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September 2011


Zuffenhausen Award


PCA Porsche Parade Issue

January 2010 Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America

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A monthly publication of the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club of America

Kevin Jeannette receives the PCA Zuffenhausen Award at the Parade Concours Banquet Photo by Roger Fabel

September 2011



PCA Zuffenhausen Award........................................... 8 Parade Tech Quiz and Rally Awards......................... 11 GCR Election Slate and Bios.................................... 14 Fancy Florida Feasts................................................. 25 From the Members.................................................... 26 Parade Concours...................................................... 30

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Coming Events GCR Events Calendar................................................. 5 Halloween Party........................................................ 18 Porsches by the Bay................................................. 20 KMW Tech Session................................................... 20 DE 2011 Schedule..................................................... 34

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Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

Gold Coast Region Calendar January 2011 6 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 8-9 PBIR DE Instructors School 15 Key Largo Drive & Brunch 23 Autocross BAC 29 100 Years of Cars Charity 29-30 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona

July 2011 9 14 16 31

February 2011 3-6 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race 5 AutoCross Sebring 10 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 19 Tuner’s Social / Swap Meet 11:30 26-27 Sebring DE GCR & SCR

August 2011 1-6 Parade (Savannah) 11 Board of Directors Meeting

March 2011 3 Board Meeting 13 Autocross 16-19 Sebring 12 Hour Race 27 GCR Spring Fling Picnic

September 2011 2-5 Rennfest (Georgia) 8 BOD Meeting 7pm Slante Irish Pub 10 Pot Luck (Broward) 17-18 DE Sebring 25 Autocross BAC

April 2011 3 AutoCross 7 BOD Meeting 7pm 10 La Palma Brunch 16-17 DE Homestead 29 TCF Car Show

October 2011 6 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 8-9 Bay Bottom Crawl (Key West) 22 DE Homestead 23 Schnebly Redlands Winery Tour 29 GCR Halloween Party Briny Pub

Antique Car Museum (Broward) Board of Meeting PBIR DE 1st day of Parade (Savannah)

May 2011 1 Autocross 5 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 21 Conchy Joe’s Social (WPB) 27-30 Zonefest Suncoast 50th (Palm Harbor Florida)

November 2011 3 BOD Meeting Briny Pub 7pm 5 Porsche Mile, Hampton GA 5-6 PBIR DE PCA 13 Mandarin Concours Social 19 KMW Tech Session 10-2

June 2011 2 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 18-19 Homestead DE 19 Winery Tour & Tasting (Dade)

December 2011 1 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 10 GCR Holiday Party (Largo Mar CC)

Check our web site for the latest updates to our events calendar.

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


Gold Coast Region Who’s Who Officers

Board Members

President Steve Kidd 954 946-3196

Board Member Stan Pearlman 561 451-3427

Club Race Co-Chair / Past Pres Dan Smithyman 954 344-8857

Vice President Michael Grant 954 540-1169

Board Member Dottie Kidd 954 946-3196

1st Alternate Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Secretary Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Board Member Pedro Bonilla 954 385-0330

2nd Alternate Richard Diaz 305 829-8502

Treasurer David Tabony 561 847-7171

Board Member / Chief of Tech Bob Varela 954 746-0488

Chairman and Registrar Positions DE Chairman Michael Grant 954 728-8663

Autocross Chairman Alex Ortega, Jr 561 847-1876

Membership Chairman Jerry Daily 561 747-4959

DE Registrar Christal Smithyman 727 259-4915

AutoCross Registrar Dottie Kidd 954 946-3196

Chief Instructor/Saftey Chairman Mike Tarter 561 752-1672

Social Committee Palm Beach

Vivian Ortega 561 719-0707

WWWebmeister Laz Ortega 305 215-5337


Die Porsche Kassette


Broward Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Dade Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Zone Representative Jennifer Barrows 407 701-4333

Kassette Editor Roger Fabel 954 752-2501

September 2011

President’s Corner

Steve Kidd - President

A record number of Gold Coasters have returned from the 2011 parade victorious. As you read in the August issue of the Kassette we scored well in major events, especially autocross, and were rewarded with one of the most coveted National Awards; the Ortega family was selected as PCA’s Family of the Year. I’ll do a separate article on the preparation and coordination that went into team Gold Coast’s impressive showing in Savannah. However, some of the highlights included all the writers and graphics folks that were behind the scene in submitting award nominations for many of the awards. The organization that made our tour to Savannah a multi regional event with a stop at the Brumo’s museum and the team effort to make the Gold Coast “orange shirts” a group to be recognized. My sincere thanks to all the individuals that devoted considerable time and effort to make this all happen. In addition I again wish to thank Champion Motors for sponsoring our orange T- shirts. Unfortunately we did not win the T- Shirt contest through the formal process, however based on the number of compliments, if there were a people’s choice, I think the Road to Savannah Gold Coast entry would have won. In looking into our region’s future I see a dynamic theme with our team effort to continually offer a great menu of activities throughout the year and the increased use of media and technology to keep our members up to date on events. Just go to the website or pick up the latest Kassette and view the long range planning our team does to coordinate activities. To bring this point into focus, our social event chairs just held a planning meeting to review the 2012 calendar and select months when each chair will hold their events. Sherry Fabel has volunteered to serve as event coordinator to make sure events are evenly spread out and date conflicts are avoided as much as possible. Looking into the future, Gold Coast region will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2013. The GCR Board has started the planning process, including the establishment of a planning team and steering committee to select a date and location for Zone Fest 2013, which will be hosted by Gold Coast as part of our 50th anniversary. In addition, our actual Anniversary date is December 14th, 2013, so our region is planning one heck of a Holiday/Anniversary party. This brings me to another opportunity that will be available for both events… Sponsorship. We’ll be starting to seek partners to assist in these endeavors in the near future, so if you want to be a part of these festivities, please give me call

everything associated with what a volunteer must do in order to have their activity run smoothly, be well attended, and enjoyed by all. Elections ballots are required to be mailed through the USPS. I would ask that you review the candidate’s bios, think back on your experiences with each candidate and vote for those you feel best represent the future of Gold Coast Region. I wish to thank all those who have served in the past and those who currently have expressed their willingness to serve in coming years. THE FOLLOWING IS THE FINAL SLATE OF CANIDATES FOR 2012 President............................Steve Kidd V/P....................................Michael Grant Treasurer...........................David Tabony Treasurer...........................Dottie Kidd Secretary...........................Cynthia Fluhart Secretary...........................Beena Kohly Director.............................Richard Diaz Director.............................Dan Doyle Director.............................Ed Kohly Director.............................Kent Monroe Director.............................Stan Pearlman Director.............................Miguel Potolicchio you can see, there are 2 very well qualified candidates for the As Treasurer and Secretary positions, and 6 excellent nominees for the 2 board member/director positions. Regarding the Director positions, the two highest vote nominess become Board members for the next two years, while the 3rd and 4th highest vote nominess become the Alternate Director and Alternate Director in reserve, respectively. As a reminder, members will be receiving an actual ballot through the US mail sometime prior to October 15th . Ballots must be returned prior to November 15th. The balloting and tallying will be done according to our bylaw procedures. The newly elected officers /directors will be announced at the December Holiday party and published in the January issue of the Kassette. As I put the finishing touches on this article, I am also putting the finishing touches on preparing the GT3 for a trip to Rennfest in north Georgia. I hope to bring back many great stories and ideas to help make our region better than ever and also sample more of Peach State Region’s hospitality. See you on my return.


