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Golden Age VOl.1 Issue 8| July 12

Dear readers,

7 beautiful issue later, I’ve reached this point in the magazine where everything is perfect. I’ve put so much effort and care into this magazine that it’s become a part of me that I can’t let go of. I get more and more excited each time I start with a blank document, I’m so blessed to be filling its white pages with colorful talent. This magazine would be nowhere without its contributors and readers, and that’s why I dedicate this issue to them. We love you artists!

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Adam Raasal



“This photo hits very close to home, and I know of some other photographers/artists that could relate to it. It’s about getting your work stolen by others or copied etc.”

“Inspired by Rene Magritte’s ‘The Lovers’. Dedicated to that special someone and expression of how lonely it feels when we’re apart.”

“If you’ve attempted (and failed) to achieve something 5 times... would you call it a day and admit the fact that you’re not good enough?”

“Which comes first... the story or the man who tells it?”

Adam Raasalhague | 9


is about discovering oneself, including discovering your own fragility and weakness.�


Adam Raasalhague | 11


“ t’s about enlightenment and discovering things you thought you wanted to know. The impact of being in the know can be overwhelming.”

Adam Raasalhague | 13


w w w. s how nd . c om /a


ad r i a n a f uent ev i l l a

“There’s a whole universe inside each one of us.”

“In her eyes there’s a story of love and goodbyes.”

Adrianna Fuentevilla| 17

“I took these photos in collaboration with Louise Ebel , author of the blog Miss Pandora. I wanted these photos be very pictorial, as a clin d’oeil to Pandora’s wonderful art-filled world.” Adrianna Fuentevilla| 19

This photo, taken with Alix on a cold and windy day, it represents a desire to become like the wind, free and ever-changing.�

“Jade and I took these photos in Paris. To me, this one is about creating a world where there’s balancebetween all things natural and manmade.”


“This image with the beautiful Casey was extremely Alice in Wonderland inspired, it was a random outtake of another shoot we are doing.�

“This image is shot with model Casey Hills, she is one of my best friends and is up to any photo situation I put her in. This is the 2nd photo in my lyrics series, its also interoperating another Taylor Swift song ‘White horse’. I wanted this image to have a fairy tale appeal, like she had rescued her self and her prince was too late.”

“I love to take images about being free, this image is all about being free and just taking in the beauty of the world around you, I was inspired by a beautiful song called ‘the river flows in you’ by Yiruma.”

Asher Lilly| 25

“This is a recent self portrait I did while I was in holidays in bali. I wanted the mood of the image to be peaceful, like she had just taken her last breath.�

“This is apart of my ongoing personal series of my favourite song lyrics, this is meant to represent the song ‘safe and sound’ by the beautiful taylor swift. I wanted it to feel like the person in the image had lost everything.”

“This image can have many interpretations, to me it’s that feeling of just waking up and trying to piece together the dreams of that night, and you can’t quite remember, you know the dream was so beautiful and you would do anything to remember it, but you just can’t, your mind is foggy.”

“This is a personal image that represents a stage I went through when I felt as though the real me was lost. I was loosing pieces of myself by trying to live up to expectations in society.”

Asher Lilly| 29

CH aampton rolyn

“This was shot on a beautiful day in winter at a park near our house. We were doing some serious work for my fine art series, “Remnants of Past”, and then decided to have some fun by doing another levitation. I am crazy about that umbrella, which is from the New York MOMA gift shop.”

This image had been in my head for a while. My daughter and I have always been avid readers, and we both love how books can transport you to other places. This is what I was trying to express. The stuffed creatures flying in the air are characters from books we love, such as Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”. The book is a prop from the film “Robin Hood” (2010) – it is enormous, leather bound, and has that cool carving on the cover”

“Another fantasy location with a beautiful, white bath tub and very white walls, with a rubber duckie. It seemed like the perfect place for a levitation. I learned levitation techniques by doing a workshop with the Queen of levitations, Brooke Shaden.”

