Capt. First Things First, General Win-Win, Private Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, Master Sgt. Synergize, and Brigadier General Sharpen the Saw. “A great time was had by all, especially those who won gift cards and prizes,” Event Coordinator Colleen Robinson said.

becomes like a poker game,” he Louis Thomas placed first overall and continued. “I train my students to be Donovan Stiles placed third. aware of the body language and the Right on that tournament’s eye movements of the person their heels was the 2010 Dealey facing because in chess you have to Invitational Fall Scholastic Chess play the person, not the board,” he Tournament in November at which explained. the Eagles competed with schools The game of chess has from across the Dallas/Fort Worth been around for thousands of year, Metroplex in three divisions: K-3, 4-5, Frasure continued. “So statistics and 6-12 grades. have been gathered about certain The Eagles won third place types of moves, in the K-3 or systems, and division, and the B.J. Knows... about the Chess Club: the end result of 6th graders fell By: Benny Dunn Jr. such positioning. a mere half of . The team continues to practice on Tuesday and Thursday The students a point behind are learning the Dallas ISD’s . For the first time during their season, they watched an names of these Woodrow Wilson instructional video. This is apart of their new strategy. systems so that in the High . Some chessletes had previous experience, before the season they can call School division. began. them out, or at In the very least individual play, recognize them-Donovan Stiles, especially during tournaments.” 3-B, won second place in the K-3 The Eagles had a very division. successful fall season, competing in The third and last three major tournaments throughout tournament of the school year before the Metroplex and coming home the Christmas break proved to be winners at every one. another success for the Eagles. At In the Scott Watson Memorial the Gabe P. Allen Chess Tournament Chess Tournament held Oct. 9 2010 the Eagle’s won second place overall at Jack E. Singley Academy in Irving, in the 6th-12th grade division and the Brown team members placed first place overall in the K-3rd grade first overall. In individual play, division.

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Out and About

On February 5th, some AWB students tackle Superbowl weekend 2011 in their own way. James Roberts and six other AWB students competed in the Snoop Bowl IX hosted by Snoop Dogg and Deion Sanders. The game took place in Lancaster , TX.

Individual winners at this tournament included a first place win for Donovan Stiles and a fifth place win for Jeremiah Bodwin, both in the K-3rd grade division. “Our kids work really hard on their chess game; we see that every day in practice,” Wheeler said. “And we all know hard work isn’t hard if you don’t work!” Frasure said, “What we are doing now is a synthesis of all we have covered in the first semester. The game never gets dull, so we will continue to build--even after we are the best at what we do.” For more information on the A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy Golden Eagle Chess Team, email

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I {LOVE} to recycle Calm Down Mr. Twister A Narrative by Ariyana Cooper

Earth Day is quickly approaching. Here is a great way to recycle those old broken crayons.

Have you ever seen a huge tornado called Mr. Twister? It was a cloudy day on May 20, 2004 on a Sunday in the summer. Mr. Twister is so scary that everybody stayed in their house for two weeks. We heard on the channel eight news that he was coming to Cheesytown, California. I woke up this morning hearing rain and thunder. I rolled over and found my little sister, Dianna, in my bed. I guess she ran into my room in the middle of the night. She was sweating really hard. That is because Cheesytown is really hot. I heard a loud thunder crash and Dianna stood right up. Even if it is raining, it is still hot outside. “I’m going to look at the news,”I told Dianna. I turned the television on to see what was

Materials: Heart shaped or round cupcake pans Bag of broken crayons (one gallon bag makes 27) Oven Directions:

are you doing up so early?” he whispered. “I am looking at the news so be quiet.” A man said that there is a cold front coming through. My dad told me that when cold and hot air mix together, they form a funnel cloud. I ran to the window and there it was a huge dark tornado! It looked like it had a mouth on it. It started to talk. “I am Mr. Twister,” he said in a loud voice. “I have come to destroy Cheesytown.” Mr. Twister is a naughty tornado. He turned everything dark. Mr. Twister made sure that everybody stayed in their houses. “Mr. Twister”, I asked. “Why are you so mean to us?” “Because I am a mean tornado,” he said in his big grumpy voice. Dianna and Marco

1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees 2. Peel excess paper from each crayon. 3. Place 4 to 5 broken crayons in each section of the cupcake pan 4. Then, place the cupcake pan in the oven for 6 to 7 minutes. 5. Allow crayons to cool for at least 30 minutes before carefully

exclaimed. “Hey you!” he shouted. “Can you be nice to us? You’re scaring us right now.” “Well, if since you put it that way, I will stop,” he said, but he didn’t mean what he said. At noon, Mr. Twister was back. He destroyed all of the trees in Cheesytown. We learned that Mr. Twister wouldn’t stop until he was gone. We grabbed the vacuum from inside the house and sucked Mr. Twister up. I told Mr. Twister to calm down, and he did. “Calm down Mr. Twister!” we all yelled.

