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Golden Age Vol.1 Issue 4| April 12’

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Editor: As the magazine continues to grow, so does it’s success. I’m continually making changes in order to enhance the magazine’s quality each month. I’m happy to announce that in this issue is our First editorial, we will be selling printed copies of the magazine from here on, we have created a website, and there is a new extra section including even more photographers!! I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY :) From the editor in chief, Nikki Chicoine ( 3

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Alexandra Benetel Anny To Brad Wagner Cameron Sarradet Christina Deare Corinne Perry Dasha Denger sophie wilson Emillie Ferris Georges Petrequin Hanne Kelchtermans Jessica Rigley Kira Homsher Kyle Thompson “Runaway� by allyson busch Lua Ungaro Makayla Rogers Marie Ducker Melissa Robin Rachel Marie Smith Rachel Nichole Rebecca Parker Sarah Allegra Veronia Garcia one photo feature

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Photo By Emillie Ferris

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Alexandr Be

18| Australia

ra enetel




I want them to ask themse ‘How did she do thi

elves, is?’ or ‘I want to live in this world’



“Creating images is a way for me to get in touch with my creativity and remind myself that I do have an imagination and can use it to come up with new and exciting ideas that can then be created and portrayed in photographs.�


Anny To 22 | California


Model: Ianna Vasale

Model: Ianna Vasale


“With photography, it’s a never ending journey of learning from trial and error, experimentation, and working outside of my comfort zone.I want to keep pushing myself to go further and to explore more of what I am able to do.”


Model: Ianna Vasale

Model: Angel Tran

“I have been told that my photography is dreamy and enchanting, which is what I love myself although there are some days where I am feeling a bit more mysterious and magical and then there are days where I think that simplicity is best.�


Brad Wagner 21 | Montana


I just want to fly away and adventure


“It’s nice to be able to take part

in someone else’s reality for a change.”


“One of the first photos that ever really impacted me was a black and white image of a garage door with just the words “Don’t lose your sense of wonder.” written on it. It’s been one of the principals I’ve lived by ever since. “


Cameron Sar 19 | Louisiana





“I think any artist’s goal is for the viewer of their work to have an emotional reaction to it, whether it be positive or negative”



Christina Deare 21 | Louisiana


What is your goal when it comes to photography? To be happy with myself. I’m slowly learning that it is possibly the most selfish career choice I could have ever taken, and in a way, I’m okay with that. Part of being an artist is about connecting with who others are as you connect with who you are. Do what you love and people will see that you love it and, in result, they will love it, too. I also want to incorporate just enough fantasy, just enough fiction, to where the audience can roll the surreal around on their tongue - to where they can taste it, smell it even - but not quite touch it. Subtleties are a gal’s best friend.

Why is it important that you create images? It is not so much important that I create images, to be honest, but that I create. Photographs are a part of a much larger, well, picture. First and foremost, I am an artist. Bringing something into existence is what I do. I write, I cook, I decorate, I sing, I scrapbook, I design. I am a DIY fanatic and used to be actively involved in theater. In addition to photography, however --- and this is more directly related to the question --- I am a writer. I have always been a writer. The written word is so closely integrated in my daily life that I think in terms of plot, character development, and theme. This, naturally, bled into my work as a photographer. Outside of my separate passion for shooting food, beverage, and interior design, I care only for fiction. I shoot fiction. I create characters, scenes, a page in a book, or a descriptive paragraph...and it’s important that I do that.





22 | Birmingh


ham, U.K corinneperry



“my work records me and my life, in a kind of visual diary�


What is your favorite style of photography? As mentioned before I am really interested in hand coloured and analogue Photography. Also I am of course interested in self-portrait images, as by producing self-portraits I feel you can learn so much about yourself as a person, as they often have so much emotion and narrative attached.


Dasha Denger 19 | Iowa


I wish my photographs give viewers a reason to create their ” own amazing art.




is an art form with which you can create so many different

looks & concepts. �


Sophie Wilson


Sophie Wilson is a 20 year old illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer living in Leeds, UK. She is currently studying at the Leeds College of Art. Her work is a breath of fresh air, simple and clean forms, elegant with a spark of comdey.


Why is illustration/design work important to you? Ever since I was small (around four or five) I’ve enjoyed drawing. Sure, I wasn’t very good but it’s always been a fun hobby. Throughout my time at school and my young teenage years I went through a phase of not being entirely sure of what I wanted to do. A teacher? An actress? A baker? A children’s book author? An abseil instructor? (Yes… really) I wanted to do it all. Although I was blessed with the option of being able to go on to college to potentially do a wide variety of subjects, I decided to focus on Art & Design. From the age of around fifteen, I started to rediscover the joy that drawing gave me, and something in me just clicked. It’s been a hard road to get to a level that I could feel comfortable with in terms of my ability, but now, I really just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Whilst I may complain and whinge here and there about the lack of sleep or the pains of the job, I know, ultimately, it’s the best decision I ever made.

