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Die Porsche

February 2011

Kassette This Issue The 18th Annual

January 2010 Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America

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Die Porsche


A monthly publication of the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club of America

18th Annual Sebring 48 Hour Club Race

February 2011

C Editor

Roger Fabel 648 NW 100 Lane Coral Springs, FL 33071 (954) 752-2501 (954) 752-6180 fax E-mail:


Mike Tarter Dan Smithyman Steve Kidd Jerry Daily Joyce Minnich Roger Fabel Michael Grant Pedro Bonilla Beena Kohly

Photographers & Artwork Roger Fabel Cynthia Fluhart Kirk Giannola









Zone 12 Autocross Challenge..................................... 8 Autocross Schedule & Update.................................... 9 Sebring 48 Hour Club Race Review.......................... 11 Sebring 48 Hour Club Race Gallery.......................... 12 January Instructor School.......................................... 24 Fancy Florida Feasts................................................. 27 Tech Corner............................................................... 28 Rolex at Daytona - DP............................................... 30 Rolex at Daytona - GT............................................... 32

Coming Events GCR Events Calendar................................................. 5 GCR Spring Fling Picnic............................................ 20 Gulfstream Social...................................................... 20 Drivers Education Next Event................................... 22 DE 2011 Schedule..................................................... 22 LaPalma Brunch Social............................................. 33 TCF Under the Lights Car Show............................... 33


Roger Fabel Stan Pearlman


The deadline for submission of materials is the 1st of the month of publication. Please E-mail to: with “Kassette Material” as the subject line.

Departments 2010 Who’s Who......................................................... 6 Presidents Corner....................................................... 7 Editor’s Notes............................................................ 10 New Members........................................................... 19 GCR Classified.......................................................... 23 Advertiser Index........................................................ 34

Die Porsche Kassette is the official publication of the Porsche Club of America, Gold Coast Region, Inc. and is published monthly. Any statement appearing in the Kassette is that of the author, and does not constitute an opinion of the Porsche Club of America, the Gold Coast Region, Inc., its Board of Directors, the Kassette editors or its staff. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication. Permission is given to chartered regions of PCA to reprint articles in their newsletter if credit is given to the author and the Kassette. Publication office: 648 NW 100 Lane, Coral Springs, FL 33071. Bulk Rate class postage paid, West Palm Beach, FL


Gold Coast Region Calendar January 2011 6 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 8-9 PBIR DE Instructors School 15 Key Largo Drive & Brunch 23 Autocross BAC 29 100 Years of Cars Charity 29-30 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona


February 2011 3-6 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race 5 AutoCross Sebring 10 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 19 Tuner’s Social / Swap Meet 11:30 26-27 Sebring DE GCR & SCR

August 2011 1-6 Parade (Savannah) 11 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 13 Indoor Social Palm Beach 20 Indoor Social (Broward)

March 2011 3 Board Meeting 13 Autocross 16-19 Sebring 12 Hour Race 27 GCR Spring Fling Picnic

September 2011 1 BOD Meeting 7pm 2-5 Rennfest (Georgia) 10 Rally (Dade) 17-18 DE Sebring 24 Pot Luck (Broward)


October 2011 6 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 8-9 Bay Bottom Crawl 22 DE Homestead 29 GCR Halloween Party Briny Pub


2011 3 AutoCross 7 BOD Meeting 7pm 10 La Palma Brunch 16-17 DE Homestead 23 Gulfstream Social 29 TCF Car Show

2011 1 Autocross 5 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 21 Rally (Broward) 27-30 Zonefest Suncoast 50th


2011 7 9 23 31

November 3 5-6 13

Board of Meeting 7pm Indoor Social (Dade) DE Homestead “Evening” 1st day of Parade (Savannah)

2011 BOD Meeting Briny Pub 7pm PBIR DE PCA Mandarin Concours Social

December 2011 1 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 10 GCR Holiday Party

2011 2 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 5 AutoCross 11 PBIR DE PCA “Evening” 18 Dolphin Drive and Dine 25 Indoor Social (Broward)

Check our web site for the latest updates to our events calendar.


Gold Coast Region Who’s Who * Newly elected members for 2011.

Board Members

Board Members

Officers President Steve Kidd 954 946-3196

Board Member Stan Pearlman 561 451-3427

Club Race Co-Chair / Past Pres Dan Smithyman 954 344-8857

Vice President Michael Grant 954 540-1169

Board Member Dottie Kidd 954 946-3196

1st Alternate * Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Secretary Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Board Member * Pedro Bonilla 954 385-0330

2nd Alternate * Richard Diaz 305 829-8502

Treasurer * David Tabony 561 847-7171

Board Member / Chief of Tech * Bob Varela 954 746-0488

Chairman and Registrar Positions DE Chairman Michael Grant 954 728-8663

Autocross Chairman Alex Ortega, Jr 561 847-1876

DE Registrar Christal Smithyman 727 259-4915

AutoCross Registrar Dottie Kidd 954 946-3196

Chief Instructor/Saftey Chairman Mike Tarter 561 752-1672

Membership Chairman Jerry Daily 561 747-4959

Social Committee Palm Beach

Jerry Daily 561 747-4959

WWWebmeister Laz Ortega 305 215-5337

Broward Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Dade Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Zone Representative Jennifer Barrows 407 701-4333

