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ALASKA 60 Yachtfisher

collection MU. | DEDON Design by Toan Nguyen.

A world of beautiful possibilities.

MU Beach Chair adjustable. Design by Toan Nguyen.

DEDON Outdoor Range Award-winning DEDON collections are completely handcrafted from weather-resistant DEDON fibre. The unique, high quality synthetic fibre is washable, easy to maintain, resists salt water, sunlight, high and low temperatures and is an environmentally friendly material. The DEDON philosophy is to achieve harmony between nature and work...because only a contented person can find a comfortable chair.

DEDON collection NESTREST. Design by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety.

sidechairs and armchairs. Design by | PLAY Philippe Starck, available at DOMO.

One collection, countless options: ‘PLAY’ with DEDON. ‘PLAY’ with a choice of chair colours and materials to create a truly individual item of furniture. The materials used – moulded polypropylene and DEDON’s hand-woven synthetic fibre – perfectly combine high-tech with craftsmanship. Matching bistro and dining tables round off the collection.

PANAMA dining table and armchairs. Design by Richard Frinier.

Superb design has the power to inspire, comfort and reward. It can transform spaces and enliven the way we live. DOMO is your guide to the finest of Europe’s classic, contemporary and avant-garde furniture designers. Our pieces are hand picked for their style, function and signature aesthetic. Explore for yourself. Visit DOMO at the Gold Coast Marine Expo November 4, 5 & 6 – stalls 143 & 144, near the Waterlife Restaurant. Sandringham 03 9277 8888 Hawthorn 03 8803 8803 North Adelaide 08 8361 7388

Willoughby 02 9958 0700 Paddington 02 8354 6222 Fortitude Valley 07 3831 3088

Also available at David Jones city stores Melbourne Sydney Brisbane





600 620 650 680 700 720 750 820 The ENDURANCE 720 SKYLOUNGE VERSION Based on the extremely successful Endurance 650 version, the design team at Hampton has built the perfect long range cruiser for our Aussie oceans and conditions. The 720 boasts over 10,000ltrs of fuel, providing an incredible range of up to 2500 nautical miles. Cruise at 10kn @ 50lph or sprint to 18kn+ “the best of both worlds� For more information, please contact: Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales Gold Coast City Marina Waterway Drive, Coomera, Qld Phone: +61 (0)7 5502 5866, Email:




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From the helm


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Jess Watson’s new boat “Another Challenge”


Sydney International Boat Show


Gold Coast Marine Expo The who, what, where & why


“Cadeau” Endurance 750 skylounge


New Clipper fans


Hurricane 236 Fun Deck The Boatpoint crew put it to the test


Salt water dynasty The Leigh-Smith family


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Destination Moreton Island


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Introducing Team 3 racing

As you could imagine, the Gold Coast City Marina and surrounding precinct is a buzz of excitement at the moment with the first ever Gold Coast Marina Expo upon us. In this issue we have all the “must know” information in our 6 page Expo feature, including a sneak peak at some of the exhibitors, and how the expo came about. Although it’s a huge event, the Gold Coast Marine Expo isn’t all that’s been going on around here. We have launched several new boats including the 2nd generation Alaska 46 Mid Master and the Alaska 60 Yachtfisher, which was sea trialed by Go Boating magazine. Check out the review on page 63. We have had a massive amount of positive feedback from the last issue (Marina City News #25) and it is our intention to bring you even bigger and better editions in the future. So with that in mind, this issue should not disappoint! We would love to hear from you and your thoughts on the magazine. The GCCM Marketing Team

63 Alaska 60 Yachtfisher Cruising in style IN THE SHIPYARD 10

Approved operators exchange program


The Importance of lifting


MEC - 20 years strong


Can osmosis sink my boat?


Rack em up Dry storage


Refit & repair scrapbook

On the cover: The Alaska 60 is put through her paces. Story: page 63


Crafted in Italy, EVER ce T S R I F an Clear e s u o h Ware -7th Nov o 4 e Exp in r a M a Marin during t City as old Co G , 2 A

trusted in Europe,

respected in Australia.

Replacement LED globes

Table supports

Cranes & davits We source Italy’s finest marine components, supply Australia’s leading manufacturers and support them with exceptional customer service. Doesn’t your craft deserve the names fitted

Frigomar Coolers & Air Con


Hydraulic swim platforms

Helm seats


to Europe’s finest?

Marine lighting


Showrooms (02) 9690 1522 (07) 5556 0244 (08) 9437 9277 (09) 377 7982


Chairman’s report

From the helm

When last we spoke, I was reasonably confident that we would experience a market upturn presently. This has not been the case. A number of factors control our destiny at this time. 1. The American economy is still struggling and 2. Europe generally seems to go from bad to worse. Both of which impact on our relatively minor economy.

As many of our readers maybe aware, these past months have indeed been a very tough time for me personally. I am relieved to announce to you all, that having been through the extremely unpleasant treatment process required to battle my Cancer, I am now in remission.

Having said that, I am disappointed with the lack of leadership shown by Federal and State Governments. Australia is purported to be in the best placed financial position on the globe and yet our politicians dither with carbon taxes and the like instead of showing leadership, bolstering the economy and getting on with making Australia the truly great country it is capable of being. Sadly, our State Government doesn’t do much more about kick starting activity and seems to rely on the fact we have a resources boom rather than creating broad spectrum growth. Whilst marina activity is generally depressed, our tenants and trade people are nonetheless pushing ahead. We, Gold Coast City Marina have some immediate plans for growth to be announced shortly. AMI staff have had their nose to the grindstone and good sales have been generated in that area. I commend their hard work and initiative. I am also excited with the introduction of the new range of Hurricane which are an impressive craft, so much so that I have invested in one myself. The major players at the Marine Precinct have gathered together to come up with a concept of a Marine Expo to be held in November at Gold Coast City Marina. I congratulate all participants whether they be internal or external. The concept has huge potential and the way it is shaping up, it will be a much needed shot in the arm for our industry. Our involvement is not so much profit related but providing the impetus to make the Gold Coast an even bigger marine industry player. GOOD NEWS Our Managing Director has fought the tough fight and is in remission. Well done Jeffrey and I look forward to seeing you back in harness in October. It was not easy for you and those around you but the result has made it all worthwhile and we wish you many decades of healthy happiness.

At the time of writing, both Jenny and I are enjoying time away on a wonderful cruise, where I am rebuilding my strength, both mentally and physically. I have been blessed by having the added comfort and support of the best nurse in the world, my wife. I am equally comforted in the knowledge that the Gold Coast City Marina has been kept smoothly operating in the very capable hands of my two sons, Dean and Ryan, supported by Patrick and Trent Gay and the fantastic team of staff that we have on deck at our facility. I am very much looking forward to returning in mid October, fully restored, refreshed and refuelled for action. To all of my friends and acquaintances who have helped me through my recent darkest days, I wish to say a big thank you; your support gave me the strength I needed to stay focused and positive. See you all again soon out on the water, Best wishes. Jeff & Jenny Leigh-Smith

Good Boating Patrick Gay AM



Approved Operators

General managers report

Exchange Program At the Marinas 2011 Conference, Steve Sammes, Chairman of the MIAA Education Committee, promoted the Straddle Carrier Approved Operators Exchange Program. This Program allows operators who have completed the MIAA Straddle Carrier course the opportunity to participate in an exchange program in which they get to work at another boatyard at the arrangement and agreement of managers. Ben Edwards from Mackay Marina Shipyard attended the August Straddle Carrier Course at the Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM). He stayed on at GCCM for an additional week for work experience on the Exchange Program. Steve Sammes, General Manager, GCCM, met with Ben’s boss, Ian Holmes, one of the shareholders of the Mackay Marina. Ian has also attended the course in the past, in order to gain knowledge in this area of operations. The Exchange Program worked well – Mackay Marina Shipyard still paid Ben’s wages, took care of the Work Cover Insurance and paid for local motel accommodation. One of the GCCM staff picked Ben up and dropped him off each day and Peter Crompton, the Shipyard Operators Manager managed Ben during the day. “From my perspective, the more take up we have on this initiative the better. The benefits of sharing our knowledge together as an industry will go a long way to ensuring a basis for national uniformity of practices and working procedures relating to shipyard operations. This in turn, will portray our industry to be truly polished and professional on the world stage,” said Steve Sammes. If you or your shipyard would like to participate in the Approved Operators Exchange Program please contact the MIAA Industry Education Officer for details – or call 02 8197 4753.

In June of this year, I was able to take time away from GCCM to attend the ‘Marinas 2011’ industry conference in Melbourne. The varied guest speakers came from both national and international locations, with one in particular, Joe Ueberroth, the President of Bellwether Financial Group, giving a great overview on the state of our industry and the general broad based future economic prospects. I have taken the opportunity to pass on some of my thoughts and a couple of his quotes to our readers. Today, it is a tough time for many people in the marine industry to be in business. At Gold Coast City Marina, the co-owners and senior management work very closely with our on-site trades and services to ensure we continue, as always, to overcome the economic hiccup. Many businesses in general are having difficulty forecasting, plus our customers face great uncertainty. Some business operators, due to the nature of their structure and staffing, are focused on the short term issues, rather than long term business strategies. These are indeed, challenging times. As Joe stated during his speech, “In choppy waters, well built vessels survive, and will eventually thrive”. So what does the future look like? According to Joe, we are faced with poor fundamentals and continuing unsustainable deficits in developed countries, uncertainty with inflation rates and Governmental intervention focused also on short term results. In essence, continued ‘choppy waters.’ In terms of demographics, we also see an aging population in most large economies. In the US, China, Western Europe and Japan, since 1998, there are more people over the age of 60 than there are under 15. This trend increases every year and has never been seen before. The implications are enormous, particularly when you consider the impacts to health, education, tax revenue and consumer trends. A growth area is the way we each market our business and social media seems to be the most proactive hype of recent times. With medians such as 24 hour cable news, Google, Blogs, Facebook, You tube, Twitter and Skype, it is no wonder why we seem to be drawn deeper into this massive market. Postings on the media sites reach millions; everyone is now a potential critic of our service and product. People and business are learning the hard way, nothing is secret, and facades are broken daily. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust traditional advertisements and only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI. It is not surprising to see that company sales with the highest levels of social media activity grew an average of 18%. While those companies with the least amount of social activity saw their sales decline 6%. You can no longer just say it; you have to get the people to say it to each other. Interesting times ahead, for sure! In closing, let’s just reflect on the below: ‘The value of a service or product is not what you put into it; it is what your customer gets out of it. If your customer profits, you profit’. Steve Sammes






and a big TV!

This year saw a different approach to the show. For the first time since the construction days of GCCM, we exhibited from a display booth inside the main halls. For me personally, this was also the first show at Sydney for many years that I have manned a stand.

GCCM Director Dean Leigh-Smith sent along our very capable Jenni Dickson, from reception, to assist on the front line of enquiries. Another ‘great’ idea was to purchase a large TV and DVD player, rather than hire one at exorbitant rental rates during the show. Seemed a good way to go to me, so after arrival at the ‘bump in’ day, Jenni and I ventured out into the depths of CBD Sydney in search of a 50” bargain. Bingo, we eventually found a great package, made the purchase and proceeded to carry the large boxed unit back through a very crowded George Street, onto the Monorail and back to Darling Harbour, returning into the exhibition centre. After unpacking the new TV and setting up the unit on our Eventually making it to the Monorail station, display, I was gob smacked to find it did the ticket booth operator obviously felt not work! sorry for us and let us back on at no charge. Finally at about 9.30pm we were The said ‘bargain’ had now turned into back at our stand. I unpacked the ‘bargain’ a logistical nightmare, having to carry and eureka all was good. the whole thing back, via the monorail, trekking up George Street to the The above events aside, Sydney became electrical dealer to return the faulty another wonderful show. The glorious goods. Armed with a replacement unit, weather button was turned on and Darling we slowly and wearily carried the thing Harbour came to life with the energy that through an even more packed George this show generates. Our stand was very Street (due to rush hour). I saw a brightly well situated; we had display material lit clearing amongst the masses and advertising the Gold Coast Marine Expo headed straight through, only to find that event, along with GCCM banners and Jenni and I had ended up on the set of information. the local TV news weather reporter, slap in the middle of her reading out the day’s Dean and Andrew Scott came down from weather news on camera. GCCM as well; we were each ‘swamped’

with enquiries for the Expo event. Even BIA NSW General Manager had a smile on his face when he saw our large Expo banner. “What exactly are you selling here Steve?” he asked. “A bit of everything Roy” I replied. Jenni tackled the many enquiries from the sailing scene, as her personal mission was to handle all things ‘yachtie’ for the Expo. Many of our customers dropped by the stand for a chat as well; all commenting on the fact that it was good to see GCCM being represented. A few people even said to us “I saw you on TV the other night, what were you carrying in that box”!!



Australian Marine Enterprises comprises of a team of highly experienced boat builders, working in all mediums from traditional timber to modern composites, on classic sailing vessels to high powered motor boats and everything in between.

We will ensure that all of an owner’s needs are met in a professional and timely manner, working towards a high quality and aesthetically satisfying finish. Contact us today!

Phone: +61 7 5580 5905 Fax: +61 7 5580 5165 Email:

Factory G-49, Gold Coast City Marina, 76-84 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Queensland 4209

Another Challenge

Jessica unveiled her boat ‘Ella Baché Another Challenge’ and it was her trademark pink theme that caught the eye of everyone at the Gold Coast City Marina last month. Amidst a large media contingent and guests on a glorious Queensland day, champagne broke across the bow as Jessica and Ella Baché’s

CEO Pippa Hallas blessed her and her crew as they prepare for the 2011 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.


Jessica Watson’s

“We have a great crew, with plenty of skills and experience. Everyone is looking forward to assembling in Sydney in a few weeks time, when we will embark on an intensive 12 week campaign leading up to the event,” said Jessica.

Jessica will skipper the youngest crew to ever compete in the 66 year history of the iconic event. The crew of ten, all of whom will be 22 or younger, will have an average “The Rolex Sydney to Hobart is every young sailor’s dream and it will be an age of just 19 on race day. amazing experience. I am confident our During the speeches, Jessica thanked her crew is able to handle ourselves out there. We are realistic about the challenges. We sponsors for supporting the campaign, namely Ella Baché, Macquarie Life Active, know it’s the toughest race in the world, but IGA, Deloitte, Ansarada and Musto. She we will give ourselves the best possible was introduced by the affable ‘Black Joe’ preparation.” Akacich of Australian Marine Enterprises who was very vocal in his support of Jessica The crew are aiming to be competitive in the Sydney 38OD division and compete for and her team. handicap honours, depending on weather Also in attendance, were three of Jessica’s patterns. crew in Leigh Thorne, Lisa Chamberlain, Following the launch, Jessica, Leigh, Lisa and and Sean Lindsell, each of whom have Sean set sail for Sydney aboard Ella Baché extensive sailing experience. Another Challenge.

