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Golden Bells #424 People Who Met Jesus


Behind the Behind the Scenes The Golden Bells team sat down together to plan #424. Mmmm… everyone was thinking…





Curly scratched his head (he was trying to think of a good colouring picture). Paulie sighed out loud (he always did that when he overworked his brain). Priscilla nodded off to sleep in the corner (she didn’t have much sleep the night before). After lots of thinking, Andrea said, “Hey guys, we have done enough ‘Stories Jesus Told,’ let’s start a brand new mini-series with #424.”

Yeah, good idea! Everyone agreed. But what would claire the new series be? Everyone went back to thinking… mmmmmm...


Claire frowned (she was thinking too hard!) Miss Waia tapped her pencil on the table (she had a song


miss waia priscilla

stuck in her head and was not concentrating at all!) Priscilla kept on sleeping. “We should still focus on the Lord Jesus,” said Curly. Everyone agreed with that. “I know!” Marty slapped the table so hard that everyone jumped. Andrea’s heart missed a beat, Paulie’s brain stopped working, Miss Waia’s song went straight out of her head and Priscilla woke up. “...People who Met Jesus!” Everyone thought that Marty had come up with a great topic, so it was not long before they were all carried away with ideas. Pens were scratching, paper was flying. Marty tapped away on his keyboard. Paulie & Curly were drawing madly (they had a brand new tin of lead pencils). Priscilla was churning out crossword, mazes, codes and all sorts of fun things! The Golden Bells team was cooking up another miniseries…

That day the Golden Bells team came up with a long list of different people who met Jesus when He was here on earth 2000yrs ago: Nicodemus, Blind Bartimaeus, Zacchaeus, Mary Magdalene… there are so many! In the end, we all decided that the man called Paralytic would be a good one to start with. Here is the big lesson of #424. It is a personal message to you from all of us here at Golden Bells. You need to have a personal, life changing meeting with Jesus Christ. You may not have lame legs like Paralytic but you do have a sinful heart. Jesus Christ is still alive, He is God and He is the only One who can forgive your sins.

From C laire


Paralytic Meets Jesus

If a person is paralyzed from the waist down, they are a paraplegic. Paraplegics have wheelchairs (maybe even motorized ones), special cars with hand controls and nurses to visit them in their houses to do some of the things they can’t. Well, that’s if they live in Australia, 2010. This is a story about ‘Paralytic’ (that’s just an old fashioned word for paraplegic) who lived on a mat. Because he could not use his legs, they were all shriveled. Because he could not feel his legs, they got sores on them. Sometimes, his shriveled, sore legs got infected and stinky. Poor paralytic! Because he lived a long time ago in a place called Capernaum, he had no wheelchair, no car and no nurses. Actually, he had nothing special at all… except 4 good friends. The story of Paralytic begins with his 4 good friends. They heard about Jesus and…

…they started to think... and... they had a super-duper whizz bang idea! The friends ran to paralytic’s house as fast as they could. Friends 1 & 2 told him their idea while friends 3 & 4 bundled Paralytic onto his transport mat (it was a stiff mat which had handles on each corner). Off they went! It was easy to find which house Jesus was in because the whole of Capernaum was there! People everywhere! People at the door, people in the windows, people queuing down the footpath, people were even on the garden squashing the plants! The 4 friends saw the crowds and…

...They started to think... and... they had their 2nd super-duper whizz bang idea!


To cut a long story short, the 4 friends somehow managed to get Paralytic onto the roof of the house without tipping him off his mat! They had a good view of the room underneath through the cracks in the tiles. The Lord Jesus was sitting in the middle and there were people everywhere! People on the chairs, people under the tables, people were even on top of each other! Then the 4 friends spied a tiny bit of free floor-space right at Jesus feet and…

…they started to think... and... they had their 3rd super-duper whizz bang idea! Suddenly the people inside the house heard a chink clunk scrape… what’s this…? There are people on the roof??!! They are making a hole in the roof… they are breaking in! Oh!?? What?!! Here comes a mat. It is a transport mat! Oh, here is a paralyzed man! Slowly and carefully the 4 friends lowered paralytic down… right in front of Jesus. Jesus looked straight at Paralytic and spoke, ‘Son be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven.’ Everyone in the room was shocked! The Scribes and Pharisees were all thinking the same thing…

What?! Forgive sins?! How can this man say such a thing?