“Although I was raised Catholic, I have since become disillusioned with the Catholic church. I still consider myself religious, but I would probably say that I am more spiritual. Nevertheless, I am drawn to Catholic symbolism and imagery, and therefore was quite happy to shoot in a loft that has Jesus pictures all over the walls. My daughter is wearing a “First Communion” dress that I found on eBay for $2. I love how it photographs and I have used it a number of times.”

Carolyn Hampton| 33

“This is an image from my new series, “Constructed Fairytales”, in which I am re-enacting stories from my own mind, rather than those found in books. I invite the viewer to fill in what happened before and what happens next. This was shot on the Universal Studios backlot, on the very old set of Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula” (1931). And yes, I really did tie up my daughter in vintage rope and put her in a fountain.”

Carolyn Hampton| 35

“This has been my most popular image thus far and it is one that carries a lot of emotion for me. I was raised in a Catholic home and went to Catholic school, and that upbringing had a strong influence on me. When I was a child and one of my pets would die, or if I found a dead animal such as a bird, I would kneel on the ground, turn my head up to the sky, close my eyes and pray for the animal’s soul. For some reason, I thought I could really get God’s attention that way. This image is a reenactment of that memory.”


ier-runni ne King-to-utopi nleya

“When creating a particular concept, I feel as though it is important to imagine the character's story: who they are, where they come from, what they do? I also love the idea of contrast- of a darker scene to contain some sort of metaphorical light. For this image, I liked the idea of someone who didn't belong in the human reality- who over time fell victim to life. Her soul had begun to crack and cave in, and slowly, the butterflies had made her their home. “

“Some of my favorite things include butterflies, jars, and various forms of light. To me they have always spoken of mystery, and what this image strives to accomplish is to incorporate all of these items into a fairy tale world that I would like very much to live in. “

Catherine Kinley | 41

“When I’m underwater I feel as though I’m weightless and in an entirely new and tranquil place. This image was to be a manifestation of that freedomfloating in the unknown.”

“I’m fascinated with the idea of other worlds, and of portals leading us to those worlds. I imagined someone about to embrace uncertainty-at peace with themselves whilst at the same time about to experience a place of mystery.”

| | | | | | | | | | | | | |||| | |||

| | | | | | | | | | | | | |||| | |||

||||||||||||| | | | |||||

“I’ve always loved the fog. It’s always seemed like a blanket that shrouds everything in a quiet mystery. I woke up very early one morning, and when I looked outside my window and saw my familiar world transformed into that very mystery, I jumped out of bed and ran outside as fast as I could. What I wanted to capture was the feeling of being lost, and how the future is so very unknown.”

||||||||||||| | | | |||||

Chloe Barce


“This picture was taken in an old farmhouse with beautiful peeling wallpaper and missing floorboards. I chose this location because of the decaying symbolism it provides… the angel embodies renewal in this picture. Tim Walker was a huge inspiration, in the creation of this image.”

“This picture was inspired by Cupid and reminds me of how lovely innocence is.�

Chloe Barcelou | 49

“I was inspired by Beauty and the Beast in the creation of this photo. It was one of the first professional quality self-portraits I’ve taken.”

“This photo is a high fashion shoot inspired by Hansel and Gretel, two beautiful characters, lost in the woods.”

“This photo is perhaps one of my favorite ever taken. It’s my depiction of Alice at the Tea Party and a reflection of the Mad Hatter’s lunacy.”

“This photo is from the very first photo shoot I ever orchestrated. It’s a depiction of a mermaid, caught in the fisherman’s net.”


anziska Ambach

“This is my friend Alica,it was the first warm day of spring and we enjoyed the sun outside. The Bunny is her’s, he is called Bubu.I really love how she holds her arm.”

“This was from my first shoot with my new lens.The model is Vivienne, she is a friend of mine, we went to a botanic garden and we had a lot of fun and took so much photos .�

“This was intially intended to be a portrait shoot but it turend out very different. There was so much fog and then we found these branches at this location.With this picture I wanted to show the freedom and peace of nature.”

