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Boat Show Special • Miami Review • Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Edition Vol 25

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The ENDURANCE 720 SKYLOUNGE VERSION Based on the extremely successful Endurance 650 version, the design team at Hampton has built the perfect long range cruiser for our Aussie oceans and conditions. The 720 boasts over 10,000ltrs of fuel, providing an incredible range of up to 2500 nautical miles. Cruise at 10kn @ 50lph or sprint to 18kn+ “the best of both worlds” For more information, please contact one of our dealers listed below: AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND: Leigh Smith Cruiser Sales, +61 (0)7 5502 5866, email: NORTH AMERICA East Coast: Anchor Yacht Sales, 954.797.0030 California: Altair Yacht Sales, 866.549.2248 North West: Hampton Yacht Group, 206.623.5200 EUROPE: Italy, Victoria Yachts SRL, +39 019 668811

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Firstly I’d like to welcome any new readers to the Marina City News magazine and also welcome back those of you who are regulars.


Miami - review


Alaska 57


750 endurance test


SCIBS - On display






The start for the year 2011 has been incredibly busy here at GCCM with positive reports from nearly all tenants to date. Many have commented that they are at their busiest for upwards of two years. There is definite indicators to show that the GFC storm has started to break however we must all remain vigilant as in any tough economy or marketplace there will continue to be some negatives that can affect each and every one of our businesses. I have made the comment to numerous business owners and operators that the mere fact they are still operating and in business highlights their business is a successful model and sure to prosper in more financially buoyant times, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. 2009 - 2010 - 2011 are and have been a case of surviving so to our long term tenants I’d like to make a personal congratulations to each of you for weathering the GFC storm, our team here at GCCM will continue to work alongside all of you to ensure the prosperity of all businesses within the GCCM. One of our key strengths in the past two years has been the development of our own in-house and internal marketing department. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ms. Pip Barnier to the marketing department, originally from Tamworth and recently moved to the Gold Coast after a stint in New Zealand she brings with her extensive graphic arts skills and loads of experience with all aspects of media to the company. The GCCM group of companies spend upwards of $250,000 PA to promote the facility and subsequently each and every business here on site. Having our in-house marketing department has allowed us greater freedom in getting better quality advertising out sooner and to a higher standard. If you would like to advertise within our magazine please direct any inquiries to and will be sure to send you out a media kit promptly. Mr. Adam Richards who previously headed the marketing department has had to move on due to family circumstances, on behalf of the team here at GCCM we all wish him and his family the best for the future. On the topic of first aid I’m pleased report GCCM has purchased a new automatic external defibrillator [AED]. The defibrillator is located in the GCCM administration building and all tenants/clients should make themselves aware of this. The decision was made based on a recent incident witnessed by managing director Jeff Leigh-Smith where an AED literally saved the life of a 45-year-old man pool side at Hamilton Island. If you’re interested to know further information about the AED that is located on site please contact GCCM reception. One recommendation is to place a laminated card advising the location within your own first aid kit/s. In closing I’d like to pass on our continued gratitude to all clients, tenants and supporters of the GCCM. Our continued success is wholly attributed to all of your support and we look forward to working with each and every one of you for many years to come. Till the next edition of the Marina City News I wish you all happy and safe boating and look forward to seeing you on the water sometime soon!


Dean Leigh-Smith

Editor - Marina City News MARINA CITY NEWS




Chairmans View

What Could Have Been


From the helm







Widely publicised construction of a National and International Yachting facility on the Spit could have been a marvellous tourism, boating and social attraction for the Gold Coast. Construction of same would have provided many hundreds of jobs and ongoing management, as well as several hundred permanent employees, not to mention a very vital shot in the arm with these troubled financial times. Jeff Leigh-Smith and I have worked for some years with a view to improving


Tough Times


Whilst things are not generally bright in the financial region, I believe Gold Coast City Marina has coped well. I place a lot of credence in the old adage “ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. We are living up to that.

Boat Deliveries the Gold Coast facilities. Jeff in particular has spent an enormous amount of time planning, discussing and negotiating for the construction of such a facility. I, with my experience generally, and more particularly with the time I spent on the Gold Coast Waterways Authority, knew the facility had enormous potential. To that end, we put a Consortium together consisting of Leighton Contractors, Devine Constructions and ourselves. Tenders were called and nine responses considered. The Government reduced the nine to three, and then the GFC occurred. Our Consortium held fast, but the other two withdrew citing uncertain financial times. We were advised by Government to persist with our plan, which we did. I might add, the plan was produced as a result of many outstanding contributions including our own Gold Coast City Marina, plus engineers, architects and indeed the views of the general public. The approximate cost of involvement in the tender process over the four years was almost $2,000,000. Government then subsequently advised


that no tenders were acceptable, a decision which, to say the least, shocked our Consortium, known as Deep Blue. Thereafter, tenders were again called but with a considerable reduction in size, making the project unviable, and our Consortium were obliged to withdraw. Sadly, a very worthwhile project failed before it got off the drawing board, solely as a result of Government and/ or bureaucratic ineptitude.

Thankfully, boat sales have maintained a relatively buoyant level and AMI is achieving good sales- a result of hard work and dedication to client needs. In fact, I quote part of a letter received from a client who recently took delivery of a very beautiful Endurance 75 “ … (our boat) has caused

quite a eminence in (Hamilton) harbour… Management have put together a magnificent, caring and professional team at GCCM for which you can be rightly proud. We are all still talking about the launch and the fireworks. Please pass on my warmest regards to all”.


I dare say many of you noticed the deterioration in the Concrete workways. When designing these carriageways, we elected to go for a fibrecrete rather than traditional reo. Unfortunately, this proved a mistake as the unstable ground has contributed to a number of failures and in truth, fibrecrete was not the answer. We have an ongoing commitment to restoring affected areas as they occur.









49 50







why they keep coming back







in Australia, I don’t believe it has yet achieved its full potential and I would not be surprised if there are some changes in the near future which will make the show bigger, better and brighter, possessing infinitely more carparks. Watch this space. In conclusion, thank you to all of our Management, staff, suppliers and clients. When Jeffrey and I decided to build a “One Stop Shop”, there was a degree of uncertainty as to whether it would or could be successful. History attests our success.

Boat Show

Good Boating. Patrick Gay

Once again, the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show is almost with us, recognised as the biggest 6







Caterson Boat Building & Repairs Pty Ltd • PHONE: 07 5502 8600

MOBILE: 0412 968 283 • EMAIL: Unit G41, Gold Coast City Marina, 76-84 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Qld, 4209


From the helm

To begin with, I must firstly commend our Local Council and the State Government for commencing the long anticipated dredging program for the Seaway. The maintenance dredging will ensure our front entrance channels are both safe and navigable, plus the sand removed will be utilized for beach replenishment works. So, the long term benefits will be for our boating fraternity together with the general community and tourism industry. When the State Government finally releases the Southern Moreton Bay Strategic Plan, it will provide for the future needs of our boating industry. The plan would also give us long term benefits to the community. The proposed Northern Spit Development project is in limbo. After five years of consultation with State Government and the round sum of two million dollars spent on this project, we are deeply disappointed with the attitude of government. The Deep Blue Consortium submitted a plan that was second to none. The benefits that could have been gained from our project

included not only to the marine industry, but also the tourism, hospitality and construction sectors. It is my opinion that in this particular case, government demonstrated a lack of commonsense, reality and understanding of our magnificent project tender. Now, with the above aside, our attention is very much drawn to the Gold Coast City Marina, where the words ‘continual improvement’ is never far from the minds of my fellow co-owners. With this in mind, I am thrilled to be able to inform our readers of some very exiting news.

At present GCCM has new waterfront construction plans lodged with the authorities and awaiting their relevant approvals. This in turn will then enable the construction to commence of new architecturally designed waterfront showrooms, with a second level of offices above. In addition and included with the submission, is a sizable waterfront restaurant, complete with a large undercover alfresco dinning area. The area between our two main river berth pontoons has been designated for the development, which will involve building out over the rock face in order to construct the new stunning showrooms, offices and restaurant on a massive suspended slab. The architect, Paul Burns has had a long association with GCCM, as his company originally designed every building within the blue fence boundary. When we first opened for business in 2000, our main marina administration centre received an award and accolades from the local authorities for its outstanding appearance, unique appeal and design lines. The showrooms will be available for lease, as will the first floor offices. Needless

to say, I have no doubt in my mind that these premises will be snapped up, before contractors even commence construction. With the backdrop of the Coomera River, looking across to the Hope Island areas, this rare opportunity will not last for long, of that I am certain. Our present tenants have already expressed intention to take space in this development. In addition to the above proposed project, one of the marina’s key anchor tenants is expanding their operations and increasing the company’s presence here

at GCCM. Akzo Nobel, the International Paints people, has been working with us for the construction commencement of new offices, an increased sizing of their product storage facility, plus a fully equipped state of the art spray booth and purpose designed training centre. This will enable the company to test out new paint products in a fully approved, environmentally compliant booth and also carry out training for painters and agents in new paint application methods. On a final point, our shipyard customers were thrilled to see the opening of our Shipyard Customer Lounge Facility, situated opposite the Administration Centre. The new air-conditioned building has comfortable lounges, television, a courtesy computer work station, complete with internet access and printer, plus complimentary tea and coffee making facilities. Our guests can now relax in comfort and privacy, whilst their vessels are being worked on whilst out of the water on the shipyard hardstand area. In closing, I must make mention of our recent new staff members who have joined the team here at GCCM. Alison Copas, accounts department; Pip Barnier, marketing: and Peter Crompton, taking the role of Shipyard Operations Manager. Welcome to each one of you all. Peter has taken over from Chris Egan, who has left our employ after nearly eleven years of loyal service to the company. We all wish Chris the very best for his future and to his wife for the birth of their first child. Best wishes, Jeff & Jenny Leigh-Smith 8


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trusted in Europe, respected in Australia.

