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April / May 2012


Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America

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A monthly publication of the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club of America

Veteran Concourse judges Jess Yarger and Len Howe checking every detail of one of the winning cars. Photo by Roger Fabel

April / May 2012



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Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

Gold Coast GoldCalendar Coast Region Region Calendar January 2012 5 Board of Directors Meeting 7pm 14-15 Winterfest Sebring Autocross 21 Key Largo Drive and Brunch 22 Autocross Bank Atlantic Center 27-29 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona February 2012 2-5 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race 4 AutoCross Sebring 9 Board Meeting 7pm (Kidd) 12 Tuner’s Social / Swap Meet 11:30 25-26 Sebring DE GCR & SCR 26 Grand Prix of Vero Beach March 2012 1 Board Meeting 7pm (Briny Pub) 9-11 Amelia Island Concours 16-17 Sebring 12 Hour Race 25 GCR Spring Fling Picnic April 2012 TBD AutoCross 5 Board Meeting 7pm (Diaz) 14-15 Homestead DE 21 Hershey Swap Meet 20-22 Zonefest Vero Beach 28 AutoCross BAC 29 La Palma Brunch May 2012 3 6 6 19 20

Board Meeting 7pm Clewiston Brunch Limitless Mtrwks Ann. Car Meet AutoCross BAC Dolphin Drive and Dine

June 2012 2 Gunnar Racing Tour 7 Board Meeting 7pm 16-17 Homestead DE

July 2012 12 8-14 14 28

Board Meeting 7pm Parade Salt Lake City Broward Tech Session PBIR Evening DE

August 2012 2 Board Meeting 7pm 4 Broward Pot Luck September 2012 1 New Member Social 2-5 Rennfest (Georgia) 6 Board Meeting 7pm 15-16 Sebring DE October 2012 4 Board Meeting 7pm

November 2012 1 Board Meeting 7pm 10-11 Sebring DE 11 Mandarin Concours Social

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April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


Gold Coast Region Who’s Who Officers

Board Members

President Steve Kidd 954 946-3196

Board Member Stan Pearlman 561 451-3427

Club Race Co-Chair / Past Pres Dan Smithyman 954 344-8857

Vice President / DE Chair Michael Grant 954 540-1169

Board Member Ed Kohly 954 292-6238

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Secretary Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Board Member Pedro Bonilla 954 385-0330

2nd Alternate Dan Doyle 954 439-4610

Treasurer Board Member / Chief of Tech Dottie Kidd Bob Varela 954 946-3196 954 746-0488

Chairman and Registrar Positions Event Coordinator Sherry Fabel 954 752-5363

Autocross Chairman Alex Ortega, Jr 561 847-1876

DE Registrar AutoCross Registrar Laz Ortega Sasha Ortega 305 215-5337 561 398-1274

Membership Chairman Ed Kohly 954 292-6238 Chief Instructor/Saftey Chairman Mike Tarter 561 752-1672

Social Committee Palm Beach

Vivian Ortega 561 719-0707

WWWebmeister Laz Ortega 305 215-5337


Die Porsche Kassette


Broward Beena Kohly 954 682-7838

Miami-Dade Cynthia Fluhart 305 829-8502

Zone Representative David O’Neal 407 808-6461

Kassette Editor Roger Fabel 954 752-2501

April / May 2012

President’s Corner By the time you read this, our 1st quarter will be history and GCR will be moving onto 2nd quarter activities. The highlights of the 1st few months were described in earlier Kassettes, so some of my focus will be on March activities, and special behind the scenes look at what the club leaders are doing to keep GCR at the forefront of PCA regions. On the National scene, registration opened for the 2012 Porsche Parade in Salt Lake City in March. This year National moved up the dates for award submissions and Gold Coast really had to hustle to make the new due dates. Gold Coast Region submitted entries for Newsletter of the Year (thanks Roger!), Web site (thanks Laz!), and Region of the Year (thanks Steve and Joe Rodi!). For those of you that don’t know about the award submissions, the process actually began last year when we solicited and received critiquing on the 2010 entries. Roger and Laz each made changes to their respective projects in hopes that our web site and newsletter would be recognized for their truly great media expertise. The Region of the Year is considered the pinnacle of all awards and I, your President, sought out advice from Peachstate Region members that successfully put together the winning entry last year. Joe Rodi added graphics and photos to make our submission outstanding and eye catching. Hopefully all the efforts illustrated above will be rewarded with National level awards. The month of March also presented one of our most popular and best attended events, the “Spring Fling Picnic”. Before I tell you about the picnic from my prospective, I really need to thank a number of people and organizations that made this picnic one for the record books. Events like this don’t just happen – they require a tremendous amount of planning, pre-event organization and the formation of a team where every team member plays an integral role in the event. This year’s event coordinator was Beena Kohly who received assistance from many, many people that I won’t try to name but you know who you are and you have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. One of the most unique aspects of this picnic was the introduction of a new style name badge for all the members that RSVP’ed. A big thanks to Pedro Bonilla and Ed Kohly for not only securing the name badge machine but also making up the first batch of name badges in time for this social event. Also fresh was a new sponsor for our picnic concours …. Riva Motorsports. My thanks again to Steve and Lynn Bamdas for sponsoring the concours trophies. In addition, Lynn also worked most of the day at the concours registration table, making sure that entrants got their paperwork and were directed to the team that was parking the cars by class. Thanks are also in order to Fred Kohly for chairing the concours and putting together a great team of Judges and score tabulators. Without the judges and score tabulators there would have been no concours, since these are the folks that volunteer their expertise and time to make these events special. More thanks are in order to Ruben and Janet Ledesma for organizing and administering a challenging Tech Quiz.

