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Dear Readers, Everyone has done it, romanticizing the past. It’s just something that makes us feel like things were perfect for people at one point. It gives us hope that one day our future will be flawless. We all can relate to the past, but just know that our present and our future is what we make it. If you like old clothes, buy from thrift stores, if you like old cars, find one on ebay. Our age is about being resourceful and it is this that we must do. This issue is about finding a balance between modern and retro; after all, we live in a wonderful golden age.

sincerely, Nikki Chicoine

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Alexander Zaitsev

Fulvio Ga

Sylwia Bajera

Sam Williamson

Polina Imbir

Laia Flynn

Aya Dajani

Adam Murrain Tipton, UK //

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? My favourite subject to shoot is portraits more specifically fashion/art style portraits, it’s virtually the only thing i do photographically. What equipment do you use? Primarily i use a canon 550d with a variety of different vintage M42 lenses...I can work with digital lenses but ever since my sigma 30mm f/1.4 broke last year i haven’t really craved a auto focus lens...I think the older equipment really compliments my style...editing wise I’ll use any version of Photoshop from cs3 onwards

What gives you the most inspiration? I think what gives me the most inspiration is my view on the world that I have now...since i started to get into photography i don’t look at pretty places like oh that’s a nice lake or sunset or field I’m like woah if I could do a shoot there it would be awesome… So yeah I guess that the world is my main inspiration as cliché as that sounds. How has photography changed your life? Photography has given me both direction and purpose in life. I have gone to places up and down the country and even abroad meeting all these amazing...

Adam Murrain| 17

(continued...) creative people many of whom i would now considered friends of mine including my current girlfriend who is an awesome photographer (laine Apine photography) yeah i have a lot to thank photography really has changed my life for the better...I’m a more happy and confident person now or so i like to think.


do you do besides photography? Well i guess you could say I do music as well sorta...I rap..I’m a part of a music group with a few friends called Stay Real Disciples aka SRD and we just got the studio sorted so you might here some of that real soon and noncreatively just chilling...rolling cigarettes...travelling...playing football, partying....dancing in train stations...nothing special really haha

Adam Murrain| 23

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? I enjoy shooting selfportraits the most, mainly because I find the whole process of setting up, pressing the shutter, and running backwards and forwards, to be very therapeutic. With a selfportrait I find it a lot easier to express particular emotions, rather than directing a model. This means I can convey the concept from beginning to end, and in the most articulate manner possible. I also like to shoot the majority of my photos in a very natural landscape. The ideas I am depicting in my work are timeless traits shared by humans, and representational of the nature’s cycle of life and death. By setting my subjects in woodland areas, the pieces aren’t confined to any set period or temporal quality.

What equipment do you use? I only ever use one tripod and a Fujifilm S9500 bridge camera. I’ve used this same camera since I started photography in May 2011. Although using a bridge camera can have its restrictions, I’m a firm believer that expensive equipment doesn’t equate with successful art. I always try to make the most of the camera by experimenting with photographic techniques. In terms of the equipment used in the editing process, I use a Wacom tablet to refine any detail I wish to add in Photoshop.


What gives you the most inspiration? The moment when I tend to most inspired is

Alex Kemsley

UK //

Alex Kemsley| 27

when I immerse myself in the location I plan to shoot in. My work has a strong conceptual element that often involves nature, so when I am in a natural environment, the idea really comes to life. One person who inspires me creatively is Kate Bush. Kate is a English singer-songwriter, musician and producer, whose work was most widely known during the 1970s and ‘80s. I was introduced to her music at a very young age, and found her voice incredible. There’s a delicate yet rich tone to her voice that has been unmatched by any other musician. As an artist, I think her surreal outlook on life and the imaginative narrative in her lyrics is extremely inspirational. Kate is a pioneer for music internationally, and anyone who creates so fearlessly and bravely gains my respect. I think she has an amazing

of translating emotions into her work so honestly - which serves as a goal to any conceptual artist. How has photography changed your life? The effect that my photography has had on my life has been brilliant. It’s improved my confidence both personally and creatively, and has allowed me to find a distinct photographic style. The opportunity of displaying my work has allowed me to meet many new people, who have been inspiring and supportive. I’m extremely grateful for all the kind comments about my work, and it’s a pleasure to have an audience to show my photography to. I truly love photography and would love nothing more than to further the quality of my work and eventually make a career in art.