Replacement LED globes

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Cranes & davits We source Italy’s finest marine components, supply Australia’s leading manufacturers and support them with exceptional customer service. Doesn’t your craft deserve the names fitted

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to Europe’s finest?

Marine lighting


Showrooms (02) 9690 1522 (07) 5556 0244 (08) 9437 9277 (09) 377 7982

International Boat Show







The 70th annual Miami international yacht show was held again in February this year, spread over 3 marina's and the convention centre there are few shows in the world that parallel its size & prestige. I along with my father & managing director Jeff Leigh-Smith visited the show where we investigated new business & equipment for GCCM along with seeing what's new in the luxury yacht market and latest in equipment for all aspects of boating. Like we say here at GCCM "from jet skis to superyachts" the Miami show is the place to showcase your product or service to the world. After surveying the Florida marketplace and numerous vendors and boat dealers it's evident the market is progressing forward however if you scratch the surface a little deeper a lot of the Americanized shine quickly rubs off. There are numerous dealers & brands still feeling the effects of the recent finical storm with many "used boats" being passed off as new and noticeably less people walking the docks. One distinct positive for Aussie boaters is the strong Australian dollar, with the spot rate staying above parity our entire trip it was a fresh change to years gone-by where a beer & burger seemed to be on par with buying a new pair of Italian leather shoes, it has also had a dramatic affect on the number of Aussies purchasing second hand vessels. Whilst some frown upon the idea there is no denying there are some bargains out there to be had, it should be stated that the phrase "buyer beware" must sound loudest when buying internationally. Always use a reputable surveyor to accurately assess the vessel & always use a renowned brokerage firm or agent who is recognised. With the increased volume of vessels coming to Australian waters there will be more boating to be had by all of us. There may be for the short term some decreases in used boat prices but like water finds its own level the domestic marketplace within Australia will soon become more stable as the "bargains" start to thin out. If you're considering or already have purchased an imported vessel (known as grey imports) then be sure to have the vessels numerous systems checked and commissioned properly for use here, we have over 60 businesses here on site at GCCM who can assist you to navigate your way to safe boating here in Australia.

Written by: Dean Leigh Smith, Director GCCM MARINA CITY NEWS



Shipyard Report Generally, the marine sector has seen a small turn around for the better, as pockets of the industry seem to be seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Anchor tenants at GCCM are reporting growth respectively and our unique Super Yacht Sheds are seeing a genuine acceptance to the market. To this end, we have posted record occupancy levels in these buildings for the first quarter of 2011. A blend of new builds, repaints and complete refits are utilizing the facilities. Our rates vary subject to the size of the vessel you have and the length of time you require the shed for. Peter Crompton, our Operations Manager, or I are happy to discuss options to suit your budget and project. Commercial rates are available on request. The ten refit sheds that can handle vessels up to 64’ are also proving their worth with the excessive wet weather this year. Flexibility is the key element and a shed offers cheap insurance that in any weather our professional contractors can have your boat finished on time, in budget, as promised. Peter Crompton or Vanessa James in the office can assist with any questions you may have in relation to our refit sheds.

‘We will beat any written quote’:- When it comes to our 50 tonne ship lift, we are that confident in our pricing we will beat any written lifting quote by any other shipyard on the Gold Coast. We enjoy offering discounted rates to our loyal local customers. I refer to it as ‘Mates Rates’. So if you have the impression that GCCM is a little expensive, then think again. We are happy to not only match but beat any other written quote. Ring and ask Peter Crompton today and find out just how motivated we are to not only win but to also keep your business as well. Our family owned and operated shipyard offers a personal level of service that is the envy of competitors. Three generations strong means that we know the business like nobody else on the East Coast of Australia. Great Service at a great price guarantee’s Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard stay’s a strong as the bench mark of Australia’s working marinas. So, as always, our family looks forward to servicing all your Sales, Service and Storage requirements. Ryan Leigh-Smith Shipyard Manager The 120’ Valkyrie being lifted at GCCM


MARINA CITY NEWS c . g n e e marin . w ww

MEC Electrical MEC now have qualified marine electricians. Please contact us on the details below for all of your electrical needs.

To meet the ever increasing demand for top quality marine engineering, Marine Engineering Consultants have extended their operations into Mackay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. MEC specialises in quality refits, marine engineering, aluminium boat building, marine maintenance including propeller & shaft repair, chandlery and electrical as well as offering a project management service to oversee refits and new builds. Their philosophy of delivering the highest quality every time, on time has been endorsed by the impressive list of projects that have been completed on a selection of luxury and commercial vessels both international and Australia wide. So the next time you’re in need of leading edge marine engineering, contact the Marine Engineering Consultants office nearest to you. ADDRESS: Factory 17, Gold Coast City Marina, Waterway Drive, Coomera, Queensland 4210, Australia

PHONE: +61 7 5502 8811 FAX: +61 7 5502 8822 EMAIL:

Your total engine provider MTU Detroit Diesel Australia offers a wealth of marine market know-how and delivers an impressive range of propulsion and onboard generators systems from the best names in the business, including MTU, Detroit Diesel, Kohler and Lombardini. Teamed with our extensive network of aftersales service and support from 21 strategically located branches, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia is committed to this local and global expanding marine market. MTU Detroit Diesel Australia I 1300 MTU DETROIT (1300 688 338)

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As seen in

Master of the fleet

Alaska Motor Yachts new 57 Pilothouse model follows the smaller 54 sister and its hull lines were computer scaled from the successful 46 series with the latest CAD software. The 57 pilothouse simply offers you the best configuration for high end luxury cruising. Her classic and elegant looks combined with a generous beam give an unparalleled Explorer Yacht with a myriad of living spaces on board. The 57 Pilothouse is a cross over motor explorer yacht design trying to give the best of both worlds outside, inside and during navigation. The Australia builder notes had some key design features for the 57 Pilothouse which included walk-around decks, three double



cabin configuration, full-beam master stateroom having a king-size double berth, dual en suites, laundry, fibreglass hardtop over cockpit, and tender storage deck on aft flybridge. Satin North American Cherry timber has been used throughout the interior, with the vessel finished to the highest standard. Soft fabrics offer a nice contrast against the darker teak and give the interior

a very inviting ambience. Like all Alaska’s their variable dead-rise hull design ensures an economical cruising speed of between 9 and 10 knots or comfortably at 18 kn but if it’s a burst of speed you need she will sprint to 22kn+. Standard power is twin Cummins 670hp QSM-11, with an engine upgrade to the more powerful 715hp Cummins. Text by: Pacific Power Boat Magazine


Brokerage Report

The team at Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales is continuing to set records in the field of brokerage and new boat sales, since our last edition upwards of $20 million worth of stock has been sold through our team. It is by no means an easy feat as the team’s unified approach to assisting clients and attention to detail is what has resulted in many repeat clients doing business with the Leigh-Smith brand. The remainder of 2011 is set to be a very exciting year with numerous product release expected take place, we will have arriving for Sanctuary Cove and Sydney Boat shows, two new Alaska 46ft mid-cabin versions along with the latest 60ft Alaska Yacht Fisher. The latest 46 series features; a queen-size island bed amidships with its own ensuite, V-berth forward and the spacious salon with gourmet galley. The 60ft Yacht Fisher is modelled off the very successful 57 pilothouse and sees a fully integrated fishing cockpit with rod stowage, extensive refrigeration, live bait tanks and even a hydraulic transom. This range of premium quality motor yachts is available at surprisingly modest pricing so little wonder the team has sold three mid-cabin versions before they have even officially been released. The Hampton Yachts product is also set to raise the bar yet again: after recently delivering two 650 Endurance

pilothouse series, one 750 Endurance pilothouse, one 750 Endurance Skylounge and a Hampton 630 Skylounge we will be rolling out a new 680 Endurance “semi-enclosed” pilothouse version which was a semicustom build sold to a long-term client of LSCS. This vessel will be debuting at the Sanctuary Cove Boat show and has been inspired by traditional yachting so come along & see this stunning vessel at the SCIBS. Later in the year we will see the arrival of a new 680 Hampton which has been sold to a Gold Coast local, the most notable change to this vessel will be the contemporary interior design package that combines the light-coloured timber joinery with use of featured fabric panels adding texture and another dimension to the stunning product that is Hampton yachts. The Endurance 720 Skylounge is set to arrive late 2011, this will be the most extensive vessel Hampton yachts have put together to date so if you’re interested in the ultimate coastal cruising Motor Yacht then be sure to inspect the Endurance 720 Skylounge.

Alaska 46

Alaska 60 Yacht Fisher

Hampton 630 Skylounge

With a reputation that spans over 40 years out team here at Leigh-Smith cruiser sales is more than happy to assist you whether it be speedboats through to super yachts. We are also agents for club Marine and Nautilus insurance and will be happy to assist you in the process of buying or selling a vessel and all the ancillary services you may require. We are open seven days and welcome your visit to our offices any time we one of our professional staff will be happy to assist you. Remember the Waterlife restaurant is also open seven days and a great place for a breakfast or light lunch whilst inspecting the latest offerings from our team.

Endurance 650

Endurance 750 Pilothouse

Visit our extensive listings at: www. or contact our staff on 0755 025 877.