Kassette Editor Roger Fabel 954 752-2501


President’s Corner

Steve Kidd - President, GCR

This is where I left off last month, “Well..I’m out of space and out of time so I’ll have to give you run down of what’s in store for 2011 next month. I can tell you this…. the big event for 2011 will be the Porsche Parade in Savannah running from July 31-August 6.”….which is where I’ll pick up. I just got a e-mail from Tuffy von Briesen, the new national awards co-coordinator who is encouraging all regions to participate in 2011 award submissions. To that end, National has provided a brief description of the awards and I’ve added a commentary as to GCR’s chances at these awards: …Lets go for it where we can! Membership awards…The two categories in the contest are known as the Factored Growth (Index) Category started in 1990 and the Actual Growth Category added in 1998. The Factored Growth (Index) Category winner is determined by a formula which equalizes the opportunity of any Region to win for the Factored Growth (Index) Category. The Region with the largest actual growth is the winner of the Actual Growth Category. A region can only win one category in any given year. Should the same Region actually have both the largest actual growth and the highest factored growth (index) they will be declared ineligible for one and only awarded the trophy/prize for the other. Clarification on how the two contests work is available in Region Procedures Manual or from the National Membership Committee. Our chances….not good this year…we need to take a look at the lead of our neighbor to the north (Spacecoast) and work on dealer relations. Website Award…This award is given annually to the region(s) with the most outstanding web sites. Class winners are recognized based on their region size. Our chances….Good… just take a look at our site compared with others….Go laz Newsletter award…This award is given annually to the region(s) with the most outstanding newsletters. Class winners are recognized based on their region size. Our chances….Good…but we face stiff well-funded competition. Enthusiast of the Year… Commonly known as the Porsche Club of America Enthusiast of the Year Award, this award is presented to the individual who best exemplifies the spirit and guidelines of PCA. It is awarded each year at the PCA annual Parade. Based on nominations from the various clubs regions, the PCA Executive Council selects the most deserving nomination. Our chances…In my humble opinion I thought we had a winning award submission last year and was disappointed when we didn’t win, I suggest we polish this submission up and try again….any other ideas, call me.  Family of the Year…This award is presented to a Porsche Club of America family which best exemplifies the spirit and guidelines of PCA. It is awarded each year at the PCA annual Parade. Based on nominations from the various regions, the PCA Executive Council selects the most deserving nomination. Our chances…ditto from above award, or I’m open to some fresh new ideas and someone willing to help put this together…any volunteers or suggestions will be welcome.


Region of the Year (Ferry Porsche Trophy)…More commonly known as the Region of the Year Award, this award is presented to the most outstanding region which best exemplifies the guidelines and goals of PCA. It is awarded each year at the PCA annual Parade. This award was first presented at the sixth Parade in 1961. This award is sponsored by the Porsche factory and Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) in the memory of Dr. Ferdinand (Ferry) Porsche. Our chances…we have a long shot if we put a great entry together. Realistically, Space Coast won last year so some judges may not want to award it to zone 12 regions two years in a row, but it’s worth a try.   Long Distance Award…This award is presented to the member driving a Porsche the greatest distance to the Parade. It is based on Official Road Atlas mileages, as opposed to the member’s record, between the member’s recorded home city or town and the city or town of the Parade. Our chances…no way…the guys from Alaska deserve this one.   President’s Parade Trophy…This award is presented to the Region having the greatest number of cars at the Parade, considering the size of the Region and distance traveled. Our chances…this is one of my favorites and I’ll make my plea again…. sign up early and go… no excuses… there may be a cap, but let’s at least try. Public Service Awards…This program is designed to recognize PCA Regions that conduct charity fund raising or community service events. Our chances…We did some great stuff, but lets see what the winners do and try to do one better next year.  Zone Representatives Award …This award is presented by the Zone Representatives to individuals within PCA whom, in the opinion of the thirteen Zone Representatives, have distinguished themselves by outstanding contributions to the Porsche Club of America, Inc.The PCA Zone Representatives’ Award is made solely at the discretion of the Zone Representatives. This unique award may or may not be given annually. Our chances…anyone’s guess  Bill Sholar Memorial Award …The “Sholar Award” was established at the Executive Council Meeting in Itasca, IL on April 17, 1982. Any PCA member who is NOT eligible for the Lazar-Blanchard Award “Enthusiast of the Year,” will be eligible for this award. Those eligible would include all members of National staff, Committee Chairperson, Zone Representatives, special appointees, honorary PCA members, etc. This award was conceived to recognize outstanding contribution to the Club, above and beyond the execution of normal responsibilities. This award may or may not be presented each year. Our chances….Again anyone’s guess. As Governor Rick Scott said….”Lets get to work”. I’m looking for a few volunteers to serve on a committee to write/oversee award submissions? It would be a great honor for Goldcoast to win so let’s give it a try. Please give me a call if you would like to help with this effort. See you is Savannah


Zone 12 Autocross Challenge

By Steve Kidd

Well… the exhaust fumes have cleared and another Club race is behind us. For those that aren’t aware, this is the 3rd year that Sebring 48 hour Club race has offered an AutoX as part of the total experience. Steve & Dottie were joined by a host of other Gold coast region AX regulars and supporters to run the event and make things happen before, during and after the event. We were extremely lucky to again have Bert Smith Porsche sponsor the event and again our thanks and appreciation to our sponsor for all their support. One of major draws for this AutoX was the fact that it’s a Zone 12 challenge and as usual the competition was intense. While many of the entrants were from Goldcoast & Suncoast, there were competitors from Spacecoast, Citrus and several other regions in and outside Florida. One of the other unique aspects of this AutoX was our willingness to accommodate the club race committee members and allow them to stop by the site when they had a break in their activity, get their runs in with no waiting then return to their Club race job. The weather was perfect, the schedule ran like clockwork and we had no fence crashers or timing delays due to equipment being run over! A big thanks to all the Gold coasters (some of which didn’t even run) who helped out, especially Sylvain, Beena, Pedro, Darryl, Laz ,Alex and host of others. Also… thanks to Laz we were able to post times/results live on the web site with a 1 minute refresh. On a final note Goldcoast also captured the most trophies and split the FTD’s with Suncoast (Steve Kidd grabbed FTD and Sharon Shields took the Ladies FTD). The event concluded with fun runs, trophy presentation and was followed by club race activities over on the other side of the bridge including a steak dinner and great conversation.


