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Thank you all for being so patient while waiting for this issue to come out, I’ve been extremely busy with the responsibilites of school and work! Regardless, this issue is finally out! With as little time as I have had, I still continue to be inspired by all the lovely artwork within the pages of this magazine, and I hope that you are just as inspired while reading it! I feel like with each issue I discover more and more people who I don’t know of who share such an amazing passion, and that itself is inspiring. So keep creating work, keep emailing me, and keep on living your beautiful artistic lives!!!


In This Issue Alicja Brzostecka Amy Andress Fer Stein/ Breno Lorenzoni Emily Roper Genea Bailey Irvin Rivera Isabell N Wedin Jennifer Crowder Jessica Hay Bleeblu Maryanne Gobble Noelia Andres Lobo Rebecca Palmer Russell Kuch Shannon Peck Theirry Sewell Whitney Justesen

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Elle Hanley www.


Conner Allen

Michelle Fleur

Alex Sheldon Savva Model: Inesa Rune

Sophie Fontaine


Julia Sang Nguyen Models: Jula Bubenzer & Emma Kallina

Fulvio Ga Model: Rosita


Rebel Style

model: Natalia Gw贸zdz make up artist & stylist: Joanna Sobczyk photographer: Alicja Brzostecka (





a m y andress

Why is photography important to you? Photography keeps me sane. I know I can’t change reality, and photography creates an escape to realities and worlds that I can create.

How do you think that where you live inspires your work? I’ve recently moved from Minnesota to Florida for college. It was really hard for me because Minnesota has such beautiful forestswhich are my favorite places to shoot. The part of Florida I’m in has absolutely no forests, but now I live on the ocean. The change was such a shock to me that I didn’t take any pictures for months, but then I sat down at the beach one day and thought “wow, this is sobeautiful” and now it

inspires me every day. I have so many new ideas with the ocean and I can’t wait to see my visions come to life!

What’s your favorite memory from a photo shoot?

YES, I can think of at least 10. Right now, I would love a giant squid, a pirate ship, a burning house, a pack of wolves, a skeleton, a white rabbit, a water spout, a real tornado, an abandoned factory.

For my Snow White shoot, I went to a public park with my friend Katie at around 10am, all decked out in my Snow White dress and my lace apron and about 20 apples. As I was shooting, a very attractive shirtless man came running down the path we were on and then I dropped all my apples from my apron and had to scramble around to pick them up. I looked like a hobbit.

What equipment do you use and what is your dream equipment?

Besides photography, what else are you passionate about?

I use a Canon Rebel t3i and a 50mm 1.4, pretty basic. I would love, just like everyone else, to shoot with a 5D Mark II and a 50mm 1.4!

I am really passionate about travelling and the outdoors and swimming! Basically anything that could turn into an adventure.

Is there a prop that you wish you could use in a photograph that you don’t have access to?


Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. My favorite picture is “Revenge of Snow White” because it’s one of my first selfies (haha I don’t do selfies often). I think it’s successful because it puts a new twist on one of the most famous fairytales, and I thought that even though there’s been a lot of Snow White inspired photos (which

are allof course, beautiful) , this one is still unique and true to my style.

How are you most inspired when creating concepts for you photos? Honestly, most of the time concepts will just pop into my head from out of the blue, and then I let them simmer a little bit in my head so I can expand on them. I’m very inspired by music and nature.


“‘Sometimes when you’ve taken a photograph you are totally thrilled with, you feel like you are on the brink of discovering something totally amazing like one of life’s secrets. You are dancing on the electricity of passionate creativity.’” -Twim Walker



Photography: Fer Stein ( Creation and Styling: Breno Lorenzoni ( Make up and Hair: Patricia Kikuchi Assistent: Mariana Marengo

Emily Roper

What role does light play in your photography? Light is everything in photography. If I were to describe my ideal shoot it would be exploring an interesting new place with just me, my camera, and perhaps a model to keep me company. No reflectors, flashes, or artificial lighting, just us and the camera. I don’t believe in rules when it comes to lighting, I love to push things a little. I’ll happily shoot both in the bright midday sun as I would in the lovely soft glow of the late afternoon.

Are you inspired by other forms of art within your photos? Absolutely. Music in particular is a big part of my inspiration… I literally can’t edit my photographs without listening to music.

