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Golden Age Vol.1 Issue 7| JUNE 12’


Dear Readers,

Today is a new day for Golden Age! A brand new start, a celebration of new things to come! I’ve re-designed the magazine’s issue system to biweekly, so we’ll see how it goes! Hopefully I can make everyone happier about their features and spread more and more inspiration to you all! All I ever want this magazine to be is a place to honor the art of photography and the people involved with it! Hope you enjoy it as usually, if not more than usual! Chief and Editor,

Nikki Chicoine


Abide Clothing

Afton Dufoe

Brendon Burton

Człowiek Kamera

Eduardo Acierno

Emily White

Kara Markee

Lisa Walter

Vilde Indrehus

Katja Kemnitz

Sarah Ratner



A B I D E CLOTHING uuuuuuu . . . www abideclothing co uk

Tell us a bit about how abide came to be. Abide came from the desire to follow my dream. I had been in the industry working but found myself constantly wanting to design my own line. Two years ago I decided to follow my dream and make abide a reality.

What is the best thing about being a designer? The best thing about being a designer is the freedom you had to create. This freedom gives you a feeling of life. It is truly amazing to create a collection and stand back and look at the end result.

What is this line inspired by? ‘The purple sea’ AW12 collection was inspired by the North Devon coastline in England. The washed up beaches are lonely at that time of year. Cold winds blow the pale sand and reveal many Organic forms washed up from the sea. This dramatic stormy beauty was a great inspiration.

Tell us some of your favorite trends right now. I love the girly trends at the moment. Our current summer collection ‘Meadow girls’ is full of pastel colors, so following the trend.

What type of customer is your clothing targeted at? Our clothing is targeted at women who appreciate beautiful clothing and the craftsmanship that goes in to it. abide women have a sense of freedom. They like to look beautiful and love the finer details. The abide women is very feminine.

What is your dream in terms of being a fashion designer? My dream as a fashion designer is to create clothes for as long as I can! I would like to create an excitement with every new line, where people cant wait to see it!

Abide clothing | 7

What do you hope to achieve with the label? I would hope to achieve an international following with the label and would love to see it being sold across the world.

j j j

What advice would you give someone who was looking to start their own label? I would say if you really want to do it then go for it! Don’t give up and be strong.....Its not easy but if you put all your energy and passion in to it you will succeed.


k Abide clothing | 11


Afton Dufoe

T I’m a 27-year-old fine art photographer from Lakeland, Florida specializing in conceptual portraiture. My work is inspired by fantasy, nature, and the unexplainable. I strive to create images that investigate our dreams, wishes, and curiosities about existence.

Afton Dufoe | 15

Afton Dufoe | 17

Afton Dufoe| 19


Brendon Burton

When it comes to photography I am inspired by almost everything. Songs, poems, history, my photos even draw influence from events in my life. I started taking photos 2 years ago, and self portraits last October. I find it to be very therapeutic, I feel like I have finally discovered who I am in some aspects.

Brendon Burton | 23

Brendon Burton | 25


wiek Kamera

Today I am 26 years old and I am finishing my film studies. I’m a director of photography and also I specialize in music videos and short visual forms. Moreover, I realize my visions in the field of creative photography, reportage and collages. I make music videos for Polish and foreign music artists. In addition, I collaborate with the Danish band Sleep Party People, for which I have already created two official music videos. My photos and videos are filled with poetic onirism; they are small fragments of the situations which cannot be embedded in a particular time and place.

Człowiek Kamera | 33

Człowiek Kamera | 35

Photography by Eduardo Acierno ( Modeling by Jessica Blanco

Bougain Villian | 39

Bougain Villian | 41

Bougain Villian | 43

Emily W



My name is Emily White, I’m 15 and from Virginia. In my photos, I aim to create characters. I want for the viewer to not directly see the whole story that I created behind it, but instead to make up their own. I want for people to feel inspired and curious and magical. I want to make them feel something. But above all else, I just want to transport them to other worlds. Worlds where it’s possible to dance with fireflies or to sit face-to-face with a deer.

Emily White | 47

“Everything has its own beauty, and that’s what I want to capture.”