Photos by Roger Fabel

Autocross Update Bank Atlactic lot was filled with Autocrossers as they competed for the first event of the season. We had a larger amount of novices show up and they kept the instructors busy. We had a roster of 82 people registered and had 8 runs. The event ran smoothly and fast with just enough time to catch Sunday night football. Overall course layout was very similar to previous times but we managed to get a minute course. Thanks to Laz we had live results being streamed to under Autocross. Not only could you see live results on your computer, you could also use a smart phone. In the future we plan on creating an app for the iPhone that will allow you use one click and view results. Thanks to the Autocross team who made this event run smooth and look forward to seeing everybody at Sebring.

by Alex Ortega Jr, Autocross Chair

News, reminders and 2011 updates: • Everyone is now required to pre register. The preferred way is on line at Clubregistration. net…You may also pre pay/ pre register by sending in the AutoX registration form / check to Dottie Kidd PO BOX 5606 Pompano Beach, Fl 33074. If we do allow on-site Registration, a $10.00 late fee will be charged. Call Alex at (561) 847-1876 with any registration issues. A “roll-over” may be provided if you miss an event and call at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event with a valid reason and pay a $10.00 administrative fee. If we do allow an on-site entry, a $ 10.00 Late fee is mandatory. • Please consult the GCR web site and Kassette for all Autocross photos & results. • Porsche classes are loosely based on the PCR’s for medium size regions, with minor regional adjustments. The major difference will be the addition of NM (novice men) and NW (novice women) classes. These classes are strictly for new comers only …no prior Autox ,DE, or other motorsport experience. Please see Steve for any car class questions or if you wish to run in a novice. We reserve the right to make additional class/rule changes as needed. • Our 2011 series will be based on 7 events. To be eligible for an end of the year award, competitors must run in at least 4 events in the same class. Each competitor’s top 4 finishes will be calculated and an end of the year class champion and possibly runner-up (depending on class size) will be chosen. In case of a tie,

GOT HELMENTS? Please donate your old helmets to the Autox Here’s our typical event timetable for most events…Set up starting around 6:00AM, Final check-in / tech 7:15AM-8:15 ONLY, novice walk thru at 9:30AM, driver meeting at 9:45 and first car out around 10:00. We plan on 5-10 runs depending on weather, # of participants and lot closure time, as well as other variables beyond our control. We do not stop for lunch, but there is time to grab a bite during your rest shift. We also provide instructors and loaner helmets to new comers to make your first AutoX a low stress learning experience. We recommend that you bring a lunch and lots of liquid. We generally have water for sale on site but no food. Sorry, no alcoholic beverages during the event. Members must bring their PCA card to get the special $30 price…All others pay $40.

additional events will be added until the tie is broken. Year end champion trophies will be presented at the December Holiday Party, along with A-team and other special recognition awards.

You’re Autocross Chair,



Editor’s Notes

Roger Fabel - Editor We also hosted the Zone 12 Autocross Challenge which was the third year that autocross has been part of the 48 Hour event at Sebring. Check out the review and photos on page 8. By the time you are reading this issue we will have covered the Tuner’s Swap Shop Social and the two day Sebring DE. Look for articles and photos next month.

Welcome to the Die Porsche Kassette, a monthly magazine of the Gold Coast Region of PCA. If you have a Porsche related story that you would like to share with photos, please e-mail the information so we can place it in the “From Our Members” section in the Kassette. Please limit articles to one page. E-mail them to Wow, we are off to the start of another PCA fun packed eventful year. We had a record number of volunteers to greet and feed lunch to the attendees at the Porsche Paddock for the 49th Rolex 24 at Daytona. Check out the winners of DP and GT on pages 30 and 32. The following week those volunteers and hundreds more from Zone 12 met at Sebring to host the 18th Annual 48 Hour Club Race for over 300 Club Races from all over the world. This race is the largest and most successful PCA club race in the world; and we get to be part of it for four days at one of the most historical tracks in the world. Check out Dan’s article on page 11 and the photo gallery following.

March is loaded with an Autocross, DE, the Sebring 12 hour race, and our annual Spring Fling Picnic. This by far is one of our best events, not to be missed. Check out the flyer on page 21. Bring your family, your Porsche, and your favorite dish. Contact Beena for details. We would like to welcome the new members to Gold Coast. Hope to see you at the next event. If you have any questions about the club please call one of our board members.



Sebring 48 Hour Club Race by Dan Smithyman, Club Race Co-Chair

EVEN MOTHER NATURE LOVES THE 48HRS While pretty much every other state in the union was dealing with snow and freezing temperatures, the weather at this year’s Club Race couldn’t have been better. Drivers and support teams from near and far (we usually say from around the world) were treated to four days of Porsches and perfect Florida weather. This year the long distance award went to a PCA member who flew in from Dubai! Yes, this is the still largest Club Race in the world, run by volunteers from the Gold Coast and Suncoast regions and it still amazes me in so many ways. As Co-Chairman of the event along with my good friend Dave Herndon from the Suncoast region, I cannot say enough about the quality of people I am privileged to work with putting this spectacular event together. Spectacular may not be a strong enough adjective for what goes on during the first weekend of February each year at Sebring International Raceway. While driving over the bridge that crosses over the race track the first glimpse of the massive paddock at Sebring during the 48HRS Club Race takes your breath away. Hundreds of massive, brilliantly painted transporters are packed into the Paddock with awnings extended to provide shade from the glorious Florida sunshine. Many of the liveries are familiar, TRG, Kelly Moss, Orbit Racing, the 901 Shop and countless other professional and private racers. Over three hundred Porsches of every generation are being checked and prepped for a weekend of doing battle with each other and one of the most challenging and famous race course in the world. From Ralph Frike’s ’68 912 open top Targa race car to brand spanking new 2011 GT3 Cup cars straight from the factory (we watched them peel off the plastic and put in fluids) this is a PCA Club Race weekend. Along both sides of Midway Drive down the middle of the Sebring paddock like welcoming giants are the Sponsors and Vendors. With flags flying and their wares colorfully displayed in front of their rolling storefronts, major sponsors like Wine Country Motorsports, Forgeline Wheels, Guard transmissions Bob Woodman Tires, and dozens of others provide a festival atmosphere with nonstop eye candy for the motorsports enthusiast. Porsche Dealers, like Champion Porsche the Presenting Sponsor of the 48 HRS at Sebring, have lined the road into the paddock with the latest stunning offerings from Porsche. While this is not considered a spectator event, thousands of people who are not participating in the event come every year to be a part of the event in their own way. Some come to volunteer, some to cheer on friends or family, and some to shop or just to be there for this spectacle.

