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5-Star Hotels Gold Coast Australia: Places To Stay For Special Events It's very easy to make out as to why Gold Coast is one of Australia's most favourite playgrounds, there are several unique events that take place annually and there are also a variety of water sports. The main attraction of this coastal area is the seventy kilometers of stunning white beaches and the dazzling blue waters. The hotels of Gold Coast Australia have plush amenities and breath-taking views of the ocean. Once in every year, the members from the Surf Life Saving Clubs from around Australia and around the world compete with each other in water sporting events like running, iron men, rescue boat and swimming. 1000's of participants and spectators attend this occasion which usually occurs at the Kurrawa Beach. If you are boating buff, in that case you can't afford to miss the yearly Sanctuary Cove Boat show which is held in the Sanctuary Cove which is located in the northern part of the Gold Coast accommodation. There are lots of exhibitors from all over the world who gather at the boat show which is known to be the largest exhibition of boats and vessels in Australia. The boat show will last for a period of 3 to 4 days and one will be able to view a gigantic display of boats, yachts and cruise ships from all over the world. There are also many shops that feature goods and accessories for cruising. There are also several boats which are on sale. During the annual boat show it would be a good initiative to attain accommodation in a Sanctuary Cove Hotels Gold Coast Australia to get easy entry as journey to some of the sites may be limited. There are several 5 star hotel lodging such as the Royal Pacific Resort and the Sanctuary Cove Hyatt Hotel. There are many sanctuary cove villas that have 24 hr security for families or larger groups.

Elsewhere, you would be able to find hundreds of Gold Coast accommodation options that are situated close to the beach where the Surf life championship and other aquatic events are held repeatedly. Most of the popular hotels of Gold Coast Australia are situated at the beach front alongside the self contained apartments, and some are just a couple of minutes' walk from the beaches. Additionally, there are quite a few cafes, restaurants and night clubs that are near to the hotels and tourists can effortlessly explore these locations after a fun-filled day at the beach.

5-Star Hotels Gold Coast Australia: Places To Stay For Special Events