Steve Kidd - President

Trophies were presented to both the top male and top female winners. For those of you that don’t know, Ruben is also the PCA National Vice President and complemented our entire team on a job well done. Another unique aspect of this year’s Spring Fling was our charity component and the adoption of “Vets Helping Heroes” as one of our 2012 charitable organizations. The keynote speaker, Irwin Stovroff, with his service animal Cash, provided a fascinating story not only about his service during World War II but also the work this organization is providing to wounded servicemen and women returning from the Mideast and have need of a service animal. GCR thanks all the members that purchased shirts of which the proceeds are going to charity. On a final note, no picnic would be complete without activities for the kids. This year, thanks to Clayton and Gloria , an Easter egg coloring contest kept the young ones busy for quite some time. How could I forget the fabulous array of food and beverages that everybody brought that provided a bountiful spread that was enjoyed by all. In addition, GCR also initiated the brand new grills at a brand new shelter at Tradewinds Park to cook hotdogs and hamburgers to order. Moving on to April, the premier event will be Zonefest, which this year will be hosted by Space Coast Region in Vero Beach. Hopefully Gold Coast Region will again take home a large percentage of the trophies as we did in last year’s Zonefest sponsored by Suncoast Region. Most years Zonefest is held over Memorial Day weekend and is a true multi-region event for everyone in Zone 12. Since Gold Coast Region will be hosting Zonefest in 2013 we have already assembled a team to organize our event and shadow/assist Space Coast in this year’s efforts. We are still open to suggestions for next year’s Zonefest, particularly whether to move the event back to the Memorial Day weekend or try an alternative date in April or June. In addition, we are considering several locations in Broward, Highlands and Palm Beach counties to hold this event. Some of the major considerations are good banquet facilities that are at or close to the host hotel, a good venue to hold a worldclass concours, an autocross site within a reasonable drive, and close proximity to good back roads for a challenging rally. Got some ideas . . . please feel free to contact Dottie or I and share your suggestions so that the 2013 Zonefest will not only be a firstclass activity, but also one that is fitting for our 50th Anniversary celebration. Over the last several months some of our well known members have experienced personal tragedy or medical conditions that disrupted their lives. I can truly say that Gold Coast Region has acted like family and offered support and condolences to these families. Our best wishes and prayers are extended to those members going through difficult times from your GCR family.

Steve April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


Concours Corner

in a comprehensive manner. Colors can be different than original but all colors and materials have to be period correct for that model and year. Options such as radios, fog lights can be added but again have to be period correct. Porsches in this category are usually older cars.

PCA CONCOURS RULES MADE SIMPLE A Concours d’Elegance is a French term denoting a gathering together of automobiles in competition for judging their respective merits in terms of coachwork, design, finish and appointments. Concours events throughout the world are very popular and usually draw large audiences and car aficionados who come to ooh and aah over the masterpieces on display. PCA events are no different and our national events draw huge participation by car owners and viewing crowds. Regional events and local events also continue to be a large draw. While there are many types of Concours’ and judging rules world wide the purpose of this article is an attempt to summarize the PCA rules and standards used at national competition and likely used at local events. The complete rules can be found in the PCA web site and usually found under that of years Porsche Parade manual. Please note that there are usually minor changes year to year but in either case make sure if you participate in a judged event that you know the rules ahead of time as sometimes there are variations. PCA events are divided into 4 main groups with awards given in each division. The four groups are RESTORATION, PRESERVATION, PREPERATION, AND PERFORMANCE. Now for a brief summary of each category. The RESTORATION group is as the name implies, cars that have been restored and the Porsche has been rebuilt, repainted, reupholstered, recarpeted etc 8

Die Porsche Kassette


The PRESERVATION group consists of cars mostly over 20 years old yet have been preserved and maintained in their original condition. Originality is very important here as is documentation such as Cardex, Certificate of Authenticity (available from Porsche), window sticker and other will be required to participate. Original paint, colors, carpets, upholstery and engine will be judged on originality with some minor exceptions. Cars driven as opposed cars that have been stored have an advantage and the higher the mileage coupled with a great physical condition will dictate a winner. The PREPERATION group consists of cars usually less than 20 years and emphasis is on presentation and cleanliness. Originality is not judged and documentation is not necessary. In this group a major emphasis will be on how clean your car is and points deducted for dirt or grease found anywhere on the car. There are usually two types of judging; what they call “full” or “touring”. In “full” all areas of the cars are judged including the underside and inside fenders, etc., while in “touring” only the exterior be judged. In both cases though the trunk areas, interior, exterior, wheels/ tires, and engine compartments are judged. This category is often referred as the “persperation” category but has large participation because many Porsche owners have cars less than 20 years old. In the PERFORMANCE group, This grouping contains the Thoroughbred Racers, All Series Modified and All Series Street-Modified. Primary judging emphasis is on preparation (presentation, cleanliness). Originality is not judged. The build data sheet or other documentation

