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Deuteronomy 1. Rallying a new generation • The new generation of Israel is reminded of their inheritance in the Promised Land. • Instructed to go in God’s name to destroy idolatrous inhabitants of the land. • Great blessing promised if they perform God’s will in this regard. • Moses also tells them about their history, including God’s deliverance of the people from Egypt, His giving of the law and the past failures of the people. Joshua 1. Joshua’s leadership • Because Moses misrepresented God to the people when he became angry, striking the rock, he is prohibited from entering the Promised Land. • As a leader, Moses is held to a high standard of responsibility. 2. Initial success • The land is divided up, a portion for each tribe. • The people enjoy fabulous military success, conquering the lands which they are to receive as their inheritance. 3. The rally call is left unfulfilled • The people do not follow God’s instructions to the letter. • Pagan peoples are left to co-inhabit parts of the Promised Land. • Severe consequences stem from this failure, including great trouble from surrounding nations and inter-marriage with idol worshippers. Judges 1. A time of tragedy • Broadly, people did not honour God. • Great violence and insecurity was known by the people, especially as a result of their failure to execute God’s instructions. • There is no king in Israel - everybody does what is right in their own eyes. 2. God is still faithful • Judges are great warriors raised up by God in key times of trouble to show that He is still preserving His people and He is still faithful to them.

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Review Questions 1. Of what did Moses remind the new generation of Israel in Deuteronomy? A. God’s great deliverance of them from Egypt. B. The law. C. The failures of their ancestors. D. All of the above. 2. After Judges, hope comes in what way? A. A mother prays for her child. B. Samson, the greatest judge is raised up. C. Israel gets a king. D. God destroys all of Israel’s enemies. 3. Why did Joshua lead the people into the Promised Land? A. Moses was too old. B. Moses wanted it that way. C. Moses was punished by God. D. Moses desired to be buried back in Egypt. 4. Joshua is broadly a blessed time in Israel’s history, except for what? A. The people’s failure to follow God’s instructions to the letter. B. The people’s inability to conquer certain enemies because they were too strong. C. Joshua’s death in battle. D. All of the above. 5. Even in a time of great turning away from God, how did God show His continuing faithfulness to Israel? A. He raised up judges to deliver them from their fiercest enemies. B. He sent angelic reinforcements to battles when they became hopeless. C. He destroyed the judges who were oppressing them. D. Both B and C. 6. Had the people followed God’s instructions perfectly, what would they have received? A. Permanent peace and prosperity in the land. B. World dominion. C. More righteous judges. D. Moses would have continued to be their leader.

Answers | 1D | 2A | 3C | 4A | 5A | 6A

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