Where do you come up with inspiration for your designs? A lot of my work is inspiring by wit and whimsy- funny things I hear people say or conversations I have with my friends that always make me laugh. I like to keep my work as uplifting and light-hearted as possible. Although I would happily take on the challenge of creating work which is perhaps more dark or macabre, I feel that whilst I still have the opportunity, as a student, to have a large control over my own working and way of working, I would like to create work that reflects myself and my personality. If I were a colour, I would be yellow.

What makes this medium different than other meduims for you, such as photography? Personally, from my experience of working with other mediums, I feel that Graphic Design is perhaps the most subjective. As a form of visual communication, as opposed to more traditional art (the more expressionate, emotive mediums), people will either like what you’ve created or not- there’s no in between. Either it works, or it doesn’t. Because there’s so many fantastic conceptual designers and visual communicators working today, as with many mediums, the pressure to be creative and original, of course, always looms overhead. Whilst this can sometimes be a bit of a downer, it’s also an exciting challenge. To hear someone describe your design work as “fresh” or “original”, to me, feels like a great compliment.

What are your future goals/plans? The future feels like both a daunting and exciting place right now! On one hand, I’m incredibly impatient and want to get in the “real world”, on the other, the comfort blanket of student life is pretty cosy! Next year (*gulp*) I will be graduating- hopefully having gained a little more experience in the industry by this time to then go on to work in freelance design. Although I’m still open to the idea of working as part of a design team, I feel quite independent and like the challenge of being in charge of my own destiny! Perhaps more importantly, I’d like to travel round Europe, live in a Georgian townhouse, and have a tortoise and a border collie… but all in good time.


How do you develop ideas for designs and stay motivated? For me, there’s a real sense of satisfaction when you produce work that I personally am really proud of. One of the “curses” of the job is a constant self-doubt within your work, and not particularly feeling as if what you have produced is good enough. It might be a confidence matter, but I find it a lot with fellow Graphic Designers and Illustrators. Seeing so many fantastic designers around, available in the environment as well as online is a constant pressure in terms of comparing your work. But, at the end of the day, you have to remind yourself that everyone’s different, we learn different ways and have different experiences. If everyone was the same, it’d be a very boring World. Having a tutor cracking a whip by your ankles certainly helps too!

What is the most challenging aspect of graphic design? The lack of sleep! Not only experienced because of the high workload from study and clients, but also the constant whirring that goes on in your mind; creating designs, challenging concepts, planning your next client meeting, calculating your business costs. Graphic Design, really, is not a subject- it’s a way of life. If you do Graphic Design, you do it for the love!

What have you done to improve your Graphic design knowledge in the last year? It’s amazing how much you can learn in a short space of time! Of course, the majority of what I learn is through University. I have some great tutors and workshop sessions in which I learn some incredible things. A couple of months ago, I began using the Adobe After Effects software to create animation and motion graphics designs. Although my outcomes were quite primitive, I still learnt a phenomenal amount. From workshops and tutorials like these, as well as seeing beautiful, inventive and unique work in online and traditional publications, inspiration is quite organic- I love learning new design methods and techniques.


Emillie Ferris 17 | Suffolk, UK


“I enjoy taking photographs of people, especially women, capturing their beauty in an image that will never age or change.�


“I don’t want anyone to ever feel gloomy when seeing my photographs, I’d like them to see my photos and go ‘wow I want to be there!”





ges Petrequin 17 | Cote D’Azur, France



I’m inspired by very cliché things, like music, books, films, and youth, however that’s defined.


“I just want to shoot as much and have as much

h as possible, h fun as possible while doing it.� 85

Hanne Kelchterm

17 | Belgium

e mans



"I want to give people a little escape from sorrows to a softer place"


“I just hope I won’t ever give up on photography.”




21 | Glou http://

ca Rigley

ucestershire, UK /


“Producing photography is a way of self expressing; each image that I produce explains myself one way or another, making my work very personal and moving.� 97



My biggest inspiration is surrealism, before I even started coll into a huge love for Re

Being inspired by the impossible led me to try and incorp over tim

lege I was obsessed with the surrealist work which later led ene Magritte’s work.

porate it into my work, which was soon implemented me.



Kira Homsher 16 | Pennsylvania


Are there certain things that inspire you, if so what? Anything can inspire me. I am not as inspired by actual photos as I am by the little things I notice whenever I am out. Sometimes books inspire me; sometimes music brings images and ideas to my head. I am often most motivated to actually go out and shoot just by looking out the window and seeing unusual light or weather. If its rainy or foggy, I’ll drop everything and run to my backyard with my tripod and camera.

What is your favorite st It’s hard to pinpoint my favor because I like so many di changes all the time. I gu people put great detail in t and sets in their photograp a story or theme. I like p elements of fantasy and c have always found unreali form more appealing. Rec into hazy, ethereal lookin tones. I started out with obsession, but am now l tones. There’s something about them that

tyle of photography? rite style of photography, ifferent things. My taste uess I tend to like when the costumes, makeup, phs, all revolving around photographs that have creativity to them, as I istic art in any shape or cently, I’ve been really ng photos with blueish h a huge golden hour leaning towards cooler a lot more mysterious draws me in.