It takes several hundred volunteers to assist in the operation of an event of this scope. Gold Coast Volunteer Coordinator Jerry Daily has his finger on the pulse of the event, knowing how many volunteers are needed at each of the various stations during the event. Jerry and his Suncoast counterpart Dennis Wojcik sign up and assign all the volunteers each day. This is an amazing enterprise as each of the event operations requires a specific number of personnel at each station for the entire five day “weekend”. Each of the corner stations for example is manned by two professionally trained SCCA Corner Workers but must also have two additional sets of eyes to assist them. There are about a dozen such corner stations. Some stations are more popular than others of course. If you have ever seen the cars coming into turn 17 where they pass within a few feet of the wall at max velocity, you know why we have to chase them off with a stick. There are usually more than enough volunteers for that station. The same sort of spirit happens out on the grid too. Each year Gold Coast Region Grid Chair and all around super kid (yeah I know she is thirty something but I am a bit prejudiced) Christal Smithyman and her Suncoast cohort Jill Perry keep the hundreds of testosterone oozing racers in check as they line up in an orderly fashion for the start of each mayhem filled race. They too see the same faces each year as volunteers come from many up north states. Timing and Scoring of these Club Races is a fascinating, computerized, transponder driven dance of unbelievable intensity. In case of a computer failure, backup of most races is provide by sharp eye volunteers who “call and scribe” the event. Imagine 50 to 100 race cars going by the start finish line every couple of minutes or so at 100+ miles an hour and a group of folks keeping track of who goes through in what order! Let me just say that admittance to the Timing and Scoring Tower, during a race is highly restricted and casual conversation just doesn’t happen as the gears of the finely tuned T&S team tracks the race. Our own Michael Grant, Gold Coast’s DE Chairman is also the Head of Timing and Scoring for the Club Race. Michael has streamlined the Timing and Scoring over the last few years and makes it all look easy. Other Gold Coast Region Committee members who pitch in to help make this all happen include GCR President Steve Kidd Autocross, Kyle Rathbun, Treasurer, Pedro Bonilla, Tech inspection, Josh Breckeen Communications, Mike Tarter, Program layout, Insurance, equipment purveyor, and flamingo wrangler… no wonder Mike was nominated for National Enthusiast of the year two years in a row! Special thanks too to Roger and Sherry Fabel, Kent and Laura Monroe, Laz Ortega, Kirk Giannola. I sure hope to see YOU there next year.


Sebring 48 Hour Club Race

Photos by Roger Fabel

Sebring 48 Hour Club Race


Photos by Roger Fabel


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Sunday, March 27th, 11:00 to 4:00 PM


Tradewinds Park – 3600 West Sample Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

(Home to Butterfly World) Appaloosa Shelter – North Side of Sample Road (Just West of the Turnpike) Our much anticipated annual picnic is almost here!!!!! Come spend the day with us and enjoy a wide variety of appetizers, desserts, salads, side dishes, fruits, vegetables and a vast array of drinks. There will certainly be something for everyone. Also featured, will be: • • • •

Peoples’ Choice Concourse – trophies for 1st and 2nd place for all years Tech Quiz – easiest one yet Kid’s Games – sack races, three legged races and more Door Prizes – t-shirts, Porsche memorabilia and keepsakes

Bring your family and friends and a dish to share and have a great time. RSVP to Beena at by March 25th. Looking forward to seeing you all there. ********Park entry is $1.50 per person***********

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$45 per person Buffet available 12:00 to 3:00 PM

Saturday April 23rd, 2011 From 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM 901 South Federal Hwy – Hallandale, FL 33009

Enjoy a fun filled day at the beautiful Gulfstream Park racetrack from the scenic trackside Ten Palms Restaurant with a lavish full buffet to the action packed grandstand. Air conditioned trackside reserved seating area for GCR PCA • • • • •

A lavish all-you-can-eat buffet One complimentary glass of red or white wine per person Daily race day program for each attendee One $2:00 betting voucher per person

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Drivers Education 2011 Schedule January - 8th & 9th –PBIR - Jan 8th Saturday -PCAGCR Instructor’s school instructors & candidates, Sunday Jan 9th first DE 2011 all drivers invited

July 23rd - Saturday **evening** Homestead PCA Gold Coast (track hot 2:00pm to 10:00pm)

February – 3rd to 6th - Sebring - Thursday – Sunday PCA GCR & SCR 48 hours at Sebring advanced solo drivers only 4 days

September 17th & 18th - Saturday & Sunday Sebring -Combined PCA Sun Coast & Gold Coast two full days

February – 26th to 27th - Sebring - Saturday & Sunday PCA GCR & SCR 2 day Driver’s Ed

October 22nd – Saturday – Homestead PCA GCR one day DE.