From top: Jess with AME’s Scooter; another Challenge in the 150T ship lift; Jess and Dean Leigh-Smith; Jess and Ella Bache’s Pippa Hallas; Media interest was strong on launch day. Main Image: Jess and Pippa bless “another Challenge”.



Shipyard Report

‘Rewarding’ is a resonating word that comes to mind after 11 years of operating at GCCM. Seeing the employment created throughout the marine industry gives our family and companies much satisfaction. With over 600 employees, contractors and subcontractors using the GCCM facility at any one time, the refit and repair sector is a sustainable model and a major economic stalwart to the Gold Coast community. Many families directly or indirectly rely on the marine industry as the number one provider for their households.

There is no better time than now to get the attention of our current and proposed leaders.

• A long term sustainable continuous dredging program is vital to resurrect the choking waterways of the Gold Coast. • Customs clearance capabilities for offshore cruising vessels. This would allow people to arrive safely into our port with minimum fuss, in turn assisting to promote our destination. • A real look is required, from a users and an industry perspective, at fishing bans After recently meeting with Mr Campbell and ‘green zone’ issues. Newman and Jeff Seeney, the Opposition • Let’s have more emphasis on boating Leader, it was a great opportunity to voice education, not just writing fines and our industry concerns. We continue to treating recreational boaties like law maintain job security for our employees breakers. with little or no assistance to date. The • The water front development approval marine industry does not need a hand out, process is now becoming impossible; however a simple yet effective hand up is growth in our industry will cease should needed. our governing bodies not start to assist sensible sustainable development. The Gold Coast waterfront must control its own destiny. Our company’s opinion is that These are just a few of our immediate a GC waterways authority is necessary for issues that need addressing. It is the right us to tackle the ongoing restrictions that of the highly taxed boat owner and marine are naively forgotten or pushed aside in operator to have them rectified. Brisbane. There seems to be a real issue with over governance in our industry on In the GCCM Shipyard one hand yet, when it comes to listening There have been a notable number of and assisting its growth, there is a total major projects completed at GCCM this apparent lack of action. Without getting year. ‘Sahana’ an 86’ Monte Fino came too political, the marine industry and the in for a moderate overhaul and after boat owners need to voice their opinions careful consideration, the ‘hands on’ owner and concerns on all marine matters. decided to completely refit the vessel. What a great job the contractors, and 14

owner did. A paint colour developed by the owner was the icing on the cake. ‘Valkyrie’ the 125’ Crescent motor yacht has finished its major refit and total repower. Captain Martin Debanks was full of praise for our key tenants and as always, the quality of our world class facility. ‘Living Doll’ a full carbon racing yacht used the unique keel pit allowing contractors to carry out works in a fast tracked efficient manner; a happy crew made the race week in good time, even in the face of adversity. International Paints are soon to start construction of their new paint training facility at GCCM, an Australian first and an initiative to lift the professionalism of the yacht painting industry. In conclusion, we will work continuously to make our industry known and get the recognition it demands. Whilst adapting to ever changing requirements of markets and owners. GCCM is the only proactive facility in Australia that positions itself for growth and professionalism in our industry through these uncertain economic times. Have a wonderful and safe time on the water with family and friends this summer, and let’s protect our rights as a positive boating community. Ryan Leigh-Smith Director Gold Coast City Marina

If We Made Our Formula Any Finer, We’d Be Bottling Champagne.

Our World is Water Whilst a bottle of bubbly certainly has very different attributes, the level of quality and precision that goes into producing each can of Micron® is similar. The Micron range of products is the pinnacle of today’s antifouling technology — formulated to deliver maximum antifouling performance in even the harshest fouling environments. And because Micron products are polishing paints, they actually become smoother over time, reducing drag and fuel consumption, leading to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide emissions. It gets better. Because the polishing action reduces build-up, when the time does come for you to re-apply, you’ll spend less time sanding. You just can’t buy a better antifouling. And that’s certainly worth raising a glass to.

Visit for more information Technical Helpline: Australia 1800 251 431 New Zealand

0800 808 807 Asia +65 6862 2928 Use antifouling paints safely – always read the label and product information before use.


International® and the AkzoNobel logo are registered trademarks of Akzo Nobel. © Akzo Nobel 2008.


Brokerage Report

The brokerage team at Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales (LSCS) has had some changes since our last report with the position of sales manager taken up by Mr David Wright, who has known Jeff and Jenny Leigh-Smith since the late 70’s and has been involved in the marine industry for over 20 years here on the coast. His boating knowledge and focus on customer service will see him continue to offer our LSCS service for many years to come. Also joining the team is Mr Andy Taylor who has brought a fresh approach & enthusiastic manner to the LSCS crew. He sold his first new 57 Alaska at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show & has continued to make strong sales of numerous vessels both new & used in what can only be described as a tough market. Andy’s youth and experience is a great asset to LSCS & we look forward to a successful future with him on the frontline of our sales team.

One key trend is the ever-increasing popularity of “traditional vessels” such as our brands being: Alaska, Hampton, & even Clipper Yachts, Grand Banks and the like. Some key benefits of “traditional Yachts” have been: a lesser capital outlay initially; greater volume of usable space, a slower rate of depreciation; more demand and stronger re-sale in the marketplace as they don’t go out of style. We have seen many former “sport boat” & “sport fish” owners adapt themselves to the more traditional craft & subsequently take advantage of “better value traditional boating”. It’s worth a look if you’re looking at a new vessel; you may be surprised.

Rhys Boehem who has been a skipper for many years. He is no stranger to the Endurance product having run a 70ft version in the USA most recently. Rhys will be in China full-time to oversee the production teams in the factory. With Rhys on the ground in China we will see an ever-improving product coming into our marketplace with our key focus on quality, finish & practicality from an end-user’s perspective. This attention to detail can see us offer greater value & confidence to our buyers than ever before.

My brother Ryan Leigh-Smith (Shipyard Manager / Director) has sold several larger yachts in the past few years. His The New Alaska 46 mid cabin GEN 2 has first hand knowledge of the shipyard & the just arrived and has been received with marketplace has proven to be a great great reviews from all forms of the media. asset in growing the product. Ryan & I are The input from the various Leigh-Smiths always working together to see all areas and their professional team sees the new of our various products progress forward. GEN-2 46 Alaska at the cutting edge of Both Ryan & I are available anytime to traditional yacht designs & execution. discuss new Hampton, Endurance or Boat sales have been steady with two The boat has undergone some major Alaska Yachts, so if you’re looking for a new Hamptons over 68ft sold and the changes, with a rear fold up window and bi semi-custom vessel with a professional numerous brokerage vessels being sold. fold doors offering a spacious & openteam who will work with you & not against The brokerage vessels are moving well plan salon arrangement: the description you, please come in & meet with us with both sales of smaller sports cruisers “ultimate entertainer” comes to mind. anytime; we are both passionate about through to the larger 40 to 50 foot Boasting fully covered walk-around decks, boats & invite your ideas & challenges. cruisers relatively constant. However, opening side doors both sides off the price point is always an issue; buyers are house and the class-leading queen-size The sales office is open 7-days so please dictating the market nowadays & if vessels amidships cabin sees the new GEN-2 as feel free to call by anytime & see one of are “over priced” they simply won’t attract a market leader and all very reasonably the many faces that make up LSCS. Our attention. It is worth noting that when priced. team will happily do everything in our selling in a tough market, you are also power to accommodate your boating subsequently buying in the same market; Stewart Smith & John Bennetts make up requirements. in short more often than not the “change the LSCS team who have been working over price” we expected five years ago is extensively in China with both our Alaska Check out our new look website at: fairly consistent today. and Hampton shipyards, both of them hold years of experience in the fibreglass, LSCS has fortunately been able to take composite and engineering fields. These Dean Leigh-Smith “trade-ins” which has expanded our two gentlemen work at the coal-face of Dealer Principal LSCS market greatly. This option has seen many all new builds with their focus always on Director GCCM people move forward into their preferred evolving the various products in every field. boats albeit sometimes taking a sideways Their first hand knowledge of the various step to an interim vessel. As an industry we vessels & the industry is yet another key have all taken check on “the value of boat” point of difference for LSCS. Continuing on as in many cases they are not what they our professional approach is Troy Ryan used to be two years ago but the smart who works in our pre-delivery division. He buyer can still find a great deal with the has done an exceptional job over the past assistance of a reputable yacht brokerage 6 months with the delivery of over six new such as LSCS or any other MQ accredited vessels sizing up to 75ft. LSCS has also brokerage. engaged the services of Captain 16


i ac



0 00

a lc





For those amongst us who enjoy fishing or scuba diving we’ve incorporated a fully moulded yacht fisher style cockpit with additional storage, kill tanks, rope lockers and more! All of this for $1.85m drive away. The 60 yacht fisher was computer scaled off our very successful “46 series” on CAD design here in Australia. The 60 series offers you the best configuration for high-end luxury cruising; her classic and elegant looks combined with her generous 16’9” beam gives you an unparalleled motor yacht with a myriad of liveable spaces on board. The 60 series is set up for the ultimate adventure and is ready, willing and able to take you there in comfort and style.

For more information please contact Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales • Dean Leigh-Smith, Dealer Principal, 0408 758 887 EMAIL: • Stewart Smith, 0408 758 328 • Ryan Leigh-Smith, 0408 758 886 • David Wright, 0408 758 830 • Andy Taylor, 0424 581 589

PHONE: (07) 5502 5866

As Seen In Ocean Magazine, Issue 38

Text & Photos: Sam Tinson



Adding an extra deck to the flagship of Hampton’s successful Endurance series maximises its passagemaking potential no end, discovers Sam Tinson.

Chinese-built boats tend to get a bit of a bad rap amongst serious yachties. Some of it is justified of course, but from the look that crosses most owners’ faces when you mention certain Chinese brands, you’d think Hong Kong harbour was clogged with the delaminating hulks of locally made 60-footers.

Hampton Yachts, founded in 1992 and one of the first Taiwanese yacht-builders to move its build facilities to mainland China, have already done a lot to undermine this assumption. Anyone who gave a serious look to the American designed, Shanghaibuilt Endurance 750 when it arrived Down Under in 2010 would have found a highly capable long-distance cruiser,



BY ADDING A SKYLOUNGE, HAMPTON HAVE TRANSFORMED THE 750 INTO THE FULL-BLOODED EXPLORER YACHT IT ALWAYS WANTED TO BE. fridge/freezer integrated into the transom makes it an ideal outdoor bar area, especially with the removable bimini that extends all the way to the transom. For those who are keen to cast a hook there’s a large macerated kill tank under the floor on the port side, adjacent to that a huge lazarette with dedicated lighting and easy access to several of Cadeau’s many redundancy systems, including a secondary watermaker and autopilot. To starboard another hatch reveals a 200-litre petrol tank for convenient tender refuelling.

comprehensively equipped, built like a metres) overall and with a beam that’s a tank and made even more attractive by its full quarter of that. With its high, elegantly GFC-friendly price tag. cut bow and towering superstructure, the 750 cuts an imposing figure and looks That boat was a standard pilothouse altogether a more substantial animal than vessel with an open flybridge, which its flybridge predecessor. The hull itself is positioned it more as an offshore cruiser the same, constructed from solid handand reef fisher than as a true oceanlaid unidirectional fibreglass, reinforced crossing live aboard. Now, however, with five layers of Vinyl Ester epoxy and the real potential of this boat has been two layers of Kevlar, with a further third realised. By adding a skylounge, moving layer in the bow section. the helm upstairs and opening up the main deck to living space, Hampton have Boarding Cadeau from the stern platform, transformed the 750 into the full-blooded the yacht’s practical side immediately explorer yacht it always wanted to be. presents itself. There is no teak here – too high maintenance, says the owner – but The first 750 Skylounge to be delivered instead a moulded white non-skid deck Down Under is owned by an experienced with recessed cleats at each corner for yachtsman whose previous boat was a tenders or water toys. The platform is Nautor’s Swan 57 sailing yacht. Used to bordered by a sturdy stainless steel rail benchmark build quality and wanting a designed in four removable sections on tough, low maintenance power yacht with which are mounted a gutting board, rod long legs, he opted for the big Endurance, holders and barbeque – among several making it a present to his wife. The yacht’s fishing friendly features on the 750 name, Cadeau, is in fact French for ‘gift’. Skylounge.

THINKING BIG The first thought that crosses my mind on seeing Cadeau is that it must have required a lot of wrapping paper. This is a big tri-deck yacht, almost 76 feet (22.75 20

From here a low step leads to what the spec sheet refers to rather matter-offactly as the ‘fishing cockpit’, but which Cadeau’s owner affectionately calls the patio. It’s an apt description; the area has plenty of space and the capacious

Cadeau’s owner intends to take her cruising in tropical regions, and with this in mind the aft deck is surrounded on all sides by mosquito screens, which also provide privacy, shade and shelter from light winds. The screens are in zippered sections and like the bimini easily removable. A large Corian-topped table seats up to ten comfortably on a forwardfacing lounge and folding directors’ chairs. The table has an ice bucket built into its centre, and a padded fitted cover for when its not in use. Also worthy of note is the flat panel TV display that folds out of a cupboard over the sink, allowing anyone at the table to view DVDs, satellite TV, chart or radar information. Like the aft deck the 750’s wide side decks are teak laid, with a steel rail high enough to make moving around the boat safe even in high seas. The teak decking stops short of the mooring deck on the bow, which is equipped with a big Muir windlass attached to two very serious anchors: a Mason Supreme and an Ultra. The locker hatches have gas pistons, and under the windscreen additional storage holds dive compressors and several scuba tanks, with enough space for the latter to be stored upright.