“This is Katharina, I often take pictures of her. She is a great model! We went to some rapeseed fields and the wind was so amazing so we did something totally different.I love how graceful she looks.”

“This picture was really actually me testing out my new lens .It is a self portrait and I took it in our garden in the lavender.�

Franziska Ambach | 59

“This was from a rainy day. It literally rained the whole day long Then for about half an hor it stopped and this insane light turned out. Do I run up a big hill to catch the last light before it started to rain again?�



Photographed By Guen Fiore ( Modeling by Cristina Fiore and Francesca Arces

We All Complete| 63

We All Complete| 65

We All Complete| 67

We All Complete| 69

Han Kri


nna istina

“This has been because of the shoots I did in now it is one

one of my favourite shoots. We had to shoot indoors awful English weather, and it was one of the first film so I was nervous about the outcome. However even of my favourites because of the lighting and colours.�

“This is the Spring/Summer 2012 look book for Dahlia Fashion. This is one of the client shoots I am most proud of because Dahlia is pretty well established now and a lot of people have seen my work. Also I think my style of work really worked with the company.�

Hanna Kirstina| 73

“I collaborated with a fantastic team for this shoot, and we shot at a stunning derelict location in Brighton. The retouching in this shoot is very different to my usual style which I like.�

Hanna Kirstina| 75


I shot this image in the Spring for online boutique Prince Lilly. We shot in the rural west Sussex countryside at a farm and campsite.


Hanna Kirstina| 77

LuĂ­s Tavar


Some Things Grow Quiescent “This photo was taken in one of the most beautiful locations I had the pleasure to shoot. There was an old abandoned house, next to a beautiful set of ruins, a fantastic mix of stone and green. I wanted a peaceful (yet seductive) feeling in this photograph. I can almost see all the green around her growing slowly towards the sky, while she keeps calm, being surrounded by nature.”

Nature’s Child “This was next to the abandoned house I mentioned in the “Some things grow quiescent” description. One of the themes I love the most to shoot are related to nature. There’s something about it, something special, don’t really know how to explain... And I get always haunted by it. This is one of my favorite photos, where I tried to create a strong and magical coupling between mankind and nature. Also, some people already asked me if this was photoshopped: It was not. I just asked the model to jump in the right time.”

Luís Tavares | 81

“Sometimes I enjoy how some photos could easily be turned into a painting. I tried to do that with this one. Those flowers were picked by my grandma’s sister. It’s from her own garden. The covered wall behind it’s from her garden as well. It’s a beautiful little corner in nowhere, and there I tried to create a colorful photo with what nature gives us. Like if nature is our palette and the world’s our canvas.”

“Using the same flowers I used in “Nature’s palette” I tried to explore the feeling of loss. Loss of a loved one, not giving any particular reason (I would focus on broken hearts and the end of a love story though).”

Luís Tavares | 83

“I always wanted to try something with frames, but I never really had the opportunity to do it. I was, of course, excited when I got to shoot a friend of mine with this theme. As always I love surreal, magical ambience in photos, and my main goal is to create the images that just pop in my head. This photo is a about selfinquiry; If you know your own identity, or if you still need to explore yourself a bit more; take some risks, to get out of the comfort zone.�

This is one of the oldest self-portraits I have. It was taken in 2008, but I decided to work on it again. The best way to explain this photo is by quoting Noel Fielding: “Reality depresses me. I need to find fantasy worlds and escape in them”.

Luís Tavares | 85

City #1 Paris, France


Ahhh...Pair-eeeee, the city of romance. Paris has made number one in our book for its city lights at night. A photographer’s dream filled with atmosphere, bokeh, and elegant structure. Not to mention the yummy food. You can’t go wrong by traveling to France, and stopping in at little cafes on the streets of Paris...priceless.