Another stimulating event on the horizon is the election of several new Directors and two Officers for 2012. The election notice, bios and pictures of the candidates is in this issue of the Kassette. Please understand that these are volunteer positions and can at times be both rewarding, time consuming, and stressful. I would ask everyone to put yourselves in the shoes of these dedicated members and try to imagine the work that goes into planning events, running activities, follow up after a function, and

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


PCA Parade Concours Zuffenhausen Award Article by Kevin Jeannette

Photos by Guter Racing

I purchased my black 1973 RS Carrera (532) from a friend of mine 5 years ago who had owned it since 1983. During that time, it had been driven 12 miles. It took me 3 years to decide that I needed 2 years to restore it. Early this year I was asked by Bill Oursler if I could bring a few historic racing Porsches to the Savannah Porsche Parade. It was at that moment that I realized I would never get the RS done unless I had somewhere to take it. I’m like that…I work better under deadlines. We were fortunate enough to have restored an RS Carrera for a customer who took it to the 2008 Charlotte Parade and won top honors. My goal was to at least score more points for 532, thinking we had a little more experience. I decided that I would invite my wife, Sharon, to the Savannah Parade and tell her how wonderful the city was and that it would be fun. She’s been traveling with our daughter, Jesea, to every ALMS race this year to watch our son, Gunnar, so

there was no way she was going to say NO to me! So now I had an assigned helper, only you have to know that all she likes to do is take pictures…cleaning cars…not so much! Fact of the matter is…I’m not into cleaning cars either. So I brought my trusty bottle of Windex and a case of paper towels. I was asked multiple times where the Q-tips were. I was asked multiple times what I’m going to put on the tires. My answer was always the same, “I’ve got Windex and paper towels”. While the car was judged, I was asked to open up the front hood and deck lid, both doors, the glove box and ashtray. I didn’t know I had to participate during the judging process. This was all new to me! Before the Charlotte Parade, my customer, Lee Giannone, picked up his signal yellow RS Carrera, did all the cleaning himself and won. I didn’t have anything to do with going to the parade. So, I guess what I’m saying is this was my first time bringing a car that I hoped would be competitive

in the Concours. We at Gunnar Racing restore racing Porsches, so I know how to restore a car, I just don’t know anything about cleaning them and preparing them for a Concours. When the judging was done, my car had scored 296.7 out of 300, which qualified 532 for the Zuffenhausen award. If we had gotten just .3 more points, we’d have won the Gmünd Cup. It was hot and I was sweaty but so was everybody else. At least we were spared and had a beautifully overcast but not rainy day during the Concours. I met up with some old friends, met some new, and got charged up to maybe do it again. At the awards banquet, I was amazed by how many awards were dished out to the Gold Coast Region. Congratulations to all the winners, because anybody that went is a winner as far as I’m concerned because we are all representing the best car in the world…Porsche.

GCR member Kevin Jeannette competes in the Concours d’ Elegance at the 2011 Parade in Savannah. Kevin’s fully restored 1973 RS Carrera was judged first in class and scored 296.7 out of 300 to also win the Zuffenhausen award. Check out for more details on this restoration project to national PCA championship beautiful Porsche. Well done, Kevin!


Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


Editor’s Notes Roger Fabel - Editor

Last month the Kassette Parade issue provided full coverage of the events that Gold Coast members were awarded trophies. Our members did so well that we ran out of space. This month’s cover highlights Kevin Jeanette receiving the PCA National Zuffenhausen Award for his fully restored 1973 RS Carrera. Read more about Kevin’s journey from full restoration to national PCA championship. We are honored to be Kevin’s guest at his racing museum on June 30th, save the date and look for future details. Another event where Gold Coast did well was the Tech Quiz. Dottie Kidd’s provides an article on the Parade Tech Quiz. Diana Hansen also provides a review of the TSD Rally where she and Mike placed in


Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

the top ranks after not being in a rally since the Parade at Hershey, six years ago. Fred Kohly who won his second national first place award in back to back years with a different car, provides us with details of his preparation for the event. Check out his story and his beautiful car that everyone kept asking, “What color is that?” Fred and other members that have done well in concours events such as Lou Gonzalez, Stan Pearlman and many other will be providing tech sessions and concours events to provide training in the preparation and judging of concours events. We want to teach this skill to other members so that they can continue our Gold Coast tradition of being at the top of our competition. Check out our calendar of events and the banner ads on the web provided by our GCR graphics artist Kirk Giannola. See you at the next event.

Parade - Tech Quiz and Rally Awards Photos by Roger Fabel

Parade Tech Quiz..... by Dottie Kidd

Parade Rally..... by Diana Hansen

Dottie and Steve Kidd receive Tech Quiz Trophies

Diana and Mike Hansen receive Rally Trophies

At the recent National Porsche Parade in lovely Savannah, quite a few members took time off to study and be tested on their knowledge of Porsche “Stuff”. This included historical information dating back to 1900 about the people and products that made Porsche Club of America the amazing club that it is as well as many mechanical questions about the cars and racers and all kinds of other questions. Questions were taken from various publications such as the Panorama, Excellence, owner manuals, region procedures, etc. etc. There were actually nine different versions of the test. Questions #1-50 were the same for everyone taking the test; however, #51-75 were model specific to whichever vehicle you thought you knew a lot about such as 356, early 911, mid 911, 964, 914, 944, and others up to the Cayenne and Panamera. Guess what? I don’t know about the rest of the people taking the quiz, but I am “not smarter than a fifth grader!” And to top it off, there were seven tie-breaker questions at the end. The Tech Quiz Committee was well prepared with the quiz and we were able to get the answer sheets quickly to see what we had missed. My thanks to Kumho Tires and the team that put it all together, as well as Gold Coast Region for once again coming through with trophies. Congratulations to Terry Cohen and Dottie Kidd for 1st place in their divisions, to Ruben Ledesma for 2nd place and Steve Kidd for 4th place in their divisions. Below is a sample of one of the questions. Look for more tech questions in future issues of the Kassette. Select the correct chronology of production watercooled Porsches, based on oldest to newest U.S. model year introduction: A. 928, 924, 944, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman B. 924, 928, 944, Boxster, 996, Cayenne, Panamera C. 924, 911SC, 928, 944, Boxster, 996, Panamera D. Panamera, Cayenne, 928, 944, 924, Boxster

After a five year hiatus from Porsche Parade, Mike and I decided there was no way we would pass up an opportunity to attend the 2011 event when it was so nearby. Just a seven hour drive, Savannah is a great tourist destination, though ridiculously hot in August! In past Parades we entered in almost all of the competitive events and we enjoyed them all, to the point of exhaustion. This year we decided to take it easy, and only compete in the rally. We were a little nervous about jumping right back into a national TSD Rally, so we both attended the rally school presented by past Parade winners. It was definitely a good refresher, we both felt we had a pretty good understanding of rally rules. However, we both recalled that some of our ugliest marital disagreements have occurred during rallys. I’m sure this sounds strange to those who have never rallyed…. What can be so stressful about driving from point A to point B right??? Hah….. All I say is wait till you try it…. So… we made a pact to keep it calm and stress free. No matter what, we would not argue. He would drive. I would navigate. The first argument happened as we were winding our way to the rally start. But, it was the last. A few quick heated words, and it was out of our system! The next four hours, we took a leisurely “guided” — tour through the back roads of South Carolina. We found our way to each checkpoint. And eventually back to Parade headquarters where the traditional ice cream social awaited us. Though we were very surprised by our results, we were more pleased that we finished the rally, still on speaking terms!! The top three spots were claimed by Sun Coasters, all excellent rally teams. So we were very proud to have scored so closely bringing home a 6th Place trophy.