GRAND DESIGNS Move indoors, and the increased space afforded by the 750’s extra deck is immediately evident. With a full helmstation topside there’s no need for a pilothouse on the main deck, so the whole upper forward section has been given over to a huge open galley. The integrated breakfast bar has two stools that slot securely into wooden brackets when not in use. This is just one of several ‘foul weather friendly’ features that have been designed into the 750’s interior; others include custommade Perspex racks for the crystal glassware, padded covers on the tables and sturdy grab handles at strategic locations around the boat. Deep oatmeal-coloured carpet runs throughout, with matching padded ceiling panels and sumptuous white leather upholstery in the lounge area. The furnishings contrast neatly with the highgloss cherrywood cabinetry, creating a pleasing balance between nautical tradition and contemporary style. The gloss finish is also lower maintenance than satin finish, which looks great to begin with but is much harder to repair once the inevitable scratches occur. Close examination reveals that every panel of the 750’s cabinetry has been flawlessly finished and expertly installed; every joint

BED & BREAKFAST Top left: The plush master stateroom is fully equipped to cater for a hands-on owner, with bridge intercom, remote helm controls and flip out flat screen chart display. Top: The breakfast bar and dining area, with cherrywood table and granite worktops. The backlit glass fish motif is a custom order from the owner. Above: Excellent wood finishing abounds in the spacious main saloon. Crew deck access is visible to the right of the TV and can be closed off while underway.



and hinge, every sliding drawer and folding door, is on a par with European standard. Despite the generous size of the galley, there’s also room in the forward section for a proper walk around dining table with free-standing dining chairs (a refreshing change from the usual bench seating arrangement, which requires diners to clamber over each other to get in and out), and a bar area with built-in fridge, ice maker and coffee machine.

HEAVENLY FEATURES Top: Sunlight floods into the skylounge through the big wraparound windows. The forward facing bench is easily reversible by flipping the back rest over. Above: The spacious aft deck can be completely enclosed with custom-made removable mosquito screens. Right: The helm displays an impressive array of instruments with four top-of-the-range Raymarine displays.


Built into the side of the stairway to the upper deck is a discreet panel that flips open to reveal a basic wing station. Want to see your chart plotter or depth display? Just flip out the flat screen overhead. With this set-up, you can monitor your course or make quick adjustments to speed and heading without having to climb the stairs to the main helm station.

Whereas some yachts’ skylounges appear to be no more than ill-thought out ‘extensions’, tacked onto an existing boat in order to give it a bit more shelf life, the 750’s new upper deck is so well put together you could be forgiven for thinking the designers had started at the top and worked down. Like the main deck it benefits from an open plan layout, which combined with the high ceiling, wraparound frameless windows and pale décor results in a heavenly feeling of space and light.




Up front are twin Pompanette Platinum series helm chairs and a comprehensive array of instruments built into a stunning cherrywood console, with four top-ofthe-range Raymarine displays showing chart and depth mapping, FLIR infrared night view, through-boat CCTV (including an anchor cam for easy mooring pick ups), internet and underwater sonar with forward and downward aspect. Two smaller screens are dedicated to essential information such as speed, depth and heading. As well as the custom timber steering wheel there are two sets of walk-around steering controls, one wireless and one wired, which can be lifted from the dashboard; a pleasant way to steer is by using these one-touch dial controls while reclining, feet up, in the helm chair. To starboard is a large chart table area, with chart storage beneath it. Also located here are controls for all the boat’s electrical systems – a feature replicated in the crew area below. Aft of the helm and to port is a comfortable U-shaped lounge in cream leather, arranged around a table large enough for several people to dine while enjoying the 360-degree panoramic views. The forward section of the lounge has a reversible back, so it can face forward if guests would like to be closer to the action up front. To starboard is a long sideboard with pop-up 32-inch LED TV, lockable filing cabinet, office area, minibar with water chiller, CD / DVD surround entertainment and coffee machine. There is also a head with sink, completing what is a truly flexible and self-contained deck. And that’s just the inside. Outside is a spacious upper aft deck with tepenaki grill, wet bar with freezer storage, shaded

by a fixed bimini with hatch access to the radar mast. There is space for a 6-person tender and crane, and the tender fixing points are removable so the deck can be totally clear if desired.

CABIN CLASS The lower deck of the Endurance 750 Skylounge is divided between the crew quarters aft and owner / guest accommodation forward, with the midships engine room ensuring plenty of space between the two. The fit out in the guest and owner areas includes solid cherrywood doors with mirror-matched veneer, plus iPod connectivity and LED TVs in all cabins. Another nice touch is the wardrobes lined with untreated cedarwood, which helps keep clothes smelling fresh on long voyages. There is a double guest cabin with ensuite in the bow and a twin cabin to port; both are surprisingly spacious and have beds

that lift up on gas struts, revealing huge storage areas beneath. The full-beam owners suite has a huge walk-in wardrobe and spacious bathroom with full-sized shower, and gets natural light from twin double-width ports on either side. There is also a set of walk around engine controls with wireless remote and multi-function instrument display, along with an intercom to the bridge. Cadeau’s owners plan to bring a single deckhand / skipper with them on their voyages, and he or she will be very comfortable in their quarters at the back of the yacht. Accessible via interior stairs from the main lounge or a watertight door from the fishing cockpit, the crew area includes a very large workroom-cumgalley equipped with sink, microwave convection oven and fridge. There’s a trash compactor here too – another nod to ocean-going convenience – and a central vacuum system with five outlets around the boat.


feature The crew cabin is generously sized and finished in the same high-gloss cherrywood as the rest of the boat. There are two bunks, and the upper one folds down to form a single large divan. TV, iPod connection, wardrobe and drawers are all accounted for, and there’s a small desk and chair area for those postcards home to mum.

miles from her 11,250-litre tanks; throttle up and she’ll rise onto the second chine and start planing to a maximum speed of 17-18 knots. It’s worth noting too that even at full speed this is a remarkably quiet boat; as well as being very well sound insulated the engine room is ‘embedded’ in the surrounding fuel tanks, which further reduces the noise elsewhere on the boat.


In fact up in that wonderful Skylounge, with the aft deck door closed and the throttles wide open, Ocean was scarcely able to hear the noise of the engines at all. All the more reason to steer a course for the horizon and head for the open sea, which is where this tough, comfortable and eminently practical long-distance cruiser belongs. Next time you hear some cynical old salt crack a joke about Chinesebuilt boats, tell them to come back once they’ve tested out this one.

Cadeau’s engine room is air-conditioned to allow the crew to work there comfortably even in tropical regions and feels very large for a 75-footer, with over six feet (1.8 metres) of headroom and every essential system and its backup easily accessible. The twin de tuned, lowrevving 873hp Caterpillar engines were chosen by the owner for their efficiency and reliability over distance, a low-revving powerplant being less prone to wear and tear than a high-revving equivalent. Despite her efficient engines, Cadeau can still make a good rate of knots if required, thanks in part to her clever double-chine hull design. At 10 knots she’ll cruise comfortably on the first chine and provide a range of around 2300 nautical


Sam Tinson, Ocean Media

WIDE OPEN SPACES Left: The impressive sight of Cadeau up on the plane. Top: With 6 feet of headroom and air conditioning, this engine room allows the crew to work comfortably in all conditions

BUILDER Hampton Yachts COUNTRY China DESIGNER Hampton Yachts YEAR OF BUILD 2011 LOA 22.75m (75’09”) LWL 20.03m (66’10”) BEAM 5.69m (18’8”) DRAFT 1.52m (5’) DISPLACEMENT 50.3 tons HULL Vinyl Ester infused fibreglass with Kevlar layers ENGINE 2 x Caterpillar Acert C18 873hp PRICE $3,950,000 all factory options, $4,325,000 as tested



I.T. ON THE SEA * Audio Visual / Entertainment Systems * Integrated Bridge Systems * Communications: Terrestrial and Satellite * Complete Design and Installation * Navigation Equipment * Sonar Brisbane and Gold Coast offices


f : 07 5502 8488





What is cathodic protection and why does your boat or yacht need it? Electrochemical corrosion of metals is one of the most destructive processes that affects a boat during its lifetime. Cathodic protection is designed to prevent corrosion by altering a metal’s electrochemical characteristics through the application of electrical current. Your boat’s underwater metal fittings such as propellers, shafts, struts, thru-hulls, as well as the hulls of steel and aluminium, are susceptible to electrochemical corrosion. There are several types of corrosive influences: Galvanic Corrosion -- occurs when two or more metals with different galvanic voltages are electrically connected and wetted by water. It is the result of the more active metal’s natural tendency to give up electrical current to the less active metal. Galvanic corrosion may occur in fresh or salt water. Stray Current Corrosion -- occurs when underwater metals are energized by an electrical current that has strayed from an electrical conductor or device powered by a battery, generator or dock power. It is the result of an electrical fault. 26

Caustic Attack to Aluminium -damage to an aluminium hull, stern drive or other aluminium parts occurs from excessive cathodic protection. It is the result of a lack of proper control of cathodic protection or an electrical fault. The first attempt to control underwater corrosion was developed in the 19th century. This method strategically placed zinc sacrificial anodes on metal fittings. Incredibly, about 98% of the world’s pleasure boat owners still use this preventive method! Stern drive units:- They are constructed of the softest metal on your boat underwater being aluminium. As shipyard operations manager I advise all stern drive owners to lift and inspect their drive units every six months. Even if the antifoul is in good working order, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the effects of corrosion. Anode replacement is an absolute necessity. At GCCM we have authorized Volvo and Mercruiser service agents who can supply and install your required anodes. Budget for these as it will save you money in the long run. Insurance companies will fight the effect of corrosion furiously as it is deemed to be a “maintenance” issue. A qualified electrical company of which GCCM has three should check the level of current at your pontoon or marina. In short, prevention is much better than cure. If you are not sure, or need advice on what to do should you have an electrolysis issue, contact GCCM and we can point you in the right direction. Gold Coast City Marina has two forklifts, (1 x 12T and 1 x 10T) working 7 days per week, so we can haul your sterndrive boat out to inspect. Cost of only; $110.00 up to 25 feet, 26-30 feet $125.00, 31 feet and over $135.00 each way. Call our friendly marina staff and make a booking for your lift and service today. Phone: (07) 5502 5888

“instant “

text & video notification to your mobile phone INSTANT



Caustic Attack to Wood -- damage to the wood occurs from excessive cathodic protection. It is the result of a lack of proper control of cathodic protection or an electrical fault.

PROTECTION alert for








 







is a remarkable piece of 21st Century technology that will provide instant text and video warning to your mobile phone. This is the ultimate security device that will ensure your Vessel is covered for any irregularity and will notify you immediately of what is happening. You can assess the situation and take appropriate action. For pleasure craft recreational private or commercially operated



Gas Sensor


Smoke Detector Power & Battery failure Remote X2 Fuel or Gas leak

Panic Button for all emergencies

Hatch Sensor Illegal Entry



0411 659 489








4 - 6 3 $0 $0 28




The WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHY? THE WHO A combined initiative of the leaders in the marine industry in Australia. Gold Coast City Marina, Riviera, International Paints, Quintrex, Clipper, MTU, Go Boating Publications and Boatpoint financially committed themselves to initiate the Expo based on the industry need for a “lowcost” summertime maritime Expo that encompassed new vessels, brokerage vessels, working displays, wooden boat Festival and an insight to “growing” boating for the general public.

THE WHAT A three day industry initiative Expo showcasing the best of the Australian and International boating industry over 36 hectares. The Gold Coast Marine Expo will be an interactive and entertaining event, where people can take a look behind the scenes and see first hand the boat building process of construction from design through the various stages to the finished product as well as boat repairs and refurbishing and practical demonstrations. Admission is free, however we do ask that you give a gold coin donation to the nonprofit organisations that will be assisting over the 3 day event.


feature Hundreds of new and brokerage boats will be on display both on land and within the precinct. From kayaks to superyachts, power to sail, every boat will have a place in this show. International food stalls with a range of cuisine will be on offer while you make your way through the Expo stalls. Stop and take a look at the wooden boat festival or take a factory tour with some of the nation’s leading pleasure craft manufacturers. And later, an invitation only VIP event will take place on the Saturday night.

THE WHERE At the Gold Coast Marine Precinct in Coomera This is where the finest and most reputable boating companies are, and will be showcasing their craft, marine products or services on 36 hectares. The area of land throughout the expo spans over the sites of Gold Coast City Marina, Riviera and Quintrex.

THE WHY To give boating enthusiasts from all over Australia and overseas the chance to experience a boat show like no other. The idea of showcasing a totally different dimension of boating exhibition with practical demonstrations and the chance to see boats being built and serviced, from runabouts through to luxury multimillion-dollar craft is why this Expo is being dubbed as “Australia’s working boat show”.

Top: The Gold Coast Marine Precinct celebrates the launch of the Gold Coast Marine Expo. Above: Media interest is high in the 3 day event; The International Carnivale flags.



autopilot radar chartplotter desalinators radio wireless internet entertainment systems satellite communications

for more information visit our showroom at

The Gold Coast City Marina, unit 37 Waterways Dr, Coomera

alternatively you can phone us on

(07) 5502 7111 or visit our website

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there e b l il w o h w f o A small taste

LIDVemE onstrations The Expo is a unique experience for families who wouldn’t normally have the chance to view the construction process through a factory tour, to meet the people who build, repair and refit boats of all shapes and sizes. Some of the live demonstrations taking place: • Pacific Trim will demonstrate many aspects of their trimming craft. • Riviera’s Neil McCabe will show the design and creation of new boats using the state-of-the-art CAD system, while Chris Attard from engineering will be one of the presenters during the Expo where he will explain the engineering advancements of boating and the showcasing the different stages of the boat engineering process. • Gold Coast City Marina will be staging a heavy equipment and machinery display which will interest everyone from the grand kids to granddad. • Telwater will show the various stages of the aluminium boat building process. • Yacht Asia Pacific, International Yacht Paint will have four different boats on show at the Expo showcasing the different products, single pack and two pack professional products, as well as a practical display demonstrating our anti-foul products. • Sea Spray Marine will demonstrate how to restore older gel coat surfaces and protect new surfaces. • Marine Engineering Consultants (MEC) will have live demonstrations at the show so people can watch and learn.


