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Get 500+ Friends on Facebook Everyday! Spend only minutes of your time!

This is a very simple method and is completely whitehat and noob friendly. No downloads needed or anything and just use minimum 5 minutes a day. 1. This best works if you create a facebook account with a female name/ picture but can work for anyone. 2. Join mafia wars, the facebook application. Play a little if you want! 3. Join the top 10 mafia wars groups on facebook. Here is a list of some.

4. Last, write on the wall of the facebook group saying “add me” or “add me please lvl 392” etc. 5. It is that simple, watch and you will get atleast 50 friend requests per post.

6. Do this to all the mafia wars facebook groups you join and you can do this once a day or one an hour. Obviously the more you do it, the more friends you will get. But just do not spam too much.

7. Also, most of your friends will be males so great if that is the population you are targeting, although it will not be exclusively male.

500+ Friends a Day on Facebook  

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