Answer: B

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette



Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

Welcome We would like to welcome the following new PCA members to Gold Coast Region. Category: M-Member, FM-Family Member, AM-Associate Member

NAME Roger Stern Rick Smith Amir Mirshamsi Caroline Mirshamsi Horacio Razuk Filho Mike Madalena Abraham Cohen Clifton Brown Michelle Waters Manny Fernandez Chris Nelder Stephen Ramsey Jon Streetzel Jacqueline Streetzel Paul Bredice Jude Bredice Joey Cunetta Eric Mathis Juan Cardenas Joel Howell Shari Howell Helene Unschuld Craig Shapiro Tamra Prestiani Philippe Treuil Robert Kowall Alberto Soulier Amoroso Claudia

CITY Miami Copper City Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Miami Boynton Beach Surfside Port Saint Lucie Boca Raton Miami North Palm Beach North Palm Beach West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Palm City Palm City MIAMI Miami Beach Miramar Viera Viera Pompano Beach Aventura Vero Beach Nogent Sur Marne 94130 Fort Lauderdale Weston Sunny Isles Beach

YEAR 2012 1996 2000

MODEL Cayenne C4S 911

2011 2006 1988 2012 2012 2007 2009

Cayenne S Cayenne S 944 TurboS Cayenne Cayenne 997 CS4 Cayman




Cayman S

1995 2002 2000

993 Boxter Boxster

1987 2011 2006 2012

944 turbo Boxster Boxter S Cayenne

September 2011



Die Porsche Kassette


GCR 2012 Election Officers and Directors Slate The slate of officers and board positions have been nominated for 2012. Please review the following information to help with the election ballot that will be mailed this month. The following are running for Officer positions: President:......................... Steve Kidd (unopposed) Vice President:................ Michael Grant (unopposed) Treasurer:........................ Dottie Kidd and David Tabony Secretary:........................ Cynthia Fluhart and Beena Kohly

The following members are running for two open board positions and two alternate positions: Richard Diaz, Dan Doyle, Ed Kohly, Kent Monroe, Stan Pearlman, and Miguel Potolicchio. You will be receiving your ballots this month so please vote and return before November 15th. A lucky member will be selected from the returned ballots to receive a complementary ticket for the Holiday Party in December.

Steve Kidd: GCR President

At that time he became involved with the Gold Coast Region’s socials, autocross and driver’s Ed programs.


GCR President 2010-2011, Vice President 20082009 and AutoCross chair 2003-2009, Board member 2005-2007, DE instructor 1988 to present

Steve has been a member of PCA since 1972, first joining the Potomac region with a new 914. Steve has owned nearly every popular model of Porsche, including but not limited to, 356, 912, 911L, 911T, 911E, 911S lots of 914’s, 944, 924S, 944S2 Boxster and a GT3. Steve was one of the first GCR members to be certified as a GCR/DE instructor, and has been active in driver education and track events since the late 80’s. In addition to track events, Steve and his wife Dottie have run the Autocross program for Gold Coast Region and modernized the program with computerized timing and scoring and electronic registration. During his first years as President, Steve brought on board a new web master that made our website spectacular, mentored new members that took on leadership roles and led the region to lots of awards at the 2011 Parade including the PCA National Family of the Year (The Ortega’s). Steve has demonstrated the commitment and leadership to serve the club in 2012. Steve and Dottie look forward to many more years of contributing to GCR, enjoying their Porsches and the companionship of the Porsche club family. When not Autocrossing or participating in other GCR events, Steve can be found running gates on the Nastar ski courses, hiking in the Tennessee Mountains or Saltwater fishing / diving for lobster.

Michael Grant GCR Vice President

Michael, was born in Mobile, Alabama, grew up in Slidell, Louisiana went to school at LSU and graduated with an engineering degree in 1985. He now lives in south Florida and has worked in the pleasure boat marine industry since 1985 in construction management, service and repairs, marine surveying and consulting. He has been self employed in that industry for the last 20 years. Michael became involved with Porsche Club Gold Coast Region almost 20 years ago with the purchase of a 1981 911 SC Targa. 14

Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

Michael is currently the Gold Coast Region Vice President and The Driver’s Ed Chairman. He has been the Driver’s Ed Chairman since 2007 and has seen the implementation of night driving events, combined events with other clubs, and has focused on financial efficiency in the DE program, helped to promote expanded passing rules allowing passing in the corners for advanced drivers. Michael is running for a second term as Vice President.

Dottie Kidd: Candidate for Treasurer

Most of the membership know Dottie from autocrossing since she has served as the GCR Autocross Registrar from 2003-present and as a Board Member from 2010-2011. Dottie, along with her husband Steve, has also received GCR’s Family of the year and Enthusiasts awards and continues to participate in and assist in most GCR events, particularly socials and Autocross where she often handles registration fees and monitors club income through Dottie has attended most Board of Directors meetings over the past 8 years and is very familiar with both the business and people side of each activity GCR is involved in. She recently retired from the US Postal Service, however prior to that she held positions as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager for several private employers and is very familiar with the types of duties the treasurer is to perform. In addition, as a single mom raising 2 kids on a limited paycheck, she understands how to get the best bang for the buck during hard times. Dottie has an eye for detail and the appropriate people skills to make her an effective treasurer. She also handles money for charitable fund raisers, such as Compassionate Friends. You can find her at most events driving her Blue 944S2 and has a wall full of trophies to backup her vigor. Dottie not only participates in local events, but also participates in National and Regional events such as Parade and Zonefests. Besides everything Porsche, Dottie enjoys their Tennessee mountain cabin, retirement and her granddaughter.

David K. Tabony: Incumbent Treasurer

David Kreihs Tabony has served as Gold Coast Region’s Treasurer since January 2011 where a new commitment of fiscally running your organization within its means has begun. As a result, the Clubs operating losses have been decreased by $15,000 versus the previous five-year average of the Clubs operations. David is committed to this vision of ensuring the Club’s operations are managed fiscally for its members. David & his wife, Debra, have been members of the Porsche club since 1992. Since then, David has served as a Director, Treasurer and President of the Gold Coast Region. David has also served as various committee chairs such as social, membership, club race volunteer chair and club race chairman. David’s professional experience as controller & CFO for 15+ years and management advisor & consultant for 10 years offers the members the experience needed for this position. David is proud to continue to serve your clubs needs in the position as Treasurer.

Cynthia Fluhart: Incumbent Secretary

Active PCA member, since 2006. Awarded Rookie of The Year—2007 and Family of The Year—2008. Club Secretary for two years and Miami Social Chair for five years. Planned many Ft. Lauderdale events including the 2007-2009 Holiday Parties. Most noted Socials responsible for planning: Annual Mandarin Oriental Luncheon & Concours known as, “Porsches by The Bay,” Sunday Brunches at La Palma & Galuppi’s, Schnelby Winery Event and 2010 Spring Fling. It is all about bringing members together to enjoy new & old friends, having a passion for Porsches, while having a lot of fun along the way! Professional Photographer & Event Planner, since 1999. Loves to capture many of our social events and Porsches screaming down various racetracks, such as: Homestead, Sebring, PBIR, VIR and Daytona. Find it exhilarating as a passenger, while hubby drives “Porschetta,” during the DE events. Believe every Porsche should have a name—it is part of your family! Enjoy attending: 24 hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring, capturing the events to share in the Kassette. Some photos became the Kassette Covers. Volunteer at 24 Hours of Daytona in PCA Hospitality tent. Over 15 years, have held dual positions as Secretary & Treasurer on my Homeowners Association Board, representing 552 homes with $1 million annual budget. Attended culinary school & enjoy cooking. Have hosted many Board Meetings.  Attended MDCC, UM & FIU, receiving: AA Business, AS in Accounting, BA in Business, and BS in Psychology with a minor in Marketing & Advertising.

