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our heritage While the scents and styles have changed, one thing has remained constant: our dedication to quality, safety, scent and style. In Heritage® with Diamond-Light™, you get it all.


Gold Canyon® is the original two-wick candle company. It’s the only way to get a gorgeous, even burn like this.

theirs Competitors’ candles burn down the middle creating a messy tunnel that wastes the wax and your money.


Every candle you give or receive meets high standards for the perfect colour and true-to-life fragrance. Wicks are placed and trimmed by hand to promote an even burn with no tunneling.

ROOM-FILLING FRAGRANCE In less than four hours, a Large Heritage candle has the power to fill multiple rooms in your home with fragrance.


Trade up to The World’s Finest®! From the safety of our proprietary cool wax blend to the sparkle of our Diamond-Light glass, every Gold Canyon candle burns evenly and fills your entire home with scent loveliness.

Be part of the #CandleRevolution!

To keep little fingers safe, every candle has a proprietary blend of wax that remains cool to the touch when melted. Self-extinguishing wicks prevent overheated and broken glass.


When a Heritage candle burns down to that magical place where the flame starts to dance in the Diamond-Light glass, it creates a kaleidoscope of light like no other.

Fall/Winter 2017 Catalogue (CDN)  
Fall/Winter 2017 Catalogue (CDN)