2 # y t i C nce, Italy Flore

Italy... home of intaglio prints and masters of fine art, home to many historic pieces of art including Michelangelo’s “David”. Italy is a Renaissance lover’s dream. Italy is no sight to the sore eyes either; all of it’s streets are filled with architectural masterpieces, it’s no wonder why Florence fits in on our list of dream cities


m a e r D Cities Art


City #3 New York

New York City, the city where all of your dreams come true. The city where it seems like everyone you know has been to, lived in, or dreamt of. It’s where the big boys play. It’s where you see yourself making the big time. The photographer’s goal city; where you can become professional. It’s busy, fast paced, and different. If you can have a chance in New York, then you can have a chance at your dream career.


Athens is one of the oldest standing models of art history available. The experience of seeing Acropolis would be one to die for. As one of the 7 wonders of the world, Athens is a city that you can visit and cross off your bucket list. Art history at its finest. Not to mention that it’s Greece!!! Greek food and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, I’ll take it!

City #4 Athens, Greece

Michalina W



Michalina Wozniak | 91

Michalina Wozniak | 93


Nick Arcos

“I’ve had this photo planned for ages. When Grant Heinlen finished his 365 project he did a photo like this and I knew that for the finish of my 365 I wanted balloons too, so I went to the only craft store close to campus and had them blow me up 21 balloons, all white and just one black because for all the good in the world there is always a little bad too. It turns out that my project was finishing on the same day as this business was closing. It’s strange how things like that happen. This is one of my day 365 pictures, but probably the most meaningful one. If you would have asked me a year ago whether or not I could have produced this image I would have said no, but I let my dreams carry me and I haven’t given up on photography. It is my joy, my passion, my life, and I plan to continue it.”

“This photo is super personal to me, I actually kind of hate it. This was taken one night on campus when two of my best friends and I went for a midnight stroll. I had brought my camera and tripod of course, because any time I have the opportunity to have assistants I go for it. I really liked the lighting of street lamps behind the trees and told my friends that I wanted to stop here, but of course they didn’t want to. I got set up and had one of my friends shine a flashlight at me so that I would be lit and I was able to take this photo. After that night we never really got to be as close as we had been. I really hate what this photo means to me but at the same time I hold it as an example of live and learn and don’t take good friendships for granted.”

Nick Acros| 99

This photo came about from a quote from the movie Castaway. I really took it to heart because we never truly know what tomorrow will bring us and what new changes will occur. I love golden hour and always take the opportunity to shoot then if I have the chance and this was no exception. The sunsets and the sunrises and we really just have to live and let it happen.

Shot in my front yard, this is my venture into what Brooke Shaden refers to as Dark Art. Everyday we have to grapple with the darkness within as well as the goodness. I guess this is how my darker side manifested itself. Also, I’ve been in a real superhero/supervillian mood lately and I feel like this just kind of brought all of my thoughts together.

Nick Acros| 101

This was the most draining photo that I have ever taken or edited. One rainy day I packed my bag and walked a half hour until I got to this rarely used forest area where I knew this stump was. I had to keep one umbrella above me and my gear as I taped a second umbrella to my tripod that way I could shoot and not damage my camera. After shedding some clothing, throwing rope around me and then posing, I got it the way I wanted. Then I just shivered the whole way back to my dorm, I took some medicine, and began editing for hours. Overall I found that I could push myself and that when I do I create work that I am extremely proud of.

Being home really sucks for me photography wise. I just constantly feel limited in my locations so my goal coming home this summer was to transcend that. This is me in my ditch. Sometimes we just need to create our own realities. I really connect with this theme of lighting your own way. Sometimes things seem easy and a lot more convenient, but if there is something you want, you have to stick with it even if it means forging your own path.

Nick Acros| 103

artist Pamela is a 21 year old BFA student studying in the state of Vermont. She considers herself a mixed-media artist, as she dables in many different types of art including... drawing, painting, photography, and crafting. She works on a number of different surfaces including wood, glass, multiple kinds of paper, cardboard, and vellum, as her goal is to create different pieces of work each time. Enjoy her interview and visit her blog for upcoming projects!