Beena Kohly: Candidate for Secretary

Beena has been a member of the PCA since 2009. She became interested and involved in the club when her husband, Ed Kohly became a member. When she saw how much fun he was having, she wanted to be a part of this so she asked questions, went to events, observed the flow of things, read up about the club, talked to people and then decided this was where she wanted to be. Beena’s talents and enthusiasm was recognized at the end of 2010 when she and her husband Ed were recognized as GCR’s Rookies of the year. She currently serves as the Broward Social Chair and first alternate board member for the 2011 GCR Board of Directors. She has been in these positions for the past year and loves every part of it. She is ready to take on more responsibility so is now in the running for the office of Secretary. Beena has excellent clerical, administrative and organizational skills as well as being thorough and punctual in every task she takes on. She has volunteered to fill in as Board Secretary when called upon to do so and was responsible for taking minutes, making revisions to the draft and distributing the final product to the Board in a timely fashion. If elected Secretary, one of Beena’s goals is to have the final copy of the minutes to Board members no later than a week after the meeting so the Board and committee chairs can use this as a to do list and/or event planning reference. Currently, she is responsible for organizing and executing major events such as the Key Largo Brunch, the Spring Fling Picnic, Road Rallies (with Ed and Fred Kohly), the Halloween and the Holiday Party. This year will also be the first year for the Halloween Party. It will be a major event that hopefully will attract a wider portion of our members. She has also been actively involved in helping with timing in the AutoX at the Bank Atlantic Center and in Sebring, where she also works as a corner worker and on the grid. For 2012, she has a lot more road rallies planned and making the usual events even more enjoyable and fun. Look for new and exciting events that will appeal to the masses. Beena is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and has a degree in Human Resource Management. She currently works in the medical/legal field and brings with her a very stern work ethic and a perfectionist approach to everything she does. She strives for excellence and accepts nothing less.

Richard Diaz: Candidate for Directors Position.

My love affair for Porsches started 27 years ago with a Red 911. I currently drive a yellow Boxster S that I ordered from the factory. In 2006, I joined GCR and was exposed to the Autocross program. I eventually started driving at DE events. At that point, the “hook” was set! My participation at

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


GCR 2012 Election Bios (continued) DEs became almost an addiction and made many good friends amongst the drivers. The natural development of a driver led to becoming a PCA National Driving Instructor, which I found to be very rewarding. Passing on what I have learned from others is more enjoyable than simply participating. My wife, Cynthia is the Miami Social Chair and Secretary of GCR, in which I help her with the social events. So if you have been to the Mandarin events, you will have seen me coordinating the placement of the cars. I have led the caravans to the 12 Hours of Sebring and helped at the PCA hospitality Tent at the 24 hours of Daytona. The April Kassette Cover and the three page article, documented my trip to the Porsche Factory & Museum in Stuttgart in February 2011. I have been in the automotive industry for 24 years and currently the Parts Manager at Audi Coral Springs and Lighthouse Point. I am an avid motorsport fan and Porsche Nut. I would like to see the club continue to grow and offer our members quality events that are rivaled by none! Remember, Porsche, there is no substitute!

Dan Doyle: Candidate for Directors Position

I purchased my first Porsche in 2007 after having wanted one for a quarter of a century. Upon purchase I immediately joined Porsche Club of America and have been a member of the Gold Coast Region (Zone 12) ever since. I initially became involved in the Auto Cross Program. It wasn’t long before I found myself captivated by the Driver’s Education Program where I’ve spent the past couple of years refining my driving skills. Recently, I had the honor and privilege becoming a PCA Instructor. I didn’t think I could find an activity as challenging and as fun as driving a Porsche on track but I was wrong. Not only is instructing fun and a challenge, it’s also gratifying as well. I enjoy giving back to the Porsche community as an instructor and would like to “take it to the next level” by becoming a Board Member. Being a Board Member will also give me an opportunity to interact in a different way with all of the great people I’ve met in GCR. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing everyone at upcoming PCA CGR events.

Ed Kohly: Candidate for Directors Position

Ed has been a member of PCA Gold Coast Region since 2009. In 2010, he won the rookie of the year award with his wife Beena. He will assume duties as the membership chair for 2012 and is also on the committee for the GoldCoast Region 50th anniversary celebrations. He wants to continue making a difference and is now in the running for a director’s position for this upcoming calendar year. Ed has found many ways to get more involved with the club helping wherever he is needed. He has helped his wife Beena (Broward Social) with all the social events in Broward county,

such as the Tuners Social/Swap Meet, our Annual Spring Fling Picnic and multiple road rallies such as Muscle Car City, Key Largo Brunch, Clewiston brunch, and Collier Museum. This year he is actively involved in planning the Halloween and the Holiday Parties, in addition to the usual events. He has volunteered at the last two Parade’s and Zonefest events along with helping at the 48 hours of Sebring performing various duties. He volunteers at the AutoX on the grid and DE in the registration desk or wherever he is needed. This year he has launched our very own Facebook page www. and helped our Webmaster with the launching of our new website by providing our own server through Peak 10 where he works so our website can continue to grow and improve. It’s faster than ever. Ed’s interests are all Porsches activities and poker tournaments. Being part of this organization has been very rewarding. It allows him to be a part of something he loves and has a great time doing it. He wants to continue being an integral part of the club and has so much more to offer.

Kent Monroe: Candidate for Directors Position

Currently living in Boynton Beach, Florida for the past 15 years and has been an active Gold Coast Region member since 2002. Kent previously served as a Board member 2008-2009; he actively participates in AutoX events and Driver’s Education. Kent is currently a contractor for FEMA, working Public Assistance-Disaster Relief when called upon. Married to Laura for 17 years, they both find time to travel in their 1999 Carrera 2 Cabriolet (Hans) to many Porsche events in the South Florida area.

Stan Pearlman: Candidate for Directors Position

Often called “Old Timer” ‑ probably based on my age (76) but also having been a PCA Member for 46 YEARS (joined in 1965) and a GCR Member for 43 of ‘em! Happily married to Neida for 49 years (!) who was even voted Enthusiast of the Year (way back!) and “helped” us earn FAMILY OF THE YEAR twice!