Endurance 750 Skylounge

Dean Leigh-Smith Dealer Principal




The HURRICANE 2400 SUNDECK is super sleek and sporty. This 24 foot model features a walk through, wrap around windscreen,with plenty of storage and lots of room to entertain family and frends. With many many options available this boat has most aspects of boating taken care of. Now available through Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales Phone 07 5502 5866 or visit for more info


General Managers Report

I am pleased to report that our shipyard operations continue to remain strong, particularly with the amount of larger boats we have seen coming through the shipyard for major refit works. Our purpose built Super Yacht factories have enjoyed strong occupancy levels these past months, with vessels providing good long term works for a multitude of our on site trades. Particular mention must be made to Stella Marine, whom, for the past two years, has occupied two of our factory premises here. The Stella group secured long term major refit works on two large vessels from Hayman Island. The first being ‘Sun Goddess’, which has since recently been returned to the water, following a massive ‘makeover’ program. Works are now soon to commence on the second Hayman vessel ‘Sun Paradise’. Congratulations to the Stella team for completing the refit program and delivering a stunning result. At the other end of the scale, our 50 tonne Travelift has proven to be a sound investment for us. Our machinery operators inform me that the Travelift is a dream to drive and our customers are most impressed with just how smooth and quiet the lift operation is. The smooth, safe and systematic operation of this type of equipment really does add value to our customers overall experience at GCCM. I recently spoke to one of our customers who resides in Sydney, but keeps his 90 foot vessel here on the Gold Coast. He commented that he always enjoys coming up to GCCM to see his vessel being worked on. A short flight from Sydney in the morning, an easy car journey from Gold Coast Airport to the marina, where he can then just walk along and visit every contractor engaged with the repair / maintenance works within a few hundred metres .

before the close of business that same day. How good is that ! There would not be any other facility in Australia that I know of that would offer every facet of marine services all in one place, convenience is an understatement. The Marina and Dry Boat Storage facility have also enjoyed strong occupancy levels, particularly the dry store, where we have noticed a sharp increase in the number of new and returning customers. The other latest addition to our dry storage is in the form of a very special service being offered to customers. Welcome to the ‘Boat Butler’. Mark and his team offer our customers a varied level of boat care and management packages. Anything from a simple wash down, through to provisions, stocking up with bait & ice, fuelling and even a laundry service. The Boat Butler can offer any form of tailored service to suit our customer’s needs and budget. Since commencing their service, the Boat Butler now has a multitude of regular clientele. My involvement with the various Body Corporate Committees here at GCCM has also been interesting this past year. I must compliment the proactive committee involved with the Moor & Store Marina Berths. The title scheme area has undergone a landscaping make over, which involved new tree and bush planting, replacing the ground watering

irrigation and complete mulching of all garden beds with Lucerne Hay. The Body Corporate really works at keeping the area looking in an ‘as new’ condition, which really maintains the overall asset value for the entire complex. To the many freehold owners of the Moor & Store area, I would ask that they just remember the By Laws, especially when considering renting out their berths privately. Please be aware that the marina berth is only suitable for a vessel of that same overall length (ie; 12mt berth = 12mt vessel length overall, inclusive of transom/swim platform and bowsprit/anchor). Regards & Best Wishes Steve Sammes

After inspecting the boats progress, he takes a break for lunch at the Waterlife Restaurant, then back to the airport to fly back to Sydney and be back in his office




Clipper weekend regatta whets the appetite for cruising “It was all over too quickly,” said John about the Clipper Gold Coast Regatta in April. A flotilla of 10 classic-style boats cruised the Gold Coast waterways for an evening of fun and relaxation at the Dux, a private retreat at the northern end of South Stradbroke Island. For John and wife Jill who own a Clipper 52, this was their first Clipper regatta and they were delighted to find new friends. “We got along with everyone,” said John. “It was as if we had known them for quite a long time.” As the regatta ended, the couple parted with the rest of the flotilla that headed home. The weekend was the beginning of a long cruise north. The regatta began with a get-to-knowyou party at Southport Yacht Club at the southern end of the Gold Coast Broadwater on Friday evening. The newly arrived Clipper Cordova 45 was the centrepiece of the party and a strong talking point for guests.

food, most people stayed the night on their boats at the yacht club and set out in convoy on Saturday morning. The entire Clipper range – from the Heritage 36 and 40 – through the Cordova range to the flagship 60 were represented for the first time on a Clipper regatta since they began just two years ago. The proud new owners of Australia’s first Clipper Cordova 45, John and Gayle, were delighted that Clipper provided a professional skipper to show them the ropes of their new boat.

“Learning how to manoeuvre the boat with the twin engines and bow thrusters was important,” said John.

“Skipper Jeremy was a great help. I learned so much about the boat in just the two days.” The Clipper team, headed by Managing Director Brett Thurley, prepared a barbecue at the Dux on Saturday evening. “The weather was kind to us and everyone shared time,” said Brett. “The Clipper fraternity is becoming very close. We have people coming back again and again to our events. So I guess we must be doing something right.” For John and Gayle, the next event cannot come soon enough. “We were guests at the Hervey Bay regatta last year,” said John. “That is our home waterway and we loved the whale watching. This year we will be able to join the regatta on our own new Clipper. We can’t wait!”

After an evening of fine wines and good







H 50 ENDUR 7

CONTENTS & PICTURES FROM Trade a Boat; Issue 410 Photos: Ellen Dewar



BACKYARD REEF This stunning Hampton 750 Endurance has been built from the keel up for serious Great Barrier Reef exploration, discovers our footloose skipper JOHN ZAMMIT The idea of what defines the perfect boat is a subjective one: it’s generally a matter of how we use them, or probably more importantly, how we’d like to use them. If you’ve been boating for a while, perhaps had a series of boats and experienced the enjoyment of coastal cruising, the perfect boat may very well be the one that allows you to extend your horizons. Maybe, like me, you’ve dreamt about heading out to far-flung locations and unspoilt pristine environments. After all, Australia has the best of them… If you’re into adventure watersports instead of just cocktails on deck, enjoy diving, reef fishing and such, then somewhere like Australia’s outer reefs, perhaps even the Swain Reef Group, is hard to beat. Situated around 140nm off Gladstone in Australia’s tropical north, the Swains are a true tropical paradise, says professional skipper, Captain Glen “Woody” Woodbridge. 23

He’s been there in the Hampton Endurance 750 and his stories about the unspoilt natural beauty, the amazing array of marine life — everything from giant sharks and rays to tasty coral trout, Spanish mackerel to countless other reef species — will keep you spellbound. Of course, when you’re venturing that far offshore, you’re more or less on your own. Strike a problem and you can’t just count on outside help. In fact, most of the area is unchartered and you’re relying on old fisheries maps, aerial photos downloaded from Google Earth (Pro) and old Sunmaps to navigate. But to go this far offshore you also need a special boat: one that’s comfortable, with exceptional long-range and sea-keeping abilities, even in severe sea states. You also need to be assured of reliability. No good doing a water pump or having a communications issue without a backup plan and/or gear.




This brings me to a truly special boat, Arabesque, a Hampton 750 Endurance yachtfisher that is a real boater’s boat! This is a semi-custom cruiser with a production-boat hull and layout that can be personally customised to suit individual owner’s needs. Her current owner, an experienced boater, had her fitted out as a selfsufficient, luxury entertainer capable of spending long periods at sea and visiting remote locations to pursue his passion for reef fishing and diving. The Swains were very much on his radar right from the word “go”. As such, the Hampton 750 Endurance embodies a fully integrated set of vital features for long-range luxury boating, combing range, comfort, safety, reliability and efficiency smoothly into a boat with impressive build quality that’s evident wherever you look. Measuring 22.75m long and with a beam of 5.69m, she just looks timeless, too. Three staterooms, roomy crew quarters, sumptuous living areas and lots of alfresco spaces for relaxing or entertaining call you aboard. The 750 we spent a long day aboard is, as mentioned, designed as a serious long-range luxury cruiser. Testament to that is, among other things, her 11,400lt fuel capacity. The highly efficient hybrid, split-chine hull, coupled with a pair of 873hp Caterpillar C18 ACERT engines, cruises comfortably at 10kts using a miserly 50lt/h for a phenomenal range. Should the need arise, and you want to get somewhere in a hurry, she has the ability to sprint to more than 20kts. But foremost, Arabesque has been designed with a Plan B for almost every contingency; should something fail at sea there is a backup system. Everything from fresh and seawater pumps, generators, satellite communications and fuel filters are covered. The list is almost as long as possible gear failures.


There are two totally separate electronics systems, each with separate sounder feed, openscan radar, GPS aerials and power supply. There are also four separate fuel tanks — one full-beam, which has the added benefit of increasing the soundproofing to the master stateroom, two wing tanks, and an aft tank. All can be isolated or interconnected and fuel transferred to (or from) any one or all. There is even a backup system for the electronic engine controls that completely bypass the primary controls when activated. Inbuilt redundancy wherever you look! Now, while the systems and engineering are impressive, the lifestyle aspect hasn’t exactly been neglected. Step into the wide, spacious saloon and you’re greeted by an array of fine leather seating, soft and plush carpet, and superb cherry timber joinery. The combination of inbuilt couches and loose club chairs, matched with beautiful handcrafted coffee and table lamps, is a picture of style and elegance.




Arabesque has been designed with a plan B for almost every contingency; should something fail at sea there is a backup system

Top left; A full set of clears can be deployed to weatherproof the vast flybridge... air-con, too. Top right; Underway Left from top to bottom; As well as being a great second entertainment option, there'sample room left over on the flybridge for a tender and crane; The davit is hydraulic and was simple to operate on our test day; The engine room. MARINA CITY NEWS


There is an abundance of cabinets, dedicated stowage for crystal and glassware, while the owner, a wine buff, has specified custom-made wine storage. The array of inbuilt hi-tech audiovisual equipment includes a 42in widescreen LCD TV, Blu-ray player and Bose surround sound. If you were looking to unwind at the end of a hard day or wanted to entertain guests in refined luxury then this has to be the spot. The style and elegance carries through to a sensational galley featuring granite bench tops and state-oftheart brand-name appliances. Storage is plentiful, practical and cleverly designed and, as the galley is located between the helm and the saloon, the chef can still be a part of the conversation with the skipper or guests while meals are being prepared. Forward of the galley is the lower or main helm, where twin Pompanette high-backed seats face a wide, burl timber dash housing an extensive suite of electronics including four Raymarine E140 hybrid touchscreens incorporating GPS-plotter, sounder and radar. There are controls to operate the hydraulic bow and stern thrusters and Trac stabilisers.