Pamela Bows| 105

Describe your process to us. The process is different for models and conceptual pieces. With model pieces, I have to put the paper in the right place, with takes me an incredibly long amount of time, because if its not perfect, I cant get my head into the painting. Then I kinda jump right it, using the lightest pastel for skin to make the figure, and filling in the tones gradually to darker. For conceptual pieces, the process is longer. I have an idea in my head that is sometimes hard to define visually, so I ruminate on it for a while, finding visual inspiration from other artists and photos and even words, sometimes. Then once I have the image in my head, I sketch it out and decide the details, and then I start working on the full sized piece.

Do you have a predominant color palette? Um, maybe skin tones? Since I do only figures, skin tones are what my work predominantly features. These translate to pink, yellow and brown. I guess I should be looking at my work when I talk about this. Red tones are the colors that show up in every piece, apart from my sad little trash girl. Even in the piece I’m working on now, which is predominantly black and white, I’m adding a pinkish tone to her skin. For some pieces I have a pre-thought out color scheme, or the scenery determines the colors. For others I just go and see what happens!

Pamela Bows| 107

Which piece is your favorite and why? None of my pieces have names, but I have names for them in my head that I refer to them with, so bear with me. I really like my sad blue little girl self portrait, because I originally drew it in my sketchbook while I was bored in art history, and I was afraid to translate it into all blue and oil pastels, but it came out exactly like the original sketch, so I was really happy. I also like the sitting girls, where the girl with darker skin is higher than the girl with lighter skin. Their faces came out looking pretty close to how my eye sees them in real life, and I like the quality of my line.

What medium do you like best and why? This is a hard one! I guess it depends on the surface, but in general I love oil pastels the most. They’re really unworkable in many instances (especially because I have the cheap ones), and it takes a lot of effort to make them into something. It takes a lot of me to get the painting to be something, and it becomes less about the medium and subject.

Pamela Bows| 109

What are you willing to do to push your work further? Well, I think entering an MFA program will really help me push my work further. It’s really important to get negative feedback as well as positive, and its been really hard for me to get both. I’m hoping an MFA program will provide some criticism. I think using mixed media and experimentation helps me push my work; I’ve recently bought imitation gold leaf, which is so so cool, and I’ve never used it before. Working at a larger and larger scale also helps push my work, because I have the ability to be more intricate (which I want in my work, but I detest doing the intricacies). Viewing others’ work pushes me as well, because when I see what other are doing, I question my place in the art community and push myself to do more interesting and impressive pieces. Competition is always good for art.

When did you realize you liked creating art? How did it feel? I was afraid of art for a long time, I wanted to do it but I had that teenageryomg-what-if-its-not-good syndrome going on. But my sophomore year of high school I finally got into a 2d art class and I had the best teacher ever. I was never very interested in school, so I got bored and failed classes and such, but art was totally different. I found that I could really get into it, and even though I wasn’t great, I could actually see my progress in my daily sketchbook. I had friends that were really good and it encouraged me to do well. It also helped that my marvelous teacher, Mr. Hayes, treated us like adults, gave us freedom, and had adult expectations for us. Art feels like turning my brain off, but in a good way. I can access the right side of my mind, and it eliminates everything unwanted and lets me focus on the task at hand.

What’s in your future for art? Right now I’m preparing to apply to Graduate MFA programs at some major universities here in the US as well as abroad. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I am nursing the dream to work at Vogue—or a similar, but not quite as huge, magazine. I want to be a set designer for Tim Walker, or a museum curator, or a showing artist, or an art professor. Basically, I’d be happy with any job within the art world. I’m not picky. What do you have planned for your next series? Well, I’m starting on a series of somewhat mystical, women-like figures. They’re about double the size of my pieces featured here, but I wish I could go bigger still! Each subject has some sort of animal quality, and they’re very quiet. They’re based off various goddesses, sort of. I let them take me where they wanna go.