Using only one sentence, how would you describe your work? Bright, colorful, whimsical…. and ambitious

What inspired you to use such bold colors in your photography? There wasn’t really a moment of inspiration for all of this colour…. it’s quite funny actually, when people began to describe my work they would always pinpoint the use of colour but I never really realized it was a defining thing in my work until quite recently. It was never something that was intentional from the beginning, I’ve always just been a very colorful person! It’s true that the work always reflects the artist and their own view of the world, and I don’t think my photographs would reflect me as a person if there wasn’t all of this colour in my work.

What is the best thing about photography? The people I’ve met and the appreciation for the simple things in life…. a place, a moment, patterns of light, interesting colours and shapes….

How long does it take you to plan out a photoshoot and set up the location and models? It depends on the client. Usually not very long though haha to be honest, I should probably spend a little bit longer planning these things… I find I work best in the moment, rather than trying to plan everything from the beginning. I prefer to find inspiration in the moments that appear whilst shooting and the interesting things I see around me.


Is having a connection with the models in each photoshoot extremely important to you? Why or why not? It is SO important. Modelling is such a vulnerable thing so it is really important that that the model trusts me completely and they feel like they can let their guard down in front of me. This would be the same no matter whether I’m shooting for fashion, a family or even a wedding. When choosing models for fashion editorials etc, it has nothing to do with beauty or whether they have years of modeling experience and a zillion publications to show for it… In fact for the most part the models that I have in my portfolio are people that I’ve just found around the place… at parties, through mutual friends, one I even spotted working in a clothing store. There’s this wonderful quote from Annie Leibovitz “When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them” - it’s so true.



ctions Photographer : Genea Bailey ( Stylist : Genea Bailey Model : Phoebe Seawell




Photographer: Irvin Rivera/ Assistant Photographer: Chase Green/ Styling: Irvin Rivera Illustrator- Bernard Gatus/ Hair and Make-up: Tokiko Inoue Models: Veronica LaVery and Leanna Decker


Isabell N Wedin


At what age did you pick up a camera for the first time? When I started taking pictures there was no digital cameras like today. I remember I nagged my parents for a while before I got my first camera at the age of ten. They thought it was a big responsibility to have a camera since film was expensive. Looking back I remember how precious every frame that I took was. Today I hardly ever use film and I love the freedom of not having to worry about how many frames I’m taking.

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. I have a tendency of easily getting bored of my pictures but now and then there is one that keeps my interest. I took

this picture in October and it’s a self-portrait. I was visiting my parents in the countryside and on one of the mornings the light was magical. I had no model close by so I had to work with myself. I went out into this field and I didn’t really have any idea of what I wanted to do. But then suddenly they just showed up, four horses on the other side of the field. We just stood there for a moment watching each other in complete silence and that’s when the camera went off. I like how dreamlike it turned out, how it seems like I’m longing to be with them. It makes me think of a song about a woman who desperately wishes to run free like the wild horses. At this time I was going through a very emotional and though period where I felt stuck in life, and here was suddenly this picture that was mirroring how I felt.

Explain how you use certain effects in photography to achieve your vision. I live in the third biggest city in Sweden but it’s in nature that I find inspiration and that magical light I adore. I like to use things that I find around me in front of the camera, like flowers or grass. This year I started using a crystal and I like that I can’t control the outcome.

What else are you passionate about besides photography? I am a creative person and I am passionate about art in its many different forms. Everything that can make me feel like I can lose myself in it and that I can connect to I consider great. I am very interested in motion pictures and I think that will be the next step for me.

What are you hoping that viewers feel when viewing your photographs? For me photography is a passion and in a way my language, it’s how I confirm my existence. I don’t think that much about how others are viewing my images. Of course I’m happy if I can create a reaction and even more pleased if I can move someone. I personally am very appealed by magic, romance and freedom. I guess those are the things I would like people to feel when they are viewing my images.

photographs and escape reality. When it comes to fashion photography I have always been enchanted with Camilla Åkrans. Her images are just so sexy but soft at the same time. I feel that she often empowers her models instead of just objectifying them. Lastly I would like to mention the painter Frida Kahlo because she is the one who got me interested in doing selfportraits to being with. I love how personal her images are yet they speak to everyone at the same time. It is something I wish to be able to do someday.

