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June 2011

January 2010 Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America

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A monthly publication of the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club of America

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Biggest 911 engine ever offered.

June 2011

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Gold Coast Region Calendar January 2011 6 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 8-9 PBIR DE Instructors School 15 Key Largo Drive & Brunch 23 Autocross BAC 29 100 Years of Cars Charity 29-30 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona


February 2011 3-6 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race 5 AutoCross Sebring 10 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 19 Tuner’s Social / Swap Meet 11:30 26-27 Sebring DE GCR & SCR

August 2011 1-6 Parade (Savannah) 13 Indoor Social Palm Beach 14 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 20 Brunch Social (Broward)

March 2011 3 Board Meeting 13 Autocross 16-19 Sebring 12 Hour Race 27 GCR Spring Fling Picnic

September 2011 2-5 Rennfest (Georgia) 10 Pot Luck (Broward) 11 BOD Meeting 7pm 17-18 DE Sebring


October 2011 6 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 8-9 Bay Bottom Crawl (Key West) 22 DE Homestead 29 GCR Halloween Party Briny Pub

2011 3 AutoCross 7 BOD Meeting 7pm 10 La Palma Brunch 16-17 DE Homestead 29 TCF Car Show

2011 9 16 17 31

Antique Car Museum (Broward) PBIR DE Board of Meeting 7pm 1st day of Parade (Savannah)

May 2011 1 Autocross 5 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 21 Conchy Joe’s Social (WPB) 27-30 Zonefest Suncoast 50th (Palm Harbor Florida)

November 3 5-6 13 19


December 2011 1 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 10 GCR Holiday Party (Largo Mar CC)

2011 2 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 18-19 Homestead DE 19 Winery Tour & Tasting (Dade)

2011 BOD Meeting Briny Pub 7pm PBIR DE PCA Mandarin Concours Social KMW Tech Session 10-2

Check our web site for the latest updates to our events calendar.


Gold Coast Region Who’s Who Board Members

Board Members

Officers President Steve Kidd 954 946-3196

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Club Race Co-Chair / Past Pres Dan Smithyman 954 344-8857

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1st Alternate Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Secretary Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Board Member Pedro Bonilla 954 385-0330

2nd Alternate Richard Diaz 305 829-8502

Treasurer David Tabony 561 847-7171

Board Member / Chief of Tech Bob Varela 954 746-0488

Chairman and Registrar Positions DE Chairman Michael Grant 954 728-8663

Autocross Chairman Alex Ortega, Jr 561 847-1876

DE Registrar Christal Smithyman 727 259-4915

AutoCross Registrar Dottie Kidd 954 946-3196

Chief Instructor/Saftey Chairman Mike Tarter 561 752-1672

Membership Chairman Jerry Daily 561 747-4959

Social Committee Palm Beach

Jerry Daily 561 747-4959

WWWebmeister Laz Ortega 305 215-5337

Broward Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Dade Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Zone Representative Jennifer Barrows 407 701-4333

Kassette Editor Roger Fabel 954 752-2501


President’s Corner

Steve Kidd - President, GCR

As we move into summer, our level of activities continues to be strong in all areas. May concluded with a fantastic ZoneFest in Palm Harbor Florida and many Gold Coasters made the journey over to the Tampa Bay area to help Suncoast Region celebrate their 50th Anniversary. See the separate article and photographs elsewhere in this Kassette. While on the topic of Zone Fest, it appears that Zone 12 may be taking a new direction with this event and trying new formats. For 2012, Zone Fest will be hosted by the Space Coast Region in east central Florida. In addition, it is rumored that Zone Fest may be held on a weekend earlier in the year, possibly late April or early May. Another break from tradition may be the scheduling of events to possibly slot the autocross on Saturday afternoon after the concours and have the rally as a more leisurely activity on Sunday morning. Also in the works are some non-competitive events for those that would rather do a tour or sightseeing activity rather than a competitive event. Gold Coast Region was tapped to host Zone Fest in 2013 in conjunction with and part of our 50th Anniversary activities. We are already starting the planning process to make this a world-class event. I’ve had the opportunity to network with other Regions that have “been there/done that” and have assembled some of the best ideas and success stories that we are hoping to incorporate into our master plan. The specific location for the 2013 Zone Fest has yet to be determined as it is two years away. If anyone has ideas on a location other than those mentioned in my last President’s Corner please call or e-mail any of our Board Members or Committee Chairs with your suggestions. Remember that the location must have an autocross site within reasonable distance, an area that would be conducive to a rally and concours’ display and plenty of rooms for guests. If the tradition is changed in 2012 regarding the dates we may be able to get a nicer place at a more reasonable cost with less problems associated with an event on a major holiday weekend. Another concept that needs to be thoroughly explored is the use of different levels of sponsorship opportunities. Please call if you have any sponsorship ideas or would like to serve on our Sponsorship Committee that would be responsible for securing sponsors for our 50th Anniversary/Zone Fest. While on the subject of Zone Fest, we are planning to document the history of Zone Fest through the years and welcome input from anyone that has photographs, media presentations, unique stories, results or other pertinent information regarding all past Zone Fests. We will also be assembling information on Gold Coast Region for the past fifty years and any information that you can submit would also be helpful. By the time you read this article the 2011 Parade will be “right around the corner”. Hopefully those of you that are attending have visited Club Registration and signed up for the “Road to Savannah” drive. The Road to Savannah will commemorate Gold Coast’s charge to this year’s Parade. Our region will be entering the “T-Shirt Contest” at Parade and those that register for the Road to Savannah will be receiving a shirt and should select their size when