What is your goal when it comes to photography? My only concrete goal regarding my photography is to be able to go through my photos and be happy with them. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo that I was completely satisfied with. I need to reach a place in my work where I can invest my full self into creating photos that turn out as they originally appear in my head. But I’ve also always dreamed of making a career out of photography, unrealistic as it is. I would love to have my photos in a gallery one day, all lined up on the walls.



“It has gotten to a point where I feel sick and anxious if I do not have my camera with me when I notice something beautiful.�


kyle thompson 20 | Illinois



“Taking photographs is a form of catharsis for me. When I take photos I ignore everything else, and it releases my stress.“



“I think it is more intimate to include myself in my photos because I can conve y my thou ghts exactl y how I intend to.�

“I love photos that cause me to stop and imagine what possible stor y could be told in the photo and I wish for my work to do the same.�


Runaway Photos by Allyson Busch





Lua Corujeira 17 | Spain

a 127

"I think it’s important for me to create images because It is the way I can express myself and my best therapy when I’m sad , It’s like a pill of happiness."




Makayla Rogers 17 | Rhode Island



“I want my pictures to tell my story; a story without any words.”


“I gather inspiration from many things but in particular, The Beatles. Their lyrics take me to a new state of mind; a state where I can freely create magic.�


e i r a M D端cker 21 | Austria



“There are no rules photographs of wha imagine, and see in ev

in photography and I take at I dream, read or hear about, very day life and want to capture.� 147

“I want to find my own style people will be able to identify me by. I look up to photographers who are so distinct in their work that when looking at a piece out of a million one is able to tell straight away whose work they are looking at.�


a s s i l e M n i b o R 23 | Connecticut



“When I sleep I dream of these images and when I wake I live to create these images in my head.�


“I want people to feel alive when they see my photographs; to peel back their eyes and shed light on beauty in things that aren't normally deemed “beautiful” by society's standards. “




chel Marie Smith 25|Pennsylvania



“I love working with people, and try to evoke the models actual emotions rather than the ones that I wish for them to portray.”

Kim O’Malley


Escape, Trapped, and Demented Wonderland Models: Christine Watson and David Pollinger as the creature


“I’ve always had the need to create and tell stories and photography allows me to visually create those worlds and share them with others.”

Model: Andrijka Keller


Rachel Nichole 30 | Tennessee





I am always day dream stories in my mind. Cr allows me to show the w

ming and imagining reating my images world my .


� 171

“I hope that for just a moment they can stop, dream, and see the world through someone else’s eyes.”


Rebecca Louise Parker 22 | Devon, UK


I have so many ideas in my head all of the time, it’s so hard to concentrate on just one when planning a shoot.



“Fashion is the only form of photography where you can do anything and everything; nothing is seen as too OTT; you can make a statement with fashion photography, and no matter “how ‘out there’ the image might be, the fashion world accepts it and understands it.” 181

sarah allegra 30 | california


“My goal is to create photos that are ‘visual poetry;’ images which tell a story, express emotion, use metaphor, and do it all beautifully.”


“Myth in general, the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, and the PreRaphealites are the foundation of my inspirational fountain�


“Art, and sel especially, is a way for me to g things I wo not be able

lf portraiture an invaluable give voice to the ould otherwise to express�



Veronica Garcia 22 | California



“Daily I envision ideas of things that can’t or don’t exist anymore in our world. I love the idea that through photography I can make anything in my mind come to life.”


“My photos are whimsical images, and when people look at these I hope for them to have a sense of nostalgia. To get a feeling of their inner child again, and get a taste for the importance of having creativity and imagination be a part of their lives again. “


Single Photo Features

Photo By Autumn Partington


Photo By Keegan Kapugal Model: Madison Arrebella

Photo By Laia Xixons


Photo By Kirstin Dalton Model: Emma

Photo By Lindsay Gray Model: Jessie Defranco


Photo By Kathleen Delameter

Photo By Regan Umberger t



Cover photographs by Rebecca Parker

Alexandra Benetel Anny To Brad Wagner Cameron Sarradet Christina Deare Corinne Perry Dasha Denger Emillie Ferris Georges Petrequin Hanne Kelchtermans Jessica Rigley Kira Homsher Kyle Thompson Lua Ungaro Makayla Rogers Marie Ducker Melissa Robin Rachel Marie Smith Rachel Nichole Rebecca Parker Sarah Allegra Veronia Garcia Allyson Busch Sophie Wilson Autumn Partington Kathleen Delameter Keegan Kapugal Kirstin Dalton Laia Xixons Lindsay Gray Regan Umberger


Golden Age Magazine

Golden Age - Issue 4  

features many young talented photographers, an editoral, and a graphic designer! to submit to the next issue email goldenagemagazine@gmail.c...

Golden Age - Issue 4  

features many young talented photographers, an editoral, and a graphic designer! to submit to the next issue email goldenagemagazine@gmail.c...