Who is your favourite Describe the moment artist ever and why? when you know an image will be successful. This is a hard one to answer because there are so many artists that are good in their own special way. I think I will have to name more than one. When it comes to photography I really enjoy Ryan McGinley’s work because there is so much freedom in what he does. I just want to be there, in his

The moment I know that I have taken a great photo is amazing. I get such a good feeling that spread throughout my body. I get such a rush of endorphins and I feel high on life for a short while. I guess this is one of the reasons

I take pictures, to get that thrill. I guess it’s a bit like falling in love.

Do you plan photo shoots or just go out and shoot what you love? I would say that I do both, it all depends on the situation, if it is a project, if it is just something I see or a job. I have discovered that If I plan too much I am already bored when I see the result. I think I am at my best when I’m spontaneous and just go with my sensibility.

What was the most frustrating photo you’ve ever taken and why? I can’t think of a specific photo right now but what is frustrating is when you see the picture with your eyes but the magic gets lost through the lens. At those moments I just move on and find a new place and ask my model to do something else. It’s important not to get stuck when you are creating.



Frict Models: Jonathon Moreno and Jessica Melendez Makeup Artist: Kat E. V. Day Hairstylist: Johnny Serafin Wardrobe Stylist: Kat E. V. Day Jewelry: The Kat’s Meow Photographer: Jennifer Crowder (






the true rolling stones Jessica Hay and her boyfriend Aaron Ashley spend their days traveling to new places in search of inspiration and culture. Both being artists, their life on the road has become a display of many creative abilities around the world. They document their travels through photography, film, and writing, noting certain memories along the road that they wish to keep frozen in time. In the past few months they have been to the countryside of England and are now residing in Crete for a few months. During the winter months they plan to spend their time living in Scotland photographing a castle. To see more from their travels, visit Jessica’s website:

“We bought a van, filled it with our lonely possessions and created a nest of inspiration, a home. We drove from England to the Highlands of Scotland. We wild camped, spending our nights along Lochs amongst nature. By dusk the air was cool, we would sleep intertwined to the calls of the wild and wake each day to watch the sun rise.�

“We use Travel as our means of education. Through strangers stories, volunteering, different cultures and language, but most of all through each other.�


“I love to live in places where nature is wild, free and untamed.�

“The sun is harsh, the nights are cool. We have explored many natural wonders, hiked, spent many days bathing in the sea.�


“Hiking through villages locals stare at my natural blonde locks. They know I am not from here and are curious to hear my story. I am just as curious to hear theirs.�

“We We the

spend our days inspiring one another photograph, film and write whilst depths of villages on roads less

to create. exploring travelled.�




When did you it is so successful. cannot safely say I become involved Ihave a favorite photo. in photography? I’ll admit some I like I have been somewhat involved in photography for as long as I can remember. My dad was a photographer as well as camera collector of sorts, so naturally, I was immersed in photography in my youth. My move from Kwajalein, a tropical island, to Alabama brought a great change in my lifestyle. All of my hobbies, prior to the move, focused on the water; I had to find something new to occupy my time. One night, I was perusing through Flickr and stumbled upon Lissy Elle’s photo “Creationism” and the next day bought my first camera.

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think

more than others, yes, but never a favorite. I can become emotionally attached to a photo I take. I’ll sit there and stare idly for an embarrassing amount of time. This obsession wears down and motivates me to take another picture; thus, the cycle repeats itself. I’m almost certain that my most recent photo is my current favorite at any given time.

What is source of and why important

your main inspiration is it so to you?

If it is an empirical experience of mine, it’s the source of my inspiration. Some concepts surface at parties, during movies, in literature or poetry. I’ve even come up with

themes from a simple movement or action I’ve witnessed. Strangely, I cannot draw from other photographers any inspiration of my own. It’s too discouraging for me to see their great works; it makes me uncomfortable and over analytical of mine.

How can you tell an amazing photograph when you see one? What makes it spectacular? The best photos only show you a glimpse of something greater, something more than what your eyes can collect and it goes deep inside your mind where it conjures, destroys and alters in every which way your limitless imagination knows how until it comes to a conclusion or defeat.



Have you had any formal training in photography or are you self-taught? Most of the techniques I use I’ve picked up from the internet. I’m almost through with my second actual photography course, but generally, the Google and YouTube are my biggest resource.