registering on Many, many thanks for Pedro Bonilla and Pedro Bonilla Jr. for working up a beautiful design for that t-shirt that really should take top prize in the contest as well as showing off how many Goldcoasters are in attendance. I’ve heard that 75 cars from Zone 12 have already been registered for the Parade and there are still open spots if you haven’t signed up yet. In addition Gold Coast Region is planning two departure dates for Goldcoast members that would like to drive up together: Friday July 29th or Saturday July 30th. As of this writing the meeting place will be in Fort Pierce on SR70 with easy access and re-entry from the Turnpike or I-95. The plan is to meet, fuel up and head north on I-95 (The “Road to Savannah”) for an exciting drive which will include a place to stop for food/fuel along the way. E-mail blasts will confirm the details as they are finalized. However, if you still have questions and would like to participate in the Road to Savannah, please contact Steve or Dottie. As I have said in several past President’s Corners, Gold Coast Region has submitted entries for a number of National Awards. It is our hope that Gold Coast will be recognized for many of the great things we do and your support is welcomed and encouraged. Please check the website for any last minute Parade information regarding Gold Coast Region’s participation. As your Region President, I participate in various meetings and teleconferences with the Zone 12 Representative (Jennifer Barrows) and other Zone 12 Presidents. A meeting was held after Zone Fest to discuss areas of mutual concern and future challenges and opportunities. One of the reoccurring areas of concern was membership sustainability and reaching out to new Porsche owners so that our Club continues to receive new ideas and folks willing to step into club leadership positions. Gold Coast Region will continue to improve some of its progressive practices to welcome new member and increase new membership participation at club functions. Remember….PCA remains the “Largest Single Marque Car Club in the World with over 100,000 members”. Gold Coast Region is fortunate to have a number of energetic young members who are currently taking on new roles and represent the future of our Region. I would encourage all members that have been in the Club a number of years to extend a personal welcome to any new Porsche members they see at any of our activities… That personal touch has been identified as one of the most effective ways to keep the flow of new talent on tap and ready to contribute in years to come. Another topic recently shared among Presidents was the increased use of innovative technologies and how to best utilize cutting edge applications for PCA business. Gold Coast Region is fortunate to have several computer guru’s like Laz Ortega and Ed Kohly that keep our Region current with the latest and greatest technologies. As a final wrap-up to this article, I again wish to thank our Club Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs who continue to make our region one of the best within PCA with a top notch choice of activities. If I don’t see you at an event in June or July I hope to see you at the 2011 Parade in Savannah as well as the “Road to Savannah”.


May 1st Autocross


Autocross Basics....Part I Material extracted from the web site Technical Inspection: Autocross is a sport of trying to navigate your car through a defined course of pylons usually on a large parking lot, faster than your competition. Autocross courses are set up using soft orange traffic pylons which will not damage your car, but they do melt!!! Events are run at speeds usually between 40-65 MPH, usually in 2nd gear. Autocross is a “performance driving event” and a safe way to learn how to drive your car at its limit. You not only learn how to handle your car at speeds that you drive daily, but you also: •

Gain confidence in your driving ability.

Learn the limits of your car’s brakes

Learn correct seating, hand, and feet positions

Learn the limits of your car’s tire adhesion

Drive car to Tech Inspection

Give Registration form to Inspector

Car will be inspected for safety

Car Number and Class will be put on window

Course Walk & Drivers Meeting: •

Check course map at trailer

Walk course with experienced driver

Check surface for rough spots, sand, bumps, oil, etc.

Study the course, look for: Turn in and apex points, braking points, entry point of slalom etc, etc, etc.

Finally, Autocross is a social gathering of new and old friends

Once the Event starts

Watch other drivers: What line are they driving? Where are the breaking points? Where are the shifting points? -- (Up and Down)

A course will be setup on a large parking lot. Soft traffic pylons will be used to form a course consisting of turns, slaloms, and straight areas. ARRIVE EARLY -- See what goes on... GET INVOLVED

Now it’s your turn: (1) Bring your car to staging area (2) Proceed to start line

When you arrive

Prepare your car: Remove all loose items from your car -- floor mats, driver’s carpet, coffee cups, etc. Check tire pressure and chalk your tires.

Check your seat belt

Make sure all loose objects are out of the car

Turn the rear view mirror away from view


Focus your thoughts on how you want to drive & the course

Register at the trailer

Select a run group and get a car number.

Start sharp, but don’t spin tires

Complete waiver and registration form.

Sign up for a work station

Look ahead at gates & know where you want to be

Remember when to brake and shift

(3) Starter gives the OK!