Riviera’s Neil McCabe will demonstrate boat design using state-of-the-art CAD software


Boating Industry comes alive

Queensland’s marine experts breathe life into their craft, and it is this pride, enthusiasm and love of boating that will be on show at the inaugural Gold Coast Marine Expo – Australia’s Working Boat Show. The brainchild of Queensland’s boating industry identities, the Gold Coast Marine Expo has come alive with strong exhibitor interest and support from some of the finest and most reputable boating brands from Australia and around the world. The Gold Coast Marine Expo is a real community event. The Wasp Creek Rural Fire Service, the Rotary Club of Coomera River and the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley will volunteer during the three day event and we encourage patrons to offer a donation to these worthy not-for-profit organisations. The Gold Coast Marine Expo will also raise funds for local charities including Paradise Kids, which helps children learn to deal with grief through loss or illness and Sailability, a volunteer-based organisation which, through the activity of sailing, enriches the lives of people with any type of disability, the elderly, the financially and socially disadvantaged. The not-for-profit family event will be held on November 4, 5 and 6 at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct in Coomera where boating enthusiasts will not only see the finished product on display, they will also have the chance to take a look behind the scenes and see first-hand the boat building process from design through the various stages to the finished product along with the repair and refit processes. Gold Coast Marine Expo spokesman Stephen Milne said the Expo was a unique

experience for families who wouldn’t normally have the chance to view the construction process through a factory tour, to meet the people who build, repair and refit boats of all shapes and sizes. “People are really embracing the Expo’s ideal of showcasing a totally different dimension of boating exhibition with practical demonstrations and the chance to see boats being built and serviced from runabouts through to luxury multimillion dollar craft. The added bonus of free admission and public transport access is another great incentive for families to come along,” Stephen said. “With more than 300 boats on display, there will be plenty of fun for the whole family with international food stalls, fresh prawns available direct from the trawler, cable ski demonstrations, a wooden boat festival and the artist’s quarter.” “There will also be practical demonstrations by the experts – Jason Stallan from Pacific Trim, Alexis Bisbas from Sea Spray Marine, Neil McCabe from Riviera, Tony Keegan from International Paints and Phil Wheeler from Oz Peel.

Gold Coast City Marina’s Pete Crompton with the travel lift.

Artist’s Quarter A wide range of artists from all different backgrounds and mediums will come together and each create a marine themed artwork. All artists will set up their easel or working stations in a designated area within the GCME. Each artist will have all day Friday and Saturday to complete his or her works at the GCME from 9am to 5pm. Then on the Saturday night at our Carnivale of Colour event, all artworks will be exhibited for sale with selected works being auctioned for charity.

Nick Phelan from Quintrex Telwater 32


150 T Gold Coast City Marina Travel lift in action.

Saturday Night EVENT:


COLOUR WHEN: Saturday 5th Nov TIME: 7pm until 11.30pm WHERE: Marine Precinct, Waterway Drive, Coomera.

Riviera’s Chris Attard inspects the engine bay of a Riviera Sport Yacht

Tickets includes cocktail food plus a glass of champagne on arrival. Numbers are limited and tickets can be purchased from the Gold Coast Marine Expo office.

Quintrex Plasma Welding Jason Stallan of Pacific Trim

The carnivale will be a great opportunity for all to come together under one roof to celebrate the Gold Coast Marine Expo at one of Australia’s largest and most sophisticated boat building factories. In recognition of the global nature of today’s boating industry, the theme for the evening is ‘colours of the world’ and guests are encouraged to join in the fun by dressing in a colour or colours from their country of origin flag. There will be prizes for the most colourful or patriotic dressed couple or couples as well as live entertainment from the well-known local band Kick. Dance the night away or enjoy a quiet drink in the Expo chill-out lounge. This will definitely be a night to remember, so don’t miss out on getting tickets. For more information please visit the Expo website.

33 c . g n e e marin . w ww

MEC Electrical MEC now have qualified marine electricians. Please contact us on the details below for all of your electrical needs.

To meet the ever increasing demand for top quality marine engineering, Marine Engineering Consultants have extended their operations into Mackay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. MEC specialises in quality refits, marine engineering, aluminium boat building, marine maintenance including propeller & shaft repair, chandlery and electrical as well as offering a project management service to oversee refits and new builds. Their philosophy of delivering the highest quality every time, on time has been endorsed by the impressive list of projects that have been completed on a selection of luxury and commercial vessels both international and Australia wide. So the next time you’re in need of leading edge marine engineering, contact the Marine Engineering Consultants office nearest to you. ADDRESS: Factory 17, Gold Coast City Marina, Waterway Drive, Coomera, Queensland 4210, Australia

PHONE: +61 7 5502 8811 FAX: +61 7 5502 8822 EMAIL:


Dining, study and staircase to flybridge

0 2

Years Strong Established in 1992, Marine Engineering Consultants (MEC) has been providing quality boat building and refit services to its clients through our highly experienced team. MEC covers all trades including Fabrication, Engineering, Shipwright and Electrical proving that our “Quality, on time - every time” motto can still see positive results within the marine industry even through these tough times. Recently MEC’s managing director Murray Owen has been working hard to promote his latest venture MEC Yachts. MEC Yachts are custom built Aluminium Power Catamarans both Luxury and Commercial. Proving that his vision is golden, MEC Yachts just saw the latest catamaran launched, a 20m Luxury Private Catamaran making this the 5th Aluminium Power Catamaran cruising around in Australian waters. Providing custom built motor vessels seems to be the key, giving owners that extra element to enjoying their creation out on the water and sharing with family and friends. With many years behind Murray, not only being in the marine industry but a true ‘water

MEC Yachts 20m ‘Final Edition’

baby’ at heart, Murray is aware of what makes a boat a ‘work of art’. MEC Yachts has seen two catamarans a 15m Luxury Private Catamaran and 19m Luxury Commercial Catamaran head to Darwin and an 18m Whale Watching Catamaran to Port Macquarie. MEC Yachts are still keeping busy with the construction of a 24m Fast Ferry Catamaran. Not only are MEC proud of MEC Yachts but the long list of national and international clients coming to see MEC for all their refit and repairs. This year has proven to be busy with a visit from Valkyrie a 125ft Cresta Motor Yacht that has returned after 5 years to carry out their survey and maintenance list. MEC takes pride in seeing the annual return of superyachts such as Achilles III, Cosmos, Atlantic Princess, Dreamtime and Kokomo as they head for the warmer weather of the Great Barrier Reef. After much anticipation carrying out the engineering installations, we saw the launch of Stefan’s Catamaran which

made its debut at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. Next year will see Marine Engineering Consultants celebrating 20 years in business which we can only hope will be as successful as 2011 combating the downturn in the economy by being a diverse company carrying out Refits along with Luxury and Commercial New Builds. Spacious Saloon



FOR SALE • Brand new and ready to move in immediately • 3 spacious bedrooms including master bedroom with parents retreat • 2 bathrooms + powder room featuring quality fixtures/fittings • Open plan kitchen and waterfront entertaining area, all finished with stone and stainless bench tops • Timber veneer cabinets and Ilive stainless steel appliances • Media room and study • 12 metre freehold berth included • Security system, ducted air conditioning and pre-wired for smarthome features • Fully landscaped, including underground water tank

1800 11 88 22

To inspect please call Les Corby 0418 886 246


NewClipper fans Sighting a whale a few hundred metres away as it plays in the ocean is a thrill for most people. A close encounter is rare. The families who participated in the annual Clipper Fraser Island Regatta this year are still talking about one of the most extraordinary encounters. “They were right beside us,” said John Seymour who was on his first regatta, having taken delivery of his Clipper Cordova 48, My Poet, only a few weeks earlier. “We were cruising north toward the northern tip of Fraser Island when a pod of three or four surfaced,” he said. “We all stopped and waited. Incredibly, the whales came right up to the boats, raising their heads or swimming under the boats. “I’m still not sure whether they were looking at us or we were looking at them. They lifted their heads out of the water beside the boats and we could look right into their eyes. They are beautifully curious creatures.”

Irving and Di Korman on board their Clipper 40, “The Dolphin”, were old hands at whale watching. They had experienced the creatures during last year’s Clipper Regatta. But still they were awestruck. “They stayed with us for perhaps 90 minutes,” said Irving. “It was a once-in-alifetime experience.” The Kormans’ Clipper is a full displacement design so they were grateful for the sense of camaraderie among all the boats that everyone kept a steady pace. “Most of the Clippers in the regatta are semi-displacement and can run at speeds around 20 knots,” he explained. “Our displacement Clipper is happy and comfortable around nine knots. So the flotilla simply maintained our cruising speed. It kept everyone together throughout the eight days.”

The cruise took in anchorages from Clipper’s Brett Thurley said a few brave Moreton Bay to the Triangle Cliffs on boaters even donned swimming masks to Fraser Island and included nine boats get a sight of the massive creatures under during the event including Clipper Heritage water. 40s, Cordova 48s and even one of the newly released Cordova 45s. “Of course, none of us left the boats,” he said. “We simply stopped the boats Owners joined the regatta from Gold and allowed the whales to decide how Coast, Brisbane and some from New close they wanted the encounter. But we South Wales who were heading south after could almost reach out and touch them. visiting north Queensland. They joined at Incredible! Fraser Island. “They were obviously impressed by our Clippers!”

The Gold Coast and Brisbane boats met


feature at Dunwich at the northern end of North Stradbroke Island on the first day. They rafted up and sheltered from stiff southeasterly winds and everyone enjoyed fresh prawns and bugs provided by the Clipper team along with a few drinks. “The first night raft-up gives everyone a chance to meet and chat,” explained Brett. “We had five new boats and crews on this trip so it was great for them to talk with others who had experienced our regattas.” The Clipper team included skipper Jeremy Cooper who spent time on each owner’s boat during the regatta, offering tips and showing the new owners some of the technicalities of their boats. For John Seymour, the service was welcome. “We took delivery in June. So Jeremy’s tips were greatly appreciated,” he said. “A shakedown cruise such as this is a fantastic way to learn about the capabilities of the new boat.” The fleet headed to Mooloolaba on day two and tied up at the marina in plenty of time to stroll down the road to Fish on Parkyn restaurant.

was the delightfully named Yankee Jack Creek, south of the Kingfisher Resort. The following day began with rain, but it cleared as the boats rounded Moon Point to head along the northern beaches of the island.

“We saw a whale and her calf outside Kingfisher Resort,” said Brett. “That was a strong sign that we would be seeing plenty of whales further north. And we did. The The next day’s departure was timed to northern bay area is teeming with whales perfection to cross the Wide Bay bar as a relaxing, breaching and raising their group at high tide approximately 2pm and young.” the boats headed to Tin Can Bay marina for the evening. By the time the flotilla arrived at the

the northern tip of Rooneys Point, when they spotted the pod of whales that would entertain them for the next hour and a half. “When they finally drifted off, we returned to our fishing venture,” said Brett. “Skipper Jeremy found some fish and we landed a yellowfin tuna which we enjoyed on the beach barbecue that night along with a few drinks, a beach bonfire and a very curious dingo.”

The weather began to turn north at the end of the week, signalling time to head home. The flotilla reached Gary’s Anchorage and settled down, preparing triangle cliffs, the water was glassy and the for an early bar crossing next day in a 15Clipper owners John and Gayle took area remained completely protected from knot northerly. everyone into town for a superb dinner wind for three days. at the Black Cockatoo restaurant which “Bar conditions were lumpy so high serves fresh local seafood. First order of the day was to set up the concentration and good skippering was first beach barbecue with some excellent required,” said Brett. “We all made it “The dinner gave us the opportunity to wagyu steaks followed by a great fire through safely of course. We were lucky introduce our Wide Bay owners to the on the beach, some drinks and plenty of that the winds remained north-westerly group,” said Brett. “The southern crew stories particularly from the contingent for most of the return voyage although it enjoyed the sheltered waters after a of New South Wales owners who joined did pick up to 30 knots and storming as we couple of big days in southerlies and the on their way home from cruising in north pulled into Mooloolaba that evening. bar crossing. They were looking forward to Queensland. some protected cruising.” “We are already planning next year’s The next day was dedicated to fishing event.” The weather improved and everyone was and whale-watching. The flotilla had been anxious to head north. Next port of call cruising for about two hours, closing on 38

Hand Crafted Motor Yachts Since 1977. 2011 CLIPPER HERITAGE 36


A rare opportunity to purchase a virtually brand new Clipper 36 that has every conceivable option and upgrade added. This magnificient vessel was delivered new in January this year and owners have already upgraded to a larger Clipper. Powered by a Cummins 230 HP diesel with electronic controls, and only travelled 45 hours, she will be sold with full Clipper new boat warranty and Cummins three year extended warranty and included service contract. Full Raymarine electronics package with E 90 W touchscreen GPS, radar and fishfinder, chain counters, inverter, fully air conditioned and 7 kva Onan genset. Luxury soft furnishings package, carpet in saloon and cabins along with granite benchtops and ultra leather dinette. Full Sunbrella covers including rail dodger, four sided enclosed clears, davit, tender and windshield covers. This Heritage 36 comes complete with 3.1 metre tender and 10 HP 4 stroke engine.

Replacement value of $565,000, asking $495,000. Available for viewing at our Coomera office. Call Brett Thurley 0419 788 000 or email on for more information.

Clipper Motoryachts Australia



Dealer Principal Brett Thurley Australian Dealership


+61 (0)419 788 000


+617 5519 4019


Gold Coast City Marina, 76-84 Waterway Dr, Coomera QLD Australia 4209

Clipper Motoryachts Australia is a 100% Australian owned company



Here is a hybrid of a different kind. A party boat built on a mono hull platform so it handles like a bow rider but has the versatility of a pontoon boat...



HURRICANE FUNDECK 236 Words - Rick Huckstepp,

LIKES - Very manoeuvrable at speed - Stable - Comfortable and versatile DISLIKES None OVERVIEW - Ticking the boxes Getting a boat purchase across the line with the rest of the family is sometimes a difficult task. While some might enjoy various aspects of boating such as fishing and cruising, others might only be interested in skiing perhaps. The obvious choice in boat then must be one that suits all purposes and everyone concerned. The Fundeck 236 goes a long way toward achieving many things... and fun is going to be one of them. PRICE AND EQUIPMENT - Big on size and big on equipment In the Fundeck, you get a lot of boat for a relatively small outlay. The price is $59,015 as reviewed, and while it does not have a trailer due to the fact that it was marketed mainly towards owners of canal estate property, no doubt it could be towed on the road. It has a beam of 2.59m which may put a few hurdles in the way when it comes to maximum towable legal width in some states but this too can be overcome.