What is your favorite or most used tool in Photoshop and in which way do you use it? My most used tools are curves, color balance and hue/saturation. I try to do most of my editing in Adobe Raw Editor.

What is your favorite subject to




I think my portfolio can agree with me that

that my favorite subjects to shoot are females, for several reasons too. You’re told to read and write and take interest in the things you’re interested in. I’d much rather spend four or so hours editing a photo of a girl than a guy, to be completely honest. Secondly, I believe a female subject would best get my message across in my genre of work. A guy floating up in the air with balloons is a completely different feel than a girl holding the balloons. I like to think women are more closely tied to their childhood than men are. Lastly, 99% of my models are my friends. Naturally, my female friends are much more willing to take photos with me while the guys are a bit reluctant.

Maryanne Gobble


When did you start taking photographs? I started taking photos about 12 years ago. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I realized I was surrounded with unusual beauty along the Oregon Coast at the time. I wanted to share the experience with everyone. I learned to value my surroundings in the process.

How is the relationship between nature and human so important to you? I believe in a Creator and am fascinated to be placed in such an intricate world. I find nature a source of mystery, wildness, peace, rhythm, hope, and healing. I am a lover of both solitude and challenge. There is no shortage of either in nature.

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. My favorites always change so I will think way back to my first. It was a photo taken at sunset of a huge rock on the ocean shore. There was a hole in the shape of a doorway right in the middle with the sun was shining directly through casting a golden strip of light across the sand. It caused such a strong positive reaction in those who saw it. The sort of picture in which you wish you were there yourself to feel that moment. It was my first really successful image. The one everyone wanted prints of.

be at the top of my list.

If you look at the span of her career she just kept growing and experimenting. There is a real sense of honesty in her work. I tend to be drawn to West Coast artists such as Imogen. I look at her work and feel a sense of home. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

What are you hoping people will feel when viewing your images? I hope to convey a raw sort of beauty. A longing for exploration. I hope there are elements in my work that anyone could feel connected to on some level. I think we all tend to more more alike than different.

Who is your favorite How has your artist ever and why? photography changed Imogen Cunningham would since you’ve begun

taking photographs? I knew nothing when I started. Every photo I took felt monumental because I was learning the basics. I was very focused on just getting something to look decent. These last couple of years I have switched gears to focus more on how an image feels or if it tells some sort of story. I’ve become less concerned with pleasing others and more concerned with being myself.

Do you enjoy taking self portraits? Yes and no. They can take a lot of energy yet I enjoy the final product. I enjoy the challenge once it’s all said and done. Self portraits make me slow down and really evaluate a scene. They’ve made me grow as a person and an artist.


Noe Andr L


elia dres Lobo



Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. Well, I actually don’t have a favorite photo that I’ve taken, I just want to express something in them, so if I really had to choose one, would be any that achieves that (but I think other people can see this better, haha!).

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? I love shooting people and landscapes (or both). I think taking pictures from people is amazing because it allows you to know them so much better, they show facets you would never thought and, of course, I like to find their beauty in each of them. Always want to take pictures of both because I adore uniting people to nature.

Do you like film or


photography better?

Difficult question. I’m absolutely in love with film; it allows you capturing scenes as they really are, exactly as you see them. The light is amazing, unique, special, so I think film is just magic. However, digital photography is pragmatic, you can take a lot of photos without buying reels and view them at the moment, it’s just “take, edit and upload”. And well, that’s why I shoot with both.

How important is photography in your life? Wow, I just can’t imagine my life without photography. I could say I have a relationship with, haha! Seriously, for me is a way of life, wherever I go and whoever I see, I frame everything, always thinking what to shoot. Through photography, I can express how I feel, what I think and I know myself so much better, too. I could even say

it’s a kind of therapy. Furthermore, I’m fanciful, so it helps me to get into another world, probably invented by my mind and I can escape from reality.

If you could go anywhere in the world to shoot photographs, where would you go? There are too many places and lights. Although, I’m fascinated with north places, their landscapes, forests and animals make me crazy. I could get lost among trees and deers. But I insist, there are too many beautiful places I’d like to capture, so it’s hard to choose!

