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Gold Eagles: Should You Buy Gold Eagles?

Gold Eagles, otherwise known as Gold American Eagle coins, are a popular investment option for those seeking to flee the volatility of the stock market or diversify their investment portfolio. Investing in the stock market gets more risky every day. Other investment vehicles lack security and comfort for the squeamish investor. When the economy turns sour, you want to know that your investments will stand the test of time. While no investment vehicle can assure you of a predetermined rate of return, many investors have gold eagles as a part of their investment portfolio.

Gold American Eagle coins became available for purchase in 1986. It has become a one of the most popular choices of gold coins for investors. If you’ve thought about investing in gold, but don’t know where to begin, Gold Eagles may be the perfect investment for you.

What is the face value of Gold Eagles?

Gold Eagles can be used as currency. The worth they have in the marketplace depends on how much gold is in them. The standard amount of gold in an American Gold Eagle coin is one ounce. The face value is $50. You can also find Gold Eagles with a face value of Gold Eagles: Should You Buy Gold Eagles?

$25 (for a half ounce), $10 (for one-fourth ounce), and $5 (for one-tenth ounce).

The face value determines how much your Gold Eagle gold coin is worth when you purchase goods and services with it. However, the actual value of the coin is contained in the gold itself and is determined by the price of gold. Over the years, many investors have relied on gold for providing their investment portfolio with stability and strength. Like stocks, bonds, and other forms of investments, the price of gold is subject to market fluctuation. However, gold outperforms many investments over time and is a popular choice for a relatively safe investment with potential for a good short-term return on the money invested.

How do you find out if purchasing Gold Eagles is the right choice for you? If you are new to investing, it’s important to seek the advice of a trusted financial advisor to decide if Gold Eagles should be a part of your investment strategy. Many financial advisors recommend gold coins as a protection against economic downturns or risky stock purchases. However, each individual’s situation is different. The best way to sort through the options and figure out if Gold Eagles should be part of your strategy is with the help of a financial planner you trust.

Gold Eagles: Should You Buy Gold Eagles?

How do you get the best value for your money when purchasing Gold Eagles? Many gold coin dealers compete for your dollar, so it’s important to make a wise choice. Not all gold coin dealers are reputable, and you could end up paying too much or ending up with coins that are worthless. Instead of dealing with companies directly, which may cause you to spend more than you should, consider shopping for your Gold Eagles at a penny auction site. Penny auction sites allow you to bid on Gold Eagles and other merchandise, often with a savings of up to 99% over traditional means of purchasing your Gold Eagles.

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Gold Eagles: Should You Buy Gold Eagles?

Gold Eagles: Should You Buy Gold Eagles?  

In 1986, the Gold American Eagles also known as the Gold Eagles were released for purchase by investors that wanted to get a reasonable retu...