What do you do besides photography? Besides photography, I also love creating art in other mediums. I’ve enjoyed painting and drawing since the age of six, and they are skills which prove useful in my Fine Art qualifications. Reading is another way I spend my time and often helps inspire my photography. I’m nearly always thinking about art, and so even if I’m not creating, I’m planning ideas for it.

Alex Kemsley| 31

a Light in the Dark Photography: Anita Sadowska ( Make-up: Daria Maciek-Czajka Styling: Carmel Daly Hair: Renata Zaborek Models: Courtney Wilson and Keith Kenny Designs: by Claire Garvey Shops: River Island , Golly Gosh .

Annelisa Leinbach artist

What is your favorite medium to work in and why? Pen and ink and watercolor. They’re light and portable, so you can work anywhere: up a tree, on the edge of the Grand Canyon, miles into the wilderness, on a boat – the options are endless! They also have such a lovely look and feel to them. I think they’re some of the best mediums because they make it possible to capture an unforgettable scene virtually anywhere. When did you realize that you loved to create art? I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I never really had a striking realization; if anything, I was surprised in primary school when I realized most other kids weren’t as passionate about it as I was.

Your work is very expressive, how do you choose subject? I pretty much choose arbitrarily based on something interesting that I see or hear or happen to come up with. Often books I read are chockfull of cool ideas. Sometimes I have a weird dream that inspires me to draw something. I’m really not too organized with picking subject matter; I just draw things I feel like drawing.

Explain your favorite piece of work you’ve created and why you love it. My favorite picture I’ve made is a huge oil painting I called “Arrival of the Tempest.” It shows an ocean liner on a stormy sea sailing down the slope of a wave. I made it in a three-day frenzy during a summer program I did last year. I like it both for the way it turned out and the process of making it. I put together the wooden frame, stretched the canvas myself, and spent late-night hours painting on and sanding layer upon layer of gesso. I exhaustively researched pictures of the ocean and Japanese woodblock prints, and I went down by Lake Michigan day after day to sketch boats in preparation for the painting. Some days, I had to carry the four-by-five-foot canvas five blocks to the studio through downtown Chicago. When I crossed the street in the wind, it acted as a sail, buffeting my puny frame into oblivion. Creating this painting bonded me with it in a way I haven’t with others. It gave me insight into the way old-time artists used to work. Once it was finished I could sit back and say that I made it almost entirely from scratch, and that’s an amazing feeling.

Annelisa Leinbach| 45

What are your goals in the “art world”? First and foremost, I’d love to illustrate books someday. It would also be amazing to work at an art museum, animate for something like PIXAR, be a photographer for National Geographic, or work as an art director in the movies. Honestly, I’d be happy with anything where I could live comfortably while staying true to what I loved.

What or Who is your biggest inspiration? I know he’s discussed a lot, but I’m really inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. I respect him so much because he was a real renaissance man; not only did he possess artistic genius, but he also made incredible conjectures in science and other academic disciplines. I think some people have the impression that artists are bad at academics, but I believe that the worlds of art and academia have the greatest power when they are intertwined. The idea that someone can achieve artistic greatness while also rocking at math, writing, and science is one that I dream of demonstrating myself one day. What else do you do besides create art? This could go on for a while! Yesterday, I started as a freshman

at Yale University, so I’ve been spending all my time engaged in a whirlwind of moving in and exploring all the facets of the college experience to come. Lately, I haven’t done much but unpack boxes and go to meetings! However, I love to read, watch movies and shows, travel, try international foods, study different languages, sing, sleep, spend time in nature, hang out with friends, and learn pretty much anything.