Communications include VHF and HF radios, satellite phone and data with wireless laptop. Yet there’s still excellent vision forward to the bow through the canted, 6mm laminated glass windscreen. Alongside the helm, on the portside, is an L-shaped lounge set around a dining table that doubles as a chart table and a pleasant place for guests or the navigator to sit while underway. There’s also nearby access to the flybridge via an internal staircase and, either side of the helm, watertight doors lead to the covered, full walkaround sidedecks, which, when heading forward, culminate at the Portuguese bridge with large foredeck incorporating inbuilt seating. There is nothing like sitting up on the foredeck while cruising slowly underway on a beautiful sunny day, especially when you’re miles from anywhere. Head back aft, either by the wide sidedecks or the saloon, and out through the expansive sliding glass doors, and you’ll find a covered cockpit with comfortable bench seating and an inbuilt table with plenty of room for a pair of occasional chairs, too. Perfect for an alfresco lunch or dinner on FEATURE


“ ” With the ease with which she handled these conditions, you would be confident of taking this boat anywhere

those warm tropical afternoons or evenings, the cockpit is protected from the elements. There are also two helm stations fitted here on either flank, making it easy for the skipper to dock the boat irrespective of which side is nearer the wharf. A wide, moulded staircase to port provides external access to the flybridge, while heading down a couple of steps farther aft brings you to the aft open watersports cockpit area.


This open cockpit is what defines this boat as a yachtfisher. It’s kitted out with a full-depth eutectic freezer, dedicated baitboxes, a pair of livebait or live-fish tanks, and a lazarette housing dive gear, rope lockers and stowage. According to Captain Woody, when they’re fishing on the reef, the entire cockpit and aft swimplatform becomes an active lifestyle area. With the fishboxes and dive gear out, the custom-made cutting board set up, and guests and family with rod and reel in hand or diving below — everyone enjoying life, at one with nature, in a far-flung coral-reef paradise. When the sun goes down, guests and

owners can sip on sundowners and reflect on the day’s highlights as the crew fillet the coral trout, emperor and whatever else was caught earlier that day… Ah yes, just take me there! This is real adventure cruising.


Up in the big flybridge, you’re under a GRP hardtop, and fully enclosed with clears. While an enclosed sky-lounge version is available for the 750 Endurance, this setup is perfect for the tropics — rollup the clears and let that warm tropical breeze waft through. Of course, if it gets too hot, just turn up the 18,000 BTU of chilled water air-conditioning. The best of both worlds. The upper helm has electronics duplicated from below and also twin seats. There’s seating for guests, including an L-shaped lounge around a table behind the helm. Moving aft is an outstanding Gaggenau outdoor barbecue and steamer with storage and underneath refrigeration. It’s a work of art. Behind the barbecue is a large, open deck area with the tender that, instead of sitting in a cradle,




Triple pantograph wipers keep the screens clear in heavy-weather, while ahead opposing lounges fronting the Portuguese bridge are the place to be when the clouds part.

resides on specially made, loose bean bags and is strapped to the deck. An idea borrowed from superyachts, it means that when the tender is not on the deck, the floorspace is completely free of obstructions and becomes another alfresco lifestyle area.


On the day of our test off the Gold Coast we drove mainly from the flybridge. But from either station, it became apparent that the twin CATS are a perfect match for the hybrid hull (read performance appraisal hereabouts). Just as importantly on a boat like this, engineroom access is given a priority. You pass through the crew quarters, which are themselves easily reached from the open cockpit. Stepping through, you find the crew toilet and shower immediately to starboard and a separate shower to port, which is very handy if you’ve been diving. Peel off the wetsuit and go straight under. Directly ahead is a spacious crew ‘mess’ with sink, fridge, freezer and microwave. Actually, it’s all remarkably tidy. Close-quarters docking? No probs, there's enclosed engine and thruster controls (left) port and starboard in the aft cabin sides; The cockpit is a two-tiered affair, where fishing and watersports take place on the lower level (above), and watched by the less active in the plush surroundings above (below) and under cover.

In Australia, unlike overseas, the crew tends to dine with the owners and so, on this boat, this area is converted to an engineservice facility, effectively, a mini workshop and parts storage area. Off to starboard is the actual crew cabin with king-size bed and (removable) overhead bunk, while directly ahead is the full head height engineroom with good access all round. The fuel filters, four for each engine, and coolant are conveniently located on the forward bulkhead, the batteries located under a cover near the entrance, while aft of the engines are the twin Onan generators. Everything is just neat, tidy and well engineered.


If you didn’t have crew onboard, the crew quarters could be used to accommodate extra guests and family. The fitout is luxurious, what’s more, there is also access to this area direct from the saloon. So everyone





could just slip off to sleep after a night of reviewing the day’s highlights and planning tomorrow. The main accommodation is accessed via a semi-circular staircase forward of the saloon, adjacent to the helm, and down via a magnificent foyer with inlayed stone floors and domed ceiling. The full-beam master suite is huge and lavishly appointed, with king-size bed, superb timber joinery, mirrored walls, shoji blinds over opening portholes, subtle lighting and loads of storage. The owner’s en suite features a double shower, electric toilet, granite tops and flooring, and full-size, walk-in cedar-lined robe. The stylish VIP cabin forward boasts a walkaround queen bed, plenty of storage and an adjoining luxury en suite bathroom. The third stateroom, fitted with twin beds, shares the VIP bathroom and has convenient access across the foyer. There’s also lots of light below decks thanks to the opening portholes in every room.

“” — the more you look, the more impressive she becomes.

Built in Shanghai, China, and typically taking around 1000 man hours per foot to build, the Hampton 750 Endurance, despite the glamour of her interior, is a seriously engineered boat — the more you look, the more impressive she becomes. But it’s after owning a few boats before and reeling in some serious sea miles that you will fully appreciate this five-star exploration cruiser.




PERFORMANCE & HANDLING A 2.5m swell with around a metre of sea on top meant it wasn’t the best day for boating. But it was perfect for our appraisal. What’s more, we were also heading out through the Seaway at the worst possible time — the tide ebbing against the swell causing the waves to stand up. We crossed the bar with the engines ticking over at 2000rpm doing 16kts and, while there was a small amount of pitching heading into the swell, she remained surprising dry. Taking the challenging conditions of test day in her stride, the 750 Endurance travelled beautifully up and down the Gold Coast at a range of speeds up to 21kts. She did everything asked of her and when beam on to the swell, even at displacements speeds, the Trac stabilisers did their job admirably. With the ease with which she handled these conditions, you would be confident of taking this Hampton 750 Endurance anywhere.


& s t c a F


Dominating the full-beam master suite is a king-size bed where doors each side of the bedhead access the starboardside en suite and adjacent walk-in robe.

These days, people pay a fortune to travel to remote locations, overseas and abroad, yet some of the most pristine, bountiful and stirring destinations lie right on our doorstep — or at least that of the Hampton 750 Endurance! Configured for serious passagemaking, exploring, adventure, fishing, diving and just enjoying, the Hampton is your ticket to ride. With a boat like this, the most far-flung postcard-perfect locals become accessible. Sit back, relax, catch lunch, fly guests in or out, while enjoying this country’s incredible reefs, islands and coastline. This boat knows no bounds.






On Display WORLD RELEASE Alaska Motor Yachts 60ft Pilothouse Yacht-Fisher

WORLD RELEASE ENDURANCE YACHTS by Hampton Yachts 680 Enclosed

Following on from the success of the 57 pilothouse version the team at Alaska have redefined the philosophy of "you can have it all" with the latest 60ft Pilothouse Yacht-Fisher which will be making her world debut at the Sanctuary Cove Boatshow in May 2011. The most notable change is the Yacht-Fisher cockpit extension that is the ideal haven for any fishermen, diver or saltwater enthusiast. The spacious cockpit is well appointed with live bait tanks, extensive refrigeration, Rod lockers and even a hydraulic transom that lowers to water level. She also boasts a full beam "king-size" stateroom with separate shower and head rooms, there is a twin room to port side and a queen-size VIP stateroom forward. These two cabins share a well appointed ensuite which boasts a full walk-in shower with seat amongst many of her other luxuries. The vessel has been optioned with numerous upgrades which include: engine upgrade to Cummins QSM11-670's, hydraulic stabilizers, bow & stern thrusters, extensive refrigeration, redundancy systems, LED lighting, flybridge hardtop, spacious open-plan salon and galley configuration and much more!

The Endurance 680 enclosed was commissioned for a renowned long-term client who wanted a traditional trawler style Motor Yacht that had an economical long-range as well as an 18kn+ "Sprint capability". The enclosed flybridge has a hint of timber throughout creating an ambient and inviting environment for the owner or captain, it has also allowed for the lower helm station to be deleted resulting in a simple and elegant dining suite for up to eight people. The salon is spacious & open with detail cabinetry work and plush interiors adding to the appeal of a stunning motor yacht. As Hampton yachts are a "semi custom" builder many personalized touches have been made to this vessel including the installation of a day head on the main deck level, this option amongst many other customizations all added to the appeal for the client. The 680 features a full beam king-size stateroom with ensuite & WIR aft of the master bed. A spacious twin room is located to port with a queen-size VIP stateroom forward which each share a beautiful marble lined ensuite with two-way door. An extensive specification includes: twin C18-873hp CAT Acert engines, dual generators, stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, 2 x wing stations, desalination, LED lighting, custom interior design packages and much more.



For more information on any of the vessels below, please visit the display on "E-pier" at the Boatshow or contact Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales on 0755 025 866

AUSTRALIAN RELEASE Hampton Yachts 630 Skylounge

The Hampton 630 Skylounge is further proof that Hampton Yachts are at the top of the food chain when it comes to building exquisite semi--custom motor yachts. The 630 Skylounge has created the ultimate coastal cruiser with a very special layout, the single station located within the plush enclosed flybridge [Skylounge] sees luxury appointments at every turn, by deleting the lower helm station the galley has moved forward and become a spacious, elevated and a clear focal point of this must see vessel. On the same deck level as the galley is a six place dining suite that tastefully overlooks the spacious salon which comprises of plush leather lounges, pop-up TV & more. The 630 features a full beam king-size stateroom with 2-way shower with "his and hers" ensuite's aft of the master bed. A spacious twin room is located to starboard with a queen-size VIP stateroom forward which each share a beautiful marble lined ensuite with two-way door. An extensive specification includes: twin C18-873hp CAT Acert engines, dual generators, stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, 2 x wing stations, desalination, Bose audio, LED lighting, custom interior design packages and much more.