(continued next month)


Editor’s Notes

Roger Fabel - Editor the pictures and article on pages 26 and 27. As we get ready for our 50th anniversary that will be held in 2013, we brought back many ideas on how we can make our celebration an event to remember. As you can see by the trophies our members also used the event to warm up for Parade. Congratulations to all that went and thank you to Bill and Ellen Riley and their team for hosting this historical event.

Welcome to the Die Porsche Kassette, a monthly magazine of the Gold Coast Region of PCA. If you have a Porsche related story that you would like to share with photos, please e-mail the information so we can place it in the “From Our Members” section in the Kassette. Please limit articles to one page. E-mail them to Summer is here and our newest social chair, Vivian Ortega, found us a cool laid back Keys style restaurant to begin our summer celebration. Check out the event at Conchey Joe’s on page 14. Over 40 members met for a great lunch after a caravan form the south. Look for more events in the north part of our region.

Our club is run by volunteers who work hard to make every event a great experience for the members. Check out the article by Diana Hansen on page 31 and learn how to get involved.. Finally if you have a “From the Members” article, please submit it to my e-mail

Suncoast just celebrated their 50th anniversary over the Memorial Day weekend. Gold Coast was well represented by Steve and Dottie Kidd, Ed and Beena Koley, Fred and Lucy Koley, Harry and Ann Wardlow, Lou Gonzales and Joyce Minnich, Lori and Ernie Rensetti, Zvi and Tracey Hirsch. Gold Coast lived up to our reputation and was very competitive. Check out

Hope to see you at the next event. If you have any questions about the club please call one of our board members. I hope you have a wonderful summer.



Tech Corner: Soft Top Convertibles by Pedro P. Bonilla, Tech Editor Being able to drop the top and drive “al fresco” is one of the greatest feelings in owning a Porsche cabriolet. The experience of sun and wind in your face, together with the enhanced sounds from your engine and the aromas of the countryside or of the exhaust and tire smoke of the car in front of you at the track, make owning and driving these open top cars very special.

The other side of the coin is that these cars also offer most of the coupe’s benefits when the weather or other conditions dictate the need for top up. So cab owners have the best of both worlds. As you know, the material used on the Porsche cabriolets is a type of canvas, but not all canvas is the same. The Haartz Corporation supplies the majority of all of the auto manufacturers with close to 30 different canvas and vinyl materials, each with different specs. The Porsche Boxster and Carrera Cabriolets use, as an OEM material, the special Sonnenland A5.0 fabric from Haartz.

This is an acoustically-enhanced, three-ply composite made of a surface singed acrylic twill weave outer fabric, a rubber or elastomer inner layer and a polyester (cloth) lining fabric. This unique construction of the material dramatically enhances in-cabin comfort when the top is up by reducing noise levels and providing sound attenuation over standard canvas material aside from the obvious which is protection from the elements and allowing the HVAC system to operate normally.

Porsche engineers have worked to fine tune the acoustic properties of the cabriolets to provide maximum comfort inside the cabin with the soft top in the up position. In conjunction with the Haartz topping material a noise deadening acoustical padding is crafted to compliment the properties of the top’s material. This combination of materials provides passengers with state-of the-art comfort.

But, in order to enjoy for many years the added perks of the convertibles, there are a few things that you, as an owner, need do that coupe owners don’t. A unique set of challenges comes with your special drop- top. The material from which the top is made as well as the clear plastic window are far more delicate and vulnerable to the elements and in particular, to UV radiation than the rest of the painted surfaces of the car. The best thing you can do for a brand new soft top is to protect it on day one, when it’s still clean and free of contaminants. The day you bring it home you should treat it with a good UV inhibiting product, paying special attention to its weakest part, the stitching. The next best thing is to do it now. Convertible tops should never be stored down when the material is wet. The fabric does not promote mildew growth on it’s own, but mildew can develop on dirt and grime when not removed. This is more important for warm, humid and dark environments. When dust and dirt settle into the material’s weave, if left, over time will start to break down the fabric acting as sandpaper and cutting into the weave itself. When cleaning your soft top, do NOT use detergent or other harsh chemicals. There are several products made specifically for cleaning soft tops, and one in particular, Ragg Topp is endorsed by Haartz and most convertible owners. Ragg Topp offers two basic products: a cleaner and a protectant.