What is your favorite season to shoot in and why? In my opinion, each season has its magic. Summer light, fall colors, winter sunsets and spring flowers. Cold seasons are cozy and hot are cheerful. I like utilizing the best of each one.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your photography, any ultimate life goals? Oooh, I would really love to work in photography, I enjoy it so much but I think this is so, so far from me. I take portraits, so, for example, I like fashion photography. For the time being I’m a self-taught photographer and the future will come someday.

a c c e b e R lmer Pa rtinside


urhea o y k a e r b / m o lickr.c



How far in advance do you plan your concepts/ photoshoots? It usually depends on a lot of different things. Often if I think of a really personal or complex concept, I’ll make sure I’ve planned the props, clothes and location to the exact image I have in my mind before I shoot it which could be a few weeks. Sometimes though I’ll think of a concept in the morning and shoot it later that afternoon!

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. At the moment it’d have to be one of my recent portraits Adapting int into Autumn because it was a very spontaneous shoot which isn’t a style of shooting that usually works for me. However, despite having set out to shoot with no real concept or idea in mind, I ended up creating something that I was incredibly proud of and that utilised all my favorite

aspects of a photo central composition, eye catching colours, a shallow depth of field and the fact that it was shot in an outdoor location full of natural beauty.

How has a365 project helped you develop as a photographer? I think it’s definitely helped me grow faster as I’m always wanting every photo to be as good as or better than the previous one. It’s also helped me to learn how to work under pressure better as I really hate skipping days so I have to try my best not to.

What is source of and why important

your main inspiration is it so to you?

Mostly other photographs, music or poetry/quotes. I find them to be important sources for inspiration because looking at the beautiful work of others, whatever format it’s in, really helps me get through

any bad days I have with my photography and inspires me to get out there and create.

Do you focus a lot on composition during a photoshoot or afterwards? I try to focus on it a lot during shooting I really like central compositions most of the time to really draw the viewer in so I try to ensure I get the subject as central to the frame as possible whilst I’m taking the photo.

Do you enjoy taking pictures of yourself or other people more? Why? I tend to prefer taking self portraits more, just because it’s usually more convenient - I can shoot them anytime without having to plan ahead with someone, and I know exactly how I want the final outcome to look so I’m able to stand and pose correctly to make sure the final photo will look just as I picture it.


Have you been formally taught photoshop or are you self taught in terms of editing?

out what I liked best!

I’m self taught for editing through trial and error and just trying out what different tools on photoshop did until I worked

Probably the curves adjustment tool! I always use it to add some contrast to a photo and to change colours slightly as well.

What is your favorite or most used tool in photoshop and in which way do you use it?


Russell Kuch

“photographer” When you have an a idea for a conceptual before I became shoot do you draw it passionate about it. out or keep it in your mind during the shoot? Why did you stop your 365 project? When a conceptual idea comes to mind, I usually write it down. I have tried sketching it out but my sketches are so horrible that it ends up confusing me even more! So I keep it safe and I write down details, location ideas, and the emotion I want the viewers to connect with, instead of trying to interpret my unknown cryptic scribbles that i call “sketches”.

When and why did you become so passionate about photography? I started photography about 3 years ago, but as a side hobby. I loved it but was not passionate about it. About 6 months ago, when i started my 365, is when I became passionate about photography. Before that it was more of me thinking i was cool taking pictures maybe once a month. I would not call myself

I wouldn’t say that I have completely given up on my 365, but school, work, and life got in the way! Sheesh, how dare them. I was tired of posting pictures I hated for the sake of the project. I plan to continue shooting as much as possible and try to finish where I left off. Those of you who can complete the 365 project, hats off to you! It is so much harder than it sounds, although I guess it sounds pretty hard.

What elements would the perfect photo have in your opinion? I think this depends on the photograph, but I would say nature is a necessary element. The sensual and organic feel of bare skin, beautiful natural lighting, and depth of field are elements

I usually try and put into my photographs. Whether they are successful or not is up to the viewers I suppose.

What equipment do you use? What equipment would you use if you didn’t have any money restrictions? I shoot using a Canon rebel T1i, unfortunately, a tripod, and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I need a serious upgrade, and soon. I used to have remotes but I cannot seem to keep them around for too long, so I have to resort to the 10 second timer and running for my dear life to get into position. If i could, I would upgrade to the 5d mark iii, because my camera is not the most efficient for shooting. I need to be able to shoot at higher iso without fearing the grain, and the quality and feel of the images always look so much better. Also I would love a f/1.2 lens, but that’s just a bonus after I get a new camera.