April / May 2012

Fred Kohly, Concours Chair

for the automobile is not required and will not be examined by the judges. Exterior interior and engine will be judged. In all the above groups a certain point system is allotted and all cars start with a perfect score, a perfect score that is, until the judges come and find imperfections or flaws. The car with the highest score wins. The Manderin Concours d’Elagance and social event coming up in November will be a judged event with the major emphasis on the “PREPERATION TOURING” category, which means presentation and cleanliness. A group of expert, enthusiastic judges will judge the exterior interior, wheels/tires and trunk areas including tools and spare. Engine presentation is optional but bonus points of up to 3 points given for a clean engine. Trophies will be awarded for 1st , 2nd and 3rd places so bring your cars and sign up early as space is limited. Please feel free to email me with questions at Your rags are ready see you there.

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CONTACT ED KOHLY Office: 954.736.2716 | Cell: 954.292.6238


Editor’s Notes Roger Fabel - Editor

Spring is here and Gold Coast celebrated at the annual Spring Fling last weekend held at the largest our location in past history. Many old and new members enjoyed the great weather, fine food, and large selection of Porsches. Our Concours program continues to grow under the guidance of Fred Kohly and many veteran national judges. If you are not part of this program, check out the Concours Corner sections in the Kassette and start working toward our next Concours event. There are many benefits, first your car stays clean, you learn more about your car, your car will increase in value, and your car will thank you. This months cover shows two of our national concours judges hard at work during the judging process to select the best prepared cars. This month we are publishing the Kassette as April / May to change your delivery date from the end of the month to the beginning of the month. We have had many requests for this change so I hope this modification works for you.


Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

I would like to thank Felicitas Oefelein and Wilson Lau for their article in the “From the Members” section. We like to share what our members are doing so if you have an interesting Porsche related experience, please submit it to the editor. We have had great success with our “Drive and Dine” events so our social chairs have added more this quarter. In the Miami-dade area Cynthia organized the La Palma Ristorante Drive and Brunch in April, Beena has a “Drive and Dine” planned for the Clewiston Inn, and Vivian has a “Drive and Dine” planned to the Dolphin Restaurant in Palm Beach. Both events are planned for May. Check out the flyers and RSVP early so you don’t miss out on the fun. Another special event that has been added is the trip to the Gunnar Racing Museum. This event is as popular as our tour of the Collier Museum so check out the flyer and sign up early. See you at our next event.



We would like to welcome the following new PCA members to Gold Coast Region. Category: M-Member, FM-Family Member, AM-Associate Member











Avie Glazer Ann Grenci Frank Grenci Bob Larsen Leny Leo Bob McGinnis Astrid Serruto Gabriela Fierro Roco Hernandez Canteli Ramon Hernandez Vecino Mary Holland

Palm Beach Palm Beach Palm Beach St. Lucie Palm Beach Palm Beach Martin Miami-dade Miami-dade Miami-dade Miami-dade


911 4 GTS

2011 2008 2012 2012

Carrerra S 911 911 Turbo

Miami-dade Miami-dade Miami-dade Broward Broward Broward Broward Broward Broward Broward

Carrera Carrera 911 s C2 911 4S 911




Pedro Kolychkine Paul Reyes Bob Shelley Remy Bougeois Maynard Hellman German Muino Scott Schoenbauer Lisa Wildcatt Becky Wolfe Stan Wolfe

2010 2005 2005 1991 2009 2000








EmilyÿSantiago HasÿjoinedÿtheÿBramanÿPorscheÿTeam 8ÿYearsÿPorscheÿExperience UnmatchedÿCustomerÿService HighÿCustomerÿSatisfactionÿRatings Genuine,ÿWelcomingÿandÿExperienced MultipleÿSalespersonÿofÿtheÿYearÿAwards

BramanÿPorscheÿPalmÿBeach 2801ÿOkeechobeeÿBlvd. Directÿ561-615-4804ÿ Cellularÿ(305)ÿ796-5436

Annual GCR Spring Fling Picnic by Beena & Ed Kohly Sunday 25th March 2012 Approximately 250 people attended th event. We were supposed to be at the Fritillary Shelter, but due to some unexpected turn of events, management at Trade Winds Park upgraded us to the biggest, newest shelter that they had! It was very spacious, clean and brand new. It suited us very well. The picnic started about 10:00 AM and ended at 3:00 pm. Special thanks to everyone who volunteered to help; the names are too many to list. From the concours, tech quiz, people’s choice, t-shirt sales, cooks, parking volunteers, concours judges, children’s activities corner, registration, scoring judges, and all the other volunteers. Everyone did a great job. I cannot thank you all enough. Thanks to Ruben Ledesma for attending and doing the tech quiz for us. He represented PCA National very well and it was a pleasure having him there. All of the members who RSVP’d received a surprised gift from the club, which was long over due.