Past President - Three times, including 1968, when GCR hosted the “FIRST EVER PORSCHE PARADE IN FLORIDA”, held at the Colonnades Hotel in Palm Beach. We called it “SONNENFEST” (sound familiar?) which means Sunfest in German. Unfortunately, it RAINED 3 out of the 5 days and all of the Competitive events were held in the rain! It was later “unofficially re-named –“SOGGYFEST”! NOW you know “The Rest of The Story!” PS: Florida didn’t get another Parade until 2003!! Wonder why? (Continued on page 18)


Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

road & track. before & after.

if we maintain your performance car, you’ll enjoy it more. if we prepare your performance car, you’ll race it better. we are full-service, full-commitment, factory-trained specialists for road, track & rally. for porsche, bmw & audi. seeing is believing. visit us at the track, in our shop in doral or right here:

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette



(Continued from page 16)

Mike Potolicchio: Candidate for Directors Position OWNED 8 PORSCHES: ’65 356C, ‘67 911S (2.5), ’72 911S (2.8), 944 (stock!),’78 SC (3.2/3.6), Boxster S, ‘78SC (3.0) and ’05 997S. Always been very competitive in National, Regional and Local Autocross and Concours events — winning numerous First Place Awards in each. They say: A “clean car runs faster” and I guess they’re right! The First (ever) competitor to win the highly regarded BAY BOTTOM CRAWL “FIRST OVERALL” TROPHY 3 TIMES (’68, ‘69, & ’73) and retire the ORIGINAL “MONSTER” TROPHY, which had been in existence since 1960! “YEA PORSCHE” was the motto of the “Crawl” for quite awhile, thanks to BJ Fuller (A True “Conch”) who initiated that “cheer” and a few of us, who helped keep it alive! PCA Competition Rules and National Nominating Committee Member in the ‘70s. Attended 18 PCA Parades and made GCR pretty proud most of the time! GCR BOARD Member for more years than I can remember, and watching us grow from our initial 45 members (in 1963) to over 1,800 currently (including affiliates), has been an amazing story, so let me say it this time —“YEA PORSCHE”.


Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

Mike Potolicchio has been involved in Motorsports and Porsche vehicles since he was a teenager. He did his first ground up restoration on a 1972 911T back in 1980. This passion has grown over the past 35+ years, from racing in Formula Ford as a young teenager wining on his first event as a SCCA member in Sebring, to competing on the 993 Super Cup Series. He holds licenses and memberships in FIA, NASA, Skip Barber and SCCA and has been a Porsche Club of America member since 1981. He also has a license from NACAM (Comision Nacional De Velocidad) in Venezuela, and helped organize and start Club Copa & the Porsche SuperCup series in Venezuela. Mike has been in automotive & Motorsports business since 1983, when he opened his first shop, “Unique Cars” in South America, providing service, dyno & performance work to exquisite clientele. Now, 27 years later, he is owner and operator of TuneRS Motorsports in Coral Springs, expanding his services to the community of South Florida and the rest of the United States. Over the past 4 years, his company TuneRS has grown phenomenally, and provides full track support at local racing events for his clients as well as full service, maintenance, restorations & performance upgrades at his Coral Springs location. He currently resides in Weston, with his wife Carmen, and three sons, Miguel, Roberto, and Alessandro.

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette




Prep & Display Your Porsche on the Lawn Overlooking Biscayne Bay In the Judged Concours — 5 Catagories limited to 10 cars each PCA Parade rules apply for Preparation Class Contact Concours Chair Fred Kohly at with questions Indulge in the delicious Argentinian-Style Barbeque under tents for $48 pp (includes tax & tip) Also included: Special Welcome “Porsche Rum Punch” upon arrival & an extensive selection of Churrasco steak, chorizo & chicken, salads, special parmesan fries, desserts, a soda, and more! Cash bar is available for a varity of drinks. Fabulous Porsches, People & Food = Great Time!

SPACE IS LIMITED Confirm your reservation at by November 6th. Call Cynthia at (305) 829-8502 or email: with questions.

You move fast So do we Almost twenty years ago, we pioneered limited-pleasure-use insurance in a program exclusive to PCA members, nationwide. Over time our offerings have grown. They have grown again. A lot. • Want to commute occasionally? Fine. • Want unlimited mileage? No problem. • Don’t want to pay a deductible? Ok. Don’t need all this fancy stuff? Pile savings on top of savings. Set some limits for even bigger discounts. There’s more. Our new Florida program also covers: race cars, trailers, classic and custom motorcycles, street rods, special interest vehicles (yes we want that Porsche tractor!), kit cars and replicas. One thing that hasn’t changed is our personal service. We’re here to help you, and we like our jobs. Give us a call or stop by our web site and get an instant quote.

Insurance for your classic and exotic vehicles. Get your Instant Insurance Quote at or call 800.237.4722 September 2011


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Porsche Classified Porsche Parts Twin-Plug Marelli Distributor

Free to a Good Home

with 2 Bosch Power Packs, connector wiring, spark plug connectors and 14 feet of high tension wire. All items are in like-new condition. Distributor fits all 2.4-2.7 liter engines -- big distributor hole blocks and clockwise rotation.Can be used on 3.0 liter by changing distributor gear on crank to clockwise 2.4-2.7 distributor gear. $3750 or OBO. Call Morriss Holliday (Home 863 9461558) or (Cell 863 265-0245) or email hollidaymtrspt@

Panorama collection from ~1988 to present; most in original mailing covers. May be an issue or two missing. Not yet advertised in PANO, so locals get first chance. E-mail Guy Howard at to coordinate pick-up at Miami address.

944 Garage Sale •

VTX inhaler performance intake for most N/A  944’s, can’t tell from new‌only used once   $85.00


Used air flow meter or 944 N/A, 2 valve, 19861989 and 924S only used once in conjunction with above inhaler,$85.00


Both parts above are bolted together for quick change over between stock air cleaner and this system‌.$140 for both‌


Tarett engineering rear toe links with bunp steer and locking plate for 996/997 used about 800 miles, priced new with shipping these would be close to $900. Buy these slightly used ones for $675. FIRM


Attention 964, Carrera, 944 or other that have or want 16� Wheels‌.2 sets of D90 wheels stock spoke wheels 6x16 and 8x16 with center caps. These wheels are in great condition, straight and priced to sell‌. $525.00


Core A/C compressor for 944 s2/turbo $125.(has bad nose bearing) & evaporator & drier good cond. $75.00‌or $150.for everything‌ firm


1 rebuilt/still in box A/C compressor for 944 $250.

HOT BUY Complete interior in white from 89 944S2‌2 front seats, rear seats & complete carpet set in white‌. still in car and very original. The condition is near concours $975. OBO and I’ll take your ratty old interior off your hands.Car cover for Porsche brand new in box Silver with breathable material $90.00 obo Call Steve @ 954 292-3915 or 954 946-3196


Find Me A Property @ Gary Rosen

Florida Lic. Real Estate Broker


Ads are free to GCR-PCA members. Non-member ads: $25 for each 25 words. E-mail ads to: with subject line of PCA-Classified. Deadline for ads is the same as articles, the 1st of the month. Ads will also be posted on our web site.

September 2011


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Florida Fancy Feasts Combine dry ingredients and add to batter, beat just until blended. Stir in nuts quickly and gently. Bake 1 hour and 10 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes; remove from pan and cool completely. Wrap well in plastic wrap and foil. Freezes very well. Carol Pendergast, Suncoast Region Pumpkin Bread 1 Preheat oven to 350°. Grease and flour 3 loaf pans. Mix together: 1 c. oil 3 c. sugar 1 c. water 4 eggs 2 c. pumpkin Sift into first mixture: 3 ½ c. flour 1 ½ tsp. salt 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. each cinnamon 2 tsp. soda and nutmeg

Recipes from “Florida Fancy Feasts Zone 12, PCA” Selected recipes are reproduced from the above vintage (1986) cookbook Joyce F. Minnich Pecan Loaf Bread 1 (8 oz.) pkg. softened cream cheese 1 ¼ c. sugar 1 c. butter, softened 1 tsp. grated orange peel ½ tsp. orange extract

4 eggs 2 c. all-purpose flour 2 tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. salt ¾ c. chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 325°. Grease and flour a 9x5 inch loaf pan. Cream butter and cream cheese together; add sugar and beat till fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time; then add vanilla.