How do you think your art has changed your life? It’s motivated me and really permeated almost every area of my life. Visual thinking can be applied to so many things: the way you dress, the way you organize a room, even the way you put food on a plate. More than that, it just brings me so much happiness. I’ve met incredible people through art projects, people who inspired

What would your dream art project look like? Something that captures light and color and detail; something that is imaginative and fantastical and draws the viewer into a whole new world. I can’t imagine exactly what it would look like, but I guess that’s why I have to keep trying and maybe someday I’ll find it! The only thing I do know is that my dream art project would be something where I truly felt that it was the best piece of work I could ever create. I don’t know if I will ever create this; even Leonardo da Vinci lamented, “I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have.” In a way, I think dissatisfaction

is what drives artists to work harder. After all, once you reach the height of achievement there’s nowhere to go but down. At the same time, I want to keep learning until I grasp that mysterious perfect picture in the stars and bring it down to earth. Do you have artistic rituals/patterns that you fall into? If so what are they? Sometimes I forget to eat while drawing for hours. Sometimes I listen to music. I tend to doodle similar things when I’m not thinking: people, eyes, plants, birds, bizarre architecture. Generally speaking, though, I can’t think of any particular rituals I have.

Annelisa Leinbach| 49


Photographer: Daria Sekula ( Model: Natalia Mężyńska

Diego Chรกvarro

Columbia //





subject to shoot and why? Well, I don’t have any favorite subject to shoot, I only know that I love taking pictures of people posing for me. Sometimes it´s great to work with my six year old brother, cause he is always there and if an idea comes to my mind, I can execute it immediately. What equipment do you use? I own a Nikon D7000 which cam with a 18-105 lens that I hardly ever use now, then I got

a nikkor 50mm 1.8G that I’m not using, because I recently got a 50mm 1.4G and also a SB 910 speedlite. What gives you the most inspiration? I must say that flickr was the site that encouraged me to keep shooting and try new things. Cause was there where I found inspiration, loads of amazing photographers with an amazing work, made me start exploring my imagination, my feelings and specially my artistic side.

Diego Chavarro| 59

How has photography changed your life? Photography has changed my life in a hundred percent, and I don’t think I could live without it now. When I got my dslr I was expecting obviously to have better pictures with a better quality and sharpness. Only that. Now, I eat, live, dream and love photography. It’s not only taking a picture, its creating a world and atmosphere that makes you stop and stare. So, once you step onto the photography world, there’s no way you will get out of it. Well, I know I’ll never leave this world.

What do you enjoy besides photography? Apart from photography, I also love architecture. That’s what I’m studying nowadays. I’d decided to study that about three of four years before graduating from high school. I remember that I would grab a ruler and a pencil and would stay a whole Friday in my room designing my dreamt house without even knowing anything about architecture. And now that I’m finally studying that, I find it a bit stressing, but it’s a dream that I also have; being a great architect.

Diego Chavarro| 63

Diego Chavarro| 65

Created by Shawn Van Dtaele

When and how did the Drawing Hope Project begin? The Drawing Hope Project started in April of this year, after I transformed a drawing of my own that I did for my grandmother when I was 7 into a “magical photo”…it dawned on me that this would be an amazing way to create a ‘Giving Back’ project that could help inspire a lot of families who could use it! Do you create all of the images yourself? How long does an image take to create? I do all the work myself, from the web stuff to the photo shoots to the editing etc! A photo shoot with the child usually takes an hour or two… and the editing generally takes 8-ish hours… some take more, some take less (but most take about 8 hours :) All the photos are inspired

by the drawings the children submitted, and I try to stay as close to their drawing as possible when making it come to life. What are usually the children’s reactions to the final product? It’s amazing! Their reactions are usually “how did he do that?” and it inspires them to keep drawing! It really triggers their imagination. The families (parents, etc) who see the photo, it’s usually very emotional… seeing their child happy, healthy, full of hope and courage - usually after having seen them so sick or on the brink of death…it’s a vision they can keep forever, since it’s how they have always seen their child despite some of the horrible health conditions they’ve lived through (or are living with).

What are you hoping this project will achieve? The “big dream” for the project has already has been fulfilled! Because people have registered as organ donors as a result of seeing the children’s stories and photos, the project itself has helped to save lives. The children involved have already been overwhelmed at seeing “magic” happen…so the big dream has happened, and it’s just getting bigger now. I’d love for children in every country in the world to experience it, and to bring the same sort of magic and hope to families who need it regardless of where they are. I’d love to see the book be a huge success when it’s complete, so proceeds can go back to the foundations and hospitals and groups that helped allow these children to BE here today….so the cycle can continue.