Tech Corner: (continued) To clean the top, do so in the shade or partial shade. If there are bird or tree droppings on the canvas, first vacuum with a soft brush attachment and then pre-soak the affected area with water. This will soften the deposits. Many times a strong water stream is all that’s needed in order to get most of the dirt and grime off the top. When the deposits are tougher, you can spray the cleaner evenly over the complete soft top, letting it soak in from 2 to 20 minutes depending on how soiled it is, and then scrubbing lightly with a soft-bristle brush and finally rinsing with running water until the runoff is clear and no more cleaner remains on the material. Washing with a mild soap, such as Ivory or Lux is also a safe alternative to the Ragg Topp cleaner, but not as effective. Once the top is completely dry, it should be followed up with several coats of Ragg Topp Protectant which will waterproof the fabric and filter out most of the damaging UV rays from the sun. This protectant will make water bead on the canvas and will help maintain the top’s color over the years with minimum fading. As of 2003 all of Porsche’s cabs now come with a glass window that requires no more maintenance than any other glass window, but prior to that year the top’s rear window was made of a flexible polyvinyl material which was sewn into the canvas allowing it to fold on itself. This clear material tends to fog and scratch and becomes the biggest complaint from cab owners. The fogging seen on polyvinyl windows happens when the plasticizers in the material evaporate due to exposure to UV light and heat from the sun. These plasticizers are what keep the plastic windows flexible and soft. So, the best way to prolong the clarity and flexibility of the clear plastic window is to keep the sun off the material as much as possible. Whenever the car is stored outside, at least the clear plastic window if not the complete top or car should be protected with a cover. Keeping the clear plastic window clean and using a protectant called Plexus which also has UV inhibitors and special additives will extend the use and life of the window. This product was developed for the acrylic canopies of fighter jets and does a great job of protecting the clear plastic window as well as the clear wind stop in our cars. If your clear plastic window has minor scratches and yellowing it can be restored by using a high-quality plastic polishing compound such as “Plastix” by Meguiar’s.

maintain it’s clarity, avoid scratches and prolong overall life. If the air temperature is under 55 ºF do NOT try to lower or raise the top with a clear plastic window unless you first warm it up so that it becomes pliable. A hair dryer or placing a piece of black plastic over the window and leaving it under the bright sun for a few minutes will warm it up enough so that you can fold or unfold it. Not following these precautions may cause the window to crack and split open since the cold makes the plastic much more brittle. If this happens the only solution is to replace, but since the window is sewn in most of the time the complete top’s cover needs to be replaced. There is an alternative which some people have used which is removing the material from the top’s frame and taking it to a yachting center that repairs marine canvas and having them cut out the old and sew in a new piece in its place. There are also new alternatives for the older cabs with the flexible plastic windows. Several aftermarket manufacturers offer tops with a bonded glass window that can be installed onto the older top’s frames. These windows are a bit smaller than the original plastic window, and they are somewhat more cumbersome for engine access in the case of the Boxsters, but they offer defrosting elements within the glass to quickly clear fog and melt ice and snow. Some of these aftermarket suppliers also offer the same OEM fabrics from Haartz on their products so you can have the same OEM quality even on a replacement top. The top in my 1998 car is still original. I treat it with Ragg Topp protectant twice per year and it has not faded at all, even though it is a South Florida car. Last year the stitching on the somewhat scratched plastic window failed and I decided to keep the top and sew in a new window myself, by hand, stitch-by-stitch. I did it, it came out very nice, but it just took too long. At least I don’t have to sew in a new window for another 13 years!

To obtain additional information about convertible tops and more, please visit my website at: Happy Porsche-ing, Pedro

When retracting a soft top with a plastic rear window, it is recommendable to stop the action mid way. Get out of the car and manually adjust the fabric and plastic so that no kinks or sharp angles are created when you continue the folding operation. Even placing a soft towel or similar between the folds of the plastic window will help

Haartz images used with permission from The Haartz Corporation.


Welcome We would like to welcome the following new PCA members to Gold Coast Region. NAME Holly Boswell Dennis DeVito Francisco Cerezo Ron Librea David Benson Robert Richter Jeff Thistle Michael Romagnolo Tim Denholm George Morales Elizabeth Fugler Patrick McAneny John Palaiologos Travis Chapman Barry Hutton

CITY PBG Sunny Isles Miami Parkland Miami Beach Boca Raton Delray Beach Parkland Hobe Sound Oakland Park Boca Raton Davie North Miami Jupiter Miami

YEAR 2011 2011 2007 2007 2007 2011 2011 2009 2012 1985 2006 1984 2005 1995 2001

MODEL Panamera 911 GTS Carrera S 911 Carrera Cayman Cayman S 911 S Cayman 944 911 944 Carrera S 911 911

Drivers Education 2011 Schedule January - 8th & 9th –PBIR - Jan 8th Saturday -PCAGCR Instructor’s school instructors & candidates, Sunday Jan 9th first DE 2011 all drivers invited February – 3rd to 6th - Sebring - Thursday – Sunday PCA GCR & SCR 48 hours at Sebring advanced solo drivers only 4 days February – 26th to 27th - Sebring - Saturday & Sunday PCA GCR & SCR 2 day Driver’s Ed April – 16th & 17th – Homestead – Saturday & Sunday PCA GCR & PBOC Homestead 2 day June 18th & 19th -Saturday Full Day / Sunday Homestead Saturday 9am - 10pm / Sunday 9am - 5pm


July 16th - Saturday Full Day PBIR also **evening** 2pm-10pm September 17th & 18th - Saturday & Sunday Sebring -Combined PCA Sun Coast & Gold Coast two full days October 22nd – Saturday – Homestead PCA GCR one day DE. November 5th &6th - Saturday & Sunday - PBIRPCA Gold Coast 2 days Register at Registrar – Christal Smithyman at Driver’s Ed Chairman – Michael Grant at