A little about the show..

Situated in Australia’s leading leisure boat building region, Sanctuary Cove International boat Show attracts buyers and marine industry executives from around the world. SCIBS 2011 will be the 23rd edition of the show, which over the years has developed an international reputation as the most significant boat show in the Asia-pacific region.

For the last five years SCIBS has had an average of: 46,120 visitors over four days. 430 exhibitors. 335 boats on the marina. 250 national and international marine media covering the event. 104 world and national launches of new boats and products in 2010.

WORLD RELEASE Alaska Motor Yachts 46ft flybridge - mid-cabin

The design team at Alaska have done it again, the next generation 46ft flybridge version will be making her world debut at the Sanctuary Cove Boatshow in May 2011. Following on from the success of her predecessor the 46 mid-cabin boasts a full "island" queen-size bed located amidships with full ensuite. There is also a "V-Berth" forward which can make either two single beds or with the use of a filler cushion convert into another queen-size making it the ideal layout for family or friends. Additional upgrades include: Stern thruster as standard, engine upgrade to Cummins QSB 5.9-440's, flybridge hardtop, spacious open-plan salon and galley configuration and much more!



I.T. ON THE SEA * Audio Visual / Entertainment Systems * Integrated Bridge Systems * Communications: Terrestrial and Satellite * Complete Design and Installation * Navigation Equipment * Sonar Brisbane and Gold Coast offices


f : 07 5502 8488


{The No-Nonsense way}

The notion of having the ability to walk into a comfortable, no-frills environment and sit down with the owners of EMS and talk one-on-one about your needs and desires is reassuring to our clients.

Brisbane Citycats

Electronic Marine Solutions (EMS) Pty Ltd is proud to announce another successful project completed recently at the Gold Coast City Marina in conjunction with Australasian marine Imports. This recent project follows a long line of others in and around the Gold Coast and over the past 6 years where the company forged its first office and warehouse. The location is an ideal platform from which it offers clients a broad range of solutions to fulfill their navigational, communication and audio visual needs. Despite some talk of economic downturn EMS has surpassed expectations in turnover with a huge array of commercial and leisure works both in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, exacting the need for them to recently open a second office situated in Brisbane. Government commercial works including the fit-out of more than a dozen of the Brisbane City Cats, new and refurbished Queensland Water Police patrol and tactical response vessels alongside others such as DEEDI Fisheries Research vessel and Fisheries Patrol vessels adds a strength of achievement and MARINA CITY NEWS


experience not found elsewhere in the marine electronics sub-industry. When it comes to technical expertise, EMS has it well covered with the support of all major manufacturers including Endurance 750 “Cadeau” Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad, KVH, Sailor, etc, etc. “The notion of having and relationship with our clients” the ability to walk into a comfortable, EMS maintains a portfolio of projects no-frills environment and sit down with completed over the past 6 years the owners of EMS and talk one-onwith many stand-outs amongst them one about your needs and desires is including some of the largest vessels to reassuring to our clients.” says Tony grace Queensland’s coastline. With this Carroll and Wayne Beak (Directors of type of experience it is easy to see why EMS). “We don’t push particular brands the no-nonsense, practical approach for any reason other than suitability to demonstrated by these guys works and the tasks demanded and the ability gets results every time. to fulfill the client’s needs and meet or exceed criteria such as performance, This May EMS will once again participate ease of use, reliability, budget and in the country’s premier boat show – aesthetic appeal. These are the key Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. factors that we see time and time Why not drop by and catch up with the again. We take pride in our company’s guys on booth 326 in The Superyacht reputation of excellent follow-on Pavilion and see how they can help you? support , right around Australia, because we see all projects as more than just a sale, but rather a long-term commitment


g n i l u o f nti


It's that time of year again... One of the key areas of the Gold Coast City Marina’s core business is the antifouling division. With any vessel permanently moored in the water, the antifouling or “Bottom Paint” is a fundamental component to the well-being and preservation of the vessel. In short, it protects the vessel’s hull from weed and shell growth and other organic materials which in turn reduces the speed and efficiency of your vessel by increasing drag through the water. A vessel’s hull that has excessive organic growth can reduce its efficiency in some cases up to 50% whilst still remaining operable. We have seen extreme cases of vessels left without maintenance for several years which subsequently rendered the vessel unusable due to excessive encrustation on propellers and water intakes. On average, any vessel permanently moored in the water should be cleaned and anti-fouled every 12 months as a

general rule. There are some exceptions to this depending on the type of water your boat is moored in, the tidal flow, the size of your vessel and the material your vessel is made from. Some boat owners simply think that the antifouling is the only component that will suffer if the vessel’s annual maintenance is stretched out by a few months, however there are numerous other aspects which are vital to the annual maintenance schedule of your vessel such as: WATER INTAKES - if there is any shell or growth that you can see on legs, trim tabs or the transom of your vessel, this is a very strong sign that your water intakes to the engine/s, generators, air conditioning or refrigeration may also be fouled. If any of these components run with restricted or no water flow, this increases the risk of serious damage to the unit or even overheating that could possibly cause a fire.

ANODES - the sacrificial zinc anodes located underwater are there for a reason. Any electricity in the water [known as electrolysis] will target the sacrificial zinc anodes. Once the anodes have deteriorated the electrolysis will attack any metallic component on your vessel. This usually includes cast alloy sterndrives, propellors, shafts, rudders, skin fittings, trim tabs, etc. Electrolysis can be very deceiving, for example a propeller can look physically okay but when you go to operate it the prop can simply throw a blade or fall apart. VISUALISE - one the greatest advantages to seeing your vessel out of the water is that any hull imperfections or inherent flaws become very obvious. Items to look for, in fibreglass boats; cracks, impact damage, osmosis or blistering. In timber boats; borer worm, dry rot, loose caulking or impact damage. In steel and aluminium boats; 36


FEATURE cracked welds, signs of electrolysis, rust, corrosion or impact damage. Whilst many people use an underwater diver to clean their hull periodically, there is absolutely no substitute for a visual inspection and you should be wary of any false sense of security. Bear in mind also that cleaning of your boat’s hull underwater is not being environmentally responsible. Now, after reading this story, you’ve probably made the decision to be more vigilant in your vessel’s maintenance schedule, specifically with antifouling. I would be remiss not to inform you of some of the GCCM benefits in antifouling. It seems of late there is a never-ending supply of small operators working from the back of a ute or truck offering discount deals [usually for cash]. If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. This common saying stands true with antifouling as well as everything else in this life. Over the past six months, we’ve seen countless clients who have tried the cheaper alternative only to find out they have got exactly what they paid for. In many cases we have had to sandblast all the antifoul off the vessel and start from scratch which can prove to be an expensive process. Some of the key reasons the cheaper option is cheaper is, put simply, they cut corners. It’s not uncommon to hear of such operations poorly preparing the hull surface and leaving organic material, painting over organic material, over-diluting the paint and painting the boat with a lesser grade of paint than quoted. Sadly, by the time you find out you’ve been duped, the painter and the ute have long gone. MARINA CITY NEWS


WESTERN ARM - Shipper Drive, Coomera





Steve Sammes (07) 5502 5888 or Leanne Pitt (07) 5502 5880




Timber By Design

Featured Business

Timber by Design, also known as TBD specialise in the manufacture of quality pre-made teak decking. They can design any custom deck to the owner’s specifications. From digital templating to speciality CAD designed decks, they are a one stop shop. The big move was made in August 2010 to the Gold Coast City Marina. Since then they have continued to supply new customers with quality products and efficient services, such as the large database of production boat template decks they already have on file. Using this database, they are able to produce decks for multiple repeat commercial customers within a timely and resourceful manner. With this technology and state of the art cnc router they are able to produce decks more accurately and efficiently every time. One of Australia’s most well known charter fishing boats ‘Reel Chase’ enlisted the craftsmanship of Timber by Design for a full refit. Reel Chase is a custom built 55 foot game fishing boat launched in March 2000. She is comfortably appointed for anglers with a large saloon incorporating a full galley and bar area. Further forward are two guests’ cabins, separate masters’ and crew’s cabins, showers and heads. The recent refit included new teak coamings, cockpit floor and a full gloss American cherry interior. Timber by design offer more than refit and decking services, they can provide full CAD files for your routing needs. They can machine most products including starboard. 55’ Reel Chase

Thinking of getting the name of your boat inlaid in your deck? Look no further, TBD can accommodate all your requirements and more, from a new teak deck to a full refit incorporating all marine joinery, including saloon and cockpit tables. Timber by Design is able to meet all of their customers’ requests, even now the manufacture of bench and vanity tops as part of a full refit as they are now licensed manufacturers of Staron. A one stop service provided by TBD. Have a chat to the guys at Timber by Design for your next project. MARINA CITY NEWS



The HURRICANE 236 FUNDECK gives you the size and luxury of a pontoon boat with the ride and feel of a sports boat.Superior hull design makes for eortless navigation and superior performance. This boat has a extensive array of std equipment, Fitted with a 200 hp Mercury Varado with power steering this boat preforms extremely well. Now Available through Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales Phone 07 5502 5866 or visit for more info