Chance was diagnosed with Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June of 2011. The next month his diagnosis changed to “rare, high risk�. His chemo treatments are expected to last until October 2014, but his spark and will to survive inspires his family and everyone around him. When you give Hope a Chance, anything is possible. Even becoming Captain of your very own ship.

Marco was born with a broken heart. By the miracle of a heart transplant at 34 days old, Marco received the gift of life, only to face cancer at the age of 4 - which he heroically fought, and won. With determination and a donor family through www. beadonor.caanything is possible...even magic apples.

Dominic was born prematurely with Down Syndrome, feeding issues, AND congenitive heart failure. He’s had many surgeries, most recently on his heart to repair his atria. Dominic is non-verbal and is hospitalized many times a year as he battles recurring pneumonia. All this aside, with his contagious laughter and sense of adventure, anything is possible even traveling through time to play with dinosaurs.

When Kayla was 9 years old, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, joint pain, swelling, fatigue and other symptoms. She takes daily medication to try and control the disease so she can continue to pursue her love of horses and riding. There is no cure, but with continued research by www.ccfc. caanything is possible. Even magical forests.

At 7 months old, Ryley’s life was saved by a heart transplant, made possible by an amazing donor. Without her transplant, Ryley wouldn’t be here to inspire others and be an advocate for an online registry to support the gift of life. Register today, and anything is possible.

Sadie suffers pain from the same thing the rest of the world sees as the greatest pleasure - the sun. Because of the very rare disease she has, CRT - Cone Rod Dysfunction - she can’t leave the house without being protected from the sun. Much of the time, Sadie lives in the dark. But, with her magically happy and glowing spirit anything is possible. Even sunshine from sunflowers. Where else did you think sunshine came from?

Magical Tales

Photography: Emillie Ferris ( Model: Lily Bagshaw





subject to shoot and why? Nature is for sure the most inspiring thing I can think of: in my photos I always try to interact with the world around me, I want its beauty to be seen and felt by who sees my work. I live in a lonely place surrounded by fields and woods, and I used to hate it: but when I started taking photos, trough my camera I was able to see things in a different way, to find something beautiful in what I thought was boring and useless. I’m really thankful and, later I found, lucky. What equipment do you use? I have a Canon EOS 500d that is 2 years old, and just a couple months ago I bought a 1.4 lens. I fell in love with them and I’ve never used the old one again.

in love with them and I’ve never used the old one again. What gives you the most inspiration? Inspiration comes from everywhere: you just have to keep your mind and eyes wide open, and never take what you see for granted. Always look twice, always think ‘what if...’. Never settle down, this is important. How has photography changed your life? My life changed during the last 2 years, in both sad and happy ways, and I was really confused. But photography was there, and even if sometimes it was tough, because my work wasn’t appreciated as much as I wanted, it was a safe and comfortable place where I could hide myself.

Gaia Pazzagli

Italy //

What do you enjoy besides photography? I have many interests, and they all concern art: I love drawing, writing and reading. I love creating something new, something that could be remembered. Because everyone, deep inside, would like to be remembered somehow.

Gaia Pazzagli| 95

Denmark //

Greta Tu





subject to shoot and why? My favorite subject is definitely an interesting face that’s filled with history and emotion. Moreover, I love unique features as for instance a dazzling eye-color, freckles or special facial contours. However, among my favorite subjects are more spontaneous moments as well. A subject that portrays and illustrates a certain atmosphere while traveling is likewise one of my favorite things to shoot. What equipment do you use? I shoot with my Canon 5d mrk II, which I absolutely love.

It has all the features I need as a photographer. I mostly use 24-70 mm and 50 mm for portraiture and 1836 mm and 70-200 mm for landscapes and traveling. What gives you the most inspiration? Usually I get inspired by people and something distinctive about them – it naturally starts ideas and visions in my head. Second, journeys really inspire me. Traveling and seeing pictures from journeys that portrays the feeling of being somewhere completely unknown and new. To imagine all the amazing spots and people around the world, just waiting to be explored.

Greta Tu| 99

( c o n t i n u e d . . . ) The world contains so much, it is just a matter of using it. The feeling while traveling when everything makes perfectly sense always fills me with inspiration. Last but not least I think I am very inspired by young and creative souls. Since I’m seventeen years old myself, seeing someone at my age creating amazing art makes me extremely inspired to keep on going and work even harder. How has photography changed your life? Photography has made me happy. Photography has made me work and develop both personally and as an artist. Photography has given me fantastic opportunities and adventures. Photography has led me to meet fascinating people. In short, I’d say I have a lot to thank photography for.