LOA: 23 feet (7.07m) Beam: 2.59m Weight: 1033kg wet Engine: Mercury Verado 200hp Fuel: 180L Water: 80L Berths: nil People Day: 12

The decks are self draining under the fences with internal bilge pump and flotation foam fitted. Those barrier fences are constructed of alloy posts and cross members clad with pressed aluminium sheeting. A marine-grade Sony stereo system is fitted along with stainless steel speakers as well as an iPod adapter to bring your favourite music aboard with you. A stainless steel fishing rod rack is installed across the back, forward of the

Mercury Verado engine and the decks are basically non-slip thanks to clip-in carpet. A base model Lowrance depth sounder is standard as is the deck wash on the rear boarding platform. As can be seen there is no shortage of standard equipment and it all comes as a package, imported from the United States. A boarding ladder on the bow and stern gives it flexibility when floating off the beach with gates in the fence either end and another amidships on the port side to assist embarking and disembarking on a wharf or jetty. The fence at the front is set back to allow installation of two seats on posts in the deck which would be a great fishing platform and two flush-mounted deck hatches hold the anchor gear. LAYOUT - Room to lounge around The front half of the boat, both port and starboard side, is fitted with plushupholstered lounges facing each other. Extensive stowage areas may be found below the base cushions and the small table in between is removable to open up the companionway. Worth noting were the bases for this seating which was constructed of a moulded nylon framework effectively alleviating any corrosion should things stowed inside become wet. At the aft end of the starboard lounge a module was fixed in place which featured a plumbed sink and tap with a fold-down cutting board for food preparation. An aperture at deck level in the fascia of the unit gave access to a small ice box which was removable should you want to take it to the beach. The aft end of this module made up the helm and here Seastar hydraulic


review steering was installed below a busy instrumentation layout. It featured the multi- position hub to make life comfortable for the skipper who was already more than comfortable in the swivel helm seat. The lounge in the aft port corner also had bulk stowage areas underneath and in that corner out on the rear platform, a waist-high hinged hatch lifted to reveal a change room of sorts made up of a suspended soft curtain. This area could also be used as a shower as the deck wash is close by and a portable toilet would also compliment the boat for day trippers. A fold-up telescopic ladder hinges from a rebate in the starboard side of the boarding platform and a large canopy is available to provide shade over the rear section of the deck. MECHANICAL AND HULL - Solid Construction Mercury’s Verado 200hp outboard was fitted to the Fundeck. Its remote control was a binnacle type and operated smoothly. The hull is foam filled fibreglass for


positive buoyancy while the decks are solid fibreglass construction with modules moulded in one with it. A large ski storage compartment runs length ways down the centre of the deck and it will hold lots of gear. It is actually large enough for an average adult to climb into. (Why you would want to, I don’t know. Ed.). ON THE WATER - Monohull manners There are a few party or day boats on the market but what sets the Fundeck apart from the others is the style of its hull. Basically it is a mono hull with aggressive winged chines upswept and extending well forward to give it stability when dead in the water but a softer ride when on the plane, removing that ‘punt’ style of ride. Being a monohull allows the boat to lean into corners rather than out; the latter being typically of what happens with traditional pontoon-style boats. That being the case, there is greatly reduced inertia for the people on board during tight manoeuvres at speed and this boat is capable of those as well. It will come into its own as a family ski boat because of this attribute.

Hole shot is brilliant and it will get to its maximum speed of over 60 km/h quickly but if time is not your enemy you can swan along at 25 km/h without a problem; and quietly too with a low level of engine noise evident in this motor. For its size, the Fundeck is very manoeuvrable though aeration at the propeller at speed in a tight turn indicated the motor could go down one bolt hole on the transom to prevent this. The steering was very smooth and light at hand and tight turns were effortless. So, fish, ski, wakeboard or just laze on the beach, the Fundeck will do it all and in quite a bit of comfort. And there is more than enough room on board to make it an overnight affair if required. Just pick your style of fun and do it! RATINGS Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 Mechanical/equipment: 4.6/5.0 Packaging and practicality: 4.8/5.0 On the water Performance: 4.7/5.0 Value for money: 4.7/5.0 X-factor: 4.5/5.0

Emerald Lady LUXURY


Indulge Yourself...

Day trips or live aboard from Whitsundays to Sydney and beyond BOOK NOW PHONE 0428 758 888 or 07 5502 5880



Osmosis is a huge topic, and after a little research you can sometimes be left with more questions than answers. We have a chat to Oz Peel’s Phil Wheeler and get some answers.

Osmosis sink my boat? To begin explaining this complex topic, we must first look at what our boats are made from. The construction of fibreglass all starts with mixing chemicals. When these chemicals are combined they form a solid mass, this is called a chemical reaction.

but around the edges of the solid remains a residue of these chemicals that couldn’t react as it was supposed to. This residue exists at all points that air is available to meet the surface of the solid. This is the case between the cloth layers where small pockets of air become trapped during construction.

The two now have more strength and can expand further to seek out other nearby air pockets. This expansion continues, depleting the structure of the fibre glass laminate if left untreated.

If osmosis breaks up the solid mass that is our boat and by its nature continues to gain strength and size, then our boats can’t be as strong as when they were This residue is now susceptible to a new chemical reaction, where the trapped air made. Perhaps not so weak as to sink. When building boats, we use a liquid resin holding an amount of moisture becomes a Certainly in need of attention. to soak layers of fibreglass cloth into a mould, in any shape. Now we need to make catalyst and this chemical reaction causes Safe boating! this mixture go hard. Another liquid is then the residue to become acidic. Once this has occurred this new acidic liquid has the added called catalyst. This liquid starts a ability to expand beyond the confines of Phil - Ozpeel Marine Specialist chemical reaction that turns the resin and its original air pocket. cloth mix into a solid (hard). Factory 40 Gold Coast City Marina This acidic liquid is extremely social and will Phone: 07 5580 5058 Now, this is where the main problem with polyester construction occurs. Most of the expand by separating the cloth layers until Mob: 0415 818 507 mixed chemicals go hard (become solid), it meets up with a neighbouring air pocket. We can now apply this information to our boats.


Oz Peel specialises in osmosis repair of GRP marine vessels. A family owned and operated business, Oz Peel employs a team of skilled and enthusiastic marine repair professionals. In-house training and the advantage of working with the most knowledgeable and experienced boat builders and surveyors in Australia keeps Oz Peel up to date with the most innovative techniques and developments. Methods Used Our PLANER/ PEELER was developed after years of frustration using the commercially available Gel planer, from constant breakdowns to not being able to cut through the amount needed to remove contaminated laminate, we were forced to build a stronger more efficient Peeler. Our machine leaves the surface as smooth as it was before we peeled it and in some cases on older and male molded boats our machine actually 44 fairs the hull. We can cut 3mm at one pass or as fine as half a mm with absolute accuracy. HEAT MATS are vacuumed onto the hull at almost absolute vacuum (less than 1 milli bar). This pressure or suction is useful in two ways: firstly by holding the blankets even but very tight to the laminate we are able to get heat penetration over the entire blanket’s surface eliminating cold spots; secondly once open (the outer coatings removed) the laminate will naturally start to leach contaminated liquid that normally would congeal on the surface stopping the flow but with the vacuum mats the liquid is sucked out without being allowed to congeal and flows into the filter attached to the mat. For more information on OZ Peel’s services visit their website.


SECURITY for your boat

Marc Hall walks us through a new security system from Eye C U Security Technology, that informs you immediately of any problems via your mobile phone.

Over many years of hands on boating experience I’ve been more than aware of the need to be alerted when some peculiar although predictable problems occur with boats. It might be just a simple power problem when either the battery runs low or the shore power is accidentally turned off, but the result can be most unpleasant. The perils associated with the bilge overflowing is another that could lead to an emergency you don’t really know is happening and can lead to a catastrophe. Of course there are risks with gas or fuel leakage and the incidence of break and entry is an ever-increasing one. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were informed immediately if things like these worrying nuisances are occurring? How much easier would it be to have this instant notification along with true-life video of the moment to allow you to rectify the problem before a disaster occurs! The BOATSMAN is the security product I’m

talking about and it comes with a range of security enhancements that are comprehensive in their detection of problems and can alert you in 20 seconds if anything goes wrong. The product is CAMERA/SENSOR based with instant text and video notification to a mobile phone and can even be integrated with your Marina manager. The WATCHMAN camera device is without question the most innovated GSM-Cam in the world.

problem is and then take immediate action to address it with your Marina or anyone else who is nearby. The reporting system will ensure you are alerted for: Bilge, Break & entry, smoke & fire, power fail, low battery, fuel & gas and other emergencies.

The other uses for this security innovation are of course as wide as you can imagine. Whether you need security for your house or caravan or even your The BOATSMAN device pack is easy to office this product can be used in exactly install and simple to operate. All you need is a 240v power point and a suitable the same way to warn and protect each asset and report to you immediately. mobile phone and your boat can have instant surveillance. With any breach, For any further information, or a the device will text the nature of demonstration of this extraordinary the breach and then dials you to report device, please don’t hesitate to call me on video surveillance from its WATCHMAN 0411659489 or email me at camera. If you are unavailable and can’t take the call for any reason, it can dial 3 other mobile numbers in succession Best Wishes for good boating (3 times) until someone takes the call. You will immediately know what the Marc Hall - Eye C U Security


Fully Qualified Technicians

Ph: 07 5561 7200 Fax: 07 5561 7966 Email: Factory 55, Gold Coast City Marina, Waterway Dr, Coomera, Qld, 4209

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SALTWATER Dynasty The Leigh-Smith family has been selling boats in Australia for four decades, and today Leigh-Smiths represent almost every aspect of the industry, from marina management to air-sea rescue. Sam Tinson met up with the entire clan - four generations in all - and managed to leave without buying a boat.

GOLDEN YEARS Top: Reg & Mavis inspecting a boat in Hong Kong. Above Right: Reg Leigh-Smith’s first boat, which would become his first sale. Above: Noel, Jeff, Reg, Mavis and Glen in Capri in 1970


GENERATION GAME Left to right, from back: Justin, Riviera Marine; Ben, Maritimo Sales; Jeff, Managing Director Gold Coast City Marina; Dean, Director GCCM/Dealer Principal, Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales; Noel, Maritimo Sales; Glen, Island Air Aviation; Donna (wife of Glen), Island Air Aviation; Sarah (wife of Dean), GCCM; Jenny (wife of Jeff), Accounts Director, GCCM; Jake (son of Dean & Sarah), future boat dealer; Ryan, Shipyard Director, GCCM; Cherie (wife of Ryan); Mavis & Reg Leigh-Smith (retired).


As Seen In Ocean Magazine, Issue 37



he Leigh-Smiths don’t often have time for family get-togethers, and judging by the noise they make when they do this is probably a good thing. There are fourteen of them waiting for me in the boardroom of Gold Coast City Marina when I arrive, but from the racket they’re making it could be forty. Everyone is talking at once, from 90-year-old Reg (who started the whole thing off when he sold his first outboard motor from a roadhouse forecourt in the 1960s) to his great-grandson Jake, who at 11 months is already showing an interest in the water as he concentrates on cramming ice cubes into his mum’s handbag. Reg’s wife Mavis is fielding hugs and kisses from late-arriving sons, grandsons and in-laws, all of whom have taken time out of their busy schedules to pose for Ocean’s family photo. The boys all have their work shirts on, sporting the familiar logos of Maritimo, Riviera, Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard and of course Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales. I am struck by the surreal thought that right now, if I a mind too, I could buy a boat, charter it, haul it out, store it, get it refitted and then sell it again - all without leaving the room. But first I’d have to find a gap in the conversation.

BACK IN THE DAY To anyone who’s ever owned a boat in Queensland, the LeighSmith name will be as familiar as the smell of weathered teak or the sound of wind whistling in a mainstay. The family’s history in the industry goes back to the early 1960s, when Reg and Mavis ran a small marine business on the island of Capri in the Mediterranean. Reg - a mechanically-minded man with a background in the oil and automotive industries - provided sales and services to the little pleasure boats in the area, fixing outboards and selling fuel from a 48

44-gallon drum. Reg’s first boat was a custom-built wooden speedboat with a four-stroke Mercury on the transom. Styled like a Chevy Impala with curving fins, silver ash inlays and purple and white striped seats (this was the 60s, remember) it was fast, beautiful and unique. Reg says it was his pride and joy, so I ask him what happened to it. “He sold it!” interrupts Mavis, to gales of laughter from the rest of the family. “He could never keep hold of a boat, always sold them. Couldn’t help himself.” The compulsion to sell anything that floats appears to run in the family. When Reg and Mavis returned to the Gold Coast and took up larger premises on Southport Spit in 1974, their three sons Glen, Jeff and Noel quickly made a name for themselves as boat dealers (the eldest child, Carol, moved to Sydney to pursue a career in art and fashion – so far she remains the only Leigh-Smith not to have caught the boating bug), and by 1979 it was time to expand again.

RAPID RESPONSE The Leigh-Smith’s rescue boat Jaycee II was launched with the help of Gold Coast’s famous meter maids in 1967.

“The boys found 16 acres of land down at Runaway Bay, so we bought that, dug it out and made a marina,” says Reg casually, as if building a marina is something one does on a daily basis. “The residents there complained because of all the dust flying around, but when we finished their houses had tripled in value.” The locals at Runaway Bay weren’t the only ones skeptical about the Leigh-Smiths’ business plans. “There was nothing like it at the time, and when we built Runaway Bay Marina everyone, even Bill Barry-Cotter, said it would never work because it was too far out of town,” remembers Mavis. But the Leigh-Smiths had already seen the boating boom in Europe, and they could see which way the industry was going. The marina quickly grew, gaining factory units, a shopping centre and – in another first for the region – dry storage stand for smaller boats, five stories high. In time a travel lift was added too, allowing 40-50 tonne

feature Top: Jeff Leigh-Smith at the opening of Runaway Bay Marina in 1980. Left: Leigh-Smith & Sons stand at Brisbane Boat Show 1979.

vessels to be laid up on the hardstand for refits and repair. The Leigh-Smiths could now offer comprehensive marine services to yachts of all sizes on the east coast of Australia. There were some things, however, that not even Reg and Mavis could have foreseen.

to be shown how to select forward, neutral and reverse on a marine gearbox) and the boys found that their passion for and knowledge of the product was a natural business asset.

to Hayman Island, another time flying a single-engined Cessna plane from New Mexico to Australia, ripping out the passenger seats to install extra fuel tanks and island hopping across the Pacific (recalling this, Reg still shakes his “When they sold a boat they’d take the head in disbelief). Glen would go on to customer out on the water and show found the first air-sea rescue service in them through the whole boat,” recalls “When we first started out there was Queensland, and today heads up Island Reg. “Whatever boat they sold, they knew Air Aviation, providing marine-based no industry,” says Mavis. “You couldn’t everything about it. If you know what you’re tourism, surveillance and search-andeven get financing on a boat. If you told someone you were a marine dealer they’d doing and how it all works then you can do rescue services around the Whitsundays. a lot more than just sell the boat – you can Glen has passed his love of boats on to his say, what’s that? I remember the largest do anything the buyer needs. The boys are own son, Justin, who took up the baton and boat we got was a 25-foot Caribbean. It was priced at $13,000 dollars and I said still offering that today.“ is now a foreman at Riviera Marine. to Reg, no-one’s ever going to pay that sort of money for a boat. And now look Jeff, the middle brother, was the one with THE LEIGH-SMITH BOYS at what people are paying for a yacht. the business brain. Supported by the family The mind boggles. We could never have According to Mavis, her three sons all had Jeff designed and developed Runaway foreseen it.” different strengths, which when combined Bay Marina, operating it until 1988, when he sold it to set up Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales made them a formidable force in the As the industry expanded and developed, burgeoning boat market. Glen, the oldest, at Sanctuary Cove, assisted by his wife Reg and Mavis gradually took a back Jenny and two sons Dean and Ryan, who had a pioneering spirit and could always seat, leaving their children to carry the along with their cousin Justin were already be counted on to push the boundaries. torch forward into the new era of luxury blazing the trail for the third generation of A keen pilot and sailor, he would often boating. Boat buyers at this time still knew disappear on solo adventures – once Leigh-Smiths. In 1995, alongside his longvery little about what they were buying time friend and business partner Patrick sailing a tiny Caper Cat from Gold Coast (Reg remembers one owner who needed Gay, Jeff set up the Gold Coast City Marina



Below: Reg & Mavis travel in style at Runaway Bay Marina Right: Runaway Bay Marina boasted the Gold Coast’s first travel lift and dry boat facility. Bottom Right: The marina at full capacity in the early 1980’s.