Both Ed Kohly and Pedro Bonilla unveiled the beautiful and well-designed name badges for our members who registered. As members, all of you will receive name badges as long as you register early and attend our events.

Category 1990 to 1998: 1st – Lynn Bamdas - 1990 Blue Cabriolet 944 S2 2nd – Dan Simonson – 1997 Guards Red 993s 3rd – Sam Petrocelli - 1996 Burgundy 993

We would like to thank both Steve and Lynn Bamdas with Rivas Motorsports for sponsoring the trophies for the concours. They looked great and we really appreciated their support.

Category 1999 to 2012: 1st - Jack Gottlieb – 2004 Silver Boxster S 2nd – Steve Kidd – 2004 White GT3

Speaking of the Concours and Trophies, here are the winners: Category 356: 1st –Jay Cerola – 1958 – Red 356 Speedster 2nd – Paul Raben – 1964 – Silver 356c Category 1965 to 1977: 1st - Dan Simonson – 1973 - Silver 914.6 2nd – Fred Kohly – 1973 Bahia Read 911s 3rd – Kevin Brooks – 1968 Grey - 912 Category 1978 to 1989: 1st – Skip Ernst – 1986 Guards Red 930 Turbo 2nd – Michael Weiner – 1986 Brown 930 Turbo 3rd – Oscar Melian – 1989 Grand Prix White 911

2012 Concours Trophy Winners 12

Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

The People’s Choice Winners were: 1st – Jerry & Sue Remillard – 1958 – Black 356 Speedster 2nd – Jay & Georgina Cerola – 1958 – Red 356 Speedster 3rd – Paul & Peggy Raben – 1964 – Silver 356c We were also very fortunate to have two representatives from the Vets helping Heroes Organization attending the picnic. This is the charity that we have chosen to donate monies to. In summary, this was another great event. There were lots of beautiful Porsches and unlimited food and drinks provided by our members. Without you this wouldn’t have been a successful event. Thank you Gold Coast members! See you all at the next event. Ed and Beena Kohly

Photos by Roger Fabel

There is somthing about a GR Porsche

Old and new ready for the judges

The Porsche line was well represented

Judges Jess Yarger and Len Howe

Harry and Anne Wardlow, Barbara Joffee, Joyce Minnich, and Lou Gonzalez

Our new extra large picnic area

April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


GCR Spring Fling


Fred Kohly announcing the Concours winners

Janet and Ruben Ledesma with Diana Hansen

Judges Lou Gonzalez and Dan Simonson

Michael Grant, Beena Kohly, and Ben Grant

We never ran out of a great selection of meals

And the sweet table was also popular

Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012


7705 NW 29 ST UNIT 104 DORAL, FL 33122 (305) 592-9883

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Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

Westroads Drive

April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


From The Members by Felicitas

Oefelein, Wilson Lau

MILLE MIGLIA 2010 It had been Felicitas dream for a while now to go to Italy in the spring to see the Mille Miglia Car race. The Mille Miglia is a historic car race that originally ran between 1927 and 1955. In 1982, some brilliant people in Italy had the idea to start the race up again, and voila, a modern version was born. Today, as in the past, the same road routes are driven, although some sections are safer and ‘better’ now with pavement. This means 1,000 miles from Breschia to Rome and back. Each year, approximately 375 cars are permitted to participate in the race/rally. The catch is that the vehicles have to be equal to models that originally ran in the race. Only original or beautifully authentic restored cars are permitted. The result is a mobile, step on the gas pedal, vintage car show and rally race, through some of the most beautiful regions of Italy. This year, we were finally able to squeeze two weeks into our busy schedules, and at the beginning of May, we are on our way to Europe. We fly into Munich where Felicitas’ dad, Georg, picks us up. On the first day at Munich Airport, Wilson and dad scoped out the new Audi R8 Spyder and TTRS at the airport dealership and then


Die Porsche Kassette


immediately head across the Alps to the town of Breschia, Italy. What is there not to like? After stopping at the hotel, we head toward the city center of Breschia. This is the day when the cars are being blessed (we are in Italy after all), go through tech inspection and then are on display in the many beautiful city squares. It is very difficult to describe this as you have experience it yourself. This year, there were about (10) Mercedes Benz gull wing vehicles in the race. You will see anything from prewar Bugattis to 1950s Fiat 500 models. It truly is like a rolling, living, outdoor museum. Next to their cars, you will meet many of the international drivers and codrivers studying the road books, which are similar in size to phone books. The whole city proudly displays the traditional logo of the race, the “Freccia Rossa”, the red arrow. There is not a single store display in sight that does not showcase some sort of memorabilia.