What do you do besides photography? Tennis in the afternoon sun, going to school, swimming in lakes, special moments with my beautiful friends, cooking, reading original books and delicious coffee.

Fleur de Luce Photographer - Ingrid Wang ( Model - Megan Workman @ Viviens Model Management Makeup Artist - Jessica Reilly Apparel - Ra Ra Superstar, SES Floral Headbands - Crown of Eden

Lia NiobE

auSTrIa // www.FLiCKR.COM/LiaNiobEpHoToGrapHy

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? My favorite subject to shoot are humans interacting with nature, because I want to create a world where there’s a balanced give and take between nature and humans, since we are very careless with the world we live in. What equipment do you use? I use a Canon EOS 400D with a Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 lens. I usually composite a few images together, so I always have my tripod with me and for self-portraits a remote.

What gives you the most inspiration? Locations give me the most inspiration because when I see a beautiful place, where I see the light, the things I could use and all the details, then I’m able to come up with ideas for images rather easily. How has photography changed your life? Before I started photography I was doing pretty much the same thing every day. Now I’m often outside doing really weird things and often lying in cold water or mud and I couldn’t live without it anymore, I enjoy it so much. It’s always something different and it never gets boring.

Lia Niobe| 115

What do you enjoy besides photography? I draw a little bit, but it suffered when I started photography, since it was a more effective way to create something for me - I was never able to draw the picture in my mind, but I can create it as a photograph. I also read a lot, I love it when books really make me feel something (e.g. when somebody dies) and I’m always fascinated by the way I can put myself into those worlds without effort. :)

Lia Niobe| 117

Lia Niobe| 119

Lia Niobe| 121

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? My favorite subject to photograph is people. The way that humans can emote so many different things by just altering the positioning of the body, even slightly, fascinates me. Or, how we can tell a story just by the look in our eyes. I have always believed that eyes are windows into the soul. I really love photos that go beyond being just something pretty to look at, but are photos that you can experience; that have another dimension which sparks emotion within. What equipment do you use? I currently use a Nikon d60 with a Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens. I have had my d60 for more than 2 years now. It is an entry level DSLR, but it’s all I could afford when I

was 14 with my paper route money. It has performed well throughout it’s years of use but I’m hoping to upgrade to a Nikon d700 in a few months! What gives you the most inspiration? I gather inspiration from just about everything. I love to daydream, and then I end up creating these stories that will inspire a photograph. When I am at a total loss of inspiration, I force myself to take just my camera on my tripod and a wireless remote, and take a walk through the woods. I always find something that inspires me, or see something that sparks a story in my mind, that I can then create into a photograph. Recently I have been really inspired by darkness, and things that scare me.

Michael Duschl

pennsylvania //

How has photography changed your life? I’m going to be really general and say that it has changed my life in every way. Honestly, my whole life kind of revolves around photography. It’s my biggest passion in life, and it brings joy and a sense of peace to me. It has also shaped the direction I want to take in life. I am determined to be able to have a career that involves photography in some way. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about doing that yet, but I will find a way.

What do you enjoy besides photography? I really like singing! I will belt about some Christina Aguilera any time of the day. I’m really into my school’s plays and musicals. I love singing show music, and I also choral music. I’m in my school’s chamber choir, and I participate in choral competitions. Besides that, I enjoy my cats, Pinterest, hiking, working at Cinnabon, lighting things on fire, harry potter, magazines, watching reality tv shows, and eating.

Michael Duschl| 125

No Place Like Home

Model: Nicole Abbott ( Photographer: Juliet Bates ( Hair/Makeup: Frdk (

Omalix US //

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? My favorite subject to shoot is definitely conceptual portraiture because it allows me to use photography as an instrument to narrate stories. Even though I enjoy photography in general, I personally find more satisfaction when creating conceptual work instead of just doing the simple act of capturing an image. What equipment do you use? A lot of my earlier work was shot with a Canon Rebel XS and the kit lens it came with, but I currently use a Canon 7D and a 50mm f/1.4. Although I

own a couple of extra lenses, my 50mm is attached to my camera 99.9% of the time. Also, since the majority of my my pictures are self-portraits, my tripod and remote control are my two most important pieces of equipment (after my camera and lens). What gives you the most inspiration? The art world in general! Throughout history, artists have always been influenced and inspired by the work of others artists. But besides that, almost anything can trigger the spark from a personal experience to a movie, a dream, a particular place, and sometimes even a prop.