Conchy Joe’s Social

Photos by Roger Fabel & Kent Monroe

What do you get when you have great people, good seafood and beautiful Porsches? A great social at Conchy Joe’s! Broward and Palm Beach PCA members gathered at Dicks Sporting Goods and then caravaned up to Jensen Beach to a beautiful setting on the water. We had a good turn out about forty members new and old. Everyone was socializing and having a great time and the food was great! Thank you to everyone who came out! Vivian Ortega, Plam Beach Social Chair



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Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Biggest 911 Engine Ever Offered Limited-edition car is packed with motorsport technology

aerodynamically optimized body. Air deflection vanes mounted on either side of the front bumper – called ‘flics’ or dive planes – make their first appearance on a production Porsche. They create increased downforce on the front axle, and together with the steeply inclined rear wing, provide aerodynamics on par with its performance capabilities. As a result, at the 193 mph top track speed, aerodynamic forces exert an additional 426 lbs of downforce, thus pushing the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 onto the road.

The 911 GT3 RS, one of Porsche’s most popular, coveted and successful track-inspired production cars, has been given a final, thrilling injection of thoroughbred motorsport technology resulting in the 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. Limited to 600 vehicles worldwide, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 brings together in a sports car the attributes that have made the Porsche 911 GT3 a With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at consistent winner on the race track. $185,000 (excluding destination), the new Porsche 911 The motorsport-derived 4.0-liter engine, already the GT3 RS 4.0 goes on sale in the United States in late highest displacement 911 engine ever, also features the 2011. (Courtesy of PCNA) highest per-liter output -- 125 horsepower (hp) per liter -- from a naturally aspirated Porsche flat-six engine. The engine uses forged pistons, the connecting rods are fashioned from titanium, and the crankshaft has been lifted unchanged from the 911 GT3 RSR race car. It achieves its maximum power of 500 hp at 8,250 rpm. Maximum torque of 339 ft/lbs is reached at 5,750 rpm. The 911 GT3 RS 4.0 offers truly impressive performance, lapping the famed Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7 minutes and 27 seconds. Available exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.8 seconds, and with its gearing designed for the race circuit it reaches the 124 mph mark on the race track in under 12 seconds. The 911 GT3 RS 4.0’s outstanding driving dynamics come from numerous, meticulously coordinated details. In addition to using suspension components typically encountered in motor racing, weight reduction is also of supreme importance. Equipped as standard with lightweight components such as light but strong carbon fiber sport bucket seats, carbon fiber front fenders and luggage compartment lid, and weight-optimized carpets, the two-seater’s ready-for-action weight is just 2,998 lbs with a full fuel tank. The 911 GT3 RS 4.0’s power-to-weight ratio is 5.99 lbs/hp.   This limited edition 911 is painted Carrara White as standard and emphasizes its proximity to motor racing by its dynamic appearance. Signature characteristics are the wide track, the low vehicle position, the large rear wing with side plates, central twin tailpipe, and the

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1982 Porsche 911SC Targa

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White / black interior, very good condition, drives great, 94,385 miles, leather seats with wool inserts, garaged. $ 15,000.00 OBO. Contact- Martin at mwxyz@gmail. com or call 954.290.7723 in Plantation.

Porsche Parts Wheels For Sale.

2- 17x7, 55 degree offset. 2- 17x8, 55 degree offset. Part #996.362.124.00 Will fit Boxsters and 1992-2000 911’s. $440+ shipping. Please call Bob @ 561-638-7449

1981 Porsche 911SC

Garage Sale VTX inhaler performance intake for most N/A  944’s, can’t tell from new…only used once   $85.00

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2004 GT3 Race/ DE Car

Tarett engineering rear toe links with bunp steer and locking plate for 996/997 used about 800 miles, priced new with shipping these would be close to $900. Buy these slightly used ones for $675. OBO

VIN: WPOAC29924S692703 Street Car converted by NGT (11,319 Total Miles) Speed Yellow, 3.6L remapped, CF Doors/Deck Lid, Motons, H&R, Forgeline, Giro Floating, Cage, Recaro, Cool Suit, TraqMate w Camera, Cup Rear Wing, Modified Trans, SS, LSD, Center Exhaust, etc $60,000. Contact: or 813-965-1253

Attention 964, Carrera, 944 or other that have or want 16” Wheels….2 sets of D90 wheels stock spoke wheels 6x16 and 8x16 with center caps. One set has usable Dunlop sport tires (205-55-16 & 225-50-16). These wheels are in great condition, straight and priced to sell….Set w/o tires $525.00 and set with tires $575.00….or $1000.00 for everything Core A/C compressor for 944 s2/turbo $175.(has bad nose bearing) & evaporator & drier good cond. $125.00 1 rebuilt/still in box A/C compressor for 944 $250.OBO also other a/c parts good Compressor for core or rebuilt, condenser, dryer ect. HOT BUY Complete interior in white from 89 944S2…2 front seats, rear seats & complete carpet set in white…. still in car and very original. The condition is near concours $975. Firm and I take your ratty old interior off your hands. 4 Yokohama A008R tires size 225-50-16 with over ½ tread, but at least 7 years old $75.00. Car cover for Porsche brand new in box Silver with breathable material $90.00 obo Call Steve @ 954 292-3915 or 954 946-3196

Ads are free to GCR-PCA members. Non-member ads: $25 for each 25 words. E-mail ads to: with subject line of PCA-Classified. Deadline for ads is the same as articles, the 1st of the month. Ads will also be posted on our web site.