Bake about 50 minutes, until done. Remove from oven and let set for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove to racks to cool. This is a favorite of my daughter, Jennie. It freezes well and makes great gifts. Barbara Starkey Pumpkin Bread 2 1 c. corn oil 4 beaten eggs 3 c. sugar 1 lb. can pumpkin 3 ½ c. flour 1 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. baking soda

2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon ½ tsp. cloves 1 tsp. nutmeg 1 tsp. allspice 2/3 c. water

Combine sugar, oil and eggs. Add pumpkin. Add to sifted dry ingredients and then add water. Bake at 350° for 1 hour in 2 loaf pans, greased and floured. Betty Helms, Big Cypress Region

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


From The Members - Road to Savannah Article by Nick Ward

Savannah Good News, Bad News (in reverse) I spent the week in Miami leading up to this year’s Porsche Parade in Savannah getting my car ready…annual service at the dealer, an extra energetic cleaning and waxing and a detailing of the interior. It’s a vivid green 2008, GT3 RS that I acquired a little over a year ago. Not a car that blends into its surroundings. I was genuinely excited about the prospect of driving from Miami to the Parade, participating in some of the driver events and meeting other Porsche devotees. It would be my first Parade experience. A day before my departure, I learned that some members of the Gold Coast chapter of PCA would be meeting and then caravan the rest of the way to Savannah. Along the way, all of us in the caravan would be treated to a private tour of the Brumos racing and museum facilities in Jacksonville. Perfect…a chance to drive with 20 other Porsches and to see some of Hurley Haywood’s race winning cars. Everything went well and without mishap all the way to the Parade even though one other driver and I broke away from the pack and well, it was his fault that we set a land speed record between Jacksonville and Savannah. (You know who you are, don’t you.) The next day passed registering, looking at some great cars being “prepped” for the events ahead, talking to owners of some classic vehicles, and making new friends. Monday, the day of the Concours, arrived and, although I was not participating in it, I was looking forward to driving to the Porsche Corral and spending the day drooling over cars that, in some cases, had contributed to Porsche’s glorious racing history. After a quick breakfast, I went to the garage, cranked up the RS, loaded the address of the Concours event in the Nav system, and headed out. Then things went south… First, the Bad News… As I left the Westin Hotel and came around the bend on the access road toward the bridge to Savannah, the “nav gal” instructed me to bear to the right, which I dutifully did only to discover that this lane was blocked with orange, oil barrel sized barriers. One hundred feet ahead, the roadbed had collapsed. Turning into the left lane to avoid the barriers, I couldn’t help but run over the white hemispherical lane dividers and…BAM, my left front tire sidewall split open and the left rear tire sustained a broken cable. Red warning lights flashed on the dash and I immediately stopped the car along the side of the road. I got out, surveyed the damage, uttered a few choice words directed at the local highway maintenance crew, and began to think what my next step should be. It wasn’t obvious, at least to me. A 997 Series I, GT3 RS has no emergency spare and no jack. The tire pump and repair kit are useless if you have a split sidewall. Because the car sits low, you can’t just contact your local tow company or AAA and ask one of them to come get you. 26

Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

Nick’s GT3 RS

Photo by Roger Fabel

Most flatbed ramps are too steep to load this model without damaging the lower front spoiler/air dam assembly. All of this I know from past experience. I knew you also couldn’t just call the closest Discount Tire Warehouse and have them drop off a set of Z rated Michelin Sport tires, either. Even if they had the tires, they wouldn’t touch the rims. To further complicate matters, most Porsche dealers don’t keep these tires in stock, so a call there probably wouldn’t bear any immediate fruit. It’s 9:00 in the morning, I’m stuck at the side of the road in a conspicuous green GT3 RS with not one, but two, blown tires. I’m screwed. I was slowly coming to grips with the possibility that this mess might take me all day, or more, to sort out. Many of the Porsche owners who were attending or participating in the Concours were heading for the bridge and, as most approached, slowed down to ask if they could help. I didn’t really know what to ask for at that point, so I just replied, “No thanks, I’m O.K. I’ve got things in hand.” That was a lie. A cop showed up with a Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand, rolled down his passenger window and suggested I call 911 if I needed assistance. Thanks for that, Officer. Then a guy in a pickup truck stopped and got out to look at my situation up close. He was a Porsche guy named Allen. It was now about 9:30 am. He said he had a trailer with two long ramps that could probably handle my car. He offered to go get it and be back within 25 -30 minutes. Of course, I said he shouldn’t waste his morning looking after my problem, but he waved me off and left to get the trailer. So now I have the makings of a remedy, but still with some major loose ends… And then David and Arlene showed up in a Toyota Camry. Really…a Toyota? It turned out that David is General Counsel for PCA and Arlene is head of national safety for the Club. You would need all your fingers and a couple of toes to count the number of Porsches they own. As they introduced themselves and looked things over, I explained that my new best friend, Allen, was returning with a trailer that might be able to handle the RS. It was now 10:00. Around the bend came Allen and his trailer.

After we lined up everything correctly, I drove the RS up the ramp onto the trailer with Allen guiding on one side and David on the other. There was less than an inch to spare between each rear wheel and the trailer frame. Tight fit, to say the least. I couldn’t open the driver’s door to get out, so I stayed in the car as Allen towed us back to the Westin parking area where Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin had tech inspection facilities set up. I had already called the Michelin rep for the Parade and was told by her that they had no tires available. Hmmm…a Porsche event with hundreds of cars using their tires and nothing to sell? Maybe Michelin needs to rethink that one. Anyway, back to my story…thanks to Allen and his long ramps, my car was now out of harms way and back at the hotel parking lot, yet I still had no plan to get new tires. It’s now 10:30.

all of this, but I met some really great people along the journey who willingly gave their time and energy to save my time at the Parade. Special thanks the David and Arlene, Allen and Jeff. Super people. If I had my way, I’d never leave home again without them. I drove back to Miami at a much slower pace than the trip up because I didn’t have to keep up with that unnamed Porsche owner from several days earlier. (Like I said before, you know who you are, Ed.) Porsche – great cars and better people.

As we were unloading the car at the Bridgestone tech facility, a PCA volunteer who was manning the parking lot appeared and asked what had happened. After hearing a quick “recap” and noting that I had no idea where to get replacement tires, he said he knew the owner of the Hilton Head Porsche dealership personally and he’d call to find out about the tires. OK, this sounded good, but consistent with my past experience, that dealership did not stock Michelin Sport tires in the sizes I needed. Figures. BUT…it turns out that Savannah is the regional warehouse for Michelin and the dealer called the warehouse to see if they had what I needed in stock. Turns out the warehouse did and the dealer would have the tires at his dealership by 1 PM. The Bridgestone tech guy, Jeff, offered to pull the two wheels with the bad tires so we could load them into David and Arlene’s Toyota and head out to Hilton Head. Now it’s 11 AM. We arrived at the Porsche dealership outside Hilton Head; they grabbed the wheels from the Toyota. I gave the service manager my credit card info and David, Arlene and I headed back to Savannah to see the Concours. We arrived at Forsythe Park and miraculously found a parking spot just across the street from the event. It was 12:15, so I picked up my box lunch, walked the grounds, said “hi” to people I knew and congratulated one of the Concours winners. I checked out the historic race cars confirming once again in my mind that the 917K is the definitive endurance race car of all time. I went to a Gold Coast Club reception at a hotel on the park, relaxed there a bit, and hitched a ride back to the Westin with David and Arlene. They dropped me off at the Bridgestone tech area where we had left the RS up on jacks for four hours before. While we were at the Concours, the Porsche dealer had removed the old tires and mounted the new ones, balanced the rims and had delivered everything back to Jeff at Bridgestone. He had already remounted the rims, properly “torqued” the lugs and lowered the car. It’s now 3:30 pm and my RS is back on the road. Start to finish in less than seven hours. That’s the Good News in this story and I’m a lucky guy.