Omalix| 139

How has photography changed your life? As cliché as it might probably sound, photography has given me the confidence to believe in myself. As artists, we sometimes struggle to see ourselves as ‘artists’ and admit our talents because we are our worst critics. What do you enjoy besides photography? I am currently pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts, and I have yet to decide what my area of specialization is going to be. I really enjoy drawing and painting, and I’ve also explored a bit of ceramics and sculpture. Actually, the Aladdin’s lamp on my “One and Only Wish” self-portrait is a paper sculpture I made. I even crocheted paper string into the little chain that holds the lid. A while ago I used to make my own jewelry, too. I pretty much love anything that I could do with my hands.

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? My favorite subjects are people who I insert in an idyllic setting and dreams mood, where everything is pervaded by the search of beauty and perfection. I want to create an imaginary refuge from the outside world.

elves and all the fairy tales told me when I was a child. I also can get inspiration from a simple object, a person or a movie, but my main source of inspiration is nature. I know that every change of season has something new to tell me and I can’t help including it in my photographs.

What equipment do you use? I use a Nikon d3100 with 50mm and Photoshop.

How has photography changed your life? Photography has a great importance in my life. It is my dream and like all the dreams it makes me feel stronger and happier even if I’m afraid not to be up to it sometimes, so I live this continuous conflict. Anyway, photography makes me grow, it puts me in touch with the

What gives you the most inspiration? The Pre-Raphaelites, the Victorian Age, London, Alice in wonderland, woods, fairies,

Roberta Tocco

world and with many lovely people. I don’t know who I would be now if photography didn’t come to me, I’m extremely lucky for this gift. What do you enjoy besides photography? When I don’t take photos I enjoy living like all the girls of my age, I’m very curious so if I could I would ever travel. In general, I spend time with people I love and make me feel good and with my 2 years old nephew, that I love.

Roberta Tocco| 151

Yannick Schuette Germany //

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? I usually shoot models and also great looking friends. I love to work with people and to put them in the scene... What equipment do you use? Canon 60d + 24-105mm lens. My 50mm 1.8, I used for portraits, is broken and when I have enough money I will buy the 50mm 1.4.. :)

What gives you the most inspiration? My favorite music/ the lyrics, movies, blogs and sometimes other photographers, too! (I note them when they have inspired me!) How has photography changed your life? A lot.. I earn money with it, I keep touch with many people from all over Germany and I want to study something that has to do with photography..

What do you enjoy besides photography? I’ve been dancing Hip Hop for 7 years now, I love drawing and scatching and also I like to cook! Yannick Schuette| 155

Yannick Schuette| 159


*Cover photo by Gabriela Pyjas

Ali Bee Adam Murrain Allison Cole Alex Kemsley Andrea Peipe Anita Sadowska Autumn Partington Annelisa Leinbach Bassam Allam Daria Sekula Erica Coburn Diego Chavarro Ewelina ShawnSwitalska Van Daele Gabriella Corrado Emillie Ferris Jean Lin Gabriela Pyjas Jess Ruby Gaia Pazzagli Joel Greta Robinson Tu Lindzey Stenson Ingrid Wang Maddie Lia Mills Niobe Meagan McLendon Michael Duschl NicoleNatasha Abbott Patty Omalix Maher Rebecca Mahoney Roberta Tocco Ronnie Karfiol Yannick S Sammie Saxon Aleksandra Dargiewocz SarahZaitsev Loven Alexander Sarah Nieman Fulvio Ga Sarah Schug Sylwia Bajera Sophia Pellegrini Sam Williamson Weronika Dorociak Polina Imbir Carmen BLU Laia Flynn LuisaAya Lacsamana Dajani Vilde Indrehus April Rose Emily Thomas Lulu Lovering Lyubov Nelogika





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