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Fabio Giannuzzi cv + portfolio

CAREER HISTORY / Work Experience Architecture DAPstockholm arkitekter, Sweden Architecture, Architectural Planning, CAD and 3d models, Interior design 2012 Erik Andersson Architects, Sweden Architect assistant, Architecture, Interior design, CAD and 3d models 2011 - 2012 Marge Arkitekter, Sweden Intership – Architecture, Interior design, CAD and models 2011, three months Replay – Denim London, UK Shop Visual – Sales assistant 2009- 2010






14 December 1981


Katarina Bangata 57, 116 42 Stockholm. Sweden


David Villaseñor Gallery -Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Architectural Remodelling and interior design projects, seller of oil paintings for interior design projects. 2007 Organitec -Office Furniture, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Office Designer and seller of office furniture 2005 -2006

811214-1299 + 46(0) 70 538 5511



Professional degree in Architecture I.T.E.S.O. Western Technological University of Higher Education Aug 1999 – July 2004. Area: Architecture and Urbanism. Professional card number-4341019SEP Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Högskoleverkets bedömning Utbildningen motsvarar till nivå och omfattning svensk arkitektexamen. I utbildningen ingår även studier med inriktning mot byggnadsteknik. Medlem i Sveriges Arkitekter som A MSA sedan 20110901

Artenluz -Architectural Lighting Design, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Architectural Lighting Designer 2007- 2009

Course of Philips Lighting Academy April-September 2008 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

University of Pernambuco-School of Architecture, Recife, Brasil Teacher’s assistant of architectural projects and participation in management and presentation of the ‘’urban-house’’ 2005 S2-Arquitectos -Architectural Design Projects-workshop, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Internships 2004 • • • • • • • • •

Seminar of product technology by Osram Lighting team August 2008 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

English practice course Stanton School of English - March 2009 – Feb 2010 London, UK.


Fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish (mother tongue), French and Swedish (intermediate) Autocad, SketchUp, Maxwell, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Office, Ableton Live (Basic knowledge in 3ds max, V-ray, Dreamweaver)

Professional Lighting Designs, plans, models, graphic models Dealing with customers, clients and builders Concept development Interior design experience Construction experience Drawing experience Dealing with Students Stock adjustments Creating store Visual Merchandising

Art / Research and personal production -Diamante, Electronic music production , Brazil, Mexico - Sweden 2007 -Bosque Discoteca, electronic music project, Jalisco, Mexico-London UK Musical production projectv 2004-2010 -Televisa, art gallery for national TV-, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Management in conceptual theater exposition 2004 -La Calma Forest -Direction in audiovisual ‘Dynamic visual’ with live music -, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico 2004

Scandinavian houses.

Scandinavian style houses in the middle east 2012 3d model, study of spaces, visualization. One place in the middle east wants to change the housing image of the environment and get closer to the global world way of living. They have decided to build a complex with 1200 houses dividing them in four different styles. DAPstockholm got the oportunity to design a proposal for the Scandinavian style and converting the city in the first place having this type of style, this type of living. The aproach of the project was taken positively and now they’re waiting for the final decision.

SaltsjĂśn hus.

Apartments proposal 2012 3d model, spaces study, visualization. DAPstockholm got the oportunity to design a proposal for renovating and old chemical laboratories building and convert it into housing-appartments for the Nacka komunen. The idea was try to make three different types of appartments on scale and function. Organizing all of them aiming the sea and djurgĂĽrden view. Having this points of perspective has a reference. The aproach of the project was taken positively and now is just about waiting for the final decition.

Local DAP.

New propose for the office forniture 2012 Study of concept, diagrams and representation. DAPstockholm wanted to change the view of their office forniture and place them on the space winning 7 work-places more but still with a dynamic and functional way. So I played with the forms of desktops following the shape of the architectural space. The aproach of the project was taken positively and now they are waiting to change it as soon as they can.

Bridge Norrkรถping. Final design 2011

Assistant architect, 3d model, diagrams, visualization. Erik Andersson Architects has won a design competition for a new pedestrian bridge in Norrkรถpping, Sweden. The construction of the bridge is planned to start in 2012.