Specialists in Repair, Restoring & Re-Dying Leather, Vinyl, Plastic and Fabric • Seats • Dashboards • Steering Wheels • ABS Plastic Trim Molding

954-796-2300 Convenient Mobile Service Owned & operated by PCA member

I may be a little bit lighter in the pocketbook than I was before

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette




E %ø8;;ž



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CryoDetailing is the safest, most effective way to bring your vehicle's undercarriage, engine


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Now Open for Business Quality repair and Paint work Featuring Glasurit Water Based Paints Owned and operated by long time PCA members


September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


Parade Concours Article & Photos by Fred Kohly

We finally left the house at 7:15 in the morning about the time we had intended to leave on this hot Friday morning in late August. After months of anticipation, we were finally on our way to the City of Savannah, Georgia, which would be the host city to the 2011 Porsche Parade. The annual event where hundreds of Porsche enthusiasts from all over the United States gather for a week of fun, celebration and competition. In addition to viewing incredible cars, each day is packed with special activities some just for fun others for serious competition in the various disciplines such as tech quiz, Concours d’Elegance, auto crossing, TSD rallies and others. These national events bring the best from all over and the competitive events are always something to watch and follow. In my case in recent years it has been competing in the Concours events. I decided that I would go to Savannah and try to win my category for the 2nd time in two years having won the Chicago 2010 Porsche Parade. What made this year more challenging was that I would have to do it with another car, one that I had just recently purchased. I had all the confidence in the world with my previous 1995 993 Carrera as it was impeccable and nearly perfect, easily capable of winning all over again. The new purchase would be a challenge.

Black Pearl Matallic 1998 S 993 This new Porsche was another 993 but in this case it was a 1998 S. A more rare and desirable car; a gorgeous Black Pearl Metallic with tan interior and only 31,000 miles. It’s the last year of the “Air Cooled” cars and sure to be a collectable among Porsche enthusiasts. The car belonged to a friend who was trying to raise money to buy a monster house and had to part with some treasured assets such as his car and an extensive watch collection of Panerai’s, Rolex’s, Cartier’s and others. I passed on the watches. I had seen the car once before at his office parking garage but knew it was a beautiful car so when he called me we struck a deal and it found its way to my garage. The actual journey to Savannah began right there on the spot actually. There is a huge difference between a nice car and a Concours car and my project was underway. You see it takes a long time and a lot of work to bring a car to the level it was when it left the Factory or show room and to compete at an event like this. The competition is furious and the judges are excellent and 30

Die Porsche Kassette


September 2011

believe me when I tell you they are hard to fool. They know their stuff and will nicely point out your flaws and deduct points. You have to shoot for perfection. What does it take to produce a winning car? Here are some tips that I have learned along the way, which I hope can help you in your way. The first thing is that it really helps to have a car you like. If you don’t love or like your car you might as well not even start - forget about it. You are never going to invest the time and commitment it takes to produce a winning car. The color, or year or model does not actually matter; all Porsches are capable of winning regardless. You just have to love your baby or babies as the case may be. This is a good starting point. For most of you reading this you probably have that love part covered. The second thing to do if you want to start winning is to start losing. Crazy you say, but that’s how I started. I read somewhere that Michael Jordan told that to LaBron James about winning basketball championships, we’ll see if it works for him. In Concours it does work as in most things. In my line of work I have to frequently speak in public and I swore as a young man that was something that I would never do, until hunger took over. I began to read books on public speaking and one day read something that changed me and almost knocked me over. What I read said, “Want to be a good public speaker? Start speaking!” In other words – “just do it!” You will learn from all your mistakes and meet a lot of terrific enthusiasts willing to help and offer advice and encouragement. Our Club is full of these types and at the end of the day it’s just for fun. The judges will be glad to point out your deficiencies and offer tips. You will make a lot of good friends and have a greater appreciation for what you already like – cars! The third tip I’ll offer is to start early. I don’t mean early in the morning I mean way ahead of the event. Unless you keep your car in a bubble, like my friend Skip Ernst does in his garage, prepping will take substantially longer than you think by a long shot. It takes hours and hours to prepare a car. I start weeks or even months ahead of time and do it little at a time. Sometimes 5 hours here, 1 hour here, and a Saturday there. It helps to have a nice stereo system and good lighting by the way. Once you have the car in tiptop condition it does take less time going forward but you would be surprised how things happen. I usually start by picking a portion or area of the car, say the storage compartment and make that the project of the day or whatever. I remove the spare, battery, lining, look into every nook and cranny and make sure that when I close the lid it is all perfect, including the lid. I may pick the interior the next time and look at the floors, carpeting, dash, head liners, seats, under seats, doors, air vents, visor mirrors and the special screw up area – the pedal clusters. Get it all perfect and close the door. One day I may do the exterior, another the wheels and tires and the one project I do constantly is the engine. The engine is the part that “separates the men from the boys” according to our own Club member and National Porsche Judge Mike Joffee, therefore I try to put a lot of time here and spread the activity around so I don’t go crazy. Sometimes only a few minutes other times hours.

I compartmentalize the engine and attack one portion at a time to try to make sure its as “factory like” as I can get it. The good news here again is that once you have your car prepped some maintenance here and there will make it easier. Regardless of the type of Concours you are participating in, in most cases you want to bring the car to the condition it was in when the car was new on the show room floor. Not all Concours events are judged alike necessarily but you have to know the rules and the judging criteria to make sure you are in the proper category. The rules of the event will be very specific. More on this on a later article on our judging standards for Porsche events. Back to the road trip and I 95 we made it into Jacksonville around 1:00 PM to meet our good friend Oscar Melian with his gorgeous 1989 911 Carrera coupe, the last year of the true 911 model. After a nice lunch we caravanned to Savannah arriving around 4:00 PM. The city of Savannah is beautiful and has a huge Convention Center attached to the Weston Hotel and this week the Center was reserved for the Concours entrants. When we finally figured out how to enter the building we drove our cars straight in. The entire air conditioned facility was available to us for prepping and working on our cars to get ready for the big Monday show. Even though it was only Friday there where lots of cars already inside and we had heard they expected a full house. The spaces were on a first come first serve basis and it pitied anyone who would have to prep their cars in the hostile outside heat. After selecting a couple of good spots we taped off an area for our good friend Lou Gonzalez who would be arriving on Saturday from Broward County with his original red 1984 Porsche 944. The Preparation time is actually fun time believe it or not. Everyone unloads their cars and take out their secret waxes, sprays, cleaners and anything else they have and it’s back to work. By the way, there are no secret waxes, cleaners’ sprays or anything else but its just fun to see what concoctions some people use. If you can imagine a convention center filled with Porsches and everyone working on their babies, that’s what it’s like. There are always lots of sideshows, like new arrivals or exotic cars that show up. Since the room is open to any conventioneer there are always folks walking around that come by to chat, ask questions, tell you about their car or just to shoot the breeze. This is also a great time for camaraderie and enjoying the scenery of many great machines. The Prep process starts all over again. Even though I leave home with my car as perfect as possible the trip there takes care of that perfection. I start all over again from the wheels, tires, storage, interior, exterior, windows and of course my favorite part the engine area. Fortunately for me I had some help. My wife is a window and glass specialist, and my sister in law Beena, also a PCA enthusiast, has these skinny little arms that can find any grease, dirt or speck that is not supposed to be in the engine compartment. I scored perfect on the glass and windows and scored a 49.6 out of a possible 50 points on the engine. I’ll take that all day long, thank you. Monday was finally here. We left the comfort of the Convention center at sun up to the Concours location, which was about 5 miles away. Forsyth Park is a beautiful public park but this day it was set aside for a Porsche Concours d’Elegance. Still open to the public but with designated specific parking in the

