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STRAWBERRY LEMONADE Stimulating strawberry leaf. Tangy orange fizz. Effervescent mimosa.

blooms flowerie

WHITE CITRUS Lively citrus. Juicy tangerine. Comforting vanilla.

With notes of flowers, fruit and vanilla, Flowerie scents are perfect for romantics. Wax colours feature the saturated hues of flowers that offer a soft, feminine touch.

JAMAICAN SUNSET CITRONELLA Serene citron. Blissful hibiscus. Enjoyable papaya. Contains citronella to help repel insects. For outdoor use only.


Ripened raspberry. Dreamy sweet pea. Blossoming lilies.


Bright sunflower. Blossoming rose. Nostalgic musk.

open freshair BLACK RAIN

With notes of citrus, green herbs and marine, Open Air scents are perfect for those who love cleanliness. Wax colours feature colours of the sky that create a fresh feeling in any room.

Mysterious wood. Entrancing balsam. Fresh herbs.

CLEAN SHEETS Fresh air. Natural wood. Aromatic herbs.

Fall/Winter 2017 Catalogue (CDN)  
Fall/Winter 2017 Catalogue (CDN)