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Florida Fancy Feasts

Mix well. Add the warm milk, salt, brown sugar, and flour, 1 cup at a time, stirring very well after each addition of flour. When the mixture is well blended and begins to pull away from the sides of the bowl, turn out on a lightly floured board and knead until smooth and elastic, about 10 to 12 minutes, adding more flour as needed. Butter a large bowl. Place the dough in the bowl and turn to coat with the butter on all sides. Cover and set in a warm, draft-free place to double in bulk. Punch the dough down and turn out on a lightly floured board. Cut in half, shape into two loaves, and let rest while you butter two 9x5x3 inch tins. Place the dough in the tins, cover, and let rise again until almost doubled in bulk, or just level with the tops of the baking tins. Bake in a preheated 425° oven for 10 minutes, then lower the temperature to 350° and continue baking for 20 to 25 minutes, until the bread is nicely browned and sounds hollow when removed from the tins and rapped with the knuckles on top and bottom. Place the loaves, without tins, on the oven rack for a few minutes to crisp the crust. Cool on racks before slicing.

Recipes from “Florida Fancy Feasts Zone 12, PCA”

Selected recipes are reproduced from the above cookbook. A few copies of this vintage (1986) cookbook are available from the Goodie Store. Contact Mike Joffee at 954-476-6006. Joyce F. Minnich Corn Meal Bread

Marlys’ husband, Dennis, is National Vice Presi-dent, Porsche Club of America.

Marlys Trovson

Spoon Bread 5 Tbsp. margarine 1 c. white corn meal 1 tsp. salt

A loaf bread with a texture quite different from that of most other breads. It is a good keeper. It should be thoroughly cooled before slicing. Makes 2 loaves.

½ c. corn meal 1 c. boiling water 1 tsp. salt 2 pkg. active dry yeast ½ c. warm water (100° to 115°, approx.)

1 Tbsp. granulated sugar 1 c. warm milk 2 to 3 tsp. salt ¼ c. dark brown sugar 4 to 4 ½ c. all-purpose flour (pref. unbleached)

2 c. boiling water 1 c. cold milk 4 eggs

Heat oven to 425°. Put butter or margarine in a 2 quart casserole and place in oven to melt. Combine meal and salt, stir in boiling water and beat well until smooth. Stir in milk. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in melted margarine from casserole. Pour batter into hot casserole. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until top is brown and center is firm. Serve with hot butter. Mary Rice

Pour the corn meal into the boiling water with the salt and stir vigorously until it cooks thick (about 4 minutes). Place it in a large mixing bowl to cool.

Proof the yeast with the granulated sugar in the water, then pour into the mixing bowl with the cooled corn meal mixture.


Suncoast 50th Anniversary Zonefest Zone Fest 2011 has come and gone. If you were there, you had a great time; if you weren’t, you missed a great time! This year’s Zone Fest was hosted by Sun Coast Region in conjunction with their 50th Anniversary . The venue was the beautiful Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor Florida over Memorial Weekend. For those that might not know, Zone Fest is one of the premier multi-region events in Zone 12 where members of all regions are invited to share a weekend of everything Porsche. The schedule for this year’s event was similar to most Zone Fests in past years that started with a Welcome Party on Friday evening at the Innisbrook hospitality suite with Michael Grant serving appetizers. Most of the entrants that were participating in the concours used Friday afternoon and evening for that final preparation wash to be sure their Porsches looked their best. Luckily the weather was perfect and Saturday morning dawned with 25 Porsches assembled at Innisbrook for a world-class concours. Also on hand at the concours site were six (6) brand new Porsches, COURTESY OF REEVES IMPORT MOTORSPORTS and BERT SMITH PORSCHE. The competition in the concours was fierce in many of the classes that had multiple entrants. I’m sure you are saying to yourselves . . . . “well, tell us who won!” and as they say, I’ll save the best for last and let you know the Gold Coast winners later on. The next event was a very challenging Tech Quiz prepared and administered by Danny Shields from Sun Coast Region. Depending on whom you ask, the quiz was extremely difficult or just a pre-cursor for the type of quiz we can expect at the Savannah Parade. The third event on Saturday was a 3-1/2 hour Rally thru the countryside of west central Florida. It did not include any of the typical traps that you find at Parade level TSD rallies. It was most enjoyable and hats off to Sun Coast Region’s Ellen & Bill Riley for their last minute scrambling to set up this rally with the help of Tropical Sports Car Club being the rally masters. Great rally! Saturday evening concluded with a fabulous reception and 50th Anniversary Gala Banquet with Dave White sharing a bit of early 911 racing history. Also recognized for their high level of sponsorship were the two Porsche dealers previously mentioned, Bert Smith Porsche and Reeves Import Motorsports. Many wonderful door prizes donated were given out to the lucky winners whose names were drawn. The activities picked back up early Sunday morning with a challenging autocross at the Brooksville Hernando County Airport on a 150 foot wide concrete runway. Our hats off again to Danny and Sharon Shields for providing the technical expertise and team to run this autocross. Everyone was able to get four timed runs plus breakfast, lunch and drinks (non-alcoholic of course). When asked about having fun runs around 1 pm everyone declined due to the heat and rigors of the morning’s activities.