Is He mad?? He can’t be God!

If He has the power to forgive sins, He must be God!


Now for Jesus to say ‘Your sins are forgiven’ was easy… but to actually prove that He had done what He said was hard. You can’t see sins getting forgiven (it all happens on the inside of a person). So Jesus did something to show the people that He had power and authority to do just what He said. Jesus said to Paralytic, ‘Stand up, pick up your bed and walk.’ Straight away, Paralytic stood up and… WALKED! His sore, withered legs were strong and healthy. For the first time in many years his legs actually worked! Then all the people were amazed! They realized that Jesus did have supernatural power. When He said, ‘Get up and walk’, Paralytic stood up and walked! When He said, ‘Your sins are forgiven’, Paralytic’s sins were forgiven! Jesus did two impossible things because He was truly God from heaven. All the people said ‘We have never ever seen anything like this before!’ With a happy heart and healthy legs, Paralytic was a brand new man! He must have laughed and jumped for joy! I think he probably threw his mat away and danced all the way home!

And what happened to the four friends? ...they had a 4th super duper whizz bang idea…But that’s another story…


Colouring Page

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saidat wh

Use Bible Bits to help with this activity.

What 2 things did Jesus say to Paralytic? [v5&11]

What did the crowd say? [v12]


What did the Scribes & Pharisees say? [v7]


Name: Hometown: Age (have a guess!):

Paralytic’s Details

Paralytic was completely changed. What do you think his face, legs and heart looked like before and after he met Jesus? Draw them.




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Pick out the four characters from the story, then draw a line between them and their correct description. Cross out the 4 decoys so you don’t get fooled!

Forgiven Had Faith Astonished



Paralytic Quiz

Read pages 12-13 before answering

In his diary, Paralytic said he knew one thing _______________ What is the picture for certain. What was it? _______________ in the paper of? ____________________ What is the name _______________ ____________________ of the newspaper? _______________ _______________

____________________ Which exhibit did you like the best? ____________________ ____________________

Why did friend 1 nearly fall off the roof? ____________________

What was Paralytic’s real ____________________ ____________________ problem?


____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

How many friends were interviewed?



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Winners! Leah (4yrs) - Victoria

Ulwe (9yrs) - Saibai Island


Sarah (13yrs) - Tasmania

Abigail H Grace D Levi S Samson S

Hannah C Amelia S Logan L Sophie W

Well done everyone! Winners’ prizes are in the post.

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The Paralttic Museum icle n o r h C m u a n r e Cap



Exhibit 2

Paralytic's Diary

When Jesus looked at me I knew He knew everything. His words were kind and wonderful . I knew straight away that He had the power and authority to fi x me... He changed me from the inside out. I am a brand new man! After today I know one thing for certain - “The Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins...�


Dear Diary... My sins have been forgiven! Today I finally had the courage to go to Jesus. It was not easy, but nothing was going to stop me. I was determined and desperate. My problem was so big I could not fi x It. I had ruined and wrecked my whole life. I believed that Jesus was the one who could help, but I was so afraid and ashamed...

it ib

Last night, the man called Paralytic was seen running, jumping and skipping through the city whilst carrying his mat on his head! Hundreds of eye witnesses claim that Jesus of Nazareth performed the miracle in a local house. His legs were fixed

h al er Ex Loc spap w Ne

Lame Man Walks!

The Golden Bells team has done some hard work rustling through the archives. Here are some of the interesting artefacts they found that give us a better idea of what actually happened that day when Paralytic met Jesus.

Exhibit 3

Galilee News Interviewing Paralytic’s 4 Friends

Exclusive Interview!

Wow what a miracle! Your friend healed! How amazing! Friend 3: Well of course it was just wonderful but it was not the most amazing thing… Friend 2: Most people in Capernaum have missed the point… What do you mean? Paralytic actually stood up and walked! Everyone saw it! Friend 2: Yes but something even more incredible happened today… Friend 4: Something personal between Jesus and Paralytic… Friend 1: Something people have forgotten about because they did not actually see it with their eyes… Tell us what are you talking about? Friend 2: Jesus Christ forgave Paralytic’s sins! Friend 4: Remember before He even looked at his legs, Jesus said, ‘Son be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven’ Friend 1: …and I nearly fell off the roof it was so wonderful! Oh?!!? Ummm… ok.. Friend 3: I know Paralytic won’t mind us saying this but his real problem was not his legs like everyone thought Friend 2: He had a deeper problem… it was much worse! Friend 1: His sinful heart! Friend 4: And no one in Capernaum really knew it… only Jesus. So this story is not about a lame man being healed but about a sinner being forgiven… I am not sure I know how to report on that…!