(GCCM), incorporating Leigh-Smith Cruiser sales. With his two sons working alongside him – Dean is Dealer Principal in the retail department and Ryan manages the shipyard – Jeff watched GCCM grow to become one of the busiest yacht marinas in Australia. While all the Leigh-Smith boys were pretty handy with a toolkit, it was Noel, the youngest, who most took after their dad in that department. “Noel was the most mechanically-minded one,” remembers Reg. “He could strip an outboard motor down to its bare parts and reassemble it inside a day.”

THE FAMILY BOND While the Leigh-Smiths have established themselves as industry stalwarts on land, sea and air (and across many wellknown marine brands), most mariners will know the family name best from the blue flags fluttering over the Gold Coast City Marina. The facility is ideally situated, comprehensively equipped and home to a stable of premium marine service providers, but its most invaluable asset, says Jeff, is the fact that its family run:

and do it for you. As a family you can be on hand 24/7; if you call on Christmas Day and tell us your boat’s sinking, one of us will put down his lunch and come over.” With aftersales service like this it’s no surprise that some clients have remained with the family for decades, following the Leigh-Smith name across the generations, even when it’s meant changing boat brands. For Dean, who over the years has seen his family fly the flag for Grand Banks, Mariner, Sea Ray, Bayliner, Alaska, Hampton and Endurance yachts, the business of selling only begins once the deal has been signed.

“Being a family means you have the benefit of experience,” he says. “For instance, when the recession hit we just said, ‘we’ve been here before’, and When Noel wasn’t fixing boats or racing tightened our belts and pulled together as them – he and his brothers were all keen a family unit. You don’t throw the towel in, “The boat is only one aspect of the powerboat racers – he was selling them, you just work harder.” purchase,” he says. “There’s also the beginning his sales career in 1972 selling aftersales service, the attention to detail, early Mariner models for Bill Barry-Cotter. Jeff adds that being able to draw on the the involvement in social functions. That’s He recently returned to the Barry-Cotter strength of the family also brings a direct why we get customers following the family stable, heading up the brand’s sales team benefit to the customer. rather than a particular brand. In a day at Runaway Bay – the marina his family built. and age when we’re often reduced to a In true Leigh-Smith fashion, Noel’s team “We also say that if you don’t look after customer or service number, being able to includes his three sons: Ben, Jackson and your clients, someone else will come along walk into an office and be looked after on Blake. a personal basis is what people like.” 50

“It’s better than a diamond ring,” she quipped. “Leigh-Smith boys only take an interest in something with a prop on it.”

The gold propeller pendant has become a symbol of the family’s bond with boating and with each other. Even Sarah and Dean’s baby son Jake has one in a And if you’re wondering what Ryan’s doing jewellery box, waiting for his 16th birthday selling Hamptons when he’s meant to be in (“When he gets his boat licence,” says charge of the shipyard, don’t be surprised: Dean). the Leigh-Smiths are always ready, willing and able to do each others jobs if the “We already know he’s mad about boats,” need arises. says Sarah. “When he rides in the tinny he sits at the front, bouncing up and down with “We all swap hats a bit,” says Dean. a massive grin on his face.” “Ryan’s off to Hawaii to a mate’s wedding on the weekend, so I’ll debrief with him If Jake does take over the family business and then take over. We all know how to one day he’ll be kept busy, because by the do each other’s jobs, which gives us an sound of it the Leigh-Smith flag could soon edge over competitors. Nana always said be flying in places other than the Gold ‘never ask anyone to do a job you can’t Coast. do yourself.’” “It might be a blessing or a curse, but With so many family members working throughout the generations of the family in the same industry, often for different there’s always been an urge to increase brands, you’d expect there to be a certain business, facility sizes and infrastructure,” degree of sibling rivalry, but Dean insists explains Ryan. “Everything’s getting bigger that when it comes to business things but in a sustainable way – we don’t just remain professional at all times. develop for the sake of it. If we see a hole in the market, we’ll go and service it. We’ll “There’s a lot of disbelief about families get involved in the right project at the right being able to work together,” he says. “It’s time.” not without heat and tension at times, but it’s also very rewarding. I’m in constant Ryan says the projects currently under contact with Noel, Justin and Ben, for investigation include opportunities for instance. We’re all related and we work expansion in Western Australia, New South together in the industry, so we talk a lot Wales and New Zealand. If you bump into and share information. It’s the Leigh-Smith the Leigh-Smiths anytime soon, be sure to thing – head down, all together, business be nice to the baby – you might just end up comes first.” buying a boat off him one day.



“We recently sold a 70-foot Hampton Endurance to a 94-year-old gentleman who’s on his 18th boat from our family,” confirms Dean’s brother Ryan. “He’s had everything from small Caribbeans to 120foot Feadships, and done business with Reg, Jeff and now myself.”

Runaway Bay Marina before the shopping centre 1980.

Like all big families the Leigh-Smith’s is rich with tradition, and one of the most charming is the tradition of the golden propeller. No-one’s quite sure how it started, but for a long time it’s been family custom for every Leigh-Smith to wear a gold pendant, in the shape of a tiny boat propeller. When Dean got engaged to his wife Sarah, in keeping with family custom he presented her with a custom-made solid gold propeller on a chain. Mavis’ comment at the time has gone down in family legend:



The HURRICANE 236 FUNDECK gives you the size and luxury of a pontoon boat with the ride and feel of a sports boat. Superior hull design makes for effortless navigation and superior performance. This boat has a extensive array of standard equipment, fitted with a 200 hp Mercury Verado with power steering this boat performs extremely well. Now Available through Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales Phone 07 5502 5866 or visit for more info



RACKWhy ‘EM UP use a dry storage facility?

any boat owners ask us why our dry storage facility is the best method of storing a boat, compared with keeping a vessel in a marina berth or outside on a trailer. Here are just a few facts about the advantages of undercover rack storage: Any vessel moored in a marina will collect fouling organisms on its hull and propulsion / running gear areas. It will be subject to corrosion, oxidation, galvanic and ultraviolet deterioration, not to mention rot, bird droppings and possibly soot (depending on location). Owners of wet storage boats may also be concerned about security or the possibility of sudden storms. Trailer storage also means boat ramp hassles and the stress of launch and retrieval, plus parking problems. On going trailer maintenance and registration costs, coupled with towing regulations for larger craft, add up. Storing your vessel undercover will undoubtedly help maintain its value, plus many insurance underwriters offer a discount on their policies, due to the high security that our facility has to offer. The Gold Coast City Marina Dry Storage is one of the most modern facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. It provides undercover storage for up to 250 boats, to a length of 9 metres or 12 tonne in weight. Completely undercover, this state-ofthe-art secure storage facility includes the world’s latest development in marine forklift trucks. Two Wiggins brand units provide a 3.5 metre negative lift and 11.4 metre positive lift for a smooth quick launch and retrieval. Customers simply phone ahead an hour before you wish to go boating & our professional staff will have your boat launched and secured to the floating

dock pontoons, ready for your arrival. Just load up and you’re on your way, much more convenient than having to battle your way on a slippery and crowded boat ramp ! In addition, an external dry storage facility is located adjacent to the ‘Customer Lounge’ & caters for larger vessels, including those with flybridges. As an example, boats up to 37ft, such as the Sunrunner range or similar are not a problem. Come and see for yourself the smart way to store a boat. Independent powerboat sales and service centres are adjacent to the Dry Storage facility. Each independent business is there to provide the best in maintenance and service for your boat. Coin operated high pressure boat wash machines offer 1500psi fresh water pressure with a detergent option for washing your pride & joy after a day’s boating. A recent addition to the range of services available to our customers now includes ‘The Boat Butler’ a team of dedicated people providing a valet service for your boat. Their services include: fuelling service, provisioning, crewing, laundry service, ice delivery, all forms of interior & exterior cleaning (tailored packages available). A purpose designed ‘Customer Lounge’ is also available for use by our customers. The facility features a lounge area, toilets & showers, games drink & food vending machines, laundry facilities, along with waste/rubbish disposal. In essence, the Dry Store facility at Gold Coast City Marina really does guarantee that all of our customers have the ultimate service experience, every time they go out to enjoy a day’s boating on the water.

From top: Be on the water in no time; the forklift getting a boat from the racks; boats being lowered into the water; tie your boat up on the dock to jump aboard with your supplies.




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AUSTRALIAN BOATING SUPPLIES When on land, a good Chandlery outlet is one of those places that binds all boaties together. Whether you own a superyacht, sports cruiser, tinny, dingy or jetski, I’m sure you have spent many hours browsing the aisles of your local Chandlery for all your nautical needs. When you step inside Australian Boating Supplies (Shop F31 at Gold Coast City Marina) you are immediately presented with a range of items second to none. Over 5,000 items in stock they tell me. Store owner Dave Hutcheson has a wealth of information and is more than happy to share it with his customers.

Anchors and Chains Safety Equipment Oils Paint Plumbing Docking Lines and Fenders

The Leading Chandlery For All Your Boating Needs

F31 Gold Coast City Marina, Waterway Drive Coomera. Ph: 07 5502 8484

feature What makes GCCM such a good place for your business? I took over the business in February 2006 and was located at the front of the marina. We had an opportunity to move 3 years ago to factory F31, which is more centrally located. I find that Gold Coast City Marina is a place that you can get everything done. Everything relating to boats is here. Being right in the heart of the marina, we find we are a convenient outlet for customers. Why did you choose to start operating a marine chandlery outlet? In 1999 I built a 6m cat and I guess I caught the bug. We moved up from Canberra looking for a seachange and ABS was a business that really appealed to me. What is the most unusual sale you have had? We had a customer from the Irish Boat Shop in Miami buy some winch handle pockets from us. With a name like that, we thought it must be a joke. We did some research and found out the order was genuine. Why they decided to buy such a common item from the other side of the planet, we’ll never know. Australian Boating Supplies (ABS) Location: F31, Gold Coast City Marina Phone: 07 5502 8484 Website:

What are some of the newest items you have in stock? Previously we did not stock any clothing. Now we have a good range of work wear and marine clothing including Musto and Gill brands.

When you aren’t working, do you get time to spend time on the water? Some people like fishing. Some people like water sports. I like sailing. I usually spend 5 and a half days a week in the shop, so time off is pretty rare. When I do manage to get away, I like to head north to Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays.

What is your cheapest item and what is your most expensive item? The cheapest item in store would be a M3 spring washer. You can come in and pick one of those up for 3 cents. One of our more expensive items would be the Powerdive Diving System at about $2,900

ALL MARINE SOLUTIONS The Nautical Plumbing & Bow Thruster Specialists A solid reputation for excellence and the convenience of on-site servicing make the team at All Marine Solutions the right choice when selecting for all your vessel needs. From new installations to upgrades, repairs and general maintenance, we guarantee first class workmanship and superior service every time.

All M a r in e Solut ion s Specialise in th e insta ll ation , repair & m ain tena nc e of: • COMPLIANT GRADE A, B & C TREATMENT SYSTEMS • TOILETS, TOILET SERVICING & UPGRADES • B L AC K & G R E Y WAT E R S Y S T E M S • B I LG E S Y S T E M S • F R E S H WAT E R S Y S T E M S & F I T O U T • D E S A L I N AT I O N

• • • • • • •


W W W. A L L M A R I N E S O L U T I O N S . C O M . A U For all sales enquiries please call 07 5665 8166 or alternatively email


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Classic Modern Lines should not solely be used to describe the yacht you live and breathe. 10 knots uniforms have Classic Modern Lines that allow you to breathe and enhance your yacht’s image.

had many years of experience in your world, made lifelong friends and had indescribable adventures along the way. From Cadet to Captain - Steward to Personal Masseuse, we understand the hours, the physical aspect and the expectations of impeccable service and We proudly launched 10 knots this year. Confident in our Australian made garments, presentation. Normally ‘the life’ is worth it and you carry it off with effortless style. we extended this quality and simplicity into our website. Enjoy a streamlined, 10 knots was created to assist your life on board. Our quality fabrics that breathe professional and personal buying experience – online or by phone. and have a conservative yet stylish cut will simplify your days and nights. Our small crew here at 10 knots have

10 knots is dedicated to creating ‘perfect working conditions’… as the name suggests 10 knots generally is considered perfect weather conditions. Our Micro Forecast is to ensure crew comfort, professional appearance and therefore happier, more efficient individuals. Our Macro Forecast is to enhance the yacht’s beauty/image….not only by means of style but to never underestimate a content, comfortable, confident crew!

r e l t u The B ! t i d i d

After many years in the marine industry, on everything from trawlers to houseboats, super yachts and game boats, Mark Drewett saw a gap in the local market for a high- quality, personalised, customerfocused, marine detailing & boat valet service, so the “Boat Butler” was born. The Boat Butler prides itself on offering its clients the highest level of customer service & satisfaction.....guaranteed. Mark’s philosophy is, “If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”

marine products. We can even pick up and deliver your vessel, organise lifting, antifouling or other trades, if needed”, Mark said.