April – 16th & 17th – Homestead – Saturday & Sunday PCA GCR & PBOC Homestead 2 day

November 5th &6th - Saturday & Sunday - PBIRPCA Gold Coast 2 days

June 11th - Saturday **evening** - PBIR - PCA Gold Coast (track hot 2:00pm to 10:00pm)


Register at Registrar – Christal Smithyman at Driver’s Ed Chairman – Michael Grant at

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C l a s s i f i e d s

January Instructor School by Mike Tarter, Chief Track Instructor On January 8 , Gold Coast Region hosted an Instructor School at Palm Beach International Raceway. We wound up promoting 5 solo drivers to Instructor status: th

Gregory Biehl Pedro Bonilla Stuart Jarkowski Chris Prusinski Michael Weiner My congratulations to these gentlemen, they have joined an elite group of track drivers.

An instructor that passes this program is acknowledged by PCA as a “PCA High Performance Driving Instructor”, a certification that is recognized by other PCA regions (PCA issues an ID card). We use precisely this program in our school each year. The Instructor School has several main parts: • An orientation on the Why’s and What’s of the Program • Classroom Sessions, where we cover • Instructor attributes • The Three Minute Interview • What to Teach • How to Teach HP driving • How to Critique and Debrief a student • And On Track Driving sessions, where the prospective instructor practices (role plays) what we’ve taught and is evaluated on their performance. (And by the way, you should see the wacky driving they are tasked to correct. It’s hilarious.)

Let me offer some perspective on this. Considering that we are not full time driving instructors, we place a huge importance on, and take quite seriously, the training/education The results are impressive. Not only do we of drivers to enjoy driving at high speed on race promote highly qualified new instructors, but the tracks. For very good reason, of course. solo drivers that participate gain a huge push forward in capabilities. I saw that in myself years In mid 1984, when Gold Coast Region ago, and I’ve spoken with many drivers who ran it’s first DE (at the old Moroso track), most of didn’t graduate the first time through the course, our instructors were SCCA and IMSA racers who who say that going through the school is a volunteered to instruct. Over the next 10 years tremendous learning process. or so, GCR developed a bit more formal program for training and qualifying Instructors. We held Gold Coast Region has a great safety record the ‘Instructor school’ annually, and shared the at track events over the years. I credit that to program with other regions. By the mid 1990’s, having great instructors and always placing other track groups had emerged, and the word Safety as our first priority. Congrats again to our we get back from these groups is that our GCR new Instructors. instructor’s are highly regarded. In about 2004, PCA (at National level) established a formal program for training instructors. Pete Tremper, the PCA Drivers Education Chairman, came to visit our instructor school that year (among the first region this was done for) and brought the National DE Instructor Training Program to our region.



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Florida Fancy Feasts Bear’s Pasta Salad 1 (16 oz.) box macaroni 2 c. Cheddar cheese, (shell or elbow) grated 1 c. or more salad olives, 8 to 12 oz. any good chopped creamy Italian dressing 3 medium Tomatoes, peeled and chopped Cook macaroni until just tender. Drain and rinse with hot water and return to pan. Stir in dressing well. Add olives, tomatoes and all but ½ cup cheese. Garnish salad with remaining cheese before serving. Serve warm or chilled. Carolea Schmidt Spaghetti Salad

1 ½ lb. spaghetti 1 medium sized onion 1 (16 oz.) bottle Italian 1 medium sized green dressing pepper 1 jar McCormick Salad Seasoning Supreme

Recipes from “Florida Fancy Feasts Zone 12, PCA” Selected recipes are reproduced from the above cookbook. A few copies of this vintage (1986) cookbook are available from the Goodie Store. Contact Mike Joffee at 954-476-6006. Joyce F. Minnich Mac Salad 1 lb.elbow macaroni, cooked 10 green olives 2 cans tuna, drained Mayonnaise (to bind) 1 onion, chopped Salt and pepper Mix macaroni, tuna and onion with mayonnaise until it holds together. Top with olives and salt and pepper to taste

Tom Tiencken, Big Cypress Region

Cook spaghetti according to package directions. Chop onion and green pepper into bite-size pieces. Toss all ingredients together. Refrigerate 4 hours at least before serving. Serves 20. This salad keeps well in a sealed container and can be made several days ahead of time. It’s a quick and easy dish to prepare. Brenda’s husband, Jim, is President of the Porsche Club of America. Brenda Perrin Pea-Rice Salad ¾ c. uncooked regular rice 1 Tbsp. minced onion 1/3 c. frozen peas 1 tsp. lemon juice ¾ c. chopped celery ¼ tsp. slat 1/3 c. mayonnaise ¼ tsp. pepper Cook rice according to package directions, omitting salt. Set aside. Cook peas according to package directions, omitting salt and butter; drain. Reserving 3 tablespoons liquid. Combine rice, peas and celery; chill. Combined reserved pea liquid and next 5 ingredients, mixing well. Toss with rice mixture. If desired, serve on lettuce leaves and garnish with pimiento strips. Yield: 4 to 6 servings. Diana Hoffman, Big Cypress Region


Tech Corner: The Chronicles of Sebring The Clutch, the Brakes and the Engine. Dispelling or confirming some Porsche myths.

Sebring hates my car! Well, maybe not just my car, but I haven’t been too lucky there lately. As they say: Do you know why there’s just a12 hour race at Sebring? Because no car can last 13! A couple of people have asked me to chronicle my recent track days there and I thought I’d also use it to dispel or confirm some popular Porsche Myths. Last year in May I went to the third DE of the year at my favorite track: Sebring. Because in the past I had had issues with brake fade (now that I was getting better and faster) I had decided to upgrade the brakes on my Boxster. I found a nice set of 996 front calipers from a dismantler, rebuilt and painted them and installed them on my car together with new 996 cross-drilled rotors. I figured that since I had upgraded the fronts, in order to maintain balance I could upgrade the rears by installing my original fronts on the rear. These calipers had larger pistons and brake pads. They are a perfect drop in and I had heard from a couple of people who had already done it. Unfortunately the early Boxster’s rear rotors are also used for the emergency brake, so there are not as easy to upgrade (upsize) as the fronts.