Sunday evening provided us with more great door prizes plus fabulous food and the presentation of many awards. The following Gold Coast members received trophies in the below listed activities: CONCOURS: Special thanks went to Gold Coast Region members Jess Yarger and Lou Gonzales for assisting as concours judges. In Class 2 (911/930 series 1974-1989) Ed and Beena Kohly took Third Place with their white 1987 911; in Class 3 (911/930 series air cooled 1990-1998) Fred & Lucy Kohly took home a Third Place trophy with their beautiful black 993; in Class 4 (911/930 series water cooled) Steve and Dottie Kidd edged out some very tough competition and took home a First Place trophy for their white GT3; Lori Renzetti was the hit of the concours in her speed yellow boxster and matching top. RALLY: The TSD Rally was an event that most of the Gold Coast team and other Region members at Zone Fest chose to participate in, and for many this was their very first time. The top 8 rally times were announced and for Gold Coast Region Harry and Ann Wardlow came away with a First Place trophy, followed by Steve and Dottie Kidd with a Third Place recognition. TECH QUIZ: There was a first and second place trophy for the men and also for the women. Steve Kidd received First Place in the men’s division, and Beena Kohly took second place in the women’s division. Steve also took the award for highest overall score. Way to go Gold Coast! AUTOCROSS: Trophies were awarded to individual class winners as well as FTD (Fastest Time of Day) in both the men’s and women’s division. Dottie Kidd proudly took First Place in PO6L class, but also won the Women’s Fastest Time of Day. Steve Kidd was awarded First Place in PO6 class as well as Second fastest overall time. Gold Coast would have had more winners but too many of our members decided to “sleep in” and not drive the distance to Brookville. OTHER AWARD: There is one other very special competitive award given out to the member who did an outstanding job in all of the events. Points are accumulated for each activity and two trophies were presented for an “Overall Champion”; one for the overall Sun Coast Region winner, and one for the overall “Out of Region” winner. It was no surprise that Steve Kidd took top honors for this prestigious overall champion award! The overall winner for Sun Coast was Mark Kerkorian. It should be noted that probably the most unique door prize went to Gold Coast newlyweds, Ed and Beena Kohly, who received a free DE at Sebring, a night at the Chateau Elan, and a day at the spa. Other Gold Coast members receiving nice door prizes included Michael Grant with a jewelry certificate, Zvi Hirsch for a Go Kart certificate, Fred Kohly with $450 value oil change, alignment, brake bleed etc.


by Steve Kidd

Last but not least, a set of tires was donated by our Gold Coast member Ernie Renzetti. Unfortunately this did not go to a Gold Coast winner –maybe next time. Gold Coast Region was well represented at this year’s Zone Fest. In addition to the folks mentioned above, the following were on hand to enjoy the activities and this beautiful weekend: Tracey Hirsch, Patty Yarger and Joyce Minnich. A sincere get well soon to Mike Joffee who was scheduled to be a concours judge at this year’s Zone Fest but had to cancel at the last minute due to unexpected medical complications.


The Cayman Interseries at Sebring You might have heard that Napleton Porsche (Westmont, Illinois) has recently started a race program for the Cayman. Called the Cayman Interseries, an aspiring racer can purchase a brand new Cayman built according to the series specifications, including all the necessary safety features for racing. The Interseries Caymans has been a feature at events sanctioned by HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing,, and came down to Sebring for the HSR Sebring Fall Classic on December 3-6. Being a Cayman owner I wanted to see them in the flesh, so a trip to Sebring was in order. While it rained buckets on Friday, it rained less and only on and off on Saturday, albeit it was quite cold and windy. But the weather cleared in the afternoon and was nicer on Sunday. So I got to see the Caymans in the wet and in the dry. As you can see from the pictures, these cars are beautiful, sporting historic liveries used by Porsche racecars in the golden days. Those liveries bring up memories of classic Porsche racecars: the Gulf and Martini 917s, the Rothmans 956, and many others. These Caymans are set-up very well and are quite fast. They sound a little louder than a stock Cayman (I wished they were louder) but definitely look and act the part very well. On Sunday there was a 4-hour race and the Caymans were hanging in there with true racecars, including a 962!