The Boat Butler team, with extensive experience in Australia and overseas, “Whether you have a small trailer boat, a offers a meticulous interior and exterior superyacht or anything in between, we can pre-delivery or rejuvenation detail, take care of all your detailing needs. Hulls regular washes or a one-off clean and topsides polished and waxed, noneither at GCCM, your home or berth. slip cleaned, stainless and clears polished, Everything can be customised to suit your teak treated, seats, cushions and carpet requirements. cleaned and more, all using top-grade 56

“We don’t want to be ‘just another boat cleaner’. We strive to exceed each client’s expectations, and protect their investment, with our superior attention to detail and customer service, all at a reasonable rate.” Mark said. Remember, if you see a boat, and like what you see, there is a very good chance… “The Butler did it!” To discuss your needs, call Mark on 0418 754 385 or e-mail

feature In an industry full of power tools, diesel and workshops, it’s comforting to know that there is still room for a woman’s touch. With extensive design experience, Bev Schutt has been delivering original and practical marine interiors for over a decade. One of Bev’s achievements was designing the interior soft furnishings for the 2009 boat of the year winner, the ”Hampton 680.”



Complimentary to the interior design aspect, Identity Marine Interiors has a wide range of products and accessories on display in the showroom at Gold Coast City Marina. These products are sourced locally and internationally to bring together a range that is not only stylish, but practical as well. Bev understands the specific marine requirements and only supplies “marine friendly” items ranging from her unique folding tables and deck furniture to designer non-break dinnerware and nautical themed cutlery. Situated conveniently on the marina next to Waterlife Café and Bar, the whole experience is extremely comfortable and stress free. Identity Marine Interiors is your one stop shop to coordinate all interior and exterior requirements.






Caterson Boat Building & Repairs Pty Ltd • PHONE: 07 5502 8600

MOBILE: 0412 968 283 • EMAIL: Unit G42, Gold Coast City Marina, 76-84 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Qld, 4209


Refit & Repair

We pull a page from Caterson’s scrapbook... and see how it’s done. From game fishers to luxury motor yachts they have it covered.




After Vessel Name: “Cosmos” Vessel Length: 92 foot Length of stay: 3 weeks Services: Complete custom fit out of master cabin & 2 guest cabins.

Vessel Name: “Game Fisher” Vessel Length: 42 foot Length of stay: 12 months Services: Total Refurbishment

Before Before

After After 59


DESTINATION Moreton island

Moreton Island, a 35km long sand island of more than 17000ha, lies just 35km east of Brisbane and is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. With over 98% of the island designated as a National Park it is listed on the Australian Heritage Register and is much the same today as it was when discovered by Captain James Cook back

in 1770. Visitors to Moreton Island have a rare opportunity to experience a truly pristine undeveloped, uncrowded natural island environment. The island features white sandy surf beaches, crystal clear bay waters, refreshing freshwater lakes and lagoons, a Desert region with one of the world’s

highest sand dunes, fragile wetlands, breeding grounds for the humpback whales, green turtles and dugongs and masses of amazing birdlife. Moreton Island represents freedom and escape from the constraints of modern urban living, density and stress.


island. It was formed through the natural catchments of rainwater over thousands of years where the water table meets the ground surface. Its crystal clear blue water and white sand bottom makes it a perfect place for a refreshing swim or just to sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquillity of this amazing island paradise.

Mount Tempest

Tangalooma A wonderful destination for exploration by boat, Tangalooma is easily accessible from the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay and is perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Home to myriads of reef fish species, coral formations and other sea life, Tangalooma wrecks is one of the most famous landmarks on Moreton Island and is a perfect place for snorkelling and scuba diving. The crystal clear waters provide fantastic visibility to view an abundance of marine life including wobbegongs, trevally, kingfish, yellowtail and an array of other tropical fish.

Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon is the largest and most easily accessible fresh water lake on the 60

Mount Tempest is the highest sand dune on the island and is also the highest vegetated sand hill in the world with the peak approx 285m above sea level. On a clear day you can see the coastline from the Sunshine Coast through Brisbane and all the way to the Gold Coast. The Cape Moreton Lighthouse walk to the top of Mt Tempest can be a challenging climb, but once you reach the The Cape Moreton Lighthouse is the oldest top the breathtaking views will make it all operating lighthouse in Queensland and worthwhile. is situated on rocky Cape Moreton at the north end of the island. Views from the lighthouse are simply amazing and it is one of the best places to see impressive 360-degree panoramic views of the Whale Watching island. A short walk from the lighthouse is the Moreton Island National Park Information Centre, an educational centre Whale watching is becoming a very popular recreational pursuit. It is an which houses information and artefacts amazing experience to see these on local marine and wildlife habitats and massive animals leap out of the ocean or stories of the island’s history.



Moreton Bay Marine Park

Moreton Bay Marine Park was established in 1993 to protect the ecologically significant habitats of Moreton Bay. It stretches along 125 kilometres of coastline from the Gold Coast to Caloundra, covering 3400 square kilometres and is managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Moreton Bay Marine Park is internationally listed as a RAMSAR wetland, meaning that it provides a vitally important feeding and roosting site for migratory and resident shore birds. Moreton Bay Marine Park is the only place in the world where significant populations of dugongs and turtles can still be found close to a major metropolitan centre.

lift their heads out of the water. You can see the whales salute with their flippers, splash their powerful tails or breach right out of the water which is an amazingly powerful display considering some whales can weigh up to 20 tonnes.

Sand tobogganing at Moreton Island

For more information visit: • • • •

Fishing at Moreton Island

Moreton Island is a fisherman’s paradise. For the more adventurous, one of the most The long ocean beaches, rocky outcrops and still beaches allow for a great variety exhilarating activities you can do while of fishing experiences. Unlike many on Moreton Island is sand tobogganing popular fishing areas, Moreton Island or sand boarding. Sand tobogganing is allows fishermen their own piece of fishing Dolphin feeding at Moreton similar to a large amusement ride at a theme park while sand boarding has been paradise due to the small number of Island described as a cross between surfing and people that use the island. Find your own spot on one of Moreton’s many beaches snowboarding. One of the most amazing interactions and cast out to see what you can bring available with any animal from the sea, home for dinner. There are a number of places where dolphin feeding is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to interact with one you can experience sand tobogganing With easy access to Brisbane or the on Moreton Island including the Small of nature’s most beautiful and intelligent Gold Coast Moreton Island provides creatures. Hand feeding wild dolphins is a Sand Hills, Big Sand Hills and The Desert. for a perfect weekend getaway or an surreal experience that will make you feel These areas have formed through natural extended stay aboard your boat. You erosion and are constantly changing on like you are at one with the dolphins and can explore the island solo, or you may will give you the opportunity to personally a daily basis, which ensures a smooth ride prefer to visit the amazing attractions or down, even at the busiest times. interact in their natural environment. participate in activities through one of the island’s reputable tour operators.




r vessel u o y ll a r fo Y R E HANDL

ATER C W R E D N U e t le Comp

needs! • Propeller sales, service & repitching • Computerised propeller scanning • Manufacturers of new stern gear • Stern gear repairs for run agrounds • Preferred Club Marine repairer • Replacement of worn seals & stern bearings • Servicing & supply of glands & dripless seals

STOCKISTS & DISTRIBUTERS OF: >> Zinc anodes >> Rubber, novasteen & brass case bearings >> Stainless steel sea water strainers >> All sizes of gland packing >> Tides & PSS dripless seals >> Aqualine & Silverline bearings >> Huge range of secondhand propellers in stock

• Engine & exhaust system installations • Stainless steel fabrications & welding • Approved Prop Speed applicator

Factory D24, Gold Coast City Marina 76-84 Waterway Drive, Coomera QLD | Phone : (07) 5502 8133


CRUISING in style

Text John Heselwood

Story from GO BOATING magazine July August 2011


review There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a pilothouse motoryacht such as layout, construction and design. As soon as you step on board the new Alaska 60 Pilothouse Yachtfisher it is evident that the boys from Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales on the Gold Coast have incorporated all of these key points to produce this very comfortable cruising yacht. The 60 Pilothouse Yachtfisher is an extended version of the popular and versatile Alaska Pilothouse 57. This new model has an extended hull and cockpit, extended swim platform, an upgraded interior and extremely comfortable three cabin accommodation with a full width midship stateroom.

platform is in the up position. As the yachtfisher name suggests, the cockpit is designed for serious fishing with a Sampson post type mount that can be used for a game chair or a rocket launcher type table to complement the rod holders in each of the side teak capping rails. Eight storage rod holders are part of the very solid rail around the aft main deck. In the non-skid floor are 2 large kill-boxes plumbed with Jabsco inlet and outlet pumps. A massive unit across the front of the cockpit contains an opening full size rod storage locker, a stainless steel sink, a large (and I mean large) chest type U-Tec freezer, four tackle drawers and other storage compartments. Also out here are fresh and salt water wash-down outlets, and a hot and cold deck shower.

Like the 57, the new flagship shares a hull which is computer scaled off the 46 series. Standard power is twin QSM-11Cummins 670hp, but this 60 is fitted with the optional 715hp units. From the cockpit is a step up to the aft deck which is closed off from the cockpit The Alaska 60’s variable dead-rise hull by a gate each side. The whole area is ensures an economical cruising speed under the cover of the flybridge deck and of nine knots and burning just less than an area where you would spend a lot of 50 litres of fuel an hour with the Cummins time relaxing or perfect for entertaining ticking over at 1200rpm. If you are in a after a day’s journey. bit more of a hurry a cruise speed of 15 knots at 2000rpm will increase the fuel And to do that, there is an upholstered burn to around 180 litres an hour. The test rear deck seat with drawer storage under boat topped out at just over 20 knots with and a big timber table on stainless steel full fuel (8,000 litres) and 1,200 litres of pedestals. The table also has a centre water onboard. Fuel burn was 280 litres lift out for the champagne ice bucket. A an hour. U-Tec fridge/freezer is forward against the port side saloon bulkhead. On the The designers at Double Happiness starboard is stair access to the flybridge. Yachts in China have combined foresight and thought to produce one well designed To make docking the big 60 easier there cruising yacht that is both fast when are port and starboard wing stations with needed and stable. Her wide beam of engine and thruster controls. 15.2 metres (17 feet) and dry weight of 31,000kg make for a seaworthy ride while Under the table in the teak covered floor the hull design puts her up on top and is the hatch to the machinery room (the planing at a comfortable and fast cruising lazarette) and the workmanship down speed. here can only be described as a work of art. It would have to be the best I have Boarding the yachtfisher is via a central seen. Down here you will find the airhydraulic drop-down transom door which con units, refrigeration air/water cooled becomes the swim platform. A stainless compressors, battery charge systems steel swim ladder drops into the mounts on and inverters. Being a vessel designed for the door. There is also a small duck-board extended cruising, redundancy has been for boarding over the transom when this a priority with many back-up systems. 64

review Top: Alaska 60 Yachtfisher cruising; Below: The engine room; Left from top to bottom: Spacious cockpit area; Port wingstation; Aft deck seating area.

Forward of the machinery room hatch is the hatch to the engine room - another very tidy working area with full headroom. As well as housing the big Cummins QSM-11 diesels coupled to ZF gearboxes, it is home to the two Onan generators - a 17.5Kw and a 7Kw. All fuel filters, sea strainer etc are very easily accessible. The vessel is fitted with Naiad Multi- Sea stabilizers and Seafire System. The walkways outside the pilothouse and saloon from the aft deck to the foredeck are wide. They are teak covered as far as the two steps which take you up the foredeck level which is non-skid. The raised forward bulwarks and high stainless steel oval handrails and stanchions ensure safety when forward. There’s also an integrated anchor pulpit with a Muir electric anchor windlass with foot operated switch and remote operation for easy anchoring when cruising.


review The standard anchor is an 80lb plough (two on this boat) with 100 metres of half inch chain. As well as the chain locker there are two rope lockers. There are also fresh and salt water wash down outlets. Back to the aft deck and bi-fold doors with extremely heavy duty stainless steel frames open up entry to the saloon which is on the same level as the main deck. The saloon is wide and roomy with a U-shaped leather lounge to port, twin tub seats and an entertainment centre with a 40 inch LED TV on an electric lifter to starboard. Forward on the starboard side in what is the bulkhead between the saloon and the galley is the wet bar area. To keep things cool are a wine fridge, normal fridge and an ice maker in the bottom half and above are mirror backed cabinets for glass and bottle storage. Refrigeration is everywhere on this boat with another freezer built in under the flybridge stairs on the port side. Like most boats built these days, LED lighting is used throughout. Up four steps brings you the pilothouse with the galley, dining area and lower helm 66

station. The galley is to starboard behind the helm station and is very well equipped, as you would expect for a long distance cruiser. It is U-shaped with Corian topped benches, microwave, Meile four-burner gas cooktop, drawer type dishwasher, range hood and two large Vitrifirigo fridges under the aft bench. There is a coffee maker as well. On the port side in front of the internal steps to the flybridge is the U-shaped settee surrounding a Corian top dining table. This table props down so the settee can be converted into an extra double berth. The settee has drawer storage under with two of the drawers (in the floor under the table) used for chart storage. The helm has everything you would expect on a vessel of this capacity and a very comfortable Navigator pedestal skipper’s chair. The electronics include two Raymarine E140 Widescreen Digital systems with Raymarine Tri-data sounder, 48 mile radar and two GPS units. The vessel is equipped with Side Power bow and stern thrusters with wireless docking remote as well as trim tabs and

Top: Saloon looking out to the aft deck. Below: The wellequipped galley; helm station and settee.


stabilizers. The wheel is the signature Alaska wood-rimmed and stainless steel spokes. To the skipper’s right is a pantograph door for access to the side deck and fore deck. The door also has an opening window. Down a central stairwell forward from the pilothouse are the staterooms. Turning left and down another two steps is the amidships master stateroom. This stateroom uses the full beam of the vessel and features a great layout with kingsize island berth with storage under and drawers each side. On the port side of the cabin is a built-in settee, again with storage under and other lockers fore and aft. Above are two fixed oval safety glass portlights.

Clockwise from left: VIP forward cabin; VIP ensuite; third single bed cabin; Master stateroom with king size island berth; Master ensuite also showing hallway with washing machine.