April / May 2012

It is hard not to get caught up in the festive atmosphere and we take many pictures and head for the official stores to purchase a fair amount of event t-shirts, stickers and flags. Many of the larger car

manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Fiat and Ferrari are present and run their own factory teams. You will meet a very diverse mix of drivers: politicians, actors, European royalty (the Prince of Bavaria participates every year), Formula 1 drivers and eccentric car enthusiasts (read, crazies) can be found here. Towards the end of the day, the race finally starts. Cars stop at the raised ramp start/finish line and are announced and then they are off and running. As the humblest of the entries drive by (such as the beloved Fiat 500, a VW Beetle and a Citroen 2CV), the Italian crowds go crazy and cheer especially loudly. This year, the event organizers designated Ferrari as the honorary make and modern Ferraris were running their own Mille Miglia race ahead of the vintage cars. A major gathering of privately owned Enzos, 430’s, Testarossas, etc. from around the world were present at this event. There is no fee to watch and this public race is open to everyone. Each year like a holiday, some towns along the route close their businesses and/or schools to allow

the residents to experience the race. Many people sit on the side of the route and are enjoying dinner and a few bottles of wine as the cars go by. Inspired by the audience, the drivers honk their horns and rev the engines as they navigate the small and curvy city streets. After a few hours, even the slowest of the 375 cars had passed by and it is finally a little quieter. The entire race today takes three days. Originally, it was run with no breaks at all. The expectation for the first race in 1927 was that the cars would average a speed of 49 kph. The winning car, an OM (made in Brescia) finished the race in just over 20 hours and averaged a speed of 79 kph! IMAGINE THAT! Since then, an OM will always be the first vehicle to start each race. In 1928, the first ever women driver entered the race: the Baroness Maria Antonietta Avanzo went into the race behind the wheel of a Chrysler 72! For those of you that are interested to learn more, the official www. web site is fun to visit. While the cars of the 2010 race are on their way, we take a day off and visit Venice,

which is only about 90 minutes a w a y . W h e n you get a chance, ask Felicitas a b o u t B e l l i n i ’s at Harry’s Bar, and the Venice “ C i t y Official’s” free water taxi ride to the Island of Murano (where they make the glass items). And we call ourselves “native New Yorkers”…. The next day, we relocate to Bologna to then see the cars at the very important “Passo Della Futa”. This stretch of road is half way between Florence and Bologna. With its rapid elevation changes and windy switchback turns, it is s one of the most difficult areas of the race. As we approach the tricky areas, throngs of people and their cars already line the road and are parked in every available nook and cranny. Luckily, Wilson navigates dad’s BMW 750 with great skill (he calls it luck!). On the way to this choice viewing area, we also encounter a gathering of the Italian Porsche 356 Registry club. After we noticed at least 15 beautiful vintage Porsche 356s parked along the road, we, of course, immediately come to a screeching halt and put the car in reverse. Under a large tent with bottles of wine and fresh BBQ, it was quite apparent this club knows how to enjoy

a race! When the language barrier was breached, an animated exchange of PCA and Italian merchandise was underway. It always helps to travel with a big bag of trading “loot”! The Futa Pass is the absolute highlight of the trip. We find what must be the last available spot to park (shoehorn with axle grease) the BMW. We sit on a hill adjacent to the road on our picnic blankets while sipping Bellinis and eating local, Felicitas concocted snacks (Attendees of the DE, autocross and trek events may have experienced this treatment before!). Like minded enthusiasts surround us. Next to us is a young man with his grandfather from Florence who share their home baked cookies. Aside from the official cars, there are many private people that pull all sorts of vintage vehicles out of their garages to drive up and down the road to briefly ‘participate’ in the race. The biggest hit of the event is an old, three-wheel, Fiat mini delivery truck, which very slowly putters up the steep hill at max revs. And all the while, the driver gestures with his arms and honks his horn! Each time he drives by, the crowds cheer wildly. The #1 OM car stops to refuel right in front of us, while the drivers enjoy an order of sausages while

April / May 2012

(Continued on page 28)


Die Porsche Kassette


Porsche Classified 2004 Horton 20’ Enclosed Trailer

1994 Guards Red 968 Coupe

This is a 10,000# GVWR Trailer. 15x7” Alloy Rims with (15month old) LT Radial tires and matching spare tire and alloy rim. This trailer has an 18’ Awning- it is straight, no rips, no surprises. The floor and drop-down tailgate/ramp are covered in diamondplate aluminum. White panel interior walls and ceiling. This is a full-dimension trailer: 8.5’ wide, 7’ high, and 20’ length of box, plus a 4’ tongue. Electric brakes which are strong and predictable. Bearings serviced with Synthetic Grease twice in 4 years I’ve owned this trailer. there is a 54” work/storage bench bolted to the floor at the front of the trailer. There is a storage bin for oil, brakes, etc on the left wall, and another one on inside of front door. There is a helmet storage box on left wall. There are minimal dents & scratches to the white exterior- a good looking trailer! $6000 Ernie Bello in W P Beach 561-371-9246c; 561-686-1941w.