REFIT + REPAIR The transformation of

The pristine waters enveloping Hayman Island lures travellers from around the globe. Appreciated for its inviting temperatures and alluring depths, the vast ocean promises rapture and inspiration to its mass of admirers. However, relentlessly lapping against the sturdy hull, the brackish water threatened to rob visitors of one of the island’s greatest icons, the Sun Goddess. Renown for the safety and reliability it offers its passengers, the Sun Goddess’ management, Lloyd Donaldson and Terry Chittleborough, recognised that this vessel had served a long battle against the unyielding ocean. To ensure the Sun Goddess continued to resemble its namesake, Spraytime Marine Services was entrusted with the restoration and beautification process – a Cinderella transformation that would astonish all admirers. After detailed consultation, the rejuvenation process was determined. The Sun Goddess would be treated to a full refurbishment, a bow to stern restoration that would revitalise her spirit enabling her to once again mesmerise her audience. Beaming down like a spotlight, the sun’s harsh rays weathered the Sun Goddess’ once flawless complexion. Her weather-worn appearance highlighted her need for a make-over. Resting safely in the comfort and security of the Gold Coast City Marina, the cruiser was pampered with a MARINA CITY NEWS


complete sand back of the existing top coatings, allowing the Sun Goddess to breathe a sigh of relief. However, the team at Spraytime Marine encountered areas that required greater love and attention with sanding to bare aluminium and exposure of the substrate necessary to allow no room for compromise in Sun Goddess’ transformation. The evolution from tiresome, corroded passenger ferry to flagship of the fleet was further encouraged through the application of the epoxy trowlable fairing compound. Promising strong structure and an unfailing base for paint application, the Sun Goddess was treated to machine and hand sanding (including boarding). Following this dedicated process, several coats of high build primer were gently and seamlessly applied, with sanding and

boarding occurring between each application to ensure a flawless result. Ready for her close up, the Sun Goddess received the highest quality finish primer and the polyurethane top coating, resulting in a striking finish that would have all demanding encore. Spraytime Marine Services was committed to bringing the passenger ferry back to her former glory, applying the luxuriating and sophisticated Awlcraft 2000 paint system to ensure she was groomed for her homecoming. The unveiling of the Sun Goddess left observers speechless as what now stood before them was an impressive commercial vessel with an alluring white boat finish. The transformation process of the Sun Goddess was not limited

to simply external treatment. To ensure her poised return to the ocean’s stage, she was supplied and equipped with new engines by Stella Marine, so that she looked and sounded the part. All fabrication and engineering required was also handled by Stella Marine. This mechanical overhaul promised a vessel that not only impressed observers but passengers and operators – a complete transformation. Spraytime Marine Services expresses thanks to Lloyd Donaldson and Terry Chittleborough from Hayman Island for entrusting their vessel and its transformation to the company.

Dean Warren and his team at Spraytime Marine look forward to a continuing relationship and always assure quality results. Gratitude is also expressed to Gary Cooper and Greg Larkin from Stella Marine for their assistance in securing the contract. The potential of the Sun Goddess was obvious to Spraytime Marine Services and the company’s dedication and professionalism is unmistakable in the beacon of quality that glides upon the rolling tides. No longer does the ocean batter and wear upon her hull but it embraces her beauty, thankful for her presence.

Over page: Sun Goddess in action at Hayman Island. Top to bottom; Sun Goddess in the Spraytime shed; Spraytime team working on Sun Goddess; Back in the water she goes; Sun Goddess docked out the front of Gold Coast City Marina.



“My skilled team & I will happily travel anywhere to complete any customised fabrication job, If you’re thinking of a tower be sure to contact me, don’t let my colourful character put you off, I pride myself on being the best in what I do!”

- World Class Game Towers - Custom Design & Fabrication - Over a decade of performance & unique style Black Marlin towers, established in 1999, has led the way in anodized aluminium towers & other marine accessories including custom stainless steel fabrication.

Paul Selby Website: Work: 07 5556 0758 Mob: 0410 774 148 Email:



Food, Wine & Distillery Trail

Looking for something a little different to do on the weekend?

It’s time to jump onto dry land and take a trip up the scenic Mount Tamborine to explore the tastes and sensations the region has to offer. Situated 70 kms South of Brisbane and 25 kms inland from Surfers Paradise. Rising up to 580 metres above the surrounding countryside, flat-topped Tamborine Mountain (often referred to as Mount Tamborine) has long been a favourite weekend retreat for the city dwellers to the North, and is home for approximately 6000 lucky residents. So, follow your nose and taste buds around our trail to sample the local produce Mount Tamborine has to offer!

Lets start with, The Nut Shed - on the Tamborine-Oxenford Road, where you’ll enjoy a walk through the orchard, sample an array of nut products and sip on a macadamia coffee or light lunch overlooking the orchard, with spectacular views of the coast. And we move on to: Mason Wines - a family owned wine business, situated in the Granite Belt, dedicated to producing a wine of which Queensland can be proud. The cafe on site is warm, intimate and welcoming with a small menu serving excellent fare. There are vineyard views, a fire in winter, leather couches to relax and plenty of table seating for hungry guests. But don’t fill up at one spot, as we move on to: Mount Tamborine Brewery - Go and see how real beer is made using the best ingredients sourced with traditional brewing methods and enjoy a tasting tray, grab a cheese platter or select from the bar menu and enjoy an afternoon in the open air beer garden with live entertainment every weekend.

Jump next door to visit the Witches Chase Cheese Company - Set amongst the tropical Rainforests with happy Jersey cows producing the regions finest milk, from which a handcrafted speciality range of award winning premium cheeses including fresh, soft, blue and hard varieties are made. Traditional methods are used without preservatives and with vegetarian rennet.

Australia. Providing a diverse portfolio to satisfy any palate, it sure is a worth while visit with wine sourced from across South Eastern Australia.

Next on the list is: Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard - offering superb food with lake views, an amazing underground Glow Worm Cave attraction, the perfect Wedding Reception Venues and Chapel, accommodation, and an entertaining wine experience with the largest range of wines to suit the most discerning palate. Or simply a place to relax, slow down and view fine Australian Art.

And last but not least on the list is Tamborine Mountain Distillery Although this Distillery has only been open a short time, (July 1998) it has already established a very enviable reputation for high quality Liqueurs. This reputation, largely developed by word of mouth, and has seen people coming not only from all Australian states but Europe and Asia as well, so well worth the visit.

Nearly there, now we are off to Witches Falls Winery - a small, highly regarded winery that is family owned and operated. They offer both experienced wine buffs and newcustomers a range of insights into the world of wine making.

But don’t relax too long, as we are off to Aussie Vineyards Winery - In just four years, it has become one of the fastest growing wine producers in




Cedar Creek

Willow Vale


1 Tamborine National Park







Tamborine Mountain




2 3 4
















autopilotOAD Witheren R radar K Rchartplotter PA desalinators radio wireless internet entertainment systems satellite communications




Lower Beechmont

Ferny Glen


for more information visit our showroom at

Flying Fox The Gold Coast City Marina, unit 37 Waterways Dr, Coomera

alternatively you can phone us on

(07) 5502 7111 or visit our website

his map is only a guide, please use in conjunction 45 map. MARINA CITY NEWS with a street directory or road










Pacific Pines

Maudsland 1. The Nut Shed - 1459 Tamborine-Oxenford Road, Wongawallan Gaven 2. Mason Wines - 27850 New England Hwy, Glen Aplin 3. Mt Tamborine Brewery - 165-185 Long Road, North Tamborine 4. Witches Chase Cheese Company - 165-185 Long Road, North Tamborine 5. Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard - 104/144 Hartley Road, North Tamborine 6. Aussie Vineyards Winery - 32 Hartley Rd, North Tamborine Mount 7. Witches Fall Winery - 79 Main Western Road, North Tamborine Exit Exit 69 69 Nathan 8. Tamborine Mountain Distillery - 87-91 Beacon Road, North Tamborine







6 5




Upper Coomera








Exit Exit 57 57






Tamborine TA



This map is only a guide, please use in conjunction with a street directory or GPS.


SHUCK RESTAURANT & BAR Now for something that doesn’t involve ship lifts, dry storage or diesel! Take a trip into the big smoke (well big smoke compared to Coomera!), head down Tedder Ave and take a seat in the relaxed atmosphere of Shuck Bar & Restaurant - the chosen location for our restaurant outing (I mean review)! After a quick vino in the bar, we headed through to the restaurant and were guided to our table. With a varied menu, a discussion about entrees vs desserts and three visits from the waitress, we were finally ready to order. The decision was made to sacrifice an entree each and leave room for dessert - the best part of the dining experience. Breads, oil and dukkah were first to appear and disappeared equally as quick. Next, the mains. On first appearance, wow, what presentation skills, the meals looked nearly too good to eat, more like a piece of artwork! After comparison and taste tests, it was decided the steak was cooked to perfection, the scallops melted in your mouth and the Kobe (fancy word for beef!) was tender. With that out of the way and a few pictures later, the meals were inhaled! Serving sizes could have been a little larger for the guys, but for the girls, they were perfect. And finally... Dessert! When the dessert menu was handed out it was quickly agreed upon we should try all there was to offer! And so the desserts were ordered - quickly I might add. Within what seemed like minutes, they were on the table. Once again after comparison and pictures, we divvied them up and dug in! It really is hard to compare desserts, they were all beautifully presented and tasted equally as good in their own way. However there was a winner, the sticky date pudding delighted the taste buds and was the clear favourite!

The Mains Wok Tossed Salt & Pepper Kobe with broccolini & snow peas Seared Sea Scallops pear, chorizo & tomato relish, braised pork belly & pickled pumpkin Shuck’s Fish of the Day Peppered Rib Fillet on the Bone 450gm, Tasmanian pure south rib fillet, pepper crusted & served with peppercorn jus The Desserts Chocolate & Hazelnut Pave candied cherries, hazelnut gelato & sour cherry glaze Lemon Tart citrus & mint salad, fairy floss, lemon sorbet & double cream Manuka Honey Brulee ginger bread & sugar crusted almonds Sticky Date Pudding warm butterscotch sauce, date compote & vanilla ice cream







Rapid Anchor’s Wombat

WOMBAT is manufactured by Rapid Anchor Pty Ltd. Some people mistake the WOMBAT for a propeller but it’s a strong fully engineered ground anchor. WOMBAT is a re-usable lightweight shallow ground anchor, manufactured using a coated mild steel or stainless steel shaft and a composite material helix. As WOMBAT is wound into the ground the helix pitch continually expands clamping into the ground giving it greater strength in shallow grounds. It’s the World’s Strongest re-usable shallow ground anchor. Research is now underway in to how this technology can be used for compression piling as it has significant cost advantages for the industry. With WOMBAT you can anchor almost anything to the ground quickly, either for temporarily or semi-permanently applications. WOMBAT has the unique ability to resist forces up to almost 1000 times its own weight. WOMBATS Patented Composite Helical Technology provides an incredibly tough, durable and resilient holding element. Check them out at:

Splashpack cases Although technology and water do not normally mix, with SPLASHPACK mp3 and phone cases you can now relax to your favourite music no matter the season or conditions.