by Alberto Pugliese

Napleton also provide race support for the drivers and there was a tent in the paddock with 6 of their cars, while a few others were stationed nearby. Besides competing with each other, Cayman Interseries drivers race with team spirit. I was around their tent when they had a little pre-race meeting and motivational speech, preparing for battle with much faster cars. For the 4-hour race the drivers were paired with professional drivers, taking turns at the wheel. You can tell from the pictures that these guys were pushing pretty hard. In the end the Martini Cayman #44 driven by Jim McCormick and professional racer Guy Cosmo won the Cayman Interseries class. To see what a properly set-up Cayman can do in the hand of a professional driver is inspiring. I am told they can lap Sebring in about 2 minutes 24 seconds. Enjoy the pictures and dream with me that one day I’ll be able to race my yellow Cayman and make a pass at Bishop’s bend. You may find more information about the Cayman Interseries at Jim Bacus, who drives the Cayman “Hippy”, has posted a great onboard video of one of the Sebring races at

Special thanks to Judy Marchione at HSR for granting media credentials for the event.



Cayman Interseries at Sebring


Photos by Alberto Pugliese

Welcome to Gold Coast Region by Diana Hansen We Welcome You - And We Need You! As only one of many volunteers who donate their time and talents to keep this club active, I welcome all of you who have recently joined Gold Coast. Some of you have been members of PCA in other regions. Some of you have been members of other car clubs. So you all know about the types of activities we offer. For those of you brand new to a car club, and especially the Porsche Club of America, you are in for some awesome opportunities. This region is one of the largest in PCA. We have around 1200 members. There are some who join only for the award winning and collectible PORSCHE PANORAMA - well worth the membership fee. But for those of you looking to get to know the people as well as the cars, we encourage you to jump right in and get involved.

This club offers a number of different types of social and driving events. Everything we do is organized and managed by our own members on a volunteer basis. We have members who have devoted countless hours for as many as 40 years. Seriously…There are some “older & wiser” members who are still very vital assets to this organization. But as you can imagine, some of us (them) are getting pretty tired. We always need “new blood” as we refer to newer volunteers. “New Blood” brings fresh ideas. And though we have some long time traditions, we are always open to new ideas and new energy.


Our board meetings are open to all members. We serve dinner and socialize before the meeting so this would be a great place to get an inside view of what’s going on and coming up

for the club. We meet the first Thursday of the month at a member’s home. Please call one of us if you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting. My hope is that after attending, you will want to become more involved. But at the very least, you’ll get a good meal! The PCA motto is “It’s not just about the cars, it’s about the people”. And I assure you it’s true. I have so many great memories of my years in PCA. And even better, I have made a lot of very good friends through local, multi-regional and national events. So don’t be shy. Get involved. If you have any questions about upcoming events, call one of us. The officers, board members and committee chairs are listed in the KASSETTE. Even if you just have ideas, please contact us. Give us your thoughts. But even better, give us your time!

Summer Driving Schedule Changes June 18th & 19th Combined with PBOC at Homestead Miami Speedway Two full day DEs with full schedule for all drivers!

PLUS NIGHT DRIVING!!!! Saturday 9:00am to 10:00pm Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm

July 16th PCA GCR at Palm Beach International Raceway One day DE with full schedule for all drivers! PLUS NIGHT DRIVING!!!! 2:00pm to 10:00pm

Don’t miss out! register now at

Questions? Christal Smithyman at or Michael Grant at


Voted Best Bar in Palm Beach County!

Live Music 5 Nights a Week Check our webpage for details Happy Hour 11:30-6:30 everyday Drink Specials $2.00 Miller Lite draughts every day 11:30 - 6:30 5 for $13 Domestic Buckets - 5 for $17 Import Buckets Sun. – Thurs 6:30-1:30pm $4.00 Jose Cuervo Margarita Fridays 4-7pm $5.00 Pinnacle flavored Vodka drinks all day 2 for 1 Bloody Mary or Mimosa Sat-Sun 11:30-4:00

Slainte Welcomes the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club to our Pub the first Thursday of every month! *Show your membership card and receive 10% off of your bill every time you visit us.* Private function room available for any occasion with big screen TV and fully stocked bar Showing all European, American & World Sporting Events! (Soccer, Rugby, NBA, NFL, MLB, Hockey, etc.)

1500 Gateway Blvd. Boynton Beach 561-742-4190

Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum Dine and Tour


The Ft. Lauderdale Antique Car Museum is the vision of collector Arthur Stone. His own words describe it best. “I felt all through my career the car that always dominated the luxury market while I was growing up was the Packard automobile, because of its engineering and elegance. Mr. Stone decided to preserve his memories in this historic private museum. Please join us for a tour and lunch, Saturday July 9th between the hours of 11 – 2 pm. All information is available on Please visit the site to register for this wonderful event. The price is $18.00 per person which includes the tour and a boxed lunch.



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2011 Advertising Rates 1/4 Page...................................... $55 1/2 Page...................................... $100 Full Page .................................... $175 InsideCover................................. $225 Cover........................................... $275 (Monthly rate for Quarter pre-paid ads) PCA members Check web site for more details.


Die Porsche Kassette 648 N W 100 Lane Coral Springs, FL 33071


Please deliver by June 29, 2011


June 2011 Kassette  

Monthly Publication of the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club of America

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