Black interior, Tiptronic, 95 k miles, 16” wheels, recent belts, rear shocks, waterpump, filters, fluids, plugs, an excellent example of a rare 968. $12,900. Fred Smith 561 306-1359 fmsmitty@comcast. net

2009 911 Carrera Coupe 1986 Porsche 944 T, All the goodies, 44,500 miles, $25,000. Also, 2009

I think this would make a great addition to our April Kassette and updated each month (after this initial

Excellent condition, only 10,700 miles, dealer serviced. 3.6L, 6-speed manual transmission. Options include midnight blue metallic exterior, sea blue standard leather interior, bose high end sound package, XM radio, dynamic centering lights, 3-spoke leather multifunctional steering wheel, floor mats in interior color, and protective invisible bra. Car cover included. $62,000. Rick Kardon, Miami Beach, FL, 305 807-3746,

Open Aluminum Trailex Trailer for sale Approx. 19.5’ by 8.5’. Weighs approx. 860 lbs., Capacity 4100 lbs. ,Electric brakes. Model: 7541, Duel axels. Extra long lightweight 9’ ramps. 2 attached spares. 3 extra wheels and tires. Extra bolts. Extra bulbs and lens. Garaged. Fresh undercarriage components installed. Serviced at Foreign Affairs Motorsports. Price with all extras: asking $4700. A new trailer base-price for this model is $6480, plus spares ($600+), plus shipment to south FL ($830); total price $7800+ Bob:; 561 350 0333

2003 Boxster S Seal Gray Grey interior, 6-speed, only 37K mi. Bose, ROW springs,18” wheels, performance alignment, K&N filter, Castrol SRF, always garaged, and hand washed. $19,800. Please call Bob @561-638-7449

Ads are free to GCR-PCA members. Non-member ads: $25 for each 25 words. E-mail ads to: with subject line of PCA-Classified. Deadline for ads is the same as articles, the 1st of the month. Ads will also be posted on our web site.

April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


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Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012



Florida Fancy Feasts Spaghetti Carbonara ¼ lb. bacon, cooked and crumbled ½ stick margarine 1 lb. spaghetti, cooked 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh parsley 1 egg, beaten 1 tsp. salt ¾ c. grated Parmesan cheese ¼ tsp. pepper 1 c. heavy cream or half & half Toss spaghetti with egg, cheese, cream, margarine, parsley, salt and pepper. Sprinkle with bacon and serve immediately. Serves 4.

Bette Helms, Big Cypress Region

Baked Ziti Sauce: ¼ c. olive oil. 2 Tbsp. chopped parsley 1 c. finely chopped onion 1 tsp. dried oregano leaves 1 clove garlic, crushed ½ tsp. dried basil leaves 1 (2 lb.3 oz.) can Italian tomatoes ¼ tsp. pepper 1 (6 oz.) can tomato paste

Recipes from “Florida Fancy Feasts Zone 12, PCA” Samoa Rice 2 Tbsp. butter soup ¾ c. celery, chopped 1 Tbsp. lemon juice ½ tsp. curry powder ¼ tsp. ginger (ground)

Joyce F. Minnich 1 env. Lipton onion mix 1 ½ c. precooked rice 1 ½ c. hot water

In medium skillet, melt butter and cook celery until tender. Stir in rice, water, onion soup mix, lemon juice, curry powder and ginger. Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered, for approximately 5 minutes or until rice is tender. Serves 6. I like to serve this with baked breast of chicken.

Barbara Pelak, Big Cypress Region

Make Sauce: In hot oil in 6 quart kettle, sauté onion and garlic until golden brown, about 10 minutes. Add undrained tomatoes, tomato paste, 1 ½ cups water, parsley, oregano, basil and pepper; mix well, mashing tomatoes with fork. Simmer, covered, but stirring occasionally. Cook 1 hour. Preheat oven to 350°F. Cook 1 pound package ziti as package label directs. Cheese Layer: 2 (15 oz.) ctn. Ricotta cheese 2 eggs 1 (8 oz.) pkg. Mozzarella cheese, 1 Tbsp. chopped parsley diced. ¼ tsp. pepper 1/3 c. grated Parmesan cheese Make Cheese Layer: In large bowl, combine Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, eggs, parsley and pepper, beat with wooden spoon until blended. Spoon a little sauce into 5 quart casserole. Layer a third of ziti, cheese mixture and remaining sauce. Sprinkle sauce with one tablespoon Parmesan. Repeat twice. Bake, uncovered, for 45 minutes, or until bubbling in center. Makes 8 to 10 servings. Serve with Caesar salad and garlic bread. Jeannie Bennett, Suncoast Region

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Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

Carl Van Eyssen Kendall Local Sales Agent


Keller Williams Realty 2424 N. Federal Hwy #318, Boca Raton, FL 33431


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Over the years, your vehicle collects hidden oils, road debris, salts, and other contaminents that can slowly destroy your vehicle’s undercarriage and add unnecessary weight. Our CryoDetail process eliminates all of these hidden debris and leaves you with a new, “assembly line� finish.