Find out more about the Zodiac range at:

Our specially designed cases have a built-in internal earphone cord so you can connect it straight into your ipod or phone. Our cases also have a 100% external waterproof jack so you can connect your earphones to your mp3 player without any water disrupting your technology.


This case is transparent from the front, so you maintain full functionality whilst the phone or MP3 player is in this case. A great idea for any device that doesn’t like water! Get one today at:




Bushnell Night Vision Perfect for 4WD recovery as well. Installs in less then 60 seconds

Generation 1 Night Vision waterproof monocular with 2x magnification and 24mm lens objective. Great for boating, caving, scouting and night-time navigation. Ultra-compact design with rubber armoured grip. Includes built-in tripod mount, built-in infrared illuminator and waist carry-pack. Bushnell速 Night Vision features state-of-the-art, compact designs that offer superior vision in the lowest light conditions. Setting the standard in light-gathering technology, each product features built-in infrared illuminators for enhanced images even in the darkest shadows. Bushnell Night Vision is the ultimate in stealth, and that's a quality no flashlight can ever claim.

Features 100% waterproof/submersible 2x magnification Rubber armored grip Built-in tripod mount Infrared illuminator Includes case and lanyard

For more info:

Zodiac's Boat in a bag The Cadet Boat in a Bag range is ideal for camping, they fold up for easy storage in the compact bag, are light weight and quick to inflate. The boats come with a choice of flooring to suit every need, from a solid plywood floor to a fully inflatable floor with prices starting at $999. Compared to traditional tinnies, Zodiac inflatable boats offer some important advantages: they are more stable, safer, lighter, more practical and economical.

I phone Apps All apps available through itunes. Knot Guide $1.99 Now with 95 knots and continuous additions. Rated 4.5 / 5 Nav Clock $1.99 Based on multi-function weather station clocks. Rated 3 / 5 Emergency Distress Beacon FREE When activated, sends out an email with your latitude and longitude to a chosen email. Rated 3 / 5




Boaters pocket reference $4.99 Caters to all levels of boating expertise with 1,800 pages of content. Rated 4 / 5

REVIEW My name is Dean Beech. I have been involved in Boating and fishing on the east coast of Australia nearly all my life. I have worked on boats in Australia, Japan, America and Hawaii. I now run a 47 foot O’Brien custom built Game boat called Castille III for Mark Ripper a local businessman .We fish on the Gold Coast from December through to July. Then head north for the marlin seasons off Townsville and Cairns, August to December. We have such a large fishing area on the gold coast. We are so lucky to have great off shore fishing and all the estuaries, seaway, creeks and rivers inshore as well. Now coming into the cooler months the reef fishing is often better than the summer months and the weather usually gets better too. The main species are Squire, Snapper, Trag Jew, Cobia, tusk fish and Pearl perch.

There are many books on the market with GPS marks for the best areas to target different species. Unfortunately this year after the floods our light tackle marlin season was slow. Not many juvenile black marlin due to the dirty water in close to the Islands and the coast line. But the blue marlin fishing on the coast has been the best in years. Our best months are usually April and May, but we catch marlin nearly all year round on the coast. Let’s hope the marlin stay around till June or July as the water temperature has remained high this year so the fish might stay a little later. We fish about 15 to 20 miles off the sea way on the continental shelf. Between 150 metres and 1000 metres of water.

The preferred baits are Squid, Pilchards, Mullet and live yellow tails or yakka’s.

The mackerel have been in good numbers and stay around till July on the 24 and 27 fathom reefs off surfer’s paradise, Currumbin, Burleigh, Gravel Patches and Diamond Reef. Dolphin fish, wahoo and some yellow fin tuna have been caught from 18 fathoms out to the Continental shelf. We have caught wahoo’s and dolphin fish nearly every day we have been trolling for marlin. Trolling for these pelagic species we fish 30 pound reels with mainly 190D Laser pro hard body lures and some pusher lures or bullet lures around 6 to 8 inches in length. I hope this helps you target your favourite species. If you have any questions you can send an email to me at: Safe boating and remember to check all your safety gear is in good condition and your epirbs and flares have not expired. Also remember to check that were you are fishing is not in a green zone or non-fishing area.

The best places to catch these fish are on the 18, 24, 36 and 50 fathom reefs.

Tight Lines. Dean Beech Black Marlin

Spanish Mackerel

Dean Beech

Dolphin Fish

Blue Marlin 50


Marine Engineering, Refit and Project Management Stella Marine Group Pty Ltd 45/74-86 Waterways Drive, Coomera, Gold Coast, Qld 4209 Ph: +61 7 5665 8071, Fax: + 61 7 5665 8079

Ideas ■ Design ■ Manufacture ■ Teak Deck Specialists

■ Teak Deck Specialists ■ Marine Deck 2000 ■ Interior Fitouts ■ Cnc Machining ■ CAD Design ■ Custom Boat Tables ■ Specialised Joinery ■ Staron manufacturer

F32 Gold Coast City Marina Ph Aaron 0408187411

76-84 Waterway Drive

Coomera QLD 4209


Ph Mark 0405282500


DON’T TOW IT, STOW IT! Find out why Gold Coast City Marina's dry storage facility is the best method for storing your pride & joy Many boat owners ask us why our dry storage facility is the best method of storing a boat, compared with keeping a vessel in a marina berth or outside on a trailer. Here are just a few facts about the advantages of undercover rack storage: Any vessel moored in a marina will collect fouling organisms on its hull and propulsion / running gear areas. It will be subject to corrosion, oxidation, galvanic and ultraviolet deterioration, not to mention rot, bird droppings and possibly soot (dependant of location). Owners of wet storage boats may also be concerned about security or the possibility of sudden storms. Trailer storage also means boat ramp hassles and the stress of launch and retrieval, plus parking problems. On going trailer maintenance and registration costs, coupled with towing regulations for larger craft.

facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. It provides undercover storage for up to 250 boats, to a length of 9 metres or 12 tonne in weight. Completely undercover, this state-of-the-art secure storage facility includes the world¹s latest development in marine forklift trucks. Two Wiggins brand units provide a 3.5 metre negative lift and 11.4 metre positive lift for a smooth quick launch and retrieval. Customers simply phone ahead an hour before you wish to go boating & our professional staff will have your boat launched and secured to the floating dock pontoons, ready for your arrival. Just load up and your on your way, much more convenient than having to battle your way on a slippery and crowded boat ramp !

Storing your vessel undercover will undoubtedly help maintain its value, plus many insurance underwriters offer a discount on their policies, due to the high security that our facility has to offer.

In addition, an external dry storage facility is located adjacent to the ‘Customer Lounge’ & caters for larger vessels, including those with flybridges. As an example, boats up to 37ft, such as the Sunrunner range or similar are not a problem. Come and see for your self the smart way to store a boat.

The Gold Coast City Marina Dry Storage is one of the most modern

Independent powerboat sales and service centres are adjacent to the Dry MARINA MARINACITY CITYNEWS NEWS

53 53

Storage facility. Each independent business is there to provide the best in maintenance and service for your boat. Coin operated high pressure boat wash machines offer 1500psi fresh water pressure with a detergent option for washing your pride & joy after a days boating. A recent addition to the range of services available to our customers now includes ‘The Boat Butler’ a team of dedicated people providing a valet service for your boat. Their services include: fueling service, provisioning, crewing, laundry service, ice delivered, all forms of interior & exterior cleaning (tailored packages available). A purpose designed ‘Customer Lounge’ is also available for use by our customers, the facility features a lounge area, toilets & showers, games drink & food vending machines, laundry facilities, along with waste/rubbish disposal. In essence, the Dry Store facility at Gold Coast City Marina really does guarantee that all of our customers have the ultimate service experience, every time they go out to enjoy a days boating on the water.



Million Dollar

Holiday! The team from Gold Coast city Marina have compiled an entry for the “million-dollar memo competition”. The competition is an initiative from “tourism Queensland” which has invited organisations, companies, businesses and workplaces worldwide to compete for $1 million with a unique incentive travel within Queensland Australia. Dean Leigh-Smith - GCCM director scripted a 1 min video pitched from numerous staff within the Marina complex, Leigh-Smith said; “it was my intention to approach the competition not just as GCCM management but for all businesses and their staff here at GCCM, our entry clearly states that every fulltime staff member of every company at the Gold Coast City Marina site would receive $2000 to put towards a holiday in North Queensland. With over 300 trade staff on-site and all of them very keen for a holiday in the tropical North Queensland, I believe our entry has every chance of winning! Equally important is the fact that any funds left over from the million dollars would be passed on to “Paradise kids the children’s charity who the GCCM team in conjunction with AME & other tenants have raised nearly $250,000 for over the past 3 years alone” If you get a chance please review the video for “Million Dollar memo - Gold Coast City Marina” at either website and be sure to vote for us. You never know, we might all be on the reef sometime soon & continue to help Paradise Kids…

To Vote, go to Click ‘view entries’ and find Gold Coast City Marina’s entry and click ‘like this entry’ It’s that easy!