What are some of the pros and cons about shooting self-portraits? Have you tried telling a model to get naked, cover themselves in dirt, and lay in a pile of branches that are going to cut them a hundred times? That is why I started self-portraits. Shooting sel-portraits are more personal and it’s easier to convey the emotions and poses that I have thought up, rather than trying to force a model into faking them. Another positive is that I can always rely on myself, and I have no reason to feel self-conscious or have to work off other people’s time. The cons of self-portraits would be that they are HARD. Getting the focus right, making sure that I am in the frame, and finding a way to hold my camera up in weird locations can be almost impossible at times.

Also, if i could switch genders for just the photo shoot that would be a miracle, because I have so many ideas to shoot of girl models, and they do not turn it when shooting myself for obvious reasons.

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. My favorite photo that i have taken so far would be “rebirth”. It is a self-portrait of me laying in a hole nude, covered in dirt, leaves and branches. I find this image so successful because it is me at my most vulnerable state. The concept behind the image is finding myself as a photographer and starting off new. Sort of being the womb of Mother Nature, being born again with a clean slate.

Who are some artists that you are directly inspired by? Why are

they inspiring to you? One of my biggest inspirations is Joel Robison. His work never ceases to blow my mind or leave my jaw dropped to the floor. He shoots SO much and always is able to successfully portray his concepts in each image and his Photoshop skills are unimaginably flawless, and I actually learned how to expand my photographs from his tutorials on his blog. Another photographer would have to be Brooke Shaden’s dark, beautiful mind. Her work is so dark, surreal, but beautiful in the way she is able to find the light in her dark images. Lastly, of course, Alex Stoddard. I do not think anyone who sees his work can protest that it is an inspiration. His selfportraits reveal so much talent, and he continues to up himself and take his photographs to the next level.


k c Pe

n o n n n n a h s m a i / m o c . r k c i l www.f


How and why did you begin to create photographs as an art form? I started taking photographs as an art form when I took photography as an A-Level subject three years ago. I loved art classes and decided I’d like to try using a camera to create something much more vivid than I could using paints and pencils.

How has makeup advanced your ideas and concepts within photography? When did you start exploring with makeup? I think that using makeup in my photographs, or even lack of makeup, helps me to create an atmosphere in my photographs. Such as bright colours can be more playful, and deeper colours can make things look more sinister and dark. I’m also really into creating theatrical make-up, like bruises and blood, I think that even though it makes someone look so broken, in a way it’s also kind of beautiful and I like beauty. I cannot even remember when I started to explore make-up. I used to watch YouTube video tutorials on all kinds of extravagant ways to decorate your eyes. I even went to school with my eyes covered in rainbow colours.

What pushes you to create photographs when you are feeling uninspired?

This is happening so much at the moment. I am doing a 365 days project and it’s so difficult to be inspired every day, and not every day does my photograph work. But when I am uninspired the first thing I do is go onto Flickr and look through other peoples 365 projects, and know that other people have done such amazing photographs in their projects, which inspires me to want to do the same. I also tear through my huge pile of magazines, finding inspiration in the pages.

Have you explored with other mediums in art? If so, what are they? If not, why not? Oh of course I have, I have painted, illustrated, I crochet, I do pencil drawings, I make cards, I draw onto plates, I’ve even tried to make a skirt once, it wasn’t very good. I love art, it’s what I do, and I don’t think I could do anything else, although astrology is very tempting.

How would you describe your style of photography?

plan anyway. If I have some strong idea then I’ll plan it in a small sketchbook I have.

I think that I’ve not settled on one particular style yet. Sometimes I take a photograph and the result is something surreal. But I also take photographs that might resemble something more like a beauty shot, or maybe a fashion photograph. Sometimes my photographs are even more natural with only basic editing and my model’s styling is bare minimum. I guess I am still exploring my style.

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful.