Emily White | 51

g n i r o l p x E

n a b r U with

Kara Markee (

Urban Exploring| 53

Which building was your first exploration? To be honest, I couldn’t even tell you which one was my real first. I’ve grown up less than a ten minute drive from Flint, Michigan, and every other building you see is abandoned. As a teenager I foolishly went into several of the houses that litter the streets. However, the first building I went into with intent to photograph was the Woodward Presbyterian Church in Detroit. Have you ever been caught trespassing? Nope! Not yet, and hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying so. I have met homeless people in my adventures through Detroit, but they end up being some of the kindest people I have ever met.

What drew you to abandoned buildings in the first place? To most people, an abandoned structure is nothing more than an eyesore. But to somebody, that building was their story. A love affair, the birth of a child, the death of a family member, a business exchange. Something happened in this building that had an effect on someone’s life. And that’s something I want to explore. Do you have any superstitions that halt you from entering a building? Very rarely, usually only if I know I’m not in the safest of areas, or if I’m entering a home with nearby neighbors. It’s never stopped me, though.

Do you enter these places alone or with others? Always, always with others. I’m lucky enough to be dating a man who likes exploring as much as I do, so I never have a problem with finding someone to come with me. I usually have a lot more people asking to join in as well. It’s not very wise to go alone, as you never know what could happen. How do you feel when walking around in these buildings? It’s a mix of amazement and caution, leaning more towards the first. It would be foolish to not be a bit concerned with who or what could be lurking within the building and following your every move, but the history that surrounds you is typically far more overpowering. Think about it – you are standing in a place that once meant the world to someone, where children used to frolic and families used to gather. And then one day, all of that ceased to exist, and here you are seeing what was left. To me there is something truly magical about it. How often do you travel to new locations? Depends on where I’m at. I’m currently studying Animation and Advertising on the other side of the state, so while I’m in classes, not as often as I’d like. During the summer however, probably about every 2-3 weeks. I’m always on the lookout for a new story to tell.

Urban Exploring| 55

Urban Exploring| 57

ith each bui “W and w

ilding there is a story to be told, with each photograph there is yet another tale waiting to unfold.


Katja K



My name is Katja Kemnitz. I am 27 years old and I live in Bonn, Germany. At the moment I draw much inspiration from the forest. The silence, the colors - I just feel safe when I’m in the woods. That’s why I’m often alone in the forest to take self portraits. I enjoy the peace and silence around me, avoid the gaze at the clock and just take pictures. If I find a nice place, I just sit down, look at my surroundings for a while and think about how I could photograph it.

Katja Kemnitz| 63

Katja Kemnitz| 65

[ “My enthusiasm is not about the results, but the way in which the final results originated.�

Lisa Walter


Over the years I learned that there are two types of beauty: The one that is screaming at you with their omnipresent importunity and the one that is quiet, but simply beautiful. I would prefer the second one, anytime. No one in my photos is a professional model, they are just humans, each of them so special and unique in their own way with their little mistakes no one is interested in.

It´s about their personality and character.

Lisa Walter| 71

Sarah Ratner

My name is Sarah Ratner, I’m 16 years old from New Jersey. Before photography I used to be unhappy and I felt like there was a piece of my life missing, but I found an outlet for expressing my creativity and energy and began to create stories. The stories I tell in my photos are very often inspired by strong emotions I feel, books I’ve read, songs I’ve listened to, or places I’ve visited that impacted me in some way.

Sarah Ratner| 79

“I found myself in my photos.”

Sarah Ratner| 81

vilde in



For me photography is something I have to do, and not a thing I have been told to do. In the last couple of months I have not been doing anything else. It was such a release when I found my way to do it. I have never before been tough enough to show my emotions. And that is the reason why I started doing it, because I am tougher through imagination. It makes everything so much easier!

Vilde Indrehus| 87

“I hope I never lose the desire to take pictures. For right now I honestly don’t know a life without it.”

Vilde Indrehus| 91

Zoe Polouch



I started photography when I was 14, almost by chance and curiosity, a friend made ​​me want to try. For 2 years I focus on the portrait, I pay attention to makeup and styling also, that my models are showcased as much as possible.

Zoe Polouchkine| 95

Zoe Polouchkine| 97

Zoe Polouchkine| 99

S i n g l e P h o t o Features

Photo By Adam Rowney

Single Photo Feature| 101

Photo By Beth Parnaby

Photo By Brittany Juravich

Single Photo Feature| 103

Photo By Hassnal ‘Adam Raasalhague’ Sulaiman

Photo By Sam Williamson

Single Photo Feature| 105

Photo By Stephen Maycock

Photo By Sophia Alexis

Single Photo Feature| 107


Cover photographs by Emily White

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