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eWriteabout Volume 8 • Issue 5 • June 2013

June Monthly Meeting Saturday, June 15, 2013 2:00-4:00pm, Fradgley Hall, Burleigh Heads

Guest Speaker - Dr David Reiter Dr David Reiter will be speaking about publishing in various formats. Including conventional, print on demand and e-book, addressing the advantages and risks of the DIY process. David is an award-winning text and digital artist, and Publisher at IP (Brisbane). His film, Nullarbor Song Cycle, was short-listed for the 2012 WA Premier’s Award. Hemingway in Spain and Selected Poems was short-listed for the 1998 SA Festival Awards and is now a film. The Cave After Saltwater Tide (Penguin) won the 1994 Queensland Premier’s Poetry Award and his short story collection, Triangles, was short-listed for the 2000 Steele Rudd Award. His most recent works are the satire Primary Instinct and the picture book Bringing Down the Wall (2013). David was artist-in-residence in 2012 at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada) where he completed the transmedia My Planets Reunion Memoir Project with the support of the Australia Council and the Cultural Fund of the Copyright Agency.

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Gold Coast Writers Assoc

Christmas in July Saturday, 20 July Fradgley Hall, Burleigh Heads

Dress as your favourite story book character Fun, frivolity and a special afternoon - members free, visitors $7 Further details in July edition of eWriteabout 1

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was too heavy to hold so instead, I listened to it as an audio-book. Read by Johnny Depp it was a lovely interlude. Baby boomers who like the Stones would enjoy it.

President’s Report Hello everyone, One thing about being flat on your back recovering from surgery is that it certainly restricts what you are able to do. It’s also a great excuse to read books that are Julie Boyd on the ‘must read’ pile, and also enjoy new photos of the grandbabies, including this one of my ‘almost 3 year old’ reading to my dog. The most common comment from people who’ve seen it is surprise that the remote control is sitting, unused, beside them. It certainly is a joy watching little ones go from cuddling books to pieces, to reciting the book, to starting to recognise words and sentences in context. Then to be able to watch kids move seamlessly between actual books and ebooks, even at this early age also brings home, again, what a different environment children are growing up in now.

Jessica Shirvington’s ‘Between The Lines’ is also excellent. She’s a terrific young writer who writes mainly for teenage readers. Her storylines are very strong and she has the elusive page-turning ablity that many other writers miss. I’m now into ‘Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World’ which I am also thoroughly appreciating. The courage of these women is truly inspirational and shows what is possible when people use their power for the benefit of others. I hope to see you at the next meeting. Cheers, Julie

From the Vice President & eWriteabout Editor

Hi everyone, I trust that you have had a fabulous month! Julie, we wish you a speedy We’ll have some excellent news to share with you recovery and safe return. all very soon regarding some exciting GCWA It was certainly a very interesting Angelika Heurich upcoming events. and inspirational meeting in May. I’ve not been able to do any net-surfing this last Many thanks to guest speaker, month however a couple of books I’ve read might Sally Thibault, for taking time out of her busy be of interest. They probably also show the schedule to share her story with us. Sally is now progression of my brain function over this period. heading over to the US for a few months to promote her books and attend speaking Dan Brown’s new book ‘Inferno’ is based on a engagements. We also enjoyed a book launch by terrific premise, but I found his writing Ashtara. disappointing. Flashes of brilliance and humour, especially when he alludes to his character missing It has been a very busy time, as I have two weeks between semesters at University. There is so much a publishing deadline by three years, but it’s no that has been left while study took priority and now DaVinci Code. it’s time to catch up before I head back. Similarly Patricia Cornwall’s ‘The Scarpetta Factor’ I look forward to seeing you at upcoming meetings, missed the mark for me. Though I enjoyed her early especially our ‘Christmas in July‘, with the theme of work, this one was overly heavy on the medial dressing as your favourite story book character. It grand-standing, and about 150 pages too long. will be a lot of fun! So I turned to Keith Richards book ‘Life’ which I’ve I wish you a wonderfully creative month. been wanting to read for a while. The book itself



June Meeting Highlights Guest Speaker - Dr David Reiter Raffle Afternoon Tea Networking

environmental message for young readers to soak up. The pages will turn quickly as they will easily be drawn into the plight of our young tiger and his friends. Andy wrote this children’s book as a result of all his research into his book for adults, ‘The Tiger Chase’. I think it is a very worthy addition to his list of works and one to be proud of.