On the starboard are more, in fact many, drawers, hanging lockers and office work space to help keep your affairs in order. Again there are two oval portlights above. In the forward bulkhead is the TV and DVD/ audio system. The master head ensuite is lavishly appointed as well. It has a separate head with the toilet and a vanity to port and another vanity and separate shower stall on the starboard side. In the companionway to the master stateroom is the full size washer/dryer and linen storage. The VIP guest stateroom is located in the bow and features a queen-size island pedestal bed which also has storage under and plenty of drawers. There is a cedar-lined hanging wardrobe on both the port and starboard sides and other lockers above each side of the bed. This cabin has its own CD/DVD and stereo system as well as a wall mounted TV. Entry into the guest ensuite is on the port side of the cabin and can also be accessed from the hallway for use by guests of the third cabin. Again the head and separate shower stall are well appointed. The third guest stateroom is located to port and features top and lower bunks. The top bunk can be removed when the cabin



Top: The Alaska 60 has a top cruise speed of 24 knots; Below: Flybridge helmstation .

is used as a single, as was the case with this boat. Hanging lockers and cupboards take care of storage and an opening porthole allows fresh air. The flybridge helm is nicely designed and affords excellent visibility both fore and aft. This area also provides a great entertainment area with L-shaped lounge seating, timber table, wet bar and optional BBQ grill. Instruments and nav aids are virtually a duplication of the lower station with a Raymarine touch-screen navigation system, electronic engine controls, Cummins ‘Smartcraft’ instruments, bow and stern thruster joysticks, Bennet trim tabs, auto pilots and radios. There is also a twin helm seat. The aft deck of the flybridge has enough room for a midsize inflatable tender and the optional hydraulic davit for easy launch and retrieval. With her sleek profile and overall length of 65 feet (20.20 metres) the Alaska 60 Pilothouse Yachtfisher is a fantastic cruising vessel featuring an excellent layout, superb woodwork and finishes and economical performance that you need in such a cruising vessel. Priced from $1,650,000 with a large list of standard inclusions and many more options take this new flagship toward the top of any serious cruiser’s shopping list. AIS antenna AM/FM antenna 27MHZ antenna VHF antenna 3G antenna SSB antenna TV antenna Extensions Connectors Mounts Brackets Cables Ground Plates Speakers 68

BUILDER Double Happiness Yachts COUNTRY China DESIGNER Double Happiness Yachts YEAR OF BUILD 2011 LOA 20.20m (65’) LWL 18.20m (60’) BEAM 5.2m (17’) DRAFT 1.45m (4’ 7”) DISPLACEMENT 31 tons FUEL CAPACITY 8,000L ENGINES Twin Cummins QSMII 715hp turbo diesels PRICE $1, 650, 000 $1, 850, 000 as tested


PRAWNS WINE & BEER Rotary club of Coomera River proudly presents

on the pier


From 2pm - 6pm


76-84 Waterway Dr, Coomera

Live entertainment • Great raffle prizes • Prawns straight from the trawler

Only $85 per head, includes prawns, wine, beer & soft drinks Following last years success, we look forward to seeing you again. All proceeds go to local community projects

For more information: Email: Or call: Jennifer Dreyer 0409 765 273 Jenny Fugle 0414 943 781 Sharon Jeffs 0437 076 144

Great x-mas party idea

Book your tickets now!

Payment by Direct Deposit Rotary Club of Coomera River Westpac 034-153 11-1487 Please ensure your name or company name & phone number are in the reference field


? e r o t S n i Whpaictk’osf the hottest pnrothdeumctasrket o


Waterbuoy Waterbuoy is the World’s 1st and Strongest Intelligent Miniature Floatation Device Visible at Night. Clip your Waterbuoy onto practically anything to 1Kg and it’ll come to your rescue when you need it when your belongings end up in the drink. • • • •

Lifts Items up to 1kg Reacts in Seconds Floats for up to 24 hours Visible at night to 250 metres


Bad Elf GPS

for iphone, ipod & ipad

Simple to use. Easy to enjoy. The Bad Elf GPS is the only Apple approved external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone models. The Bad Elf GPS accessory plugs into the dock connector and allows Apps to read your current location. $99.95

Powerdive Power Snorkel


All boat owners should have access to below the waterline of their vessel for emergency detangles/retrievals, boat maintenance or hull/running gear cleaning. The PowerDive Power Snorkel is a compact and affordable system to quickly achieve all of these functions. Not only is the PowerSnorkel perfect equipment for any emergency of Do-It-Yourself boat maintenance task, this PowerDive unit is great for just having fun exploring the incredible marine world beneath the waterline from your boat, dinghy or inflatable. Available from Australian Boating Supplies, $2,995


• • • • •

Waterproof up to 40m Shockproof up to 2m Fully rubber-armoured Easy set up mode 3-button operation


iPhone Apps

All apps available on iphone & ipad from itunes

Marine: Australia & New Zealand Ideal for boaters, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Any downloaded chart data stays resident on your iPhone and is visible even when outside of wireless coverage! You can plan your on-the-water adventures, check tides, set your routes and markers, and search for marinas. $15.99

Marine Day Tides Day Tides gives you instant and easy access to TIDES for nearly 5000 world locations. NO CONNECTION is needed as the app uses its own database. Essential companion for sailors, divers, canoeists, fishermen, surfers, swimmers and anyone involved with sport or leisure at the seaside. FREE

Sealife Mini II

Underwater camera Depth tested waterproof to 130 feet, rubber armoured for a sure grip and shockproof tested up to 6ft/2m. Made for SCUBA divers, snorkelers, boaters, hikers, paddlers and any fun-seeking adventurer. Large, wide-spread controls for easy operation and no complicated menus. The Easy Setup on-screen guide ensures the camera is set correctly for great pictures on land or underwater. No more blue pictures with the Dive and Snorkel modes with underwater colour booster. Let your creativity shine with the SPY mode. SPY mode lets the camera do all the work - It takes continuous pictures at set time intervals. Capture those impossible pictures when you can’t get close to the subject.

Banca Currency (exchange) converter, very simple to use. Supports every currency in the world Online and offline (using last online data picked up) mode. Automatic and manual refresh of the exchange rates. Integrated simple calculator with basic operations. Convert between multiple currencies. $1.99


Carbon Monoxide

Detector Introducing Pocket CO Model 300, the world’s smallest renewable Carbon Monoxide detector. Designed by leading engineers in the air quality and gas detection industry, and built using cutting edge nanotechnology, Pocket CO is advanced enough for use by industry professionals but still incredibly simple to operate. Tiny enough to fit on a key chain, and weighing under 1 ounce, Pocket CO is an easy and affordable way to detect and monitor CO at home, away, or on the job. $139.00




Team 3

Gold Coast based Offshore Powerboat Racing Team , “TEAM 3”has been established since 2007 with the construction of a 26ft Victory Cat with twin 200HP Mercury Outboards. Following on from a racing incident at Redcliffe in 2008 which saw our boat damaged beyond repair, the team was fortunate enough to have a mothballed boat in storage that was imported from Victory Team Dubai in 2006.

contended 8 races on the North Island of New Zealand. Lake Taupo, Gulf Harbour, Gisborne, Napier, Wellington, Whitianga, Marsden Cove with the last race on Auckland Harbour and gave the Team an overall 2nd Place for the series. In all 800miles of racing with no dnf’s. Assisting in the Team when required was the super experienced throttle man of Pete Muddy McGrath whose input to the team was and still is invaluable.

The 32ft Victory Cat needed complete rigging. This time the boat would not utilise outboard engines and looked to acquire a second hand set of twin Mercury 525 SCI inboards. Drives for the boat were also sourced and whilst our options were limited for choice at the time, a fellow race boat competitor in New Zealand Richard Shores had a set that were also being mothballed.

On completion of the series in NZ, the boat returned to Oz and picked up the Australian Superboat Championship in Mackay June 2010. Inroads had also been made to talk again with Victory Team in Dubai regarding the possible acquisition of their class 2, 36 ft Michael Peters designed Carbon Fibre Cat with Team manager at the time Gianfranco Venturelli. Following on from 2 months of discussions, VT agreed to sell the boat to Team 3 and in January 2011, the boat arrived at our new workshop within the marine precinct of Waterway Drive.

Finally in February 2009, the new boat for Team 3 got its first hit out in Williamstown Victoria piloted by Kiwi throttle man Craig Archer and local gold coaster Steve Nugent with a impressive outing against fellow competitors Global racing in the 39ft MTI and Mackay brothers Christopher and Brendan Frier in the “Good Guys” 39ft Maritimo all powered with mercury 525’s The series continued onto Geelong, Newcastle, Townsville and Redcliffe for 2009. In 2010 the start of the Australian Series was delayed which made the opportunity available for Team 3 to cross the Tasman and compete a full season of the NZOPBA where the boat 72

Recently Team 3 has welcomed Gold Coast City Marina to come on board as a sponsor of the boat and we look forward to being involved where possible for the promotion of Gold Coast City Marina and Team 3 . Team 3 consist of the following personnel Head Engineer – Nathan Heymink Throttle man – Travis Thompson Driver – Steve Nugent Alterations – Mike Wilson Owner - Adam Gilbert Our workshop is usually open most Saturdays and would be more than happy for any member within the marine industry to come over to have a look and chat to discuss the opportunities in Offshore Powerboat Racing Adam Gilbert 0412336029




Surfers Paradise


Hope Island

Gold Coast Marine Centre


Maritimo Azzura





al ion g e a-R dor Intr t Corri e r r u Fut anspo Railway Tr Line


ENQUIRIES Steve Sammes (07) 5502 5888 or Leanne Pitt (07) 5502 5880


Waterlife Recipe Book

ts snapper fille m ra g 0 4 /1 2 x 130 black olives 10/12 pitted ion ¼ Spanish on Step 1: Flour snapper fillets then coat in egg wash and seal both sides of snapper approx 1 ½ minutes each side. Then place snapper and prawns on to a baking tray and 1 x tomato mber tinental cucu n o c f o s place into a pre heated oven 180 degrees for 5-7 minutes. c p 5cm ns 10/12 crouto r Step 2: While fish is cooking thinly slice Spanish onion , dice tomato and cucumber amic vinega ls a b l m 5 /1 10 approx 15mm x 15mm . aves 10/12 basil le cket 50 grams ro Place onion, tomato, cucumber, black olives, croutons or day old bread in a bowl with rocket and 5/6 torn basil leaves . Lightly dress with balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil . 100ml mayo s rawn 4 x green p Step 3: Finely slice remaining basil ,crush garlic (only use about ¼) then mix through mayo 1 x egg with a squeeze of lemon . plain flour 100 grams e oil 10/20 ml oliv To serve divide salad on to two plates, place the cooked fish on top, spoon on a generous amount of the basil aioli, place prawn on top and garnish with a wedge of lemon . 1 clove garlic Set in a location that allows you to gaze over the picturesque marina and luxury yachts it’s the ideal compliment to an exquisite menu. Blending modern European bistro flavours with always fresh produce.

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0408 758 982


Hampton Yachts

Contemporary meet traditional semi-custon yachts

5502 5866


Hydrojet Systems P/L

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

5529 4072

5529 7906

0424 027 927


Identity Marine Interiors

Marine Interior Design

5580 4860

5580 4861

0403 079 090

E53/E54 E52/1, E52/2

International Paints / Akzo Nobel

Marine Paint Supplies

5573 9600

5573 9677

0417 257 269


Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales

Alaska, Hampton, Endurance and Used Boat Sales

5502 5866

5502 5832

0408 758 830


Marina Administration

Marina, Shipyard operations and Information

5502 5888

5502 5877


Marina Foods & Convenience

Take Away Foods

5502 9188

5502 6689

0412 217 722

C17, H60

Marine Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd

Marine Engineering, Aluminium Boat Building, Refit & Repairs

5502 8811

5502 8822

0418 782 761

C17, H60

MEC Yachts

Luxury & Commercial Aluminium Power Catamarans

5502 8811

5502 8822

0418 782 761


Marine Madness

Mercury Mercruiser Dealer & Repairs

5561 8333

5561 8433

0438 181 455


Marine Ware

Wholesale Marine Products

5502 8966

5502 8977


MTU Detroit Diesel Australia

Marine Engines & Aftermarket Sales

5588 1901

5502 7359

0427 037 802


Nautilus Marine Services

Complete Vessel Management

0417 220 720

5580 0622

0417 220 720

B11, B12

Ocean Electrics

Marine Electrical

5502 9333

5502 9444

0418 721 154


Ocean Power Marine

Volvo Penta Sales & Service Kohler Generators

5561 7200

5561 7966

0407 593 323



Oceanic Yacht Design

Designers & Surveyors

5529 5788

5529 6639


Oz Peel

Marine Repair Specialists

5580 5058


Pacific Trim

Marine Upholstery

5500 0337


Panamax Container Line

Shipping Agents, Local and International

5665 6234


Southern Seas Marine / McIntyre Marine Products

Wholesalers, Superyacht Equipment & Deck Hardware


South Pacific Marine Electronics


0414 557 797

0415 818 507

5556 0399

0404 804 208

5665 6231


sales@panamaxcontainerline. com

5502 9666

5502 9777

0408 752 301

Marine Electronics

5502 7111

5502 7000

0438 124 291

Spray Time Marine Services

Spray Painting, Repairs, Detailing, Vessel Maintenace

5502 6700

5502 6744

0414 924 355


Superyacht Solutions

Spray Painting, Repairs, Detailing, Vessel Maintenace

5502 8255

5502 8266

0411 147 185


Stella Systems

Marine Industrial Equipment and Maintenance Products

5580 4019

3890 0374

0408 785 605


Stella Marine Group

Marine Engineering

5665 8071

3890 0374

0418 890 240


Timber By Design

Teak Decking, CAD & CnC Work, Marine Joinery

0408 187 411 (Aaron) 0405 282 500 (Mark)



Marine & Commercial Lighting

5502 9065

5502 9107

0407 277 727


Waterlife Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant, Take Away & Bar

5580 0828

5580 0603

0421 599 248


Watson Marine Engineering P/L

Propeller & Engineering Specialists

5502 8133

5502 8144

0411 223 104


Yard Engineering

Marine Equipment, Yacht Propellors & prop antifoulling

5529 7050

5556 0493

0414 470 985


Mercury Marine

Outboard Manufacturer


Tafe Marine Gold Coast

Marine Training Centre

150T & 50T Shiplifts • Fuel • M a r i n a Be r t h s • Bro ke ra ge


list in over dimension al impo specia rt / expor t and logistics

m n i l r ine a t n co x a Full Liner Service am n Bulk and Break Bulk .pa w w Tramp Charter w Time Charter Liner Service Agent Container Purchase and Leasing Worldwide Coverage Regional Management Local Service Shrink Wrapping / Cargo Protection Ocean Freight

Panamax Container Line provides cost effective options for all over dimensional, break-bulk and containerized cargo, specializing in the import / export of machinery for Mining and Petrochemical as well as the Marine Leisure industry.

panamax container line (pxcl) • level 2/3 unit, gold coast city marina, 76-84 waterway drive, coomera, qld 4209 • phone 07 5665 6234• fax: 07 5665 6231 mob: 0418 666 991 • email:

Marina City News Issue 26  
Marina City News Issue 26  

Issue 26 of Gold Coast City Marina's publication Marina City News. Featuring Gold Coast Marine Expo 6 page feature and boat reviews.