Pamela Bows| 111

Rachel Abraham



“‘Lost my heart to the Ocean’ was a day of a collaboration with natures elements, Victoria kept her elegance and beauty whilst working along side the strong winds and splashing waves enabling a real sense of atmosphere for us all to see.” Styling by Libby Page

Rachel Abraham| 115

“This image is from a collaboration with friend and photographer Katie Blench and our favourite muse Alice. We went road-tripping in the sunshine and rain and found this wonderful field, all of the colours, the material and the model came together and it was magical moment.�

“Charlotte and I took a walk through the busy streets Rochester, UK, bumbling with tourists and for a split second the sun came out for us lighting up her golden hair, I love the light leak!�

“‘Locked Out’ was a series inspired by the magical use of props by Photographers like Lissy Elle and Tim Walker and of course Alice in Wonderland played a little part too!”

Rachel Abraham| 119


Shae W

“I had spent this day baking cookies to give to my friends for Christmas the next day, and by the time I was finished it was dark out. This was taken next to a busy road and I decided to overlay car lights on top of myself.”

“This photo was taken in Boston, walking back to the car after a dinner with a friend. It was absolutely freezing outside but everything felt warm and bright, especially since it was after a long and satisfying day.”

Shae W| 123

“This idea came to me in a dream where I was sitting and looking at a map down an empty highway in the countryside when I looked up and there were all of these maps fluttering about like birds. So, I had to take a photo that represented it of course.”

“This photo was taken in Atlantis, a resort in the Bahamas. Their aquarium is stunning and beautifully decorated to look like the real “lost city of Atlantis”, and I couldn’t help but take a photo against the colorful fish.”

“This was taken in Maine the day hurricane Irene came. I was simply looking through binoculars at the seagulls passing by.� Shae W| 125

“I feel like this photo explains itself. This was my day 365 photo for my 365 days project. The first day was a self portrait of myself with a feather and the last is of myself with wings, which represented how much I’d grown and how far I’d come throughout the year with photography.”

Shelby Gil


“This was one of many photos from a Toronto workshop with Brooke Shaden, one of my biggest inspirations. I fell in love with how feminine the model looked in a ballerina tutu paired with the dust-like flour and the intense action pose, which made the overall image feel like one was looking into a primal, intimate, native dancer’s routine. “

“A more quiet, feminine image from Brooke Shaden’s Toronto workshop.”

Shelby Gill| 131

“‘There must be more than this provincial life.’ My personal take on one famous Beauty and the Beast song line, with a theme still grounded in a lust for travel, adventure, and exploring outside those four walls you grew up in.”

“Everyone’s got their personal thoughts on what happiness feels like. This happened to be mine one day.”

Shelby Gill| 133

“The idea of creating and becoming a character is one of the most attractive things in photography to me, even if the inspiration comes from simple things like an article of clothing. This dress instantly reminded me of an old school farm girl, someone with big ambitions but stuck by family nature and forced to dwell on dreams for internal happiness. “

“A tribute to finishing my first year of college and all the self-exploration, crawling before walking, failures and triumphs that went with it. “

Kevin Davidson

Single Photo Feature| 137

Madeline Gibson

Stephen Maycock

Single Photo Feature| 139

Lauren Parker

kaytee callahan

Single Photo Feature| 141

Sophie Armstrong

Daniela Brown

Single Photo Feature| 143


**Cover photographs by Rachel Abraham

Adam Sulaiman Adrianna Fuentevilla Asher Lilly Carolyn Hampton Catherine Kinley Chloe Barcelou Franziska Ambach Guendalina Fiore Hanna Kristina LuĂ­s S. Tavares Michalina Wozniak Nick Acros Pamela Bows Rachel Abraham Shae W Shelby Gill Kevin Davidson Madeline Gibson Stephen Maycock Lauren Parker Kaytee Callahan Sophie Armstrong Dani Brown

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