1st Place Preperation CII luscious green lawn. Parking is assigned and usually by category for the different contestants in such a way that all categories are in the same area. Once parked and a little light dusting you make sure your car is looking its best for what is about to happen – a beauty contest! The judges work in teams with a team captain. They are usually very courteous and respectful and after formally introducing themselves they very politely begin their work, that is, trying to shred your car and deduct points. These judges are good and they specialize for the contest in order to get consistency. One will do only interior, one does exterior, another the storage area, wheels, and of course the engine. I think many of these judges either play or could be good poker players because they are hard to read and you never know how you did till the scores are posted at the end. It was an honor to take first place in my division, an honor because the other cars and owners were so outstanding. I was walking on the green area when my sister in law found me and proclaimed that she saw the postings and that I was the winner! I could hardly believe it and frankly had to go see the scores for myself. I had won all right, and what was surprising was that I had won by a nice margin. It was an emotional moment; I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and actually did neither. I was just happy enjoying the sensation and feeling the satisfaction of accomplishment that one feels when they achieve a long sought after goal, a great feeling of contentment. Back home in Miami now and after arriving, washing the car, and covering it, it’s been nice just taking a little vacation. In a little while I’ll start driving it again and before long hear the call of another project. Sounds like a 1965 356 SC. Got to go and remember Speed Never Goes Out Of Style!

Speed Never Goes Out of Style

September 2011


Die Porsche Kassette


Tech Corner: Coolant / Antifreeze Article by Pedro P. Bonilla, Tech Editor

Once upon a time you could only use Porsche coolant in your water-cooled Porsche, but times and products have changed and now you have a choice ... several, actually. I know you’ve heard the stories about how your coolant will turn to gel if you put something else in there other than genuine Porsche coolant, but if you have a little patience and read on, I’ll give you the skinny. For those of you with “real” air cooled Porsches, thank you for reading this far, but you’ve read enough. See you next issue ;) Logically, you’d think that a “wasserboxer” engine (water cooled boxer engine) would be cooled with wasser (water) right? Not exactly. And why does it need to be water cooled, anyway? A typical, 6 cylinder Porsche cruising at around 70 mph (3,350 RPM) will produce 10,050 controlled explosions per minute inside the engine, as the spark plugs ignite the fuel/air mixture in each cylinder. Obviously, these explosions produce an enormous amount of heat, and if not controlled, will destroy the engine in a matter of minutes. Historically there have been 2 choices for controlling this heat: air and water cooling. The original Porsche engines were all air-cooled, but with the advent of more strict environmental regulations it became more efficient to use water instead of air to cool the engines and now all internal-combustion engines in Porsches are water cooled. Pure water is probably the best fluid for holding and transferring heat, but it has three problems. It freezes at 32º F which causes it to become solid and expand, thus cracking the engine, it boils at 212º F turning into vapor at too low a temperature considering those generated by the internal combustion engine, and pure water running through the cooling system would promote internal galvanic corrosion. So, science came to the rescue. By adding a chemical product known as Ethylene Glycol (C2H6O2) to pure water, it changes the freezing and boiling points of the new fluid, now known as antifreeze or coolant.

Freezing Point Boiling Point


Pure water

50/50 C2H6O2 / H2O

70/30 C2H6O2 / H2O

32º F (0 ºC)

-35º F (-37 ºC)

-55º F (-67 ºC)

212º F (100 ºC)

223º F (106 ºC)

235º F (113 ºC)

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September 2011

Adding Ethylene Glycol obtained the needed anti-freezing qualities, but the coolant still boiled at too low a temperature. So again, science to the rescue. By pressurizing the system to a safe pressure of 14.7 psi the boiling temperature of the coolant is now raised another 45º F (25º C) so the coolant can withstand the higher temperatures without boiling. Coolant or antifreeze, has four (4) basic functions it must provide: 1.- It must carry heat from the engine to the radiators where it will be dissipated 2.- It must not freeze in the winter and must not boil in high temp environments 3.- It must lubricate the system’s moving parts such as the water pump, and 4.- It must protect the cooling system against corrosion There are 3 basic types of coolants based on the different types of additives used: Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT), Organic Additive Technology (OAT) and Hybrid Organic Additive Technology (HOAT). Although, technically each one of these would work on any automotive cooling system, each one was developed to meet specific manufacturer’s needs. IAT has been around since the first water cooled engines. It contains silicates and or phosphates that form a protective barrier on everything in the cooling system, even on the hoses. IAT coolant is generally recommended for iron-block and heavy-duty engines. OAT coolants work differently. Aluminum and ferrous metals form a surface-layer of corrosion in the presence of moisture. OAT coolants anneal (transform by the engine’s heating and cooling cycles) this metal-oxide layer into a thin surface coating that protects against further corrosion. OAT coolant is what’s in our engines because most of the components are aluminum. HOAT are hybrid coolants that use both silicate and organic acid corrosion inhibitors, generally recommended for engines that have iron-blocks and aluminum heads. The recommended antifreeze for our Porsche vehicles is the OAT type. Many of the famous, over-the-counter brands offer OAT coolant with an aluminum-protecting inhibitor package and contain no silicates, borates or phosphates and will be stated as such on their labels. Generally these are called “Extended Life Antifreeze Coolant”.

On a final note, regarding the “mixing of non Porsche coolant with Porsche coolant will turn to gel” issue, here’s the scoop. Porsche was one of the first manufacturers to use an all aluminum engine and they were pioneers in the development of the Organic Additive Technology (OAT) for antifreeze. In those days the concentration of silicates, borates and phosphates (among others) was so high in the commercially available IAT coolants, that when mixed with OAT this would cause the additives to precipitate out of solution and would clog many of the fine cooling vanes in the radiators and engine. This precipitate had the consistency of slush. Bottom line: Don’t mix different types of antifreeze. For more information about antifreeze / coolant, cooling systems and more, please visit my website at: Happy Porsche-ing, Pedro

These coolants can be put on top of the existing Porsche coolant, if needed for a top off, even if it’s a different color, and although Porsche sells it’s coolant as a lifetime product, whenever there’s a need to service any cooling system component, such as a radiator, a cooling line, the thermostat or the water pump, for which the system must be drained, fresh coolant mix should be used to ensure that the additives are there in the necessary quantities to protect the newly installed surfaces. As we saw in the table (above) the recommended mix for most of us in the lower 48 is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Because tap water contains many minerals and chemicals which could reduce or eliminate the wanted effects of the additives, it is highly recommended that distilled water be used for the dilution. You can purchase an already diluted 50/50 mix from most of the antifreeze manufacturers, but it is generally cheaper if you make the mix yourself and you can also adjust the proportion to your specific needs. Check you coolant level frequently. If you notice a drop in level (from cold to cold) check your coolant cap. Chances are it’s an old (even an original) cap which needs to be replaced after 4 or 5 years, since it can lose it’s pressure-holding ability. If you need to top off, it’s fine to do it with just distilled water. You don’t need to use mix, not for a small amount.

The Ethylene Glycol used in coolant is poisonous to humans and pets. Take all necessary precautions.

September 2011


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September 2011

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