with Dr Paul


Page Jesus Christ Forgives Sins The paralytic man came to Jesus with two problems. One was very obvious because it was on the outside and could be seen by everyone. He could not walk. He was paralyzed. The other problem was not so obvious. It was on the inside, out of sight. The man was a sinner. This was by far the bigger problem. Not everyone knew about it, but there were two people that day that did - Jesus and the paralytic man. The problem was a matter between the two.

The man came with his problem to Jesus Christ the Saviour of Sinners. He came despite his fears. He came a little unsure, fearful of how he would be received. After all, sin is against God and Jesus Christ is God. We know he was unsure because Jesus said, ‘Be of good cheer – take comfort!’ Now he was not saying the problem of sin was small and not serious. The man was paralyzed because of it! It had affected his whole life. He was saying that by coming to him the man need not fear because his problem could be solved. It is the same for anyone who comes to Christ with the problem of their sin. The outcome is always blessing.

He came despite the crowds.


People were everywhere blocking the way to Jesus. The house was so full they couldn’t even get to the door. They could have given up and gone home, but no, they tore up the roof to reach the feet of Jesus. This man knew how serious the problem was. He was determined and he let nothing stand in his way.

He came believing. The man clearly believed that Jesus was able to meet his need. He never doubted and was fully prepared to trust Him. He showed it by his actions and by doing exactly what Jesus said. Jesus recognised that the paralytic had come in faith, ready to trust and obey.

Jesus knew his problem, saw his faith and forgave his sins. Repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the requirement for the forgiveness of sins. You must turn away from sin and turn to trust Christ. This man did exactly that. The people around heard what Jesus said. Now they all knew that only God could forgive sins. What they did not know was that Jesus was God. They did not believe that Jesus could and did forgive the man’s sins. Jesus, seeing their unbelief, told the man whose sins He had forgiven to ‘Rise up and walk’. The man stood on his feet and walked! Then everyone could see the power of Jesus Christ! If He spoke, then it was done. He did have power on earth to forgive sins. The man was changed, his sins forgiven, his soul cleansed and his guilt removed. The change that had taken place on the inside could now be proven by the change that occurred on the outside – the man was walking! A tremendous, obvious change wrought by the power of God. The people rightly observed that only God can forgive sins. Jesus Christ is the one who is God. Every Christian once came to Jesus Christ with the problem of their sin. Like the paralysed man, they believed He could forgive them and He did. A great change occurred in them. They were made clean, free of guilt and accepted by God. Their lives were changed. They felt joy and peace in believing. Everyone can now see by the change in their life and behavior that they are different. What Jesus did for this man two thousand years ago is what He still does today for all who come guilty, repentant and believing to Him.

Jesus says, ‘He that comes to me I will in no wise cast out’ 15

Bible Bits

[NKJV] Mark 2:1-12

Golden Bells #424 is based on the story of a paralytic who met Jesus in Mark 2. Here is the original story for you to read.

1 And again He entered Capernaum after some days, and it was heard that He was in the house. 2 Immediately many gathered together, so that there was no longer room to receive them, not even near the door. And He preached the word to them. 3 Then they came to Him, bringing a paralytic who was carried by four men. 4 And when they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. 5 When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.” 6 And some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts, 7 “Why does this Man

speak blasphemies like this? Who can forgive sins but God alone?” 8 But immediately, when Jesus perceived in His spirit that they reasoned thus within themselves, He said to them, “Why do you reason about these things in your hearts? 9 Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise, take up your bed and walk’? 10 But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins”—He said to the paralytic, 11 “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.” 12 Immediately he arose, took up the bed, and went out in the presence of them all, so that all were amazed and glorified God, saying, “We never saw anything like this!” See also: Matt 9:1-8; Luke 5:17-26 is a free, online kids Bible teaching magazine and a resources website for religious education teachers. If you would like to order printed copies of this magazine, please contact us (minimum quantities apply). We also welcome your ongoing feedback.


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