So, I’m now at Sebring and bring my car to Tech Inspection. The Chief of Tech (who is also a Boxster owner and racer) immediately looks at my brakes and says: “You upgraded your fronts! Good. But I see you put your old fronts on the rear.” Then he looks at me and emphatically says: “It don’t work”. I responded that my eyeballs would almost pop out of my head when I applied the brakes on my way up to the track. I told him that my car was braking better than ever and that I was sure that I could out brake the 996s because I had a lighter car with their same brakes. He again stated: “It don’t work”, and went on to say: “But don’t worry, it takes about a year and a half to get fast enough here at Sebring and then you’ll see it don’t work”. I passed Tech Inspection and when my group was called to grid, I decided that since I had a new braking system, I’d line up last so no one would be behind me. Our group got the green flag and we all took to the track. The first couple of laps were warm up laps so they weren’t that fast. We were getting reacquainted with the track and it started all coming back. The tires and the engine were now up to temp and we were now going much faster. On lap 3, as we’re heading down the front straight everything seems good. The car is planted and stable. I go wide right at the end of the straight, brake hard at the second marker,

turn left and head for the blind apex on turn 1, I drift out to turn 2, which is just a kink and then to 3 pressing hard on the brakes.

Wow! These brakes are great, I think to myself. I pick up speed again through 4, 5 and 6 and head for the hairpin (7). The car still feels good. I’m into triple digits and again I hit the brakes hard. The car slows down perfectly I make the right hander and get set for the back part of the track. No problems with 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13. I’m going for it! To me, a good lap at Sebring is going through Bishop’s Bend (14) without lifting. I hit Bishop’s flat out. 15 is coming up fast! I stomp on the brakes but I’m still carrying too much speed. I don’t worry because I can trail brake. I’ve done it before, no big deal. But, just before the apex I felt the back end of my car break loose and I knew what would happen next. Both feet in and I went for a spin. Since I was the last car on that lap I wasn’t in any danger of being hit from behind. I was able to keep the car on the track, but since I had spun I made my mandatory trip to pit lane to talk to the Marshall. Lo and behold, it’s our Chief of Tech, now acting as Marshall. I put my head down as I come up to him, expecting to get a lecture, but he just said: “Holy cow! That’s the fastest year and a half I ever saw”. “Were did you spin? on 15?” “I told you those brakes don’t work”. MYTH #1 If you upgrade your Boxster’s front brakes with 996 brakes, put your old front calipers on the rear. We busted that myth. The simple reason is that because the Boxster is so well balanced when you trail brake, if the rears lock up even for a fraction of a second before the ABS kicks in, it may be too late to save it. I have since then replaced my old (smaller) rear calipers and left the 996 fronts and the car is perfect. On the last session of the day, after having run without any other issues, I lost my clutch just before 16. Luckily there’s a lot of runoff there and I limped back to the pits without a clutch.


by Pedro P. Bonilla, Tech Editor I had towed my little track trailer with my track tires and tools to Sebring, so my question was whether I could make it back home without a clutch and towing a trailer. I though about it for a while and decided to give it a try. I live 120 miles due south of the track, just off US 27 and I figured that there were maybe 5 or 6 stop lights and if I timed them right by slowing down when they were red, I could clear them all. It turns out that there are 17 traffic lights between the track and my house. I was able to time it right for most of them but on 2 of them I had to come to a complete stop. So, I shut the engine down, shifted into 1st gear and waited for the light to turn green. When it did I turned the ignition switch and the car started and lurched forward immediately. I was then able to up and downshift by rev matching without any issues.

MYTH #3. Our M96 engines are doomed and they will all explode. Another one busted. With close to 200,000 miles on the original IMS bearing, we were able to catch it in time and replace it with LNE’s Retrofit. It can be done without removing the engine from the car, just the transmission. With the retrofit in place, we also replaced the RMS and took a look at the clutch, which, with 196K miles, was by now paper thin. So, a new clutch kit was also in order. When we went to install the Dual Mass Flywheel, we found a problem. The elastometer (rubber portion) which dampens excessive vibration had been completely damaged by the many years of oil from the RMS leak. Time for a new flywheel as well. Ouch, ouch! MYTH #4 If you have a rear Main Seal leak, don’t worry, it cant hurt anything but your garage floor. Left unattended, a RMS leak will damage your Dual Mass Flywheel (which is not inexpensive).

MYTH #2 If you have no clutch you have to flatbed your car. I guess that one’s busted too. If you’re careful and rev match you can drive safely some distance. I would not recommend city driving with no clutch, but on a highway it was fine.

Now the car was perfect again and I was looking forward to the next DE at Sebring in September, which was a two day event .... Come back next issue and you can find out ... “the rest of the story”. For more information on these and other Porsche issues, please visit my website at Happy Porsche-ing, Pedro

It turned out that the clutch slave cylinder was the part that failed. I decided to fix it but also I wanted to do a few more things to my car because the next track event would be in September, again at Sebring and I wanted to be there as well. Since my car had just turned 196,000 miles I decided to drop the transmission, take a look at my original clutch and take care of the Rear Main Seal (RMS) that had been leaking for a while. I also wanted to look at my Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) which is one of the weak points of the M96 engine which most Porsches from 1997 through 2009 share. So, the tranny comes down, we pull the clutch and flywheel and find the expected RMS leak, and an unexpected IMS Bearing leak. So, it’s now time to also install the IMS Bearing Retrofit. Ouch! The original bearing, once pulled, already showed signs of wear and had substantial play that could be easily felt.