East Coast Marine Electrical • • • • • •

Underwater Lights LED Lighting 110-240v Conversions Inverters & Charging Systems Batteries & Solar Panels Electronics & Instrumentation

PH: 5502 9875

Sales Service Repairs

• • • • • • • •

Windlasses & Anchor Winches Starter Motors & Alternators Satellite TV’s and Phones Sound Systems & LCD TV’s Bow & Stern Thrusters Watermakers AC & DC Switchboards / Panels Insurance Quotes / Electrical Inspection

Factory 34, Gold City Marina - Mobile Service - Insured & Licensed Contractor



p U s Tide

On 2nd May Dean Leigh-Smith took his brotherin-law and face of Waterlife Restaurant Dave McGrath out to do some big wave surfing off the north wall of the gold coast seaway. Channel 10 snapped these images. Check the video out yourself on you tube under “ Deadly Surf” Remember Dave is 6ft tall so you tell us how big the wave is!

Our services include:

• Interior Seating • Exterior Seating • Biminis • Clear Enclosures • Deckheads • Wall Linings • Floor Coverings • Exterior Covers For more information please contact: Gold Coast City Marina Factory 39, 76-84 Waterway Drive, Coomera QLD 4209 P +61 7 5500 0337 F +61 7 5556 0399 E

(3(:2( P I L O T H O U S E +,








The Alaska 57 is designed for serious long distance live aboard cruising. The hulls are  designed to cruise at 18 to 20 knots economically and have huge range at displacement  speeds of 8 to 10 knots. There is an abundance of storage in these boats with a huge  lazarrette locker aft. Satin North American Cherry timber interior, three cabins with full  beam master cabin amidships, galley and dinette on bridgedeck level, huge entertaining  cockpit. Twin 670hp Cummins diesels, bow and stern thrusters, genset, triple air-con,  hydraulic platform, painted hull, desalination, Ray Marine Electronics and a whole  lot more. For more info visit:

For more information please contact Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales PHONE: (07) 5502 5866 • Dean Leigh-Smith, Dealer Principal, 0408 758 887 • Stewart Smith, Broker, 0408 758 328

EMAIL: • Barry Bailey, Broker, 0438 252 812

Déjà vu

Why they keep coming back

The Gold Coast City Marina operations and maintenance team have a specific aim to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results that leave clients completely satisfied and eager to recommend others. Over the past 10 years, numerous clients continue to return to Gold Coast City Marina for their annual maintenance requirements, in addition to any major maintenance and/or re-fits that maybe scheduled. Some of these returning vessels include:

114’ Sun Goddess

Hayman Island Resort. Major internal and external outfit and re-power using Stella Marine and Spraytime Marine Services for the project and project management, requiring the use of a Super Yacht Shed for a period of 6 months.

125’ MV Valkyrie

Purpose Built Sports Fishing Vessel. Major internal and external outfit with a main and auxiliary re-power using various tenants throughout the Marina precinct.

105’ MV La Bella Vita

Azimut Motor Yacht Based Hamilton Island. Alterations being carried out on hardtop of vessel, Teak deck upgrades, paintwork touch ups polish vessel and antifoul. Also survey related inspections.

105’ La Bella Vita By way of testimonials, Captain Martin DeBanks - MV Valkyrie, Terry Chittleborough - MV Sun Goddess and Captain Glen McHenry - MV La Bella Vita, the message is clear as to why they use and will continue to use the Gold Coast City Marina in the future.

The service at Gold Coast City Marina is fast, efficient and professional. A full understanding and realisation that time is critical for both recreational and commercial vessels, whether on hardstand or in the purpose built Super Yacht Sheds or Refit Bays.





Ph: (07) 5502 8133 Fax: (07) 5502 8144



refit repair

Australian Marine Enterprises comprises of a team of highly experienced boat builders, working in all mediums from traditional timber to modern composites, on classic sailing vessels to high powered motor boats and everything in between. We will ensure that all of an owners needs are met in a professional and timely manner, working towards a high quality and aesthetically satisfying finish. Contact us today!

Contact Telephone: +61 7 5580 5905 Fax: +61 7 5580 5165 Email: Factory G-49, Gold Coast City Marina, 76-84 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Queensland 4209 MARINA CITY NEWS


Waterlife Recipe Book

Beetroot Colious: Beetroot 50 grams Mayonnaise 10 / 20 grams Crab Mixture: Fresh crab meat 100/120 grams Fresh dill 1 sprig , Flat leaf parsley 2 sprigs Mayo 10 grams Avocado mixture: ½ to 1 avocado Squeeze of lemon Garnish: ¼ of tomato 2cm piece of cucumber Herb salad: 3 sprigs of fresh dill 3 sprigs of flat leaf parsley

Step 1: Grab a 80cm wide and 50 cm high pvc pipe. Take half to one avocado (depending on size) add salt, pepper and lemon juice, and mash with the back of a fork (chunky will be fine). In another bowl add crab , fresh dill, salt and pepper, mayonnaise and chopped parsley, combine and set aside . Step 2: In a food processor place drained beetroot and mayonnaise and blend until smooth and place in a bowl . For garnish finely dice cucumber and the flesh of a tomato keep in a separate bowls . In another bowl tear some fresh dill and flat leaf parsley. Step 3: To assemble place pvc pipe on a chopping board fill it half way with avocado mixture then the other half with crab mixture. On your serving plate place diced tomato and cucumber neatly in a circle with approximately 15 cm diameter. Then place a large dessert spoon of beetroot colious in the middle of the plate and spread out into a round circle . Place tian on top of coulios, lift off pvc pipe then place fresh dill and flat leaf parsley, dress with olive oil and place on top of tian and enjoy.

Set in a location that allows you to gaze over the picturesque marina and luxury yachts it’s the ideal compliment to an exquisite menu. Blending modern European bistro flavours with always fresh produce.

Book now for your wedding.. . Get in quick

Phone: (07) 5580 0828 Email: MARINA CITY NEWS



Waterlife Weddings

Discover for yourself why Waterlife Restaurant is the ideal wedding destination. Set in a picturesque marina, surrounded by luxury super yachts. Waterlife can cater for your intimate wedding or a large cocktail reception. With a team of professional staff on hand to help you create your ideal atmosphere, making memories that last a lifetime.

For that special day, you can choose to arrive by helicopter, yacht or car. Have your wedding ceremony aboard a luxury super yacht with your guest gazing down upon you from the restaurant or have your intimate wedding service on our floating chapel, with stunning photo opportunities no matter what you choose. Waterlife Restaurant can cater for up to 30-60 persons for a seated wedding or up to 150 persons for a cocktail wedding. With a number of different packages available for your big day, all tastes and preferences are catered for. Starting with the Opal package for a classic timeless style wedding and moving onto the more elaborate Diamond package, with full theming options available. Waterlife has something for every budget and style! Contact us today to find out more.




FOR SALE • Brand new and ready to move in immediately • 3 spacious bedrooms including master bedroom with parents retreat • 2 bathrooms + powder room featuring quality fixtures/fittings • Open plan kitchen and waterfront entertaining area, all finished with stone and stainless bench tops • Timber veneer cabinets and Ilive stainless steel appliances • Media room and study • 12 metre freehold berth included • Security system, ducted air conditioning and pre-wired for smarthome features • Fully landscaped, including underground water tank

1800 11 88 22

To inspect please call Les Corby 0418 886 246











All Boat Transport

Boat Transport

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All Marine Solutions

Marine Plumbing & Bowthruster Specialists

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Anchorline Yacht Brokers

Yacht Brokers

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Anglercat Australia

Powerboat Manufacturers, 5.5mt Centre Console or Front Mount Power Cats

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Australian Boating Supplies


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Australian Marine Enterprises

Vessel Refit & Repair

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Benson & Brown

Marine Electrical Design

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Black Marlin Towers

Game Fishing Towers

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The Boat Butler

Marine Detailing & Boat Valet


Broadwater Fibreglass

Fibreglass Repair Specialists

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Broadwater Marine

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Caterson Boat Building & Repairs P/L

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Coral Sea Marine

Boat Building & Repairs

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East Coast Marine Electrical

Marine Electricians / Electrical Sales & Repairs

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Electronic Marine Solutions / Glomex Aust

“I.T. On the Sea� Premium Marine Antennas

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Express Design

All signwriting printing & vinyl cutting

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Hydraulics Specialists

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E53/E54 E52/1, E52/2

International Paints / Akzo Nobel

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Leigh-Smith Cruiser Sales

Alaska, Hampton, Endurance and Used Boat Sales

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Marina, Shipyard operations and Information

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Marina Foods & Convenience

Take Away Foods

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C17, H60

Marine Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd

Marine Engineering, Aluminium Boat Building, Refit & Repairs

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MEC Yachts

Luxury & Commercial Aluminium Power Catamarans

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Marine Madness

Mercury Mercruiser Dealer & Repairs

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Merv Marine

Multi Purpose Work Boat for Oil Spill & Floating Debris

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Marine Ware

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Marine Engines & Aftermarket Sales

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Superyacht Solutions

Spray Painting, Repairs, Detailing, Vessel Maintenace

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Marine Industrial Equipment and Maintenance Products

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Stella Marine Group

Marine Engineering

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Timber By Design

Teak Decking, CAD & CnC Work, Marine Joinery

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Marine & Commercial Lighting

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Waterlife Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant, Take Away & Bar

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list in over dimension al impo specia rt /

export and logist ics

om ine.c l r e ain t n xco a m na a Full Liner Service .p w ww Bulk and Break Bulk Tramp Charter Time Charter Liner Service Agent Container Purchase and Leasing Worldwide Coverage Regional Management Local Service Shrink Wrapping / Cargo Protection Ocean Freight

Panamax Container Line provides cost effective options for all over dimensional, break-bulk and containerized cargo, specializing in the import / export of machinery for Mining and Petrochemical as well as the Marine Leisure industry. panamax container line (pxcl) • level 2/3 unit, gold coast city marina, 76-84 waterway drive, coomera, qld 4209 • phone 1300 88 30 10 • fax: 07 55 61 8797 mob: 0418 666 991 • email:

Marina City News Issue 25  
Marina City News Issue 25  

The 25th Issue of Gold Coast City Marina's biannual publication. 60 pages full of information, from dry storage to antifouling and a feature...