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From The Members

they wait. Many teams do not enter to win but only to be part of the race only. Felicitas tempts fate and runs across this busy road to get Wilson a few sausages ( his favorite) as well.. As the last cars drive by, we pack up and head back to Bologna. Along the way, we catch up to some of the Mille Miglia cars and their modern support vehicles on the twisty, hilly rural roads outside Bologna. Then other cars catch up to us (as they had made checkpoint stops in town),

including a Porsche Spyder and Wilson is in heaven, while Felicitas hangs out of the car window furiously taking pictures of the vintage cars running along side of us as well as to the front and rear! Wilson does the polite thing and gives the pass signals (None for you, Mr. Masino!) and the participants wave thank you and continue on their long journey. We also encounter a mint Porsche 356 with its support vehicle on the side of the road in a small town. Of

(continued) course, we come to a screeching halt, make a U-turn and identify ourselves as PCA people and see if they needed assistance. While the support personnel is making the repairs, the drivers converse with us and there was more exchange of “loot” and contact info. While driving through the City of Bologna, somehow we become part of the Mille Miglia ‘train’ and everyone thinks we are a support vehicle as we had Mille Miglia stickers ( stolen from a lamppost in Breschia) on dad’s car. With the help of police motorcycle escorts and police at the intersections, Wilson drives at high speeds in restricted lanes, passes the ‘regular’ traffic and runs red lights! Speaking of which, during the return trip, Wilson is now a wanted man in a very, very small town in Germany as he had his picture taken for zipping along a little too well.

On the way back to Germany, we have a very nice lunch along the water in the Lake Cuomo area (Which one of the huge houses on the mountainside is George Clooney’s villa?) and also stay in Switzerland where we buy lots of non-export Swiss chocolates (secret: they keep the good stuff for themselves!). We also visit the famous German castles and stay in Munich to visit


Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

holding up the building really are…

the impressive BMW World/museum/ factory. The BMW concierge service was excellent as they took pity on us lost and tired souls from the U.S. and suggested we leave the car overnight in their parking lot. They also booked a room at very nice nearby hotel. Then they made dinner suggestions and gave us directions. They originally thought we would like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc. (which surprisingly a large number of tourists want) and they were pleasantly surprised that we wanted to experience only authentic German fare. So they suggested one of the oldest original beer halls in Munich and had a tasty meal with great beer. It was huge and could fit over 1,000 persons! The concierge was also able to squeeze us into the limited factory tour the next day. If given the chance, one should also visit this facility and museum as it was very impressive as well as interesting to any car enthusiast. Thank you again, BMW World! On the way home, we stayed in Stuttgart to visit the new Porsche Museum as well as our friend, Mr. Ahrens who is the service manager for Porsche Stuttgart Zentrum. The museum is smaller than some of the other German car museums, but beautiful and filled with interesting cars. Wilson was a little disappointed as he hoped to take a photo with 911 Club Coupe #1, but with

so many cars, Porsche regularly rotates their display inventory. Wilson’s favorite was the #26 GT1 which won Le Mans. While having dinner at the Christophorus restaurant, which has excellent food and service as well as a very nice ‘focused’ Porsche museum décor, Felicitas notices a vintage print on the wall. It was confirmed by a fellow diner, who works at the Porsche factory as the head of Porsche Classic, that it is a picture of a Porsche driving past the Futa Pass in the 1950s. How wild is that? Two days ago, we were in the same place making history of our own. You may also want to ask Wilson about his driving incident in the Porsche m u s e u m garage. Viele entschuldigung und danken Ihnen (Many apologies and thank you), Georg! Dad’s BMW was used as a test vehicle to try how stable the columns

It was Felicitas’ dream to visit the Mille Miglia and Italy. Now this dream has a new focus which is to drive in this historic race with her father. Wilson thinks she should have her head seriously examined (perhaps by Wayne!) but some dreams do come true. But for those of you who know us, also know that Felicitas can be terribly stubborn and determined when her mind and heart are set. Several years ago, Johannes drove this race in a Maserati Birdcage and when asked if he would participate again, he said he would rather keep Wilson company in a cushy Cayenne Turbo S support vehicle! Considering the open cockpits, cold, rain and sometimes snowy weather, and very vintage brakes, suspension and handling, Wilson thinks this may be a very wise idea. So we will have to wait and see what the future brings to us. Until then, learn well, drive better and be faster. And enjoy whatever it is you like to do to the full. We encourage everyone in the region to share your experiences! Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Wilson Felicitas

April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


Tech Corner: Chronicles of Sebring Article by Pedro P. Bonilla, Tech Editor

The Clutch, the Brakes and the Engine - part 3 What a difference a year makes! If you’ve read the previous two Chronicles you’ll know what my car now has: an Accusump! An Accusump is an aluminum cylinder which can hold 2 or 3 quarts of engine oil under pressure. It gets connected to the engine’s oil supply via a high-pressure oil hose. Between the Accusump and the engine there’s an electric valve and a pressure switch. When the engine is running the Accusump starts accumulating oil until it is full and holds the oil at the highest pressure the engine generated. Now, when the engine’s oil pressure drops below 35 psi, the pressure switch opens the electric valve and the Accusump sends the accumulated oil under pressure back to the engine.