Book Review - by Jill Smith


Title: The Last Tiger

Bruce Dawe Poetry Prize

Author: Andrew McDermott

The acclaimed Australian poet, Bruce Dawe has endowed a national poetry prize valued at $2000 per annum to be administered through the Faculty of Arts at the University of Southern Queensland. Closes June 30, 2013

T h e M o r n i n gt o n Pe n i n sul a P r i z e 2013 Short Story Competition The Fellowship of Australian Writers (Vic.) Peninsula Region Publisher: Publicious Up to 3,000 words: open theme & genre. Wang is a South China tiger happily learning First Prize $500, Second $200, Third $100, Highly survival skills from his mother as they travel around Commended and Commended certificates. their territory in the forest in China. They are going Entry Fee: $10.00 per story. to his father’s territory, on the boundary of his Closing date: July 29 mother’s part of the forest. Wang is excited about For an entry form email meeting his powerful father again. When they get to the edge of his mother’s territory, she senses something is wrong. Poachers take his mother away and leave Wang alone. What can he do now? He is visited by the spirit of ‘The Blue Tiger’ who sends him on a journey to the mythical animal sanctuary ’Blue Tiger Mountain’ and safety. But how will he find it when no one knows how to get there? Wang is befriended by an Australian Cassowary and English pine martin, all endangered species. Along the way the three animal friends discover adventures and surprises that bring them closer together. They journey to seek the same goal. Later they meet up with a young boy and a golden monkey, who have been following and sharing the adventure in a magical way. This book has a delightful tale entwined with facts about endangered species, and giving an

May Guest Speaker - Sally Thibault


New Members Welcome to new members Vesna Bragagnolo Rose Smith

together to live in a huge old house in Perth. One of the fathers, Lester was a policeman. He was called (behind his back) ‘Lest We Forget’. He kept singing the rousing old hymns of the time, ‘Bringing in the Sheaves” and ‘The Old Rugged Cross’.

I happily read the book twice but even on the first reading I found I was skipping over parts that were Congratulations to the following members: repeated several times – sad pictures Quick cut out Kerry Lown Whalen won second prize in the Peter and pasted on his walls; his mother’s tent lit up by her flickering candle each night; the sound of the Cowan 600 Short Story Competition 2013 for her trains forever rattling past on the nearby tracks – all short story, On A Mission. too much, too often. An excellent example of George Parker launched his book, The Boys from Australian writing, it would have been improved by the Blitz at the Broadbeach Library on June 8. deleting all the repetition. This would have made it Please let us know of your achievements by a normal length novel, instead of an off-putting thick sending to tome.

Member Achievements

Book Review - by Joan Songaila Title: Cloudstreet Author: Tim Winton Publisher: Penguin Books Australia I had a smile while reading Cloudstreet. My father

Tim Winton’s style of writing was quite unique. Not an inverted comma in the whole book, although much of the text consisted of direct speech. E.g. When Rose pleaded to be allowed to stay at school, her father, an incurable gambler, told her, sorry, we’ve no money. The conversation flowed naturally as part of the text and was spelt as the characters pronounced it – ‘Cathlicks’ (for ‘Catholics’) and ‘carne’ (for ‘come on’). Although it is truly an Australian book, and headed the list of ten Australian books to read before you die, some American spelling was used – ‘z’ in organizing and realize.

There was plenty of action to keep one reading. Readers, other than born and bred Australians may grew up in Western Australia where this is set. The find the Aussie way of getting straight to the point, characters’ way of speaking was just like my without using euphemisms, rather uncouth. dad’s ... that is until my mother managed to persuade him that New Zealanders were ‘more English than the English’ and didn’t use such Biennial Literary Award for Women unrefined language. There was a fair sprinkling of The Society of Women Writers, Victoria Inc. ‘dunny’, ‘Micks’ (Catholics), ‘fair dinkum’ and Closing date: 4 July 2013 ‘bloody oath’. The men and boys wore hats and Categories: 1. Poetry - max. 50 lines braces, the women wore stockings – nylon ones 2. Short Story - max. 2500 words when the Yanks were around. Just like my dad, the 3. Article - max. 2000 words menfolk carried their Gladstone bags to work. The Fees: $5.00 per entry, 3 entries for $12.00 Aussie habit of nicknaming everyone was rife: Prizes: First prize $200, 2nd prize $100 Samson was called ‘Quick’ because he was anything but quick. Set during and soon after the Second World War, two families were thrown