Alumni student, Brandon Robinson, showcases his artistic ability through the Power of Prayer. Brandon began to draw two years ago and says his inspiration comes from God. “I pray and God shows me what I should draw.” His graduating class was the last official class of A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School. At AWBFLA he was a part of the Golden Sigma Eagles Step Team, Boys to Men, the Honor Choir, as well as a participant in the 2010 Christmas Program where he gave a vocal performance. Brandon currently attends Byrd Middle School where he is continuing to show that A. W. Brown attitude of academic excellence. Brandon has recently been accepted into the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas, TX

Now you have a brand new multicolored crayon for you child to use! Way to RECYCLE!

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AWB Alumni Spotlight:

removing them.

Photo by Robert White

AWB Student Spotlight: Ariyana Cooper, 4A

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A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy Zombies: Continued from Pg.1


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The MoorUneque step club hold a one-legged pose at the Step Explosion hosted by the Golden Sigma Eagles. MoorUneque is a community based organization with girls ranging in age from 7yrs - 12yrs old.

the little divas from the community-based organization MoorUneque bring on the pretty. As a participant in the elementary portion of the show, these little divas were nowhere close to shy. Neither were the daring Alpha Owls of Martin Wells, the Adelle Turner A.T. Steppers, the Sue Crouch Steppers, the All-Star Steppers of Atherton nor the pink and green tu-tu wearing Sensational Stepperettes from Blair. Their little bodies, showed no match for their big voices. Martin Weiss win the elementary competition with 201 points. The Top Notch Steppers from Barbara Bush made tribute to the King of Pop, wearing shiny red jackets in his honor. The Hutcheson Show Stoppers, declaring a routine to remember, lifted a wooden table as a part of their dead- zombie routine. The ladies of the group seemed to perform alone, but were later joined by the guys - where one backflipped the team right into winning the step explosion. The wise cracks from the Reagan Knights, Stray Jackets of the Navo Panther Evolution Steppers, Sellers Unstoppable Steppers and the black-suited Austin Divas showed precision and confidence as they competed for the number one spot. Ida, 7th grade stepper from the Hutcheson Show Stoppers stepped for the first time. She said she enjoyed stepping because she could have an attitude and get away with it. “It’s fun because we can do a lot of different things,” she said. “All

of the teams said they could beat us, [but] we had something to prove.” In the end, Barbara Bush took first place and Hutcheson won for the best overall performance. The night concluded with The Golden Sigmas stepping with their dads. The team wore parachute pants – reminiscent of the ones M.C. Hammer wore in the 80s. The team sparkled like the gold glittered ensemble they stepped in. The ending was a most appropriate conclusion to a night of stellar competition.

Help Wanted: Licensed Hair Stylist: Hair Depot of Desoto Be your own boss. We provide a styling station, chairs, dryers. Janitorial duties 2 times per week. Refrig, microwave, storage, etc. Open floor plan, no suites available. $100-125 per week. 241B. N. Hampton Desoto, TX 75115 469-855-3074

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AWB Sweets: Continued from Pg.6

sacks and banana leaves to match. Shone said costumes like these are just an expression of “suppressed” religious practices from Africa. Then in came the Knights of Shining Armor. As the caboose of the parade, trail riders from various riding associations rode in on horses. Galloping astutely was Red a 27-yearold saddle horse with his rider, Anika Maiden – showing her confident countenance. With Red leased aside her, Maiden gave attendees a certificate of appreciation. “The turnout for parade participants was a huge success this year. Last year we had about four groups to participate. Hopefully in the future we will have vendors to come out and share information with the families and children that will be helpful.”

Other Parade Attendees: 97.9 The Beat, The Wild Wild West Trail Ride Club float and horse riders, The Kitty Street Rollers Horse racers Float and horse riders. The Waxahachie Steppers Trail Ride Float. Trail Ride Club participants were: Knight Riders, Tilley Riders, Serious Seven, Top of The Hill, Back Woods Posse, The Wild Bunch, Silver Bullet, and 2 Mile Riding Club. Maiden is apart of the Waxahachie Steppers Trail Ride Club/ DFW Trail Ride Association.

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75-year old member of the Caribbean Steel Drum Group holds a bull horn while prepping for the Mardi Gras Parade.

outgoing I’ve become. As long as I’m dancing, I’m not shy to get out there and dance.” Although the mother-son duo continues to perform with their perspective organizations, Sims is thinking of relinquishing her post. “It’s a very slim chance I’ll dance again, but I always say ‘never say never.’ You just never know.” Should Sims retire from her 4-year dancing career for AWBFLA, she said, “I will support my son.” Noticeably, Jalen is the one Sims’ heart beats for. From a night that ends well, to the end of Stevie Wonder’s lyrics, “La la la la la la, La la la la la la. How I wish that you were mine.”