But why do such a convoluted installation? Well, Boxsters and Caymans in particular, when fitted with racing tires, can generate such high lateral G-force in the turns that the oil inside the engine creeps up the walls of the oil pan and the pump sucks air! This is not good; having an engine running at 7,000 RPM with no oil pressure. And that is precisely what had happened to me last year, when piston rod number 6 let go because of overheating due to oil starvation. Because the Boxster doesn’t have an oil pressure gauge and because you can’t see what’s going on inside the Accusump, to determine if it’s working properly or not, I also installed a set of gauges: One oil pressure gauge for the engine oil (right), one oil pressure gauge for the Accusump (left - which was probably overkill) and one oil temperature gauge (center).

I also installed an onboard HD video camera to be able to study the oil pressure during a track event. The next 2 photos were captured from the video during a Super Solo run at the 48 Hours of Sebring 2012. Turn 13 and turn 17 are both high G-Force turns where you can see the engine oil pressure has dropped and has kicked in the Accusump so there is always positive oil pressure throughout the turn. Watching at the video, there’s not a single moment, during 10 hard laps at Sebring where the engine pressure drops below 30 psi.

The other gizmo I installed since my last track outing is the IMS Guardian in order to avoid a catastrophic engine failure. The IMSG is a chip detector which triggers a visual and audible alarm if it detects ferrous metal in the engine’s oil sump, giving the driver plenty of warning time before catastrophic engine failure occurs due to an intermediate shaft bearing or other which has started to shed metal. You can see the amber light just left of the center gauges. When all is well, the IMSG’s light remains amber. If the alarm is triggered the light turns red and a loud beep is sounded. I also rigged it to trigger a larger and more visible unused “idiot light” in the dash, if it ever goes off. I can’t depend on my hearing with my helmet on and all the cabin noise.


Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

This Sebring outing was one of the best I’ve experienced, although it didn’t start out that way. Prior to our event, INDY cars had been testing at the track. When we made our first run, many of us thought that we’d had a flat tire, especially coming out of the hairpin (turn 7). Our car would loose traction and slide left, as we were making the right-hand turn and at the same time we’d hear and see chunks of tire material coming off the left rear tire. The funny thing was that by the time we’d get to turn 10, another righthander, things would be OK. It turned out that the tires that the INDY cars had been using laid down so much soft rubber on the track that our hot tires would pick it up and then release it on the hard turns. We took enough material off the inside of the rears to make grapefruit-sized balls of rubber from each tire after the first three or four sessions. On several occasions I also thought that my car had brake fade going into turn 7. It turned out that it wasn’t brake fade, but rather that the car was sliding into the turn on the soft rubber layer that was present. A very weird sensation to say the least. But after a couple of days of “cleaning” the track, it became very good to the point that on Saturday (the 48 Hours Club Race is Thursday through Sunday) I was able to set my personal best time ever!

I had said before that Sebring hated my car. I don’t think that’s the case. I just hadn’t prepped enough in order to successfully handle the difficulties of one of the most tough and legendary road courses in the world: Sebring International Raceway. Can’t wait for later in the year when I get to tackle it again! For more information on any of my modifications and more, please visit my website at: Happy Porscheing Pedro

© 2012 Technolab /

April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


From TheAnniversaries Members (continued) PCA Happy Anniversary/Congratulations are in order for the following long-time PCA members during the months of January thru April of 2012, (taken from the membership roster):

35 years:

William Grabowski Rusty Grabowski

2/1/1977 3/1/1977

30 years:

Lily Rosenfield 2/1/1982 Richard Julien 3/1/1982 Scott Williams 3/1/1982 Susan Trapp 4/1/1982

25 years:

Ervin Goldman 1/1/1987 Cecile Goldman 2/1/1987 Patti Hanley 2/1/1987 Janet Ledesma 3/1/1987 Diane Bagley 4/1/1987

************************ May: 30

Paul Dicker


June 25 25 25

Dr. C Pellosie Elizabeth Pellosie Robert Porter

6-1-87 6-1-87 6-1-87


25 25

Bob DeCardenas David Munro

7-1-87 7-1-87



Brian Burry


Sept 30 30

Terri Dial Mitchell Weinberg

9-1-82 9-1-82


40 40 30 30 25

Lincoln Eveleth 11-1-72 Steven Kidd 11-1-72 Allen Lehner 11-1-82 Richard Martin 11-1-82 Richard David 11-1-87


40 25

Diane Thoman 12-1-72 John Novakowski 12-1-87 April / May 2012


Die Porsche Kassette


Worried about IMS failure?

We have the IMS Guardian DIY Kit in stock, ready to ship. The only engine pre-failure warning system on the market for M96/M97 Porsche engines The Kit includes a step-by-step DVD installation guide Call 954.385.0330 technolab/pedrosgarage Florida Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)

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technolab PedrosGarage

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Die Porsche Kassette


April / May 2012

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TuneRS Motorsports is a Porsche performance, service, repair and restoration facility located in Coral Springs. We offer all around service and maintenance: complete engine and manual transmission rebuilds, ground up restorations. race car builds, track support, 4 wheel alignments, tire installation, wheel balancing, brake service, oil and lube, we can handle anything. TuneRS Motorsports services all of your Porsche performance needs, including full exhaust systems, roll cage installations, complete suspension upgrades, corner-weight balancing, and more.





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