Do you go into a photo shoot with a planned and well thought out idea or do you go with it once you’re at the camera? I like to think I am well organized, and plan my photographs but around 96% of the time I have no idea what I am doing until a few hours before. Things never go to

There’s a photograph that I always go back to for some reason, which I suppose must be my favorite. It’s a photograph I took at the end of a weekend, of my sister and my friend Tia. We’d done photographs every day that weekend whilst we were camping, and that last day I decided I wanted to do an almost doll styled photo shoot. So I dressed the two of my models up in pretty dresses, and put their hair in doll-like buns, and painted their lips red. We carried an old rocking horse I bought at a carboot down to the fields near the beach and started to photograph. My favorite

from that particular series I named ‘Take your Horses and Follow Them to the Travelling Circus’. I don’t know if someone else would pick it as a favorite of my photographs, but personally I think it’s successful because it looks like it tells a story, and I love the frozen movement in the image. I’m just really happy with this photograph.

What are your desired accomplishments when it comes to photography? I’d like for people to see my work, and even if it’s only one person who can look at my photographs and relate then that’s a great accomplishment. This would make me happy. I just want to create something that someone might look at and think ‘’oh I wish I took that photograph’’, and inspire them to create something beautiful for themselves.

The Fourth Gender Photography: Thierry Sewell ( Makeup: Justyna Stawida Models-Nicola Richardson, Claudia Gould





W hitney Justesen

Describe your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why you think it is so successful. That’s a tough question, because there are several photos that are favorites of mine for various reasons. I suppose if I were to narrow it to one photo that means the most to me though, I would have to say that my photo titled “Trompe L’oeil” is it. The title is taken from a French term in art, which means “to deceive the eye”. To me, this image illustrated that things are not always as they seem. We don’t see the thoughts, intentions, and feelings of other people—we only see their outer appearance—until we get to know them. In this photo, part of me seems to be fading into the sheets on the bed, and that is illustrative of how I sometimes feel the world sees me.People only see my outward appearance,

and they cannot see what’s inside. They don’t know what I’m feeling; they don’t see how I see the world. But, if they take the time to get to know me, I can become clearer.

Why is photography important to you or significant in your life? To me, photography is an outlet to share my feelings. When I am having a hard time, photography always makes me feel better— it’s like therapy. When I’m incredibly, stupidly happy, photography is a way for me to document that happiness. Photography is what I turn to when I need to get out of a funk, and it always has a way of reminding me what I value in life. What I love most about photography is how the simplicity of a photograph can speak so many volumes. People are lovely, wonderful, tragic, and strong. And when a photograph

can capture that… well, that’s what makes life beautiful, isn’t it?

How has meeting other photographers enhanced your own perspective of photography? Oh my goodness, I wish I could adequately describe how amazing it is to meet other photographers that have inspired my work! I think there is something so incredible about being able to bounce ideas off of other people who share similar artistic vision and understanding. Every time I have met up with other photographers, I have come away with so much inspiration, and an unshakeable desire to create more meaningful work. I think every photographer should have the chance to work alongside other artists at some point. It is such an incredible growth experience.

Are you inspired by other forms of art? If so what? If not, what are you inspired by? I am incredibly inspired by other art forms. In fact, before I decided that photography was the path I wanted to take, I wanted to be an illustrator. I have a very powerful connection with painting, sculpture, and pottery, and I would be perfectly content to spend hours exploring art galleries and museums. I have done so on several occasions on my travels to Europe, and hope to do it more in the future. I think I am mostly inspired by art from the Renaissance and Baroque.

What are your views on Photoshop, is it good or bad? Photoshop is an incredible tool, when it is used in the right way. I think that it can help to improve and add greater dimension to

photos, but I also think that it can take away something from the image when it is used in excess. Personally, I don’t think my work would be nearly as interesting to look at if I did not use Photoshop from time to time.

How has being in college affected your photography? It’s hard sometimes, because I don’t have as much free time to go out and shoot as I used to. I am more preoccupied by classes and homework than I am with planning photo shoots, which is discouraging at times, of course. However, I also think that college has affected my photography for good as well. It has given me so many experiences that have helped me to grow as a person, and subsequently as a photographer and artist.

If you could only take pictures of one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be?

People. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone’s story is worth telling. One of my biggest photographic inspirations is Sally Mann, because she had a way of capturing the emotion and incredible beauty of her family and others that has really resonated with me. I want to be like that, to create photographs that speak to people, and I’ll spend the rest of my life working towards that goal.

How does emotion play a role in your photography? Emotion is everything in my photography. Whether I’m shooting self-portraits or portraits of others, my main objective is to capture the emotion in every gesture, in every expression. My work is nothing without emotion. There’s not really more I can say about that.








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