Rolex at Daytona - DP

Photo by TERRY RENNA/Associated Press

By Don Coble DAYTONA BEACH — The four greatest trophies in American motorsports now belong to one man — Chip Ganassi. When his sports car team of Scott Pruett, Memo Rojas, Graham Rahal and Joey Hand won the Rolex 24 at Daytona in a wild final-lap sprint, it made the car owner the current winner of the four biggest races in the country: the 24-hour race, the Daytona 500 (with Jamie McMurray), the Brickyard 400 (McMurray) and the Indianapolis 500 (Dario Franchitti). Even before Pruett got out of his red, white and blue BMWpowered Riley sports car, he mentioned the “Chip slam” — winning the four biggest races in a 12-month period. No other car owner can make such a claim. In fact, no other car owner has held two of the biggest prizes at the same time. “I don’t drive the cars. I don’t change the tires. I don’t work on the engines,” Ganassi said. “There are a lot of great competitors who make up this team. It’s the guys who do all the work. “In terms of the races, we just try to focus on the next race. That’s what we’ll do now, focus on the next race.” While nothing is ever certain in a 24-hour endurance race, Ganassi’s place in racing history started to take shape long before sunrise Sunday. Both of his Daytona prototypes were on the lead lap, often swapping the lead with each other. A one-two Ganassi finish at Daytona International Speedway seemed certain until Sascha Maassen blew a tire and lost the rear fender on his Chevrolet-Coyote, bringing out the caution flag and setting up a one-lap sprint to the finish. Pruett, who went from third to first during the final round of pit stops in the final hour, survived a three-wide pass in the first turn to pull away to a 100-yard win over a Ganassi car driven by IndyCar’s Scott Dixon. “Our car ran and ran and ran,” Pruett said. “A one-two finish like this is incredible. It all starts with my boss, who puts this team and effort together.” The winning No. 01 BMW-powered Riley sports car now has finished on the lead lap in each of the past five years. Ganassi teams also have been first or second in each of the past five endurance races. This year’s winner covered 721 laps on the 3.56-mile road course, or nearly 2,567 miles — equivalent to driving from Daytona Beach to the New Hampshire state line and back. Although the team made two stops early Saturday to repair a gear cluster and change the rear suspension, the winning car had plenty of time to make up lost ground. “You have to keep focusing on getting to Victory Lane,” Pruett said. “Our car is not beat up, not banged up, not torn up and that’s how you win this race.” Pruett got a lot of help on the restart by a slower GT Ferrari. It restarted behind Pruett and momentarily held up a charge from the second Ganassi car driven by Dixon and the Porsche-Riley driven by last year’s winner Joao Barbosa. “No one moved the GT car to the back,” Juan Pablo Montoya

said. “There was a GT car in second. It got in the way.” Barbosa’s team, however, was angrier with Dixon. “The one DP car should have went. Then the other DP cars could have gone,” Terry Borcheller said. No matter what happened behind him, Pruett ran the final lap harder than any other. “Our car is very fast going from yellow to green. We were able to stretch out very fast. I wasn’t concerned at all,” he said. “During that whole lap, I was pushing as hard as I could. You want to go really hard. “That slow car shouldn’t have been a drama for anyone. He was so slow I thought they’d clean him up and get by him without any problems.” Dixon, Montoya, McMurray and Franchitti settled for second. Although their teammates won, they weren’t satisfied. “We’re drivers. We want to win,” Montoya said. “You can’t go home being happy with second.” Barbosa, Borcheller, Max Papis, J.C. France and Christian Fittipaldi were third in the same car that won the sports car marathon in 2010. A Porsche 911 GT3 Cup for NASCAR’s Brendan Gaughan, Steven Bertheau, Wolf Henzler, Andy Lally and Spencer Pumpelly was 12th overall, but first in the GT class. Actor Patrick Dempsey was part of a team that led the GT category at daybreak but wound up third in class. After the first couple of hours, the top-two prototypes were nearly flawless. And fast. “We did all we could to have some speed,” Barbosa said. “We just didn’t have it this week. A 24hour race went down to a green-white-checker. That’s never happened before. It was amazing.” With the biggest sports car race in America done, everyone at Chip Ganassi Racing will go back to their different series. For Pruett and Rojas, that’s the Grand-Am Road Racing Series. For Franchitti, Dixon and Rahal, that’s the IndyCar Series. And for Montoya and McMurray, that’s NASCAR. The Daytona 500 is Feb. 20, so Ganassi’s current simultaneous hold on the four biggest trophies might be short-lived. Or maybe not. “I feel better about our chances this year,” McMurray said. If needed, Ganassi can always make room for another trophy — and even more history.


Rolex at Daytona - GT

Photos by Roger Fabel

TRG Wins Grueling Rolex 24 Hour At Daytona TRG PRESS RELEASE: TRG’s Steve Bertheau, Brendan Gaughan, Spencer Pumpelly, Wolf Henzler and Andy Lally drove the no. 67 TRG/Sargent & Lundy/South Point Hotel & Casino/ Porsche to the GT class victory in the GRAND-AM Rolex Series presented by Crown Royal Cask No.16 Rolex 24 Hour At Daytona. TRG team owner Kevin Buckler adds win number four, two as a driver (once overall) and two as an owner, Andy Lally adds Rolex 24 Hour win number three , Spencer Pumpelly and Wolf Henzler now each have two Rolex 24 hour wins ,- Car 67 ran more than 16-hours without a clutch—-push started at every pit stop , Three TRG Rolex cars led laps, 67,66 and 54. TRG entered five cars, twice as many as any other team and 10% of the field. Andy Lally took the start of the twice-around-the-clock race, but used the first yellow for the team’s first driver change. The strategy started even before the race began. Throughout the days and night the team overcame obstacles on their way to victory lane. The most significant was a clutch problem that occurred with more than 16-hours to go in the event. Unable to use the clutch to shift the car, the team had literally decided to pull the car back to the garage. The crew, equipment and tools were already back in the garage waiting when Team Owner Kevin Buckler made a critical, last-second decision to keep the car out on track and either run or break. Since pulling the car in to the garage would certainly kill any chance of winning, Buckler felt it was worth the risk to go ahead and run without the clutch in the hopes that the car just may be able to last—even though the odds were low. At each pitstop, the car had to be carefully pushed by the crew, so the drivers could drop it into first and to leave the pits. The drivers also had to adjust their driving styles to keep the transmission wear at a minimum and because the slightest mistake, a spin, contact resulting in stalling the engine would have required a tow back to the pits, again ruining the team’s chances at victory. The drivers were flawless and didn’t put a wheel wrong, running conservative yet aggressive laps as they overcame a number of issues. “I am in total shock,” Bertheau said. “I can’t believe that I am sitting here with a shiny new Rolex Daytona watch on my arm from winning the 24 Hour. I have been saying how great this team is to everyone. I can’t really put words to it. The race is a huge roller coaster from practice, to qualifying and going to the back from the pole and then doing my first stint on this huge stage, what a day. It really boggles my mind. Getting on the track and going right to work and watching my teammates drive was great. The crew performed flawlessly. We had some problems and issues and no one hung their head, they just went to work to fix it.” “What a start to the 2011 season,” Gaughan said. “I came to Daytona and won. I was able to hold my son in victory lane at Daytona! I’ve had tears in my eyes since the checkered flag. The last time I won was 2003 in Texas. I forgot what it felt like. I have to give a huge thanks to Steve Bertheau. He is the one who got this deal going. It is his car. Andy, Wolf and Spencer did the heavy lifting. What a great organization to be involved with. I am retiring from sports car racing. I have an average finish of 1.5. I finished second in Montreal with TRG and won at Daytona with them. I have a brand new Rolex watch from the Rolex 24 – I have to quit while I am ahead.” 32