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Parade: Continued from Pg.1

Intertwined between walking parade participants were Chargers and Corvettes that appeared to be miles long. The 65-member car club directed by Denise Mays, said the club is all about community and charity. The club, founded seven months ago, has volunteered for organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Dallas Hearts and Hammer. Mays said the car club continuously enjoys advertising at events like the Mardi Gras parade. “We even do church functions,” she said. “It just so happens we have nice cars.” Sis. Shone showed support by bringing out the Ogun Performing Group. Standing next to the steel drummers before the parade began, Shone explained the colorful and elaborate costumes worn by the group of college students. She said their outward display of dancing is the group celebrating their heritage. Also assigned to do traditional dance while walking, Shone said, “I told them to let loose and have fun.” Letting loose, is what the 75-year-old member of the African Steel Drum Band did as he danced in the street to Jamaican and African inspired tunes.  The drummers coming by way of South Dallas in their “Island in the Hood” float wore costumes made of painted potato


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Congratulations to Curtis Riser for receiving a 4-year football Scholarship to the University of Texas. He plays Offensive Lineman and is the son of Pre-K Teacher Gloria Washington.

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Members of the Opera perform in the school’s gymnasium.

At the Opera:

On Thursday, February 24th the Opera came to AWBFLA. By way of Mrs. Brown and Ms. Carroll, the Kinder -2nd team decided to collectively make the opera an in-house field trip for students. The Purpose: Part of the school’s broader vision is to incorporate the fine arts and expose our children to a broad range of cultures and diverse experiences that promote their social, academic, and character development. Opera is a perfect medium for this since it involves a mix of theater, music, and drama. “Studies show that a positive experience with arts education not only encourages a lifelong relationship with the arts, but often opens the windows of curiosity leading to a new enthusiasm and discipline for learning in general” (Ft. Worth Children Opera Theater), Kindergarten teacher Chavalla Arnold said. Arnold said students need to know that there is so much in the arena of fine arts that they can not only enjoy but be a part of. Exposing them to things that they might not have normally been exposed to opens the door of possibilities for them and their outlook on life. “Teachers, parents, and students alike were delighted and surprised at how much they enjoyed the opera. All have asked when they will be back to perform or what upcoming performances they could possibly attend in the future,” Arnold said.

Monumental: Photo by I’sha Gaines

The Golden Sigma Step Team raised money at Skateland in Dallas to help sponsor their summer Bahama cruise. The Sigma Eagles took 3rd place in Lafayette, LA at the Step It Up Stepshow. The team also won Jr. Stomp Wars in February and 1st place in the Bowie High School stepshow.

As apart of the 2nd grade department, student complete mandatory projects - a sacred monument was one just one of those completed projects.

iPad Library:

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Photo By: Robert White, The Golden Sigmas at the 2010 Christmas Program

Chinese Acrobats visit AWB, just shy of Chinese New Year.

Photo by Robert White

Benny Dunn Jr., reporter for the GoldenEagle, recalls what he saw at the 2011 Black History Program... “There was a lot of singing, dancing and acting from K-5th students wearing a variety of clothes from African to African American to styles. My personal favorite were the African American bandanas which can be worn on your head or on your waist (like the boy dancers) or wrists (like the singers). The honor choir sang Wade in the Water and the Negro National Anthem in the program. Anika Maiden’s dance group performed an African American dance. They stood in the middle of the group and started swinging their arms back and forth and bouncing up and down. Their performance reminded me of my ancestors. I know that they were in slavery and they got separated, but they got free with the help of Rosa Parks, Martin Lurther King Jr. and a lot of other African Americans. I also like that alot of the parents came to watch their children. It makes us feel that they care about us even more than we thought. In conclusion, it was an excellent program and I don’t think anyone will want to miss [next year’s program] for the world!”



B.J. Knows… About the Black History Program

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The honor choir gives away beads in a Dallas Mardi Gras parade.

Black History Program: Acrobats:

Students use the AWB iPad library during math tutoring. The library is used by grades 3 through 6.

Opinion Section

Speaking of “Around the World,” If you could go anywhere out of the country for Spring Break next year, where would you go and why? “Africa, because I want to see African dance and people,” Jeppie, 3D said.

“Anguilla, in the Caribbean, to spend time with my family,” Anika, 4C said.

“Africa, because I can see people I never saw before,” Ahmad, 3B said.

“Hawaii, because it seems fun,” Raven, 6E said.

“South America because I’ve never been to another continent,” Royce, 4A said.

“Africa to see the different animals and culture and the environment,” Donovan 5B said.

“China because I could learn a new “Paris, France, because I just like the place. I think it would be fun to language and eat different kinds of see the Eifel Tower,” Kiara, 5D said. stuff I never eat before,” Monecia, 6A said. “Canada because that’s my name “China, to learn new words and and a lot of famous people were see new people,” Jamri, 3F said. born there,” Kanada, 6B said. “China, because I never been there and [it] seems like an interesting place to go,” Brianna, 4C said.