Bridge Ludvika.

Invited Competition Project 2011 (2nd option) Assistant architect, 3d model, diagrams, visualization, 2d plans. Erik Andersson Architects has been invited to a design competition for a new pedestrian bridge in Ludvika, Sweden. The bridge, designed in highly polished stainless steel, spans over the highway 50 and the rail yard before landing as a looping ramp by the lake and connecting to walking and bike paths. Access from the railway platform is provided through a straight staircase,while a spiral staircase leads to the entrance of the travel centre. The bridge also becomes ameeting place with seating for those needing to rest or wait for a train. The structure consists of two I-beams, which also constitute the bridge’s barriers. By placing the structure on the side of the bridge the bridge can be made shorter and thus less expensive. The bridge is supported by x-shaped concrete filled pillars of stainless steel. The pillars are placed 30 m apart and the structure is dimensioned so that the bridge can stand even if a column is hit.

Bridge Ludvika.

Competition Project 2011 Option 2 low budget Assistant architect, 3d model, diagrams, visualization, 2d plans.

Miscelánia Escénica (vertical park). Competition Project 2004

Team project, 3d model, diagrams, visualization, 2d plans, postproductionvideoclip Miscelánea Escénica or ‘scenic miscellany’ was a project for the competition Arpafil based in Guadalajara City (Gdl) . This second biggest Mexican city with 7 million inhabitants was demanding a new recreation centre with cinemas, theatre, multi-stadium and shopping mall; everything coexisting at the same time. Gdl is a horizontal city without a vertical strategic point to view the city from above (viewpoint). The tropical city, full of trees, is in a constant imbalanced urban evolution . In this new south central area of the city emerges a vertical viewpoint park with a restaurant and cinema projector on the bottom. The texture surface of the complex is a special latex material holding the shopping mall and covering the multi-stadium located underground the project.

This text explain the potential feelings that people could have during the trip into the project. Here are some fragments: ‘The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images. The consciousness of desire and the desire for consciousness are identically the project which, in the negative form, seeks the abolition of classes , the workes’ direct possession of every aspect of their activity. -Masticatorium-In order to become ever more identical to itself, to get as close as possible to motionless monotomy, the free space of the commodity is henceforth constantly modified and reconstructed

The spectacle of mind.

project 2003

Personal project, 3d model, diagrams, 2d plans, visualization Experimental house project ‘Mental Toxic ity’ was created during a course in conceptual composition at ITESO-University . The concept of the project reflects on the mental disorder of contemporary Society . The house is created with ambiguous and infinite spaces articulated by multileves with grass, plants and cement textures. These multileves are joined by the helicoidal stairs and ramps with different entrances of natural light , shades and shapes around the house.

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Architectural lighting design built projects. Work realized by the architectural lighting design office ‘Artenluz’

Casa R+R. Mexico 2007 Architects: Lopez Baz and Calleja + Gomez de Tudo Helping as architectural lighting designer, 2d plans, manager assistant , lighting design desicions, customer dealing Architectural lighting project of Artenluz located in Punta de Mita, a new trendy resort on the west coast of Mexico. The main idea was to emphasize the natural texture materials of the house, supporting the concept of the architect. Covering details with Faint lights without distracting the views of the natural windows to the sea was the principal concept of the architect.

More built projects with Artenluz.

Santander Bank Contact Center Lamela and Springall +Lira Architects Queretaro, Mex. completed 2008

Helping as architectural lighting designer, 2d plans, manager assistant , lighting design desicions, customer dealing

Americas 1905 Building Enrique Norten Architects Guadalajara, Mex. completed 2008

Casa Villa Maria 2 BOSS Architecture Architects Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mex. completed 2010

Sufi Restaurant, Porta Fortuna Gullermo Michel Architects Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mex. completed 2009

Hotel Viceroy Mayacobรก (The Kor group) Legorreta + Legorreta Architects Rivera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mex. completed 2011

Fabio Giannuzzi CV + Portfolio  
Fabio Giannuzzi CV + Portfolio  

Fabio Giannuzzi