“This is amazing,” Lally said. “Any time you win the biggest endurance race in the world it is great. It hasn’t sunk in yet. The last two hours of driving around we had a lead, but we were worried about mechanical issues. I am at a loss for words. I am still trying to comprehend the job everyone did. To win this thing three times is great. It is a pleasure and honor to be a part of TRG. I think we did more than half of the race without the clutch. When we decided to do it, the decision really changed the game for us. That meant no stopping of that car out on the track. That would have meant being towed back to the paddock on a hook and ruining our race. The car was awesome. The gearbox that these guys built lasted and is a testament to the team. It is also a testament to my teammates, to make it last for over half the race.” “We had a lot of issues during the race,” Pumpelly said. “It was far from a clean run. The crew did a great job to overcome some brake problems and a lot of little things that ruin lesser team’s races. When the gearbox problem came up it really changed our approach. That is one of the worst things that can happen to a race car. It was a grind, a wrestling match with the car from then on. It was also a delicate operation. No one really got rattled, we just got into the rhythm of the car and raced – and won.” “My anxious moment was the problem with the clutch,” Henzler said. “I thought that that would be the end of our race. There was pressure not to spin, because if you did and stalled the car you could not get going again. We had to run conservative at the end, which is harder than running on the limit. You have too much time to think when you are conservative. When I saw the 66 TRG car go into the garage, I thought we were next. This is my second Rolex 24 Hour win, the first was in 2005 in a Porsche of course.” “There is some vindication from what happened in qualifying on Thursday -hell yes there is,” Buckler said. “It was only by a millimeter and we wish it could have slid, but the rules are the rules. The guys qualified great and we missed the photo opportunity of a lifetime, starting the Rolex 24 one-two, but we will happily take the win. These guys are sort of downplaying the clutch issue and the incredible job they had to do but they were heroes. When that happened, about seven or eight hours into the race, we thought about coming to the garage and fixing it. The guys and tools were in the garage and the car was ready to be pushed back. That would have been it for us. I told the guys to run it to the end or break it—that was the decision even though I knew this would be almost impossible. We didn’t come here to finish 2nd. Andy, Wolf and Spencer did a great job to not only make it last, but hunt down cars that were two laps ahead of us. Steve and Brendan put in really solid driving performances and took a lot of pressure off of the other guys and made this deal happen. All 5 of them were Rock Stars today. The whole team did a great job. There are five guys up here on the podium, but over 80 made this all happen.”

2011 “Under the Lights” Car and Truck Show Fundraiser for The Compassionate Friends FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011 FROM 7-10 P.M at St. Paul’s Church 701 West Palmetto Road, Boca Raton, Florida (Just one mile east of I-95 on Palmetto Park Road exit) CAR AND TRUCK SHOW OUTSIDE (Cars should begin arriving at 6pm) Five categories, each receiving a trophy and prize: (1) Pre 1950 (2) 1950-1969 (3) 1970-1989 (4) 1990-2010 (5) Overall Best/People’s Choice Registration fee per vehicle $20.00 if pre-registered and pre-paid; $25.00 day of show

FUNDRAISER HELD INSIDE GYM Raffle with three cash prizes: $500, $250, and $100 (Do not need to be present, check can be mailed) Silent Auction Chinese Auction 50/50 Door Prizes all evening Hot Dogs, Pizza and Soda Music and more

The Compassionate Friends is an organization dedicated to the healing of bereaved parents to provide friendship, understanding and hope to all parents whose child has died, no matter what age or circumstances. We have a 24-hour hot line and are always available to any parent needing help and understanding. We meet twice a month and publish a monthly newsletter with helpful articles. There are no dues and our only source of income is passing a basket at each meeting and this once-a-year fundraiser. For more info, call Dottie at 954-946-3196 or

SUNDAY BRUNCH IN THE GABLES AT LA PALMA RISTORANTE Sunday, April 10th at 11 am Enjoy a delicious Brunch with your Porsche family in the Romantic Courtyard enjoying the weather at La Palma Ristorante in the Gables. Select from a Breakfast station with omelettes cooked to ordered, eggs benedict, bacon & sausage, Carving station, Seafood station, Antipasto, Salad station, fresh fruit, a dessert table and coffee/tea & more. $34-adults & $17-children, all-inclusive of tax & gratuity. Please email Cynthia at or call @ 305-829-8502 You can go on line at for payment and confirm your reservation.


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