Support Group Report


The All Genres

Once again the Gold Coast Writers Association At our May meeting we studied PLOT. In 'Write a Novel and Get it Published,' by Watts and May, the is conducting a fundraiser this year. The authors state the functions of story-telling are: 1. Entertainment. 2. To escape an onerous or anxious Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity life: 3. To understand more of the world. How to get guide providing hundreds of 25% to 50% off, and 2the reader to turn the page? The readers' attention for-1 offers from fine restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities and accommodation. Books are available will be held mostly by the author raising intriguing questions and delaying their answers. If you raise a at meetings or contact for details. good enough question at the beginning of a 400 page novel, the reader will wade through almost anything to find the answer. Beware though: If you make the journey too arduous or boring, he or she will probably turn to the back page to find the answer. Although a single important question may be enough motivation for a novel, significant questions should be raised in every chapter. However, it is no good raising questions if they are immediately answered: part of the readers pleasure of course is in the delay. Make em laugh, make em cry, make em wait! About Insight: readers turn the advertisement page because they care what happens to the characters in the story. They will want a happy outcome for a sympathetic character, but equally they will be hoping that an unsympathetic character gets their come-uppance. Suspense and Mystery: Narrative questions are of two types: suspense and mystery. Suspense involves questions which look forward into the future for their answers. Mystery involves questions that look backwards into the past for their answers. 'The question that suspense ‡ Keep control of your book raises is: what happens next? That of mystery is: ‡ Retain all of your rights how did we get into this mess? Mystery is perhaps ‡ Earn 100% royalties the more sophisticated of the two, inviting the reader ‡ Editing, appraisals, proofreads ‡ Cover Design, illustrations to solve a tricky puzzle. Suspense is more bare‡ Book shop quality printing faced - this is how life operates, unexpected things ‡ Global POD distribution happen and we have to take action. A solved ‡ ebooks, author websites and more... mystery is ultimately reassuring to readers, asserting the triumph of reason over instinct, or Visit our website at: order over anarchy,' David Lodge.

Publish Your Book!

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at the Meeting Room of the Broadbeach Library, adjacent to Pacific Fair, at 12 noon. Newcomers welcome. Di Baker 55 383568

Call Publicious on 07 5534 9528 or contact Andy on 0402 807 440 email: Copyright © 2011 Publicious Pty Ltd


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This group is aimed at the technicalities of publishing especially writing for electronic publication. Numbers are limited.

A reminder that if you would like to sell your books at a GCWA meeting, it is essential you contact the president to reserve a place by the Wednesday prior to the meeting: 0431 443 385.

Contact: Mike Clancy email:

Sci-Fi Fantasy Writers Group GC Speckies is a dedicated group for writers, readers and fans of speculative fiction on the Gold Coast. It’s a place where Speckies can share experiences, ideas and discuss their passion for science fiction, fantasy and horror in all its forms. Surround yourself with like-minded people in a supportive, informal and fun environment! Coordinator: Vacen Taylor email:

Southern Short Story Group For GCWA members living on the south end of the Gold Coast or northern NSW. (membership limited to 10) When: The second and fourth Saturdays of each month at 9.30 am Where: To be advised

Business Display at Meetings Members with a business service can also book a display at one of our meetings for just $20. Display your products and promotional materials, and network with members before and after meetings. (Note: This service is restricted to current GCWA members.) For more information and bookings email

Legal Queries If you have a question on a legal issue relating to writing, please email it to the editor Our Honorary Solicitor, Darryl Greer will respond to queries via the newsletter as time and space allows.

Contact: George Lewis email:

The All Genres Includes crime, life writing and nonfiction Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at the Broadbeach Library in Sunshine Boulevard, opp. Pacific Fair at 12 midday. Coordinator: Phone:

May Committee meeting

Dianne Baker 5538 3568

The Ten Penners Adults writing for children Meetings are held on the1st Saturday of each month at Broadbeach library or a cafe from 9:30 to 11:30am. Phone Marion to confirm venue details. Coordinator: Marion Martineer Phone: 0416 027 016 Ashtara launching her book 6

eWriteabout Submission Guidelines Copy is to be submitted by email attachment and to be no more than 300 words in length. Please ensure that all graphics are jpgs.


The Gold Coast Writers’ Association, voluntary management committee, and The management committee, the other organisational volunteers present eWriteabout in good faith editor, and the voluntary staff and accept no responsibility for accept no responsibility for the any misinformation / typing and/or return of work. formatting errors or problems Submission is not a guarantee of arising from any such matters. publication. Some submissions may be rejected or held over for The views expressed by another month. contributors and advertisers are Contribution Deadline Submissions must reach the editor four weeks prior to the publication date (the first of the month). Please contact the editor if you are unable to meet this deadline for any reason.

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